Scottish Cup Fifth Round: Celtic v Inverness Caledonian Thistle Sportscene

Scottish Cup Fifth Round: Celtic v Inverness Caledonian Thistle

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This could be something quite sensational. Right out of the top


drawer. Outstanding! The shot is an absolute beauty. Oh,


yes! Unbelievable! What a finish! Time for heroes! It


is not a dream, it is relative. Inverness Caley Thistle have made


history. No team has won the competition more often on the home


team. The highlanders, recent past success plays on repeat.


This stage is set for the two to mix. Inverness Caley Thistle... Is


it time to set the record straight? Craig Gordon is off! It has gone in!


The record books always have room for more.


Super Caley went ballistic at Celtic Park 17 years ago. It would be a


shock of those sort of proportions if the runaway Premiership leaders


were knocked out of the Scottish Cup today by the team at the other end


of the table. Inverness Caley Thistle, 52 points behind Celtic in


the league placings, they have won only once since the end of October


and will need to produce something special today if they are going to


survive a massive test. It is the fifth round of the Scottish Cup,


kicking off with Celtic against Inverness Caley Thistle, live on the


BBC. That isn't not much more than ten minutes. Not much doubt about


the story dominating the Scottish book headlights, yes, John Hughes is


the new manager of Raith Rovers. It has rocked the football world.


Michael Stewart joins us, alongside John. It is a story which everyone


is talking about at the moment. Rangers announced last night that


Mark Warburton and Davie Weir and Frank McParland, the head of


recruitment at Rangers, had all tendered their resignations and they


had been accepted. All three subsequently maintaining that they


had not resigned their position. It is as clear as mud. The man to clear


it up is our senior football reporter at Celtic Park, Chris Were


it up is our senior football goblin. Your 32nd start now! If only


it were that simple. -- your 30 seconds start now. Even by Rangers'


recent standards, this is bizarre. The club released a statement last


night in social media saying they had accepted the resignations of


Mark Borba denied his backroom team, they said that in a meeting earlier


this week a representative of all three had agreed that they would


resign if the club agreed to waive a compensation claim of around ?1.2


million, a club any -- a fee that any club taking on Mark Warburton


and his backroom team would have to pay. The club say they discussed


that and agreed but according to the statement they say the


representative change the agreement and at that stage the club said they


triggered the initial agreement and notified Mark Warburton and his


backroom team that their resignation would be accepted. I spoke to Mark


Warburton shortly after the statement was released, he said he


knew absolutely nothing about the statement, he was categoric that he


had absolutely not agreed to resign as Rangers manager and at this stage


it is with his lawyers and the League Managers Association. It is


messy, it is Rangers and, once again, it could be heading for the


quarter. When do you expect this to be


cleared up in any way? Do we expect another Rangers statement today? We


may never know, Chris seems to be having problems hearing that.


Certainly our understanding was that there would be another statement


from Rangers today. How do you analyse this, Michael?


Chris has some Sidibe, bizarre. -- Chris has summed this up. It is a


disconnect between the management team and the board, clearly there


has been some ill feeling for this to come to a head the way it has,


but the clearest thing is that Mark Warburton will not be Rangers


manager any more. I think three things have come to this downfall,


that is the fact he has not been able to be flexible enough in his


philosophy of the game, he has been too stringent to one-way, his


recruitment has not been good enough and he has been too thin-skinned to


the criticism which has come his way at times, which has been part of his


downfall. A very messy situation and Rangers will have to clear it up as


quickly as possible. Back to the drawing board for Rangers, Mark


Warburton has brought in all these players and they have to start all


over again? They have a big game tomorrow against Morton. It is up to


the players, they will have to get together in the dressing room and


take care of the game tomorrow. One thing is for sure, it looks like his


time is over. Rangers are looking for a new manager. It will not be an


interim manager, Rangers will have to do their business, whoever is


coming in to manage Rangers will be the man to take us forward for the


next two or three years. Let's see if I can get an answer this time,


when will this be cleared up, Chris, in anyway? Do we expect another


Rangers statements today? Yeah, that is certainly the feeling. Of course,


this is a fluid situation, we know that the under 20s coach will take


charge for the Scottish Cup match against Morton tomorrow. Because of


the nature of Mark Warburton's denial, you can only assume that


Rangers will be working to find out just exactly how watertight the


agreement they say they have actually is. As I said, because Mark


Warburton is saying there is no agreement as far as he is concerned,


the lawyers may well have to get into a room and some kind of deal


may have to be done. Again, as I have said many times with Rangers,


this will run and run. Thanks, Chris. Michael, has this been a


story of two seasons for Mark Warburton, success last season in


terms of achieving the main aim, promotion back to the big league,


and this season some bizarre recruitment, maybe, not quite


hitting the levels they would have expected? I think you could say


that, but in the grand scheme of things this sacking, resignation,


call it what you will, it is not down to purely football reasons, it


is down to the relationship that has clearly broken down


behind-the-scenes. There has been a clear divide between the first


season, which was all positive and success, hit the heights with the


victory against Celtic in the Scottish Cup semifinal, that was the


heights of the Mark Warburton Tenney, this season there has been a


number of blips in the path so far number of blips in the path so far


-- the Mark Warburton ten-year. As many books as there have been, where


they are at this stage with the chance of finishing second in the


table, I don't think his resignation or sacking is for footballing


reasons, I think it is more to do with the breakdown


behind-the-scenes. John, Rangers fans will be disbelieving. It is


unfortunate, Rangers do their business very, very well, or they


have done over the years. For me, business very, very well, or they


for Mark Warburton, I'm a big admirer in the way he gets his team


to play football. There are one of two that don't work out for you, but


in terms of the way he wants the game to be played it was a breath of


fresh air for me. I am a little bit saddens that he possibly will not be


the Rangers manager, it looks to be the case. I think he was a breath of


fresh air for Scottish football. The Gascoigne, Laudrup, all these top


English players coming to Rangers, those days are gone. The process


that Mark was on, he understood it would take a few years to get there,


as Michael just mentioned, Celtic, the benchmark for a Rangers team is


you are up against a Celtic team that is absolutely flying at this


moment in time, they are a way out in front. We will keep you posted on


all BBC outlets as that story develops, and it clearly will, over


the coming hours, days, weeks, who knows? In terms of team changes in


the live match today, Celtic against Inverness Caley Thistle, Moussa


Dembele returns for the home team, not good news for Inverness Caley


Thistle. James Forrest starts as well. Mackay and Robert Streb out.


No Ryan Esson for Richie Foran, which means a return in goal of


Wayne Fon Williams. The young Inverness Caley fizzle defender


cannot play against his parent club, he is on loan from Celtic, his place


is taken by Brad McKay. Let's hear from the managers. The second time


in the Scottish Cup, Brendan, you must be looking forward to this,


that Inverness have caused you problems already this season? We


have played them here before, they played really well in the league


game early on in the season. It will be a tough game for us. Again,


game early on in the season. It will another competition that we want to


do well in. Celtic's great history has been built around the Scottish


Cup. My earliest memories as a Celtic supporter takes me back to


the Scottish Cup final game. We have four cup finals to get to the final


and win it, the first of those is today. The fact that you don't have


the pressure of the league duties, it is the cup and you have picked up


one victory to get to this stage, you will look to do the same again?


It takes away from the stresses and you will look to do the same again?


strains of the league, no pressure today. We are the only Scottish


Premiership team with no pressure on our shoulders in this competition


today and tomorrow, we are looking forward to it. There is hunger and


passion in the lads in training this week, belief in their eyes. Off the


ball, we will work our socks off, but it is what we do when we get the


ball, and we will at times, we must create and be brave, make things


happen. You lead in Inverness Caley Thistle a couple of seasons ago,


what chance do you give them of pulling off and upset? Brendan Means


business, they will not thank me for saying this but that trouble is


certainly on the agenda. He means business. Richie will be looking for


a really good performance. You are rubbing shoulders with the best in


Scotland, Celtic, if you can get a performance against them it can


certainly set you up for the rest of the season. Inverness are renowned


for being great underdogs, siege mentality and proving people wrong.


Billy Mackay, 63 goals in six dark spells in his -- in six and a half


years in his first spell. Can he do that today? He was a joy to work


with. I thought he was a natural left footer and was scoring all


kinds of goals. Richie has identified he needs strikers, that


is part of the problem. He has rectified that and brought back a


fans favourite, it's going to be very, very difficult today. I don't


see Inverness getting too many chances. They will be on the back


foot and having to contain Celtic and maybe try to hit them on the


counterattack. Talking of fans favourites, Moussa Dembele does not


struggle to find the back of the net, back off the bench with a bang


last week, a hat-trick against St Johnstone. 23 for the season. A huge


player for Celtic. Celtic are such an impressive sight, the time that


he has been out, they can handle somebody of his talent is being out


for a while. Definitely coming back, we saw the effect and impact against


St Johnstone. I am pretty sure that Inverness will be desperately trying


to keep him quiet. Richie Foran said in his interview there will be times


where they get possession, it is all what they can do with it. To try to


count and create. The difficulty is this Celtic side are not a team...


Is an sense when you go to Celtic Park you have time and space to get


the ball, they go after you to get the ball back -- sometimes when you


go to Celtic Park. If you were in Richie Foran's shoes at the moment,


what would you say to your players ahead of this? Nothing to lose,


exactly what Richie says, you can take what you get out of this game


as long as you give a performance. You can't be a shrinking violet, you


had to believe and trust in each other. Their confidence must be a


little bit low with their domestic form, but they can go out there and


give it a right good go. As Michael says, Brendan, they don't just play


football, Inverness in transition, if they are sloppy, Celtic will take


the ball off you and they will be right at you, so they will have to


be on the metal to make sure they get to be out of this game. As you


can see behind is, the teams are in the tunnel at Celtic Park. The fifth


round of the William Hill Scottish the tunnel at Celtic Park. The fifth


Cup gets under way, it is the live match on the BBC, Celtic against


Inverness Caley Thistle. Your commentators are Steven Thompson


and, firstly, Liam McLeod. COMMENTATOR: Good afternoon, nine


Premiership teams and we think at least three will be exiting the


competition by the time the fifth round ends. Top of the top faces


competition by the time the fifth team marooned at the bottom. A


situation that belies Celtic getting a point in Inverness in September.


Imperious, as the Highlanders have been. They weren't expected to knock


Celtic out two years ago, but this is a very different Celtic, a


rampant Celtic. Moussa Dembele is back in their line-up after his


cameo in Perth last week, including a second-half hat-trick. James


Forrest comes in for the injured Patrick Roberts. Liam Henderson not


only won the cup last season but set up the seasonal winner against


Rangers. Richie Foran changed keepers last week and he has had to


do it again this week. The door reopens for Owain Fon Williams. Just


three of that team played in the 2015 final. Tremarco, Draper and


Tansey all looking for a second winner 's medal.


Kolo Toure on the Celtic bench. Won three FA Cups. The Highlanders bench


as you can see. Brendan Rodgers, few would back against him, as he goes


head-to-head with Richie Foran and the Caley Thistle assistant.


53-year-old Kevin Clancy is in charge today. His second trip to


Celtic Park this season. The first with a 5-0 League Cup victory over


Motherwell. Who is going to be the first team


through to the quarterfinals of the William hill Scottish Cup?


Celtic were superb in the second half against Sam Johnstone last


week. Caley Thistle drew with Dundee to stop the rot. They came from 2-0


down, as well. Showed a bit of character and Richie Foran will hope


they can display that between now and May, whether it is in this


competition or in the league. Preserving Premiership status would


have to be there priority, you'd have to say. Celtic's priority is


winning everything on offer. The League Cup is already in the bag.


The league title is practically in the bag. The Scottish Cup, four ties


away from winning that, as well. The seventh time these two have met in


this competition, three wins apiece. All but one of those have taken


place in the Highland capital. 17 years ago, right here, that famous


Caley Thistle victory. In the brief tenure of banzai Celtic boss. David


Raven slips it through but snapped up by Craig Gordon with Billy McKay


lurking. Here comes Scott Sinclair for Celtic, their first foray


forward. Henderson. It's opened up for Liam Henderson. It is a lively


start, isn't it? Yes, Celtic countering. Liam Henderson should


have taken a shot with his left foot. With his right knee doesn't


get enough bend on it but a decent enough start. Scored the opener in


Perth against St Johnstone last week, 5-2 victory. Celtic were able


to rely on a penalty that was as dubious as they come. Second-half


performance suggested they would win that game, despite how good St


Johnstone were in the first half. Dembele clocked by Gary Warren.


A clumsy challenge from Gary Warren. Comes in heavily and catches him.


Lovely touch by Billy King, who scored the first in the 2-2 draw for


Inverness. Lustig. Celtic attacking the Jock Stein and of the stadium in


the first half. Forrest for Sinckler. Tierney makes it work. --


for Sinclair. Fantastic play from James Forrest down the right-hand


side. When he runs up players, so dangerous. A great ball up to the


back post. Sinclair couldn't quite get it.


James Forrest has a couple of Scottish Cup winners medals tucked


away. Both he and Scott Brown part of the Celtic squad under Neil


Lennon that won it on those two occasions.


Billy McKay. He scored the goal the last time Inverness won here. They


have only won here twice. Did beat Celtic south of the city Hampden


Park a couple of seasons ago, of course. Mired in controversy. Josh


Meekings' handball. Inverness the moment, seized the day. Don't as


James Forrest is trying to do here. Draper. Both he and Tansey are so


important at this Caley Thistle team. Tansey has given its straight


to Scott Sinclair on that occasion. Tremarco's there. There goes Draper.


Billy McKay, who left the club before they won the cup.


Brendan Rodgers alluded in his pre-match interview that yes, there


was a 2-2 draw this season between the teams and yes Inverness are the


only team to take anything off Celtic in the league this season,


but they did win 3-0 here, the champions, against the same


opponents. Sviatchenko, who came back into the


team last week. Displacing the player who is not involved at all


today. Lovely play by Henderson. Couldn't


quite squeeze it through to Forrest. Tremarco at left-back for Inverness,


and David Raven playing at right back, who scored the winner against


Celtic in the semis. He was injured in the final against Falkirk.


King, trying to feed off a rare Celtic are at the back. -- a rare


Celtic mistake at the back. Brad McKay, I think his foot was


high on James Forrest. Free kick. I think it was, it was a slack header


from him, Lucky Forrest didn't get there before him. I think he just


catches Forrest with his follow-through here. Not a lot in


catches Forrest with his it, to be fair, six of one and half


a dozen of the other. Tierney. Spend a couple of months


out injured, though you wouldn't think it. Such an impressive


operator. Dembele. Still Dembele. It takes a lot to stop him these days.


Took a while to get going at Celtic. Sometimes people forget that, did


take a while to get going, but he has been absolutely superb. Such a


strong, athletic striker, who can finish as well. He is up to 23 for


the season. His impact, coming off the bench last week, sensational. A


brilliant hat-trick. Dembele, such an important player to Celtic.


Put it this way, you would not have expected, if you ask nine or ten


months ago, if Leigh Griffiths' position as main striker at Celtic


was under threat you would not have come up with anything other than him


at Celtic this season. Celtic had 23 shots at goal that day.


No messing with Ross Draper. He is a very physical player. Henri Anier a


won the free kick. I think he just banged into the back of Tierney.


Tierney was maybe winded a little banged into the back of Tierney.


bit. Interesting as well that Inverness have turned to the


partnership, two of the strikers that Dundee United had last season


in their doomed bid to avoid the draw. Billy Mckay was on loan. If he


can replicate anything like his previous form here, he will be a


massive success. It was pretty much a goal every other game, Billy


Mckay, for Caley Thistle in his first spell. Off the mark last week,


missed a penalty as well. Scored one, missed one. Forrest wants it,


ahead of it. Free kick for that, yeah? Good play


from Forrest initially, but definitely a free kick. Scott Brown


took a slightly heavy touch but Draper dives in and then clips him.


He could not quite get on his feet. Big opportunity for Celtic. He tried


his best to stay on his feet, to be fair. The seriousness of the


situation for Ross Fisher and Inverness became apparent when they


stare down this free kick opportunity.


Liam Henderson was annoyed with himself, he overhead that. It was


clearly of the training ground. It was a clever move. Had the past been


weighted slightly better. That macro had the pass.


There is your possession, 72% in favour of Celtic. You would not be


surprised, either, if it remains something similar, 90 minutes.


You are right, certainly here at Parkhead their ball retention is


superb, complete ownership of the ball. It is what they do with it,


more often than not that is positive, they create and score


goals. You expect that. Brad McKay just got caught by Dembele as the


ball came in. I don't think he meant it, but he was caught with the side


of his elbow. That is how you deal with that,


Scott Sinclair. Tierney will have to do likewise. Excellent pressure.


Because Inverness committed a view for web they are scampering back to


try to help the defence. Henderson was cleaned out by Brad McKay. --


because Inverness committed a few forward.


Henderson should have done better with the initial pass through.


Somebody checking, very dangerous play. -- sermon body checking. That


should've been a booking for me, it was a very cynical challenge.


Last-gasp defending by Warren. Through its came full of stick!


Brilliant finish by Michael Lustig Brilliant finish by Michael Lustig


Celtic edge closer. The first hunch Celtic edge closer. The first hunch


-- the first touch was unbelievable. He ran like a centre forward,


ghosted in behind the back four. The first touch was sublime, the Finnish


equally so. He was the architect in Perth last week, he is the


executioner in the cup. He has seldom been in better form in the


final third, Mikael Lustig, Hussein is a new deal at Celtic recently --


who signed a new deal at Celtic recently. He has put the favourites,


the troubled seekers, into the box seat. Inverness were 16-1 shots with


the tournament sponsors before a ball was kicked this afternoon, they


will be at least double that now. Richie Foran has to think up a


different plan. It will be a very long afternoon for Inverness. You


always say that if you get past those 20 minutes, silenced the


crowd, but they had not managed to get past the 20 minutes. Mikael


Lustig's second goal of the season. Disappointing summer last year, he


is making up about. He went to the European Championship finals in


France but only lasted 45 minutes of Sweden's opening match against


Ireland. Did not feature again in the


tournament. He has a history of injury problems,


but when he is fit he is such an asset to Celtic.


Now he is an asset going forward, as we saw. As we saw last week as well.


Henderson is always looking for the ball, this time it is a free kick.


He is picking up the ball in very good areas for Celtic, finding


himself in space and getting turned with the ball. He has impressed me


since he came into the Celtic side. He did ever so well at Hibernian


last year. He was fantastic. In the Scottish League Cup final, he


turned the game in Hibernian's favour. They are facing their


neighbours tomorrow at Tynecastle. The one thing about Liam Henderson


as he is always willing to have a pop at goal. As soon as he sees the


girlfriend, he goes for it. He has had two or three shots already. A


lovely turn to get onto his left that, can't quite curl it around.


James Forrest has had a really bright start to the match, it will


be a long afternoon the Carl Tremarco at left-back. -- a long


afternoon for. Warren with his eyes on the ball,


Dembele was behind him. That was a horrible Ballance for the


Inverness defenders. -- a horrible bones.


I can only assume the referee has pulled back to back for the free


kick in the box. Was it a handball? I think the defender was caught out


by the spin. May be a handball. Eyes on the final this season, Kevin


Clancy, who knows? And optimistic look at the linesman


from Billy Mckay. When the ball comes up to you as a centre forward


and you are not seeing a lot of it, you have to make sure you link it.


That was weak, weak play. Scored 13 for Dundee United last season. A


futile exercise in the end, though. Brilliant from Forrest. Not so from


Inverness just cannot get up the pitch.


They really curse their luck when the draw was made, Inverness,


handing them the most difficult tie of all. Forrest, Sinclair. Almost.


Obstruction by Kevin Clancy on Scott Brown there. Not sure Kevin Clancy


was happy with that Sviatchenko challenge. Brilliant from Forrest


down the right-hand side. Having a terrific match. Standing that one up


into the box again. His delivery has been good, just unlucky no one has


got on the end of it. 8th of February 2000 will always forever be


remembered by Inverness supporters, two penalties either side of an own


goal. A 3-1 win for Inverness at this very stadium. Repeated the


trick three years later under Robertson. They will have to go some


to force some kind of replay in this tie.


That linkup play again. You have to link the midfielders in when you get


up the pitch. It is now wave and wave of Celtic


attack. Forrest again, when he runs at defenders he strikes fear into


them. The one thing I would have been critical of him in the past is


his final ball, final delivery into the box can sometimes be erratic,


but today it has been decent. Celtic losing out in the semis of


this competition in both of Rodney Delia's seasons in charge.


There was a vulnerability, a weakness teams could find in Celtic


in seasons gone by that it is not there this year. Yes, this season


it's completely changed. there this year. Yes, this season


tripped by Tremarco. That is the first booking. A definite booking,


and as I said, Tremarco is going to have a very long afternoon. I just


hope James Forrest is badly injured here. He seems to be struggling.


Definitely clipped heels of James Forrest. He can't cope with him when


he's running at him because of his pace and directness. Not too much in


it but enough for Forrest to go down. Tremarco has been booked. He


was sent off at for a professional foul in the fixture against Falkirk.


Got away with one there. John Hughes is in the studio today! I hope James


Forrest is badly injured. Bit looks like he stood on the back of his


heel, which can be a sore one. I hope he can continue.


Half an hour in, one goal in the game, scored by that man, Mikael


Lustig. There you go. Like a seasoned striker. The timing of the


run made it, really. Superb. And the first touch, even better. It has


been total dominance by Celtic, really.


With illegal but wrapped up Celtic are effectively three games away


from a treble. -- with the league wrapped up. I struggle to think of


who can stop them. When you put it in context, Celtic


in their long and illustrious Trophy winning history have only done it


three times, the treble. It would be some achievement and the closer they


get to it, we'll beast targets be realistic? I think at the start of


the season it will be one of the target Brendan Rodgers will have


spoken about. Looks as though as things stand they


could win the league. It could change... Henderson puts in the free


kick, almost Boyatta. Taken away from Boyatta by Sviatchenko. I think


Brad McKay gets the slightest touch on this. Yes, just got a touch as


Boyatta was about to hit it. Corner kick.


Another poor delivery by Liam Henderson. Not getting the elevation


from the corner, for a start. Two in Henderson. Not getting the elevation


a row, you could see what he was trying to do, trying to this it in


towards the front post. Careless this time but Anier can


make it work. Two Celtic's last three defeats have


been to Barcelona. You can forgive them that. They also lost to


Borussia Monchengladbach, which was disappointing. I think the last time


they dropped any points at all was against man city in December. Yes.


They ended that Champions League group stage in positive fashion.


Sviatchenko lies poleaxed off the pitch. The physio does not have far


to travel. Drew with Manchester City here and away and drew with munching


glad back -- Borussia Monchengladbach. Pure petulance.


Right in front of the referee, add blatant kick out. For me, that


should have been a red card. Just before that, this was Erik


Sviatchenko and Ross Draper. Again, I really robust challenge by


the bye line, that could have got a yellow on its own.


Brown and Draper. Goes in very hard in that coming together. Maybe need


another camera shot that one. Greg Tansey. Again. Sviatchenko.


Ross Draper is a lucky man to still be on the pitch, really is. You


Ross Draper is a lucky man to still can't get away with kicking somebody


off the ball. Inverness have a corner here. Better from Greg


Tansey. Here we go. This was the frustration


spilling over the Draper. Hit the knee first of all, that didn't work.


That did. Sparsely populated penalty box,


that. Driven in by Tansey. McKay got a


good flick on to that, Boyatta meets it. Decently worked by the


Highlanders. Yes, one from the training ground,


but very good defending from Boyatta. Gets his head in and


manages to the danger. The click flicked on by McKay firstly. Age-old


story of the team coming here, that this might be their best


opportunity. WHISTLE Pushing. Warren. You have to feel


for Gary Warren, twice Inverness have got into cup finals in recent


times and he missed the final on both occasions. Yes, he has not had


the best of luck, has he? He is all over the back of Boyatta. Lost the


League Cup final here to Aberdeen. The win over Falkirk in the Scottish


Cup final. Gary Warren suspended on both occasions. That is a terrible


challenge, a terrible challenge. That is three now in the book for


Inverness. There is a long way to go. For me that is a red card. I


think it is a really, really dangerous tackle from behind. He


wraps both of his legs around Sinclair and it could have given


Sinclair a really bad injury. I think that is a red card. No attempt


to win the ball, was there? Tremarco, Draper and figures have


all been shown a yellow. -- and Iain Vigurs. Manager on the edge of his


technical area, he is a convert its sort. He certainly was. --


combatative sore. I think Inverness will be happy to get a half-time


just at 1-0, not out of the game. You are always in the game at 1-0,


you can regroup. In the last ten minutes they have had a couple of


corners. Maybe they've come back into the game ever so slightly.


Three adrift at the bottom of the Premiership right now, Inverness,


from the bottom. Really tough games to come for Caley


Thistle in the next few weeks. They go to Hearts before hosting Rangers


and Celtic in the space of a few days. It doesn't get any easier.


Warren. Should be seen out by Sviatchenko. It is.


Inverness will be pleased, Richie Foran will be pleased that the last


five minutes or so. Territory being held further up the pitch. Just keep


picking up the play. Raven's cross towards Tremarco, flicked away by


Lustig. Pinched back by Vigurs but illegally so says Kevin Clancy. He


does get the ball... They have and always swept teams


aside this season, Celtic. Half their league games have been won by


a single goal, a lot of 1-0s. They did that recently here against St


Johnstone and Aberdeen. That is the thing, they always find a way to win


the game, even when it is difficult. They've been behind five times this


season but have come back on each occasion. Twice that's our park in


that 4-3 game. Britain, dancing away from Vigurs. Henderson. Scott


Sinclair. As he kept it in? Yes, says the assistant. Forrest.


Henderson. I think that is probably his fourth


airfare in the game. Again, Forrest does well. A great run in from


Sinclair behind, just skips away from him as the keeper comes up.


Brilliant play initially from Nir Bitton. Just a little too heavy.


Does well to keep it in, Sinclair. Work from James Forrest. But when it


cans comes to Henderson, leaning back, you can see what he's trying


to do. Scored the opener against St Johnstone last week, but that one


never threatening Fon Williams. That says it all. Nine attempts on goal


for Celtic to Caley Thistle's zero. Still just 1-0 and they have already


suckered Celtic this season. This is the 132nd year of the


Scottish Cup. Liam Henderson involved in the completion of the


131st last year. Value for money this season, the competition


averaging about 3.6 goals per game. This could be another yellow, it is.


The fourth yellow card of the afternoon for Inverness, this time


for Gary Warren. And the right decision. Such strong play from


Dembele. Initially gets fouled, gets back on his feet. Turns the ball on


his left hand side and Warren left with no option but to take him down


or it is another goal. Yes, knows what he's doing, Warren. So


difficult to defend against, Moussa Dembele.


A powerhouse of a player, 20 years of age, Moussa Dembele. Turned 20


the night Celtic played in Gibraltar. Brendan Rodgers' first


competitive game. Henderson had a glance at that. Look


at that, as he went down inside the box.


Takes it on his right foot macro, which called Ross Draper outcome and


he was waiting for it to come onto his left. Doesn't even touch him.


The last time Celtic lost to a Scottish team here was Motherwell, a


year past December. Beyond 14 months ago.


The sort of form but Martin O'Neill enjoyed as Celtic gaffer. -- that


Martin O'Neill enjoyed. If they avoid defeat today, it will be 30


games from the start of this season that they have gone through without


loss. They have stood up to things this


season that they simply were not doing beforehand. Thinking


immediately to the game in Israel, they were absolutely battered. They


lost the game too zero but went through virtue of a 5-2 win in the


first leg here. -- they lost the game 2-0. Dembele! It's crap down!


One minute from half-time and this tie could be done. -- Dembele! It


has crept in! Moussa Dembele, 24 for the season, that will surely


rubber-stamp Celtic's passage. It is all about James Forrest for me. Not


the world's greatest finish. Again, all about James Forrest. The final


ball was perfect into Dembele, Fon Williams must do better.


The Welsh keeper was dropped the last week's draw with Dundee, Ryan


Esson came in in his plays. He is not fully fit today. Fon Williams


performed heroics in the 2-2 draw in the autumn, that once Goram is


beneath him and it is Celtic two, Caley Thistle know. Surely there is


no way back for the bottom side in the league now?


That is a real killer hammer blow for Richie Foran's side right before


the break. 1-0, you gave them the most outside of chances, now you


surely cannot even give them that? I would not think so, Celtic deserved


to lead 2-0, they have been completely dominant. It will


disappointed Richie Foran to lose that goal, especially in the manner


that they did. It was not the strongest hands from Fon Williams.


At 1-0 you think you are still in the game, but it is a long road back


from Inverness now. Halfway through that injury time on


the first half. First half thoughts? Predictable,


Celtic completely dominant. For me, James Forrest has been the star man


so far. They have had all the possession, Inverness struggled to


create anything at all. They knocked a couple of corners maybe ten


minutes ago, but I think Inverness should have had at least one red


card as well. WHISTLE BLOWS


Half-time. Celtic enjoying themselves again. Mikael Lustig with


a goal his international team-mate Zlatan Ibrahimovic would have been


pleased with. Lovely first touch, lovely close range finish. Moussa


Dembele up to his tally to 24th this season. -- to 24 for this season.


The 2015 winners of this competition have a heck of a lot to do, Celtic


well on course for the quarterfinals at half-time in Glasgow's East End.


Celtic lead 2-0. STUDIO: They continue to be pretty


much unstoppable in Scottish domestic football. Mikael Lustig


getting the opener in the 20th minute, that second goal from Moussa


Dembele right on half-time. 2-0, Celtic against Inverness Caledonian


Thistle. You would imagine they are on their way to 30 domestic matches


since they have suffered a defeat. That goal and half-time makes a


massive difference? It does, to be honest, the first goal after about


20 minutes Inverness would have got to the stage where they are


thinking, we have had a good opening, let's continue to make it


difficult for Celtic. But this goal, a wonderful pass from Nir Bitton and


an equally good touch from Lustig to get it and control. 20 minutes into


the game, Inverness would have been thinking we are starting well, we


will keep Celtic quiet, that is a killer blow. Equally the one just


before half-time, two important stages in the game that I've put the


game to bed. A wonderful goal from Lustig. It is another demonstration


of the Brendan Rodgers effect. It has happened with so many Celtic


players, including Mikael Lustig, who is becoming a real attacking


threat in the last couple of weeks? He was crucially involved in Perth


last weekend. 24 passes before this goal, what skill from him? You can


tell me what this trick is called. I believe it is called a rubber


roller. I would end up in hospital if I tried that. -- I believe it is


called the rabona. It was a wonderful ball and a great finish.


When they scored that, Billy McKay, he was on Lustig as the players


getting built up, as soon as it was played in field to Nir Bitton,


Lustig got a free run in behind. The pass from Nir Bitton set that up.


It was precise. That was a kick in a plane full place for Inverness


because it broke the deadlock, this is surely even worse because it puts


the match out of sight -- in a painful place for Inverness. Very


unlucky, Tremarco slips. You don't want to go to anybody else. Should


Fon Williams do a little bit better? You should have tried to stop it


from crossing the line. Dembele is red-hot, he is on form. It just so


happened that he had the target, took his chances and it ended up in


the back of the net. Very unlucky for Inverness, Richie could have got


them in at half-time and you could have taken a lot from that


performance. The five or ten minutes before that were probably the best


bits of the first top? They were 1-0 down, they had stemmed the flow of


Celtic and made it difficult for them. They had one of two not


opportunities, that they had started to threaten the Celtic final third.


That goal puts a dampener on it and it changes the dynamics of the


conversation in the changing room. Richie Foran would have said it is


only 1-0, anything can happen, all of a sudden it is 2-0 down, it is a


blow for Inverness. The amount of times you see goalkeepers just


saving with their feet, it is right there, difficult to get to, kick it


away, when he gets his hand into it hit is almost like he is trying to


flip it away. Just stop it. Unfortunately he sent it into the


back of the net. Would you worry about Owain Fon Williams' mental


state? He was chopped a couple of weeks ago, no Ryan Esson because he


is injured. I would have debated his mental state before he signed him


exhalation Mark Noble, he is a lovely, big guy, a strong character.


But he will not be high on confidence if he has been dropped.


He will be disappointed he had not saved that. Look at the other end of


the park, Craig Gordon was under serious pressure early in the


season, the manager doubted him, he got his opportunity back, went a


huge run of games without conceding, that is what you have to do. He has


his chance, whether through injury, illness or whatever, he has to step


up to the plate. Unfortunately with that non-save just before the break,


that will not do his claim for number one spot any good.


Such a big moment of the match. So difficult when you set out against


Celtic as to what plan you adopt, how to frustrate them and create for


yourself. There has been the man marking, Raven on Sinclair, there


has been this pressing. But Celtic go from planet a to be, C, D, E and


F. I see Brendan on the bench, they are in total control of the ball but


he is looking for ways to try to shape up and change it. You can see


tactically what Inverness are doing, they are trying to match-up in


midfield. Raven is doing a job on Sinclair. This shows you, this is


like a blitz defence. High press at the end of the park, Raven in


behind, tight, not giving any space to Tierney. Billy King and Draper


are in. If you don't win the ball, you allow space for Celtic to break


on top of you. This eventually ends up in a booking. I can't remember


whether Brad McKay gets away with that but he should have been booked,


once you go for a high press, if you do not win the ball back it is


dangerous. Celtic can break on you. It is a good tactic if you the ball,


because you are higher up the park, but it has its risks at the other


red. Lots of players do that. If you


regain the ball when the other team is in possession, you can get at


them quickly because most of them are out of position, Celtic is very


good about. Not much good news Inverness Caley


Thistle, and another factor in the match later could be the fact they


have had ball yellow card is against them. Tom in the commentary box was


getting excited about this. -- they have had ball yellow cards. Tom can


get excited coming he was shouting red card, but that was not. This is


a lot worse. If you are talking about red cards, that could easily


be a red card from figures, he catches Sinclair Harry up and twists


as well. -- from Vigurs. You could have been talking about a red card


Vigurs. Tremarco booked as well, these yellow cards can come back


bite you? Richie will have to be careful with substitutions and take


that into account. He does not have much on the bench in terms of


defensive cover. He just might have to bite the bullet and get on with


it. These guys had to make sure they control their emotions and


discipline. Half-time at Celtic Park, Celtic


two, Inverness Caley Thistle zero. Mikael Lustig's goal and that second


from Moussa Dembele on half-time, his 24th goal of the season. What a


campaign he is having for Celtic. Let's break away from the live


match, we will be back for live coverage of the second half in the


East End of Glasgow, but let's talk for a few minutes about the story


dominating the Scottish football headlines. Mark Waugh Buttin and


Davie Weir, his assistant at Rangers, Frank McParland, the head


of recruitment at the club, all of them, according to a club statement


last night, have resigned -- Mark Warburton. Mark Robinson and his


team say otherwise -- Mark Warburton. The legal repercussions


will continue. We look back on his reign at Rangers, not much more than


18 months gone, the lows and the highs, there was that in the


semifinals against Celtic. Everyone wondered how big a turning point it


might be. Reality dawns when Celtic played Rangers in the Premiership.


That was 5-1. All sorts of questions about Warburton's signing policy and


man management, the Joey Barton episode. And a recent 4-1 something


at Tynecastle and the 1-1 draw at home to Ross County -- and a recent


4-1 something. The pressure was mounting big-time? Quite clearly


there has been some sort of discussion in the background,


whether the management felt as if they were close to being pushed out


of the talk and they thought there was an out. There have been


discussions about him being touted potentially for the Nottingham


Forest job, something has not worked out, whether there has been a


resignation or not, we do not really know. There are clearly mixed


messages coming out and that strikes at the heart of their is clearly a


disconnect between the board and management. Looking back over the


highlights, the semifinal win against Celtic was the high point of


the Mark Warburton period, since then massive disappointment for


Rangers in the Scottish Cup final against Hibs. This season, and up


and down season, to say the least, although I reiterate that, for me,


the main source of the issue of the problem has been that relationship


behind-the-scenes. On the playing field, I don't think that is the


reason there has been a severing of the ties at the moment. They are in


and around where I would expect, I think the board would have expected


and around where I would expect, I them to be challenging for second


and they may well still finished second, it is more to do with the


relationship and the breakdown of the field.


It needs to be cleared up quickly. Bad day for Scottish football and


for Rangers. I'm a big admirer of Mark Warburton and what he was


trying to do. I understand we will question signings and all of that


but as a football coach you could see his team tried to play football


properly. Would you not accept there was a valid argument they weren't


clinical enough in the final third? Yes, I think they did play football


the right way that you have to have that end product. That comes with


one or two year signings, you hope they will hit the ground running and


score goals on things like that but... Around the game you speak at


players at Rangers and they all speak very, very highly of Mark


Warburton. Not just as a man, on the coaching and training pitch. You ask


any of the Rangers players and I guarantee you they will say he will


be sorely missed. Any development on that Mark Warburton and Rangers


story and we will bring it to you on this programme if anything should


happen. All our TV outlets, radio and online as well.


Back to the matter in hand, the live match between Celtic and Inverness,


2-0. The first match of the fifth round of the William Hill Scottish


Cup. Five matches to be played today in a couple tomorrow. Here is the


full line-up. Could the Premiership in a couple tomorrow. Here is the


side be in trouble, potentially? East Fife might be a problem for


troubled St Mirren. Ross County against Aberdeen is later today. St


Johnstone against Partick Thistle as well. The two Sunday matches, the


Edinburgh derby and Rangers against Morton. I guess that was already


shaping up as a potential banana skin for Mark Warburton and co-.


What is happening will only boost the feeling of Jim Duffy and


company. Jim Duffy has done a fantastic job there. I would have


fully expected Rangers to come through that tie, although they have


taken a bit of a battering in the last week or so. Their confidence


will be low. Certainly a different dynamic to how they will react to


what happened yesterday. And the Edinburgh derby, the tie of the


round, a huge game. Later on today, I think when you're looking at


potential upsets, at East End Park you have Dunfermline against


Hamilton. Hamilton will recognise they are in a tough game there.


Dunfermline are a big side but playing in the championship at the


moment. Graeme Murty, what a tough test it will be for him, the Rangers


under 20s coach you will be in charge. He will love it. Mark, all


the work will have been done in terms of tactics and 90% of what the


team will be. It depends on the senior players, guys like Kenny


Miller, to get the guys together and say, listen, boys. I think it may


have a positive effect. We need to go out here and put on a real show.


That's still debatable, but I think if you have a real good strength of


That's still debatable, but I think character in that dressing room, the


guys will get together and say, come on, let's make sure we go out and


win the tie. Our usual comprehensive coverage of the Scottish Cup today


and tomorrow, highlights tonight and tomorrow night. In terms of the live


match that is ongoing at Celtic Park, the runaway Premiership


leaders chasing a treble, of course. Park, the runaway Premiership


2-0 up halfway through. An individual nightmare for Owain Fon


Williams. Moussa Dembele wasn't complaining, though, as he side


footed home his 24th goal of a very productive campaign. It is a goal


that may well have knocked the stuffing out of Inverness Caley


Thistle. 2-0 down at the break. Back to Stephen and Liam for the second


half. COMMENTATOR: Inverness have come


from a couple behind here before, a long time ago, in relative terms.


Involved in a 2-2 draw. Inverness get us under way, shooting west in


the blue and red, Celtic in the green and white. Of course, the


Lisbon Lions will be celebrated this season. 50 years on from the club


was my greatest moment in 1967 and probably the first British side to


lift the European Cup. It would be some tribute for Brendan Rodgers and


the current wearers of those jerseys if they could go on and win


everything before them. Their matter at hand, seeing out


this tie. A very difficult 15 minute team talk for Richie Foran. No


changes for either team. Lustig goes down, nothing doing. McKay puts the


ball out because Inverness have a problem at the other end, Billy


King. He is really struggling, Liam. This was Scott Sinclair. That should


be a yellow card, for diving. No contact from David Raven. Kevin


Clancy in a really good position. That should have been a yellow.


Can Inverness summon up the spirit of the 2000 side?


Their famous victory here. Richie Foran, who took over from John


Their famous victory here. Richie Hughes. He took the reins of


Inverness in the summertime. The assistant stayed on after John


Hughes' departure. The eighth manager of Inverness since the


amalgamation in 1984. Almost all of those who have gone before have


achieved something huge, something of note. The first Cali


Our studio guest John Hughes won the Scottish Cup. Pretty big boots to


Our studio guest John Hughes won the fill for Richie Foran. It's proving


a real difficult first managerial posting for him. Still time to sort


out their league position. Billy King is really struggling


fair. I think he will have to come off. He's been hobbling about since


he came back onto the pitch. It's tough enough playing with all


11 players. On loan from Hearts. But giving the


thumbs up. Let's take another look at it. A clash of knees, so sore. We


saw who came off worse. Celtic, 27 points clear at the top


of the Premiership. The record end of season margin, end of season


margin, is 29. Surely that is going to go this season.


Sinclair. Fortuitous. Guess who? It is 3-0! It was a fortuitous break


for Celtic to get the opportunity in the first place. Sinclair gets the


ball on the 18-yard line after really good work from Liam


Henderson. Sinclair gets this ball back after the tackle, does so well


to turn inside. Raven with a good challenge but Dembele is on hand and


cool as you like. He just knows where the goal is. That is 25 for


the season! For one of Celtic's men of the season.


That is five in two since coming back into the side, not bad. It's


not bad, you'd take it, it's all right!


Now Caley Thistle just want to get on the A9 and get home.


Craig Gordon under pressure from McKay. They have been on the


receiving end of some serious thrashings in this stadium over the


years. This gave them one of their most famous results.


Celtic will be in the draw for the last eight, which will take place at


Ibrox after the Rangers and Morton game tomorrow.


At 3-0, you can't see any way back at 2-0, but at 3-0... He has a


decision to make, Richie Foran. Does he throw caution to the wind? He has


strikers on the bench. Raven. King. Looking at his bench, could bring an


Jake Mulraney, with the pace to upset defenders. Alex Fisher, Scott


Boden, Larnell Cole are all there, attacking type players.


Brilliant from Dembele. Struggling for confidence, I think! Sinclair,


on a hat-trick against, Dembele. Forrest. He must be odds-on to get


his hat-trick against a day, must be.


Henderson. Lovely football from Celtic. Henderson! Fon Williams


eventually gets it under control. Well done Fon Williams, because it


was a similar type of local shot that he messed up in the first half.


A stronger hand behind it when Henderson hits this and manages to


gather it. Billy King down again.


Yeah, I think that could single the end of the match for him. It will be


Jake Mulraney to come on. He scored a cracker against Celtic


in the 2-2 draw. Swept it past, it was Dorus de Vries in goal for


Celtic that day. Billy King's day is over. I'm assuming he's not


seriously injured. I'm not sure he would be too bothered. No, but it is


sore when you bash knees. Could get swollen and bruised overnight.


Here comes Jake Mulraney. Some think he should have started more games


this season. Over from Dublin. Off the bench


again today. Billy McKay. Vigurs to Tansey.


Having to go back into their own half. An ambitious Brad McKay pass


from Raven. Here comes Celtic again. Celtic have shown even when they


don't have the ball, they work ever so hard off the ball to get it back,


forcing Inverness all the way back. They have earned the latter four


goals in here this season, domestic league, Celtic. -- they have only


let in four golds. They have won all of those games. Four one, five Micro


one, 6-1. -- 4-1, 5-1, six had one. Initially, a fantastic first touch


from Dembele. When he skips past Ross Draper I am sure he is clipped.


A lovely touch inside. If that is not a free kick, I am not sure what


is. Three girls went in against Celtic


that I mentioned, the fourth was fought indeed, Celtic won 2-1 --


three golds went in against Celtic. Celtic two goals away from that


hundreds of the campaign. -- from their hundredth. We are not out of


Debbie Riyadh. -- out of February yet. That was a definite free kick.


We still wonder whether Scott Brown will be in Gordon Strachan's squad


for the World Cup qualifier against Slovenia next month. It looks


increasingly like he will be. Good pressure that time by


Inverness. Mulraney was challenged by Sviatchenko. Very strong play by


Sviatchenko, he is so physically strong when somebody tries to get


back. Good defending. Away by the man who gave away the


corner. One thing Brendan Rodgers has managed very well this season,


although they have been winning week after week, he has managed his squad


so well. Lots of these guys playing have been left out of the starting


XI at times, sometimes left out of the match day squad, and they have


responded well, the attitude has been spot-on. When you have a good


manager who knows what he is doing and is able to give the players


belief, perhaps if you have a spell outside of the team you will not be


so bothered. When they come in they look very fresh and hungry. Managing


a large squad like Celtic is difficult but everybody seems to be


on board. Dembele and Scott Sinclair raced up,


Celtic looking for a fourth. Dembele! It is a third hat-trick of


this season. It is 4-0. The unbeatable champions. Favourites for


this competition. It was almost inevitable. When he scored his


second. You set it up with a great pass down the right-hand side to


James Forrest, who did so well. He has been outstanding. Gets to the


byline, sets it up beautifully right place, right time, hat-trick. Talk


about putting it in the right place. Moussa Dembele, as he has done on 26


occasions, gobbles it right up. And there is still time for more.


Incredible, he has not even played every week. There was a time where


he was sitting on the subs bench with Leigh Griffiths back in a role


that he performed in solo G2 three last season -- performed in so


dutifully last season. Dembele has had time out injured.


Hat-trick against Rangers, hat-trick against St Johnstone, back-to-back


hat-tricks now. He will get it back from Sinclair.


You have too worry about Inverness now, if Celtic fans see it in the


last half-hour, they are in serious trouble, if they are not already. --


if Celtic fancy it. It makes you wonder what his price


tag would be now. Back-to-back hat-tricks. I remember Anthony


Stokes scoring back-to-back hat-tricks for hold -- for Falkirk,


John Hughes in the studio will remember that, he is the Falkirk


boss, former Celtic striker, won the cup last season. Back-to-back


hat-tricks do not happen very often. Dembele is offside.


Just look at the examples on the pitch run Celtic that have responded


under Brendan Rodgers. After looking as though they were heading towards


the exit door. Dedryck Boyata, who you rightly mentioned, is one of


them. Under Ronny Deila, Leigh Griffiths looked like he was going


to be away. Tom Rogic was so out of the picture he was back in


Melbourne. James Forrest is another one. Stuart Armstrong. A long, long


list. It just shows you the kind of


character that the players that Celtic have obviously got. Even


Craig Gordon this season was ditched the Dorus de Vries. That was in the


autumn time, the end of the summer transfer window. He worked so hard


over his career, especially in the last few years, to get back into a


position where he is now playing Champions League football.


He has been terrific. The offside flag against Tierney. I


think he just drifted into an offside position. This Celtic team


have shown no signs at any stage of any complacency. Credit to the


players and the manager as well. Dean Ebbe, the surprise winter


signing, is waiting to come on. This is more about experience than


anything else, I would suggest. Larnell Cole is the other to come on


for Inverness. WHISTLE BLOWS


Ross Draper coming off. That is one of the changes. It has


been a frustrating day for Ross Draper. He has not really had the


impact he would have liked. Yellow card. To you stand by your red card


showed. A chance Kelly his -- Cally Thistle


to pull one back. Celtic heading for 13th straight win, they have won 19


straight in the league. They are about to go 30 unbeaten this season.


That is part of Craig Gordon's gain, in the past four five months he has


improved his composure so much. It has impressed me. That is how


Brendan Rodgers wanting to operate and he has improved. He was helping


Brendan Rodgers wanting to operate out Ian Murray Adam Boulton when he


was the Dumbarton manager, a of nights a week on the training


ground. He has gone from that, it looked like his career was over, to


playing Champions League football. He has won medals at Celtic, he has


managed to pick up League Cup and league championship winners medals,


he knows he could be heading for the clean sweep this campaign. A mark of


his progress would be that Chelsea made a bid for him, a club of


Chelsea's size to bid for the goalkeeper obviously proves he is


doing war than just something right. That's Callum McGregor will replace


Liam Henderson, meantime. Next on the Celtic firing line,


Motherwell, who visit next week. Then Hamilton can hear the week


after before the rematch with Cally Thistle in the Highlands. -- Ben


Hamilton come here. He is getting a good of Asian, he will probably be


frustrated that of the six and seven shots he managed to get away he did


not get one on target. -- he is getting a good ovation. That got


Callum McGregor spent some time out of the picture in the last couple of


years, he did so well when Ronny Deila first came to the club and


scored a couple of important goals in the infancy of the Ronny Deila


era, drifted out of the picture. He is now back in and Brendan Rodgers.


He will be starting in the match day squad, more often than not.


Cole has been on loan from Fulham to Caley Thistle. He is an England


youth international who came off the bench.


That was slack, and James Forrest was there. He should have made it


five. I can only imagine that the surprise caught him out. I think he


may be had too much time to think about this. He really deserves a


gold today. An horrendous mistake from Gary Warren.


The won that back surprisingly easily. A horrible ball by Gary


Warren, James Forrest should have increased the Celtic lead.


17 shots to zero in Celtic's Faiva, underlines the dominance. It has


been a very quiet afternoon for Craig Gordon. A free kick that is


not coming. A strong challenge, to stave the


least -- say the least. Deflected. Cole did well to get the shot away.


Craig Gordon scrambling. A nice turn and swivel. Craig Gordon was


scrambling across his box. Highlights to come of today's


William Hill Scottish Cup fifth round ties on sports theme tonight


at 10:30pm. Full coverage of the 3pm pick-ups, including Ross County,


Aberdeen, Dunfermline, Hamilton, to come on BBC Radio Scotland, as well


as the games tomorrow, Hearts against Hibs and Rangers against


Morton. Easy for Craig Lawton. A poor corner. Craig Gordon could take


that and challenge. It is the gap between Celtic and the


rest, is bigger than the best team in Scottish football and the rest


ever before? I would say so, I don't think it has ever been this big.


Completely and utterly dominated this season. The mark of a team, as


we mentioned earlier, when things are not going well and you have to


scrape and fight and get a hard win, they do it and they seem to produce.


It is the lack of complacency that has impressed me, never once do they


let their guard down or take their foot off the pedal.


27 points clear at the top, Aberdeen have a game in hand, which they play


against Motherwell in midweek, they could bring it back to 24. As I


mentioned earlier, the record in season margin is 29, that is the


European record beaten by Paris Saint-Germain last season, they won


by 31 points ahead of Lyon. That could easily go as well as Celtic's:


29 point record. Maybe even eclipsing the Lisbon and team in the


domestic started the season in 1967. The European champions. Next up they


will be looking for 25 leave Quins in a row. -- legal winds.


A bad Paul Lim by Mulraney that time. -- a bad ball in. All kinds of


records could be obliterated by this Brendan Rodgers juggernaut. Vigurs


hits it and that sums it up. It pretty much does. Normally so good


on his left foot. When the ball breaks to him on the edge of the box


here you think he will at least hit the target but he gets it all wrong.


Wildly slashes at it. Scored one of the goals of the season at Pittodrie


earlier in the campaign, Vigurs. A 1-1 draw with Aberdeen.


Nir Biton OK after that McKay challenged earlier on.


WHISTLE A yellow card coming out for Lustig.


He's not happy but I think it's the right decision. Definitely pulled


the shirt of Vigurs. WHISTLE


Dembele keen to get things back under way.


Once again Kevin Clancy ignoring the Celtic support. I think the Celtic


support are disappointed because it's very similar to the one that


Lustig was just booked for. And Vigurs booked for in the first half.


The Scottish Cup, two bookings and you miss the next high. So if


Dembele -- Dembele got booked in the last round. McGregor, who came from


absolutely nowhere to steal possession back from Vigurs.


Through ball for Dean Ebbe. Tansey. Cole. Mulraney.


That's as close as they've come. Really good play from Inverness.


When the ball comes to Mulraney, a fantastic ball, smashed right across


the six. Just waiting for a strike at a mega movement across the front


post, to make that gamble, but nobody has.


Dembele. Goes for it himself. And why wouldn't you? Just so confident


just now, everything he hits he thinks he's going to score, and that


was not far away. Peeling out on the left-hand side, driving in to the


defence. Going for the top corner but not getting enough bend on it.


14 to play. Inverness seeing a lot of the ball in the Celtic half right


now, the trouble is, they are 4-0 down.


You feel that Celtic have another couple of levels, should they need


them. Here comes Gordon. Talking about the level Craig Gordon


has got himself back to, you mustn't forget he appears to have won the


Scotland number one jersey back, as well. Started the game at Wembley. A


position we are very strong in. David Marshall out of the team, at


Hull City. We are blessed with good goalkeepers.


Another break of the ball for Celtic but this time Dembele can't


capitalise. Dembele's first he should have done


better with, not sure he could have done anything with the other two.


You are right, the first one was poor and that is probably the most


important one. So good from Boyatta. He was in the


semifinal of this competition last year. And Sviatchenko, who he plays


alongside today. Sviatchenko at the start of this


season... Kolo Toure back for Celtic as well on the pitch. Dembele.


Goalkick. Better defending from Gary Warren that time. Just waiting,


Dembele, to pull the trigger. Again, so powerful driving into the box.


Warren does well to get the touch on it.


Celtic up to 99 goals for the season, 50 to have come from the


last 15 minutes of hearths. So are you saying we will have another go?


The last 15 minutes... I predicted 4-0, so I will be happy if it stays


like this. They have scored more than 30 in the last 10-15 minutes of


games this season. Looking to apply some varnish.


McGregor. Comes from a Dembele run again. He really is having an


outstanding match. His power and his pace, they just cannot live with


him. Brown. A good touch from Scott Brown


to set up the shot. You can hear what the natives made


of that... He's unlucky, Boyatta, gets his body in a good area but too


much strength from Ebbe. He will never tire, I wouldn't have


thought, of the standing ovations. He's getting another today. Moussa


Dembele, with his second hat-trick in the space of six days. His third


of the season. He has 26 goals for the season. And off he comes. What a


contribution he has made today. He has been sensational.


beehive fives to the fans around him in the dugout. Replaced by Nadir


Ciftci. We're talking about Celtic players who have come back from the


brink here. Nadir Ciftci were certainly at the brink. On the verge


of going to Motherwell at the end of the winter window. Here he is. Came


off the bench last week, as well. A loan spell in his home land last


season, Turkey. A very famous Celtic shirt to wear


as well. The one previously worn by Henrik Larsson and Jimmy Johnstone.


Other illustrious incumbents of the number seven. Caley Thistle were


knocked out by the eventual winners last season, Hibs. It took a replay.


And whoever gets through to the quarterfinals, the draw for which is


made at Ibrox tomorrow, the only thing I'm sure they will wish for is


that they avoid Celtic. That is a fact, absolutely. Nobody wants to


meet Celtic. They never say that. If you draw Celtic, you have to look


play them at one point. If you win the cup, you have to play them at


one stage. Easier said than done. All Celtic's defeats this season


came in Europe. Some more damaging than others. Borussia


Monchengladbach, as we mentioned earlier, was probably the most


damaging of them. A little slip there.


He's not one of those who has been booked today, McKay. Sinclair is


just too quick for him, his change of direction. Brad McKay can't


react. Forrest. WHISTLE


Swung behind, goalkick. Celtic lost to Gibraltar in Brendan


Rodgers' first game in charge. They also lost in the Champions League


play-off round... Swung behind with a cross. They went through an


aggregate anyway. A couple of defeats to Barcelona, Borussia


Monchengladbach here in the group stage of the Champions League. They


have already begun building for next season's tilt at that competition.


Yes, I think Brendan Rodgers has said that himself. Celtic posting


profits of ?21 million by virtues of birds for a into the Champions


League and they will fancy doing it next season and the season after


that. Scott Sinclair leads Caley Thistle a merry dance. No penalty.


How long can they withstand this? Celtic looking for number five. It


arrives! Of course it does! It is Kieran Tierney! It is his first of


the season. With five to play, the smile from Brendan Rodgers says it


all. Celtic five, Caley Thistle zero. They were queueing up to put


it in and it is that man Forrest again, sending in a beautiful ball.


A good header. A lot like the Dembele goal. We had a great moment


in the last game of last season, Kieran Tierney, when he scored his


first for the club in his breakthrough season. Many say he is


the best Celtic full-back since Danny McGrane, who is watching today


at Celtic Park. 19-year-old Kieran Tierney, with a bullet header.


It will be a long journey back up to the Highland capital tonight for the


visitors. Tierney is showing the other side of


his game. There is Danny McGrane, you wonder what he makes of Kieran


Tierney? I imagine he would be very impressed, like the rest of us.


Inverness corner, it is not the first time they have conceded five,


they have conceded six year before. That was a great touch into Cole,


just came of Scott Brown. Another corner and an attempt to get the


consolation. Before all that, we had a change for Celtic in Dedryck


Boyata. Won't be scoring today, got a couple of winners against St


Johnstone and Aberdeen in recent league games here. Kolo Toure will


come on for him. He did not have too many questions asked of him today, I


doubt he will have a much easier after noon. I suspect coaching is


the next main goal for Kolo Toure. Brilliant from Gordon. Commanding.


Inverness have more important battles ahead of them. A cup run is


nice, of course they would have loved to have got their hands on the


Scottish Cup again, but the league games that are to follow over the


next few weeks are infinitely more important to Caley Thistle. They


are, but as you said earlier, three very, very, very tough fixtures


coming up. Hearts, Rangers, Celtic. It does not get much harder and they


will not get much confidence from this game. It does not get any


harder than a game here. Inverness have been blown blown away by this


Celtic side. Lustig got things started with the


opener. Celtic have loads of options on the counter. Scott Sinclair


wanted to do it himself. Nadir Ciftci special coming he wants


that ball played over to the left-hand side. He had three


options, he wanted to go by himself. As usual, I will give you the


extremely difficult task of asking you for your William Hill Scottish


Cup Man of the Match. Who could that be, I wonder? Dembele. It would have


been James Forrest had Dembele not managed to get his hat-trick, but he


is just such a powerful, strong runner. He has caused this Inverness


defence countless problems today, he is a top class finisher as well, my


Man of the Match. Good to see that Kevin Clancy, the referee, has an


air of sympathy about him. One minute of injury time added to spy


Caley Thistle -- spy Caley Thistle further pain. They took a battering,


as you would expect. It is top against bottom. Brown! What a finish


by the captain! It is six for Celtic, who are not only going


through to the quarterfinals, they are racing there. Scott Brown


certainly caught this. Fantastic play down the left-hand side from


Sinclair. When the ball breaks to Scott Brown, he absolutely lashes it


into the top corner. A brilliant goal. That applies the varnish.


Great finish by the skipper. Third of the season for Scott Brown. He


scored a very important one in the Champions League qualifier. That was


simply the cherry on the kick of another imperious display by Brendan


Rodgers' side. They have blown away Richie Foran's Inverness, blown them


out of the cup. Celtic once again demonstrate just how unstoppable


they appear to be. They are indomitable. Kieran Tierney added


the fifth, Dembele the sixth, Lustig started the party and Moussa Dembele


squeezed another hat-trick in in between -- Brown the sixth. Celtic


are the first team through to the quarterfinals of the William Hill


Scottish Cup, as Moussa Dembele gets the match ball for the second week


in a row after his third hat-trick of the season.


Stephen Thompson, Celtic are quite clearly favourites for this


tournament. That goes without saying. That doesn't mean now that


when the draw is made tomorrow for the quarterfinals the only chance


that the others is an away tie for Celtic at somewhere like Pittodrie,


Tynecastle, Easter Road or Ibrox, even? I think so, I think they are


unstoppable as Parkhead, they are pretty much in stoppable regardless.


Tomorrow night after the Rangers game, they will want to avoid


Celtic. 11 goals in their last two, simply unstoppable. It would take a


brave man to bet against them winning the trophy. Brendan Rodgers,


it is his ritual coming he will go round and applaud all the Celtic


supporters. They kind of job that this little man on the -- from the


county Antrim coast has done is incredible. He has completely turned


this club around. This club was winning the league title anyway,


what he has done in such a short space of time is pretty remarkable.


It finishes here at Celtic Park with Dembele the hat-trick he wrote


again, Celtic six, Inverness Caledonian Thistle nil. STUDIO: The


Joy of six for Celtic, cruising into the Scottish Cup quarterfinals.


Those pictures tell a story of Brendan Rodgers, slapping his


players on the back but also whispering in the ear about the


areas they can improve on, because that is the story of Celtic at the


moment, unbeaten domestic league, but they want to improve week on


week. They were absolutely ruthless. You have got four different scorers,


obviously Dembele getting his hat-trick, the two full-backs have


scored today, Tierney and Lustig, and the skipper pops up at the end


to get a goal. There is a juggernaut, they are absolutely


flying. You see guys like McGregor and Roberts, these guys are


tremendous. It is all good stuff at Celtic at this moment. Talking of


full-backs scoring, this is Mikael Lustig breaking the deadlock on 20,


how good this was to control Bitton on's pass? The past was sublime. You


watch Billy McKay coming he charges after the ball rather than watching


the run from Lustig, he has a wonderful pass from Nir Bitton.


Inverness would have been thinking we have contained Celtic to begin


with, a crucial stage in the game, the next second half of the first


half you would be looking to continue that. They lost the goal.


And right before half-time, two crucial points in the game that


dominated and typified how much Celtic are so far ahead of the other


teams, as John said they are ruthless at the right times. Let's


be honest, the game was quite flat in stages, they have come away from


its 6-0, a huge improvement on Celtic from last season to this, a


game that really did not have a lot in it. Huge credit to Celtic because


of the scoreline. The two full-backs, Lustig and Tierney,


scored. Let's speak to the other goal-scorers, Scott Brown, who


scored a cracker at the end, and the hat-trick man, Moussa Dembele, 26


for the season. Let's hear from them.


Congratulations, into the quarterfinals of the Scottish Cup in


some style. Moussa ,, two hat-trick in two games, how does that feel? It


feels great, we take every cup game as a final, today we showed that in


scored six goals. Yes, it has been good for us. Scott, you have played


with many, many good players in your career, where did he right? Right up


there, he is getting stronger and stronger, he learns everything the


gaffer is teaching him, he will get better as the season goes on. You


don't score many, they are usually memorable. It is not often I hit the


target. Nice to get the ball in the back of the net. People are saying


that Celtic look unstoppable, do you feel it? Yes, we are. We are. We


know what we are capable of, I think we are unstoppable. Scott, it will


be difficult to stop you doing the trouble? We have to keep going every


game at a time, we have won six today, but we are working hard in


training. Moussa Dembele, you are the William Hill Scottish Cup Man of


the Match, I'm sure your captain will do the honours. Well done.


STUDIO: I think Moussa Dembele might have lost count in terms of goals


today, it was six and you got three, and yes, you are on 26 for the


season. We are rapidly running out of things to say about Moussa


Dembele, it has all been said before, but he is a phenomenon at


the age of 20. This was the goal right on half-time which ensured, I


guess, that there was going to be no shock from Inverness Caley Thistle?


He came in early, hit the target like all good strikers, side foot,


hit the target. Fon Williams should have done better, but he is playing


with confidence. Everything seems to go for you when you play with


confidence. People pointed to Craig Thomson's decision in Perth last


weekend, Inverness fans will make mention of the Fon Williams mistake,


but, Michael, I guess the reality is that Celtic will always find a way,


they have every possible plan they could need to break down a team.


That was 2-0, very quickly it was three, four, five, six. Whenever


they are faced with a problem or task, how to finish it off, Celtic


have come up trumps. This was a wonderful, can finish. Disappointing


the David Raven, he got a wonderful tackle in and it just broke Moussa


Dembele, he slides it and guide said, this angle is great. It goes


right through Warren's legs. He is not panicked that he has to defend a


lunch. Celtic this season, whenever they have been placed with a


challenge they have come up trumps and found the answer and the


solution to that. Dembele has been a phenomenon this season. We have


spoken a lot about the players that the club that Brendan Rodgers has


improved, Moussa Dembele, when he first came in, coming into a new


club you need time to settle, but the improvement in him in the period


of time at the club has been huge, I think a lot of that is down to the


manager and the philosophies they are trying to put across. Rob, two


things are vital as a team, as a are trying to put across. Rob, two


defender you want the goalkeeper to keep the back door shut and make the


saves and you want to know you have somebody who can score, Celtic have


that in abundance. Craig Gordon looking to sign a new contract. And


the top goal-scorer in Scottish Lib or. Back-to-back Patrick said he did


not even play the entire 90 minutes. It just shows you his confidence.


This was good goal. Disappointing defending from Inverness. Dembele


labour from the halfway line, too many Inverness players are ball


watching, at some point somebody has to think, where is Dembele? Look at


them, they are ball watching. Great play from James Forrest to standard


up, a nice finish from Dembele. Simply as dangerous as him, you have


a guy winning from the halfway line, at some point the defender has to


take charge and say, I have to marking.


The fifth goal remarkably similar. You look at the number of bodies


Inverness having here, they have so many bodies back. Somebody has to


mark the players but they don't. Kieran Tierney goes into the box,


acres of space. Another nice pick-up from Forrest to dink it up. Plenty


of bodies back for Inverness but nobody is doing what needs to be


done. Kieran Tierney's first goal of the season. In sharp contrast to the


26th from Moussa Dembele. Scott the season. In sharp contrast to the


Brown rounded it off, a real belter. I'm just looking at this now, for


the moment from an Inverness point of view, how psychologically


damaging is losing six goals against anyone? It is demoralising. Richie


will have to try and pick his boys up first and foremost a look at the


positives. Tactically in the first 20 minutes, you could see what they


were trying to do. David Raven man Martin Sinclair but the goals they


lost... It is a shank! Not a fair strike but fantastic. It shows you,


that will do him the world of good as well, knowing he score goals. He


is bang on form, Scott Brown. Richie Foran before the game was talking


about how this was a pressure free game, away from the league, they


could concentrate on just the cup. When you get battered 6-0, that has


a psychological effect and impact going into the next league game. Now


we can hear from Kieran Tierney. You took that like a striker, are


you wasted in defence? I don't know about that, I've had a few chances


this season and luckily today it went in. You have come back from


injury and hit the ground running. Has it been pretty much seamless,


the comeback? Yes, it feels as if I've not been away. I know I put the


hard work in so when I came on the park I did everything I could so I


could be back to normal. And unbelievable display today that


takes you into the quarterfinals. Talk to me a little about the team


spirit in the dressing room. It's brilliant, the best team spirit I've


ever felt. Everybody is in it together and we're looking forward


to see who we get to my. It will be very difficult to stop you guys


doing the treble, isn't it? It's just one game at a time, that's what


we've always said, one day at a time and try to be hard to beat. Have you


set yourself personal targets this season? When I got injured it was to


come back, get game time and I've played six games, hopefully


continue. Well done. He is one reason Celtic's


chief executive is rubbing his hands. I just saw him scribbling the


price tag for Moussa Dembele and putting up a couple of notches. I


was very impressed with Moussa Dembele's response and I heard in


the press, saying he was happy and wanted to be there for a few years.


Brendan says, don't be saying anything too much, one game at a


time, let's keep our feet firmly on the ground. But behind the scenes he


will be talking and saying, we're going for this treble, let's keep


this run going, this unbeaten run going as long as they can. John


Collins at this kid could be anything he wants. I'm surprised at


his first goal, his rampaging full-back. I'm really pleased for


him. You can see the hard work you've put in. Sometimes when you


put in the hard work, you get your reward. The work ethic remarkable


from Celtic. You've seen teams switch off... We can throw it at


Brendan Rodgers, here is the Celtic manager now, post 's, 6-0 against


Inverness Caley Thistle. Brendan, congratulations, through to


the quarterfinals in some style. Where does it rank in terms of your


performances with Celtic this season?


I think performance wise it was very good. I think you can analyse


quickly all the elements of the game we worked on. Defensively, we kept a


clean sheet. Inverness have got some really good technical players, but


we never really gave them the chance to make any passing sequences, when


we gave the ball away our counter press for strong and aggressive and


we limited them to any build-up to build up an attack. That element of


the game is very good, defensively solid. Anything we had to deal with,


we dealt with with calmness. Inverness were aggressive. I think


you saw that in the game. One or two strong challenges but we stood up to


that and dealt with it. But then when we had the ball, I thought we


were outstanding. From behind, we built the game really well. Good


quality midfield. At times a bit loose in the second half, but the


final third we were so incisive. And obviously got our six goals. So


yeah, real good attacking intent if the team, but players played


defensively well as well. Much has been made of Moussa Dembele


recently, his second hat-trick in as many weeks. So much talk about him


in January. That is valuation just keep going up and up?


I don't really think about that. I'm looking at him as a young player who


is improving. He's only just 20 years of age. You see the level of


his game. I see elements of his game that we work on in training


improving all the time. How he receives it, moving it with his


touch. He has a natural instinct to score. Always in the box wanting to


score goals but he has a top-class temperament for a young player. I


thought he took all his goals really well today. Two fallbacks scored, so


it shows that aggressive intent of the team. Wonderful touch and finish


and Kieran Tierney getting a head. It shows you the mentality of the


keen to keep pushing. I thought Scott Sinclair, who didn't score


today, was absolutely brilliant. One against one and creating


opportunities and the two wideboys, James Forrest should have scored. He


was in a great position to press the ball. Got himself in front of goal,


was in a great position to press the but that was the only thing that


didn't happen for him all day. So yeah, the value of the team is


improving all the time and performing well. In terms of where


this leaves you this season, I know it's constantly one game a time, we


just take one game at a time, but does this feel like a treble winning


squad? It feels like a team and a squad of players whose developing


and enjoying their work. I think the beauty of this second part of the


season as we get longer to work with the players now, so we can actually


really enjoy a spell where we can coach them and improved elements of


their game we felt needed improving from the first half of the season.


But still very, very early in our time here. We want to develop.


There's nothing better, as a coach, when you see that relationship


between training and the games. But there's still a lot of work to do


here. But like I say, the supporters I think I happy, there are enjoying


watching their team. They've been entertained, but they see what the


players are putting in. At this moment in time, their attitude in


the games has been first-class. Well done, thank you. Pleasure. A good


place to be at the moment for Brendan. You can see from that


interview, they have won six mil and his Saudi thinking about the next


game, about getting the treble done. game, about getting the treble done.


-- they have won 6-0 and he is already thinking about the next


game. Yes, I think that shines through in


the results they are getting. There is a determination and a hunger to


continue to improve. As I was saying before, this game was quite flat at


times, but to go out and continually want to drive the advantage home and


get six goals... They could have come out of this game with a 2-0


victory, all expected and a bit flat but so many positives to come out of


that. 6-0, two fallbacks scoring goals, Dembele with a hat-trick.


Continual improvement. You can hear that from Brendan Rodgers, always


wanting to push forward and improve as a cogent. That is the fifth round


of the William Hill Scottish Cup under way. Here is what follows. 53


o'clock kick-offs today and the two matches tomorrow. Let's get a taste


of some of the up. First is a match between Ross County in Aberdeen. A


great cup tie in prospect. If it's anything like the last meeting


between these two will be special. Ross County won that with a late


goal. Ross County are performing Ross County won that with a late


pretty strongly against the so-called bigger side. Aberdeen


named the same starting XI, they are in great form, strong looking bench


and desperate to improve on a fairly poor Scottish Cup record in the last


couple of seasons, as well as going for second in the Premiership.


Expect attacking and goals. Ross County against Aberdeen. Do we get


that in writing question let's hope so. If you're looking for a shock


today it might be East End Park. Dunfermline from the championship


against Premiership Hamilton. You stole my line. The home team


have advantage here. Pretty decent form as well before their defeat


last weekend, 11 games unbeaten before that. In pretty decent form.


Hamilton's form has been up and down, only taking two wins since the


13th of December. So yes, some would say there could be a cup upset here.


Both sets of players are out on the park warming up. The fans are


starting to arrive for this one. A cold day here. Hopefully the


football will warm us up. You have a few layers on! Dunfermline against


Hamilton. Let's look in at East Fife against


the Mirren. East Fife from League 1 but a great unbeaten runs they are


on. They might fancy their chances against the championship strugglers


some Mirren. The last meeting between these two


site was nearly ten years ago, a League Cup tie. They came away from


Paisley with a 1-0 win. East Fife fifth in League 1, just one point


away from a play-off promotion spot. Some Mirren have a recent record of


one win in the last eight. Smith's side will go into this game with


great confidence. 1938 was the only time Fife lifted the trophy. This is


the 30th anniversary of St Mirren's last Scottish Cup win, a famous 1-0


the 30th anniversary of St Mirren's win over Dundee United. It is wet


and windy, his fight against St Mirren. We did get a chance earlier


on to talk about Rangers and Morton tomorrow. The other big cup tie,


involving one of your old teams is the Edinburgh derby, of course. What


have you made of in cut-throat and how's he's adapted to front-line


management so far? -- in cut-throat. The result against Rangers has


steadied the ship a little bit. Who did they play after Rangers?


Motherwell. They got a good result against Motherwell. That could be


dangerous, because they are scoring goals, they are at it, on the front


foot. They have Walker, who is on good form. Scoring goals. That could


be dangerous. I feel they could go into the Edinburgh derby... They are


at home, they have to attack, the fans demand that. If Neil Lennon is


very clever he could pick the right team and go and pick them off. It's


easy for me... Who do I fancy doing? He's picked Hearts so I will take


Hibs. These games, great games to play in and it's what happens on the


day. You have seen his record for football forecasting and gone


against. That was a good decision, your best for the day. Thanks to


Michael and John as well for joining me in the studio. We heard from some


of the reporters there who will feature on the results programme on


BBC Two Scotland today at 4:30pm. Inverness Caley Thistle the only


team to deprive Celtic of league points this season but never much


chance of them depriving Celtic of a quarterfinal place in the Scottish


Cup finals. I want to hear


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