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David Currie introduces reports and results from the fifth round of the Scottish Cup. Fixtures include Celtic v Inverness CT, Ross County v Aberdeen and Dunfermline v Hamilton.

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Yes, good afternoon and welcome to the results show, another


celebration of what one now for Mark manager of a Scottish team might


call the randomness of football. Three things are a certainty, it is


the fifth round week ending the Scottish Cup, Mark Warburton is no


longer boss at Rangers, more on that later, and our guests this afternoon


are Michael Stewart and John Hughes. Welcome and congratulations, John,


on being appointed new manager of Raith Rovers. Before we bounce


around the grounds, we will tell you the latest scores and one full-time


result. In the William Hill Scottish Cup


fifth round, it is 1-1 between a united and Clyde. Celtic giving


Inverness a thrashing today, 6-0 in the lunchtime match. I'm firmly in


athletic are 1-0 up against Hamilton. East Fife and St Mirren


locked at 1-1. All square between Ross County and Aberdeen. Partick


Thistle 1-0 up against St Johnstone. Two big ties this weekend. Hearts


and Hibernian tomorrow, and Rangers at up against Morton.


Let's hence to East End Park -- let's head.


1-0, could it be a cup upset on our hands? Paul McMullen grabbed the


goal after 31 minutes. The Hamilton defence switched off. McMullen


slotted in for the opening goal of the match. That was his fourth


Scottish Cup goal this season. It was all Dunfermline earlier the


second half, but Hamilton are trying to get back into the match. But for


a fine save from the goalkeeper, it would have been 1-1.


Let's head to Somerset Park. Ayr United are at home to League 2


Clyde. 1-1 and the hosts have had to come


back to avoid a shot at Somerset Park. Gormley put Clyde in front


with a low swept finish from ten yards on 55 minutes. Sean Higgins


almost put the visitors 2-0 up, but his shot hammered back of the post.


A United equalised when Clyde failed to clear.


No man on a mobile feature this week. That is the bad news, the good


news is it is a woman on a mobile feature.


Atrocious conditions for football here.


The second half has been a different


story, East Fife equalised through a penalty after Ross Brown was taken


down. St Mirren have just gone back and front. Morgan, the substitute,


calmly slotting in. Can they hold on? It sounds exciting. I wonder


what is happening between Ross County and Aberdeen. And all


Premiership encounter, watched by Martin downed.


0-0, but a cracking cup tie. Aberdeen dominating this but they


can't find a goal. County have been on the ropes for spells, but they


are hanging in there. Very little for County going forward.


Pretty much all Aberdeen. A worry for them is a late sucker punch.


A sucker punch coming up perhaps in a cup tie, at East End Park, a goal


from the visiting Accies. At the minute, it is not happening,


Dunfermline 1-1 Accies. Scooped in an absolutely lovely equaliser.


Plenty of time and room as well. On the edge of the box, a swivel, he


put his head up and picked out his spot. A great equalising goal.


Scott Davie is waiting to bring us details of the all Premiership


encounter between St Johnstone and Partick Thistle. St Johnstone 0-1


Partick Thistle. Partick have from about in the tie, scoring after


seven minutes. A wonderful goal, two, Sean Welsh down the left,


delivered into the penalty box, and Adam Barton arrived to side foot and


accomplished finish into the back of the net for his second goal. He


joined the club from Portsmouth earlier this season. No more than


they have deserved. No problem creating chances for Partick, a


brilliant save from Zander Clark to deny David Amoo a second. Welsh free


kick header by Liam Lindsay, brilliant save again by Clark, and


the follow up from David Amoo was blocked. Steven MacLean had an


effort volleyed over the bar as the three-man defence stifled the


chances for the home side so far. Just under 15 minutes to go, St


Johnstone 0-1 Partick Thistle. One match in the Premiership this


afternoon between Dundee and Kilmarnock.


Thoroughly entertaining football match here at dens Park. Kilmarnock


looking sharp and focused. Scott Bain into the bargain, opening the


scoring. Paul Hartley called for ruthlessness, and that is what he


got with his equaliser. Conor Sammon tried his luck for the visitors on a


bitterly cold day, but it is finely poised at the moment, 1-1.


Wellcome, gentlemen. You are doing sterling work watching four matches.


It is not easy! All the Scottish Cup ties are very tight after the


lunchtime thrashing, Celtic dispensed Inverness, they are all


tied. We mentioned an upset on the card at East End Park. I am not sure


that would be a big upset. Accies are struggling.


When you look at the size of the two clubs, Dunfermline are historically


a big, big club. From that aspect, no. With him playing in the


Championship and Hamilton being in the Premiership, you would suggest


it could be. But they have been pegged back with the equaliser for


Hamilton. It was a nice finish, cutting inside, inside the box,


across the edge, getting his left foot into the far corner. Just


before that, John and I were looking at it and we thought it could be a


penalty for Hamilton. Imrie was brought down in the box. I didn't


see it clearly. It looked like he was brought down. You have do see it


from a different angle but it could have been a penalty. Looks like


really horrendous conditions at Dunfermline. I think it adds to the


excitement. What about the incident, Ross County


and Aberdeen? I know! People will see the highlights this evening.


Apprehended by the goalkeeper, I think it was.


He was lucky not to get a yellow or even a read in that one was much the


position on the pitch, goalkeepers get away with murder. Any other


player on the park doing that tackle, they are sent. He went for


the ball, no doubt about it. But there was that much force on it, he


brought him down. It was definitely a free kick. Whether it was a read,


I am not sure. It was a play on. The referee played on.


It is a man's game, as they say. Partick Thistle one up against St


Johnstone. Stuart Cosgrove was pulling hair


left, he was distraught to see St Johnstone going 1-0 down. It was


feeling as if it would drift away from them. And it stayed that way.


Ten minutes left to go, and they are still 1-0 down. It was an early goal


from Partick Thistle. It is the same vein as what Richie Foran was


talking about with Inverness. Those clubs can go into cup games with no


pressure, but fortunately, they have got a good result if they hang onto


the score. Ayr United at home to Clyde, 1-1,


that is a decent score line for Clyde, the lowest ranked team in the


competition. Ayr United haven't won since October.


They had to come from behind, Clyde. Two ex-Rangers, Ian McCall and Barry


Ferguson down there. They have both struggled of late.


We go to a United soon, I am looking forward to seeing them.


Ayr United and friends United. I was going to say adverse areas.


East Fife and St Mirren, East Fife have been going well in the league.


The last three matches have ended in draws. St Mirren seemed to be cup


specialists this season. They are in the challenge cup semifinal next


week, going well in the Scottish Cup, they seem to play without the


cares and pressures in the cup, edition.


It was what I was talking about with Inverness. But St Mirren have been


struggling in the Championship, a side that have far too much quality


for the position they are in. The team with Jack Ross as the manager,


they seem to enjoy the cup accommodation. The Challenge Cup is


going well for them. It is important to get into the next round. -- enjoy


the cup competitions. They will be thankful that it is


going OK at the moment. St Mirren tend to lose late goals.


That is your local team, I am sure you are cheering them on. Of course!


Nip and tuck in all the ties at the moment, but not so in the one we are


going to talk about now. Celtic are the first team through to the last


eight of the com petition. The runaway Premiership leaders scoring


six to swat aside the challenge of Inverness Caledonian Thistle. We can


look at the best, or if you follow the highlanders, the worst of the


action now. COMMENTATOR: Through it comes to Lustig.


Brilliant finish by Mikhail Lustig, and on 20 minutes, Celtic edge


closer to the last eight. Dembele, that will creep in! One


minute from half-time and this type could be done. It is Celtic's man of


the moment. Sinclair. Fortuitous, Celtic play on


anyway! Guests who are lips this it is 3-0.


-- Guess who... Celtic looking for a fourth here. It is Forrest. Dembele!


A third hat-trick of the season. McGregor.


Tierney. How long can they withstand this, Celtic looking to number five.


It arrives! Of course it arrives, it's Kieran Tierney. It's his first


of the season. Sinclair. Lustig... Scott Brown!


What a finish by the captain! It is six for Celtic.


STUDIO: We can hear now from both the Inverness and Celtic managers.


After the match, they spoke to Chris McCaw clan.


The final third, we were so incisive. We got our six goals.


Really good attacking intent in the team, but we were defensively good


as well. We could have got 11 men behind the


bull, but we didn't, we made a good start and that it all I can ask for


from the lads. Celtic is one of the best Celtic teams assembled in a


good few years. Confidence is running through their veins, they


have pace, they have quality, they have got strength, a big squad, a


manager doing a great job and there was no stopping them today.


He is always in the box wanting to score goals, but he has a top-class


temperament for a young player. He took all his goals really well


today. The two full-backs scored, showing the aggressive intent.


Keirin getting in as well. It shows you that mentality of the team to


keep pushing. STUDIO: We will talk more about that


tie shortly, but there have been a couple of goals. A goal in the match


between East Fife and St Mirren, what's your intuition? East Fife or


St Mirren? St Mirren. You might be right. Tell us.


St Mirren have put themselves into the quarterfinal draw and it is


super sub Lewis Morgan with the second of the afternoon. Added in


some style. A beautiful curling effort from outside the box, and St


Mirren now lead 3-1. And a goal in the match between Ross


County and Aberdeen. Martin, fill us in.


Ross County, 0-1 Aberdeen. The scorer looks like Logan. He fired


one in, Scott Fox has been superb all afternoon, getting a touch on


it. The touch wasn't good enough and it goes into the net. In the last


few minutes, it is Aberdeen ahead. That was a cracking goal, Michael,


wasn't it. I told you. It's difficult to watch


putts greens -- watch four screens. You couldn't miss the Celtic goals


today, both on duty for the live match, Richie Foran looked a wee bit


shell-shocked after the game. And it is understandable.


Yes, it is understandable. At times, tactically, you know what they were


trying to do, out matched all over the pitch, and in doing that,


Inverness wingers had to match the full-backs. The first goal, Lustig


got in, and once Celtic went in front and got their goal just before


half-time, it was crucial if Inverness could have gone in 1-0,


and it was to craft that. They were ruthless. You can see they are


playing with real confidence, and in Dembele, everything he touches goes


into the back of the net, all types of goals, right foot 's, left foot


's, heads, he is playing with a lot of confidence.


D6 goals this season, and he is not playing every game.


Not a bad return at all. As John says, he is in a great run of form.


Everything he seems to touch ends up in the back of the net. I talk about


a lot of improvement from players that have been at the club, Dembele


in his short period of time, has come on leaps and bounds, too. Ebert


Inverness to do so today. You are right, Richie Foran looked amused


and like a rabbit caught in headlights with what happened this


morning. He referred to the Celtic team as


one of the best ever assembled. No, no, that was the one I played in


a few years back... LAUGHTER Brendan has done a fantastic job.


There is condition for places. When you have got that, coming off the


bat, going on, they will be talking behind closed doors, let's stay


unbeaten and get the treble. That is on the agenda.


Inverness are the only team in Scotland to have taken anything off


Celtic this season. That was a far cry from the draw at Inverness


earlier in the season. It is maybe unfair to judge them on that against


Celtic. Of course, Celtic are far ahead of


everything else in the country. Inverness, at the point they picked


up a point against Celtic, they had just started to turn a corner. They


got a trouncing at Tynecastle, beaten 5-1, and they turned a corner


a little bit with some not bad form. Now, it has been a slippery slope,


they are bottom of the table, knocked out of the cup now by


Celtic. What do you say as a manager after


eight defeat like that? I took it into Parkhead when Martin


O'Neill was there, you had to pick a side to keep moving forward. Can you


take positives? They can now focus on the league campaign. Their SPL


status is vital for in -- for Inverness. You are up against the


best, you have to ask if you can get anywhere near that, but you cannot


take anything out of the game today. In the end, a disappointing result.


They have the fight to stay in the Premiership, Michael, and it will


not be easy. They had a great fightback last week against Dundee


to get a draw, but before that, they were hammered by Hamilton.


John makes the point they are so focused on Premiership survival, and


they have to take a lot of comfort from the fact that so many teams are


tight at the bottom of the table. If they manage to get a run, it is not


as if they are detached, they can get back into it. The big problem


is, when you are on a run like that, and you get a 6-0, that takes a lot


of confidence dented. Two teams still in the cup are a


united and Clyde, finishing all square at Somerset.


It finished Ayr United 1-1 Clyde. A great achievement by Clyde, managed


by Barry Ferguson, the lowest team left in the com petition. But having


a great season in the league, but doing well in the cup. A lot of that


is thanks to the 18-year-old goalkeeper, Quinn. Signed during the


week, he was released by Livingston in January, and Barry Ferguson


signed him because his only other keeper was suspended for this tie.


He has come in and done a brilliant job, because he saved 4-5 crucial


shots that were goal bound. So a lot goes to him, credit goes to him.


David Gormley got a lot of credit, too. He scored the goal that put


Clyde 1-0 up after 55 and it is. He swept it low into the bottom corner


after the ball broke to him ten yards out. -- after 55 minutes.


Ayr equalised when Clyde didn't clear a corner properly. It fell to


Paul Cairney. The replay is Tuesday night.


A replay that Aberdeen, they have triumphed against Ross County this


afternoon. A happy man, Derek McInnes taking the handshakes and


plaudits. Let's get the full-time report.


Ross County 0-1 Aberdeen. Derek McInnes enjoying this one. They got


there in the end. The late strike earning the Teijsse Aberdeen. There


can be no debate, they deserved it. Scott Fox, who was otherwise


excellent, it deflected slightly and found its way in off the post. A


combination of good goalkeeping and committed defending keeping county


in it. An incident before half-time when Aberdeen goalie Joe Lewis came


flying out of the area, touched the ball, but to guard line-out. --


Gardena out. Ross County 0-1 Aberdeen.


No wonder Derek McInnes is delighted. He has won the League Cup


as Aberdeen manager, but they have not performed well in the Scottish


Cup. He will be disappointed with the cup


finals performance against Celtic. They will be determined to get to


the Scottish Cup final. Credit to him, a very difficult venue to go


and play. Ross County beat them last time up there. To go and get that


scalp, good result. News of another Premiership club


through to the next round at St Johnstone, is it a Partick Thistle?


We will find out. It is Partick Thistle. Struggling


for goals and wins in the Premiership this season, but are


enjoying life in the Scottish Cup as this 1-0 win at Perth proves.


Fortunately for them, it will be played at McDiarmid Park, this


latest win looked on the cards as soon as Barton shot them in front


after seven minutes. Sean Welsh and lawless combining on the left-hand


side. Guided home. From there on, they broke quickly on the


counterattack, creating the better chances throughout the 90 minutes.


In fact, had it not been for a couple of excellent saves, it might


have been a more comfortable win for Partick Thistle in the game. St


Johnstone won the cup a couple of seasons back, of course, pushed


forwards to find a way back and a way to get level. They had


long-range efforts from Danny 's once, Steven MacLean effort, and in


the second half, swerving shots from Chris Cain, but they couldn't find a


way through, and they are out. 1- 02 Partick Bissell.


Late drama in East Fife against St Mirren. St Mirren are in the draw.


It was a test of character. It did become a bigger test for the


Championship visitors went the Cammie Smith open was cancelled out.


It turned into a good cup tie, frantic, open, chances at both ends,


but Lewis Morgan showed the best composure. He scored twice, the


second a beauty. A contender for goal of the run. A stunning shot


into the bottom corner. St Mirren are in the draw and it has finished


St Mirren 3-2 East Fife. Full-time, as we can see at East End


Park, how did it finished? Dunfermline are still in the draw,


and so are Hamilton Academical. It finished 1-1 here. This was a


cracking cup tie. In the second half, it got going and it had


absolutely everything. It looks like Dunfermline might be en route to


causing an upset because they grabbed the opening goal after 31


minutes, Paul McMullen, who loves a Scottish Cup tie, does he not, his


fourth goal this season, and he put Dunfermline 1-0 up. Into the second


half, it looked as if Dunfermline would start where they finished off


from, because it was all them in the opening exchanges. McMullen came


close again and should have scored early in the second half. The Accies


defence caught napping, this time McMullen's effort went wide. Minutes


later, they tried to make it 2-0, but Michael Moffat's shot from ten


yards was well saved by Matthews in the Accies goal. Accies got back


into the game as the snow started to fall at East End Park. They were


duly obliged for the pressure they were causing. Daniel Redmond


equalised for Accies. Lots of time and space, lovely swivel from him,


and he picked out his spot. A lovely finish, well worthy of an equalising


goal. Minutes after that, there could have been a winner for Accies,


but a header blazed over the bar. There was potential late drama, a


late corner that did not come to anything, but the ball broke to the


other end of the pitch, McKinnon forcing a great save from the


Dunfermline goalkeeper. He could have snatched it, but didn't. The


home side had to do it again in the replay for a chance to make it


through to the next stage of the Scottish Cup.


It has finished all square at Pens. We can get them. We.


A real battle at dens Park. Neither side winning the battle, poor


defending by the home side, but with work to do, skipping past Scott


Bain. Kilmarnock were focused and sharp. Paul Hartley called the


clinical finishing before the match, and that is what he got on the half


hour mark from Kevin Holt. He took a Crosswell from the right-hand side,


putting it in to equalise. Both sides had chances in the second


half, Conor Sammon and Sean Long staff for the visitors. 1-1 is how


it finished. I wonder if Lee Clark and Paul Hartley will agree, though.


Having a look at Kilmarnock's stats, they have only lost twice in the


last eight Premiership matches. There has been a tremendous turnover


of players there. Lee has his finger on the pulse what is happening down


south. He has brought a couple of young ones from Newcastle, so you


don't know what you are getting. It is a mixed pack, but there is real


confidence. I watched the Boyd goal. He took it around the goalkeeper.


The centre-half was trying to catch him, and he was lucky that it had


enough on it to get over the line. I am sure he is holding off the


centre-half, so it is nice to see Boyd scoring goals. Kilmarnock are


on upward spiral. Let's get a full-time story from


Falkirk against Dundee. Full quirk winning 3-0, a very -- Falkirk. For


Kirk took the lead on five minute, John Baird's header. Allenby ahead


scored a penalty in the second half after substitute was taken down in


the box. On 68 minutes, James Craig compounded the misery for the away


fans with a sick finish. As I say, a big moment for Falkirk. United are


losing games, not picking up points, just at the worst time in the season


for them. -- a slick finish. That takes us to our day's


classified round-up. For a change, we start with the


William Hill Scottish Cup fifth round.


One match in the Scottish Premiership. The tables should show


Kilmarnock edging into the top six. In the Championship, Falkirk three


points behind Dundee United after beating them 3-0 today. United


States six behind Hibernian. Livingston going great guns in


League 1. Airdrie's match postponed. League 2.


Cowdenbeath's came today. Let's have a look at the top of the Premier


League. Chelsea and Spurs yet to play. Arsenal winners over Hull


today. Sunderland got a pasting to date, they remain on 19 points.


Crystal Palace and Hull City the other teams in the bottom three.


Brighton Hove Albion on top of the Championship. Huddersfield Town


sitting pretty in third. Bottom of the table looks like this. ) picking


up a point against Blackburn Rovers, not good enough to get off bottom of


the table. Nine adrift of Wigan Athletic. Bizarrely, the biggest


shock of the cup weekend happened before a ball was kicked, or a


whistle-blowing. Rangers parting company with the manager Mark


Warburton tonight before their tie at home to Morton on Sunday. Even


listen to that tomorrow. You will hear commentary on the tie of the


round from three. Hearts against Hibernian. The story of the weekend,


possibly of the footballing year in Scotland concerns this gentleman,


Mark Warburton. Once of Rangers. Confusion surrounding the departure,


the club announcing the resignation last night. An announcement he


quickly disputed. One thing is certain, he has definitely gone


after less than two years in charge. To complicate things further, the


Rangers chairman, Dave King, issued a statement today. I will summarise


it. It was lengthy. Very lengthy, in fact. The salient points, the


Rangers chairman, Dave King, saying Mark Warburton's contract was


terminated after his agent asked the club to waive its right to


compensation for the Englishman if approached by another club. He


blames the former Brentford boss to not getting where they expected at


this stage of the season. Failing to stick to the plan of siding five,


six players. He did not respond well to the board reviewing his


recruitment activity. The South African -based businessmen said the


club benefited from the ?80 million from the 30 million promised. More


may be needed to get the club to where it should be. More can be


accessed on the Rangers website was sure fans will want to go there to


make sense of it. It is bizarre, claim and counterclaim. There is


spin all over the place. Mark Warburton is no longer the Rangers


manager, whether he has been pushed or walked, we still don't know. To


me, I cannot understand how somebody could resign, it seems to me that


they have been sacked. The statement was meant to clear things up. It has


muddied the waters. Quite clearly, you will find a situation where this


will end up in the courts. There will be a legal situation, we have


heard the LMA are involved to some extent. Not a great way to have


dealt with things. For a club the size of Rangers, it is a sorry state


of affairs. Have you ever witnessed such a situation, where the club say


they have accepted the manager's resignation, and the manager says,


wait a minute, I have not resigned. They said it was done on Monday, but


it only came out last night. The club owners saying it was done on


Monday, while they were preparing paperwork, the agent said could you


give for this, and he will stay on until the end of the season? They


said, no. We are all looking for clarity on the situation. Rangers


don't want to do their washing in public. That is usually their style


over the years. It will get messy. For the best of Scottish football,


and Rangers, it would be nice if it could be amicable. The two parties


going their separate ways. Does not look like it will be that way. We


were planning to be talking about Rangers against Morton tomorrow


before this bombshell. Forgetting there is a game. What will this do


for Rangers and their preparations? Neither one nor the other. It could


have an adverse effect, it could galvanise them. I have a sneaky


feeling that the senior players in the dressing room will say, let's


get this show on the road. Take care of business. Do you agree with that?


That is what should happen, in theory. I think John is probably


right. The game tomorrow will take care of itself. The players will


make sure of that. In terms of the next couple of weeks, it will be,


again, a bit more muddying the waters. Looks as if there has been a


bit of a breaking down of the relationships behind-the-scenes. Not


going to be a particularly amicable separation. This clearly is not one


of those situations. Another match tomorrow, you gentleman will be well


aware of this one, given your affiliations. Hearts against


Hibernian at Tynecastle. We don't have to travel too far back to the


last meeting. It was last year, Jason Cummings with the goal. To


lift the cup. Hearts were winning 2-0, with ten minutes to go.


Hibernian showing character. That is the luck you if you want to go and


win the cup. Tomorrow, how will it go? I have a sneaky feeling the form


that Hearts are in, on the front foot, could go against them. I was


wondering. They could be thinking, let's go and score goals, the last


couple of results having great, I think Neil Lennon could set them up


to be clever on the counterattack. Intriguing game. Not going to be a


clear result, one way or another. Two sides going into it with


confidence. Hearts, big transformation in the space of the


week. Hibernian will be disappointed being held in the last game. Neil


Lennon has brought a winning mentality, but a Tynecastle derby, I


believe Hearts, on the back of what has happened in the last week, they


will feel they can win this game. Very tight. Hibernian, last week,


going great guns in the league, our match reporter last week saying it


was chaotic at times for them. These results... Going to spin that one


present going into these derby games, one thing that has to happen,


you have to control your emotions, have eyes in your veins. I have a


sneaky feeling that Hibernian will pick their pocket. I am not saying


that... Because you are Hibernian? I am. The atmosphere is fantastic, it


will be the same tomorrow. Returning to today's action, through the rest


of the show, we will hear from the managers. Kirstie Hamilton boss,


Martin Canning is speaking to our reporter, Paul Mitchell, after their


draw with Dunfermline. Happy to still be in the cup? I think so,


given we were behind second half. I thought we controlled large parts of


the second half. Exactly what I expected. A tough cup tie. We have


to do it all again. Different surface, the artificial, compared


with East End Park, the pitch was very soggy in the goalmouth. Made it


difficult? I think so, the picture is very soft. Does not suit us


moving the ball quickly. Different surface on Tuesday night, we have to


do it all again. Exactly what I thought it was going to become a


real competitive, hard cup tie. When you go behind, getting back in the


game, a couple of breaks late in the game, that would have killed it off.


We have to do it all again on Tuesday. Let's hear from the


opposite number, Alan Johnson of Dunfermline. Is that a cup tie you


should've won? Definitely, looking at the chances we had, first half,


the goal from the corner chalked off. But not think it was a foul on


the goalkeeper. Second half, three, four good opportunities. One-on-one


with the goalkeeper, shots from inside the box. Higginbotham,


McMullen had chances. Do you fear the worst after that? Against


Premiership teams you have to take your chances. We defended well for


long periods, disappointed to lose a goal. Great performance, we have to


make sure it is the same on Tuesday. You lost Andy Geoghegan, available


for Tuesday? I doubt it. We'll be up for a couple of weeks. We saw the


quality of the boys that came on, thought they did really well. You


looked very solid at the back. Wallace and Ashcroft, solid pairing?


It is against a quality Hamilton team, they have a lot of good


players. Restricted them to very few opportunities. As I said should've


won the game with the chances we had. Alan says Dunfermline should


have definitely won the match? They have the better the chances.


Higginbotham went through one-on-one. Put it past the post.


The incident he was talking about, there was a block on the goalkeeper.


The ball spinning in the air. Somebody blocked the goalkeeper to


let the Dunfermline man headed in. Referee got that right. We should


not be surprised by Hamilton getting another draw. Normally the other way


around. They are the draw specialists, say many this season.


Not a big surprise to see them come away with that. Now goes to a replay


on the artificial surface at Hamilton. Different surface from


today. Martin Canning was not complaining? The overhead conditions


were horrendous. They get another bite at it. Taking them back to


Hamilton, the Astroturf. It suits Hamilton. You would have to say you


fancy Hamilton. Instead of hearing from a manager, for a change,


assistant manager. Tony Doherty, number two to Derek McInnes.


Aberdeen through to the quarterfinals. Winning 1-0 away to


Ross County. Tony, you had to wait a long time for it, when it came the


winner was a deserved one? It was, fantastic cup tie. We knew that with


the draw. Difficult to come up here to Ross County. Dominant


performance. We thought the breakthrough would come, started the


game extremely well. We probably did not test them in the final third


enough. Ltd, fantastic performance. You get to that stage of the game,


so dominant, you need to make sure you convert that to win the match?


Became in the shape of a shot from Logan outside the box. Taking a


slight nick, but I'm sure he will be claiming it? When he cuts in on the


left foot, we say don't shoot. He has done great to come inside,


slight deflection. Scott Fox's performance today was outstanding.


Unfortunate for him to be beaten. This made some wonderful saves.


Credit to our boys, the dominance in the middle of the park. Defending at


the back. We found a goalkeeper in real form. We have also spoken to


the Ross County manager, Jim McIntyre. Disappointed your team


were not able to produce a better performance? Yes, the wind made it


difficult for staff. We could not get the passing game going. More of


grind. Aberdeen settled in without really threatening the goal. Most of


the opportunities came from set plays. I thought the boys battled,


gave us everything they had. In terms of quality, we did not have it


on the day. In the final third. We never got into those areas. When we


did, we did not pick out that pass. Scott Fox produced a number of good


saves, unfortunately for you, deceived by the late effort. He was.


All saves I would expect him to make. Nice baseball cap at the end.


I apologise for that. A gremlin seeping into the system. Can we read


anything into Tony Doherty doing the media duties? Derek McInnes does not


want to talk about links with Rangers? You


a possibly correct. Not wanting to distract from a good victory. He is


Aberdeen manager, doing a wonderful job. Nice to see Tony, I have worked


with him a long way back at Falkirk. He is a good man, you can lean on


and trust. The way I was looking at the game, his description of the


game was correct. Other reasons why he did not do it. I'm sure there are


other reasons. In the grand scheme of things, the way the dynamics have


broken down at Ibrox, if he was that way inclined, that would put a


hamper on going back to Ibrox. He has such a good thing going at the


tawdry, good squad. Stability. In the grand scheme of things, if that


was a possibility, I am not 100% sure whether he would jump ship. We


can hear from a manager in Premiership action this afternoon,


Lee Clark, of Kilmarnock. They drew 1-1 away to Dundee. How frustrating


was that, given how well he started the match? Yes, frustrating. Similar


to the game last week. I thought we were the dominant team. They had a


spell for ten minutes before half-time. We are disappointed not


to take three points. Our level of performance was high. Played some


really good football. Players playing with a lot of confidence.


What they need to do is just try and change the draws into wins. Probably


could've done with another eight points from our performances. I have


said it is about winning, not just about playing good football. Totally


about winning, but you want to play good football as well. Unfortunately


it has not happened. It gives me a lot of belief and encouragement we


can kick on for the rest of the season. A tricky thing to do.


Certainly is. Lee Clark clearly disappointed, what about Paul


Hartley, of Dundee. Speaking to us as well. In VM, fair result? -- in


the end. I think so. I thought we were sloppy in possession, giving it


away. Decision-making was really poor. They started better than us.


We came into the game about 20 minutes before the end of the first


half. Stole some good opportunities in the box. Putting crosses in. We


have to play a lot better. You said before the game, looking to have


your players more clinical in front of goal? Did you see that today? We


had opportunities, snatched at a couple of things. More composure and


calmness in the box, just the decision-making was poor. How do you


improve that? Keeping the ball better. Working on it in training.


It is something we do, day in, day out, just today we did not perform.


Two managers clearly disappointed, down in the dumps. I'm looking at


the table, Kilmarnock in the top six? So tight, from sixth plays down


to the bottom, very tight. Seven points. Seven points is not a great


deal. They have played an extra game today when a lot of the other teams


have been involved in the Scottish Cup. Or idle. Sixth plays is better


than 12, or 11. That bottom seven clubs, I really think it will go


right at the end of the season. They will all be involved in a bit of a


dogfight. The only way to get out of it is get that sixth place spot.


That will be the safety valve. DC both sides being involved in a scrap


at the bottom? The way results are going, it is nip and tuck. Right


until the end of the season. Looking at the two managers, they looked


disappointed. Lee Clark felt they had done enough to win it. Paul


Clark felt his team did not play well enough. Take the positives.


Last week 2-0 down, during the game. This week a goal down, coming back


to get a point. Plenty of positives to take. We have time to delve into


the world of the English Premier League. A couple of match reports


from down south. We will start with Will Perry, watching Man United


against Watford at Old Trafford. United's longest unbeaten run in the


Premier League since Sir Alex retired, 16 games. Above Liverpool


into fifth. Watford had their chances, but Mourinho's team were


relentless. Mata and Martial with the girls. Mata side footing past


Gomez-macro. Martial going past Cathcart in the box. United do not


play again in the league until March because of cup duties. Very much in


the mix with games against all four teams above them. Let's find out


what happened to the team at the bottom of the table. At home to


Southampton this afternoon. Watched by Mark Scott. The week after


pummelling Palace 4-0, they smashed by Southampton by the same


scoreline. The opening half an was fairly even. Gabbiadini's close


range finish after Ryan Bertrand come across. The Italian producing


another sublime touch to double the lead. Many chances came for the


visitors after the break. Converting two. Own goal for trying to clear a


Bertrand cross. Substitute Shane Long sweeping home for the fall.


Let's get the details of another team struggling at the bottom.


Crystal Palace away to Stoke City, watched by Ivan Gaskell. Crystal


Palace paid for their supporters trip to stoke-macro. Might not stop


further pain in the potteries. A well taken winner struck in the


second half by Joe Allen. Deserved icing on the cake for Stoke. Palace


worked hard, but failed to land a significant blow. Now four points


from a possible 24 for Sam Allardyce. Wish me luck in the post


match interview. Not looking forward to speaking to Big Sam. No wonder


Palace are struggling. You think of Sam going there, getting reaction


instantly. Not the case. Right in the fight for relegation.


Sunderland, great result last week, against Palace. This week at home


against a Southampton side not doing particularly well, real drubbing.


Not in a great place, Sunderland. I was down at the FA Cup game against


Burnley at the start of the year. A real dire game, Sunderland are a


poor outfit. They look like a side devoid of any real idea or


confidence. To be honest the side was not far-off their best team.


When you get battered at home 4-0, not great. Not lost any ground by


other results. When you are at the bottom, not of confidence, difficult


to see them turning it around. I'm afraid that is about that 40 day.


Time to look at some of the results. Air United and Clyde will have to go


to a replay. No need for a replay for Celtic. Dunfermline and Hamilton


will go to the replay. Aberdeen from the Premiership edging


out Ross County. Partick Thistle also three. Just one match in the


Premiership. Kilmarnock moving into the top six. Big win in the


Championship for Falkirk, 3-0 to second placed Dundee United. Now,


there is a highlight show during Jonathan and friends at 10:30 p.m..


Another one tomorrow, 4:45 p.m.. More cup highlights and a permission


match. Not to be missed. The results show returns next week. We will see


you then. That is all for now. Thank you to


John Hughes at Michael Stewart. Most of all, thanks to you for watching.


Take care.


Introduced by David Currie.

Reports and results from around the country from the fifth round of the Scottish Cup. Action and reaction from the lunchtime match as Celtic host Inverness Caley Thistle in a repeat of the 2015 semi-final when the Highlanders produced a shock by beating the Glasgow side en route to lifting the trophy for the first time.

Amongst the three o'clock kick-off's later in the afternoon, Aberdeen are in Dingwall to face Ross County and Championship side Dunfermline take on Hamilton of the Premiership. Plus, a preview of Sunday's big matches; Hearts versus Hibs and Rangers against Morton.

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