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Scottish Cup Fifth Round Highlights - Saturday

Highlights from the fifth round of the Scottish Cup. Celtic v Inverness, Ross County v Aberdeen and Dunfermline v Hamilton. And action from the day's other cup games.

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It's unbelievable! Unbelievable! What a finish! Time for heroes, not


a dream, it is reality. Will you please do the home ties?


No? Number four! Number nine, Inverness Caledonian


Thistle. Number 13. Ross County- Aberdeen. Number 14. St Johnstone,


Partick Thistle. East Fife, St Mirren. A united, Clyde. Thank you


very much! Good evening, we got a memorable


draw and a memorable day in the Scottish cup. Not so much magic hat


but instead the magic of the cup and here to celebrate truth from


illusion, Pat Nevin and Scott MacDonald. Our beer Festival and


action begins in Dingwall in the last time Aberdeen won the Scottish


cup was in 1990. Their opponents today, the League Cup winners last


season. This has all the makings of the tie


of the day. These are Ross County fans have seen their team perform


well but a large Aberdeen support has travelled to see a side in fine


form with six in the last seven and just one goal conceded in five. Ross


County haven't won since beating Dundee United here only lasts around


with a creditable draw their last outing. Two changes in that side.


Aberdeen have found great consistency of late and the same


starting 11 for the eighth consecutive match as they aim to


reach the quarterfinals for the first time since 2014.


Jonny Hayes bursting for Rod and the challenge and that is an obvious


yellow card. He is going to have to operate for 80 minutes on that


yellow cards. Composed play for Aberdeen under pressure. A bit of


room and over the halfway line he comes. Good ball and a fantastic


save from Scott box. Once again, Scott Fox, a terrific one-handed


save, the snapshot from Niall McGinn, inventive stuff from


Aberdeen. Aberdeen look very bright in the


centre of the park and here is Jonny Hayes marauding down the left and a


great ball. Should have scored. Terrific run for Rod. He was within


inches. Couldn't directed goalwards. A good ball four rods and he gets


nudged off the ball. The referee waves Ross County's please away. Tim


Chow snapping at his heels and leafy tech has gone against him, Tim Chow.


He will find he is on his last warning. Aberdeen players


surrounding Bobby Madden. The asking presumably for a second yellow card.


Scott Fox lining up his wall. Goes for gold landed just dips over the


crossbar. Inches over, pepper and coral just


not enough. Fired for Rod in the direction of


Gardyne. Can he get the ball across goal and a great chance but he just


dwelled on it too long. Couldn't get it across. Looked initially like he


got the ball before he made any contact with Gardyne. Certainly gets


the ball but the follow-through takes Gardyne out of the play.


Making his Ross County debut at half-time in place of Tim Chow,


threading a very fine line, the Ross County midfielder. A couple of times


coming close to a second yellow card. Jim McIntire perhaps deciding


not to take any further chances. Caught in possession by Niall McGinn


and a deal chance. Straight at Scott Fox. He had to do better, Niall


McGinn. What a chance. He was dwelling on the ball and either side


of Scott Fox and he has to score. Gratefully falling on this effort.


Considering keeping possession and Jonny Hayes selling a wonderful


dummy. Marcus Fraser are going to ground and out for a corner.


Aberdeen is threatening. Good fist on it by Scott Fox and Graeme


Shinnie, Jack fires are ten and a great save from Scott Fox. Really


good at by Ryan Jack. He must have thought it was net bound but Scott


Fox had other ideas. That is a good effort, not too far


away. That would have been quite an introduction if that had ended up in


the back of the net. Now it is Aberdeen's turned to come


forward once more. Jonny Hayes on to the left foot, a


good ball N and get a handle on it and just pushes away. Cries from the


away supporters for a handball but play continues. Aberdeen back and


Graeme Shinnie with the chance to shoot through the legs and wide of


goal, Aberdeen knocking at the door but can't quite make the


breakthrough. Again, Scott Fox with a vital intervention.


Fires at across goal and a great chance, blocked and spins by the


post, and perhaps he would have been better taking the shot on the first


time, Graeme Shinnie, but he elected to take the touch. Almost came off


for him. Derek McInnes's team have to take the touch. Almost came off


done everything but score this afternoon, utterly dominant.


Of the thigh and again Fox, blocked away. Ross County somehow. Ash


Taylor must have thought he scored, a terrific block. Again kept the


ball out. Graeme Shinnie always available for


a pass and kicks out Shay Logan with a lovely ball. Onto the left foot


and it has found its way and! Shay Logan with the trademark


celebration! And Scott Fox having performed miracles throughout the


match is deceived late in the game and surely no Aberdeen into the


quarterfinal of the WIlliam Hill Scottish Cup, a slight deflection as


Scott Fox is beaten eventually. A persistent Aberdeen side, the


deflection off the heel deceiving the keeper and he can't believe it.


Aberdeen will feel they have deserved that slice of fortune. Shay


Logan will be claiming that, make no mistake. So late in the day.


Lookalike Ross County were going to hold out for the replay. Kenny has


been part of a state Ross County defence. It is has slight touch that


might well have sent Aberdeen into the quarterfinals, though Jon Lewis


called upon to keep his side in front.


Healers or Brian, into the penalty area and that will be that. Referee


Bobby Madden puts the whistle to his lips, and Aberdeen and Derek McKenna


is progress to the quarterfinals thanks to that man, Shay Logan. Huge


numbers have travelled here to Dingwall for this afternoon and they


will go home in celebratory mood. A terrific afternoon as against


Aberdeen who finish in Dingwall, Ross County 0- one Aberdeen.


They found the consistency and fought hard to get to that level of


confidence and we feel we can continue in that vein so we're


absolutely delighted and we knew it was a difficult time coming up here


and credit to them, they gave us a game. The dominant team got through.


Frustrating but Aberdeen threatened legal more than what we did. From


that side of things it was disappointing for us especially


being the home side but I thought there was plenty of determination


and effort but unfortunately for us, our quality on the day was lacking.


The winner, certainly took a slight deflection. And that ticket out of


your past? Yes and the bones kept up high as well so it is one of those


situations, it has gone on and off the post as well sought hearts


because it is so late in the game and we had done so well to stay in


it but it is one of those ones you have to get on with it. I am sure


you as well as the rest of the team were disappointed with the way the


League Cup final went after having got there, do you feel you can make


amends slightly for that by going all the way in the cup? We can


certainly give it a try. We did well to get to the final of the League


Cup and it was a strong Celtic team. It'll be fight whoever we get but


whether they get Celtic in the final before, somebody is going to have to


play very well to knock them off the perch. I am not sure if Derek is not


doing media because he doesn't want to answer certain questions but as


far as you're concerned, does this job remain the most attractive one?


Absolutely focused on the job we are doing and it is important to stress


how good an advert I think that was for Scottish football, a difficult


game, and our team playing in top form. Question well handled. We will


be discussing the ongoing Rangers situation but first, Aberdeen


undoubtedly deserved winners in situation but first, Aberdeen


terms of the number of chances but it could have been a bigger squall


line had not been great form assured by Scott Fox and the Ross County


goal. He was fantastic for most of the game but particularly near the


end of the game. Really agile and quick to get in behind things aren't


always leaping about, so cynical. This is an excellent save because it


comes through bodies and his positioning is excellent. Does well


to get his hands towards it. I prefer this one because the


reactions are really good. A fantastic block. They had to do that


because certainly Aberdeen were a fantastic side but he feels sorry


because of your hard goalkeeper and having one of those days, I'm going


to get the headlines and he was three minutes away from getting


them. He did well at Ibrox last weekend but eventually outfoxed by


Shay Logan. The strange thing is, if you are Ross County you're quite


happy with them coming inside on his weaker foot, and it takes a funny


deflection when it takes the ball away from Scott Fox and the bone


deflection when it takes the ball spurs him, as he says in the


interview, and they are horrible one to try to save when the bones like


that. To be honest if it goes anywhere else, he probably gets to


that, even if it stays a fit or two of the ground, and it is because it


is on the Ben and bounces in front of him and it hits the post. It had


to be something like that. The Aberdeen goalkeeper, should he have


been on the pitch? We have seen Aberdeen goalkeeper, should he have


few of these. We have indeed. Every time, it doesn't get better. I am in


what was said the other week but he is a lucky boy. If it is anyone else


bar of the goalkeeper then I think Bobby Madden reaches for the red


card but because it is the keeper and perhaps he hasn't got the


possession, but he has ran 50 yards and you can clearly see he feels


that there is a red card. You have come to down a bit! I think Tim Chow


for Ross County was lucky to get away with it as well. Lewis has been


such an impressive performer this season than they needed it. They did


indeed. It is crazy, for all 87 minutes, then Ross County go


straight up the perch and he is called upon and an excellent save.


Such as football. Aberdeen haven't won the Scottish cup in such a long


time. In terms of how far Derek McInnis has taken this Aberdeen


side, one thing that is missing is a really great effort in the Scottish


cup. Could this be the year? There's a chance but Shay Logan was seeing


himself, Celtic. They are playing so well and not making any mistakes


generally, so you consider that beforehand. Aberdeen get through to


the quarterfinals and the League 2 side have made it all the way to the


last 16, Clyde, a club with the protest within the Scottish club,


three times they have lifted the trophy. Could they keep the dream


alive away at the United. There's something about the Scottish cup and


goalkeepers making a name for themselves. Conor Quinn only signed


yesterday but looks sharp to get to this effort. He didn't quite play a


starring role in preventing the next Ayr United assault on goal. The


inside of the post keeping it out. Cup ties also need goal-scoring


heroes and there were plenty queueing up. When the ball


eventually broke, David Gormley pounced and the League two said one


goal up and didn't he enjoy that? Despite struggling in League 2, the


Scottish cup seems to sit Clyde and the almost made it two but for the


woodwork. Ayr United have drawn eight out of their last 13 games,


would they get back into this one? Paul Cairney provided the answer.


Perhaps fittingly the last word went to the Clyde goalkeeper and this


time he kept Paul Cairney at bay. 1-1 and the try again on Tuesday.


A lot of chances in the first half and Clyde got their goal and we


showed courage to come back from that and even then a couple of


chances to win the game. After going one up we hit the post on a good


shot and if that had gone in it would have been a different ball


game. Happy enough to be in the hat. Clyde remain in the Scottish Cup, a


club with the special place in your heart. I had a fantastic time. They


had a great pedigree and beat Celtic a few years back. In the next round


and I am quite impressed with what Barry Ferguson is doing. A lot don't


want to learn their trade at that level but Barry is doing it and is


doing it wonderfully. We will see. In the long and illustrious list


surprising to know that Celtic have only won the treble three times.


Plenty of people predicting a triple their season with Brendan Rodgers's


premiership leaders are up against their season with Brendan Rodgers's


the premiership bottom side, Inverness Caley Thistle.


Nine premiership teams remain and we know for sure there will be at least


three exiting the competition by the time this round ends and one will be


from this tidy. A situation that belied Celtic


spilling points at Inverness in September. The 2015 winners will


have to go something to even force a replay from this matchup. They


weren't expected to knock Celtic out on their way to the silver two years


ago but this is a very different Celtic, a rampant Celtic. Moussa


Dembele is back in the line-up after his appearance last week. James


Forrest comes in. Liam Henderson not only won the cup last season but set


up David Gourlay's sensational winner against Rangers. Richie Foran


line changed keepers last week and he has had to do it again this week


and he opens the door for Welshmen L'Enfant Williams. Just three of


and he opens the door for Welshmen that team played on the 2015 final.


The seventh time in these two have met in the competition and it is


three apiece, all but one having taken place in the Highland capital.


17 years ago with that famous Inverness Caley Thistle three.


It has opened up for Liam Henderson. End to end. Good start in Inverness


and then Celtic ten to 11. Should have taken the shot on his left foot


but goes with the outside of his right. Scored in this final playing


appearance last season from the penalty spot, Richie Foran. Very


different view of things, the Irishman.


Through it comes firmly careless big! -- Mikael Lustig. Brilliant


finished by Mikael Lustig and on 20 minutes Celtic edge closer to the


last eight. The finish was good but the first touch is absolutely


sensational as is the pass-through. Cuts it over the defence and Mikael


Lustig makes the run of a centre for words. The first touch is sublime


and the finish equally so. He was the architect last week in Perth and


is the executioner this week. Seldom been in better form in the final


third. He signed a new deal at Celtic recently.


With the league all but wrapped up, Celtic are effectively three games


away from a treble. Simple as that. I struggled to think of who can stop


them. A pattern of play urging that we have seen plenty of grip the


afternoon. Sviatchenko poleaxed off the pitch. Retention of the ball is


fantastic as we saw against St Johnstone last weekend, 24 passes


before they actually scored. Kicking out at Scott Brown and that


is just pure petulance. I am surprised that is a yellow, a


blatant check out. Just before that, this was Sviatchenko. Again, a


really robust challenge right on the byline and that could have been a


yellow on its own. This was the byline and that could have been a


frustration spilling over. The knee first of all and that didn't work.


A terrible challenge. A terrible challenge.


That is three in the book for Inverness and a long way to go. For


me that is a red card and is a really dangerous tackle from behind.


Wraps both of his legs around. He could have given simply a really bad


injury. I think back immediately to the gym


in Israel. They were absolutely battered. Lost the game 2-0 but went


through by virtue of the 5-2 win year.


James Forrest finds Moussa Dembele! One minutes from half-time and this


tie could be done. Celtic's man of the moment. Moussa Dembele, 24th of


the season, and that will surely rubber-stamp Celtic's passage. It is


all about James Forrest again for me. Absolutely superb play and cuts


attend, not the world's greatest finish. He will be disappointed he


doesn't get a stronger hand but it is all about James Forrest. Owain


Fon Williams must do better. Celtic 27 points clear at the top of


the premiership. The record end of season margin, end of season, is 29.


Surely that is going to go and some of this season.


Sinclair gets it back. Celtic play on any way! Guess who! 3-0. It was a


fortuitous break for Celtic to get the opportunity in the first place.


When Sinclair gets the ball on the 18 yard line, good work from


Henderson. Gets the ball back after the tackle and does so well to time


inside. Cool as you like. He just knows where the goal is. That is 25


inside. Cool as you like. He just for the season. One of Celtic's men


of the season. Brilliant from Moussa Dembele. He


has had a hat-trick again, already had two this season.


He must be odds-on to get his hat-trick again. Must be.


Lovely football from Celtic. Henderson! All Williams eventually


under control. Well done because it was a more type of shot that he


messed up in the first half but a strong arm behind it. Manages to


gather it. Celtic heading for the 13th straight win. They have won 19


straight in the leak and about to go 30 unbeaten.


Forrest. Dembele racing up. Celtic looking for a fourth. It is Dembele!


It is a third hat-trick for the season. And it is 4-0 to the


unbeatable champions. And favourites for this competition.


It was almost inevitable, when he scored his second coming he set it


up with a great pass down the right-hand side to James Forrest who


did so well. Outstanding in match. He sets it up beautifully.


Right place, right time. Talk about putting it on a plate. Dembele, as


he has done now on 26 occasions, gobbles it right up.


That is slack and James Forrest is there. He should have made it five.


I can only imagine the surprise which caught him out.


He really does deserve a goal, a horrendous mistake, passing the ball


square across. As close as they have come. Really


good play from Inverness. A fantastic ball smashed right across.


Just waiting for a striker to meet that, moving across the front post.


Inverness getting bodies in. Celtic looking for number five. Of course


it arrives, Tierney. It is his first of the season. The smile from


Brendan Rodgers says it all. Celtic five, Caley Thistle zero.


They were queueing up to put it in. That man again. Standing at a


beautiful ball. A good header. A lot like the Dembele goal.


A great moments in the last game of the last season, Tierney when he


scored his first for the club, his breakthrough season.


One minute of injury time added on at the end.


Sparing Caledonian Thistle further pain. They have taken a battering


this afternoon, as many suspected they would.


Top against bottom of the Premiership. At last, Brown! What a


finish by the captain. It is six for Celtic who are not only going


through to the quarterfinals, they are racing there.


They court this -- they certainly caught this. When the ball broke for


him, he lashes it into the top corner.


A brilliant goal. That applies the varnish. Third of


the season the Scott Brown. A very important one in the Champions


League qualifier. That one simply puts the cherry on


the cake of another imperious display by Brendan Rodgers's side.


It finishes here 6-0. Inverness were aggressive, you saw


that in the game. One or two strong changes but we dealt with it. When


we had the ball, I thought we were outstanding, from behind, built the


game really well. The quality of midfield, but defensive, we were so


incisive. And obviously got our six goals.


Celtic are one of the best teams assembled. They have got pace,


quality, strength, a big squad, a manager doing a great job.


There was no stopping them today. A 24th domestic victory in a row, and


how on earth do you stop Celtic? Inverness try to go high up. I am


impressed by their bravery. The problem is if you don't get it


right, it leads to more difficulty. They are high up. A lot of energy.


Pushing all the way back there. In this position, six players in that


corner, that looks all right. The problem is, after the break by those


six players, you have a problem because it might develop some space,


of space. But they kept on going. They were trying, they were a bit


unlucky. That footwork was excellent today. If that doesn't work, you can


try intimidation. What did you make of that?


The more use it, the more you save What did you make of that?


possibly yellow card. This one is questionable. The commentator said


he thought it was a red card, quite clearly it could have been but it


was deemed a yellow. To beat Celtic, you need to take


your chances, they might only be tiny.


If he played at past now, he gets in, but he doesn't.


A tough one. You only get a millisecond. Once again, in


possession here. If you play a good pass, you might be through. Run it


on here, it doesn't get through. That is a shame. There are half


chances. If you are going to beat Celtic, you need to do that. There


are not many teams in Scotland who Celtic, you need to do that. There


can play that pass under pressure. Celtic have got them.


They are incisive. That final ball. A wonderful ball.


Lustig continues his run. A nice touch and finish.


I am going to be harsh on Fon Williams, coming out quicker, going


to his feet with his hands. He tries to stretch themselves and has opened


his legs, I'm fortunate. Dembele will grab the headlines.


James Forrest one of the stars of the show.


As a winner, you want players to fall back. It is easy for James


Forrest. He has not been engaged. The ball comes out to him. He has


covered behind. Make a tackle, but no, they back off. Taking nothing


away from James. A brilliant cross. If you keep on doing that, a Celtic


striker will get something. Tremarco is on a yellow, nothing you


can do. The intelligence from Forrest, the


timing. He is not quite closely.


Do they stay with him? No. Make a tackle before the box. No,


doesn't. A great ball. He miss it.


The one thing for me today, there have been arguments with James


Forrest, but we have seen he can deliver the ball on the money as we


see. Tierney getting his first goal of


the season. But not perfect.


The one bit of his game, disappointing, he gets into


fantastic errors but let himself down on the finish. Only the last


round where we were praising Patrick Roberts. And now we see James


Forrest stepping up to the plate. Tough for Brendan Rodgers to pick


these guys. Who will stop Celtic from winning


the trouble? As for Inverness, they had to focus on staying in the


Premiership. Of course. Then and probably six


others. There are a lot of games to go. They will be looking to put


points on the board as quickly as possible.


Do they have what it takes? There was no lack of effort.


Psychologically though. Celtic cruising through to the


quarterfinals. St Johnstone played Partick Thistle. Also coming up in


the company of Jamie Lewis. Partick Thistle have found goals


hard to come by in the League this year but it took them seven minutes


to score in this Cup tie, the St Johnstone defence might have done


better. Barton calmly taking away the cross. Another slip-up from the


Saints almost allowed Thistle to go two up. This effort deflected wide.


Frustration for him. But Thistle created more chances, a great ball


here. Dancing his way into the box. Look at that reaction from the


Saints keeper. Who was at it again later in the match, this time


keeping this header out before gathering safely from further


danger. St Johnstone started to show a bit


more urgency as they looked for the equaliser, good play from Foster.


But the shot flew wide. Foster was involved again. But no joy. As


Partick Thistle make the quarterfinals.


When you lose in Cup conditions it is never nice. The first goal is


always important. And it restarted particularly well.


At the start we made a number of changes.


It was important we started well. East Fife have been in decent form


lately and they thought they had gone ahead on the half hour but the


goal was disallowed. The Paisley club cause an upset in the last


round and were desperate to make sure they were not on the receiving


end this time around. 33 minutes in, a spot of head tennis.


Smith eventually putting them ahead. East Fife levelled, Brown bundled


down by Harry Davies. Duggan slotted home in the 54th minute.


Midway through the second half, Morgan came off the subs bench, and


inspired change as he put them in front.


With six minutes remaining in the match, he was at it again, look at


this wonderfully hit strike beating all in its wake.


East Fife did have time to score a late consolation, a late penalty.


Duggan again with the spot kick but St Mirren are through.


A difficult match, difficult conditions.


Delighted to get through. The players gave it everything. We were


against a team from a higher division who should have more


quality. We will have a special feature on


Sportscene tomorrow night. Join us at 5:45pm.


Rangers dominating the headlines this morning, in the last 24 hours,


these were the scenes at their training context. Their manager Mark


Overton resigned, telling us that wasn't the case, all highly


confusing. With us in the studio to make sense of it all is our senior


football supporter. A statement released today. What is


the current situation at Rangers? It is a mess even by Rangers's


standards. A real mess. Rangers say in a


statement last night Mark Overton resigned. He says, no. Dave King


released a statement today saying this.


Clearly critical of Mark Warburton. Rangers, third, just behind Aberdeen


on goal difference. And going on to say this.


I am told this happened at a very recent board meeting where they


questioned Mark Warburton's signings.


Dave King went on to defend his own investment in Rangers, much made


about this ?30 million he said he would invest off his own cash. He


said ?80 million of the original ?30 million has been made. Some pointing


out that has come from loans and other board Members.


Mark Overton said he did not resign. We believe he is talking to his


lawyers. It could end up in the courts.


No way back for Mark Warburton? He is well aware of that. I spoke to


him last night, five minutes after Rangers released a statement. He


said absolutely not, he has no idea where this has come from.


He is taking legal advice. Hugely confusing in terms of the mixed


signals from Rangers and Mark Warburton. What was your assessment


of the extraordinary events? A little bit like a soap opera. From


9pm, 40 minutes later, a statement from war correction-macro from Mark


Overton saying he hadn't resigned. Overton saying he hadn't resigned.


-- Warburton. Interesting to see if you will be on the touchline


tomorrow. It is a mess them. It has come as a


shock. If he was going to leave I thought it would be at the end of


the season. They will need to get someone in quickly to take over the


day-to-day proceedings. Pat, what is your view of the job


Mark Warburton has died at Rangers? They are not far off where I


expected them to be now. I didn't think they would overtake the likes


of Aberdeen because Aberdeen have had if you years to get to this


position. The expectation at Rangers is


massive. Everyone understands this, a lot of the signings haven't


worked. It's not just the fans but the ownership.


The question is who will be the next manager of Rangers?


The edits correction-macro the odds on favourite is Alex McLeish.


It should be someone who understands the club.


If you want my opinion, they need a Rangers man back, that is my


opinion. There are a lot of good managers out there. But, for me, it


needs to be someone who knows the club inside out. Alex does. He has


been a manager at Rangers, Birmingham and Scotland.


Someone who knows the club inside out. Do you agree with that, a


Rangers man? I don't think so. There are some


good names and he makes a good point. A number of people in that


list, there are plenty of good names. If you are a business, you


get the best man for the job. No matter who went before. If he


happens to have played for Rangers, so be it.


Scott, is this an attractive job, and does it affect the match


tomorrow? It is tough, they are second in the


table. Do you see them closing the gap on Celtic? It will be very tough


no matter who takes that job on. Interesting to see who wants to take


it on. Everyone is talking about Derek MacInnis. I am asking the


question, can they get him right now? I don't think so. They would


need a caretaker, will anyone on a list want to? They need to make a


commitment. Who do you go for? Derek would be a


popular choice. Alex McLeish knows the club inside out.


He would steady the ship. How much encouragement does this give to the


opposition? It often works the other way around,


players saying, let us fight. We shall see. Will we see an upset


at East End Park? Dunfermline up We shall see. Will we see an upset


against Hamilton. The last time Hamilton reached the


final, they beat Dunfermline at East End Park. One change for


Dunfermline, Martin is preferred to tall Buttner who drops onto the


bench. Three changes for Hamilton. Matthews


is preferred in goal. Brophy retains his place. There is a debut for


Skondras. Into the box, and opportunity for


Gillespie. Bingham cuts it back. Struggling to clear. MacKinnon on


the right boot. Scoring once in the Scottish Cup.


Nicely done, onto Baena who can release Brophy, chasing Ashcroft.


Getting a good shot. Staying the fingers of Murdoch.


A deceptively strong shot, onto the left foot.


Geggan scored in the first three matches this season. Working with


Higginbotham. The cross is strong. Skondras heading it behind.


A strong header off the line. And the header goes in but the referee


has whistled. It is not going to count. As the ball was being headed,


the Worcester correction-macro the whistle could be heard. A strong


header. Baena was there to get it away. The goalkeeper was impeded.


A chance for Dunfermline. McMullan. A beautiful finish set up by


Moffatt. Dunfermline pounce and A beautiful finish set up by


Hamilton are made to pay. A fifth goal of this is an former Mullen. A


really sweet finish. Good control, second touch and third touch.


Matthews came out to try to narrow the angle. He clipped it neatly into


the corner. A sparkling finish in a game that had previously been dull.


Checking his watch already. Plenty forward for Hamilton. Cutting


it back. Second touch was blocked and the goalkeeper flops on the


ball. Brophy got it away. The goalkeeper


doing well. A quagmire in the middle. The good news is it isn't


raining but starting to sleep instead.


Getting it wide. An opportunity for Hamilton, two Medard a wonderful


shot, stepping in from the right-hand as Adams... Stepping


inside on his left foot. McMullan has a chance. That was the


chance for the second. A man who sparkled in Scottish Cup


goal-scoring, couldn't finish it off here, a mistake from Devlin. Beating


the goalkeeper, and the post. Moffatt. It may come back to him, it


does. McMullan was in such a good position, you could see Moffatt


tried to calculate whether he should play it or keep it. Couldn't quite


decide. Came back to him. But Matthews made the stop.


Moffatt playing it back inside, and opportunity for Higginbotham. He


just got too excited, he knew the chance was there. That was another


golden chance for Dunfermline to make it 2-0.


Brophy go after it come headed away by Ashcroft. MacKinnon read the


presence of McMullan, get it back inside. Brophy... Deflection and a


good save by the goalkeeper. Excellent stop from Murdoch. Worked


his way. Took a wicked little deflection, good stretch from the


goalkeeper, from Ashcroft. Imrie getting the touch. The ball


flashes across. Hitting it off his own woodwork. Tall Buttner had to


take action -- Talbot. Up towards Imray, battling, goes


down. The player didn't shout for a penalty.


Redmond into the middle. A header by Bingham, touched over the top,


Murdoch has been busy in the last five minutes. Baena got the better


of Wedderburn. -- Bingham. The throw is taken quickly. Three in


the box. Headed away by Martin. Sending it wide to Baena, Hamilton


looking for the equaliser, settling for a corner. -- wide to Bingham.


The question is whether Dunfermline come to regret the passes, the


charts as they passed up. The key role with his first goal in


the Scottish cup and Hamilton axes are level. Perfectly into the


corner. Two excellent goals in this game and they have been assured,


Dunfermline one, Hamilton Accies one.


Mobbed by his team-mates. And rightly so. His first goal of the


season. Hamilton Accies left it late. What a


chance. Came right through the middle, wasn't picked up. Lovely


little ball in. Just couldn't put it down on target.


They managed to win away from home in the League Cup and Scottish Cup


respectively. Can they find a way to generate a final chance at East End


Park. Gets away! Wasn't far away, really got the power he wanted.


Great run, read the pass. New the defender was across.


The ball works its way through. Hot Kirk. McMullen! Never one to miss a


chance to have a shot at goal, the ball left behind.


Dunfermline looking for the winner. Some clear by Hamilton Accies,


beaten to the ball and up against Talbot. Going himself and it was


well read. Seeing if it will open up for him. Interception from McMullen.


On the right foot and what a great save! What a save in stoppage time


to keep his side in the Scottish cup. The chance opened up and a


great shot, on target. That difficult area, he got his hands to


it. Into the middle it comes. Battling


for it and knocked away and it is all over. A Scottish cup tie that


rarely sought as part in the first half, terrific goal from McMullen,


but it was the second half that really roared along. The equaliser


coming from Danny Redmond. John Barker exceeding his side at the


very best. Danny Redmond will be delighted with his first Scottish


cup goal, earning his side a deeply and they will do it all again on the


artificial surface. 1-1. When you look at the chances we had,


even first half, the goal from the corner shop tour. In the second half


we had 34 really good opportunities. Shots from inside the box. We just


never got East goal. The second half we had the


opportunities. It was exactly what I expected, a tough cup tied. A top


performance from us and we should be in the next round but we are not so


we have to make sure we do the same performance again. Sticky surface at


East End Park. The pitch was playing its part at times. In terms of


referees, they have been getting a bit of stick recently, mainly from


you, but Craig Thomson today, you think he got it right. I will give


him a bit of praise so he will be happy to hear this. When you see it


again, the centre forward blocking the goalkeeper, I think it is a


clear goal, but in fairness, the attacker, he backs into him and they


keeper is taking a risk, but I think we see Craig Thomson comes around


and gives the right decision in the end. You agree with that? I would


add to that that Thomson's movement is phenomenal, he sprints runs to


get a good view. Plenty of chances for Dunfermline in this match, to


put the match away, which would have been a bit of an upset? Like Alan


Johnson touched on, plenty of chances. This one, a first touch at


his feet and he can probably past the keeper, but this one is an


excellent save from the keeper in the end, spreads well, and McMullen


will be disappointed. This is three in five minutes. This is really


disappointing. I know you are a striker but there is a cutback in


exactly the way Celtic would have done it. Just because they had 15


chances before that! Do the right thing! But having said that they


were unlucky because they had the opportunities and they played quite


well. And an air of inevitability, Hamilton getting the equaliser. In


the quicksand! It looked a heavy pitch on the day and fair play to


keep this under control, takes a wicked bounce and this could have


ended up in row Z but ends up being an excellent finish. Not dissimilar


to the Shay Logan one but from this angle, probably just below his shin.


For a keeper to try to lead that is almost impossible but you take your


chances and go inside and he has got it pretty clear, but just as likely


to go over the stand but it was a good one. Certainly enough pace on


the ball. Looking forward to playing on the plastic pitch. Is that


Dunfermline's chance gone? Not at all. Hamilton have been up and down


all season so you just don't know what time is what you are going to


get, so I think if Dunfermline apply themselves like they did today, they


will feel they are well with any chance. After all that, a couple of


replays required, both on Tuesday night, and how better to spend


Valentines evening than by taking your loved one to watch Clyde


against your United or Hamilton against Dunfermline? Is actually one


match in the Ladbrokes premiership this afternoon, a 1-1 draw that


suited both sides. Tom Arnott took an early lead.


Come on move into the top six and Dundee to seventh. Highlights of


that plus all the cup action on sports team tomorrow night at 5:45pm


on BBC Two Scotland, the Edinburgh derby and Rangers against Morton.


Don't miss it. But if you do you can watch it again at 11:30pm on BBC One


and of course on I player. Or live on sports around. All kicking off at


noon tomorrow. Mouthwatering Edinburgh derby tomorrow.


A match that everybody has been anticipating this weekend and


everybody thought Hibs would win this thing. They have had a couple


of excellent results and details will be up and Hibs in recent weeks


have been excellent so I think it will be a cracking game and I will


go for an upset possibly with Hibs winning. Why do you feel that way? I


don't know, I just feel that in recent times stepping up against


better teams they seem to perform and they have certainly got a lot of


attacking threat in the team and I think they will pose a huge threats


tomorrow. Hibs obviously defending the trophy, no longer can we talk


about Will this be the year? Last year was the year but it could be


the year again for Hibs. Do they go on as underdogs? I think they are


the year again for Hibs. Do they go definitely underdogs however they


are playing well and scoring a lot of goals just now. Really impressed


with confidence and the pressure is completely off Hibs, so I am going


for the draw and go back to Easter Road and Hibs might sneak it. Pat,


Scott, thank you. That is at for tonight, back to do it all over


again tomorrow night with the Scottish Cup leaving images to last


a lifetime, we will leave you with some from today, good night.


Jonathan Sutherland presents highlights from the 5th round of the Scottish Cup.

A place in the quarter-finals was the target for the teams competing in today's matches. Celtic, the most successful team in the history of the competition, hosted the 2015 Cup winners Inverness Caledonian Thistle. Another all-Premiership clash saw Ross County take on Aberdeen, while Hamilton Academical faced a tricky tie at championship Dunfermline Athletic. Plus all the key moments from the day's other cup games.