Scottish Cup Fifth Round Highlights - Sunday Sportscene

Scottish Cup Fifth Round Highlights - Sunday

Jonathan Sutherland introduces highlights from the fifth round of the Scottish Cup. Fixtures include Hibs v Hearts and Rangers v Greenock Morton.

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Four clubs but their quarterfinal place yesterday.


The favourites are through. But what of the holders? Ladies and


gentlemen, you are witness to a moment of Scottish sporting history.


Last season at this stage, an Edinburgh epic.


Into the net. This year, Hearts versus Hibs again, who will win?


Action from Tynecastle and the views of Stephen Thompson and Michael


Stewart later. We start at Ibrox. After a troubled


two days for Rangers with the departure of Mark Wolverton, they're


welcome Greenock Morton. Commentary from Paul Mitchell.


Now it is the term of Graham to step up after the departure of Mark


Wolverton. Two changes to the side that played Ross County. Waghorn and


Halliday return. On the bench, Gardner and Toral.


Income Nesbitt, Murdoch and Forbes. Murphy's last game in charge was an


under 20s game against Porto. He wasn't expecting this.


Fastly experienced as a player with 500 games.


Nice touch, controlled it well. It was sent long. Nesbitt was running


along. First time, what a goal for Tilse, an absolute screamer. Rangers


are behind. Nesbitt was the architect. A tough


season for Tidse. Appearing in just five of 23. But he is in top form on


the half volley. Foderingham was beaten. Halliday lost out. Taken


right into the corner. Tidse scored in round three. He has gone up a


level here. There is space to run to. Opening it


up, too straight. And the equaliser! Morton ahead for


just five minutes. The shot wasn't great but it found its way back to


Kenny Miller who scores in four Gazette live Scottish Cup matches


for Rangers. McKay played it on, Kilday tried to close him down.


Bounced off, straight down the middle, taking a deflection.


Rangers after faffing about, went direct and made Morton pay. Kenny


Miller, always alert, looking for a chance. The deflection aiding it


into the corner. A curling ball in.


A better head at that time. -- Header. That was onside. Kenny


Miller again. That was off the crossbar. A


brilliant little touch and turn Gaston flying across his goal.


Dragged away. The referee said there was a little touch there.


Tim Duffy has a little more manageable x-rays than the man he is


facing. -- Management experience. Stretching to get the header away.


That was a good ball wide. Jason Holt got away from the


defender, Kilday. A lovely pass out wide.


Trying to go back inside. Holt got away from his man. Gaston scrambling


across. And wide. McKay sending it across. Just not a


touch from Jason Holt who came sliding in. He scored in the


Scottish Cup last season against Dundee. Forbes didn't spot McKay,


didn't go with him. Tried to knock it across.


These sides met in the League last season, Rangers taking ten of 12


points. Kenny Miller, he scored four against


Morton last time. Hill wasn't holding back. Sliding


across. An easy one for Lamie to take.


Sending it long. Injury time now. And the half-time whistle goes. What


a start it was for Morton and Tidse, scoring after just seven minutes.


Kenny Miller with the aid of a deflection, just five minutes later,


coming off O'Ware. Fascinating first half in the battle between Graeme


Murphy and Jim Duffy. The managerial rookie against the man with great


experience. A great run from Jason Holt. The


ball into the arms of Gaston. Trying to get the cross over.


He may have been outside his box when he got rid of that.


A bad header. It could be set up here. What a ball. A chance he


wanted. It is the chance he had been waiting for. And it is the chance he


fails to take. Gifted through, good first touch, and the elevation was


simply too much. Sendeross again with the error. Perhaps should have


been 2-1, Morton. So very pretty, so very cold.


A good first touch, second touch was pretty decent as well.


No goals in his last seven, Waghorn. A great one to get away from Lamie,


in behind O'Ware. Setting up the second touch. Morton will have to be


on their mettle. Give credit to Rangers are keeping


the ball and not trying to play the impossible pass.


Beautifully onto Holt. Waghorn will score. Rangers, patient, and then


Assistant, it pays off and Martin Dwyer cord snaps another. Rangers's


top goal-scorer moves on 11. Morton are undone by patients. They


wonderful flick from McKay. Gaston couldn't gather. Morton will feel


they should have defended this better. Waghorn, with the simplest


of tasks. Tavernier, never scored in the


Scottish Cup. A fair old go there. Gaston was well placed. Morton need


to find a way to come from behind. They were behind when Kate Hamilton.


Into the middle, first touch by O'Halloran. A catalogue of errors.


O'Halloran will wonder how he didn't score. At least put it on target.


Hasn't scored in any of his 20 appearances this season.


Sendeross was up. Hasn't scored since March 2014. Scored for


Valencia away. Waghorn was onside. That was the


3-1. Morton remain in the tie. A simple ball, over the top.


An opportunity for Murdoch. Donnelly, with good feet. Turned


away by Forbes into the middle. This is where Morton could be cut


apart. Just not landing the killer blow


yet. An easy take full Gaston.


-- take for Gaston. Wide to Nesbitt looking to deliver,


goes past Tavernier. A low ball across. A choice of three, deflected


Onside is Forbes. Into the middle. communication.


Onside is Forbes. Into the middle. Going for the top corner. Three


goals this season, scored in both Scottish Cup matches. Jamie Lindsay


was tantalisingly close. Did what he wanted to do, just couldn't execute


the top corner where he was aiming. Toral made a good one. A little


backheel to Russell. Forbes did enough to keep it away


from Hill. Four minutes to play. He is onside.


Trying to find a way past Hill. That was an easy one.


Forbes rather tamely to the keeper. A great little ball. Gaston out very


quickly indeed. Wasn't wasting any time. Finding the gaps more and


more. Morton try again.


Morton wanted a free kick, it hasn't come.


A prolific offender, couldn't put it on target, Duffy wasn't happy with


it. Two inside for Rangers, McKay.


Brilliantly done at the edge of the box, and the finishing touch by


Waghorn. It would have been offside. It wouldn't have counted. And Morton


quickly tried to get the ball forward.


Scottish Cup tie coming to an end. Rangers leading 2-1. Halliday


dispossessed fairly. No way through for Forbes, or is


there? He should play it back inside. The goal is unguarded. He


has lifted it over the top. What a moment for Donnelly. A moment dreams


are made of. Instead, it will be a nightmare for him. Hodson and


Tavernier not even on the same page, and he lifted it is too high.


Rounding off a miserable week for Rangers. Couldn't do it.


The final chance is spurned. And after a tempestuous week off the


field, it proved to be far from plain sailing on the picture


Rangers. Jim Duffy and Graeme Murty exchange handshakes. The Rangers


caretaker manager has delivered a victory. Kenny Miller and Mark


Waghorn tormented Morton last term and have done so again in the


Scottish Cup, and for the second consecutive game Rangers come from


behind. Tidse with the opening goal, then Waghorn, one in each half,


seeing Rangers through to the quarterfinals.


2-1. A dramatic weekend and afternoon at


Ibrox, in the end, Rangers, worthy winners?


They were not that convincing but they got the job done. Morton were


really competitive, created a number of chances. In the end all that


matters is Rangers are through. How much credit to Rangers deserve?


In the same vein as the semifinal, the League Cup, against Aberdeen.


Very competitive against a top side. They are going well in the


Championship. Jim Duffy has a good, organised unit. They created a few


chances. Plenty of changes at Rangers but


some things stay the same, the quality of defending giving Morton a


chance to shop them. Hill should have played this but he


headed a bat into a dangerous area and Morton reacted. A brilliant


finish. A sucker punch the Rangers. Halliday


had to react more quickly to get into that dangerous area. At this


point. Foderingham had to shuffle his feet, he was too far to the


left. That was an unbelievable finish prompted Zhan.


It is Nick nicking defensively but there is little mistakes gave Morton


that opportunity. It wasn't a clear-cut opportunity.


Defensive mistakes do add up. We saw it at the other end, Morton not


covering themselves in glory. The fullback heads the ball instead


of the centre half. It ends up where you have Kilday jockeying McKay.


Kilday is marking Miller, he is the centre half. The other fullback had


to drop back. If that happens, Doyle would be marking McKay. You stop the


move at source. Kilday had to stop McKay. Can't allow him to run into


the box. So much has changed at Rangers, Mark


Warburton out of the picture. Criticised for being so regulated in


style. Today, Rangers played two upfront.


Miller and Waghorn. It gave them a different approach, they linked


together well and gave Rangers a different look, less predictable.


You can see in this one, Miller, brilliant linkup play. The ball came


to Kenny he did well to play it and spin. He tried hitting with his


right. It means you are occupying your


centre halves more. Waghorn was in there, if he isn't there, this goal


doesn't get scored. Your centre forward is Miller.


It is harder to defence. Waghorn doesn't scored that goal if


he doesn't pair up with him. Donnelly is on loan from Celtic.


Morton kept plugging away. A mix-up in defence and Forbes nicks the ball


away. He has two in the box. Lindsay falling to the ground, Nesbitt as


well. If you just lifts his head and Ralls it to the side, there would be


an opportunity. Rather than himself being under


pressure. Rangers are through, agony for Jim


Duffy and Martin -- Morton who are out of the Scottish Cup.


An incredible weekend. Alex McLeish is doing the draw for the Scottish


Cup as well today. Will he be the next manager of


Rangers? It wouldn't be a surprise. He knows


the job inside out. He has great experience, he isn't currently with


a club. Is it important they get it sorted


sooner? They have a match away to Dundee next weekend.


You have to balance what is your objective, your priority. You look


at the League and finish, finish in the top three with a chance for


Europe. Do you balance that against long-term objectives. That is


something the board will have to weigh up and make a decision.


Alex McLeish is someone who knows the club. He will be in with a


shout, no doubt. He could potentially be the right guy for the


long-term. Fascinating week. Now to the


Edinburgh derby, Hearts against Hibs. Watching at Tynecastle was


Liam McLeod. The holders take their defence of


the Scottish Cup back to the home of their most bitter rivals, Hibernian


have seldom had more celebrated days than the one they enjoyed on the


21st of May last year, and the seeds of success that triumph was sewed in


this round as they came back from the dead this very opposition on


this very stage. Nama -- fortnight ago, this time would have been


approached with trepidation but now it can't come quickly enough after


convincing victories in the League. This could be quite a show.


Nicholson has a first Tynecastle start since September. He wouldn't


bet against Walker being the hero today, his 15th Edinburgh derby.


The most notable thing about that Hibs team is the return of Marciano


who has only played 20 minutes since December. Those 20 minutes were


right here in the last round. Stevenson plays in his 31st derby,


just one behind the great Pat Santon.


A wonderful atmosphere. Inside this old stadium.


Both managers getting their first taste of this fixture.


You have to go back to 1971 to find a Hibs victory in a Scottish Cup tie


at Tynecastle, albeit they have only played once since then, exactly 12


months ago when they came back from 2-0 with ten to play. The rest is


history. As the holders take their defence to


Tynecastle. It will be Hibs in the Green and


white in the first half attacking. Going behind the first corner in the


first 20 seconds. Waiting for the opening corner of


the game. Off the line. Martin went down. William Collum is the referee.


Taking it in his stride. He puts it straight at Marciano. What a start


that would have been. He must have thought he was getting back on the


scoresheet here in the biggest fixture of all in the capital.


Keatings giving chase, not giving up. A tenacious player.


Stevenson is wide left. Plenty of time here to pick out a cross.


Stevenson looking for Keatings come he has got it in early for Holt.


There was no flag against Holt. A big opportunity for Hibs, ten


minutes in. He has managed three goals this


season. Cummings takes it down. Jason Cummings. A chip to the keeper


there. Hamilton not outfoxed. He only has Cummings ahead of him. This


is called. Cummings, very promising for Hibs. Hamilton's not decisive


but he makes the save and the second time of asking. Hearts are


architects of their own downfall there. Hibs may live to regret not


making more of this opportunity. Jack Hamilton heaves a of relief.


Not a good save. Straight back into the danger area where Hope was. And


this is John McGinn. Time to pick someone out. Hearts a little bit


static at the back. I might concern the manager. Spreading the play.


Johnsen! Still alive, and that is the closest hearts have come. Bjorn


Johnsen and Marciano with the save. But McGregor blocked Walker. Over


the top that goes, Cummings is onside but he is on his own.


Expedient defending by Aaron Hughes. He knew where Jason Cummings was


going. He is capable, that's for sure.


Cummings, back but not quite where he intended. Easily away from


Bartley. Marciano able to grab, commanding his six yard box. Good


build-up by Hearts. The Hibs goalkeeper making an


appearance this season. His defence might be under the cosh here. And he


is Keatings. Cummings on his own. Support arriving now from Holt.


Difficult for him to take this. Eventually, Jason Cummings got the


support. You would do well to score from there in that situation.


Sutchuin-Djoum. And here is Jamie Walker.


He came crashing of Liam Fontaine. Gonsalves.


A bit of trouble with salvors and grey.


He is having a war of words with Fraser Fyvie.


Right through the back of David Gray. Mick Jagger. -- McGregor.


Just over 30 seconds left. Couldn't do it again, could they?


Now Sowah. Hibs might have one last opportunity here. Time almost up.


Time for one last assault? No, it is all over. As it was one year ago.


These two teams must do it again. Two different managers. The same


outcome. It will be an Easter Road replay. To determine whether hearts


or Hibs will go forth to the quarterfinals of the William Hill


Scottish Cup. It was not a thing of beauty and that is an


understatement. Hibs will feel happier because they have gotten


through another 90 minutes at Tynecastle unscathed. The holders


keep hold of their trophy for now. A week on Wednesday, these two capital


rivals will go head-to-head once again. This time, back in Leith, to


finish here in Gorgie, Heart of Midlothian 0-0 Hibernian. That was a


derby game. A lot of stoppages in play, difficulty for there being any


flu, so that made things difficult for us. Could we have be better? The


answer is yes. We could have. Some difficult moments and we have been


strung together, we have fought well and we're frustrated. But we look


forward to the replay. It lacked quality because the pitch did not


let the quality flow. We had chances, they had chances, we would


do it all again and we will in ten days' time and have the opportunity


and to have that is testament to how the players played. We will always


play the part. I don't want to focus too much on it. No matter what your


conditions are, we always manage those things and we need to do


better. After all the build-up, it was such a disappointing spectacle.


They talked about the conditions, the pitch, Michael, is that all that


was down to? I don't think so. But there is no doubt the part played a


significant part in it. Normally, Tynecastle is a really good surface


but you had Neil Lennon saying that he did not allow the teams to get


any free-flowing football played. Naturally, in the Derby you will get


a bit her skill to begin with but then they came normally settles down


that never got settled. Sometimes a game can be like that. No team was


able to implement... The game is terrible. Painful. It just lacked


quality. And there are so many creative quality players on never


side and none managed to have an impact on the match. And I think it


is mostly down to the pitch. The pitch was horrendous. It was a


bruising battle and all you had mostly was the referee's whistle. 33


fouls in this match. Some things look better in slow motion. This


makes it look better than it probably was. William Collum as the


referee can sometimes be overly officious but I will give him his


due, I'd don't think it was down to him. It was just the fact that the


game was so stop start. There were a lot of fouls like that one on Don


Cowie. The unorthodox number nine, is my all Gonsalves. A great


opportunity when he is in a deep groan he gets into the space and


traced if you get down the left-hand side to Marciano. You see him run


into areas that you would not associate with a number nine.


Especially when they play the formation that Hearts team of 4-3-


three. And deep in his own half, picking the ball up. On the whole,


absolutely wiped out and he not happy with William Collum. They


recognise that they need to get Bjorn Johnsen up and if he just


likes that up to the side, he has a strike on goal. Even in the second


half, still scrap paper you could see was better once they got the two


guys up top. Yet again, you see them out an areas that you just don't


associate with the normal number nine. He wonders and drifts into


white areas. I think he's better coming from white areas. A


traditional striker. Yes and a bit of comedy here, he falls over. And


this was a wild challenge. A red card? You live a red card, don't


you? You are watching the rugby, how would you know? We were excited when


Ian Cathro said Johnsen changed the shape but not enough? Yes, perhaps


he is not going to be an automatic starter. The game has changed a lot.


I even think he has time to open his body up and use his right foot.


Great defending but an initial mistake. Yes but for me, you will


see the best when he is at the top and gone Calvin Zola is supporting


him. I just think uncovers is a natural number nine. -- Goncalves.


He could just have taken the shot but decides to palm it out. He is


lucky it doesn't go. Double-mac there wasn't too much pace. He


stretched the game well. He had to wait so long for support. He can't


quite reach at a bitter past the post. He's isolated. Jason Cummings


does well because he waits and eventually picks him out really


well. If Grant Holt was a year or two younger is making to the


Gettysburg round it. Absolutely. D ja vu all over again. Could hips


D j vu all over again. Could hips sneak through again? Another replay?


You had both managers talking about all we are thankful there will be


another game because that was a poor spectacle. But also, because the


game was so tight, you're not playing on a great Park and one


mistake could lose you the game. It goes to Easter Road and I think it


is a game that will be a lot better than I was there today. Both teams


have a great opportunity to get through to the quarters. IMAX in


question to you. Will Hibs had passed hard to win the Scottish Cup


again? You don't know. There was little between the two sides. It


will suit hearts better to good to Easter Road with the playing service


and quality players they have. Action from yesterday now. It got


under way at lunch time as favourites Celtic took on Inverness


Caley Thistle. Top of the top-flight faces the team at the bottom.


And through it comes. A brilliant finish by Mikel Lustig.


Tim Dwelly... One minute from half-time and this could be done. --


Dem Ballet. -- Dembele. It is 3-0 at! Dembele came racing up. Celtic


looking for a fourth year. It is a third hat-trick of the season. That


is slack. He should've made it five. How long can they withstand this?


Celtic looking for number five. It arrives! It is Kieran Tierney.


Sinclair. Almost... What a finish by the captain! And it is six for


Celtic. Celtic hitting Inverness for six and their form at the moment is


absolutely frightening in terms of the competitors elsewhere in


Scotland. This is it, in the last 24 matches they have won all of them.


Unbelievable, 63 goals scored. An average of 2.5 goals per game.


Conceding one every three games. Nobody stands a chance, Michael, do


they? The game yesterday could easily have petered out at 1-0 or


2-0 but Celtic just do not take their foot off the pedal, they're so


relentless. As soon as they got that first goal from Mikel Lustig, they


were going to win the game but they just don't give any of the team is


any opportunity at all. Yes, they were brilliant yesterday. Dembele


was superb with his hat-trick. The strength lay with James Forrest, an


outstanding final product. I have criticised his final product in the


past but this was breathtaking. There were two other all Premiership


ties on Saturday, the action from both of them have coming up.


Ross County had been met six times that they faced a stern test in


Aberdeen. Could Aberdeen take a step closer to a second final of the


season? COMMENTATOR: Still under pressure. A


good ball from Taylor. A fantastic save! Aberdeen have the corner.


Niall McGinn: it in. A good fist on by Fox. Shinnie for Jack. Really


good. A good ball in. Just pushes it away. Derek McInnes's side have done


everything but score this afternoon. Utterly dominant. Shinnie, always


available for a pass. He picks all Logan with a lovely ball. Coming


inside onto the left. It found its way in! She Logan with a trademark


celebration. Surely now, Aberdeen into the quarterfinal of the William


Hill Scottish Cup. Another top-flight side at McDiarmid


Park and Thistle struggled to make sure they did not go down. A


punishing finish. Usually so solid, holes were appearing in the St


Johnstone backline and Thistle came close to a second. The reflexes of


this player denied them a third goal. Saints pushed for pleasure but


despite the acrobatics from Chris Cain, they drew a blank. Thistle


into the quarters for the first time in nine years. A successful awayday


for Partick Thistle. After the game, the manager gave his reaction to the


wind at a very windy McDiarmid Park. You must be gratified, you have been


making chances and today you got off to a fine start? Certainly. Do you


want to do that again? That's one for Christmas! Brewer Alan


Archibald, these windy conditions have been very hazardous this


weekend. The fantastic Partick Thistle, a good record at Park. Yes.


An impressive start because it is not an easy place to go to get


results. St Johnstone are normally a difficult side to play down. He will


be delighted, even if he is getting taken out by the advertising boards!


The fact he finishes here... They started the game so strongly. An


incredible pace and that is when the game was won, St Johnstone didn't


get into the game until the second half. The first time in nine years


that they have been in the quarterfinal. East Fife v St Mirren.


It was called yesterday. Welcome to Methil. What a glorious day we


picked to be on Scotland's East Coast. Behind me is to be Scotland's


Coulport, exporting 3 million a year. That is no more than the port


is now home to football, East Fife and their stadium. The club is


inextricably linked to the Scottish Cup. In 1938, they lifted this


trophy, becoming the only lower league club to do so and it is


record that has stood until last year.


COMMENTATOR: This is adding spice to a great struggle. East Fife where


the first team to win the Scottish Cup and that cannot really be


equalled, so essentially, we are still hanging onto the record. As


you look around the club, it is like a museum to the history because we


are proud of our achievements. For the time, in Methil, I don't think


anything has ever happened since even before that has been quite as


take as East Fife winning the Scottish Cup. The cup final is good


value, we just have to take care of this game but the dream is there.


And that is what the Scottish Cup is all about. That is the beauty of it,


a one-off game, you have a chance to go through. We will just focus fully


on this game and not get too carried away. I must ask about the weather.


It is brutal. It will play a part today. Yes, that the beauty of the


Scottish Cup. All we ask the players is to give a good account of


themselves and when they come off the park, we have done our best to


get through to the next round. If it has not happened, it will be too


long... East Fife have a chance to get through to the last eight for


the first time in years. And they gave themselves the opportunity


thanks to one of the goals of the fourth round. I had a few people


shouting, bring the ball damn, what is he doing? If you had seen the


dressing room after the Livingston game, you would have thought we won


the cup. It is a great dressing room, the boys are 11 games unbeaten


and that his not a lot to do with me, that is to do with them. I am


obviously just glad to keep that run going. With UK is giving us extra


coverage, I can understand why because East Fife Brian Laws leak


and their current form is very good. Although our form has been good, we


obviously in a difficult position. We feel we're good enough to


progress to the cup. Hopefully we will prove that today. The


relentless swirling wind was always going to be a tough test,


particularly for goalkeepers and it very nearly helped the home side to


an opener. The comic is definitely getting a bit of wind assistance but


referee Don Robertson blowing for a foul. A battle of the elements was


turning into a battle on the field. But it was to be St Mirren who would


draw first blood. The wind again played its part. Ryan Goodfellow


tried in vain to keep it out. But nothing he could do about Cammie


Smith's final touch. The second half and East Fife came out firing. It


took some serious defending to deny Scott Robinson a leveller. But the


Euro was to turn to the villain. The wrong side of Ross Brown, penalty to


the home side, up stepped Chris Duggan, East Fife deservedly level.


Tying the St Mirren to bring on the cavalry, Lewis Morgan on as a sub on


the 20-year-old was to make quite an impact. Released by Stevie Mallon,


their one goal lead reinstated. And now, for arguably the moment of the


match, a little something special from Morgan, surely that was the


Saints through safely. But one little twist, difficult to see why


this was given from the vantage point. But up stepped Duggan, to


increase the tally. Just too little too late for the men from Methil. Be


completed very well against a team from a higher division. They


certainly did not out of place. It is about making sure we use that


frustration and take it into the league campaign. The game became


more stretched and open. They posed a greater threat but I think we


posed a threat as well as the game opened up. At half-time, they were


stressing because we... The Scottish Cup dream remains alive for St


Mirren. 30 years on since that famous victory. I think that was the


first match you ever went to? Adamant that well. Unfortunately, I


think this is the last game of the round or the cup for St Mirren.


Celtic away, you could not get a harder time. They did well with


Alloa but I just can't see St Mirren... Despite atrocious campaign


from St Mirren, they do well in the cups. They have been sensational in


the cups and I wish they would get points for those. We thought it


could be a catalyst to give them belief in the league but then they


took one point from six. Hopefully, this will give them the boost they


need. We will get to the drawing a little while. Dunfermline were at


home to Hamilton Accies. Mascot grateful for his fur coat,


conditions at East End Park a touch wintry to say the least.


COMMENTATOR: Some traffic in the box. A strong header. The referee


has given the push. It is not going to count.


A chance for Dunfermline. Paul McMullan, 1-0, beautiful finish, and


Dunfermline pounds and Hamilton are made to pay.


In behind Lewis Martin, Imre gets the touch. Talbot hits it off his


own woodwork. Quicksand! Played away and onto Imre. Trying to find a


shooting opportunity and he scores! Danny Redmond the hero and Hamilton


Accies our level. It's Danny McKinnon on the right foot. What a


save. To keep his side in the Scottish Cup. Clyde had only signed


goalkeeper Conor Quinn on Friday. He was straight into the action against


Ayr United, saving from Craig McGaughey. And it wasn't quite over.


Ayr United's Nicky Devlin with the shot off the post. Could Clyde give


us the whiff of Scottish Cup shock? They certainly could... The ball


falling to David Gormley. Clyde, 1-0 in front. And it was almost another.


Paul Tierney would come to Ayr United's rescue. Equalising in the


70th minute. Right at the death, he would come close but 18-year-old


Conor Quinn finished as he started. A few great place to get through.


Valentines night will be busy. Clyde v Ayr United, Hamilton Accies v


Dunfermline and then a week on Wednesday, let's do it all over


again, the Edinburgh derby. Let's hope it is better than today. Hibs


versus hearts at Easter Road. The draw was made at Ibrox and Alex


McLeish was there, coincidentally. That was the final tie, and this is


how it looks, the quarterfinal draw. Celtic at home to St Mirren.


Aberdeen will take on Partick Thistle. Hearts or Hibs will face a


united or Clyde. As we just saw, Rangers are at home to either


Dunfermline or Hamilton Accies. What stands out there, Michael, is all


the favourites, they are all at home, that is not fair.


Potentially three Championship sides in the semifinal.


Very well done. The left-hand side of that page will be the semifinal.


The only thing you're looking the Edinburgh derby, who will win. The


favourites all at home. Plum ties to get drawn at home against lesser


opposition. A very good opportunity for potentially the top four teams,


Hibs at the top of the Championship, to get through.


The semifinals could be very tasty, in terms of a potential shock,


Pittodrie as the place? That stands out. Or if Hamilton win


their replay, they have upset Rangers before.


I suppose Rangers in terminal at the moment -- in turmoil.


It will be a difficult game for Hamilton. Dunfermline are in a good


run of form. Not a given they will get through. Rangers, we still


expect they have enough to see themselves through to the semifinal.


And potentially somebody in place in management for that type. There is


no doubt the top teams have deftly had the best draw. They will be


looking forward to getting through to the semi.


Let us switch to the Ladbrokes Premiership, one game played, Dundee


at home to Kilmarnock. Dundee make one change to their


defence. Ojamaa once again partnering Haber.


Kilmarnock make one change. Sammon makes his first start in his second


spell for the club. Dundee sitting in tenth spot in the


table. Longstaff sending that through, Boyd. It has gone in. Boyd


scores for Kilmarnock in the ninth minute.


Whether he was trying to flick it around the goalkeeper, he didn't


need to. Gomez trying to get back on the line, couldn't keep it out. Boyd


claims his fifth goal of the season. A chance for an equaliser. Locked


away by Woodman. O'Hara, former Kilmarnock player, determined to hit


the back of the net. -- blocked away. Falling for Holt.


Dundee have equalised. A callous delivery end, the Kilmarnock defence


didn't deal with it. Woodman in goal. Didn't get anywhere near the


goal. Holt with the easiest of chances.


Hiroshi Aoyama trying his luck. He wasn't too far away with that


effort, the Estonian striker. Haber with the header. It was locked


away by Wilson. One or two Dundee fans seem to be claiming for a


penalty. A wave from Longstaff. Not a bad


effort by Ojamaa, a curling effort to pick that top corner. Too much


elevation. Kilmarnock, unbeaten in the last three visits.


McKenzie fitting that went in. Conor Sammon. Off the line. Sammon didn't


seem to get a proper connection in the shot as he tried to beat the


goalkeeper. Jones did well to get away from


Clock House In. But couldn't find an end product.


Woodman did well to stop that one. He was helped out in the end by


Dicker. A run at the Dundee defence, a fine


strike that was. McKenzie has already claimed three goals for


Kilmarnock this season. Here is a chance. We are well into


stoppage time. Try the shot. It just drifted wide of that post. It looks


as though this game is going to end all square.


I felt we were sloppy in possession, kept giving it away. They started


better than us but we came into the game 20 minutes before the first


half and had some good opportunities in the box, putting crosses in.


We have to play a lot better. I thought we were the dominant team.


They had a spell of ten minutes before half-time. We are


disappointed in that we haven't taken three points once again. Our


level of performance is really high. Playing some really good football.


The players have a lot of confidence. They are young. They


just need to change these draws into wins. They could have done with


another eight points from our performances. I have said it's about


winning, not just about playing good football. Totally about winning but


you need good football as well. Unfortunately it hasn't happened. It


gives me a lot of belief and encouragement that we can kick on


for the rest of the season. The Kilmarnock manager, a bit


downbeat but that draw suited both sides in terms of places. We will


see the table in a moment. The goal by Boyd is unorthodox.


He tries to make it round. Didn't have the pace to get there, the goal


keeper. But, you know, that is two in three for the big chap. For


Kilmarnock, unbeaten in four, they are in the top six, a good period.


It would be a point in the end. Your thoughts on this goal from Holt?


Could the defending have been better?


You heard the manager saying it is not a great goal. Disappointment to


concede in such a manner. He doesn't need to come out there. A big call


from Lee Clark to drop Jamie MacDonald. He has not come to


himself in glory. The defenders are there, the goalkeeper should let the


defenders deal with it. He should have stayed on his goal line.


Kilmarnock were the better side. Since their break, they have not


come back in good form. Kilmarnock in sixth place at the


moment, not bad. Dundee with that draw moved up a few


places, in seventh position. Both sides can take something from


that draw certainly. Next weekend, this is how Sportscene


looks, back to the Premiership. This weekend has all been about the


Scottish Cup. Can any of you see Celtic not winning the trouble this


season? I think it is possible, when you


look at the teams potentially going into the semifinal, the top four


teams in the country with a good chance to get into the semis.


Anything can happen. There was a moment of madness from the referees


and officials when that team got knocked out by Inverness. How good


they are, you would say the odds are they will do it.


Not a guarantee. A much improved Celtic side. It will take a strange


sequence of events the Celtic to be stopped.


I don't think anyone can stop them. They will win the trouble.


Should everyone give up now? That's not what I am saying. I was asked


for my opinion. I don't think anyone can stop them.


That is the thing with the Scottish Cup. This is why it has not lost


its... Quite clearly the Scottish Cup is


the best chance for a lot of teams to win a trophy. We have seen it in


the last number of years, a good changing of the winners. Going into


the quarterfinals, there are a number of teams thinking to


themselves they have a great chance of winning and getting into Europe.


It has got that qualification into Europe, a big carrot the teams to


win the Cup. No doubt Celtic are the favourites going into the next


round. It will be difficult but not a guarantee.


Clyde or Hamilton Accies? I do think either of them will win


the Cup. Thank you very much indeed. That is


it for another weekend. We are back to do it all again next weekend,


Premiership style. From all of us, good night.


I want to go and break the world land speed record


on a bike that I mainly built myself.


his fiercest competitor is always himself.


I needed to justify my self-worth as a human being.


Battle Mountain, the Graeme Obree story.


Jonathan Sutherland presents highlights from the fifth round of the Scottish Cup, including the Edinburgh derby.

Hibs met Hearts at Tynecastle at this stage last season on their way to a historic Scottish Cup triumph. On that occasion they were two goals down with ten minutes left but forced a replay thanks to a dramatic injury-time equaliser by Paul Hanlon.

Rangers are also in action today, at home to Championship side Greenock Morton.

Plus, there is a full round-up of all Saturday's action in the Scottish Cup and the best moments from the Premiership fixture between Dundee and Kilmarnock.

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