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Reports and results from the fifth round of the Scottish Cup. Today's games include Annan Athletic v Greenock Morton, Rangers v Kilmarnock and Motherwell v Inverness.

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Yes, good afternoon. Welcome to the Results Show. Thanks for tuning in


ahead of the rugby. Astronaut Tim Peake is watching in spates,


apparently. Has no-one told him he is missing out on Scottish results


and much more. Including the wisdom and wit of the guest, Pat knave


yawned Craig Pattinson. Let's have a look the scores.


Two matches tomorrow. East Kilbride against Celtic and


Hearts against Hibs. One match in the Scottish Premiership.


St Johnstone trailing Aberdeen 3-1 now.


Aberdeen go level on points at the top with Celtic should they prevail.


One match in the Scottish championships. St Mirren one up on


Queen of the South. It is all happening across the country. We


start with our rounds in the grounds.


Jo Watched for us by John Barnes. An Dean up 3-1 against St Johnstone.


Opening up the scoring was Adam Rooney with Peter Pawlett. Then


Niall McGinn tapping home after a disastrous bit of defending by St


Johnstone. Did I say Ross County were cruising


their way into the last eight? I think that I did. The first mistake.


Now to Linlithgow Rose. Let's hear what is happening.


It is Ross County, three, Linlithgow Rose, two.


An incredible run here. Here they are not giving up without a fight.


Rory McLennon who has been so important in the competition, at the


end of a wonderful slick passing move, it is now 3-2 for Ross County


with the chances of a shock still on the cards. Although having said


that, Brian Graham made it 4-2. Brian Graham, surely with the final


sale on a Ross County victory. What an effort it has been from the


junior side. Let's head to Fir Park. It is an


all-Premiership cup tie. Motherwell against Inverness. Good afternoon to


Connie McLoughlin. Yes it is all square into the


bargain. 1-1 Motherwell against Inverness. A McMannan own goal,


cancelled out in the second. McDonald, and then Storey scoring


one a piece. It is 1-1. And to now to Chris.


It is something of a wash-out, the game. Dundee United versus Partick


Thistle. United beginning to turn the screw. It is 0-0.


And now to Morton for the championships, it sounds like a job


for Charlie Mann. Annan well beaten by Morton. Morton


professional. Two goals in each half. One by Joe McKee. Then a


little bit of hope for Annan with a goal by Flynn. But then Morton are


now in the finals already. Dumbarton are at home to Dundee.


Nick Ross hit the post. But generally, the Suns have done well.


But still 0-0. Let's head to the paisley 2021


Stadium. That is where St Mirren play at home to Queen of the South.


And they have a 1-0 lead, St Mirren. Mallan's kick in the first half. A


the Queen of the South push to try to get a goal to get a point to push


them into the top four. Never mind Tim Peake, this is like


Twin Peaks! So, let's start off with the one match. Aberdeen, 3-1 up away


to St Johnstone in stark contrast to the last encounter? A 5-5 home


defeat, when he lost against Celtic. But they have come back and how they


have come back. A win today could take them level.


A lot of people expected an away victory. But St Johnstone have


struggled. The league form has gone. They are out of both cups. O'


Halloran has been sold, Dave McKay has been injured. It will be heart


to get St Johnstone back on track. Now, there is no real surprise,


although, Linlithgow Rose putting up a credible showing against Ross


County? They have played very well. Playing the ball well. The goals


have been super as well. Maybe a surprise, maybe the problem for


Kilmarnock, at the moment, though, Dumbarton and Dundee. It is one if


Dundee can get the draw, that could get them back up.


They would go home happy. At Perth there has been a goal.


Adam Rooney claiming his second of the afternoon in the 77th minute.


Shrugging aside two defenders closing them down. A left foot shot


from nine yards on an angle. It dereceived the goalkeeper Alan


Mannus and rolled into the back of the net. St Johnstone, one,


Aberdeen, four. Maybe Aberdeen are repaying them for the 5-1 win


against the Dons this season. The Aberdeen players restoring


parity. Making it 5-1, to give them a taste of their medicine. If only


it worked that way. You have one or two other things on your mind, ie


winning the game. Don't do anything stupid. But a good win, four, maybe


five, the confidence surges through. Everyone will continue to ask


questions of Aberdeen. Even if they win this game today, it will be the


next one, the next one and the next one. But they have done a great run.


Two great runs this season. Although the manager, Derek is saying maybe


we can't win... Do you think he is saying that to the player, Pat? No.


It is interesting. I draw a parallel to Leicester. He is trying to keep


them calm. Relax bad it. Don't worry about it. Don't go psychedelic about


it. Just enjoy yourself and play. You know a what, that is often when


you play best. That is what he is trying to do. To almost, in a


strange way, to keep their minds off it. Easier said than done.


And on Barnes, could this be a fifth for Aberdeen or a second for St


Johnstone. It is a second for St Johnstone. A


corner kick from the right-hand side. Slung in by Liam Craig. Then


Stevie Anderson outjumping everyone to hit it in the net. Thank you very


much. Thank you for not going psychedelic on us! Against, the


Scottish Cup, the fifth round started at lunch time. Rangers, the


leaders, are at home to Rangers. As I mentioned, it finished,


Rangers, nil, Kilmarnock, nil. On the face of it, a better result for


Kilmarnock than Rangers? Yes. The way that the game went, I thought


that Kilmarnock started well. Rangers ground into the game.


Passing the ball, dominating territory. Possession. Rangers


hitting the woodwork. James Tavern, Danny Wilson and a shot with a


header. Craig Slater was unlucky, his shot hit the head of the Rangers


goalkeeper and then went wide. But Rangers dominated the game. Probably


the better chances. But the Kilmarnock side battled. They were


really good. They get another chance at Rugby Park.


Does it swing the balance in favour of Kilmarnock? Maybe not? I would


say that Rangers were the favourite for this one. But Lee McCulloch,


what a lovely period for him. He steadies it with a clean sheet. .


Although Rangers missed a few chances they worked hard. They were


organised. I think that Lee McCulloch, that was the game plan


from the start. They have to have been lucky to get through but they


are not out of it. That is the argument. They will have more of the


game when they go down to Kilmarnock.


What about Linlithgow Rose? Let's find out. We are back to Dingwall.


Ross County against Linlithgow Rose. Let's hear from Scott Davy.


Into the last five minutes. The Linlithgow Rose supporters who


travelled up can be proud of not only the effort that the players put


in but some of the play that was produced. The first junior club to


reach this stage of the competition, the last 16 of the Scottish Cup.


They have shown real spirit and skill as well and caused problems


for the team who remember just last weekend defeated Celtic at Hampden


to reach the League Cup final. The manager saying before the game that


they really needed to be focussed, concentrated and do a professional


job. Paul Quinn his second goal in two games. Heading them into the


early lead. Ross County's full-time training looked decisive in terms of


the quality from the set pieces. By halve it was level and deservedly


so. On the balance of play, Ross County finding it difficult to get a


fluency into the play. But a bizarre own goal from Jamie Reckord. The


ball hit Jamie Reckord and swung into the goal. Within seven or eight


minutes into the start of the second half, Ross County had upped their


game, imagine that there would have been stiff words. Brian Graham


taking advantage of the set piece, waysing one home and then Schalk,


making it 3-1. It looked over there. But then a wonderful goal with


MacLennan getting a fourth goal for his competition for Linlithgow Rose


but then Brian Graham spoiling that with his second to make it four with


a fine shot from the edge of the box to make it 4-2.


Well, Chris music Loughlin was desperate for a goal.


Chris, tell us about it. The home fans on their feet. A


stunning goal from the substitute, Scot Fraser. The ball finding Fraser


on the edge of the box. Turned his body, shot with the left foot and


curled it past the keeper into the back of the net. 1-0 with five


minutes remaining. Let's hear from Connie, she is


watching Motherwell against Inverness.


Really, on the balance of play, you would have to say that Motherwell


should be in the lead. It is now 1-1.


It was in the first half. A goal hit the post it should have been a goal


by the Australian striker but kept out.


It looked like Miles stow Storey had taken the lead but then Steven


McManus got a final touch. He then atoned for that mistake to


assist Scot McDonald to bring them level after 60 minutes. The fans


frustrated as they could see that the match could be won. They tried


to push forward. Great efforts. But 87 minutes on the clock. The fans


excited. They can see that there is potential for this to be won and a


place in the quarter-finals for the prize at the end of the match.


The fans getting excited there. I wonder if there is anything to get


excited about in Dumbarton, Kenny? I am keeping NI on this pitch, which


is cutting up badly. It was quite soggy before kick-off. The game went


ahead but as the game has worn on it is producing divots everywhere. The


best chance of the match came to Dundee after five minutes, Nick Ross


hitting the post. Dumbarton's secret weapon is Doherty, who has scored 20


goals from corners so far this season. The only problem is, he


hasn't had a chance to hit one here today. Still goalless with a few


minutes left. Sandra Brown is an championship duty this afternoon,


watching St Mirren against Queen of the South. Into the final five


minutes here. Queen of the South had a few half chances earlier on, but


St Mirren took the lead in the first half when a soft free kick was


awarded 19 yards out. Mallan curled a beautiful right footed shot past


Thompson into the net. Almost made it 2-0 after Queens's keeper was


lucky to stay on the pitch. He handled the ball out side the box.


Given a yellow card. Russell almost levelled a few minutes before the


break but his shot say. Langford again with another two terrific


saves to deny Picard on both occasions. After that Conroy, the


substitute came on, he hit a free kick and that came off the top of


the crossbar. Queen is pushing to get something from this game, trying


to get themselves into the top Legion d'Honneur place. At the


moment St Mirren are hanging on. -- into the top four places. Lots


happening. Dundee United 's leading Partick Thistle 1-0. Pat, you are


saying it is Rob Austin counter? That would be kind. Probably about


seven or eight challenges where you turned away from. They have been


handling each other. At times more like an ice hockey game. The


referee, to give him his credit, has let the game go on a bit. He has had


to produce a yellow card a couple of times but it is a classic cup tie.


They are going for it. Someone is going for it at Fir Park Stadium. It


had been coming but it looks like it was going to come for the home side,


but this his goal from the visitors. The visitors. At excellent goal from


25 yards out from Roberts, a right footed strike into the bottom of the


net. The home fans stunned, they are on their way to the exit. 1-2. That


is a sore one, back-up exit. 25 years since he lifted the cup? There


are all sorts of things going on around it, which is fabulous, but


you would love the team still to be on the condition and hope to do it


again. Looks like they are out. Two away wins so far this season,


looking like it might go that way again. If you look at the form,


Motherwell have been struggling in recent weeks. Cali Thistle have been


on a good run, so not a big surprise. Stories brewing all over


the country. St Johnstone against Aberdeen, John Barnes, a thrilling


finish? Yes. It is now St Johnstone three, Aberdeen four. A little bit


of stoppage time to be added here. I wonder if the Aberdeen nerves


jangling. I bet they are! What you make of that? Even John couldn't


believe it. You know what the game means, three points, level with


Celtic, you had a great week and managed to beat the leaders to close


the gap. You have a chance to level. Everything in the garden looks rosy


and then a couple of goals, only 4-3. If St Johnstone can get one set


piece, a ball in the box, there will be panic stations. Did you say


everything in the garden is rosy? That would take us to Victoria Park.


Ross County running out winners over Linlithgow. The last junior side in


the condition, the first junior side to get do the last 16. It is all


over, back-up dream is over. Scott Davie will give us a blow by blow


account of how it ended. Hopefully he will... No, he's not going to


talk. The excitement is far too much for him. We will do it. Ross County


4-2 Linlithgow. Flying the flag for the juniors. They got to the last 16


and they have done remarkably well. Yes, played really well. Got the


ball on the deck. Their second goal was a great goal, really worth


watching tonight. I was too busy talking to see it. Don't worry, you


will see it. We said this right at the start of the game, they had one


weakness which was really obvious in the game. They were able to defend


corners and free kicks, particularly anything from wide into the box was


a massive problem for them. We can hear from Scott Davie. Whatever


gremlin was in the system has been eradicated. I think I was speechless


as Jim McIntyre was at half-time when his side were level with


Linlithgow. Paul Quinn scoring his second goal in two games since


returning from Aberdeen. The captain of the club today. The junior side


had difficulties dealing with set pieces in the box all day. It was


exploited that. By half-time they were level. A bizarre own goal from


Jamie Reckford, was booked in the first half. An attempted parents


came back and spun off Jamie Reckford into the net. Ross County


certainly didn't do what Jim McIntyre was suggesting they should


do, which was focused from the get go against their junior opponents.


More focus in the start of the second half and raced into what


looked like a comfortable lead. Brian Graham with his sixth goal of


the season from a corner played in. A powerful header. Another header on


63 minutes, Alex Schalk put the ball in the roof of the net. Linlithgow


Rose showed tenacity throughout this competition. In the 75th minute,


lovely slick passing movement. Ruari MacLennan in for a goal. A little


bit of doubt in the mind of Ross County players. The ball at the edge


of the penalty area and they put it in the back of the net. Limits go


Rose players taking a standing ovation. -- Linlithgow Rose players.


Though this cup might be over, they have a big Scottish Junior cup tie


to look forward to. As far as Ross County are concerned, in one cup


final already and just another couple of games away from another


cup season after a 4-2 win. Not speechless for long! Connie


McLaughlin has lots to talk about, Motherwell and Inverness. It


finished with a win for the cup holders.


Yes, only one place to start, a late winner for Inverness. It broke


Motherwell's Hearts. They have been playing the best of the football and


should have been ahead after 37 minutes, but it went over the bar.


Cali Thistle took advantage of the counterattack and surged up the


other end. Motherwell defender Stephen McManus bundled it across


the line. It looks like it was Miles Storey, but it looks like McManus


got the final touch for an own goal. In the second half the home side


piled on the pressure. The home fans grew frustrated. They levelled


things. Scott McDonald got on the end of McManus's header. Trying to


atone for his earlier mistake with the Mrs. Some slack passing and no


precision finishing let the home side down. 91 minutes on the clock,


Jordan Roberts stunned the home fans with a wonder strike from 25 yards


out and handed Inverness a place in the quarterfinals of the Scottish


Cup. It finished here at Fir Park Stadium 1-2. The stadium announcer


playing always look on the bright side of life to cheer up the


Motherwell fans. The fans at Tannadice Stadium don't need to ring


up, through to the final eight. Dundee United heading through thanks


to the late effort from Scott Fraser. Not much between the sides


in a dreary match. The first half started brightly. Sean Welsh had a


couple of long-range efforts, the second of which was spilled by the


keeper before being swept to safety. As the rain started, the foot. Full


passes were misplaced, shots wavered and niggling fouls persisted. Both


sides pushed for a winner as the clock ticked down. Scott Fraser had


a decent shot saved them with five minutes to go he found space on the


right-hand side of the box and curled in great strike, low past the


goalkeeper. Back to back wins the Dundee United and Scottish Cup


success. Crisis, what crisis? 1-0. Full-time at McDiarmid Park in the


match between St Johnstone and Aberdeen. A real thrill for John


Barnes to describe. 3-4. Aberdeen maintained their title challenge to


move level on points with Celtic after a hard-fought victory here at


McDiarmid Park. Adam Rooney and Peter Pawlett had given the Dons a


half-time 2-0 lead. But they pulled one back seven minutes into the


second period. Niall McGinn stretch the lead before Adam Rooney added


his second of the afternoon to make it 4-1. A late rally from St


Johnstone, Stevie Anderson with a header. That pulled the Saints back


into it to make it 4-3 to the Dons. Saints rallied but could not find an


equaliser and it finished victorious for Derek McInnis's side. Thank you.


Charlie Mann was watching the Scottish Cup match between Annan


Athletic and Morton. A comfortable win for Morton. Very much. 4-1 the


champion side have won this. Always in control. The 4-1 scoreline is no


reflection on their dominance of the game. A hat-trick from McCluskey,


one goal from Joe McKee. A little bit of a consolation from Matt


Flynn, with a header on 71 minutes. It was McCluskey on 21 minutes to


set Morton on their way. Joe McKee scored on 45. McCluskey got another


in the 66 and finished his hat-trick and got his sixth goal of the season


on 68 minutes. Total dominance for Morton. Before this game they had


only won one game in six, against Livingston in the last round of the


cup. Morton enjoy the cup, they have enjoyed thereafter known and they


are into the quarterfinal. Thank you. Kenny Crawford, if you recall


he was watching Dumbarton against Dundee in the Scottish Cup. Yes, the


Cheaper Insurance Direct Stadium. It finished 0-0. I have not seen 22


players so keen to get off the pitch for a while. It was cold, wet and


windy and the pitch was cutting up and it was not a great game. The


best chance of the game fell to Nick Ross early on, five minutes in, set


up by Greg Stewart. He had a shot that hit the post. From then on


Dundee had some shooting practice for the first 10-15 minutes but then


Dumbarton gradually came into the game and competed well. Their spirit


was summed up by a brilliant goal-line clearance by Doherty. And


from there on in it was very scrappy and both teams will sort it out over


a replay. It was 0-0. Thank you. Sandra Brown was next, watching the


championship match, the only match in the championship this afternoon


between St Mirren and Queen of the South. How did it finished? It


finished 1-0. St Mirren will take the three points in the first of


these back-to-back meetings. Queens had the best of the chances early


on. Hutton all had -- had a half chance. Saints took the lead midway


through the first half. A soft free kick, but nothing soft about the


goal. Mallan curling a beautiful right footed shot past the


goalkeeper. The Queens keeper lucky to stay on the pitch after handling


the ball outside the area. Langfield polled more saves off to deny them


scoring. They couldn't find an equaliser, so they have missed the


chance to move into the top four. Saints claimed their second home win


of the season in the space of two weeks. It finished 1-0. St Mirren 24


point off third but only four off a play-off spot. That seems


remarkable. That is the joy of the play-offs. It keeps everyone


interested. They have a chance. Put a little run together... I have to


say, I hadn't realised that until I do is look to it there. Incredible,


that they could get that close. No shocks in the Scottish Cup today.


Dumbarton pulling off a good result at home to Dundee, 0-0. One would


say probably Dundee will go through. Dumbarton, extra money, it is a


chance, you go there and you can play with a bit of freedom and go


for it. Dundee are a team always look like scoring goals. Greg


Stewart is always a danger. I think that Homer, Dundee will be too


strong but you can never tell in the cup. Probably the player of the


round so far, McCluskey. A hat-trick.


It is a good team playing there. To get a hat-trick in the Scottish Cup


is fantastic. And this round. That is a big win. They can look forward


to the draw. Desperate for a home win. But if you have scored a


hat-trick, you must be thinking, give me the next game. Let's play


right away. And a Chas and Dave style knees up


planned if they won. I think that they deserve a party? I think when


you look at how they played, they went to Ross County to play, not to


park the bus. Interesting, speaking to a player,


he said that the manager had not told them the tactics, he thought it


would be to defend? But it is the first time a junior team have


reached the stage of the competition. Don't go out with


regrets. If there is not a lot of chance to win the game, have a bash.


If you are going down early, then defend and that is probably what


opened up the game. Thank you very much, against. Now


for today's classified results roundup. I thought a fourth official


was on strike then! The William Hill Scottish Cup.


Two matches tomorrow, East Kilbride against #1e89ic and -- Hearts


Hearts. One match in the Premiership.


Ripe with significance. Aberdeen level on points with Celtic at the


top after a 4-3 win away to St Johnstone. Celtic have a game in


hand and a superior goal difference. In the championship.


Look at that at the top of the Barclays English Premier League.


Leicester City. A good win for Aston Villa. Four


points behind Sunderland at the foot of the table.


Right to the big story in England this afternoon it was the top two in


action at the Etihad Stadium, Manchester City against Leicester.


Let's find out how it finished. It is exciting.


A 15th Premier League win of the season for Leicester.


The first for Manchester City since 2003.


Leicester in charge from the first. Huth with a goal in three minutes.


And they could have added to that but Manchester City had possession


but they could not take from it. Huth added a third, yet another


impressive performance by Leicester City, who is beaten Manchester City


by 3-1. And now for this one Tottenham


against Watford. Tottenham Hotspur are second in the


league table. I will be speaking to Mauricio Pochettino shortly. He will


have to answer the question: Are you title contenders. Tottenham by far


the better contenders. Spurs treated Watford like a badly creased shirt,


they kept pressing. After the hour mark, Kieron Trippier was on hand to


divert home. Watford created little. Tottenham were deserved winners.


Pat is beaming from ear-to-ear. I am not sure if it is for the result of


this match. Stoke against Everton. They scored three in the first half.


They could have had another three in the second.


Lukaku converted a penalty for the 20th of the season. Coleman headed a


second. And then a sloppy pass that Aaron


Lennon sprint through to finish off. There were clear chances in the


second half. The final whistle met with booing by the Stoke City


supporters. Stoke have won just one league game in seven, scoring four,


conceding 12. And Liverpool were at home to


Sunderland. Well, this finished 2-2. This was


really weird. The opening 60 minutes was as bad as you would have seen.


Then Liverpool were in front. In terms of possession, they deserved


to lead. A rush of shots could have added to the lead, then Lallana


added a second goal after Oliveiria. The was half full when Johnson


scored for Sunderland and then two minutes from the end Defoe scored a


second to get a point that Sunderland did not deserve.


Now let's find out what happened at Aston Villa against Norwich City.


Aston Villa, two. Lescott with a header before the half-time whistle.


Agbonlahor with his first goal since March. Then Villa in double figures


for goals scored at home. Chances cleared off the line for Norwich.


But worrying times for them. A fifth straight Premier League defeat. It


begs the question, could this be a championship fixture next season.


Against, what is happening down south.


Pat, where do you want to start? The bottom or the top? The bottom is


interesting. But to be fair the story is Leicester. It is


extraordinary. They keep on going and going. You can't now say that


they won't do it. Every week, Pat, on this show, I ask


the experts who is going to win the title down there, everyone goes for


Manchester City. I wonder if things with you, gentlemen, may have


changed after that result? I'm going for Spurs now! Honestly, you have to


be foolish to guess the Premier League. It is madness. The teams are


great. Everton winning 3-0. I don't have a problem with that.


They easily have a good enough score to anybody the top four. Leicester,


no-one read this at all. Even six months ago. But they keep doing it.


The thing about Leicester, we keep on about this, there is the depth in


the squad. They can afford a few. They have up front good enough


players to come in. No-one else is putting them under pressure. They


definitely can win this. Craig, I was reading Manchester


City, ?230 million, the team cost. Leicester City, one of free


transfers, 5,000-1 you were getting for them to win at the start of the


season. I wish I had put a few bob on that. Ran air Ranieri came in. I


liked him but I did not think he would be championship material. But


they have kept going. Vardy, Mahrez. They are wonderful. Ego for


Manchester. I this that the money talks. If you have enough good


players you will be on top. But I would love to see spirit and the


things that Leicester City have going for them to prove me wrong,


that money does not make a difference. But I still think that


City may catch them. I hope not. Money talks? Well, a goal to nil


here at this game. Partick Thistle.


A good fight. All credit to our defence. We defended soldiedly.


Looking dangerous. Happy with the 1-0 victory.


It was not pretty, it swung end to end? It was a fighting performance.


Both teams. Surprised, really. But hoping that one or two players would


have been a little calmer. With their foot on the ball, been a


little more patient instead of that very quick football, as we often


say. But no, it was a fighting performance. Lots of running, effort


from the boys and attitude. The same as in the Kilmarnock game a couple


of weeks ago. The attitude is important. That is spot on.


Scot Fraser made a huge difference when he came on? Scott is a great


player. He is a goalscorer. He got the opportunity. He took it.


Slighted, imagine, and you are beginning to build momentum? I would


not say that yet. A couple of victories but yes, if we keep these


lines we can put pressure on the teams above us. But delighted with


the next round of the cup. Looking forward to Monday.


Two wins on the spin. He smiled at the beginning but not getting


carried away? No, the job is to get from the foot of that table. They


had to give themselves a fighting chance. Now follow that up with a


Cup win. You are looking forward to the draw. The next two league games


are Motherwell and Hamilton. Two of the teams in the bottom six. If he


can make it a four match winning run, then they will close on the


teams above. Then the pressure grows. But the Cup is good. That is


a break from the league. But a must for United to pick up win after win.


If they close the gap, you never know. Leicester did it down south.


Ross County did it here. Anything can happen. They have stopped


shipping goals? We talk about it being a robust performance by both


sides. His first answers, he spoke about fight both times. He meant in


the fighting spirit. You need that in the bottom league. He will be


pleased with that. He loved the fact he is through to the next round. But


you cannot get out of the position without that fight and fighting


spirit. They are through. As are Ross


County. We can hear from their manager, Jim McIntyre.


We spoke before the game entered you had to be switched on from the start


and it would be a tough game, and it out that way? Yes, scoring an early


goal... I felt we were really sloppy in possession of the ball. We didn't


move it quick enough. We invited pressure, but great credit goes to


Linlithgow. I think they were fantastic. It was a really poor


first goal for us to concede. We have to do far better there.


Sometimes when you make five and six changes and things go OK... But it


didn't today, and it disrupted us. But I don't want to take anything


away from them, because they brought a level of performance here today,


and were well set up. They scored a good second goal as well for the


credit to them. A bit of relief to everybody concerned when Brian


Graham got the goal so quickly. No nervy last ten minutes or so?


Definitely. Goals change games. When they go 3-2 you think, here we go.


But luckily for us it was a good quality goal from us and Brian put


it away. That just relieved the little bit of pressure and we were


able to see the game out quite comfortably from there. I would say


he is relieved rather than happy? Yes, I would say so. I think maybe


slightly surprised at the quality they played against today, because


it is a team that came to play good football. They were open. He talked


about the opposition's good play and the second goal. It was a nice


second goal but he would have been fuming if they even had a draw in


that game and it was possibly on the cards when you go back to 3-2. But


the quality and the set pieces eventually saw them through. Two cup


ties still to be played this weekend, the first of which is an


Edinburgh derby. The only one this season. You will be able to listen


to live coverage of Hearts against Hibernian tomorrow. You can see


highlights on television tomorrow night. Let's have a look at Hearts


got through the fourth round. Do you remember this from last month? A 1-0


win against Aberdeen. No easy feat. Karen Patterson with a corner. They


are much more than just physical, but they use the physical prowess


for many two. That led to the goal. They will take great confidence from


that win. But Hibs will take great confidence from the last appearance


at Tynecastle which was not against Hearts but St Johnstone, lastly, 2-1


winners in the semi. Chips down in the semifinal, winner takes all.


This Hibs side proves they have the mettle for the situation. They


knocked out qualities and Johnstone side, St Johnstone came back into it


with a really good header. I thought, now Hibs can prove to


everybody, if they can come through this. John MacKinnon scores are


wonderful winner. Cup final to look forward to, but they won't be


looking by this game tomorrow. It is Edinburgh's biggest fixture and the


one that hurts when you lose. I am hoping you can both be as


professional as I know you are. Leaving personal leanings aside, I


know you both lean towards Hibs. Pat , what is your feeling? The


favourites are Hearts, because it is a home game for them. But there is


so little in it. The styles are different in the two sides. Makes


intriguing. Yes, and both teams and really good form. I think it will be


a classic Edinburgh derby. If we say Hibs are slight underdogs, is only


slight. I don't think it's like a team at the top of the SPF fell


against a championship team. Robin Elsom thinks Hearts have the edge


because they are playing Premiership opposition week in and week out?


That is possibly true, but Hibs in great form, one defeat in 19. If


they can oppose impose their passing style, then they can get something.


They do have that firepower. If you have it, you'd use it. Anthony


Stokes has come in and scored on his first couple of matches. His fitness


might not be quite fair, but he is a real threat. Jason Cummings provide


the same. Strong in midfield. Hibs have two defend set pieces well. If


Hibs can deal with it, they will be halfway there. Before I move on and


I bother you both with the prediction? I think Hibs. Do you beg


to differ? I do think it is probably the odd goal for Hearts stop I don't


want that to happen... An interesting balance, thank you. To


the other tie taking place tomorrow, never mind David against Goliath


this is like David against the little brother against the liars and


the whole gang. East Kilbride against Celtic. You can watch it


live on BBC One from 2:45pm. Our Celtic fans thinking the


unthinkable? I don't think so. But they have lost their last two


matches, first against Ross County in the League Cup semifinal on


Sunday. To be honest they started the game so well. They got this


goal, Leigh Griffiths laser on a plate for Gary Mackay-Steven. They


had another couple of chances and it looks like it was then be Celtic all


day long. Then this happened and completely change the game. Efe


Ambrose runs into the player, a penalty kick and a red card. Ross


County equalised. A terrific spot kick. After that they use the extra


man and went on to win the game. Well done Ross County, but Celtic


will think it was a case of what might have been. That corner kick,


two blocks and Craig Gordon was held as well. Using good blocks again to


score from corner kicks today. That is something they work very hard on


and is very impressive. It is not negative. Some people, when I talk


about scoring from set pieces, that is a positive, that is how a lot of


goals are scored. The start of a bad week for Celtic and it went from bad


to worse. At Pittodrie they lost 2-1 to Aberdeen. Looking to bounce back


and open a gap at the top of the league again and take some pressure


off the manager, but what a wonderful goal from Jonny Hayes.


Certainly nothing wrong with his left leg, and magnificent effort.


Then Simon Church, just brought in, helped himself to a goal. Celtic did


come back and get one late on but that was a must win for Aberdeen and


a massive boost to their confidence, the fact they came through that test


with flying colours. A strange week for Celtic. League Cup, Premiership,


and now the Scottish Cup against East Kilbride. They have only been


going for about six years. Is this the kind of Mac Ronny Deila would


want? There is another knock as well, with the fact Aberdeen won


today, so they have gone level on points at the top. That is another


thing that will play in the back of their minds. It won't affect them in


this game against East Kilbride. It should be how many they win by. That


isn't in no way offensive to East Kilbride, it isn't, but Celtic... It


is a minimum of three or four they should win by. That is partially


dependent on a couple of things, what sort of team Ronny Deila you


will put out. What sort of team will he put out? If it was me, the


strongest team you can put out there. If you put out a weak team


there isn't any hiding place. You better go out there and win this


game. Go and win the game first and then if you want to make a couple of


changes in the second half, that is absolutely fine. Do not take any


chances. Mad things can happen. We just watched Linlithgow play really


well. Do you think Ronnie Delia will not be resting too many first-team


players tomorrow? I don't think so. If you have won the last couple of


games you can do what you like, no pressure. But it is a must win game.


He has enough players in reserve and should be able to beat East Kilbride


but I don't think you will take any chances. If they are right on the


game, East Kilbride can make it difficult. I'm not saying they can


win, I think Celtic will win at a canter. Celtic under pressure but


East Kilbride had all the pressure in the last round when they played


Lothian Thistle. I was at the game and enjoyed it thoroughly fostered a


great goal here from Jack Smith early on in the match. This was


their big game, wasn't it? Yes, just to get to this round. It was a


fantastic achievement. The money they make from this game against


Celtic will be fabulous. A great day out for the East Kilbride fans.


Fabulous that the players to play against some of their heroes, but


they have to go into that game tomorrow, forget your heroes, you


have go and try and knock Celtic of their game. You have to take


advantage. You have the advantage of the surface, artificial surface.


East Kilbride will have levels of adrenaline they have never known


before. They have to get their faces in the Celtic players, put them in


their -- on the back foot. They will make it hard for Celtic. We can hear


from the East Kilbride chairman. We will hear what he thinks about my's


game. It is great. I think there is a whole excitement about the whole


town. That is all the topic is at the moment, Celtic and East


Kilbride. It will be a great day for everyone at the club. They feel like


superstars at the moment, living the dream. Is the chairman living the


dream? Very much so, fantastic. They are very much living the dream. The


epitome of the very tale -- fairy tale cup. Yes, they have done really


well to get this far. Can you imagine if you are an East Kilbride


player tonight, trying to get some sleep and forehand Chris Wright you


will be tossing and turning in your bed and trying to do all the right


things, eating everything right, trying to get yourself... If you


walk on that park tomorrow you can be 2-0 after a few minutes and it


can turn into a bit of a nightmare. I hope they really try hard to give


the best they are capable of. That is all they can do.


I think folks it's almost time for us to slip


Before we do we can all ruminate over these results:


The cup holders are safely through. A late goal for them in the match


against Motherwell. Rangers, Nick will have to do it all again in a


replay on Tuesday. Ross County through by virtue of a 4-2 win at


home. In the Premiership, just one game


today. The big one for Aberdeen, now level on points at the top.


Congratulations to them. One match in the championship, St Mirren


winning 1-0. Now here's something


to look forward to - and you don't have


to wait that long. Highlights of all today's Cup ties


at 10.30pm on BBC One He's back tomorrow night with more


Scottish Cuppery and SPFL action too The Results show is back


in our Six Nations enforced bolt hole


on BBC two next week at 4.30pm. And in a couple of minutes


on BBC Radio Scotland - it's Stuart and Tam's unmissable Off


the Ball Saturday Supplement. You can give them a call


on 0500 92 55 00. That's it. Thank you to our guests.


See you later, folks. Then get involved


in Sport Relief 2016 and walk, run, swim or cycle


yourself proud at an event near you.


Introduced by David Currie.

Reports and results from around the country from the fifth round of the Scottish Cup. As the competition reaches the last 16, there will be dreams of running out of the Hampden tunnel in May for the season's showpiece final.

Annan Athletic from League Two, who provided the shock of the last round when they knocked Hamilton out, take on Greenock Morton at Galabank. In the lunch-time kick-off, Rangers take on Kilmarnock at Ibrox.

Elsewhere, there are all-Premiership ties at Fir Park and Tannadice - Motherwell play holders Inverness, and Dundee Utd face Partick Thistle, hoping the cup will give them some respite from their poor league form. Plus a preview of Sunday's two big matches as Hearts prepare to play Edinburgh rivals Hibs and East Kilbride gear up for the visit of Glasgow giants Celtic.

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