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Live coverage of Hibernian v Inverness Caledonian Thistle in the Scottish Cup quarter-final from Easter Road, Edinburgh. Liam McLeod and Craig Paterson commentate. Kick-off at 2pm.

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Hello, good evening and welcome to Sportscene. It's unbelievable,


unbelievable! It's a spectacular goal in the Derby. That shot is an


unbelievable! It's a spectacular absolute beauty! Is this a bit of


history? It is! This is history, Highland history.


Success and failure draw their own images. Here two teams on the long


journey to the place where neither are strangers. Hibernian wait for


Scottish Cup success, at least 112 years. A team from the capital


looking for a chance to erase the hurt from the past. And from the


Highlands, the champions. Sensational! Sculpted success still


fresh in their minds. One club hoping for a great repeat. The other


for liberation from heart-break. Unbelievable! Hibernian snatched it!


The picture will soon be complete. The drawing later on today will be


for the semifinals of the William Hill Scottish Cup. Rangers and


Dundee United are already there. Two places in the last four still


available. One of them can be settled right here at Easter Road.


It is the League Cup finalists against the Scottish Cup holders. It


is Hibernian against Inverness Caledonian Thistle to give them


their Sunday names, and it is live here on the BBC. Shy say at this


point if you are a cycling fan and you don't want to be saddled with


us, the World Track Championships are available for you on the Red


Button from 2 o'clock. Otherwise it is eyes down for the continuing


story of the Scottish Cup quarterfinal weekend. At half-time


story of the Scottish Cup we'll show you nine goals scored


yesterday in the first two quarterfinals in Ibrox and Dingwall.


The third quarterfinal has just about finished at Celtic Park.


Ronnie Deila's team will be in the draw at a quarter to five today in


the semifinals of the competition. They are 3-0 up, with Mackay Steven.


There've been highs and lows for Hibs in the past few weeks. This was


a high for them. 2-2 in the Derby at Tynecastle. 1-0 Hibs in the replay.


Jason Cummings scored the only goal here. But since then three defeats


on the bounce in the championship against Morton, against Dumbarton.


This is at Palmerston against Queen of the South. Inverness Caledonian


Thistle are the Scottish Cup holders. They kept their defence on


track with a late winner, a spectacular winner at Fir Park from


Patrick ctacular winner at Fir Park Patrick ctacular winner at Fir Park


-- from Jordon Roberts. A howler from Tansey contributing to a 2-0


win for Hearts. As for Inverness, it leaves them five points off second


bottom place. At the end of the season, second bottom place in the


Premiership will mean the relegation play-offs. Inverness Caledonian


Thistle do not want to be there, play-offs. Inverness Caledonian


that's for sure. Willie, they are unpredictable, you are never sure


what you are going to get from Inverness. Absolutely. They are a


strong side. They are a side that like to play football. They maybe


overplay the ball at times. They don't score a lot of goals. It


hasn't been a great season for them. But they are the holders of the cup.


They've got the experience of last year behind them and they are more


than capable of coming away with a year behind them and they are more


victory. But I think it is going to be a really tight game. It has


finished 3-0. Celtic against Morton. What effect, Michael, do the three


defeats in a week have on Hibs? It will have some effect on the


mentality and the psyche of the Hibs team. I've spoken about it myself in


terms of the atmosphere that's been around this place for a number of


years, and the great work that Alan Stubbs has done to eradicate that.


To a certain degree, the negativity, the fragility. But on the back of


three defeats like that, such a contrast to the rest of the season,


it will have shocked the players a little bit. And the supporters as


well. It is a really big game today to try to put a stop to that.


Especially with such a big game next week for Hibs as well. I see this


game as being vital for that. The league, Alan Stubbs has said this


himself, they are going to win the league and they've got the play-offs


to look forward to. In playing towards keeping that winning


mentality going into the play-offs at the end of the season. A lot of


interest then on what Alan Stubbs' team selection was going to be. He's


made three changes from Tuesday night in Dumfries. Top scorer Jason


Cummings is suspended, so are Paul Hanlon and Marvin Bartley. Martin


Boyle drops the bench. Incoming Kevin Thomson.


Let's hear from the two managers. Alan, I know you have some


suspensions to deal with but that still looks like a pretty strong


side. Yes, it does. Obviously we've known about the suspensions for a


few weeks now and the players coming in, I'm pretty sure they'll do just


as good a job as the ones that we are missing today. It is a massive


week coming up for you. I wonder, given what's been happening in the


league, if psychologically today could be about more than Scottish


Cup progression. I wouldn't think so. Obviously today is important. It


is a cup game. It's the most prestigious competition in Scotland.


It's one that we want to do really well in. But I've got to say it's


the same priority as other games. We want to do well in every game. We've


had a disappointing week, considering our standards, but since


the start of the season, it's the first time I've said. That I think


that tells you how well we've done. Today is another chance to try and


progress in the competition. John, it is a pretty settled starting XI.


You have faith in these guys don't you? Yes, I trust them. We've


prepared the game as best we canment hopefully we can plenty the stuff


we've worked on. What must you do right today? Score a goal, keep a


clean sheet. That's it, honestly. It will be a lively game. They are two


good football teams and we have to express ourselves. We are at our


best when we are underdogs. When the boys run out for kick-off, I'm sure


that will galvanise us and inspire you. If we go on the ball and pass


it I think we can give Hibs a right good game and give them a hard time


off it. We've got to get the ball in the back of the net. After the


Hearts game some of the stuff was really good. All the work has been


done on better movement and bodies getting in the box. Hopefully that's


the case we'll get plenty of the ball, plenty of supply and hopefully


somebody takes a chance. John, good luck. Thank you. Three places


already taken in the Scottish Cup semifinals. Earlier today Celtic


against Morton. Celtic comfortably into the Scottish


Cup semifinals this afternoon. They never looked in any danger of losing


out to Jim Duffy's side, who fell behind in 14th minute following a


mistake by Thomas O'Ware which was punished by Leigh Griffiths scoring


his 34th goal of the season. After that, Celtic were well on top. .


Gary Mackay-Steven, and then they were never threatened by the


championship side Morton. The only downside for Celtic a


serious-looking injury on the stroke of half-time to Stefan Johansen. But


otherwise it was a positive afternoon for Celtic. They finished


comfortable winners by three goals to nil. It is all about the fourth


quarterfinal now. Hibs here against Inverness Caledonian Thistle.


quarterfinal now. Hibs here against Inverness Caledonian Thistle.


Michael has spoken about the impact of the three defeats in a week for


Hibs. What about the absence of Jason Cummings, is it a big chance


for Anthony Stokes? Obviously it is. Anthony Stokes is a proven goal


scorer. His career's been off the rails a little bit, so he's trying


to get that back and sorted out. There is no doubt about his ability.


Anthony Stokes can score goals. He's done it on many occasions. Fantastic


for Celtic. Two cup winners as well. Medals he's got too. He's got a bit


of history behind him, he's got the experience and the ability. Now it


is up to him to step up to the plate and give the Hibs give the Hibs fans


what they want - and that's goals. On the other side, Greg Tansey, when


you look at this Inverness Caledonian Thistle team selection,


he's the guy that can really make things happen for them isn't he?


There is no doubt, there's a huge plus that they managed to keep a


hold of him in January. Aberdeen were sniffing around him. John spoke


about that when he managed to keep hold of Tansey, because he was


central to everything that John Hughes wants to do with the team. He


likes to play through the lines, pass the ball. Greg Tansey starts a


lot of things off for Inverness. He's got a great range of passing.


He is capable of popping up with a goal or two. He's got a fantastic


strike on him, and wo. He's got a fantastic strike on him, and set


plays as well - corners and free kicks. He's a huge player for


Inverness. If they are to get something today, he will be vital.


What helps is that recent memory of having won the competition. That


must drive you on to do the same again? It is so important. When you


can look back to last season and realise that you managed the win the


cup, that gives you great confidence going into the competition. You are


holders of it, you've done it before. That experience is vital.


I've been there myself and it is vital. You've got to use that. It


hasn't been a great season in the league for Cally Thistle, but in the


FA Cup, the big cup, one that everybody looks forward to at the


end of the season, they have done it before. And now they've got an


opportunity to get to the semifinal, take another step. They are capable


of doing out but they do have to perform this afternoon. Having won


the Scottish Cup, I look at Inverness now and think the deeper


they go into the competition the more you will rely on that last ion


the more you will rely on that last year as an incentive - you know,


we've done this, we are getting deeper into the competition, we can


do this. Is that something you have thought yourself? Once you've done


it once it gives an inner core belief that you can go on and do it


again. It is not easy. John Hughes will know it is not easy and you've


got to perform, but it gives you belief that you can do it again.


Have Hibs been hampered, Michael, being being so active in all three


competitions domestically they've been involved in? This is them this


the quarterfinals of the Scottish Cup. They have had the League Cup


final to look forward to. Plus promotion. That's got to be the


number one priority. There's positives and negatives to the


situation you talk about there. I'm pretty sure that Alan Stubbs would


not change anything in terms of being in the two cup competitions,


but I do think that off the back of so many big Games in the last month


or so they have had a mental drop. It is difficult to maintain that


consistency. You look at the start of the season. It with a as little


bit shaky. And they've chased Rangers relentlessly up to the last


week. It is tiring to keep that mental strength all the way through.


I think having had the cup competitions where they've played


against top flight competition and done very well, that tiredness has


against top flight competition and kicked in at the back of it. There's


the negative. The positive is they've still got the play-offs in


the league to look forward to and they are still in both cup


competitions, which will be a huge positive for them. More from Willie


and Michael at half-time. It is eyes down here for the fourth of the


quarterfinals we know already. Rangers, Dundee United and Celtic


are into the draw at 4.45. Commentators Craig Paterson and Liam


MacLeod. are into the draw at 4.45.


Commentators Craig Paterson and Liam MacLeod. Thank you Rob. Good


afternoon to you from Easter Road. We are in Leith, the League Cup


finalists against the Scottish Cup holders for the last semifinal


places. The hosts currently on one of their worst runs since Alan


Stubbs was installed as manager. They had been on am impressive


streak of win defeat in 28. Since dumping Hearts in the replay here in


the last round they have struggled and indeed have been beaten in their


last three championship games. It is a tailspin that Alan Stubbs knows


must end today. This can still be a wonderful season for the hibbies.


Stubs without the considerable goal-scoring exploits of top goal


scorer Jason Cummings today after his red card against Hearts. Marvin


Bartley is also banned. Roberts comes back in today. Horner


goes back to the bench with Polworth moving to right back.


Bag Nel, Boyle, El Alagui can all provide goals later on if required.


It is good to see Richie Foran back in the squad after a horrible couple


of years battling injury. Crawford Alan is in charge today.


Stubbs and Hughes, both aiming for glory.


The second Scottish Cup meeting between these two. Two. The only ore


one saw Hibs win in the the Fourth Round. How time fly, -- flies. Caley


Thistle unbeaten in their last seven against the green and white side of


Edinburgh. Rangers are there, Dundee United are


there. Celtic are there, will it be Hibs or Inverness who will complete


that quartet and be in the draw for the semis which will be made once we


are done here. Hibs looking to begin on the front foot.


Craig Patterson is with me. What kind of match are you expecting?


Both these teams from better suited to going forward than trying to


defend and hit on the Blake, so I can't see this being 0-0. Both teams


because they will try to play front foot football will get almost


guaranteed goals this afternoon. Talking about the poor form the Hibs


have found themselves in, their points aren't cooking with gas


either. Five points above the relegation


play-off mark. If they can retain their trophy, stay in the top


flight, it is still an excellent campaign -- campaign given all that


John Hughes has had to deal with. They have a corner.


They don't want to concede this early. Soically this in the blue.


Shotting to the Famous Five end. Hibs in the tradition Al Green and


white. Having to do some defending, in the infancy of this game. It


wasn't a bad corner either from Tansey. It had led to another one,


that is who you have to do, get the ball way. If it up and over your


bar, he had to deal with it and he dealt with it well.


Iain Vigurs over to take this one. Here it comes.


That is another terrific ball in. Puts defenders under pressure. Gray


gets an arm on. One or two shouts for a penalty, the referee having


none of it. It has been all change. Incredible.


Richie Foran, Aaron Doran they have been out injured for much of the


season, that has hampered them. That is why they have been so


inconsistent. Kevin Thompson who won this come its


with Rangers in 2008, back for a third spell at his first club. He


has lost out and it is moved over by Danny Williams, to Polworth.


Miles Storey who is on loan from Swindon Town.


Good play by Polworth. I might fancy this himself. He tries


to tee up Storey instead. Just looked like it was opening up for


Liam Polworth. As I said he is begin the game at


right back. Some of his best work this season has been in and round


the position box. He scored a few goals. I am surprised he didn't pull


the trigger there. Just try your luck. Scored at Pittodrie. He scored


in an unbelievable goal with three or four goals in the last few


minute, an astonishing 4-3 win. Polworth coming one a last gasp


winner. Here is Storey. He will glean Inverness's third corner kick.


It has been a good start. Storey, when he gets one-on-one he has to


take on defenders. McGregor does well to take it back, but he has


given away another corner kick. He struggled a bit with the previous


Tansey corner from this side. Here he goes again.


Knocked off the line, it was John McGinn.


Keatings was trying to work it into the path of Stokes there, first


time. It has been a good start by


Inverness Caledonian Thistle. Danny Williams, Roberts, Polworth


recovers. Tansey the up and under. The referee not happy with the


challenge by Storey. Think it has been a good start


fromically thisling. 50-50 they are winning, playing in the Hibs half.


They look keen to get the ball. -- from Caley Thistle. Hibs 14 points


behind Rangers in the Championship. Falkirk usurped them in second place


yesterday. They played a game more than Hibs


but the Bairns have the points on the board. That is poor from


McGregor. Roberts nicked it off him. It is Jordan Roberts. Good recovery


McGregor. He gives the ball away but he does


well. This is good recovery pace, I thoughts was in there but long right


leg gets him the challenge. With the League Cup Final next week,


Hibernian, we have that to look forward to. But they are up against


it. Right at this time. Tans sip again. Keep ever thought


about it. Changed his mind. -- Tansey. Away by Stevenson.


It is Williams. And Polworth. Away it goes.


Fon Williams, first touch for him, I think.


Good football. Inverness, who didn't perform to their best across the


capital this midweek when they lost to Hearts.


Storey. Too much on hip. Certainly looked like a team shot on


confidence, Caley Thistle. Knocking the ball about, even round their own


goal area. What a fine winner he is having.


Scored the winner against St Johnstone.


Up against the other high land team at the national stadium next week,


Ross County. Hibs trying to settle. They have


struggled to do so. McGeouch. Henderson.


A push there by Tremarco, on Keatings.


He gets far too close, when the ball was played up to a strike e if he is


ahead of you, if you touch him, there a good chance the referee will


award the free kick. He tried to take that quickly there.


Tremarco, who was sent off in last season's final. Let off the hook,


thanks to that late, late James Vincent winner.


So Liam Henderson and John McGinn over it. Henderson has scored,


generally from the other side of the box before.


Henderson. Keeper does enough. Not once but


twice. It is still in there. Still in Inverness can't get it clear.


They will now. Thatted all the way a Hibs opener.


Somehow Caley Thistle got away with it. They are on the counter. This is


a chance for them. Polworth goes... Incredible. Incredible piece of


action, you are talking end to end football. Polworth, he has to make a


pass or take on the last defender. I don't know which he shoots from


there. The goalkeeper saves a couple of times. Pinball all over the place


there. The goalkeeper saves a couple and Caley Thistle get it clear and


on the break they should have made Hibs pay. Two fabulous saves from


Owain Fon Williams. Brilliant. McGeouch has to store, if he doesn't


Fontaine has to. Inverness had Hibs under the cosh to start with. The


best two chances of the match fall to the Hibbies.


Roberts. The way it goes eventually by


Fontaine. It is horrible for hundred to dephenomenon.


-- for him to defend. You thought for a moment there that


Fontaine was going to try and take a touch inside his own six yard box. I


know. Early in the game, managers tell you don't make mistake, don't


gift the opposition, that is an incredible scramble at the other


end. It is a good ball, a free header. Shouldn't be scoring from


there, take nothing away from the goalkeeper, the first save was good.


To get up and react twice, the third goalkeeper, the first save was good.


time, absolutely brilliant. He fancies a place at Euro 2016


Owain Fon Williams with Wales. Every chance if he continues doing that.


He does capped against the Dutch in a friendly after the European


qualifiers were done, last November. McGeouch beats Roberts to it but


Draper is there. Colossal figure of Ross Draper in


that Caley Thistle midfield. Keatings wins the free kick.


Devine who is protesting. I think defenders think if you get


there quickly you don't go to ground and you get a foot in, that is fair


play, as often as not somebody goes and you get a foot in, that is fair


down, the referee gives the free kick.


Hibs keen to get things going. Henderson again.


Great play by McGinn. At least it was. Gray might still


keep it in, he has done. It looked like that ball had gone.


The final ball, the important bit, he hangs it on the back post instead


of sticking it in the danger area. he hangs it on the back post instead


lovely turn by Stokes. He is unlucky. It is turned home any way


but the flag is up and it won't count.


Magical play from Stokes. You can see Alan stubs' face, he can't


believe it. He is so quick but he pulls the trigger and he might be


just offside, linesman has a great view of that. Caley Thistle players


protest and they get their way. A great decision by Alan Stubbs to


work the space for himself. A fabulous skill to make the turn and


get the shot. He was so unlucky. That might be another brilliant


save. Unfortunately Hibs player thinks he's helped himself to a free


goal, but offside. That was a great angle there to see that. It did


goal, but offside. That was a great appear as though Williams got his


fingertips to it. It's Draper. Decisive by David Gray. It looked as


though there was a moment when he and his keeper were going to leave


it to the other. The goalkeeper doesn't say you've got time to chest


it back. You deal with as a defender it back. You deal with as a defender


- one touch and get it out of the pack. Everyone ball from this side


has been whipped into that front post by Greg Tansey. They've been


terrific corners. Greg Tansey scoring a wonderful free


terrific corners. Greg Tansey against Hearts a couple of years


back. Might even have been his first game back at Cally Thistle. And not


for the first time John McGinn clears. He's been really effective


in there, John McGinn. Not noted for his defensive abilities, but that


ball comes in and it's a dangerous area. If you are a defender, you've


got be dealing with it. Just three wins in 17 for Hibs


against Inverness. Different personnel over that time.


Miles Storey surprised Callum McGregor. WHITE Miles Storey


surprised Callum McGregor. -- Darren McGregor. He gets the goal kick, but


the defenders have got to work together. This Inverness team is


more than capable of going all the way again this season. They played


Celtic a week ago and lost 3 nothing. They should have been at


least 2-up themselves. Jordon Roberts in the second half missed a


one on one with greying Gordon and Celtic racked up a 3 nothing


victory. Inverness as good as anyone has been at Celtic Park this season.


On their day they are as good as anyone. If John has his 11 best


players on the park they are a hard team to beat.


That's gone John McGinn's way. It often a coin toss when that kind of


That's gone John McGinn's way. It challenge is made isn't it. I wasn't


100% sure that was a free kick. Ross Draper eased it under the ball but


it is more a shoulder, not an arm. It always goes one way for other,


though. Henderson takes the free kick. It should be the keeper's.


That kind of free kick needs to be whipped in quicker. If you give it


air... He's a good goalkeeper. David whipped in quicker. If you give it


Gray, we've only played 17. Vigurs. Roberts trying to better his goal in


the last round at Fir Park. And Hibs know he's capable. You've got to


close him down too quick. That was far too much time given to him to


set his sights. A former Hibs boss and player. A big


Hibby as well back in the day. Trying to plot his old team's


downfall. It's not just the injuries that John Hughes has had to put up


with. They lost some serious talent from his ranks. Watkins went back


down south. And Billy McKay before that, of course.


But for their brief spell tough top flight it's within not a bad 12


years since Inverness were first promoted to Scottish football's big


league. You can see how powerful they are when you look at the head


to head. Against Hibs over the years Cally Thistle are well ahead, just


getting better and better. Dan Carmichael had a big say against


Motherwell in round five. The ball was turned home into his own net by


Declan McManus. His own net by Declan McManus. -- by Steve McManus.


They are trying to get Storey and Roberts. And McGregor has had to


come from the centre defensive post. They like to drag the defences out,


don't they? His movement is really good. He's a goal scorer, so you've


got to get central. Cally Thistle are on the build-up, the two front


players are happy to go out and get on the ball and drive the defenders.


Hibs are currently three points better off than they were at this


stage last season. Finished second. Everyone knows how long they have


had to wait for Scottish Cup glory. They have been there or thereabouts


over the last 10 or 15 years. A good change of pace by McGinn.


Stokes trying to run by Warren there. That's no mean feat if he can


manage it. Dylan McGeouch is not moving welling. Manage it. Dylan


McGeouch is not moving welling. -- not moving well. Made an


unintentional move with Iain Vigurs. A poor final ball again. More than a


quarter into this cup tie now. Who is the happier manager? I think


Inverness started better. Now Hibs have got parity and it is even


Stevens. But Dylan McGeouch looks like he's pulled something. You can


see from his reaction he's not happy. He's been injured. He doesn't


want to go off, but Hibs can't afford passengers.


The Hibs bench today: Farid El Alagui, Niklas Gunnarson, Shaw and


Donaldson. Anthony Stokes is struggling a bit.


Time for a change. Is it going to be a like-for-like change? Niklas


Gunnarson is going to come on. He is capable of playing midfield. He can


also play full-back or centre-back, so Alan Stubbs has options. He can


stick him in that central area. But Dylan McGeouch, there is no


challenge there. He's pulled up and looks like another muscle strain.


Bad news for Hibs. Niklas Gunnarson, the Norwegian, on loan from his


homeland club. 6 foot 2 defender is replacing Dylan McGeouch. Defensive


play, set pieces, Cally Thistle have put some magnificent corners. Extra


height will be a help. It's been a season


punctuated by injury problems for Dylan McGeouch. So it looks like


three centre-backs, Gunnarson alongside McGregor and Fontaine.


That will push Stevenson into the line. A system they've used many


times, of the not an ideal change but Hibs will certainly cope.


Good pressure by James Keatings. When you've got two markers and one


spare, you get tight with your man to stop them dominate. O stop them


dominate. -- stop them dominating. Anthony Stokes into the wide area. A


good ball from Stevenson. The defender gets across, but does this


go out? It is difficult to tell, but a chance for Niklas Gunnarson. Away


by Vigurs. Great corner by Henderson. Going to get a second


bite of the cherry. Roberts is all over him. Another corner. Two big


centre-backs off already. I thought they might throw the big fella off


to add to the mix. It is deeper this time from Henderson. Oh, now then.


Crawford Allen has given Hibs the decision but it is outside the box I


think, according to the ref. That's a tough one to call from his angle.


Gets there first, Henderson flicks the ball and then there was


definitely a contact there. Might just be on the line. I think the


referee has given the defender the benefit of the doubt. Where does the


contact take place? It could be right on the line couldn't it.


That's a tough one. Liam Polworth has gone into the book


for that clip. Henderson, does he fancy going for


it himself here in the angle is against him. That top corner must be


pretty tempting. Away by Draper.


McGinn. Good play by Kevin Thompson.


Blood-and-thunder, that what you want to see in a cup tie. It is a


good old fashioned cup tie. You have to love that, it is a thumping


challenge and they both get up with a smile on their face. This is a


belter. Two players go for the ball. Great.


Hike stakes football match here.. The draw at the semifinals will be


made at 4.45 this afternoon, you will be able to catch that on sports


sound on BBC Radio Scotland, once we are done at Easter Road.


Could be that these two are both in it later, if we are going to a


replay. That would be Wednesday week, 16th.


replay. At the Caledonian Stadium, if


needed. Half an hour in.


Hibs have shaded it as far as chances are concerned.


And a flash point between Draper and Thompson. Draper trying to defuse


And a flash point between Draper and it. It is getting feisty, I have no


problem with that, it adds to the whole occasion.


You don't want too many head to heads with 6'5" with Draper.


Thompson is moving up a couple of weight divisions but two committed


players. There is no need for bookings.


The free kick goes their way eventually.


Stokes. Hibs have a very good record against top flight sides this


season, most notably, recently, the win over Hearts but they have beaten


Dundee United and an Aberdeen side they hammered Hearts a few days


before in the League Cup. Five cup ties the, five wins and not a goal


conceded. Doesn't get much better than that. They have shown they can


come up, back up to the Premiership they will be able to more than hold


their own next season. They have a fantastic squad here. A top flight


squad. Storey is offside. I think he just


moved slightly too early. He is pulled off into a good area. He has


moved slightly too early. He is to hold the run. The ball is played


and he might be level. He might be level. The linesman was bang in line


but Storey is going forward. You see that yard then the flag goes up.


Hibs have a couple of final appearances in recent year, they


were in the semis last season as well.


They surely have to win this competition some some time You will


find a few Hibs fans have been saying that for a few years now.


Roberts. Vigurs whipping the ball away from


Henderson. Manufacture Tansey who could so easily have been an


Aberdeen player the final day of transfer window.


Inverness started well. The first ten minutes of this game, they were


nicking the ball about nicely, but Hibs have shaded it since then. You


can see with that possession stat. Certainly enjoying far more


possession and they are getting the ball in and round the goal and


working Fon Williams. So Alan Stubbs I think he wouldn't be happy with


slow start but the team are growing it to -- into it.


I don't think Roberts could complain it to -- into it.


too much about that. McGregor, he bans into him. You can


use your shoulder but everything went in there he shouldn't be major


league surprise that a free kick was given.


Here is Henderson. He did pretty well from where he


was. He couldn't get his foot round the


ball. He started towards the goalkeeper but too near. Tansey was


caught napping there. Stevenson goes in this time on


Draper. Stevenson goes in this time on


Keiths. Going to get it back. He is going to go for goal himself. --


Keatings. Fon Williams doesn't need to save it. Keatings does well.


Straight to the goalkeeper, and you are not going to beat him from the


with that. with that.


-- from there with that. Unorthodox, played the right thing


to do by Fon Williams. The way the ball skipped back up at him.


Rangers and Dundee United going through yesterday. Rangers with a


4-0 whipping of Dundee before United left it late. Down to ten men to


beat Ross County. Celtic 3, Greenock Morton 0 today.


All goals were scored in the first half.


Eased a -- eases a little bit of pressure for Ronny Deila at least.


Here in Edinburgh nothing between them. Hibs with the better chances.


Particularly McGeouch Fontaine and Stokes.


Both teams finding it difficult to keep hold of the ball in the


midfield. Robert, blocked by Gunnarsson.


Happy with the challenge. Keatings having a pretty good


afternoon so far. Looks lively. Here he is again.


Out to Stokes. Stokes could have been in the Caley


Thistle line up today if John Hughes had his way. Hughes brought Stokes


to Scottish football with Falkirk. Fontaine's ball. He couldn't


to Scottish football with Falkirk. generate any power. I think David


Gray needs to look at knocking that back into the mixer. He is never


going to generate the kind of power required.


Henderson. And again. Warren shuts the door.


Tansey playing on the right-wing. We have seen Ross Draper playing in a


more advanced position. Sit back and enjoy that, that is


fantastic from McGinn. Magnificent skill. It is a great challenge by


Stevenson but when it broke into the corner, Draper thought he has closed


McGinn down. He flicked it over him and started to play.


Sailing down the fourth in the showboat McGinn. That was wonderful.


Tansey out to Polworth. Nicely done by Vigurs. It is


Williams. Still to test Mark Oxley in the


first half. Hibs fans upset, James Keatings


wasn't given another free kick here. Maybe a knee in the thigh, but the


referee was entitled to play on there.


You might have heard another boo in the background, that is because the


Hibs fans thought Inverness were going to play on from the throw-in.


They sportingly gave it back to the many in green and white.


0-0 with four to the break. Intriguing, is perhaps the world you


would use to describe this. Keatings was intrigued as to where


the ball was there! Inverness are upset that went Hibs's


way. So Stokes, well as a football fan


Craig, you appeal for everything, we have all been there You expect


everything to be given to your team, the linesman could see the referee


knew what was going on, and made the right decision.


John Hughes mentioned as we watch a replay of this trip by Henderson. He


mentioned before the game the goals have dried up for them, and they


have not really had Mark Oxley in a sweat at any point, a couple of good


corners early on from Greg Tansey. Set pieces have been excellent from


Caley Thistle but in open play, they have found the Hibs' defence a tough


nut to crack. Hence Henderson. He will get the


free kick for the pull. It has got scrappy in the last five


or ten minutes. Williams deals with it. Not


convinced that Tremarco that was he was going to be there though. You


mentioned the set pieces, the cross balls from Inverness have been


pretty good without them having anyone on the end of it. It's been


on opposite story I suppose for the hosts. Not for the first time the


build-up play, exquisite, but the final ball left a lot to be asked.


If it is chipped into the back post. If you smash it in there, it's a


nightmare for back players. That chipped ball, David Gray it's trying


to get into the back post. That final ball has got to be better for


Hibs. All hands to the pump for Cally


Thistle. Miles Storey stays up front. Every other Cally Thistle


player back in that defensive area. Henderson zips it in. Stokes keeps


it alive. Trying to torment Tremarco.


The ref was happy with the Tansey challenge.


Again Vigurs was caught. They were unsympathetic to his plight. Ross


Draper used his strength. An arm came out and one or two Hibs players


asked the ref if it was a penalty, but he didn't give it. When they


break apart as the ball's gone out, I think Ross Draper has another


push. I don't think Stevens ever got that left arm there. The referee


didn't see it. The first half is over at Easter Road. Absolutely


nothing between them on the score sheet, but Hibs have had the ball in


the net through James Keatings. He was offside after Anthony Stokes had


hit the post. Dylan McGeouch, who has gone off injured, with a free


header saved by Williams, who was good to prevent Liam Fontaine from


gobbling up the rebound. It is Hibernian nil, Scottish Cup holders


Cally Thistle nil. Well, 12 goals so far this weekend


in the Scottish Cup quarterfinals, but so far without a contribution


from this one. A great chance for David Gray there. Scrambled clear.


Great goalkeeping by Williams. What a touch from the keeper. On to the


post. Keatings is offside. No goal for Hibs. Should it have been a


penalty? It was right on the borderline you would have thought


there. The challenge was on Liam Henderson. All of that adds up to a


0-0 score line between Hibernian and Inverness Caledonian Thistle. We'll


get reaction shortly from Celtic Park. Celtic are through to the


semifinals, beating championship Morton earlier today by three goals


to nil. I'm also looking back on the goals from yesterday. Nine of them


at Ibrox and in Dingwall. Let's talk about this game, which started


pretty well for Inverness Caledonian Thistle. For the first ten minutes


they looked really good. They. They started the game the way John Hughes


wanted them to start, on the front foot. Plenty of possession. Three or


four corners. Good deliveries into the box, and Hibs defended them


well. Gradually Hibs started to take control. There is no doubt that Alan


Stubbs is the happier manager in terms of creating opportunities but


it must be disappointing they haven't been taking them. Before


Dylan McGeouch went off, they've tweaked things, maybe not for the


better in terms of the game. You are spot on the game has got scrappy.


Dylan McGeouch has gone off and Hibs have gone to three at the back, two


wing-backs and Inverness have matched them up. It has become a


stale match. The two have cancelled each other out. Very scrappy, lots


of free kicks and stoppages in play. In stark contrast to the start of


the game, as Willie was talking about, with Inverness on the


ascendancy, putting pressure in the final third. Hibs managed to work


their way back into the game. They've lost momentum with McGeouch


going off and having to change the formation. They don't have anyone


else to keep the diamond in midfield. That's normally a position


where they have a lot of players to go in. Today they are short of


numbers. That was an amazing scramble inside the six yard box.


What a chance for David Gray, who was unmarked. Should have been


buried into the back of the net. An incredible scramble into the box.


And this counterattack. They should have done better. As Willie says,


that should be in the back of the net. The game should be 1-0 and all


the better for it. Hibs have got to be concerned with the way they were


set up. David Gray, no Inverness player within five yards of him. A


great save by Williams. But Hibs were very short of numbers at the


back there. Polworth had a fantastic opportunity. The TV reruns always


tell us more than we see at the time. We knew that James Keatings


was offside, but we didn't know this was a brilliant save from Williams


to deny Anthony Stokes. It was a fabulous save from the goalkeeper.


Wonderful play from Anthony Stokes. Taking the ball with his right foot


there, past the defender. Then he turns and hits it really sharply.


That's what has taken the goalkeeper by surprise. That's what I was going


to say, Willie. This shows what a fantastic save it is from Williams.


It is one of those that Anthony Stokes strikes it to early that


invariably you see the ones that get past the keeper before they get a


chance to react. And it is down so low. It was a top drawer save to get


that on the post. Should Hibs have low. It was a top drawer save to get


had a penalty? The only thing I'm sure of is I'm unsure whether it was


or wasn't a penalty. It is so close. The referee's got a big decision.


Would have to say it is a rash challenge from poll pop. Henderson


goes down. There is no doubt there was contact, but is that inside? Is


it outside? Is it on the line? I can't tell. Unless you've got a


laser beam shining up into the sky. Maybe that's the future! It is very


difficult. This one to me makes it look like it is inside the box. But


it is so tough to call. That's where you say to yourself it is a


it is so tough to call. That's where thankless task for the referee.


You've got be 100% sure, and Crawford Allen made the right


decision, as we are not 100% sure. Let's look at the two managers and


their body language on the touchline, which always tells you a


whole lot as well. John Hughes would have been really happy with the way


his team controlled the game for the first 10 minutes. Thereafter it was


his team controlled the game for the about Alan Stubbs' Hibs creating the


chances. Hughes showing he hasn't lost that delicate first touch he's


always had. It's the two sides of the coin for Hibs. They'll be happy


about the chances they've created, but not the fact they haven't taken


one. Absolutely. I think that's where Alan Stubbs will be. Very


frustrated. Although they didn't start the game particularly well,


they grew into the game. They've created by far the better chances.


The glaring opportunity is David Gray's chance. He's got to put that


away. But the Anthony Stokes one, it is a great turn and shot. Should


have dominated proceedings. Dominated possession. They had the


better possession. You will go into half-time happy but disappointed


that you are not in the league. Watching this game, Inverness's


tactics are unusual, looking to get the ball away quickly. You've got


Storey and Roberts up front, quick, powerful. They are looking at every


opportunity to get in behind the Hibs defence. So hib have got to be


careful. Even if they are going to be in the ascendancy in the second


half Inverness are looking to exploit that back line with quick


balls behind them and they've got guys up front capable of doing that.


We have no way of knowing which of the two will take place place in the


cup. Yesterday Rangers and Dundee United took their place in the draw,


which will be around a quarter to five today after this one has


finished. As of earlier today Celtic beat championship Morton by 3-0.


Leigh Griffiths scored his 34th of the campaign. Gary Mackay-Steven,


and McGregor. It was 3-0 at full-time. The let's get after-match


reaction. Congratulations. Are you pleased with the professionalism


your players showed today in recording a comfortable victory?


Very pleased with and-a-half we started the game well. To get 1-0


and to continue, and then the game is over. They did a very good job.


It is something we can build on in future. It was important I guess for


your players to show you and the fans that despite criticism during


the week they had the Mettle, the personality to go out and show what


they are really capable of. I knew that all the time. We've had a rough


period now. We haven't lost so much but we haven't played well. We


haven't lost and the cup is something you have to win, or you


are out. It was a very important game today and now we are in the


semifinal, the fourth time in two years. We'll do everything to get


that trophy. Jim, commiserations. Could you have asked any more from


your players, do you think? Not in terms of effort. The work ethic was


fantastic. We made basic errors and that gave Celtic all the incentive


they needed to win comfortably. From our point of view, I thought we


started the game reasonably well, but the first couple of goals were


basic. Celtic aren't good enough on their own to create chances without


us handing them those opportunities. Celtic are good enough. I think


Thomas lost the flight of the ball. If you give Leigh Griffiths that


kind of chance, he's going to bury it. It is a misjudgment. When it


happens to a team with the quality of Celtic, it gives the impetus to


go and put the tie beyond you. The second goal as well. We had the ball


in a comfortable area and lost it. Celtic capitalised on that. In the


second half we asked the players to show better character and to dig in.


If we lost 3-0, but overall Celtic were comfortable winners and we wish


them well in the semifinal. Talking there about Thomas O'Ware's mistake.


You'll see the highlights later tonight. Championship Morton had


started pretty well in the game. But at the end of it all it is a really


important win for Celtic. Crucial for Ronnie Deila. It's one of those


games it was a potential banana skin for them. They've not performed


particularly great. You heard Ronnie Deila there saying it himself.


Having drawn a few games of late. It is one of those games where they are


never going to get a huge amount of credit. They are expected to win. If


they haven't come out with a victory they wee have been absolutely panned


for it. It was a must-win. Something they are going to take a level of


confidence from. They've got a real fight on their hands in the league


and will be delighted to get through to the semifinal of the Scottish Cup


and keep the hopes of a double alive. Do you get the feeling that


Ronnie Deila's future is decided whatever snaps It's been a poor


season for him. The European performances weren't good. The


season for him. The European results not good either. I think


he's had plenty of chances to close Aberdeen out. Aberdeen went through


that bad patch, five games where I think it was four defeats and a


draw. They should have closed Aberdeen out then. They have had


other opportunities as well. Aberdeen's beaten them twice in the


League Two. They are on their coat tails. I think a decision whether


the Celtic manager stays or goes is in the balance isn't it, but I don't


think the performances are meriting anything other than speculation to


be had about his future. For me it is a strange circumstances, as


Europe is where it's at in terms of the parameter of success or not. And


there's no doubt it's not been a success. For me I think to myself


surely the decision must have been made months ago. I would be


surprised if they don't have a firm idea in their head what's going to


happen. Let's remind ourselves what happened yesterday in the Scottish


Cup quarterfinals. Let's see the goals. What an the goals. What an


explosive start at Ibrox - Rangers against Dundee. Lots of intrigue how


this would play out. After 14 seconds, Forrester blasted in, as


Rangers set the tone from the start. They did. You see Harry Forrester's


closing down of the whole of the left-back, that was indicative of


the way they started the game. 14 seconds into the first start of the


game. That goal in the second half as well. This was around the hour


mark. Really good times to score. They were thoroughly dominant in the


game. But Dundee had quite a few chances as well. There is no doubt


that Rangers deserve to come away as chances as well. There is no doubt


the victors. Ound.


You know it is going to be a difficult afternoon for yourself, I


am sure part Harley would be saying nothing silly in the first ten or 15


minutes, and it is seconds you are talking about, and they are given


Rangers the impetus and the confidence to go and dominate the


game. You were in Dingwall yesterday, I heard you salivating


about your Maccarone pie. What an important one for Dundee United.


What a story this is. It was incredible how the game turns on the


ordering offer. Off, you think the home side would dominate


proceedings. But they haven't shown anything other than effort before,


the ordering off. They have managed to get themselves back into the game


here. This equaliser. But when Ross County get the penalty, the ordering


off happens. It is slotted away, what, I don't know what he is


thinking, he won't know what he was thinking either. He has switched off


completely. Had to put in the challenge. Gets himself sent off and


the whole game changes. Dundee United, you think they are going to


have to play the game in their own penalty I box, anybody but, they


have to play the game in their own started to play football. They


started to pass. They threw men forward. Kept two up front as well.


So positive and took the game to Ross County, and right at the death,


Mackay sneaks, gets a header and that takes the tie for them. An


incredible game of football. Billy Mackay who played down the road in


Inverness with that late winner for Dundee United against Ross County in


Dingwall. It might give them a Dundee United against Ross County in


Springboard to the rest of the season. There is no doubt it can be


a positive. It can only be a positive to come back and get the


winner there is a huge amount of confidence to be taken from it. When


you are in Dundee United's position you will cling on to any hope you


get. Let us bring the attention back to game, it is 0-0 add half-time,


between Hibs and Caley Thistle. How will it develop? Hibs will look for


the same as they got for the majority of the first half. They


will look to put Caley Thistle under pressure, keep the football going,


keep creating chances, as far as pressure, keep the football going,


Caley Thistle are concerned, I would like to see them passing the ball. I


don't often say that about them, I think that have to play the ball a


bit more direct, but they have played so many long balls, in the


first half. It is unusual to see them doing that. I think John Hughes


will ask them to play more football. Hibs have had the best chances of


the first half. None taken for Alan Stubbs' team, goalless as we go into


the second half of this fourth Scottish Cup quarterfinal. Craig


patter and and Liam Macleod. Thank you. Caley Thistle to get us back


under way. under way.


-- Craig Patterson: The 131st season of the Scottish Cup Final is on


Saturday 21st May. The semis will be played on the weekend of the 61th


and 17th of April. It will be Inverness in the blue shooting south


at Easter Road. Caley Thistle have just lost one of their last 13 cup


at Easter Road. Caley Thistle have ties, to Dundee United. The holders


up against it though. Hibs with the good chances, including from this


man in the first half. David Gray, who is looking for Stokes. Flicked


away by Warren. Stevenson. Testify Didn't quite work


out for Henderson. Hibs shooting towards the Famous


Five stand. Eneven that wonderful side couldn't


win the Scottish Cup. Can the current Hibbies go all the way this


season? current Hibbies go all the way this


No further changes at the interval. Hibs were forced into bringing


McGeouch off in the first half. His place in the team went to Niklas


Gunnarsson. A new winter signing.


Caley Thistle's tactics in the first half were the long high balls in the


channels to work it through to Storey and Roberts.


Wasn't really working, despite the tireless effort between the two.


Given Hibs's record against top flight teams this season Hoare


attest erode, they might be content with a replay, who knows.


Keatings. Roberts winning it back off


Fontaine. The guys were staying at the start


of the interval Alan Stubbs will be the happier manager. We will bet to


that in a moment because here is Keatings. Fon Williams holds on.


Careless from Inverness. An excellent effort, terrific save,


Caley Thistle guilty of overplaying in their own half. They don't want


to knock it long. If they are going to play passes in there, if Hibs


pick them off that will happen. You need to set it up and let fly. I was


going to ask you about stub, he might be happier, they haven't


managed to get their noses in front know You have to take your chance,


managed to get their noses in front if you have a team hemmed in. You


bet the ball in the back of the net. If you don't hurt them there is a


chance they will bite you back. This has been the problem for Caley


Thistle, they are playing long balls. The two markers, one spare,


storry, Robert, earlier in the game were causing problems, they are not


doing that just now. doing that just now.


-- Storey. Thompson is in trouble.


It appears so. He clutching on to his arm.


Things so much better round these parts now that Kevin Thompson is


become in Hibs colours for the third time in his career.


Remember, the end of his second spell when he trooped off the pitch


here after the play-off defeat to Hamilton, on penalties. It is night


and day from those horrible times for the Hibs' supporters, I remember


being at the back of this stand hearing the supporters howling their


derision at the players and their then management team from behind us


here in the main stand, and Alan Stubbs has brought the feel-good


factor back There is a smile on the faces of the fans and the way the


players are playing. There is a free. Do to go out and express


yourself. Hibs with the high ball this time.


Away by Devine. Stevenson. Stokes.


It came off a hand there. Right on the 18-yard line.


Hibs certainly think so. But Inverness got away with a very


Hibs certainly think so. famous hand ball in the semifinal


last season. A little kick out by Miles Storey as


well. He and McGregor are coming together. There is no doubt Storey


kicked out as McGregor. He has nicked him and nicked hill again,


McGregor has turned round and they have come together. There a good


chance the referee will book the pair of them for this.


It is normally what happens. Frustration getting the better of


miles storey. He has let them both off. Well done referee, I think here


miles storey. He has let them both row will see there is a pull, a tug,


then there is a kick. The referee sees that, Miles Storey will get


booked. McGregor reacts and he is lucky not to get booked as well. The


ball on the edge. It is just outside the box by the look of it. You can


see Stokes reaction, he wanted the free kick.


Didn't look as though the arm of Devine was natural, as Henderson


fights Stokes. Good pressure by Hibs. Henderson's


foul. Stokes to Hibs have got Caley Thistle rattled


at the moment. They haven't get their passing game going at the


moment. Hibs are pressing them high up the park.


Inverness are playing long high balls, they are trying to get into


attacking positions buzz they are knocking it about no problem


seemingly deep inside their own knocking it about no problem


half. That is causing half the problems.


Poor from Vigurs. Gray's ball. Stokes.


Blocked. Nicely worked by Stevenson back out to Stokes here. Keeper's


ball. A poor ball and again from Stokes, straight at the goalkeeper,


and to be fair, only Keatings looking to get on the end of that.


Caley Thistle might be dragged back into the relegation positions.


Kilmarnock as things stand are five points behind Inverness who slipped


behind Motherwell, Motherwell winning at Hamilton.


It has been -- that is for another day, of course. Stokes.


Back to the Irishman. Gray. 1-0 Hibs. It is James Keatings and you


have to say it has been coming. That exactly what Hibs were looking


for, starred the second half well. Pressured Caley Thistle, now they


have their reward and Anthony Stokeses played a huge part. Skill,


Coll pose sure, Gray into Keatings and the ball was in the back of the


net. It was a terrific goal. Stokes, great skill there. Perfect pass.


Ball into the danger area, bang, back in to the net. They were


weaving a tapestry on the edge of the box and the holders might just


be teetering on the brink of elimination.


Keatings has Hibs one foot in the semis. They are missing Jason


Cummings today but it is their next top scorer to the fore. It is his


eighth of the season. It might be the most important of all.


Well they were building the pressure, that is for sure. They had


golden opportunities in the first half.


They have taken the first real clear-cut opportunity that was


bestowed upon them in the second half and they had to work so hard to


make that chance. And Keatings made no mistake. I mention testimonister


early on, it has been a terrific job she has done, she arrived a couple


of summers ago, and immediately set about sorting this place out.


And this is another example of it. about sorting this place out.


They are tormenting another top flight team.


Think the fact that Hibs have pushed the boat out in terms of wages to


allow Alan Stubbs to add strength and depth. You lose three players


down the spine of your team and you still have this kind of performance.


Stevenson, Warren is covering. Hibs will try and make hay now.


Caley Thistle team who have struggled to score goals in recent


time, you would think 2-0 behind would be beyond them. At least a


team that is... Stokes goes for the near post.


An unOtamendi -- unorthodox nature of the ball that caused the panic


there. That is store Storey.


There is no-one other than Roberts on the edge of the box. It's a


corner. This will do Cally Thistle. Get out of your own half. It's the


set piece again. Storey's got good taste. Gunnarson shows him wide,


drives him to the line. Knocked back by McGregor but you can expect this


to be whipped in again. That corner was a result for Storey, as there


were no Inverness players waiting in the middle.


We are going to have to wait, because Crawford Allen is


We are going to have to wait, over. What's he got on his mind?


Having a word with the fourth official.


Finney is adamant that something has been said that was maybe out of


turn. Not quite sure what was going on there, but Crawford Allen seems


quite happy with things now. Anyway, Tansey swings it in.


Inverness trying to put some pressure on. Just get in the Hibs


half, trying to get balls into the box, the set pieces. They always


look dangerous when they get the ball into the middle.


David Gray deals with it. Similarly in the first half he didn't know


what was going on behind him. There is no option there. Your first shot


is maybe a bit of composure. Chest it back to the goalkeeper. When


you've scored a goal to take the lead, you don't start taking


chances. Tansey's ball. Punched clear.


This is Cally Thistle's best spell of the second half. They will not


give up the Scottish Cup without a fight. Danny Williams...


On the hour mark, nudging in front through James Keatings. Having a


decent little spell here. Cally Thistle began their season way


back on 16th July. Their first ever foray into European football. Went


out 1-0 on aggregate to the team from Romania. They'll have to win


the Scottish Cup if they are to get back into the Europa League


qualifiers. On this show so far Hibs look as


they they've blown away the cobwebs of the back to back defeats. A


yellow card for Warren. It is for complaining. He felt for a second


time he had been body checked. He lambasted the linesman and the


referee ran out of patience and he gave the yellow card. Gary Warren is


not one of the Inverness players on suspension. He lost both Cally


Thistle's major finals in recent times because of bans, including


that famous day last May. McGregor, Stokes, Oxley and Thomson


on yellow cards. Two strikes and you miss a round if you came in at round


four. Developing a decent understanding,


Keatings and Stokes today. I think he realised he has given the


ball away and takes the contact, goes down, asked the referee the


question, are you going to give me the free kick? He'll say it is an


elbow, an arm across him, therefore that's a free kick.


He's going into the book as well. I don't think Greg Tansey can really


argue with that. If Inverness are to reach the semis, he will not be


available. McGregor on the charge there. If you make a challenge


you've got to get solid contact on the ball. Tansey throws himself in


there, and a yellow card. Came in reasonably quick. Has to


adjust, pulls the trigger quickly. Has to get this on target. McGregor


did well to cut right across it. A bit scrappy out there. Hibs still


with the lead as we approach the final quarter of this quarterfinal.


Greg Tansey needs to be careful. He's thrown himself into another


challenge. The referee has let it go, but when you've been booked,


you've got to be careful. Having fewer players wouldn't


necessarily faze Cally Thistle. Fewer players won't faze Inverness


given they won here against Hearts with nine. At the moment you can see


it is frustration. They can't get their front players involved.


Just one goal in their last three, Inverness, at Dundee in a 1-1 draw.


One game stands out since the new year. They beat Ross Ross County in


January. Against Aberdeen they won 3-1. They were excellent that night.


It all breaks down, as it has done for most of the afternoon for the


visitors. I thought Hibs would take the goal, use that confidence and


drive forward. Stokes is doing just that. He's done well.


Gets it across for Stokes. Stokes can't get his head over it. Scored


in his first two games for Hibs, at St Mirren and at Morton.


Thomson to Keatings. Was he fouled? Yes, certainly a booking here.


Another big decision for Crawford Allen. No doubt Keatings took a


tumble there. The the referee says he's already gone down. No


complaints from James Keatings. He is quite happy to accept that. It


was a cheap yellow card though. It could cost him a yellow in a


tournament. A yellow in the semis and they could miss a final.


Hibs look pretty comfortable at the moment.


As things stand, Hibs will be joining Rangers, Dundee United and


Celtic on the draw. 4745pm on BBC Radio Scotland will bring you that


In They are assing tale and they are live. David Gray fouled by Vigurs.


In They are assing tale and they are usually good ate it. They haven't


managed to string together three or four passes, a late challenge by


Vigurs. Because David Gray is away from him here, you will find that is


a yellow card. That is why you got the reaction from the Hibs fans.


a yellow card. That is why you got Well, Liam Polworth off to be


replaced by former Hibby Lewis Horner. He started his career here,


he only played one, it was against Caley Thistle. There you go then.


Horner right back where Polworth had been deployed.


Andrea Mbuyi-Mutombo is going to come on for Inverness. That is a


tight call again. That is Andrea Mbuyi-Mutombo. Started the fifth


round game at Motherwell. Iain Vigurs is sacrificed.


It is an attacking move. You have to get yourself back into the tie. You


have to score a goal. Bring on somebody who is going to get forward


and add to your attacking options. Born in Brussels although he


represents Congo at international level. He has yesterday yet to get a


cap. He is on now. Enough need something to fire for them.


cap. He is on now. Enough need -- Inverness need something to fire


for them. Roberts. Draper. Tansey to Tremarco.


Will there be an end product? So often there hasn't been this


afternoon for Inverness. Stevenson, he has become Mr


Dependable for Hibs. His debut for Hibernian was 11 years


Dependable for Hibs. ago now.


Been round forever. He was Man of the Match in the 2007


League Cup Final win over Kilmarnock.


He is going to take this throw. Thompson loses out. This is Storey.


He gives it away. It has been a thing of beauty out


there. Hibernian will not care if it is there. They will be taking their


place in the semifinal draw later on today. All about getting through.


Stevenson. The game has got scrappy again.


Caley Thistle have got on the ball by get into a position where they


can put dangerous crosses into the box. Mark Oxley has not seen a lot


of action. box. Mark Oxley has not seen a lot


No stranger to a clean sheet mosque pox, -- Mark Oxley. 21 of them


before today. Fon Williams has found them harder


to come by. Just the seven for him.


Those saves in the first half not doing his chances of a new deal at


Caley Thistle any harm. Dean Brill on his way back from that


horrific broken kneecap injure are he sustained last April. It is for


Horner. . He has got it across. Back in the top bar.


He steps up to the plate and the holders are right back in this tie.


It is right out the blue for Caley Thistle, but that is what you get


when you make a positive substitution. They are look to leaf


it to go out for a goal kick, Caley Thistle refuse to give things up


here, Horner gets it in and Mbuyi-Mutombo when it comes back to


him, get it on the left foot and smash, into the back of the net.


Good play down the right-hand side. Fresh leg, get to the by line. Hibs


are struggling, and Mbuyi-Mutombo has a terrific finish.


It is and wonderful moment for the highlander, despite David Gray's


best efforts he couldn't keep it out.


And Andrea Mbuyi-Mutombo ensures that the holders' defence will go on


now for at least. It's a good finish. It looked for a second, a


split second adds though he dilly-dallied on it He didn't panic.


You know when you have that little bit of time to set it up, and then


an emphatic finish, he couldn't strike it any better. David Gray is


on the line, but it has gone so strike it any better. David Gray is


hard, he has no chance of keeping -- keeping that out.


Someone took a bang here. I don't want to be on the receiving end of


that, that cease for sure. Hibs were certainly on the receiving end at


Mbuyi-Mutombo scores his second Inverness goal and they have both


come in the Scottish Cup. He got a wonderful strike in the replay


against Stirling Albion. He has certainly given the visitors a new


dimension. Oxley has hardly had a save to make


but he has had to pick the ball out of his net.


Just over 11 to play. Is there to be a winner or or we


going to a reply on the 16th? Stokes has gifted it straight back to Caley


Thistle. They have the impetus right now. It


is Roberts who is capable of the spectacular.


Caley Thistle by-of-lifted by the goal. Looks like the fans are trying


to finish this at the first time of asking.


He is wondering how Hibs have let their lead go. After they got their


noses in front, the phrase you used was they got into their shell a wee


bit. That is what has happened here. They were flying at the start of the


second half. They were pressing high up the pitch, they got their reward


second half. They were pressing high and all of a sudden you start to


think if we don't concede we are winning this game and you allow


Caley Thistle to play in your half, and they get a ball into the box and


they make you pay. It is back in the balance. Back in


the melting pot. No saves from Fon Williams in the


first half will come into bigger focus.


Gary Warren. Robert, who has got it. Storey is going to keep this in.


Gunnarsson is fortunate it was Kevin Thompson and not an opponent waiting


on the edge of the box as he slipped.


That is two in a row from Stokes. Draper.


Warren to Horner. He is onside here.


Storey. Not quite. He just doesn't catch it. Goes on to his left side.


Goes for power, but it is a mis-hit and it is wide of the goal. Mark


Oxley thought he was going to try and save it then he knows it is


going wide. We did wonder how John Hughes...


Tries to get close to last season's achievements. Third place, European


football for the first time in the club's history. It would be a


remarkable achievement to go back-to-back with the Scottish Cup.


That doesn't happen very often these days.


Williams! Williams! A great, that is a wonderful technique, and if it


goes towards the top corner it might end up in the back of the net. It


went straight to the goalkeeper but a lovely strike.


Tansey left, Roberts right. Goes to Roberts.


Pinch it back. Than is is a nice touch to take


Tremarco out of the equation. Henderson, Keatings is ahead of him.


Stokes. Another poor ball from Henderson, Keatings is ahead of him.


Stokes. Approaching the final Fife minute, here is Keatings, slipped at


the crucial time. Still alive. Shout for hand ball again.


Nothing doing. As long as his arms are down I don't


think the referee with give that. A good strike Keatings though.


?NEWLINE McGregor couldn't afford take any chances there.


Keatings, short, it is deflected against a player.


Dagnall is going to replace Keatings. It is a striker's dream


the way it came to him inside the box after wonderful build up play by


Hibs. They are hoping a substitution might do the trick as it did for


Caley Thistle. Dagnall still awaiting his first


goal for the club. McGinn takes the free kick.


Wasn't great. Since John Hughes made the change it


has been a momentum swinger. Hibernian have the ball back but it


was Draper who lost it. Hibs will be halfway through the


League Cup final this time next week. Taking on Ross County.


They hope to still be in the Scottish Cup as well when they do


so. Thought he was going to go for it.


Let's find out who today's Man of the Match is. Craig Paterson has the


honour of deciding that. It's been a stuffy game. Hibs have dominated the


majority of it. Hibs defence haven't performed well. McGregor has stood


out for me. Me. Me. On one situations he's stood out, so Darren


McGregor is my Man of the Match. Two minute to play of the 90. Will there


be a hero? It's been a long old season for Hibernian as well as


Inverness. Dreams of automatic promotion appear to have collapsed.


Still loads to play for though. Still a potential cup double as well


as promotion via the play-offs. Gunnarson as we go into the final


minute of the I think you've got to credit Cally


Thistle. They were under the cosh. Hibs got the goal. It was looking


like a replay of Dingwall yesterday when Dundee United snatched it


against Ross County late on. Henderson...


McGinn brushed aside by Ross Draper. We are about to hear how much injury


time is to be added on. It's just We are about to hear how much injury


been confirmed that it is two minutes. It is looking like a replay


all the way. That will annoy Alan Stubbs, whose team led relatively


early in the second half. The strike by James Keatings.


Rob rob starteded from an offside position there. We are into the


final minute of this quarterfinal. This is


Draper is asking a lot from Horner. Putting pressure on Fontaine. One


final opportunity, it looks as though it is going to come from the


holders. One last chance to get a ball in the box. Warren... Crawford


Allen ends it 10 seconds early. These two get to do it all over


again a week on westerns in Inverness. James Keatings gave Hibs


the lead after Williams pulled off three wonderful saves in the first


half. From Gray, Fontaine and from Stokes. And the second half


substitute, Mutombo. The holders' grip on the Scottish Cup will


continue until Wednesday week at least. A highly fought cup tie. Alan


Stubbs will take his side to the Costa del Sol for the week now to


prepare for the League Cup final. Cally Thistle can refocus as well.


It finished here at Easter Road Hibernian 1, Inverness Caledonian


Thistle 1. So they'll do it all again, these


two, a week on Wednesday. Up in the Highlands capital. 1-1 the final


score. Rangers, Dundee United and Celtic are already through to the


semifinal draw. That is round about 4.45pm, BBC Radio Scotland for that.


Let's hear from James Keatings. James, I would imagine frustration


is the main emotion after that. Did you feel you had done enough to see


it out? Definitely. Disappointing getting to that stage in the match


and conceding. Thought I had done enough to see it out, but then I


sneaked a goal. We'll be confident we can do our job. It looked like a


real battle out there today? Yes, it was. Stop-start for fouls all the


way through the match. A lot of good football played as well. A lot of


good chances. We'll be more confident going into the next one.


Frustration that you didn't see it out, because you created quite a few


chances. Definitely. Obviously I had one disallowed as well. It came off


the post, unlucky not to go in. But we'll take a lot of confidence from


this game. We'll go to the replay and we'll be confident we can get


the win. Darren, I mentioned to James there, such a battle, a


hard-fought match. It was difficult. They are a really good team. We


thought we could hold out. To lose a goal in the manner we did was


unfortunate. But we'll do it again. A difficult time to lose that goal


as well. It's always difficult, especially when the boys up front


put in such a good shift. It is unfortunate that we concede, but


we'll go again. James... Dar season the Man of the Match. Can you do the


honours? Thank you chaps. It was no great surprise, because Hibs were


battering at the door that the stage. They were. We spoke about the


first half where Inverness started the brighter but Hibs had come into


it, Hibs would have been the happier of the two. This is a really


well-worked goal. James Keatings gets himself into a really good


area. Good build-up play. Good interchange. Keatings plays it back


off. Doesn't stand still. Gets himself into a really good area and


finishes it well with his right foot, not his strongest foot. It


gets them into a strong position. You heard him and Darren very


disappointed not to manage to see the game out. I'm not so sure it is


the same in terms of the Hearts game. They came flying back into the


Hearts game with all the everyone us the of dragging it back to 2-2. This


is the flip side. Hearts bitterly disappointed. They are going off now


to the Costa del Sol. A couple of the players look like they need a


rest or a break, as a few of them looked as if they are tiring. I was


wondering how John Hughes would change the game. Lewis Horner


created the goal and Mutombo finished it off. Fabulous


substitutions from John Hughes. By finished it off. Fabulous


the time he makes his substitutes doesn't look like Cally Thistle are


going anywhere. Two wonderful goals. This one where Horner chases it.


Great composure from Mutombo there. Gets himself into the perfect


position. The timing of the run is excellent. He could have panicked


but didn't. Picks his spot and drills into it the back of the net.


It does take a deflection, but real composure here from the substitute.


At that stage of the game with the two substitutes, it was very


deserved. Inverness Caledonian Thistle managed to turn this game


around completely, and that is striking of the highest order. I


think what they've got to remember is if you are in the dug-out area


think what they've got to remember don't go anywhere near John Hughes,


as you might end up getting a cuff around the lughole, which he did


from the manager. Delight turning into pain quickly there! You just


want write them off. Hibs looked in command for big chunks of that


second half And how precarious a one-nil lead in. Hibs were dominant.


They were well on top. Inverness weren't playing particularly great.


I'm going to interrupt you to hear from the man who scored the


equaliser. A very happy man I would imagine? Yeah, very happy. We worked


hard in this game. It was tough game. The opposition was strong as


well. I didn't know the team, so I was a bit surprised. High-level


football, full of fight. It was a battle. We was 1-0 down and then I


came in. The gaffer asked me to try to be close to the box and try to do


something from whenever they were on defeat. And from a superb pass from


Jordon Robert, set me the ball brilliantly. I put the ball on my


left foot and I shoot. Can you go on and win the replay? I don't want to


talk about the next game. This game was already tough. We have to focus


and work hard. We'll try the best to hold that cup to the club. Thank you


for your time. Thank you. I think we'll have to take his word for it


there that he is really happy! But obviously he is, and Inverness are.


Does the momentum swing their way for the replay Michael? Michael?. I


was talking about Darren McGregor and they did it against Hearts. But


for me it is the flip. Inverness have the upper hand and it goes back


to the Kali stadium. They are going to feel good about their chance. I


was telling not long before the goal I saw John Hughes getting out of the


side of the park and telling Inverness, get the ball down, pass


its again. It became scrappy. They weren't in the game. Even for that


10 minutes where they started to get the ball and pass it they were


looking a bit tooth unless attack, until Mutombo came on. The goal was


a really good bit of composure. Hearing him talk about Roberts


there, good composure from him as well. In the end it was a deserved


draw. Will Hibs be disappointed they haven't put it to bed? Absolutely.


They've got home advantage, got a crowd behind them. They have had


played well. They had opportunities in the first half. That's a telling


point. When you've got the opportunities you've got to take


them. Hibs didn't take the opportunity that they created when


they were on top of the game. Game. They paid the price for that. Will


you be able to watch that all over again if you fancy tonight the best


of that match, on Sportscene highlights programme tonight. Which


includes as well as the four Scottish Cup quarterfinals at 10.0,


Hamilton, Motherwell and Hearts against Partick Thistle as well.


More live football from us next against Partick Thistle as well.


Sunday afternoon. You won't want to miss that one. Hibs back in action


Sunday afternoon. You won't want to against Ross County this time in the


Scottish League Cup final at Hampden. Our coverage kicks off


Scottish League Cup final at half past 2. The League Cup final


live on the BBC. Hibs thought they were heading for the Scottish Cup


semifinals as well here today, but Inverness had other ideas. The


Scottish Cup holders. These two will have to do it all over again. From


all of us here at Easter Road, bye for now.


Scottish Cup quarter-final.

Live From Easter Road Stadium, Edinburgh.

Hibernian v Inverness Caledonian Thistle (kick-off 2pm)

The Sportscene cameras are in the capital as Championship side Hibs take on Scottish Cup holders Inverness Caley Thistle with a semi-final place at stake. Supporters of the Leith club don't need to be reminded that their last Scottish Cup win was back in 1902 and that they have lost ten finals since. But there is renewed optimism at Easter Road as Alan Stubbs's side battles for a potential treble. They contest the League Cup final against Ross County next Sunday and are pushing Rangers hard for the Championship title. In the last round of the Cup they defeated city rivals Hearts 1-0 in a pulsating replay in front of a packed crowd at this stadium.

Their opponents today are Scottish Cup holders. The Highlanders lifted the first major trophy in their history at Hampden last May with a 2-1 win over Falkirk, having beaten favourites Celtic in a controversial semi-final the previous month. Manager John Hughes then led his side into European competition for the first time following a best-ever third-place finish in the Premiership. In the last round, Caley Thistle put Motherwell out of the competition thanks to a dramatic stoppage-time winner by Jordan Roberts.

Introduced by Rob Maclean with studio guests Michael Stewart and Willie Miller.

Commentary from Liam McLeod and Craig Paterson..

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