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Highlights from the sixth round of the Scottish Cup: Greenock Morton v Celtic and Hibernian v Inverness Caledonian Thistle. Plus Hamilton v Motherwell.

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Hello good, evening and welcome to Sportscene. It is unbelievable.


Unbelievable. It is a spectacular opening goal in the Derby. The shot


is an absolute beauty. Chance and he has done it.


And it is there! This is history. Highland history.


Distant memories. Recent memories. The Highlanders... Carved out on the


famous old trophy. Today, the most frequent victors. . Celtic are the


Scottish Cup winners. Against one-time winners. The most recent.


This is history. Right here, right now. Face those who have waited


longest. And it is into the net. Unbelievable. Recent memories,


distant memories. Making memories. So many memories in the history of


the Scottish Cup it is the 131st year of the competition. Which side


will claim that most magical of memories this time. With us who men


whose memories are failing, Pat Nevin and Steven Thompson. Morton


have only one the cup once and that was in 1922, today a midday kick off


at Celtic Park. An early start for the travelling Morton fans, with


them was Eilidh Barber. It has been a while since the sun


shone on a quarter-final for Greenock Morton. In fact we hadn't


celebrated the millennium. Then they played Rangers. Today it is Celtic.


But don't think Morton will travel to the East End of Glasgow in fear.


The last time they visited in a cup competition, they did something


quite special. Best night of my life. Something I will never forget.


I was crying and laughing. I hope we can do it again. I think we can.


Sore throat for a few days from singing. Totally unexpected. But


what a rush. It is going to be a great day. It has been a fantastic


summer's day and it will be sun shining on Greenock tonight!


You have come quite far to be here. We have come from West Yorkshire


from a place called Wakefield this morning. But I was determined to


come to the match today, because we didn't come the last time in the


League Cup when we beat Celtic 1-0 and my eldest, Tom, has never


forgiven me. I feel we have a better time than the last time. And


Celtic's on the back foot and Deila under pressure. You never know. Your


first time here? Yes the biggest stadium I have been to. How excited


are you? Really excited. What do your friend say when you turn up for


football in a Greenock shirt? They say what team is that? What you tell


them. Greenock Morton, the best team in the world. The fans are here,


feeling confident, can Greenock Morton light up Celtic Park again,


let's find out with Alasdair Lamont. Celtic may be top of the table, but


Ronnie Deila needs a big performance from his team. Morton come with


little to lose and everything to gain as they seek to repeat their


League Cup shock of three years ago. As he searching for a winning


formula, Deila has brought in Mulgrew. Roberts, Rogic and


Armstrong also drop out. Into comes Lamie and McCluskey as


Morton look to build on a record of just one away defeat in ten. Ronnie


Deila and his team under pressure, despite their position at top of the


league. And a good performance from Morton could upset them more. An


early chance for McKay Steven. He was looking for Griffths and he may


have been better to take it on himself. Unselfish play from


Mackay-Steven. He has missed it and Griffiths


punishes the mistake by Thomas O'Ware. He misjudged the flight of


the ball and Leigh Griffiths has a 34th goal of the season. Leigh


Griffivities is deadly -- Griffiths is deadly and soon as O'Ware missed


the header, he knew that Gaston would be picking the ball out of the


back of the net. A fourth Scottish Cup goal of the season for the


Celtic striker. And just the start Ronnie Deila and Celtic wanted.


Good save from Derek Gaston. Kilday mops up. But Griffiths close to


doubling his tally for the afternoon.


Lustig took a knock and he looks to be OK.


Swept into the net by Gary Mackay-Steven. Celtic making their


pressure tell. And Morton, they kept them at bay after the loss of the


opening goal. For just over ten minutes. But Celtic eventually


finding a second. And very possibly putting this game beyond Morton with


just a little over a quarter of the match gone. Gary Mackay-Steven with


a fifth of the season and Morton much to do to get back into this


match. Morton have a corner kick. Johnstone


winning that one. This is promising. Charged down and


McLusky's shot. A good save from Gordon. I think he saw that one


late. It was a clever move from Morton.


Might go for goal here. Calum McGregor and he finds it and it is


Might go for goal here. Calum 3-0 Celtic. With ten minutes still


remaining in the first half. It has been a very comfortable afternoon


thus far for Celtic. And McGregor has just made it even more so. He is


just allowed to get to the goal. Ronnie Deila's side have been


impressed and done all that is asked of them. Looking very relaxed and


composed as a 3-0 lead will do for you.


The challenge there by Miller who has just been booked. That was


allowed to go by Willie Collum, who is confronted by the Celtic players


as the half-time whistle goes. Willie Collum indicating it was a


50/50. Miller will feel he was entitled to go for it. But the boot


was high A stretcher required for Johansen. He looks in some pain. But


Celtic have eased their pain going in at half-time leading 3-0.


Roberts showing good pace. And a shot. Unlucky. Patrick Roberts,


almost an instant impact from the substitute.


Kazim-Richards does well and wins it for Roberts. Out for Kazim-Richards


and side netting only. Well, he feels he should have done better


there. Played in by Commons and the angle just slightly against him.


McLusky with the chance to pick out a cross. Mulgrew meets it and behind


for a Morton corner. Can they get something back in this match. A


chance surely. Gordon saves. How did he keep that one out? Celtic


survive. Terrific goalkeeping by Craig Gordon. Danger over. But this


was phenomenal goalkeeping by Gordon to deny McManus. Not once but twice


in. Brave goalkeeping. Craig Gordon using any part of his body to keep


the ball out. Roberts puts the after burners on.


It is a fourth? Off the woodwork once more. Look at Roberts' speed


here, leaving the defender in his wake and Mackay-Steven so close to


his second of the game. On to the left foot and turned


around the post by Gaston. Roberts looks like he fancies a goal.


Johansen having been taken off on the stroke of half-time is limping


heavily. The protective boot on the left ankle.


A shot away and Gordon was beaten, but the deflection took it wide of


goal. A good effort here and it is the head that deflects it wide.


Willie Collum puts an end to Morton's misery. For Ronnie Deila,


an important victory this afternoon. Beating Jim Duffy's side 3-0 and


restoring some confidence to the Celtic ranks. Mackay-Steven scoring


Celtic's second goal. McGregor added the third before half-time.


Griffiths had got them off and running. With the opening goal of


the match. It was a professional performance from Ronnie Deila's


side. They never looked in danger of losing this one and they take their


place in the last four of the William Hill Scottish Cup. It


finished 3-0. Given the criticisms had you felt an


increased need for, to win and win well today? I talk not, think not so


much about the criticism, I'm as disappointed as everyone else and


maybe more critical than the people around. I'm not happy. Then it you


maybe more critical than the people get sleepless nights and you have to


believe in people and I do. I believe in my players and today they


showed a good performance. If we continue building on that, then we


will be back at a level we have been before. Do you think what was said


among the manager and the players had the effect? Yes I think so. You


know we are all pulling same way, we want to succeed for the club and we


know we are all pulling same way, we are pulling the same way and it is


definitely good during the week to sit down and everyone give their


thoughts and I think today we showed we are together and you know we are


moving forward and that was a positive step in the right


direction. We have had a few draws, hopefully we can kick on and win our


next few games. The work ethic was fantastic, we


made basic errors in the first two goals in particular. Celtic could go


on and win the game comfortably. I think Thomas lost the flight of the


ball, if you give Leigh Griffiths a chance, you are sure he will take


advantage. It is a misjudgement. It can happen with 18 the quality of


Celtic. It gives the impetus to go beyond you. The goal went in the


area, we lost it and Celtic beyond you. The goal went in the


capitalised. In the second half, we asked the players to draw on their


character. We had a couple of chances but overall, Celtic were the


comfortable winners. We will see them in the semifinal.


It was not to be for Morton on this visit to Celtic Park, they have to


return to league duty and the outside chance of a play-off spot.


A disappointing afternoon in the end, how do you feel? Disappointed,


defensive errors. It cost us. You can't make mistakes like that at


this level. In the first half, it could have been seven or eight. We


came to in the second half, offered something a wee bit better. But well


beaten at the end of the day. I think we had a decent run to get


here, it's been a while since we were last in the quarterfinals of


the Scottish Cup, sadly we aren't going to hand in this time around.


But I was relieved we showed more heart and spirit in the second half.


We will see what happens, getting in the play-offs will be a bonus.


Commiserations to Morton, but congratulations to Celtic on the yet


to concede a goal in this season 's Scottish Cup. A lot of heat going on


on Ronny Deila ahead of this match, how convincing a performance was it


from Celtic? There was a lot of pressure beforehand, the expectation


was an easy win. Morton had to make sure they would keep it as tight as


possible. Don't lose, don't give away any goals. That helped them, it


released all the tension and after that, I even think the Morton fans


understood it was a walk in the park. The first half was very


impressive from Celtic overall. I guess a side in the division below


them, Stephen, you were bamboozled, fair to say, about the Leigh


Griffiths goal, the first one, in terms of defending? Yes, you miss


judged that ball, it depends how deep he was in the starting position


in the first place. He takes the starting touch, it is 3-4 metres


deeper than the other centre-half. deeper than the other centre-half.


-- he misjudged. If you look at Leigh Griffiths's head, at no point


does he look at the goal. It is instinct. As a centre forward, he


knows where the goal is. When he takes the touch, I thought he went


across the goalkeeper. It was unfortunate to go in, but give him


space and time and he will score. 34 goals this season, another


impressive Celtic performer has been Kieran Tierney. He is doing all the


things he did at his best, getting great crosses in. He could have got


three goals. His timing, he has good great crosses in. He could have got


understanding with Mackay-Steven as well today. I've seen quicker


full-backs than him, but it is knowing the timing and when to do


it. He is one-on-one there, he can go back, but you had to be able to


defend. He loves to defend, you can tell by those tackles. He has the


full package? He does, he's been a standout player for Celtic, along


with Griffiths. They are two shining lights for the team this year. If


Gordon Tracker is going to add a few players to the squad for the up and


coming friendlies, he could be in its -- Strachan. The one question F1


asks is the height thing, he is not the tallest. -- everyone. In world


football, there are a lot. Ashley Cole... Do not worry, it should not


football, there are a lot. Ashley hold you back. As a St Mirren


player, you have a lot of time for hold you back. As a St Mirren


Morton? They are having a hold you back. As a St Mirren


season, they are doing well in the championship. They have a good


opportunity to finish in fourth, and get to the quarterfinal of the cup.


They are having a good season. It was a well worked set piece, it


nearly paid off for them. It was tremendous, a good reaction also. I


don't mean Craig sees it until late on. He manages to get it out the


way. -- do not think. Plenty of chances


created for Morton, especially in the first half? This was unorthodox


from Craig Gordon? Yes, they could have completely folded. I was


impressed. McCluskey and McManus, they all looked comfortable on the


ball to me. They could have folded, especially losing the goals in the


first half but I think they have a good technical side. There are a lot


of young players, they will be improving. A decent team, you cannot


go to Parkhead and concede the kind of goals that they did. Celtic are


do, Inverness won the Scottish Cup last year, Hibs last one at 114


years ago. Sorry, Pat. They both talked it out this afternoon for a


place in the final four. Let's go over to our commentators.


COMMENTATOR: The hosts are currently on one of their worst run since Alan


Stubbs was installed as the manager. He was on an impressive streak of


one defeat in 28, but since going to the replay here in the last round,


they have struggled and have been beaten in the last three


championship games. It is a tailspin that Alan Stubbs knows must end


today. It could still be a wonderful season for heads. Stubbs without the


considerable goal-scoring exploits of Jason Cummings today, after a red


card against hearts. Buckley and Hanlon are also banned, but twice


Scottish Cup winner Anthony Stokes is more than capable a replacement


Scottish Cup winner Anthony Stokes of Keatings. -- more than capable a


replacement. The Inverness side is short of meetings, Doran, and James


Vincent, last season's hero. Lewis Horner goes back to the bench


with Liam Polworth moving to right back. Crawford Allan is in charge


today, he's been a category one referee since 2002, he is 48 years


old. Alan Stubbs and Hughes... Both aiming for glory. The second


Scottish Cup meeting between these two, the only other one saw Hibs win


Scottish Cup meeting between these in the fourth round here, 3-0, Dene


Shields scoring a hat-trick in January 2000 and eight. How time


flies. -- 2008. Caley Thistle are unbeaten since their last game


against the green and white of Edinburgh.


Henderson. A post by Tremarco on Keatings. -- push. He gets too


close. When the ball gets up to the striker, if he is ahead, if you


touch, there's a good chance the referee will award the free kick.


Henderson... He does enough, not once but twice, it is still in


there. Still, Inverness can't get it here, but they will now. It looked


all the way. A Hibs Opener. Cali Thistle got away with


it. -- Caley Thistle. An incredible piece of action, and


to enter football. Polworth, he has to make a pass or take on the last


defender. Why should from there? I do not know. He tries to get it in.


In ball all over the place. Caley Thistle eventually get it clear and


on the break, they should have got it. Two fabulous saves from Fon


Williams. Brilliant. A lovely turn from Stokes... He is unlucky. The


flag is up. You can see Alan Stubbs's face, he


cannot believe it. He is so quick, pulling the trigger.


Just offside, the lines man has a great view. A great first take from


Anthony Stokes, working the space for himself.


Another brilliant save. It is offside.


Deeper from Henderson. David Gray. Now then... WHISTLE


Crawford Allan has given Hibs a decision that it is outside of the


box, according to the referee. It is tough to call from that angle.


Getting there first, Liam Henderson It is tough to call from that angle.


flicks the ball. There is definitely contact. A shout of penalty. I tell


you what, it might just be on the line. Whether actual contact takes


place... Caley Thistle lost one of their last 13 Scottish Cup ties. The


holders are up against it. Keatings... Fon Williams holds on.


Careless of Inverness. An excellent effort from James Keatings, just in


front of the goalkeeper. A brilliant save.


Stokes... I think he is going to get it back... Right at the 18-yard


line. Hibs certainly think so. Inverness got away with a famous


handball in the semifinal last season. A little kick out, he and


Danny McGregor have come together. There is no doubt that he has kicked


out at any McGregor. Frustration getting the better of my


all story. Crawford Allan has sent them both. I think you will see


there is a poll, a tag and a kick. -- pull. Danny McGregor reacts and


is lucky not to get booked as well. Stokes... Back to the Irish man.


David Gray... It is 1-0 to Hibs. James Keatings! You have to say that


it has been coming. That's exactly what Hibs are looking for. Starting


the second half well, pressure on Caley Thistle. Now they have their


award, Anthony Stokes plays a huge part in this again. The skill, the


composure. Making the past. David Gray into Keatings. The ball in the


back of the net. It is a terrific goal. Great skill from Anthony


Stokes, the perfect pass. The ball is in the danger area and bang, into


the back of the net. Weaving a tapestry at the edge of the


Inverness box. The holders might just be teetering on the brink of


elimination. James Keatings has heads with one


foot in the semifinals. foot in the semifinals.


-- Hibs. He won it initially, then


Henderson... This is a great chance. It is a chance. It comes at a


reasonably -- it comes in reasonably It is a chance. It comes at a


quick. Pulling the trigger quickly. He is going to get it on target.


Kevin Thomson... Keatings, the goal-scorer. Getting


it across, for Stokes. He can't get up and over this ball,


Anthony Stokes. He can't get his head over it.


Horner has got it across to Mbuyi-Mutombo. The sub steps up to


the plate and the holders are right back in this tie. It is out of the


blue for Inverness, but that is what you get when you make a positive


substitution. Hibs don't deal with the ball behind them. They're


looking to leave it to go out and Inverness refuse to give things up.


Horner gets it and Mutombo smash into the back of the net. Good play,


get to the by line and that is a te terrific finish. It is a wonderful


moment for the Highlanders. Despite David Gray's best efforts, he


couldn't keep it out. We did wonder how John Hughes tries to get even


close to last season's achievements, third place, Scottish Cup, European


football for the first time in the club's history. It would be a


remarkable achievement to go back-to-back for the Scottish Cup.


That doesn't happen very often these days. Williams! A great hit.


Wonderful technique. If it goes towards the top corner it may go in


the back of the net. Crawford Allan ends it ten seconds early. But these


two will have to do it all over again a week on Wednesday. In


Inverness. Keatings gave Hibs the lead in the first half. Mutombo, on


as a second half substitute lashed home to ensure that the holder's


grip on the Scottish Cup will continue until Wednesday week at


least. Disappointed that we haven't gone through. I thought if anything


we may be just shaded it. But I thought it was a close game.


Inverness are a good team. They're not just a big strong team, they


play football. It was a tough game. As in you look at the scoreline and


it wasn't a lot of chances in the game, but I thought weed that better


chances. It wauss good cup tie. Two teams wanting to play football and


getting stuck in in between. You're allowed to do. I felt for 25 minutes


we were the better team. Hibs them come into the game and were the


better team the remainder of first half and they got their goal when


they're on the front foot. Then they sat back. I thought the most


pleasing thing was our performance was much more like us today. It sets


us up for next weekend. I hope with the replay, we had one or two


players close to being fit and hopefully when the replay comes we


have more numbers to pick from. They will do it a week on Wednesday in


Inverness. Well, the Inverness keeper Williams had an excellent


game. He earned his corn again today? Yes especially this one, the


double save. Both Hibs players should do better. But his reaction


is great and a bit of basketball thrown? In! You haven't said the


word stramash yet! A wonderful turn. Offside? Yes he must be cuter. He


has to know he is ahead of centre-half. You have got to keep


yourself onside. But it is a save from Williams. By the merest of


margins. The suspicion is if he doesn't get that Pinkie, it doesn't


go N Yes it goes in. It is the tiniest change in direction. If it


hits the inside of the post a few centimetres the other way, it goes


in. Yes. Credit to James Keatings, he has been in the shadow of


Cummings. Yes Cummings was not available. But his movement is quite


good. Stokes we will talk about in a moment. But he gets a lot of space


good. Stokes we will talk about in a and you know the question mark, he


shouldn't get that much space. But because Stokes is clever, he ties up


three players and that gives Keatings, look at the space he has.


Although you look at the cross, I would suggest it is Stokes that is


the most important player. Inverness will be disappointed. Because all


their defenders are in a straight line. Somebody has to come out and


tackle or get near Keating. They were caught in a straight line.


Somebody should have approached them. Now Inverness high balls. It


is not the John Hughes way? Long balls over the top it not what I


is not the John Hughes way? Long expected. One touch and thump. It is


is not the John Hughes way? Long not a lump and a big simple ball


into the mixer. They have decided that Hibs have a problem beyond the


back line and playing a high line and trying to put it behind. I can


understand it, Hibs play too high. But they had an injury and ended up


going to three at the back and it wasn't going to work. They kept on


doing it. It was a surprise to me. We think of them as a good football


teamment you made a great point. McGregor. You aren't running away f


you put the ball over the top, he is getting it. They did that and it


wasn't work it, Hibs were shading it, but near the game they took over


and played their best football. Mbuyi-Mutombo, great composure and


when we see the score it gets more impressive of the. Yes to show this


composure with the drag over and to show the quality of the finish is


incredible. The foot on top of the ball to give himself the position.


Yes, most would just smash it. He drags it, he is left-footed and the


slight of mind to pop it into the top corner. Just before Henderson


had an opportunity and if you're further out and had a lash at it. He


is a good player, but yo don't always think of stopping it and


being calm. That is why it is a special finish. How do you


celebrate? You playfully batter Liam Polworth on the Penk. This what is


you call an ear-bashing. Is is one of those that stings. He is not


arguing back. He ain't saying nothing back. The He is not hiding.


It is ringing. Top drawer from Yogi. In terms of fixture congestion, we


are talking about the League Cup final next weekend and then three


days later Hibs have to go to innecessary. -- Inverness. It is


difficult. Not just the travelling, but the emotional drain of playing


in a final. The celebrations perhaps? Yes and to have to travel


three days after that to Inverness will be a big ask. It is a different


kind of cup next weekend. The best of the action is on Sportscene


kind of cup next weekend. The best Sunday live from Hampden on BBC Two.


We are on air from 2.30. Back to the Scottish Cup and the first half of


weekend saw two pulsating ties. Who Dundee United fared and first


Rangers against Dundee. A tight game expected between Championship leader


Rangers and Premiership Dundee. But expected between Championship leader


in football, things can change very quickly.


Rangers immediately in possession. Forrester with an early chance. 14


seconds gone, Harry Forrester blasts Rangers ahead. Dawdling on the ball


was Holt and Forrester zinged that past Bain.


That is a great ball, lay off to Kenny Miller and Jason Holt


completes the second goal for Rangers. Harry Forrester got it from


Tavernier. He chested it down to Miller and that is a good header in.


It is going to be Halliday and it is going to be a third goal. His first


goal in the Scottish Cup for seven years. The side at the top of the


Championship are running rough shod over the side fifth in the


Premiership. Lee Wallace! Wonderful goal from the


Rangers skipper. Rangers 4, Dundee 0. Lee Wallace the captain with a


wonderful solo goal. Ross County had never beaten Dundee United in the


Scottish Cup. This repeat of the 2010 final would be eventful.


Davis and then flicked home by Boyce. Well he ends a goal drought


and put Ross County in the driving seat in this last eight tie.


Durnan. Might break here. It is 1-1. Anier scores for Dundee United for


the first time in the campaign. And it has drawn The Tangerines level in


the Highlands. Durnan switched off and he has


brought Graham down and that will be a penalty and surely a red card for


Durnan. It's got to be red. It is red. What an earth was he thinking?


Mark Durnan switched off. Got himself in all kinds of trouble. It


is Graham. It is in. It is 2-1. And quick as a flash, this tie turns


again. Anier who briefly had the belief


coursing through United veins. Rankin floats it in and it is Anier


again. Stunning. What a stunning five or ten minutes we have had in


Dingwall. Henry Anier to the double. Mixu Paatelainen punches the air


with delight, as well he might. The ten men of Dundee United have just


gone in front for the first time today. Five sides in the draw for


the semi-finals. The draw took place this afternoon. After the balls mall


function the last time, the tension was palpable!


Is there we have it. Any ties stand out for you? It is tough to say! I


was watching Frank McGarvey's face, the entire nation's faces were the


same. I'm excited for it. I think it is fantastic to see that game again.


The big question is - how close do you think Rangers and Celtic are


now? Closer than they were last time. In the last Old Firm game. I


think you know everybody talks about how good Rangers are going forward,


but they have kept seven clean sheets out of nine. But for me if


Celtic play to their capabilities, which they have not done enough


recently, but if they do, they should win the game. But it is very


difficult to call. I don't know what you think Pat.


I won't give you an answer now but Rangers are in improving form. This


was the reaction from Mark Warburton...


We saw the attendance at Celtic Park today. Rangers was about 30 odd


thousand, that was 15,000. This will galvanise so much interest. It will


be massive, I think Celtic yesterday, their gate was showing


that the fans and turning up, they aren't getting the quality they


expect. It will be a massive game. If they play this week, who would


win? It's a difficult question. Probably Rangers in the current


form. If Celtic reach their capabilities, they should win. I


think Celtic are the favourites to win this, top of the opinion. Don't


forget has you are talking about this, don't forget the other


semifinals, the other three teams, I'm delighted that they have got


each other! Let's take a break from the Scottish Cup. Two matches in the


Premiership yesterday, off to Tynecastle first where hearts were


looking to close the gap on Aberdeen, Partick Thistle. Let's go


over to our commentator. After hearts 2-0 win over Caley Thistle.


These are the line-ups... As far as Partick Thistle are concerned after


their 2-1 win over St Johnstone, it is as you were.


The same 11 start the match. Lawless, outside. Cross towards the


back post, Pogba, it is a good save by Neil Alexander. Getting it up and


over the bar. As the towering figure of Pogba got plenty on this header.


The corner kick met by Seaborn. He could not get enough purchase on


this shot, to test Alexander. A couple of early chances from Partick


Thistle, it has going on. -- a tussle. A nice ball in towards


Juanma, towards the goalkeeper but the whistle had gone. There seems to


be a shelf, on Lindsay, a nudge from Juanma, three goals already with


Partick Thistle this season. June! A fine header to put Hearts ahead. The


midfielder wanted this one more. -- Sutchuin-Djoum. The sixth goal of


the season for him in a Hearts jersey. A nice flick out towards


Walker. A challenge for Callum Booth. It is a corner kick. The


referee has given that. Walker looks bemused, he feels it should have


been a penalty. Archibald's site have every chance


of making the top six. -- side. They are under pressure, the ball goes


towards the back post. That header from Rossi was not far away. A


clever free kick, picking out Rossi. He could not squeeze it the right


side of the post. Nicholson, challenged by Boo. Seaborne. Juanma.


Jamie Walker. The substitute gets it all wrong. You can see what he was


trying to do, bend it at the far post but the execution did not match


the intention for Dauda. Well won by Walker. Trying to keep


pressure on the Thistle to fence -- defence.


It was tough for us. Partick were in good form. We knew it was good to be


tough, coming off the back of three really hard games, but we have three


clean sheets, nine points in three games. It is a good week. It's been


a problem all year, we did not get to the goal enough. With set plays,


strange sight in the skies over time strange sight in the skies over time


-- Tynecastle during the match, it seeming and I rate fan spent the


best part of a grand to have his say about Robbie Neilson.


We spoke to him about the banner after the game. What did you make


about the plane after kick-off? I did not see it. We are doing well in


the league but someone is not happy. Where you aware that something like


this could happen? These things happen. It is up to someone if they


want to spend their money on that, I would rather put money into the


foundation at Hearts, but if they want to do that, fair enough.


A majority of Hearts fans are firmly behind Robbie Neilson, but it seems


ridiculous the banner was there. I don't know what their expectation


was, they've been sensational this year. Robbie Neilson has been


magnificent. I don't know where it came from. It was out of left field.


If you look at the full house at Tynecastle every weekend, Hearts are


doing so well under Robbie Neilson, it was ridiculous. Unfathomable,


that is what I was thinking. When silly things like that are said, I


loved his reaction to it. It is ridiculous, do not react to it at


all. It's simple, it was clueless. Everybody knows it. If you want to


send tweets, carry on. Nobody is on your side!


Another three points for Hearts. Another big game for those at the


bottom of the table. Academical and Motherwell are both in need of


points, they try to stave off the threat of relegation. Commentary


from John Barnes. The Hamilton manager sticks with the same


line-up, Brophy starts on the substitute bench.


Mark McGhee gives a vote of confidence to the players who beat


Partick Thistle last week. It sees an offensive line-up with


this rent-free. this rent-free.


-- front three. Crawford, a good swinging corner.


Devlin was in there. The effort came off the base of the post. Did the


central defenders get in each other's way? Motherwell have not won


at New Douglas Park since 2009, Mark McGhee was in his first spell in


chance. It is a chance for Hamilton He saw the goal at his mercy but he


could not execute the finish. Moult, a good overlapping with Hamill.


McDonald and Pearson. A fine save by McGovern to deny Stephen Pearson.


You can see why a number of clubs are looking at that goalkeeper. A


good diagonal pass finding Johnson. McDonald... A clipped effort there


from McDonald, hitting the post after Johnson's initial effort was


deflected. Hammell with the corner. Moult, off


of McGovern. It falls to Louis Laing, his first goal of the season.


It breaks through in the Lanarkshire derby falling away at the visitors.


It is Louis Laing, the scorer. On-site. Marvin Johnson. -- onside.


A second chance at it, the tools that came off of the armour of


Tagliapietra, McDonald could not find the gap in the corner. His


effort hitting the side netting. Hamilton are desperate to get level,


not won in the last ten home matches. Moult with a shot, McGovern


was right behind that one. Good, interlinking play between McDonald


and Moult. Johnson... It is through for Cadden.


Grounded with the chance at McGovern. The referee says it is a


penalty and a yellow card for the Accu 's goalkeeper.


-- Hamilton goalkeeper. Hamilton say there is no contact, but the referee


says that there was. Mark McCammon is not too happy. A chance for


Moult. A great save for McGovern. He has


made amends for conceding the penalty with that save. Moult had


already scored two penalties this season but not this time.


I think it was the same as every game, there was not a lot in it. I


think in the first half, they were the two or three best opportunities


by a long distance. If you don't take your chances, at this level,


the team will create something and get an opportunity. They've taken


theirs and won the game. Two wins in a row, something for the supporters


to celebrate. They've had a few disappointments lately. It goes some


way to making up for those. I'm delighted to win a second


consecutive game, and away from home it makes it sweeter.


An important three points for Motherwell. But one win in the last


14 matches for Hamilton. But they do have an excellent


goalkeeper in McGovern. He got another great save. It is


phenomenal, I'm not sure it was a penalty in the first case but he's


an excellent goalkeeper with a lot of experience. He dives forward and


out, it is a great touch around the post. There was not enough, they've


not won at home in 11 matches now. post. There was not enough, they've


lot of interest from other clubs, if you believe the papers, with


McGovern, Rangers are linked, he's going to the Euros with Northern


Ireland? Yes, you will have his work cut out generally, he has to try and


keep clean sheets in games. Motherwell looked like they're


getting clear now, I think they've always thought they have too many


good players, they should be fairly safe.


It leaves the Ladbrokes Premiership table looking like this.


Another busy weekend of ups and downs, next weekend, League Cup


final highlights. Join us next Sunday at 10:30pm on


BBC One. It's been another weekend of


memories in the Scottish Cup, what stood out for you today and


yesterday? Yesterday, the performance from Rangers against a


yesterday? Yesterday, the good Dundee side. It was phenomenal


relief. Playing Dundee away. Back at their best? Well, not quite yet. I


think they have more they can do. It was a magnificent performance


yesterday. Pat, for you, what was the standout performance at the


weekend? Or a major moment? I want to mention Rangers, that game


yesterday was definitely the best I've seen them play. I thought how


they moved the ball about, nipping in that cross, if Arsenal scored


that goal you would be delighted and it would be spoken about all night


long. They played well throughout the game. It is not their best, I


think the best was united. Away from home, at ten men, you are up against


it. You've had a terrible league season anyway. They've been under an


believable pressure, so he changes everything, gets it right


tactically, a good fan base behind him, he wins the game. That is 100%


what the Scottish Cup is about. For me. I think they have nudged it.


Very good, thank you very much indeed. It had to happen sometime,


one of the biggest fixtures in world football is back.


Still with a chance of landing the cup this season.


But, from all


Jonathan Sutherland presents highlights from the sixth round of the Scottish Cup.

Championship side Greenock Morton make the short trip to face Celtic. Their only success against the Glasgow giants in the Scottish Cup came in the 1948 semi-final. Hibernian's quest to lift the trophy for the first time in 114 years continues at home to the cup holders Inverness Caledonian Thistle. Victory in a fifth round replay at home to arch-rivals Hearts has increased Hibs's hopes of ending the most famous drought in Scottish football. Plus the best moments from Saturday's quarter-finals, and highlights of the Premiership match between Hamilton and Motherwell.

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