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was the threat through it. The second half, it was scrappy, Dundee


fought their way back into it. It would certainly be a massive boost


for the boss, taking away some of the criticism for them. If it stays


that way, it will be one person -- one point away from both. You've got


to be concerned because you would be hitting reverse with five straight


defeats going into the date's game. A real chance to equalise. He


fluffed it. He's miles wide. It looked easy to score. That's the


last thing they need at this stage of the season. They need to pick up


points. They've been on a bad run but a big three points if they can


hold on. For Dundee, it's another poor results and you don't know


where your next point will come from. We talk about pressure on


manager is so much through the course of the season. At this stage,


is any manager at risk of losing his job, given how tight it is at the


end? No, there's nothing positive from changing your manager with six,


seven games left. But certainly for five managers who will be sweating


as we go into these last six games. -- four or five managers. Seems like


they have a lot of domination of possession if that is any guide. For


a while, Kilmarnock back into that match and look like Celtic might be


a bit complacent. They had drawn their two previous matches but


accelerating away once again. Yes, the manager wants to get in, get


players in but that should add something to the mix because


everybody will want to play in that semifinal, so I thought they gave a


performance labour Kilmarnock lost 6-1 earlier this season. A different


team now. Christian can't play against Celtic and they miss him at


the back. He's a big player for them. Ross County currently 1-1. Big


goal. They were down. As it stands, a 2-point gap over Dundee and it


could prove to be a hugely important goal. It could be a massive goal but


the contentious point was the sending off. We watched it coming


in. For me it is not a sending off, it's a yellow at best. He completely


misses the Ross County player. Hamilton are now battling away with


ten men. They've done well to stay in the game. Ross County have been


putting a lot of pressure on them. So five matches in the Premiership


today. One big match tomorrow in the Premiership and it takes place at


the tawdry stadium. Aberdeen going into that match


second in the table and of course a great midweek home victory against


Inverness and Caledonian Thistle. They've got the momentum and it


continues. Gas. It continues, especially at home. Caledonian


Thistle are battling, working Aberdeen. They've got back quality.


He must see that every time he goes to sleep, in his nightmares! Yes,


I'm not sure what he did. It's going to be the rest of the season. That's


asked to-0 down. But, yes, Aberdeen have been superb. Celtic have beaten


them this season. Ten games unbeaten at home. I expect them to go and win


the game comfortably. In terms of Rangers, midweek it was a 0-0 draw.


Craig Paterson, the big news was that Pedro named his team well in


advance, giving Lee McCulloch, the manager, plenty of time to prepare.


They are saying, the young left back is about five foot eight. They


knocked high balls and it kept them playing in the Rangers have so I


think it gave Dominic a little bit of an advantage. I'm not sure if


it's something he is used to using but it certainly strange and it


probably works more position than Rangers. You're baffled by Ed? Yes,


I think you're giving advantage to the opposition. I don't see the


benefit of giving your team lines away. The managers I've worked with


them to give them away. There are more events. This all


happening. It is turning into a horrible action Inverness. Down to


ten men and St Johnstone a penalty. Here comes Liam Craig, he takes his


time. His lot it in to the corner. Saint Johnson two, Inverness, zero.


That is a hammer blow for Inverness. It is looking 30 grams. In terms of


tomorrow between Aberdeen and Rangers, has named the Aberdeen


team. He is saying he has done his homework but I think it's a bit


disrespectful. I think the Aberdeen players will see it as that. Korea


to the press, I'm not sure what that is all about. There's been a couple


of decisions since he arrived at for me have been a fling and very


different. If that ease going to be, fine, but you got to back that up


with results. What is the explanation for this? He wants to be


different and if you are different, that's great but needs to get the


make it look big it makes any sense? It would be more different if he


changes his team every week and there were major changes. When


you're on a good run but you are, churning with in team out the


majority of people would get ten out of 11. It's about getting to know


his players, deciding who he wants to keep, who he needs to bring in


and is there a budget to do and he has the semifinal against Celtic.


There's no chance of catching Aberdeen per second place, he has to


get Rangers muttering into that again. He says ease expecting a trip


to help tomorrow. Wind, lose or draw, do you see Rangers managing to


get second-place? No, I don't. I've been there as a Rangers player and


the atmosphere is brilliant. It is not hell, it is brilliant. It is


always a feisty match and I'm expecting the same on Sunday. It's a


great atmosphere for a good game. Do you see any sort of Rangers victory


because they are 12 points behind? They do need to wind if they got any


hope of second place. Do you think they have a hope? They have a


chance. They were unlucky to lose the free kick. They beat Aberdeen at


Ibrox but the problems for Rangers or draw. Both teams have lost seven


games. That's why he would give them the edge because they have that


little extra firepower. How much credit does Derek deserved for this?


So much, I thought how much more can he do with this Aberdeen side,


specially with being stronger? He has done it and better. It is


phenomenal how distant he has been in terms of his team and they


deserve every plotted going. I think we have another goal and it has come


in the match between Inverness and St Johnstone. Inverness have simply


fallen apart. The Johnson now had three goals and they just watch the


ball into the net. It went further onto the next guy who was Graham


Cummings and he just slammed it home from about eight yards. The fans


here are streaming out, they know Inverness are now in deep, deep


trouble. It is 3-0. An ominous scoreline for Inverness. A great


scoreline present Johnson if they have had a turbulent week the terms


of their have been fined for Mac weeks wages. But they catch on? You


think so? I don't know but I think there's an opportunity that they


can. In The Times post-split, the last two or three seasons, Saint


Johnson finished Ray Wells or it wouldn't surprise me if they gave


Ainger is a good run. The Johnson tend to finish the season strongly.


This result means they will be three points behind, do you think they can


catch Rangers? Is debited possible. If they wind today, that is three


winds out of five. The full-time whistle of around Scotland. Great


scenes of celebration as part of this law secure a place in the top


six for the first time since the introduction of the split and they


will have their best league finish since 1981. The match decided for


the 13th goal of the season coming after 11 minutes time. A second goal


eluded the home side in the opening 45 minutes. Two changes made at


half-time. The second half was more of a contest. Motherwell Oglaigh na


hEireann best chance of an equaliser, a brilliant diving header


but the ball was clawed away despite Motherwell appealing that it had


crossed the line. It's been a great afternoon, a great last eight games.


Huge congratulations to project before. They are in top six. A huge


achievement. When you consider they won one of their nine games. Because


the what a team they would be, but massive for which. The players he


has brought in they are a. 13 you don't want to play because they are


always. If. An absolutely brilliant afternoon for the in the end. Or


really in relegation trouble who opened its absolutely spot on


benefits had a lot of ball, a lot of territory, they couldn't get enough


on the stop to quickfire. He obviously said something after being


cautioned and off he went and Saint Johnson went but the throat but


Craig slotted home a penalty into the corner slammed home, they could


have had another. Inverness, rooted to the bottom and really need a


winner Greg at Motherwell. I'm at the top of the table clash.


This means the Road club could wrap up the championship title next week


at home so need results elsewhere their way. As for today, Cummings


opened the scoring is, his 21st goal of the season. Play left foot shot


into the back of the net. Lies are coming from the penalty spot after


this date had been brought down by the Gregor. An easy task for the


referee. A great maturity or Graham. A wonderful pass by John again. He


delayed his advert. It would have been a winner. A glorious afternoon


here, watched by a cloud of 4229. It finished 1-1. But versus Dundee. It


finished 1-0 here in the glorious sunshine. It gives them a run of


defeats. Hart, is the first half and lead was almost added to with a


powerful header. Dundee substitute Craig White had a


terrific opportunity to level in 63 minutes seemed to kick the ball into


the top and it spun wide stop the chance went begging. Cards always


seemed to be able to hold on, which they did all three points. Celtic


wrapped up the title last weekend. This afternoon they were at home to


Nick. It finished 3-1 and, Nick gave Celtic a guard of honour as they


made their way onto the pitch. Took a deflection to give Celtic the


opener midway through the first half. Baltic dominated position


throughout this match and they were stunned in 65 minutes when Monica


went up. Celtic responded. Brendan Rodgers men made it 2-1 after 71


minutes. Five minutes later, James Forrest but the header. That made it


3-1 at the Celtic so they continue this unbeaten domestic run. 39 games


unbeaten domestic league. It finished 1-1 in what turned out


to be a butter point the county in the circumstances because the host


had to pay the first second half when this mild. The fact that ease


played for clubs like a C Milan showed in his finish from the edge


of the box. He got the ball and curled it beautifully into the top


corner. And it still looked vulnerable but they were holding out


until just before half-time. It was a turning point. It looked like a


foul but it did not neglect a red card. Yellow card at most but the


referee showed a straight red card to the Greek and that was meaning


1-0 at the break but Hamilton down to ten. Ross County pushed forward


and the goal, the equaliser came from Craig Curran. A corner wasn't


cleared properly and he hammered in his seven goal of the season. There


was a great chance at the end for Hamilton to steal all three against


expectations. A counterattack fired over but overall, a great home


record from Holden who have not lost here since the 24th of December on


Christmas Eve, against Celtic. Seven games unbeaten at home. A big match


at the bottom of the championship. It finished 1-1. The poorest


performance in weeks. A fine first half. Saints took the lead after ten


minutes. His third goal of the season together since the lead.


Dumbarton equalised. A penalty was then mist. Stephen McGill was


wrestled in the box. The second half was poor. Eventually, there was a


red card, a second yellow. Not a great performance. It finished 1-1.


Staying in the law end of the championship, John Furlan against


Raith Rovers. The penalty took Dunfermline Closer to safety in the


championship. The decisive moment came when Rovers captain bundled


over Paul Merton on in the box and Higginbotham chipped the bottom down


for his seventh goal of the season. He was one of the classier act


during a pretty per game of football. But when came after 48


minutes. It was nervy stuff at that point. After that, they put the game


to bed. Clark, uncharacteristically, missing two chances. But the them


straight at the goalkeeper. No team can afford to pass up


chances but especially when it applies to Raith Rovers, having just


scored two away goals since October. They have just won twice in their


last 21 league matches. It will take a miracle to stay in the


championship. Let's stay at the bottom of the championship. It won't


have escaped your attention that the one - one draw means that St Mirren


are of the bottom of the champion ship table. I was waiting all


afternoon to hear chicks voice booming out but it never arrived! We


will take the point because I think nothing of the bottom of the league


gives you that psychological lift. They have been there for so long. We


had the game in hand, should they wind that,. You're getting a little


bit cocky now, Roger? We could be right out of the play-offs. Been


playing well recently, no doubt about it. Today they played as well


as they have been doing but I will take a point.


Let's have a look at the classified results.


Let's have a look at how that leaves all the tables. Aberdeen play


tomorrow against Rangers, of course. Congratulations to Partick Thistle.


Motherwell in second to bottom place for the time being.


As we were discussing before the classifieds, Saint Mirren off the


bottom of the table. A United take their place.


Congratulations to Livingston after that result today. They are


champions and will be playing League 1 football next season.


Let's head down south for a look at the English Premier League table.


There it comes. Tottenham Hotspur with that great victory against


Watford this afternoon, they narrowed the gap on Chelsea. Chelsea


playing Bournemouth later this evening.


And at the bottom, Swansea city still in the relegation places after


that defeat by West Ham United this afternoon.


This is how the championship looks for the time being. Brighton and


Hove lead the way after their victory against QPR. Newcastle still


have a chance playing Sheffield Wednesday this evening to reclaim


top spot. Let's find out how that went on in


League 1 this afternoon. The match between Livingston of their


opponents. A beautiful day to be promoted into


the championship, and that's exactly what Livingston did this afternoon.


Two chances for their opponents in the early minutes but both were


quickly forgotten. A clean cut strike gave them the lead. A


stunning solo effort down the left wing gave them their second goal. A


corner kick and confusion in the box gave their opponents a goal but it


was too little, too late as the final whistle indicated. A title win


for Livingston and promotion to the championship.


Congratulations to them. Back to the championship. Well done


to them, you have to say. When you go down disappointed but you have to


have to try to keep your team together. They stuck with their


manager he could get the job done. Livingston definitely the class act


in that division. I think we can hear from the Saint Johnstone


manager now. Great victory against Inverness. A fabulous result, a very


good performance and a good afternoon. Yes, the end of a very


good week and a positive result against hearts during the week. We


knew it was difficult coming up there. We had to defend, lots of


balls in the box, so I think we went in 1-0 at half-time and then got a


good goal. Second-half, not a lot in the game but we looked comfortable


enough. Then the sending-off, adjusted to the men we were


ruthless. We scored two, we could have maybe scored two or three more.


Finish the game on a real high. What a remarkable job he does. We've


talked about him a lot. To get another victory against Caledonian


Thistle when they are three points behind Rangers. I thought they dealt


with that well and it's been a fantastic week for them. Every year


producing the top six. They never change to many of their playing


staff and tea extract every single ounce of effort he can from his


players. They organised, everybody knows their job. Nothing fancy about


them but fantastic for them this season. We watched the pictures


coming in here. Did you see anything from it that now suggests Caledonian


Thistle, who are four points from bottom, can stay in this division?


Absolutely not. Motherwell was their last victory way back and they are


drawing games but they are getting way, way behind. They are not that


far adrift but the good thing about the post-split is all the teams


playing, you are going to play those that you fancy beating, but they


have to play to get back. I think a lot is resting on this game next


week. They play Motherwell. That game has propelled itself into the


massive category. If Inverness lose that, I can't see a way back. If


they win it, is down to appoint a game. But everything lies on this


game this weekend. OK. Could be a valuable point in the final equation


in the Ross County game. A good point in the circumstances


but you probably feel you should have had a lot more out of today.


Definitely. In the first half we scored a good goal. More comfortable


in the game and I thought we could go on and scored again in the second


half. A big decision on half-time, the referee with the sending-off.


Janus has gone for the ball and I think it looks worse than it is


because of the speed they are going out. But no intent in the tackle at


all. Just trying to block the ball. How he can see that as a red card,


for me it just isn't. And I always say it - referees have a hard job at


that speed. But it seems to be for us that we are on the wrong end of a


few decisions. I know you've been predicting the


worst for them but they are actually putting together a half decent home


wrecker, aren't they? Yes, Craig and I were talking about it just


off-camera. It's pretty much save them up to this point in time and


today's result, he was right what he said. The sending-off is not a


sending-off whatsoever and had they kept him on the pitch they might


have well gone on to win the game but they will be happy with the


draw. We can now prospect of the Caledonian Stadium. The Inverness


manager on the end of a sore result today that has left his team four


points adrift. Obviously not the result you want.


You lose ground at the bottom. What were your thoughts on what happened


out here today? The chances to put the ball in the back of the net,


whether it was enough. I think sometimes there were two crosses in


the box. Corner after corner. We didn't have that desire to put our


heads on the ball, that passion. There's a confidence issue as well


that I can see with a lot of players. It's a tough time of the


season. It's tough bottom of the table but I need the players to


stand up and be counted and not enough of them did that today.


What did you make of that post match interview? A bit flat. You can't


celebrate a win, you can't get something to build on. Week after


week. Nothing to build on, a springboard. We spoke about


Motherwell next week. Absolutely massive game for them. They need


something to lift them and their supporters. They are conceding too


many and they don't score. You can't rely on one person to get your


goals. Others have to chip in and the games are running out. You think


you will be running out of hope? I think so. Certainly a very flat


interview. Craig's right. They concede far too many goals. The


confidence issue he spoke about, the ruthlessness. It's a word to Saint


Johnstone showed today. They were ruthless, Inverness weren't, and


they will be fighting. --'s a word that Saint Johnstone showed today.


How much did they need that? It's a relief because he doesn't have to


come out and give interview about a poor result and a poor performance


and people asking questions about his record and where the club is


going, so time to build on this. Friday night they go to rugby part,


Kilmarnock. Having played today and got the result they've got to use


that and go on and get another result. And it's the last thing they


needed? Yes, six defeats in a row, and you have to worry for Dundee


going into this. Thank you very much. Join us for the Premiership


highlights tomorrow night. On BBC One Scotland. No 6pm showing on BBC


Two this week due to the Masters coverage.


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