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Highlights of the weekend's matches. Aberdeen v Rangers, Celtic v Kilmarnock, Hearts v Dundee, Hamilton v Ross County, Inverness v St Johnstone and Partick v Motherwell.

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Good evening and welcome to sports in, Celtic wrapped up the title last


weekend but that was never really in doubt. The focus is now on the


subplot. The race for Europe and the relegation battle. With us as


always, Steven Thompson and Michael Stewart. We're one of the most


fiercely contested rivalries in Scottish football. Aberdeen winning


15 of the last 17 games including all ten of their last matches at


home. They are looking to cement second place with victory over


Rangers this lunchtime. COMMENTATOR: Rangers looking for an 11th straight


win in Aberdeen. No reason to change the team. -- Aberdeen looking for


the 11th consecutive win at home. The Portuguese knows Rangers must


win today if they are to threaten second spot. Miller will skipper


them. 12 points is the current gap. That is McLean's fix -- flick. Top


Aberdeen winning 15 of their last 17 games. Immediately Ryan Jack and


Ghana have got heavily involved. Ghana has gone down, claiming he has


been head-butted by the Aberdeen skipper. The referee has something


big to sort out the first minute the game here. Jo Garner certainly hit


the deck. But already a moment of serious controversy in an Aberdeen


Rangers game. He goes to his pocket. Yellow for both.


Good pace from Aberdeen in these early exchanges. Nile McGinn gets


there. Shouts in the Aberdeen fans for a penalty. Danny Wilson with the


challenge. Not many protests from the Aberdeen number ten.


Now, Aberdeen on the counter. It is Johnny Hayes. Wes Foderingham makes


to save at the near post. McLean has been rocked by Waghorn.


It is going to break to Jo Garner, a great first touch and a great save


by Lewis. Proving his worth again but Rangers will feel they should be


in front. Hayes caught him late there. Rangers have been given an


advantage and Waghorn spurns the opportunity. Rangers's second big


opportunity of the game. Wilson. Lewis gets there. He is true by Joe


Garner. He was booked earlier. -- tripped by Joe Garner. There will be


no second yellow. An innocuous looking challenge. As he chases the


ball down. Rooney. He has done well, he has done very well. McGinn one of


them but he took it off the toe of Graham Shinnie. Who was the better


option. He swings it in. Considine, Rangers have got away with one


there. Graham Shinnie things he is smashing that into the net.


Trying to help his team-mate. That is good play by Hayes, away from


Wilson. Didn't have the end product again. Shinnie still has it but he


is on the deck. Hayes will be disappointed he hasn't managed to


provide a better ball here. Try to chip it with the left foot. Graham


Shinnie would have done well to score from that situation. McGinn


testing Miller. McLean on the volley. Wes Foderingham keeps it


out. That was better from Aberdeen. It looked as though the people would


get that at one stage. Well played by O'Connor. He read


that almost last week. Through it comes for Adam Rooney, a big chance


but Foderingham says again for the second time in a couple of minutes.


Brilliantly read by Anthony O'Connor. He saw it a mile off. It


goes to Hayes. Rooney is in there and Fotheringham


denies Aberdeen for the third time in the second half, two of them from


Adam Rooney who must have thought he was breaking the deadlock with this.


O'Connor. That is for Logan. One of the balls of the season and Shay


Logan is in here. A good challenge by Bates. But again, Aberdeen were


in. Logan thought about the shot but decided to try and find Rooney but


Bates did more than enough to put off the Aberdeen top scorer. Waghorn


takes it down, look at Windus galloping to his right. Waghorn in


the box and Windus saw the headlines. A decent rake by Rangers.


Seldom threatened in the final third in the second half. Sloppy from


Aberdeen in the middle. 12 minutes left. Tavernier. It has dropped to


Waghorn, saved by Lewis, Miller, it is 1-0 Rangers. A stunning finish


from Kenny Miller. Rangers might just have kept the battle for second


place alive. But this is classic Kenny Miller. Lewis kept out why


corn. What a strike it is. He still has so much to do. But he has done


it with aplomb and Rangers lead 1-0. It is the age old story, Aberdeen


have failed to take their chances in the second half. It has been even


over the course of the game as far as opportunities are concerned. This


is a tester for Aberdeen. O'Connor gives Miller could be in for another


one, and he slots it home. Two goals in a minute for Kenny Miller. It is


a horror story for Anthony O'Connor. Both he and Taylor. Given away by


oh,, don't do finds Miller and that is as cool as you would like. And


Rangers now lead to - zero. They had barely threatened in the second


half. They have stepped up when they have had the opportunities. They


have taken the two that have come their way in the second period.


Rangers suddenly playing with real freedom. It is 3-0. Absolutely


incredible. This is a major result, make no mistake about that. Second


place could have been done and dusted today but a crazy few minutes


have put hetero Caixinha in dreamland, look at what it means to


him. He is in again. For four. Miller for the hat-trick, off the


line by Considine. -- Pedro Caixinha. Terrible from Taylor and


Rangers so close to capitalising. We have won games with late goals and


there is a confidence and experience about us to get the goal but we


never showed the same confidence from when we lost the goal. It is


unusual. It is a huge disappointment today. We understand that. The


players are disappointed as well and we have lost the fight today but it


is important we win the battle the second and hopefully get in the cup


final. He predicted the Aberdeen team but I am not sure he predicted


the 3-0 scoreline. Given the way that match went, it was a remarkable


scoreline. It was, it was an entertaining game. Both teams fully


committed. Aberdeen started well but Rangers had the best of the first


half. In the second half it was all Aberdeen. You could not see a way


back in for Rangers, you could not see them getting one goal, let alone


three. Wood big games are full of big incidents and there was a big


incident right at the start. Was a yellow card each the right decision?


I think it was. Tight games between teams that are close to each other


there are a lot of potential turning points. Ryan Jack here runs the


risk, he gives Kevin Clancy the chance, he could have been sent off.


Joe Garner's reaction is pathetic. It is a reminder of Charlie Mulgrew


and Kyle Lafferty. That was even worse. He could have been red


carded. I think this, Taylor is a worse. He could have been red


very un--- is very fortunate. Another potential turning point in


the game. In hindsight when you look at the end of the game. Maybe


Aberdeen and have wanted him to get sent off. That is harsh. He was


involved in some poor defending. We will get to that shortly. Should


this have been a penalty for Aberdeen? The fact nobody has spoken


this have been a penalty for about it does not diminish that this


is a penalty for me. Nile McGinn gets to the ball before Wilson. He


is clumsily barged in the back. That is a penalty. I agree. The referee


is in a fantastic position. For me, that was a penalty. It seemed to be


missed by everyone. The macro the Aberdeen reaction as well. McGinn


does react. But not adamant there was a penalty. I would have expected


more. I think that is added to the reason why a lot of the reaction has


been almost muted. In the second half, large swathes of Aberdeen


pressure. Were you surprised there was no breakthrough. They certainly


tried, Wes Foderingham were superb. It was magnificent, they had


opportunities and improved in the second half, Aberdeen. This is a


great reaction save. You got a wee bit excited. When you thought Joe


Lewis had saved it. He looks to pass through, Rooney on to his weaker


side, it has to be said, a more comfortable save. This was an


excellent save. You were critical of Rooney here. It is a great save, he


gets it on target. Aberdeen got their wide players involved more in


the second half. Foderingham has been a top performer. They signed


Matt Gilkes and you thought it would be a challenge but Foderingham


stepped up to the plate and has been a top performer. Did you see Rangers


winning this match 3-0? Know. Especially at that stage of the game


where Aberdeen were on top. Kenny McLean, Graham Shinnie and Ryan


Jack, the three midfielders, he picks the ball up. Look at the


Spacey is running into. He has vacated from the defensive third to


the attacking third and not been challenged. Aberdeen get back in


shape and get back behind the ball. They bust a gut, late in the game


and they switched off. You can see, he leaves him, he confronts him and


it is poor defending. But it is an incredible hate. A


mistake, but in terms of finishing, that is as good as you will see.


They switched off, a slight touch. It goes back into the middle of the


park. Take your touch, you have all the time in the world. Give him the


benefit of the doubt, but then Anthony O'Connor is slack. They call


finish from Kenny Miller. The game is over at that point. They went a


goal down and did not react properly. That was straight from the


kick-off. Ash Taylor has to come further across. He is not blocking


the goal at all, he needs to come across and block. A great finish,


because that is clever from the striker. Play it between the


defenders. The goalkeeper is unsighted. News from Rangers,


Jonathan Johansson will be the new assistant. Kenny Miller was the star


man, does he deserve a new contract? Absolutely, he has been one of their


best players this season. I hope there is no ages, because he looks


fit. He has been one of the best players, he proved how valuable he


is. Dundee had lost five straight players, he proved how valuable he


games going into this weekend's match at Tynecastle. The home side


games going into this weekend's on a run of three straight defeats.


Pressure on both Paul Hartley and Ian Cathro. Something had to give.


Following a run of six defeat in seven, Ian Cathro welcomes back a


player after almost a month out. Dundee's form is even more of a


concern. Daniel Higgins makes his debut in a team that has suffered


defeat in the last five outings. Tom Hateley is promoted from the bench.


Difficult skill to catch that perfectly. It goes well wide of the


target in the end. He finds the back of the net. Hearts


lead after 30 minutes. It is Esmael Goncalves, his fifth goal for the


club. Don Cowie opened it up, Esmael Goncalves deceived the challenge of


Paul McGowan. Despite the efforts of Darren O'Dea, Esmael Goncalves opens


the scoring for Ian Cathro's side. The first goal they have scored for


three games. It almost came all the way to Tom Hateley. Jamie Walker got


in with a touch. Tom Hateley is not getting the decision. Jamie Walker


seems to have got back with a crucial intervention. A bit of space


the Jamie Walker. It is easy enough for Scott Bain to collect. He scored


15 times this season, so often the spark that Hearts need.


Prince Buaben is playing at centre-back. Having to go from back


to front, with a lack of options going forward. Prince Buaben's ball


forward, and Jamie Walker's header, but easy for Dundee to defend.


The pass invited the challenge from Cameron Kerr, he was heavily into


Liam Smith. It is a yellow card. The team -- he seemed to slip as he went


into the challenge. Scott Bain with a fine save to keep


him out. He does make a difference to this Hearts team. Almost adding


the second. Tom Hateley does have a very dangerous delivery. It beat


everyone. He finds the post. I think there might have been a fine touch


He kept it low. Never really one that was ever going to trouble Scott


Bain. Alexander Ostia Liz has one goal as a Hearts player. It was


given away by Andraz Struna. Things are beginning to get a little


nervous around Tynecastle. Kristian Novak gave it away, good pace from


Craig Wighton, but he could not apply the finish. Dundee need to


start picking up points somewhere. It was Liam Smith who attacked the


header. He rose well. Could not directed on target.


It is a good save in the end by Scott Bain. He had to react. Esmael


Goncalves already has one, the second continues to evade Hearts.


We had to defend some long balls, some direct plate. We still managed


to play a bit. But it was about getting it over the line. We have


done that. Hearts scored the goal, but we have the post, and that there


was an outstanding chance. That is the difference. You have to take


your chances. A big victory for Ian Cathro's side,


Dundee in the doldrums. How impressed were you by Hearts? We


have been critical of them, they have been criticised for not having


an identity or a style, but I saw a style. I saw an attacking side.


One of their full-backs dropping it in and then going. Prince Buaben was


playing as a centre-half, the distance between the centre halves,


they were trying to get the midfielders onto the ball. Out the


other side. You can see the other full-back, Liam Smith, stretching


the game again. They are moving through the thirds of the pitch. Don


Cowie makes a fantastic run. He should do better there. You would


expect him to hit the target. This should do better there. You would


was typical of how they played. The goalkeeper to the full-back, into


another midfielder, they look for the switch of play. You can see the


midfielders rotating, Jamie Walker coming in, Don Cowie making a


similar manner. The ball is switched to the high full-back, Jamie Walker


go through the back. I was impressed in the first half. They had a


definite style. One aspect you would not associate with Jamie Walker, but


needed there. Tom Hateley almost gets in. A great defensive clearance


from Jamie Walker. Wanting to get up and press on the opposition. Very


animated. It is high due have to play, especially at home. On the


flip side, I was surprised, quick play, but the lack of closing down


from Dundee will stop but Hearts were resilient. You are a former


Hearts captain, you have been critical of them, how much heart you


take from that victory? I was not very critical, the results have not


been good enough. But there has to be confident is taken from that


result, that it has to be backed up with more fun that one result,


because far too often they have not backed it up. They need to build on


this and get a bit of momentum. It has been lacking in the last few


months. Six defeat in a row for Dundee. Partick Thistle sank to the


bottom of the table on the 20th of December. 2017 had seen a


transformation in form, and they conceal a top six place against


Motherwell. Four changes the Partick from the


side that drew at Celtic. Motherwell drew 0-0 against


Hamilton. Zak Jules and Shea Gordon in the starting XI. Shea Gordon


making his first. Full it will be a corner. Scott McDonald appreciates


the quality of the ball across, did not get the clean header he wanted.


Partick with 15 points from their last seven league games, unbeaten in


that spell. The opening goal for Partick Thistle


comes from Kris Doolan. He cannot stop scoring. Chris Elliott with a


great ball, Chris Erskine with a stop scoring. Chris Elliott with a


turn of pace. He stolen between the centre halves. Great timing from


Kris Doolan, his 13th of the season. The opening goal comes the way of


the home side. He is happy with the way his side have started.


Craig Samson flying across his goal. Needed to get up and over the wall,


it would not come down in time. Off the crossbar. He flung himself


across. Stephen Wallace almost got a second goal. He was persistent. A


good block. Fortunate to see it come off the bar.


Very considered in their build-up. He has been taking his chances in


the last few weeks. Brilliant passing move from Partick Thistle.


Ryan Edwards opened up, Kris Doolan just had to curl it home.


Motherwell looking better in the second half.


That is better from Motherwell. They disappeared in the first half after


the loss of the goal. Two changes at half-time making a difference. They


have had more to shout about in the second half. A brilliant save by


Thomas journey. That looked like a good save from Tomas Cerny. Zach


Jones met it really well will stop Lionel Ainsworth lofted a thin, and


that is a first-class save from Tomas Cerny. They continue to push,


Motherwell. No victories in their last four.


Good, persistent play from Motherwell. Keith Lasley yet to


score this season. Neatly away from Kris Doolan. Did not get himself


set, though. Eventually knocked away by Liam


Lindsay. Both these teams giving their all. Their bodies on the line.


Lindsay. Both these teams giving It was Carl McHugh initially, Jacob


Blyth try to dig it out. The full-time whistle will go.


Partick Thistle confirmed their top six place. The first time since the


introduction of the split in the top flight that they have achieved that.


They celebrate after such a disastrous opening to the season.


Partick were bottom, but now they are guaranteed the best league


finish in 36 years. I thought we were dominant but we


knew Motherwell would come out and have a go, they certainly did that.


We lost the game in the first 30 minutes. We didn't compete well


enough. And we didn't pass the ball well enough. We had a chance of


something in the second half and the last seven minutes of the first but


it too little too late. It is a great achievement. A massive


turnaround for the players. Cute congratulation to Partick Thistle,


their highest league finish since 1981. When you look at their record


in 2017, you wonder if they had started the season well what they


might have achieved. A phenomenal run they have been on. Built on the


back of conceding few goals. They have slipped to a back three and it


has been the bedrock of their success. Making sure to shut up shop


at the back. But the first ten games, they won one game. If they


had been able to get a half decent run, they could have been


challenging for Europe. The previous season with similar but solid


foundation is the bedrock and good form in the second half. He has been


a good addition to the team, defensively sound. Sniffing out


problems, just good defending. Devine as well. There is a wingback,


and structurally, you heard them talking about the formation working


well for them. They found this formation. They found this formation


that has worked for them. And conceding as the goals as they have,


you always give yourself a chance to stay in games and get points. It


always give you a chance when you stay in games and get points. It


are making sure you are sound defensively and that is what they


are doing. They certainly deserve their place in the top half. Do


are doing. They certainly deserve Motherwell deserved to be second


bottom? They do. They have the worst defensive record in the league. They


know every game is now huge. They had a better second half but they


lost that game in the first half. They are the exact opposite of


Partick Thistle, they can't defend. I keep saying they have enough at


the top end of the park to get out of trouble but in -- when you have a


defence that leaky, it doesn't guarantee anything. The big news at


Celtic on Friday with Brendan Rodgers signing a new four-year


contract. Should things go well, that could see him take Celtic to


ten titles in a row. A bit of football to play before that,


Kilmarnock were the visitors on Saturday afternoon. COMMENTATOR:


Celtic make five changes after the win over Partick Thistle. Tierney


returns to the defence and Stuart Armstrong, James Forrest and Scott


Brown also return. Kilmarnock's loan Armstrong, James Forrest and Scott


defender cannot play against his parent club so cannot play. Smith


and Roberts come in as well. parent club so cannot play. Smith


Armstrong finding McGregor. He is forest. Towards Sinclair. And he


wasn't far away with that effort, Scott Sinclair. As Celtic try and


open up this five-man Kilmarnock defence. They seemed to find a gap.


It is McGregor with the shot, taking a deflection. Woodman had to keep


his eye on that one. I think it came of Scott Boyd. The keeper reacted


well. That is a lovely pass for Scott Brown. The on loan at


Newcastle goalkeeper doing well for Kilmarnock there. Using his boot to


make the stop. The pressure is still on the visitors.


Armstrong trying the shot. And that is the opening goal for Celtic. It


comes midway through this first half. They have tried to work


openings with Armstrong going for a long-range strike. It took a


deflection off of Wilson. Mikael Lustig on the overlap.


Swinging it wide. Here is Tierney. Trying to hit it with the inside of


the left boot. That was the two Celtic full-backs combining there.


Not far away you from it. Armstrong linking again and trying the shot.


Already has 14 goals, Stuart Armstrong. Here is Smith. Jordan


Jones. Holding off the Celtic captain and getting the shot away.


And that is the first real strike on goal for Kilmarnock this afternoon.


Coming from the Wenger. Celtic still trying to work these neat


combinations on the edge of the Kilmarnock box. Broken up this time.


Here is Jordan Jones. He has salmon to his left. Conor salmon. He has


found the pass for Jones and it takes a deflection and Kilmarnock


are back on level terms. In the 65th minute. Jones claims his first goal


for Kilmarnock. But when you look at minute. Jones claims his first goal


that, it seems as though the shot was maybe going wide before it hit


Mikael Lustig. And diverted beyond Craig Gordon. Celtic on this 38 game


unbeaten domestic run. Sliding in was avoided. -- Boyd. The referee


says it is a free kick for the challenge on Patrick Roberts.


Armstrong. Swinging it to the back post. Turned back by Roberts. And


the easiest of tap ins for Scott Sinclair. To claim his 23rd goal of


the season, his seventh in his last seven appearances. Kilmarnock undone


by the set piece. Sinclair with the easiest of set piece finishes.


Mikael Lustig with the diagonal. Picking out Tierney. Celtic probing


again. Around the pact Kilmarnock defence. Dembele on as a substitute.


Dembele trying the shot. It takes a deflection and there is James


Forrest. Making it 3-1 Celtic. The shot from Dembele spinning onto the


post and James Forrest claims his eighth goal of the season. A rare


goal from a header. Patient build-up again from the champions. To


eventually find the breakthrough. I said to the players at half-time


that this was a game where you will get your reward in the last 20


minutes. If you move the ball quickly, teams tire and it is


natural, it is what happens. We got a couple of those in the last 20


minutes which was nice. A very good team performance. We did not deserve


to win the game but proud of the way the boys showed character and passed


the ball, especially in the second half at times. Maybe on another day,


we could have got a point. Celtic remain unbeaten in 39 domestic


matches. Brendan Rodgers can do no wrong it seems will stop he signed a


four-year contract, will he be given big money to spend in the summer? It


is great business by the Celtic board. He will get money to improve


the Champions League. He doesn't need to make them any stronger in


the Scottish league. But for qualifying through the Champions


League. Rogers is very content, he is happy off the pitch and happy on


the pitch, why wouldn't he be quite I am certain that was a big part of


the deal to stay on, to improve the Champions League standard. To do


that they need a bit of investment. I think centre-half is the area of


the park that Brendan Rodgers will look at and think that is the first


port of call to move them to the next stage. At times playing in


Europe against top teams you get stretched. You need your defenders


to defend one-on-one against top players and I am not convinced the


centre-half they have are on the same level as the rest of the team.


Where do you think Celtic should strengthen? I believe they need


another top quality Centre forward. They have had to use emergency


Centre forwards like that last week. When both are injured, they need


another one. I think they should be running with three. That is


strengthening the squad but starting XI. Celtic, Mousa Dembele, Leigh


Griffiths. He could bring in somebody unreal. There is no point


getting someone better than Mousa Dembele. Centre marks -- centre


halves of the area. Kilmarnock safe? I think they are. I think since Lee


McCulloch has come in, there is an honesty and grittiness about the


team. Piller were only five points between them and the bottom, there


is still work to do. They are not safe, nobody is safe. Should be


fascinating to watch. Inverness began bottom of the table, one win


from their last 20 league matches. It took on a St Johnstone side


breathing down the neck arrangers for a European place. COMMENTATOR:


Inverness Caledonian Thistle find themselves at the bottom of the


table and make three changes. Alex Fisher coming in from the start.


Richard Foster and Danny Swanson serve the second of their two match


suspensions. Michael Colson starts for the first time this year. Alex


Fisher attacks that. And it was Billy McKay's header which knocked


it over the top. Fisher making just his third start for the club. Easton


to Colson, returning for St Johnstone. A good ball through and


it is Taylor. It goes all the way across the face of goal. He just


needed a touch from Stephen the claim coming in. Warren cannot it


upfield and release Billy McKay but outcomes Alan Manas. He retains his


upfield and release Billy McKay but place after his fine form, Clark, he


is back and fit. He can't get in the team. That should come for Smith.


The man on loan from Preston North End. McLean. Dropping deep. Space


for course and perhaps to have a go at Macnaughton. He has done well.


And there is McLean and the ball crosses the line. And Stephen Miller


clean opens the scoring to end an eight-game goal drought. Despite the


efforts of Gary Warren on the line. Inverness look to respond before the


break. It comes back to Draper. Cole again. Straight at the goalkeeper


but that is certainly more encouraging for Ritchie Forum. A


good move but it that the finish. It came all the way back to Cummings at


the back post. He just couldn't quite react to knock it in from two


yards out. It is an incredible miss in the end. Billy King, the


substitute. He picks out McKay. And a fine challenge coming in. He keeps


it alive for Inverness. Saved. Shaughnessy was the first to react.


Billy McKay hosing in on the tap in. One win in 24 Inverness. McKay


looking to change that. It is into coal and a good hit, it comes out


through Billy King. And again, he is closed out by the St Johnstone


defence. He has not scored since September, Billy King. That came


against Celtic. Fisher gets the flick on. Couldn't get any power


behind the volley. He has had an excellent season in front of goal.


Just couldn't sort his feet out there.


Off-camera, he has reacted to Stephen Finney. He will get a yellow


card for dissent. He is continuing that. He has been shown a second


yellow card. Larnell Cole has been sent off. Inverness are down to ten


men. A good tackle by Gary Warren. Carl


Tremarco did not react in time. He challenges Graham Cummins, and he


points to the spot. St Johnstone have a penalty. This should be


enough to wrap it up. Liam Craig sends Owain Fon Williams the wrong


way. With just one minute left of normal time, he marks his 300th


appearance with a goal. Just looking to run down the clock for St


Johnstone. They make the extra man count. St


Johnstone have their third goal. Instead of being concerned about


Hearts on their coat-tails, St Johnstone might be looking up at


Rangers, just three points above them.


It is a ferocious effort. It rattles the crossbar.


Not good enough all over the park. The main person not coming from is


me. I am not doing my job right. We have not let the supporters down


over the season, but we let them down today. It was 1-0 at half-time


without playing particularly well. Second half, there was not a lot in


it, but we looked comfortable enough. Then the sending-off, I said


to them in there, we could have scored two or three more, and we


made sure we finished the game on a high.


Inverness now four points adrift of the bottom. An excellent victory for


St Johnstone. Inverness not helped by Larnell Cole's sending-off. The


last thing they need is a player sent off.


They struggle enough with 11 men. I thought it was a free kick against


him, but you cannot get sent off for thought it was a free kick against


that. It was the last thing they needed. Fair play to St Johnstone,


they took the game by the scruff of the neck. They were ruthless. They


went in search of the second and third goals, which came about all


too easily, from an Inverness perspective, especially this. It is


a good touch and finish, but he should not be in that I'm out of


space. It was a worrying afternoon for Inverness. Far too much space.


For a team that has won once in 21 games, you struggle to think where


they will find a victory from. It is relegation form. Richie Foran had no


managerial experience, and they are staring at relegation. One victory


in 21 is relegation form. Ultimately, the end of the season


will be the telling factor, whether it has been the right appointment or


not, but it does not look like it, and he said he is not doing his job


well enough. There is enough ability. There are good players


there. You know what it is like, when there is no guidance or


structure, it is difficult, it becomes disjointed, and that is how


they look. A great victory for St Johnstone. They were talking about


doom and gloom, and they have turned it around again. I said last week,


if they handle it well, they could come out of it positively, and that


shows the foundation they are built on. Hamilton might be at the wrong


end of the table, but they had not lost since Christmas Eve. Could they


keep that going against Ross County, also in the relegation mix?


The Hamilton midfielder was sent off on Wednesday, so he is suspended.


Massimo Donati takes over in the middle of the pitch. Suspension hits


Ross County as well. They had a red card on Tuesday. Ryan Dow comes in,


the only change to the team that beat Dundee.


It is off the line from Martin Woods. They have started really


well, the home team, threatening already. Martin Woods in the right


place at the right time. Popular where ever he goes, Dougie Imrie.


That was Massimo Donati. Casually chipping the ball into the corner.


Hamilton in front inside three minutes will stop --. A really good


finish from the veteran midfielder, curling it away from Scott Fox.


Hamilton have been the better team early on, but what a golden


opportunity to equalise. That is a really good hit. The


whistle goes. Scott Fox limits the damage for Ross County. Could have


been 2-0, a good save. A good fit. That was not far away.


Michael Gardyne still looking for his first goal of the season.


Getting closer to it. He is taken out by Johannes


contrasts. It is a red card. I think most would have expected a yellow


for this. Not an obvious goal-scoring opportunity. Surely not


violent conduct. But what a turning goal-scoring opportunity. Surely not


point that could be. What a strike. Just a fraction away


from levelling things up. Could not have struck it any better. Bouncing


back of the bar. Jim McIntyre's team ramping up the pressure. He produces


a really good save from Remi Matthews. The on loan Norwich


goalkeeper does well. Craig Curran with the equaliser. It


is a seventh goal of the season for him. The Dingwall team back on level


terms. Deflected in off Alejandro Luna call. A scuffed effort, but it


is so valuable, as it levels things up. Ross County looking to make it


11 against ten work, trying to turn one point into three.


Michael Garden reckons he was pushed as he tried to get on the end of


this. It was Scott McMann. Into the closing stages will stop


ten man Hamilton. Scott Fox saves his angled shot.


There looked to be a tug at his shirt here as well. He forced his


way looking for the winner. He has missed that. The Cypriot U21


international had the chance here to be an instant hero at Hamilton. He


fluffed his lines. A big decision on half-time, the


referee sends Ioannis off, it was not a red card. It looks worse than


it is, because of the speed, but there is no intent to hurt the


player. He is trying to block the ball, and he has got it before


Ioannis can get there. It is not a red card. It is not a sending-off,


they have been unfortunate. We knew we had to move the ball quickly, try


and use the extra man advantage. Ryan Dow hit the bar, the goalkeeper


made some good saves, we could not find a way through.


Neither manager thought it was a red card for Ioannis Skondras. What this


harsh? Ferry, it is a yellow card at best. That could have been nothing


at all? It is a red card. It is not! I do


not think it is a red card, I agree with both managers. The pace he goes


in, there is no danger in the tackle. Ryan Dow could do better to


avoid the challenge. I think it definitely is a red card, he lunges


in at pace. He lifts his leg up at the end. I can understand why it was


a red card. That must be the right answer, then! You came out with some


strange it -- crazy suggestion that Ryan Dow lifted his leg down. You


say read, I say hello. Should Ross County be in this position? They are


still in the mix for the relegation zone. They have taken four points


from six, and a waypoint is always welcome, they will see it as a


decent point, but they have Celtic next. They will be in the mix until


the end. Are you surprised? They have been stuttering all season, but


if you had asked at the start of the season were they would be down


there, I would not have thought so. But they have been inconsistent all


season, and that is why they are in the mix will stop apart from


Kilmarnock, in seventh place, the rest of the teams are right in


there. You have been writing Hamilton off for months, but decent


home form. That could be their saving grace. Absolutely. They are


unbeaten in their last six at home, it is their away form they need to


worry about, and their next match is a trip to Dundee. That leaves the


Premiership table looking like this. Rangers cut the gap on Aberdeen to


nine points. In now four points adrift. All the


sides in the bottom six still very much in the relegation mix, although


Michael does not quite agree. We are going all the way until the end of


the season, which is just the way we like it. Goodbye for now.


Introduced by Jonathan Sutherland.

Highlights of the weekend's Scottish Premiership action. There's a big clash in the race for second place as Rangers travel to Aberdeen. Champions Celtic host Kilmarnock and Hearts face Dundee. Elsewhere, Hamilton entertain Ross County, St Johnstone are away to Inverness and Partick host Motherwell.

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