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Extended highlights and analysis of the 6th round of the William Hill scottish Cup, featuring Inverness Caledonian Thistle v Dundee United and League Two's Albion Rovers v Rangers.

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Rangers - the most successful team left in the competition lifted the


last of the first 33 Scottish Cups back in 2009 and they are favourited


to progress to the last four. They cruise into round six with a 4-0


thumping of dun firm lin. -- Dunfermline. Standing in the way


are Albion rovers, who knocked out Motherwell along the way. It is an


all-Premiership affair at the Caledonian stadium.


Dundee United keep the lead. Dundee United tasted glory in 2010


and will be desperate to repeat that in May. Before they can entertain


those thoughts, they will look to join Aberdeen and St Johnstone.


What a goal! The semi-finals at Ibrox beckon for


the winners of this weekend. Good evening. Welcome to Sportscene.


Albion rover's best effort came in 1920. Today they take on Rangers.


Highlights coming up. We will bring you the action from today's other


quarter-final as Inverness Caledonian Thistle took on Dundee


United. Plus, all the action from yesterday.


With me in the studio Pat Nevin and a very happy St Johnstone assistant


manager. We start at Ibrox. Rangers and Albion rovers may only be 16


league places apart. In turns of fan base they occupy very different


worlds. Rangers cruised through as the bookie's expected, or would the


romance come for Rovers. 50 miles separates these clubs. One


division between them. All other aspects, they are worlds apart.


Rangers have reached the final of this competition 51 times. Albion


rovers are one of nine clubs to have reached and played in the Scottish


club final without tasting ultimate success. One resides in luxury, the


other will take the gate receipts of this tie. Together, they have both


earned the right to be in the quarter-finals. Rangers win agains


last weekend could be described as cool.


Shiels and Dallas may be hard to stop.


Three changes for Albion rovers. Donnelly has played in the


competition. Wallace makes the chase. Wallace


just keeps it in. Templeton swings it and a header!


Just right from Dallas. Dallas has -- Daley has been such a


threat. A service like that, he was almost


number 24. McCoist is watching on.


His side cannot afford any slip-ups today.


The corn ser a decent one. And Albion rovers have scored!


Donnelly has scored. Rangers conceded the Scottish Cup


for the first time this season. Albion rovers have yet to concede.


They are ahead again. They are ahead at Ibrox. What a moment for


Donnelly! Well the corner was deep, it was


delivered. The header across by McCulloch.


That is the sweetest moment yet. Donnelly pokes the ball home. There


was nothing that Bell could do. I think the chairman is happy!


He's got a smile on his face. Daly with the run.


Daly moves it away. Templeton - easily away from him.


What a drag back. A little drag-back to the keeper, on


the right foot. Got it away from Law.


Either very calm or very mad! Ibrox remains hushed.


Relatively unconcerned. Here's Foster.


Turned away by Dunlop. They are throwing at themselves all over the


place, Albion rovers. There's llace. They scored after the 13th minute.


They have kept Rangers at bay since. The bad news for Albion Rovers, they


have another 45 to come. Dunlop again!


Well Dunlop has been the Man of the Match so far for Albion Rovers. A


good save from Parry. Dunlop was the man who was there.


Well McCoist had a few words at half time.


Daly that time! Good save from the goalkeeper. Turned away before Law


could get there. Albion Rovers continue to keep


Rangers at bay. The 41-year-old is enjoying. This came with hope.


A level of expectation now. Fostz fost inside on to -- Foster


inside on to on to Black. Rangers, every time he scores, they


could do with him finding the net. 24 points clear of Dumfermline in


the league. They have pressing concerns here at


I prox. Here's Foster. Play -- at Ibrox. Here's Foster. Plays it in.


Back on to Foster from Little. To Little it goes. Off the crossbar


by Templeton. No touch from the goalkeeper.


Rangers denied by the wood work. Well worked by Rangers. A good ball


in by Foster. Credit Templeton, getting across the defender. Not


been beaten too often this afternoon. A touch of the bar.


On to Daly. Really of had his chance to get


things moving. It's on to Aird. A touch behind by Dunlop. If he meant


that, I suspect he should play at the World Cup in Brazil.


Rangers, whose unbeaten run stands at 33 games. They have won 31. They


have drawn against Stranraer. The ball ends up in the back of the


net and the referee. Has he given the goal or not?


Jim Beathard has given the -- John Beaton has given the goal.


The goalkeeper remains down and Albion Rovers are furious. It was


Templeton who played it in. Lifted it in.


The near-side assistant saw nothing wrong with it. Rangers are level. 13


minutes to play. Did it come off the arm of Mohsni?


Albion Rovers unhappy at the circumstances. Those fans might be


dance dancing! So is the mind of Ally McCoist.


Templeton and Mohsni - created Rangers' equaliser. Almost got


Rangers ahead. I am not sure I would be prepared to get that cold!


Mohsni - fur riffous with himself. He had a free header.


Of it has been shared by many a Rangers' player this afternoon. Just


couldn't rise enough. Of Little for the by-line. The low


ball across. Mohsni is there. Foster and Templeton. It is Templeton I's


all over! Albion Rovers get a draw at Ibrox. They have drawn here


before, but never under these circumstances. They were given a


chance. What a display for the men in red this afternoon! It has


finished. It is some cup tie. Rangers, one, Albion of Rovers, one.


When the subs came on, had to adjust it. Thought David would come on.


Were excellent. The effort was absolutely brilliant. I think


everybody was brilliant today. I am so disappointed it was 1-1. I am


gutted he got Man of the Match. I have to ask the Man of the Match one


thing - the one you tapped past the post r - did you mean it? I meant


it. It is one of those you stick out your foot and hope for the best. You


know? It is tough for the referee. Sometimes you get them, sometimes


you don't. It would be interesting to see if of that event let us 2-0


up. It would be interesting to see the decision. We will not take it


away. It is a great effort from the boy. They can be proud of. That


there is a replay to be played. I will not focus on the goal that was


lost because that would takeaway from the immense effort they have


put in. I am so proud of them and they deserve everything that they


get in terms of plaudits from everybody. We will now focus on that


re-play. It was a fantastic result for Albion


Rovers. Unbelievable in some ways. Edge of the seat stuff. Given the


way the match panned out Albion Rovers - will they be feeling


gutted? Possibly. Let's be honest - Rangers for the better side. They


had loads more of the ball and more chances. They were the better side.


They deserved - in that way - they deserved to get another bite at the


cherry. However, are they basing how good they are against Albion Rovers.


Should they not be looking up a bit? Massive sympathy for Albion Rovers.


They were brilliant! The character in the game was tremendous. They got


the goal and put their bodies on the line. They gave everything for the


manager. It was over 1,000 there. It was fantastic. They were unfortunate


not to sneak it. They get another chance in a couple of weeks' time.


It is a really, really great effort. It was a fantastic moment for


Donnelly. A moment he'll never forget, undoubtedly, as he gave


Albion Rovers the lead. What were your thoughts on the goal?


No doubt he'll be of delighted with himself. A good nod-down. I think


centre-forwards head-on there. If you are a smaller team, you put the


bodies in there. They looked dangerous when they were getting set


pieces tall way through. That is the moment, in the history of Scottish


football, if they managed to keep that 1-0 and they lj did. That will


be the moment that Ward would have dreamt about last night. Definitely.


You can tell, he had his head in his hands when the goal went in. Albion


rovers had to take a chance and they did. He'll remember that goal for a


long time. Absolutely! Rangers equalised through Mohsni. A bit of


debate about this goal. That is for sure! It stood. What is your view of


it? I can not remember another game in the last 15-20 years where a goal


would be allowed to stand. I think Mohsni is jumping for the ball. He's


got one eye on the goalie. The question is whether there was


contact with the goalie before he catches it? Does he catch with his


right arm? Here's the moment. For me Mohsni Has challenged the keeper


before it was reached. I don't think you are allowed to do it. Whether


you are looking at the ball or whether you are not, you have gone


and challenged before the ball has reached you. You have to hit the


ball first. It is a close decision. In actual fact, it very rarely, you


get them. So often you see the referee protecting the goalkeeper.


You think that goal was fair and square? I think so n the end. I


think Mohsni has gone for the ball. I think the goalkeeper, he'll be


disappointed he was not stronger there.


I have seen, most of the time they are given, yeah, I do agree with


that. How can he be stronger? He's static! He's gone backwards. Mohsni


has all the momentum. I am struggling to blame the keeper at


all. A brilliant day. He was fab louss. It is just a real difficult


one. You see these decisions. -- fabulous. I think the comment from


the lad there, when they said, would they have got it up the other end?


To be honest, at the big clubs you generally don't. Albion rovers -


some -- Rovers, some last ditch tries. Trying to figure out who I


would put as Man of the Match. Russell was fantastic today.


That header - that was Dunlop. The two had been fantastic all the way


through. How about that! You can't do that!


A great bit of skill. And this is the one, you feel it is


going to be your day. That was my favourite moment of the


whole day - his smile when he turned around, as if to say - got away with


that one! You have to get away with those ones if you get through or get


to the next bit. Rangers still favourites to get through. Talk


about the replay possibly on Monday, 24th. We will see. If Rangers go on


and lift the Scottish Cup Duke of Yorks they have what it takes to


beat Premiership opposition? Vy problem with Rangers' performance


today. -- I have a problem with Rangers' performance today. Straight


to the keeper. Of long, into the book. Entered the box. This is not


sophisticated stuff and they did it time and time again. The reason they


are doing it is because it works at the lower levels. Do you know what -


when you get to higher levels you will not get away with that. McCoist


knows that. They have got into a hant of doing that. They will --


into a habit of doing that. If they do that they have to stop relying on


it. Of earlier today inn and Dundee United went head -- Inverness


Caledonian Thistle and Dundee United went head-to-head.


Feelings are still raw, particularly for a United side, beaten on the


night. Inverness Caledonian Thistle have gone to the League Cup. This


time next week it will almost be show time for them. Minds cannot


drift to their first final. Four-four-two again today. The


difference is wingers have been brought infor this tie. Watson and


Doran are in from the start. United have the advantage in this


quarter-final. For me, they are in all sorts of


trouble. It was a back-four. Shouldn't be coming. Caught high up


the pitch. There was only one winner. He's got


pace. We know he can score goals. Meekings cannot get across. What a


finish! Take nothing away from Shinnie.


-- from Ciftci. Oh, it's a bad one!


It looked like it was there to be won. I think that's a clash. He goes


for the ball. No real intent there. Tansey scored in the... Oh, headed


across for McKay. No doubt Inverness are getting the


big guys up there. McKay tries to get it over.


Stuck to his line. Dillon's clearance.


Didn't catch it cleanly. Have to be careful!


Oh, and that comes back towards the goal.


What a horrible goal from an Inverness point of view.


I don't know what the Inverness defence are thinking.


I am fearing for them here. It's not your day. Brill doesn't catch it


properly. Back off Meekings. Ciftci has his


easiest task. A Dundee United free kick.


Paton takes the free kick. A big moment for Dundee United.


Watson could have put this tie to bed there.


Ran ran... -- Rank... It is a penalty.


Have a look at it. I think he's all the way down before


Shinnie gets there. It's in the box.


Calls it on the spot. A penalty kick. All the way against Inverness.


Have put Dundee United into the last four. Not even at half time here.


Emphatic penalty. Goal-scoring form. Smashes it to the middle of the


goal. Brill - no chance. It is going from bad to worse here


for Caley Thistle. Down to ten! Naughty!


I don't know where John Hughes will start with his team talk! You cannot


do that and expect to stay on the pitch. Sorry!


Here comes Shinnie. It's a good run from him.


He tests Cierzniak. It is the second time Shinnie gets involved in a


tackle on Armstrong. Cierzniak does well.


Armstrong... This is the danger! Caley Thistle trying to get back. It


's four! Wonderful counter attack from Dundee


United! And a higher lander! Surely now put them through!


Halfway line, run, running, never catching him.


Through the legs of Cierzniak. Nice and easy for United now. A


really good quarter-final record Dundee. Won three out of the last


four. Dundee were beating Rangers in 2010. Aberdeen, five years before


that, they lost out in 2012 and in the semi-finals last season. It's


Armstrong and it is five! They are making it look very, very


simple! Last year Young Player of the Year -


Stuart Armstrong, with his eighth goal of the season. A wonderful ball


in by Keith Watson. Inverness have lost


five goals for the second successive match.


It's red again! Of Caley Thistle down to nine men.


Watkins is off! I thought he makes a genuine attempt


for the ball. Dundee United's hopes of reaching a


tenth final very alive and kicking. They will go and ex exchange


handshakes. A five-star show from the Tangerines.


They will focus on the League Cup final. They will take Aberdeen on at


Celtic Park. Dundee United will go to Ibrox next month for the William


Hill Cup semi-finals. We have some young play yerps in the


dressing -- players in the dressing room. We get the chance to play, we


do it properly. Of I don't know what the rules are these days! Did


Watkins go over the ball? No. Have I seen guys? No.


He is wearing studs, but his foot is at the back of the ball, trying to


do no damage. The Dundee United boy kicked the soul of his foot - so it


is disappointing. That is Dundee United were good. We made it easy


for them. Every game in the semi-final is always difficult.


You know, we are determined to go... The semi-finals last year,


disappointed from that. Hopefully we can learn from that, and kick on. An


extraordinary match. Rankin gets the ball. He has to


close him down. There is a massive gap p inside


there. It is easy to go and find that space


there. When he finds the space and puts it through, you are in massive


trouble. I think the line of the back-four is


good there. One stays and one goes. It makes it


easy for Ciftci. I did feel slightly sorry for him.


The one thing about Dundee United, they started fighting. That is the


difference with them. And the second goal for Dundee United as well, it


came from Inverness being on the attack. I know. I don't want to go


on about all the problems they have in defence. We will go on to the


nice things in a minute. They are attacking, trying to get back into


the game. Here we have four - he's got to get there to give some cover.


That header should be out of play. It is OK, there were only two


mistakes. That pass-back should be... I mean, it is mistake, after


mistake, after mistake. Usually one mistake you will get away with. If


you make four in a row and one little move, you've no chance. I


think John Hughes will be disappointed. Inverness have been


strong. We've played them up there and they


were tre men douss. A different class. We couldn't break them down.


There, they were dis-- tremendous. A different class. We couldn't break


them down. There, they were disappointing. With as a defender


what, was your view of the penalalties? A difficult one --


penalties? A difficult one, I think. I don't think Shinnie has seen him.


There's contact there. The question for me is, would bit a foul? The


looking at that angle, you would probably say, yes. A hard one to


give. I have given a few penalties like that. You have looking at the


ball. You don't know what's coming from behind you. It with us a isn't


it lating display from Dundee United on the hole. Are they back to what


oh -- on the whole. Are they back to what they were like? They have to


learn some lessons. The confidence has come back. The confidence has


come back. You see of Armstrong - they have a strut and a belief about


their play just now. Those two, with the pace they have got and the fact


they can keep real control - that was a great pitch today. A real run,


great pace. OK, you are against fewer men. A neat finish as well. I


think that belief is back now. If you go and they destroyed Hibs the


other night there, it was three, going on five stroke six.


Armstrong - a class player to. Me, that was a fantastic goal. Of all


the players at Dundee United I think Mandela may right Stuart the


highest. There was plenty of controversy in this match as well.


Should he have got away with this? It was horrible. We thought the


commentary, wait a minute, is that reckless or not? That, for me is a


straight leg and reckless. The referee is in a good position there.


He's quite close to it. He's close to every one of the incidents.


A red for Tansey - is that the right decision? What you can see,


obviously we are slowing this down. When it is in real time... Does that


make it worse? In real time it looks worse. The referee has nailed the


position. I didn't agree. I thought it was wrong on that occasion. I


thought he was too quick with his card. I take nothing from the


referee getting into the right position. But I am like John here,


if you make a tackle and try and get to the ball, he's going for the


ball. And you could argue that it is dangerous that he's off his feet,.


The I have seen the tackles and I think they are genuine, they are


just going for the ball. Nothing in it. The second didn't come off the


ground. He's trying to control it. He's not going at pace, to me. He


kicks the ball as well. I think the both of them, the first and third


one, probably to me, the second one definitely was not a sending off.


Inverness Caley Thistle have their league final next weekend. They had


five goals today and in their last game. They have a mid-week game


against Hibs. That is a problem, how do you approach it? Do you rest a


lot of players? That will be a difficult consideration as well.


They've had a couple of bad days at the office. Look at the league


position. Right up there. They needs to get some players back


on form again. Working the defence, making sure they do the simple


things again. Time now for a quick look back at


the two cup quarter-finals yesterday.


What a goal from Cardle! Oh, that is special stuff!


From the winger... We just knew when he Caught sight of goal that the


shot was on. Oh, it was on! A great one from Hasselbaink. What a


goal! St Johnstone back in front! They do have that early goal again.


Croft with a corner kick. Anderson has crept in. Surely now St


Johnstone have booked their place in the semi-final. I have players who


work extremely hard this season. They are disappointed with the


performance p and result against -- performance and result against


Aberdeen. It is Robson with this corner. What


can he conjure up? And that relieves some of the


nerves! Almost two in two for Jack.


Much better from Aberdeen since they scored the goal!


If you fancied a pop from outside the box there, Hayes is one of them.


Fleming's ball. That was a massive chance for Dumbarton, with just two


minutes left. They deserve huge credit. Although


at times we were not great, we were always competitive. We can look


forward to the draw, the semi-final, but also have a good week in


preparation for next week. We know the semi-final draw. Here it is:


Are you pleased with that? They'll all be tough. It will be a tough


tie. You'll have to win your games to get to the final, so it is tough.


It is Aberdeen again. They beat news the semi-final. You have not beat


them this season? Thanks for remaining me! They are a strong


team. We know it will be a tough game. We have struggled against them


this season. What do you make of the draw? A complete neutral in the


draw. Nothing person personal - - stop shaking your head. Any


combination could still be very good as well. We have no idea how it will


go. We've seen some close games. Dumbarton could have got drawn in


the last last seconds against Aberdeen. They will not be tired at


the end of this season, like some they are. It was a windy day


yesterday. Your side took the wind out of their sails early on. It was


a good up the He scored with his foot, not his


head. A good cup tie. We are pleased to get through the semis.


Knock me down! You are all right! Sorry!


These records will be broken. Aberdeen through to the semi-finals


as well. Thanks to Rooney's goal. He has added another dimension for


Aberdeen. I cannot get my head around how


he... It is because of the curl on the ball. I think Robson and Flood


and other players in the team will provide good supply and good


chances. It makes it look a really, really good and well-structured


side. Another team that can make three or four substitutions in


games. They have four or five or six other players that I can bring in


and they don't look that much weakened. Who will win the cup?


Nelson. Positive. Of course. You can not think of it


any other way? No point in saying... So, Sir Johnston, definitely.


A toss up between Aberdeen and Dundee United. If all play to the


best of their abilities, it is a toss-up between those two. I would


like to see a final. Still makes an interesting competition whatever


happens. There were two Premiership matches yesterday. In a moment we


will show you the action. First up it is Kilmarnock who faced Hearts.


It took Hearts three minutes to respond.


Good pace and putting his body on the line to make it 1-0.


-- 1-1. In the second half, Boyd's dummy set


Kilmarnock on a route to goal. Boyd finished off to make it 2-1.


And just two minutes after that, another rampaging run from McKenzie.


Boyd was there to make it 3-1. The sixth goal of the season. 18 in


total. You might be forgiven for thinking it was all over at this


point. King set up Robinson. The pieces were gathered up


skillfully in the end by Tesselaar. Hearts did have this head header


from him. You have to go back to 2010 and the


Fir Park side were given a start. Sutton with a finish


Just before half time, Hibs pulled one back.


Hutchinson's header was cleared. The ball was sent back to the box


for Foster to head the ball into the roof of the net.


And early on, in the second half, Hibs came close to an equaliser.


Collins shot off the post, the rebound into the arms of Hollis.


Terry Butcher's side did get back on level terms.


This head header, deemed to be over the line by the referee. Hibs turned


the game on its head. Hibs on top for the first time of


the afternoon. Motherwell were keen for an equaliser.


Both sides with a point a piece. OK, after all of that, the big


winners were Kilmarnock. They have moved three points ahead of St


Mirren, down there in the play-off place.


Pat, impressed by Tesselaar. This is my favourite skill, arguably


of the season in Scottish football. Come on - a double-drag.


This is the angle. Slows it down. Drag, drag, drag, nutmeg through!


They will show it a dozen times and it is fabulous. You tell me you


couldn't do that in your day? I would have fallen off. You didn't do


those sort of tricks those days. That's great! Great to see that. It


has been a great weekend. Next weekend is much the same. It is the


League Cup final. Live with us on sports on 2pm, join us.


It should be fantastic. Highlights on BBC One, 10. 0.25pm. We will


bring you the Premiership highlights as well it is Inverness of Caley


Thistle's first appearance in a league final.


Of how do you see it going? I think it will be really tight. I know


inverness have conceded a few goals lately. They are strong at the back.


Aberdeen, very similar. They don't give many goals away. The first goal


will be so important in the final. I think Aberdeen - this is what they


want to achieve. They are bringing down 30,000-40,000 fans of the game.


This is what Aberdeen wants. They'll have a big, big support behind them.


If they can get a result against Hibs mid-week, will that make a


difference? Confidence will be at a low ebb with Inverness? I think so.


They will be disappointed after today. If they look at their overall


season, it has been remarkable. I don't think they should be too down.


The game during the week - a couple of suspensions. It is quite lucky in


a way. On the flip-side, that I are playing on Wednesday. They'll have


to recover well for the game. It is a cup final. I don't think there'll


be any tired legalings going into that -- legs going into that game.


Aberdeen 40,000 fans. Inverness just 7,000. They hope it will rise to


10,000. For you, for the way things are going, it all points to an


Aberdeen victory at the moment. Football is not that simple. No, it


is not that simple. Nobody is going to write off


Inverness. Looking at Aberdeen, the expectation


levels have gone through the roof. Not just in Aberdeen. They have


sky-rocketed in Aberdeen. The interest is incredible. Everybody in


Scottish football is looking, thinking you have made a mess if you


luds it out. That is un-- if you lose it nout. That is unfair on --


if you lose it now. That is unfair on Aberdeen. I look


at the quality Aberdeen have in their side and the depth in the


squad they have as well. They will not talk about doubles. You know,


they must be thinking, somewhere in the back of their mind, before we


go, one last word. Of man of the day James Ward. What a


top man. It is Albion Rovers' day. Thank you very much. That is it.


Five teams remain. The story continues. Who will lift the old


trophy on May 17th. Until next time. From all of us here at Sportscene,


good night.


Extended highlights and analysis from the 6th Round of the William Hill Scottish Cup plus all the goals from The Scottish Premiership. There is an all Premiership tie in the cup, as Inverness Caledonian Thistle welcome Dundee Utd. League Two's Albion Rovers travel to Ibrox to take on Rangers. Introduced by Jonathan Sutherland.

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