The William Hill Scottish Cup Quarter-Finals - Inverness Caledonian Thistle v Dundee United Sportscene

The William Hill Scottish Cup Quarter-Finals - Inverness Caledonian Thistle v Dundee United

The William Hill Scottish Cup quarter-final between Inverness Caledonian Thistle and Dundee United live from the Tulloch Caledonian Stadium, Inverness. Kick-off at 12.30pm.

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what would become the third goal anyway. And knock-down from Ciftci


again and it is a good save. Dundee kept the ball alive. Did you think


instinctively when this happened it was a penalty? I don't think it was,


but we will look at it that. You see in this phase, this is where the


game began to stretch, it is one touch passing from Dundee United.


They are difficult to pick up and a lot of movement amongst the


players. Gavin Gunning came on the blindside of Graeme Shinnie. Graeme


Shinnie was committed to going about and does not see him. It is a


penalty, but he was committed to going for the ball. Central


defender, a couple of weeks ago had not scored at all, Gavin Gunning.


Great penalty. 3-0, Dundee United against in Menez. I am thinking this


is some sort of tribute to Robbie Keane? -- Inverness. A bad situation


for John Hughes and his team is about to get even worse when they


had a player sent off. He has given the referee the opportunity to give


him the red card? I still think it is harsh, maybe it is a yellow. He


has got a split second to make the decision. I thought he was quick to


give that decision. He has not gone with intent to hurt him but the


referee will not be slow at throwing out cards. He is one of the most


officious officials we have in the game. You felt as if the red card


was inevitable. Not much to cheer up the Inverness fans in the first


half. These are the only real efforts on target. Graeme Shinnie's


shot was pretty much at the goalkeeper and then this. Just


wishing McKay was a couple of inches taller, he might have scored. It is


an uphill task for them. If they come out and get an early goal, keep


the pressure on United, but you fear for the sort of space Inverness


might leave at the back and a day could pick them off. That was a good


strike from Graeme Shinnie. That is the one positive they have had with


him linking up with Aaron Doran. I feel at times they need to stretch


in the final third to cause problems for the Dundee United defence. In


stepping in off the line has just congested it. Paul Paton, Rankin and


those players are there to close it down. It is safe to say there is no


good news the Inverness at the moment. That dressing room will be


an interesting place to be. There is good news the St Johnstone who are


in the draw later on for the semifinals. They beat Raith Rovers


yesterday and they got the ideal start when Gary Mac Donald scored?


It is a great finish. Did not give the goalkeeper much chance. That


will have been a difficult game the St Johnstone. They will have been


looking at that thinking they will have to give Raith Rovers respect


after knocking out Hibs as well. Great technique. A lot of the guys


last night were talking about whether he should be playing higher


than the level he is out at the moment. That is no disrespect to


Raith Rovers, he is a good player and I don't see why he shouldn't be


playing in the Premiership when he has ability like that. He scored


early in the second-half as well. Credit the Nigel Hasselbaink, but


from this position, Raith Rovers probably cannot believe this


happened? They probably thought they were going to bring him down and


take a booking. 1-0 and -- 1-1 low you are still in the cup tie. That


just sealed things for them? Nobody on the front post. If there was


somebody on the front post, they could control it and play it out. I


don't understand how so many teams don't have guys on the post. There


was Aberdeen against Dumbarton, they did enough to keep another cup run


going. And surprise, it was Adam Rooney with his sixth goal in seven


games, grand? He has beaten the defender. You will always get


chances like that. It is a great header. If there was somebody on the


post again, he might have got to that. He did well to generate the


power. He has always got good delivery. It is the pace he puts on


it. That was a lovely curling shot came back off the post but Aberdeen


kept it alive and there was a save from Jonny Hayes to keep Aberdeen


out. As they were searching for the second goal was always a chance


Dumbarton might come back at them? Aberdeen have got the bit between


their teeth this season. When it is 1-0, there is always a chance you


can get back into the game from Dumbarton's perspective. Nothing


pretty, just a straightforward ball up the pitch. This is Gary Fleming.


Paul McGinn on the end of it. Maybe not the player Dunbarton wanted on


the end of it. But he might have scored here and taken it to a


replay? If Aberdeen could score goals, they are looking good to have


a good season themselves. We have seen the goals from yesterday's two


Scottish Cup quarterfinals. You can see a follower version of the


highlights tonight at 10:25pm. -- fuller. And next week:


I think we can assume, in the home dressing room in the last 15


minutes, grand, there has been no chat whatsoever about next Sunday,


what will the talk be like in there at the moment? They need to get some


pride back. Not to make it embarrassing, which it could turn


out that way. Usually with ten men, it will be harder for Dundee United


to play against them. You never know. It is looking very, very


difficult. Inverness were 40 macro down against Aberdeen and they came


back into it. Let's give Dundee United credit as well because they


have gone for the jugular. They are not a team that will sit back. They


have scored a few goals this season, once they smell blood, they go for


it, Dundee United and that it will be the same tactic in this half as


well. The second half will have two go some to rival the first 45 the


talking points. It has been sensational, two from Ciftci and


Dundee United against ten man, Inverness Caledonian Thistle. Here


is the second-half. What can Inverness do hear? They had


11 men on the park before. It is they who get us back under way. They


will have had a thin year from John Hughes, who won the Scottish Cup


twice. Once in 1994, and then in 2010, the 3-0 win over Ross County,


from just up the road. A good run from Shinnie. Inverness


need an early goal in the second half, and they almost had one there.


That was the second time she need got forward. -- Shinnie got forward.


I am hearing that John Hughes did go to see, recalling the referee at


half-time. Goalkick. That chat between John Hughes and the referee


did end amicably. There were no afters, but he obviously had plenty


to say. I think he had plenty to say to his team.


United nearly caught Inverness a few moments ago. They know they have a


way to go. Ciftci, making a nuisance of himself


again. Two goals today. Dundee United unbeaten in their last


five games since losing 3-0 against Ross County in January. They found


their feet again, because for the majority of the winter, the


Christmas period in particular was a kind of winter of discontent as far


as results were concerned. They still have ideals on second place in


the premiership. Their form has come back at just the right time.


It is four! Wonderful counterattack from Dundee United. Mackay-Steven, a


Highlander, has surely now put them through. There is no catching this


lad. Armstrong picks him out. They never catch him. Through the legs of


Cierzniak. Nice and easy for United now. The man from Caithness. Knocks


the ball in off the post and Inverness are four down. Dundee


United well on their way. I am sure Jackie McNamara could not have


envisaged this kind of afternoon. Everything has gone right for them.


That was a wonderful counterattack as well from Mackay-Steven. It was a


set piece. There is a problem for United here.


Ryan Dow is the man on the deck. And this is why. Dundee United looking


like cup winners, Billy? They have got the players, no doubt. I worry


about them sometimes defensively. But if you look at that front four


and then the balance with Paton and Rankin, they have the talent to


win. Richie Foran will be hoping to lift


silverware above his head next weekend. Defeat today far from end


their season. Ryan Dow still struggling after that challenge from


Graeme Shinnie. The only question is how many United


are going to score today. They have scored four in a match for the 10th


time this season. They are very good. You feel for them. It has all


gone against them. Poor defending, then the penalty decision, the


sending off. It will take some reaction from them to go and win the


cup final next week. But they are capable. We have seen that before.


Here is a change for Dundee United. This is the former Falkirk player


and a bit of a goal machine. After John Hughes had left the Falkirk


Stadium. The Moroccan will be in place shortly. Here he comes now.


Ryan Dow goes off. El Alagui scored a couple for Dundee


United. He scored 27 for Falkirk in his one season there from 2011-12.


It is going to be a very long second half for Inverness Thistle. The


Dundee United fans are dancing away up the other end of the park, the


one that Dundee United are attacking. They are loving this.


Paul Paton has found a home at Tannadice. He really does look the


part. Yes, but Rankin has helped him. When he first came to United,


he was still playing that role himself, but since Rankin has gone


in there with him, he really has shone in that department. Chris


Erskine is back at Partick Thistle on loan.


Dundee United, looking for a second Scottish Cup victory in four years.


Considering that they only had one before that, it would be some


achievement. Really good quarterfinal record recently, Dundee


United. Last season, they were beaten by Rangers. They did not lose


out to Celtic in 2012. Armstrong! And it is five. They are making it


look very, very simple. Just had quality written all over it. The


ball came in with pace and power. What a header that was. It has


rubbed salt in the wound. Last year's Young player of the year,


Stuart Armstrong, with his eighth goal of the season. Wonderful ball


in by Keith Watson. And Inverness have lost five goals for the second


successive match. Now it is just damage limitation.


I really feel for them. Give them credit, Inverness. They are still


trying to play. They are trying to get players forward. They will try


to keep it at five. Although that sounds ridiculous, it could be a


whole lot worse. I do not think they will have a say. The Dundee United


fans are shouting, we want ten! United have had a couple since


half-time. If Nadir Ciftci once a hat-trick, he


had better do it quick. Side net. They are still going at it.


It did not happen for Billy Mackay. Caley Thistle are going to throw a


couple on. John Rankin is the first to be replaced for Dundee United.


Jackie McNamara has this luxury now, where he can rest a couple of


players. There are big league games to come as they chase Aberdeen and


Motherwell in second and third. Nadir Ciftci got the first two


today, and he is getting a rest now. Good day at the office, job done.


Now he can get a rest. Replaced by Brian Graham. Pat on the back the


Ciftci. Inverness have made a Kabbalah changes as well. -- a


couple of changes. Aaron Doran didn't play against Celtic last


week, he was injured. He has been taken up with half an hour to go. I


think he might be tented to bring Willie McKay off as well with next


week in mind. -- Billy McKay. Paton switching to Watson. The


question is, do Dundee United fancy getting more goals today? Sometimes


they think they are so far ahead they can just play the game out?


Dundee don't do things like that. Inverness need to think, don't give


them any more, don't drain any more confidence out. Richie Foran is the


Inverness player to come off. Williams lost out to Paton. The sun


has come out in the Highland capital, but it is only shining on


the one team. The one in possession just now. The one moving all the way


forward to the Scottish Cup semifinals. The draw will come after


Rangers play Albion Rovers. Both semifinals at Ibrox Stadium this


season. Foul against Farid El Alagui. Nothing more frustrating,


all of those passes. Dundee have had a couple of players


a booking away from missing the semifinal. John Rankin was one of


those, he has gone off. Two bookings and you miss the next game. Caley


Thistle have had a few not far from missing the semifinal, but they are


not going to worry about that. Gary Warren put himself under pressure.


Dundee are pinning Caley Thistle back again.


He has had to pick the ball out of the back of his net five times but


the second game in a row. He is a good goalkeeper. But it has not been


his day to day. It has not been any of the Inverness players'


day-to-day. -- day today. McKay sizes it up. When it is not


your day. You see the fullback, Shinnie up the pitch. Just cannot


hit the target. Still giving it a go. I was at a game early in the


season, back in August at Tannadice between these two. Inverness bossed


it. They were pretty woeful that day, Dundee United. Since then may


have gone on a couple of brilliant runs, most notably in the autumn.


They are level with Caley Thistle in the league, but a complete contrast


to that match today to the one back in August is frightening.


Caley Thistle have still got a quarter of this match to negotiate.


In fairness, Dundee United have not scored for a while now!


McKay has got no one behind him. Jackie McNamara giving the Dundee


United fans a wave. Loads to hit with tangerine in the


middle. Spoilt for choice. The likes of Ryan Gauld, people like


that, often get the headlines. But Stuart Armstrong has had another


solid season? He is a player, but Jackie McNamara, gets the best out


of him. That says a lot because he has got a lot to choose from.


Watson threw for McKay Stephen. -- Mackay-Steven.


Forehead El Alagui was blocked. Three defenders around him. He


brought it down, he could have got a boot to it, but they cannot fashion


out a shot at the moment, United. El Alagui goes up. It just seems a bit


too easy from an Inverness point of view. Gary Mackay Stephen on the


showboat again. It is all you need when you are 5-0 down. If you cannot


get the tricks out when you are 5-0 up, when can you? This must be a


delight as a Dundee United fan to sit down and watch this? Fan,


manager, chairmen are having a nice easy day at the office. You don't


get many of them. The cigars are out.


A day in the Highlands is normally a good experience, especially if you


are a Dundee United supported this afternoon.


Watkins stepping away from McKay. It is a red card again. Caley Thistle


down to nine men, as they were in the league cup semifinal. Watkins is


off. Dreadful day the Inverness Caledonian football club. What


next? I think there was intent in the first sending-off because he


does not have to leave his leg and studs showing. I think he just went


for the ball in this one. I think he genuinely goes for the ball,


Watkins. Maybe he shows his studs, maybe it is similar? But I think he


makes a genuine attempt for the ball. Yes, his studs are showing. He


catches him. The referee, no doubt in his mind. He does not have to go


with his studs. Former Chelsea trainee, Marley Watkins has gone.


Caley Thistle down to nine men. They have been there before, but I don't


think they will be pulling back this one rush to mark No! As preparations


go for a cup final, this is the worst. Bernie and come to visit


midweek. But in seven days, John Hughes needs to turn this around,


big-time. -- Hibernian come to visit. Now, John News has said too


much. -- John Hughes. Things cannot get much worse for him, surely?


A slip from a loudly. We will try and get as much post match reaction


to you, but we will be on the website. John Hughes might take a


while to come out from the dressing room as Gary Mackay Stephen goes


into Willie column. When you look at the replay it did not look as bad,


but at pays the referee sees it. I think the Inverness fans were baying


for that one. They have at times last gluts of goals at times, Dundee


United have of course scored gluts of goals. Lost five to Celtic last


week, five so far today. 15 minutes left to go.


The nine men are stretched at the back.


The noise you are hearing is no coming from the Dundee United


supporters. That is the kind of shot you take on


when you are 50 down -- 5-0 down. He was beaten before he took it.


The Moroccan continues. Goalkick. He wants the corner.


Billy Mackay has taken another not. -- knock. If Caley Thistle are going


to win the League Cup next week, we feel they will need Billy Mackay.


They do not need him picking up an injury today. He is back on his


feet. He has been in the wars today. That would be the only thing that


could make Caley Thistle's day worse, to lose one of their


important players for the next week or two. Probably the most important,


isn't it? Dean Brill has had loads of clean


sheet this season. It has gone off the rails Spec Achill little Caley


Thistle today. -- spectacularly. The Dundee United defence have not been


duly troubled today. Chemise somehow wins the free kick. -- Shinnie


somehow wins the free kick. To be fair, I think he just misses


by a fraction. It is not his forte, to be fair,


David Raven. Played a handful of games for Liverpool.


Meekings was due to missed the League Cup final. They appealed his


red card that he got in the League Cup semi. It was downgraded to a


yellow, so he will be available next week, injury dependent.


Good play by Gunning. He has taken Raven out of it.


United corner. Caley Thistle are down to nine men, remember. Tansey


and Watkins were sent off. Roundly booed by the Dundee United


supporters, but he can afford to smile. He has not had a bad couple


of weeks. Four goals. Scored a penalty today. United missed two


penalties in that game at Easter Road, and still won comfortably. The


Hibernian team will come here midweek.


Is it a good thing that Inverness have a game before the final? I


think it is on this occasion. Over the years, they have shown a great


team spirit. But that confidence, looking at the last two games, will


be at an all-time low, so it is no bad thing to get a game in before


that. Just a bit too much for Brian Graham


to get onto. He was so prolific with Raith


Rovers. Those three will be absolutely delighted with this


afternoon's work. Breezing their way towards the last four.


Trying to get into a tenth Scottish Cup final. Dundee United will play


either St Johnstone, Aberdeen, or Rangers. The choice will be made


after the match this afternoon. Could be a couple of cracking


semifinals, Billy, on the horizon. Yeah, I'm sure they will be. Plenty


to look forward to. For all four teams. Still Rangers and Albion


Rovers to be sorted. We said at the top of the programme today that this


was the most difficult of the quarterfinals to call, but Dundee


United have made it look easy. They were dominating before Greg Tansey


was ordered off, followed by Watkins. It has been all about them


today. United have got the pace. Billy Mackay is about to be taken


off by John Hughes, with five minutes to go. Armstrong takes the


corner. I bet they wished they had defended


like that all day. That ship has sailed.


Graeme Shinnie got the home sponsor's man of the match there,


and was roundly cheered by the Dundee United supporters. Graeme


Shinnie is an excellent player. But I think he will be a tad


embarrassed. Billy Mackay will come off now. 20 goals this season. Has


not had a look in today. He is being replaced by Ryan Christie, the son


of Charlie Christie, who will be joining us in our League Cup final


coverage. He will have been watching from behind his seat in the box up


in the main stand for is up Ryan Christie came on last week against


Celtic and did OK. He looked lively. As things stand, there will be just


one minute of stoppage time added an at the end. Inverness Thistle will


be delighted about that. They will want to forget about this game.


Massive games to come, none more so than at Eldrick Park next Sunday


afternoon -- Celtic Park. The man of the match is having his


name sung by the Dundee United supporters. Graeme Shinnie.


The two subs are trying to sit out Warren. The referee did not blow the


whistle that time. He had a good look at the challenge. Can Dundee


United get six? He had a go. It was always rising. Talking about Dundee


United fans having a laugh at Graeme Shinnie's expense, but who has stood


out for you? Ciftci, before he went off. Not just because of his goals,


but the presidency has got, his game awareness, throws in a few tricks


and flicks. He was excellent again. Don't lame him for giving him a


rest, either. Semifinals next month, both at Ibrox Stadium.


Into the one minute of stoppage time here. Foul by Mercado Gomez. --


Morgaro Gomis. This is a game to forget the Caley Thistle.


Dundee United's hopes of reaching the Scottish Cup final, very much


alive and kicking. Jackie McNamara will go and exchange a handshake


with John Hughes, his former Celtic team-mate. John Hughes, well beaten


here will stop a 5-star show from the Tangerines, who at times this


season have been goal crazy. They did that again today. 3-0 up at


half-time. Ciftci got the first two. Another virtuoso performance from


the Turkish striker. Mackay-Steven on the counter attack made it 40


macro. Caley Thistle will focus on the League Cup final. They will take


on Aberdeen at Celtic Park next month. Dundee will find out who they


will face later on today. Happy Arabs, and little wonder. They will


believe they can move on to lift the silverware of the Scottish Cup for


the second time in four years. But dream has gone to another John


Hughes and his Inverness Caley Thistle side. An afternoon they will


not want to remember. They have Hibs to get it out of their system before


they make the journey to Glasgow next week. Gary Megson a, going off


after scoring before today. A stunning performance and result


for Dundee United as they cruised through to the night -- Scottish Cup


semifinal. Aberdeen and St Johnstone were always there. Dundee United


joining them in the last four of the competition. You will get live


coverage on BBC Radio Scotland. Let's get the thoughts of Michael


Stewart and the former Inverness captain, Grant Munro. You look very


stunned as do all of the Caley Thistle fans at the moment. Now we


can hear from Gary Mackay Stephen. Gary Mackay Stephen and Stuart


Armstrong, what were the highlights of the game, you both scored, of


course? Definitely getting an early goal put us on our way. We scored


three quite early and that gave us a platform. All round it was a great


team performance. It was a bullet of a header from you but by that stage


you were well on top. Some people had it marked down as a draw but in


the end a comfortable win? As Gary said, the two goals helped us along


and the sending-off gave us a boost as well. It is the fifth win on the


bounce for the club, and it looks like you are back to your form. Is


it a game you expect it to win as easily as you did today? Not at all,


it is Inverness at home and it is always very difficult. We were not


expecting to win like that. But we felt if we took our chances we could


win, and thankfully we did. A couple of sendings off, did that make a big


impression in the game in terms of the result? It definitely deflated


them and perhaps if they have their full complement coming out in the


second half they would have had more of a go. But we killed them off


because we had the man advantage. How do you fancy your chances, and


who do you want to meet? We will take anyone, it is a Scottish Cup


semifinal, a massive game for the club. We will look forward to it. We


have a game on Wednesday, The Games are coming thick and fast.


Confidence is high and hopefully we will keep picking up victories.


Well done. We spoke at the top of the show who closely matched these


two teams and they are in the Scottish Premiership. Only goal


difference separates them, but they weren't close today? No, once the


first goal went in, the fight went out of them straightaway. Dundee


filled with confidence. Stunning? It is hard to believe what happened? As


soon as first goal went in, you saw the life coming out of Inverness.


Maybe it is because they lost five goals at Celtic last week? This one


went in and made it 1-0. It was a fantastic finish from Ciftci. The


goalkeeper made a mistake, the two centre halves. The second goal was a


calamity all round. With a team like Dundee United, again we spoke about


when they sense but, they go for it. When you give them a two goal start,


you are fighting uphill. We don't know what the Inverness game plan


was, because presumably it was ripped up early on? In the first


half, when the first goal went in, the Dundee United, their tails went


up. Red card the Times Eto'o? I am not convinced. -- Tanzi. I'm not


convinced. The referee is not far away from it. He has seen it looking


side on. If you go in for the ball with your studs up, you're taking


chances? It wasn't necessarily over the ball, it was there to be won. I


don't think there was any follow through or any power behind it, it


was more of a dangling foot. But when you do that you are giving the


referee the chance. Inverness in needed a goal early in the second


half. There was a goal early in the second half but it was Dundee


United. Graeme Shinnie drove forward. Inverness left exposed at


the back. The pace he got, it is hard and when you are getting beat,


your legs feel heavier and you cannot get there. It showed there.


This is Dundee United at their best? Yes, some nice touches. It is a


great ball and a fantastic header from Armstrong. Those players have


such good movement amongst them. They interlink and change positions.


Fantastic timing. If there was a question about the first red card,


there has to be a major doubt about this one? No chance. Not many boys


left on the park. Why did the referee feel the need to send him


off, the game is over? That is where you want the referee to have an


understanding of the game as a whole. The game is over, there is no


need. It is a physical game and there will be contact at times.


There is an argument he showed his studs, but if you slide in for a


tackle, it is impossible not to have your studs showing. He got contact


on the ball. The ball is what hit Paton. It is not a red card in my


eyes. I think it is a poor decision. They will probably have another look


at that. It is a bit late now, but I think they will want that rescinded.


But Dundee were fantastic. It helped from the first two goals that were


gifted. We have a chat to come on the BBC website. We are recording an


interview at the moment with Jackie McManaman. We don't have time to put


that on television. But it is on our website. Coming up tonight, we will


round up everything in the way of football this weekend. The big


matches in Scotland. Of course, the two Premiership matches played as


well. Next Sunday, the league cup final, can Inverness recover in time


to face Aberdeen. Thanks to my guests. It has been


shocking for Inverness in the Scottish Cup quarterfinals. But it


has been a big day in the North, it certainly has four Dundee United.


Goodbye from us for now.


Live from the Tulloch Caledonian Stadium, Inverness, with kick-off at 12.30pm.

The Sportscene cameras are in the Highlands for this all-Premiership tie with a place in the last four to play for. John Hughes's Caley Thistle side has the chance of success in both major Cup competitions this season. They play Aberdeen in the League Cup Final next Sunday and will be hoping to progress to the semi-finals of the Scottish Cup too. The Caley Jags had to overcome a tricky tie against Stranraer in the last round which they eventually won 2-0 in a replay. They come up against Jackie McNamara's young Dundee Utd side, who put St Mirren out of the competition in the 5th round. The Tangerines last lifted the Scottish Cup in 2010 when they beat Ross County 3-0 in the final. The sides have already met in the League Cup quarter-finals this season, with Inverness winning 2-1 after extra-time.

Plus highlights from yesterday's semi-final between Aberdeen and St Johnstone at half-time.

Introduced by Rob Maclean with Grant Munro and Michael Stewart.

Commentary by Liam McLeod and Billy Dodds.

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