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David Currie introduces results from the SPFL Premiership and Championship, including Celtic v Motherwell, Inverness v Dundee Utd, Falkirk v St Mirren and Alloa v Hibs.

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Good afternoon and welcome to another bumper edition


Forget the Grand National, we're all about title


races, relegation battles and play off places.


And we might even find out which teams have made it


Our studio guests are under starters orders, thoroughbreds that they are.


Pat Bonner, Craig Paterson and Tom English.


We'll start with news of today's lunchtime match.


After Aberdeen's defeat to Hearts on Friday, Celtic had the chance


to stretch their lead over Aberdeen at the top of the Premiership


To do that, they'd need to beat Motherwell at Fir Park.


Liam McLeod will tell us what happened.


The Premiership title ship appears to have sailed into the horizon,


with Aberdeen left in the harbour after the Celtic victory lifted them


eight points clear at the top with just five league games to go. Leigh


Griffiths scored both either side of the interval, taking his tally to an


incredible 37 for the season. He should and would have had more had


he not missed a first half penalty and encountered a superb goalkeeping


performance from Connor Ripley. Sadly for Ripley, his mistake gave


Griffiths his second. They were well on top in the first half in


particular, and thoroughly deserved this victory, which has them on the


cusp of five in a row. It also means Motherwell are currently sweating on


their top six place, with three out of six sides vying for it. Celtic


can relax with the title all but in of six sides vying for it. Celtic


the bag and can concentrate on the Scottish Cup semifinal next weekend


against Championship champions Rangers.


You were at Fir Park today, Pat. A narrow win for Celtic, they should


have won much more convincingly? It was surprisingly upbeat did not win


by five or six. After the first ten minutes, both teams were giving away


the ball, then suddenly Celtic took control. Tom was there also, Connor


Ripley had unbelievable saves. Saves you would expect, but he really


performed well. He made about seven or eight states, he had a great save


with his feet. Then in the second-half, Mark McGhee had


obviously had a word at half-time, no doubt, change the formation,


pushed an extra up front. Got at Celtic a bit, then they scored, they


had a goal chalked off. Controversial, he said it was a


shocking decision, he is not happy? It was right on the line. If you


raise Celtic supporter you would say oxide, if you are not... What if you


were a former Motherwell player?! The goal that was chalked off, he


was dead level when the ball came in, but because he was on the move,


you looks a yard off, the flag went up, but it was impossible for the


linesman to get that right. Is that the title race done and dusted? To


be honest, I think even of Celtic lost today it was done, I don't


be honest, I think even of Celtic think Aberdeen can put together the


run of victories that they would need. Celtic got the job done, they


were deserving winners, they had a chance is in the first half, seven


shots on target, the one that missed the target was the penalty. If Leigh


Griffiths could take a penalty, he has missed several this season, he


would have 40 goals! He was down on himself in the mouth chair, -- in


the match, missed an easy penalty under goal, but he cannot be put


down. We will return to Motherwell against Celtic later and hopefully


will be for here from both managerial teams. There are top six


will be for here from both places to be run and Premiership


security to be secured, so let's start at Victoria Park, where Ross


County and Partick Thistle are in action, Martin, what is happening?


Ross County are ahead 1-0, Jim McIntyre could not have written a


better script. An excellent early Alec Schalk goal settling the notes,


further settled by news from Hamilton. County are seemingly in


command. But, and it is a big but, a Thistle equaliser might change


things, and they have started on the front of it. We are up to New


Douglas Park, Hamilton, where Dundee are in the running for a top six


place, or they were before today, Kenny? Hamilton two, didn't e-mail.


Crawford struck on the halfway mark before a penalty from Tena put the


hosts two up. Dundee's top six hopes might be dashed. Let's hear from


Jonathan. They are not doing any favours, Kris Boyd with an


all-important goal for Kilmarnock, only his fourth this season, they


should be more than 1-0 ahead. Kris Boyd hit the post, Higginbotham


missed, there was a great save by MacDonald. Come on exile playing


some pretty good stuff. Bottom club Dundee United are at


home to Inverness, Alistair Lamont is there. Inverness lead 1-0. Dundee


have shown little appetite for the battle to avoid relegation. Miles


Storey has scored the only goal of the game so far. Let's hope the


manager can give them a good talk. Rangers are playing in the cup


tomorrow, but second place in the Championship Falkirk are at home to


St Mirren, Brian? Falkirk one, St Mirren nil. Lee


Miller with the goal. It is his ninth goal of the season. It could


be a crucial one in the attempt to get the second place. Hibs are away


to already relegated Alloa, it is being watched by Connie MacLachlan.


It looks like they are throwing it away at the moment, Allah will lead


1-0 after a late first half strike from Michael Duffy. It hit the bar


and bounced out but the goal was deemed to have crossed the line.


Chaps, back to the Premiership. It is complicated, three teams


confirmed in the top six, Celtic, Aberdeen and Hearts, as for the


other places, it is up in the hour. Motherwell, despite losing to Celtic


in the lunchtime match, are in with a chance, the way that scores are


panning out? It is a great chance because Dundee and Partick have to


win to go above them on goal difference, both are losing, so I


think they will be settling. But until it is done, they had to sit


and hope for the best, anything can happen, people are fighting for


their lives, but Motherwell are in a really good position. It will all be


in the last ten minutes, I will tell you. It is as exciting as it was


last week in the Championship match between Raith Rovers and Rangers. St


Johnstone need a point to guarantee top six, they are losing 1-0 away to


kill mana? And going down to kill mana gives never easy on that


surface. -- Kilmarnock. We were giving them plaudits early in the


season, they went into an awful run, they have jumped back, but this is a


big one for them. They need to get something out of the game, but


Kilmarnock are fighting. Tommy Wright said that finishing in the


top six this season would be a bigger achievement than previously?


In fairness, he is always fighting budgets, they don't have a lot of


money, top six would be an achievement. Kris Boyd, God bless


them, his fantastic head of hair, his first goal since December. The


goal was a soft goal, the goalkeeper should have done a whole deal


better. We are watching pictures coming in. But what a win that would


be if they were to see a tout, and Hamilton, as well. Doomsday for


Dundee United. They have got 45 minutes, unless they make something


happen or get luck elsewhere, I think they are gone. They were


toothless in the first half, I am surprised. As they stand, eight


points adrift at the moment. We will take another spin around the


grounds, but before we do, the top six as it stands, Motherwell, St


Johnstone and Ross County in fourth, fifth and sixth, let's check on the


team currently in sixth position, Ross County against Partick Thistle,


any updates, Martin? Not in terms of scoreline. You just get the sense


that Thistle will chuck everything at this. They have had a couple of


chances already in the second half, Pogba with a header palmed away by


Fox for a corner. Brian Edwards throwing himself the diving header.


He could not get it on target. They look like they are facing an early


second-half, Liam Boyce is just about to come on. Alex Schalk got


the early goal, adding to the League Cup final winner he got last month.


This could be another crucial one for his side. As things stand, if


they get this win, they will be in the top six, just one goal for


Thistle and they could leapfrog them. It is very tense. Dundee,


currently in seventh, are away to Hamilton. They were 2-0 down in the


last we heard from Kenny, still the same situation? Yes, into the 51st


minute and it is still 2-0. When the half-time whistle went, Dundee fans


booed loudly, even though they have had a fairly good season they are


not happy that they are training here, probably because Hamilton's


home form is terrible, they have not won here since September, it looks


like they will do that at the moment thanks to goals from Crawford and


Tena. Those goals have come about much thanks to the industry of young


forward Eamon Brophy, who was brilliant at setting up Crawford 's


goal. Crawford drilled it brilliantly into the bottom corner.


It was his run which invited a challenge by a player already on a


yellow card, you was not booked for conceding the penalty so Dundee are


maybe still fortunate to have 11 men on the pitch. Tena drilled in the


penalty to make a 2-0, we're now into the 52nd minute. Jonathan


Sutherland is a shrug and Park, where second bottom Kilmarnock car


at home to St Johnstone, still 1-0? Yes, axes are doing St Johnstone's


top six credentials a favour. Kilmarnock cab started well, Kris


Boyd, who has not had much luck in front of goal this season hits the


post in the 23rd minute after a cross from Josh Magennis, but two


minutes later he came good, just as fourth goal of the season, a free


kick from 20 yards low into the fauna of the net. -- corner of the


net. Jamie MacDonald in the coal mana goal made a brilliant soul. But


Carl Kagan bottom placed to Kris Boyd. Higginbotham had the ball in


the back of the net, it was ruled for outside. And Josh Magennis with


a near post header just before half-time was almost in the back of


the night. They could have been three or four Gold Cup. At the


moment, it is still any body's game, St Johnstone just need to get their


act together. Alasdair Lamont is as Dundee against Inverness. Deeply


unimpressive from Dundee United, you would not think they were scrapping


for their Premiership lives the way they have performed so far. They


trailed 1-0, Miles Storey scoring early in the first half. He beat the


offside trap only for the goalkeeper to save well. But he did not heed


the guard -- but indeed did not heed the warnings. Draper squared the


ball again for Miles Storey, on that occasion he beat the goalkeeper,


that is the goal that has made the difference thus far. And it has just


been doubled, the lead by Inverness Caley Thistle, and Ian Fry goes has


one leading from 25 yards to add to Dundee's misery. Caley Thistle have


just doubled their lead, United are really staring Championship football


in the face. We are staring chubby tune football in the face, we will


hear from Ryan McLaughlin watching Falkirk in second spot in that


hear from Ryan McLaughlin watching division at home to St Mirren? It is


still 1-0 to Falkirk, veteran, if you can be called a veteran 32, Lee


Miller scoring with the header. Lee Miller nodded home the opening goal.


St Mirren started better, Quinn went through and it was only a terrific


challenge by the centre-half that denied them what would have been an


opening goal. In the second half it a little St Mirren, Shankland


heading just over and eight horrific shot. In fact, that is an equaliser


coming in from St Mirren! A free kick from 25 yards, the ball curled


around the wall behind Danny Rogers. They have been on top and they are


now deservedly on level terms. I wonder if there will be a goal


against Hebburn Ian? Al OS still lead 1-0. A poor first half was


jolted into life as Michael Duffy's strike was deemed to have crossed


the line. It hit the underside of the bar and came back out and most


people thought it hadn't been given. But the rhetoric had some


discussions with his assistant. They awarded the goal and play continued.


Before that, James Keating, with a couple of half chances. I had a


going over the bar. And a header from Anthony Stokes going wide. In


the second half, it has been all Alloa although Hibernian have a


corner at the moment. I love how Connie always ends with a


question. With your deep knowledge of Hibernian, would you expect them


to come back and get something out of that match? If you'd ever asked


me two months ago I would have been super confident. Right now, I can't


be. If they go to Alloa today, they could be relegated. They haven't won


a home game all season. Struggling for goals. I always think the team


who are playing the something, Hibs and Falkirk, desperate not to have


the first play-off match, you have got to finish in second place and


they have time to turn it around but Hibs have lost this bat. Tom


English, has consigned them to the championship next season, do you


share his pessimistic prognosis for them? Yes. 2-0 down now and going


into the last half an hour, really difficult. The interesting thing is,


the play-off spot, if Hamilton one and Kilmarnock won and who are the


other two were going into those last five games, they will be playing for


that play-off. To avoid the play-off spot, I should say. Can they get in


the top six, because everybody else will not be involved. Everybody else


looks like they will be involved until the final day. That could be


Lee Clark's first win in charge. Tommy Wright are making the mistake


of picking up his old pal from Newcastle. I didn't see it coming. I


didn't see where Kilmarnock were going to get a win, the way they


have been playing. But that is going to be, if it turns out a victory,


that is a season saver. It means, in all probability, they are not going


down automatically, they have given themselves a chance. And also given


themselves a chance to get up to ten. I should point out, you are not


a qualified member of the medical profession. Just in case. This was


the week in which a stomach bug ran rampant through the heart stressing


room. How come it's Aberdeen


who're suffering a real Well, Kheredine Idessane talks us


through their meeting Such an anticipated match with third


hosting second. Hearts come forward will stop Sam Nicholson within a


whisker of giving Hearts and early lead. The defence didn't deal with


the danger particularly well. But they survived. Might be in here.


Chances for Aberdeen. Church! It is a dream start. Simon Church with his


sixth goal of the season. What's up treasures want it could turn out to


be in the context of the season. Nice football from Aberdeen. Perfect


cross. Churches onside, and no problem with the finish as they go


ahead at Tynecastle. Really good spell from Aberdeen. Great chance


for Nile McGinn. He knows it should be 2-0. What a chance this is. Great


delivery. Still Aberdeen have been doing all of the pressing. Almost


turned into his own net by Rossi. Great delivery from Hayes. Good


goalkeeping from Neil Alexander. A few things for Robbie Neilson to


change. Hearts trying to get themselves back on level terms. Real


chance here will stop bogus steam's header cannot just squeeze over the


line. -- August team. This was the initial chance. Real


chance. Walker, just about finds his feet. Hearts will come forward,


looking for this equaliser. Is stuck with the shot. -- as Turk. Hearts


are level after 33 minutes. Aberdeen won't be happy with the space


allowed. Not great goalkeeping. That is one apiece. Corner. Again, chance


for Hearts. Aberdeen struggling to get the ball out of their own area


at the moment. Walker. Rossi. What a fine effort from Rossi! Good play


here, as he turns away. That is a fine effort.


Some defending for Hearts to do. Everyone switched off, the ball is


still in play. Logan's delivery is deflected. Another great chance for


Nile McGinn goes begging. He could and should have had a couple. This


is a wonderful chance and that header should we finding the back of


the net. Aberdeen have just gifted that back


to Hearts. Hearts tried to set Jamie Walker free. Great cross. Great


header and a great goal for Hearts as they come from behind to take a


2-1 lead. An ecstatic Tynecastle. Aberdeen will be furious with


themselves. Poor defending, but nothing wrong with a header from


Jamie Walker. Hearts are ahead. Now McGinn is their! And another


night, Nile McGinn could have had a hat-trick. Hearts should be able to


see this out now. The dying seconds. There goes the final whistle. The


Aberdeen manager deflated, defeated. His title bid damage now by a 2-1


defeat at Tynecastle. We will hear from Derek McInnis


shortly, but our reporters will tell us about the goals. Kilmarnock fans


can barely believe their eyes. Two goals from their side this


afternoon, Calum Higginbotham has given his side the lead. What a


vital three points this could be for Kilmarnock in the grand equation.


2-0 up against St Johnstone. A goal from Dundee? Yes, Gary Hawkins has


got one back. It was a great finish. He came on as a half-time


substitute, ran through the middle. It was a defence splitting pass.


Then it was chipped over Michael McGovern. 2-1 to Hamilton Accies. We


can now hear from Derek McInnis and also Robbie Neilson, their comments


made after last night's match. It is a huge result, if we didn't win


today, it would be over. Getting the result gives us a chance to try to


catch Aberdeen, who are having a great season. It would be great for


us if we can do that. They will be trying to catch Celtic, so they will


be gunning hard. Where does that leave things now in terms of the


title? It has gone for us now, I would imagine. We have got to make


sure we get back to basics and CEO of the threat from Hearts, first and


foremost. Hopefully we can get back to winning games. But in terms of


five games to go, at this stage of the season, Celtic can only throw it


away. I wouldn't expect them to now. The title has gone for us now, I


would imagine? They have had a lot of chances, got within touching


distance of Celtic and then they have fallen back. It has happened


again this week. Aberdeen had to step up and take three points. They


did win at Tynecastle earlier in the step up and take three points. They


season. It is not an easy venue. Chances either end of the winning


goal some ring up will stop they Chances either end of the winning


need to win the games. They have taken a quick free kick, given


Hearts possession and a wonderful break. He had cramp. I don't


remember having cramp. It was a wonderful goal from Hearts, but


Aberdeen will see it as that. Deep down did you ever think Aberdeen


have the right stuff to push Celtic? I have always said Celtic will win


the championship. Celtic have given them so many opportunities this


year. They have done OK, they will end up with more points than last


year, but when it comes to a crucial moments, they have always fallen


away and they have lost that crucial game. Down to resources? I think


Aberdeen have made strides over the last number of seasons, but they are


not good enough, in terms of title winners. They are not good enough at


centre-half, too small in the midfield. The goalkeeper last night


was poor. Adam Rooney has been a loss. But in midfield they are too


small. Hearts team are dominated, apart from the first 15 minute when


Aberdeen had a great edge. They didn't take their chances. They went


1-0 up. Hearts came back into it and didn't take their chances. They went


physically, they took a grip on the game. They have physically big


players. Aberdeen don't have that. They need a footballing bruiser in


the middle of the park, and they don't have one. Speaking of


footballing bruiser 's... Do you agree with Tom, Aberdeen didn't have


the resources and the quality to match Celtic? Not quite, when


the resources and the quality to Aberdeen were flying, when Hayes,


now McGinn and Adam Rooney were flying in tandem, you thought about


it. Simon Church scores goals, but certain players have gone off the


boil at times. Can Hearts catch Aberdeen? It is unlikely. What is


disappointing for Aberdeen, they are three points behind where they were


less time last season. Even if they take away the title challenge, they


are not as good as last season and that will be disappointing. After


Celtic won the league, which they will do in the next couple of weeks,


they might throw it in. That will give Hearts a chance to catch them.


There has been a goal between Hearts give Hearts a chance to catch them.


and St Mirren. Falkirk back in front. Will Foulkes had just tip the


post. The cross came in again and up the back was the substitute, Barrie


McKay you, who nodded the ball beyond Jimmy Lange field and into


the back of the net. Could be a big day for the Burns in the race for


second spot in the championship, but it was a big night to Scotland's


women last night in their campaign to qualify for the European


Championships. They had four wins from four matches


going into their match against Slovenia in Paisley Now it's


five wins from five, Anna Signuel's team topping


the table.and looking good for a place in the finals


in the Netherlands. They are looking good for a place in


the finals. A Scottish team qualifying for a major tournament?


On the crest of doing something special. They will want to go


through as champions. The six best teams will go through, the other's


play-off against each other. Scotland won't want to do that, they


will want to qualify as champions. We will start now in the pram in


ship -- Premiership. I cannot take my eyes off this. Fingernails well


and truly being trimmed. County sitting in the top six, but Eric


Schalke's early goal allowing that advantage. But Partick Thistle


knocking on the door. If they brought a kitchen thing, they are


about to throw it. They are bringing on Aidan Nesbitt. They have had a


few chances in this second half. Close range shot just touched away.


Thistle are coming closer and they no one goal might put them into the


top six, depending on what happens in Hamilton. I am sure you will be


updated. As Martin has pointed us in the


direction of Hamilton, let's had there. They are at home to Dundee.


70 minutes gone, 2-1 to Hamilton. Thomas Conrad almost equalised for


Dundee but his header was well saved. Crawford has got his fifth of


the season and Tena got a penalty. But the second half Dundee


substitute Danny Harkins neatly flicked one past McGovern in front


of the visiting fans, which has got them nice and loud. Jonathan is


watching Kilmarnock against St Johnstone. Arithmetic has never been


my strong point that I can just about make out that St Johnstone are


hanging onto their top six or dench old by the skin of their teeth. They


are losing 2-0, Kilmarnock deservedly in French, Kris Boyd with


the first half goal and Calum Higginbotham making it 2-0 midway


through the second-half. Sustained St Johnstone pressure, Craig just


had header ruled out after a push, and their Bulgarian defender playing


for St Johnstone today had a diving header saved by the ever reliable


Jamie MacDonald. At the moment, this looks like being a vital first win


for the Kilmarnock can manager, Lee Clark. Alistair Lamont is next,


keeping an eye on Dundee United, Inverness. It looks like they will


move eight 's clear of Dundee United, with Dundee trailing 2-0 at


Tannadice, Miles Storey with the opening goal for Inverness Caley


Thistle and Ian Fry goes volleying to doubled their advantage. -- and


Iain Vigurs. There was a superb save, but that is


all that Dundee United have had to offer.


Time to hear once again from Ryan McLaughlin watching Falkirk, second


placed on the Championship, against St Mirren. Still 2-1, Liam Miller


giving the home side the lead. Steve Mallon equalised 11 minutes into the


second period, a terrific free kick which gave Danny Rogers no chance.


Falkirk back in front thanks to super substitute Bob McCue -- Bob


McHugh. Over to Connie MacLachlan, Hibs back in the game? The ad says


no. It is still 1-0 but they trailed to Alloa. Anthony Stokes had a good


chance, but it was saved well by the substitute goalkeeper. Them the best


chance, Jason Cummings setup David Gray. He was five yards out and just


chance, Jason Cummings setup David had to get a touch, he could not


manage to connect. So Alloa still lead 1-0. Why don't we choose a more


Championship fat? -- Well, folks, why don't we chew some


Championship fat for a while? Because the title race


there is officially done and dusted. Rangers are the league winners,


wrapping up the title and a return to the top division


with four games to spare. This James Tavernier goal


against Dumbarton taking them out you have an issue with the


positioning? At centre forward position, I don't think I would want


my full up there, that anybody who has watched Rangers, James Tavernier


and Lee Wallace have been fantastic, chipping in with goals week after


week after week. Worthy champions, they have won by a good distance,


they give very little away, I think only Morton took anything away from


Ibrox in the league, great job. Tom, remember when Rangers lost to


Falkirk? You questioned... You questioned whether they had the


stomach? I did, they had drawn a couple of games before that, then


Falkirk deservedly beat them at Falkirk, I thought they were


wobbling, they did not seem to have much bite that day. But they proved


me completely wrong. They went on a big winning run at about, started


brushing teams aside. Worthy winners, they have played some


excellent football. I think they will have to change their team, you


look at what Hearts did, they were runaway winners of the league last


season, but for the Premiership they have bought 11 players since winning


the Championship, so a Championship winning team, even if it is a


decisive win, does not mean you will cut it in the Premiership?


decisive win, does not mean you will for your effort, boys, but cheerio!


There is an element about, the Hearts team is very different to the


one which won the championship. They have been more direct, stronger and


more physical. They played football last year. Rangers play football at


the moment, but will he had to change his philosophy and become


better balanced and play more directly? He needs players in the


middle of the pitch. Rangers are not overspending, they are spending what


they need to spend to get out of the division, in the first couple of


years they were scatter-gun, buying players all over the face and paying


them and the manager too much. What is needed at Ibrox next season,


maybe not to challenge Celtic... Or maybe it is to challenge Celtic?


Fans will expect Rangers to do what Hearts has done, to go in compete.


The manager will learn a lot, he has a cup final he is expected to win,


then the semifinal against Celtic. To build up against the team that


will win the Championship and show what they can do, can they force the


passing game onto Celtic, will they struggle at the back against the


likes of Leigh Griffiths? Lots questions, he might be more clear


after that on what he needs to do to get a team into the Premiership and


go toe to toe? Did you mention that cup final? It will be covered by the


BBC. You can listen to it or you can watch it on BBC Alba at high noon


tomorrow, Rangers against Peterhead. Mark Warburton, Pat says, will treat


this as a warm up for the game at Hampden a week on Sunday against


Celtic? It will be a different game! No question. He is expected to win


tomorrow, I am sure he will probably No question. He is expected to win


win. Peterhead have done well to get there, it will be a big occasion for


them, but next week is completely different. The challenges of a


them, but next week is completely different magnitude? A different


type of game. You are laughing! Peterhead, Celtic, one is lukewarm


to tap it, the other is red-hot to scalding. Slightly different! He


says he is treating it as a warm up, is that tone in cheek? It is a must


win game, back at Hampton, they are going to hand to play Celtic, so it


is a warm up to that extent, but in terms of games of football, polar


opposites. Do you think Rangers fans will believe they can beat Celtic? I


think there is more belief than last season. It was one-sided, they have


enjoyed the style, they have enjoyed winning the Championship, now they


will get the chance to see what their team can do. When the draw was


made, Celtic went through a rough patch, have they come out of that


now? They have played Dundee in the last couple of weeks and did not get


a goal against them. Celtic are up and down, you do not know where they


are at. I still think they are ahead of Rangers, it will be interesting


that Rangers have moved forward. When they have played Celtic in the


League Cup semifinal, they were in a dark place. I did not see that and


the game, I saw them against Hearts, Celtic paid differently because they


were pressed. Celtic played well and they should have scored a lot more.


It depends how Rangers play. It is the title race and be Championship


over. So it's now between Hibs


and Falkirk for second place. Important because the runners up


face one less play off tie. Hibs ending a five-game winless


streak at home to Livingston on the same night


Rangers won the title. Craig, do you remember this? One of


those games that they had to win, dominate possession, dominate


chancers, Livingston then got a really good goal through Jordan


White, no Chancellor goalkeeper. The fans were starting to grumble and


the team had to try to dig back in. With 15 minutes to go, Hibs are


still wondering, you are looking for somebody to produce the goods,


Anthony Stokes. Hibs are looking for something special. Can we get a


winning goal? If you're looking the something special, just wait, Martin


Boyle will never score a better goal. He hates this, it is still on


the way up, when it hits the back of the neck it was a magnificent stroke


which look like they might be back the neck it was a magnificent stroke


on track -- back of the net. They are winning any match. Good news for


Hibs fans, we have a goal to report, it is for St Mirren, away to second


place Falkirk. It has come from the guy who scored


the first, Stephen Mallan. It came in from the left hand side, Mallon


drilled the ball beyond Danny Rogers, a real talent. You can see


why clubs like Dundee are keen to sign him for next season. It is 2-2


with eight minutes remaining. We will return to Championship chat


later, the trike now we will hear from the management teams after the


lunchtime match in the Premiership, Celtic winning 2-1 away to


Motherwell, let's hear what their representatives said to our


reporter? Celtic deserved to win. By


half-time, we could have been out of it. But we could have got something


out of it. I have looked at the disallowed goal, for me it is level.


I think it was a bad decision and should stand as a goal, but apart


from the second half performance when we did much, much better, got


closer to them and grated those chances.


It was always going to be tough. The most important thing is three


points. We had to hang on for a spell in the second half, in the


first half we had plenty of chances that we did not quite take. When it


is 1-0 it is always uncomfortable. We could not get a second goal and


see the game out. Eight points clear with five league games to go, we are


in a good position, but we do not take our foot off the Gas, we try to


extend the lead. No Celtic manager, he did not speak to the media


representatives, he must have brought himself hoarse? He did two


or three, maybe he is all roared out? And Mark McGhee initially


refused to shake hands with the Celtic manager. He later told our


reporter that he thought he had blanked him before the match. It is


the hissy fit world of football management, passions run high. He


was a bit annoyed. He was trying to appear as if he was not annoyed. On


the radio interview he was very annoyed. He is sweating on a top six


finish. If you look at what Mark McGhee has -- Mark McGhee has done,


you deserves credit restaurant it was a good run, then they hit the


skids, then you win six out of seven, getting a good position, once


you are in the top six you know what kind of is coming in, you look at


budgets etc, so it is easier once that is settled, but I think he


would have liked a point this that is settled, but I think he


afternoon, but Celtic were better. We gave him so many plaudits, he


deserved it. After that, they did not win for five or six weeks,


incredible. But he bounced back well. There is a bit of a lesson to


the fans and the leadership to stick with somebody for a while, give them


an opportunity. Mark is experienced, he has shown really good leadership.


Motherwell and Mark McGhee? Google compared to this time last year --


compared to this time last year, they had to survive through the


play-offs, it was nervous and sweaty, now they are looking up in


the world. Mark McGhee is a man of stature, physically and footballing


wise. I think he has instilled a lot of confidence and organisation. I


was disappointed with them today in the first half, they did not turn


up. Their use of the ball was poor, I expected more. They are guilty


enough, Motherwell, they are hard to eat. He was capable of changing, I


thought that the first half tactics were wrong, they gave Celtic total


possession and Celtic created chances. In the second half they put


on more pressure and created, they had the disallowed goal which went


in. That was interesting. That looked


level. If it finished in a drawer, it would have been a travesty to


Celtic. We are breaking off and going to rub the park. There is a


penalty between Killy and St Johnstone. Penalty for Kilmarnock.


Shaughnessy bringing a player down. It will be Kris Boyd, who opened the


scoring, who will attempt to put this way to seal all three points


for Kilmarnock. And he does so. 3-0 to Kilmarnock will stop Kris Boyd


puts the ball into the corner of the net. Three vital points for


Kilmarnock as they try to ease any relegation fears. But day for St


Johnstone. After we go to find out what is happening in the game


between Ross County and Partick Thistle. You just think Partick


Thistle are going to throw everything at Ross County, who to be


fair are managing this pretty well. Not too many efforts directly at the


goalkeeper. There will be four minutes of injury time. Shot going


in from Chris Dillon. And I am what is happening in Hamilton and what is


happening in front of them as Ross County still looked on course to


finish in the top six place. Kenny Crawford, at the game between


Hamilton and Dundee. Still 2-1 to Hamilton Accies? Yes, but it is very


nervy. Hamilton Accies are not used to preserving leads but they have


come close to losing it. A few minutes to go. The goals for them


seem a long time ago, both in the first half, Crawford's low drive


into the corner and a penalty but them 2-0 up at the break before Gary


Harkins made it 2-1. I want to flag up a couple of things. Hamilton


Accies are deep, clearing everything at every opportunity, which I'm


worried about. Also I am worried for Dougie Emery, who has been books. He


is so up for this and there is a lot of bad blood between Hamilton Accies


and Dundee. He has already exchanged a few words with the Dundee manager


at the side. Don't worry, it will be fine. Don't think it will be


at the side. Don't worry, it will be the Dundee United. There is


absolutely no sign of a dramatic comeback. Almost as if they are


resigned to their fate at the foot of the Premiership table. If anyone


looks likely to score it looks like Inverness Caley Thistle. Otherwise,


Inverness Caley Thistle are the superior side. Let's hear from Brian


watching Falkirk against St Mirren in the championship. It is a goal


for Falkirk. Lee Miller has scored with seconds left. Ten seconds left.


It is now 3-2, to Falkirk. They led twice. Stevie Mallon twice equalised


for the visitors, but with injury time looming, it is now 3-2 to


Falkirk. I knew we shouldn't have gone there. Carney, can you match


that folate drama Alloa Hibs? Hibs are banging on the door. Same story


for the last few weeks, hips, they are banging on the door. Same story


don't start playing until they are a goal down. There were lucky not to


be two goals down. The initial goal should have killed the game. It is a


scrappy affair. We are into stoppage time. Our Hibs handing over the


second place in the championship? She has done it again, ended with a


question. Think she is after this job. Peter Houston was on the show


and he was adamant they have secured their play-off spot, but he wanted


the second spot. This could go a long way securing that the them?


They could end the day six points clear of Hibs. They meet on Tuesday


at Easter Road, so it is a huge game. But avoiding the play-off


game, they beat Queen of the South, Rangers. They beat Hibs, played home


and away. The two game against Motherwell, Motherwell looked


sharper. If you miss one of those games, it is a big plus. Hibs have a


sharper. If you miss one of those lot of fixtures, congestion? Hibs


have lost the plot. They lost one game in six months, now they are


losing games left, right and centre. It is set up perfectly for them to


win the Scottish Cup, Craig? Full-time at Ross County? Yes,


County who, barring something unbelievable, and it is Alec Schalke


at the decisive goal. Strip the winner in the League Cup final last


month. They have achieved the top six finish. The show was low past


the goalkeeper. Thistle tried everything in the second half to get


level, which might have earned them the top six spot. Despite having a


lot of the they didn't threaten Scott Fox too often. What is a


season to remember the Jim McIntyre. Thistle, no realistic threat of


relegation, Mike be a consolation after coming close to a top half


finish themselves. Full-time at Kilmarnock against St


Johnstone. Finally come good for Kilmarnock manager Lee Clark. Five


games out of six they failed to score. Today they manage three


against St Johnstone. After a slow start to the match, Kilmarnock


deservedly took the lead in the start to the match, Kilmarnock


first half. Kris Boyd with a free kick from 20 yards, fired it into


the bottom corner. Come Monarch should have scored more goals. They


had a goal disallowed for offside. Kilmarnock made it 2-0 in the second


half. Callan Higginbotham, whose downward header made it 2-0 as


Kilmarnock took control. St Johnstone tried to take chances. The


Buchel Monarch goalkeeper was in inspired form and made several great


saves. St Johnstone made sure of the victory. A header was ruled out for


pushing and Kilmarnock made sure of all three points. McKenzie fouled in


the box and there was Kris Boyd, who has been much maligned this season


for his lack of goals. He may two today stop and a vital three points


for Kilmarnock this afternoon. Time to hear from Carney, is it all over


Alloa, Hibs? Yes, finished 1-0 and a serious blow to Hibs' chances to


finishing second. Duffy's only goal of the match causing confusion as to


whether it crossed the line or not. The referee had a brief discussion


with his assistant and awarded the goal. Into the second half, Alloa


look determined to hold onto their lead. They contained Hibs well and


force them to try shots from distance. Anthony Stokes came


closest with an excellent drive from the edge of the box, forcing a


decent save from the substitute goalkeeper, David Crawford. Then


David Gray couldn't connect, when he should have had it in the back of


the net. Five minutes later, Duffy should have killed the game Alloa


and doubled their lead. The keeper managed to save. Mob. The Hibs, they


stay behind Falkirk. Back to the Premiership, it is full-time at New


Douglas Park. Hamilton against Dundee. Hamilton Accies have


121-macro. Hamilton gets their first home win in over six months. They


also preserve the gap between them and Kilmarnock. There are scenes of


relief amongst the fans, who aren't used to seeing wins here. Joyous


scenes. Ali Crawford's goal put them 1-0 ahead. That was double bank


still a penalty. Dundee got one back in the second half. Despite more


pressure, they couldn't get the second to blow Dundee United down.


So that was unfortunate for Dundee, but it was a great win for Hamilton


Accies. Back to the championship, Falkirk against St Mirren and it is


full-time? Thriller here in front of 4331. 3-2 for Falkirk. Miller popped


up with his ninth goal of the season. Stevie Mallon equalised. A


terrific curling free kick, only for Bob McCue to the Falkirk back in


front. Just a few minutes after coming on. Stevie Mallon again,


equalised just eight minutes from time after a cup back from Jim


Goodman. Looked as if it was going to be a point apiece, but Blair


Olsson thought otherwise. In the final minute, he struck from six


yards, hammered the ball beyond Jamie Langley, to secure what could


be a vital three points for Falkirk in the battle for second top spot.


They play Hibs on Tuesday night at Easter Road. Staying in the


championship, clean up the South were at home to Raith Rovers this


afternoon. Let's say hello to Sandra. Raith Rovers confirmed their


place in the top four with a 2-1 win in Dumfries. Robbie Thomson saved


and effort. For most of the first half, Raith Rovers come to be dealt


with Queen's attack. Kyle Hutton with a long ball forward the Dale


Hulse and his smash them ball past the goalkeeper. Raith Rovers


restored the advantage just after the hour mark. Queens pushed to take


something from the game. Raith have Cuthbert to thank, he said shots


from Wilson. But despite their efforts, Queens couldn't muster an


equaliser. Back to the Premiership, Dundee United against Inverness. It


finished 2-0. United lurching closer to the drop. Toothless display will


stop Inverness Caley Thistle's second win in eight matches. The


first goal was a tap in and the second was an impressive bowling. It


means Dundee have two win a minimum of three of the remaining five


games. That is just to avoid automatic relegation and the


evidence of this match, it is an improbable sequence of results and


evidence of this match, it is an the full-time mission greeted by


doing by most of the United fans who had remained inside Tannadice. Not a


doing by most of the United fans who good day for Dundee United. We were


conferring during that. We have now got the top six. We will start in


reverse order. Ross County, I cannot believe they are in there, three


wins in ten games. On a terrible run, but they have done it? They


have been on a poor run since the League Cup. Even before that. But


that is a huge win for them today. It just kind of validates the


coupling, but it means they will be downturn at the end of the season.


It is all positive for Ross County, they have one cup, in the top six,


it is a fantastic season. St Johnstone in fifth, upon behind


Motherwell. Intriguing battle for third spot sorry for the spot with a


potential European place of the grabs? They can all now enjoy


themselves. That horrible pressure of being down, fighting against the


play-off situation, that has gone for them. If they do get into


Europe, any of those teams, Motherwell, Ross County, St


Johnstone, Europe would be a huge bonus. Go and enjoy the games. Now


we can go to the classified results round-up.


had the disallowed goal which went in.


Defeat for Dundee coupled by a windfall, Nick leaves the gap


between them at eight points. -- coupled by a win for Kilmarnock.


Rangers are confirmed champions, the graduations to them. Raith Rovers,


congratulations, their place in the play-off places is confirmed. Alloa


were relegated last week. Dunfermline are the champions in


League 1. Peterhead and a United are confirmed in play-off spots,


Stranraer are not quite over the line yet.


East Stirlingshire 's defeat today means they will face a pyramid


play-off. Leicester and Tottenham played tomorrow.


A familiar look about the bottom of the table. Aston Villa are clinging


on, only by mathematical possibility, one would have to say.


Let's get some details of the matches in the English Premier


Let's get some details of the League this afternoon, starting with


the London derby, West Ham United against Arsenal. Jonathan Pearce has


details. West Ham three, Arsenal three. West Ham had the ball in the


net first only for Lanzini to be ruled offside, especially cruel when


Mesut Ozil was judged marginally on-site. And when Sanchez finished


off a lovely move for 2-0, Arsenal were well in command. But a header


and a deflected blast, two in two minutes from Andy Carroll, Rod them


level. Arsenal thought that the battering ram centre forward Andy


Carroll should have been sent off, but after 52 minutes he was there to


head in his hat-trick, only for the win to be denied by Kush Elneny's


close range equaliser 19 minutes from time. Restless and wonderful,


like the whole season. Jonathan also sent breathless! Jacqui Oatley has


details of Crystal Palace against Norwich City. Crystal Palace win


1-0, finally winning a league game in 2016, the last team to do so.


Jason Puncheon's goal hugely significant. It's release the


pressure valve at Selhurst Park, a rare moment of quality in, frankly,


a relegation dogfight. Norwich felt they should have had a penalty in


clear of Norwich with a game and sat clear of Norwich with a game and sat


-- game in hand, Norwich still have work to do, starting with Sunderland


next weekend. How did bottom club Aston Villa get


on against Bournemouth? Eddie Howe is celebrating the win for


Bournemouth, they get past 40 points, but eight defeats in a row


for Villa, their worst Premier League run of results. There has not


been worse since 1963, relegation League run of results. There has not


only delayed for another week because of Palace's win against


Norwich. Bournemouth are past the 40 point mark to safety in their first


season in the top flight. Villa fans unveiled a banner saying no fight,


no pride, no hope, which just about sums it up. You castle United also


in the relegation zone, Tony Husband watch the match away at Southampton.


The clock is ticking on their Premier League survival. The


frustration for Rafa Benitez will be that Newcastle only showed a threat


when they were 3-0 down and effectively out of it. Talented


individuals, highlighted by the goal-scorer, Andros Townsend. 2-0


down at the break, Wanyama made it three. Townsend's goal was great,


but individual moments will not save Newcastle.


Swansea are not safe yet, but a win over Chelsea today will do their


prospects no end of good. Let's hear all about it. What a difference a


year makes, Swansea have beaten Chelsea 1-0, this time last year


Swansea, in full pump, won 5-0. Gylfi Sigurdsson scored his ninth


goal since the turn of the year. He has been key to the Swansea revival.


A first league defeat for Guus Hiddink on the second time around,


plenty of work for Antonio Conte. Watford played Everton this


afternoon. 1-1, these teams in their poor runs continue, one win in six


for Everton, non-in 64 Watford. The poor runs continue, one win in six


girls get the stroke of half-time, McCarthy put Everton forward, then


Holub asked's header was deflected past his own goalkeeper. In the


closing stages, Watson saw a 25 yarder brilliantly saved.


Plenty to talk about in the English Premier League, starting with West


Ham United and Arsenal, Craig. Is that Arsenal's title hopes gone?


They had to win every game and hope that the best and they could not get


it done, so I think so. Every time there is a criticism about Arsenal,


it is that they are soft. Andy Carroll, and a planned at them,


bowled over type striker, get a hat-trick. They got a point, showing


bowled over type striker, get a character, but league champions? No


chance. They are playing good football, but you have to have more


than that. Compare that to Leicester City, their character and fight,


that is why they are top of the league and Arsenal cannot get there.


Great players, something missing. Do you think that they would hunger for


the 1-0 wins under George Graham? There was a banner saying that all


great stories have to come to an end, meaning that finger has to go.


I think he has to go. -- meaning that Wenger has to go. How many


years have people said that Arsenal RA soft touch? They need to bring in


tough, and field centre halves. -- midfield centre halves. They have


blown it again. The types of player who have been fantastic for


Leicester, who go and do the hard work and are good enough on the


ball, I am surprised that that is the type of player that Arsene


Wenger does not get. Two horse race between Leicester and Tottenham? I


would have thought so. Spurs play Man United, lest it would be


expected to beat Sunderland, if it goes that way, they are a step


closer. Aston Villa are a huge step closer...? They are gone, fair play


to them, they will get ?100 million for being relegated. That is the


obscenity of this new Premier League television deal, they get a pot of


gold for being useless. The heart and Soul has gone out of that club,


as with Newcastle. So Mike Ashley will be rubbing his hands, but it is


not looking good for them Leicester mug 3-1 loss at Southampton? They


are a huge club, passionate fans, they will go down again. Some of


these teams might not come up for a couple of years. I know the


parachute payment is great, but unless you jump back up, you are in


trouble. Newcastle is one of those teams. A good result for


Southampton, good to see them going well. Burnley are top of the


Championship, the winner scored by Scott Arfield, Scotland have said,


we do not want him, he is now Canadian. He is not good enough for


Scotland! I thought he was always Canadian!


Let's talk about the Scottish Premiership, we know who will be on


the top six at the bottom six. We focused on the top six and earlier,


let's look at the bottom six, you focused on the top six and earlier,


have unanimously agreed, probably for the first time, that Dundee


United's goose is well and truly cooked, but it is close between


United's goose is well and truly Kilmarnock, Hamilton and Inverness?


Do you see anybody else being sucked in? The Inverness game on Tuesday is


big. If they win that, eight game, it gets them to 42 point, and I


right? It opens it up. If they don't, they open the gap between


themselves and Hamilton. Every game will be tough for them. It is a


different type of pressure at the will be tough for them. It is a


bottom you spoke about the reinforcements that Aberdeen needed,


John Hughes has spoken about the difficulty of getting people up to


Inverness, he is losing players to Dundee? That is the problem, Dundee


can offer better contracts. We can pay a little bit more, is it enough


to get players to uproot families, moved to Inverness, change schools


etc? That will always be a problem, Inverness and Ross County have


donated job but you wonder how far they can go because they are out of


the way, it is difficult to get players from England and the South


of Scotland. The manager must be wondering where it went wrong. I


Hard to beat. They win games, they Thistle. Indeed's problem, 14 draws?


Hard to beat. They win games, they lose games, if you turn two of them


into wins, it is a different story. You have got to get the points if


you want to finish top six. They did last season, just couldn't quite get


you want to finish top six. They did there this season. Partick Thistle,


I feel sorry for them because they had a period of fixture congestion?


A bit unlucky. They went through a nice patch where they were winning


games. I think they will move forward. I know it will be


games. I think they will move disappointing for Alan Archibald.


But I do think they have moved forward. I think we have sent Kenny


Crawford too often to Hamilton. He has gone native, worried about them.


Should he be worried, looking at the table? It is a big result for them.


They get them close enough to the other group to give them a chance


and keep the gap between themselves and Kilmarnock. Every game will be


like a cup final. Is it five games they have to play? Inverness will


play the extra game. That could be tremendous motivation for


Kilmarnock, going into the final furlong? When you are six games


without a win and only one goal scored, you are looking for


something. You get the best result of the season when you find Hamilton


also get a win. They have managed to beat St Johnstone twice, they have


to use it as a springboard. And a clean sheet for Jamie Macdonald, I


would imagine will be their Player of the Year? He has been brilliant.


Looking at footage coming in, he made a magnificent save in the top,


right hand corner. He is not the biggest guy, would you go and sign


him because about, but look at the season they have had. Without him,


why would they be. Given Dundee United bottom spot, who is next?


Kilmarnock are the team in second bottom, a 4-point gap between them


and Hamilton. A win and a draw and hope he will get your goal


difference sorted out. These last five games will be immense. And the


game between Kilmarnock and Hamilton will be the biggest.


the lab Brooks Scottish Premiership. the lab Brooks Scottish Premiership.


-- Ladbrokes. Highlights of that little lot


tomorrow night with Jonathan You'll be annoyed with yourself


if you don't catch live coverage of the Scottish Cup semi-final


between Hibernian and Dundee United And the results show is back at half


past four next week on BBC One. Before that, you can listen to Off


the Ball's Saturday Supplement with Stuart not Tam this week,


Annie Maguire deputising


David Currie introduces results from the SPFL Premiership and Championship.

In the last Premiership weekend before the split, Celtic are at Fir Park to play Motherwell in the lunchtime kick-off. At 3.00pm, Inverness travel to Tayside to face Dundee Utd, whilst Kilmarnock take on St Johnstone at Rugby Park.

In the Championship, Falkirk against St Mirren and Alloa versus Hibs are the day's key matches as Rangers prepare for Sunday's Challenge Cup Final against Peterhead at Hampden.

Plus action from Friday night's match between Hearts and Aberdeen at Tynecastle.

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