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Jonathan Sutherland introduces highlights of the weekend's matches in the SPFL.

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It is unbelievable. It is a spectacular opening goal in the


Derby. The shop is an absolute beauty. Is this a bit of history? It


is. What a finish! That is it. It has been one of the most


significant weekends An action-packed edition


of Sportscene tonight as we arrive Championship and Petrofac


final highlights as well. Plus Stuart McCall at the big screen


and Michael Stewart is here as well. We start with a Friday night


match at Tynecastle. Second versus third,


Aberdeen aiming to narrow the gap on Celtic to two points with


the champions playing on Saturday. Hearts still aiming to pip Aberdeen


for second place. Despite the much publicised bout


that swept through the squad, there is just one change from last


weekend. Aberdeen will feel they must win to keep their title


challenge on track. Willo Flood drops to the bench and is replaced


by 20-year-old Craig Stone. It is an anticipated match with third hosting


second. Sam Nicholson within a whisker of giving Hearts and early


lead. Aberdeen's defence did not deal particularly well with the


danger, but survived. Four minutes in and it is a dream


start for the Dons, Simon Church with his sixth goal of the season.


What a precious one it could turn out to be in the context of the


season. Nice football from Aberdeen. Church is onside. No problem with


the finish either. The Dons go ahead at Tynecastle. A really good spell


from Aberdeen. A great chance for Niall McGinn. He knows it should be


2-0. It was a great delivery, not a great finish. Two things for Robbie


Neilson to change. Augustyn's header just could not


quite squeeze over the line. Well dealt with by Aberdeen. Scott Brown


was underneath it. Really good pressure from Hearts.


And Juanma equalises! Hearts are level after 33 minutes. Aberdeen


will not be happy with the space allowed. Juanma was onside. It was


not great goalkeeping. That is one apiece.


Aberdeen are struggling to get the ball out of their own area at the


moment. Everyone has switched off, but the


ball is still in play. Another great chance for Niall


McGinn goes begging. He could have had a couple. That header should be


finding the back of the net. Taylor getting into a bit of trouble


there. He might require a bit of treatment.


A great cross and a great header and a great goal for Hearts as they come


from behind to take a 2-1 lead. It is an ecstatic Tynecastle. Aberdeen


will be furious with themselves. Poor defending, but nothing wrong


with their header from Juanma. It was a brilliant cross from Jamie


Walker. Again Niall McGinn was there.


another night he could have had a hat-trick.


Hearts should be able to see this out in the dying seconds. There goes


the final whistle. Derek McInnis is deflated and defeated. His title bid


is damaged now by a 2-1 defeat at Tynecastle. It is a huge result. If


we did not win, we would be looking to try and consolidate third place


and now we can try and catch up Aberdeen who are having a great


season. They will be trying to stop Celtic, so they will still be going


hard. Where does this leave things in terms of the title? It is gone


for us now I would imagine. We have got to make sure we get back to


basics and C of the threat from Hearts first and foremost. But in


terms of five games to go, at this stage of the season Celtic can only


throw it away. I would not expect them to know.


Where did it go so wrong for Aberdeen after a great start? It was


a great chance and there were a glut of chances for Aberdeen and they


ended up paying the price for missing them. Hearts came back into


the game and scored the two goals. Aberdeen will be disappointed


because they were the architects of their own downfall. It was a great


result for Hearts, but Aberdeen the architects of their own downfall. Is


that a fair comment? The team will be frustrated in the manner that


they came. We will look at the two goals conceded. The first one was a


build-up from Hearts. Aberdeen are in good positions and their back


four are nice and compact. The midfield four are in good positions


and Kenny Maclean, playing Number Ten, came back to give a hand. But


credit has to go to Hearts. Augustyn takes responsibility and comes into


the middle of the park. They need a goal. But when a centre-half comes


in it is normally the job of the Number Ten to be the one who


confronts him and goes over and stopped him in is forward roll


coming forward. That does not happen. We know what he can do from


there. From that you are thinking, happen. We know what he can do from


the keeper should be OK. Last season he fired a cracker in. But look at


Juanma and the two defenders. He gets his just rewards. It is a


goalkeeping error as well. A couple of mistakes, but take nothing away


from Hearts. At this point Tynecastle is rocking. It certainly


was. Hearts got the impetus after that goal and they carried it


was. Hearts got the impetus after through into the second half. In


terms of the second goal, how disappointed should Aberdeen be?


Hugely. It was a bit unfortunate as well. Aberdeen want to win the game.


Maclean does not see what is happening with Taylor. He sees Logan


making a run. But from then on that is when the problem starts. Hires go


over and take the situation by the hand. It was not so much the free


kick, it was well intentioned, it is the reaction after it. He drifts


into the midfield area, but he has got to be more aware that the guys


at the back are exposed. If he holds his position and waits for his


team-mates to get back into position, they would not be so


exposed. She only went over to start stretching Taylor when the ball was


in play. Leave his man and get back in position and help the guys at the


back and they were exposed and they paid the price. Taylor normally


would be there on the right hand side covering over there. Graeme


Shinni would be on the cover there and they would be happy with that.


But because of this unfortunate and they would be happy with that.


situation, it has not been the case. There is a big hole in behind with


Willo Flood. It is a good ball into the space. Reynolds has to decide


whether to try and cut it out and leave Juanma, which he does. I have


whether to try and cut it out and got to say Walker and Juanma


constructed that go together and in the second half they were a good


the second half they were a good combination.


So, to Fir Park for the Saturday lunchtime game.


Celtic with the chance to stretch their lead


over Aberdeen to a point if they could beat Motherwell.


Mark McGhee can send out the same 11 as they chase a sixth win in a row.


For Motherwell team that looked like it would be battling the drop a few


weeks back. Charlie Mulgrew is in an Kazim-Richards is replacing Gary


Mackay-Steven. Griffiths! We know he is capable


from that kind of distance. Motherwell inflicted Celtic's only


home league defeat on them in December. They have won a penalty.


After Aberdeen's defeat on Friday evening, Celtic know they can be


eight clear by the close of business today. Griffiths has put it past!


The mini goal drought continues for Leigh Griffiths.


He has got options right and left. He chooses Griffiths. And it is


Conor Ripley again. Motherwell were sliced open on the counterattack.


Conor Ripley is having a good game. That was Kazim-Richards. And it is


Conor Ripley again. A fine afternoon the on loan Middlesbrough keeper is


having. Celtic have been scintillating in this first half.


Kieran Tierney is the latest to sting the palms of Conor Ripley.


Quite how Celtic are not ahead is anyone's guess. That was Roberts.


Ripley is a busy boy. They have done everything but score


in the first half, the champions. Griffiths! The resistance finally


fades right on half-time. Leigh Griffiths scoring goal number


36 of the season just before the interval. Had not scored in three


Celtic games coming into this. McDonald puts it in, but it is


offside. Motherwell's best passing move of the game.


It is so tight. He has the better of Tierney. McDonald! The former Celtic


striker has levelled proceedings in a game Motherwell scarcely deserved


to be levelling. Just the one point would do Motherwell with regards to


top six. Griffiths! It has gone through Ripley. From hero to


villain. Corner Ripley lets that trundle squirms through them.


Griffiths is on a hat-trick. He has pickpocketed Keane and Kennedy.


Ripley redeems himself for now at least. Celtic march towards five in


a row. A few words exchanged at the end.


What happened? At the beginning of the game I felt as if when I went to


shake hands with the Celtic staff they blanked me. I have spoken to


Ronnie and it was a 100% misunderstanding on my part and I


accept totally that he did not see me. That is fine. We have shook


hands and it is fine. The most important thing is that three


points. We had to hang on. The first half we had plenty of chances and


did not take them and missed a penalty and the keeper had good


saves. At 1-0 it is always uncomfortable. We showed great


character to get the second goal back and see the game out. It was


good to see that handshake gate was eventually resolved. Is the title


race is over? I think so. You heard John Kennedy saying the most


important thing was getting that three points and he is spot on.


After Aberdeen's defeat, the title is theirs? Do you agree? Yes. I


think you can concede it. Mark McGhee called it shocking to


disallow the Scott McDonald effort. Was he offside? I do not know. It


was even plastic move by Motherwell with fantastic passing. Initially it


looked a couple of yards offside. It is not a shocking decision. No. It


is frustrating from Mark. I still do not know if he is offside or


on-site. It is definitely a difficult decision for the linesman.


It is marginal. Part of his body is in front of the ball so he is


offside. I can understand why the linesman David because by the time


the ball got to Scott McDonald's feat he is in the six yard box.


Celtic had loads of chances. Griffiths described that as an


Magpie angry performance from himself. He missed a penalty and


then came good. He did. This shows the resilience and his performance.


Frustrated he had not got on the scoresheet earlier. This one nagging


the most. Craig Gordon will be taking penalties. You see the


determination to get up. That is a sprint from inside the box almost to


the box at the other end. He works the goalkeeper on most occasions. To


be disappointed coming away from the game when he has got two goals...


This shows what he is about. That is really composed finish to guide it


into the back of the net. He has nothing to be angry about with two


goals. It shows you how things can change in the game. Ripley did


great, the keeper, and then right at the end it goes through his legs. A


painful moment for Ripley. Motherwell still with a real chance


of getting into Europe. They certainly have. A couple of months


ago they were second bottom. I believe they could be top six


because there might have goal scorers. They have given themselves


such a fantastic chance. Celtic have to win the double for fourth place


and it is between Ross County, St Johnstone and Motherwell.


So the title race looks like it is reaching its conclusion


Next weekend should be very tasty indeed.


Two mouthwatering Scottish Cup semifinal showdowns.


The first is live on Sportscene, 12:10pm Saturday lunchtime,


Live coverage on Sportsound on BBC Radio Scotland.


We'll have all the Old Firm highlights on Sunday night's


Sportscene as always, 10:30pm on BBC One.


Dundee started the day in that much coveted sixth-place spot.


They went to Hamilton needing a win to be guaranteed to keep it.


Dropping points could open the trap door to the bottom


Hamilton need to find Victor Ruiz and be better than at Aberdeen last


week. Morris is back up front. A youngster comes into their Dundee


side -- Wighton. Morris with support from Doherty.


Good saves by Scott Bain. It has been a sluggish start by Dundee.


Gifting it straight back to the hosts. Cause himself! That as they a


touch and it is another Hamilton corner. Plenty behind it. Hamilton


have not won here since mid-September, a shocking run. The


BMA's bowl beat Motherwell that day. Crawford! A massive goal for


Hamilton. They look to stave off the threat of the relegation zone.


Crawford's first goal since January, the beginning of January, and it


could be priceless. That could be a the beginning of January, and it


penalty. It is. John B ten points to the spot. Tena! 2-0. What a first


half for Martin Canning's team. A great penalty from the centre-half.


Dundee's top six hawks are hanging by a thread. A draw might not be


enough. They are a long way behind in Lanarkshire. That is Scott Bain.


The recent Scotland squad call-up. A great following down from the City


of discovery but it has been nothing but pain and anguish for the Dundee


supporters. Hamilton continuing to but pain and anguish for the Dundee


pound the defence. It has been all Hamilton. One of their best


performances of the season. He has scored from free kicks from that


kind of distance before, Tena, who got Hamilton's second today.


kind of distance before, Tena, who Harkins. No handball. Brilliant!


Great goal from the half-time substitute. Hemmings with the ball


but it was all about the clever finish from Harkins. Dundee are back


in this. Harkins brought down by McKinnon. As usual he was not happy


about it. Dundee have a good opportunity to swing this in. Plenty


up for it. Headed down by Conrad. The government is equal to it.


Dundee's top six hopes look like they lie in tatters. First half we


were excellent. We should have taken more opportunities. The second half


they came back into the game. We showed spirit to make sure we hung


on which is something that has been lacking of late but we are back to


winning at home. I do not then be performed especially the first 45


minutes, compared to the standards we have said. We have to regroup and


tried to finish as high as possible. You can see the disappointment on


Paul Hartley's says. For Dundee, drawing too many games. Is that the


problem? No doubt. They have drawn I think 14 and won nine, similar to


Hamilton who are in the relegation play-off spot. They have not managed


to convert enough of those draws into wins. Inconsistency. They are


capable of challenging at the top but have not been able to get as


many wins as they needed to get in the top six. A massive win for


Hamilton. A much-needed Holm win for Hamilton. They have not done that in


a while. He has done well in the latter part of the season. He is a


physical presence, a good talent. He has been used as a substitute but he


has forced himself into the side. Through his tenacity and endeavour


he wins a penalty kick. I think it is September the last time Hamilton


won. A massive boost for them. Hamilton have a fight on their hands


but a great time for them to get a victory. Their first home win since


September, much-needed. The Dundee result meant that a win


for either Ross County or Partick Thistle would see them


into the top half. Indeed a draw would be


good enough for Thistle. Four changes for Ross County after


losing 5-2 at Dundee. Four changes to the Thistle team which beat


Dundee United in midweek. Already a special season for the Dingwall team


Corinth, with the top six finish adding to the glorious League Cup


success. Scoring inside 14 minutes. He has developed the happy habit of


scoring important goals for Ross County and this is another one.


Partick Thistle backed off and let him have the chance and he snapped


up the opportunity. Schalk chasing and getting the better of Seaborn.


Gary Miller at the back made the important blocks Partick Thistle who


did not fancy going two goals behind. Calum Best charging forward,


having signed a new deal with the soul. -- Partick Thistle. Good


effort. The Australian midfielder on target but a solid save from Scott


Fox, the former Thistle keeper. Again, Schalk the target. Very


easily picked out. That was mightily close to a second goal. He was


struggling to be fit to play today because of illness, Schalk, but he


is having a big impact in the game. A good header. Scott Fox returning


to the county team after a long injury absence and makes a good save


to deny him. That was a great chance for Callum


Booth, but outcomes Scott Fox to make the save.


Schalk was threatening again and then Scully was solidly behind the


shot this time. Schalk has put in some shift here for Ross County who


remain 1-0 in front. Chris Doolin!. The shot in the end


was pretty much straight at the goalkeeper and it was scrambled


away. That was a chance for Partick Thistle to level things up. It was


an absolute crap out there and Partick Thistle put us under a lot


of pressure, but I thought we defended stoutly. We were throwing


bodies on the line. It summed up typically by Alex Schalk who was ill


this week and I spoke to him this morning and he said he would


struggle to play, but I told him he was playing and I said, give us a


good hour and he gave us more than that. That is the biggest


disappointment. We had a chance to do it. It is hard when you put the


lads up, they have done well so far. Ross County get the League Cup and


the top six as well which is one of their main objectives. As Jim


McIntyre said, he took Schalk off his sick bed and he said he did not


have to play, he had to play and he made all the difference. He has


impressed since he came into Ross County and yesterday was another top


performance and he picked up another goal. He has scored eight goals


since the turn of the year which is a great return. It is not just his


goals, it is his all-round play, he links the goals up very well. I am


pretty sure he will be doing that in the split fixtures as well. Ross


County have got a lot to play for in the split as well. And Schalk has


made such a difference, but with Jim McIntyre he has got to have the


credentials for a Manager of the Year. He has got a trophy and a top


six finish. A strong contender. It depends who picks up the cut at the


end of the season. At the beginning of the season he recruited really


well and he has done a terrific job. And Partick Thistle and up in the


well and he has done a terrific job. bottom six. At the beginning of the


season they were at the bottom of the league. They could not score


many goals. They beat United during the week. They had a couple of


opportunities but did not take them. They had the chance to be top six,


but overall a decent season. Have they exceeded expectations? I do not


know if it is exceeding expectations, but because they have


got themselves into that position, they will be disappointed, but a lot


Kilmarnock are still without a win under new manager Lee Clark.


He welcomed the visit of his former Newcastle team-mate Tommy Wright


whose St Johnstone side were looking to bounce back from a 1-0 defeat


December the 5th was the last time Kris Boyd had scored a goal. After


20 minutes of this game that almost change. Boyd was denied by the post.


The move gave Kilmarnock a lift. Just a couple of minutes later there


was a yellow card for Darnell Fisher. It could have been worse.


And it soon was for Saints. A huge moment for Kris Boyd as he fired


Kilmarnock into a 1-0 lead. A sense of relief at Rugby Park. Could St


Johnstone respond? Danny Swanson set up Ian McRae, Jamie McDonald with a


one-handed save. After a Kris Boyd header, Kilmarnock almost made it


2-0. But the effort was ruled out for offside. Just before half-time


Josh Magennis was denied a goal. Not the scoreline Tommy Wright was


looking for. It was about to get worse for the Perth side. Josh


Magennis would supply the cross. And there was Callum Higginbotham with


the header. Less than sound St Johnstone defending. The Saints did


have chances, Liam Craig perhaps a touch unfortunate seeing his headed


effort ruled out for pushing. The Bulgarian defender was then denied


by the ever excellent Jamie McDonald. And St Johnstone would


carve out another big chance which fell to the foot of Chris Miller.


Again McDonald to the rescue for Kilmarnock. At just the right time


Kilmarnock finally figured out that route to good this season and


McKenzie was felled in the box. It gave Kris Boyd the chance to wrap up


all three points. A vital first win for the Kilmarnock manager. I said


all along we have played well enough, we have not had the luck, we


have created opportunities. Today we scored three and we could have


scored six or seven. We have dealt with everything that has been heard


at us and we have got top six again and we will recover and hopefully go


in the split and the fourth place is and we will recover and hopefully go


very much up for grabs for the three teams in fourth, fifth and sixth.


Despite the defeat they are still in the top six once again, but it is


that enigma, Kris Boyd with only three goals and suddenly he gets two


goals and a first win for manager Lee Clark. It is a good time for


Kris Boyd to come good and Lee Clark will be delighted. These clips


highlight what he is all about. He wants to get into areas that will


hurt the opposition and drive forward and commit defenders. He


drives an in between the posts and that is where a lot of strikers get


tap ins. He has not done enough of that this season for Kilmarnock. But


to get two goals and three points for his side is a vital time as


well. You can see how delighted he is. He was wondering at 32 if he had


run his race, but he has always got that instinct. He will be


disappointed he has not played that much this season and has not scored


so many goals. He was unfortunate much this season and has not scored


not to have a hat-trick. He will be crucial because they are still in a


precarious position, but it will do his confidence good and Kilmarnock


as well. A tough couple of weeks for St Johnstone and you have to look at


fourth place and the possibility of Europe as well. Mackay has been a


big miss for them, but they have got as most chance as Motherwell and


Ross County of the fourth. It is that to aim for. It is a good


achievement for St Johnstone. They have lost O'Halloran and they are


still in the top half of the table. Continually to end up in the top six


year after year is a huge achievement for them.


Dundee United had beaten St Johnstone last weekend.


But they had then lost to Partick Thistle midweek.


They started the weekend five points adrift at the bottom.


Inverness Caley Thistle were the visitors at Tannadice.


Before the game, a minute's applause in tribute to former Dundee United


player Ian Britton and director Derek Robertson who recently


Defeat at Partick Thistle in midweek dealt a blow to United's hopes of


survival. Guy Demel almost started the rescue mission. But defending


like this it is easy to see why United are rooted to the bottom,


Miles Storey allowed a free run on goal. A striker perhaps disbelieving


of the time and space he was afforded. Not to worry, moments


later United would allow him another go. Ross Draper profiting from the


home side's substandard offside trap and he found Miles Storey who did


the rest. And 11th goal of the season for him and perhaps his


easiest of the lot. The United defence seemed unconcerned by the


long-range threat posed by Greg Tansy who called Kawashima into


action with a decent drive. Greg Tansey is more than capable from


such range, a decent save from Kawashima. Inverness were now in the


groove and Greg Tansey slipped in Miles Storey, but the Englishman


passed the chance up for number two. The visitors would put the game to


bed after the break, Iain Vigurs with his smart control and finish. A


third goal in four matches for the midfielder and perhaps a fatal blow


to United's hopes of avoiding the drop. To their credit Mixu


Paatelainen's men refused to give in. They almost found a way back


into the match, only for Williams to deny Kyle Nile from close range. A


rare moment of action for the Caley Thistle keeper. Iain Vigurs almost


got a third at the death, but the job was done for the Highlanders.


For United relegation now looms large. Unfortunately we have had too


many and that is why we are where we are in the league table. Of course


the supporters have every right to criticise us and not be happy


because the performance today was diabolical. Apart from 20 minutes in


the second half we were worthy of the victory. We could have got more


goals, it is a difficult venue to come and play football, but a


massive three points. What a difference a week can make. Dundee


United beat St Johnstone last week and everybody talking about them


getting out of the position they are in, but now I they finished? Yes, I


think so. Last week I was talking about them putting themselves in a


great position, a great opportunity to get out of the play-off spots,


never mind relegation. The two defeats in a week has dealt that


chance huge blow. Ultimately you see a lot of these clips and they had


chances and they did not convert them. That was during the week


against Partick Thistle as well. Lots of opportunities, but they were


not able to convert. Mixu Paatelainen described it as


diabolical. The fans must be so angry. Defensively they have been


poor. They have changed from a back three to back four to stop it, but


they are just not good enough. How big will the changes have to be next


season? The club have said themselves they will be a lot of


changes and the guys they have brought in will be out of contract


in the summer. They gambled a bit and brought a lot of money in, so


look at the number of guys out of contract and there will be wholesale


changes. It was a good win for Inverness Caley Thistle. The group


went out Highlands, it has been an odd season for them. Look at the


players they have lost, Mackay, shimmy, Christie. Not only that they


have been hampered with injuries. Warren has been out for a long time.


They will be disappointed not to get into the top six, but deep down


there are reasons for that and they have done fine. They will want to


finish with a flourish, but it has been tough for them and they have


set their standards high. All that leaves the Ladbrokes


Premiership table looking like this. Celtic are eight points clear


of Aberdeen at the top Hearts are nine points behind


Aberdeen with a game in hand. It should be an interesting


fight for fourth place. Dundee and Partick Thistle


are in the bottom six. Big wins for Hamilton


and Kilmarnock. The Championship looms ever


larger for Dundee United. Rangers began their journey


in the lowest tier of Scottish football back in 2012 with a 2-2


draw away to Peterhead. Just days after their promotion


to the Premiership they face Peterhead in the final


of the Petrofac Challenge injury absence and makes a good save


to deny him. Miller Riggins position. It is


turned on. Gilchrist. A horrible moment for the Peterhead defender


who tried to intervene and gave Rangers the lead. It has been all


Rangers so far. Peterhead once again cannot clear their lines. Brilliant


from Tavernier. There's stadium has seen some special goals down the


years and that is as good as the rest. Driving into the penalty area


and he is brought down. Penalty kick. Stephen Noble complains about


the decision. He had a couple of no balls outside the box. The referee


the decision. He had a couple of no judged at a foul. 3-0 to Rangers,


and surely their name is on the trophy. A confident penalty. Rangers


flooding forward looking to add some gloss in the closing stages. Shields


just misses. Miller! Kenny Miller makes it 4-0. It rounds off what has


been a comfortable day for Rangers. There would have been moments when


they. They would not get their hands on the trophy but Rangers finally


lift the Challenge Cup and bring to an end a perfect week for Mark were


lift the Challenge Cup and bring to bitten's men. What were your


thoughts? An emphatic victory. Yes. The way they dispatched Peterhead


gives them a lot of Hibs and Falkirk still


jostling for second place. The Easter Road side away to Alloa,


while Falkirk hosted St Mirren. After a draw and he defeats in their


last two games Falkirk were looking to regain their positive momentum


against St Mirren and made the perfect start with Miller opening


the scoring in the ninth minute. 1-0 is how it stayed until early in the


second half when Mallon equalised. An expertly taken free kick. Falkirk


responded. Alston with the cross. Michu with the header. 2-1. With


eight minutes left St Mirren produced a great move which was


finished off by Mallon. The 20-year-old with his 13th goal of


the season. Last month Falkirk beat Rangers 3-2 with a dramatic 90th


minute winner and would do it again, this time against St Mirren, Alston


with the goal, to send the beer and sold very happy indeed. -- Bairns. A


great advert for the Championship. A great game of football. We deserved


the three points. We put a lot into the game and we were disappointed in


the manner in which we lost. Hibs aiming to get back on the straight


and narrow at Alloa. Keating is with the shot saved. Stalks' header


summed things up as far as heads are concerned. Alloa would compound the


misery. This cross the line. Delight for Alloa. Nothing going the way of


Hibs right now. Alan Stubbs' side had all of the second half to make


amends. Just off target year. From Liam Henderson's cross, David Gray


almost capitalised. Stalks was denied by the substitute goalkeeper


David Crawford. Next for Hibs was the substitute Martin Boyle. The


Alloa goal remained intact. In the end, Duffy might have had the second


Alloa goal remained intact. In the for Alloa. Hibs with one win from


their last seven Championship matches. We have played well on a


number of occasions without really getting an award so I was delighted


for the players to get something tangible. Today was not good enough,


simple as that. We have got a big game on Tuesday to look forward to.


I will be looking for a response. Hence poor run continues.


Congratulations to Raith Rovers who have sealed their place in the


play-offs. Tuesday night at Easter Road Hibs take on Falkirk. Will that


determine who finishes second? It will have a big bearing. Hibs have a


lot of big games coming up and have to quickly get a reaction. Alan


Stubbs will be looking for one. Getting a victory against Falkirk


would be a great way to lead into the Cup semifinal but they will not


be going in with a great deal of confidence. Do you see Falkirk as


favourites? Possibly. They or on a good run.


That's almost it for tonight but if you simply haven't had


enough of Michael Stewart, you're luck's in!


He's back on your screens next weekend in a boat.


A little bit of frustration. A trip that we did in the summer travelling


up the West Coast re-enacting a journey that the guys did in the


1930s and unfortunately ended up with a snapped paddle. Losing


patience. No red card. Fortunately no referees.


Michael Stewart up a creek without a paddle.


The Adventure Show next Sunday at 7pm on BBC Two.


Was this the weekend the music died in terms of the Premiership title


From all of us, until next weekend, goodnight.


Introduced by Jonathan Sutherland

Highlights from the weekend's Scottish Premiership action. The last round of games before the Premiership splits in two. Champions Celtic are away at Motherwell while nearest challengers Aberdeen play Hearts at Tynecastle. Bottom club Dundee United host Inverness and will be hoping Kilmarnock and Hamilton slip up against St Johnstone and Dundee. League Cup holders Ross County entertain Partick Thistle. Including selected Championship action.

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