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Scottish Cup Semi-Final

Live coverage of the Scottish Cup semi-final between Hibernian and Dundee United. Kick-off at 12.15pm. Plus a look ahead to tomorrow's other semi-final between Rangers and Celtic.

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STUDIO: Rarely have two teams gone into the Scottish Cup semifinal in


poorer form, today both Hibernian and Dundee United have the chance to


take a step closer to this piece of silverware, the action is live on


the BBC, with me in the studio, Marc Wilson and Pat Nevin. The question


of who is in goal for Hibernian, it is Conrad Logan, the Irishman, who


last played a senior football mad for December Battenberg Rochdale in


December, 2015. -- last played a senior football match for Rochdale


in December, 2015. They hope to cause problems at the other end,


they are an attack minded signed, but surely, Dundee United will look


at that and think they can get them under pressure. We were watching a


Dundee United that looked like they were resigned to relegation last


week at Tannadice. They played like a championship team. That is a big


worry, for Mixu Paatelainen, can they bounced back from that


performance, it was so bad, I bedded them to have a bitter fight about


them. Coming into a semifinal, you never know, that may be a welcome


distraction for them today. Could still be a glorious season for


Hibernian, they are still be a glorious season for


potentially to a second national cup final, and they could still be


promoted. Could be stored ordinary, that is why this sport is absolutely


fantastic. We all expect the negatives of this, Dundee United and


Hibernian both having a bad time but both teams are capable of playing


well, it is unlikely but it could be a classic. The motion chasing


Hibernian against relegation haunted Dundee United, the first of the


William Hill Scottish Cup semifinals, let's get to the action,


the team is in the tunnel, commentary comes from Craig Paterson


and Liam McLeod. COMMENTATOR: Hello, everyone, promotion chasers against


the relegation candidates, 200 meeting of Hibernian and Dundee


United. Two clubs whose respectively campaigns are in serious danger of


imploding. . His cup semifinal for Hibernian,


in five years, having won only one of their last seven championship


matches, having been a serious of their last seven championship


threat to Rangers at the top for the start of the campaign, there are


roads to promotion looks like it could be a long one. -- fifth. Only


five games left to pull off a relegation survival miracle.


There is a debut, those that we were discussing, 29-year-old Irishman


Conrad Logan is in goal for Hibernian, also banned James Keating


's, and a couple of injuries, Hibernian have not won this for a


while, Anthony Stokes has, twice, he, McGregor and Gray walking a


suspension tightrope, if booked today, they will miss the final is


Hibernian get there. -- James Keatings. Mixu Paatelainen has been


putting fires out this week, mysterious departure from the club


by Gunning them at a time when they could do without any extra hassles.


On loan at Hibernian earlier this season, Henri Anier, he is on the


bench. A couple are a yellow card away from missing a potential final


and Blair Spittal comes into the team. Martin Boyle's recent win over


Livingston is a goal of the season candidate, Kevin Thomson won this


competition with Rangers, Edward Ofere needed it to, with Inverness,


just last year. -- Edward Ofere did it, too. Big afternoon for Conrad


Logan, that is for sure, since a 2-2 draw with Notts County for Rochdale,


14 months ago, the young man has not played. He is the preferred option


today. -- the 29-year-old. Hope of survival for Dundee United, they are


eight points adrift, he had been out injured for so long, the early part


of the season was not helpful. The referee there, highly rated


34-year-old, the Fifa official, he was the man in the middle when


Hibernian beat Heart of Midlothian in the Easter Road replay in round


five. Mixu Paatelainen lost a couple of finals while a Dundee United


player and a Hibernian player. He is desperate to try to turn things


around. League of looking club. This competition may not provide solace,


but it can certainly provide a little sanctuary for teams with


bigger fish to fry. Despite a slot in the 131st Scottish Cup final the


price today. -- beleaguered. 114 years of misery for Hibernian in


this competition, playing at Hampden Park for the seventh time in the


last five seasons, second this season, coming after the League Cup


heartache against Ross County one month ago. How do you see this one?


Former Hibernian player, Liam McLeod. CO-COMMENTATOR: Both teams


in poor form, if you go out there and start quick and well it is


amazing the difference that can make to your confidence. Chance to put


the ball in, but it is away by Hanlon, important figurehead in the


Hibernian defence, still without Liam Fontaine. United have begun the


semifinal on the front foot. Horrible campaign for them. They


have not played badly in every match, it has been goals going in


against them. They have seen their headstrong and their confidence


drained -- heads drop. Fine season for some of these players, John


McGinn is one of them. One month after making his Scotland debut


against Denmark, in a recent friendly, he makes his first


appearance at Hampden Park. Liam Henderson, on loan from Celtic. Back


to Hanlon. First touch of the ball for Logan,


just signed last month, until the end of the season. First chance for


Lewis Stevenson. Perhaps. Going for the spectacular. Provided


so often this season, he has scored 23 times. Certainly capable, the


ball comes in, he sees it early, cannot get over it. The last


ball comes in, he sees it early, appearance here for Hibernian was a


defeat, United's last appearance here was also a League Cup final


defeat, when they lost to Celtic, last year. You could argue that it


was at that point that things began to unravel for the Terriers, a


relegation which many believe they will take some time to recover from,


Alan Stubbs looking to guide his team in the other direction, still


time to do that, even if the championship title is gone.


Interesting to see Maurice starting out at left-back, Sean Dillon pushed


into centre-back. -- Morris. They have lost a couple of goals in the


last couple of weeks. One of the survivors of the 2010 Scottish Cup


final, under Peter Houston. One of only two Scottish Cup victories in


Scottish Cup history. The man on the bench missed that one through


injury. It has been some few months for


Paatelainen, since he replaced Jackie McNamara, taking over the


club, just a point adrift at the bottom. Good, last weekend, if


results had gone the other way, have beaten Inverness, Kilmarnock last,


results had gone the other way, have dropped to within two. You play


badly, you lose, you find the teams above you have all picked up three


points, eight adrift, they have an absolute mountain to climb. Huge


game for him next week against Hamilton, first post-split when you


ship extra. Hibernian face Rangers in the midweek.


Another poor result for Hibernian midweek, against Fulco, 2-0 up, four


minutes to play, finishing 2-2. -- 2-1 up, four minutes to play. --


full Kirk. Did nothing to hurt the aspirations of finishing second, but


plenty for Falkirk. This is promising for Hibernian. Finding


space. -- Falkirk. Running into Marvin Bartley. He is


not an easy man to get past, he really mobile. Strong challenge and


that has gone the way of Hibernian, strong challenge by David Gray.


David Gray does like a tackle. Good news for Hibernian that he is back


in the team, with Fraser Fyvie weighing slightly to the right-hand


side of midfield, he to come in centre, that will leave David Gray a


lot of room to charge up and down the right-hand side. -- with Fraser


Fyvie playing slightly to the right-hand side of midfield. Missed


the game against Falkirk, through injury, the defeat, unable to help


his team. Losing to a single goal. These two have already met in cup


competition this season, Hibernian handing United a 3-1 towelling in


the League Cup in November, it was revenge, given that the Tangerines


did it to Hibernian year before, on penalties. Big shout for obstruction


by Hanlon, an Erskine. -- on Erskine. Strong defending, as soon


as you realise the goalkeeper may be under pressure, you are quite


entitled to get involved, trying to go around... Marvin Bartley was not


the man. New contract returning to Partick


Thistle. Here we go. Moving across. Keeping


your head down, don't attract attention of the referee. You have a


new goalkeeper income you want him to get a touch early but you do not


want it done under pressure. And again. Good work by Blair


Spittal, Hibernian failing to take advantage of a good situation there,


Lewis Stevenson not renowned for his goal-scoring. The two occasions that


they have been able to get in on the right-hand side, they have not been


able to produce on the final ball to cause real problems. Stokes, for


David Gray, he does win it, and that cause real problems. Stokes, for


is an easy hold for the goalkeeper, aged cover Shima. Good spot, sees


David Gray against John Rankin, almost able to win that, and yet


again, Jason Cummings on the turn cannot quite get enough of it. --


Eiji Kawashima. You do not want to be giving him chances in that kind


of area, Stevenson looking to turn it back for David Gray.


Lost to get forward as much as he loves a tackle. Fraser Fyvie! Has


not scored this season. Terrific effort. This comes back to him, he


decides to take it on. Does not come down quick enough. Wonderful strike,


look at that, actually, hits the top of the net. Lewis Stevenson, I


mentioned he does not scored to many, he has won more than Fraser


Fyvie this season, coming against many, he has won more than Fraser


Dundee United, it was the third in the 3-0 win in the Scottish Cup.


That Lewis Stevenson goal was his fifth for the club, three came last


Not prolific, you would have to say. Not prolific, you would have to say.


-- in the cup. You know what you will get from Stevenson, week in,


week out. In the 2007 League Cup final win over Kilmarnock, he was


Man of the Match. He has only missed one game this season, Lewis


Stevenson, this is his 44th appearance of the campaign.


There had been cynics with regards to the partnership between comings


and Stokes. Returning on loan from Celtic, the two have not quite


gelled as yet. As we watch Lewis Stevenson. It does take time, going


through a bad patch, that does not help, but they are both genuine goal


threats. -- Cummings. Wondered for a moment if David Gray


knew that Fraser Fyvie was behind him.


A little edginess in the Dundee United performance. 12 minutes in,


beginning relatively well, but Hibernian have been behind a couple


of times. Starting to close their passing game on, not just kicking


the ball away, they have got to get the midfield players and front


players involved. The ball has bubbled away. This was Erskine.


Good defending by Berkeley. -- Bartley. Calvin Morris gets it all


wrong, good performance in the semifinal of the League Cup last


season against Aberdeen, Callum Morris, indeed, he scored in that


game. -- Callum Morris. It is a key ball by Stokes. Here is grey. --


David Gray. Three in the middle, could not find one of them, all


moving towards the near post. Hibernian beginning to dominate.


Jason Cummings. First corner of the match goes to


the. They are getting the ball into feet, decent ball in, deflected the


corner, but certainly Hibernian on top in terms of the passing.


Not the worst ball. It is back in Bygrave. -- back in by Gray, an


Orthodox from Sean Dillon but it was enough. Really good defending, head


in from David Gray, has two deal with it, that is a really clever


flick. -- has two deal with it. Keeping the Hibs defence


comfortable. I mentioned Anthony Stokes is one of


those players on a yellow card, two yellow cards, if you come in at the


fourth round, you miss the next round, if Hibernian get through...


That is an side... If Hibs get through today and Celtic get through


tomorrow, Stokes and Neil Henderson through today and Celtic get through


will be unable to play in the final against their parent clubs, lots of


ifs and buts at the moment, though. On loan from West Ham United, played


a Europa League game way back in the summer for West Ham United, when


West Ham United played the remaining inside Astra Giurgiu. Onto the


former Dunfermline player. Nigel he has been called into minds, he


has given Hibernian the chance to he has been called into minds, he


break. -- Kyle Knoyle. Stays on his feet.


A lot of joy down the right-hand side. David Gray getting up and down


there all day long. Dundee United must start to think about sending an


extra player across. So often David Gray is on the run, John Rankin


tucks in, allowing him into space, the final ball is not good enough,


as you get there often enough, eventually one will hit a striker.


Hibs don't play with wingers, they do not play that kind of game,


adding David Gray and Lewis Stevenson, particularly David Gray


in particular, they have the ability, these full-backs, for most


of the season, have been able to get into those areas. That is Alan


Stubbs's formation, midfield diamond, no white players, staying


in the middle, getting on the ball, leaving room for the two full-backs.


Conrad Logan, the Hibernian debiting, yet to be tested by Dundee


United. This game is flowing to our left, most of the time, Jason


Cummings bursting into the box. Fraser Fyvie goes down, the referee


does not want to know. The ball comes back does not see a great deal


in that, big shout from the Hibs fans. The referee had a good view.


It was a good idea, saw him on the run. Just had to check that ball


with a bit of check, too much on it. Alan Stubbs, unused substitute when


Celtic beat Hibernian in the final in 2001, to complete a treble.


Lovely play by Chris Erskine. Felt Rankin was the better option, rather


than the well marshalled Mackay full is. -- Mackay.


David Gray again... How did he find him? Can he find him, not 1 million


miles away from doing so. Decent idea, Dundee United had dropped


back, they were deep enough, it made it difficult to get the ball in


behind him and the goalkeeper always looked favourite.


The last meeting between these two in this competition was also at the


final stage, 2005. -- semifinal stage. Gold from Jim McIntyre and


Jason Scotland overturned a 1-0 deficit and sent Dundee United


through. -- goals. After a penalty had been converted by Derek Riordan.


First big decision of the game so far forward referee John Beaton, the


penalty shout. -- so far for referee John Beaton.


You could produce a good case for Hibernian's dominance on the ball,


looking at possession statistics. Neat and tidy, Hibernian, when they


want to be. Neat and tidy by Paul Paton. Not enough work for the


goalkeeper, very little to do. Statistics will tell you so much,


but Hibernian have their positions, they just need that bit of spark,


that little bit of magic, in the final third.


Mackay, offside. The last time that Dundee United were in such peril in


the league, at the bottom of the table, back in 2000/1, they won


their last four matches. That campaign, they stayed up. At St.


Mirren's expense. They will need something similar. Even then, they


will be needing snookers. Eiji Kawashima gets there, well read


by the Japanese. Gets him at the second attempt.


You have got to be sharp to outrun Darren McGregor, once he gets up a


head of steam, he can cover the ground. Sticks a leg in there, takes


Marvin Bartley, it is going to be a warning, a word of warning.


Big chance, they have asked a question of Conrad Logan. The


Hibernian debited and comes up with an answer. There is confidence, big


save. Normally does. Again, John Beaton had a right good luck at


that, as Marvin Bartley tumbled in the Dundee United penalty area.


Twice, he has said no. This game has opened right up in the last minute


or so, this is Mackay. 13 goals this season. You would put a lot of


money, Billy Mackay, one-on-one, to make it 14, he failed to do so, and


he has given away the ball. -- Billy Mckay. Stevenson, two strokes. And


again. Suddenly it is going from one end to


the other. Fine day for it, on the new service.


-- surface. It was a shout for a penalty, Batley


on the run. Very difficult to see if there was any contact but here is a


chance for United. Mackay is one on one. That is a really good save from


Conrad Logan. Spreads himself, doesn't give him much to aim for. A


really good block. Billy Mackay almost had a one goal every two


games ratio. He missed out on a Scottish Cup medal. After make his


move to Wigan. -- after making his move to Wigan.


United's Tok top scorer. He will keep looking for chances. Helped


United to this semi-final with a late winner against Ross County.


They really had to overcome a series of adversities that day. Lost Mark


Dunn to a red card. Behind at the time, as well, came


certainly looked the more likely, in the blink of an eye, Billy Mackay


could have been out in front. Could have had two free kicks out there.


Mackay let that go out thinking it was a goal kick. He could be made to


suffer here. The linesman is so close that, in its going to get that


right. They don't have a lot of height, Hibs. You need those two


centre-backs in better at that Biddle bit extra. -- to add that


little bit extra. Oh, he's given a penalty for a


handball. It is a third penalty shout for the afternoon and John


Beaton has pointed to the spot. Donaldson gets the head down and the


arm up here. Unusual position, it is difficult to tell exactly where it


hit from that angle. He is coming out to block and, you know


something, that is a tough one. Jason Cummings is going to have the


chance to put Hibs in front in the semifinal. Against the Japanese 80


Kawashima, Hibernian's top scorer this season. Oh, dear, oh, dear, oh,


dear. What on earth was that? That is the one, you are either a hero or


you are the opposite. At this stage in the competition, they don't need


that. They need the ball to fire into the back of the net. He has


gone for a clever chance, and he has missed the best chance of the game.


Red faces all round. In particular for Jason Cummings. There are times


to the gallant, semifinal 29 minutes in, is not one of them. I would love


to see the face of Alan Stubbs is that ball went behind the goal. A


yellow card here. Paul Donaldson will be breathing a big sigh of


relief. It was a debatable penalty. He came charging in. It is a tough


decision, again. I think it is a genuine challenge for the ball. How


decision, again. I think it is a important will that proves to be?


Mixu Paatelainen, you can see what he makes over debugging. -- over the


booking. It is Liam Henderson's free kick.


You just wonder where Jason Cummings's head is right now.


Ford lip readers out there, a apology in case you were offended by


Mixu Paatelainen. Although it may have been in finish. Just sneaks by,


John McGinn attacked it. Still have no answer, Gray down that right-hand


side. Beyond the front post, difficult to get it on target.


United are really struggling. Billy Mackay had the best chance for them,


United could so easily have been won nothing up. They have been up


against it in this first half. Hibs have passed the ball better,


dominated possession. You tend to tagging all the time, and that has


given David Gray absolute control. Here is Stevenson. Gets it in, at


the expense of a corner. Donaldson intervention. I think United are


thinking about a change. Callum Morris appears to be the man who


will be sacrificed with Paul Dixon coming on. A natural line back


will be sacrificed with Paul Dixon playing in that position. It hasn't


worked, Mixu has to change it. Fancies it. You don't want to give


him room. From 30 yards in, it just takes a step and I tell you what,


only hits than absolute beauty rising all the time, just too high.


But what a hit. Callum Morris is being withdrawn here. Paul Dixon, as


we were saying, is going to replace him. We can only imagine it is


because he is being torn apart by David Gray's running on the flank.


Callum Morris, he hasn't played badly but when you keep tucking in


and leaving room, they will eventually be picked. It is good


management. These decisions have to be made. Paul Dixon's von hasn't


been fantastic but if you have a natural left-back who is experienced


and played in games of this magnitude, do not start them ahead


of a centre-half in that position? Sometimes in an effort to get all


your best players in the team, you don't do the team any favours. But


Mixu has done the best thing and changed it. Certainly didn't look


like an injury to Callum Morris. He is smiling now, Donaldson. He


wasn't earlier on. John Beaton gave a penalty and Jason Cummings dipped


wasn't earlier on. John Beaton gave it over the crossbar.


Such a fine line when that happens, because if that goes in, he is a


genius. It makes headlines, but now depending on how this game goes, it


will make headlines for the wrong reasons. I think at that stage of


the game, if you are on a run like Hibs are, you don't try something


funny. He said after a win over Rangers last season, he had the


touch other names angel. -- the touch of an angel. He just has to


settle down now. You don't want to go trying every time you get the


ball to get it on your left foot and try and work the goalkeeper. He


needs to work his way back into the game. A chance will come for him.


Jason Cummings actually missed one of the penalties in the play-off


final against Hamilton that relegated Hibs a couple of seasons


ago. They have never been outside the top for more than a couple of


campaigns. They want to finish second because that means they won't


have to play Raith Rovers over two legs. If nothing else, third place,


fourth, the winner of that plays team 11 in the Premiership. If


either of these two are involved,, either of these two are involved,,


... A free kick. Might have been some sarcasm from the United


supporters there. First chance if United can see they can work


something out. Paul Donaldson getting himself up in that back post


area. Coll Donaldson, nearly gave away the


disputed penalty there. A hearts supporter, certainly was as a


youngster. Actually not a bad ball in there but


you have two credit the Hibs defenders, they got around, they got


next to players, made sure the United player wasn't getting his


head on that. outline how far Dundee United have


fallen in this campaign, it is the first time they've been outside the


top six since 2007. Finished fifth, fifth, third when they won the


Scottish Cup in 2010, fourth, sixth and fifth. They are marooned in 12


this campaign. There is so long -- only so long a plaster will tend to


a deep wound because they have lost so many players over the last few


years. I think the family silver being flogged this season...


Donaldson giving it away. Good recovery initially. I thought just


made it onto your right foot, take on the goalkeeper, but the mistake


is made. I fancy Stokes to get a shot away. Defending. Eventually


Paul Donaldson -- Coll Donaldson completed.


They lost their areas players -- they lost various players in


previous seasons. John Rankin has been at Tannadice for a while.


Difficult to sustain a good position in the league and have good seasons


when you are losing your best in the league and have good seasons


players in such a regular basis and perhaps not replacing them with that


kind of quality. You tend to replace them with youngsters from the youth


system. You can't do that over a period of ten years. You have a lot


system. You can't do that over a of players coming through, when that


dries up, it you have to spend money and Dundee United didn't have the


money to spend. Is not going either way. A good run by Dixon. He has got


to get back to his post. Just over five minutes to half-time.


0-0 at the National Stadium. A wonderful chance for both teams in


this first task, if you are joining us, Mackay is in, penalty went over


the bar, that is why we are still at stalemate.


Mixu Paatelainen very much a hero at Hibs in his time. Really good team


Mixu Paatelainen very much a hero at in that campaign, or the way to the


Scottish Cup final. Noticed an article with John O'Neill


this morning where he was talking about winning the Scottish Cup,


would be preferential in the eyes of the Hibs supporters to promotion.


A chance for Spittal inside the box to create havoc. Another great save


by the goalkeeper. Guilty final ball doesn't get into the danger area


again. Options ahead of them. You have


to pick somebody out there, and I have to say, a lot of goalkeepers


don't go for that. Logan, was brave and got down and that was a good


stop. Knoyle looking for doubt. The winner of this, faces the winner


of tomorrow's semifinal between Rangers and Celtic. You may have


heard about that one. I'm not sure Kawashima is the best


at cross balls. He dealt with it and that is all that matters now.


Here is Spittal on familiar territory, former Queens Park man.


Mackay is in, Hibs just stopped and again he is denied by Conrad Logan.


The goalkeeper I'll has been worth his weight in this first half.


Another defensive lapse let Mackay in and the keeper makes a real good


stop. How many of them will Hibs be able to count and the keeper against


Mackay? It has been entertaining stuff,


plenty happening, that is for sure. United trying to finish the first


half strongly. One minute added on at the end, minimum of. Another


substitution earlier on. Dixon replaced Morris. -- there was a


substitution. Will someone make the breakthrough


before the interval? Hibs are going to get a chance. One last


opportunity to get the ball into the box. Here is the chance. When it


goes through, Bailly I is offside. No one touches the ball, linesman


doesn't see it. -- Bailly RA. Free kick goes united's way. He has


ended up having a fairly eventful first half, John Beaton, the


referee. Who was the happier manager? I think


Mixu. Look at the dominance Hibs have had on the ball, both sides are


going to look back at chances missed. Alan Stubbs is not good to


be happy with that missed opportunity. There is nothing


between their respective sides at the moment, though there possibly


should be. Billy Mackay the two gilt-edged opportunities. The second


was well offside. It doesn't matter any more, but Conrad Logan making a


couple of saves and Jason Cummings might be about to get a flea in the


couple of saves and Jason Cummings era from his manager after his


penalty went horribly wrong over the bar and that means at half-time in


the first of the William Hill Scottish Cup semis, it is 0-0. For


much of that first half, it looks as if Hibs are heading for the second


major cup final for the season. What a sucker punch that might have been


had Billy Mackay scored. When you're too has been on the run Hibs have


been on recently, that maybe wasn't the best idea from Jason Cummings.


He will be hearing all about it and it is a goalless at half-time. Let's


hear from Mark Wilson and from Pat Nevin as well. For much of that


half, it looked like the old team from the league below hips rather


than the one above. We said at the top of the show her love week United


look like that. I thought with this being a semifinal they would come


out and play like a Premiership side. They have been off the pace,


Hibs have controlled the ball for the majority of the game and


tactically I thought they were all over the place, especially with


their choice at left-back. Not a good first half but they still


their choice at left-back. Not a created two chances to score. How


will Hibs be feeling currently in the game is still goalless?


Groundhogs to day. Dominated possession, got into great


positions, not always made good chances but should be ahead. They


are not, and Hibs and have been watching for a good of time. Alan


Stubbs saying for long periods, we are playing really well but we're


not winning games. Sounding a bit like that just now and there will be


a lot of people watching thinking we are finding new and exciting ways to


mess up and it looks a bit like that just now. It just takes one goal for


his and that would relax them. -- Hibs. Let's look at the penalty.


This is a good shout from John Beaton. Quickly, it wasn't instantly


obvious. Yes, behind the play, not obvious. My first reaction, it is a


penalty. His arm comes up. I think Donaldson is a bit unlucky that he


attempts to head the ball but you can just see his armies in the


awkward position. It stops the ball, definitely. -- his arm is. Is it


still a Brit? You kind of needs to drag his arm away there. -- is it


deliberate? We'll say it is entertaining, but when you miss it


and the run that you're on. I think slightly on his head, in his head,


that Tuesday night he scored a penalty kick and he's might it into


the right-hand corner there. People think you will be really confident,


but your mind is thinking, do I do it in the same place? Do I do it


lower? That is probably why he has done it as he did. I feel sorry for


him because Hibs deserved to be one goal up. It is about percentages.


The run Hibs have been on, they have to get something powerfully on


course. Pat mentioned it there, the penalty scored on Tuesday night was


a beauty. I think just put your boot through it. His try to be too


clever. It is part of it, he scored two goals on Tuesday, he had the


confidence of a centre forward and he is not working in confidence that


the best of times anyway. I struggle to be too hard because when it


the best of times anyway. I struggle works, we all applaud and say well


done, fantastic. When it doesn't, it doesn't look good. For much of that


first half, we were asking the question who is playing left-back


for Dundee United and it was a good question. After about three seconds


I looked at the teams and I couldn't believe I saw Callum Morris at


left-back. I played with him and he is an outstanding centre-half. Not


one I thought could be can converted to that position. We all assumed


Sean Dillon would play left-back. There were so many examples of Hibs


exploiting weakness. It took them only a few minutes to realise what


was going on ahead of them. It is the additional, the full-backs have


to see the full position and if you look at Morris, he is totally caught


out, getting dragged to the ball. He shouldn't be going there, stay with


your man. The move comes from going down the right-hand side and Hibs


kept trying to exploit it. There he goes, he comes in. He would see Gray


bombing on and hold his position. In time and time again he got caught


out and I felt sorry for him because he has been asked to do a job and it


looks like he has been put in there without any thought. This one


particularly, you must read it. The guy is going wide, you must read


that is where to go. That is exact we what saying beforehand about not


a centre-back, there you go. You cannot afford to let... Full-back


star let that happen. Again, it came off there. I feel sorry for him.


He's trying to do a job for his team, he's not used to it and in my


opinion it is the manager's mistake putting in there. Don't think


there's much doubt that Hibs haven't created enough for a team that has


dominated that first half. Two out of three are long-range shot at


goal. If it is on target, you kind of want the goalkeeper to save that


one. It is a nice short but I read some statistics recently. If you


look at football, one in 20 shots from outside the box go in so you


need to have a hell of a lot of shots out there if you are going to


work. Have you thought of getting out of it more? Hanging around the


wrong people. But you are right about this, yes, getting balls into


dangerous areas. If it lands at Stokes's feet, you think it may get


to the back of the net but not from so far out. That is asking a lot.


Loads of possession, fantastic areas that Hibs are getting into, chances?


Very few. If you are a Hibs fan, you are not feeling good about the game


at the moment because Hibs have been running the show. That is the thing,


that is the worry. How many times have Hibs done this? They play so


well and fall at the final hurdle. It looks like the game is going that


way now. They have controlled the first half but they haven't taken


advantage. You would think Dundee United can't play that much worse in


the second half. You'd think that come out and have a go. Can you not


just feel a little lift at the end there from Dundee United. Not only


the tactical change, but getting the odd little half chance now. The


original stats where they had 64% of position Hibs had, when they did


have these little chances, that was your first question before the game,


have these little chances, that was what is he going to do? The first


thing you do, make yourself big, and he has managed to do that. I don't


think there is much doubt Conrad Logan has been a better shape. A


couple of absolutely crucial saves. That one we've just seen, this one


is good for him. That is what you practice in training every day. He


anticipated it. I don't know what he is thinking of here, but again, he


spreads and self and a top-class save. On the United side, you would


think Billy Mackay at the start of the season, more confident.


That is a tough one for the assistant to see, because you would


expect the defender to get it, say what you like about Logan, he is


quick off his line, spreading himself. He's not leaving much to


the striker to go for, in that goal. You have got the above for that. He


has saved well there, is that a case of a new goalkeeper and a lack of


communication with Paul Hanlon? They train alongside each other every day


in training, I know that he has not played so much but... Hanlon should


deal with it, I don't like defenders standing off and waiting for a


goalkeeper, I like to see a defender or a goalkeeper clearing it


goalkeeper, I like to see a defender properly, and doing it properly. We


will come back to today semifinal, but a few words about the one


tomorrow, Rangers against Celtic, only the second time in four


seasons, this was 14 months ago a League Cup semifinal, 2-0 was the


final scoreline. With its and Connolly got the goals. 2-0, going


on a good deal more. There was an absolute chasm between the two clubs


at the time, it could have been 14 years ago, so little in common, with


the side. Not just personnel, but the way that they play. Their ideas


about how to play, the quality, the confidence, there was no confidence.


The confidence in this Rangers team now, winning the league, winning the


cup last week, beating Premiership opposition, this time, on their way


here. They have a better squad. The gap has definitely got more narrow


as the years have gone on. Fairly obvious that Rangers have improved,


have your old team, Celtic, have they improved? That is the question,


I don't think they have improved. Ronny Deila has said that we will


get better, but it has not happened, that is why it is so interesting.


Celtic have stood still, Rangers have improved, how big is the gap?


We will find out. The result of the match was fairly inconsequential,


but Rangers winning the title by a country mile, James Tavernier, now


up to 14 goals for the season. All sorts of attacking options for


Rangers midfield. The concern would be at the back end. The defence is


the question, comfortable in midfield, they have goals, playing


with confidence. The fans are behind them. Winning the cup, winning the


league, everything feeling good. I do not know how good he is going


forward. They will really get tested. If you somehow stop Rangers,


if you are Celtic, you have got to stop that left-back and back right


back hammering forward, if you can do that, you have done a good job in


stopping them. -- big job. He will have his own team in mind, but they


are almost certain to win this if they do that. 4-0, Rangers winning


at Hampden Park, against Peterhead, this was something of a


at Hampden Park, against Peterhead, reconnaissance mission for a lot of


players who had not been to the national stadium, getting a feel of


what it is like, a different playing surface, by this weekend, it allows


them to have a sampler. One of the goals of the season, but you get to


the stadium, especially if few have not been there, such a different


environment, Hampden Park, the fans are a wee bit further away,


different pressure. Those guys have not sampled that, they will feel


better about themselves. No lack of confidence whatsoever. You have got


to be honest about this. That is the thing that would worry Rangers fans


right now. Four of the best buy is not playing, it is going to be


difficult. There is going to be live coverage on BBC radio Scotland, from


11:30am. The second of the William Hill Scottish Cup semifinals, and


11:30am. The second of the William you can see the best of the action


on sports scene, tomorrow, highlights, from this one, and that


one, from 10:30pm. I wonder, the way that the first


half ended, the penalty miss, Dundee United looking more of a force,


would not have been difficult for them for the top they were not in


it. Do you think the match has turned a little towards United in


that half. I think they will go in feeling the happier side, that can


give you a lift when you go into the dressing room, and you think that


you are still in the game, I think they will come out a better side.


They cannot play any worse than they did in the first half, I would


expect United to have a real go. Have United got away with one so


far? They have, and Hibernian have not been finishing strongly


recently. Everyone has asked the question, really, what has been


wrong with Hibs, recently, it is tiredness, towards the end of the


game. The story so far of the first of the Scottish Cup semifinals.


Hibs threatening the Dundee United goal from the very start, that could


have been a sucker punch, no credit to Jason Cummings for the glaring


penalty miss, boy was his face red at that point! Stokes going close,


not close enough for Hibs, as the first half came to a close, it is


0-0, heading into the second half at Hampden Park. Back to the commentary


team. COMMENTATOR: Hibernian about to get


us under way for the second half. The talk has been about Jason


Cummings and the penalty miss, Zinedine Zidane, seventh minute of


the World Cup final, is it just about goes in on the underside of


the bar, you are a national hero. Other side of the debate, the former


Hibernian defender, he has been very critical at half-time, on social


media platforms. He says, is one of my team-mates did that in a semi and


we did not go through, I would rip off his head! You want what Alan


Stubbs had to say to them at the break. CO-COMMENTATOR: He has got to


keep them going, he is the man most likely to score a goal. You have got


to lift players. This is a good early chance. Not a great touch by


John McGinn, looked like it was going to open up. That is the


umpteenth time that Hibs have got into this position. Worth defending,


another chance gone. No changes for either team in the second half. Paul


Dixon replacing Callum Morris. Towards the interval.


Hibs attacking the east end of the stadium. United going back towards.


Mixu Paatelainen staring down at the semifinal.


The Japanese goalkeeper has played at two World Cup finals tournaments.


With Japan. Five clean sheets for the Dundee


United deeper since he arrived. Great play by McGinn, lovely play,


Sean Dillon left it. He has two deal with it. Fraser Fyvie... And


again... Hibernian almost a little guilty of trying to pass the ball


into the net. Willing to have a pop. Marvin Hartley has had a good game,


winning the ball back once again. John McGinn, Man of the Match in the


Scotland game against Denmark. United again starting the second


half nervously. Defensively, they have blocked the goalkeeper. You


have got a clear your lines. Do not get caught playing it out from the


back. Probably Liam Henderson's poorest corner of the afternoon.


You would be a brave man to step up. No replays in Scottish Cup


semifinals anymore. If Bernie part in the last one. Jim McIntyre


scored. -- Hibernian. Knocking out Hibernian.


Jim McIntyre, scorer for Dundee United against Hibernian, 2005.


Conrad Logan Ingold today, because Mark Oxley was booked for time


wasting in the replay in invidious in the last round. -- Inverness. He


was looking for his contact lens, at the time... He was booked anyway.


Great ball, great take via David Gray. Jason Cummings was close. Not


close enough. What a goal that would have been, crossfield pass, take


into the box, Jason Cummings must have been so close. What a ball in


from David Gray. If you are a striker, that is the kind of ball,


the kind of service that you want. Hibernian continuing their dominance


of the ball. Second period. Everything was quality, from that


ball, to the touch, early ball into the middle, Jason Cummings, just


half a yard away, David Gray, all of the pace on the ball, just needs a


touch, cannot get there. Not his afternoon. But plenty of time still.


Blair Spittal, that is poor. He had a really good first half to the


season, Blair Spittal, a rare shining light for this Dundee United


side. They need him, they need Erskine, they need the three players


playing under Mackay to get more involved in the first half, we saw


them in tandem in the first half at the Hibs end, causing problems but


we have not seen enough. This is to the ire of the Dundee


United supporters. Paul Dixon got himself into a really


good area. Erskine delayed it. Jason Cummings. That would have been


quite something. That work out as planned. Anthony Stokes, return


ball... Lovely understanding between


Henderson and Stokes. Neatly taken by the goalkeeper. That is a real


waste, I mentioned Hibernian don't have too many tall players, but the


two centre-backs, they have got to get there and get a chance. Look who


is there again for Hibs, United have struggled in the final third, every


time they have gone in there, Marvin Bartley, the majority of occasions,


as won it back for his team. It is the two Billy Mckayone-on-ones. This


is a chance, set play, get things sorted out, get bodies into the box.


Thought they might try to take it short, seemed to take...


This is an a knife edge, two teams outperform and out of sorts. -- out


of form and out of sorts. What did you make of the surface? Looking


lush, green, cut nice and low, really holding up, it suits the


players, they can really get the ball fizzing about on it.


Erskine, two ranking. They don't want to pass to Paul Dixon, for some


reason! -- Erskine, to Rankin. Stevens finding


Henderson. Offside flag up here. At least there was.


Henderson still things he is taking a corner. Clever ball from him, but


I think the fact that the delayed it, Lewis Stevenson must have got


the wrong side, and found himself half a yard offside. Dundee United,


twice winners of the competition, runners up 11 times. Hibernian


looking to get back to the Scottish Cup final after losing two in a row,


in 12 and 13, better outcome this time. Stretching something there.


Certainly no contact with the Hibs player, that is a hamstring that he


has tweaked, it is going to be difficult to see out 90 minutes.


Took off one of their best centre halves, in the first half, in Callum


Morris. I have seen Paul Paton play at full-back, I have seen him play


at centre-back, one of those players at full-back, I have seen him play


who does all over the park, but they will be hoping that this man can


continue. Well, he is smiling. Many options on the bench for Dundee


United, but not too many defensive options. They have Henri Anier, and


Florent Sinama Pongolle, among the attacking options, Edward Ofere, as


well. Erskine, back from Billy Mckay...


Got plenty behind it. Good play around the edge of the box from


Dundee United and another decent save from the Hibs goalkeeper.


Winning all of these 50/50s. -- 50/50s. The Hibs bench.


Paul Thompson, Edinburgh boy, started his career at Kingston.


United see more of it. Last five minutes or so.


Corner, the assistant was not sure. Waiting for John Beaton to clarify


his position. Runner coming in the middle of the park. You have got to


see, coming back. Dundee United's first corner of the match. Taken by


Erskine, Donaldson jumped. Did not get anything on it. It was a


sandwich, Paul Hanlon very close, Allan McGregor behind him, making


sure that he does not get a touch. -- Darren McGregor. Decent ball in,


whipped into a good area. That victory for Dundee United in 2005 at


this stage was Gordon Chisholm's first win as caretaker, against Tony


Mowbray's team, they reach their first Scottish Cup final since 1994,


that day, the other semifinal meeting, in the 1993/94 League Cup,


Darren Jackson scored the only goal for Hibs, in zero victory. -- in a


1-0 victory, another who played for both of these clubs.


Hibs six points behind Falkirk in the championship. Couple of games in


hand. It could be in their own hands, when it comes to finishing


second, the team that finishes third will be taking on Raith Rovers, in


the play-offs. Two games in hand. Mixu Paatelainen and Dundee United


would rip your arm off for a place in the play-offs right now. It is


all about the cup today. Here comes Paul Dixon. Erskine, two -- to


Rankin. United probing. Paul Paton, Paul Dixon. Erskine, two -- to


Erskine... He was onside, still alive... Off the line by Hanlon!


Real chance for Dundee United, a lot of Hibs players standing with their


hands in the air, looking for offside rather than getting on with


the job, comes back, another decent blog, taking up a decent position on


the line, cover ball, little flick chests, onside, and United should


have made Hibernian pay, good defending, chances do not come a lot


better. Darren McGregor, Paul Hanlon, looked like taking the lead.


It is in from Blair Spittal... 6-2, in Hibs's favour, on the corner


kick. They do have a good understanding, Paul Paton and Chris


Erskine, played for Partick Thistle understanding, Paul Paton and Chris


together, Jackie McNamara brought them to Tannadice.


Stokes... Just came back of the wheel of Anthony Stokes. Scored six


times, double Scottish Cup winner. Man of the Match against Hibernian


in the final in 2013, 3-0 Celtic win. Game on as a sub to Jude a


couple of years before that, Celtic brushed aside Motherwell by the same


scoreline. Billy Mckay has been on the periphery of things. Couple of


chances in the first half. Stevenson. Less than 25 to play of


the 90, will we be going to extra time. United get that all wrong,


Marvin Bartley, Fraser Fyvie, now Henderson... David Gray... Sean


Dillon beats his countrymen Anthony Stokes to the ball. -- countryman.


Sense of anticipation among the Hibs supporters after all that but Dundee


United have won it back. Paul Paton. Out it goes to Kyle


Knoyle. He is onto it. Does just enough. So too does Fraser Fyvie, he


is going to get a free kick as well. Just a tangle of legs, enjoying a


bit of possession and territory. Not working the goalkeeper that often,


but the first half, they could not get hold of the ball, but


second-half, certainly going better for them. Neither of these teams


come here in good form at all, at what point would it come into the


mind of a player that things have not been going for us recently? It


is because things have not been going well recently that the nearer


the end of the game you beget, the more nervous you get, you get the


ball as far from you as possible, but Hibs cannot do that, they need


to get it down and play. -- it is because things have not been going


well recently that the nearer the end of the game you get, the more


nervous you get. All kinds of problems here...


Just one win in their last six league games for Dundee United. Just


one loss in their previous five. Many expecting them to crawl out of


the hole they have got themselves into. Space for David Gray here.


Stokes! Some people don't think Anthony


Stokes' move to Hibs has worked out for either party. He plays every


week so that tells me something about his attitude in training and


what the manager thinks. The fact it has coincided with a bit of a dip in


form, you can never blame one player for that.


Since beating hearts in their replay, they have only won three.


Alloa and Livingston in the league, Caley Thistle. Erskine tries to find


Mckay. We are about to go into the final


20. He has got United at the park.


Donaldson is down again. Out of your picture. He had to be treated


earlier on in the second half. I don't think he is going to last a


great deal longer. That is two or three times. A tweak in your


hamstring turns into ATA and you could be out for six weeks. He does


not want to go off, it is a semifinal, it is a big stage, but if


you can't sprint you could cost your team. You have got to say to the


manager, I could become a liability. You need to make a change.


He gave away the penalty in the first half. It was a disputed one.


He got away with it. Cummings failed to do what the team managed to do in


1976. I don't think United have got anyone to come on yet, have they?


Coll Donaldson has left his side playing with ten men and United have


not even got a sub ready. As soon as he went down, I thought the signal


had come on, you have got to make a change, somebody would be ready, and


you don't want to play for any period of time with ten men, because


if you are picked off, it does not look good. He is not happy, Coll


Donaldson. He was down for more than a minute. United have surely got to


be aware of the situation. Guy Demel is going to come on for United. Hibs


have a man advantage at the moment. They are seeking to profit.


United are getting away with another one. Fancher replaces Donaldson. --


Demel replaces Donaldson. We will see where Demel takes a position. He


Demel replaces Donaldson. We will can see, he can certainly play at


the back. Guy Demel is going to be asked to go in there and fill that


hole next to Sean Dillon. He played for West Ham United. He was dropped


from the starting line-up today. Once upon a time, he won the


Bundesliga with Borussia Dortmund. Mixu Paatelainen is not a man to


fall out with. Donaldson is a tall man. I think the message is, stay


down, we get somebody on and we don't play with ten men.


They have got their full complement restored now, United. The ball into


the box is cut out by Stevenson. Just over 15 minutes left of the


first William Hill Scottish Cup semifinal. This is Paul Paton.


Chris Erskine went down earlier. Minutes ago. He has been important


to Dundee United in the second half in particular. He has made them look


like more of a threat in the final third. It is the Estonian who is


about to come on. That is the weight you get substituted. You sit there


and you refuse to move. The physio comes on. You give it a try and then


off you come and you are back to your full complement.


To get here, Hibs had to beat Raith Rovers, hearts, after a replay,


Caley Thistle after a replay. Dundee United came through against


Partick Thistle and Ross County to get to this stage. Henry and near


scored in the quarters. -- Anier scored in the quarters. He had a


loans fell at Hibernian. He is going to come on with the sole intention


of knocking them out of the Scottish Cup. He is a goal threat. He has


certainly got that going for him. A new test for the Hibs back division.


Not too many chances in the second half. The penalty in the first, the


two Mckay chances. And one of the line from Ryan Dow's deflected


effort. For Dundee United, that is three


service down and they could be quite a long way to go. Potentially,


effectively half a football match. On the new service, it does take its


toll. A high-stakes game. In sunny Glasgow.


A double change for Hibs at the moment. Two attacking players will


be coming on. I think it is going to be El Alagui certainly coming on and


Martin Boyle may be the other one. Whatever Alan Stubbs decides to do


here, it is a big call. Anthony Stokes is a big game player. He has


won this competition twice. Jason Cummings is your top scorer. He is


going to have to take at least one of them off. It is just a different


test for Dundee United now. They have tried to play through Hibs,


they have not managed to get there, and now it is a more robust striker,


someone you can hit early, and it is a new test. Guy Demel is on there,


someone you can hit early, and it is Sean Dillon. El Alagui will pose a


someone you can hit early, and it is real threat. They are holding off on


the Martin Boyle one. El Alagui had a brief spell at Dundee United,


didn't he? He has been blighted by injury this year. He is desperate to


get in there and play a part before the end of the season. At Falkirk,


he scored 27 in 43 appearances. A very different kind of threat to


what Stokes offers. The Cummings, Stokes partnership has not really


gelled yet so this might be the best thing to happen to Hibs. They have


got a lot of balls into the box, now they have got a striker in their


will feed off that kind of service. -- service. Can they keep getting


them in there? 11 minutes to play. A bit more even Stevens now. That


will be a concern for Alan Stubbs. This time last week, they were


preparing to take on already relegated Alloa and lost. 1-0. They


surrendered a 2-0 lead with three minutes to play against ten men at


home when they took on faltered in the league. -- Falkirk. All these


things I am sure will be going through the manager's mind. Both


managers. If your team has been losing recently, you fear the worst.


What can go against us, rather than thinking positive. Just under 20,000


inside the National Stadium today. I am sure both clubs would have hoped


inside the National Stadium today. I for more. Dow. Knoyle. In those


Mckay and McGregor gets there! I am sure it will be very much on


the bucket list for Darren McGregor to lift the Scottish up playing for


Hibs. I tell you what, United are the


better team right now. They are looking sharp and they look up for


it. Henderson. El Alagui. That is the


first time that Kawashima has had to make a shave -- save in recent


times. A simple save for the goalkeeper as well. Just make sure


you don't spill it. Write down his throat. El Alagui knew he had lost


any impetus so we just decided to try his luck. Good play. Just shut


the door on Anier. After it had creaked open.


We are on a knife edge and Hampden Park.


It is the kind of time that if a goal goes in, it will put you in the


final. It would certainly help, a goal now, and it would be a


ding-dong last seven or eight minutes. You would certainly see


some end to end stuff. Hibs suffered recent heartache here.


They were thinking extra time that day. Ross County had used all their


Serbs that day. One or two were starting to run on empty.


Serbs that day. One or two were Gray is in a decent position.


A sore one for both players there. John McGinn looks like he's going be


OK. It looks like he gets caught in the back of the head. Both eyes on


the ball. That change we brought you exclusive


news of ages ago is now being made. Martin Boyle for Liam Henderson.


Liam Henderson missed out during the week so I am not sure if it is a


situation where his legs are starting to go. Alan Stubbs is


looking for something in the last starting to go. Alan Stubbs is


few minutes so he is bringing on a flying machine. What a goal it was


against Livingston a couple of weeks back. It looked like that was the


signal, for Hibs to go four across the midfield.


They have still got a change left. United have used all this.


Hibs looking to reach both major cup finals in the first calendar year


for the first time since 1972. -- in the same calendar year.


Only East Fife have won the Scottish Cup while playing outside the top


division. We have seen team from outside the top division play in the


final plenty in recent times. Falkirk last season. Ross County,


Queen of the South and Gretna, the others.


United go back to come forward. Hibs have not won at Hampden Park since


they beat Falkirk 4-3 in the breathtaking semifinal in this


competition. I wonder what the odds were on two 4-3 results. Stokes, who


is now off the park, scored the winner in extra time.


The final couple of minutes of the 90. The spectre of extra time is


looming large over the National stadium.


This is Blair Spittal. Paul Paton. United left it very late against


Ross County in the last round. Sean Dillon's ambitious ball for


Dixon. That is good defending. Talkers through what it is like at


this stage of such a big game. Nothing in it. Extra time is just


about upon us. You settle for the fact you are going to extra time.


Deep breaths, don't give anything away. Nobody wants to lose at this


stage in the game. Get the ball down the other end and prepare for


another 30 minutes. We have not heard how much injury


time is going to be added on at the end. A minimum of four minutes. That


is clever play initially. That is good play. Back to Fyvie.


Away by Dillon. Mckay will chase. McGregor will


cover. He has got a free kick as well as we go into stoppage time.


And he has a chance to hit El Alagui. Paul Hanlon is going


forward. You need to get one in the mixer.


McGregor. Gray. Here is Cummings! It just would not sit for him.


El Alagui. Three waiting in the middle in green and white. Others


arriving. Hibs looking for a late winner that would take them into the


Scottish Cup final. It would be their 14th.


Anyway will do for Kyle Knoyle there.


Dow has popped it through to Anier. Stevenson has to get there and does.


It is a really clever ball through to the long-running Anier. I thought


the fresh legs might make the difference but Stevenson did really


well to get back. I am not sure the referee is flavour


of the month. John McGinn falls on the ball. Knoyle is trying to win


it. If it is a free kick, it has got to be the other way. After the


injury time has come and gone. Anier. A free kick for Hibs.


You can blow the Bugle right about now. Everybody in the box. Just get


the ball forward. They have got cover for the centre-backs. Fyvie


takes. Away by Demel. Hibs have had some late heroics in


this competition this season as well. 2-macro-0 down at Tynecastle.


Hanlon salvaging a replay. Hibs then dispatched their neighbours.


Optimistic appeals for a free kick there. Here is Anier, up against


Hanlon. Has he won a corner? No, free kick. I think the referee would


love to blow now and get into stoppage time.


Ryan Dow has been booked in the wake of all that. I think he must have


felt he had a word with the referee and he has got himself booked, which


is not the best thing to be doing at this stage of a game of this


magnitude. He would is not one of those who would miss the final with


a yellow to bash today. The final whistle. Billy McBryde has had their


two best chances. And that man Conrad Logan has made a save on each


occasion. But we are still talking about Cummings's failure to score


from that first half penalty and the importance of that is growing by the


minute at Hampden Park. As we prepare for extra time, it is


goalless. Cummings missed that first half


penalty and he Mike Havenaar the web to take before we finished at


Hampden Park. The semifinal, if it cannot be settled in the next


half-hour, that is a thought going through his head at the moment. Hibs


dominated the first half. The second half much more even and it is really


difficult to call. Extremely difficult to call. Maybe the first


ten minutes of the second half, Hibs played well, but after that Dundee


United came into it a little bit more. Dundee defended really well.


They have got stronger and stronger as the game has gone on. They got to


the byline a few times but could not pick anyone out. In the end, the


most important thing, apart from the penalty kick, I think the best


chances have fallen to Dundee United. Has the balance shifted the


way of your old team? The first ten minutes, I thought Hibs came out the


same. United looked like they were going to perform the same as the


first half. They had a few chances. Gray flashed it across. I feared for


Dundee United but they came back into it. They started to keep the


ball bit better and created a few chances and probably had the best


chance of the second half. It was a horrific block in the end by


McGregor. But I think Mixu Paatelainen will be happy because


Hibs controlled the majority of it. The majority -- the only worry would


be the tired legs. They have both been really positive. I said at


half-time, Hibs, for me, I think it has been a case of putting so much


effort into the game, they have faded near the end of games. The


likes of Henderson and McGinn, who were able to keep it going,


eventually, in the length of a season, legs will tire, even for


young men as well. You can see it with some of those Hibs players.


They are not getting up to support the strikers at the moment. Stokes


in particular at the end. Both teams are tired. Maybe it is a question of


who is the most tired. Jason Cummings is still the story at the


moment from a negative point of view. Could he turned that on its


head and become the hero in the next half an hour? He is one of these


players that has the ability to do that. We have seen time and time


again him popping up with terrific goals. Is that still playing on his


mind? There has been a lot of places that penalty miss two full-time and


he must have thought one of his team-mates will help him out. That


has not happened so it is on his mind. Can I make one absolute guess?


If it comes to a penalty, he won't think the next one. The one thing I


would say about Hibs, Cummings has got legs left and that is going to


trouble Dundee United. Mixu Paatelainen almost walks into the


camera there. We were read and I guess those Hibs fans worried about


the goalkeeping position. Conrad Logan has not put a foot long. He


has been brilliant. That saves he made in the first half were


outstanding. I think he is getting a touch on that because he spreads


himself, makes himself difficult to beat. His kicking is brilliant. It


clears the halfway line. He has been a real plus point for Hibs.


COMMENTATOR: A couple of players have popped off for... Comfort


breaks... We understand, so we will have to wait a moment longer.


After 2007, replays were abolished, at this stage, losing to


Dunfermline, Celtic were the last victims of the replay. Jim McIntyre


did what Jason Cummings didn't, this afternoon. -- couldn't.


30 minutes to decide who will be going to the Scottish Cup final, if


we still don't know the penalty shoot out will take place. As Jason


Cummings will still get is due from the spot this afternoon.


CO-COMMENTATOR: Difficult to pick a winner. Could not decide who you


CO-COMMENTATOR: Difficult to pick a could make as favourites this


afternoon. Some tired legs out there. Let's hope that it is a


wonder goal, if somebody scores I wonder goal it is better than


somebody making a mistake. With 15 minutes left of the 90, Dundee


United had used all of their substitutions.


Real self belief, Jason Cummings. Scored in the first leg of the pile


final, couple of years back, he said that he can open a tin of beans with


his left full. Getting just about enough there.


Says it all on the scoreline, both teams have defended pretty well


throughout. Forces that to Rankin. Blair Spittal popping up on the


left. That is what you are looking for, anybody in the wide area,


one-on-one situation, trying to get to the byline. Any cross that is


blocked, still playing the final third. Corner kick keeps the


pressure on Hibernian. Took many years to find a goalless draw


between these two, until now. It comes, the keeper is there.


He is quick but he is not that quick. Too many Hibs players getting


behind the ball but doing nothing. You have got to come closer, you


have got to get closer to your opposite number, it cannot allow


players to come off, take touches, and begin spreading it around. Billy


Mckay is offside. They have started extra time really


well. Little passes, getting players involved. Hibs getting themselves a


little bit too deep. Who knows the kind of impact that a semifinal will


have an the survival battle. Big favourites to be relegated from the


Premiership. Eight points behind Kilmarnock.


Farida El Alagui may be coming off. He himself was a substitute. As was


mentioned at the time, there has been injuries. Two Hibs players have


clashed there, McGregor and David Gray. And it is going to be the sub


the Jewish and we expected, the nightmare really cannot stop, it


continues, cannot get games under his belt, he has come on open to do


something special. -- it is going to be the substitution that week 's bet


Farida El Alagui is coming. -- Farid El Alagui. You can see edged all


over his face, the disappointment. Chris Daigle has not yet scored for


this club, Dundee United have begun extra time more positively. I have a


corner here. Player of the Year at Rangers last


season, they did Long throw from Rankin. Dylan gave


it away. Goodbye. Paul Paton volleys it out. Blair


Spittal... Beaten to it. Has not been the influence on the


game that we all know that he can be.


Keeper had to make the save. John Rankin thought that he was scoring.


More than capable, John Rankin, fires its download, wonderful save,


bottom corner. Decent strike, great save. Famously scored goals like


that for Hibs. Another Blair Spittal corner.


He has a couple this season, Paton, never looked likely there. A


lot of wrestling going in, cannot get his head to it, made his mind to


go for the volley. Mixu Paatelainen, called in young, his assistant, they


must be delighted with the way that the extra time has gone, still 0-0.


Krist Admiral, to Stevenson. -- Krist Dagnall. -- Chris Dagnall. One


heavy touch has killed the mood. It was never going to catch it.


heavy touch has killed the mood. It desertion, Dundee United, at one


heavy touch has killed the mood. It point, it was up at 67 in the favour


of Hibernian. Most of the first half. Totally dominated, as the game


has gone on. They have themselves into it. They have begun to pass the


ball far better. Mark Wilson mentioned the kicking of


Conrad Logan, there is another good example of it.


You just wonder if Dundee United have to take advantage of this spell


of domination they are enjoying. You have got to hurt the opposition, the


only way to do that, scoring goals. Certainly looked more lively since


coming on. Until recently, Leicester City, 13 years at Leicester City,


loads of loan spells. Boyle is the better target there.


But it has got to be on the ground. It has got to be perfect, far too


much on it, no chance. Hibs enjoying city 7% of possession


in the second half, but in the first period of extra time, the exact same


amount for Dundee United, and the first period of extra time


amount for Dundee United, and the another three minutes to


run full stealing a march on Hanlon. Good cover. Saw that his centre-back


partner was in trouble, clever ball in behind Hanlon. McGregor, making


it difficult. Forced it through... What a save!


Still alive... Conrad Logan has just received a standing ovation from the


Hibernian supporters. He has been a real star turned today. Quick...


Gets off his line so well, once again, spreads himself, that is an


easy save, the first one, Hibs needed that, Dundee United, what a


chance. Immediate attention being required for Blair Spittal. They


have used all their substitute, now, both teams have. Martin Boyle going


through... He has caught him on the both teams have. Martin Boyle going


shoulder, by the look of things. Hoping that it is one of those


injuries, just a clash, nothing that... Cannot afford to take him


off the park. Here is the save again, not for the first time,


Conrad Logan... He gets there, makes himself big, brilliant stop.


Absolute star. These Hibs boulders have not seen


their team lift the Scottish Cup, many of them. Not many generations


of Hibs fans have. -- these Hibs supporters. Is unfortunate it has


big one of these talking points. -- it is unfortunate that it has become


one of these talking points. They have the win it sometime, as we said


earlier. I am 56, I have been saying that since I knew what football was!


These things can hang around. It is a good job that the Hamdan


playing surface is looking tiptop, given the extra time to deal with


today. -- Hampden. One minute added on and if Hibs go through today,


Conrad Logan, you would imagine, will be getting some kind of special


prize, from Jason Cummings, after that horrible penalty miss in the


first half. It is ambitious, from Dixon. As soon as you see him coming


onto the right foot he is... You have got to be thinking, make a


pass, make a pass, he could not help have got to be thinking, make a


himself. This man has been the star turn. 16 months? Big game, big


occasion, had to be nervous, he has not put a foot wrong. Play for


Rochdale, in a 2-2 draw with Notts County... 16 months, December,


Rochdale, in a 2-2 draw with Notts 2014...! Here he is, the hero of the


hour, denying Henri Anier, in extra time, we are no closer to finding


out which will be the first team in the Scottish Cup final. 0-0.


The second semifinal taking place here tomorrow, midday kick-off,


Rangers against Celtic. That match will be live on BBC radio Scotland,


the frequencies tomorrow, from 11:30am, kick-off 12pm. Craig


Paterson, we do not know who the winners of that will be playing.


Absolutely no idea, and the players who have a penalty kick to take will


want to settle the situation before they go into that arena. United on


top, creating chances. Another save to make. At the other end, Conrad


Logan has been absolutely terrific. Can Hibernian wrestle back control?


Will united state on top? -- will Dundee United stay on top, can they


create one last chance? The magnitude of the penalty, this gets


bigger and bigger, longer this plays out. The longer it plays out without


Hibs scoring. It is horrible for the players, you would rather have a


replay, go at it again. The substitutes have been used, these


guys that are out there, they are the ones that will have to deal with


it, will there be a hero? Will the players have to go through the


torture of the penalty shoot out. 200 meeting between the two. 14th in


the Scottish Cup, Hibernian have one four, Dundee United, five, and there


have been four drawers, four replays. Dundee United have looked


the better team in extra time. -- Hibernian have won four, Dundee


United have won five. 105 minutes without a goal. You


would think that most people would put money on a shoot out now. Such


was Hibs's early season form, they thumped Dundee United in the League


Cup tie, played at Easter Road, 3-0. They have not been able to recapture


it, in recent times. The cross from Fraser Fyvie sums up the current


form. What has gone wrong? , You have got to credit Dundee United,


final system, working hard, making the play, I really don't know...


Anthony Stokes, Liam Henderson... The guys that are out there, they


are plenty enough, they have got to stand up and be counted at this


stage. Rankin felt that he was fouled.


Quite a time of things, since the first half.


Goalkeeper decided to punch that, looking unorthodox, again, from Eiji


Kawashima, the Japanese. Jason Cummings looking for the top corner.


Time to bring Hibernian to life. Dispiriting season for Dundee


United, six wins in 33 league games. The Scottish Cup has given them a


nice distraction. Here is John Rankin.


If he does not put arms over Sean Dillon, he has a chance of winning a


free kick. Shot well, can the goalkeeper catch that? I suppose he


decided not to take the chance. Rather clawed it away. He is from


just north of Tokyo, he is from Yono, Saitama. He featured at


World Cup in Brazil and South Africa, for Japan.


Fraser Fyvie... Ten minutes until the lottery.


So tense out there! Both teams losing the ball.


Lovely turn, from Blair Spittal. Poor pass, though. For all of their


domination, still finding it difficult to create chances. Good


turn by Blair Spittal, once again, it is the weight of the past, the


most important thing and he fails to get it right. The extra assistance


for the Scottish Cup semifinal, this afternoon, tomorrow's one as well,


Alan Mear and Andrew Dallas. That is something I didn't even notice! --


Alan Muir. They have not had much to do, not much to do, no great impact


in the game so far. Won back by Dagnall, for Hibs.


Cannot prevent the corner... For the first time in a while, Hanlon and


McGregor get to stretch their legs and get forward for this corner,


John McGinn is going to keep this away from the goalkeeper.


Nothing doing for Hibs. All sorts of players flying through, at the back


post. McGregor has gone through the back, trying to spin their...


Wrestling, jostling, the referee decides it has come from a Hibs


buyer, and it is a goal kick. Alan Stubbs arrived at what was


effectively a basket case a couple of years ago. Hardly any players to


begin with either. -- spin there. Took a little while to get going,


but apart from the recent trials they have had on the football pitch,


you have got to give a lot of credit to Rod Petrie, for the job they have


been doing behind-the-scenes, but he has really turned things around, by


and large, a promotion is required now, though, Scottish Cup would of


easily be phenomenal, as Mixu Paatelainen... Played in a certain


final, which you will remember, with many great memories, best Scottish


Cup final of all time, unless you are a Dundee United fan! Motherwell,


winning it. Nobody in tangerine, other than Blair Spittal,


retrieving. Good play by John McGinn, but that


is not the area where they want to see him doing his stuff, it is at


the other end, needs must. Goal side of Lewis Stevenson. Some good


ground, strong enough to see it out for the goalkick.


Scottish Cup semifinals do not often go to penalties. Heading that way.


Surely Jason Cummings will not be going for the chip shot, gets the


chance. Almost broke for Henri Anier,


McGregor was there, Fraser Fyvie getting it away. That is tired legs


and a poor touch going back towards his own goal.


Less than five to play of extra time.


Hibs looking at bit jittery in defence all of a sudden. I would not


say it is their strong point, defending at depth, and they are


being forced back. They are being caused real problems.


It has not been the prettiest extra time, that is for sure. Both


struggling. United were in the Scottish Cup


final as recently as two years ago and they lost to St Johnstone. Hibs


fell at the semis stage last year. The final couple of minutes. This is


Dixon. Rankin. Dixon continued his run. A


big moment her potentially! Read by Lewis Stevenson. Intelligent


defending. He saw the danger. In fact, Hibs have not looked like


scoring since the penalty. One shot on target, the Cummings one, which


was a comfortable save. United have certainly looks stronger in extra


time. Just one minute of football left to


be played this afternoon. And then it is penalties.


Paton winds one. Well away. He just snatched at it. Hibs did close him


down so he had to pull the trigger quickly. It is one touch and then he


has cut right across it. I am sure Jason Cummings will get


the chance to make up for that miss in the shoot out, which we are very


close to now. The referee has had a look at his watch. He has blown his


whistle and the first William Hill Scottish Cup semifinal is going to a


penalty shoot out. Drama Abbey National Stadium. It finished after


extra time goalless. Hibs were the better team right from


the start, from the first half an hour, but missed a penalty. Since


then, as this two hours have progressed, Dundee United ending be


stronger and better team. All of which matters not a jot because it


is penalties. Absolutely not. They look stronger, they look fitter. I


suggested that after the first half. But the positive that the Hibs fans


will be thinking, who has been the Man of the Match so far? I am going


for Conrad Logan and he is going to be in goal. They will be delighted


because he is absolutely buzzing with confidence. Kawashima, what has


he had to do so far? What a story that would be, if Conrad Logan, his


last game for months ago for Rochdale, only signed two or three


weeks ago, not the best of condition one might surmise, but four


brilliant saves. It is a fairy tale story for the guy. He has come in,


people did not know what to expect from him because not many people had


seen him. But he has shown what a quality keeper he is. Especially


that last one, when Anier went through. Terrific, down to his right


hand side. On a technical side, from crosses, his petition -- positional


sense as well, but it counts for nothing if the penalties are right.


For me, the Dundee United players have grown in confidence as the game


has gone on. Stokes has gone off and the other one has missed a penalty


already for Hibernian. There are so many ways you can look at


Cummings has already missed one and if that is in your head, it is never


good. You are thinking, the next one, you are going to put your laces


on it. Not if you have got a dodgy groin. So many questions right now.


But both managers have to look at the faces and say, who is confident?


Who has got the bottle to do it? It is all those things. Willie did you


tend to be in the queue for the penalty shoot outs? I was not in the


queue. I was hiding behind the physio. I was never selected. I was


always overlooked on these occasions, which I was never too


disappointed about. Everybody tells you they are not really spooked by


it. How were you at penalties? It is a horrible feeling. There is no joy


in it. Even when you get it, it is just too a relief. Joy for the


neutral watching it. This is now pure excitement. To be fair, the way


they have played, I don't know if the game deserved to finish any


other way. No team deserved to fully win. We are very much into that


stage of this first semifinal. A penalty shoot out. Is that the Hiro


in the middle of the television picture? At the moment, it is all


about to be settled. Back to Liam and Craig for the story of this


penalty shoot out. Blair Spittal is up first. The


penalties being taken into the East goal of Hampden Park. United went


through against Hibs on penalties in the quarterfinal of the League Cup


last season. Blair Spittal is up first. Well, wouldn't you know it?


The man of the moment does it again. It is not a great penalty. It is a


good height, he gets it right and he gets his hands behind it and


advantage Hibs straightaway. Far too close to the goalkeeper and a decent


save. The earliest possible advantage for Hibernian. John McGinn


to put them in front. And does! As decisive as you get. That is the


difference. The goalkeeper guesses right this time but the penalty is


too good. Too much pace on the ball. Kawashima goes to his right but he


is never getting there. And another save! Logan! Absolutely incredible.


He is having the game of his life. He may not have played for a while


but he has been an absolute star. And this is a better penalty. He


gets his hands behind it and that is another horrific save. He has


already put Hibernian one foot in the final. -- another terrific save.


They are so close! That is a never horrific penalty by Hibs, drilled


into the bottom corner. -- another terrific penalty. We are already at


the point here where Paul Dixon simply has to score for Dundee


United. He does. They are still breathing. No question about that


one. That is exactly what United needed to keep themselves in the


tide. Right in the corner. But they have taken three and only scored one


of them. Martin Boyle has the chance to take Hibernian closer to the


final. Scored a wonder goal recently. This is a lot closer.


A wonderful penalty. They are just about there. Every penalty Hibs have


struck has been an absolute pearl. It is highly past the goalkeeper.


There is a chance for the goalkeeper but the pace beat him again. This


has got to go in or Hibs are through. It is Guy Demel. The weight


of the world on his shoulders. That is a terrific penalty from


facture and he just about keeps Dundee United going -- from Demel.


He is going straight down the middle. Well, well, wouldn't you


believe this? Jason Cummings has the chance to put Hibernian into the


final. Coming after that horror story in the first half. It is one


of these ones, you know he is not going to chip it, but he has two


options. You can go for the corner or just go for power. It is Glory,


Glory. Jason Cummings can erase all mammaries of that penalty miss in


the first half. He has taken Hibs through to the final with more than


a helping hand from Conrad Logan. The Hibs fans would not known much


about him before today. Alan Stubbs has guided Hibernian into the


Scottish Cup final and with a chance again of perhaps ending that long,


long, long wait for Scottish Cup success. Scottish Cup success that


this club craves. 114 long years since they last won it. Jason


Cummings with the winning penalty in the shoot out. Conrad Logan is an


absolute star today. He has made some marvellous saves, anything that


came into the box he dealt with, and sometimes you get days like that. He


is Man of the Match today. But I have got a feel for Dundee United.


They dealt with the early pressure from Hibs. As the game went on they


got stronger and stronger and stronger. But it goes to penalties


and it is down to who can find the back of the net. His' penalties were


good and the keeper was a star all afternoon. It is his heading for the


final. You have got a feel for Dundee United. What a job Mixu


Paatelainen has on his hands to try and lift their spirits ahead of the


running to try and avoid what looks like a certain relegation. The


supporters will believe they were about to win this. And that is


Hibernian lifting the Scottish Cup. Last time they did it was in 1902.


It was the year Real Madrid were founded. The Royal Navy's first


submarine was launched in that year. The Hibs fans are no stranger to


those lines. They have had to listen to them for years and years and


years. But right now, they will celebrate and it will be they who


will be back here on Saturday May the 21st where they will take on


will be back here on Saturday May either Rangers or Celtic, who meet


tomorrow. But for now, that is for another day. They have got huge fish


to fry in the coming weeks. The championship run in. The chance to


try and get that second place back of Falkirk. It would mean less games


in the arduous play-off that they will have to go through. Potentially


three ties to get back to where they belong, in the Premiership. Jason


Cummings has dodged a big bullet. That is an incredible day for him


because he must have known that if they were knocked out, he was the


man who was going to be blamed. It finished goalless after extra time.


Jason Cummings with the winning penalty. But he had huge assistance


from Conrad Logan. I am wondering if fairy tale is the


word to describe this afternoon? Yes. Unbelievable. Everything went


my way. Absolutely delighted and delighted for the boys as well


because they put a proper shift him. I have not been here that long. As


you say, every time United got the chance, you were there to stop it.


That is what I am paid for. You get lucky Sundays. You make yourself


big. I like to think you make yourself -- your own luck. I am


delighted. It looks like you are a new cult hero for the fans. Everyone


is buzzing. There is no better way to win a cup game than a penalty


shoot out. Just delighted to be part of it. Would you have believed a few


weeks ago that you would have been the Euro at Hampden Park? No. It was


my first game in 16 months. I am just grateful for the manager


bringing me in and giving me a chance. I felt I was getting back to


fitness. Obviously, there are few games be for the end of the season.


I am delighted the manager took Mia Pearce and also playing me today


because we have got Otso Virtanen as well. Congratulations today.


because we have got Otso Virtanen as What a good decision that was, to


pitch in Conrad Logan. The penalty shoot out was the script writer's


dream. The new goalkeeper who barely knew his team-mates saves shots in


open play, saves a couple of penalties and Jason Cummings who


missed from the spot takes Hibs to their second cup final of the


season. It is a phenomenal story. When he went to bed last night,


Conrad Logan, I bet he wished this would happen. Everything he would


have dreamt of happening would -- has happened for him. After the


first two penalties, he must have thought, can anyone beat him today?


He was Man of the Match after 90 minutes. And then it just got better


after that. Absolutely astonishing. You have to say that Dundee United's


first couple of penalties were not great. They were poor but you have


got to give Logan the respect he deserves today. I'm sure when Blair


Spittal looks back at his penalty, he could have done better. The


goalkeeper has got to save them and he has guessed correctly. I love


stories like that. An underdog story, a guy coming out of nowhere,


no expectations. That is a decent save. And in sharp contrast to a


little bit of indecision, Spittal's was not great, but everyone of Hibs'


penalties were perfect. The manager was not great, but everyone of Hibs'


seemed to believe in his players. Let's hear from Alan Stubbs.


Congratulations. Can you sum up your emotions after that? I am delighted.


There are parts of me that feels sorry for Dundee United because it


is never a great way to lose a semifinal, penalties. It is a cruel


way. You have seen the of it. I do feel for them lads in dressing room.


They put a lot of effort in. In the first half we were good, I thought


we were the better team and I thought Dundee United came into the


second half and it got to a point where it was both teams not wanting


to lose the game. Talk to me about Conrad Logan's game today. I think


people have been questioning me all week and it could have easily been


not so. But I went for his experience and it looks like I made


the right call. Does Jason Cummings owe him a great debt of gratitude?


He certainly does. He has taken vital penalties for us and he is a


confident boy. But if he takes his penalties that way and he has scored


like that before, I don't mind, but I don't want him to start practising


penalties like that in a semifinal. Did he give you any explanation for


that? When you are taking penalties, it is a spur of the moment. You have


got to have a strong character and he has certainly got that. If it


goes in, everybody is talking about how calm and cool but when they


don't, people are talking about how stupid it looks. And here is the


man. Can you explain to your manager? I asked the boys, is this


for me to win it? I went, I was a bit nervous, but I was just buzzing


when it went in. The first penalty, a big question from the fans, why? I


tried to dink it but I did not pull it off. I can say that now, getting


the winner, but at the time I was thinking, it is not my day. But when


I realised it was the winning penalty, I had a chance to win it, I


was delighted. Is he for given, given he scored the winning penalty?


On here, I will, but wait until he gets back in the dressing room! It


is fair to say Jason Cummings has recovered his confidence after what


happened in the first half because it was glory, glory at the end. But


what about this from the first half? Donaldson handled the ball. I felt


sorry for Donaldson because I don't know if he really meant it. But you


can't understand why it is given. -- you can understand. But he has done


that first penalty from his mind. That is exactly the kind of guy you


want on penalty kicks. That's what I said, mentality Weiss, was he still


up to it? But he showed that in the last penalty kick. I am sure he is


sitting there thankful that he had a chance to make up for that. It


really is quite an interesting thing that when he is immediately asked


about the penalty kick after the game, he is not thinking of the


other one, he is thinking of the one he just scored. He had a hard day


today. But he always works his socks off. Hibs were a wee bit lucky in


the end. Dundee United got better and better. And the conversation as


Alan Stubbs was saying will not be quite so polite when they get in


private. I think that was a little bit tongue in cheek. If they had


lost it, he would have really let the player know what he thought, but


right now they will all be happy in that dressing room. Jason Cummings


put that final one away. The understatement of the day is that


Alan Stubbs thinks he got the goalkeeper decision right. Conrad


Logan had the date of his dreams. I watch his regularly but many people


know nothing about him. The way he covered the ground, also his timing


of it, it looks like a bad miss but covered the ground, also his timing


there is not much to get. And again, look, that is not his mistake but


there is not much angle there. He has got his angles right every time.


He should have been offside. It is offside. I know he is not in the


best shape but it does make a difference how big he gets himself.


I like this one as well. This is right in the bottom corner. That is


a great save. You heard him say, I am not to fitness yet. But he has


got himself fit enough that he can get down to that. This is so similar


to the other ones. Look at that. He is right on top of him. I think that


is his best one. The way he spreads himself, his right hand, it is his


right hand. He thoroughly deserves the Man of the Match award. Does he


keep his place? If it was just a couple of great saves and reaction


keep his place? If it was just a saves, that sort of thing, you would


say, maybe not. He has had a dream day. But it was not like that. He's


covering was good, his punching was good, his timing was great. He


actually played really well all the way through. And all the different


parts. You have seen many goalkeepers have the dream day. It


looks like more than that for him. The Hibs fans are celebrating a


place in the final. Are they also dreading what another cup final


appearance might mean for their promotion chances? I think now they


can put the cap to bed. It is the big occasion at the end of the


season. Now they have got to concentrate... Let's hear from Mixu


Paatelainen. There is never an easy way to lose a


cup semifinal but that is almost the toughest way. Yes, it is, especially


the way we performed. I thought we were by far the better team. In the


first half, Hibernian started the game really well. But after that,


once we got our composure, we kept the ball and took good care of it.


We duly controlled the game and we created three fantastic


opportunities. But unfortunately, that has been the story of the


season. We have passed the ball well, we have created loads of


clear-cut chances, but we haven't taken them. We simply need to put


those chances away. It is almost a match that sums up United's season.


Plenty of effort but no reward. We have dominated matches like today


and created wonderful chances to score and win the match but if you


don't take them, and opponent might punish you. It is always a lottery


in the penalties. But I can't fully in the penalties. But I can't fully


-- full the boys' effort today. Fantastic. Excellent. The fans


turned up in good numbers and with really vocal out there. How


difficult will it be to bounce back from that? I don't think it will be


difficult. The boys realise the from that? I don't think it will be


challenge we have a head of us. Not easy. We are up against it but we're


not dead by any means. We will keep fighting and make sure that once the


league action starts again, we are up for it. It has been a season of


despair for Dundee United and that does not go away today. Beaten in


the penalty shoot out. Is it truly mission impossible? They


are eight points adrift with five games to go. I would think it is


Mission impossible. I think today is the end of this season. Last week


they were away, they were relegated with a performance in that defeat.


Today was something to fight on for for the big showpiece. They are out


now, they have got games against Hamilton and Dundee to come.


Difficult games. You can't see them scraping eight points back on till


mana at this point in time. For Hibs, it is their second cup final


of the season. They lost to Ross County. What imprecations does that


cup final appearance have for their chances of getting back to the


Premiership? It could go either way for them. It would give them a


massive lift. But when you win games of football, if you are in a cup


final, you feel good. At this point in time, Hibs have got two cup


finals. Celtic and Rangers in the other semifinal. They can still get


promoted as well. It could be one of the great seasons but they could


still be a stinker as well. I have no idea how it is going to go but


they need to get stronger at the end of games. Hibs have got made sure


they have a season they can enjoy. Thank you. That brings us to the end


of our coverage of the first of the Scottish Cup semifinals and most of


the drama was in place in that penalty shoot out. For two hours


they tried to get the edge, these two, goalless it was after Jason


Cummings missed a penalty in the first half. What a match Conrad


Logan had. Defying United time and time again and that continued into


the penalty shoot out. Two important saves from him. And Jason Cummings


scored in the shoot out to take Hibs through to play Rangers or Celtic in


the Scottish Cup final. Talking of that match, you will hear it live on


BBC Radio 1 Scotland tomorrow. And highlights tomorrow evening. 10:30pm


tomorrow night on BBC One Scotland. As for today, the results from


4:30pm onwards. Hibs are on to the Scottish Cup final. We switch from


football to snooker. The World Championships getting underway today


Scottish Cup semi-final.

Live From the National Stadium, Hampden.

Hibernian v Dundee Utd (kick-off 12.15pm)

A place in the Scottish Cup final is at stake as Championship side Hibs take on Dundee Utd from the Premiership.

Supporters of the Leith club will be hoping that manager Alan Stubbs can lead his side to their second final of the season and make up for the disappointment of losing the League Cup final a month ago by going on to lift the oldest national trophy in world football. Yet the Easter Road faithful don't need to be reminded that their last Scottish Cup win was way back in 1902, and that they have lost 10 finals since, most recently in 2013. In the last round of the Cup, they defeated holders Inverness Caledonian Thistle 2-1 in a replay, thanks to goals from on-loan striker Anthony Stokes.

Their opponents today are Mixu Paatelainen's Dundee Utd, who are fighting to avoid relegation from the Scottish Premiership. Against that backdrop, the Tannadice club have put together a winning run in the Cup, defeating Airdrie, Partick Thistle and Ross County en route to today's match. The Tangerines have taken the old trophy back to Tayside twice before, in 1994 and most recently in 2010. Their last appearance in the final was two seasons ago, when they lost to St Johnstone.

Plus a look ahead to tomorrow's much-anticipated meeting of Rangers and Celtic in the second semi-final.

Introduced by Rob Maclean with studio guests Pat Nevin and Mark Wilson.

Commentary by Liam McLeod and Craig Paterson.

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