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Featuring action and reaction from the Scottish Cup semi-final between Hibernian and Dundee United, and a look ahead to tomorrow's Rangers v Celtic encounter.

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Yes, good afternoon and welcome once again to the results show. Today a


tasty cocktail of Scottish Cup and SPL action and English Premier


League News for good measure. No shaking from the guests but maybe


staring. Pat Nevin and Marc Wilson. We will start with the first of the


Scottish Cup semifinals. You might know the outcome. I will not spoil


the surprise if you don't, instead Craig Paterson and Leah McLeod will


describe what happened when Hibernian net Dundee United this


lunchtime. Lewis Stevenson, the first chance


for him, perhaps. He has provided 23 times this season.


The Hibs debutant comes up with an answer.


He's always too much of it. He has given a penalty for handball!


I think Donaldson got the head down and the arm up. An unusual position.


Difficult to tell. Oh, dear, oh, dear. What on earth is that? At this


stage in the competition, you do not need that. The ball flying in the


back of the net is what you need. He fancied it. Blair Spittal on


familiar territory, a former Queens park man. Mckay. Hibs stopped.


Again, he is denied by Conrad Logan. It was a great ball and a great take


by Gray. Close, but not close enough.


Erskine was onside. Off the line by Hanlon. It was a cunning ball from


Paton. John Beaton sends us into extra time.


McGinn has perhaps not be the influence we know he can be.


The keeper to make the save. Rankin thought he was scoring. It is a


wonderful save. He forced it through. Another good save. Conrad


Logan has just received a standing ovation from the Hibernian


supporters. Once again a clever ball through.


Kawashima. Decided to punch that. It looked unorthodox, again, from the


Japanese. He has blown the whistle and the first William Hill Scottish


Cup semifinal is going to a penalty shoot out. Blair Spittal is up


first. Well, wouldn't you know it. The man of the moment does it again!


John McGinn. To put them in front. And he does. As decisive as you get.


Billy Mckay missed a couple of good And he does. As decisive as you get.


chances. And another save from Logan!


Paul Hanlon, who scored the late equaliser against Hearts makes it


two. Paul Dixon simply has too score for


Dundee United. He does. They are still breathing.


Martin Boyle. He has the chance to move Hibernian closer to the final.


Another wonderful penalty. Demel. The weight of the world on


his shoulders. That was a terrific penalty from Demel. Jason Cummings.


He has the chance to put Hibernian into the final. It is Glory, glory.


Jason Cummings. He can raise all memories of that penalty miss in the


first half. Pat Nevin, you have 20 seconds to


tell me everything you know about the goalkeeper. He is a new cult


figure at Hibernian. He was fabulous all the way through. You talk about


the saves he made. The rest of the game was superb. Sensibly, everyone


had a good game. But you have to do the technical things right and he


did all things right. Will he play in the final? On that performance he


should. What about the penalty? Jason Cummings was asked about it


after the game and started to talk about the one he scored, as opposed


to the one we were talking about. He has swagger. He is a Jack the Lad, a


maverick. Sometimes he can back it up and scores wonderful goals, but


when you miss one like that it must play on your mind. I hoped he would


try again in the penalty shoot out. I bet he thought about it but no way


would he do that again. If the keeper goes the right way for that


one, he picks it up easily. He has confidence. It is a big part of the


game. If you missed chances, the best strikers want another chance.


There is no doubt he would want to walk up and take a penalty. He


wanted the crucial one. He had to be told he was the one who could score


the winner, he was not worried about it, he was seriously up for it.


It was not the greatest penalty! The goalkeeper saves it, but it is


forgotten about now. He tucked it away and you could see how he loved


that moment. The smile on his face. He loved getting the crucial


penalty. We will look around the grounds. Not too many matches a


foot. We will start with the Renfrewshire derby.


1999 since Morton won one of these games. They trailed by 2-1. A good


crowd in the stadium. St Mirren would have to win this to catch


Morton in the middle of the table Championship race. They are ahead,


with a strike from Shankland, a wonderful goal. All three goals have


been good. And equaliser from Johnstone was a class effort but two


minutes later, Calum Gallagher, after a bad mistake, clearing the


ball and virtually passing the ball into the net. This has been a right


good game with a crowd of around 5000 in the Paisley 2021 stadium.


good game with a crowd of around Eight minutes to go.


We can find out what is happening where already relegated Alloa are


playing Queen of the South. It is that relegated Alloa who are ahead.


A day of penalties at Hampton and here. Queen of the South controlled


the opening 20 minutes but could not threaten the home goal and as Alloa


came into the game, Flannigan... They have just equalised. Hilson


with the header. Ian Flannigan fired them ahead with eight minutes of the


first half to go and in the second half, Derek Lyle from the spot


equalising for Queen of the South and Alloa hit the crossbar. A header


from Hill was cleared and it was the substitute McManus who found the


bottom corner and as we speak, a header to pull Queen of the South


level. I was intrigued by the choice of phrase, the middle of the


Championship race, nothing at stake apart from the derby match. What a


disaster it would have been for St Mirren if Morton finished above


them. They still might. What a turnaround since he came in. At one


stage they looked at the relegation places and they are mid-table,


looking towards next year. Fifth-place finish for St Mirren


would be exceptional given what happened early in the season. When I


see the results, I am looking for Tomo's name.


You want players who have had a good career to have an enjoyable final at


the end of their career but this would have been good to walk on and


score the winning goal. Do you fancy some post-match Hamden reaction? We


can hear from both clubs. I am delighted. There is part of me


that feels sorry for Dundee United. There is never a great way to lose a


semifinal on penalties, it is a cruel way and we have seen the flip


side of it. I feel for the lads in the dressing room. They have put a


lot of effort in. In the first half we were good, I thought the better


team. Dundee United came into the second half and it got to a point


where it was both teams not wanting to lose the game. You make your own


luck in this game. Obviously, when called upon you can produce things.


I am delighted. I thought we were the better team. We had a poor start


with Hibs starting well. After that, once we found our composure and we


started to make sure we keep the ball and take good care of it, we


controlled the game and created three fantastic opportunities. Three


one-on-ones with the goalkeeper. That has been the story of the


season. I am interested. He said they were were the better team. I do


not think he is trying to spin it. The first 35 minutes, Hibs were the


better team. Dundee United made a terrible tactical mistake in the


left full-back area. Hibs capitalise. They made the change.


And got back into it and I would argue that apart from the first ten


minutes of the second half, Dundee United, they were at least as good


as Hibs, probably slightly better and I do not think there is an


argument that the better chances were for Dundee United, apart from


the penalty. Nevertheless, Hibs are through. Will they play Rangers or


Celtic? You can listen to BBC Radio Scotland from 11:30am with coverage


of the second semifinal and you can watch highlights of the match at


10:30pm on BBC One Scotland. I would not miss that! It is over a year


since the club's last met at the national stadium in the semifinals


of the League Cup. It was not that much of a contest. I think we


expected that. Teams were in and the changes Rangers have made, the made,


the management, the players they had at the time. Now, at this time,


Rangers are a completely different outfit. New management and players,


a new style of play, confidence. They have won the Championship and


another trophy. They come in with confidence, which makes me think the


gap has narrowed from last year. Looking at that game, I never


expected that Celtic would take their foot off the Gas. That


surprised me. Mark mentioning Rangers are much improved. It would


seem under Mark Warburton they have proved to be runaway winners of the


Championship, clinching the title with a win against Dumbarton. They


are a lovely team to watch. Often they will come from these areas. The


full-backs are crucial to winning the league and the last few games.


And for their chances tomorrow. Also the linkup they have had, they have


been fantastic, stretching teams and tearing teams apart. They are a good


team. The full-backs and wide players,


McCarry, Tavernier, Forrester is out, so who do you put in there?


King is out, Waghorn is not available either. You would almost


argue he's a bigger mess than Whitehorn, purely for the fact that


argue he's a bigger mess than Kenny Miller has been fantastic. He


hasn't got the goals Waghorn has scored, but he's been phenomenal


this season. For the balance of the team, Warburton likes his tricky and


quick wingers. If you happen to put Dean Shiels in there, he's not


tricky or quick but he can play the past, but it upsets the balance Mark


Warburton likes to play. We saw Rangers clinked -- clinched the


Championship. They also thrashed Peterhead last week. Not a dress


rehearsal for tomorrow's game, but a warm up at the national stadium for


Rangers in front of a big crowd. They are going for a treble, not the


treble. He scored at the start of the season and it was phenomenal,


then there was a big gap, but he has hit form again, and boy, did he hit


that one. It underlines that they are comfortable at Hampden Park.


They played comfortably that day, but it's a massive step up in


quality when they play Celtic tomorrow. Celtic haven't been that


impressive of late. They are stuttering towards the title.


Another narrow win against Motherwell last week. I watched them


against Hearts and they weren't the best team in that game. Against


Dundee they struggled. This time they came out against Motherwell.


OK, the scoreline didn't really reflect the amount of chances Celtic


had, but they were kind of back to their best. I worry for Celtic just


now because they are conceding goals in defence. There was the goal


before that, which was either offside or near side, very close to


it. With the chances they had, and in the end you sometimes need to


carry a bit of luck. They have this guy, Leigh Griffiths, scoring again


after three games without scoring. People were saying it was a drought,


but he's scored two, so full of confidence. If Rangers have a


weakness in their team, a lot of people feel it's the centre-backs. I


think that's quite harsh on the centre-backs. The full-backs have


hammered up, so they are quite often left on their own. A couple of


individual ones I'm looking forward to, right-wing and left-wing for


Celtic, attacking against the right back and left-back off Rangers, that


will be worth watching at hand Park tomorrow. Actor the Championship,


full-time in the match between Alloa and Queen of the South. -- at Hamdan


Park tomorrow. -- back to the Championship. Couldn't find enough


to threaten the home goal. Alloa started to come back into the game


and Flanagan fired them ahead from the penalty spot. Into the second


half, not much between the sides, and Derek Lyle equalised. Ian


Russell was tripped and from open play Alloa looked more dangerous.


Conor McManus drilled the ball low into the bottom corner to restore


the Alloa advantage. With five minutes of the game remaining Hilson


headed home from close range. Great saves from David Crawford to keep


Alloa in the game. It finishes here Alloa 2-2 Queen of the South. Still


playing in Paisley. But there has been a goal. St Mirren have


leapfrogged Queen of the South in the week of the draw. They just have


their third goal here. A lovely finish. Mortimer trying to get the


ball away, hitting on the counterattack. St Mirren broke with


great style and panache. And Marwood has wrapped it up with a third goal.


Referee looking at his watch, we are well into time. Shankland puts St


Mirren ahead with a class finish and a second from Gallagher. A fine goal


in between the two of them from John Stones. More to looked like they


could get back into it. But they are now ahead 3-1. No electronic


scoreboard here, but the final whistle has just gone. St Mirren


celebrate, a crowd of just over 4000 inside the 2021 stadium. St Mirren


go home with all three points. Morton haven't beaten St Mirren in a


competitive match since 1999. That goes on. Stevie Thompson will get


the full game against Rangers in the final game of the season in Paisley


on the 1st of May. We don't know how he knows that but he was keen to get


out the 1999 stat. Rangers have improved, I think that's there for


all to see, but Celtic, have they moved on at all all regress to? I


don't think they are a better side, necessarily, just the centre-backs,


I think they had better centre-backs at that time, with Van Dyck and his


partner. Take them out of any team in Scotland, but for most teams, it


will weaken you. The other one, Roberts, I think for a lot of


people, we have only seen clips is of him but he's spectacular.


Different class or together than you of him but he's spectacular.


are used to seeing in Scottish football. Will he play tomorrow?


I've I would be stunned. Apart from stunned, I would be gutted if he


doesn't. I want to see him and be entertained. It begs the question,


why hasn't he played more games for Celtic. He has been there for a


while. If he's that good he should be in. He's the cream of the crop.


And Mark was talking about Leigh Griffiths. He scores all the Celtic


goals. If Rangers can take care of him, they will be in with a shout. I


think they have players who come from midfield who can create as


well. It's easy to say, if you can stop Leigh Griffiths, but it's a big


if and nobody has been able to do it in the Premier league this season.


He's had a great season and wants to add trophies and get 40 goals and he


would love to score another. Who it be to face heads on May the 21st?


You have to say Celtic are favourites. Arch face heads -- face


Hibs Mac. I think it will be close, I think Rangers will score, but I


think Celtic will come in. You have always been successful with your


predictions. I'm going 3-1 Celtic. We can chat Championship some more.


We know the identity of the winners, Rangers, and we know the three teams


qualifying for the play-offs, Falkirk, Hibs Mac and Raith Rovers.


The race for second place is still on between Falkirk and Hibs, who met


a few days ago. That was there. It was another example of Hibs making


it difficult for themselves, to be diplomatic. I have to say Falkirk


played really well and were really unfortunate to be down to that goal.


It was self-inflicted, a mistake, but it was very fortunate as well.


It was stupid, self-inflicted to go down to ten men. You thought it was


all working in Hibs favour, Falkirk were playing a lot of decent


football, looking dangerous in attack and getting the ball on the


deck, but there was a penalty and a soft one. I was ducking as that ball


was zooming towards me. At this point, most teams at 2-0 up with


five minutes to go, you think they would be cruising, but Hibs fans are


not feeling that at the moment. And Falkirk have a great spirit about


them. It sums up Falkirk. You think they are beaten, out of the race,


and that was early in the season when everybody was chatting about


Rangers and Hibs. But they have come out of no wear. The spirit that


Falkirk have, other teams would love to have that. You have to say Hibs


are getting tired at the end of games as well. Either Hibs or


Falkirk will play Raith Rovers in the Premiership quarterfinals.


Dumbarton are trying to avoid irrigation play-off spot. Connie


McLoughlin will be watching. Can you set the scene for us? We have had


four seasons in one day here. Quite a remarkable scene, hail, snow, and


right now we have the sun out. Hopefully that will stay for the


rest of the evening match. The home side were being courage to buy the


midweek victory over Queen of the South but the aim will be to secure


Championship football for the rest of the season. For Raith Rovers,


Championship football for the rest it's about keeping their form going.


Unbeaten in eight, their longest unbeaten run since 2013, and I'm


guessing they will want to continue that against Dumbarton tonight.


Third place is still up for grabs. Team news tonight, one change for


the home side, Dumbarton with McCauley out and Gallagher coming


in. They have Jamie Ewings in goal, Doherty, Saunders, the Canon,


Fleming. Christian Nade is their striker. Three changes for Raith


Rovers with Callaghan, Anderson coming in. Longridge, Robertson and


Craig going out. Cuthbert in goal, Thomson, Callaghan, Benedictus,


Hardy, Connelly, McEwan, bar, and the substitutes McCord, Matthews,


Craig and law. The match referee is Nick Walshe.


That incredible run Raith Rovers arm, that what makes it vital. --


Raith Rovers are on. They are the form team in the division. Looking


at the stress and pressure in the semifinal today, and again the same


tomorrow. They are playing semifinals and they are painful and


torturous, but nothing against play-offs, because they are worse,


horrible games to play. The stress you are under, because of the


chances, and people lose jobs because of it. The whole structure


of the club changes whether you are in one league or another. The


play-off games are so important and you want to play as few as you


possibly can. If you are Hibs or Falkirk, you don't want the extra


game. For second place, I think Falkirk are in the box seat. I would


agree, Falkirk, especially with the way they came back against Hibs. We


have time to squeeze in a report from one of the big matches in the


English Premier league, one full of relegation significance. A point for


the Canaries would cook the relegation goose for Rock Bottom


Aston Villa, meaning the villains will definitely finish in the bottom


three. Steve Wilson can tell us. A mighty victory for Sunderland, huge


significance at the bottom of the table. The first goal was five


minutes before half-time, Andre Ayew is to found Fabio Borini and the


Italian picked himself up and stroked the penalty low to the


goalkeeper's right. The second came in the second half, Jermain Defoe


was beautifully found by Borini after Sebastien Bassong's error and


tucked it in at the back post. Norwich threw everything they had at


Sunderland, having several penalty appeals turned down. Hit with a


sucker punch in injury time at the end when substitute Duncan Watmore


chipped in from a tight angle. Big win for Sunderland. To avoid being


relegated today, Aston Villa had to beat Manchester United away. Martin


Fisher can tell us what happened. It's all over for Aston Villa, their


28 year stay in the top flight has come to its inevitable conclusion.


They needed to win today, and United have beaten them by one goal, scored


by boy of the moment Marcus Rashford. A remarkable story. A


quality chants fashioned by United in the first half, Valencia's ball


from the right and Rashford finished neatly. Guzan only had two saves to


make, from Mata and Memphis, but it was generally a pretty boring game.


Good for United to close the gap on City in fourth to just one point


with a fifth home victory in a row. It's all over for Aston Villa in the


top flight, and it's the return of the second city Birmingham derby


next season. Time for the classified results round-up.


We start today with the William Hill Scottish Cup. Hibernian winning 4-2


on penalties and as we discussed, Rangers play Celtic tomorrow.


Dumbarton play Raith Rovers this evening.


Chelsea play Manchester City this evening.


We have three matches tomorrow... And Stoke City play Tottenham


Hotspur on Monday. The Coventry City and Millwall


scored is the latest score. We can have a quick look at the


league tables starting with the Scottish Championship. There was no


Premiership after -- action this afternoon. The big one today for St


Mirren fans. It was a good win, it would point for Alloa. A heavy


defeat for Dunfermline athletic this afternoon. At the bottom it is still


pretty tight. Congratulations to East Fife, the


Scottish league to winners. -- league two.


None of the top four in action so far this weekend in the English


Premier League. United beating Aston Villa and are just a point behind


their rivals Manchester City. Aston Villa are officially relegated to


the Championship. Newcastle United and Sunderland the other two teams


in the bottom three, despite both winning today. At the top of the


Championship... The four in the promotion play-offs, Brighton and


how, Hull City, Derby County and Sheffield Wednesday. At the bottom,


Bolton Wanderers are relegated and it is not looking good for Milton


Keynes Dons and Charlton Athletic. As promised, more reports from down


south. We start at St James' Park. Could the fightback be on for


Newcastle? Taking the first step in the quest for survival with a


deserved win against a fairly lacklustre Swansea. Frustratingly


for the visitors the first two came from corners. Andros Townsend got


his reward for an impressive performance to make the points safe.


On Rafael Benitez' birthday he gets his first win as Newcastle manager.


This season is not over yet. Goodison and John Acres was watching


Everton and Southampton. The Everton manager Roberto Martinez


made six changes with an eye on the The Everton manager Roberto Martinez


Merseyside derby and FA Cup semifinal and got away with a point


after dropping Lukaku and Ross Barkley to the bench. The Everton


goal was against the run of play. Southampton got a deserved equaliser


when Manet poked home from close range. Everton giving debuts to


Connelly and Davis, who did well. Coleman looks like he might miss the


semifinal with an injury. A fan invaded the pitch to show


displeasure at the recent run of results but at least they have a


point after three successive defeats here.


The big story down south was Aston here.


Villa are relegated. Not that big a story for me because they were gone


anyway. A huge club. Massive, but I think they have been preparing for


relegation for a few weeks and months. Brian has gone in and knows


football and loves the club. The biggest story is the wins beside


them. Newcastle winning today. Sunderland also. I saw Sunderland


against Leicester and thought they played really well. Leicester seemed


to find a way of doing it. I'm upset for Norwich. They are in trouble


now. That is it -- it is a real upset for Norwich. Tomorrow...


Next week, the results show on at 4:30pm on BBC Two Scotland. And on


radio Scotland... Thanks to Pat and Mark for their


sterling service. Good night.


Introduced by David Currie.

Action and reaction from the first of the weekend's Scottish Cup semi-finals as Hibernian play Dundee Utd for a place in next month's Hampden showpiece. Plus a preview of tomorrow's much-anticipated Rangers v Celtic encounter, with the second place in May's final at stake. Also, updates and reports from key matches in the SPFL as some clubs enter the home straight in the race for promotion, whilst others battle to avoid relegation.

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