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Jonathan Sutherland introduces Scottish Cup semi-final highlights. Celtic v Rangers and Dundee United v Hibernian.

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It's unbelievable, unbelievable! It's a spectacular opening goal in


the Derby! The shop is an absolute beauty! Chance. Is this a bit of


history? It is! It's there! Disses Highland history!


# And I feel like I'm breaking up # And I feel like I'm breaking up


# I want you to stay # I want you to stay


# Don't take me this way # Don't take me this way


# This is bigger than us #. Good evening and welcome. Scottish


Cup semifinal weekend. As soon as the names came out of the hat it was


always going to be big. Would it live up to the hype? Two men who


have been there, done it, but the T-shirt and survived to tell the


tale. Former Celtic goalkeeper Pat Bonner, former Rangers striker


Stephen Thompson. Highlights of the first semifinal later, but first,


love it or loathe it, you can't avoid it, the Old Firm derby back on


the Scottish footballing landscape. Would it be a damp squib like last


season or a thunderous return to the derbies of old? At Hamden Park,


Craig Paterson and Rob Clayton. COMMENTATOR: The resources are


stretched for Rangers with Harry Forrester injured. Martyn Waghorn


not ready to return. Billy King and Michael O'Halloran both cup tied.


Dean Shiels replaces forester. Only five players on the bench for


Rangers including 17-year-old Lee Bird.


Charlie Mulgrew continues in central defence. Just one change for Ronny


Deila, Gary Mackay-Steven preferred to Colin Kazim-Richards. Tavener.


Wonders inside. Angled ball for Kenny Miller, great touch! Great


effort, great save! Craig Gordon had Kenny Miller, great touch! Great


to be at his best to deny Kenny Miller yet another Old Firm goal. On


his 100th appearance for Celtic. What an important stop that was from


Scotland goalkeeper Craig Gordon. Room here for Stefan Johansen,


finding a pocket in space. Fended away, only as far as Scott Brown,


who misses a massive chance to fire Celtic in front. That's the best


chance of the game. Rangers do not get it clear. The touch is good,


goes across the goalkeeper, misses by half a yard. Everything looked


right. Goes across the goalkeeper. Just wide.


Boyata almost caught in possession by Kenny Miller, and the free kick


goes Rangers way. For a moment Celtic thought it was there. No idea


what he was thinking in a game of this importance. Last man, you don't


try and take Kenny Miller on. Roberts teasing, tormenting, and


finding roofers. From the angle. Leigh Griffiths has one thought in


mind. Just drags it wide. First touch is good, the angle against


him. Good movement. Free kick given


against Boyata. Rangers ten to take short free kicks because they don't


have a lot of height. Mark Warburton will have been working on these,


let's see whether Rangers have something from the training ground.


Scored against Hibs in a big game at Ibrox earlier this season,


absolutely fizzed across goal. In from Tavernier. Rangers could still


do some damage. Ball in from Halladay, deflected off Brown, and


Kenny Miller scores! Rangers are ahead against Celtic! After 15


minutes at Hampden, just like old times for the former Scotland


striker. He's made such a sharp times for the former Scotland


start. Celtic don't really complete the clearance. Rangers keep pressure


on and eventually get the reward. It is actually a poor ball in. It's


also Kenny Miller and that is a great finish. Nothing great about


the ball in, but that first touch to react, knocks it into the bottom


corner. Kenny Miller started sharp, now he's got his goal. Denied by


Craig Gordon earlier, he wasn't going to say no to another goal to


add to his tally. Kenny Miller's 19th of the season. Bodies flung in


front of it. The follow-up lasted just wide. Its breathless stuff.


Keirin Tierney, it was miles wide, but he certainly struck it. Ball did


well. Halliday. Lovely 1-2. Jason Holt cuts inside and fails to find


the target. But very impressive Holt cuts inside and fails to find


build-up against up yellow absolutely wonderful. Gets onto


Gets onto his right foot. Just can't get around it. Stunned silence at


times from the Celtic fans that the way this match has played out so


far. Mckay switching to the right side, having done damage down the


left. Looping around, Tavernier, great ball in, skimming off the head


of Brown. Now Mackay-Steven makes a move. He takes a touch. Griffiths,


on his left foot, it's off the post, but surely! Oh, surely! Or surely


not. Patrick Roberts has missed an absolute sitter. I can't believe it,


Leigh Griffiths is a market comes back of the post. He has gone left


footed and somehow he has managed to knock it wide. Chances don't come


better. That was an absolute sitter. What will encourage Celtic is the


way they created that chance. They will look to do so, create another


opportunity, and take it, this time. That is a big chance spurned by


them. The youngster will look to atone for his error. Roles at


inside. And Johansson. Good save, Wesley Foderingham had to adjust


with the ball in flight. He does well, the Rangers goalkeeper. If he


hits the target, slight deflection, Leigh Griffiths was right on him


like a flash. This must be all of 35 yards. It's Griffiths! It was


shifting. All Wes Foderingham could do was beat this away. The


goalkeeper takes no chances. The outswinger from Roberts, flicked on


goalkeeper takes no chances. The by mould grew. Robert Kearnan Myall


's macro clearance. Really important to challenge by


Halliday. It had to be perfectly timed. You go to ground, you are


going to get solid contact on the ball. His knee gets the final touch,


but he gets the job done. Roberts plays it in. Flicked on by


Mikael Lustig. Wilson's header. It was Sviatchenko who sees his effort


blocked. Not allowing Rangers to clear their lines, keeping the


pressure on. Celtic chasing an equaliser. Roberts floats this one


in. There is the equaliser! And it's Sviatchenko, the Danish defender,


who levels things up in this Scottish semi cup final. It's his


first goal for Celtic. What a time to score your first goal and what a


goal it is. The ball comes into the box. It is who can jump highest. The


answer is Sviatchenko. Then, can you hit the target? It is a bullet


header. Absolutely magnificent header from the centre-back. A lot


of work to be done. Cracking goal. Just what Celtic wanted, within five


minutes of the restart. They've levelled things up. I think he's a


bit pleased. And a bit relieved. Patrick Roberts has to be the most


relieved player on the pitch at that Sviatchenko equaliser. It was his


corner headed in. Here he comes with another delivery, another


Sviatchenko header and it's very much on target. Players in green and


white are winning everything. Sviatchenko again hits the target.


But an easy save that time. Celtic switching off as Rangers took


the short corner. Jason Holt, wriggling his way through. Celtic


now counterattacking with Roberts and Griffiths. Lee Griffiths with


the cutback. Callum McGregor is denied. That is such an important


challenge by Dominic Ball. Almost picked out Callum McGregor with the


cutback. You cannot deny it is a nail-biting stuff. Extra time is


looming. And who knows, penalties as well. Free kick. Foul on Roberts.


Persistent fouling. It is a certain free kick. Another ball about to fly


into the Rangers' box. Roberts floats it in. Britain's Heather is


agonisingly close. The Celtic players need to get their


heads on these set pieces. Nicky Law, with fresh legs getting him to


the byline. That is 90 minutes played. Kenny Miller's goal


cancelled out by Sviatchenko's equaliser for Celtic. An extra half


an hour coming up, to try to settle this. A gripping 90 minutes,


followed by an extra 30. Who will get the big win? Big question is


still hanging over it. Almost a deadly delayed by Wes Foderingham.


Halliday. Charlie Mulgrew was in the way. Interception by Tavernier.


Britain should be aware of any shows of dissent or petulant because he


has had a yellow already. The linesman said Celtic, the referee


said Rangers. Barrie McKay! Scores I wonder goal for Rangers in extra


time. They are ahead again. It is wonder goal for Rangers in extra


2-1. Looking for something special to turn this time around and here it


is from Barrie McKay. He will never have a better shot in his life.


Moves onto his right, beat the goalkeeper but, right into the top


corner. Absolutely top drawer. You will never see a better one than


that. Craig Gordon was never getting near to this. Celtic will be livid


at the award of the throw in. Our Celtic finished, can they come back


again? Roberts, delivers the corner kick. It was Batman Sviatchenko


again on the end of it. Celtic's best method of getting into this


type, set piece into the box. Few would have seen this coming. There


is still time for Celtic to turn things around.


It is Tom Rogic and it is 40 seconds into the second period of extra


time. Perfect reply from Celtic. It looked so simple. All into the wide


area, the cup back and Rogic does the rest. He fired it into the


bottom corner. Tierney has had a quiet afternoon, but has made his


presence felt now. Ronnie can breathe again.


Celtic lifted by the goal. Rogic again. Deflected in. Roberts!


Another chance that the teenager. Should he have snapped it up first


time? He tried to turn back inside and the sting was taken out of his


effort. It was a big chance for Celtic to turn this much completely


on it had. Now play is down towards the other end with Barry Mackay.


Cleared by Sviatchenko. Wilson's had their clear. Only as far as Rogic.


The Celtic fans were screaming for him to shoot. Now, Griffiths.


McGregor. Rogic is in again... It brushes aside net. Deflected wide of


the target. Almost a quickfire 44 Rogic. Halfway through this second


period of extra time. McGregor! Great effort. Great save


by Wes Foderingham. Griffiths fires it back in. I am amazed the game is


going at this place. Flowing from end to end.


Patrick Roberts. Finds its way to Rogic, who was held back by


Halliday. It is bucking the Rangers midfielder. He will consider it was


worth it. Tom Rogic was slipping into a very dangerous position and


he has shown what he can do in front of the goal already. Challenge had


to be made by Andy Halliday. He was willing to take the booking. It is


that distance where it is awkward to score from here. The penultimate


minute of extra time. Is this the moment Lee Griffiths. It is off the


underside of crossbar. It came crashing back from Wes Foderingham.


Did the goalkeeper get a touch? Lee Griffiths thought it was going off


the goalkeeper and into the back of the net, but it has gone wide for


the corner. How many volunteers for the penalties, many of the players


can hardly walk, let alone take a penalty. The place in the final of


the Scottish Cup final will be settled by penalties. First up the


Rangers, it is Andy Halliday. Scores. Brilliantly into the top


corner. Absolutely perfect, goalkeeper has no chance, goes the


wrong way. It is a terrific strike from Andy Halliday. Looking to get


Celtic after the ideal start is Charlie Mulgrew. His sends Wes


Foderingham the wrong way. 1-1 on penalties. Equally good from Charlie


Mulgrew. Goalkeeper goes one way, he slips it into the corner. James


Tavernier has scored 14 times for Rangers this season. Can he find the


target one more time in the shoot out? There is your answer! Over the


top. Ad vantage, Celtic. He sauntered up to it. Looked really


confident. At the last minute, gets his foot under the ball and it is


over the bar. Looking for some divine assistance. Has Callum


McGregor got what it takes? It stays at 1-1 on penalties. McGregor's miss


rattling back off the crossbar. Gone further power, straight down the


middle. Next up, Barrie McKay, who scored the screamer in extra time.


Can he find the net again? He does, but only just and that is so painful


for Craig Gordon, who got his left hand to it, but couldn't keep it


out. He guessed right, got their book couldn't get a solid hand


behind it. Bittton appeared to be struggling with bad hamstring


problem. Look like he wanted to come off at one stage. But he steps up to


take Celtic's third penalty. 2-1 Rangers at the moment on penalties.


That makes it 2-2. Super-confident from a player who looked like he was


struggling during the game. The classic go down the middle, you know


the goalkeeper is going to die. classic go down the middle, you know


after extra time, 2-2 on penalties. Nicky Clark. Craig Gordon makes the


save. A century of Celtic appearances and is that a turning


point in the shoot out? Great reflexes. His dad in the crowd.


Horrible for his son. When for the power but it was a great save by


Craig Gordon. It is the captain. Scott Brown! Saved by Wes


Foderingham. It was up for penalty. It is another mess. It was an easy


save. Nowhere near the corner and a good height for the goalkeeper. They


have scored two and missed two each. It is Lee Wallace. It is perfect.


Celtic have two score the next one to stay alive. That is the way to do


it from the Rangers' skipper. Right in the corner, perfect. Who would


you want in a crisis? Surely, Lee Griffiths. It is 3-3 on penalties.


Now it becomes sudden death. Lee Griffiths has missed a couple but


steps up and does a great job. What a moment for 19-year-old Gedion


Zelalem. Can the youngster saddle his nerves? Sensational. It sends


Craig Gordon the wrong way. Some people might be panicking, not him.


Young nerves, supercool. Always look like he was going to find the back


of the net. The experience of the Swedish international has two score.


He bills. Another beautifully taken penalty from Mikael Lustig. Top


quality. The goalkeeper guesses right. Almost get there but there is


enough power in the effort. Hope you are keeping count. Nicky Law! Very


good indeed. Craig Gordon went to his right, the ball went to his


left. Opened up the ankle, goes into the bottom corner and keeps the


left. Opened up the ankle, goes into pressure on. As Rangers keep putting


these away, the tension just ratchets up from the Celtic players


who have to follow up and keep themselves alive. And Tom Rogic


makes a real mess of that penalty. Rangers have pulled off this


seemingly unthinkable. So many people had Celtic winning this


semifinal on cruise control and what does this all mean for the Celtic


manager, Ronnie Deila? It is a smile as wide as the Clyde on the face of


Mark Warburton. The underdogs have done the business. What sort of


signals does this send out for next season in the Premiership?


A great game, huge drama and an absorbing afternoon of football.


Finally, victory for Rangers. A deserved victory, said the Rangers


manager, Mark Warburton afterwards. Pat, would you agree? It was


definitely Rangers' day. In the first half I thought they played


well. They were composed, passed the ball. But the battle was in the wide


areas and Celtic came out on top. We talked about it before the game, how


would they cope with Roberts on one side. Gary Mackay-Steven didn't


perform. Roberts did OK for a period of the game.


They had magnificent chances. They had a lot of chances to win, even in


the penalty shoot out, they had a chance to go into the lead and


didn't take it. Celtic had the chances, Mark Warburton says it was


a deserved win for Rangers, what's your view? I would agree. It was a


great game and a great advert for Scottish football. The atmosphere.


The pitch was good. From the start Rangers looked confident, sealed and


well prepared. They dominated possession. Celtic did create one or


two good openings. But they were laboured in the opening half and did


not lay a glove on Rangers. Second-half Celtic came out very


strongly. Little period just after half-time when they forced four


Corners, got their goal to get back into it. At that point you expected


Celtic to kick on. I was thinking Rangers would be under the cosh


because Celtic were in the ascendancy. For me they seemed to


drop deep and allow Rangers to keep the ball against point you are an


expert when it comes to veteran strikers, Kenny Miller... He's not a


veteran, he's only 36! Plenty of life left in those legs? Absolutely,


and this kind of run is how he made his career, off the shoulder of the


defender. That is very clever movement. And this is a very


opportunistic goal. He points to where he wants the ball. Boyata is


sleeping a bit. Look who reacts first, Kenny Miller. He's trying to


do the right thing, but the reaction in the box is the key to this goal.


Huge moment, Pat. Another huge moment was the miss from Patrick


Roberts. Comparisons with Lionel Messi, but today they were more


comparisons to a bad miss for Rangers. He is a young man and he


has produced some great games but this will live with him for a long


has produced some great games but time. Will that scar him? I hope


not. He's only a young player, but what an opportunity, just hit the


target. When it comes off the post you are already saying, equaliser.


I'm sitting in the lounge with my mouth wide open. One of those horror


moments and I feel for him. Having missed opportunities myself as a


strike in the past in big matches, it plays on your mind, all night,


all week, it runs on loop in your head but you've got to get over it.


But a horrible moment for him. It will take some time. Lacklustre


performance around the pitch in many ways from Celtic at times but a


shining light once again, keirin Tierney. Listen, we talked about him


all season. He's been absolutely fantastic. At times it was almost


two against one, three against one, and he got across. Getting himself


back into good positions, awareness, his body into defendant. Nobody


better in this league in this moment in time that can defend in the way


he does. He does it so, so well. He gets his tackles in. He's a bit like


Danny McGrady, when you got hit, you knew you were hit. He's got that.


This was excellent. Really good run in, shows real awareness to pick out


Rogic for the goal. Rogic had an interesting time when he came on the


pitch. Obviously he got the goal, massive moment in the penalty shoot


out, freakish moment as well. I feel like the defence counsel here. The


pitch rose, didn't it? Watches standing foot before he kicks the


ball. Our whole piece of turf moves and lifts the ball and inch off the


ground. I think the penalty kick he was hitting was going high anyway,


possibly into the top corner. The ball sat up an extra inch. Why did


it have to happen to a Celtic player? It sat up and inch, almost


like a golf ball on a tee. You had to feel sorry for him. He came on


and he made an impact. to feel sorry for him. He came on


Due to an ongoing situation between BBC Scotland and Rangers, no


interviews with the Rangers manager or the players, but we did hear from


the Celtic can. Craig Gordon coming up, but first Ronny Deila. Very


disappointed, of course. Tough game. Overall I am disappointed in the


performance, we should have been Overall I am disappointed in the


better than what we were. Did not think we were pressing good enough


in the first half and we did not keep it well either. In the first


half Rangers was the best thing. In the second half we went harder on


them. And we get our goal. That was positive. After that I think also we


them. And we get our goal. That was should be better on the ball and


create more. At the same time they did not create a lot. We should have


been better. We should have performed first. If we had done that


we probably would have went on to win the game. Some fans have taken


to social media to suggest your time as Celtic manager may be up, is it?


In football you never know with these kind of questions. It is


always hard pressure here. What I'm thinking now is to go out to win the


league. That's the most important thing now, and then we'll see after


the season what we will do. Are you categorically convinced you will be


Celtic manager next year? You never know in football. But this is a


fantastic job and something I want to carry on with. Do you want to


carry on? Of course I want to. Lets cut to the chase. Does Ronny Deila


face the sack? He's really disappointed. After getting this


defeat. I've said it all season, the league is a taking. Still they had


to do the business and that but I think it is a taking. Back-up you


have to win this season, they haven't won either. Big decisions to


be made now by the board. I think he should be given the chance to win


his league, no question of that. But will they take a chance for him? I'm


not too sure. It's going to be very difficult. You don't think he will


be there next season. I would agree. He has been up against it since his


disastrous European campaign, I don't think he has recovered. League


form has been indifferent. Out of both cups, not acceptable. Dwindling


crowds. Not sure about the squad size. You have to say as well that


his players have underperformed. A large number of his players have


underperformed massively. To give him credit today, at half-time he


obviously did something because they came out at half-time and he got


them going. At half-time in extra time he got them going, got a goal


back. Is that enough? The Champions League is a big thing this year.


They will get into it, whether they will qualify, that is a must for


Celtic Football Club. They haven't shown in Europe and we were critical


of them at the start of the year. Knocked out by Rangers, still a


championship team. He will get to the end of the season and that's it?


He showed. He definitely deserves to win the league Trophy at I can't see


a way back for him after that. Rangers into the Scottish Cup final.


Great day for the Rangers fans at Hampden Park. Fantastic, absolutely


fantastic, boys. I'm so proud of Hampden Park. Fantastic, absolutely


boys. The bar has been raised and we are back. We will win the league


next year. We can beat anybody. They played well. They did us proud. I


was glad we got there in the end. First half of it slow, second-half


always on top. It's an exciting time to be a Rangers fan. The Rangers


fans went home happy. The manager very happy with how his players


executed the game plan. Rangers have played a possession based game all


season. The big question was whether they could execute it against the


best team in the country and the answer was yes. The display in the


first half in terms of possession was phenomenal. I could have picked


20 clips of them keeping the ball. They went all the way across the


pitch, the passing today was crisp. Started in such a relaxed manner.


Confident. You liked this one. You can see from Celtic, Mikael Lustig


had pulled out of position, probably too easily, he could have passed


into midfield. Robert is a problem, he has to defend this big space in


behind. That was an issue throughout the game for them. It was but it is


a feature of Rangers play, they have been doing it all season. They get


an early shot off, and looked particularly impressive. Mark


Warburton has instilled it that they have to keep the ball, take it under


any circumstances. The composure the defenders had in abundance. They get


pressed here. Decides to go along but again finds his man with the


past. Good support play from Barrie McKay as well. Young Tierney as


well. He shows really good defending. I was impressed with


Rangers way they played little triangles. In this situation, there


are three Rangers players, we will triangles. In this situation, there


highlight them just now. The ball moves but the players also moved to


get options on the ball, and they exploit the space. You will see the


end of it here, exploiting space and almost getting a chance. Barrie


McKay makes this movement all day long. Unlucky not to get in again,


but they were lucky in possession. Speaking of Barrie McKay staving,


stunning strike from him. -- Gary Mackay-Steven. The Celtic fans and


staff will be talking about this probably tomorrow. Maybe the referee


was unsighted that it was definitely a Celtic throw in. The assistant on


this site did give it to Celtic and the referee overruled him. At that


point there is still a long way to go to the Celtic game. Look at the


Rangers players here picking up the ball in acres of space. We


highlighted the run out to in, watching take up this space as the


ball comes along. Cheap from Celtic, not doing their jobs defensively


properly from a throw in. I'll pause it, look at the amount of space he


is in, here, phenomenal amount of space, he gets the ball, turns,


there is still an awful lot to do. And what a strike. It was a great


goal. Still had a little bit to do, back to goal, he turned Scott Brown.


Craig Gordon had no chance with that. None whatsoever and it was a


very impressive performance from Rangers. Great goal from Barrie


McKay. Rangers are in the final of the Scottish Cup, congratulations to


them. The first semifinal was played yesterday, Hibs against Dundee


United. COMMENTATOR: The 200th meeting of


Hebburn Ian and Dundee United sees two clubs who is respectively


campaigns are in serious danger of imploding -- Hibernian. Hibs in


their fourth Scottish Cup semifinal in the last five years, only winning


one of their last seven championship matches, having been a serious


threat to Rangers at the top for two thirds of the campaign. The road to


promotion looks like it could be a long one. United haven't got going


as they prop up the Premiership, eight points from salvation, with


only five games left to political off. Hibs without the suspended Mark


Oxley after contact lens gate in the last round in Inverness. Debut for


the 29-year-old Irishman Conrad Logan in goal. James Keatings is


also banned. Hibs haven't won this for a while but Anthony Stokes has,


twice. He, McGregor and grey are walking a suspension tightrope. Make


soup at a line and has been putting Gavin Gunning related


His mysterious departure came at a time when nothing could be doing


without any extra hassles. Blair Spittal starts for the first


time in a month. This is Lewis Stevenson, first


chance for him, perhaps. Going for the spectacular. 23 times this


season he has scored. He's certainly capable. The ball comes in, he sees


it barely. Just can't get over it. it barely. Just can't get over it.


-- he sees it barely. A chance! And the Hibs debutant comes up with an


answer. Morris showed way too much of it.


He's given a penalty for handball! I think Donaldson gets the head down


and the arm up here. Unusual position. Awkward one. Very


difficult to tell. Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear. What was


that? At this stage of the competition, you don't need that.


You need the ball in the back of the net.


Fancies it! You don't want to give him room. From 30 yards income he


just takes a step and he heads an absolute beauty. Rising all the


time, but just too high. But what a hit.


Billy Mackay, was in again. He was denied by Conrad Logan. The


goalkeeper has been worth his denied by Conrad Logan. The


in gold. Great ball and a great take. Close,


but not close enough. Paul Payton. Erskine was onside. Still alive. Of


the line by Hanlon. Little flick, just onside. United should have made


Hibs pay. Paul Donaldson is down again. Had to be treated earlier. A


tweak in your hamstring sometime becomes worse. You should say to the


manager, I am going to become a liability, you need to make a


change. United haven't even got a substitute ready. John Beaton, into


extra time. John McGinlay hasn't been the influence in the game we


know he can be. The keeper had to make the save.


John Rankin, thought he was scoring. Another wonderful save. That was


going in the bottom corner. Another good save! Still alive will stop


Conrad Logan has just received a standing ovation from the Hibs


supporters. He has been an absolute star.


The goalkeeper decided to just punch that. It looked unorthodox from the


Japanese. He has blown the whistle and the first Scottish Cup semifinal


is going to a penalty shoot out. Blair Spittal is up first. Wouldn't


is going to a penalty shoot out. you know it! The man of the moment


does it again! John McGinn, to put them in front. And he does. As


does it again! John McGinn, to put decisive as you get. Billy McKay I


missed a couple of good chances. And another save from Logan.


Paul Hanlon, who scored the late equaliser against Hearts, makes it


two. Paul Dixon has two score for Dundee United. He does. They are


still breathing. Martin Boyle has the chance to move Hibs closer to


the final. Another wonderful penalty.


Guide them out. The weight of world was on his shoulders. Jason


Cummings has the chance to put Hibs into the final. In he goes... It is


Glory, Glory. Jason Cummings can raise all memories of the penalty


miss in the first half. He has taken Hibs through to the final, with more


than a helping hand from Conrad Logan. It finished goalless after


extra time. Jason Cummings with the winning penalty.


A dull first half we were good and Dundee United were the better team.


They got to a point for both teams didn't want to lose the game.


Obviously when called upon and you can produce things, I am delighted.


Obviously when called upon and you Created loads of clear-cut chances


and they haven't taken them. In the end they have cost us. We simply


needed to put those chances away. What an afternoon of the big man


between the sticks for Hibs. Conrad Logan already a hero with the Easter


Road faithful. His last match, December 2014 before that. He is a


player you know well? I knew him from Donegal, knew his dad who


played as well. They played against Aberdeen in the European


competition. He was a Young man, trying to find his way. He moved


over to Leicester and I didn't see much of him after that. What a game


he had. He is of course, not match fit, but he was technically very


good, made decisions. Spreading himself, coming up quickly and


killing the space. Had a fantastic game. This was the first penalty


save. I've thought he was going to save all of them. The second penalty


was a really good save. Low down to his right hand side. Fantastic


penalty, you couldn't write it any better. He is deserving of his hero


status. He enjoyed that, he really did. He has got a couple of months


now. He has a chance of getting a contract and coming up here. He was


out of a job. It was a day for big personalities and you have two said


Jason Cummings is a play with personality? He is, without doubt.


If you're going to do this, you have to make sure you score. If I was one


of his team-mates... Absolutely crazy. What is riding on the game.


It shows a bit of bottle to go up and hit the next one, which wasn't a


great penalty. He is a lucky Young man. If you are the manager, what


would you say to him? I with taking him aside and saying, never, ever


try that again. Imagine if they went out of the cup after doing that.


There would have been a line of players in my day, waiting for him.


There is a fine line between confidence, you go into an ego


thing. There will be managers watching him. I know a couple of


managers who have in watching him who would have been interested in


taking him. They might not be interesting now. What was this


between Carl Donaldson and the manager. He was injured, but he was


wanted to get off the pitch. But I think the officials were trying to


get him off the pitch. The manager had time to get a substitute ready


because he had been carrying the injury for some time. I remember


watching Dundee United in the European, watching with Tommy Burns


at that level, now to get relegated this year with a huge. Players would


have to go, but the wages. Do all the things clubs don't want to do


and it will affect the club. We'll be bounced back, that is the


question? They had chances to win the game, but that has been the


problem for them all season. We know who will be in the Scottish Cup


problem for them all season. We know final, Hibs against Rangers. Who


will win it? It'll be interesting. Hibs, two cup finals. Suddenly it


could be a disaster. I would like to go for Hibs. Going to be a busy


schedule because Rangers have a lay-off before the match? Rangers


have a couple of weeks off, which will benefit them after a long


season. Hibs are already looking tired, so they could do with arrest.


For the first time ever the Scottish Cup final will be contested by two


sides out of the top flight. From all others here, good night.


Introduced by Jonathan Sutherland.

Scottish Cup semi-final highlights. Premiership Champions Celtic and newly crowned Championship winners Rangers go head to head at Hampden for a place in the 2016 Scottish Cup final. It's the first meeting between the sides in the competition in more than five years and with both teams chasing League and Cup double success, it will no doubt be as intense a meeting as ever. In the other semi-final, relegation battlers Dundee United take on promotion hopefuls Hibernian. These two sides have both lost finals in recent years and will see these disappointments as incentive to get to the big stage again.

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