11/03/2017 Sportscene


Including Aberdeen v Motherwell, Hearts v Hamilton, St Johnstone v Dundee, Ross County v Kilmarnock, Partick Thistle v Inverness. Introduced by David Currie.

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Yes, good afternoon and welcome to the results show. Thanks so much for


choosing us instead of the rugby. Don't go changing now, you will not


regret it. We have scores, reports, results and even a new Rangers


manager to talk about, he is Pedro Caixinha. Less find out


what is happening where. Hearts against Hamilton. Hearts 1-0


Hamilton Accies. An outstanding performance from the Hamilton Accies


goalkeeper with seven brilliant saves in the first half. If it


hadn't been that way, it might have been a cricket score. The way he


saved the header is a must seen on Sportscene. Ian Cathro wanted to get


the first goal so much in this game. They have it and at the moment


Hearts are on course for all three points. I must apologise for the


phone quality there and the gratuities plugging of this show


tomorrow night! The last time Motherwell were here, they shipped


seven goals in that defeat two months ago but it has been nowhere


near as bad as that. Motherwell have defended well, they have been stout


and frustrating this Aberdeen side by and large. The dons have been


nowhere near their best today although Craig Samson pulled off a


couple of terrific saves towards the end of the opening 45 minutes. First


from Adam Rooney and then from Niall McGinn. It is a similar pattern in


the second half. To Tayside week go and St Johnstone are at home to


Dundee. 2-0, a deserved lead for Tony Rea's side. Is absolutely


dominating the opening 45 minutes. The first goal coming from a lovely


sweeping move, Paton with a lovely header. The second goal coming from


Blair Alston. The Dundee keeper may think he could have done better but


the ball ended up in the back of the net. Numerous other chances for the


home side. All coming close to adding to that and just if you


moment ago Paul Paton with a piledriver just inches wide of the


right-hand side of Scott Bain 'sleft-hand post. 55 minutes here,


St Johnstone 2-0. Tom Barnes is watching Partick Thistle against


Inverness Caledonian Thistle. It is 0-0, as Inverness Caley Thistle come


forward, Craig Tansy trying a shot from about 30 yards. He had an


earlier shot for Kalisto Suyal but most of the pressure coming from


Partick Thistle, who dominated and created loads of openings. They just


failed to find the final product. Just before the interval, Anya had


the ball in the back of the net. It was disallowed for offside. Though


far goalless here at Firhill between the two Thistles. The global energy


Stadium, the home of Ross County, and visitors today Kilmarnock. 0-


one, Conor Sammon just putting Kilmarnock ahead after half-time. A


really simple goal, a throwing headed on by Boyd and Conor Sammon


side footing it into the back of the net. It has been a match of few


chances. One free kick deflected over the bar and one hooked effort


just wide. County with it all to do here in Dingwall. Nice to see Martin


there and always nice to hear Jonathan Sutherland is a Hamilton


fan this afternoon and I believe it is another goal? Yes, it is 2-0 to


Hearts. A shot high into the corner. Hearts much the stronger team this


afternoon. The goals coming thick and fast, a goal at Partick Thistle.


Yes, it has come to the home side, as expected. Ryan Edwards with a low


delivery to the far post and who else but Chris Gillon was there to


slide in with an outstretched leg else but Chris Gillon was there to


and knock it past Williams. His tenth goal of the season and his


fourth in his last five games. Into the Championship and I wonder if


Kenny Crawford can continue the goals spree at said Mirren versus


Dunfermline. 50 minutes on the clock and the home side on a ten game


countdown now to avoid automatic relegation to League 1. They still


harbour ambitions of scampering into the corrosion spots. They will need


to find more than they have shown today in Paisley. Staying in the


Championship, second bottom at home to second top at Somerset Park. It's


a game that promised more than it really delivered so far. An early


lead for Falkirk, the only goal of the game came on eight minutes and


it was kind of symptomatic of the way the goal -- space game has gone


so far. Austin knocked it past Greg Fleming for the only goal of the


game. The other scoreline in the Championship, Dumbarton 3-0 up on


Raith Rovers. Folks, welcome to the show. The big story today is that


Rangers have got a new manager and I will get the pronunciation of his


surname right by the end of the programme. For now, we can call him


Pedro! What is the logic as you see it behind disappointment, Craig? A


bit left-field? I would have thought so because of his CV. We don't


really know about his time in Qatar and different countries, what has he


done, what does he bring to the party? But Rangers need someone in


for the stability and they will have from now until the end of the season


to see what he can do at Ibrox and then the real business will start in


the transfer window and people will start to judge when he has got his


own team out there on the park. He's here and he's got time to settle in


but Rangers fans are not the most patient, they want things turn


around and quickly. Rangers fans want to see a vision for the future


and they know who's going to be in charge and now it's up to him to


convince the fans that he can take the club in the right direction.


Another goal at Tynecastle Jonathan to tell us about. An outstanding


strike from Jamie Ward. A free kick from 30 yards curled into the top


corner. 3-0 to Hearts against Hamilton Accies, who have not won


here at Tynecastle since 1977 and it's not about to start happening


here today. Michael, we don't know much about the new Rangers manager,


maybe you can enlighten us a bit? I know he is something of able fighter


and colourful character and speaks a few languages but other than that


I've done my research and I can't find a great deal. No, the


bull-fighting thing and all that sort of stuff, it is good fun and it


fleshes out the guide as a character and a personality but none of it is


relevant, of course, to the abilities that he has as a manager,


which is all that is going to matter to Rangers. I think it's a huge leap


in the dark by Rangers because his track record is pretty ordinary, to


be honest. I think his highest win rate was 42%, at one of the teams he


managed. To be fair, he was at two clubs in Portugal who are quite


managed. To be fair, he was at two small, so your win rate is


managed. To be fair, he was at two traditionally going to be quite


small there. He was at a club in Mexico and they have a combo gated


league structure there but he won one of the kind of half season


championships that way have a tracker they have and he won a kind


of cup competition they have. He has moved around not been in any the


really mainstream leagues and he has not done anything in Qatar that


would have us holding a bit like saying we must come and get him. He


must have taken the bull by the horns in the interview process? I


just set that up for you and you ignored it! Listen, I think if you


were the Scottish manager, you would think the days of Rangers and Celtic


ever are pointing a manager... There are domestic candidates on the face


of it who would have better credentials than Pedro Caixinha. But


of it who would have better we will see, he has got the job on a


three-year contract. We are heading to being ball where there has been a


goal. He did what he does best, drilling


it into the corner. Earlier you were saying it has been a while since the


boys scored for Ross County. Your saying it has been a while since the


timing is perfect! A vital goal. Vital goal, it has been some time


since he scored. Kilmarnock on a downward spiral, they have won two


of their last 11 games. -- if they can get a result against Kilmarnock,


that could kick-start something for them. But Kilmarnock have done well,


even though it has been something of a weird season. It looks like


bringing Conor Salmon Inn was something of a stroke of genius.


Back at his old happy hunting ground at Jelly and he has scored a couple.


Big Fish a small pond, that kind of thing. What have I started here? He


has always scored goals and he didn't hit the ground running at


Tynecastle. He was struggling to be didn't hit the ground running at


a member of the team and he has gone back to Kilmarnock where I think he


had the best time of his career. When you lose Koulibali, you think


you have to get someone in there to help out Kris Boyd, and Conor Salmon


could be the man. They started really well and we've kind of needed


this, we've lost the last three games and I guess it is good for us


because I don't think Andy Hamilton much against us at McDiarmid Park.


But they have them really well, dominated. Poor result against


Kilmarnock, showed a bit of metal against Rangers and were unfortunate


not to get a point out of that one. We have come here and Tommy Wright


said before the game we're in a good place and if we the game we are


catching up with Dundee and not too far behind Hearts, although Hearts


seem to be turning on the style today. They are indeed and some


would say not before time, Craig. 3-0 up. Jonathan Stead relief when


the first goal went in. You have a bigger crowd at Tynecastle, you want


them to get behind you. The last few games, the draw against Cali


Thistle, the defeat Ross County and you're up against a Hamilton Accies


side, the only team in the league who have not won away from home all


season. If they picked up their first win today at Hearts it would


only add to the problems for the manager. It gives them breathing


space but their next two games are Aberdeen and Celtic, doesn't get any


easier. On the subject of Aberdeen, perhaps the surprise score line of


the day, no wonder you look so grumpy! Is 0-0, after it was 7-2


last time in that fixture. You often get that, don't you? A team that has


taken a beating like that, they will shore things up. Motherwell have


been a long more solid and resilient this time. Aberdeen's home record


has been terrific this season. Celtic beat them but otherwise they


have harvested an awful lot points at home. What they seem to be


struggling to find a way through today. Partick Thistle on course for


their fourth league win on the spin and they are getting that momentum


now that people spoke about earlier in the season. Playing well and


scoring and getting the victories. And not conceding. I think they


haven't conceded in six out of their last eight games and their last


three games they have won, they haven't conceded a goal. It's really


hard to score against them. I just think it's fantastic that a club


like Partick Thistle, you put your trust in the manager and he says, we


will get the results, we just need to sort a few things and we have


started to do that. They are one of the teams to watch going into that


top six. A brief foray into the world of English football now


because it is FA Cup quarterfinals weekend and the first tie is at


lunchtime today between Middlesbrough and Manchester City.


Ian Brown was saw there and he saw things at the Riverside. Once we saw


the team selection it was obvious Manchester City were in no mood for


messing. More or less. For this game and a goal up after just two minutes


six seconds, the fastest goal of the season for them. Awful defending


from rebels broke when Zabaleta crossed and David Silva touched the


ball in off Brad Guzan. Middlesbrough dominated the whole


game but were -- Man City dominated the whole game but were wasteful in


front of goal. Aguero hit the post before finally clinching the game


with a close run finish. Middlesbrough's only hope games --


only hopes came from set pieces and scrambles and bravo twice had to


clear off his line to ensure a clean sheet. It looks like if Manchester


City want to win a trophy this year it has got to be the FA Cup. I think


that is why the manager has gone for all his big guns. He says himself,


if they don't win anything then it has been a failure of a season.


Middlesbrough struggling in the league and the fact they were at


home you thought gave them a chance but when you saw the Manchester City


team, Fat too much firepower. Speaking of firepower, The Gunners,


Arsenal, against Lincoln city denied. I was listening to the radio


and an Arsenal fan came on and I've never heard someone so nervous in


all my life. Surely not! It's the FA Cup and anything can happen. Lincoln


have absolutely nothing to lose, they are flying in the league, they


are flying in the FA shield as well. And Arsenal have no confidence


whatsoever. They are turning on each other, if reports are to be


believed. And they are turning on the manager. Money doesn't win you


things, players were new things and teams we knew things. Something


could happen, not saying that it will but there is always that slight


chance. Something has happened at Somerset Park, a goal in the match


between a united and Falkirk. Let's hear about it from Charlie. -- Ayr


United. It was a corner that was not cleared by the Ayr United defence


and there was Austin to knock it past the goalkeeper for his second


of the game and forth of the season and now it looks like they will win


that one. Leaders Hibernian travelled to face Dundee United at


Tannadice, a big game in the Championship. Hibs won it 1-0,


Cummings with the goal. Cummings was also red carded for two yellow cards


in the second half and not to be left out, the Hibs boss was sent to


the stands right at the end. Find out what Neil Lennon and Ray


McKinnon had to say when they spoke to Martin after the match. We were


outstanding. The only disappointment was the sending-off, which put us on


the back foot for ten minutes. The rest of the game we played really


strongly and looked a very good side tonight and thoroughly deserved the


win. We put down a marker for the rest of the season and hopefully we


have done it tonight, it was a difficult place to come and win. The


performance, I thought we were head and shoulders above Dundee United. I


played it down this week but I didn't underline the importance of


the game enough to the players. It's probably the most important game we


have had come a legal wise, in the last two or three seasons. The lads


gave everything tonight and sometimes in these games quality


does play second fiddle but it was extremely difficult for others when


we went down to ten men. I thought we started off excellent, the first


15 minutes. The game plan slightly over that but the sending-off had a


huge impact on the game. I know Dundee United have a game in hand


but they have to win it and there is no guarantee in this league. Falkirk


have put together a strong run but we have only lost one game since the


first week of the year in all competitions. Despite having a below


par run in the league, the consistency has been there and I


think sometimes we get criticised and from my point of view there is a


lack of respect for the team and the club at times. We have silenced the


critics denied. We will fight for every point for the rest of the


season. The game has come alive after the second part because it was


1-0 at half-time and that was Nathan Austin's goal. Austin made it two on


63 minutes to look as if he has put them on easy Street. Alan Moore was


through and a good shot and a good save from Rogers. He knocked it past


the goalkeeper for his fifth of the season. A little bit more dramatic


but Falkirk holding on. Thanks, Charlie. Let's talk firstly about


the win for Hibs against Dundee United last night. Craig, you were


at Tannadice. Neil Lennon absolutely delighted with that win. Do you


think he has the air of a man who thinks now, that is it, we're going


to win the championship? I think he just thinks his team are back on


track. Two defeats and a draw going into the game. They had booked a


place in the semifinal of the cup and you knew they needed to get back


to business and focus 100% on getting out of the Championship.


They went there last night and dominated the game and yes there was


a sending off... When you look back at the 90 minutes, Cammy Bell had a


great save. The Hibs goalkeeper never had a shot to save, not one


shot on target. Jason Cummings scored a wonderful goal but Efe


shot on target. Jason Cummings Ambrose was an absolute standout


last night and never put a foot wrong. They're not out of the


running but it's going to be very difficult. I think also the fact


that they have Ayr United and St Mirren to play in a game in hand


next week I think, and that is not going to be an easy game. They have


some tough games coming up and as you said, others behind them are


pushing forward. For them, I would focus on getting the team back,


getting them playing well and securing acrobatic space getting


results and securing at least that second spot. Jason Cummings, 20


goals for the season. I think he's done it several seasons in a row.


He's a real enigma. You get the occasional nonsense he gets up to


and that side with him to hand ball incidents, but he is a talent. I saw


Neil Lennon describing him as a big-game player and he is. He's a


guy that reacts in the Derby is and when Rangers were with us in the


Championship, he scored a lot of goals against Rangers as well. He's


a guy that can finish really calmly in a pressure situation. Folks, we


told you earlier Pedro Caixinha, I've had to type that into the


autocue phonetically so I can pronounce it as accurately as I can


come and he is the new Rangers manager. The 43-year-old Portuguese


signing a three-year contract today just in time to catch tomorrow's old


firm game. You can catch it tomorrow as well on Sportsound. Rangers have


a new manager just in time for the old firm match but we understand


Graeme Murty will be taking the team. That seems to be discretion


taking the better part of valour for me. As a manager you have your own


ideas and Graeme Murty has produced a couple of decent results and they


won't want to mess with that. The players will want to impress but it


will be Graeme Murty's team that take to the field tomorrow. It was


Mark Warburton's that took to the field in the last old firm derby and


it was closer than maybe a lot of people had anticipated but Celtic


still ran out victorious. Yes. Obviously Rangers getting the first


goal there and it was slightly closer but I still don't think


Celtic were in any sort of danger. As they've shown throughout the


season, they have absolutely blown everyone away. I think tomorrow


might have something a bit more about it because the players will


want to impress. But I can't see past Celtic getting that result


tomorrow. You've got Dembele scoring, Sinclair on the scoresheet.


For Rangers, it was Kenny Miller. scoring, Sinclair on the scoresheet.


Celtic have so many all threats than Rangers possess. Absolutely. But


Kenny Miller is still capable of delivering an old firm game to you.


That was a well worked goal. But Celtic have dominated all three of


the old firm derbies so far. Only one emphatic scoreline but the other


two games were very comfortable for Celtic. I think Graeme Murty is


pragmatic tomorrow. He will have to be pragmatic, shore things up and


try to be more compact than Rangers have been in the game so far,


because they have been torn apart by Dembele and Sinclair. In your last


outing, they tore Hamilton apart 6-0 in the Scottish cup. Hamilton's


defending not quite up to what one might expect. A lot of set piece


goals going in here. A couple of decisions certainly went Rangers's


wake on the afternoon. But the manager admitted they were second


best. Martyn Waghorn is a finisher and Garner is a finisher. If Rangers


get the opportunities they going to be have to be clinical because


Celtic have the firepower and on the bench as well. Rangers need to


defend through the first 15 or 20 minutes, get their teeth into the


game. If they can score a goal and give themselves something to


defend... They have got players who can upset Celtic but they go into


the game as real underdogs and Celtic will be the hot favourites.


Nine goals for Rangers in the last two. Sorry to remind you of that.


One was against Saint Johnstone. They are finding the target. But I


think it is at the other end where they have got the problems. When


you're up against a team like Celtic that have the firepower on and off


the park, yes you can score goals fantastic like in the last two but


can you keep them out at the other end? Even if you get the early goal


it will be constant pressure with Celtic. Celtic want to go this


season unbeaten and they want to be the invincible is. They're not going


to give that up against Rangers. Brendan Rodgers hailed Morton as the


best team they have faced domestic league. But in the end Celtic ran


out easy winners. -- Saint Mirren as the best team. I think everyone's


attention pricked up when some Mirren took the lead. But again


Celtic finished very strongly. They end up blitzing them as they have


done to simile teams all season. That must be very difficult to play


against because even if you are 0-0, you think we're still in this game


and we know how many goals they score, they are a very fit side and


they can go to the 90th minute. I was at the airport today, coming


back just by pure coincidence and the new Rangers manager had arrived.


There were a view Rangers supporters there supporting and chancing and I


have to say, they were surprisingly bullish for tomorrow, one or two


going to Celtic Park saying they thought they could pull it off. That


is high expectations, is it not? You always hope so. If it were at Ibrox


you would give Rangers a much better chance because the last game there


they dominated for 30 minutes and then gave away a poor goal and then


Celtic took over. It's all about performance tomorrow. If they don't


get a result, they've got to put in a performance. Rangers against


Celtic at Hampden, Rangers cannot go there if they produce the kind of


performance they did at the start of the season. Dembele has been


politically season, is he the man who will make the difference


tomorrow? He is the man you have to watch, he always seems to score.


Sinclair is a good player and Griffiths came off the bench against


Saint Mirren. Stuart Armstrong has been scoring goals. There are so


many areas that Celtic can help you. Two of the goals were from not


marking at corners in the 5-1 game. You know? It's madness not to be so


alive to his danger in the penalty box. Would I be right to say there


is a degree of unanimity between you all and you're going for a Celtic


win tomorrow? Yes. Comfortable win? Comfortable win? I don't think it's


going to be an absolute rout and some Celtic fans are licking their


lips in anticipation of a real spanking but I don't think it will


be like that, I think 2-0. 3-1, Rangers might sneak a goal. 2-0.


Jonathan is at Tynecastle, watching Hearts cruise to victory over


Hamilton. And cruised to victory they are doing. My one criticism of


Ian Cathro's Hearts players is a lack of creating chances. You can't


say that's been a problem at all today. It could have been a much


bigger scoreline had it not been for the rags of the Hamilton goalkeeper.


They are proving the victory and three points this afternoon. Perth,


St Johnstone home to Dundee. Ryan McLaughlin seems on course for three


points? 2-0, both goals coming in a six minute period in the first half.


Paul Paton with the opener, a lovely flowing move ending with Cummings,


who passed the ball past the goalkeeper in it to an empty net.


Blair Alston with the second, a piledriver from about 20 yards out


but the goalkeeper will be a bit disappointed he was not able to get


his hand to it. The ball nestled in the bottom corner of the goal. You


would have to say, it has been utterly fantastic this afternoon.


Indeed, Dundee have only had one shot in the 80 minutes played so


far. It was a Vincent shot saved by the goalkeeper. Dundee have been


powderpuff all afternoon. I think we're going 1-0 now to Firhill and


Partick Thistle versus Inverness. John? Partick Thistle leading 1-0,


Chris Doolan's tenth goal of the season. A low cross from Ryan


Edwards. Since then, Inverness have had a couple of chances. They'll


most went -- Partick Thistle almost went 2-0 up from an own goal from


Lang. A succession of bowled s -- 1-2s created the chance. The


goalkeeper dived and tips is around the post. So far Partick Thistle in


the driving seat. much. Martin Dowden is waiting to


tell us about the development in the match between Ross County and


Kilmarnock. Yes, still Boyce with the equaliser.


After Sammon had put Kilmarnock ahead. Then they had to weather a


After Sammon had put Kilmarnock storm. There was a close one with a


header. And then an effort went in. A volley off the bar. Credit to


Kilmarnock they weathered the storm and have taken the sting out of


this. Jim McEn tire about to make a change as he looks to be going for


the three points. Jim aBrighton coming on to the park and Ryan Dowe.


Kilmarnock doing well to take the coming on to the park and Ryan Dowe.


sting out of this one. Currently it is 1-1.


And now it is to Aberdeen versus Motherwell.


Apologies for the cracked phone line communication.


It is still 0-0. The Dons, they have been throwing bodies in the box.


Having a pop at the goal. Craig Samson with a couple of saves to


deny claims. Motherwell have been everything this


afternoon. That was great defence. They were not that a month ago. They


would take a point if this one today, given what happened here last


month in the 7-2 defeat. But it is still Aberdeen, nil, Motherwell,


nil. still Aberdeen, nil, Motherwell,


Thank you very much. Off to the 2021 Stadium where St Mirren are playing


Dunfermline in the championship. 85 machine minutes gone, lots of


action but no goals. Lots of chances for both sides. Paton of Dunfermline


cut inside. A great shot heading to the bottom left corner but deflected


by an outstretched boot of one of the defenders. Still 0-0. A great


attendance. They deserve a goal but it is still 0-06789


Craig, hold that thought, I was going to go to Somerset Park. Sorry,


Charlie. I forgot about you! Ayr United against Falkirk? Yes, and


Austin has two goals for Falkirk. He has had a penalty against him, which


the referee thought, Stephen McLean said no penalty. The folk, the guys


on the bench thought it was. But Hawkins has given Ayr a little hope


with a goal. But Houston says that Austin plays like Bambi on ice but


he is certainly making a difference today.


That is what I thought, Bambi on ice.


So, a substitution for one each. At a time when I think that managers


would be happy with a point when there are other teams losing? I


think that Ross County was.wishes to finish top six last year. So it


would be easy to think that a point is not a bad result as they sneak


away. But Jim is not that kind of manager. He wanted to build on the


win against Hearts last week. He was looking to build on the win


against Tynecastle. They normally do well against Ross County. I think he


feels that at home the onus is on him to go for it.


Michael, the statistics on the Motherwell game. Five yellow cards


for Motherwell. Liam described the performance as stout. It seems that


they have found, dare I say, backbone and steel snow? Well,


Aberdeen are pushing. They have taken off O'Connor and put on Miles


Storey. So they have been trying to attack. Derek Derek has been


successful with substitutions. They have had late goals from it. But it


does not look like it is coming. Motherwell are coping with all that


comes into the box. Motherwell begin the process for a


manager on Monday. Maybe not abad wee addition to Steven Robinson's


CV? And from what we are hearing from the camp, the players like him.


So not a bad audition. Daying, is he the man for the job?


It is his to lose. When you are in charge. You are against the odds.


Lost four games, you go down and produce a victory. If you can follow


that up. They are struggling to piece together a team. If you can go


to Pittodrie, especially Motherwell, they have the worst statistics for


away games. But produce a point there. That is a feather in his cap.


And Hamilton and Caley Thistle, if they lose today, as is looking like


light, there is day light opening up between the teams? I know that


Dundee are losing today but look at the bottom four. You wonder if they


are the ones to be involved all the way through.


Motherwell, got a win last week. A draw at Pittodrie. That was an


excellent result? It does not take much. A couple of wins you can pull


yourself into a good position. It looks like Accies and Inverness will


be at the bottom. Craig? The score line? Well, there was a horrible


record at Tynecastle, they have not won an away game, Inverness, so no


surprise that they are struggling. There is a goal for an away team? It


is a goal for Ross County. Kilmarnock now has two.


Boyd past him. Another simple goal. The County defence caught out. This


could prove vital for Kilmarnock. It could indeed.


If they secure this win it is the first since August 2016 up there.


They went for it in the last two subs that he made. That is a bad


goal to lose. A route one ball through and Kris Boyd was stronger


and wanted more. If they get a result there, that is fantastic for


them. And a good result at Tynecastle for


the homeside. Another goal? It is 3-06789


A fine free kick from the edge. A fine kick for Hearts. Now 4-0.


That does not flatter Hamilton Academical.


And reading comments from Ian Calf, he said he expected the job to be


years. He has had a torrid time? The odd win with poor results. But this


is a big win for them. You don't know what is going to happen.


Hamilton beat Aberdeen and then they are down in the following week. You


can't predict it. But Hearts have to say the message, that they can't go


to Tynecastle and pick up points. The next couple of games will be


belters against Celtic but going out of the cup with a women per, the


last three league results have been pure, the pressure is on. The


doubters are out in force, so now that is a big result. But they have


to use it as a springboard and build on it.


I think Newcastle brought in nine players in the window. You to


anticipate consistency with that level of change? You can anticipate


incons cystency but I don't think you can anticipate what happened


with Hibs in the Cup. They have not won in five games.


There has not been a 1-0 win anywhere. It is either big score


lines or not great performances. He has the nine players in. This is a


good result. But importantly it is a good performance. That is what the


fans need to see. Better quality performances week in, week out and


moving forward. That is a good point. It is a home game. They had


to perform in front of their own. They had been poor at Tynecastle.


Apart from the Rangers win. They had poor results. The fans needed to see


that, not just the score line but the performance.


And St Johnstone? We have not spoken about them? You have not been


correcting me. Is that the result to confirm them as the top six. Sorry,


Gemma, I have to interrupt. A goal at Pittodrie. The first in the match


in the game between Aberdeen and Motherwell.


Aberdeen have scored in the second minute here. Niall McGinn inside the


six yard box. The ball fired in the right-hand side. Aberdeen's Number


10 demonstrating how important a player he is for McIns yes, sir and


his team. Looks to have broken Motherwell right at the end of the


match. Motherwell have not kept a clean sheet since March. It's been


match. Motherwell have not kept a ripped from them. It looks like


Aberdeen, in the final couple of minutes of injury are to pick up a


crucial three points to move them nine clear of Rangers. It is 1-0.


Good job I was not picking my nose. Late drama at Firhill. Partick


Thistle versus Inverness. Yes, the last kick of the ball. A


heard. It came from Gary Warren. Equalling things here.


Warren at the back post. His header beat Thomas Cerny in a goal. A vital


point for Inverness Caley Thistle. They had gone behind. There was an


effort from Doolan nine minutes into the sec period after a low cross


from Edwards. 1-0 from Doolan. Scoring the 10th goal of the season.


But Warren's late leveller, playing the part of the captain for them.


This is a life line for these men. And full-time in Perth and the match


between St Johnstone and Dundee, a Tayside Derby and the home side are


running out the winners? A very comfortable afternoon for St


Johnstone. The goals coming in the first half. Peyton with a header.


And then Alston with the second. What a signing he has been for Tommy


Wright. Playing for Falkirk in the championship. Tommy Wright saw he


had the skills to play in the Premier League. He showed that this


afternoon. A wonderful drive. And the


goalkeeper may have felt he should have done better. A comfortable


afternoon for the Saints. Foster had a shot well saved. Paton had a


chance for a second goal, 25 yards of the goal. And the first shot of


the game for them came five minutes into the second half. A James


Vincent effort saved but that alone was scant reward for Dundee this


afternoon. They really didn't force St Johnstone back anywhere at all.


It was a comfortable afternoon for St Johnstone. St Johnstone, two,


Dundee, nil. And Hearts a convincing win over


hamming tonne. Outstanding performance from Hearts.


It could have been a cricket score if it were not for the performance


of Gary Woods for the Hamilton Accies.


In the second half, Gary Woods handled in the penalty area. It was


3-0, after a great kick then from Jamie Walker and then Martin putting


the icing on with another free kick to make it 4-06789 a much-needed


victory for Hearts. Hearts, four, Hamilton Accies, 06789


Now to Pittodrie. It is full-time. . .Aberdeen against Motherwell.


When Chris Karon slumped to his knees it summed up the emotions felt


by Motherwell. Niall McKin winning the game for


Aberdeen. Right at the end. Two minutes added on in stoppage time.


McGinn knocking a ball in. Probably Johnny Hayes' first cross.


It found McGinn. He slid the ball Probably Johnny Hayes' first cross.


into the bottom right-hand corner, a deserved victory. Motherwell were


resolute. Considering the seven goals here less than a month ago, it


is a feather in the cap for Steven Robinson. But they are going back


down the road collecting zero points. Sampson pulled off excellent


saves as the Dons huffed and puffed and then they puffed to the three


points to put them nine clear of Rangers.


And they have superior goal difference to the Ibrox side.


It finished here Aberdeen, one, Motherwell, nil.


And Charlie has a couple of goals to tell us about? Goals in the last


couple of minutes. It has put the game well beyond McCall's side and


cemented Falkirk staying in second place. Nathan Austin got a double to


put them 2 up. Then harkiness produced a goal to get Ayr United in


the game. But on the break away, goals for Falkirk, Craig Sibbald


with his ninth and then a goal from Fraser Aird making it 4-1. The game


has just finished now. Falkirk finding the right level of form at


just the right time in the season. Extending their season to unbeaten


at seven games. That is putting the pressure on. The


next two games are against Moreton and Hibs. So exactly the right form


at the right time for Falkirk. Full-time at Dingwall, and I hand


you back over to Martin. Full-time here, Ross County, one, Kilmarnock


two. Chris Boyd bundled the ball home. Poor defending by Ross County


and for the opener that Kilmarnock got.


There was a throw in nodded on by body. Sammon slotted the ball into


the corner. It was vital for Lee McKillop's side but count guilty got


back into the game with a strong finish into the corner by body. They


created chances, there was a crossbar struck. But credit to


Kilmarnock. Taking the sting out of it and the chances that they had in


the match that proved vital. Ross County, one, Kilmarnock, two.


Back to the championship and Kenny Crawford in paisley. Watching St


Mirren versus Dunfermline. It is full-time.


It is a draw. 0-0. Both sides settling for a point as they try to


complete their missions in the championship. Annoyingly for teams


is that they both feel that they could and should have taken all


three. A half volley almost put St Mirren ahead. A great save for


Dunfermline. Good chances missed. With Ayr's defeat, it means that St


Mirren is four points behind them. So hope for the Saints it pull off


the great escape. Goaless there but many goal at


Dumbarton versus Raith Rovers and all for the one team.


A comprehensive victory for Dumbarton over Raith Rovers, 4-0.


One nil up in the fifth minute by Gallagher.


Thorpe son scoring. Direct sterling's corner. After the break


it was 3-0. There was a cross tapped home by Sam Stanton. Then Fleming


got into the channels and slotted a ball past. It's Dunbarton, four,


Raith Rovers, nil. Folks, a breathless finish. But the


don't think the lines from John Barnes will be topped. The last kick


of the ball was a header but turned out a vital point for Caley Thistle,


scored by the captain. They are now one point behind Hamilton. There is


hope. Yes, and more painful for Hamilton


when they see it happen late in the game. There is a lot of football to


be played. Caley Thistle have played Rangers and Celtic. It could be that


they have a couple of games that they fancy their chances. They have


picked up. Defeat in the last four against Celtic and that is happening


to everyone. Today, you have to take something. It is a difficult place.


They have a poor record against Thistle but it does them the world


of good. Scoring that late, sends them up the road in high spirits.


Now, folks, it's the day's roundup. We start with the Ladbrokes Scottish


Premiership. Time for reaction to one of the


matches in the Scottish Premiership. We hear from the Partick Thistle


manager, who spoke to John Barnes after the draw with Caley Thistle.


Alan, a an opportunity lost? Yeah, massively. In the driving seat with


10 seconds to go. We deserved the three points for the play


considering we had to make a couple of changes to key personnel.


There was so much dominance in the first half. It was a case of finding


the break through? We were playing decent stuff but the final ball


the break through? We were playing alluded us. I thought we played well


enough. It was coming. But the two substitutions definitely interrupted


the play. Opportunity lost, Gemma for Alan


Archibald there? They didn't get the fourth consecutive win. Something


not managed since 2015? I know. And they did have the dominant play. But


they haven't just got a point today. They have hope. They have hone that


to Hamilton. They have come off two massive defeats in two games. So it


is a fantastic result for Inverness Caley Thistle, and definitely an


opportunity for Partick Thistle if they had grabbed it with both hands.


Also good for Kilmarnock two points outside of the top six? It gives


them a cushion. A nice position to be in. A feather in the cap of Lee


McCulloch. He is not sure if he wants to be the manager. But they


have picked up since he took over. To pick up a win was a good result.


McCall is not sure about taking the Kilmarnock job, do you think that


the performance and the nature of the win may convince him? It might.


But it is a difficult job. A fragile hold on the top delight status. But


he probably will not get better offers given his age. He is at the


foot hills of his career. I could see them ending up together.


I was hoping to touch on St Johnstone during the show. We have


not spoken about them. But a great result for them today. Stick ones


for top six? St Johnstone do what they do. They finish the in in the


top six but want to challenge Hearts. It was a big result. They


had lost three of the last four. Only won four. They normally build


their campaign on solid performances and results but the last five years


it has been seven, eight, nine. So and results but the last five years


they could finish up. Maybe up for the European grab. If they can


finish above Hearts. It will be an important game.


There is still time for a preview of what is to come.


Highlights of the weekend's Premiership action including the


Celtic and the Rangers match. Can join us for that. Thank you to


Gemma Faye, Craig Patterson and Michael Grant. Thank you for


watching. Take care and we'll see you soon.


Introduced by David Currie.

Reports and results from around the country in the SPFL. In the Premiership, Aberdeen host Motherwell at Pittodrie, Hamilton are in the capital to take on Hearts and there's a Tayside derby as St Johnstone welcome Dundee. Elsewhere, Kilmarnock make the trip to Dingwall to play Ross County and it is the battle of the Thistles as Partick and Inverness face each other at Firhill. Plus a preview of tomorrow's Old Firm derby at Celtic Park.

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