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Jonathan Sutherland introduces highlights of the weekend's matches in the SPFL. Fixtures include Celtic v Rangers, Partick Thistle v Inverness CT and Ross County v Kilmarnock.

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Twisting away from Crenshaw, and scores. Brilliant from Martyn


Waghorn. Scott Sinclair. They always find 's. There is club Obama this


ever sad, unbeaten start to the domestic season. Game, set and


match, Rangers. That is audacious. Moussa Dembele hat-trick. Rangers


have accepted the resignation Two contrasting seasons


for Celtic and Rangers. The Old Firm derbies


so often defining moments. How would they type out


this latest chapter? Here to review all the weekend


action, Steven Thompson Rangers' new manager


Pedro Caixinha in the stands. James Forrest back after injury for


Celtic, straight into the starting line-up, replacing Gary


Mackay-Steven. Otherwise it is the team which played in the Scottish


Cup semifinals. Danny Wilson comes in. Lee Hodson comes in. Toral


missing out. Barrie McKay, outside the Right foot. Snapshot from


Waghorn, kept alive on the byline. Wallace prodding a pass. Suddenly


Brown charging forward. Sinclair against Hodson. Scott Sinclair in


the end runs out of room. First chance for the 18 goals Sinclair to


stretches legs. Shut up pretty effectively. Brendan Rodgers hoping


his team can make it 23 straight Premiership wins. Wilson in trouble.


Dembele had the chance. He likes a goal against Rangers. Five already.


Wilson struggled. The opportunity opened up for Moussa Dembele.


Through for Waghorn. Is it the opening goal? Great save Craig


Gordon. What a chance for Waghorn, he gets the second opportunity on


the end of Tavernier's Russ. What an opportunity. Suddenly Waghorn could


see the Whites of Craig Gordon's eyes. What a big save this is from


Craig Gordon. Waiting in the wings for Rangers, the new manager.


Wallace getting his head to it. Flattered in central midfield. James


Forrest emerging with a really good run down the middle. Clint Hill's


challenge punished with a free kick. Right in front of goal. So difficult


to stop James Forrest. When he opens up like that. That was off-the-ball,


as he made his move. Stuart Armstrong. Clipping the outside of


the post. Was there a touch from Wes Foderingham? Lots of action on the


ball, taking a deflection of Nir Bitton. James Forrest twisting one


way and then the other. Wilson was late. Might well be carded for that.


Advantage play. Kieran Tierney lets rip. Good


strike, not too far away from the top corner, this. Little backflips.


Some strike. -- backlift. James Forrest, to Armstrong. Great


strike from Stuart Armstrong. The Old Firm opener. All he needed was


the glimmer of a chance. He rifled that in. The deadlock broken at


Celtic Park. The mistake from Holt severely punished. The shot fizzing


past Wes Foderingham, inside the post. The runaway leaders on track


for their fifth win of the season against Rangers.


Martyn Waghorn could be in. Stumbling at the crucial moment. He


would not quite full for Waghorn. Armstrong making himself available.


Holding off the challenge from Tavernier. The cutback for McGregor.


Lovely skill from the 19-year-old, see you later. McGregor could have


made more of the cutback. Kieran Tierney, opening up for the


full-back. Flicking it wide instead for Sinclair. Jinking onto the right


and left. Celtic are probing as Rangers again. Looking for the


all-important second goal. Armstrong. Threatening again, Stuart


Armstrong. Really good save. Might just have the narrowing in the post.


Kieran Tierney again. Danny Wilson, another clumsy touch from him.


Dembele threatening. Did not quite catch the shot. Scuffing it in the


end, Moussa Dembele. Dembele. Armstrong, invited to shoot, you and


he does. Flying save from Wes Foderingham. Dangerous looking


challenge by Tavernier on Dembele. Wes Foderingham called into action.


As the ball ran to the byline, was there a clip by Tavernier on


Dembele? Did he trip himself up. Kenny Miller, turning the ball in


for Waghorn. Craig Gordon out to make the save. Celtic seems to


switch off for a moment that was the Celtic goalkeeper had to look sharp


there. Getting there in the nick of time. Martyn Waghorn passing up


another chance to score. Kieran Tierney gives it away, not too often


you use those words. Tavernier. Waghorn gives chase. Bumped into by


Dedryck Boyata. Shoulder to shoulder, the two of them. The


crosses curled in. Flicked on by militants opportunity for Josh


Windass. Won back by Holt. Jason Holt with the curling effort,


bouncing just why. -- just wide. Lunging challenge. Winning the ball.


Patrick Roberts reckoned this was a sure-fire free kick. The referee


thinking otherwise. Holt went close. Quick and slick from Celtic. Dembele


this on the left foot, screws it wide. Moussa Dembele, looking for


another Old Firm goal. Celtic win it. Leigh Griffiths.


Slicing the effort way wide. Well capable of scoring from here, as we


well know. Off-balance that time. Never really set for the shot.


Tavernier's delivery. Second chance, James Tavernier. Great save, Craig


Gordon. Forced in by Clint Hill. 1-1. Clint Hill's fifth goal for


Rangers. The new manager is Carmen the exterior. He will have enjoyed


that moment. Like every Rangers fan inside Celtic Park. Gordon made a


really good save. Powerless to do anything about the loose ball. Clint


Hill getting there first. Our Rangers going to deny Celtic their


fourth Old Firm win of the season? For only the second time, taking


points in the Premiership against the runaway leaders. Celtic going


Route one in search of the late winner. The Challenger Leigh


Griffiths. And again. Down goes the substitute. No penalty. Big decision


for Bobby Madley. The question is, did Clint Hill get a touch on the


ball. Did he go through Leigh Griffiths first? Celtic suddenly in


search of a late winner. In four Dembele. Deflected shot from Leigh


Griffiths. Almost poking up for Moussa Dembele. Scrambled clear.


Finding the heart Yard for the shot at goal. -- the heart


. Scott Sinclair was foiled. There goes the final whistle. For the


first time this season, Rangers get something against Celtic, courtesy


of Clint Hill's late leveller. Craig Gordon saving from Emerson Heineman.


Stuart Armstrong firing Celtic in front. It finishes, at Celtic Park,


Celtic 1-1 Rangers. First half, we were not as fluid, did not have the


control of the game we wanted. Passing backwards instead of


forwards. We made a change at half-time. I thought we had a much


better control in the second half, always looking like the threatening


team. We concede a goal, we are disappointed with. The second phase,


we leave a gap. The boy gets a shot in, they score from the rebound.


Then we do not get a clear penalty, talking to the referee after the


game. Clint Hill said on the pitch to me after the game, he got away


with that. Disappointed between the four officials they do not see it,


looked a clear penalty. Lots to talk about after


that, Graeme Murty city with the spirit. Did Rangers deserved a


point? For me, they did. Started the game of a real intensity. Going


4-4-2, pressing Celtic high up the pitch. Barrie McKay is the trigger.


He knows not to sell himself, or commit. Waiting to see what Craig


Gordon does. Again Rangers working really well in the opening stage, in


terms of the pressing. Kenny forcing Dedryck Boyata out for the throw in.


Graeme Murty deserves a lot of credit into the high press. Celtic


escaping it to an extent. Comes out wide, but Rangers for Celtic back up


the pitch. They started with a real intensity that a lot of people did


not expect. It is a hard one, Martyn Waghorn in on the keeper. Bright


start from Rangers. If they managed to score at that point. They could


have converted the dominance they had early on. Which is what they


would have been looking for. Brendan Rodgers speaking about them passing


the ball back too much. Rangers need credit, they deserve credit. Stuart


Armstrong argued the best player on the pitch. Should you be in the


Scotland squad tomorrow? No doubt he should be in the Scotland squad.


There is a claim he should be in the starting team in the form he is in.


Good first touch, to find the bottom corner, disappointing clearance from


Jason Holt. Armstrong is so quick to latch onto it. One touch out of his


feet, balance well. What a strike. A lot of strikes on goal today were


superb. Burned-out player on the pitch. He had the little injury,


coming back again. Top, top player. It would be astonishing if he was


not in the squad. Real shout for him to be in the starting XI. Gordon


Strachan at the game today. We will get into this later, Celtic knot on


top of their game entirely. Rangers, to their credit, they came back into


it in style. Too many of the Celtic performers did not reach the level.


From 70 minutes onwards, the defender is meandering back in.


Another smart stop from Craig Gordon. When Rangers got to 80


minutes, you felt they were going for it. That is a horrendous tackle.


Yellow card, fowl, the referee does not see it. Rangers building


momentum. These three players, you would want them to rotate.


Unfortunately you have McGregor and Roberts in there. They drift out of


position, creating the hole Brendan Rodgers spoke about. Emerson


Heineman with the shot across Gordon, good save. Good credit from


Hill. He's not tracked in. Well done, Clint Hill, getting there.


Brendan Rodgers landing Clint Hill in it, regarding the penalty appeal.


You are not convinced, Stephen? This is a free kick outside the box. As


they go in, it sits high. Understand why the battery has not given it.


Seize the ball move. Definite touch from Clint Hill. Watching from this


angle, the anyway Clint Hill can get that ball, does not matter what the


anglers, he has to go through Leigh Griffiths. He has two foul him. The


argument about where he is, and the ankle, is irrelevant. Because the


ball sits up, gives Clint Hill the opportunity to get his foot in. Yes


he does, he has two foul the player first. I do think he did. That is


relevant. Wherever the referee is, the Borders on the left-hand side of


Leigh Griffiths, he is on the right committee has two foul Leigh


Griffiths. Not a big enough out. He has touched him. I think it is


crazy. Brendan Rodgers talks about refocusing for the semifinal.


Disappointed obviously. Really gives Bell at the start of the second


half. Armstrong was good. Too many of the biggest players did not show


up. Dembele, Sinclair, James Forrest. This semifinal is


absolutely massive. Celtic are desperate for the treble. Rangers


showed today they are capable of causing an upset. What of the new


coach make of it. In the stands today? Any manager appointment comes


an element of a gamble. In terms of the fact he does not have a great


deal of knowledge of Scottish football. We don't know a great deal


about him. Time will tell whether he turns out the right appointment. Big


overhaul needed in the summer to make Rangers more competitive. Time


will tell, whether the funds will be there to do that.


Hearts still hoping to catch Rangers, but Ian Cathro's side


They'd lost their last three games ahead of the match with Hamilton.


But the Accies without a win at Tynecastle in 40 years.


Jamie Walker is back foot Hearts. Two changes from the team Bscanty


ten days ago. Five changes for Hamilton after losing 6-0 at Ibrox.


McKinnon is suspended. Barry gives backing goal. -- Barry Gibbs backing


goal. Flying save from Gary Woods. That is missed by McMahon. What an


opportunity for gun -- Goncalves, knows he should be


scoring. Redmond give it away. Hamilton on the back foot. Good


strike from Mickelson. Shaping up as a busy afternoon for Woods. Walker,


finding space. Goncalves. Another stop from Woods. He had to adjust,


to claw the subway. Under pressure, Hamilton. Cowie's corner kick, off


the training ground. Good effort, juggled, finally felled by Gary


Woods. Maybe more off the laptop than the training ground. Walker, a


quick hit. Quick reactions from Woods, to keep this out. Being in.


Bingham. It is Gary Woods against Hearts at the moment. Lovely pass


from Novak. Cut back. Walker. Finally Hearts in front. Taken until


first-half stoppage time. For the home team to get what they deserve.


Finally Gary Woods beat, 1-0. Down went Walker. Looking for the free


kick. McMahon, back to Woods. This will be a free kick for handling the


backpass. Gary Woods claiming he heard the whistle. Craig Thomson


says no. Big opportunity for Hearts. Goncalves. Dumping it in. Ten


minutes after the interval, two goal advantage for Hearts. Controversial


ruling. No way back it would seem for Hamilton. Walker is away. Taken


out. That will be yellow. Very inviting free kick opportunity for


Hearts. Walker, that is brilliant. Right out of the top drawer from


Jamie Walker. Any doubts about the outcome at Tynecastle are removed


now. Two goals in little more than a minute. Given away again. Donati


this time. Gary Woods found a way of keeping this out, unconventional,


but it worked. The free kick is given. Close call, this. Might have


been a penalty. They scored number four. Gary Woods has been battered


into submission. This one going right through him. Our job is to win


games, get enough points to stay in the league. If we perform like that,


we won't, because that is not enough. If we look at other teams


about us, talking about not playing well, but we're not bottom of the


league. We created a lot of attacks, good play on the sides. Through


that, we managed to stop Hamilton from having any real prolonged phase


of pressure around our box. Being strong, the right decisions, leading


to press, get ourselves high up the pitch as much as we could. Strong


performance defensively. Fantastic victory for Hearts after a poor run


of form. A tale two halves for the Hamilton Academicals' goalkeeper,


Gary Woods. A number of good saves in the first half. Good save. This


one download, managing to get it past the post, wonder. And this


bizarre incident ten minutes into the second half. Looks like team


stops. I don't understand why he does not just stop it with his foot.


A bit of uncertainty. Not under any real pressure, getting close down.


Look where they take it from 60 yards away. Bigger target for


Goncalves de hit. No chance for Woods on that one. That is terrible.


Terrible attempt at saving it. The wall is lined up poorly. At least


one man outside the post, to make it difficult to bend it around. A clear


gap. Pour from the goalkeeper. Hearts creating a lot of chances.


How much can this be a springboard for them? A lot of criticism. They


will hope it is a springboard. Typical fixtures, Aberdeen away,


Celtic at home. Going to be a tough run. They have been in a number of


games against teams in the bottom half of the league, not picking up


on the points. They will hope this 4-0 win against Hamilton gives them


some confidence. They will not be judged by a home game against


Hamilton. Hearts need higher expectations. Not getting any easier


for Hamilton. They have tough fixtures, they have been through a


tough set of fixtures. Losing ten goals in the last two games, they


are Ibrox next week. Worrying period.


St Johnstone still very much in the European hunt, but they'd


St Johnstone lost the Ibrox last time out. No Anderson. Enforced


change from Paul Hartley from the side that lost to Partick Thistle.


Olsen has plenty of power. Out wide to Maclean. Cummings, too straight.


Throws his hands up in horror. He wanted to put that either side of


the goalkeeper. That is just kept in. No doubt about the clearance.


Options left and right for Clarke. Foster outside goes long. Cummings,


Paul Paton makes the run. Great midfield run. Scores for St


Johnstone for the very first time. 12 minutes gone. Simple header, back


across, he wanted it more. Foster. McLean. Cummings playing it back to


Swanson. Going for the top corner. The dominance of the match


continues. Real pressure on this Dundee back four. St Johnstone


losing their last three home matches. In better fettle today.


Blair Olsen beating Nicky Brett the near post. Cummings clipping it on.


Taking it in his stride. There was pace in that. The goalkeeper


certainly looking to be at fault. Dundee falling two behind.


Yet to see Dundee as a serious attacking threat. Not going to do


so. Here comes Swanson. McLean making a great run. A chance for a


third. Touched over the top by Scott Bain. The thumbs up from Steve


Maclean. A great little ball. Didn't have to break stride. Not the


cleanest of shots, as he fell away. Reflective off Craig. -- deflected


off Craig. Paul Paton away. Mark O'Hara returns to the danger area.


Headers into the path of James Vincent. Good save from Zander


Clark. It will not fall Dundee's way in the box. James Vincent, 22nd


appearance for Dundee today. Looking for his first goal. It nearly came.


Graham Cummins have had a good game. Swanson back towards Cummings. Into


McLean. It's a beautiful backheel onto Paton. That's wonderful


football again from St Johnstone. Brilliant little backheel and Paul


Paton just opened his body up. That was meant for the top corner.


They are struggling to get goals at this level. Just two so far this


season. It doesn't give the Dundee fans anything to shout about here.


Good technique initially, dragged it well wide. A disappointing


afternoon. Williams with a free kick. It's deflected off Forster for


the corner. Beautiful delivery. Credit the striker for giving the


strike away. I thought we were excellent from the first whistle and


it was more like the type of performance we have had at home in


the past, but maybe not too often this year. The tempo we played from


the first to the last was excellent and that's with or without the ball.


The flattest performance of the season for us. We were right off the


pace. St Johnstone were more determined than is and it was a poor


performance for us. A good home victory for St Johnstone. They will


have enjoyed that. Blair Alston arrived from Falkirk in the summer.


What have you made of his overall development at St Johnstone? He's


doing well. He was a standout performer at Falkirk. It's taking


him time to get used to the Premiership. He brings energy to the


team and can bring goals. He's a dynamic player. The thing that


impressed me most yesterday was the timing of a lot of his runs. He was


linking up with the front two very well and running beyond them on


occasions. Again, another effort on goal. He was a standout yesterday.


How poor is the defending from Dundee? The goalkeeper was beaten


from the front post. Alston has taken time to settle and I would


expect to hit him -- hit the ground running. He was talking about the


performance full of tempo. That's something that Blair Alston brings


to the side as well. It was the flattest performance of


their season? Defensively it didn't look great. They've had an


up-and-down season. It looked as if they will struggle to get into the


top six. That's where Dundee have got to be aiming. If they finish in


the bottom six it hasn't been a successful season. They need to


realise there's only a certain number of points above the play-off


place and they play Celtic and Aberdeen next. They are tough games.


You can get dragged down so quickly. Why are they so hot and cold? A


great question, I'm sure Paul -- Paul Hartley is scratching his head


and wondering. It's a concern for him. To get caught in the bottom


six, it is up in the air in terms of who will finish in the play-off


spot. The last time Motherwell went


to Aberdeen they were on the end of a 7-2 mauling and Mark McGhee


became a social media sensation. A lot can change in


the space of a few weeks. McGhee gone, Steve Robinson


in caretaker charge this time. Ryan Jack is back earlier than


expected. There is a start but oh, in defence in place of the suspended


Andrew Considine. Motherwell are without their top scorer but jewel


has made it, as Stephen Robinson looks to build on last week's


encouraging win at Kilmarnock. Stephen Robinson, only recently


returned to the club. Certainly in the box seat as far as the job is


concerned here at Motherwell. The header from Heneghan goes into the


side net. That's Motherwell's first real opportunity.


I shake of the head from the referee at Nial McGinn, keeping it alive.


Rooney. A fabulous save by Samson. This is instinctive. By the Scotland


squad keeper, to keep out Adam Rooney, who didn't know much about


it. I find challenge their, by O'Connor on McDonald. Scott McDonald


Mr the 7-2 defeat here. Mark McGhee's final act. It's Nial


McGinn. Relatively comfortable, that time, for Samson. Nial McGinn loves


a strike from outside the box. Jack. McGinn. He'll fancy a game. And


that's why. He was denied by Partick Thistle last week. Now again, Craig


Samson is keeping him out this time. Craig Clay has given it straight to


Jack. Here's McGinn. Heneghan comes to meet him. Squeezes it over. They


want a penalty. Gives it back. Zach Jules was in the way. He feels he


was impeded by McHugh. Taylor, Aberdeen looking for an eighth


successive home victory. They haven't managed that since the


Ferguson era. It's a wonderful ball in by McLean. He might have expected


one of his strikers to turn round. He's been in fabulous form, Kenny


McLean and knocking on the Scotland door.


Motherwell desperate for a clean sheet. They haven't managed one in


the league in a year. Away from home. That was scooped over by


Shinnie. Yet another terrific goal by McLean.


Christie, not long on as a sub. Aberdeen hunting down a winning


goal. It's McGinn, again, denied by Samson, again. And impacted by


Christie. Stolen away from Q. -- from McHugh. Unexpected Pittodrie


crowd. -- and expectant Pittodrie crowd. A wonderful home record,


Aberdeen. This is Ryan Christie. The clock though continuing to tick


down. Any McLean. There's Craig Samson. Who is on a one-man mission


to make amends for that last visit here.


Here's Hayes. Good jinking play by Hayes. That's Nial McGinn, and Dave


won it! They have won it, right at the death! You can't say they don't


deserve it. The Dons players disappear up the tunnel in


celebration, as Nial McGinn once again proves his worth to Aberdeen


Football Club. It just shows you the spirit of the side. They never know


when the beaten. Today was an of that. There was only one team here


to win the game and one team to try and spoil it and we got what we


deserved. It took as until the last two minutes but that's what the


dressing room is all about, fighting until the end and getting a result.


We matched them every step of the way and we frustrated them. They had


possession in areas that would not hurt us. We defended well. I asked


the boys for desire and commitment and they were organised. I can't ask


for more from them. We got punished from switching off once. The players


enjoyed that and can -- went off for what can only be described as a


huddle in the tunnel, very odd. Enjoyable for them. Kenny McLean, a


standout performer. We were talking about Stuart Armstrong and being in


the Scotland squad, should Kenny McLean be in the Scotland squad


tomorrow? I think he should. He has come into form of late. That's a


wonderful cross with his right foot, a nice take on turn. Here, you see


the different aspects of his game. This is a wonderful crossfield pass,


pinpoint accuracy. I think he finds Adam Rooney with it in the end. Look


at here. This is a really fantastic cross, right over the back of the


defence. A great chance. He's got so many different sides to his game.


This is a driving run. He gets a free kick from it. You talk about


Stuart Armstrong. The one difference is that Stuart Armstrong has that


finishing touch. He is scoring more goals than Kenny McLean. If he wants


to step up to the next level, if you can add more goals to his game, he


would be a certainty in the Scotland squad. You are going to create more


chances. Stuart Armstrong's goals are not particularly scored from


chances that are laid on to him. He's scoring more from strikes.


Kenny McLean is capable, no doubt. He has improved in the last month


and is performing better now than when he broke into the Scotland


squad previously. I'd be disappointed if he wasn't in the


squad. Aberdeen becoming experts at scoring late goals. They certainly


are, to win 12 of the last 14 games is frightening, but 11 of the goals


they have scored these seasons in -- have come in the last ten minutes of


matches. They never know when they are beaten and keep going until the


end. Yesterday was another game. Motherwell were stubborn, had a game


plan. They had to get it right. The last two times they have conceded


ten goals and they had to defend, but they find ways to beat teams and


they did. When you tear -- here Tony Docherty in the interview, you can


see how delighted he was they got the win and it speaks volumes for


the character of the side. As for Motherwell, they have a short list


of five, including Stephen Robinson, to be the full-time manager. What


sort of manager do Motherwell need? A good one! A manager that is going


to get results for them, because they are down in the mire there as


well and as we've spoken about in respect of Dundee, you end up in the


bottom six and it's all up in the air in terms of who will get in the


play-offs. They need someone to steady the ship and get some


results, quickly. This weekend last year,


Ross County won the League Cup. This weekend, they took


on a Kilmarnock side still being led by interim boss Lee


McCulloch. A hamstring injury in the pre-match


warm up means Scott Fox misses out. For Kilmarnock, Gori Dicko and Rory


McKenzie drop out after the defeat might Motherwell. -- defeat by


Motherwell. Jason Naismith with a cross. Almost caught out Freddie


Woodman in the Kilmarnock goal. Nearly a freakish opener. For the


fullback. Child find the ball towards the back


post. Paul Quinn is there. He couldn't hit that one on target.


County pressing for the opening goal.


Sharp will have a chance to go for goal. It's deflected just over the


crossbar. Sharp has had a few efforts. That might have been


testing the goalkeeper. Long throw-in. It falls for Sammon, who


slides it home. Kilmarnock, who have had so little in the way of


attacking play, move in front. Boyd causing the problems, Conor Sammon


with a second goal in three games. It might break for Gardyne. Instead,


he lays it off for Schalk. Back for Gardyne. Didn't get hold of that.


It's a really good save from Woodman, to keep his side in front.


County will be stung by Kilmarnock having taken the lead. They've


really dominated most of this match. There's boys, it's deflected over.


County must be wondering what they have to do to score. Liam Boyce, his


shot deflected over by the former Koeman, Scott Boyd. Van der Weg.


That's current, back for Boyce. He got hold of that. A deserved


equaliser for Ross County full. Liam Boyce's first league goal this year.


Gardyne does well to find room for the cross. That was Naismith, coming


into the back post. Woodman felt he had to touch it round the post. It


might well have been heading wide in any case, but the keeper taking no


chances. Jim McIntyre must feel his side can go on and take all three


points. Sharp with a chance to put them ahead. Again, he's not too far


away and again, it's a good save from Woodman. Dipping free kick.


It's Quinn, getting on the end of that and Van der Weg, so close. So


close to putting County in front for the first time in the match.


Kristoffer Ajer hacks it away, Fraser returns it. County pick up


possession. It's Schalk. Woodman on this occasion couldn't hold it.


Schalk has had at least half a dozen efforts on goal himself.


Hendry. Kilmarnock pick up once more. Wilson, with a hopeful ball.


Boyd might just get on the end of that. He has. And would you believe


it, Chris Boyd, with just five minutes remaining, looks like he's


given Kilmarnock all three points. Something of a smash grab act. Not


really defended by Ross County here. The predatory Boyd does what he does


best. Today was a real kick in the teeth for us because we deserved,


with the amount of the game we had, we deserved more, but we've also got


to show the quality when we get into those areas and punish teams.


Equally Cod Army our concentration levels, which for long periods of


time is in the game were very good and we defended stoutly but the


goals we are giving away our criminal, really poor. It's a


fantastic result for us, for the players, the way they dug in. The


second half, Ross County had probably the better half chances,


hit the bar a couple of times. But we had a game plan, stuck to the


game plan, and I felt it worked today. A really good win for


Kilmarnock and Stephen Kris Boyd breaking records again. Yes, what


can you say? He was born to score goals. That's 100 goals for two


different clubs, the first player to do that in Scottish football. It's a


phenomenal record from a player who has had an outstanding career. Lee


McCulloch is in a good position to potentially get the job full-time


and he recognises how influential Chris Boyd is to the Kilmarnock


side. I think he actually said that Kris Boyd was worth his weight in


gold after. That's a lot of gold! In all seriousness, he will be


delighted to have a guy of Chris Boyd's type in the side because of


the looking to get in the top six, which is realistic, having someone


who is capable of scoring goals is a big positive. Is for Ross County,


just three points above the play-off spots. Should they be doing better?


They should. They've underachieved. Maybe this at the bar too high last


year and they haven't got anywhere near that with the budget they have,


they should be in the top six. They lose too many sloppy goals. The


goals they lose our poor. Yesterday, for


large spells in the game, they were on top. You spoke about this time


last year they won the League Cup. Only Hamilton have picked up fewer


points since then in the league. That's not good enough for Ross


County. Budget, top six, and I look at the quality of the squad and they


should be challenging to get in the top six, but they are languishing at


the bottom and it's worrying times for Ross County. I think Jim


McIntyre, the management and structure, recognise with what they


have got they should be doing better. OK.


There was disappointment for Partick Thistle last


weekend, as they bowed out of the Scottish Cup at Aberdeen.


But they'd won their last four games.


They took on bottom of the table Inverness Caley Thistle.


Partick Thistle changed to a back four. Danny Divine is injured.


Stephen Lawless is back in the midfield.


There's a three-man central defence. Draper is suspended. Henri Anier


start. There's been three league wins in a row without conceding a


goal. They are on the front foot early. Warren. Warren dispossessed


by Lawless. Here's Callum Booth, in towards Dillon. Edwards with a


follow-up come busting an over the top. -- blasting it over the top.


Lindsay's head flick. Vigurs gets it out. Only as far as Edwards again.


Battling hard. Players are appealing for a penalty. Warren. High


delivery, finds Henri Anier. It's Henri Anier and Inverness take the


lead, through Henri Anier. Or do they? They're flag is up. It's


offside. Given against Billy McKay. Is he in line of sight with the


goalkeeper interfering with play? It won't count. Inverness have only


picked up one away league win this season, that was at Motherwell, back


in October. Here's Doolan. Well, a fingertip save their bike Owain Fon


Williams. Turning round the post. Getting away from Raven. He's done


well. Warren knocks it away, only as far as Erskine. Here's proof. Wood


-- here is booze. The pressure is on Inverness Cal Edison. Doolan knocks


it in and Khalidiya Sillari in front after 56 minutes. It's Kris Doolan's


tenth goal of the season, his fourth in his last five games. It was


Edwards with the assist. Doolan with the finish, for his 99th goal for


Partick Thistle. Doolan. Erskine, and need 1-2. Erskine again.


Brilliant save by Owain Fon Williams. Almost an own goal.


Excellent reactions. Raven, working a short corner with


Tansey. Sony gets his hands to it. -- Kearney. Erskine, who has a man


in the middle. Good breaking flavour by the Glasgow side. -- good


breaking play by the Glasgow side but the effort was straight at the


keeper. We are well into stoppage time now. Is there one last chance?


King with the delivery. It's Warren and Inverness have earned a point,


and it could prove vital in their battle to avoid relegation, in the


second minute of stoppage time. Gary Warren claims his third goal of the


season. In the driving seat with ten seconds to go, we have to stop the


ball going in the box. It was disappointing. We deserved the three


points, with the overall play. We made a couple of changes. It's a


huge one today, a very close game. We played against a top four side


today, they are excellent team, strong, aggressive, they can pass


the ball. They have goal-scorers. It's a big point. Interesting


comments from Richie Foran, as always, very late goal for Inverness


Cal a Thistle. It could be an important goal in the final


equation. And a disallowed goal? Is the correct decision. You can see


Billy McKay gets in the way when the shop comes in from -- when the shot


comes in from Henri Anier. It's the correct decision. The goalkeeper has


to do well. He is impeded there. It's the correct decision. The


officials have done well to call that right. What did you make a


Richie Foran's comments describing this all as a top four side? They've


been honoured fantastic run but I don't think they've been in the top


four this season, there's no doubt, they haven't. It's a bit of a crazy


comment. As you just said, that is potentially a really big point for


Inverness, because it's very tight at the bottom and every point, ten


seconds from the end, it will feel like a victory to them. They've come


through a tough spell of fixtures. They will feel they are one point


behind Hamilton and can get into the play-off. They have the derby next


weekend. It's a huge one for both sides, it's a good battling point.


Maybe not a top four side, certainly a top six side, Partick Thistle.


Potentially, we've spoken a lot about the battle at the bottom and


the best way to avoid it is to get the sixth place and at the moment,


Partick Thistle are starting to build a bit of a gap and up on a


fantastic run of form. They are going about in the right way to make


sure they avoid the battle at the bottom. Getting in the top six is


the best way to do that. Why since the turn of the year as it around


for Partick Thistle? Thing Kris Doolan hitting form, getting his


tenth goal of the season. They've been brilliant since the start of


the year. Clean sheets have been massive for them and they played --


play Kilmarnock next week and if they win that it will help them.


Thank you. Tonight, the Ladbrokes Premiership


table looks like this. Aberdeen eight points


clear of Rangers. Rangers six points ahead


of Hearts, who stay a point At the wrong end of the table,


Hamilton Accies second A weekend dominated


by Old Firm intrigue. But stories everywhere


in the Premiership. We'll do another


chapter next weekend. Until then, from all


of us - goodnight.


Introduced by Jonathan Sutherland.

Highlights of the weekend's Scottish Premiership action. Main match of the weekend is the Old Firm derby between Celtic and Rangers at Celtic Park. Elsewhere, Aberdeen take on Motherwell and Hearts face Hamilton in the race for key European places. Meanwhile, Partick Thistle host Inverness CT, Kilmarnock face the long trip north to take on Ross County and St Johnstone host Dundee in the Tayside derby.