18/03/2017 Sportscene


David Currie introduces reports and results from the SPFL. In the Premiership, Hamilton return to Ibrox to take on Rangers, while Aberdeen host Hearts.

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Good afternoon and welcome to the show.


No referendum chat on this show but I'll be honouring my manifesto


commitment to bring you scores, reports, results,


We have not one but two keynote speakers -


They'll be debating the footballing issues of the day in the studio


and our reporters will bring us the stories of the day


We'll hear from them in a minute - after the headlines.


The lunchtime kick-off ended in a 2-0 win for Aberdeen over Hearts.


Now for the whole story of today's lunchtime match.


It was between Aberdeen in second place and fourth placed


I spoiled the surprise by telling you the score earlier, but you'll


want to know how what happened, happened so here's Liam Mcleod.


A ninth straight home win for Aberdeen for the first time since


1996. They will have seldom had an easy win over the Tynecastle team.


They should have won with a more convincing scoreline. Logan, a


superb goal to set the tone. Nicholson spurned the best chance


for the visitors just before that. They deserved nothing from this


encounter. Avlonitis's second-half mistake allowed them in for the


host's second, with Stockley sendoff for a flailing arm.


Mixu, a good win for Aberdeen. Their ninth home win on the spin. The


first time they have done that since the mid-80s? Yes, Aberdeen are very


strong, in terms of attack, and also in defence. I wasn't surprised that


they got the victory today. What I was impressed with, Aberdeen,


they're pressing game. They stopped Hearts playing. Hearts could not


cope with that. Hence they earned the right to pass the ball and


create goal-scoring opportunities. Not a bad day for Hearts, they could


drop out of fourth spot today if St Johnstone stay ahead at Motherwell?


Ian Carter and others will look at the defending and be very


disappointed with the second goal. The second goal was not much worse


than the first. To be fair, there was lots more wrong. All over the


pitch, Aberdeen were, by a good distance, the better side. They


deserve that, at least 2-0. Ian Castro's record doesn't look that


impressive, 17 games and four wins? It's not the start he wanted or


anticipated. We were talking about that earlier. When the manager goes


into the club, he has a strong philosophy, tactically, how to play.


He can confuse players to begin with, quite a bit. You get good


results, like last week, and then not so good performances, like this


week. It is up and down. In the long run, they get it right. We don't


know, because we don't know what happens on the training ground. If


there are certain, strong, specific tactics being put in place, it will


get better after the sticky start. This is just guessing and


speculating. Mixu, the idea that the players may be confused about what


style of play they are playing, the tactics, there are some confusion


among observers about what was going on when messages were being passed


from Craig Levine, to Tom Daley, and then to another coach, quotes that


Craig Levine was in the dressing room at half-time? Will they be


vexed by that? Thyme it depends, if there is an agreement between the


and director of football, whoever from upstairs, he wants as much


information as possible, nothing wrong with it. If we saw those


pictures today and they were winning, you would think, well done,


get all of the information there, everybody working together. Because


they lost, it is taken the opposite way. Also, the same thing happened


in Robbie Nielsen's time. Craig Levine is an experienced coach, an


excellent football man. He sees things. He had a pair of eyes in the


stand. Why not use it as an extra tool to get that tactical advantage?


What is the point of having a mentor if you are not letting him mentor?


Exactly. I don't think anyone minds who says what, as long as they win.


Use that, if that is possible. Great. More on that later, we will


hear from both managers. Now we can catch up on what is happening around


the country. I will start by telling you what is happening between


Rangers and Hamilton at Ibrox. It is the first for their new manager,


Pedro Caixinha. It looks good for him already. Rangers 4-0 up against


Hamilton. The first is from Emerson Hyndman. Clint Hill is making a


habit of scoring. Waghorn scored in the 55th, and the latest is from


Wallace. Let's see how it is going at St Johnstone. They are not


feeling too well at the moment, Motherwell are losing 1-2.


Motherwell managed to get an equaliser through Scott McDonald,


just before half-time. Since the interval, the home side have been


more assertive, the more aggressive in an attacking sense. They went a


second goal down to Liam Craig about ten minutes ago. St Johnstone had a


couple of chances since then to increase the scoring. As it stands,


St Johnstone will move into fourth place. Time we hit the Highlands and


find out what is happening in the Derby, Inverness at home to Ross


County. Good afternoon, Martin. It is 1-1. Richie Foran said it was a


much win today. They are doing just that, fax to a blistering opening to


the second-half, in which Greg Tansey's on target effort deflected


off Andrew Davis and found the net. It was Nellie two after that, but


the header wasn't on target. Tansey went close again. Then a long-range,


before Billy Mackay struck the bar, which would have killed the game.


County should have been on illegal to leave Baku even terms. Craig


Curran, all the time in the world, six yards out, screwed his header


wide. As it stands, it seems like a relegation battle awaits county,


with Inverness on the up at the right time.


To 18 just inside the top six, Kilmarnock against Partick Thistle.


Partick Thistle look like bolstering their chances of a top six finish, a


goal by Erskine after 73 minutes. Kilmarnock enjoy the better of the


first half. Two or three good chances. In the early part of the


second period, Thistle have turned it around. They hit the crossbar on


two occasions, Lawless and Barton, before Erskine slotted in a shot.


Championship leaders Hibs are keeping Pat Nevin on the edge of


their seat. They are at home to Dumbarton. 14,000 fans on the edge


of their seats. It is now 2-2. The visitors taking the lead with a


penalty, nine minutes before half-time. The equaliser, coming


courtesy of an own goal from Daniel Harvey. Robert Thompson, with a


lovely shot. James Keatings had a chance to equalise. Martin has since


sinned for Dumbarton, he dropped the ball on the edge of the 18-yard box.


Martin Boyle was there too nodded over the goalkeeper. Crawling over


the line. What a game. 2-2. Deep breaths, relax, enjoy. It's never


been easy for Hibs. Not doing particularly well today, but a point


would not be the end of the world? I think they would be disappointed,


but it would not be the end of the world. There is still time for Hibs


or Dumbarton to grab a winner. I feel, overall, Hibs will be


comfortable this season and get promotion. No danger of Rangers


dropping points at home to Hamilton. They hit them for six not alone


though. The new manager's first match in charge, cruising? A little


bit of a lift. They hit six against them before. That game against


Celtic made a massive difference. I think that made a difference on the


confidence of the players. You want a bounce when a new manager comes


in, they needed to win today. Consider the way the other results


are looking, it is a big one for Rangers. They want to make sure that


they can consolidate their position, where they are in the league. It is


looking good for them. We have mentioned the fact that Hearts have


slipped up. We are heading straight to the Highlands. There has been a


goal in the Highland derby. Is it for Inverness or County? An


incredible moment, it is 1-1. It is Schalk, a massive goal for County.


Expect Inverness to throw everything at this. 1-1. I think it is the


police you need if Schalk has stuck a dagger into his heart, I missed


that. It could be a very important goal? Absolutely, the way the match


has gone, Cali Thistle had so many chances. A point would be all right,


on the face of it, if Accies are losing? You're desperate to win this


game, it gives you a bit of breathing space. There was a Miss by


Curran, I thought that was their chance, but they've gone back, and


Schalk has done very well for them. He scores important goals and he is


always a danger. But what is going right to the death. A good game. I


thought it was a well played game, pretty fairly played. I couldn't


call it now. Mixu, could you call St Johnstone? A big win for Saints and


they would go up to fourth? Motherwell have played well. Had


loads of chances. Hit the bar, had close calls on a few occasions but


St Johnstone are leading two-one. They've taken their chances.


Fantastic two goals made a difference. Motherwell defensively a


bit frail again today, Path? Maybe, but I would agree, the fact they


created probably more and better chances. Scott taken one, another


one he didn't take and he was furious with himself. We know's good


player. His second goal, the half-volley was absolutely


fantastic. However, more information coming.


Well done, Pat. We will get back to you, Mick. There's been a goal at


Rugby Park. Do tell, John. Things level here at Rugby Park with three


minutes remaining. There was loads of pressure around the This is


thistle goal area, couldn't get it clear and 25 yards out it was


knocked in. What were you going to say? I was going to say about St


Johnstone. Their mentality is so strong and they play their system,


very simple system, so well and powerful. Even if an opponent plays


well against them, they rely on their usual tried and trusted


methods and style of play and get results. Fantastic. Kilmarnock,


Connor Salmond scored. Only got up with for Hearts. He needed to score


today. There were missed chances in the first half. Chelsea have just


scored there, that's a big goal in the English Premier League, as well.


For Salmon it's a big win. When you look at the results coming through


it underlines how tight it is at the bottom of the league and what a


difference one goal can make. Inverness and Ross 1-1, as well. The


Killy Thistle match is interesting. If Thistle win this game they would


have one foot in the top six already. Now it's interesting.


They've lost a late goal. John Barnes said the last kick was a


header. They were 1-0 up they've lost. They've done the same. Dnt


strike me as if they're tiring. Sometimes you get unlucky. It


happens lots, you think that's a team that's tired and losing


concentration. They didn't look like that to me. They were maybe holding


on a little bit. You have that little bit of an edge. You hold on


to it and naturally just fall back a little and that seems to have been


what's happened. Also the opponent throws maybe an extra player


forward, tryings to get that winner. That's the way it goes. Lots of


interesting scores in the Championship, Pat. Not least of


which is the Hibs and Dunbaren to. Down to the bottom of the table,


second bottom Ayr United one up to Dunfermline. It's a shock. Ayr have


been having a tough time. United's scores, just been beaten or getting


some draws. I felt really unlucky, I mean, McCall is one of my favourite


managers anyway, he is great to listen to and speaks intelligently


and knows the game well. To be fair, looking at them just now I think


it's been unfortunate for them because he is getting the best you


just about can get out of that side. 1-0. Still a bit tight. Raith Rovers


up. Dundee having a troublesome spell at the moment. They're still


hanging on to fourth spot. Might they be in danger of dropping out of


the play-offs or have they a cushion? It helps Queens are not


doing well today. Dundee having a poor spell at the moment. That's the


way the season goes. You have good spells, poor spells. They have a


poor one at the moment. Good for Raith Rovers and important victory


because down where Raith Rovers are, you know, there's not too much


breathing space there. So very important victory if they manage to


hold on. To the end of the season, the business end of the season in


the Championship and some clubs are waking up. Yeah, well, you have a


fight, you are fighting for your lives. St Mirren, massive changes


Jack has made. Is it ten players brought in. They seem to have done


everything right when they brought them in, the win against Hibs was a


big one, as well. No lack of confidence with St Mirren there.


Having said that, I mean, although they're a lot of points between top


and bottom I don't think quality-wise there is a massive


between top and bottom of that league especially when you see St


Mirren getting a little bit of a run. We talk about division being an


extraordinarily interesting division, it is because anyone can


be in it. I tell you what, we will stay in the Championship, it's


full-time at Easter Road with Hibs and Dunbaren to. How did it finish?


Hibs 2, Dumbarton 2. A crowd of over 14,000, they received their money's


worth this afternoon. The visitors in front through Nade in the first


half, scoring from the spot after a needless challenge by Barkley on


Sterling. A slice of fortune for Hibs coming from the equaliser.


McGinn with a cross. Harvey in trying to clear the ball could only


turn the ball into the back of the net. At that point you would have


expected Hibs to drive forward however Dumbarton took the lead. A


wonderful shot 22 -- 22 yards out. A brilliant save in the Dumbarton


goal. Saved from the penalty kick. Hibs equalised and the goalkeeper


dropped the ball at the edge of the box. Boyle with a header over the


line. Hibs threw the kitchen sink and everything else at Dumbarton in


the last five minutes but couldn't snatch what would have been ap


winner. Both teams applauded off the pitch. It finished 2-2. Thanks,


Brian. Let's head to the Premier League and Rugby Park. Kilmarnock


and Partick Thistle has reached its conclusion. We should have expected


it with six of the previous nine meetings between these sides having


been drawn, we should have expected this close encounter. It proved so.


Partick Thistle the lead in the 73rd minute with a left foot strike which


beat the Kilmarnock goalkeeper but four minutes from the end it was


Connor Sammon who levelled with a 25-yard effort to ensure it's a


point each here at Rugby Park. Both sides pushing for the top six.


Partick Thistle remain there. But it's a vital point for Killie as


they try to stay away from the fringes of of this relegation


dogfight. On to the fringes of that relegation


dogfight, that's where we find Motherwell. Today they were at home


to St Johnstone. Over to riched a. Yes, another win on the road. Opened


the scoring through Craig and got a second in the second half through


the same player with a shot from a tight angle. In between they soaked


up a lot of pressure defending heavily in the second half.


Motherwell equalised before the break through McDonald. They threw a


lot of attacks at the visitors in the second half. Ryan Bowman even


hitting the post late on. St Johnstone lifted into fourth place


with a victory and all but secure as position in the top six.


It's all over in Inverness. Martin, did it finish all square? It did,


1-1, truly incredible finishing. Sharp's late effort rescuing a


crucial point for the side and handing at the same time a


significant blow to Ritchie Forman. Tansey again with a free kick and a


powerful long range effort but it looked like MacKay would kill the


game with a close range shot that agonisingly clipped the bar. Curran


looked like being County's culprit. An Ned I didn't know miss from six


yards with a header. -- an incredible miss from six yards with


a header. Full-time here, 1-1. It's full-time now at Ibrox. Rangers


at home to Hamilton this afternoon. Convincing win for Rangers. 4-0


winners over Hamilton. A first win then for Pedrow. Back to


the Championship. Queen of the South and St Mirren, how did it pan out?


What a result it was for St Mirren. The first half it belonged to Queen


of the South in terms of possession of the ball and chances. Queens


dominating for long periods. Incredibly it was a cross finding


the back post area about 15 yards out to drill home with a quality


strike to give St Mirren a lead. That will give St Mirren the


confidence that was lacking in the first period. They doubled their


lead nine minutes into the second half. It was a lively Morgan down


the left side who made his way into the box of the he was bundled over


by Mercer. It was Loy showing the confidence to step up to take the


spot kick to calmly slot home. Queens, outplayed at this point but


rallied to the closing stages going close but it was not to be. St


Mirren picked up another great three points in their pursuit of


Championship survival. It finished Queen of the South 0, St Mirren 2.


Now Dunfermline and Ayr United. Doherty powered a header from the


corner. It snuck across the goalline. That emboldened Ayr and


then two good saves in quick succession. Dunfermline started


really strongly. They continued into the second half. A fine chance


squandered on 68 minutes. Michael Paignton then headed a ball straight


at the keeper from a good goal-scoring position. Dunfermline


fought for the equaliser. Ayr weathered releaptless pressure to


take three huge points. Time to hear from Kenny Crawford


watching championship action, this time Raith Rovers and Dundee United.


Yes, it finished here Raith Rovers 2, Dundee United 1. Their fifth


consecutive league match without a win for Dundee. The problems mount


for the manager who used to be manager here at Raith Rovers. Bar


put Rovers ahead when he headed in a free kick on 41 minutes. Raith's


lead was extended by Ryan Hardy's low left-footed finish four minutes


into the second half. Raith had chances to make it 3-0 but it was


Dundee to struggle to create but did pull one back on 81 minutes through


Simon Murray. His 12th goal of the season. A neat finish in a crowded


penalty box. It provided hope for the visitors. But they couldn't make


that materialise into a leveller. Raith Rovers went on to it hit the


post but they hng on to get their second win in three games and Raith


Rovers jump to 7th in the Championship table. Time before the


classified round-up to mull over one or two issues. We spoke about


Rangers picking up points today. Hamilton dropped to the bottom of


the table and now conceded in the last three matches, even I can work


this out, 14 goals, Pat. You don't want to be hitting that form at this


point in the season. Everyone battling in there. They are big


important late goals today but there was no hope for them because they


were 4-0 down. It is the hammerings that are happening now and again.


They can be dispiriting a little bit. Playing against the likes of


Rangers or Celtic, sometimes that will happen, maybe even Aberdeen at


their best that will happen now and again. But once you are in that


bottom position you need to have a fight, you need to have a battle.


They will battle. We know they'll do that. But you get a horrible feeling


they're going to have to do a lot of good stuff at home and obviously on


their own pitch they feel more comfortable. Inverness move up a


place today but they're level on points at the bottom. Hopefully we


will hear from Ritchie but he will be disappointed. Yeah, they played


well today. They created enough today to win the match. They've got


the momentum now. They've had some positive results recently and other


than totally opposite to the Hamilton, so I have a funny feeling


that they'll climb up, so it will be interesting end to the season.


Momentum for Caley Thistle. Inert why now for Motherwell. They're


flirting with the bottom two spots. Every now and again you see a team


and you look at the team and the players and the goal scorers and you


think they're far too good. They should be able to do it. That's what


I feel about Motherwell now. If they've players who can score goals.


Pearson will come on as a substitute. They're very good


players. But you are right, they're down in there, there is a battle


going on. Honestly, I couldn't even begin to guess who I think is going


to go down now because there was a period of time when you probably


thought five different teams at five different times. Next week it will


be totally different. I think the deciding matches are


going to be played in the bottom six, you know, who gets relegation.


I don't think it will be decided before that. It will be very


exciting. Welcome at the topic is not that exciting. I am now going to


do the classified results, and then plenty more chat in the last 30


minutes of the show. Let's go to the classified round-up.


Time for a look at the league tables in the Scottish Championship.


Premiership, indeed. In the Championship, Hibs stay at


the top and seven points clear of Falkirk.


Exciting stuff at the bottom, wins for both St Mirren and Ayr United.


In the English Premier League, let me work this out... Chelsea are 13


points clear at the top. Well done, your faces lit up with delight at


that. Sunderland picked up a point today


at home to Burnley, but they remain at the foot of the table, two behind


Middlesbrough and four behind third bottom Hull City.


Newcastle United are just one point ahead of Brighton, but the -- they


have a game in hand. Right, as I mentioned earlier, a


hugely significant match in the Championship is imminent, and so is


our reporter, Charlie. He is with the home side, who are second, about


to play Morton in third. Is excitement building? Yes,


anticipation for what could be the best game of the day. Second against


third. This one really does promise much. Falkirk are in great form,


unbeaten in nine. Morton are in terrific form. They have two


exceptional managers, both of whom like playing football. There is a


decent crowd growing. A good pitch, as it always is, because it is


artificial. This could really be a good game. Easy for Peter Houston,


he sticks with the same team that beat Ayr United. Jim Duffy is forced


into a couple of changes, Michael Doyle is out altogether, Tidser is


dropped to the bench. As I say, the results have gone for Falkirk and


Morton this afternoon. This could be a really good match. It is a long


time since I have had a good Saturday night out in Falkirk, that


might change soon. Don't be heading out after the game, that is for


sure. That is one to look forward to. Falkirk, should they win that,


they go onto 51 points, four behind Hibs at the top? Yes, they have a


good chance, and plenty of motivation in both Falkirk and


Morton. At the moment, it is still possible to catch Hibs. It will be


an exciting match. Will it be uppermost in their mind, catching


Hibs? A while ago it looked impossible, now it looks feasible?


Looks feasible because Hibs have studied a view times. There have


been games where they have been playing well, but not getting three


points. One win in six in the Championship, that is relegation


form! Not quite, you are pushing it there. But they are not running away


with it. But teams should not run away with that, because there are no


easy games in that division. Falkirk and Morton, let's be honest, not to


write them off, the expectation was Dundee United and Hibs. That is what


everybody was watching for. But Falkirk and Morton had been in


fantastic form. When Hibs have struggled this season, not only


Hibs, but quite many teams, when they set their stall out to sit


tight and defend with a compact defence, that is how teams approach


it when they play Hibs. Hibs have excellent players, they pass the


ball well. If you are open, they will punish you. They struggled


because of that. Then counterattack, the longer the game goes, Hibs put


players forward Sam that leaves gaps behind, counterattack, suddenly you


are 1-0 down. It is because they are seen as the big team, and the


expectation is there, if they miss a penalty, they almost always get more


opportunities than the opposition, exactly as Mixu is saying. Teams are


playing for that, they want the odd chance or break. Because Hibs have


committed 70 players forward, it is kind of the Hibs way. That is the


way I want to see them winning. Let's dip our toes in the waters of


the English Premier League. West Brom against Arsenal, the lunchtime


kick-off. That was watched by Martin Fisher. The start of play, a hired


aircraft went overhead with a banner proclaiming Arsene Wenger out. By


the end, the placards were unveiled in the away end. This was Arsenal's


fourth Premier League defeat in five games. Apart from Sanchez, few


players looked up to it. Poor marking allowed Craig Dawson to give


Albion and early lead. Although Sanchez soon equalised, for all of


their possession, they created little. In contrast, West Brom were


always a danger on the counterattack will stop Hal Robson-Kanu, restoring


the advantage from one such break, before another corner brought


another goal and another for Dawson. He rose above statuesque Arsenal


defenders. It was described as a game Arsenal had to win. Having lost


it, the gap to fourth spot looks wider than ever. What will that mean


for Arsene Wenger's future? I will put that question to you. We don't


know definitively what will happen, what do you think is likely to


happen? It is exactly what we said there, counterattacking, against


Arsenal, who keep the ball, pass the ball well, loads of possession.


Someone like West Brom, Tony Pulis, master of tactics, counterattacking,


set pieces, they scored two set piece goals, not a surprise when you


talk about Tony Pulis's side. It is not easy for big teams to play


against so-called lesser teams. Because of the tight defence, and


then counterattacking, then you have a really powerful player for set


pieces, these results can happen. Chelsea, way to Stoke City this


afternoon. Joy for Chelsea, despair for Stoke. Brilliant drama, you have


to say, for the neutral. For so long, it looked like Mark Hughes


would frustrate the club he used to play for once again. These two were


locked at 1-1 heading into the final five minutes. Jon Walters first half


penalty cancelled out Willian's fortuitous free kick. But Gary


Cahill, before a corner, capitalised on defensive confusion in the Stoke


ranks after Luiz's header was saved. He smashed it past Grant for his


fourth of the season. Heartbreak for Mark Hughes. The Stoke fans here,


also. Chelsea march on, their unbeaten run continues and they


remain ten points clear at the top of the Premier League. Cheered you


up after that Hibs result, another win for Chelsea. 13 points clear at


the top of the table? Cahill scoring the goal should not surprise people


who have watched Chelsea over the years. You look at the likes of John


Terry, Lou -- Luiz putting in the header, they look unstoppable at the


moment. Arguably, it was their trickiest game between now and the


end of the season. It is hard to see them slipping up. Tricky, but they


had 20 goal efforts, against Stoke's five. They have good goal-scorers,


from defence, midfield and attack. They will always score. The way they


played a system, switch it from one side to the other, to the wingbacks,


that are really high, it seems difficult to block a defence against


them because of their but width. A routine 4-0 victory against Hull.


There were never really troubled asset culvert Lewin tapped in his


first goal for the club. -- after their teenager scored his first


goal. Valencia repaid the favour to Lukaku, and he raced clear to score


his 21st of the season. He got another one at the death, rounded


the keeper to score. Another one for Hull's survival hopes. What a blow


this would be for Everton if they were to lose Lukaku. West Ham were


at home to Leicester this afternoon. Unbelievable match. For West Ham


fans they came close to grabbing an equaliser late on but poor finishing


and excellent goalkeeping from Schmeichel has given Leicester their


first away win of the season. The visitors had a two goal lead early


doors but suspect defending in the West Ham back line on both occasions


helped them out. A free kick got West Ham back in it but Vardy poked


home before half-time for Leicester's third. Ayew reduced the


arrears again. Leicester did just enough to continue their winning


streak under Craig Shakespeare. The Leicester revival continues. You saw


them mid week in the flesh, in the Champions League. A good result mid


week. If anybody has the momentum at the moment it's Leicester. The


result was, Wednesday against Seville they didn't play that well


but Schmeichel like we heard again, he was excellent again today. You


know, saved a penalty and other great saves. They have a top, top


quality keeper there. When you score two goals in the opening six


minutes... Eases the pressure a bit. Absolutely. They started well.


That's a sign of confidence. They're carrying on from that European


match, that confidence is there. Quick start, fast pass, score goals.


But certainly Schmeichel, you know, the form he is in at the moment and


his quality, keeps them alive. Back to all matters Scottish. Because


Aberdeen beat Hearts today Celtic won't be able to win the title


tomorrow. They will, however, be able to re-establish a 25-point lead


at the top of the table. To do that they'll need to beat Dundee. You can


follow the action in Sportsound at midday. Plenty of incentive there.


Celtic can't win the title, they will win the title, it won't be


tomorrow, they're away to Dundee. After having dropped points last


week at home to Rangers. To be honest that's at the froer front of


a lot of people's minds. Rangers had a good day. Having said that, let's


look at the wider sense. They're miles ahead, not just points, but


play, as well. They're getting great performances out of players who


weren't doing as well, Armstrong more than anyone else. You have to


applaud Rangers for coming back into it. Looking at what Celtic have done


this season, by the way the free scoring Clint scores as well. We


were team-mates. Realistically if you look at the way Celtic went


through the season, a number of people asked me did Brendan Rodgers


make mistakes during the game? Forget about that, he has made so


many correct decisions this season and that's not just tactics, not


just in the right people, but also bringing the right people in, as


well, it's hard to say a negative thing about them. Celtic dropped


points last week but Dundee dropped even more, they lost against St


Johnstone. Paul Hartly Manager of the Month for February. March has


been miserable so far. Two defeats including this one. I don't expect


Celtic to have it easy tomorrow. Dundee will battle. They will defend


with numbers. They use the counterattacking style of play. So,


you know, wot won't be easy for Celtic tomorrow. Obviously Celtic


like Pat mentioned are so much better than everybody else this


season. They probably will get a victory again but won't be easy. It


wasn't particularly easy for Celtic when they played Dundee at Celtic


Park earlier. They won the match. 2-1. But Dundee played well. By the


way what a brilliant goal that was, one of the best of the seasons, he


makes it look easy. I don't suspect it will be easy but I don't think a


lot of people will be betting on Dundee to win this. They don't often


have two dull games in a row. They usually, if they have a quiet game,


even if it's a game they win, and sneak a win, they go on a good game


the next. Yeah, I don't think they're in any great danger. They've


every possibility that they could maybe even push towards the top six


this season. They would love to get a result. But in the end Celtic play


at their best, we all know, quite simply Celtic will win this game if


they play at their best. Paul Hartly knows that, Brendan Rodgers knows


that, and they're just hoping they don't play to their best. Last week


everybody said they would win. Both going for Celtic wins. 100%. Time to


hear from managers, coaches, maybe even an interim manager, as well. We


will start with the post-match reaction from that match when


Aberdeen beat Hearts. First the boss of Aberdeen. It's great as a manager


when you see a team relentless with their work. I thought we spoke


before the game about those middle two-thirds of being aggressive and


making the game go our way, pressing the life out of them and I thought


we did that. I didn't think Hearts could cope with that. It's a


situation where Aberdeen have shown they're in a position where they're


stronger, more routined and across the 90 minutes managed to take the


victory. Inside that there were some positive parts to our play. We had


some opportunities and of course that comes down to clinical


finishing, sometimes clinical defending and the ruthlessness, and


quickness and dealing with things and we suffered through that today.


What was your take on the sending off? I haven't seen it again. But


from what I am told by one or two of the staff that have seen it, I think


there is a foul initially on Jaden. Then it slows him down. He can't put


pressure on the defender then. He turns around and I think he is


caught, I think it's the palm of his hand. And the boy's face. So I think


from maybe the referee's interpreted it, maybe he has seen it as a bit


more than that. I think it's frustration he has been fouled. You


could perhaps understand why fans are asking questions about the


director of football and why he is in the dressing room at half-time.


Is he giving advice and coaching advice? I think one of the things


you probably have to look at is there is not much space. You are


searching for something. We work in a very, very clear way. So he is not


providing coaching advice is that what you are saying? That's my job.


I have to get my dictionary out! An interesting phrase was Aberdeen were


stronger and more routined. Yeah, there are certain pieces of jargon


that happen within the coaching fra ternities. That's one of the ones


just now. Does that mean they know what they're doing? Yeah, they're


organised. We all use organised too much and structured too much. They


do know what they're doing. They're a good side. They're having a


brilliant run. But it was a hard day, a bad day for Hearts. The fact


they've dropped down and are now in that position just now is really


difficult for them. It's difficult to get momentum back because they've


lost it. We can hear now from Jim McIntyre, the Ross County boss after


his side's draw away in the highland derby. How valuable was Alex Sharp's


goal there? It's the least we deserved, we put so much into the


game. We were the better side in the first half. Without actually getting


on the end of some good play. The referee's got to give a penalty on


Alex. He says he doesn't see it, so that's disappointing. The throw-in


that led to their goal is also a throw-in. So big decisions have went


the wrong way. We should still defend better, I am not blaming for


that, we should clear the ball. That gave Inverness that lift and we said


to players at half-time you have done so much well but we knew


Inverness would probably get a rocket and come out all guns blazing


and they had a good period in that second half also. In the period up


to half-time you looked to get on top. Naismith was good, sharp very


close to getting one, did you feel you would kick on from there? Yeah,


we did. We told players to keep doing what you are doing and can we


improve that final bit of quality that will get us the goal? I thought


the reaction was great to go behind, obviously goals change games, it


gave Inverness that lift for ten, 15 minutes. We had to weather the storm


and we have counterattack and they've hit the bar and had a free


kick, as well. But we have come back into it. We have made a brilliant


chance with Craig, he should score, thought he was magnificent giving us


everything he had and really putting them under pressure. Again just the


spirit and the side, boys coming out, I thought the three boys that


came off the bench done fantastically well and made an


impact. That's what you need. Because we put so much into it and


the way it's been going for us lately it's easy to feel sorry for


yourself but whenever we dug in and I felt we finished the game really


strengthly. Feels a wee bit hard done by with a couple of refereeing


decisions but as he points out can't blame the ref for that Thistle goal.


No, I think it's probably diverting there how the match went but I think


Ross County overall have a little hangover from last season. They had


a fabulous season, top six, won the League Cup. This season they've


struggled to those standards and they're only four points from


safety. So, hasn't been positive season for them but I do feel that


the players they have, they should have enough to avoid the straight


relegation play-off spot. You never know, because Caley Thistle are


getting stronger. Caley Thistle are in that play-off spot at the moment.


After today's match their manager spoke to Martin. Based on your


second half performance in particular I am sure you probably


felt that you deserve more out of that. Yeah. Yeah, obviously MacKay


hit the crossbar, and we dominated at least half an hour of the second


half. Obviously feels like a bit of a defeat. But I will try and flip


that and we are a point better off than before the game. Proud of the


lads, thought they were excellent the second half, shape was good, we


looked solid and dealt with a lot of crosses into the box. Disappointed


with the goal we conceded. But all in all, I thought the boys done very


well. You asked for aggression today and we talked before the game about


balancing that with the right sort of mental attitude. You seemed to


get that. Yeah, particularly in the second half. It was a tense affair


the first half, County had more possession than us. Once we started


to play, causing them all sorts of problems, Ross was excellent for us,


leading, driving us forward. All in all, it's a very good performance.


Disappointing not to get the three points. He has come a long way since


lambasting his players for their performances. Now he seems to be


getting what he wants out of them. Yeah, trying absolutely anything


that can work, especially down at the bottom you have to try nuclear


options now and again. He has tried that. To be honest he has a reaction


a few times. It's painful, one week a late goal and next week you lose


two points with a late goal. You don't know whether to laugh or cry.


Don't forget the team jumping out at me today, St Johnstone. Winning


today at Motherwell, they now find themselves in the position they are


in fourth place above Hearts. How do they keep doing it? A question we


always ask on this programme just about every week. But our time this


afternoon is rapidly drawing to a close.


So we will bid you good night after a wee reminder


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