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Jonathan Sutherland introduces highlights of Dundee v Celtic, Aberdeen v Hearts, Rangers v Hamilton, Inverness v Ross County, Kilmarnock v Partick and Motherwell v St Johnstone.

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This could be something quite sensational. Right out of the top


drawer. It is outstanding. The shot is an absolute beauty. Oh, yes!


What a finish. Right here, right now, this is history.


Good evening and welcome to Sportscene. Mid-March and the


Premiership title could potentially have been one this weekend, but as


it happens it's delayed until after the international break and after a


long, hard season, we are looking forward to a well-deserved weekend


off, Thompson and Michael Stewart. Plenty of business to get through


this weekend. Let's get straight to the lunchtime match, Dundee at home


to Celtic. The champagne on ice for the champions, with points on top of


both sides, Liam McLeod was there for us. -- on offer.


Paul Hartley has restored Kevin Gomis to the side after a month.


Dundee are looking to bounce back from successive defeats. Calum


MacGregor starts and plays for Celtic's Burstein for the time. He


takes near Bitton's place in the side as he did at half-time in the


Derby last week. Sviatchenko is replaced as the champions look to go


within touching distance of the title. Before kick-off there will be


a minutes silence for the Celtic legend, Tommy Gemmill, who of course


served Dundee with distinction as well as player and manager. -- as


both player and manager. Plenty of height for Stuart


Armstrong to aim at. Headed wide, Dembele. I am sure he is targeting


the 40 goals that Leigh Griffiths got to last season. 32 at the


moment. Celtic are 22 points clear of


Aberdeen at the top of the top-flight. Lusted knocks it across.


Dembele could not quite gather. Still therefore Celtic -- Lustig.


This was the run from Callum MacGregor. He had a bit of the


jersey there, and he's already been done for that this afternoon. A


yellow card for it early on. In it comes. Holt. Armstrong. He


gets it back in. Then it is headed over by Boyata. Scored a couple in


single goal victories over St Johnstone and Aberdeen, Dedrick


Boyata. Former Dundee United midfielder


Stuart Armstrong getting some stick. He has been over just about every


set piece for Celtic. That is a better one. How on earth did that


stay out? Boyata must have thought he had given Celtic the lead here.


Armstrong's best delivery of the day and that has been blocked on the


line by McGowan. Armstrong again. James Forrest. That is a great


challenge by Kerr. Forest gets the break of the ball. And it has gone


in, it has crept in. Simunovic gives Celtic the lead right on half-time.


As they did against Dundee in Glasgow just before Christmas.


Simunovic's first goal of the season edges Celtic that bit closer to six


in a row. The big Croatian defender hardly caught that. It is the touch


of Kevin Gomis that has taken it away from the grasp of a pain. -- of


pain. Dembele. MacGregor. He keeps it going. Armstrong, Dembele down


the middle, and Armstrong. And that is terrific.


Paul Hartley will lament the defending but Brendan Rodgers


applauds as one of his men of the season gets on the scoresheet yet


again. He will surely win his first Scotland cap in the upcoming


double-header. James Forrest picked him out and they made its -- it look


so, so easy. That is a rare loose ball by Tierney


and Paul McGowan is in, and Marcus Haber. He has got to at least hit


the target with that. Celtic have only conceded four goals at home


this season, and Marcus Haber scored one of them. It looked all the way a


route back in for Dundee. Armstrong. James Forrest, who set up Armstrong


for the second goal for Celtic. Here is Tierney. A big chance for number


three. Dundee just about defend it. It's been a little bit too easy from


the Dundee point of view for Tierney to get on to that. It just bobbled


ahead of him. McGowan has shown too much of it for


Scott Sinclair, who thought about the early shop. We might be in any


way. Sinclair, Dembele, but a brilliant challenge by Gomez --


early shop. -- Gomis. Losing out to Sinclair with Dembele to his left.


Dembele did not bargain on Gomez. It is a good bit of defending.


Armstrong's latest corner. Lustig. Floated delivery, Scott Sinclair. He


must have lost sight of where the goal was as Dembele hits the deck


under the challenge of Ojamaa. No penalty. Scott Sinclair, and Dembele


went down way too easily. If Dundee are to get anything out of this they


are going to have to think about scoring pretty soon. What a touch


that was by El Bakhtaoui week, and he has a go. What a goal. Dundee


have a way back in. And it comes in spectacular fashion from Faizal El


Bakhtaoui. That is an absolute rocket. And it has halved the


deficit. He has smashed that past Craig Gordon. Inspired management by


Paul Hartley. And Dundee, who were 2-0 down, have


an opportunity to equalise. Away by Dembele, backing by Kerr.


Well passed from Haber. Not a prolific goal-scorer, Haber, but


he's done a good job in other ways this afternoon.


At times today we played fantastic football. We just failed to make the


final pass that would have made the game more comfortable, but like you


say, we know if we have to defend a game like that when it's coming in


early into the box, we can do that. And by the end we were very happy


with the win. We changed the shape and we had a real go and scored an


excellent goal through El Bakhtaoui E. Haber had a fantastic opportunity


and we put balls in the box. Celtic had to change to a back three, but


I'm pleased with the attitude of the players. No champagne today but yet


another victory for Brendan Rodgers's side. Stephen, how'd you


characterise that Celtic performance today? Not the best, and the second


week running they were under par. Not vintage Celtic but they have


shown the winning mentality -- winning mentality. They grind out


results, and they did that today. It was the little level of intensity


they have had this season, but it's to be expected. They have been at


such a levels for so long. For Scotland next weekend against


Slovenia, how many Celtic players should be in the starting XI? You


have five in the starting XI for Celtic who are in the squad. James


Forrest has been wonderful form all season long. He set up both goals.


Here is one from earlier on today, and I think I would be surprised if


he was not in the starting XI. Craig Gordon has gone from strength to


strength since getting back on the side and signing a new contract.


Unbelievable, wasn't it? Scott Brown is backing the team and is a certain


starter. That is a wonderful pass -- back in team. Very strong at


left-back as well. Here are the two of them combining well. You have to


remember that Leigh Griffiths is sitting on the bench for Celtic. He


started at Wembley in the last Scotland game. Stuart Armstrong is


the real gem at the moment. A wonderful run and a great header. He


is the one, breaking into the Scotland squad, the big question


will be whether he starts the game. I would be amazed if he's not


starting because he's in the form of his career and is playing


wonderfully well and scoring goals. Are you impressed by that header? I


thought the cross was superb from James Forrest, drilled it across.


You look at the five plays in the starting XI for Celtic they could


easily be in the starting XI for Scotland and Leigh Griffiths, you


could be looking at six Celtic players. Paul Hartley thought Dundee


were excellent in the second half and it was an excellent strike from


Faizal El Bakhtaoui E. An unbelievable strike and it was slack


from Celtic not dealing with the quick free kick, but El Bakhtaoui


drives at the heart of the defence that is a non-believable hit. That a


fantastic hit. He has struggled for me to make the step up to the


standard of the Premiership. He scored 30 goals last season. But


that was only his third in the Premiership. We know he has the


undoubted quality but he's not bringing it on a weekly basis but


that was an unbelievable strike. Dundee had done well to rally


towards the end but they could not get the result. Just needs to apply


a bit more consistency to his game will


you could apply that to Dundee as a whole. They've been very


inconsistent. He clearly has goal-scoring ability but he's not


able to maintain it this year. OK. The forlorn chase of Celtic for


Aberdeen in second place and we've known it for some time, but Derek


McInnes's side aiming to clinch the runners-up spot ahead of Rangers.


Hearts were the visitors this weekend. Andrew Consett iron is free


from suspension and returns to the fold at the expense of Jayden


Stockley -- Consett iron. They are aiming to win nine home games on the


trot. Ian Castro was that impressed last week that he has named the same


11 as last week and Aaron Hughes is fit again and sit -- sits amongst


the substitutes as hearts look for a first win of the season over


Aberdeen. It was a goalless draw between these two in August.


Aberdeen with the better of it. Hearts may be at the best chance, as


Nicholson goals -- goes for gold. That was a decent opportunity carved


out by Sam Nicholson. Taylor waiting for the corner. A bit of grappling


and there was a shout for handball by a couple of the Hearts players.


It might have been the midfielder it came off.


Hearts looking to build on the wonderful win over Hamilton last


week. Brilliant challenge by Logan. And Nicholson. That is the best


chance of the game so far. Tony Watt, who was on loan at Hearts,


when he missed his best opportunity at the tawdry. Considine for McGinn.


A good ball, and Logan is there. He once again has the important


delivery and Logan stole in from right back. He has enjoyed that one.


Aberdeen in front. Aberdeen won nine matches in a row,


and it was Hearts that stopped their run. He is offside, he is not in


agreement with the decision. Pretty much on line with Logan to be fair


to him. Brilliantly touched and Rooney is


there but he is offside. Celebrations cut short. Graeme


Shinnie, that was outstanding. His head and shoulders were in line.


Hayes. Both he and Graeme Shinnie will feel very aggrieved they are


not in the Scotland squad for the upcoming double-header. McLean has


been superb in recent times. McClean went after it. It's number


two. Nine in a row. He's on his way for Aberdeen. Oh dear. That is a


horror show. Jonny Hayes gobbles up the chance to double their lead and


it is the least they deserve. They are cruising.


Look at that. You know someone is playing with confidence when you hit


that from 30 yards. So unlucky, tipped over by Hamilton. Xinyi works


it to Hayes. -- Shinnie. Hamilton beats its way. McGinn's effort


blocked. Jonny Hayes is very difficult to keep a lid on. Sell


theirs is in here. There was no flag. Just what the Aberdeen defence


is looking for. Joe Lewis played to the whistle. It comes off the


Aberdeen defender. Aberdeen picked up their 100th victory over Hearts


just before Hogmanay. Victory number 101 is just about coming. Niall


thinks he should have made it 3-1. He was offered a contract by Hearts


in January. That should be easy. Jayden Stockley has become embroiled


and Stockley is off. It was a flailing arm. Steven McLean, the


referee will now sort things out. I think it's great as a manager when


you see a team so relentless with their work. Their honesty. I thought


we spoke before the game about players being aggressive. Pressing


the life out of the opposition. I thought we did that.


Much has been made from Craig Levein being in the dressing room in the.


How much influence does he have in the 90 minutes? I work in a certain


way, with collective staff, always been involved with technical staff.


People connected to us throughout the game. Everything you see or


focus on or want to try to create,. He is not providing coaching advice?


That's my job. Yet another great home victory for Aberdeen. Is it


that big a deal, Hearts director of football communicating with his head


coach Ian Cathro during the match? No. I think that's fair enough. They


are wise to utilise that vantage point from the stand. I don't have a


problem with that. In the 21st century I think they could get


something a bit better connected by running up and down the stands! I


think it's the changing room think that is the real issue. As a player,


you are sitting in the changing room and we are led to believe that they


have a bit of a gathering, ideas are spoken about. Craig Levein is not


speaking directly to the players but if you sit there for a couple of


minutes and wonder where the head coaches, then he eventually comes


through and you have another senior figure just standing net and not


saying anything, just the fact he's there, adds to the confusion. I've


never experienced anything like that. In the changing room it is


normally one voice, one leader. You do get a better view from the stands


sometimes. They are obviously comfortable with it but it's not


been communicated well exactly what the role of Craig Levein is. I don't


think Cathro explains it well either. They need some clarity. It's


understandable the supporters, media, people, the director of


football role is not normal in Scottish football so what is the


defining difference between what he's doing and what Cathro is doing?


It needs to be explained, more transparency. Another senior figure


in the change in creating confusion because as a player, you wonder who


is making decisions. Who is giving us the direction? His mere presence


is confusing. Confusion on the bench as well. When results are not


happening, you will get more scrutiny. At this point, there is a


line and as a full-back, you never want to cross that and get dragged


over. Look at his body position. He is closed off, he never looks. This


is the first occasion he knows that Logan is behind him. The cross comes


in. This happened all day long. You know Aberdeen, their strengths,


really using the wide areas and they didn't put enough pressure on the


Aberdeen wide men to stop crosses coming into the box.


He's got his back to him there. This continued right through the game.


You have to get touched tight. Right through the first half, it was clear


Hearts were getting forced onto the back foot. Aberdeen played


brilliantly. To be expected. They pressed them all over the park.


Hearts were on the back foot. They do it every week. Isolated upfront,


Steven? You can see the midfielder miles away from Hillier. -- away


from him here. Either it's a bit naive for them to


go chasing blindly. Aberdeen forced Hearts back the whole game and you


have to squeeze it out. We discussed Hearts in depth. This was a


fantastic victory for Aberdeen. Phenomenal home record. They are


playing with such confidence and what an achievement to equal Sir


Alex's record. He described it as relentless. You were there, does


that sum it up? Definitely. It epitomises Aberdeen under Derek


McInnes. They thoroughly deserved their victory. The more you talk


about two clubs challenging at the top of the table and Aberdeen are up


there, Hearts 1 million miles away at the moment. They've got a great


opportunity, Inverness at home next. A great chance to do it. Next,


Ibrox, Rangers keep the pressure on Aberdeen. Pedro Caixinha took the


reins for the first time and greeted the fans. Commentary comes from Rory


Hamilton. COMMENTATOR: Pedro Caixinha's first


selection as manager sees just one change. Jon Toral comes on. Four


goal loss at Tynecastle. The early ball forward finding


McKay. Danger for Hamilton. McKay for Holt. The shot is just too high


from Jason Holt. McKay kept his cool to pick out the past. Holt lacked


composure. Lovely turn from Martyn Waghorn. He goes for gold. -- goal.


A good record in this victory, scored in all three games this


season against Hamilton Academical. A turn to get away from the party,


very impressive. -- get away from Donati. Tavernier. He returns to


write back. Freedom to move forward. This is nice from Rangers. The first


goal of the Caixinha era at Ibrox is scored by Emerson Hyndman. A


fantastic flowing move. Tavernier picked out the American and he


scored for the fourth time since joining on loan from Bournemouth. 26


minutes in, Rangers lead 1-0. Hamilton have had precious few


chances. McMann. Crawford, the only man in the middle. Gillespie


arriving now and Crom but... You went for the spectacular. Easy


enough for Wes Foderingham. Crawford did score here on the very opening


day of the season. Wilson for Tavernier. Hooks up the line where


it McKay has switched flanks. Taken out of the play by Alexander Gudok


pitch. Rangers will have a free kick in a dangerous position. Jon Toral


assessing his options. He will swing this in with a left foot and it's a


good one. Rangers have their second goal. After 41 minutes. The


38-year-old has shown his instincts again to score for the third game


running. Kenny Miller couldn't get enough on it and Hill couldn't miss.


Tavernier likely to be the favourite. He struck it well. Just


couldn't get it to come down and nestle in that top corner. They get


it away but only as far as Waghorn who goes down under the challenge of


Donati and Robinson points to the spot. No doubt in the referee's


mind. Rangers have a penalty kick. No complaints from Donati either.


Woods faces Waghorn and Waghorn goes down the middle of the goal and


Rangers have their third. The results has rarely been in doubt.


His 15th goal of the season, five of which have come against Hamilton.


Wallace. Up the line for Barrie McKay. Far too much pace for


Sarries. McKay is in. Holt was arriving. The first touch seemed to


come off Darian MacKinnon. A little too close for comfort in knocking


that past his own goalkeeper. Toral, confidence flowing amongst the


Rangers players. Lee Wallace. Miller. For the return to his


captain. It comes back to Kenny Miller. Waghorn and into Lee


Wallace. That's will round it off very nicely. For Rangers. The


captain gets in on the action. 15 minutes left to play. The Caixinha


regime at Ibrox gets off to the perfect start.


All eyes on Pedro Caixinha, a dapper gentleman, like yourself. How do you


assess his first match in charge? Impressive. We managed to pick out a


few things that were not that worthy. Rangers were often


criticised for being laboured and predictable in the build-up under


Mark Warburton, but here they are direct, a long ball, a flick on, and


every time Rangers got the ball it seemed like their first thought was,


how can we attack? Kenny Miller was superb. Again, Rangers, how quickly


can we get forward, and when this comes into the box, you see five


men, and that was the theme for Rangers. It was very impressive.


Look at that attack. For Rangers fans at Ibrox, they were so


accustomed to see teams parking the box, but this is how you get around


that -- parking the bus. Watch Lee Wallace. Wants to catch it and


attack it. One end of the pitch to the other here and basically five or


six seconds, and it's fantastic. I think the Rangers fans will be


entertained by this more dynamic style. You see the first one, the


long ball over the top two Waghorn. That is not a punt up the park, it


is a great pass. It is entertaining to watch because as a fan you want


to see shots on goal and goals scored, and it was certainly a stark


contrast to what it had been like for a lot of the season, in


particular at Ibrox. Possession for possession's sake. And with the


workrate, big changes from what we saw under Warburton? We highlighted


the workrate last week and it was excellent but it struck me that


Hamilton could not string for five passes together and everything was


taken away. Rangers were hunting in packs to win it back and the


turnover was incredible, the amount of times they won the ball back and


they were superb. When they won it back, the first instinct was, can we


attack again? I think that has probably been the one thing for me


that Caixinha has brought in this week. The constant desire to attack.


Here is an example. When the ball back, what can we do with it? This


is another shot from Kenny Miller and he should have done better. I


think Rangers fans will be entertained. It's incredible in the


time he has been in. Five days. A huge difference in a short period of


time, given that Hamilton have shipped a lot of goals of late, 14


in the last three games. They've only scored one in five games. From


the Rangers perspective, a lot of positives. I felt we learned quite a


lot from that analysis. But you feel that from the semifinal in the


Scottish Cup against Celtic is where they will learn most. That is where


they will be judged. It is a massive game and then in summer he can check


out how good the recruitment is but that will be a game where he is


judged. Looking gloomy for Hamilton. Bottom of the table. Is that where


they will stay? There are not too many positives or lights at the end


of the tunnel to suggest they will drag themselves out of it. 14 goals


in the last three games, conceding far too many and not scoring enough.


Not a great combination. Motherwell are in trouble as well.


Steve Robinson was made permanent manager in the week and he took on a


St Johnstone side pushing for a top four place.


Having been appointed permanent Motherwell manager in the week,


Steve Robinson is forced into a defensive reshuffle. He welcomes


back Louis Moult following a ban. Tommy Wright lost the services of


Keith Watson to a knee injury in training but sees no need to make


any changes following the 2-0 victory over Dundee last time out.


Jewels wins the header. Craig gets Cummins on his way. It is Graham


Cummins. That is a good ball in. Craig had continued his run and he


finds the back of the net with the header, eight minutes played an St


Johnstone lead at Fir Park. It was Liam Craig who started the move,


Graham Cummins had time and space to measure the cross and Craig tucks in


his fourth of the season. Freer, and he's got plenty of pace down the


left-hand side. A good ball as well. McDonald goes down, claims he was


held by Brian Easton. No penalty. Cummins. Looking to go round the


outside of Jules, and he got the shot in. Samsung tips it over, and


he was fantastic last week. -- Samson.


Can't beat the first man, Cavan. Comes back to Frear, having to work


for his space. Into McDonald, and Cadden on the half volley could only


fire over the top as Motherwell threatened to equalise. Headed away.


Hamill returns it with interest. It might drop for Cadden. It was the


challenge from Payton. Louis Moult continues the attack, but they are


able to clear. It was Cadden who went down under the challenge from


Payton. Greg Aitken said no. McHugh. Moult, to McDonald. Lovely


interchange. It comes back to Scott McDonald and what an incredible miss


by the Australian. Well, he did the hard bit and the linkup with Moult


was almost perfect, and when it dropped for McDonald the footwork


was good but he could not apply the finish. Malta. He has done well here


-- Moult. Scobey. Clay. Might drop for McDonald, and persistence pays


off for Motherwell. They have got the equaliser just a minute before


the break. Scott McDonald makes no mistake this time. And he has Number


ten for the season, and it is all squared up at 1-1.


Frear. There is Jules. McManus called into action after coming on


at half-time. Jules. Tossing it back into the middle, and Louis Moult


can't get the header on target. Jules must have thought that he had


put Motherwell in front here. Great save. Incredible to think that


Motherwell have not won at home since mid-November. There is Louis


Moult, looking to change that. Their top scorer was not far away. St


Johnstone will not want to give him that much space again. Foster. Up to


Maclean. Swanson. Maclean is hovering on the right touchline.


Clearing header but only to Liam Craig. What a hit that is Liam


Craig. He has his second of the game, midway through the second


half. St Johnstone restored their lead -- restore their lead.


Ferguson's header did not do enough to clear the danger and Liam Craig


has made him pay. Swanson. Cummins. Another great ball in for Liam Craig


but he could not guide it into the net. Some hat-trick that would have


been. Took it down nicely, and Motherwell having to come from


behind again. That is for Louis Moult. That is the man, Stephen


Robinson would have wanted it to fall to him. Uncharacteristically,


he could not hit the target. McDonald gets it back. Looking to


supply for Bowman. It comes off the inside of the post, and somehow it


stays out. Motherwell cannot believe this.


When you come away from home and get three points, and it's a massive


three points as it almost takes us in the top six, the performance


probably at times could have been better. We had seven clear-cut


chances and one penalty, it's incredible how we didn't get it, and


that wasn't given. There was another debatable one but it just didn't go


for us. We hit the post in the last minute and Louis Moult has a chance.


Six or seven clear-cut chances. They get to when they put them in the box


and scored. Be done clay crosses into the box, is what happens. St


Johnstone up to fourth in the table -- if you don't clear crosses.


Motherwell had their chances and penalty claims as well. Should


either have been given? Should both of them being given?


This one I'm not convinced about. I've seen them given but I don't


think there's enough. He is already falling down. Where is this one, the


second one, no doubt at all that Cadden is taken out. As it drops


down, he gets his foot in the first and Payton clears him out. He's in a


really strong position. It is a definite penalty. He gets cleaned


out. That is a penalty as far as I'm concerned. Every right to be


aggrieved but they did create a lot of opportunities and probably should


have taken something. Yet they are in the mix at the bottom of the


table. Three points off the bottom of the table and they need to try


and stabilise quickly. Ibrox next week. They are just conceding far


too many goals and if you concede too many, you don't give yourself an


opportunity to stay in the game. They conceded more than any other


team this season. What about the tactic of that kick out? It is


random. They are trying to stop the keeper kicking early and accurately.


But it was largely ineffectual. I don't think it works particularly


well. Is it worthwhile at all? I've seen it done before but he's not


even putting the goalkeeper under pressure. Mannus is just kicking up


the park. We talked about conceding too many goals. I'm not saying you


can't concentrate on more than one aspect of the game, but from their


perspective, they are ineffectual, those things. You need to be getting


the defence sorted out, stop conceding goals. Too many crosses


into the box coming in easily and you will never get a chance to get


points and draws and wins if you Chuck goals in the back. Fantastic


victory for St Johnstone. Could be a European spot. You have three out of


the four semifinalists have an opportunity to win, and then fourth


place will be in Europe. You cannot give St Johnstone enough plaudits.


Year after year they continue to get in and around the European spots and


they are in fourth and looking comfortable, second-best away record


which normally you would expect at home, but away from home has been


the bedrock of success. Only Celtic have the better away record. Cannot


give them enough plaudits. Fantastic from St Johnstone.


Two more sides glancing at the trapdoor, with Inverness Caley


Thistle starting the weekend bottom of the table and Ross County just


four points ahead. Two changes from the side that drew


at Partick. Ross Draper comes back in from suspension and Brad Mackay


and Polworth give way. Two changes for the visitors after the loss


against Kilmarnock. Paul Quinn is injured and there is no Mark Wood


's. Andrew Davis and Christopher routers are recalled.


Might break for Vigurs at the edge of the area. That is a terrific


effort from Iain Vigurs. Scored his first senior goal for Ross County in


the Premiership against Inverness Caley Thistle and tried to get it on


target there the home side. Voices the runner. Naismith. Great little


ball across. And Alex Schalk is an inch away from the opening goal.


Lovely interchange with boys. It fizzed across that he could not find


the touch. Deep towards Davies, and he brings it down. Alex Schalk


tumbled in the box and Raven was behind him. He thinks he was fouled.


He yells at the referee and Davies won the header. Raven certainly made


contact with the player in the area. Played across. That is pure. Tansey


is calling for it and he gets it from Polworth. And he gets the


opening goal. The deflection was key, but Inverness Caley Thistle


don't care. Greg Tansey scores for the third time against Ross County.


Having enjoyed a difficult first 15 minutes of the first half, within


three minutes of the restart, Inverness Caley Thistle Lara head.


The goalkeeper with no chance. Davies with a deflection -- are


ahead. He should have put that in the stand, but he didn't. The leader


was perfect, and Tansey accepts. Polworth tries to work the 1-2.


Draper. Tremarco stealing in at the back post. Mackay can't get back in


time. Gardyne will slide in. Tremarco with a fine goal-scoring


season, seven already, he could not put it on target. That was inviting.


The last six games between these sides have found a winner. Ross


County have one to this season. Caley Thistle leading and looking to


add to it. Mackay tries to pick out Tansey in the middle. Naismith


chases after it. That will be a free kick. And the yellow card to.


Tremarco bearing the brunt of the challenge from Jason Naismith.


Having a fine game, but that was reckless. Tansey more than capable


from here. And the goalkeeper knew it. The Irishman popping it over the


top. Tested the keeper. Frazar. On two boys. Naismith --


onto Boyce. Great ball, and Craig Cummings is marked. He should have


scored. It's the chance he has been waiting


for. The former Tranmere and Carlisle man. He seemed to be in two


minds about what he should do. They have only kept one clean sheet at


home this season. They are driving and looking for another. It came


back to Tremarco. Tremarco. He holds off his man. Hits the bar. Billy


McKay does as all good strikers do, tried to anticipate to get in there


and he's a lucky. Naismith. Boyce. Into the middle it goes. Jim


O'Brien. Williams taking no chances. It was rising. O'Brien, one goal in


nine appearances for Ross County. Accepted the gift from Draper and


forced the keeper into the stop. It will come in. A nice touch. The shot


has broken away from Warren. Second touch, Jason, and the equaliser from


Alex Schalk. Four minutes to play and Ross County level. The


substitute, a brilliant header, took at two defenders and Alex Schalk was


calm and controlled, aiming for the top corner. Ross County are level.


Four minutes to play in the Highland derby and what a crucial goal that


could prove to be. It feels like a bit of a defeat but


we are a point better off than before the game. Proud of the lads.


We looked solid. We dealt with a lot of crosses into the box.


Disappointed with the goal we conceded but all in all I thought


the boys did well. Every team, is in a relegation battle.


Sometimes the look on players face can say so much. We see the close-up


on David Raven's face, it tells a story. First, I think it is a clear


penalty. I don't know whether the referee was an cited but you can see


the slow motion, Alex Schalk touches the ball and Raven comes in and


breaks the back of his calf. It's this one. He's looking for the


referee, saying, you didn't see that, did you? Thankfully for him,


the referee didn't. Should the referee Hasina? Absolutely, for me


it was fairly clear. The goal of Alex Schalk, into the realms of


anatomy, a hint of handball? It was a hint. All those Inverness players,


none of them claim for it. It is just his shoulder, I think he gets


enough of his chest, shoulder area. I think it's OK. You don't see any


of the Inverness players around him complain and also Richie Foran,


there were no complaints. A fair enough goal. No complaints from you


if you were doing that as a striker? Absolutely. It is a bit of a season


of thanks for both of the Highland clubs. We have spoken at length


about the fact Ross County should be doing a lot more with the quality


they've got. Inverness, Richie Foran's first foray into management


and it has been a bit of a struggle. But they seem to have a bit more


grit about them, a bit more like his character as a player. I think they


will have enough to see themselves out of this. A psychological boost


also, seeing lots of off the bottom of the table. It's a better for Ross


County. Inverness need to start turning those draws into wins.


Especially home games. Only six points between the bottom five side


so it will go right to the end and fascinating to watch. To the battle


for top six safety now. Partick Thistle began in possession of that


coveted spot. Kilmarnock hoping to replace them in the top half. Before


the match at Rugby Park, a minute's silence, for Joanne Johnson, the


wife of former chair Mr Johnson. WHISTLE




experienced campaigners back after suspension. Robert Wilson dropped


the bench. Partick Thistle make one change to their line-up with


Christie Elliot, normally seen as a right-winger, taking the place of


Callum Booth at left-back. Six of the last nine meetings between these


sides have been draws. We expect another close encounter. An early


opportunity for the on loan Newcastle United midfielder, he's


been impressive in writing times Brash recent times for Kelly. Two


victories and two feats for Lee McCulloch. It is Boyd. Brilliant


save to deny Scott Boyd the opener for Kilmarnock. Terrific


goalkeeping. Taylor. Boyd and Sammon. It's Christie Elliot who


gets the final touch to deny Conor Sammon, giving Killie the lead.


Kilmarnock have started very positively. Jones. Looking towards


Mackenzie. Still Jordan Jones. He didn't quite get enough power on


that effort. A yard of space away from Christie Elliot.


Chris Erskine. Did well to create the opening for the shot. So close


from Chris Erskine. He's already got eight goals so far this season.


Tansey looking towards Gulen. Breaking away of Lawless. Kilmarnock


relieved to see that will come back off the crossbar. Still clear. It is


now. Scott Boyd's clearance straight to lawless who took the opportunity


well. Doolan. Ryan Edwards. Australian midfielder.


Missing the target as he's tried to steady himself.


Adam Barton. That looked as though it would be a scorer all the way for


the Partick Thistle midfielder, no wonder he's shaking his head. He


thought he had got his third goal for the Firhill club.


Chris Erskine. Partick Thistle in front. Chris Erskine claims his


ninth goal of the season. He got the break of the ball back off Taylor. A


fine strike to dispatch it beyond the woodman. Kilmarnock desperate to


get themselves back on level terms. Conor Sammon. Striking it. And


that's on its journey. Conor Sammon doesn't care. He fires that one in.


Straight through the goalkeeper's hounds. Kilmarnock are back on level


terms. That is Sammon's third goal since moving from Hearts. Killie


pushing for a winner. They are up in towards Boyd. Sammon. It breaks to


Boyd. Not quite sure what the infringement was. Didn't seem too


much there. Overall I will take the point.


Partick Thistle in the second half, probably they were the better team


today. We had a good victory last week. Got a point today so four


points out of six. I'm always looking at the positives. Kilmarnock


were better in the first off, very direct and played the Pitreavie


well. We didn't we caused a lot of problems on set plays and I think


the referee could have helped us out. They were blocking. The


officials didn't help us out. The second half was much better. He


praised the performance last week. Can't be perfect all the time. In


terms of what Alan Archibald was talking about, blocking at set


pieces, how big an issue was that? It's a big issue when you see the


highlights of how much space Kris Boyd gets. Partick defenders need to


do better. They allow themselves to get detach from Kris Boyd far too


easily. Alan Archibald said it was good movement to be fair to him.


Partick have to deal with it better. This shows you that Lee McCulloch


has clearly been working on a few different aspects of set plays. When


you are playing in these games that are really tight, sometimes set


plays can be the difference between getting three points and not. Lee


McCulloch obviously very much in his career, very good in the air so he


recognises that. There is something more about Kilmarnock at the moment.


They look better organise. The set plays are indicative of that.


Clearly getting up a good idea of what they are meant to be doing.


Partick Thistle conceded late goals, it was Inverness last week. A


different story in terms of points they got. They are in sixth place


just now, if they'd got four extra points and hadn't conceded the late


goals, I think they could have cemented that sixth place. And not


be too far behind Hearts. Disappointing for them but I think


at the same time, they will be glad they are looking to stretch that gap


to six. Quite a transformation. We had a chuckle and we talked about


Partick Thistle being a top side and the way things are going, they might


have half an eye on catching Hearts? They have a five-game unbeaten run.


I'll must feel reluctant to seem surprised by how well they've done.


Every year they do well and they've been fantastic this season. Full


marks to Alan Archibald. Partick Thistle are going up. There is not


more trajectory. Hearts are going down fast so it's not without the


realms of possibility that they could catch Hearts. We'll leave it


for them time being. Four games to play before the split, the table


looks like this. Let's start with the lower half for a change.


Brendan Rodgers' side might well do that in two weeks' time. That is


when we are back after the international break. Good luck to


Scotland as always. Until next time, goodnight.


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Jonathan Sutherland introduces highlights of the weekend's Scottish Premiership action.

Champions Celtic look to take another step towards retaining their title with a win over Dundee at Den's Park. Elsewhere, Aberdeen take on Hearts and Rangers host Hamilton.

In a Highlands derby, Inverness Caledonian Thistle host Ross County, while Kilmarnock are at home to Partick and Motherwell entertain St Johnstone.

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