11/05/2014 Sportscene


Jonathan Sutherland introduces highlights of the weekend's matches in the new SPFL Scottish Premiership, with comment on and analysis of the week's main talking points.

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Good evening. It's the final Sportscene of the inaugural SPFL


Premiership season. And we have a fantastically exciting finale for


you. So much so, that we've had to extend tonight's show to an hour to


fit it all in. Drama at both ends of the table as this season went right


down to the wire. With us tonight to cast an eye over the closing stages,


Billy Dodds and the Partick Thistle striker on loan from Sheffield


United, Lyle Taylor. We start with Survival Saturday. The focus on


Easter Road. Hibs and Kilmarnock duelling it out, both sides


desperately trying to preserve their top flight status. Hibs midweek


defeat up at Ross County meant they needed to beat Kilmarnock to avoid


the play-off place. As for Killie, they just needed a point following


their 1-0 victory over St Mirren thanks to a goal from, who else,


Kris Boyd. At Easter Road for us was Liam Mcleod. Terry Butcher remains


confident Hibernian will not be going down this season. He welcomes


Heffernan back from a groin injury. Another player is back from


suspension. Kris Boyd's 21 goals have been


pivotal. Kris Boyd's 21 The target was Kris


Boyd. Irving might find him. The flag is up. It is very tight. Irving


put it back into the path of Kris Boyd. Hibernian have a dreadful


record. Robertson! Craig Samson with an excellent save there. Hibernian


have started the game the brighter of the two teams. We have seen a lot


of that this season. They have lost games which they dominated and they


cannot afford to have this happen again. Terry Butcher sitting


comfortably as the corner comes in. Of the line from Nicholson.


Robertson had the initial header here, it was all bound but for Barry


Nicholson. Liam Craig's free kick. It is not bad. That has gone past


Forster and another chance comes and goes for Hibernian. An excellent


turnout from the Hibernian supporters this afternoon. They are


behind their team. Kilmarnock just need one point and they are safe as


Kris Boyd rampages through. A flick from McKenzie, that was terrific.


Forster and McGivern with the challenge on Boyd. It is Barber.


Kris Boyd! A stunning goal from calm are's top marksman who is


single-handedly keeping them in the top flight. Goal number 22 of the


season for Kris Boyd. -- Kilmarnock's. McKenzie. Kilmarnock


are going for the kill here. He gets it back to Kris Boyd. Williams has


to make the save. He expected the corner kick. They are rattled with


that goal coming just before half-time. McKenzie trying to make


their troubles even worse. The substitute finds Nicholson. A real


vibrancy about Kilmarnock in this second half. Kris Boyd almost made


it two. He almost made the task too tough for Hibernian who have only


scored three times in their last nine games. They need to in their


second-half here. Paul Heffernan. -- they need two. Liam Craig. Here's


unlucky. So one lucky. -- he is unlucky. So unlucky! Liam Craig


almost levelling matters. The likes of Hamilton and older await for


Hibernian if they cannot turn things around in that play-off. Call claims


that came off of him last. I think Harris was going for gold here.


Allan Johnston under pressure in this very city last week as they


went down to Hearts. Owen Tudor Jones. Absolutely nothing falling


for Hibernian. Time rapidly running out for Hibernian. This is Ryan


McGeever on. -- McGivern. Kilmarnock throwing bodies in the way as they


have done all afternoon. Frustration for the Hibernian youngsters who


were combining there. At least they were trying to. What a turnaround


and what a difference one week makes in football, not even for Allan


Johnston. Hibernian have given it away. Good skill from this man. He


forces Williams to knock it out for another corner kick. Kilmarnock


playing down the clock expertly. He heads the ball clear. That is it.


Kilmarnock are staying in the top flight and Hibernian face a fight


for survival. I did not think there was much in it between all the


bottom teams. It was goal difference. There is not much


between the teams. It is soul destroying. It is disappointing and


heartbreaking. We are all devastated because of where we finished. We


certainly have not put enough gold in the back of the opponent's net.


They tend to do it. They have fewer chances against us but they do end


up in the back of the net. That is the difference. Until we can put it


in the goal with regularity, we will continue to make chances and


continue to play but we have ten days now between now and the first


play-off match. We will certainly work very hard and get back together


again. We have to. We will get there. It is hard to look forward to


these games at this moment in time because once again you feel slapped


in the face and I can only say sorry to our fans. It was a huge result,


Hibernian consigned to the play-offs. Around 200 fans voiced


their anger outside stadium calling for Terry Butcher to resign. Rod


Petrie said: Interesting words. It sounds like he


may be taking a back-seat in the future but right now how much of the


mess are Hibernian in? Some meat say he is taking a back-seat, some are


ducking for cover. They could be up against two very good teams. Falkirk


and Hamilton. I have a feeling they will be getting themselves out of


the situation but they will have low confidence. It is a difficult one


for them, they are a huge club but they are right in the mire. Are you


surprised they slipped down the table to this extent?


Very surprised. For a club that size to be in this predicament does not


seem right. If we were to lose Hibernian and Hearts from the SPL I


am not sure it would be a good time for Scottish football. I'd battle


this graphic sums it all up. On the 29th of December Hibernian were


seventh in the table on 24 points. Mid-table respectability. At the end


of this season today they are in 11th place, the play of spot with 35


points. Since Terry Butcher has comment it has gotten a lot worse.


In ten days they will play the winner of the semifinal play-off.


Falkirk and whoever emerges from the other match will take on Hibernian


on the 25th of May. The winner will be decided as who will stay in the


Premier League. I have a feeling they will get out of it. I think the


other teams they are going to play against, they are picking up


injuries and suspensions. But can they handle that mentality? I am not


sure about the Hibernian players. They have been only downwards spiral


for a time. Against Partick, Ross County, St Mirren, they have been


looking over their shoulder looking for them to drop points instead of


getting that vital win. For a few months now they have been in the


pressure pot. Kilmarnock got themselves out of the trouble. This


was midweek against St Mirren, the winning goal. Kris Boyd the striker


on winning form, he scores goals. When we played against ten he is a


handful. He puts himself in great positions and scores a lot of goals


because of it. He seems to be the difference between potentially


staying up or being in the play-offs. Fair play to Kilmarnock


they have pulled themselves out of it. Everyone thought it would be


Thistle and Ross County and the likes of St Mirren but fair play to


him, he scored the goal in the last week that keeps them up and he will


look forward to his summer now. Goal he is being released. Who would


finish top of the bottom six? Commentary from Rob Maclean.


Planning underway for another top-flight season.


Ross County have secured their place in the Premiership as well. Alex


Cooper. He goes through. He turns the shot wide of target. He has been


an impressive form since January but so far he has failed to score a


goal. The throw flicked on. Jordan 's flu gets his goal. Joy for the


known black burn striker. -- Flew. Alan Archibald looking for the


winning end to an ultimately successful campaign. Cooper with a


good strike. Saved by Fox. Slew on the rebound. The Thistle goalkeeper


looks to have taken a really bad one. He got his legs caught up and


in the end trapped underneath him. He is in a lot of discomfort and


there is a lot of concern Firhill for Fox in this final game of the


season. A free header and he makes the most


of it. 2-0 to Ross County, three minutes into the second half,


Thistle switching off at the set piece. It got away from Lee Mair and


angles a header across substitute keeper Gallacher for 2-0.


Elliott's cross, Taylor! This'll are back in it. It is 2-1. -- Partick


Thistle are back in it. County did not have a two goal advantage for


long. This was all about the determination of Elliott. An


inviting ball in and a total lack of marking, 2-1.


Higginbotham, the obvious danger man and a decent effort. Partick Thistle


fans can enjoy his talents for another year, Higginbotham.


Fraser on this rain sodden surface, it is Higginbotham threatening


again. Back for Lawless, a good strike and a really good says by


Brown. So close to two each. Partick Thistle pushing for an equaliser and


they took a good stop from Brown to deny them.


Taylor's backheel, Moncur! He has his first Partick Thistle goal and


it is the one which squares the game at 2-2. Off the bench, Moncur, to


make an instant impact cat edge-macro to make an instant


impact. Lawless is in, he turns the ball


back and it looked like he could have had a shot at goal. Straight at


keeper Brown. Well, the big opportunity there seemed to be for


Lawless and in the end it wasn't really a shot which was going to


trouble Brown. Carey's corner, and De Leeuw scores


the fifth goal of the game. It is deflected in off James Craigen.


Gallacher had no chance. So County substitute makes it 3-2 at Firhill.


And County fans are hoping this is the goal which makes bed team top of


the bottom six. Delighted, obviously finishing fifth last season and


seventh this season for a club of our stature is a magnificent


achievement. Delighted for the players. Sometimes we have to start


the season, it will be hard to take at this point because in the bottom


half we did not want to finish and it was not to be. Victory for Ross


County minutes they finished top of the bottom six, congratulations and


another goal for Lyle Taylor our guest this evening, makes it seven


goals since joining Partick Thistle. You have enjoyed your time here. Any


chance of making it another season perhaps? I am not too sure as it


stands at the moment. Pre-season starts on the 3rd of July at


Sheffield United and I will go back there, looking to fight for my place


in the team. That is as it stands until somebody tells me different.


That is what I will be doing. You are not ruling it out, you enjoyed


parts of the game yesterday, getting a goal and an assist as well. Seven


goals, you have looked like you have enjoyed your foothold at Firhill. I


have enjoyed it. I am thankful for having the chance to play games


against my minutes were limited when down at Sheffield United. This was


your best game, you run Aberdeen down. Your first home win of the


season. We played really well, it had been coming and thankfully we


got the result. I don't know what the future holds, I really don't.


But I am going back to Sheffield United as it stands right now. That


is all there is to it for me. Time for a holiday. You don't have to


play in any play-offs. No, the dreaded play-off, no one wants to


play in that game. Another two weeks training, nobody wanted that.


Thankfully we did enough to secure our position. Yesterday, but we're


not mentioning the defending. Please don't! Let's give credit to Ross


County because they were having a tough time at the turn of the year


and Derek Adams brought in players and it has made a difference. And


Philip Tess. No doubt, Derek Adams has got those boys in and McGregor


is backing him all the way. They had to change. They did not have the


personnel to keep them out or keep them up but keep out of the


relegation play-off spot. Credit to them. After the first and second


game of the season I thought they were on the way down but Adams did a


good job changing personnel and they have done well to survive. A lot of


them will be on their way, they were loan signings at Ross County and


they will have another rebuilding job this summer. They definitely


will but to be fair to them they have cemented their place in the


league and a seventh place finish is very good, as it would have been for


anyone in the bottom half of the table. The players he is able to


bring in will depend on what is budgeted. He has brought in a lot of


boys that are on a lot of money, so if that continues I can't see them


being in trouble next season. Made a few extra quid yesterday, for sure.


The futures of the managers of St Mirren and Hearts were at before as


the sides met in Paisley yesterday. Uncertainty whether Gary Glennon or


Gary Locke will be in charge at their respective clubs next season.


Commentary from Liam McLeod. And the operation means St Mirren


are without Thomson, so Magennis fulfils the main striker role. For


Hearts, it is Jamie Hamill who is suspended but first choice


goalkeeper Jamie MacDonald returns and Jamie Walker is back in as King


drops to the bench. A good strike from Walker, turned


away by Dilo. St Mirren goalkeeper having to be alert there. Hearts


looking for their third away win in a row. McLean was a corner. Knocked


out by Wilson. Hearts are on the counter. Nichols slipped --


Nicholson slip, still getting up quicker than the St Moritz players


getting back. -- the St Mirren players getting back. Walker,


straight at Dilo. A good counterattacking move by Hearts.


It falls for Conor Newton and St Mirren are in front! Newton's fifth


goal of the season for the Paisley club. McDonald could not hold onto


which. Newton was there to pounce. McLean with a free kick. He finds


Scots by MacDonald. A good strike by McLean. It was swerving all the


way. The keeper reacted well. Uncertainty over Gary Locke's


position at Hearts. The same could be said for his counterpart at St


Mirren, Danny Lennon. McLean's corner. Comes off McGregor.


Naismith, trying to keep it in but he has given it to McHattie. Hearts


pick up on the counter. Here is Walker. It breaks of Dilo, and


Carrick is there to pounce. Hearts level. Three minutes into the second


half. It is Carrick with his sixth goal of the season.


Good handling by the Hearts keeper. McDonald watched it all the way.


I chipped ball in, Magennis. Well, he is getting closer, but he has


still to open his goal tally for the Paisley club.


Magennis, then McGowan. Still, it won't go for St Mirren. A good knock


back thereby Magennis. McGowan with the final effort.


Paterson, what a stock that is by Dilo. -- what a stop. Terrific


goalkeeping. Maybe another chance here for


Hearts. He has pulled it wide. It was a fine stop from Paterson's


header by the St Mirren keeper. Do you feel you have done enough as --


to remain as Hearts manager next season? That is for other people to


look at. From my personal point of view, the 15 point deduction, we had


a chance to stay in the league. The credit has to go to the players.


Their effort has been fantastic and they have finished the season


strongly. I would like this opportunity to thank the supporters


of this wonderful football club and the supporters -- the support they


have given me. The letters and connection we have had, we have


created fantastic memories together. I would love to create some more. I


would like to thank the board of directors for their continued


support throughout those four years also. As I say, I have certainly in


my four years at this football club honoured my side of the bargain. You


will feel you are better manager after this experience? No doubt


about that, possibly missing I have had to face as a manager I have had


to face. I have learned a lot and hopefully it will stand me in


to face. I have learned a lot and hopefully it will good stead for the


future. So much focus on the futures of both managers. Danny Lennon, the


board met last week, they could not make up their minds. He is out of


contract. We don't know if they will offer a new contract. We will


probably find out at the start of this week. What is your hunch? Has


he taken charge of his last match? After hearing the interview


yesterday on seeing that there, the post match interview, I don't think


we will see him after the summer holidays. I feel for him. His remit


was to keep them in the Premier division. He has done that. He has


won a National Trophy. His record stands up, doesn't it? The board of


directors, they are mixed on what to do, but they have taken their time.


They could have got rid of Danny and panicked, they did not want their


credit to them. He turned it around. It is harsh on him but I feel


listening to him, he is probably gone and the board want to go in a


new direction, just to freshen up. How do you see it? Is there a sense


that he should have done better with the players he has got, or has he


done everything that he could have done there? It seems a strange


decision to me. He has done what was expected and what was asked of him.


I don't see that there is any reason that they should be 100% finishing


in the top six. I don't see that that is feasible goal. He has built


a study team and they compete week in, week out -- a study team. I


don't know what more they want for him. Let's turn to Gary Locke, if it


was not for the 15 point deduction, they would be ahead of Hibs. That is


what he wanted, a no-brainer. New owners can do what they want. He has


done his job and learned by experience. I know how good a coach


Gary Locke is. If you are in the coaching business, you just want a


fair crack at it and he has had to deal with youngsters who have got


better with experience. Surely you get judged when you get the right


set of players, a good blend, and maybe a bit of quality. Then judge


him. But if he goes it is incredible. Those two managers, if


they do go, they can go with their head held high. After all that the


bottom part -- half of the Premiership table like this.


Worrying times for all Hibernian fans. From the doom and gloom of


possible relegation to the leading lights. The player of the season 's


award went to Kris Commons. The Football Writers Association tonight


handed out their prizes to the leading lights from this Premiership


season. Their player of the season award went to Kris Commons, which


makes it a double after he also picked up the PFA Award a few weeks


ago. A stunning season all-round for Commons. As for the Young Player of


the Year award, the writers have given that to Stevie May. The


21-year-old St Johnstone striker has scored a remarkable 27 goals this


season, and still has a Scottish Cup Final to look forward to. And the


Manager of the Year Award goes to Aberdeen boss Derek McInnes. Again a


double for him after winning the PFA Award after leading Aberdeen to


League Cup success. Speaking of Aberdeen we go from Survival


Saturday now to Second Place Sunday. The Dons just needed a point against


Motherwell to secure the runners up spot in the Premiership, while


Stuart McCall's side had to win to leapfrog Aberdeen into second place.


Willo Flood has made it for Aberdeen.


It is a strong Motherwell side. Jonny Hayes at left back again for


Aberdeen today. It is a good run for him. He forces Lee Hollis into the


save. Hollis scooped it away. It might be Logan's last game in an


Aberdeen jersey today unless he signs for next season. A less


dramatic save that time but he has given it straight to Ryan Jack.


Vernon was not too far away from that. I think this was a shot from


Ryan Jack. Vernon flung himself at it. Poor from Hollis. It is a good


run. It came off of the post. A good deep ball towards the back area of


the six yard box. Coming off of the woodwork. Aberdeen coming close to


going in front. The skipper has done well. He cannot get past Langfield.


He has managed that a couple of times this season. A free kick from


Robson. It is flicked past by Reynolds. The former Motherwell man.


He goes close against his old team. Logan threw form again, there is no


flag here. Niall McGinn is in but Shaun Hutchinson gets back.


Wonderful defending. There were a few players on the park today who


might be playing their last games for their respective clubs. That is


expert defending from the English man. Vernon back to Pollock who is


flagged. That was close. Not too many complaints. As Vernon releases


hen he is miles on side. A dreadful decision. It is Keith Lasley's free


kick. Seconds left. It is missed why Langfield. It is there. It was just


about the last kick of the ball, the last kick of the season and played


Reid has sealed second place for Motherwell, surely. A stunning


climax. Aberdeen want a free kick for a foul on line field. The F3 is


not interested in their protests. Motherwell have suckered Aberdeen


here. The greed and the former Morton man has given Motherwell 's


second place again. Stuart McCall thinks time is up. It almost is. In


fact, it is now. McCall has guided Motherwell to second place for the


second successive season. What an achievement that is. Aberdeen rage


about the decision to award the goal. No free kick. They did nothing


they can do about it now. We are disappointed but it can happen. The


refereeing decisions can sometimes happen. I take nothing away from


Motherwell. As disappointed as we are, we have lost the game today but


we can still be very proud of our efforts. The players have been


terrific right throughout. It is a sore one to take. What happened in


the last 30 seconds is a reward for that group of players, the staff and


the supporters efforts this season. We have had some bad results. We got


knocked out of the club twice. I can only apologise for that but I cannot


apologise for our fantastic achievement.


Let's get great to that controversial goal. Look at that,


the arm was across him. He was going to catch it. Apart from the last ten


seconds of the game, Steven MacLean was exceptional today. He had the


nightmare. He was not going to get that penalty either. A clear free


kick. It is just incredible that he missed that. It was his only mistake


of the game. Motherwell fans will say it is karma because back in


January this happened when Aberdeen got a draw right in the final


minute. The ball forced over the line with the hand. It evens itself


out but it beggars belief he did not see it. All keepers get so much


protection nowadays. I cannot believe he has not seen that. It


just makes no sense. There are three of them and no official has seen it.


I'd macro it does seem incredible. Ian McCall mentioned that Russell


Anderson handball and it has stuck with him. It has evened itself out.


Over the piece you cannot grudge Motherwell. They have been


exceptional to finish second. Huge credit to them. They do not have a


big budget and he had to make a lot of changes at the start of the


season. He usually plays for -4 -2. For a club like that with their


budget to keep on turning out results, we have heaped praise on


him all season, for the last two years. We have been waiting for the


bubble to burst and it never has. Now the Europe the journey will


start two weeks earlier than hoped. This might be the last sport scene


of the Premier season but it is not all over Faraz, there is this match


in six days' time. -- not all over for ours.


Dundee United to the Scottish cup final. Stevie May! St Johnstone into


their first-ever Scottish cup final. Dundee United against St


Johnstone on May 17. The Scottish cup final on Saturday, join as on


BBC One sport scene, St Johnstone versus Dundee United, it should be


fantastic. More football for new midweek. The youth cup final is


between Rangers and Hearts and you can see that on our website. St


Johnstone signed off the Premiership with a visit to Caledonian Thistle.


Caledonian Thistle looking for a third straight win against St


Johnstone. Saints retain only four players in


their side against Celtic. Or Halloran. There could be a chance. A


good save from the keeper. That is a free kick. Or Halloran given the


space to run forward. Here come Caley Thistle. Very adventurous.


Applause for the youngster. It is his third start of the season today.


A little fall over the ball. James Dunn. Here is Stevie McLean. He puts


the ball out wide. O'Halloran has made the run. Stevie McLean picked


up after good work from done. O'Halloran testing the keeper.


Christie looks ahead. It is a nice ball onto Mackay. Mackay played it


out wide. The low cross from Vincent. Alan Mannus, excellent work


from the goalkeeper here. One hand out. Four wins in the last four at


home, Caley Thistle. Gary Miller tracking back. Here is Billy McKay.


Here is Aaron Doran. The diving header comes from Ryan Christie.


Alan Mannus cannot control it and Caley Thistle make the breakthrough.


It was awkward for the goalkeeper and Ryan Christie helped himself to


the header. That was a good reaction. Tremarco. Blogging


continues to go on his way. -- Doran. Good play from Steven


Anderson to make it difficult for the striker. Tremarco and Doran.


Croft lays it in. Dean Brill will get the attack moving. Here is Ryan


Christie. A great ball through. The limit can I and Alan Mannus. It is


knocked away by Brian Easton. The goalkeeper came out and did what he


could. Good defending from Brian Easton. Caley Thistle again. Danny


Williams cannot keep his feet. Watkins. Inverness Caley Thistle


putting lots of pressure on Alan Mannus. Here is Danny Williams down


the left-hand side. Three players in the middle. Straight to Greg can see


who beat them. Tansy! -- Tansey. St Johnstone will lose going into the


cup final. The afternoon belonged to Inverness Caley Thistle who will


finish in fifth place. We have set the benchmark. Great credit to them


for doing what they have done. To finish fifth for a provincial club,


we have the target on our back for next year but ring it on. I am


disappointed today. We have something to look forward to next


week and I know my players will be better next week. We have to have a


good week ahead of us and be ready. Inverness Caley Thistle finish


fifth, St Johnstone six. Was John Hughes who is in charge at cos


edge-macro at Caley Thistle, was he full Coke manager? No, he was before


me. Was he a character you knew much about? I have heard stories, most


recently from the physiotherapist. From what I can gather, he is a very


good manager. What do you make of what he has done at Inverness Caley


Thistle? The building blocks were in place from Allan Butcher, but when


you have a team with a goal-scorer and a good school -- a good


goal-scorer, like Killie, unit points and fair play to them, they


have done very well. -- you take points. Terry Butcher may be looking


at Inverness Caley Thistle wistfully these days, but how do you praise


John Hughes? A 2-0 victory over Saint Johnstone to sign things off.


It did not need a top goal-scorer yesterday with Christie and Tansey,


but it was always going to take a dip in standards, which had been


set. He has had a few good results, suffers a couple of blows losing the


Cup Final and 5-0 hammering but they have bounced back well and a good


result of finished the season. He will be hoping for a little bit of


improvement but the building blocks are there. They have a good squad.


He said he is not going to make any changes, which is incredible. I am


shoring he will be pushing his chairman for one or two, but he has


done OK. What have you made St Johnstone? They are good side, a


good, hard-working side. Very tough side to play against. The back four


are very regimented and very drilled. Vary well drilled. A few


times! Just a few! When you have boys like that and you know at the


back they are playing behind you, you feel comfortable and Steve has


done brilliant in scoring all the goals he has scored this season.


Dundee United limbered up for our Scottish Cup final appearance with a


visit to Celtic. The title had been wrapped up a while back but today


was when the Celtic players would get their hands on the Premiership


trophy. Therefore as was Rob Maclean.


Six changes to the team for Celtic. Filip Twardzik is in. The Dundee


United team is six players different as well, .


That is your hands on. Along bowl for Griffiths to change, charging of


his bolt -- charging off his goal line came Cierzniak. I am not sure


what he was thinking. Griffiths tried to squeeze the ball in from an


angle. Griffiths again. He still has it. A


tame effort at the end of all that. He looked surprised, Griffiths, that


this ended up at his feet. Good movement from Griffiths and


plenty of room to work with as well. Trying to beat Cierzniak at the near


post. The Dundee United keeper was solidly behind this.


Jackie McNamara with a much more important game at Celtic Park to


think about next weekend. Good play from Wilson. What can he do here?


Spilled by Forster, and over the top by L a la gooey. The best chance of


the match so far -- L a la gooey. Johansen finds Griffiths. The ball


is in the net and the goal will count. -- won't count. Offside is


given. A lovely disguise on the path and it was a really tight call.


Determined play from Mulgrew. Opportunities opening up here. It


is, and is! -- it is Kris Commons. It is another attempt to squeeze the


ball between keeper and post and again, Cierzniak has the answer.


Stokes pushing forward has loosed it, offering wits for Kris Commons.


A good ball in, Stokes has the breakthrough. After more than an


hour of Dundee United resistance, Anthony Stokes heads in his 21st


goal of the season. It was beyond Samaras, it was not beyond Stokes.


1-0, Celtic. A good strike. There was bags of


power behind this. Well won by El Alagui. Armstrong,


off the bench, looking to make an impact, and he almost did. A really


good safe by Fraser Forster. As usual for him, he has had little to


do, but he did that really well. A bad touch from Armstrong.


He is taken out by Cierzniak and that is a penalty.


Gunning was looking to let it run, Samaras was not having it, penalty.


Samaras scores in what could well be his final game for Celtic. Big


questions about his future, no questions about the penalty.


Cierzniak went the wrong way. It is an emotional moment for the Greek


striker. It is an own goal, to get Dundee


United back into the match. He knew nothing about it, the young check.


That makes the Celtic Park scoreline 2-1.


Stokes, for Kris Commons! His 32nd goal of the season. It was on a


plate, after this slip from Dundee United defender Watson. Set up by


Stokes and he adds to his already impressive total. 3-1, Celtic. It is


Flag Day at Celtic Park and it will soon be trophy time. On the move,


Stokes, in four Beral Kayal. What a mess. What a chance to apply some


icing to the cake. Just waiting now, the Celtic fans,


for the whistle. And there it goes. It is 31st Premiership win of the


season for Neil Lennonteam. They have lost only once all season


long. They have been flying, and so are the congratulations. It is still


a Petrov, a Celtic legend, to hand over the trophy. Celtic, champions


again! Three in a row. It is title number 45 in total and they won by a


distance. Studio modem. STUDIO:


Due to the celebrations, the Dundee United manager Jackie McNamara had


gone by the time our camera got to him is, so apologies to that. Neil


Lennon was able to rebel -- revel in his moment of triumph. How about


this as a moment to remember? He gave his winner's medal to the young


man in the stands. It has been a while waiting, seven


and a half weeks since clinching the title. It was well worth waiting


for. A great end to the season in front of the home fans and to pick


up the trophy. The players deserve it. They have been magnificent. What


would your report card be saying on the Celtic performance this season?


In the league, excellent, in the Cups, not so good. There could be an


improvement in the Champions League. Not every league will be a seamless


transition of progress. I am is pleased with the second half


progress of the season and it encourages me going forward.


Congratulations to Celtic, they have been fantastic. One defeat. They


have played some great stuff at times, 102 goals. Some of the


football has been phenomenal, hasn't it? Yes, really good on the eye. I


watched them against Inverness the other week, some of the goals, it


carried on today as well. I think the remit for Celtic was to win it


in style. The lead form, although they won it last year was not so


good, they had too many defeats. He has drilled in his players, try to


not lose a game. They lost one but you can only beat what is put in


front of you and they have done it with panache and style. A great goal


from Kris Commons, his 32nd of the season. It was celebration times and


the dressing rooms. Was this like it was for Partick Thistle yesterday?


Not quite! I don't think there was any champagne! Definitely, you can't


go wrong with a bottle of that. You enjoyed moments like that, not with


Celtic. I enjoyed a drink! If you can't enjoy winning a title or


getting success, then you are in trouble, aren't you? Some of the


players have been sensational, Scott Brown, Van Dijk, Mulgrew, they are


right to enjoy themselves. Dundee United, thoughts in terms of the


Scottish Cup final. That would have been on the minds today a little


bit? It will have been. There were players rested. I think you are


playing away at Celtic, picking up the trophy, the last home game for


them of the season. I think they are always going to go out in style, so


it is not really much of a loss for Dundee United and they will build


now into the Cup Final. How would you sum up their season, Celtic? As


I said, they have beaten who was put in front of them, with style. No


surprises. Both St Johnstone and Dundee were beaten yesterday, that


will not make any difference because I know you want momentum, you want a


good confidence going into the Cup Final but so many player changes


yesterday they will be looking forward to the big day now. Thanks


very much indeed. Here is how the final table looks. Celtic are


champions, on 99 points. They scored 102 goals in the process.


Motherwell, second plates, snatched at the death. The Dons finished


third. We have looked at the bottom half. Hibs finish -- faced with two


legged play-off with Hamilton, Accies Falkirk. The excitement is


not quite over. It is over for us for now. We wanted excitement. It


went right down to the wire. Now, the inaugural Scottish Premiership


league season is that a close. Thanks for enjoying it withers.


Until next time, from all of us here, good night.


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