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Cup Final Sportscene

Live Scottish Cup final action as St Johnstone take on Dundee United at Celtic Park, Glasgow. Liam McLeod and Steven Thompson commentate. Kick-off at 3pm.

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It is Anderson. The ball ends up in the back of the net. Frazer Wright.


What a goal from Nigel Hasselbaink. That was a wonderful counterattack


from Dundee United. It will be Dundee United against St Johnstone


at Celtic Park on May the 17th. Nadir Ciftci is round the goalkeeper


and will surely take Dundee United to the Scottish Cup Final. Stevie


May might have fired St Johnstone into their first-ever Scottish Cup


Final. Let battle commence. It is the 2014 Scottish Cup Final. The big


matches totally Tayside. St Johnstone are sampling the special


occasion for the first time in their history. Dundee United are looking


to do what they did for seasons back and then the season in the best


possible way. Will there be blue and white ribbons on the Scottish Cup


later today, or will we be talking hand during? This Scottish Cup has


been subtitled, the road to Celtic Park. Hampden Park is getting its


Commonwealth games make over. It was here that Aberdeen won the League


Cup. Last weekend, Celtic picked up their prizes Scottish Premiership


winners. In the next few hours, another name will go down on this


season's footballer honours list. The word Saint and Johnstone do not


appear on this special piece of silverware. This is uncharted


territory for the Perth team. Your essential cup coverage is right


territory for the Perth team. Your on the BBC. Michael Stewart is with


me in the studio, and so is the man who won the Scottish Cup for Dundee


United 20 years ago. Craig Brewster says he blasted the winner home from


25 yards. Amazing how time distorts the truth. Not at all. It was an


amazing day. It feels like yesterday. The club had been in six


cup finals and never been victorious. It was a 25 yarder


courtesy of Allan Preston which helped send St Johnstone to the


League Cup final of 1998. He is perfectly balanced guest. He played


for both teams. Are you torn between them? Not at all. It will be great


first and Johnstone. They have a tremendous chairman. He is backing


St Johnstone and we are more than a hundred minutes from kick-off. The


build-up is big. All those dreams, all that drama. Jonathan will talk


us through the definitive story of this season's Scottish Cup. How do


you fancy a Cosgrove carry out? Stewart goes back to his beloved


parents. -- Perth. The agony and the ecstasy. The Scottish Cup has


sparked mixed emotions for Dundee United fans over the years. Stevie


May and David Wotherspoon are local lives on the trail of glory. There


is comic content as we introduce some newly drawn cartoon characters.


We some newly drawn cartoon characters.


to work out how the cup final might be won and lost. And then it


to work out how the cup final might supporters made now in 90 minutes


to work out how the cup final might takes, watch it with us, the 2014


William Hill Scottish Cup Final. Your coaching today. But you have


seen an off of Dundee United this season to know that the exciting?


Very much. When they get the ball down and pass it, they have good


energy. They can make it difficult for the opposition on the day. They


need to produce their best form. Some would say it is written in the


stars for St Johnstone in their first-ever Scottish Cup Final? I


would agree, the 17th of May, today's date, Stevie May, 17, it is


all written for them. I think St Johnstone can edge this with their


strength. I think people feared for the attendance at the time of the


semifinals, but we are talking about 28,004 Dundee United, 15,001st in


Johnstone and the neutrals. 50,000 in total. Yes, that was spoken about


a lot. Everyone has got behind the final. They are really enthusiastic


about it. It will be a tight game. There will not be much in it. St


Johnstone are more physical than Dundee United. Dundee United are


fantastic footballing team. It will be enjoyable to watch. St Mirren


striker Steven Thompson is part of the team as well. He knows how a


trophy can change the complexion of the season. He will be alongside our


match commentator, Liam McLeod. Good afternoon. You could forgive


these two teams for having slow ends to the season. It is one win in five


for both of them after the split. This is a massive deal for both


clubs. Dundee United can score goals. 12 times they have managed to


score four or more. One of their victims was St Johnstone in August.


As Michael was hinting, since then, Saints have the upper hands. -- the


upper hand. Today is a one-off. I think the players will have been


thinking of nothing but this game for weeks. Their preparation will be


meticulous. Coming into a cup final, the game in the past have no


bearing. The Dundee United players are just arriving. We are expecting


the St Johnstone team to be similar if not the same to the one that beat


Aberdeen in the semifinals. Stevie May has made all the headlines this


week, not just because of his name and the date. He has had a


phenomenal season. I personally think his strike partner does not


get enough credit, Steven McLean. He is vital to the way that St


Johnstone play. He links the play. He is a big player for them. Stevie


May got the goals in the semifinal. Steven McLean was superb as well.


The formation for St Johnstone has been the same all season. Yes, but


Dundee United have intelligent players. Paul Paton and John Rankin


do an excellent job. They allow everyone else to get forward. Gary


Mackay-Steven is a threat, Robertson on the outside of him. Both teams


have exciting former players. We will have the team News about two


o'clock. If you're coming to the game and a


strange man approaches you with a microphone and a Cameron -- and a


camera behind them, worry not, it is Jim Spence.


The business today is all about taking the Scottish Cup home. Who


will it be? I will be speaking to the fans shortly. This is all about


St Johnstone and Dundee United. St Johnstone or in their first-ever


Scottish Cup Final. Dundee United are trying to win for the first


time. Will the Scottish Cup beheading the Perth or Tannadice


Park? One thing is for sure, whichever of these teams wins the


Scottish Cup, tonight the famous old trophy will be resting somewhere on


Tayside. As you saw in the background, Dundee


United are the early. They are getting a feel for Celtic Park. He


knows that playing surface well. He was started in the past for Celtic,


Jackie McNamara, the Dundee United manager. They will be happy with


what BC in terms of the playing surface. Looks pristine. Jonathan


Sutherland is the man that will take you on a date tour of this season's


competition. The road to the final, right from the start. He is going


back even further. May 2013 saw 50,000 fans descend on


Hampden Park. Hibernian were out to avenge their defeat the previous


year. They met an unsympathetic Celtic side out to complete the


double. It is green and white from the West against green and white


from the East. Gary Hooper scores the opening goal. Gary Hooper again.


That might be the goal that takes the Scottish Cup to Parkhead. It is


party time for Celtic. Once again, the Scottish Cup belongs to Celtic.


The oldest national trophy in world football brought back here once


again. With Hampden Park out of commission, this is where the final


will be played. Only to make teams remain in the competition. September


sorrow and one get underway. The non-league clubs took centre stage.


This meant a 600 mile round trip for this team. Coldstream were mauled.


This was the goal of the game. It was scored by the skipper. Handbags


and marching orders before the end. 600 miles for six schools is sound


economics for any football fan. -- six goals. It was the Glasgow


students that went into the lead in this fixture. Paul Gallacher with


the strike. The opposition responded, equalised, and then find


the winner. This was a non-league Edinburgh derby. Spartans went


through to fight another day. More later as they rode to the final


continues. Getting Stuart Cosgrove to speak


continues. Getting Stuart Cosgrove to about St Johnstone is never a


problem. Especially with them limbering up for their first-ever


Scottish Cup Final. I have supported St Johnstone


throughout my entire life and remarkably it has taken hundred and


13 years to reach their first-ever Scottish Cup Final. It is unlock the


sense of celebration in Perth. I wanted to go home to find out why St


Johnstone are so special to the city, and why they are the perfect


community club. This is the first sign that you see when you come into


the town. May the 17th, I'm the back of the jersey of Stevie May. He


scored the goals to take St Johnstone to their first ever cup


final. The first stopping point is the only


place in Perth you're guaranteed to find Chinese lookalikes of Stevie


May. Tell us about this dish you have created for the final. It


contains chicken. It is to celebrate the final and getting behind the


home team. I have never felt that Perth has come together as much as


it has. There is a general well-being within the community.


Nothing has brought us all together like this. Where did the idea of the


weeks come from? What wakes? This is our real hair! You have got the


Dundee United ones as well. I am from the BBC, and environmental


health, and you are being arrested for selling Dundee United kicks. A


lot of people will be saying that. The Dundee United ones are not


selling. They are not doing too well, I must admit. It is pretty


clear they have not sold enough. I am standing at what was once known


the second round of St Johnstone. Back in the 80s, we were mocked for


selling out to a supermarket chain, but it turned out to be the best bit


of business St Johnstone has ever done. What a chance. St Johnstone


are back! There is only one player that the


fans universally called the legend. They see you giving your all in the


park. The team today, that is what they are all like. It has carried on


down to the town as well. Someone is always looking for a replica shirt


or a scarf and tickets are already going like gold dust. It is just


fantastic to see. Here eye and with a man who has a glorious nickname.


What are your feelings about the final? A lot of excitement, to be


honest. It has been a long time coming. We do not get the chance to


play in Cup finals very often. Really looking forward to it. The


first day the tickets went on sale here, people were queuing up to buy


tickets at eight o'clock in the morning. It is fantastic. A lot of


local business and support. Hope we can reward them. Thank you.


He has a tear in his eye and he will be excited as kick-off approaches.


You are watching the BBC build-up to the big match. Why are St Johnstone


called St Johnstone? Because they come from Saint John's town. You are


amazing. Tell me about the club and Tommy about how much this means to


them. -- tell me. Younger Christopher has been there a long


time. A real family environment. A wonderful club to be at. They do not


stress anything up. For me, they deserve a day like this. It will


bring a tear to the eye. If St Johnstone when, someone might break


down. They beat Rosenberg in Europe weight back when. I can barely


remember it. It could be a special ending for the season as well. I


think they have the advantage of having beat in the United States


Times out of four. Psychologically, -- beat Dundee United three times


out of four. An amazing spike the goal Cup Final, but they are


believing that they can win. You have a lot of facts. We heard


earlier from Mackay and Anderson. So much experience the core of that


defence. Could that be decisive today is the Mark they are going to


be up against -- decisive today? They are going to have to defend


well, but they have done that all season. Dundee United are an


expensive playing team and St Johnstone are built on a strong


foundation and they have got that threat up front with MacLean at help


them out. It is going to get busier and busier outside as we can hear


the pipes in the background as the fans begin to assemble outside


Celtic Park. The Scottish Cup 2014 approaching. Let's get back outside.


We are with Lavern Kelley -- Lorraine Kelly. I am so nervous


today. I always get nervous, though. I am shaky. Look, I have done my


nails. I am head to toe in tangerine. It is pretty bright,


isn't it? I got these shoes 20 years ago and I am hoping they will bring


us luck. It is all about the shoes. You are the key man?


us luck. It is all about the shoes. If we can play the way we know that


we can, and what I love about that, our babies, nothing frightens them,


they will really just go for it. What do you think it would mean for


them to win Mister Mark it means the world -- when it? It means the world


and a big party tonight and probably for the next year. It means


everything. I am just asking for them to give their best, that is all


you can ask of the team, and I a will. Give us your score prediction.


I cannot. I do not want to jinx it. She told me earlier


I cannot. I do not want to jinx it. first lady of television, Lorraine


Kelly. The Scottish Cup flashback is always


right of the build-up to the main event. Round 24 Albion Rovers


signaled the start of the fairy tale. -- round two.


signaled the start of the fairy So often the site of shock in the


signaled the start of the fairy play a Rovers side. It was a close


affair. One play a Rovers side. It was a close


teams. The Cup play a Rovers side. It was a close


begun her for Albion. play a Rovers side. It was a close


master class for the play a Rovers side. It was a close


opened the scoring with a kick. Harris added a second from close


range. Both teams would score before the hat trick was completed. A wild


lunge. Clyde are awarded a free kick, which


is taken by the left back. It is a goal. The first and only goal of the


match. What a day for Clyde, as Anderson holds the Cup.


They had the honour of having their names etched on the Scottish Cup


three times, but the last was in the 1950s. Light would emerge with a 3-0


win. -- Clyde. Stuart Macomber would round off the victory in the 90th


minute. The Highland league Derby, and the home side were lucky not to


take the lead. More clinical in front of goal. A former striker put


to the visitors in front after just six minutes. Their place was as sure


it when a 25 yard volley was cracked after 20 minutes.


The road to Birkhead has started to gain momentum.


We saw Dundee United and the edge of the Tibet earlier. They were here


early. St Johnstone are here now. -- edge of the pitch. Is the 50th game


for this man in charge. Its fate going to be smiling on them


today? I wonder. Let's get back outside, with a chance for Spencer


to prove he is king of the chat. Girl, you are all looking lovely


today. What is going to happen today? We are going to win.


Confident! Yes stop the sugar yes. A landslide. You have been rehearsing


this. -- yes. A landslide. You have been rehearsing this. What do you


think, ladies? Armstrong. Ciftci. He is a handsome fellow. It is going to


be a great day for stop -- great day. Lots of support. What will it


be like in that the if they win? It is going to be mental. Parties.


Where are you from? Why are you here? Why on earth would you not be


here? Where else would you be in Scotland today. You are you


supporting? I am not supporting anyone. I am just hoping for a good


game. Excellent. Good man. The first part of any bag pipe tune


is blowing up the bag. Bag pipe to soundtrack the Scottish


Cup final. Rooster has a place in the hearts of Dundee United fans. --


Brewster. Do not take my word for it. Here is the full history. Dundee


United have a great footballing tradition and they enjoyed a steady


stream of great football over the years. This will be the 10th


Scottish Cup final. Remarkably, it was 1974 before they researched --


reached the first one. This is the story of their Cup history.


A big game for Dundee United, the Cup Final, Jim McLean getting an


opportunity to win his first trophy as a manager. That was maybe a


factor in the game as much as anything else. We were delighted to


get there. A replay in 1981 saw Rangers victors. It is fantastic


when you have the crowd behind you. They were mass favourites. --


massive favourites. It was massive. You had the whole season. The


players got over it a lot quicker than the manager. He hated getting


beat. Four years later, it was Celtic who brought United house. We


looked as if we were going to break up dock. Then we equalised. The


Celtic fans seemed to take over. That caused a bit of a problem. Even


when United were favourites, could not get their hands on the


trophy. We were doing well in the league and most of the Cup


competitions. We were confident. We were in the final. Nine times out of


ten we would have beaten them. Celtic came from behind late on to


take the silverware in 1988. It was the final nail in the coffin. That


is when user thinking that it might not be every year that we get back.


-- you start thinking. United for the bridesmaid again. -- United were


the bridesmaid again. It was heartbreaking for us. You have to


give them full credit there. They were galvanized again and again and


got the dodgy winner. I actually got the winners medal. They give us the


wrong medals. That made it worse. We had to give the medals back. After


six final losses, United finalists -- finally broke the Scottish Cup


hoodoo. It made you appreciate what it meant. What everyone had gone


through, the United fans, the heartache. It was such a great


feeling. It was a great feeling to get the cup. It was relief. It is


what football is about. We felt like world beaters. We could play anyone


what football is about. We felt like and feel like we were growing to be


done. And Alan Thompson free kick in 2005 brought more Scottish Cup Final


climb, but five years later, it was a beautiful bay at hand and for the


Tangerines. -- a beautiful beer Hamden Park. The players did really


well. I was a nervous wreck before the game. All the


well. I was a nervous wreck before us. We had fantastic support. We


settled after the first goal, us. We had fantastic support. We


what a goal from David Goodwillie. Just


what a goal from David Goodwillie. the smiles on their faces. I


remember the civic reception in Dundee. These are memories that will


never be forgotten. I am looking forward to the final, every one is.


The fans are up for it as well. I want to see us get the victory. It


would be great to walk up as captain and lift the trophy. For myself, the


team, the staff, everyone at the club, and most importantly, the


fans, I want them to enjoy their summer. We will talk about Dundee


United in a moment, but let's have a look at St Johnstone. It is such a


historic occasion for the club. Some of these players were slapping the


moment on their phones, just to record it. Babies Stevie May. Could


he play a crucial role this afternoon? It is the first time in


more than 100 years of existence that they are through to this


special showpiece. We heard there from David. He likes a laugh. Yes,


he certainly does. When we played in the final, I had my nice sit on.


When I opened the door to the dressing room, he threw a bucket of


water over me. It was ridiculous. You were obviously feeling the pain


as we went back through those Dundee United years. You world his Lear


fan. You lived through lots of that. Yes, I was at the finals from the


early 1980s. Some amazing game. When we eventually won, it was brilliant


for the boys that had sampled defeat after defeat. It was a joyous day.


The manager persuaded you that you could do anything? Yes, he believed


in his players. We beat Rangers at Ibrox 3-0 that season. It was


psychological. We knew that we could beat Rangers. He was saying all the


time, we are going to win the cup, and it came true. It is bad enough


losing the cart several times over for Dundee United, but especially


when the man from the Football Association gives you the wrong


medal. It was devastating. He came knocking on the door and said, can


you hand the medals back. I wonder what sort of reaction he got? It was


very disappointing. Dundee United are big club in Scotland. You want


to see the steam is doing well. This season, they have played fantastic


football. I wonder who the next guest is on the Jim Spence shall?


Let's find out. We are outside with Eve Muirhead, or Olympic Curragh.


She is a St Johnstone fan. I really think we will do well. We have had a


good run-up this final. It has been to refix season for them. Everyone


is looking to Stevie May as the talisman. He has had a great Steve


-- a great season. I know him quite well. I think he is confident, and


hopefully he can get the winning goals. There will be a lot of


pressure on the gallows. They are the underdogs. How do you handle


this top level pressure? What is the mentality? I think the hard work has


been done. It is basically finishing off the job. It is keeping the same


routine. Do not change too much. We found that worked well for us, not


changing the routine. If they can keep the winning formula going, it


will be good. It is the first Scottish Cup Final for St Johnstone.


What will it mean to the city? It would be massive. Perth is buzzing.


Everything is decorated in blue and white. It will be massive for the


club. It is great that they have got to the final. This is a lady who


knows about success, so I will not argue with her. Thank you.


Round three of this season's Scottish Cup was the stage where


Rangers entered the fray. The guessing game began about how far


they might go. Natural novel. -- Nacho Novo. That was a touch of


genius. The third round welcome some big names into the drop, none more


so than Rangers. The zero that day in 2009 was back at Hampden Park to


deliver his side's fate. Rangers were drawn against Airdrie. They


should the same killer instinct that they had in the league. Jon Daly was


the hero in a routine victory for Rangers. Two well taken goals. Then


the substitute added a third. 3-0, Rangers comfortably into the next


round. Then Berwick Rangers came to town. 600 hardy souls braved the


elements. The game went to a replay. This own goal meant that a replay


was on the cards. Seven days later, they met again. This time, the tie


was in no doubt. Berwick Rangers added a second goal. This composed


finish made it 3-0. Berwick Rangers into the draw. Montrose travel.


Because the meat Fraserburgh. -- Montrose travel to meet Fraserburgh.


As the weather worsened, the Highland league side levelled. This


was the winner for the hosts, right at the death, as the heavens opened.


Sir Alex Ferguson made the draw for the fourth round. He finished his


playing days at Ayr United, and they beat his first club, Queen's Park.


Some great moments from the early stages of this Scottish Cup


competition. Today, it is all stages of this Scottish Cup


the final. St Johnstone against Dundee United. Let's find out what


the fans are reckoning will happen today.


These are very lively bunch of St Johnstone supporters. How will this


pan out today? I think it will be even, it is difficult to call. But


with Stevie May, I think we can manage it. Do you agree with that?


Stevie May is the talisman? Years indeed. What are his strength? He is


really fit and fast. He can get past defenders. He is young and has a


long way to go in his career. I am with a bunch of Arabs. How is it


going to go today? It is definitely going to be Dundee United's day. We


are too good at midfield, with Nadir Ciftci upfront. Do you share that


are too good at midfield, with Nadir view? Yes, come on Dundee United. I


am hopeful today. St Johnstone are decent team, but I think we will


rise to the occasion. What would it mean


rise to the occasion. What would it everything. Will you be celebrating


tomorrow if you win this? Definitely. Give me a score


prediction. 2-1, United. 3-1 United. Enjoy today. Lots of love for Stevie


May foreign -- from the St Johnstone fans. Stevie May and David


Wotherspoon are both local lads who want to make Perth proud. It has


been a long time coming, but after 113 years, St Johnstone have reached


the final of the Scottish Cup. It is especially meaningful for


there to Perth born players. I started at the academy when I was


12. It was enjoyable, coming through. It made it more special


when I eventually managed to play my first game. I was here when I was


about 12 years old. I trained with the youth team at that point. I'll


was supported St Johnstone when I was young. We got into Europe,


playing against Monaco. At the time, I was watching quite


faithfully. Those are my happiest moments. It is a massive occasion


for Perth, and for the club. When you turn up to training and you turn


up to training and UCD cues coming out of the stands, it is great. All


the people say hello when you walk past. They are happy and buzzing. A


League Cup semifinal against Aberdeen did not go to plan for St


Johnstone. When teams The Met again in the Scottish Cup, Saints were


determined to make amends. When we got the first goal, that is when I


thought, this could be our time. Thankfully, the Scottish Cup went


better than the League Cup. A lovely touch from Stevie May. He might just


have fired St Johnstone into their first-ever Scottish Cup Final. St


Johnstone will be going to the final on May the 17th. Everything really


clicked before the semifinal. When we got through, somebody said to me,


and it clicked. The omens are looking good for the St Johnstone


talisman. He is hoping to add to his tally. Everything is about hitting


the back of the net. I can be happy if we win, but I am disappointed if


I do not score goals. David Wotherspoon joined his boyhood


heroes after four years at Hibernian. The fans will remember me


for scoring against Hearts. It was a massive deflection, but I will take


it. David Wotherspoon was distraught to be dropped for the big day at


Hampden Park after helping his side to the final. I just wanted to be


part of it. It is a massive occasion. Luckily I have another


chance. My football has been consistent, I feel, through the


season. I think that is down to the boys, and obviously the manager as


well. He believes in me, which is what I need. The manager has been


great. This is the most successful season we have ever had, I


semifinal, a final, and in the top six.


The last three years we have managed to beat them. Anything can happen.


On that day, who performs best will be left in the Cup. We would be


heroes, I'd think. Not just one of us, but all of us.


Wotherspoon seems like a player reborn, back with home team, and


Steve is macro is having an amazing season. -- Steve May. He just wants


to score goals. It is important here. He fires that ball forward. He


wants to get in and have a shot on goal. Everything about the guy


wants to get in and have a shot on direct. He wants to score goals. Set


pieces, he is sniffing out chances. Great feet as well. You see it on


this angle. When it drops to him, he has defenders all around him, he


shifts it, right but, finds the back of the net. A great play by May. A


wake-up play will stop you notice -- plate. Great player. He is almost


looking for this ball. He wins the ball in the air. An intelligent


player. He gets an early shot fired off. No chance to save its because


of that early strike. Anytime he gets the ball he is straight at the


goal. He is 21. You have to remind yourself that this is his first full


season of top-flight football. It is amazing. 27 goals is an amazing


contribution. He was out on loan. 40 goals at another club. Hamilton.


Over 40 goals for the two clubs. He scored 27 goals and he is going to


get stronger and stronger. It will be difficult for St Johnstone to


hold on to him during the summer. His development has been amazing and


dramatic. I believe he wants to stay at the club and he will get an


extension. He is a terrific young player, Young player of the year


this year as well, so he has a major part to play. Let's go back to our


commentators. We speculated earlier about the team and we were not to


far off. No surprises at all in either line-up. We will start with


St Johnstone. They are listed as the home team, if you like. It is the


exact same team that played Aberdeen in the semifinals. It is the back


for that is important for me, very competitive stop -- competitive.


Players that can go past players and create things as well. Tommy writes


was in the papers yesterday and he suggested that Souttar would make a


lot of headlines of the season and would not chart today. He does not


start today for McNamara today. We know what the four can do. Are you


surprised by that? Not really. I'd think Dow has been doing


exceptionally well and he deserved his place today. I am sure he will


play some part today. Another big decision was the right back. That is


the shape and that is the formation. That is the way that


Dundee has eased their whole season. Could it come down to who could


handle it better? I think it is down to to defend the best.


handle it better? I think it is down team defends the best will be the


team that wins. We are not even an hour away from kick-off and the fans


are beginning to come into Celtic Park. The first Scottish Cup final


here since 1998. It is Tommy Wright's first season as


manager. The big day is upon us. What are the feelings in the St


Johnstone dressing room? There has been a lot of excitement this week


but we came away from Perth yesterday with another success. I


think the lads have been detached from the real excitement. We are


totally focused and we have a job to do and I glad it has come around and


it is near to kick off time. There has been a lot of media attention


over the last few weeks and now we have to get down to business. What


were your final message be to the players? I want them to embrace the


occasion but I'd don't want them to be overconfident. Among them to be


organised -- I want them to be organised and caused Dundee United


problems. What would it mean to you to guide St Johnstone to their first


ever Scottish Cup victory? It would be nice but I would get a lot of


satisfaction out of seeing the players lift the trophy. Obviously I


will be proud, but I'd think there will be a lot of people who would be


more proud. We wish you luck. We will hear from Jackie McNamara


shortly. He was a former assistant. Steve Lomas was successful in his


time at St Johnstone on about the has been galvanised. What an


achievement. He is a 50-year-old man but he is like a boy at heart. The


players really like him. The attitude is always... He gets the


best of it, every single player and his staff. You see players like


him, right from the first game of the season, you can just tell that


they were buying into what he is trying to do. If Wright had not been


the manager, May would not have even been at the club. He would have been


away if Steve Lomas was still the manager. He would not be here today.


He seems to tell it like it is when he is speaking in front of the


camera and in the dressing room and players like that, straightforward.


I think he gets a lot of respect and he has a good staff to work with him


as well him and that combination definitely works. We were speaking


about May, he is the obvious player, but when you see McLean in


behind him, they may not play that way for the whole game, that is a


great combination, we have seen it already in the way they combine and


create goals. McLean has been brilliant. He is the one that takes


the bump up the big centre half. St Johnstone have got good players all


over. Mackay is ever present. I am just delighted. Two finals, and


thankfully today is the start of another one. A couple of months ago,


there are some players that fans would not have known. That is the


great thing about Kaddish for ball at the moment. There are the --


Scottish football at the moment. There are opportunities. They have


grabbed the opportunity with both hands, they have had the opportunity


and they have taken it. Let's hit rewind again as we reflect


on the Scottish Cup story so far. There was a big name to carry out


the draw. Sir Alex Ferguson lit the fourth


round of and fireworks at night. 32 teams in the draw and some cracking


ties. What ever the draw, you have to have


passion, determination and drive. The fourth round, it team dared to


dream. Dundee United have beaten Rangers. Queen of the South could


just not cross the line in 2008. Rangers have won and queen of the


south have given up everything. Falkirk fell. A chance for revenge


and a chance to knock out Rangers. Living the dream. This is where the


line will be drawn into thousand 14. But who will cross that finish line?


-- in a 2014. The holders of to Tynecastle and


they were rattles the -- rattled. Wonderful goal from Celtic.


That's the Fed, and what a fifth it was. And they have it. A hat trick


for Collins. Scott Brown leather 's seven into seventh heaven.


Sir Alex was not kind to the club when he made his name. An early goal


with the Aberdeen through. -- in early goal would see Aberdeen


through. Aberdeen have the lead. It is Aberdeen. Sir Alex Ferguson would


hand his old club a tie. And May would make his date with destiny


with a goal. Typical clinical finishing and then a header saw


the... Terry Butcher now at the helm.


Danny handling for Hibernian. Paul Tierney. Great run. Down he goes.


And it is going to be a yellow card. That is his second and he is off.


The full-time whistle has gone and Hibernian have their first ever win


against Ross County. Sir Alex Witt -- United would produce the kind of


informants that would get a sign from the -- smile from McLean.


We are on our way. Three goals. The game is squared. It is a wonderful


move from Johnston. He scores again. It is a football fairy tale.


Penalty, Dundee United. The goal is in the unguarded net and


Dundee United The goal is in the unguarded net and


Scottish Cup last 16. In a repeat of the 2009 final, Falkirk


Scottish Cup last 16. In a repeat of would go head to head once again,


this time at the Falkirk Stadium. Nikki Gleick. It is a red card for


Falkirk. And Rangers ago into the fifth round of the Scottish Cup.


David Templeton in the second-half stoppage time and sure is that


Rangers are going into the next stage. Queen of the South would


draw. The liked it. What an equaliser from Queen of -- equalised


it. What a goal from Queen of the South. For Albion Rovers fans, this


fixture was more than worth the wait. Gary Phillips scores. It is a


massive cup shock. A sensational victory, and Albion Rovers would


soon be back here New Douglas Park to face Rangers.


The fourth round of the Scottish Cup was Albion Rovers' round. They


knocked out Motherwell. It was a special moment for them. It was.


They had an amazing run in the Scottish Cup. It is good for small


clumps. It is a great tournament for small clubs. And they gave Rangers


afraid, not wanting to spoil the story for you! Yes, they took them


to a replay. We have not mentioned the Dundee United left back. He has


had a great season. He scored twice against Kilmarnock. Tremendous. He


could win the Scottish Cup with Dundee United, and we have spoken


about him being selected for Scotland. He plays as full-back, but


he scores goals and he is a good defender. We were talking about


numbers earlier on. About 28,000 four Dundee United. 15,000 for St


Johnstone. That is a massive chunk of the population of Perth. It is a


tremendous achievement for St Johnstone. They always said that


15,000 would be the target. It is some percentage turnout? Yes. To get


one in three of the time to come to the final, it is a great


achievement. We are just looking for the team to respond today. Let's


have a look at Dundee United out on the pitch. They are limbering up.


This is Nadir Ciftci. Craig Brewster, I am managing that you


like the look of him. He has gone under the radar for some people. We


have been speaking about the Dundee United youngsters. He is very


talented. He is pivotal to what Dundee United do in terms of shape.


He is strong, aggressive, he scores goals. I imagine that there will be


a few English clubs wanting to take him down the road, having started


his career at Portsmouth. Are you trying to sell have this Dundee


United team? Jackie McNamara will not like you! Let's hear from him.


You have an experienced paling at centre back. Was that influenced by


the effect that Stevie May has had on you in previous matches? Not at


all. It is the same starting line-up that one at Inverness. It has been


successful in the last few weeks for us. Give us an insight into what


you're saying to the players? The biggest thing is to enjoy the


occasion. They have got to make sure it does not get the better of them.


They have got to put in a performance and take the cup back


with us. You have had Scottish Cup success as a player. What we did


mean as a manager? It would be fantastic. My thoughts are for the


players. I wanted more -- I want it more for them, than anything. All


the best. You can see how it is shaping up.


The stadium is gradually filling up. Let's head back outside. It


looks like Jim Spence has got himself on the wrong side of the


law? I am outside Celtic Park with a


couple of well-known Scottish detectives. Are you going to do this


today? Who knows? It will be another hundred years if we do not. I think


it is the best chance that we will have. It is getting tougher by the


minute. It is getting wetter and wetter. It is going to be marred! --


it is going to be murder! Stevie May is the danger man. Yes, destiny is


on his back. He is the danger man. We were just in the pub. It was full


of Dundee United fans and Saints fans. It was a great atmosphere. Can


United handcuff Stevie May. I do not know. Very good. We have seen him


dance around Dundee United before. If we can keep it tight, we have


every chance. That sounds very technical. Give me a protect -- give


me a protection. -- prediction. 3-2, United. Thank you very much.


me a protection. -- prediction. 3-2, police plans you could possibly want


in a short space of time. By the time we had reached the fifth round


of the Scottish Cup, we were down to the last 16 teams.


When it comes to this stage of the Scottish Cup, it is a hard task to


get squat the outcome will be. -- to guess what the outcome will be.


Aberdeen were an impressive form. After being runners-up in the last


two cup finals, Hibernian were looking for that extra trick up


their sleeves. They played host to Raith Rovers. This certainly would


not be any pushover. For further athletic played St Johnstone. --


Forfar Athletic. Dundee United last tasted Scottish Cup success in 2010.


They played St Mirren. At this stage, anything was possible when it


came to the magic of the Scottish Cup. Rangers were dealt the opening


match. They beat Dunfermline. Rangers have the early initiative.


Jon Daly, a brilliant save. It is two for Rangers. David Templeton


adds some gloss to the scoreline. Rangers add to their already massive


lead. Celtic were the kings Rangers add to their already massive


cup, but they would be decked by Aberdeen. Brilliant. He batters the


ball past Langfield. Anderson, it is parity at Parkhead. 2-1, Aberdeen.


Aberdeen had knocked the holders out. The Scottish Cup was up for


grabs. Hibernian did not expect to fall flat against Raith Rovers.


Raith Rovers take the lead at Easter Road. Albion Rovers continued to


defy expectations. Albion Rovers score a second. Dundee United had a


tricky tie against St Mirren. Marian Kello was in sparkling form. This is


a chance for Dundee United. That is a great save. It is steered them by


Ryan Gauld. Dundee United take the lead. A penalty has been given. As


cool as you like. St Mirren or level. -- are level. That is a


wonderful save. Nadir Ciftci. Dundee United take their place in the


quarterfinal. St Johnstone shuffled through to the last eight against


four for athletic. -- against Forfar Athletic. Stevie May gets the vital


touch. Frazer Wright knocks it in. It will break came true for


O'Halloran. -- it will break kindly for. That was another terrific


introduction. Elsewhere, Dumbarton soph Alloa Athletic. -- saw off. 82


teams started the competition. Now only eight teams remain. The


complexion of the competition changed in that round, with Celtic


being out. Yes, when the big teams are knocked out of the competition,


it gives the other teams believe. They hope they can do well. Over the


last few years, Hearts, St Mirren, a number of teams, St Johnstone,


Dundee United, have one major trophies. That can only be good for


Scottish food bowl, -- Scottish football, to allow the fans to taste


success. Everyone is looking forward to this. Let's look at a couple of


players who are maybe not the obvious ones that you would think


would be significant to the final. Alan Mannus is one that always does


not get the praise that he deserves. What do you think? He has been a


great signing. Tommy Wright has known him for a number of yours. His


season will not be over. Add leave he will be grim to South America


with the national squad. He is a great shot stopper. If he has a


slight weakness, it is with the ball at his feet, but for me, he is a top


goalkeeper. On the opposition side, let's look at Sean Dillon. He has


not played lots this season. He has spent lots of time on the bench.


What does he offer alongside Gavin Gunning in central defence? He has


the experience of Gunning in central defence? He has


Scottish Cup. He will come some of these younger players down. Their


Hearts will be pounding. -- Hearts. Dundee United will be looking for a


big performance from them. Sometimes Dundee United try to play too much


football from the back. Yes. But with Gavin Gunning at centre back


and Sean Dillon, it will be a difficult defence to break down. If


you are good enough, you're old enough, and that has been Jackie


McNamara's mantra since taking over at Dundee United. Let's hear from


three of those younger players. Dundee United are on the break.


Robertson, Armstrong, Ryan Gauld. Jings, crivens! Those pesky Bash


Street Kids have invaded the pitch. He is stealing the half-time pies! I


think that's perfect. He has got the muscle definition. Where are you? I


am that one. The body tone is nice. What about you? I look like I am


mourning for not coming back. -- moaning. What do you recall from the


Scottish Cup competition? The first one was Kilmarnock. I got a goal. I


got a goal against St Mirren. Nadir Ciftci. It is steered and by Ryan


Gauld. We did well to get that result. St Mirren have made it


tricky for us a couple of times this season. Nadir Ciftci, he is a


character. Tell us about him. He has that expression of someone has not


passed to him. He has done well for as this season. People talk about


you being baby Messi. Does that get on your nerves? It is a nice


complement to hear. Calling me the best player in the world. Is he the


best player at Tannadice Park? Yes, after me.


That was a thrashing on the worst pitch possible. Armstrong, and it is


five. I1 against Inverness, it was a nice one. Stuart Armstrong. I'd do


not think we paid too much attention in the build-up. We had a great turn


out on the day. We knew ourselves that we did not play our best. We


knew the main objective was to get through. We are looking for a better


performance in the final. There is a very handsome man here. That is


Spencer! I think he plays with a philosophy.


Spencer! I think he plays with a ones. That is GMS. I think he will


be happy with that. ones. That is GMS. I think he will


ranking. He looks very tan. What do you make of St Johnstone? There have


been some puzzles you make of St Johnstone? There have


sides this season. -- titles. They have got the better of us so far


this season. The 1-0 win, that have got the better of us so far


be playing on the minds of our fans. It will be down to the day. Whenever


be playing on the minds of our fans. we have played them they have done


very well and have made it hard for us and so far that has worked for


them. We hope that we can create a few chances and take them on the


day. If you do that you will be legends in the city of Dundee. What


would it mean to you personally? For the club, it is a massive


achievement, and for the fans and the players, and that is why we


train and strive to get a result. This could be the only Cup Final of


our career so we have to try and take it while it is there. That is


what you dream of as a kid, being the hero in a Cup Final. If we can


win the Cup we will be seen as a hero.


Ryan Gauld will start this game on the bench. The Dundee United lads


all grew up together. I am sure it will be fun and games in the


dressing room. Jackie has given them a place. Go out and play and enjoy


them. How good a player has Stuart Armstrong become? He is a top


player. You heard him talking, he has got confidence. Good players


know they are good players will stop he has brought goals this season.


This one here -- players. He has broad goals this year. He gets a hat


on it. This one is very good to keep an eye on. Always moving, the ball


is getting headed back in. He is showing his composure. He just


passes it into the corner. It bounces high up. He does not panic.


Great composer. This one here, we just highlighted, a great


combination play. So symbolic of Dundee United's play. Tight areas,


good control. This is something that does not happen often enough in


modern football. Football -- players in his position want to run in, and


too many players want the ball to their feet. He is direct getting in


behind and he is a top player and has a big future ahead of him. He is


the best of the young kids in my opinion. He is the modern midfield


player. He is outscoring goals and goes beyond the strikers. There are


not many that want to do that now. Billions contribution from him. You


see his intelligence. Different class. Whether he plays a wide,


through the middle, and I think that is how he will play today, through


the middle. The final flashback is the round known as the


quarterfinals. Celtic were last year's Cup winners


and favourites, but they would succumb to the red revival in around


five. -- in round five. This game has been turned on its head.


Aberdeen needed to eat the defiant decide to have the Scottish comp --


Aberdeen needed to beat the defiant decide. They faced a tough challenge


against another membership side. A dominant display. Rangers, the most


successful side left in the competition. They were firm


favourites in the final four. Standing in the way, a lead to


team. It was an old partnership affair.


Both sides fought hard. Cierzniak -- Ciftci! Rovers rolled out the carpet


as they hosted St Johnstone. The visitors helped themselves to a


place in the semifinal. Nicely. What a start for Saints. What a goal!


That is special stuff. What a goal. It crept in on the near post. St


Johnstone have their place in the Scottish Cup semifinal. Three hours


and 150 miles to Aberdeen, and it was clear that they were not just


there for a joy ride. The dons for the new Scottish Cup favourites and


would eventually ever, Iain Murray's side, but only just.


Headed down into the ground. Aberdeen are into their second


semifinal this season. Adam Rooney. The match winner. United fans turned


up in their numbers to watch a performance from their team. A


Highland welcome from a very generous home defence. What a


chance. It is talked away beautifully. Have to be careful. It


comes back towards the goal. A penalty. Dundee United are into the


It is Armstrong and it is five. last four.


It is Armstrong and it is five. cruising through with ease. Rangers


welcomed Rovers. Would they pull off another minute mental shock? Rovers


have scored. S Rocco -- the ball ends up in the act of the net. What


a display from the man in red this afternoon. The Rovers rebellion


would be quelled. Rangers are in front in the 18th minute. A good


one. A fine header. A brave effort by Rovers. It is Rangers to come out


victorious -- who come out the Tories. Things were just getting


interesting. Those five goals created for Dundee


United in the quarterfinals could have been a timely warning for St


Johnstone about what could happen if this United team really start to


play. There is the captain. I guess no-one is going to be relishing this


occasion more than hen. He has been a semifinal loser so often. --


occasion more than hen. He has been than hen. Everyone looks up to him


and he than hen. Everyone looks up to him


terrific player. He than hen. Everyone looks up to him


the year. A terrific player. The battle between him


If he can force them back and will be a major plus for St Johnstone. It


is about to the forces the issue or who can issue -- forced the issue.


It is certainly anti-Robertson's game. Decent position. The opposite


fullback has to drop off and defend. That's could be the crucial aspect.


If Dundee United can dictate the play here, it will definitely suit


them, because this is a fantastic pitch to play football. I am looking


forward to seeing how Dundee United used their attacking and defensive.


Mackay couldn't see the threat from United down the left-hand side. He


is the young player of this season in the top flight and he is in the


Scotland squad as well. He is a modern-day fullback. They get


forward and create chances and he does all of that. A lot of the guys


who are out there today, we have spoken about the Wotherspoon, these


guys started the season just dreaming that they would take part


in the Cup Final today, so they are going to have a huge part to play on


all of these guys we have mentioned. He has watched a few finals. He is a


Perth lad and he deserves this. There has been heartbreak for the


last two years for him. He was really heartbroken. He has got a


chance today to go out there and maybe just scored the winner. At the


semifinal stage of the Scottish Cup final, let's get back.


St Johnstone. Aberdeen. Reaching the final, making that journey, it takes


a lot more than just luck. It is about crossing the finishing line.


The United can were unhappy -- camp were unhappy. A massive advantage. A


semifinal is a semifinal wherever you play. The football match got


played and what a football match it was. It is a home advantage with a


difference for the Rangers team. This could be dangerous. Dundee


United have a lead in the Scottish Cup semifinals. A free kick. It has


gone in. Around the goalkeeper. Dundee United are taking it to the


Scottish Cup final. The second semifinal with a hard act to follow.


For expecting an Aberdeen victory. Stevie May slams St Johnstone back


into the Scottish cup. Stevie May fires St Johnstone into their


first-ever Scottish Cup final. 130 years of waiting. The last step on


the road to Celtic Park is almost here. Only one name will be etched


on the trophy. Tonight, wherever you are, sit back and enjoy what remains


of the right. It's been a rather epic journey.


We are here at the final stage of this season's Scottish Cup


competition. Aberdeen probably had big expectations of being here,


maybe getting a cup double for the season. St Johnstone had other


ideas. And that will give them massive belief today. Aberdeen


dominated the first half then Tommy made tactical changes and moved


Stevie May close to Stephen McClane. They squeezed the midfield and two


terrific goals. That has to give them confidence. Aberdeen were the


favourites, and have knocked out the favourites. Who becomes the


favourite? I think it is a 50/50 game. I wouldn't know how to price


this one up as a bookmaker. It's an even money match. The other


semifinal was interesting. Dundee United felt they might have won with


some comfort, Rangers had chances early on, which might have been


taken and then it would have been totally different. Quite a strange


one. Dundee United going to Ibrox as the favourites. Quite rightly, they


are the better team. But in the second half they did start to get


nervous when they realised that they needed a little slip from Simmons.


Dundee United were the better team, no doubt about it. Dundee United you


get slightly nervous which might be a slight concern for Jackie McNamara


in terms of how they might handle the occasion. There is a


ruthlessness about Dundee United. We touched on it with a 5-0 game


against Inverness. They have that about them. They will have to come


out and win the battle. Hoping to play the open and expansive football


they play. That will be crucial in the early part of the game. It will


be interesting to see how the players handle the occasion. Could


set pieces play a big part? I think it could. A tight game set pieces


can be big. St Johnstone have been potent from set pieces this season.


They have guys who want to win the ball. There is Anderson getting the


knock-down, and Stevie May is always in around the six yard box. This one


again, Anderson getting on the ball at the front post. You need guys


that want to attack the ball with real purpose. St Johnstone have got


that. Frazer Wright gets on it again. A commanding centre half who


wants to win it. When you look at Sean Dillon playing, that is saying


something, Jackie McNamara realises he wants proper defenders in there.


Dundee United lack of them, and you need guys who will win the ball. St


Johnstone do that. They have guys that want to win the ball and attack


it. They have the delivery as well. I have good delivery, because if you


only have one side of it, guys who want to attack the ball, if you


don't get a good ball into them, nothing comes. This just shows you,


the delivery they have, through Wotherspoon, the quality he has from


set pieces, bang, into the top corner. So the quality they have got


from set pieces, Dundee United out to be careful. I don't think the


goalkeeper is that strong all commanding with the high balls. The


two centre halves have doubled a performance if they're going to stop


St Johnstone scoring. You've got three quarters of the back four who


are a threat at the set pieces. So you have plenty happening at set


pieces. Plenty the Dundee United to think about. They have got


goal-scorers all over the place. He scored a few free kicks in his time,


McKay. He is the one who does not really contribute at left back, but


from the defence, to the middle, to the attack, they will score today, I


think. Will that be a big concern of the Dundee United? Will that play a


big part in their preparations getting ready for set pieces and


tackling them? Without a doubt. That is why he has Sean Dillon partnering


Dunning in the centre defence. From open play, St Johnstone will swing a


lot of balls -- gunning. Coming. From open play. We talked about the


flair players were Dundee United, , but they hinge so much on the base


that Paul but they hinge so much on the base


them. The but they hinge so much on the base


off-the-cuff. It is natural ability. What we are highlighting, Payton and


ranking -- Rankin, they have to work on that and


ranking -- Rankin, they have to work foot to go and express themselves


and really hurt teams. Without that, they can't do their business.


You see John Rankin, good composure and every one of these clubs, less


than ten yards. That is vital to give them the platform. We are


talking about the back four, the centre halves who might be a bit


suspect. If you have that in front, there's all sorts of benefits. With


the fullbacks charging forward, you have to have somebody who will come


in and cover. And winning balls high up the park. If you want to nullify


Stevie May and McLean, you have to push up high, and that is what


Rankin has done. I was watching Dundee United and it was Paul Payton


in the first game of the season who was playing as a loan holding


midfielder Andy was rebuked -- and he was for a few games. Maybe Jacqui


has learned what is best system is Azeez, long. -- Jackie McNamara. If


wonderful what -- fullback weatherboard, the other one toxin


I've seen -- if one fullback goes forward the other one toxin. Having


the license to do that, and protect, if they go forward they


know that they are secure the back and Paul Payton will drop into an


area where the Right back and Paul Payton will drop into an area where


the writeback will be an John Rankin can drop whether left back will be.


-- Paul Paton. The players don't play them to win awards, but they


are valuable in the setup. There is discipline in that formation, the


fullbacks bombing on. I had John Rankin at Inverness and I would love


to see him pick up a winner 's medal because he's a fantastic role model


for everybody, fantastic attitude and I'd love to see him get the


credit he deserves. We were talking about Paul Paton starting on his


own, and sometimes the best formation comes about organically.


The manager recognises it. They have found the system and it suits the


players the best. You've probably seen enough of us. Let's have a look


at what is happening outside. Because it is building up very


nicely indeed. There is that wall of tangerine around Celtic Park, and


15,000 in blue and white as well. Let's continue the thread of the


discussion, because we have spoken about developing talent from both


teams, and Stevie May at St Johnstone. Jackie McNamara falls


into the category as well, doesn't he, as a developing talent as a


manager? He is a refreshing young manager. Very attacking minded.


Lights to get bodies in the box and score goals. He has taken that


velocity on from Partick Thistle. If you go much Dundee United, you are


guaranteed chances at both ends, because he can throw caution to the


wind -- he has taken that on, that philosophy. But his position is that


if you score four goals, I will try and score five. Don't be so cool --


formed by the schoolboy looks of Jackie McNamara, there is a steely


determination. I was with him at Aberdeen, a well-respected bloke by


everyone. He is a winner. He proved it with Celtic over the years and I


hope he proves it today for Dundee United. Is there a bit of needle


between the two managers? They have had the odd spat. I think this


needle in here between those two. But rivalry is good in football, you


want some needle between people. As long as it doesn't go over the top.


I hope it might carry onto the pitch and we end up with a result like


Alan is talking about, 5-4, because that could be enjoyable for


everybody. There is Jackie McNamara in the tunnel. He has experienced so


many big matches as a player, maybe that he can transfer that to the


players. This will not faze Jackie McNamara at all. You can see him,


still looks as though he could play. He will be going and giving the


young boys behind him all the experience, opening ten minutes,


don't take chances as a defender. Nice easy passes, don't hit World


Cup balls, and if you're a striker get a touching early. The problem


you have, you have to be careful. Yes, have fire in your belly, but


you have to be calming your head. You could use -- lose your rag after


five or six minutes and you could be red carded and the team is under


pressure. Craig, you know about playing and scoring in a cup final.


Some players handle it, some don't. What an amazing day it is, and he


will say to his players, be calm, because they will be so excited and


his experience is vital in the first five minutes of the game. We will


see who comes out victorious. Setting the tone is important, isn't


it, Michael? Of course it is. All big games you have to put down a


marker and earn the right to go and play. It is a mouthwatering game


coming up, and I'm really looking forward to it. I think it will be a


tight one, but if I went one way I think Dundee United will make this


one. We were looking at the people with a St Johnstone ties up -- on in


the directors box, and they deserve this day. 25 years as chairman, he


moved them up here. A great club, never in debt, and they would go


down a lot, but they would bounce back up. He was very loyal to the


managers over those periods and he has handed the club onto his son.


He's the man rubbing his hands at the row. He will be nervous, they


can say to his dad, you didn't do it, but I have the chance of being


the chairman of a Scottish Cup side. Maybe he has had on offer the Stevie


May and that's why he's rubbing his hands. This is not about emotion,


that will not decide this today. The players up a focus on the jobs they


have to do. They can get carried away with the atmosphere but they


have a job to do and they have to do it to the best of their ability. We


are all set, and it is Tommy Wright's St Johnstone against Jackie


McNamara's Dundee United. Talking us through it, Steven


The waiting is just about over four St Johnstone and Dundee United.


Uncharted territory for the Perthshire side who have floated


with this scenario many a time but have always come up short in the


last four, until now. Tommy Wright, with more than a little help from


Stevie May, helped crack the semifinal who do. They now find


themselves plotting their way towards a first piece of major


Silver Roque -- silverware. The club is celebrating its 130th birthday


this year. The Scottish Cup sitting proudly in the trophy cabinet would


be a perfect present. But it is a World Cup year, and that means the


omen is good for Dundee United. Both times they have won this


competition, it has come just before a World Cup finals, in 1994 and then


in 2010. The names of Brewster, Conway and goodwill ER written in


the folklore. The pictures on the walls at Tannadice. The 2014 will


have gazed at those in the last few weeks -- the 2014 team. They know


that it could be them. Jackie McNamara won this piece of


silverware three times as a player and scored in one of the finals


himself. He knows what it takes. Tayside tussle in Glasgow for the


final honour of the Scottish football season. Is it going to the


fair city, or the city of discovery? History beckons for one of these


teams. That is the St Johnstone team that


beat Aberdeen in the semifinals. Done and Millar were brilliant in


the midfield. So were McLean and Stevie May. The latter is 27 goals


have been more than pivotal throughout the campaign for them


this season. Sean Dillon and Watson along with Morgaro Gomis are the


only survivors from the side that won the competition four years ago.


Ryan Dow is preferred to Ryan Gauld. Shifty -- Ciftci is through


Ryan Dow is preferred to Ryan Gauld. middle. Hasselbaink and Lee Croft


have to do with missing out on the starting spot, as do the much


heralded youngsters, Ryan Gauld and John Souttar for Dundee United. The


referee is 41-year-old Craig Thomson, his third Scottish Cup


final having presided over the versions in 2009 and 2012. Steven


Thompson with me, former Dundee versions in 2009 and 2012. Steven


competition with Rangers in versions in 2009 and 2012. Steven


and Dave Mackay, he was in the beta and side that day, playing for


Dundee, what is going through their minds -- the beaten side? They


cannot wait for the whistle. They've been waiting for weeks and weeks.


The build-up to the game is huge. You go around, seeing people in the


communities, the town is buzzing and you get your clothes fitted. Various


things that keep your mind off the game, but ever since these guys woke


up, they want to hear the whistle. As soon as you hear the whistle, the


nerves disappear and you are playing. The skippers go through


Tommy Wright is just about set. A big David Lynn, less than a year


after replacing Steve Lomas, his compatriot -- a big day for him.


all that is left now is the game of football itself. Seconds away from


the start of the 129th Scottish Cup Final. A wonderful atmosphere inside


Celtic Park. 255 years of combined history, for just the Tours fourth


time since they have met in the Scottish Cup. The Tangerines in


their new kit today. 2-1 up on that Scottish Cup. The Tangerines in


particular day. Celtic Park, tang row and black to the right and blue


and white to the left. United get an early feel of the ball. Looking for


the run of Armstrong. Dugout by Dunne. Wot wot, finally getting a


chance to play in this final. He missed out on the last two. With


Hibs. May, first touch of the ball for him. You always know he is


trying to get a shot away. Trying to play a pass inside. Overcooked. It


they have to be aware of Stevie May. Tries to get shots off. First time


the Scottish Cup Final has been away from Hampden Park since 1998.


Pre-match nerves. The wonder of what might happen. Waking up for some of


the players in the middle of the night think you have won it or lost


it. The passing of the last few weeks has taken a little bit longer


for supporters of both. This is Ryan Dow. He couldn't hold


onto it. Fabulous play from Dow. Sprinting down the wing. A fabulous


ball. Mannus comes out. Shakily gets a hold of it. The danger is cleared.


A great start from United though. They won't need too much


encouragement, will the Tangerines. Ciftci fouled by Anderson. Ciftci,


such a strong boy. He holds the ball up so well for Dundee United. He


will be a handful for the St Johnstone players today. What is


Alan Mannus thinking now Not the start he is being looking for. He


will want another cross so that he can put it right. Dillon deals with


it. Brian Easton. A couple He went for the team that


won the semi-final. That is the right call. He wondered


offside. Good play from May. Working in to out. Looking for a killer


pass. Plays it in. He's offside. A yard offside.


Some of the St Johnstone didn't see the flag, they are appealing for a


penalty there. Watson for Armstrong. Paton, ,


Ciftci, Armstrong. He won the free-kick. He is a strong boy,


Stevie May. Unfortunate there, showing his strength against Dillon.


He had a couple of loan spells at Hammill tonne. It will stand him a


world of good. This year he filled out and matured. He


world of good. This year he filled attribute you could want as a


professional footballer. He has a level head as well. I'm sure his


future will be big. He might well be staying. He wants contract clubs


with the talk. They want to keep him. A local lad. This will mean a


lot to him. Very different surroundings for him


today. Taking it all in. Anderson beats Ciftci.


Rankine. Mannus. Took a Anderson beats Ciftci.


bobble away from Alan Mannus. He should have been expecting that


conjectory of the ball. He wanted a touch of the ball again after his


mistake at the front. I'm not sure that is the touch he was wanting. He


has had a shakey start so United will want to keep test him.


St Johnstone on the counter. Too Dow, over it.


St Johnstone on the counter. Too much on it for May. Over hit the


pass. Not a bad ball in. One thing that St Johnstone do very well is


defend set-pieces. They have a lot of tall, strong players. Generally,


if the ball is not excellent and the movement is not excellent. They will


clear the ball. When the ball is played in the defence


clear the ball. When the ball is usually food and drink for them.


He is limping a bit. He will be winded. A big strong boy. Shout for


a handball. It wasn't forthcoming. United have seen more of the ball in


the early stages. Frazer Wright making his 100th


appearance for St Johnstone this afternoon. He tries to nudge Frazer


Wright out of the way here. It's harder to do than it looks. United


have started OK. St Johnstone are really pressing them. In their faces


every two second. As we expected. The players are talented. Any player


getting pressed does not like it. St Johnstone have started with a really


good tempo. His eyes on the ball there. No


intention. He was watching the ball the whole time. He just caught him.


Maybe caught him in the upper part of the leg. He is OK. The referee is


right just to wave that one away. 19years of age, Andrew Robertson,


made his senior international debut against for Scotland against Poland.


Wonderful from MacLean. He has found wot wot.


Dunne gets it back for MacKay. MacLean, Dunne. Space for Brian


Easton. O'Halloran. Pick pocketed by John


Rankin. It has come through to MacLean. Wot


wot and May. He couldn't squeeze it through. He does the right thing.


Pulls it on to the shoulder of Robertson. Great movement. He takes


a wee second too long before he gets his cross in. As soon as he


controlled the ball, he should have flashed it straight back across


goal. That whole move involved 25 passes from St Johnstone. Switch of


play. Fantastic build-up. Armstrong, showed too much of that to Frazer


Wright. MacLean finds May. He is on his own right now. Support arriving.


He is capable of it. Not from that distance. Maybe too far out. His


first shot. Gets the shot away. Steve MacLean linking up the play


with him. He will be delighted to get his first shot off. He looks to


get a shot off at every single opportunity.


Steve MacLean heavily involved in this. Wanting a free-kick here. Good


movement from him. He can chop back on to his left foot or deliver the


ball back into the box. That is what he is looking for. Robertson pulls


him back. I don't know if the referee didn't see it. He pulled him


back. Steve MacLean was on the bench for


Rangers in 2003. Playing on bench that day, he didn't get on. You did.


I have played with Steve at Rangers and Cardiff for six-months. His


linkup play for me is the best in the Scottish League. Phenomenonal.


He is an unsung hero for St Johnstone. Into double figures as


well for the season. Let us not forget his goals as well.


Ciftci. He has been brilliant for Dundee United this season. Sometimes


plays wide. In the middle today. It seems to be where he is most


effective. Too much on it. A good run again


from Stevie May. The ball just skipping through. It's been raining


here this afternoon, the surface will be greasy. It won't hold up. He


can go long, come short, link the play.


Four goals in the Scottish Cup for May.


Again the pressure from St Johnstone's midfield is superb. They


are pressing the game so high. Every time a Dundee United midfielder or


defender gets the ball, they are under immediate pressure.


Almost found Watson, did Paton. O'Halloran. He has been in terrific


form for St Johnstone in recent weeks. Since that semi-final.


Ball for Easton, two waiting. One of them is MacLean. He was onside. Well


won back. Oh, what a save from Cierzniak. It comes from an overlap


from Brian Easton. Good ball into the box. Here is the run. I don't


think Steve MacLean can get a shot. Nobody on the edge of the box. It


breaks. He catches that sweetly. In the end, tipped over the bar by the


keeper. Great move from St Johnstone. They have looked the more


dangerous of the two sides. Johnstone. They have looked the more


a big worry for United. For me, St Johnstone is one of the best teams


in the league from set-pieces. They are a real threat. Good


in the league from set-pieces. They them and attacking them. Wot wot


takes. Right across for Frazer Wright. I don't think he sees it


until late. No time to react. The ball in isn't the best one. It


until late. No time to react. The time. Foul by May on Mackay-Steven.


It is all set up. Another fine season for Gary Mackay-Steven, some


injuries he had to deal with. He is fit today although he was a slight


Back to Mackay-Steven. Just snatched doubt.


Back to Mackay-Steven. Just snatched it a little. That kind of ball into


the box will suit St Johnstone. 60 -- Ciftci does well when it comes


in. We just drags it wide. United, certainly the front four, they


haven't had time to get on the match, and they do enjoy time and


space on the ball and St Johnstone are denying that at every


opportunity. That is a great save. Tipping it over the bar, and the


connection with the ball was almost better than the save. O'Halloran. He


shields it well. He finds Eastern. -- East on. Dundee United's Achilles


he is has been conceding. They score a lot, but they concede a lot. Only


one clean sheet in the quarterfinals against Inverness.


one clean sheet in the quarterfinals only got six


one clean sheet in the quarterfinals games before this one. Mannus


slicing it away. Not his best start to a match. It comes from Frazer


slicing it away. Not his best start the halfway line. He has definitely


had a nervy start to the match. Slicing that clearance there. 15


Thousand St Johnstone fans Slicing that clearance there. 15


him and the expectancy is huge. Mackay-Steven, for Ryan Dow.


Secretary -- kitschy -- Ciftci. That is a free kick. Not much in that


funny. Just clumsy from Ciftci. He gave the ball away at the edge of


the box and was chasing to get it back and he sweeps his leg away.


Definite foul, but back and he sweeps his leg away.


Another local lad, Wotherspoon. Returning to his local club. Had a


long spell at Hibernian. Stephen Anderson, another one waiting for


this weekend. That is a good take by a O'Halloran. Should he have hit it


the first time? Looks as though he would get a shot away. Good battling


back by Ryan Dow. That helped a lot. Ciftci takes it down well. They are


so good on the counter, Dundee United. Armstrong, looking for


Mackay-Steven. Mackay-Steven did enough.


Just nothing between the teams. There were five points between them


in the league. United finishing the campaign in fourth, and St Johnstone


were six. Watson. He was encouraged to shoot there, John Rankin. He


finds MacLean. No way through against Robertson. Mackay-Steven,


this is promising for United. Gavin Gunning played in the Scottish cup


final for Motherwell a few Gunning played in the Scottish cup


ago. Almost scored with an unbelievable shot, I seem to recall


will stop however, they lost to Celtic that day. He is underneath


that as well. Calmly done, for Paul Paton. That is a 50/50. Stevie May


fancies his chances against Sean Dillon. Good defending in the end.


He knows May is faster so he has to get his body in front and it clears


the danger. -- he clears the danger. Good defending by Watson. Didn't


give Stevie May a split second. MacLean. May. A touch rash, not a


lot in it. Every time Stevie May finds the ball, he finds MacLean and


likewise, MacLean seems to be linking with Stevie May when he


finds the ball. They are a great foil for each other. There is a


threat here are St Johnstone have a few players who can hit the target


from this range. I know Dave Mackay is good from set plays. There is an


opportunity here. All three are more than capable of


causing Cierzniak problems. Stevie May looks like he is eyeing it up.


Thomson sorting the wall out eventually. A O'Halloran is right on


the edge of the wall. It is still going to fall for St Johnstone.


Wotherspoon! And Cierzniak holds on for dear life. Brilliant from


Wotherspoon, cutting inside when he thinks there's a shock. This is


excellent. Cutting inside and that's great defending from Gavin Gunning.


He does ever so well, and it's lucky that when it hits his foot it might


have gone in. It's good defending, but at the same time he could have


scored an own goal easily. Lucky for United. United look rocky at the


back. Sean Dillon deals with that. David Wotherspoon must've thought he


was putting them in front. He did everything right. He cut inside and


solve the dummy, rolled it to the corner and if it had not been for


the intervention of Gavin Gunning it would have been almost certainly 1-0


four St Johnstone, which on the balance of play might have been


deserved. John Rankin sweeps it back to the


Poll. Millar. We mention at the top of the programme that Dundee


United, free scoring have beaten St Johnstone 4-0. But since then,


Saints have won the three meetings, 1-0, 2-0, 3-0. Mackay-Steven. Play


on says Craig 1-0, 2-0, 3-0. Mackay-Steven. Play


for Stuart Armstrong. Good refereeing, letting the play carry


on although Armstrong runs out of options he doesn't have the


overlap. It takes the shot on and it's a touch ambitious. United have


been limited to shots from distance. They are not really getting to the


byline apart from in the first minute when Mannus dropped the ball.


That's what they sobered up definite foul. Clumsy from Dunne.


That's what they sobered up definite is on loan from Stevenage. Ryan Dow,


try to sneak through Dunne, who stunned the fingers of


Jersey had earlier on -- Cierzniak early on. The only real shot on


There was only one MacLean, a bit hopeful from Brian


Easton. Play on for Dundee United. Dunne trying to


Celtic, Jackie McNamara, a former captain of the club. Cheap again


from Dundee United. They need to have better possession of the ball.


They don't seem to have any passing patterns together. Not getting the


They don't seem to have any passing dangerous players on the ball, which


is to do with St dangerous players on the ball, which


and it has to improve. That point being made by


Some up some industrial language,


Some we say, so apologies if you heard


that. we say, so apologies if you heard


hopeful. These are the type of balls that Frazer


hopeful. These are the type of balls those all day long.


hopeful. These are the type of balls to come up with something more


hopeful. These are the type of balls imaginative to test them. Dundee


United bar and imaginative team. They are created. -- creative. They


seem a bit stifled at the minute. When United have been good this


season they have been very very good. United supporters can forgive


their team when they have had the good. United supporters can forgive


odd blip in the league campaign, but they can't afford that today. No,


they can't through the season they have been excellent. The consistency


has been superb and they are such an entertaining team, they attack in


numbers and they have gifted players in the team. But they cannot nod off


today. Armstrong, to Robertson. Rankin. Twisting and turning away


from Anderson. Armstrong. Great ball across, Saints cannot get away. A


big shab handball as well inside the box. Calamitous is one word. Great


skill from Ryan Dow. The cutback is good to clearances of their players,


and luckily for them, the ball falls to their own player. The ball does


strike his hand but it's not intentional. In the end, Mannus


picks the ball up. Last-gasp defending. Frazer Wright delighted


and James Dunne delighted that there was no one in tangerine waiting to


snap it up. I don't think that will have done Frazer Wright's broken so


many good. But scrappy defending. That is the first time Dundee United


have cut through them. You always want to get somebody pass the front


post, that is vital. Wonderful support for both teams. Dundee


United with 30,000, the biggest ever gathering of air support, we hear.


St Johnstone with about 15,000 -- of their support. We believe the


roundabout just outside Perth was in a colourful state, shall we say,


earlier on today. The stadium looks fantastic, it really does. Hampden


Park as a nostalgia, but the atmosphere in this stadium is


certainly better, because you are right on top of the pitch, and so


far it has been excellent. Going shortly Wotherspoon. Sean Dillon


heads away. That is Mackay, and that has not even comparable kick. How


much would he have loved that to go in. When it falls doing, he is


technically a good player, but he does not get the connection he


wants. That is the one he's been dreaming of the last three weeks. A


good striker of the ball. He is. St Johnstone keeping the


pressure on here. MacKay. St Johnstone's Mr


This is Stevie May. The wasn't in the SPFL Team of the Year.


This is Stevie May. The aforementioned Robertson scoops it


clear. Tremendous flick to put it over his shoulder. Mitt A lovely


ball from Wotherspoon. Up and under. Trying to get himself onto the bar


there. Took advantage of the of the slip from Armstrong. Rankine kick it


is away. Difficult to defend against balls like that. The balls are up in


the air for so long. Managing to get it away. It's chess-like at the


moment here at Celtic Park. Almost half an hour in, nothing each.


Robertson from Ciftci. Good defend, MacKay. Dundee United corner kick.


Good defending from Dave MacKay. One thing Robertson has not done enough


in the game today. They are used to see him bomb down that left hand


side. He's so fast. This was flailing. Gunning puts it past. He


mansion to get a head on it. It was always going wide. St Johnstone


mansion to get a head on it. It was him under enough pressure. Anderson


comes in at the last-minute, gives him a nudge. Not a clean header. If


you are not going to win a ball, as a defender, put your opponent off.


you are not going to win a ball, as That is what they did. In the end,


the header goes harmlessly by. You could see here the rain back on.


Glasgow's East End. Greasy surface. Dow, he gets on to that. Ciftci has


made the run. Anderson read it. Good touch by Armstrong he finds


Paton, back to the United number 10. Ciftci. Armstrong. Then Rankine.


Better from United. Yeah. It's Robertson's ball in. Brilliant ball.


Brilliant ball! It's Ryan Dow. It isn't going to down count. It came


off the inside of the post. What a fabulous move. Is incredible! That's


incredible! How unlucky can you get? The best move of the game


incredible! How unlucky can you get? Dundee United. Off the inside of the


post. Looked like it had gone in from this angle. As the corner comes


in. Headed over by Watson. That was more like the Dundee United we know.


Five, six, seven, eight passes. The corner coming in.


Just headed over the bar. The chance before. Look at that touch from Dow.


Again, he would have been dreaming of that. The move deserved the goal.


It looked like it was in. Jackie thought it was in as well. Dundee


United unfortunate not to have taken the lead. Best move of the match


United unfortunate not to have taken from Dundee United. So unlucky not


to go in front there. That is when they are at their best, mayinging,


short, sharp passes and getting their wide players on the ball.


St Johnstone trying to respond to some decent pressure from their


opponents. A bit wild from May. He has hit them


before and getting them on target. Cleared by United. Stevie May


before and getting them on target. the headlines. What have you made of


it? I think up until the last five or so minutes St Johnstone


it? I think up until the last five have been pleased with the way they


started the game. I think the tempo has been excellent. They have


pressed Dundee United very, well. Dundee United unable to get


their flare -- flair players into Wotherspoon herspoon will leave it


for MacKay. Wotherspoon. Trying to get the cross


in. Came off him last as well. Ryan Dow so close to putting United


ahead, just a couple of moments ago. The closest they've gone.


Free-kick. Dow into the back of the MacKay here after he wins the


header. Can't see there is too much in that. Signed a new deal did Tommy


Rowe. Jackie McNamara has been pleased with the way he came into


the team, in particular the second-half of the season. He had a


slow start to the season. He wasn't really involved. Since he had his


chance he grabbed it with both hands. He deserves


It's Wright. Ciftci. Won't come down for Frazer Wright. Better from


Dundee United, pressing high up the pitch and putting St


Finds Armstrong, wouldn't fall for him. His pass was a good one. For


Armstrong it was just behind him. Steps away from the player. A great


ball. Just behind Armstrong. He couldn't take it in his stride. The


chance is gone. They were here last week Dundee United, a few


alterations from Jackie McNamara they lost 3-1 to Celtic. Good


performance, by in large, by United. Played back to Easton for Dunne.


It's been a good five minutes for Dundee United. Saints look respond.


Wotherspoon. MacKay for MacLean. Now, Dow.


They are starting to find more space.


He was keen to get the ball back. Dundee United starting to find


players in positions there that they want them. Which is what they need


to do. They need to find space. This is May, Dow takes it from him.


Mackay-Steven. It's Robertson. This is May, Dow takes it from him.


can see he is trying to think it over the top of the defender to get


it on the other side. Good layoff, not quite got it right. Again,


better from Dundee United. Andy Robertson wasn't a regular for


the whole of last season. He came to Dundee United and made that position


his own. He has. A tremendous season. What he does best is get


forward and support Gary MacKay season. What he does best is get


makeover lapping runs. When he does that he is such a player. Incredibly


quick. I think most of the headlines that he has got this year has been


for his attacking prowess. A modern-day full-bock has to be able


to get forward and put balls in the box, not just defend. -- full-back.


I think Anderson has hurt himself here. He has. Don't know whether he


landed on his ankle. They will show it here. Yes yeah, that left ankle.


Looks as though he has rolled it. Strong boy. What a


Looks as though he has rolled it. players. First real chance they had.


All-action. No goals yet. Both teams have had a good chance a piece.


MacKay has lost five semi-finals with St Johnstone. Anderson,


MacKay has lost five semi-finals semi-finals, before he got a place


in the showpiece of a Cup competition in Scotland. He


in the showpiece of a Cup excellent season.


in the showpiece of a Cup Unsung hero really for St


in the showpiece of a Cup The only option they had in


in the showpiece of a Cup move Dave MacKay. They


in the showpiece of a Cup him going, that is for sure.


Watson, not seen too much of the ball in this first half. Into the


final few moments of it. This might work though. He didn't realise he


had plenty of time to get it away. He put it out for the corner anyway.


When the ball breaks, everyone things it will go out. Great


anticipation. He flashes that across the face. There was nobody in the


right place at the right time. To take. United's third of the


afternoon. -- Dow. The Something might be in


the offing Another corner. Dundee


finishing the half the stronger team.


Up goes Mannus. . Call for handball. It looked as though it hit


of Wotherspoon. Great play again from Dow. He has been the standout


player for Dundee United half. Without a shadow of the doubt.


It hits his chest. I think the Dundee United fans... In it comes!


As I was saying, Ryan Dow, for me, has been the pick of the bunch in


this half. He has been at the heart of everything that has been created,


certainly for Dundee United. Yeah, that wasn't a penalty kick. Cod


recovery challenge as well from David Wotherspoon. A


minute-and-a-half of the first half to go. As we were with the Cup


final. Robertson gets it away. Might not


have heard Cierzniak. O'Halloran does well again, putting the ball


into the box. It didn't fall for Stevie May. Dillon clears it in the


end. Two minutes to half-time now. Saints looking for the opener before


the break. Good defending by United, Watson gets it clear.


Stephen Anderson has recovered from the ankle knock earlier on.


Ryan Dow has been impressive, justifying his inclusion. Here comes


Easton. Great ball in, and away by Robertson. Fabulous ball in. We saw


it early in the first half. Putting the ball into a tremendous area, and


then good defending, it just would not fall for one of the St Johnstone


players. Bit of defending to do before the corner kick. The keeper


misses it, and Stephen Anderson heads St Johnstone into the lead. A


Scottish cup final goal for Stephen Anderson, and the blue and white end


of Parkhead erupts. We talked about St Johnstone from set pieces.


Cierzniak does not get anywhere near it. Anderson climbs on top of


what's's back, and it's a dream moment for him. You have to ask


questions about Cierzniak coming off his line. If you come off the line


that far, you have to get something on the ball. A good effort from


Anderson, and we mention it from the outset, from set pieces St Johnstone


are dangerous. Stephen Anderson's fourth goal of the season and is


most important goal for St Johnstone will stop after so much heartache in


the past in the cup competitions, for Anderson and St Johnstone, they


have given themselves a massive shot in the arm right at the end of the


first half of the Scottish cup final. And Anderson header from the


Wotherspoon corner. The perfect time to score, some say, on the stroke of


half-time. That was after James Dunne had gone close, and Ryan Dow


had hit the post. It rolled agonisingly across the six yard


box, but Anderson has the final say in the first of the East End of


Glasgow, and a half time it is 1-0 two St Johnstone.


I was about to say, all this game needs is a goal, but not now. In


stoppage time at the end of the first half, those are the


celebrations which tell you that St Johnstone are in front in their


first-ever Scottish cup final. Stephen Anderson, and 1-0 for the


team from Perth halfway through. Let's get the thoughts of our studio


guests. Craig Brewster, Allan Preston and Michael Stewart. Well,


we have had to calm you down and get you back in the seat. What a moment


for St Johnstone. Absolutely tremendous. They started the game


really well when United hit the post and they dominated after that. The


goals change games and team talks. You look at 0-0 at half-time, and


that is an identical goal to the one highlighted earlier. Anderson around


the back in the keeper is all over the place. Anderson, ten years at St


Johnstone, very fitting to get the gold but the mag. It has been a


strange first half -- get the goal to put them ahead. St Johnstone


dominated, and then Dundee United got back in, and then when I got


back in St Johnstone score. That is a killer for Dundee United on the


stroke of half-time. They dominated possession for the last 15, and


looked dangerous and created a few opportunities. To lose that goal, as


we have just said, highlighted in the previous game carbon copy, back


post header. If the goalkeeper stays on his line, he takes it, so Jackie


will be disappointed with that. I do believe a certain member of the


panel picked out set pieces as a threat and a big plus two St


Johnstone, and what a plus. A massive plus Diskerud before


half-time, that is a huge lift for them and a killer blow for Dundee


United. It changes the game completely because we have been


speaking here about them -- the momentum swinging back to Dundee


United, but in the first of St Johnstone were all over Dundee


United. One giving them any opportunity to play the open and


expansive game we like to see them play. Ryan Dow hit the post and then


it swung back in their favour. When games are tight, set pieces are


vital. It's a horrendous goal to lose.


vital. It's a horrendous goal to Watson was at the back post, so


vital. It's a horrendous goal to him deal with it. Radoslaw Cierzniak


is out watching -- washing the windows. Maybe he was bored and


wanted to take part in the game. He is nowhere near him. Watson has to


do better. Look at what's on, his eyes are focused on the ball. Not a


clue where Anderson is. He is up early, and it's a tremendous header


into the back of the net. Earlier in the game there was a corner from the


other side, not a great corner, but they didn't deal with it right. They


ended up with Cierzniak making the say. But it told you something,


there was an alarm there. They have to do better at set pieces, and


writer half-time they haven't. There is another argument that there is


nobody on the back post. There is a big debate about whether you have


guys on the post or not. Someone on the back post might have been able


to clear it. Doesn't matter how organised you are at a corner kick,


because you can't legislate your goalkeeper missing it by a country


mile. Definitely not. The players are deflated and Jackie has a big


job to do to build a back-up. The Dundee United fans played a big part


with about half an hour gone, they made a big sustained attack and it


gave made a big sustained attack and it


then, from that they were dominant. It is a reward for St Johnstone


roaring out of the blocks. It is a reward for St Johnstone


to do with the front two. It is a reward for St Johnstone


Every member of the midfield and the front to getting


Every member of the midfield and the ball, maybe 18 or 19 passes of the


Every member of the midfield and the state going from one side of the


pitch to the other. Looking very playback. We talk about Dundee


United playing good passing football, but as we have seen, 20


United playing good passing passes or so and it ended up with


MacLean at the back post. It all starts with that platform upfront.


It was along the ball up to there. It sets up Stevie May and MacLean


and allows them to play in the opposition half. St Johnstone a


experience and have Stevie May, but they have demonstrated in the first


half that there is more to them than that. They looked confident from the


word go, and when you see them passing, they are confident, moving


the ball and Dundee United sitting deep, so Dundee United cannot then


receive the ball and have any sustained possession. Horrific


build-up that led to the first serious threat on goal, which was


the shot from James Dunn. Tremendous play, very confident, everybody


looking for the ball as much as they can. Everybody is shouting for it.


When you look up, and that is a problem with United, they've only


got one striker. When you look up you got players to play for, patient


play, popping it. Trying to get you got players to play for, patient


many involved as they can. Shunting them about from one side to the


other. A great ball from Brian Easton. Wotherspoon does well. What


a strike that is. That is one for the cameras. That is what has caused


Dundee United problems, they are not static, they are interchanging. This


is the corner we were talking about. The guy at the front post from


Dundee United here, you have to deal with that better. He ended up being


able to fall onto it, but that's an alarm bell. Zon Johnson are


dangerous from set pieces. Michael speaking about the front four and


the interchanging, and it's all the things we were saying about Dundee


United. We knew they would put balls in the box, St Johnstone, and they


have done it. The big fear was that creating all of the chances, and


here is another one arising from Stevie May's free kick, was when you


don't score when you have that much of the game it can go against you.


It was a sucker punch. That was great play from Wotherspoon. Lovely


composure. Sucks the defender in. You have to give credit to the


United defender who gets a great block. That was going in the bottom


corner. This epitomises the first half-hour, they were first to react.


Wotherspoon got onto the loose ball and created a great opportunity


beckons. It says something that it took Dundee United 28 minutes to


cause anything like a scare in the St Johnstone penalty box. They were


closing down, the back four were solid. Then suddenly United got a


bit of decent possession, worked it well. A great roll back from


Armstrong to Ryan Dow. Cut back, then suddenly the game was on. The


United fans got a lift. I think the players got a real belief from that


and they grew in stature. Shelter handball there, but no chance. One


yard away from the ball, no chance. Only the most optimistic Dundee


United supporters thought that was a penalty. But Ryan Dow was in a


fraction of getting penalty. But Ryan Dow was in a


the game. This is what they had not been able to do in the first half an


hour. They were able to get the combination pass


hour. They were able to get the the right-hand side, coming out the


other side and a fantastic ball in from Robertson. A real deft touch


from Ryan Dow to get across the centre half. He is lucky it did not


end up in the back of the net. Watson was also coming in, so both


fullbacks are pushing forward. That was a terrific effort. He has been


really good in the first. He is one whether you wondered that he might


move on because he's been there a long time, on the fringes of things


but when he has got in he has taken his chances will stop I thought he


was a real spark. He was in the middle of it. He was really


unfortunate. How many times have we seen a comeback of the post and hit


the goalkeeper and going west will Jackie McNamara be disappointed not


just with the scoreline but with way Dundee have played. As some of the


play being a bit aimless? It was half an hour or so. Just aimless


balls over the back, trying to turn St Johnstone. The first five or ten


minutes of a game, you can understand it, you want to stretch


the game and give the players space to play. But St Johnstone was so


much on top in the game that Dundee United could not get a rhythm. The


first half and that there were only balls like that. That is bad for


Dundee United, but Jackie will take confidence from the fact that we


highlighted that chance and they started to get back in the game and


then there is the sucker punch but the set piece that comes in against


them. You have to give St Johnstone credit for shaking them out of their


stride. I didn't think Dundee United expected them to play it as well as


they did. They got the ball down, past it, and the midfielders could


squeeze up and support the strikers. Crosses coming in the box, St


Johnstone playing really well in the opening half-hour, the Dundee United


are very much in this game. They need more from Armstrong. Robertson


has done reasonably well going forward, but Watson has to provide


the ammunition for Ciftci. I want to talk about the atmosphere, which has


been fantastic. A terrific turnout from both sets of support, maybe


more than 28,000 per Dundee United. This horse shoe of tangerine around


Celtic Park, and the other end of the ground, 15 Thousand Johnstone


fans. It really is a good atmosphere. Maybe it is an


atmosphere that is better here than it would have been a Hampden Park


because the stands are closer to it would have been a Hampden Park


pitch. There's no that when the stanza further away -- the stands


are further away, it takes the atmosphere away, so to have this


many fans in at Celtic Park, it is conducive to having a good


atmosphere and it has certainly been that today. They have got the game


they deserve. Dundee United fans won't feel that at the minute, but


plenty of time for their team to respond. But with that is the


backdrop to what is happening, it has been at that end of that first.


Fantastic spectacle and both sets of fans playing their part. A response


from Dundee United, do you think? fans playing their part. A response


One goal, it can happen in a split-second, so there's definitely


plenty to play for four Dundee to United and I'm sure they


plenty to play for four Dundee to out the way they ended the half


apart from that corner kick. Here is the story so far. It's the showpiece


occasion to end the Scottish football season, certainly the last


piece of major silverware that is upper grabs. It has been compelling


stuff so far. Ryan Dow with that glancing shot. It


might have gone in off Alan Mannus in the end. To Jackie McNamara


disappointment it came off the post. To the joy of St Johnstone and their


supporters. Anderson heading in for 1-0 right on half-time. Tommy Wright


will want the same again? Clean sheet, we have won the Cup we will


go up the room. The players will have their hairs standing up. He


will be telling them, every single one of them, defend properly. Do


your job. Take no chances. We are away with the Cup as simple as that.


What will we get from Dundee United second-half They are capable of


better? Dundee United needed to play in St Johnstone's half and get


Payton and Rankine on the ball to dictate, allowing the full-backs to


get forward. Obviously, stop cross balls coming in their box. Highcle,


what are you expecting? How will it develop? I expect the way the


second-half, the first half finished, to continue into the


second-half. Dundee United have to get onto the front foot. As Bruce


pointed out. From Dundee United Perspex thif are up in St Johnstone


half and putting them under pressure. Might have to change their


shape, Dundee United. They have Graham there. They may go 4-4-2.


They need men forward. It will help St Johnstone. They are


counter-attack against them. What St Johnstone can't afford to do,


Michael, is sit-in and think, we are 1-0 up, ahead, protect it? Exactly.


That is dangerous. If Dundee United push up, then they will get more


support to Ciftci. He has been too isolated at the moment. If they play


in St Johnstone's half he will have more support. St Johnstone can't


back track and set up camp inside their own box. A great spectacle


first half. We need goals from Dundee United. Jackie McNamara will


have some words to say to his Dundee United team during that half-time


interval. His team is one goal down, half way through this 20114 William


Hill Scottish Cup Final. St Johnstone have their noses in front,


courtesy of Steven Anderson. Now we can go get to the second-half.


COMMENTATOR: Up to 10, five now for the season for Steven Anderson. He


was at Dundee United more than 10 years ago. Long servant with the


Perth team. Six semi-final defeats at the club. A goal in the William


Hill Scottish Cup Final. The 300 appearance. Huge moment for him and


potentially St Johnstone Football Club in their ever first Scottish


Cup Final. They have never won a major trophy. Jackie McNamara


changed dramatically in the final few seconds of that first half? I


imagine it would have. Going in at half-time 0-0 the game evenly


balanced. St Johnstone had the better start. United came more into


the game as it progressed. Worse thing to lose a goal right on the


strike of half-time. I know it's a cliche. They have work to do. The


good thing for United. They have options from the bench. They have


impact players that can come on and make a difference. Graham, Gauld, El


Alagui. They will have to push for this goal. At what point they really


throw caution to the wind remains to be seen. You have to make sure St


Johnstone don't counter you. St Johnstone are happy to defend deep.


Changes for either at the break. It has been 10 years since the team


that scored first lost the Scottish Cup Fooinal that was Dunfermline in


2004. Robertson making a good run. He is just onside. The he needs to


do more of this half. He is one of their main threats. He slips off.


They need to to commit more numbers to the box. Jackie McNamara was a


defender who scored in a Scottish Cup Final for Celtic against Hibs.


An early goal he came on as a sub that day. A foul there. May just


using his strength. Yeah, two hands on him. A swan-dive over the top of


him. Definitely a free-kick. The goalscorer fancies another one.


Easton takes for Wright. It's MacKay. And Chris Millar. Away


by Watson. MacKay, blocked by Armstrong. United throw. Good


pressure again from St Johnstone. The MacKay just getting blocked.


Much tighter final than we have seen in recent years. Last four Scottish


Cup Finals have been pretty one-sided affairs. John Rankin


pumping it forward. Look at Ciftci. No, it's not. It looked like a


free-kick. Ciftci hauled to the ground. Plays on says Craig Thomson.


This time it's a free-kick. There was something that happened off the


ball that I didn't see, involving Ciftci and Frazer Wright. That one


is, without a shadow of a doubt, a booking, and a free-kick. Something


did happen. I'm not sure. Wright with a yellow card. Not sure what it


was in the box. Frazer Wright went with a yellow card. Not sure what it


down. Here is a great opportunity. A fabulous opportunity. Dunne, booked.


That was for the foul on Dow. Dundee United, four minutes into the


second-half. Having conceded right on half-time have a chance for


immediate retaliation here. Gunning can hit it. Mackay-Steven can,


Ciftci as well. Ciftci fancies it. The roar goes up from those in


tangerine and black. Mannus waits. The fans have to wait a little bit


longer. Not much longer though. Ciftci, eyeing this one up. Oh, he's


so unlucky! Mannus holds on. He does absolutely everything right. A


textbook free-kick. Reverse it is straight into the top corner. It


comes down. You are sure it is in. It bounces and how happy was Alan


Mannus to turn and see the ball sitting behind him and not in


Mannus to turn and see the ball goal. A brilliant effort. Wonderful


free-kick from Nadir Ciftci. 17 goals this season for Dundee United.


His first at the club. He was inches away from drawing United level in


the 2014 Scottish Cup Final. His technique is wondering. He does


everything right. It hits the under side of the bar. Maybe that is a


sign. The man who brought him to Jackie McNamara's attention was a


former Celtic striker. He scored a winner in the Scottish Cup Final


former Celtic striker. He scored a himself. The Ciftci, away from


scoring in one of these himself. Payton -- Paton flies into Dunne.


How has Craig Thomson viewed this foul? He went in hard and fast. I


think he takes the ball. It was two-footed though. I didn't see it.


He wins the ball. It's definitely two-footed. I think he's lucky he


didn't catch the player. You see that thing punished with a red card?


You do. He didn't make contact with the player. I think if he had he


could have been looking at a red card. He will need to watch what he


is doing now. I didn't realise it was two-footed. Paton joins Dunne in


the book. He is so combative is Paul Paton. He followed his manager from


Partick Thistle, from across the city here, up to Tannadice. Has a


word with Craig Thomson before taking up his post. Attacking sense.


In from Wotherspoon. Loads of space taking up his post. Attacking sense.


for Wright. He put it in with his hand. Is it already in? That


for Wright. He put it in with his question. Is the ball already in?


Craig Thomson is trying to sort this out. Stevie May thinks he has put St


Johnstone 2-0 up here. Craig Thomson is


Johnstone 2-0 up here. Craig Thomson the looks of things, has given St


Johnstone a 2-0 lead. Is he changing his mind. It looks as though he has


given it here, the referee. Or has he? It's over the line. The


given it here, the referee. Or has is over the line, I think.


Confusion reins. There is the best view. Well Craig Thomson. It's not.


It's not over the line. A view. Well Craig Thomson. It's not.


handball. The goal was given. Then it wasn't. Then it was again. Then


it was flipped away from Stevie May. You have to say then, great


refereeing. A bizarre situation really. The official behind the


goal, he has made that decision there for Craig Thomson who


initially gave the goal. Eventually, gave the free-kick for Dundee


United. A big, big moment in this final. Remember, Craig Thomson gave


a penalty in an Old Firm Cup final a few years ago before rescinding it.


Ciftci hits it. He has been given a free-kick. St Johnstone think that


is soft. They think that is a dive. I have to say, I thought it was a


dive also. He comes inside. He has. He's dived. Looked for the


free-kick. In a dangerous area for Dundee United. He has bought the


free-kick and Craig Thomson has fallen for it. You can see why the


St Johnstone players aren't happy. Might that be a tide Turner? It's


back to 1-0. Dundee United have a free-kick, again, on the edge of the


St Johnstone penalty area. I would have said, looking at Ciftci, it was


more suited to a left-footer. He might try what he did the last time.


He hit the bar last time. Can he go one better here?


Nadir Ciftci. A sea of tang row and black behind Alan Mannus's goal.


This time it's over the bar. Wasn't as good as his last one. I think


that should have been a left-footer taking that free-kick. The angle


wasn't right for him much he puts it over the bar. It has been certainly


an explosive start to this second-half.


an explosive start to this stuff. This is the big moment. He


doesn't even need to put it in with his hand. He could stick it in with


his knee, his body in front or get it in somehow. It's a reaction thing


really. You didn't bargain on the official behind the goal-line seeing


it. Craig Thomson didn't see it. The goal was initially given. The


concern for Dundee United is, when the ball came into the box. The


chance comes from Frazer Wright heading the ball across the keeper.


There wasn't a single player near Frazer Wright inside the box. You


want to mark him when the ball is going into box. In the end an


instinctive save from Cierzniak. The could Stevie May have knocked it in


with his tummy, anything, to get it across the line. Frazer Wright,


taking it back, that free-kick that led to that situation, the free


header for Frazer Wright, just at the back end of the box? That is


what I'm saying. You can't give Frazer Wright that space in the box.


He is the first person, when you should ensure he is being picked up.


Mackay-Steven is pressuring him. He is going to get hauled back to the


free kick. I think he's unlucky. He puts Dave McKay under a lot of


pressure, and he should puts Dave McKay under a lot of


of the ball before he did, and when he does win it, there is no free


kick. He is very unlucky. That goes right through to chairs


near -- Cierzniak. Radoslaw Cierzniak, just six clean


sheets this season. They didn't defend the corner right on half-time


which has given St Johnstone the advantage. Away by Armstrong.


which has given St Johnstone the might have hurt himself there. It


was a spectacular looking clearance. I think he has winded himself when


he landed after the overhead kick. He has had such a good couple of


seasons, Stuart Armstrong. One of the scorers when United beat


Inverness 5-0 in the quarterfinals. And also in the semifinal victory at


Ibrox against Rangers. Mackay-Steven Ciftci with the other goals there.


It has been a tough route through to the final for Dundee United.


Premiership teams all the way through to the semifinals, then


Rangers on their own turf. St Johnstone's route to the final has


been difficult as well, not quite as broad as Jackie McNamara's team. You


can only beat who you are drawn against. St Johnstone knocked


Aberdeen out in the semifinals. MacLean. Intelligently done.


Dunne. A little bit too much on it for me. The right idea.


Dunne. A little bit too much on it right area but overhit


Dunne. A little bit too much on it bit now. And I think Dundee United


need to get their forward players on the ball. Robertson has pushed up on


the left, almost playing like a secondary winger. At one point they


will have to commit to the game to get a goal back.


will have to commit to the game to options on the bench.


will have to commit to the game to for them if they need it. Well


worked by Ryan Dow. Finds Mackay-Steven. The challenge across


by David McKay. He has had a great match, against a player who


one-on-one is very difficult to play against. That is solid defending,


nothing more than you would expect from Dave Mackay. I think he didn't


do much, no malice may be just rolled his ankle in the challenge.


That is an hour gone. Still a third of the final, but Mackay-Steven


looks like he's struggling. He is struggling. You can see he's in a


lot of pain. Whether he his ankle in the challenge. Ryan Gauld is warming


up. All three of the forward players the challenge. Ryan Gauld is warming


away on the counter. Look at the run from Dunne inside. It is


end stuff. What a final. 29 minutes end stuff. What a final. 29 minutes


we could have here. Robertson going all the way here. He forces Mannus


into the save. This is unbelievable. First


into the save. This is unbelievable. ball. A great curling effort, and to


into the save. This is unbelievable. breaking with the ball. The shot is


just straight down the keeper's wrote. Ryan Dow's corner kick. Swept


away by Easton. Anywhere will do. Back in by Robertson. Gavin Gunning.


McKay heads it away. Back in by Robertson. Gavin Gunning.


it away. Mackay-Steven is back on the part, but not moving freely.


Sean Dillon had to win it, and he does. He read the situation very,


very well. This game has really opened up. Both sides going forward,


and St Johnstone are very capable on the counterattack. The fire has been


lit under the 2014 Scottish cup final.


Plenty more tales to tell in this game, you feel.


Ciftci. Still St Johnstone holding the lead. They hold the keys to the


silver. Ryan Gauld will come on, and it will be for Gary Mackay-Steven.


He has been hobbling since he took a knock. He will be disappointed, in


such a big game, not having the impact he would have wanted to have


in the match. He has been reasonably quiet by his standards but it gives


Ryan Gauld an opportunity. He would have been disappointed not to start


the match. He's such a talented young man. He has absolutely


everything. He could really make an impact here and be a Dundee United


hero. Listen to the reception for Ryan Gauld as he comes on. A


wonderful talent. 18 years of age. He is going to slot into the


position just in front of Ciftci. Armstrong will go to the left and


Ryan Dow on to the right. He has had a lot of headlines,


called -- Ryan Gauld. He could add a point to that if he finishes the


season like this. He will be disappointed with that ever because


he's only 20 yards out. The ball as across his body and sitting


perfectly. Great play by MacLean. This linkup play is good. We could


have opened his body up, and he will be disappointed not to hit the


target. Another opportunity for St Johnstone. The big man from Belfast


watchers on. -- watches on. His team still lead. O'Halloran showed too


much of it to Robertson. Craig Thomson bringing that back.


O'Halloran, back to what the spoon. O'Halloran again. A real burst of


pace. -- to Wotherspoon. Corner. Great play, turning and trying to


commit players. Him and Wotherspoon have done that from the wide areas


very well today. That is what you want to see players do. Committing


their defenders, and another set piece from the St Johnstone team who


are deadly from them. Already scored from a set piece today. That man's


gaudy, and he's looking for another. Almost dropped to Frazer


Wright. Stephen Anderson, what a good game he is having. Too much on


it that time from Wotherspoon. One man who changed the course of the


semifinal against Aberdeen was Michael O'Halloran. And we saw it in


a corner kick that they got eventually. In the second half


against Aberdeen he changed it, just giving St Johnstone something, but


Lee Croft and give them that. But he gives them another dimensional. What


he has got is that he is very direct. He can play as a more


traditional winger. He is a very technically gifted footballer. Look


at his workrate to get back on the ball. It is a St Johnstone ball. The


United fans beginning to get frustrated. Yes, they can sense that


time is running out. John Rankin certainly took the ball. Craig


Johnstone's third Scottish cup final. Not quite nail-biting time


yet, but close. The final quarter of the Scottish cup final. No guts, no


Glory, they say as Anderson heads it away. Gavin Gunning. Armstrong. Ryan


Gauld, first touch him. Stuart Armstrong, playing on the left-hand


side remember. Ryan Dow. He was encouraged to shoot, and did so.


Armstrong takes a corner. Ryan Dow is in a hurry to take it. Up comes


the skipper. In from doubt. Rankin knocks it back in. Dowell comes, and


Anderson gets a clear. Brian Easton there as well. Robertson. He


Anderson gets a clear. Brian Easton keep it going for United. Headed


away by Brian Easton. Back Mannus. It just won't fall


away by Brian Easton. Back Mannus. United. Keith Watson. Really brave


from Ryan Dow because he knows he has a six foot five goalkeeper


coming on and he tries to put his head in front of it just determined


to play here. St Johnstone like defending like that, the last-ditch


defending. They defending like that, the last-ditch


onto a lead. They have never been in the Scottish cup final, St


Johnstone. Just the two league cup finals in the past. Just their third


major final. They have lost both those finals, 1-0


major final. They have lost both 2-1 to Rangers. And here in 1999,


major final. They have lost both now an assistant coach at the


Jose earthquakes in the states. United try to apply pressure.


Jose earthquakes in the states. Wotherspoon. Completed by Stevie


May. Maybe a bit too Wotherspoon. Completed by Stevie


He gets away with it. John Rankin. He knew the challenge was coming.


It's sit straight to Easton. That He knew the challenge was coming.


a free kick. Sean Dillon coming through the back of him, and Dundee


United through the back of him, and Dundee


numbers. It was almost one against one with MacLean, and should he get


control, he would be exposed. Probably a clever foul in the end


because it gives him time to get the team behind the ball again. St


Johnstone are one of the best teams in the


Johnstone are one of the best teams the lead. It is a lead that they


possessed with a less than 20 minutes of the Scottish cup final to


be played, and the referee is over because


be played, and the referee is over McNamara. Out of shot


He was alerted by the fourth official there.


Just a word in the ear of Jackie McNamara. He knows the clock


continues to tick down on him. Gavin Gunning gets it away. Michael


O'Halloran wins the corner kick. Yes, St Johnstone had another spell


in the match, just before this. There was a chance to put the ball


in the box. But they have won a corner. I think Michael O'Halloran


is coming off in a moment. Lee Croft is getting ready to come on.


There was just too much in the header. He was trying to headed back


to a dangerous area. O'Halloran can be pleased with his contribution to


the team. He has worked really hard. He deserves the standing ovation he


is getting. Lee Croft will give them something a little bit different, in


terms of allowing them to drift wide and get more crosses in. Lee Croft


was a first-team squad member at Manchester City. That was ten years


ago. He played under Kevin Keegan and Stuart Pearce.


United still have Brian Graham and Farid El Alagui on the bench. He has


stuck to his defensive task well. That was brilliant. He looks quite


composed. They do not. They are clock watching. So the St Johnstone


supporters, but for entirely different reasons. They have never


won a major trophy. The game is going through a lull


just now. At what point does Jackie McNamara throw caution to the wind?


This will suit St Johnstone. That was aimed for Nadir Ciftci. Not


quite. It was good movement of the back of Frazer Wright. The ball just


get out. We have seen that several times today. I think Dundee United


need to be more imaginative. Brian Graham is ready to come on for


Dundee United. They need us are at -- they need inspiration from


somewhere. That is a goal kick. It came off Robertson last. Yes, this


time it is not David Mackay doing the defensive responsibilities. It


is Lee Croft, who is fresh. You are right, it hits Robertson. Maybe Lee


is Lee Croft, who is fresh. You are Croft was brought on for that


reason, to help David Mackay. Paul Paton is coming off, and Brian


Graham is coming on. Brian Graham was a prolific goal with Raith


Rovers. 27 goals last year in the second tier.


He definitely gives them a different option. They can go in the air. He


is tall and strong, he holds the ball up well.


Stevie May, sizing it up. I was going to give him the benefit of the


doubt, and say that that was a cross, but it was not, it was


assured. That is no problem for St Johnstone. It is another


It is not happening. No, they are not finding that spark. Jackie


McNamara is trying to shuffle his not finding that spark. Jackie


front four. The creative players are not getting on the ball. They are so


threatening, but at this time, it is not happening. You have got to


credit St Johnstone for pressing them.


Brian Graham! He takes his first touch ever so well. It is its from


Gavin Gunning. Brian Graham, onto his left foot, and he is looking for


the far corner. It is just wide. He his left foot, and he is looking for


cannot wrap his food around it. That was a big chance. -- his


it. Dundee United have to try and conjure something


it. Dundee United have to try and are moving into the last ten


minutes, plus injury time. There is always an opportunity in the last


stages of games. St Johnstone have been defending very well.


He cannot get the ball across. Brian Easton was in front of him, blocking


the cross all the way. This is torture for the Dundee United


supporters. How close was that? That was inches


away. Fabulous play from Ciftci. It was wonderful. He skips past tea-mac


men. When he gets the shot away, you think it is going into the bottom


corner. Dundee United are really turning the screw, committing men


forward. -- skips past two men. Ciftci has gone


forward. -- skips past two men. second half for Dundee United.


St Johnstone had three men in the box. Lee Croft is normally so good


at finding his team-mates, but he just hit the first man there, which


is a cardinal sin. You have got to get the cross into the box.


There are people like St Johnstone who do not feel they get enough


credit for what they do. They finished third in the top flight


last season. Sixth place this season, but not too far away from


their points tally of the last campaign. David Wotherspoon is going


to come off, to be replaced by Gary McDonald.


That will surely win the Scottish Cup for St Johnstone. It is their


first major trophy. Steven McLean with the goal that may well turn him


and his team-mates in the legends. You have to say that it is all over


for Dundee United. The ball breaks kindly for Steven McLean, but she


shows great opportunism. It is a good run for -- from is -- from


Stevie May. The ball just falls for Steven McLean. He does well to get


it in. This came of John Rankin. He was very unfortunate. Steven McLean,


having been on the bench for 2003, while he was at Rangers, he has


played a Stanning role for Tommy Wright this afternoon. Look what it


means to the big man from Belfast. So many St Johnstone managers have


failed to get this club to silverware, the major silverware,


but he is so close now. Steven McLean's contribution today has been


epic, in terms of leading the line for St Johnstone. He is an unsung


hero. His linkup play is set in the none in this league. -- is second to


none. He was yellow carded for taking his top off in celebration.


He will not give a job. -- not give a jot. Dundee United have five


minutes to try and score twice. Ciftci blocked, and when it's not


your day, it's not your day. Ciftci blocked, and when it's not


love defending, and they have defended so well. Dundee United only


love defending, and they have go for it. -- they


Ryan Dow putting it straight to Mannus. Another good bit of play


from Ryan Dow. He has been a standout. Going past man, getting


the shots away, but not today. The St Johnstone funds perhaps


cannot believe what they are The St Johnstone funds perhaps


They've never seen it before. They are not celebrating as yet. They are


not very close now. The Jackie McNamara it is just not happening


his team on a ground he knows so well, on which she had so much


success as a player. A few of them have looked at the clock. They


success as a player. A few of them there is an long left.


success as a player. A few of them he had so much success.


ball. Ryan Gauld puts it through but there


ball. Ryan Gauld puts it through but pass. Here comes Ryan Dow.


finding top form in this game, and that is why they


finding top form in this game, and able to get the creative and


influential players on able to get the creative and


that is down to the way St Johnstone have pressed the game. The way they


have defended has been impenetrable. For me, they thoroughly deserved to


lift the cup. Dejection only


supporters. Elation for those who have made the journey from


supporters. Elation for those who and I'm sure from further afield, to


come to this special occasion. As this cup final


St Johnstone have defended this very easily. United with a couple of


St Johnstone have defended this very opportunities in the second half and


the yellow card is going to come out here for Gavin Gunning. Three


minutes added here for Gavin Gunning. Three


from winning the Scottish cup. Just frustration from Gavin Gunning more


than anything. We know how much it means to the players, the Scottish


cup final. And you can see that it is slipping out of their grasp.


Another loser 's medal for Gavin Gunning. Three minutes of injury


time confirmed. The scarves and the flags among the St Johnstone end.


All being hoisted above their heads. There will be one or two people who


will talk about the shortcomings of Dundee United, but the fact is, St


Johnstone have played this cup final like a fiddle. You can't take


anything away from St Johnstone. All of the players reached peak


performance on the day, and you can look at the workrate of the St


Johnstone team. Their organisation has been exemplary, and the


defending has been incredible. Chancellor Armstrong to pull one


back. Frazer Wright doing Chancellor Armstrong to pull one


does best. He's been doing it for years and years. Sees danger


does best. He's been doing it for throws his body on the line. Right


to the end, 2-0 up. That, right there sums it up. That is the


biggest chance of the day, and unfortunately for Graham, he has had


to since he came on and he has to hit the target. St Johnstone


disappointed to lose it near the front pose. And he knows himself who


should be hitting the target. That does sum up their day. It really


hasn't gone to them. The one they hit the bar and comes back. They say


losing semifinals is the worst feeling. Surely losing the final is


worse than that. Talk about a great day out, it's only a great day out


if you win it. And Stephen Anderson won't be feeling any pain in and it


also as Ciftci goes into the book. won't be feeling any pain in and it


Macro -- clumsy challenge, deference -- desperate challenge. I'm sure


Anderson will be all right when he is heading towards the St Johnstone


fans. They are seconds away from the


biggest St Johnstone cheer there has ever been. Tommy Wright knows it.


Stephen Anderson, right on half-time. Stephen MacLean, late on.


Their names are about to be etched into St Johnstone folklore. Craig


Thomson has already checked his watch. St Johnstone your time has


come! History has been created. And boy, they have had a long wait for


this. For a crack at this boy, they have had a long wait for


wait till they get their hands on it, which they will do now. A first


Scottish cup final in their 130 year history and the silverware is going


to Perth. We can hear immediately from Tommy Wright.


130 years without a trophy, so sum up how that feels question the lads


were absolutely superb. The first half, chances were both teams, but I


can't thank those lads enough, what they've done for me since I got the


job, and the rest of the staff. I'm so pleased that so many people. The


chairman, all the staff, I am proud. There will be a lot of people a lot


prouder than I am today as well. You took this job a year ago and did you


envisage that you would end of the season like this in your wildest


dream he did say jokingly that I should


win a trophy in my first year. And I said I will, jokingly. But as it


went on we had a belief we would win the cup. I watched the chance in the


first than I thought it was in. It hit the ground and just spun away,


and then I knew it was going to be our day. Go and enjoy the


celebrations. Well done. Wait worth waiting for this


generation of St Johnstone supporters. Tommy Wright succeeding


where some of the St Johnstone greats have failed. Even the great


Willie Ormond did not manage this. Tommy Wright and his team are now St


Johnstone legends. A sparkling chapter in the club's history has


been painted by Tommy Wright. The Scottish cup is going to McDiarmid


Park. So many men held in huge esteem in the club, but as the name


of Tommy Wright and Callum Davidson, his assistant. All of the 11 men,


and the substitutes as well who came on, McDonald and Croft. The


and the substitutes as well who came division title triumphs, the


European ties against the like of Monaco this season. A new standard


has been set. Fraser, sum up how that feels for


you and the boys? Absolutely delighted. We've waited a long time,


so we will savour it. You came into the match as an underdog, but did


you feel you were coming in a second favourite Christmas we didn't


deserve to be second favourites. The last three games we beat them doubly


and they did not score against us. We did it again. The media hype them


up. Tommy Wright with a huge impact in his first season. Tell us what he


has done for you guys? The gaffer came in and said he trusted us and


he knew we were hard-working boys, so we repaid his trust. Look at the


fans behind you, what they've them. We have waited a long time that this


and they deserve it. A wonderful day for St Johnstone


football club. You can see what it means to the supporters and players.


They have one their first major trophy it finishes 2-0.


Well, the party has been 130 years in the making, so it should be quite


a shindig in Perth and the district for all of the St Johnstone


supporters inside Celtic Park, and lots of you watching on television


and listening on the radio as well. A joyous moment, and nobody inside


the studio has enjoyed it more than Allan Preston. Absolutely delighted.


The best players on the Allan Preston. Absolutely delighted.


Johnstone. They thoroughly deserved the victory. They rode their luck a


little bit, the shot off the post and the crossbar, but take nothing


away from them. What they have done for St Johnstone as a bubble club,


it is a family, it's not just for St Johnstone as a bubble club,


players on the substitutes, it's the coaching staff, the office staff,


the fans. A real family club with a wonderful achievement and I'm so


the fans. A real family club with a happy for them, especially the


family but the money into the club and move them to McDiarmid Park and


they have their wishes and move them to McDiarmid Park and


have won a honour. Craig Brewster, you are bitterly disappointed the


Dundee United, but what a fantastic final. Yes,


Dundee United, but what a fantastic deserved it. From the first minute


they were at it and deserved it. From the first minute


was winning the midfield battler St Johnstone did. The back four were


solid and defensively they never gave United anything to hang onto


Dundee United had a few unlucky moments but overall, St Johnstone


deserved the win. A special moment for Jeff Brian and his boy who runs


the club, but they for Jeff Brian and his boy who runs


have ploughed so much into the club financially and otherwise, and today


comes that big reward, and it was such a big day for St Johnstone.


Their first-ever Scottish cup final. It often happens when you work so


Their first-ever Scottish cup final. hard for it, they delivered a


massive performance. They delivered a massive performance and that was


what was needed. They did not allow Dundee United get into the game at


any point. They closed down and stop the creative players from getting


involved, and it was thoroughly deserved. I am delighted for St


Johnstone at the club. Everything Allen said was spot on in regard to


St Johnstone. It is a just reward for what Tommy Wright has done this


season. He has clearly gone in and galvanised the players. They want to


play for him, and you can see with performances like that they believe


in what he's trying to do and I cannot emphasise enough how much


that was a deserved win for St Johnstone. Some people will have


seen a side of St Johnstone today that they did not know existed. They


can certainly play, and they that they did not know existed. They


ugly side well. The fitness levels were phenomenal. I said to Michael


and Craig that they cannot sustain it, but they did, they kept going.


They seemed to get energy from all over the place man the second goal


gives your adrenaline left, but from start to finish the tactics were


spot on. -- gives your adrenaline a lift. They got a goal from the set


play. I thought MacLean was excellent. Anderson was man of the


match, but MacLean was tremendous. Dave Mackay, that is our captain


plays. A wonderful display. Tommy Dave Mackay, that is our captain


Wright and the team have done so well. It's time to pick up their


prizes, and at the end of it, the big prize. Back to Stephen and Liam.


Yes, the guys summing it up well. It will take a while for this to sink


in for Tommy Wright. He took Lisburn distillery to their first-ever


Northern Ireland League Cup when they defeated Portadown and that was


three years ago. He has just led St Johnstone to their first-ever major


trophy. The presentation party will be out in a moment or two. They are


up on stage. It takes a little while for that to be built.


up on stage. It takes a little while tears. I saw one of the Dundee


United. They will get their runners-up medals in a moment.


United. They will get their heartbreaking. It really is. All


they will have done is think about today in the last two weeks, and


lifting the trophy. Do not get it, they are so dejected, and my heart


goes out to them. They would have been full of


confidence. They have entertained this season. Without a doubt, they


will be back. They have these very talented youngsters tied up the


decent contracts. Ryan Dow has signed a new contract. Ryan Gauld,


Gary Mackay-Steven, most of them have got a couple of years. It will


cost money for clubs to prise them away from Tannadice. Stuart


Armstrong has been so consistent over the last couple of seasons. All


of those flamboyant performances and unbelievable scorelines this season,


they will be scant consolation. Just like the runner-up medal for Nadir


Ciftci. But they will be back. Without a doubt. Footballers full of


highs and lows. -- football is full. They have a great squad and a great


manager. You feel that they can achieve things over the next few


years. The nonexecutive director of William held there. Presenting the


medals. -- William Hill. The referees get the medal as well. They


had a good game. Yes, all five of them, is specially the touchline


official and the goal line official, for calling that


correctly. We assumed it had gone over the line as well. There is the


man that made the call. It did not end up being a crucial call. Finally


we have seen behind the goal line official make a big decision. Tommy


Wright leads St Johnstone onto the podium to receive the William Hill


Scottish Cup. What a moment for them. This will live with them


forever. St Johnstone's 24th manager is Tommy Wright. He replaced Steve


Lomas one year ago. That European run, because it felt like a run at


the time, St Johnstone began their season in the middle of July. They


knocked out the Norwegian giants Rosenberg in European qualification.


They will enter European competition at the same stage this year. Not


perhaps the longest summer break that they have ever had. But there


are fewer in the Scottish game that deserve what is about to happen to


David Mackay here more. Beaten finalist at Dundee 11 years ago, and


at the age of 34, he is going to lift the Scottish Cup trophy, the


oldest club competition Trophy in the footballing world. The 2014


William Hill Scottish Cup belongs to St Johnstone.


This means so much to the players and the manager, but what does it


mean to the Brown family? It is a massive day for St


Johnstone, and a great day for the family. You have got one over on


your old man now, haven't you? You could say that. But he laid the


foundations. Lots of hard work was done before I took over. You have


been around the club for so long. done before I took over. You have


What does this mean to you and the done before I took over. You have


club as a whole? It means a lot to the people up there. Perth is never


seen as at football city. Let's hope this will change things. 130 years


without a major trophy. How crucial to this was Tommy Wright?


without a major trophy. How crucial competition he has been involved in,


he has done really well. Tommy was really confident before the game. He


was in no doubt that we would win the game. He has been fantastic.


was in no doubt that we would win are containing your


Congratulations. They are delighted, and more than a


little emotional as well. Photographs are being taken around


the ground. The air is turning blue and white around Celtic Park. The


awards of tangerine clad supporters have disappeared into the early


evening. It is all about Perth and St Johnstone, and this glorious


moment. David Mackay will have enjoyed it.


Getting sent Johnson to their first major trophy, how does it feel?


Unbelievable. We have worked so hard for it. -- dating St Johnstone. What


do you think of the backing from the fans? It is incredible. It is one


third of the population of Perth. We are delighted to reward them with


the trophy. Hopefully he will be a future St Johnstone player. Take


your fingers out. Thank you, enjoy it. David Mackay kept Gary


Mackay-Steven very quiet. What are showing. It is difficult to pick out


one man, because this was such a polished performance from St


Johnstone. The two centre-halves were immense. You are right. You


cannot pick out one person. I thought Steven McLean was how voters


-- was head and shoulders above the rest of them, but you have got to


say, nine out of ten for everyone else, and ten out of ten for Steven


McLean. Tommy Wright went into this game with real confidence. Frazer


Wright as well. It looks like they were correct. They had a right to


believe, because they have beaten Dundee United three times this


season. On the day, they won every battle on the pitch. They were


worthy winners. Brian Easton is next.


The rain is on, but it will not dampen the celebrations. Definitely


not. It is some feeling. We have put in hard work. Europe earlier on, and


now we are Scottish Cup winners. You could not have imagined it at the


start of the season. You have seen your friends go on to great things


in England, but now you have a Scottish Cup winners' medal. It is


brilliant. I am proud of them in the FA Cup, even though I was a little


jealous. My family are here to Jesus on. It is brilliant that they get


this feeling as well. You will be celebrating for a few days after


this? Yes, at least a few days. That is the season over. It is great to


finish on a high. We can enjoy the summer now. Thank you.


There is Mark Millar, enjoying his summer now. Thank you.


moment as well. Chris Millar, I should say. All of the St Johnstone


players in front of the supporters. It is special. The team story is


overriding everything else. Brian Easton, he left Hamilton heading for


big things in England. He had to come back, relaunching his career at


St Johnstone. Now he is a Scottish Cup winner. So many of the team have


had ups and downs in their career. David Mackay, he went down side, he


was homesick. He has been a great servant for them. David Wotherspoon


left Hibs on a down. He has found a manager who believes in him. A


fantastic performance right across the board from St Johnstone. It was


a thoroughly deserved victory. They deserve to enjoy it for at least a


couple of weeks. He is Steven Anderson. -- here is. How did it


feel when the goal went in? I was delighted. It was a crucial time to


get a goal. It changes so much? Yes, it changes the influence. You have


something to hang onto. And believable celebrations for you


guys. You have had to wait for more than a hundred years for this, for


St Johnstone. It is good to be a part of history. It is all about


memories and women in games. -- and winning games. Giving the Scottish


Cup a couple, Tommy Wright. St Johnstone are winners, Dundee United


losers. This is Jackie McNamara. That must be gutting for you. Give


us a flavour of how you are feeling. I am very disappointed for the


players, after the effort they have put in, not just today, but to get


is here. I need to congratulate St Johnstone for winning the trophy. It


just was not our day-to-day. Thin margins, hitting the post, the


crossbar. They got the goal at half time. -- our day today. How crucial


was that, when the ball hit off the crossbar, and after the free kick?


Yes, it is small margins. That is what separated us in the game. I


still think we can play better than we did today. There was no real pace


at some times. They seem to have mastered the art of knowing how to


play you. Yes, it is lot easier to stop them to create. They have had a


fantastic season, credit the Tommy Wright and his players. I want to


congratulate them on winning the trophy. Thank you.


Disappointment for Jackie McNamara. Gracious as well. Praise for St


Johnstone. Richly deserve. This is the man that got the second goal,


Steven McLean. It was a tight game throughout.


Your goal put St Johnstone on the road to victory. How does it feel?


To score the second goal in a Scottish Cup Final, what a feeling.


For you guys, coming into this match, perhaps as underdogs, did you


feel there was less pressure on you? We were quietly confident.


Everyone else made as underdogs. We know that we are a good side. No one


turns silver. Dundee United have great qualities. They were


unfortunate couple of times today. Sometimes you need a bit of luck,


but we deserved it in the end. Some upward Tommy Wright has done for the


team? He is a fantastic manager, a great leader and a nice guy. The


transition for -- the transition from Steve Lomas to him has been


smooth. He is a great guy. This is your strike partner, Stevie May. No


goals today, but I am sure you will get that opt for the cup? Yes,


regardless of how we won it, it was about getting the victory. How has


it been this season? There about getting the victory. How has


lots of headlines about you and your goal scoring exploits? Did you


lots of headlines about you and your any added pressure? No, I was just


excited for the occasion and the chance of winning a trophy. I am


happy for the boys. We have been unbelievable all season.


happy for the boys. We have been indicated that you want to stay


here. Can you categorically say that you will be a St Johnstone player


next season? I would like to think so. It is out of my hands slightly,


but I am happy here, playing football and winning trophy. There


is no reason to think otherwise. Stevie May's hometown will


is no reason to think otherwise. happy place. It is party time.


Europe will come calling again in mid-July for St Johnstone, going


into the qualifiers and it seems so long ago that they beat Rosen Borg


in the same competition. That long ago that they beat Rosen Borg


the moment. There is a lot of partying to be done. They probably


played more games than anyone else, getting to the latter stages of the


league cup, then the Scottish cup final, then started in Europe early,


and then a full season. These lads have stepped up to the plate. People


say Stevie May might need to leave to win something, but he doesn't,


you can win trophies at St Johnstone, and it's been proved


today. The St Johnstone fans thoroughly deserve it. They have


been ridiculed for the lack of numbers that turn up to the games,


but they have backed them vocally today and I spoke to Tommy Wright


this morning, and he told me and the cameras and the chairman they would


win the cup, and he was proved to be right. You can see the emotion all


over the faces of the St Johnstone supporters. The older they are, the


more they feel it, because they have been through disappointments, and


today it is the ultimate success. It's not easy to win this trophy.


130 years, and you look at these players, and you look back 20 years,


and you have to enjoy this occasion. Some of those players might not get


back to a Scottish cup final and there is nothing better than


enjoying that success. They have do really Sample and savour every


minute of it. One third of Perth was here, and the other two thirds of


Robbie watching in their living room as well. -- two thirds of Perth were


watching. I think the whole town, Hull City, their areas. The whole


city will be absolutely over the moon -- the whole town, the whole


city. When you have waited for a long time a major trophy like this,


you deserve it. We spoke through the whole programme that St Johnstone


were the better team. Their players are put in a great performance.


Tommy Wright clearly has the affection of the players, and they


all like him. That combination, a manager the players want to play


for, that means they will but the performances in. That was what was


needed today and that is what the St Johnstone players have done. The end


result is they have lifted the trophy. Here is another of the local


lads who will have enjoyed this more than most. David Wotherspoon.


Tremendous day for St Johnstone. Is all the sweet of you having missed,


-- missed out on the cup finals? Massively sweeter. I was thinking


about them walking out there and it just puts it into perspective will


stop you can bounce back, no matter what. I think I have proved that


this year. Scottish cup winners 2014, that just puts everything to


bed. Sounds pretty good, doesn't it? What does it mean to you as a local


lad? Coming back to Blaby or home time -- town. -- coming back to play


for your hometown. It is fantastic. They have been through a lot. It is


massive now. Everybody will be behind them and I'm sure there will


be a lot of support and they have been fantastic the whole season.


It's well-deserved. A massive party in Perth tonight am ago and enjoyed.


I think the St Johnstone fans might have to be persuaded to leave sooner


or later. They have no desire to go anywhere at the moment. They want to


share this with Tommy Wright and his team. It has been all about blue and


white today and it has been St Johnstone's day. A bit of ill


health, Tommy Wright recently. He has picked up since then. He is not


going to get a better pick me up than this one. I said to him I would


go and have a pint with him if he wins it and he told me he would be


having that point. He has good guys under him, Alec Clelland, Callum


Davidson. This all-star. -- the whole staff. It's not about the


individuals, it is the whole staff, the whole support group that helps.


He's done a wonderful job because Steve Lomas had lost the changing


room, to be honest. Some of the players didn't like his attitude.


Tommy came in and transform the club. They are all in it together


and the team spirit is second to none. We talked about set pieces in


the build-up to the match and no great surprise that it was one of


those on the stroke of half-time that brought us the opening goal.


That is what won the game. St Johnstone started the brightest,


then United got control and that killed the game for me. It gave them


the belief in the second half. We tote that spoke about Tommy and the


team, and have we seen a real team today? Jackie was very gracious


about St Johnstone, and maybe there was a resignation midway through the


second half that it was not going to be their day. Yes, he tried


everything, but it wasn't to be. His individual players did not perform


today and you need that. You need the performance from the players and


the work. And some luck. It came back off the post. The big one was a


half-time when they lost the goal. St Johnstone forced the issue. It's


not like Dundee United handed it to them on a plate. They made this


happen right from the kick-off. Definitely. You look at the previous


fixtures between the two teams, clearly St Johnstone have got the


upper hand. They know how to play them and they have taken that


tactical idea and used it in today's game and imposed themselves from the


off. As we said in commentary, we create your own luck. -- you create


your own luck. Dundee United were unfortunate, they hit the post, the


crossbar. Those little bits that St Johnstone got, they worked for it.


When that happens you get your own luck. We wondered if Dundee United


might scramble the game luck. We wondered if Dundee United


time but all doubt was removed when MacLean scored this goal. At this


point they are playing a five-man midfield. Stevie May runs in and


gets a break and it goes through to MacLean. The keeper comes out and he


reacted brilliantly. He is on the ground and gets the right footing.


Very brave, and he reacts first. Sean Dillon is two yards deeper than


Gavin Gunning. He is playing him on site. We spoke about it at the


beginning of the game, the centre half partnership being important


today. Little things like that, yes, it was a break of the midfielder,


but you can see Sean Dillon on the edge of the box, you can't have the


two centre halves in lines like that because you will eventually get


punished. There goes Tommy Wright down the touchline on the way to his


own individual celebration. We should give plaudits, and we have


done during the game, let's do it again to Alan and the refereeing


team for getting it absolutely right with what looked like a second St


Johnstone goal and wasn't, but what a good spot and suddenly we see the


value of having an assistant referee. A huge call from the


officials and spot on. It was the right one. Watch this from the


Dundee perspective. Frazer Wright is in five yards of space, nobody


marking. From the perspective of the officials, a great call. That is so


difficult to tell and asked in the studio, we thought it was over the


line. But it clearly had his hand and that is a huge call credit to


him you see the officials behind the goals, and he stepped up and got it


spot on. The referee on the assistant on the far side was to


give the goal. The referee gave it, and it was Alan Muir behind the


goal, so spot on them. Set pieces are something the Dundee United to


address. All of their free-flowing football, they need to defend, and a


struggle. You would think that they have a man to mark before the game,


but as you see, Frazer Wright, in five yards, nobody near him. They


have to defend better. Sometimes it is the break of the ball, and Dundee


United could is the break of the ball, and Dundee


when you think of the is the break of the ball, and Dundee


They have to deal better with them. They have to deal better with them.


Looking at that I wonder if Ryan Dow could have reacted. He was away


celebrating, but he could have reacted quicker and got the rebound.


I think he was celebrating scoring. That's the fine margins. It could


hit the bar and go out and then it lands on the goalkeeper. Armstrong


is going in to knock it in the back of the net but it lands on the


keeper. On both occasions you think it will hit the keeper and going, so


there is an element of luck. We heard the guys talking after the


game in the interviews and they said you knew -- do need some luck to win


this. When you put in the amount of effort St Johnstone put in, you


create your own luck. Maybe the quality of the game was underlined


by this moment in the second half when we could have had the goal at


either end. The game went from one end to the other and we had


Wotherspoon threatening at one end, then Robertson. What a run from


Wotherspoon. He commits, tries to get into the box. He does not almost


know where he's going. If you're going to criticise the shop, it


should have been low and across but then go United, at the other end.


You look at the run that MacLean made to take Robertson's eye of the


ball. But there was a counterattack from St Johnstone and they have six


players around the box and then Dundee United have gone of the park


and counted, and what a save from Robertson. That little snippet


epitomise what happened through the game. One end, over to the next,


countering each other and a great game to watch. There are far too


many games where you see the team set their stalls out they will not


be broken down. But today, it was you have an attack, we have attack,


and a good spectacle. Jackie McNamara was right about fine


margins deciding games, but I don't think many of us would suggest that


St Johnstone did not deserve it today. Not at all. The team ethic


was right for St Johnstone. They went in believing, they won the


personal battles and it was crucial. For me, Dundee United could


switch off at times, allowing set place -- pieces and free players in


the box. We talked about setting the tone before the match and they did


it before the kick-off. There were battles all over the park, they got


bossed by the St Johnstone place. Dave Mackay was exceptional.


Mackay-Steven has given him some problems before, but not today. I


expected more from Armstrong. Even Ryan Gauld, he could not get


involved. Ciftci looked a frustrated loan striker at times. Everything


that St Johnstone have put into their plan worked to perfection. You


have to give credit to St Johnstone for that. It's not a fluke that they


turned up and Dundee United's players didn't play well. They were


the architects of that. They deliberately closed down the space


between midfield and defence. No gaps between the units and they were


all connected. The end result, when you do that, that has been worked on


and you get a good result and they've lifted the trophy because of


it. Champagne moment in the dressing for St Johnstone. Well, these are


traditional pictures may be for winning teams in the big events, but


not for St Johnstone. A special day and this is a special moment. A good


champagne soaking for everyone. If you want to relive what happened


today at Celtic Park, and if you are St Johnstone fan of you will be up


to see them often enough, and if you are Dundee United than you might


want to avoid 10:35pm as the celebrations continue for St


Johnstone in their first-ever Scottish cup final, and they have


won their first major trophy. They poured their heart and soul into


this and have rewritten the record books. Goodbye for now.


St Johnstone v Dundee Utd (Kick-off 3pm)

Live from Celtic Park, Glasgow

The showpiece event of the Scottish football season is a Tayside derby which sees Tommy Wright's St Johnstone take on Jackie McNamara's Dundee Utd for the oldest national trophy in the world. With the National Stadium at Hampden out of action as it prepares for the Commonwealth Games, Celtic Park is the venue for today's game. The Perth side have never reached a Scottish Cup Final in their 130 year history so this is a landmark occasion for them. The Tangerines have lifted the trophy twice, in 1994 and 2010. Both sides finished in the top six of the SPFL Premiership and the Saints had the upper hand in their league meetings, winning three of the four. Meanwhile United have a wealth of exciting young talent in their squad who have won plaudits and admirers throughout the season.

On the way to today's match the McDiarmid Park side defeated Livingston, Forfar and Raith Rovers. And in a dramatic semi-final against Aberdeen they came from behind to win 2-1, with both goals coming from their top goalscorer Stevie May. In their early rounds the Tannadice side enjoyed victories against top-flight opposition in Kilmarnock, St Mirren and Inverness Caledonian Thistle. In the semi-final they beat Rangers 3-1 at Ibrox with goals from Armstrong, Mackay-Steven and Ciftci. The Sportscene team will be telling the story of how this season's Scottish Cup unfolded from the first goal last September all the way to today's final tie. Key players from both teams talk about their cup campaigns and aspirations. We take a walk down memory lane to tell the Cup history of both clubs. And we'll bring you all the team news and tactical analysis as kick-off approaches.

Introduced by Rob Maclean with former Dundee Utd striker Craig Brewster, ex-St Johnstone midfielder Allan Preston and Michael Stewart.

Commentary from Liam McLeod & Steven Thompson.

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