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Weekly round-up of action from the weekend's Scottish Premier League games.

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Dave Mackay, it is in the back of the net!


To draw it is great skill! One before strike!


And no one is stopping that one! That is brilliant!


After a two week international break, the SPL is back in business.


We will see all the weekend action in the next 45 minutes and hear


from the Motherwell captain. Rangers can do without the never-


ending off-field murmurings, but one set of figures which does star


Cup is the SPL stands. Do yesterday at Paradise they plan to make their


winning streak five. Shaun Dowling joined Scott Daly.


The Swanson came in for his first The Swanson came in for his first


start of the season was Robertson. Steven Whittaker returned, so did


Australian Matt McKay on the bench. Highlights from Alastair Lamont.


Do not the best of clearances from flood. It came off Steven Whittaker


Khokhlov Allan McGregor had not an earthly chance. -- it came off


that one over. It has been a bright Swanson. -- is going to boot


Swanson. He says that was a dive. Swans are looking for the penalty


kick. -- swans and looking. That is a tricky one to call. United still


pressing for the opening goal. Coming also close. That is inches


away. There is Stuart Broad fruit - - Stuart Broad fruit accelerating


Russell thinking? He did clip the advantage trying to take it back.


There is Steven Naismith. That was not too far away, a lovely ball


much more room to work in that now they are only against ten men. Back


post and readers are in front, and it is Kyle Lafferty. -- Rangers are


in front. He peeled off his man, stayed onside and rose to it, it is


a brilliant header and Rangers are Robertson tan. -- Roberts in Cannes.


Another famous squiggly shot from start. Davies could not come any


closer than this. Brilliant exchange with Steven Naismith and


of the keeper. Steven Naismith beat room for himself and had Allan


Rankin. Although United fans behind come. Davies, again, plenty behind


come. Davies, again, plenty behind that.


At that time, I thought the referee was right to give Danny Swanson


again Okada for what he saw as a dive, but an think every time I


have watched it since I am hearing further from that.


It is such a tough decision, but I think, as a defender, if you did


your leg out, you're making the referee made a decision. We have


seen so many times, is it a penalty or not? I think that is a penalty


to it. You can see it clearly, if you put your leg out, Danny Swanson


does not have to avoid it, he has definitely caught him. Look at the


highlight for Calum Murray, he is stretching to look round, and


possibly for a split second it was out of sight for him. A yes, I


think that is what makes it difficult.


People told about technology, but I think the game must blow. Maybe


Danny Swanson has done things in the past, he has gone down easily


and that has given him a little bit of a repent it -- a little bit of a


reputation and the referee has that in his head, but I think he finds


himself a little unfortunate. What was not a difficult call was


the red card for Johnny Russell. Yes, it is a strange one. Peter


will be furious. Dundee United were well in the game, they had a good


start and bullocking the team most likely to score. -- they were


looking the team most likely to score. It is a straight red card


and I think you can tell by Johnny Russell's reaction, he does not


complain, he just walks off the park. Why did he get involved? May


be a little bit of immaturity as a young player and that changed the


game for me. They did well before and after the


red card, Dundee United, and Rangers were hanging on at the end,


and you wonder what might have happened.


It is a credit to the Dundee United players but that they kept going.


If they had 11 players, they could have done something in the game.


Peter will be hugely disappointed, but will be delighted with the way


they played. They kept going forward, Gary Kenneth had a couple


of headers, and they will be thinking, if we had 11 players, we


could have had a result. Massive credit to Rangers, since


dropping points on the opening day they have put together a five


straight wins in the SPL, four of them on the road, one at your place,


unfortunately for you. It is true, when they bet to Fir


Park, they had to go to Inverness and some Johnson, places that are


tough to go and get results. -- and St Johnstone. Of course they are


disappointed with the European exploits, but the lead is what it


is a bed for Rangers, winning the week and getting consistency.


A top quality goal to win it yesterday, Greg Wylde's delivery


and Kyle Lafferty's header for the only goal of the game at Tannadice.


Motherwell had a great start to the season, but they lost to Rangers at


Fir Park and yesterday went to Celtic Park.


A Celtic debut for Badr El Kaddouri A Celtic debut for Badr El Kaddouri


who is on loan. Joe Ledley took over from the injured skipper,


Scott pound. Mother Bill had Sean Hutchinson back alongside Stephen


in central defence after injury, on loan from Dynamo Kiev for six


not scored in their last two here, that is now well and truly over.


Nine minutes in against Motherwell, Celtic opened the scoring.


It is James Forrest's the second of the season.


Mother well, just one in 20 visits. lively so far and is in the thick


of it again. It is a good ball in, just a little too high. Badr El


Kaddouri. Motherwell taking no chances, but


James Forrest has been a live wire Using his initiative, Gary Hooper,


to capitalise on Darren Randolph being in Phnom and's land. -- being


in Phnom and's land. -- no-man's- James Forrest. Almost came back to


James Forrest this time. Joe Ledley can finish it, and does. Fantastic


football again from Celtic. One touch, quick, and Joe Ledley polish


is that off. His second of the well rear guard again. Darren


Randolph is reported to the spot. - He's scored one from that distance


in the Scottish Cup finals, maybe further out that day. It went into


the other corner. This, with the outside of the boot. A terrific


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 43 seconds


left. James Forrest made his Celtic debut


a year-and-a-half ago. He played Motherwell and scored that day. He


has two and Celtic have four. I think it is safe to say they are


is not interested. -- a penalty. It has been all Celtic today.


4-0 sounds like a runaround. Did it I felt for long spells we were in


the game. We had plenty of ball retention. But when you go to these


places, you have to be clinical. When you get the opportunity to get


the ball and a box, you have to take a shock. They are kroner --


clinical in what they do and their passing his clinical and we could


not cope. Morrison had a great impact on the game. He did. The


Celtic players tried to give him as much ball as they could. We were


attacking and that left us vulnerable at times. Maybe that was


down to us chasing the game, a bit naive. I think our philosophy is to


go and try and score goals and get back in the game, but if you leave


yourself open, you will be picked off. He seems to have bulked up. He


has power and lots of pace. He has. We have seen from the clips that


something is different in the game. You don't see certain things and


you don't know who is doing what. He is coming inside and outside.


The fact that Joe Ledley was playing as well. James has to


create. He has to go and make things happen. From the clips, it


looks like he had a whirlwind. From the game, you sometimes don't see


it, but you can from the clips. Motherwell don't need another bad


injury with Steven Saunders out already unsure Hutchins and picked


up a problem with his left ankle. - - and Sean Hutchinson. He was X-


rayed last night and there was no break or fracture. But with


ligaments it could be anything from six to eight weeks. Our physio will


have a proper look. The swelling will go down and judgment will be


made. He has been a great player for us. Stephen Shaw -- Stephen


Saunders is injured as well, though. You have lost to the Old Firm in


the past few weeks. Can you squeeze that out and pick it is still a


great start to the season? We have to. We have been clinical in some


games. We were not clinical at times. You have to always be


clinical. Sometimes we had one or two chances and we have taken our


chances. You try to put the Old Firm aside. We have a big game


against St Johnstone and they will fancy their chances. We are in


reasonable form so that should be a good game. Bad results can do


psychological damage and it is good to get them out of your head.


depends what you do after the Games. You cannot let them affect you. We


have three home games in a week coming up. We will try to put that


aside. We have a good week of training. It is just a good start


and we have to build on it and get more points. Celtic player -- play


Atletico Madrid. They also have another Old Firm match next Sunday.


Is that a difficult balancing act for them? It is when you have some


injuries. Scott Brown might not play on Thursday. Paddy has not


played. So some players that might have played on Thursday and not on


a Sunday might have to play both games. There are plenty of options


for Neil Lennon. He likes to be in a competition financially but he


could probably do with stepping aside because Thursday is a big


game for them. Hearts had an emphatic Edinburgh


derby win. Let's see how it went yesterday against Caledonian


match. The first real chance came for Hearts from the corner. Andy


Webster with this attempt on goal. Cleared off the line by Graham


his brother for the first real interest chance. Andrew got the


cross and the ball flashed just over the bar. Lucas got the final


touch under pressure. Then in the second half, the memorable moment


of this match. This back-pass came at just the wrong moment and


MacDonald slit. The ball bounced into the path of Gregory Tade. He


slotted it home to give Caledonian Thistle the lead. Gregory Tade


celebrated with some nifty footwork. But work was decidedly less nifty


from our Hearts when Donald, slipping out the worst possible


time and in the worst possible place. The Hearts defence then went


AWOL. Luke is a step doubt with the ball to get Hearts on the counter


much in the balance. Hearts almost drew level when moments earlier


they could have been 2-0 down. It was not long before the Hearts


defence was stretched again. David Davies was the new boy that managed


to prevent this finish. Hearts defence was split again. The Hearts


goalkeeper gave his all to make up for his earlier slip and denied


Gregory Tade once again. Paulo Sergio has got his players during


an extra day's training. Sometimes from Hearts. 11 minutes from time


Stephen Elliot played the ball out wide to 10 Bolton and he returned


the cross to Stephen Elliott. He managed to get the ball home. One


all is how it would finish with Hearts escaping from the Highlands


Paulo Sergio was keen to absolve his goalkeeper of any blame, but I


think everyone else watching this would. Their finger at Jimmy


MacDonald. Is this pressure on the goalkeeper to play from the back?


Paulo Sergio has come in and tried to change his style of play. He


wants them to play from the back. I wonder if Jimmy MacDonald thought


that he had to play a pass? These things happen and it is unfortunate.


It could not have happened after a worse place. If a goalkeeper makes


a mistake, they are the last line of defence and unbearably there


will be a goal. He did make a couple of good saves but on the


other side of the coin, you might think that Gregory Tade should have


scored again. He will be disappointed that he did not get


another goal. I think it is a test of character for Jimmy MacDonald.


When you make a mistake, people see how you respond. He was very good.


He kept them in the game. Difficult for Inverness to carry on scoring


goals at the rate they were doing in the first division. You cannot


find another Rooney every year. cannot, but Caledonian Thistle were


creating chances. Early in the season I think they were not


creating them, but as they have gone on, they got their first win


against Kilmarnock, they bounced back. Will Hearts budget, is their


spending power decisive? If they get two or three injuries they


actually have strength and depth. Everybody else has 14 or 15 players.


But somebody like cards can keep up the good form and keep winning


games. Obama like Hearts. Like Still to come, Jim McIntyre gets on


the wrong side of the referee. And Graham Stark is almost on the


Top entertainment at Rugby Park yesterday, with Kilmarnock and


their all the positive philosophy. Dunfermline have adapted quickly to


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 43 seconds


Jason Thomson scored his first goal in senior football. Jason Thomson,


on loan from Hearts, scores the Nobody picked up that run. J


McIntyre is going to watch the rest He went in for the tackle too early.


Paul Heffernan, simple. Gallagher has been a hard man to beat from


the spot this season. A couple of penalties from the spot to his name,


but poor have and then draws was a great pass. An effective


finish from Paul Heffernan. He sent Paul Gallagher the wrong way. They


Dunfermline! This cross was absolutely perfect to Ryan Thompson.


This is his first goal for central defender. All six feet four


of her and took this brilliantly inside the box and curled it into


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 43 seconds


all credit to the goalkeeper, Paul We should at Kilmarnock to the


battle for third place in the SPL. They are up to 4th after that win


yesterday. They are good looking team. Let's start with James Dayton.


He missed so much of last season so people do not know much about him.


I have seen him playing against Hibernian. When he found his stride,


he was excellent. He loves one-on- one situations. His first thought


as an attacker is to take somebody on. Some players want to link up,


but he wants to take people on. As a defender, that is horrible.


Shiels likes a nutmeg. Yes, and to be honest, his dad's style of play


suits him. He links up the play. He has an eye for a pass. He is


definitely thriving in that team. Every team wants a prolific


goalscorer and they might have found one with Paul Heffernan.


has got four goals in three starts. His work-rate impressed me and his


movement. He was winning headers, chasing it down. I think your


strikers have to be good so you can succeed. They have to take part in


the game, link up the play and work hard and he does do that.


Dunfermline should not be distraught because they have eight


points on the board already and on another day they might have got one


point from that. It is disappointing if you scored twice


St Mirren's style of play this season has won them fans around the


country. They were at home to St Johnstone this weekend. Jonatan can


the last 13 meetings going into this match.


St Mirren set about getting that first we victory over St Johnstone


sensed August 2005. Mrs a new, improved St Mirren, spirited


attacking play now the order of the day. Nigel Hasselbaink is a major


factor in that changed. The 20- year-old Dutchman who began his


footballing life with PSV Eindhoven going close after a one-two with


Paul McGann. As with -- with St Johnstone having


recently claimed the scalp of Celtic, they are not quite as sharp


as before, Cillian Sheridan's drive from the edge of the area being


saved by Craig Samson, and St Johnstone now much more of a goal


threat. Five of the last seven goals have


come from the new striker, Francisco Sandaza. But the Spaniard


finished well wide. Some very optimistic shouts for handball, the


22-year-old St Mirren defender making his first start for the club.


There then followed a great interception and terrific run from


David Van Zanten. The St Mirren defender made it to the edge of the


box before picking out Gary Teale... Are the shot from the former


Scotland international blocked. Then the really big chance for St


Mirren to get that goal. Nigel Hasselbaink, again making the


impact on the box. Paul McGann and with the big chance...


Mike German denied by a goal line clearance from Fraser right. -- me


no contact from the St Johnstone goalkeeper. To his credit, the St


Mirren striker put his hand up but it was not enough to save him from


a big game for diving from referee Stephen McLean. St Johnstone's


running street continues, 0-0 the running street continues, 0-0 the


score. St Mirren get lots of plaudits for


the way they play, I have done it myself the season. Could it be a


recurring problem that there great lead-up play does not often enough


lead to a goal? I think it is about being clinical.


Sometimes teams have loads of possession and play nice football


and do not create chances. We see over their games, first against


Aberdeen and then ourselves, there are chances being created, but they


need a predator in the box who will keep putting the ball in the net.


Was that great defending? If I would claim that.


Others would say differently. Nigel Hasselbaink had some great chances,


Paul McGowan here against Celtic getting in behind.


As much as the play is good, Danny will be a little frustrated they


have not got as many goals as they probably deserved.


Steven Thompson, Gary Teale, Paul McGann and and Nigel Hasselbaink,


that is a great four, isn't it? They all want to play similarly.


They all want to create something, but if they had someone who


constantly put the ball in the back of the net it may help them. We


played them recently and they are a good side, they move the ball well,


and it is hard to open up against them because they can pick you off.


Nigel Hassell mike must be a real start -- must be a real pain to


play against. -- Nigel Hasselbaink. Could he one of the players of the


season? He is strong on the ball, has a low


centre of gravity. I great link-up play and a good signing for Danny


Lennon. Heads and Aberdeen got together at


Easter Road today and were both desperate to get rid of the SPL


desperate to get rid of the SPL basement.


basement. Both clubs have big expectations


and both are under-achieving. Heads have future problems just now, huge


pressure. -- Hibernian have the drug problems.


Hibernian were uninjured their injured midfielder, Matt Thornhill.


Calum Best was left out. He Aberdeen counter boat Ryan Jack,


who suffered a head injury away with the Scotland Under 21 squad.


the season for either of these teams.


That's is given away by Chris Clarke on his starting debut for


heads at Inverness, Aberdeen at home to Inverness. -- Hibernian at


shining light for Hibernian so far this campaign. He has scored all


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 43 seconds


and go for goal rather than trying Paul Hoyland. -- O'Hanlon.


Gonzalez to safety. That is some hitter from Jimmy


Scott. Only one thing on his mind Bedford. He is just on as a sub. --


it is eaten away, Calum Best's this game, this is Hibernian's Best,


Again that has summed up the pair's I cannot imagine why he has decided


to go for the head. It is unorthodox, it seemed to work in


Northern Irishman, it is saved, Foster is offside. Right at the end,


Aberdeen almost snatching it. My Guinness twisting and turning


My Guinness twisting and turning away from Hanlon. -- McGuinness.


He is that what you get when you have two teams frightened of losing


and not sure how to win? Are at it probably is, there is a


little bit of a fear factor comes into play.


Rather than playing a shorter pass you play the longer one because it


is safer. Invariably, when you play longer passes, you give the ball


away. Listening to the manager ofs' comments after the match, they were


disappointed they have not scored, but I think Colin Calderwood said


some of the play was rubbish. It is honest, but when you are not


scoring goals, it is important not to concede them. That is the


message to the players - don't concede, don't get beat.


Six or seven a his appeal against Aberdeen have not scored, and in


more than one of them Dario corner has scored for Hibernian, their


problems are easy to see. -- Dario Sometimes a turf harder you try the


further Abbey it seems. -- sometimes the harder you try.


Sometimes you just need a goal, a win, any way at all.


I did love that diving header which was almost underground.


The you had a look at both squads and the like what you see, don't


you? That is what is probably


frustrating from the managers' point of view. Robert Milton I


think is a really good player. We mentioned Garry O'Connor, he scores


goals, there are plenty of talented players, but sometimes you need


something to call in your favour. Confidence comes and does appears


as quick as it arrives. It is about trying to get a run of performances


and goals. Talking about finding a little


spark, Aberdeen are keen to sign the New Zealand striker, Rory


Fallon, not surprisingly. Yes, I think preyed is trying to


get someone to help Scott Vernon. He has lost Chris Maguire he did


not bring in goals, but he had creativity. He is always looking


and is trying to get someone in. But strict on the Clyde still bank


Premier League placings before the Premier League placings before the


finish. -- the Clydesdale Bank Next weekend's games look like


Next weekend's games look like It is Old Farm time next Sunday


lunch tank. -- called from time. We are back at 10pm next Sunday night


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