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UEFA European Championship Qualifier: Scotland v Lithuania

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Drama and dodgy decisions on Saturday leaves Scotland's hopes


hanging by a thread. A priceless goal! And into the net it goes for


the Czech Republic. Euro 2012, they are on their way. It is Fletcher!


He is given the penalty. Right into the roof of the net. Hampden Park


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 116 seconds


has been silenced. It is a penalty! No Dutch officials in sight. David


No Dutch officials in sight. David Goodwillie it is up front tonight


in the absence of Kenny Miller. It is a huge night for the former


teams. They know that defeat is not an option. If they do lose there


are still slim hopes of that play- off place for Euro 2012. Kevin


Gallacher Hall of fame member, how is this going to go? You certainly


hope the backlash from Saturday could stand in good stead for the


players. And little bit of bitterness in the way things


happened, we hope they can keep it very tight tonight and get a


take. -- Morrison. This is Don Cowie pressing from Scotland.


Banham. A decent delivery into the right area. Pressure from the


Lithuanians are my back foot already. Banham. Back post for


Naysmith, Duchess too high. A good ball from Barry Bowman, but just


across the line. -- Barry Banham. Good movement in the box, but he


It was a very tough ball to get hold of. The defenders doing a good


job to cover it. David Goodwillie is an awkward customer to defend


against. A live wire, as well. The goalkeeper came, did not get


anywhere near it. The goalkeeper is coming out. He is just flapping at


it. Normally there is a crowd of bodies for the goalkeeper. It is


the pace and the whip of the ball. It is a suspect area for the


goalkeeper. A long from Whitaker. David Goodwillie, can he keep it in,


he cannot. This is what David Goodwillie is good at. Getting down


the sides. He may have a little bit of luck. He did get luck, because


he got a corner out of it. It will over. Again it is the quality of


the ball in the box. Nice little flick. If he was right footed, it


would have been in the back of the net. Very unlucky. He can't believe


it, can he? It was an early chance. 16 minutes in, Scotland have seen


plenty of the ball, but not able to whistle, but eventually gave it.


David Goodwillie has done well. He is trying to get his body in, but


they are climbing over the top of him.


Still no breakthrough. Caldwell looking for Naysmith. Cowie!


Another chance goes begging for the Scots. David Goodwillie has gone up


and got a challenge. A nice little toe flick. He is trying to do it,


but Don Cowie's timing of the run. Just trying to hit the target and


he has not caught it with the laces, he called it with his ankle.


Another golden opportunity. Awkward to defend. It was unlucky. Unlucky


for Steven Naismith. He had to deal with the wet surface. He just could


not guide his header over the goalkeeper. Tackle by Whitaker.


Maurice UN. David Goodwillie. Whitaker. He is the target. At the


moment it is easy for Lithuania to defend. Scott looked better when


they have the ball on the deck. They are getting out into the wider


areas more than at the start of the first half. You just said it, get


it in the wide areas. You do not always have to put it in the High


area. If they can get it along the ground, anything skidding off the


surface, defenders do not like facing their own goal. Fletcher is


onside. Cowie arriving. Fletcher! Beaten away by Zydrunas


Karcemarskas. He as a defender, or he did fantastic. I thought he


would pull the ball back to Calais. He only had one thing on his mind,


doing a goalkeeper at the near post. Bannan to take the corner. Another


chance. When the ball is on it is quality. Steven Naismith comes off


the near post. Get in a nice area, anything less of a touch and it is


in the back of a net. He is connecting with it too well. Kenny


Miller watching arm. Suspended. Got his goal on Saturday, 15 for the


is wide, but it is better. A warning again for Scotland. Yes, it


is a warning. They are defending very tight, very deep. A chance to


get the ball in the box. James Morrison up the other end! The


goalkeeper chose to pack that out for another corner kick. James


Morrison has got one thing on his mind, hit the target. Steven


Naismith and David Goodwillie both following up. Barry Bannan to take


Scotland's 7th corner of the match. The last few minutes of the first


half. Almost came to bear her Hedda clear. Bardsley back out to ban


and get through here. There was a miss understanding there. Scotland


are in trouble. Plenty of options up their! And absolute Ayse.


Scotland are let off the hook big put his defenders in trouble.


have got a free kick at the other end, Scotland. You can see he has


played it in to nobody. He was right in the middle. He picks the


wrong choice. Fantastic defence. There is the frustration from the


manager. I think he will get an earful at half-time, which is very


close now. The Scots scored late in the first half against the Czech


Republic on Saturday. I wonder if they can do the same here. Barry


Bannan with the free-kick. Oh, handball! Scotland have the penalty.


It was an easy decision for the Icelandic official. Yellow-card,


and Scotland have a chance right on half-time at to go in front.


just see Labukas, what is going through his head? He doesn't mind,


does he? He is taking the penalty. A massive moment in the game.


Potentially a massive moment in Scotland's qualification campaign.


The skipper has taken it. Oh, it has been saved! Karcemarksas makes


the saved. Another dent in Scotland's qualification hopes.


Well, he is a big goalkeeper to get it passed him. He guessed right,


but I don't think that penalty was wide enough. Let off now for


Lithuania. They are away now with captain. He picked his spot. It was


not a good penalty. It has got to clever in the first half, but that


was a good save of Fletcher's penalty. The Scots can't afford to


think about that for too long. Two minutes being added on now at the


end of the first half. We are going into that now. Sir Ernest nearly


caught out McGregor with that one. -- Sernas. I think McGregor was


just covering his golf. -- doll. The whistle goes. Darren Fletcher


missed another one for the hosts, missing that penalty after the


handball from Labukas. That means at half time it is 0-0. It does not


exactly been a campaign that will live long in the memory. But it is


still open for Scotland. They do need a change in fortune. A half-


time changed for Lithuania. Novikovas of hearts coming on for


Labukas. He conceded a penalty in the first half. A decent first-half


showing from the Scots. We are now sitting in a situation where we are


potentially have just 45 minutes to stay alive in this qualification


campaign. It is a campaign of regret and disappointment so far.


They have to give themselves a chance going into the last two


matches. The current scoreline does not really do that. They need a


out, Scotland have to win tonight, there is no doubt about debt. --


about it. Goodwillie, the lone Scotland have switched off


defensively. For surely there were defend a free-kick. The referee is


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 116 seconds


not even looking at the plane. He There is the goal to keep Scotland


alive in the Euro 2012 qualification! Naismith with his


second international goal. Again, it is a patient build up.


Goodwillie did well, bringing those defenders out. Bardsley put it into


the area and was looking for a striker. It was a freak chance for


Naismith. The goalkeeper can do nothing about it. A fantastic


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 116 seconds


nice little interchange. Normally we are not used to seeing so many


good things happening in the support. It is a corner. He was


pull the trigger. One defender too many. It has been a bit of a


roller-coaster for Craig Levein. Fletcher again, on his 55th cap


goalkeeper, Lithuania playing in Scotland. They are keeping the


pressure on and you can see that Lithuania cannot tap -- handle


Scotland. That was the handball shout. It was a clear penalty kick.


Again, you have got to question the has dropped it. No one in the


immediate area thought McGregor. was back-pedalling. He is hoping, I


think, for the centre forward to be there. A little lapse in


in there. This is a warning, if ever there has been a warning. A


nice ball in the box between the two central defenders. He gets in


there, just cannot get fully connected direct. Lithuanian coach


thought that was going in. Barry Bannan. Goodwillie. They could take.


Worth a goal. Deserves it. He gets round, off the defender, he sees


the goal, his eyes light up, he just has to hit the target. Arvydas


Novikovas. Naismith on the second attempt. A few of those from Gary


Caldwell. Still no booking. He has been doing that for most of his


career. He was doing that as a young kid with me at Newcastle. He


just gets too tight sometimes. Can't see the ball, get caught out


and gives away the free-kick. Another dangerous area. Deividas


Semberas there. Allan McGregor watching that skip out of play.


does very well. It is the second ball that skips through. Stephen


Crainey throws his swing at it. Unfortunately it comes off their


Lithuanian player for a goal-kick. Goodwillie wins a free-kick.


Sometimes when central defender has come in, they are looking for a


reaction. Tadas Labukas is looking for a reaction from Goodwillie. He


is looking for a free-kick. This will be one of Barry Bannan's last


acts before he comes off. Another good delivery. It is flicked wide


by Gary Caldwell. An unbelievable free-kick. He has been hitting them


all night with a little bit of quality. Is it of side from Gary


Caldwell? It does not matter, the referee assistant was not going to


give it. Taken down by Snodgrass. He is a livewire himself. Referee


is not interested in the trip. Trying to wipe the one, too.


Lithuania have it back. Tomas Danilevicius. Trying to flood


forward. That dipped and dip and dip. Not enough for Arvydas


Novikovas and Lithuania. He has done well. He just let it fly.


Watch their depth. Alan MacGregor thinks he has it covered and it


Snodgrass. Goodwillie is in the middle. That is good play from


Snodgrass, final ball was not there then. Snodgrass. Tries to curl it


in, Naismith. Almost capitalises on a gift. It is fantastic place from


Scotland. Better player in the final third. Snodgrass is looking


to get it in, Naismith switches off. You have to switch on because


anything can happen. It was easy that time for Deividas Semberas.


Back on the ball here. Watch Scotland sitting back. This is


going to be an opportunity and it is missed completely. Scotland not


doing themselves any favours. Goodwillie looking for Naismith.


That will do if it goes out of the play, as it does, it will be the


corner kick. This is the opportunity. You know he is free in


the box, they are defending so deep. A lot of bodies in there, anything


can happen. It goes the other side of Tomas Danilevicius. Start


breathing again. Will Lithuania get one last sight of goal for --?


seconds to go. Long and high. Shrill whistles from the crowd.


Encouraging the referee to blow for full-time. Suddenly Scotland are


hanging on a little bit here. Fletcher will clear his lines now


to Goodwillie. A heavy touch from David Goodwillie. Just cannot make


referee has checked with his watch. it hard for themselves, haven't


they? There is the full-time whistle. It is a win for Scotland.


Steven Naismith with the only goal at the start of the second half.


Exchanging handshakes. It is now on to Lichtenstein. They have done all


they can tonight. They got the three points, this is their second


win of the qualifying. It may yet be enough as they go into the final


two games to reach a play-off place. It is still a long road ahead. They


need to beat Liechtenstein. They will need a favour. Paris Banham,


man of the match tonight. He was The win that keeps Scotland in the


frame for a play-off place. Although that would be unlikely at


this stage with those matches to come. Let's get reaction from a man


of the match, Barry Bowman and Steven Naismith and Craig the


manager. I am pleased. Every time you pick


up three points it is a huge plus. The good football we played and the


amount of chances we created. The negatives, in the first half when


we had opportunities and made the evening enjoyable for ourselves and


our supporters. Was it frustrating for you and the players? First half


it got that way when we got the penalty. It was not to be, but we


got in at half-time, regrouped and we knew that if we played like the


first part, chances would come and one would go for us. We got the


goal at the end of the day and we won. There has been so much debate


since Saturday, the whole refereeing incident, debate also


about Scotland and your management. People talking sometimes about your


philosophy, being too negative. Did you think about bringing other


strikers into this club tonight or changing your style? The style of


play, if you think that is negative, I do not understand your view of


football. I thought we played attacking an entertaining football


today. We created numerous chances. In international football, if you


could tell me half a dozen teams that play with two strikers, I


would be happy to hear that from you. People confuse playing with


two strikers as an attacking style of play. The philosophy that we


have is that we pass the ball as you see tonight. We encourage


people to be brave and try things in the last part. I consider that


to be entertaining football, if you don't, that is a different matter.


Just how Ferme de you believe in what the manager is trying to


achieve. We are fully behind him. We have made so many steps forward


in the last year and a half. The competition is at the highest it


has been since I have been watching Scotland. We have a lot of young


players all hungry and willing to play. You just need to look at the


boys that turn up for the squad. Boys injured, just to be involved.


The criticism he took was too harsh on him. Where does this leave us


now? To massive games next month. Too difficult matches, of course.


We have two games with two different styles, two different


types of games I should say. We have to break down Lichtenstein


which we found very difficult here and Lithuania we found difficult


twice. That is a tough match indeed to be able to unlock the defence.


Of course we have the last match against Spain which could be all or


nothing. We will worry about that when we get there. Talking of Spain,


or they have no chance taking problems tonight. 6-0 they beat


Liechtenstein. Scotland had won just the one goal to zero. The


table looks like this as we enter the final chapter of the


qualification story. It is still to be sorted out. The Czech Republic


with two matches remaining. Back to the studio. The negative was


Scotland's failure to kill that game of tonight, but what a


performance. That was vibrant and stylish, wasn't it? It certainly


was. I know a lot of people will have watched the highlights, they


are a really organised team. Scotland managed to create a lot of


opportunities. Passing incredibly well. A lot of confidence about


that passing. Bannan has slowed the ball and quickened the ball when he


needed. Considering there were players injured and suspended, I


think that was a fabulous performance. Lithuanian looked poor


tonight, but Scotland have to take credit. Going into the game they


were level on points. They are always a difficult team to beat.


Very well organised. They probably think they put in a good


performance tonight. Defensively they gave up very few clear-cut


chances although we were knocking on the door for long periods of


time were we did not manage to create a clear goalscoring


opportunity until we managed to get the goal we needed. I kept asking


you if you were worried about our failure to take chances, but there


were a whole host of opportunities we could not tuck away.


mentioned the fact of Kenny Miller not being there so he will it fall


to? There is not a great deal they to? There is not a great deal they


can do about that. Players from midfield trying to get in there. I


was hoping that it would fall to David Goodwillie. He is there more


obvious one. It seemed to be falling all over the place, even


Fletcher get one. Don Cowie was looking for the cutback from


Goodwillie. He just had to stab at it a little bit. He was in a good


position for the cutback, Fletcher tried to beat the goalkeeper who


saw that one coming. A really good move from all the players there.


Not so many good crosses. For a number of different players as well.


Naismith is very good in the air, so they were coming from different


so they were coming from different angles. They make you feel very


heartened. We were one-dimensional in other games and that game I


thought was great. When you have so much of their game you worry about


a sucker punch coming. It could easily have came when Lithuania


easily have came when Lithuania broke upfield here after Gary


Caldwell's pass fell short. In the end it was great defending. He does


really well. There were three attempts where he could have passed


that ball to one of the strikers that were up there with him. He


tries to go alone and makes a hash for it in the end. He does well to


stay on his feet and make it difficult for them, but they really


should have been in trouble there. It could have been a big blow.


It could have been a big blow. easiest thing in the world there is


to dive in and sell yourself, but he didn't. He said he would let you


make the decision, but he didn't, Then came the great chance at the


end of that first half to get in front - Steven Fletcher passed it


front - Steven Fletcher passed it up, unfortunately. It was saved by


the goalkeeper after this handball. Yes, it was a clear cut penalty. I


am not sure what the defenders were doing there. He got taken off at


half-time, because he was the cause of that. I can't remember Darren


Fletcher taking too many penalties before in the past. He made a good


save their. A frustrating end to the first half, but a bright start


to the second half and a gold they so badly wanted after just five


minutes. Yes, it was a very good play in the build up. That passing


there was top quality, and Naismith's finishing was fantastic.


For me, it is the ball in from Bannan. He thinks to himself, we


run it in, put it on behind the defenders. What we have been asking


for his vision and imagination. Maybe that is what we have been


missing. I think Bannan has got that in a spade fault. That is a


great ball. It is not an easy finish, even then. It is a slippery


surface. He does really well. It is great to see them smiling and


laughing at the end of that because there was a lot of stress and


pressure. We continued to miss chances on the back of that just to


get the game are killed off and help us all to breathe a little


easier. Some of the quality of Scottish football was fantastic


here, wasn't it? Yes, some great build-up play. We were unlucky not


to get a penalty in this instance with that handball. The referee was


probably out of sight for that. They should have been a penalty, a


clear handball there. And this was no is worth with another chance.


Yes, he hangs on a lot and knows where to go. It is a tough one,


that. That is something that you... Strangely enough, the person who is


brilliant at that is Kenny Miller. Naismith was very unlucky there.


did think picking man of the match was a huge problem. 21-year-old


Barry Bannan is not just one for the future, but also for the


present. Yes, he was always the man looking for that key pass, trying


to unlock the defence and get through the lines as quickly as


possible to create chances for us. That was one of the main reasons we


finally managed to unlock the door and get the goal we needed.


vision he has got to pick up passes like that, he can see runs that


other players can't see. We have got a lot of good players in our


team, but nobody is coming close to the vision that he shows. I think


the fans really warmed to him tonight. I would dearly love to see


him play in every single game. We are a better side when he holds the


ball. He controls it. Do you understand the criticism of Craig


Levein's football philosophy? He was a little bit part in his


reaction to that question. No, I don't understand it. What he said


there was absolutely right. He does not have to have two or three


strikers up there, it is all about getting support from the midfield.


If you do have that one focal point up there, and Goodwillie held the


ball up their very well, then it can be a very attacking formation.


I totally understand what the manager said tonight. Scotland


probably had about 10 good chances to score. They did. There were a


lot of crosses in there, but it never fell to the right guy. The


handball there for the penalty kick, it just wasn't lucky for us to live.


But I think there is so much to be had. We keep on talking about a all


the building work. I think it was clear tonight how he is trying to


build this, and it is an intriguing and entertaining style when it is


done well. Job done tonight, but we still look back to what happened at


Hampden Park on Saturday afternoon, and those two big decisions which


may well have ended our hopes in -- of a play-off place. We don't know


that just yet. You are not having that, are you? A no, I am not.


Astle then there is a lot to play for. I am sure the players feel


that. It is obviously disappointing to watch what is going on and see


what could have been. We took care of business tonight, and that was


the most important thing. We have kept it alight for -- alive. Let's


have a look at what happens next for Scotland in what we hope is a


campaign which leads to qualification for Poland and


Ukraine. But it is going to be a tall order. Massive interest for us


in what happens on Friday night, 7th October, when the Czech


Republic are at home to Spain. And, the following day, Scotland play


Liechtenstein. If the Czech Republic score nothing against


Spain, then Scotland can go a point above them by winning against


Liechtenstein at the following day. That would take us into the final


match with Scotland 1 ahead. Then the checks would be in Lithuania.


What do you reckon, Pat? It sounds good when you explain it like that.


We are still big outsiders for this one. In the end, it may come down


to the fact that is Scotland play well that they will have to go to


Spain and maybe even get a win. That is a huge asset. However, if


you are a professional footballer, they knew absolutely believe you


can do it. You get out on a field and you believe you can beat anyone,


especially if a championship is at the end of it. You look at the


Czech Republic on Saturday, do look at Lithuania tonight, and you would


think their trip to the Baltic states should be fairly


straightforward. But suddenly they need something to qualify. Those


other games that become difficult, aren't they? Yes, all we can do is


put the pressure on them and hope that makes them crack. It looks


like a game that they are going to be to take something from, and we


have to make sure that is the case. Pressure can do funny things to


football teams, and no one is guaranteed to win any match. If we


can control our games and get the points we need, we can put pressure


on the final games. Let's wrap up all tonight's results involving the


That means Spain have won the group. It is all about the scrapping down


below which will either take Scotland or the Czech Republic into


Armenia's 4-0 win against Slovakia means that for the Republic of


Ireland if they can win their final two matches against Andorra and


Armenia then they will be guaranteed a play-off place. So, a


good night for the Republic of Ireland. Not so hot tonight for


Northern Ireland. Their hopes of a play-off place have effectively


ended tonight by that defeat, 4-1, in Estonia. Italy won against


Slovenia tonight, which means that the Italians joined the qualifiers,


the automatic qualifiers, for Euro England won against Wales tonight.


Ashley Young got the only goal nine minutes before half-time. We hear


not an inspiring performance, but they got the win they wanted in


that match. In that group, England need one more point to make certain


of qualification. Although, looking at that, they are effectively there


already. So, big matches still to come for Scotland. 4.5 weeks away


for us, and a trip to Liechtenstein for Craig Levein and his team. That


match is live on the BBC on a Saturday the eighth of October.


Highlights of the big match as Scotland continue their campaign to qualify for the Finals in Poland and Ukraine next summer. Craig Levein will be looking to secure all three points before the away matches against Liechtenstein and Spain next month. Victory would put Scotland one step closer to a play-off place for the Finals against a team they drew 0-0 with in Kaunas last September.

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