13/05/2017 Sportscene


David Currie introduces reports and results from around the country. Including Rangers v Hearts, St Johnstone v Partick Thistle and Kilmarnock v Inverness.

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Good afternoon and welcome to the penultimate Premiership


I should warn you, today's show features mild peril


and perhaps scenes some of you might find disturbing.


That's relegation battles for you, eh!


Never mind, our studio guests will keep you informed and maybe


even entertained on our long journey through Saturday afternoon.


They are Steven Thompson and Mixu Paatelainen.


Let's start with a look at the old scoreboard.


First up, the Ladbrokes Scottish Premiership:


Celtic 3-1 winners last night. Dundee trail Ross County 1-0.


Motherwell have the upper hand, 1-0 away to Hamilton. Killie 2-1 up at


Inverness. Rangers the victors over Hearts.


I can put some flesh on the bones of that 2-1 win for Rangers over


The three points - arithmetic improbablities aside -


Well, they are six points behind Aberdeen with two matches to play.


The Dons have a vastly superior goal difference.


Pedro Caishina, the happier of the two managers at full-time,


Barry McKay scoring the winning goal for the home team after a mistake


from the Hearts' goalkeeper, Victor Noring.


That was just after Isma Goncalves had drawn Hearts level,


five minutes or so into the second half, when the visitors


They'd fallen behind to a Joe Garner goal


Gents, Steven, as I mentioned there, Rangers will finish in third spot in


the Premiership. Should they be happy with that? Not really. I don't


think so. I don't think it could be classed as a successful season. The


match they started well. They were in control. Hearts were all over the


place defensively in that first half. Rangers were the better side


in the first half. In the second-half it flipped round.


Hearts, they had a man less, 10-men, they were the dominant side. Rangers


were nervous and disjointed in the second-half. Couldn't string a pass


together. They got the points, much like last week they got the points,


they didn't get the performance for me. We will have a bounce around the


grounds, I believe. We have drama, Dundee v Ross County. Penalty for


Dundee. Dundee 0, Ross County 1. Boyce put his side away. McGowan


tried to get them back, it looked soft. I would like to see it again.


It's blasted in off the bottom of the bar. Dundee 1v Ross County 1.


Let's head next of all to Lanarkshire. A Derby there. Hamilton


against Motherwell at the bottom-of-the-table. 1-0 to


Motherwell. That man, Moult, his 18 of the season. A strange goal on


what has been a pretty awful match in all honesty. A real relegation


battle in every sense of the word. The ball from the right hand side


seemed to hit Moult on the shoulder. It went into the back of the net.


Moult straight to the Motherwell end, packed out this afternoon. What


a vital goal that could be for the Fir Park side. It's been an awful


game. The home side had a decent chance. Volley from eight yards out.


Decent chance that went over the bar. Plenty of nerves out there this


afternoon. No wonder. Motherwell know if they hold on and Inverness


lose they will avoid automatic relegation. 1-0 to Motherwell as


itten Stas. Rugby Park. Jonathan, what's happening? Kilmarnock 2,


Inverness 1. Longstaff put Kilmarnock ahead. He put it into the


bottom of the net. # 1-0 at half-time. Second-half they flexed


their muscles they looked the better team. Jones out pacing the Inverness


defence before Des patching a shot into the net. Kilmarnock looked to


be on easy shift and Inverness were shuffling out of the Premiership. A


through ball sliced through the Kilmarnock defence and Fisher pulled


a goal back. They have looked energise. They search for the


equaliser that would mean so much. Leak for Inverness as it stands.


They have hope. Let's be upwardly mobile for a minute or two. We are


heading into the top six am Johnson at home to Partick Thistle. St


Johnstone 1, Partick Thistle 0. Swanson with the only goal of the


came from the penalty spot. He was tripped inside the box. He dusted


himself down before firing the ball beyond the keeper. The they were far


the better and should have had a second penalty. The referee waved


play on. Thistle not out of it. Liam Lynsey had a header cleared off the


line. 10 minutes left to play. Is on to the Championship play, second-leg


of the semi-final match, Paul Mitchell is watching. Wonderful save


from Graeme Smith. Four steps back and touch the ball over the


crossbar. McManus trying to catch the goalkeeper off his line. 1-1.


Two a piece on aggregate. Caldwell got the scoring with a goal after 51


minutes. Mvoto didn't see him. As the defender played the pass back to


the goalkeeper didn't see the striker nip in. Caldwell a good


finish, calm and proposed. There was a triple substitution, none of those


players were involved but Raith Rovers got back into it. Mvoto


redeemed himself with a header from six yards out. Finally poised with


ten minutes to play. So much drama today. I can't concentrate nothing


that Yemen have gone a goal down? It just flashed up. High stress and


high drama all round. Raith Rovers there. One each, tremendous peril


for John Hughes and Raith Rovers. They've got to win? Yeah. To go 1-0


down, so nerve-wracking unbelievable. Raith are a decent


size you can be. It's quite sad to see them in that position. When you


consider last year they were in the play-offs to go up? Absolutely. No,


no. Still all to play for. 1-1. Exciting stuff. They have done a


fantastic job. They just survived last season in the division they are


in the play-offs and putting Raith Rovers in a difficult position. All


good. Back to the Premiership, chaps. Dundee v Ross County. That is


a tense one as well, isn't it, gents? It certainly is. 1-1. Ross


County started the game very well. Caught Dundee on the back foot and


scored a decent goal through Boyce, his 21st of the season. He has been


scored a decent goal through Boyce, a talisman for them. Dundee have


scored with a penalty. Unbelievable celebration. He jumps into the


Dundee crowd. I'm sure he was booked for it. It has been a tense game. If


it stays like this a decent point for both clubs. A draw is enough for


Ross County to be safe from any play-off possibility. I think both


clubs would take a draw. One point this stage of the season so


valuable. It's been even Stevens. Both teams have had chances. You


can't say that one of the clubs deserve the victory from there. I


think a point is valuable for both of them. The biggest game of the day


has to be the Lanarkshire Derby. Lots hinging on it and impactses on


the other all the other matches as well. Motherle well, through Moult,


if if you are going to pick a scorer you will go for him. Off his


shoulder? Poorly dealt with by Hamilton. I thought it looked like a


looping header. We will take their word for it that it came off their


shoulder. A tense game, as you can imagine. Very little quality in the


game. Crunching tackles. Not a lot imagine. Very little quality in the


of quality. Not a lot of goal-mouth incident. The best chance of


Hamilton was eight yards out. It is caught too well, decent height for


the goalkeeper. If he he hit it low it would have been in. It's a Derby


match. Derby matches are scrappy. Yeah. Never mind the magnitude of


the match. The winner, basically, is, you know, halfway safe. Not


surprising - It's a Derby match. Saint Johnstone need a point to


guarantee European football. They are going about it in style. One up


there. Will they close that out comfortably? I don't know


comfortably. They are a good team. You know, especially when they are


in the lead. They play that 4-4-2 system solidly. A sticky side to


play against. They have 1-0 lead through a penalty. Swanson. It we


felt it was a penalty. Clipped the foot there. Another two penalty


claims in the match that I think both are very, very strong claims.


One on Payne on the edge of the box. We don't know whether it was in or


out and another Swanson one later on. Don't know who it was. One or


two penalty claims within the game. If Caley Thistle lose it looks like


curtains? We have been saying that for four months. It isn't over over.


It puts them in a purr ril louse position. Kilmarnock have played


well. The first coal came from a howler, goalkeeping mistake which


wassen the first goalkeeping mistake of the day. We saw Viktor Noring's


one in the Hearts game. Another howler not a great day for


goalkeepers. Inverness did well to battle into the match. It's too


goalkeepers. Inverness did well to little too late. I think it it is.


No, it's third. We have a gel. In the Championship play-off


semi-final, Paul Mitchell? Raith Rovers are in trouble. Raith Rovers


may be going down to League One. A simple long ball from the back,


Trouten raced into the box, steadied himself and lashed the shot past the


keeper. They are leading with five-and-a-half minutes to play,


Brechin City. Right, I think it's time we had


a think about last night's The fifth, but not final meeting


of Celtic and Aberdeen this season. The Champions chasing


a century of points, the Dons perhaps hoping to put down


a marker for the Scottish Cup Final, Unbelievable start for Celtic. It


was assisted by Aberdeen poor defending. First goal from the


corner kick was a well-worked goal using the block there from the


training ground. This one is poor defending. That should have been


cleared there, not spill it there. Good finish. Yes. It should


Neverland there. Leigh Griffiths. We know what he can do. That goalkeeper


has to bury that. I don't care how much the ball moved. The goal he


keeper said, the ball moved. So what, Parry it well. Hayes what a


supposed finish. Top corner, side-foot. Wonderful finish. What I


want to say about that. Here's the penalty claim for Aberdeen. It's a


50-50. That is a definite penalty. Ball away from the goal. I think


that's what the referee will say. Look, the ball is away. It doesn't


matter. He wipes him out in the box. Contact there. It could have been


given. There would have been a substitute goalkeeper coming onto


the pitch. What I want to say about Aberdeen's performance last night,


the pitch. What I want to say about what a strong mentality they showed.


Going 3-0 down after 11 minutes. Then 3-1. After that it was all


Aberdeen. They were fantastic night and showed strength and character. I


can't wait for the Scottish Cup Final. Even though it was a defeat


on the face of it, look at the scoreline, convincing defeat, did


they put down a marker for the Cup Final It's a one off game. They need


to defend better than they did in the opening period of that game.


They gave themselves too much to do. It really does depend. They can take


positives from the performance. They've got players who can hurt


Celtic. They need to bring it on the day and defend well. Defensively it


was poor from Aberdeen, no denying that? There were mistakes. Every


match is different. You can never say those mistakes will happen


again. Aberdeen had a couple of changes in their line-up as well.


Rooney didn't start. Stockley had a great chance, great header that


would have been 3-2. If Rooney with a there, he would have put that


away. It was a tight game. You know, the way Celtic started, they looked


so convincing. Gooif games between them now. Celtic won them all. 100


points, 99 goals, Cup Final coming up. No-one has beaten Celtic this


season domestically, you perhaps are going for an Aberdeen win? I fancy


Celtic being unbeaten in the league and Aberdeen winning the Cup, how is


that for you? Because it's one of and Aberdeen winning the Cup, how is


his It's Aberdeen come ex-clubs. I don't agree, I think Celtic will


win the treble and go unbeaten and it will be an incredible achievement


from a top side with a top manager. They have not taken their foot off


the gas since becoming Premiership champions, rattling in the goals.


100 points, 99 goals, they will get 100. 100 points and 100 goals in a


season is unbelievable, fantastic. To go unbeaten... We need to raise


season is unbelievable, fantastic. our hat. We spoke about Rangers


finishing third. For Hearts... They just want the end of the season


pronto. It has been nowhere near good enough since Ian Cathro


arrived, he knows it, the fans know it and they are starting to lose a


bit of patience. He needs recruitment in the summer that


brings better players to the club than he did in January, he brought


in nine players and it hasn't worked. He will be judged very


quickly at the start of next season to make sure that his new players


and ideas are implemented, because the supporters won't stand for it.


Hearts fans let their voice be heard and it hasn't been good enough. Even


Ian Cathro himself would argue... It's not been good enough, that's


the bottom line. It has become a cliche of the modern age, managers


get two transfer windows before they can judge them. I go along with


that. Players are the most important thing in football. They make the


mistakes, they show the brilliance to win matches. They are everything.


So it is only fair that a manager gets time to bring in his own


players that he wants, my question is, does Ian Cathro really know how


he wants to play? He is still juggling, do we go like this? Like


this? A back four, a back three? Full-time at Rugby Park. Kilmarnock


2-0 Inverness Caley. -- 2-1. It guarantees Kilmarnock's top-flight


status for another season and leaves Inverness Caley hanging by a thread.


Kilmarnock were the better side for the majority of the match and took


the lead in the first half thanks to a mistake by the goalkeeper,


Longstaff gathered it on the edge of the area and fired low into the net.


Kilmarnock doubled their lead in the second half, great pace shown by


Jordan Jones, tearing away from the Inverness defenders and despatching


a low shot past the keeper to make it 2-0. It looked like all hope had


gone for Inverness Caley, but Greg Tansy sliced apart the Kilmarnock


defence with a perfect through ball, Fisher was alive and roll the ball


home to make it 2-1. Renewed energy. Inverness had chance after chance,


waved forward by their manager, rigid form, but the second goal


would not come and they are still very much rooted to the bottom of


the table. -- Ritchie foran. The Kilmarnock fans celebrating the


Premiership for another season. Hope springs eternal for Raith Rovers.


They have equalised against Brechin. And they had to wait until stoppage


time. Declan McManus with his ninth goal of the season. Brechin simply


could not keep them out, they were trying to clear the ball. A couple


of blocks, it felt to Declan McManus with an emphatic finish. One minutes


still to play. 2-2 on the day, 3-3 on aggregate and extra time is


looming at Starks Park. No extra time needed between St Johnstone and


Partick Thistle. St Johnstone 1-0 Partick Thistle, congratulations to


St Johnstone, who have secured fourth in the table and European


qualification for a remarkable fifth year in succession. What a job Tommy


Wright has done. Swanson scored the winning goal, he is off to join


Hibernian in the summer. The matchwinner again this afternoon,


his ninth penalty of the campaign, 15 goals in all, breathing the


difference between St Johnstone and Thistle. A mini pitch invasion by


the Saints fans. Two home games left, however St Johnstone have


secured fourth and a European spot. St Johnstone 1-0 Partick Thistle.


The League 1 play-off second leg of the semifinal today. The match


between Peterhead and Montrose. Peterhead won 3-0 on the day, 4-1 on


aggregate. They only came off the bottom of the division on the last


day of the league season. Still alive in terms of maintaining their


position in League 1 next season. Once again, the man they can thank


is Rory McAllister, goals number 24 and 25 of the season. He converted a


corner from six yards. In the second half, from a controversial penalty.


Nicky Reilly looked to have gone down... Well, he was clipped but


took a couple of steps before hitting the deck. Possible


repercussions, but McAllister knocked in the penalty. In the dying


seconds, there was a goal from Jordan Brown. By then, Montrose were


reduced to ten men. Matty Smith taking retribution on Nicky Reilly,


lashing out while the pair were on the deck. Peterhead Kamla forward to


the first leg of the play-off final. the first leg of the play-off final.


-- can look forward. They have won 3-0 on the day. Hamilton against


Motherwell is all over in the relegation battle. A huge 1-0 win


for Motherwell in a real battle in Lanarkshire. Cards were flashed,


tackles flew in, but the visitors triumphed. Louis Moult with the goal


in the second half. The ball appeared to come off his shoulder


before looping over Matthews. A golden opportunity for the home


side, but a volley was well saved by Griffiths. They were lacking in


belief today in Lanarkshire. A game lacking in chances and quality, but


a vital three points for Motherwell, who took the applause of a packed


away end in front of me. A huge win for them take them one step closer


to Premiership survival. Hamilton 0-1 Motherwell. Full-time at Dens


between Dundee and Ross County. Our man in Dundee, usually in the


Highlands but we have given him a break. Martin. Dundee 1-1 Ross


County, which keeps County in the Premiership. Also a valuable point


for Dundee, inching towards safety themselves. A few weeks ago, they


would have bitten off your hands for that. O'Dea pulled Dundee level from


the spot after Kerr was knocked to the ground. It seemed soft but he


lashed home off the bar. Probably deserved, as Dundee control the


match-up from the half-hour mark after county had opened strongly.


Boyce with a neat flick into the corner and they might have


capitalised on the strong start, but Dundee took control, albeit they


struggled to break their opponents down until late on. They might have


had another penalty when Kevin appeared to be caught by Naismith,


it looked more of a penalty than the one that was given. A header


straight at the keeper from six yards towards the end for the home


team. Co are said, Dundee getting there. Dundee 1-1 Ross County. Jim


was watching the League 1 play-off semifinal second leg between Forfar


Athletic and Annan Athletic. Forfar Athletic win 4-2 on the day, 6-4 on


aggregate. Jim Leicester made it 2-0 32 minutes. -- Jim Lister. It was


3-0 at half-time. The away team pulled one back from the penalty


spot, Smith scored after he was fouled by the keeper. Aaron Ramsey


scored a second with a powerful run into the box after 68 minutes. --


Darren Ramsay. But the home side made it 4-2 with 16 minutes left.


That sealed the win. 4-2 to Forfar on the day and 6-4 on aggregate,


they meet Peterhead. Alloa playing Airdrie. Three minutes into extra


time in this Championship play-off, because Alloa won 1-0 on the day,


1-1 on aggregate. In midweek, Ryan's 27th of the season gave Airdrie the


lead. But a terrific goal after 20 minutes from John Robertson, his


fourth of the season, to tie up the game. And an amazing chance to make


it 2-0 to Alloa after 54 minutes, but the player hit the bar from


inside the 60 yard box -- the six-yard box. Into extra time. Extra


time too at Starks Park in the Championship play-off semifinal


between Raith Rovers and Brechin. And that is courtesy of Declan


McManus, who scored in stoppage time to make it 2-2, and rescue Raith


Rovers. It was almost going to be Brechin's afternoon, they took the


lead after 51 minutes. M'voto with a horrible backpass and was called


well knit into school. M'voto, the Parisian, then equalised. -- -- Ross


called well knit in to score. M'voto then blasted over the bar. And then


M'voto with the error, misjudging a simple ball over the top and a great


finish from Troughton for his eighth goal of the season. And then the


rescue act from Declan McManus is in injury time. 2-2 on the day, 3-3 on


aggregate. It is full-time in the League 2 play-off final. East


Kilbride against Cowdenbeath. The first leg has finished. No goals.


East Kilbride 0-0 Cowdenbeath. One of the reasons is because the East


East Kilbride 0-0 Cowdenbeath. One Kilbride goalkeeper saved a penalty


with four minutes left of normal time. Matt McGloin, diving low to


his right to keep out Kyle Miller's penalty. After handball in the box.


It was an innocuous ball. The linesman gave it. A great cheer from


the home fans when the penalty was saved. Until that point, it had been


an even match. A couple of good chances for the home side. Fraser


Marlin had a good chance for Cowdenbeath. East Kilbride, the home


team, hit the crossbar through their Portuguese striker. The late drama


was the penalty save which ensures the second leg starts 0-0. Mixu,


Cowdenbeath, a former manager there. the second leg starts 0-0. Mixu,


You were exuding confidence in them. The blue Brazil. 0-0.


Nerve-wracking. I don't know. I fancy Cowdenbeath at home. You fancy


all your old teams! Funny enough! A bit of closure on a couple of issues


in the permission. My brain is buzzing... A great result for Killy,


they move up to seventh and they are safe. Next on the agenda, Lee


McCulloch? Surely sort that out! He has been going week to week, but he


is the man for the job and hopefully he can concentrate on recruiting for


next year. A strange season for Kilmarnock, lots of changes in


personnel, the manager leaving. Tremendous turnover. 11 players in,


11 players out. The beginning of the season, big changes. But they have


been steadily throughout the season. Lots of drawers. -- draws. You


always wax lyrical about the virtue of picking up points here and there.


If you draw every game during the season, you are comfortably safe. It


is so important not to lose matches. Even a point. I'm a member my days


at Dundee United, those matches where we played well and lost. -- I


remember. A point would have been much better. Kilmarnock, Lee


McCulloch has carried on from Lee Clark. Taking over the reins. They


have been steady, solid. They haven't conceded stupid goals. They


don't make many mistakes. I think he deserves the job. Absolutely. Plenty


more Premiership chat, but now let's catch up with the classified


results. Let's look at the Ladbrokes Scottish


Premiership table: Inverness four points adrift with two matches to go


Hamilton losing today to Motherwell. That takes Motherwell to third


bottom. They are seven clear of automatic relegation now. They can't


be automatically relegated. The worse they can get is a play-off.


Kilmarnock Andros county after their results they are safe from


relegation and the relegation play-offs.


In the English Premier League. Chelsea confirmed as champions with


their win over West Brom last night. Tottenham in second, they play


Manchester United tomorrow. McIn third. Liverpool, yet to play this


weekend. Arsenal in fifth. Bottom-of-the-table. Two teams gone,


Middlesbrough and Sunderland. Swansea City moving, looking good


now to avoid relegation. They had a good win today. Hull City in third


bottom. They have yet to play. They play Crystal Palace later this


weekend. For more details of the happenings in England we start with


that match at the bottom-of-the-table, Sunderland


relegated against Swansea. Let's get the full-time story from Damian


Johnson. Boos ringing out from the Sunderland fans. Goals from Llorente


and Naughton. Llorente got his 14th season. Pickford in no-man's land.


Naughton opened his account for Swansea. Ten points from a possible


12. First away clean sheet since the opening day. This feels like a


massive result for Swansea. It piles the pressure on Crystal Palace and


Hull who clash at High Noon tomorrow. M Middlesbrough also


already relegated. They were at home to Southampton. Let's hear


already relegated. They were at home that from Mike Williams. Yes. Defeat


for Boro in their final home match of this forgettable season. They are


in danger of going down to the Championship with a real whimper.


in danger of going down to the Outplayed by Southampton today who


took the laid through Rodriguez. First goal since January. Doubled it


after the break with a beauty from Redmond. Long missed a penalty. That


would have put the Saints out of sight. Middlesbrough pulled one back


through Bamford's header from a corner. His first since returning to


Middlesbrough in January for ?6 million. Southampton hung on and


have their sixth away win of the season. The Middlesbrough players


doing a lap of appreciation and getting applause from their home


fans. Nice to see. There will be plenty of thinking for the


Middlesbrough board this summer. Burnley were away to Bournemouth


this afternoon at the Vitality Stadium. Chris Wise reports. 2-1.


Late winner from King secured the victory for Eddie Howe in their


final home Premier League game of the season. Stanislas' first goal we


thought was going to be the the match winner. When Vokes, the former


Bournemouth striker, equalised for Burnley with six minutes to go, it


seemed like they were on course for what has been a rare away goal. Less


than 60 seconds later, Bournemouth won it thanks to their in-form


frontman, Joshua King. His 16th season. Taking a delivery from the


left. His touch away from the defender opening up his body and


sliding it into the bottom corner. Bournemouth unbeaten in four. Even


bigger for Eddie Howe's team is that they are into the Premier League's


Top 10 with one game to go. Quite an achievement for Eddie Howe and


Bournemouth? Phenomenal. Beating your old team? Not so great. One of


my old managers at Burnley. Top, top manager. It's brilliant for a club


of that size to stay up. You would think they would come down when they


are promoted. They have been promoted and stayed up as well


congrats to them both. Swansea City might pull tl off Excellent result.


Puts Hull under pressure tomorrow against Crystal Palace who need a


draw. If Hull don't win it, it looks curtains for them. Championship


decided. Chelsea the champions. Antonio Conte's first crack and he's


done it? Sensational season. He's been an excellent manager. They


deserve to win the title. Exciting with Tottenham chasing them all the


way. We will chase Paul Mitchell. There has been a goal in the match


between Raith Rovers a Brechin City. Hardie has scored. Raith Roverses


are ahead in the match for the first time this afternoon. Simple long


ball down the left hand side. Got the better of the defender, round


the goalkeeper and slotted it low into the corner. It's advantage


Raith Rovers, leading by 3-2, 4-3 on aggregate. He has me worrying there.


Checking my facts. Good day for St Johnstone and Tommy Wright. They are


ensured European football. We can hear from the manager. Many, many


congratulations. Thank you. Top 6. Fourth place in the league and back


in Europe again? At the start of the season we getting into the Top 6


would have been good, great. To finish above a club the size of


Hearts, to come-from-behind, then open up the gap that we have, five


points behind to nine points ahead, credit to the players. I said to


them, it's four seasons I've been in charge and I keep thinking at the


end of the season - can we get better and can we maintain it? They


respond anded they go again. They've been magnificent again this season.


They deserve to get into Europe because they are the fourth best


team in the country. The game today, wasn't too much in it early on. When


you got the penalty after the half-hour. Should have had a


penalty. Should have had a penalty. Yeah, it should have been a penalty


and maybe one in the second-half. We have played against a side that can


play football and are physical as well. They are a big side. I think


we were the better team and created good opportunities, particularly in


the second-half. You know, one was all that was needed. I can't


remember the keeper having any difficult saves. Three or four


corners in a row. Good performance and good with the ball today. That


was pleasing. He has done it again? Yeah. Know remarkable season? Not


more can be said. We say he doesn't get enough praise for what he does.


Absolutely. Sensational achievement especially with Hearts in the league


finishing fifth. And Rangers in the league. Of course. Every year he


produces. Nothing fancy about them. They are organised. Good players,


well drilled. The most important They are organised. Good players,


aspect is they seem to love playing for him and working under him. He


managed to keep the squad together. He has. The core of the squad


together. That is where it comes together. They know what they are


doing. They are so organised and dogged and so simple the way they


play. Sold effective. Fantastic. We can hear from another happy manager,


from Ross County. Their Premiership future for next season was assured.


Jim, you are finally safe. We can say that now. After the opening 25


minutes you must have thought you would be more comfortable you looked


good? We started great. We played terrific stuff. We should have been


more clinical. We got the opportunity we had, it wasn't to be.


I felt we got really sloppy after that. We invited Dundee back into


the game and gave them the lift. Once you do that to a team that was


won two on the back and a crowd at home, they had their tails up. We


went from in control of the game to hanging on. That was really


disappointing. We had to make a couple of changes, obviously. Ryan


had a clash. Dundee were controlling the match and putting us under a lot


of pressure. In the end, I'm happy that we're still unbeaten. We've


come away from home and picked up a point. Credit the players. Six


matches unbeaten at this level. That's very good. At the right time


as well. What are your thoughts about the penalty? Your defence had


as well. What are your thoughts stood firm. You were under pressure.


They stood firm. Do you think there was one? There was contact with


Craig. He gets inside him. He isn't getting the ball. No way he is


getting the ball. Ball too far in front of him. Fox is picking it up.


Because there is contact the referee gives it. For me not a penalty. Is


there contact, absolutely? They have come into form at a crucial time.


Unbeaten run, it's proven critical? It has. Five, six weeks ago they


were in trouble. Boyce's contribution when you have a


goalscorer, predator, over 20 goals for Boyce this season, it's vital


for a team when you have a player who you can count on to get you


results, point and goals. Partick Thistle a good season for them. They


lost today. We can find out what their manage her to say after that


defeat by St Johnstone? Any complaints today? No, I think St


Johnstone deserved it. The first half there wasn't a lot in it. We


gave away the ball on half-time way line. What went wrong today then?


Our massively, individually and


collectively. Compared to last week. We were out battled and out played.


Do you think the players are looking for their summer holidays? It looked


like that. It previously they have been very good and their performance


levels. You have two home games to go, but they are against the top two


teams in the country? They are tough. We want to put a performance


against them. Performances have been good up until now. Today we left


ourselves down. Where are you with regards to planning for next season?


We put plans in place, pre-season is booked. Ready to go. Look at


players, we have before hand. We will get some over the line as soon


as we can. Do the players know their position? Some are signed up. Those


who aren't we will discuss closer to time. They have scaled their Everest


and are ambling down the otherside. I don't think anyone judges Partick


Thistle in the Top 6. And the matches they have now. It will be


tough playing against the top sides in Scotland. They had a magnificent,


capital "M" season already qualifying for the Top 6, major


achievement for them. Good luck to them. It's funny how their season,


we talk about the season and the teams, successful teams and all


that, Partick Thistle prior to this, this round, has scored equal amount


of goals as Caley Thistle, who are bottom. Partick Thistle have


conceded 25 goals less. Being organised defensively and not to


leak stupid goals is the key for organised defensively and not to


success. They've done exactly that. I bet they work so much on defending


and being solid and dogged. A we while since we heard were Paul


Mitchell is watching Raith Rovers versus Brechin City. Can you remind


us what is happening? A frantic afternoon. Raith Rovers thanks to a


goal from McManus forced it into extra-time. They are ahead 3-2.


Hardie, long ball forward, he had the pace to get away from the


defence and advance on the goalkeeper. Finished it neatly. 13


minutes to play. Brechin trying to find way to get back on level terms


and force penalties here. At the moment the Championship life span of


Raith Rovers will continue. They are ahead 3-2, 4-3 on


drawer John Hughes publicly questioned the commitment and


character of his players, Mixu. We are witnessing that maybe it works.


It is proper pressure. I know he can handle the pressure, but can the


players? They left it late, it was the 91st minute when Declan McManus


equalised, must have been very nervous. This is a time when


managers really earn their corn. Getting a wee bit tense and terse


with their answers today. A couple of happy guys today, Jim McIntyre


and Tommy Wright. We haven't heard from Neil McCann, but they have just


edged a wee bit closer to safety. As Mixu says, a point is important.


Unbeaten, seven wins out of nine. They didn't start well but got


themselves back into the match. A brilliant point. It is looking bad


for Inverness and possibly Hamilton. Yeah, of course it is. Everyone has


been tipping Inverness to go down for months and months, but they can


stay up if they win both goings and Hamilton lose. -- both games.


I'll leave you to savour the weekend's results


in the Premiership and the play-offs.


Dundee and Ross County drew 1-1. Hamilton lost 1-0. A big win for


Motherwell in the Lanarkshire derby. Kilmarnock won 2-1 over Inverness,


to secure safety for another season. Rangers won 2-1 against Hearts. St


Johnstone winning. Celtic reached 100 points with a 3-1 win over


Aberdeen. In the Championship play-off, still


playing. Forfar Athletic play Peterhead in


the League 1 play-off final. Mixu intrigued by this, his old team


Cowdenbeath drew 0-0 in the first leg.


There are highlights of the Premiership matches


Steven Thompson, Michael Stewart and Jonathan Sutherland presiding.


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The good ship Results Show skulks off into the sunset for this season


We set sail at 4.45pm. Why don't you join us?


But, in a few minutes' time, scallywags Stuart Cosgrove


and Tam Cowan take to the air with Off The Ball's


That's on Radio Scotland FM and online.


Thanks to Mixu Paatelainen and Steven Thompson


And, as ever, to you for watching. See you soon.


the night when Celtic Football Club captured the hearts of Europe...


Introduced by David Currie.

Reports and results from around the country in the SPFL. In the penultimate Saturday of the Premiership season, Rangers take on Hearts for the fourth and final time in the lunchtime kick-off. At 3.00pm St Johnstone face Partick Thistle in the day's other top six match.

In the bottom half of the table, Kilmarnock host Inverness, Ross County are on Tayside to face Dundee and there's a Lanarkshire Derby as Hamilton play Motherwell.

Plus action from Friday night's Aberdeen versus Celtic match at Pittodrie.

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