07/05/2017 Sportscene


Highlights of the weekend's matches in the SPFL. Including Hearts v Aberdeen, Partick Thistle v Rangers, Celtic v St Johnstone, Kilmarnock v Dundee and Motherwell v Ross County.

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Right out of the top drawer. What a goal that is. Stunning. The shot is


an absolute beauty. Oh, yes. A goal of two quality. -- true quality.


Unbelievable. Unbelievable. Absolutely sensational. What a


strike. What a finish. Right here, right now, this is history. Welcome


to Sportscene. Tonight, the race to avoid relegation on the race for


Europe, and an assistant referee who swears he did not have a big night


out the night before. Weatherston night, Steven Thompson and Pat


Bonner, freshfaced and ready for action. We start in the top six at


Firhill, Partick Thistle without a win over Rangers since 1993.


Desperate to bounce back from an Old Firm drubbing last weekend. The


commentary comes from Rob Maclean. Liam Lindsay who is in the team of


the season, returns the Partick Thistle, so does Osmond. Teenager


Andrew McCarthy drops to the bench. 24-year-old David Bates is back in


Rangers replacing Clint Hill. Kenny Miller drops deeper and Joe Garner


plays up front. The free kick from Danny Hylton. Kenny Miller. He tugs


were shot wide of the target. Route one football from Rangers almost


paying off -- he tugs the shot. Again, Wilson aiming for Garner.


JoJo do. Half a chance for Joe Garner. And he


ruffles the net, but it is the side net.


Martin Waghorn's long throw. Barton gets it away. A little bit of


keeping up from Osmond. Came off Kenny Miller. Barton clears. Good


touch and hold up work. And suddenly, Partick Thistle on the


move. Jinking run from Steven Lawless and plenty room here for


Elliott to pick out Doolan, and fathering is picking the ball out of


the net and Partick Thistle are in front inside 14 manage at Firhill --


14 minutes. A lovely move. A typical finish from Doolan. 15 for the


season for him, and that is 104 goals in total.


A pleasing start this by the expression from Alan Archibald's


team. In from Callum booth. Wilson's header flies high. Barton. Oz man --


Osman. Keown got in front of Fotheringham, but he could not keep


the header down. Flicked on by Edwards. Laid off by Doolan. Playing


a lot of good football, Partick Thistle, dominating the first half.


Good linkup play between lawless and Booth. Here is Edwards and he misses


a great chance to make it 2-0. Credit to Wes Foderingham for the


save. Ryan Edwards knows he should have been scoring. Booth. Edwards.


Lawless and a lovely triangle of passes. Booth's cross headed away by


David Bates. Elliott. And it is zooming wide of the target from


Elliott. A sweet strike, but always swerving away from the goal. It's


not been a great watch for the new Rangers manager. Wilson's header.


Dropping for Lawless. Booth. Lovely flick from lawless. Kris Doolan is


offside. Just as well for Rangers, because he was bundled over by James


Tavernier. The flag was up and rightly so. Very impressive in the


build-up, Partick Thistle. Garner, and then in goes Miller.


Great goalkeeping. He had to get that right. And he did. Now, Wilson,


for Rangers. Barton. Smooth in midfield now.


Erskine. A great break for Thistle. Callum booth. There is Doolan, and


he steers the header wide. Danny Wilson lost his footing, and


suddenly it was a free header for Doolan. Great goalkeeping at the


other end from Cerney against Miller.


Callum Booth with the free kick. A comfortable header away from Bates.


Booth is on to it again. Osman. Erskine, between the lines. Doolan.


Stephen Lawless. Just about the smallest man on the pitch, getting


his head to the cross from Doolan and the tip over from Fotheringham.


He has been a peripheral figure of late, Barry McKay. The chance late


on to make a difference for Rangers. They are a goal down in the closing


stages. Flicked on by McKay. A neat touch.


McKay looks to escape the clutches of Elliott. And he does. Garner, all


opening up for Joe Garner. And that was a poor effort. He had so much


time there. He seems to take a couple of touches and then he misses


the target by a mile. In four Erskine. Lots of air on it.


Clint Hill did his job. Getting his body in the way. Ordering Hamel


launches it. McKay gets there. Neat touch from Barry McKay. It's the


equaliser. It's an instant impact from the substitute. It is a moment


of quality and Rangers were screaming out for it. Did well to


control the kick out. This all could not get it clear. McKay was


persistent and prodded the ball past the goalkeeper for 1-1. McKay.


Losing it this time. Lawless. Interception by Clint Hill.


Tavernier eight's shrugs off the tackle. Cutting inside. And he fires


just right on target. Shades of late November. Wind ass. Under pressure


from McCarthy. He does well. Tavernier. Skipping away from


Lawless. A little bit of afters between Windass and McCarthy. Kenny


Miller thought about the shot. He looks to keep this alive at the end


of the match. Joe Garner! Rangers have won it in the fourth minute of


stoppage time at Firhill. An explosion of joy in the technical


area and they are spilling out of the stand as well. It's the sort of


response you would expect from a win less significant than this one, but


Rangers have won it right at the death. So much credit goes to Kenny


Miller for standing up the cross and Joe Garner was able to bullet the


header home. It will finish Partick Thistle one, Rangers two.


We've been here before, not only with Rangers, with last-minute


goals, and it staying -- disappointing. I have said that is


not good enough. We cannot letting this happen as a squad and the club.


We cannot keep losing late goals because we saw -- put so much into


the first half. Once we lost the first goal, not that I saw another


one coming, but we did not go after the game and sat and did not do


anything. Then we looked a bit mentally tired and physically tired


and we did not do the basics and stop the cross. Clearly meant a lot


to Pedro Caixinha, and various others, but for a long time, this


did not look like being the Rangers victory. No, it didn't. The result


masks an average performance, certainly in the first half. They


were very direct and they were going a lot of long balls and one thing


that stood out was they exploited it. This is the first goal. The


defence has no organisation. When the ball comes into the wide area,


they have so much time and space to deliver. Watch the movement from


Kris Doolan. This is top drawer. The near post header, top drawer


movement. They could not defend in the first period. Header over the


box, in the middle, free header over the box, in the middle, free headers


and it shouldn't happen. Here is the opportunity for Thistle and once the


players through the line-up got into the box, look at the reaction from


the Rangers players, all watching. It's almost three against two. They


score goals in the middle of the six yard box between the posts. Just


like we highlighted last week, in wide areas, it's so easy. You have


do stop it at source. When Partick Thistle find the ball in wide areas,


the time and space they had to pick out across was incredible. It's such


a weakness for Rangers just now. It was a case of deja vu all over


again, and they did well against Rangers earlier in the season, and


then now they lose 2-1. You could see the disappointment from Alan


Archibald. It's just a ball down the middle and poor defending. Those


players coming on at the end did well, but there is the centre-half


and he should be watching the ball and he is grappling with the striker


and he should be attacking the ball but he lets it bounce over. A decent


reaction from Rangers. Another chance, who was the hero last time,


and this stinging shot. The final goal is a decent one and a lot of


that is due to Kenny Miller. Going by the players and from Partick's


point of view, that is poor. We talk about Rangers not dealing with


crosses, but Lawless has to put more pressure on it. You can see it here,


so much space for Joe Garner. It's a good header. Good header, no doubt


about it, but it's a free header. We talk about Partick Thistle,


fantastic being in the top six but you can see why Alan Archibald was


annoyed because he wants a reaction from his players. The season is not


over and there will be a big expectation next year to do it again


and maybe do better. And then they have to do better in these types of


games. As for Rangers, where you surprised by the exuberance, a minor


pitch invasion when they won the match. Slightly OT T. I think it was


a relief more than anything. They had bad weeks with the Celtic


results, and to get a win, hopefully that will galvanise them. You could


see what it meant at the end to get the victory. Pedro Caixinha says he


thought he saw a reaction from his players. Was it enough? It was


nearly up to 84 minutes before they threw on some players and he got


something from them. The 80 minutes Partick Thistle had control of the


game. Today was the end of an era for Parts, the last match at


Tynecastle in front of the old main stand. -- for Hearts. It will be


replaced next season. Aberdeen were hungry to steal second place and the


commentary comes from Paul Mitchell. A fond farewell to an Edinburgh


landmark as Hearts make two changes from the side that drew with Partick


Thistle. Alan Hughes comes in. Aberdeen make two changes, and Peter


Paulette is in for Christie, and Ryan Jack has a suspected hamstring


tear and might miss the cup final. Consett iron has worked himself


free. -- Considine. Nobody picked up Andrew Considine. He heads it wide.


That is not going to win friends and influence people. McGinn. All back


in attendance. McGinn is driving. And touched away. Jack Hamilton, not


a good start to the game for Hearts. Logan. A lot of pushing going on but


the referee is happy that all is well. It comes at to Paulette.


Hamilton have scored. Aberdeen ahead at Tynecastle, and for the third


straight season, Adam Rooney hits 20 goals for Aberdeen. Pawlett with the


shot. You could see the intent from Rooney to follow through, and he was


well rewarded. Not since Joe Harper was in Aberdeen striker, no one has


hit 20 goals in three straight seasons. Cowie sends it in. Walker.


Aberdeen's top goal-scorer has them ahead. The Pawlett -- Hearts top


scorer trying to bring them level. Hughes.


Sowah loses out to Hayes. That is not his first challenge, and the


yellow card comes for the captain. The two were just tangled, and


Walker tried to come across and made the situation worse. Hearts have not


scored against Aberdeen this season. They are trailing at home. Maclean.


Onto McGinn. Hearts stretched here. Up to Shinnie. Again, Aberdeen are


causing Hearts problems, passing it into wide areas. Beaten away by


Hamilton. Shinnie, of his right foot. -- off.


Trying to get away from Rooney. Almost the equaliser. Couldn't put


it on target. He scored six times this season. Almost seven now. A


better spell from Hearts. Walker will turn it out wide. An equaliser


comes from Tavarez. His third goal in four games. A great cross in by


Lee Smith, and he bullied the defenders, the Hearts striker. Logan


was there, Taylor was there, but Tavares wanted it more. Again,


Hearts with a chance to get it into the box. A shout for handball


against Considine. The arm was out, but it wasn't deliberate, and that


is what the referees look for. It certainly struck the arm of


Considine. He is delighted his side level. Hayes is the favourite to


take this. Ocon with the header, and he has beaten Jack Hamilton. Hearts


had been level for barely three minutes, and Ocon scores for the


first time as an Aberdeen player. Directing the header perfectly --


Ocon. -- Ocon. All sorts of space around Tynecastle for the men in


white. Shinnie tried to get in there, then Rooney. As strikers do,


trying to get in there first. Shinnie had the better chance, but


Rooney working back to put it into the corner. Good goalkeeping. Well,


the yellow card comes out. Hearts wanted more, Aberdeen wanted less.


That was full-blooded. Time is playing at Tynecastle. Walker has to


be careful. He has taken Shinnie down and the Hearts captain is off


for the third time in his career and it will be Aberdeen's afternoon at


Tynecastle. Disappointing not to get the clean


sheet or score more. I said to the players that with the cup final in


mind, that was a perfect performance but what we don't need to search too


far for is what they actually give, every game we play, there is total


commitment and there's a real honesty that is written through them


and what they give to the club. We are punching above our weight to


finish on the points with those games to go. When we got back to 1-1


it's a moment we are close to getting control of the game and


getting into the spaces we wanted to be in and there were some chances


coming. We made a mistake and we concede a goal and then things


became a bit more difficult. There we go, a last look at the iconic


stand which has graced many a Sportscene over the years. Not the


way that hearts would have liked to have signed off. Jack Hamilton will


not want to see this again, the first Aberdeen goal. I feel sorry


for him. He's a young goalkeeper who has done well. He has got into the


team and done OK, but this is 30 yards out, and look at the reaction


of Rooney. The ball just bounces and if you are not going to hold it,


knock it away. Away to the side and safety, but look at the reaction. He


is also expecting his defenders to attack -- react. 20 goals again for


Rooney, which is phenomenal. Your old pal, McGinn and Tavares. He's


not known for his headers. It's all that the cross for me from Liam


Smith. He gets the ball and it's one thing his mind. And he is brave to


get above Logan. It is brave and a good delivery. He deserves it


because of the way he has attacked the ball. It's a decent goal to get


hearts back into the match. Plenty of talented Irish players. Anthony


O'Connor, the matchwinner. I know he has made a couple of mistakes, but


this is a really good header. Back across the goalkeeper and I don't


think Jack Hamilton had a chance. Who knows maybe if he keeps


performing and coming up with those big goals, he might play his way


into a cup final. They have sealed second place. A superior goal


difference to Rangers. A huge achievement. Brilliant. To get to


cup finals and finish second above Rangers. I disagree about punching


above their weight. I expect Aberdeen to be up there. It's the


expectancy amongst the supporters. Rebuilding job for Hearts in terms


of the stand and the team over summer. They did poorly today


especially with the Jimmy Walker sending-off. The season is petering


out. That is too definite yellow cards. He is not a dirty player,


Jimmy Walker, but he had another couple of needles, shall we say,


silly challenges and it looks as though he was walking a fine line. I


feel sorry for him with the second one. He is desperate, they are


getting beat. You can't dive in if you are on a yellow card. He is a


Wenger, not a defender -- a Wenger. I feel a bit sorry for him. The


season is petering out. Should the Hearts fans be disappointed? I think


the next summer will be critical. I don't think they will get into


Europe, so the preseason will be critical to buy players, work with


the team and then get ready. They will be away from home for a number


of games because of the stadium and the start of the season is


absolutely critical. Then let's see what Ian Castro can do. Plenty more


to come to night, including the race to avoid relegation.


Before all that, St Johnstone, generally doing well in their record


facing a huge test against the invincible Celtic at Celtic Park.


Celtic give two of their promising youngsters start. -- a start. Rogic


returns with McGregor and Sinclair on the bench. St Johnstone have


Zander Clarke back between the sticks as Tommy Wright makes for


changes. Paul Payton is back in midfield with Stephen Maclean


leading the attack. St Johnstone are the last team to


have beaten Celtic domestically. Here comes Rogic. An early test for


Zander Clark there. A positive start in the opening minute from the home


side. Rogic. Michael Johnson what an introduction it would have been for


the teenager. He also fires one straighter Zander Clark. Towards


Rogic. He is in full flow this afternoon, the Australian. --


straight at. It is they St Johnstone keep doing ever so well in the early


stages of this encounter. -- the St Johnstone keeper. Armstrong. Michael


Johnson. What a lovely term that is. -- turn that is. He could not finish


it with the shot. Excellent skills from the teenager.


Roberts. In towards Tierney. Again, Tierney. Well, they are queueing up


to have shots at goal, Celtic, as they dominate the first half.


Easton. In towards Maclean. That was a glorious opportunity for the


visitors. He just could not keep the shot down. Johnstone. Lovely skills


again. Teasing and tormenting the St Johnstone players. Here is Roberts.


Trying the shot. And that is the opener for Celtic. They get the


breakthrough two minutes into the second period. Patrick Roberts with


the finish, but all credit to Johnson for the build-up. --


Johnstone. Maclean. Holding up Boyata and finding Swanson.


Clipped back in for Cummins. What a stop from Craig Gordon, and still


not clear. And Stephen Maclean levels it up. That is his 12th goal


of the season. Initially Craig Gordon did well to divert the header


away but Maclean was there to pick up the scraps. Griffiths with the


corner. In towards Boyata. And Celtic are 2-1 in front. And Dedrick


Boyata on the scoresheet again against St Johnstone. He scored in


the previous match in January and he's done it again. Sinclair.


An interchange of passing. Here is Griffiths, firing that in. Sinclair,


cutting it back. And Roberts gets a double. That is his ninth in the


campaign for the on loan Manchester City player. Good reactions from


sconce eclair to turn it back for Roberts. -- Scott Sinclair. Rogic.


Sinclair. Scott Sinclair, can he finished? He


just couldn't find the perfect finish from the follow-up.


Brilliant goal from Callum McGregor. No wonder he has been rated for a


Scotland call-up. He led the Saint Johnstone players a merry dance


before delivering that one into the back of the net. Callum McGregor,


claiming his third goal in his last three games for Celtic. Celtic


looking for a fifth. This has been scintillating stuff from Celtic.


They got you off the edge of your seat. They finished with four goals


and yet again, we have six or seven. A wonderful afternoon for the


supporters. Delighted for the two young players that made their first


starts. It was a tough day for us. At 4-1 20 minutes ago, it could have


been worse. But we defended it and make sure we did not come away with


a heavier defeat. But the second and third goal were poor goals. John


Barnes with the commentary. This was an excellent performance again from


Celtic, and especially from these youngsters in the team. Michael


Johnson was so good. How big a star is this? What stood out for me was


his awareness. He looks over his shoulder. And he switches out to the


other debutant, Anthony Allston. Michael Johnston stood out for me in


the first half. He was given a lot of time. Look at this wee Maradona


term. Maybe his finishing something he can work on. You would think you


would be nervous because it is his debut in front of all these fans


Celtic Park. Look how long he keeps holding the ball, tying up the St


Johnstone defence. He is so composed. Should the goalkeeper have


done better here? Possibly. But they have ten shots, Celtic. 18 years old


and awarded with a three-year contract. When you see young guys


coming through, and there are more and the future is bright. I think


Brendan is having a real influence not just on the first team, but also


on what happens in the academy, and with the coaches. You would have


been horrified that Craig Gordon was left out for the team of the year.


Both of them are good. But what Craig Gordon has really improved on


is his ability to be part of the team. This was against St Johnstone


away. I felt here that he didn't have the options. He should have


been getting out into almost right back position. Instead, he doesn't.


And he takes a wrong pass. The only option he has is to play it along.


So it is not Gordon that has learned, it is the other players


too. Absolutely. They should have been giving him the options to get


out there. When you compare that to what happens now in the game, they


went out and worked on it. Look at the composure of him on the ball. He


doesn't rush it. He takes his time. He passes again to a midfielder. All


the players are looking for the ball. Here is another example of it.


The sweeper keeper. Totally confident. I was left out because I


could not pass the ball. Nobody wanted a ball of me at that


particular time. That is the difference. There are now able to


use Craig is part of the team and it looks so different.


To the bottom six now. For weeks, Stephen Thompson has been writing


off Hamilton Accies, but four months everyone has been writing of


Inverness. Caley Thistle seven points adrift at the bottom am


desperate for three points. A huge match on their home turf against the


Accies. COMMENTATOR: Richie Foran has taken


a sledgehammer to the team that lost last week's derby. The Highlanders


haven't won since the end of February.


Craig Tansey is going to send this free kick in. And it is 1- 02 Caley


Thistle! What a time to score your first goal


for the club. And Brad Mackay has done that in a game Inverness simply


have to win. Mackay, whose namesake gave the


Highlanders the lead on ten minutes. But Billy Mackay comes up short


here. Being off the hook. A jittery moment. What a chance! Well, Alex


Fisher's mind must be scrambled after this. He was surely out to


make it 2-0. Accies are struggling at the back. Billy Mackay will be


disappointed with that. He knows he should have got that on target. He


had so much time. He was onside. Accies' best chance by a stretch.


Doherty wanted a penalty here off Brad Mackay. I think he claimed


handball. But McKinnon couldn't take the opportunity. Inverness's last


win came against Rangers. Looked like it might kick-start things for


them. Oh, penalty. It was Donati and Draper. It is a huge moment in this


game. You can see the two tangling. Tansey! 2-0. Never in doubt. This is


a massive shot in the arm for Inverness Caledonian Thistle. They


have been a pale imitation of their former selves this season.


Good play by Doherty. Hamilton have been better in the second half so


far. Inverness have only beaten Accies once here. No penalty.


Nothing doing. The Hamilton players are irate, and they may well have a


case to be. Caley Thistle new defeat today and results going against them


elsewhere would have sent them down this weekend. That is how important


this game is to them. The substitute couldn't make it three. They have


created more chances today than they have in weeks.


Desperately trying to find a route back into this, Accies. These two


have been much better at home. It is all relative, but they have only won


wants away from home each this campaign. That was way too late. Who


knows how important goal difference will be in the shake-up. Danny


Redmond has taken that really well. But it comes deep into stoppage time


and it will not prevent the Highlanders from picking up their


first win since February. We were more physical than them, took the


game to them. Attacks really well and offended even better. I am a big


supporter of the referees, but I can't keep doing it when every week


it seems to be that decisions go against us, whether it is red cards


to get overturned or penalties. Last season against St Johnstone, the


same referee apologised for making mistakes. It is getting to the point


now that I am getting fed up if I'm honest. In the first half, don't get


me wrong, we didn't help ourselves. But it gets frustrating. This was


Inverness Caley Thistle's first win since February, when they beat


Rangers. They had been toiling for months, Stephen.


Where did this performance come from? That is what Richie Foran


would like to know. He must be scratching his head. A big part of


that for me was Ross coming back. He was left out last week. Draper is


that warrior type of player. He is a very physical player. I think he was


pivotal to that victory yesterday. He was positive, stepping onto that


ball. He led by example and the rest of his team-mates followed. It was a


big performance. That was a fantastic pass over the top.


Hamilton will be disappointed with their defending. Inverness should


have scored more than they did. Martin Canning used to like


referees, but was raging about this. Absolutely right. This was


definitely a penalty. I don't know whether the referee was on site, but


that should have been a penalty. At that stage, it was 2-0. Yes,


Inverness should have been a few goals up at that point, but if they


had got a penalty there, it could have changed the whole outcome. So


Martin Canning was right. Maybe he should have been talking about


referees earlier. Last week, the monarch beat Hamilton 2-0. This


time, they played host to a Dundee side that had victory against


Motherwell. Could it be two in a row? One game up is good enough for


me. He gives that spirit to the boys. Last week was a massive win.


We are gone do it. Still four 's games to go.


COMMENTATOR: Kilmarnock, having assured themselves of at least


avoiding automatic relegation, have exactly the same team as beat


Hamilton Accies last time out. Dundee, after that crucial win over


Motherwell last week in, make a couple of changes.


A decent save by Freddie Woodman. Really good chance for Dundee to


open the scoring. O'Hara was unselfish.


The flag is up on the far side to deny him it looked pretty tight.


Jordan Jones is having a word with the assistant, who looks like he


needs a moment or two. Or maybe more. The game has not been that


bad, surely? Oh, dear. That is not the kind of spectacle we want to see


in Scottish football. The assistant referee... Something is not agreeing


with him. Craig Thomson sees the funny side. I'm not sure Andrew


McWilliam does. He may not be finished yet. Little sympathy from


the crowd, or indeed, his fellow official.


El Bakhtaoui retains possession. Clips are decent ball into the box.


Great play by El Bakhtaoui, who has been lively.


Dundee are furious. They are certain it was a penalty. Craig Thomson


disagrees. We can see him pulling the arm. That looks like a penalty.


There is Haber! Dundee in front. And Marcus Haber, having passed up a


couple of earlier opportunities, takes the third. What a priceless


goal that could be for Dundee. They gave themselves a chance last week


by beating Motherwell. And they could move further clear of the


relegation zone, Neil McCann working his magic as interim manager. So


close from Gary Dicker. He will feel he should have been hitting the


target here. Got himself into such a good position, a glancing header.


Go mishandled the ball there. Craig Thomson turns his back on the


incident. It certainly came off the arm. He knew little about it.


Kilmarnock wanted the penalty, though.


Oh are couldn't hit the target. Really good move from Dundee,


though. They look to have re-their confidence. -- they look to have


re-found their confidence. A terrific save their from Bain. He


hasn't been called upon to often in this match, but he earned his way


there. Then did enough to keep that out.


Kris Boyd didn't get as much behind that as he would have wanted. A


comfortable save in the end. After two or three minutes, I turn to


Peter and said, we are all fit today. For some reason, for the full


90 minutes, it looked as if we had finished the game, but we were


nowhere near the standards we have had in the last six or seven weeks.


You can't ask more than 100%. And everybody gave it a day. I trusted


them. We had a chance today, and we missed so many chances. But it only


takes one to get the three points, and we are sitting here a very happy


team. I have told them to enjoy this weekend. First of all, get well


soon, Andrew McWilliam, the unfortunate assistant referee


captured in glorious technicolour. A bit of a sickener for Kilmarnock, I


suppose, to lose at home. But in terms of the chapters, a deserved


victory for Dundee? Absolutely. They were a side that


were disintegrating and have been reinvigorated. They have changed a


few personnel, and it worked for them. They were hard to beat


yesterday, and they created a number of chances. Yes, Kilmarnock were off


of it. Haber should have scored three or four. They were creating


lots of opportunities. I feel sorry for Paul Hartley who was the manager


and they changed him with five games to go. But the decision was probably


right, and that might help keep them up. Saving the best to last from the


Dundee keeper's point of view, Kilmarnock did throw a lot at Dundee


in the closing stages, but Scott Bain stood up to all of it. Yes, you


can create lots of chances, but you need the goalkeeper to perform. I


was expecting to see some of these shots, but this was a really good


save. A real reaction save. Stood up very late and waited for the moment


and got a good hand to it. This was also a good save from Kris Boyd. And


not only did he say that, but he knocked it away to safety, unlike


the other goalkeeper. Two wins on the trot for Neil McCann. Finally to


Fir Park, Motherwell in the mire against a Ross County side still not


out of the woods yet. That shot didn't have the power he


was looking for. Looking good for Motherwell. Ross


County haven't travelled well of late, just one win in seven away


league games in 2017. That came at Tynecastle. Low ball across. A good


chance. Still in search of the opening goal.


Free stumbles. That is not a penalty. He will get the corner. The


Motherwell fans were hoping for more. He just tripped himself.


The goalkeeper will have to stretch as Craig Curran gets the header


away. First real work for Russell Griffiths, the 21-year-old, on his


debut. Free kick by committee. Who is in


charge? It is going to be Ainsworth. Deflection. A good save from Scott


Fawkes. To gain Nick on the way through, just change the angle for


the goalkeeper. -- took a Nick on the way through. There was a


miscommunication there. That was not a clever ball. Motherwell are


causing their own problems. There was a man at the back... Motherwell


should have had that one clear. A child got a little glance on --


chow got a glance on it. Ross County arrowhead. Motherwell find


themselves behind. Chow thumps it clear. That could be Motherwell's


last chance. What a result for Ross County. Not quite safe yet, but what


a big step they have taken. They thank the visiting fans. We were


hopeful it would be significant. It was a tough match. There wasn't a


lot of quality in the game today. It was very frantic. Both sides knew


how much was at stake. It was about trying to get those three points. I


thought we defended well. Motherwell put a lot of crosses into the box


and I thought the back five handled that well. You don't win games by


dominating possession, but by taking chances. But we will go again.


Nobody laid down and died. A huge win for Ross County. It would


take half an hour to explain exactly why, but they are basically safe in


the top flight unless there is a peculiar set of results. But


Motherwell were architects of their own downfall. Absolutely. You have


the talk about individual errors, and it has cost them all season. In


this situation, especially in the situation where Motherwell find


themselves, don't take any chances. You have a number of opportunities.


And then Ross County have put the ball in the box. They are on the


front foot. Poor defending. Somebody has to take responsibility, and they


were static. That is what is costing them. There has been no big


improvement since McGee left. It must be awful for Motherwell fans to


watch this, but it is hugely exciting for the likes of us, who


are just watching it as a spectacle. The last three matches, let's look


at it. Inverness Caley Thistle have a chance. Next week is critical. If


they get a win next week and Hamilton beat Motherwell, the last


game would be Motherwell against Inverness. What a game that would


be. I am just delighted it is coming to its conclusion after we have been


talking about it since October. It is hard to call. It could go down to


the last game as Pat says. Let me ask you guys to predict who is going


to finish. There are still two weeks to go! I think it will be between


those three teams, for sure, as to who goes down. Inverness may have a


chance. I think it will be Hamilton or Motherwell. Too little, too late


for Inverness. I would say Hamilton for second bottom. Stephen and Pat,


thank you. Three games to go and the Ladbrokes premiership table looks


like this. That is it for tonight. Good luck to


all the nominees at the PFA awards tonight and if you're watching a


repeat, well done to the winners. From all of us on the Sportscene


team, bye for now.


Highlights from the weekend's matches in the SPFL. Aberdeen continue their build-up to the cup final with a trip to Tynecastle to face Hearts, while Rangers make a short journey to Firhill to take on Partick Thistle. Elsewhere, champions Celtic entertain St Johnstone, Kilmarnock host Dundee, Ross County are at Motherwell and the clash between Inverness and Hamilton could have repercussions in the battle to avoid the drop.

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