13/08/2016 Sportscene


David Currie introduces reports and results from around the country in the SPFL. Including Dundee v Rangers, Aberdeen v Hearts and Inverness v Ross County.

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and that my friends was the story of the Premiership season so far. It's


only seven days old. Welcome once again to the results show. Unlike


the Olympics you don't have to wait four years for a Super Saturday, we


have one every week. On the pundits podium today Gemma Fay, Craig


Paterson and Tom English. And making up team Sportscene, our reporters


around the country - including Rob Maclean who was watching today's


early game - Dundee versus Rangers at Dens Park. Rangers dominated at


dens Park for 45 minutes and should have had the game home and hosed at


half-time but it ended up with Mark Warburton's team running down the


clock and clinging onto all three points. It looked like they would


win by a distance when they went two goals ahead. Harry Forrester


Hulkster shot into the top corner after Dundee failed to clear and


Kenny Miller's second goal as the home team were overwhelmed. Miller


should have had a hat-trick guides denied by the keeper. The game


changed at the interval as Rangers' defensive deficiencies came back to


haunt them. Paul Hartley's team were a much more competitive team in the


second-half and Williams had a chance to square the game. Rangers


looked panicky in defence in a game where they should have been cruising


they looked uncomfortable. Dundee man is attacking pair Stuart and


Hemmings lacked the quality to create enough opportunities. Rangers


were happy to hear the final whistle. 2-1 winners.


Rangers' first win of the Premiership season. Rob said Rangers


were happy to hear the final whistle. In the first half Rangers


looked comfortable and dominated. Miller had opportunities to extend


the lead. Dundee reorganised a bit. Particularly at set pieces. If I


Mark Warburton unconcerned at the way Rangers are losing goals at set


pieces. I imagine you will be too as a former central defender, Craig.


Looked quite straightforward for Dundee. He's one of the first people


you will mark and he gets a free header at the back post. It's a good


header but Rangers from being in command, Miller takes one of the two


chances. And gets it done. The Achilles' heel, that highball, meant


it was a real contest and Dundee came back into it. Danny Williams's


chance was the only one that came into it. Three points for Mark


Warburton's side but he looks like a manager in need of a strike and a


centre-half to give him options. I'm saving the controversy for you, you


knew I would! Harry Forrester scored a goal but was lucky to stay on the


field, was he not? I think he was. There was a real old ding-dong


between himself and O'Dea Dunne his opponent. The final one he lunged


into a tackle and should have walked but got away with it. Mark Warburton


more or less admitted post he said maybe he should have been red


carded. Maybe should have been sent off, manager speak, you've got to


look at that. Looking at the first yellow card he got, well, the yellow


card, I'm not convinced it was a yellow card. There was a real edge


to the battle between those guys. This debate will continue on the


highlights show tomorrow night. There is no coincidence he was


substituted shortly afterwards although Mark Warburton said he


would come off anyway. When you are booked and go into a challenge wide


left and the referee gives you the benefit of the doubt that is fine


but then he does a professional one and he cannot go into another


challenge, and he flew into him and he was very lucky and the manager


must have decided whatever has gone on between the players Harry


Forrester will get himself sent off. He played well in the first half and


Rangers do not want to lose him, and management taking him off


straightaway. It's a good three points for Rangers in fairness to


them. They will sign a new centre-half, Warburton is on the


record he will get one and he needs one. For Paul Hartley it is such a


heartbreaker for him. Last season they conceded the most goals in the


top nine but they can compensate for that because they have Hemmings and


Stewart. Between them those two guys scored 57% of Dundee's goals in the


league last season and now they have gone. How does the manager replace


those? We will hear from Paul Hartley later in the show but now we


can hear from reporters the length and breadth of the country. Our


first step starts around Pittodrie where Aberdeen are at home to Hearts


and good afternoon to Scott Davie. Good afternoon, it is 3-1 to Hearts


in terms of bookings in another bruising battle between the teams


that finished second and third last season but unfortunately there have


been very few clear-cut chances as yet in this game, which is why at


the moment just a minute or two into the second half it is Aberdeen 0-0


Hearts. Over to Inverness where Caley


Thistle at home to Ross County in the Highland derby.


Your timing is absolutely perfect. It is a hat-trick for Liam Boyce.


Ross County 3-1 ahead. The ball into the box, he climbed superbly, nodded


it into the corner. He had scored two first half goals, one early on,


header into the corner similar to that one. His second goal was a


brilliant touch, took it down, created space, fired it past


Williams in goal. Inverness got one back just before half-time but


bizarre circumstances. It appears the referee blew his whistle before


it hit the net. It was Andrew Davies that scored it. The ball was coming


back and hit Davies but controversy as County believe the whistle had


gone before the goal was scored. We are off to Fir Park and John


Barnes has a story for us and a goal between Motherwell and St Johnstone.


Yes, we have, David, goal for Motherwell early in the second-half


scored by Chris cant for the home side. Richard Tait got to the byline


and tried to cut it back and it took a deflection and alluded Alan Mannus


and it dropped to the back post and it was slotted away after a goalless


first 45 minutes. Motherwell lead 1-0.


Overton New Douglas Park were Hamilton are at home to Kilmarnock.


Over to Alistair Mann Lamont. Hamilton leading 1-0. The first goal


came when Longridge picked up and they love powerful shot was put past


the keeper. Kilis trying to get back into it.


Dropping into the Championship we will start in Dumbarton. Over to


Kenny Crawford. After 49 minutes 0-0. Possession not


a problem for Dundee United, but turning the dominance into


goal-scoring opportunities has puzzled the Tangerines. The longer


that goes by the more Dumbarton are creeping into this. Robert Thompson


and Ryan Stevenson had great chances a moment ago to get that goal.


Let's head to Easter Road, Hibs are at home to Dunfermline this


afternoon. Let's welcome Ryan McLaughlin. The only goal has come


from the head of the Dunfermline centre-half Ben Richards-Everton and


he steered it into the corner. Morton are at home to Falkirk this


afternoon. It's been a great week for Morton


after a terrific Dunne terrific League Cup victory. Things looking


terrific for them, Lee Kilday profited from a real clanger from


the stand-in goalkeeper Mehmet. Lots to talk about. We will start at


the highest scoring match of the afternoon, Inverness. Caley Thistle


3-1 down. He has a hat-trick. He makes a habit of that. He does. Ross


County haven't beaten Inverness Caledonian Thistle in the last


eight. They have come out and Ross County have been phenomenal, we were


watching it in the studio. Do you think this is the biggest match of


the season for them? It is a huge thing and they are dominating it.


Liam Boyce came out of the traps last season so fast, 11 in his first


12 league matches. He is a priceless asset. A guy who can regularly find


the net, worth his weight in gold. He was the leading scorer for the


last two seasons and it is having a devastating effect on Inverness.


Motherwell 1-0 up on St Johnstone. Pictures coming in. Deserving of the


lead? Hard to tell, you are only seeing bits and pieces but important


to get the goal and give themselves something to defend. It looked like


Motherwell against Celtic, being opened up again and again. Getting


the goal gives themselves something to defend. Saint Johnstone are


dependable. If Motherwell could get another three points on the board


this early it would be a great start. Great Dove for Sam Johnstone,


your team, Gemma. How does it look from your point of view -- great


start for St Johnstone. It would be great to watch for a neutral. It has


been even in the first half here. They're living in our favour, three


of the last four games against Motherwell we have won 2-1 after


being 1-0 down. They are setting us up for a 2-1 victory. The goals from


Pittodrie. Aberdeen - Hearts. We had a half


chance two minutes ago for Tony Watt as he burst clear, got away from Ash


Taylor but wonderful recovery challenge by Anthony O'Connor. It is


now 4-24 Hearts in terms of bookings. Hearts have their fourth


booking just as I speak because of a sliding challenge giving Aberdeen a


free kick about 20 yards from goal. Arnaud Sutchuin Djoum increased the


crime count. Hearts were pressed back for long spells in the first


45. The young central defender has compensated for the dropping of his


team-mate in the cup defeat in midweek. Sam Nicholson's free kick


in the first half was headed just wide by John Souttar. Aberdeen and


much more in the early stages of the season matching up physically with


Hearts. They were bullied at times last season and found it difficult


to cope. They very nearly coped well because the good work at one end,


sliding in and very nearly getting in with a sliding kick at the back


post. O'Connor, having made contact, had he made better contact he might


have broken the deadlock but it is still 0-0.


The deadlock has well and truly been broken at Dumbarton. Over to Kenny


Crawford. 54 minutes gone and it's not gone


the way many would expect. Dumbarton 1-0 Dundee United and the goal came


from the penalty spot. Mark Doherty, with his third penalty of the


season, he scored two against Dunfermline last weekend and he has


another one. The way the penalty came about was strange. Lots of


jostling in the box -- Mark Docherty. The referee spotted a push


somewhere. Cammy Bell, the goalkeeper, got booked in protest.


It wasn't clear what the penalty was full but Tambe stepped up and put it


in the top corner. We have a goal at Easter Road.


It has gone the way of the Fife club against the run of play. An


equaliser has come, lovely 1-2 with Joe Cardle. Played the ball inside,


cool finish from Riley, put it onto his right foot and drilled it under


the body of the keeper. It is now 1-1.


Thank you, Brian. Back to the Premiership and back to Inverness


Caledonian Thistle against Ross County. Let's hear from Ross Martin.


Liam Boyce back to his best with a hat-trick in what has been a very


impressive county performance. Craig Curran's cross from the left lead to


the open. Liam Boyce was all alone six yards out and nodded it simply


into the corner. Question marks over the defending and perhaps over the


second. Kevin McNaughton had just hobbled off injured, clearly unable


to continue. They didn't get approach, replacement on before a


ball was sent into the box and Liam Boyce took a fantastic first touch,


given the space to fire and unstoppable low drive home. That was


his second. Woods fired over. Fon Williams carried the ball out of the


box and he was booked but play was allowed to go on and county had the


advantage. They couldn't take it. Before half-time a bizarre goal for


the home side to get back into it, Andrew Davies credited with the home


-- own goal. The referee Andrew Davies appeared to chop it off,


county players were furious, the referee didn't blow his whistle


before the ball hits the net, that is why county were furious. The only


reason he might have chopped it off was Scott Boden offside. County in


control here. We have another goal and it is at


Fir Park. Is it for Motherwell or St Johnstone?


It is for St Johnstone, they are back on level terms in the 56th


minute, and who else but Danny Swanson, the man on a form for the


Perth club, claiming his sixth goal of the season just after Chris Cas


De Liberte Motherwell in front at the start of the second half.


Swanson has levelled it up. He picked up the ball on the edge of


the 18-yard box, drove inside and got beyond the full-back and turned


on his left foot, from the angle of the edge of the six yard box and


knocked it through the legs of Craig Samson to pull them level. Samson


made a good save from a Chris Millar shot. Maclean had a shot that went


wide. Motherwell, although they came at a lively at the second period,


Christopher Cadden was switched. He was at the back post to knock on the


cross from Richard Tait. Motherwell got the opener. Danny Swanson, six


goals from six starts and a substitute appearance, not bad.


Yes, you were punching the air with delight there. He's changed his


training regime and diet and it seems to be bearing fruit. A whole


bowl of fruit. Keep it going. Fantastic finish, to get inside on


his left foot and curled it in. It is the kick-start St Johnstone


needed. Some of the passes played, Miller shooting over with his left


foot as well. It's an interesting game we have now. Third versus


fourth from last year. -- Millar. Looks like they are on track for


that again this year. Let's hear from New Douglas Park. Watching


pictures here Hamilton looked to be on top.


No more goals to report since I last spoke to you but Hamilton Academical


is coming close and moment of two ago. The ball was crossed in and Ali


Crawford got the volley away in loads of room but MacDonald pushed


it away. May be just too close to the goalkeeper but Hamilton pushing


for a second. There has been nothing from Kilmarnock in the second half.


In fact they should have been ahead in just seven minutes when the man


you would normally rely on to score from close range Chris Boyd scooped


the ball over the bar. Since then Hamilton Accies have had the


backhand. They went ahead when Greg Docherty played the ball in.


Hamilton Accies pressing for the second goal which would just about


kill the game off and give Kilmarnock their first defeat since


2010. Time to hear from Andy Burke, if you recall he's watching the


Championship match between Morton and Falkirk. Any change in the


scoreline? No change, Morton leading 1-0. I


should mention this match almost didn't go ahead for the rather


unusual reason of a dodgy PA system. The Town I was drugging and safety


rules dictate and match cannot go ahead without a functioning tannoy


system. Fortunately the issue was resolved, although Falkirk's


stand-in keeper Tim Ferry may wish it hadn't been because his mistake


presented Morton with the only goal so far. Falkirk have been


disappointing at need to find something in the second half to


avoid back-to-back defeats in the opening game of the season. Just a


reminder, I will fill you in on other matches. Raith Rovers 3-0 up


against St Mirren, good start to the match. Queen of the South 3-1 up on


Ayr United. We spoke earlier about how not so long ago it would have


been a Premiership match. Dunfermline were great, winner on


the opening day of the season. They came up, they were impressive in the


lower divisions, and can you cope with this kind of game, this was a


big test at Easter Road, testing their metal. Hibs started well with


a victory against Falkirk. Knocked out of the cup in midweek and I


expected Hibs to be firing on all cylinders this afternoon. -- mettle.


I didn't see a way back after they went down. If Dunfermline believe


they can score the second goal they could come back. If they settle back


into their shell and defend there is a good chance they will be beaten.


No shortage of belief for Raith Rovers under Gary Locke. A good win


at home to Ayr United last week and this week 3-0 up against St Mirren.


Terrific start for Raith Rovers and Gary Locke. Disastrous start for St


Mirren. He was very confident that he had assembled a decent squad this


season, plenty of options up front. But it has gone pear shaped already.


That is a sobering score so far. This is only the second game, come


on! I know it's only the second game, fine, but with their ambition


to get in the top four. If you get off to a slow start, looking at the


trends over the years, teams who start slowly, it takes a while for


them to get out of the rut they are in and by that point the manager is


under pressure, the players are negative and it happens time and


again and they will want to get out of the rut quickly. Is it too early


to talk about Kilmarnock, the way they are down, looks like Hamilton


are in the ascendancy, not looking great for them. It's not and Lee


Clark came in at the end of last season and the Kilmarnock board were


willing to give him time and he has had pre-season bringing in 12


players in the close season. He brought in somebody today and he's


playing. George Green, ?2 million rated youngster from Burnley. They


are all under the age of 22. They have lost Josh Magennis,


Higginbotham has gone, Kielty is not playing, buoyed started today but


doesn't usually start. It is all very well bringing in young talent


but you need to have the spine of a team that has experience to help


young players coming on -- Boite. Time will tell but how much time


will they give him to get out of it? Usually New Douglas Park is a happy


hunting ground for Kilmarnock, not beaten in six times the last six


times they have been there and Hamilton have won once in 15 games


at home but the season he will be pretty happy with what has happened.


Absolutely comedy performance last week and another good performance.


If he can hold onto that when it is terrific. -- great performance. They


are throwing players at the problem. I get that because the last three


seasons they finished ninth, tenth and 11th and he had to do something


radical. Maybe this is too radical. I promised we would hear from Paul


Hartley, the Dundee manager, after their 2-1 defeat at home to Rangers


this afternoon and I'm as good as my word. We can hear from him now.


After the match he spoke to Jonathan Sutherland.


Paul, had your chances in the second half, do you feel you could have


taken something from the game? Possibly, second half we were good


in terms of intensity, the quality was a bit better. First half wasn't


as good in terms of keeping the ball but overall I was pleased, lots of


encouraging signs. Mark O'Hara came from Kilmarnock and we thought he


was a defender and seems he is a midfielder, Man of the Match today.


Outstanding, 21 years of age, great prospect, he is not a defender, he


is an attacking midfielder. Looking at what he did today, energy, great


quality, gets his goal. I've set mark the target of ten goals this


year from the middle of the park and if he keeps performing like that I'm


sure he will hit the target. Hemmings and Stewart were always


going to be hard to replace and obviously the scoreline went against


you today, but reasons to be cheerful? Especially the second


half, I was pleased in terms of some of our play. I think we can keep the


ball better. It's always going to be a tough game against Rangers. I felt


that we matched them today. Thank you for joining us. STUDIO:


He's not too downhearted after that, is he?


The big story for Dundee, the loss of Stuart this week after Hemmings,


Jonathan Burke the question to him. You've got to try and replace guys


and when you bring them in from places like Cowdenbeath etc that is


maybe once-in-a-lifetime, two players that quality from the lower


leagues, who scored goals, Paul Hartley cannot do that season after


season. It is a tough job, 30 of the 53 goals they were responsible for,


how do you replace that? Big teams do that by spending money on quality


strikers who you know will score goals but Paul doesn't have that


budget. He has to hope someday like Mark O'Hara moving into midfield


will chip in with some goals. El-Bakhtaoui looked like he could


add something to them. They only lost five home games last season and


only the top three were better. Good result for Rangers. I went on the


opening day of the season, decent second-half performance gives them


something to build on. If I remember correctly, last season


it was drawers that were their undoing. To go back to Hemmings and


Stewart, but if you look at Hemmings, the amount of goals he got


first of all, but the amount of games that he rescued a point from,


games that he would have lost when he scored an equaliser, the game


they were drawing when he scored the winner, it was about 16 or 17 league


points on his own. I'm going to have to cut you off because there has


been another goal in the Highlands. Is it for Inverness or Ross County?


But again we have here, the ball was nodded just on the edge of the box,


Ross Draper with a left footed low drive, confidently over the Borg


again on, just when we thought it might peter out it is back on.


STUDIO: More from the Highlands later on but now it is week one of


the English Premier League season, it kicked off at lunchtime with


newly promoted Hull City at home to the reigning champions Leicester


City. How did the sequel to the Foxes' fairy tale start, we can find


out from Guy Mowbray. The Premier League delivers with a


remarkable first-day story as newly promoted Hull with only enough fit


players to fill a team to beat the champions Leicester City. A largely


uneventful first half closed with Hull taking the lead, Abel Hernandez


and the and a went up together to acrobatically score after Kasper


Schmeichel had full stretch saved from Curtis Davies. On replay the


goal went to Adama Diomande. Hull came at Leicester again after the


penalty. After Robert Snodgrass had clinically fired them in front for


2-1, some heroic defending from captain Curtis Davies, Jake


Livermore and Coe saw the Tigers hold on. Hull City 2-1 Leicester


City. 1500-14 Hull to check the league --


win the league! That was not how most people imagine


this game to go, Hull City with a caretaker manager and understrength


squad and three points on the opening day. The tables have turned,


Leicester are no longer the underdogs and it's an interesting


position. I don't think they have ever been in that position before.


When you are a team when pre-season hasn't gone your way and everybody


is knocking you down but you have a togetherness within the squad, which


it seems Hull does, they will give everything and they have caught


Leicester by surprise. It will be a tough season for Leicester to win


the league title and to defend it is even harder. Ranieri said there is


more chance of ET landing in Piccadilly Circus than of them are


repeating the remarkable feat of last season. I think ET put a five


on them to win it. You cannot think it is more than once-in-a-lifetime.


It was a wonderful story and gives everybody a lift but Leicester City


could finish anywhere from just above relegation from a mid-table,


we don't really know. I don't see them having the same Kadyrov season.


They want to get off to a good start, they have got off to a poor


start but nice to see Robert Snodgrass getting off the mark.


Roberson and Snodgrass and John Maloney on the bench. Snodgrass is a


terrific player and we kind of forget about it because he had such


a horrific injury. He is a serious player. It augurs well for Gordon


Strachan at Scotland. He could almost fit into any Premiership


midfield now. Snodgrass is a terrific player. Onto one of the big


controversies of week one of the new season, did he or didn't he, dive


that is? Jimmy Walker of Hearts has been grounded by the SFA for games


for going to ground to win a penalty against Celtic. Voila, we have the


first controversy of the new season. Let's remind ourselves of this,


folks. I've still not made up my mind on that. Kidding! What do you


make of that, Tom? You've had your say on the radio this week. You were


vociferous in your condemnation. It is pretty straightforward to me that


it's a dive, there is no contact, it is a dive. That said, I can


understand why Hearts fans are up in arms because there were other dives


in that match, that wasn't the only one. Dembele dived as well. They are


looking at consistency. We will return to this topic but right now


we're returning to New Douglas Park where there has been a goal,


Hamilton or Kilmarnock? Kilmarnock have pulled level at New


Douglas Park, Jodi Jones causing the problems as he did in the opening


minutes. He looked dangerous on the first few minutes but Kris Boyd


could not convert. Heat-treated the only opportunity. -- he created. He


powered the ball past Remi Matthews in the Hamilton Academical goal from


Jones's delivery. 1-1 at New Douglas Park. I'm not going back to you


because every time you speak there is a goal and I have to interrupt


you. What have you made of the


controversy surrounding this incident? Was he simply taking


evasive action? He was doing every forward does in the box on the Mac


he feels the defender coming, going to sweep it clear, tell end it, and


as soon as the contact comes you go down. It is not contact, it is a


contact sport, contact enough to brush you over, you can brush


against anyone and down the Youghal and the question is asked of the


referee. I feel for Walker. So many people would do exactly the same


thing in that position but now they have set a precedent. We will see if


it works, see if one or two players think if I get caught it is a two


match ban. If it stops it it is a great idea but I feel for Jamie


Walker being the first player under the cosh. As a player, the cheat


word has been brandished around this week. Is that too strong?


I would suggest it is slightly too shone. One of the contact on the


player? No. Did he follow the? Yes. Were they seeking an advantage? If


the referee booked him for a dive he does not miss a match. If he does


not get booked to get a panel today and he gets it to match ban. It is


an interesting discussion. I referee is going to continually pick up on


this or not? -- Adi referees going to. Are you taking issue? I hear


regularly from professional players... Let us go to New Douglas


Park. Carl Myrick have turned this game around. Hamilton looked like


they were cruising. Chris Boyd put them level. The ball was picked up


on the left-hand side of the box and then it was Carol beyond the


outstretched arm of the goalkeeper. -- it was Carol., neck and leading


2-1. No time for an infomercial. Here is a new season coming up soon


on BBC Scotland. A game woven into our communities. Then with social


and political change, Scottish transformed. I was in the room. It


was incredibly exciting. Was it for the good of Scotland's game? We


realise that the world had changed and the escalation of wages.


Scotland's game. Starts on posted 25th of August. I cannot wait to


hear more from Martin. He is watching the Highland thriller,


Inverness against Ross County. It is an interesting game, absolutely


brilliant. Inverness fighting back. There was a hat-trick that grabs the


headlines. He nods home current's cross. Superbly fired the corner.


Got one blackberry was Andrew Davies to put the ball in. The referee had


already blown before the ball went over the line, but we will have to


clear that up after the game. Ross J prior firing Inverness back with a


low drive on. A substitute for Inverness came close and found the


top of the netting, but it was over the bar. There is so much happening


here. There is another goal at Fer Park, Motherwell against Johnson. It


isn't Johnson that have gone 2-1 in front. It comes in the 75th minute.


It was a shock from the edge of the box. The player was quick to knock


it into the back of the net. It got past the Motherwell goalkeeper.


Motherwell one, St Johnstone two. The goals are flying in now. Still


0-0 at Aberdeen - hearts. Hearts dominated -- Aberdeen dominated in


the first part of this game. Plenty of pressure on Aberdeen that they


have nothing to show for it. There is 15 minutes to go. The biggest


chance came a few minutes ago. A lovely ball into the six yard box.


But it went about six yards wide of the target. It was hooked right


after that. They broke into the Aberdeen penalty area. At the moment


it is you - zero. There is another goal at Easter Road between Hibs and


Dunfermline. Jason Cummings on target. Martin Boyle played the ball


into the box. They had all the time to clear but they missed it


completely. There was Jason Cummings just behind him to knock it into the


empty net. 11 minutes left. The Burnley into, Dunfermline one. And


only have Hamilton against Colmar neck. Any developments? No, no. They


have drilled for much of the game. An important header there. It was


Jordan Jones to cause so many problems. He has just won his side a


free kick. The skin turned on its head in for second-half minutes


after Hamilton had been ahead, a powerful strike. Chris Boyd brought


them level. Then the ball was curled to put his side in front. Lee Clark


is in the stand as a result of being sent off last week. Come on again


have to claim seems to have worked. We can head to Dumbarton now, Dundee


United 's against Barton. Dundee United had so much possession that


they failed to turn it into opportunities. After the break they


paid for that because Dumbarton came out firing on all cylinders. There


was a free kick of the crossbar and then a corner. The Canon was pushed


in the box and the referee pointed to the spot. Mark Doherty stepped up


to score with his left foot high into the top left corner on his


third penalty in two games. A good straight record for him this season.


The two strikers for Dundee United have come on as substitutes and they


have had good chances. Simon Murray went wide of the posts. Dumbarton


are holding out. Heads and St Mirren both came to the Barton twice last


season and fail to leave with any points, so this is perhaps not as


much of a shock as people think. -- heads. Now we can go to Greenock.


Falkirk are playing Greenock. They are still ahead 1-0. Falkirk are


without their first choice keeper and their replacement did not cover


himself in glory when it came for what looked like a routine corner


catch and fumbled the ball straight to a player's V2 slashed at home.


This same man doubled the lead a few minutes ago meeting a corner with a


powerful header that went just wide. The visitors will be relieved to see


the back of the striker. It has in stretching the Falkirk defence all


day long. The closest Falkirk into getting back into the match was just


before half-time. A substitute has sparked some life into Falkirk, but


they are still trailing. What were you saying about Cal Marnoch I said


it was a masterstroke to bring in new players. It was a terrific goal,


tremendous. If they can win that that is such a boost because it will


breathe a bit of morale and confidence which has been absent,


for such a long time. Wing-mac I'm interesting -- I am interested in


the narrowing in shortening of the pitch to create a more intense


approach. Is that been evident today? It seems to be now. If you're


going to push the opposition, the wider the pitches the more running


you have to do. If you narrow it, you do not play with when I was and


that their workers have to take in. , are's away form is not their


problem. They cannot get the job done in front of their fans. Last


season in four games, and it won twice at Hamilton and Hamilton won


twice at, neck. Both have the worst home-wrecker and league although


they should be the best. Neither side deemed to be able to get


results. Your team are 2-0 up. I am sure you are delighted at that. As a


goalkeeper, it was not the best. He made an error. He did not get -- he


did not get out quick enough to fix it. Tonight's lottery numbers... Now


we can hear about an incident at Fer Park. The ball has been in the neck?


Motherwell thought they had equalised for the fans did, but


there was a free kick from the right-hand side with the left boot


of Martin Johnson. There was McDonald advancing our heads will


stop it was volleyball style how he put the ball at the back of the net.


For his troubles, Scott McDonnell has received a yellow card. Some


volleyball, is that not cheating? That is a deliberate attempt to calm


the referee. Professional footballers are role models. I


would've thought that the manager would not be too upset you doing


that. It is part of the game. We would love to see a drawn out


completely. The referees are going to have to stand up and be counted


and that is the worry, can we all do that? Statistics will tell you


everything about the match but I'm looking at the card for Hearts and


it looks like a stinker. If Aberdeen session 0-0, the last seasons of


last season and this season it will not have scored any goals. It is


surprising. Four games in a road they have not scored in the goal.


That does not make sense. He will be too disappointed with the point.


This season the fixtures have been difficult. Aberdeen and Rangers at


home. To get something from those fixtures. Time to call on John


Barnes... Now we're going to Martin in the Highlands. Years watching


Inverness against Ross County. Is a stealthy- Tutu County. Inverness are


really pressing here. There is ball N. We're going -- weird action


there. Ross Chip are getting one back for Inverness. Five or so


minutes to go and it is a very exciting derby indeed. Have you any


excitement virus? Lots of yellow cards? Five yellow cards for Hearts


and two for Aberdeen. Shane Logan working at the edge of the penalty


area. There was a wonderful sliding tackle. It was steered beyond corner


kick. Plenty of pressure for Aberdeen. They have a habit of


scoring late goals, seven of the goals came late in the competition.


They are piling the pressure ran against Hearts who have been


threatening at times. It has been fiercely contested so far and there


is just a few minutes to go. Is there any sign of on-call at Fir


Park Stadium? There are about five minutes left to play. Five of the


last seven meetings between the sides has been won by an odd goal.


Motherwell are going up the park. Johnson trying to find the back post


but he could not do so. Motherwell pressing for the equaliser but St


Johnstone standing firm. , against Hamilton. They just missed an


absolute glorious chance to level is a corner was sworn in for


Kilmarnock. The chance for Hamilton was a few moments ago. The ball was


kicked over the heads of the defenders. It was a half decent


effort but the credit has to go to McDonnell. A good chance passed up


by Hamilton to earn themselves a point. Now Dumbarton versus Dundee


United. Mark Doherty got a penalty in the 54th minute. They are holding


out resolutely. Dumbarton, a really good display by then. That was


another good save. One of the players... Some of his passes and


clearances have been quite wild and he's been getting criticism from the


fans. Dumbarton are holding out at the moment. Then her Burnley against


some farmland. Bernie and look like they are hanging on. Dom farmland


one. There was an equaliser for


Dunfermline just before the Aramark. Then a crazy old from Jason Cummings


with 11 minutes to go. Jason Cummings was alone at the back post.


The crowds, 16400 and 77. In a remarkable attendance here. Now


Greenock and Morton against Falkirk. All that solitary goal be an offer


Morton to get three points? That is not the case because Falkirk has


snatched a equaliser. The ball was tangible from close range. There


will be kicking themselves that they have to win this away because in the


last 10-50 minutes they have looked comfortable and dominated


possession. Falkirk are lacking a cutting edge up front. I am cutting


your graphs. I was just being sarcastic. Her Burnley and have a


valuable win here, by the looks of things. -- her Burnley in.


When hearts won the championship and Rangers won the championship they


started strong and never looked back. No one could get near them.


Heads need to do that this season and that means winning games like


today. They have to see that through to 90 minutes. Add your last week.


That was a match we could have expected them to win. You can look


at the stats and not be that surprised. I thought Dundee United


would win back comfortably. It is early days and they will have a good


season, that is a bit of a shock. Watching St Johnstone away to


Motherwell this afternoon. Isn't Johnson under the cosh a bit? There


was a fantastic chance for a volley there. It looks like the games last


year, entertaining but not much in it. I'm hoping this Johnson managed


hold out. A good win and Johnson midweek against Aberdeen. It was a


good win over Hearts midweek. They will not be too disappointed with


the start of the season, they are doing well. Did tend to start well


but then we have a mini highlighters are couple of months on and we


cannot find a goal. Hopefully we can continue with that momentum and get


to the point where they usually stick and push on. We have our first


full-time from Brian McLauchlin. This is from the championship. It is


finished. Two were inserted to four HIBs. The opener came from a header.


The ball was cleared off the line. The Dunfermline defence could not


cleared the danger. It was not back into the box. Dunfermline came back


into the game in the second half. There was an excellent finish. Just


eight yards out sliding the ball beyond Ross Laidlaw. The winner came


with 11 minutes left. The ball was played into the box by substitute.


He had a fresh art at the ball, missing it completely. You cannot


leave Jason Cummings alone at the back post any tap the ball into the


net for his third goal and he secures all three points. Easter


Road watch by No one but a late equaliser from


Falkirk. It is all over. Falkirk finished 27 points ahead of Morton


last season but they were second best for long spells here. The


opening goal came through an error from Falkirk's keeper. He may wish


he had not replaced the injured Danny Rogers when he fumbled a


corner. The ball was then smashed on to give Morton delete. Morton were


then in the ascendancy in the second half and looked assured of the


point. He scored from close range to snatch a point for the visitors and


Falkirk came away with a point. A valuable point for Falkirk there.


They lost last week. How many times did we say about last season?


Falkirk comeback to win and draw games very late. It is a huge blow


for them but I think they will be very competitive at the end of the


season. They have a very impressive manager. Morton did well last season


and it looks like this season they are well-placed to it again. They


were the only team to win it Easter Road last season. Now they feel they


can take on anyone. When you start the season well and get your self


into a battle can take you through whole campaign. We are now going to


New Douglas Park. It is not quite finished. We can talk about the


championship. Some fantastic stuff. It is a perfect start for them, a


great start. They will want to get themselves out of this quickly. A


convincing performance. Convincing pictures coming in from Hamilton. I


think my neck were under pressure and they save their bacon. The last


campaign they wanted to go off to a great start with a lot of new


players under manager needed them gel quickly. A lot of questions are


being asked. They go behind to come back and get that victory. I spoke


to Martin Smith and Aston about me Clark and he said he was brilliant


to work with. You would expect him to say that. I'm sure he will be


feeling brilliant tonight. Hamilton was unlucky with the free kick. That


lifts the grey clouds above, Nick. Most people I have spoken too soon


to be tipping, Nick to go down. Do you change your analysis? It is too


early so I will keep my counsel with that. It is a big victory. They need


to follow that up. If they go back to the old way of doing things and


do not win a game that is no use. This new team are gaining a huge


amount of confidence from this. There has been a goalless draw


between Aberdeen and Hearts. This is not surprised in considering how


hard-fought these teams tend to be, those who finish second or third in


the division last season. Hearts is only 12 of the last 11 domestic


games and both of those came against Aberdeen. They could not make it


three today, although they were exemplary sustaining pressure. They


missed their best chance with a free kick from Nicholson on the left.


Tony awards, we cannot put any more pressure on the Aberdeen defence.


Anthony O'Connor got back with quality defending. They battled and


scrap for everything. Aberdeen have started the season with two all the


straws, two points in the bag. They're starting with HJ brings in


the season. The first win of the Premier ship season force and


Johnson. They won to Motherwell. We can get the full report. It keeps up


their seven games unbeaten in this campaign. They came from behind to


do so. Chris Cadden opened the scoring for Motherwell three minutes


into the second half. Across from the right hand side was deflected at


the post and you could not miss from two yards. Danny Swanson usually on


form at the moment and he even things up. A lovely piece of skill.


And then in 75 minutes a mistake by the Motherwell goalkeeper allowed


Steven MacLean to score the winner for the visitors. It was a shot from


the edge of the area but he spilled it right in front of McClain from


six yards out and then slotted into the back of the net. His fourth goal


of the season but it is a victory for some Johnson.


A victory for Ross County in the Highland derby. Rose county versus


Inverness. County had their first points of the season. The second was


a brilliant first touch. That was with Inverness down to ten men.


Andrew Davies netted the home goal. The referee had blown his whistle


before the goal was scored, before awarding that goal. The JAMA was far


from over. A low drive. They pushed on. It should have been ended from


close range. A powerful drive straight on. A brilliant Diaby with


Derby the victors. After Dumbarton and Dundee United. How did it


finish? Dumbarton got one point, Dundee got none. It looks very


impressive. As the game wore on and the team started to get more


possession. At the beginning of the second half look like they were


going to steal something. There was a shot from a corner, that Ryan


Stevenson floated on. The referee pointed to the spot. The goalkeeper


was booked. Mark Doherty stepped up with his left foot and converted it


into the top left corner. The third penalty he has scored in three games


to give his penalty the lead. Dundee United were just three in defence. A


young left-back had a good chance that this is Rabbi Dumbarton


gent-mac goalkeeper. They were resolute and scary and got a great


victory. A great start for Dumbarton getting this one. That United are


still looking for the best when. They have lost today was not been a


great start because they are the favourite for this league. Did I


hear him saying that the referee blew his whistle and then changed


his mind? That is unusual. No wonder the defenders were up in arms. If


that is the case who will hear more about that. There has to be time the


nuclear reactions of that is the case. It sounds a bit dodgy. To


reappraise people of the situation. Car Manukau won 2-1, he had I only


saw the goal. I don't see anything else he did but his goals and that's


a beauty. He turns back to his right foot and fires into the back of the


net. It is a super finishing, Nick drove on after they got the


equaliser. That got them back into the game. The winning goal was


absolutely brilliant. They do not have to spend that, they can


strengthen elsewhere. You would like the money to strengthen the squad


and that would be about bringing in some more experience. This young man


is impressive and here's the top scorer just now. He is 21 years old.


We know with young players that consistency can be an issue. He


needs something else there to back him up. More from you later. No more


goals to go when. Now it is time for our results round-up.


The match between Celtic and Partick Thistle postponed.


More details of today's matches in the English Premier League coming


up. We will start with Damian Johnson, the reporter who watched


Burnley at home to Swansea. Second-half goal from Leroy Fer was


enough to help Swansea claimed the spoils and ruin their first game


back in the Premier League. Leroy Fer tapped in after Heaton parried


into his path. Lukasz Fabianski saved well on the half volley.


Fabianski's fine reaction save denied Dean Marney late on. It is


Swansea who hang on. Everton are under new management


this season and they were at home to Tottenham this afternoon. Ivan


Gaskell can tell us what happened at Goodison.


1-1 it finished. It took Spurs a good 45 minutes to realise the


season had actually started. They worked their way into this one and


the open ended all square but for at least two fine late saves from


Everton's new keeper Martin Stekelenburg they may well have won


it. It had seemed so different for Everton early on, the Ronald Koeman


era off to a bright and breezy start and a goal in five minutes, Ross


Barkley's free kick. Even he was surprised to see it bounce past Hugo


Lloris. The Spurs keeper was later taken off and replaced by Michel


Vorm. Spurs kicked off after the break and took advantage of the fact


that Everton had not extended their lead and worked their way into it.


Lamela with a well taken headed goal squared it. Stick Allen Berg came to


the fore with two fine saves but I think 1-1 is about fair.


-- Stekelenburg. Time to find out how Middlesbrough did on their


return. They pick up a point after a


seven-year absence in the top-flight. Spanish striker Alvaro


Negredo took no time at all to get reacquainted with the league. He


headed home from close range bravely after the ball was headed back


across goal by Gaston Ramirez hit the post twice in the first half and


cleared off the line. Stoke weather the better team in the second half


and deserved a point on the balance it. Shaqiri with a free kick 25


yards out over the wall, Valdes on his debut got a hand to it but


perhaps should have done better with his positioning and with his left


hand. That gave Stoke the equaliser who could have found a winner late


on. Wollscheid just headed over the bar. Just about right on


Middlesbrough's return to the Premier League.


Middlesbrough 1-1 Stoke City. None of the big guns apart from Leicester


have played so far this weekend in the Premier League down south. We


have Man City playing Sunderland later on tonight. Both have new


bosses. Both high profile but one with a considerably higher profile


than the other. Guardiola at Man City and David Moyes at Sunderland.


And a higher budget as well I might say. Huge money is involved in the


English Premier League. When you are at the top end and you have the


backers that Man City have, Sunderland can only dream of the


players Man City can attract. David Moyes gets his team organised, he


makes his team hard to beat. I don't expect them to take anything from


the game but they will make Man City work for it. Man City seemed to be


the favourite of most pundits down south for the title. Do you concur?


I think this Premier League will be one of the hardest to call with the


players that are coming into it and the money involved, it is absolutely


crazy, it is ludicrous. But it's going to make it exciting and it's


hard to narrow it down to four, five, six, anybody could go in there


and put in a run. You mentioned the players but all of the hype seems to


be surrounding the super bosses coming on. You mentioned Guardiola


but there are a few others as well, Tom. One or two. Mourinho and


Antonio Conte obviously. The money that has been spent is eye watering.


I find it very hard to pick a winner. The two Manchester clubs and


Chelsea will be the top three, I think. But in what order? Don't ask


me. You don't know. I am asking you. You are asking the! I'd go with Man


United first. Because of Mourinho? He always has a good first season at


a club. -- you are asking me! He's developing a big squad that it is


world-class. He's got goals in it, he's got Pogba, he has a defence now


worthy of a name, whereas the last couple of seasons under Van Gaal the


defence was dreadful. I would go with Man United. When you go up


against canny managers like Guardiola I wouldn't be surprised if


it was Man City. Would you describe Lee Clark as a canny manager? We can


hear from him now after his side's 2-1 win away to Hamilton in the


Scottish Premiership this afternoon. He spoke to Alasdair Lamont.


We can only assume that you are delighted that managing to turn that


game around having looked like you might be in for another defeat?


To be fair our game plan was fine. We were frustrating Hamilton. Goals


change games, as they say, and we gave away a poor goal and seemed to


lose our discipline a bit and focus in terms of what was required. But I


think the substitutions and change of formation helped us once again


and obviously it's food for thought now because that's two games in a


row with strikers on the pitch and it has been more positive. Whereas


last season with the personnel we had we had to go in a certain way.


This year with the players we have up top end speed we have up top it


allows us to go with two strikers of the highest quality, great wing play


by Jordan Jones, and it's food and drink for Chris Boyd. He has lived


off that. The second goal is a fantastic bit of play by Simon and


the huge three points, as you said. You mentioned substitutions. You


were watching the game from the stands. To what extent was Lee


McCulloch and the rest of the coaching staff taking the initiative


and saying what they see in the game and bringing them in? We were in


contact. And obviously the lads are very experienced as well. We all


came to the same decision. We spoke briefly over the phone at half-time


about what possibilities we could do with the game was still panning out


like it was five or ten minutes into the second-half. Between me and


Peter and Lee McCulloch we came to the decision, with us being in


contact, that it was time to change tactics and personnel and thankfully


it worked. You mentioned Jordan Jones providing


the first goal, and obviously provided a good option for Chris in


the first half as well. I thought he looked dangerous for you almost


throughout. He was outstanding, I've got to say. He has shown that in


flashes during the course of the League Cup campaign. Last week, you


know. We need more consistency, we need that level of performance, and


today for the full duration of the game he's been very productive, got


to the byline, got crosses in, had attempts on goal and made chances


for other people. He has electrifying pace and skills and


trickery. So I'm delighted with his performance today.


He's delighted, Tom. And no wonder, he's talking about going regularly


with two strikers upfront and that will be music to the ears of many


Kilmarnock fans, will it not? Yeah, I think the music they have been


hearing is the Funeral March for too long. Jordan Jones, looking at him,


he's right he is quick and it's a great ball in for Kris Boyd. He's


just nodded it home from six inches, Kris Boyd is the best striker in the


world from six inches! It is good that he is back in the mix, Boyd. He


provides the experience they need. He does, a bit of experience, he


will get you a goal, galvanised the place, and I'm a big Kris Boyd fan.


He's got a fantastic head of hair on him as well. He's become a better


striker since he grew his hair. Kilmarnock fans in for a treat,


another victory today. Winning against Motherwell.


Tommy, you must be pleased with the performance, tremendous start of the


season continues. I would say from a footballing


aspect it was our best performance. We passed the ball really well,


controlled large spells in the first half, probably didn't make enough of


the opportunities. But always looked like a goal threat. We showed


character. Coming back from 1-0 down away from home.


That's what it is all about, character away from home. It is


about character, about having players in the team who will get the


job done. Five years in a row they started top six, they drew against


Aberdeen to start the season and they are a team that you don't want


to play because they get at you. Steven MacLean upfront will get


goals, they are solid at the back and have a decent goalkeeper. They


do not have a huge squad, injuries and suspensions might hurt them but


if they have their first 11 they are a match for anyone. If St Johnstone


don't finish in the top six it will not be a failure, we heard a couple


of weeks ago. Do you agree? As a St Johnstone fans we will not be world


beaters, we have a budget and we will stick to it and what they have


done in the last couple of seasons has been brilliant and he looked


visibly elated talking about the match. Staying in the Premier League


is always our first aim and if we can compete further up we are happy.


No need for Motherwell to panic, not been a great week for them. They


knew it would be a hard season, Motherwell, talking to people at the


club they knew that money would be in short supply, therefore they


really had to start well and get their teeth into the division and


try and stay away from the bottom area so it will be difficult because


I don't think there is any money in the next transfer window to bring in


new players but they have a team, if they can keep their best 11 together


I think Motherwell will be OK. Mark McGhee is a good manager and Cincy


has complaints have moved on the right direction. I'm afraid that is


pretty much that for today, day which the following stories unfolded


in the Scotland's top two divisions. There was a Highland derby win for


Ross County. 3-2 win for Ross County. St Johnstone won 2-1 away


from home. 2-1 win for Rangers, their first win of the season,


congratulations. And as we mentioned Killie were winners as well. In the


Championship, a big win for part-time Dumbarton against Dundee


United. Hibs 2-1 winners against Dunfermline. One point apiece for


Morton and Falkirk. Big wins for Queen of the South at home to Ayr


United and Raith Rovers at home to St Mirren. Now, let me just remind


you, to watch the highlights show tomorrow evening at 6:30pm on BBC


Two. The results show returns next week at 4pm on BBC Two Scotland.


Before that there is Off The Ball's Saturday Supplement with Stuart


Cosgrove and Tam Cowan and this week Gemma Fay. That's on Radio


Scotland.don't be shy give them a call on 0500 92 95 00. Thanks to


Gemma and our other guests Craig Paterson and Tom English. And thanks


to you for watching - see you soon.


Introduced by David Currie.

Reports and results from around the country in the SPFL. In the Premiership, the lunchtime kick-off is at Dens Park as Dundee face Rangers. Then at three o'clock, a big crowd will be expected at Pittodrie as Aberdeen host Hearts - the teams who finished second and third respectively last season.

Elsewhere, there's a derby in the Highland capital as Inverness play Ross County. In the Championship, newly promoted Dunfermline make the short journey from Fife to take on Neil Lennon's Hibernian at Easter Road.

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