14/08/2016 Sportscene


Jonathan Sutherland introduces SPFL highlights. Featuring Dundee v Rangers, Aberdeen v Hearts, Hamilton Accies v Kilmarnock and Motherwell v St Johnstone.

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Welcome to use sports scene, we two of the Premiership season. No wild


predictions as to who will win. It is important we'll stay fully flow,


definitely not in pants. Steven Thompson, Michael Stewart, and a man


who has just during the 100 club. Kris Boyd. Stunning goal, from


Kilmarnock's top marksman. Scottish football's deadliest gunslinger. A


warm sporting welcome to Chris Boyd, who has just hit treble figures for


Kilmarnock. We two began at dens Park. Jane Hemmings and Greg Stewart


had gone. Arranges the visitors. Mark Warburton's side held to a draw


on the opening weekend by Hamilton Academicals.


Dundee's striking stars, Stewart and Hemmings had they been sold. This is


a team that won well on the first weekend of the season. Six changes


after the League Cup defeat at Peterhead. Niko Kranjcar out.


Michael Duffy caught in possession by Andy Halliday. The ball breaks


for Harry Forrester. Always excitement when he is on the ball


for Rangers fans. Now Lee Wallace, all the time he wants to drive back


across goal. Clawed away by the Dundee goalkeeper. Rangers attacking


at will. Not too much at the moment standing in their way.


Switching from one side to another. James Tavernier, scrambled away.


Barrie McKay. Harry Forrester. Brilliant finish. Rangers in front


after 14 minutes. He made all the difference, against Hamilton last


week coming off the bench. His snapshot firing ranges in front. --


Rangers in front. James Vincent, formerly of Inverness Caledonian


Thistle. Danny Williams gets away from Wallace. Straight at


Fotheringham. Shame is a Greg Stewart, for the Dundee fans,


lacking a finish. -- shades of Greg Stewart. Halladay, on the move


again, Wallace getting in behind, Forrester. Dangerous moments for


Dundee. They are being played off the pitch. The game might already


have slipped out of their grasp. Constant torment, Forrester. The


Longcross rescued by Barrie McKay. Forrester. Threatening again.


Finding room at the back post. Wilson turning away from the


challenge of O'Hara. Wallace, Kenny Miller, 2-0. Six minutes away from


half-time. Kenny Miller doing the rest. First goal of the season. 2-0,


no more than they deserve. Back from the gallon, to the 20-year-old Kerr.


Willie Mackay, Kenny Miller. Miller showing the keeper too much of the


ball. Rangers could have been home and hosed. On Miller. Should have


been scoring really. Rory Loy feeding off scraps so far.


Does well to win the corner kick. Danny Williams, Mark O'Hara, free


header. To score his first goal for Dundee. Changes the complexion of


this game. Could have been 4-0 Rangers, now 2-1. This could be a


lifeline for Paul Hartley's team. Court late. That will be a booking,


for the man who scored the opening goal of the game. That will hurt.


Wallace, for Forrester. That was a wild swing by Harry Forrester. Burke


just a couple of moments ago. The card is staying in the pocket this


time, for Craig Thomson. Much to Forrester's relief.


Opare does well, moving it to Miller. Having a great game for


Dundee, the former Kilmarnock full-back. There is Duffy. Big


chance gone for Dundee. In the context of this game, two over. One


was Vincent, one was Duffy. Forrester, skipping away from the


challenge. Wild lunge from him. Did he get a touch on the ball?


Certainly getting a bit of Duffy. The Dundee fans screaming for the


second yellow card, for Forrester. Long ball down the middle. Danny


Williams, behind Lee Wallace. Wes Foderingham makes the save. That was


a chance, to level things up. Dundee were so far out of this game in the


first hour. Dundee substitute looking to make his presence felt.


Here is Thompson. Straight at the goalkeeper. Get out of jail card,


for Fotheringham. Terrible kick out. Different game now at dens Park.


Long ball finding Williams. Can he squeeze this in? Certainly does,


sliced over his own crossbar by Danny Wilson. Suddenly panic


stations at the back, for Rangers. Good skill, good flick. In goes


Barrie McKay. Can he tie things up? Fingertips. Diverting that around


the post. Rangers finishing strongly, as they started this


match. In between some shaky moments. It is the final whistle.


Rangers have all three points. Second half, really good, intensity,


quality was better. First half not as good keeping the ball, over


police, encouraging signs. Rangers the first Premiership win of the


season. The good, bad and ugly, you have to say on display. First, the


good. Vastly improved performance, from the Hamilton game. Started


well, intensity, possession as you would expect, excellent. The passing


was crisp, much improved performance. The interplay between


Barrie McKay and Lee Wallace superb down the left. We have seen them do


this later times. Wallace overlapping. This leads to the first


goal. Instinctively on the left foot, proving he can still do it at


age 30 six. Down the left-hand side, first-time ball around the corner by


Barrie McKay. Wallace charting this town, winning it back, recycling the


play. Harry Forrester trying to get the shot off. Barrie McKay was


excellent, involved in lots of Rangers' positive play. First touch,


skill getting around a defender. Kenny Miller should have scored.


Rangers probably should have been three or four up at half-time. So


many good things to say about the attacking display in the first half.


In terms of the bad, defensively, set pieces. Not the first time we


have seen this. Corners against. The biggest one was the Scottish Cup


final, losing two goals from corners. Individual errors, people


switching. Andy Halliday marking from David Gray getting half a yard.


Gets to the ball in front of him. Costing Rangers the cup final. Rob


Kiernan dropping his marker. Joey Barton drops his man. Both of them


are totally free. Mark O'Hara getting on the end of it. Neither


the players he should have been picking them up were anywhere near


them. The set plays, two guys, Rossiter and Kenny Miller,


highlighted on the six yard box. Never seen a setup like that. If you


have zonal and man marking, the best headers only six yard box, then


other guys going to block the runs. Rangers have the reverse, the main


header giving man for man. We used to do it like that. Lee McCulloch on


the six yard box. We had big people going to win the ball. No disrespect


to Kenny Miller, he will not jump for the ball. If you are doing that,


the main markers marking players, they have to make sure they do not


ball watch. Ultimately what happens. Mark Warburton admitting they were


loose, giving the ball away cheaply. He said another referee could have


sent up Harry Forrester. Should the referee have sent off? This foul,


where he gets the booking, for me, the least bad. This one, loses the


ball, a swipe. That is a booking. No danger that is anything other than a


yellow card. The third tackle, the worst of the lot. Straight red card?


If he had been given a red card, there would not be any complaints.


He might get some of the ball, but he goes right over the top of it.


That is reckless. The force in that tackle, red card. No complaints. The


first tackle, the least bad out of them all. Getting the yellow card.


Whatever permutation, Rangers should have been down to ten men. Mark


O'Hara, one of the stars, right back at Kilmarnock. Was it realised he


was more than decent midfielder? He was a guy with a lot of ability,


getting about the pitch. If the right back or suspended, he would


find himself there, if there was midfielder is missing from the


midfield. Paul Hartley has found a role, with the way he was playing,


he's enjoying his football. Scoring goals. I saw an interview with him,


speaking about wanting to get to Dundee, hopefully getting the number


ten position, he feels is naturally best position. Some players get


shunted around from area to area, it actually harms them. He has found


himself in a role where he is settled. Taking in too much


information from other positions. He is settled. Injuring his football.


Ross County looking to bounce back from their opening weekend defeat to


Dundee. Inverness Caledonian Thistle, three wins out of four


macro in the cup, last week they lost to Partick Thistle, and dumped


out of the cup by League 1 side calibre athletics. Could they find


their form in the first Highland derby of the season? Commentary from


Paul Mitchell. A cup last to Alloa Athletic,


stinging them midweek. Four macro changes in the level. Rob Draper


coming into midfield. Opening-day league loss against Dundee, Jim


McIntyre makes alterations, Foster and Craig: coming in. -- Craig


Curran. Squaring the play. Plays the ball


onto Paul Curran. Boyce has scored. Inverness Caley Thistle filleted


down the middle. The header from Boyce. Right in between the two


central defenders. Goalkeeper no chance. Ross County take the lead.


Liam Boyce. Tanzi, King cannot get there. Paul


Curran. Foster. Brilliant first touch from Boyce. Better second


touch. Second goal for Liam Boyce. What a great first half Ross County


are having. Foster delivered. The defender taking out of the game


completely. Boyce would not miss from there. Two up in 26 minutes,


both from Liam Boyce. Caley Thistle, no wins in the first


six league games last season. Looking to get back into things. The


whistle goes, the ball in the net. Andrew Dallas looking across. No


flag. Trying to explain, the goal has been given. I am not sure Ross


County realise it. Inverness Caley Thistle pulling one back at


half-time. Here come the complaints, they are vocal and many. Scott Fox


saying I stopped. Referee Andrew Dallas explaining this is a goal. He


appeared to be offside. The last touch may have come from Davis. No


offside flag. Inverness Caley Thistle getting a lifeline on


half-time. Andrew Dallas not endearing himself to Ross County.


The free kick comes in. Liam Boyce helping himself, another simple


header. Patrick for Liam Boyce. His third is a Ross County player. You


have to question the defending. And the positioning of the goalkeeper,


so far to the post. Simple header from Liam Boyce. The hat-trick man.


Try to send it wide. Ross County lost the opening game of last


season, winning the second. Losing their opening game this season, well


ahead here. Into the middle, Davis. Down to Draper. Rust Reither


thumping Caley Thistle backing into the match. Simple drive of the right


boot. Ross Draper after 65 minutes, winning the home side another goal.


Tanzi floating it up. Little flick on. Well played by the big defender.


The big number three has been out for the last three games, showing


his value there. A bit more nervous now, Jim McIntyre. Another long


throw, flicked on. Davis trying to get the ball away. Was there a


Polish? Liam Boyce looking nervously at Andrew Dallas. Contact, not


above. Time running out for the home side. Ross Draper, sending into the


middle. Header down the middle. Chance. Liam Bell worth coming in.


Bad defending in the game. Andrew Davies presenting it to him, but not


on target. Delighted, right from the off, we were at it. Scored some


fantastic goals. Specially the first two. Liam's second goal fit to grace


any league in the world. Fantastic take. Dummying the defender, putting


it away. We gave Inverness their first goal, by not managing the game


properly, two minutes before half-time. Disappointing. We said to


the players, keep doing what they were doing. We knew Inverness would


apply pressure. That is the way it worked out. I thought we were worthy


winners. Liam Boyce was the difference, he


has heart, desire and hunger, on and off the ball, the workrate was


immense, he believed them to do. Simple as that. The referee has


blown the whistle early. I think I'm getting a little bit towards the


ball. I think the gaffer said he admitted he was wrong. You can do


anything about it. We have the three points. Another defeat for Caley


Thistle, Liam Boyce the start. Huge dollop of controversy? Another


refereeing mistake. Quite confusing when you watch your back. Andrew


Dallas thought the linesman's flag went up for offside. The ball is


played through. You can see him blow his whistle. The ball ricochets into


The ball ricochets into the back of the net.


Looks as if he will give the free kick for offside. The players


remonstrate he changes his mind, gives a goal. Puzzling to say the


very least. When all is said and done, massive mistake. He was


probably on-site. Scott Fox saying he may have saved it. I think he has


dived at full stretch. Should have been a drop ball. By the letter of


the law, should have been a drop ball. I don't think Scott Fox is


getting it. Ultimately did not have an impact on the end result. When


you play all through, Scott Fox not getting it, did not make any real


difference. Natural justice prevailing. Liam Boyce, hat-trick


hero. Enduring some injury hell, missing Euro 2016. 20 goals last


year, missing out on the Euros. Great ball into the box. Good header


to get off the mark. You were impressed by his coaching skills.


Second goal? Unbelievable first touch. I feel for young Steven


Thomson. Opens him up, great finish at the end. You think about the


first Ross County player to score a hat-trick in the top flight last


season. Going the first hat-trick of this season. Great finish them to


get the goal with a header. You have to ask questions of Fon Williams.


You have to expect a goalkeeper to come out and command the area. The


cross had so much height, the goalkeeper comes out, the advantage


of getting the arms up. Take nothing away from Liam Boyce. Natural


goal-scorer. Bad week for Caley Thistle, far too early to talk about


pressure. Three defeats in a row, not ideal. Away at Hearts next week.


He said the defending was not good enough. Two defeats in a row in the


league. Not a good start. I watched them play against Dunfermline in the


League Cup, winning 5-1, I thought they could be really good, but not


the start they wanted. Plenty to come, plenty of football on BBC One


Scotland in general. You don't want to miss this. A game deeply woven


into our communities. With social and political change, Scottish


football transform. I was in the room, utter bedlam. Something


incredibly exciting. Was it for the good of Scotland's game? We realise


the world changed. The escalation of wages, where the rot sets in.


Scotland's Game. Tricky start of the season for


Kilmarnock, made worse by the sale of last season's top scorer, Josh


Magennis, to Charlton. Yesterday they needed a pick me up. Very, very


disappointing. Add a glass. He has proved himself quite well since he


came in. The important thing, the manager gets the money to spend, to


replace him. Realistic, we're not going to be high up the table. Must


win already. First six points of the season.


The first league start for Darren mine. Kilmarnock, debut for George


Green, the day after signing. Kris Boyd comes in.


Steven Smith, clipping that forward, to namesake Martin. Jordan Jones,


for Boyd, the type of opportunity he normally gobbles up. Kris Boyd


raises the hand, in acknowledgement. Badness. -- bad miss. Crawford. A


chance for Emory. Blazes over. Only a half chance, really. Capable from


there. Gillespie, feeding it through for


Longbridge. Taylor. Long-range. Regen in. Jamie MacDonald, alert


enough to block the shot. Best chance so far, for Hamilton axes. --


Accies. Crawford, nice touch. Taylor does well to get back with the


challenge. Lewis Longbridge. Longbridge firing Hamilton Accies in


front. Looks like the chance had gone, when Taylor got the tackling.


Showed great composure to pick him out. Powerful, low shot. Zipping by


Jamie MacDonald at the near post. Accies make the breakthrough, midway


through the first half. Crawford. Lovely ball for Emory,


racing away down the right. Crawford continuing the run. Good save, Jamie


MacDonald. Terrific move by Hamilton Accies. Almost deserving of a goal.


Jamie MacDonald thought otherwise. Again, Emory, room on the right. Can


he pick out a team-mate? Not too many options. Doherty. Tamely into


the arms of McDonald's. Another well constructed move by the home side.


Doherty did not get enough behind that one.


Jones looked lively in the first hour. The Saint Cross, Kris Boyd.


Kilmarnock are level. Jones set him up in the first half, could not


convert on that occasion. This time round, Boyd heading emphatically


past Matthews. Lee McCulloch calling the shots in the technical area,


Manager Lee Clark in the stand after last week's misdemeanours. Happier


to see his side level. Here goes Jones, trying to wreak more havoc on


the edge of the Accies box. Free kick, he is claiming it is inside.


Steven MacLean tells it just outside. Dangerous, nonetheless.


Jones has been a pest. Trying to cause more bother. A poor free kick.


Long ball returned up towards Souleymane Coulibaly, creates a bit


of space. What a goal from Souleymane Coulibaly! Terrific


hold-up play, a bit of skill to find the space and he curled the ball


beyond Matthews, and that was special, and so was the celebration.


Long ball from Georgios Sarris over the top, great chance for the


substitute Roy. Richard Roy really should have got his side back on


level terms, but McDonald got a crucial touch. He can't believe his


side are behind, chance for them to snatch a point. Gillespie with the


follow-up, Crawford denied by the width of the post.


I thought we were the better team from start to finish, good food all,


lots of opportunities, but we didn't take them. -- good football? We


seemed to lose discipline and focus in terms of what was required but


the substitutions helped us again. Kilmarnock remain unbeaten at New


Douglas Park. Was it a deserved win? We started the game bright and


Hamilton scored. As the manager said, when we changed to two


upfront, there was not much room to pass in the middle of the pitch. We


went forward from back to front quite a bit and we got a success


when we went to the two upfront. Two upfront made all of the difference?


It is interesting mentioning that the change formation made


difference. The clip of the first goal here, it highlights the fact


that you look at the number of bodies Kilmarnock have in the final


third, six players in there. He is playing up front I submitted,


Souleymane Coulibaly has the desire to get on the end of it, rate


movement and he finishes off heading into the back of the net. The second


goal is a wonderful bit of play from Souleymane Coulibaly, top drawer


finish, and I think it just shows that once they had the two players


up front it made a big difference and it highlights the fact that Lee


Clark is meant to be suspended, he is on the stand on the


walkie-talkie, talking about the change of formation. Is there any


point in the suspension if he is involved in the changes of


formation? Walkie-talkie Gate. Is there any point in him being banned?


It seems pointless, I don't know what the rules are, he is giving


instructions. He probably could have shouted them from where he was. It


kind of makes a mockery of the ban. What is it like at Kilmarnock? So


many people are tipping your club to struggle. Last weekend was a big


disappointment, leaving the game, shot and the leg, losing the opening


game to Motherwell, after the cup competition as well. But yesterday


we put on a performance, two massive games coming up, Ross County and


Rangers on Friday night. It was important that we got the three


point yesterday and we did that. We saw Lee Clark on the walkie-talkie


and I am sure he is talking to you all the time, what is he like as a


manager? Exactly what you see, he calls a spade a spade. He wants


everybody to work as hard as they can, you see that in terms of when


we get the ball forward, but the one big thing the manager is always


harking on about is picking up the second ball is higher up the pitch.


It is effective for us because when you have so many bodies forward, the


goal came from picking up the second ball, getting a cross into the box.


I have been in the middle to finish it off but with Souleymane Coulibaly


as well, it is an unbelievable finish from him. 4-4-2 has gone out


of fashion. Souleymane Coulibaly was labelled the new Drogba at one


point, what have you see from him in training that gets you excited? His


finishing is unbelievable, even in the cup games he scored a couple of


goals. Even the way he rolled the defender, came back inside. He


didn't even need to look at the goal, always a sign of a great


striker. It is a great finish but his celebrations are brilliant as


well. We will have a race between you two at the end of the show.


Motherwell looking to follow up their victory to Kilmarnock but they


faced a St Johnstone side on brilliant form.


Motherwell make only one change, Ainsworth takes the place of Stevie


Hammell. It is a return to the familiar 4-3-3 formation. Chris


Miller and Molly -- Murray Davidson return to midfield and Steven


MacLean is back to lead the attack. Saints coming forward. Almost an own


goal of Stephen McManus. That was almost an awkward moment for the


Motherwell defenders as Hennigan knocked it off McManus. Good touch


from Samson, Chris Millar wearing the captain's armband and leading by


example. He wanted to have the shop on that occasion. The profiling


Craig Clay. -- the throat finding. Neat touch for Marvin Johnston.


Ainsworth! He just couldn't get in there on the end of that cross from


Johnstone, who is in very good form. St Johnstone have won three of the


last four meetings between these sides. There is Craig Clay battling


hard in the middle of the park. Richard Tait is calling for it. That


is the opening from Motherwell three minutes into the second half. He has


been switched to left midfield, Chris Cadden. It was maybe the


deflection of Brian Easton that caught out the central defenders of


Sam Johnstone but it didn't fool Chris Cadden as he claimed his third


goal of the season. Good work by the right full-back.


Mark McGhee and happier man than in midweek after the defeat by Celtic.


-- a happier. Swanson. Chris Millar with a chip into the box, it is


Maclean and Samson Hass to grab that at the second attempt. Maclean


couldn't get enough power on the header.


Lay for McDonald. Johnson finds Richard Tait again. Chance for


Lionel Ainsworth. It breaks back to McDonald and he just couldn't


finish, the little experienced striker. Good blog initially from


Stephen Anderson to deny Ainsworth. Steven MacLean has done well to ride


the challenge and find Swanson. Still Danny Swanson, that is the


equaliser. Danny Swanson is on fire at the moment. There is no tracking


him. That is his sixth goal of the season. His sixth goal in six starts


for the Perth club. Tommy Wright has given this player a new lease of


life. He has turned inside Hennigan and deposited that through the legs


of Craig Samson. Maclean outside Swanson, Chris came


through the middle, lovely pass. Chris Kane really should have done


better there and he knows it. Excellent through ball from Swanson.


It has broken the way of Chris Cadden. Chris Cadden trying his luck


from distance this time, Alan Mannus got a fingertip to it, he has scored


once already in this match, looking for a second. Blyth with the flick


on, here it is Marvin Johnson, excellent save from McManus to deny


Johnson. You can see why Oxford United are interested in Johnson


with that effort. Anderson's free kick. Lovely flick by Shaughnessy,


he has ridden two tackles. Chris Kane, Steven MacLean! The Motherwell


goalkeeper makes a mistake and he is punished. It looked like an easy


catch initially for Craig Samson from the shot from Chris Kane but he


has bounced it straight in front of Steven MacLean and that is a


terrific reaction by the striker, bravely diving into put it home.


Steven MacLean's fourth goal of the season. Johnson's free kick. There


is McDonald, he has used a hand. He is apologetic but he will get the


booking. If he was a bit quicker he may have got his head to it but that


was more like an audition for the Australian Olympics team with a


volleyball smashed to beat Alan Mannus. Sam Johnstone's three wins


over Motherwell saw them come from behind to win 2-1. Will they do it


this time there is there one last chance for an equaliser? It is


Johnson with it. Put it into the danger area, here is Thomas. He


couldn't quite hit the target and that may well be the last


opportunity for the home side to get the equaliser.


I think the result was right, they were better than us today, they


showed more energy, had more desire. We obviously talked about that in


the dressing room, how they were feeling in the game, and we were


lacking the energy they would normally have. I don't know whether


it is the three games in the last week or the result of just Wednesday


night and not being able to recover as quickly as they did. They had a


very positive result last time which affects you in a different way, we


will try to work out why but they were the better side and deserved to


win. From a footballing aspect that was our best performance on a passed


the ball really well, controlled large spells in the first half,


probably didn't make enough of the opportunities but always looking for


a goal. We showed character to come back from one goal down away from


home. Tommy Wright says best performance


of the season and Danny Swanson in particular. It was an inspired


performance from him, he looks fitter and stronger than last year


and he was involved with an awful lot. A sneaky 1- to there. -- 1-2.


This is a fantastic ball for Chris Kane, lovely weighted pass. He


probably should score, I don't know whether Samson gets a touch to it.


He cuts inside and a near post finish here, here he was, the star


man in the team but everyone innocent Johnstone team stayed well,


what a start to the season. Sam Johnstone flying, Chris, you went to


dinner with Craig Samson. Not a great moment. No, but as a


goalkeeper these things happen. The Celtic game during the week... They


lost 5-0 but apparently his performance was excellent. I can't


render him ever making mistakes like this, it was probably a one-off. He


tries to take the sting out of the shot, palms it down. It goes away


from him but I will give credit to Steven MacLean for following that


in, putting his head in an area where he could get hurt. It is a


great three points for St Johnstone. What did Craig say. Not much, he was


just getting ready for tonight. Great reaction from Steven MacLean


but a great run that St Johnstone are on, they keep proving everybody


wrong, they keep getting the results. Next weekend, early


kick-off against Celtic big challenge. What more can be said


about St Johnstone that hasn't already? They must be the envy of a


lot of clubs in the league, they haven't got a huge budget but they


continue to challenge at the top end of the table, getting into Europe.


Tommy Wright is Mr consistency and it permeates through this team. You


sort Motherwell at close quarters at Rugby Park at the weekend, tough


week in terms of the hammering they took at Celtic Park and that defeat


as well. How do you gauge that Motherwell side this season? Last


week they took the game to us, I watched the majority of the Celtic


game but it is always difficult at Celtic Park so you can or less write


that off. -- more or less. These are the games, against St Johnstone, if


they want to get in the top six, Motherwell. They will be


disappointed after Rugby Park, trying to get the three points


yesterday. Marvin Johnston, it is important that they keep hold of him


as well. Aberdeen finished second to Celtic


last season. This weekend they faced a Hearts side without Jamie Walker,


a figure of much controversy last weekend.


There was no contact in my opinion. He attempted to calm the referee.


Walker has gone down under the challenge of Tierney. The referee is


in no doubt that that is a penalty kick. Derek McInnes brings Ash


Taylor with Peter Pawlett free of his early season ban. Stockley is


preferred to Rooney. A disappointing season so far far Hearts, out of


Europe, out of the League Cup. It doesn't get any easier. Jamie Walker


is suspended. Aberdeen don't have a particularly good. They have begun


the game pretty good run -- they have begun the game pretty well.


Really good run by McGinn. Mixed fortune in the week, the Jambos out.


He caught it OK but no direction at all. This is the visitors' first


chance of the game. 0-0 at St Johnstone last week for McInnis and


Doherty's side. They don't often win on the opening day of the season,


Aberdeen. First home game for them here and they are trying to assert


themselves, Burns off the bar but the flag was up. Cracking ball in by


Niall McGinn. Wes Burns hits the woodwork, it wouldn't have counted.


Conceded the threat in the wide areas for Aberdeen. Burns may be


just off, very tight, though. -- maybe. Big chances for Hearts,


plenty of hype in there, Paterson, Souter in there as well. He possibly


should have done better, John Souttar. He didn't get any purchase


on it. It is linked towards Nicholson, who is in here. And Shay


Logan committed himself. It is a good challenge by the Aberdeen


full-back. He had to get that spot on, he got plenty of the ball. Aided


by Ryan Jack. McGinn shimmies over it. A teasing ball in by Logan. He


was coming into the back to accept this but very good delivery by


Logan. Salmond does enough to force it to Tony Watt. He goes himself. He


had options left and right but he is a striker, as soon as he sees the


goal he will have a go. Jack to Maclean, not long on as a


substitute. Niall McGinn, nice ball. It was Peter Pawlett's header.


Aberdeen won the first two battles between these two last season, lost


the following three, though, including a Scottish Cup exit.


Hearts losing out to the champions, Celtic, last weekend. They felt they


should have taken something from the game. That has come of Miles Storey,


who has got it back to Logan. Perry Kitchener was there. He had to be


otherwise Logan is getting a shot in, I think.


It worked out OK for Hamilton, Joum to Salmond. He was in Aberdeen


target in the summer. Here is Tony Watt, huge chance here! And it is


spurned. Well, a fully fit Tony Watt might have done better with that,


three minutes to play and this would surely have won the game for Hearts.


It is a big miss. In a game of few chances this has been the best one.


I thought we were totally dominant bird you credit Hearts, I think in


the second half they had one or two opportunities and they defended well


in the second half and deserved a draw. Aberdeen were probably the


better team first half. It was a tough point for both sides but an


entertaining game. Second versus third from last


season, I think we all expected a bit more, perhaps not the thriller


we were hoping for. Michael, what was the story of the match for you?


You were there. It is interesting the managers talking about the game.


Aberdeen over the 90 minutes were the better side but Hearts nullified


the threat as the game went on but without offering a great deal of


attack. Perhaps a draw was a fair result in the end. Aberdeen missing


a spark, Jonny Hayes is out. When you looked back over the game it was


a good defensive display from Hearts but you were looking if Aberdeen had


something different to open up and perhaps Jonny Hayes could have


helped them with that. In the opening period Aberdeen bombarded


Hearts and they looked energetic, on the front foot, a lot of balls and


from the wide areas, Stockley trying to get on the end of it. The best


opportunity in the first half was perhaps an opening from the


left-hand side that fell to Niall McGinn, who knocked it behind the


defence and created an opening for himself. Good defending from Hearts


to get a deflection, put over the bar. As the game went on you


thought, Aberdeen will bring something different but in the


second half it just wasn't there. I think Jonny Hayes has been missed


for Aberdeen and I don't know what the guys think that he is a big


miss. A bit of a heavy schedule for Aberdeen. Four goals Billy are games


in nine days, perhaps some players that he. -- four goals in nine


games. That is a lot of games. Even last year we were back -- they were


back early, they probably didn't have enough rest. It plays a part.


From the Hearts perspective, good defending, bit lacking in attack.


That was a bit concerning. The two guys up front, Salmond and Walker...


Tony Watt was probably the biggest spark in the attack line for Hearts,


he created opportunity, laid it out wide, got in the box. Nichols can


try to beat the last defender and he gets blocked and it comes to


nothing. Tony Watt ended up getting the best chance of the game, a good


bit of play from Conor Sammon who I thought was poor yesterday. You'd


think he is a bit slow on the corner... He loses his balance,


neither side will be head over heels. Tony Watt has been lacking


match sharpness, he has had an injury but do you think he will be a


success at Hearts? I think he will, he is at a stage in his career where


he needs a run of games. He went to Cardiff and did really well.


Briefly, are Hearts to physical? Five yellow cards yesterday, four


against St John's, seven against Celtic, 16 in a week. I don't think


it is to physical if it is backed up with attractive football but at the


moment their style of football is becoming a bit industrial and when


you back it up with statistics like that that is concerning. When Robert


took over it was very attractive football and now it is more akin to


the director of football. Michael, Chris, Stephen, thank you very much


for joining us, it has been very interesting. That is it for week two


of this football season. Andy Murray is about to get his Olympic final


under way over on BBC One, best of luck to him. We are back at 6:30pm


next weekend on BBC Two. Until then, from all of us, good night.


Introduced by Jonathan Sutherland.

Sportscene has highlights of the weekend's Scottish Premiership action. With Celtic having a week off, their rivals will look to capitalise. Rangers are away at Dundee, while Aberdeen and Hearts go head to head at Pittodrie.

Elsewhere, Hamilton Accies host Kilmarnock, Motherwell take on St Johnstone and Inverness CT host Ross County in the first Highland Derby of the season.

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