17/12/2016 Sportscene


Celtic v Dundee, Ross County v Aberdeen, Hearts v Partick Thistle, Raith Rovers v Dundee Utd and Hamilton v Rangers. Introduced by David Currie.

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Good afternoon and welcome. It is the results show before Christmas.


Don't panic, you haven't lost a week, we have no show on the 24th,


and through the studio no creature is staring apart from Stewart, Craig


and the production staff, so it is pretty hectic. No wonder, it is


another busy Saturday in Scottish football so let's go round the


grounds to start things off. First off Celtic Park where the Champions


League leaders are at home to Dundee.


At half-time it is Celtic 1-0 Dundee. A moment of magic in injury


time. The 25 yard free kick expertly into the corner from Griffiths who


is on fire at the moment justifying his selection. Mousa Dembele again


on the bench and Celtic have dominated the first half although


Dundee have had a couple of chances. After Tynecastle where hearts at


home to Partick Thistle, the headlines from Chris. We have just


kicked off in the second half, the home side leading a game far from a


classic, Johnson's goal the difference. Partick playing like a


side propping up the table. Let's find out how Aberdeen are faring


away to Ross County being watched by Martin down. Not too well. Lee Boyce


the man on hand to deliver the goal for County which has them in front,


finishing off a fine move. Kenny Maclean perhaps closest for Aberdeen


with a free kick excellently tipped away by Scott Fawkes. Just about to


get under way in the second-half. John barns next watching St


Johnstone at home to Motherwell. Motherwell lead by the strangest of


own goals, across from the right-hand side by Richard Tait for


Motherwell, on the offensive trying to pick out the striker but Clark


trying to get it across fumbled the ball and knocked it into the


right-hand corner, Motherwell in front early in the second-half. A


goal in every game, I wonder of Brian McLaughlin will continue that


trend, watching Kilmarnock- Inverness. I'm afraid not, little


festive cheer here. Nathan Dyson the closest to opening the scoring for


Kilmarnock but this has been a shocker! At least he is honest. The


championship next, Raith Rovers at home to Dundee United. Dundee


looking for a maximum points to put the pressure on head before they


kick off at 5:15pm. Having to settle at this stage for a goalless draw


with Raith Rovers. Few chances for either team so far in this game. It


is goalless. Chaps, I think we will head to Tynecastle because there has


been a goal between hearts and Partick Thistle. Let's hear about


that from Chris. I was just saying Partick were playing like a side


propping up the table, and they have equalised minutes into the


second-half, a great cross from the left-hand side, and Sean Welch


headed it. We can chat about the scores so far, we white as well


start with hearts against Partick Thistle. Ian Catherall last week


said they will get better after the defeat. Are they significantly


better? They have had the better chances, scored the goal and hit the


bar, Rossi with a header of the bar and Partick haven't had much of the


other end so it looked like hearts would be comfortable but that


changes things. It is always a test for a new manager, unheard


of, he the trust of the players with his tactics and knowledge of the


game. A win would be great but Partick Thistle are desperate to


pick up something being the bottom side. McCarroll has to win over the


players but maybe has already won over the fans, they are supportive


of him. I think there is a trust between the fans and what the owner


wants to do with the club. They have a good system there and I think they


will give him the time to bed in. Goals are few and far between this


afternoon, barely better than last week. If you are looking for


predictable scorers they are there, Griffiths for Celtic, another really


start -- rare start for him. Yes, and the guy who is the fancy first


striker on the bench. The one thing you can say Griffiths will do is


take his opportunities. By all accounts he sneaked a few yards on


the free kick. We expect every footballer to try to do that and


gain the extra advantage to get the ball up and down. By all accounts a


very good goal, and in the dying minutes of the first half, Celtic go


into the lead, and even would probably be surprised if that lead


was clawed back, so they look like they are the winners of that. And


indeed the league itself. A right stunner for Dundee, that one.


Especially the timing because they drew goalless there last year and at


home against Celtic last year, and the only game this campaign, Scott


Brown scored the only goal, so they made it hard for Celtic, and Celtic


know that. If you get a half-time unscathed you may have the crowd out


of the equation, start the second the same way but having scored that


goal you will see more freedom from Celtic, and they have quality


players who can hit you from all angles. Griffiths started for Celtic


today. Rogers made five changes but the thing that struck me was Stuart


Armstrong captaining Celtic today. He has been resurgent under Brendan


Rodgers. He has been absolutely fantastic. I think Brendan Rodgers


is going for his 20th consecutive unbeaten domestic result which would


make the most successful Celtic manager to start off his career


there. He has done well in terms of motivating the players who have


perhaps in the past been disenfranchised under Ronny Deila,


and I think he is making competition, so you have Dembele on


the bench, but Griffiths has been on fire. Seven Premiership goals for


Griffiths, not leading scorer in the division, who would that be? Danny


Swanson! LAUGHTER. We will get to St Johnstone later. It is Liam Boyce,


ten goals in 15 games. Congratulations to him, a fantastic


asset for Ross County. What I like about him is he is one of these


players, his goals are never scrappy, there is always a sense of


precision about him. He is a good penalty box player and it is


fantastic that he is in Scottish football. His partner when he was


playing in Northern Ireland came to football. His partner when he was


St Johnstone but never cut it. He is now retired from the game. Boyce


himself I think could go the whole season, and less Dembele or


Griffiths get a run for Celtic. Brendan Rodgers seems to be breaking


that up because he has another player never mentioned, which is


probably really helping Celtic now. Liam Boyce, yes... He was a free


transfer. I think he was an emergency loan signing! Aberdeen


will not want to lose ground in the race for second, Rangers winning


last night and Hearts, well, they looked like they would win that,


they will pick up a point but Aberdeen don't want to lose any,


especially this afternoon. Drawing with St Johnstone is not good. Last


season Aberdeen had blips but bounced back quickly and went on


season Aberdeen had blips but winning runs. It will not be the


case for the season. This game is not quite finished. The last three


between these teams have had 13 goals, so I think Aberdeen have had


opportunities, Ross County seem to be on top but Aberdeen need to dig


deep, now is the time, because if they don't win here there are seven


points behind Rangers already and can't afford to give up the ground.


Rob is desperate to talk about Sam Johnstone, you have been trying to


jimmy than in early on but now you can talk about them, it is not


going particularly well. I thought you would let me talk about Andrew


Connor of Aberdeen who was very discourteous about them after that


draw I mentioned. They are playing at home today, home has not been


their best hunting ground just now, they have just had a decent header


on target well smothered in the Motherwell goal, Murray Davidson


outrun, an important player for us and will continue to be so. St


Johnstone had a catastrophic goalkeeping error. The otherwise


legendary Zander Clark. It was a shame for him because he kind


applauded into his own net. I would think there was also a bit of


insecurity in the back for, for some reason, Stephen Anderson not playing


today, I suspect a late injury, so a makeshift central defence, and as


Craig Paterson knows, do not going to a game with a makeshift central


defence! Gemma, we have to talk to about that goalkeeping error, there


is no other way to see it than as an OG. Myself and Zander have the same


goalkeeping sponsor and the logo is it's catching! From a goalkeeper's


perspective I can understand, the ball has come in, the central


defender came in at the same time and as a goalkeeper he has his eye


on the ball and catches the central defender in the corner of his eye


and took his eye off the ball at that moment. There is nothing to


hide from it. I like the fact that the next time the ball came into the


box he took it and commanded it. His response to that is important, he


has been great for us and will continue to be, but everybody makes


mistakes, but when you are a goalkeeper it matters more. Great,


we have to mention Kilmarnock - Inverness. Two teams with the worst


defensive record in the division. Both bosses might be happy with


this. That would be good news because they have lost a barrel load


of goals, but I believe there has never been a goalless draw between


Kilmarnock and Inverness in history, so it has to change, but teams had


chances. They have bypassed them. But I cannot believe it will be a


goalless draw. Last season Kilmarnock only one four home


matches, two against St Johnstone and two against Inverness, this has


been a good fixture for Kilmarnock and they will look to win but at the


moment both managers at this stage of the


season, a point would be good. Plenty happening at Stark 's Park,


Raith Rovers against Dundee, Scott, you have an update. Dendy looking to


keep the pressure on them, crank it up, they will have to try to win it


with ten men for the last 35 minutes, Lewis Toshney sent off on


his return to Kirkcaldy. Books in the first half for an over the top


tackle on former team-mate Kyle Benedict spent a couple of seconds


ago Bobby Barr breaking clear over the halfway line and Toshney taking


one for the team. Trips from behind, second yellow, red car, Dendy down


to ten men -- red card. Let's bounce around the grounds again, starting


at Celtic Park where we call upon Jonathan. Yes, and the pattern in


the second half very much as in the first half, wave after wave of


Celtic attacks, but just lacking the killer instinct overall, Celtic


having made five changes this afternoon. In the -- this match, Tom


Brady should have scored from six yards out and it went over the bar


as Dundee in jawed plenty. Tom Hateley had a shot over the bar, and


the scoring was almost opened by Kevin Holt, but overall the


narrative has been well ticked dominant and a 25 yard free kick


from Griffiths in injury time of the first half expertly dispatched to


the corner of the Netscape the Celtic fans something to chair


half-time. It remains with Celtic very much on top. Let's head to


Tynecastle and catch up with Chris. 1-1, and we finally have a game in


our hands after a sticky first half. Hart is desperate to bounce back


from the defeat to Rangers last week, also new boss Ian Catherall


keen to impress the Tynecastle faithful in his first home game in


charge. They will be satisfied with what they have seen so far, Bjorn


Johnson gave them the lead in the first half with a glancing header,


cracking, after a fantastic cross from the right, but just into the


second-half, minutes in, Edwards's cross from the left and Sean Welsh


headed the low past Hamilton, after that pretty much all Hearts until a


moment ago, Ben as these with a shot well saved by the feet of Hamilton,


the Catherall has changed little in the second half, Conor Sammon on, at


the moment 1-1. Let's find out about Ross County and Aberdeen in


the moment 1-1. Let's find out about Dingwall, over to Martin. Still 1-0.


The home side lead through a well worked goal, nice dummy in midfield.


The centre was each perv -- inch perfect pub boys tap in. -- inch


perfect for boys to tap in. Aberdeen have looked to get forward,


something missing though in terms of final ball at the final moments.


Maclean would long-range efforts and one free brilliantly saved. Davies


and current going close to a second, strong over the pitch. Nile McGinn


has come off the bench in the last few minutes and the crowd


relentlessly string playing -- screaming for the introduction of


Adam Rhule -- Adam Rooney. Purse next, St Johnstone against


Motherwell. Saints started this game is very positively with half chances


in the first five or six minutes, three of them. Murray Davidson had a


in the first five or six minutes, looping header over the bar then


came with a flicked volley wide of the target, but in 12 minutes they


enjoyed an unexpected negative, in the shape of goalkeeper Zander Clark


fumbling a low cross in from Richard Tait on the right-hand side and the


fumbling a low cross in from Richard ball ended up in the back of the net


and Motherwell 1-0 to the goods. Saints main threat came from set


pieces, headers from corner kicks, scopey with a header cleared off the


line then Maclean delivered from the right-hand side by Chris Muir,


turned away by Samsung. On the other hand Motherwell pressing for a


second, coming in from Scott McDonald, but it came to nothing.


Lucas is on as a substitute, a half chance there as well, but so far 0-


one. We need a goal this afternoon! Let's find out if Brian McLaughlin


can provide one. He said it was a shocker, Kilmarnock- Inverness, I


thing is brightening? They are. As Craig pointed out, this is the 45th


meeting between these sides and there has never been a goalless


draw, but we are in danger of that happening this afternoon. But things


have improved slightly in the second half. Alex Fisher on as a substitute


for Inverness found space 12 yards out, should have found the child get


but not the shot wide of goal, then Balla, known for his spectacular


efforts for Kilmarnock, had a magnificent effort, one touch with


the volley, then rifled a left foot shot over the crossbar. The first 43


minutes instantly forgettable. We had one effort just before


half-time, a long through ball off the top of the Inverness defence


clipped over Williams, look for all intents and purposes like it would


end up in the back of the net but Josh Meakin 's with a remarkable


clearance to keep the Inverness goal intact. We now have 15 minutes


played of the second half and it is still goalless. The goals are


beginning to trickle in, a couple to tell you about, the first at Celtic


Park, Celtic or Dundee? It is Celtic. It is near Biton has given


them a goal this afternoon. It is deserving of the dominant Celtic


have had. It is only strange that the scoreline isn't heavier in


Celtic's favour. Celtic's momentum in the second half, intense pressure


in the Dundee defence. 20 yards from goal, passed expertly into the


bottom corner, Celtic now 2-0 in front and utterly cruising this


afternoon in Glasgow. A goal in Perth, let's hear from John. St


Johnstone get lucky to get level here in the 62nd minute, this time


they play in the edge of the box, Maclean flicking the ball to Chris


Cain, his initial effort blocked by Craig Samson but bouncing off the


keeper then bounced into the back of the net off Chris Cain, so a


ricochet helping Sam Johnstone. St Johnstone get lucky, the man says!


Do you agree? I thought it was a well timed goal. Here's the thing,


this is a young player who lost St Johnstone -- lots of St Johnstone


fans wish... All he knew at your club, Dumbarton... What was


interesting about him is I think he is the type of... He needs a season


where he gets ten or 12 or 15 goals to make a name for himself but he is


hugely popular with the crowd and is a workhorse, so good to see. If it


was luck, it is good he has got luck. Plenty more chat to come but


the other Premiership match was last night in New Douglas Park. The


second meeting of the season between Hamilton and Rangers was a draw --


it was a draw a few months ago but last night Mark Warburton's side


where the winners. The first one was an absolute belter of a header. A


great header because going for power is not good enough, the only place


you can beat the goalkeeper is the far corner. Down into the back of


the net. Rangers have picked up and are going well just now, a fully fit


Martyn Waghorn will be a threat. He got the second as well. Another well


worked goal. More good play. Rangers start their passing game when it is


hard for Hamilton to get involved because it is hard to get the ball


back. At 2-0 you thought there was no way back but he is a good


finisher. With half a chance he will find the back of the net, kept


himself onside and helped himself to a second goal but the fragile side


of Rangers, I think the ball got caught under his feet, De Beer


Murray, good finish, then out in the last eight or nine minutes because


Hamilton will throw everything at them. You only just clear lines, you


make a mistake, Accies made them pay and it wasn't enough to get the home


side a point. Another win for Rangers and three on the spin for


Mark Warburton. He was under a lot of pressure recently. Yes, but


Waghorn back in the side will be great for them if they can keep him


because there was talk about him not being too happy. If you start to


play like that they don't want to let you go. Rangers need to score


goals because they are fragile especially away from home in terms


of conceding 14 away this season already. They need to tighten up the


back of Veikkanen and continue to score those goals to try and keep as


much pace with Celtic, although I think it is Celtic's legal readies.


Rangers three wins on the spin but Accies without a win since October


25. We can hear what their manager had to say about last night's


defeat. Performance wise there was a lot wrong with it. They worked hard


as they always do -- there was not a lot wrong with it. The second goal


was crucial and they got it to go two up. With one each we could have


taken something of it, too- zero made it difficult. We stayed in the


game. We found our feet and obviously got a goal. We take


something from it. Do you think you could or should have had a draw. We


could have. It wouldn't be out of the question to say we could take


something from the game but Rangers were good as well for spells. They


control parts of the game. We changed it after half-time and gave


ourselves a foothold and had a go at it. When we got done for the second


goal... From there it is difficult to come from 2-0 down. It was hard


to come back from. That was Hamilton's second narrow defeat of


the week and the second to one of the big Glasgow clubs. They lost


midweek to Celtic again just by one goal and Leigh Griffiths scoring


this one. The quality of Griffiths, he is back on the side, scores


against Partick and starts tonight. No panic here, keep calm, roll it


into the back of it. Great goal for Celtic, and fortunate for Hamilton,


they defended well at Parkhead and Duggan and made it hard for Celtic


but quality in the end will always out and Leigh Griffiths given half a


chance, you know the ball will end up where it did there, in the back


of the net. I love the question, you could have had a draw. Hamilton just


expect draws strop agreement I think that's right. In many ways that may


well be their saviour as we move towards the end of the season


because those teams at the bottom towards the end of the season


will definitely cut each other's throats. It is an odd thing, you get


a feeling now that Rangers are doing enough almost to secure second


place. One of the reasons of that is that Hearts and Aberdeen are not


confidently winning games and Aberdeen are starting to leak too


many points, so you get the feeling that if Rangers have another couple


of wins you can see it being first Celtic, second Rangers and it looks


like back to normal. Will the draws be Hamilton's saviour or their


undoing? They not converting those draws. A couple of wins could rocket


up the table. Particularly way they are not the own -- they're the only


team not to have one, ten draws, the team with the most the league. It is


those 1-0 and 2-1 games which might cost them. If I was the manager I


would think I have to win against the teams alongside me. I was


thinking at least the Celtic and Rangers games are out of the way and


at least they can look forward to perhaps easier fixtures, then saw


them. Only Celtic, Aberdeen and the derby against Motherwell before the


New Year! Hamilton's problem is not winning at home. They have won three


home league matches in 2016 against Dundee in April, Ross County and


Aberdeen. They have to start winning at Hamilton. A goal between Ross


Aberdeen. They have to start winning County and Aberdeen. Without further


delay would like to hear about it from Martin. A dummy in the box from


the right, Nile McGinn left all alone in time and space, he found


the corner, Aberdeen back in this. Thanks, Martin. A championship match


this evening in Greenock between Morton, who started in fourth place,


against leaders Hibernians. It kicks off at 5:15pm. Chick joins us now.


Any interesting team news, I hope so. I have the story while waiting


for, Kris Commons will make his Hibernians debut tonight in a vital


game in Greenock against Morton. I spoke to Neil Lennon a few moments


ago and he admits it is a bit of a gamble, certainly a question over


Kris Commons's fitness, he hasn't been training with the first team at


Celtic Park, rather the 20s, so of course there is a question, Lennon


admitted that to me that there is vital that he comes into this


Hibernians site, he is an emergency loan for a month in terms of being


at Edinburgh Leith and then Hibs will try to pursue them at the end


of the season when he is out of contract, and Neil Lennon hopefully


can sign Kris Commons permanently. I have learnt that tonight, not only


were head showing interest but Dundee have shown interest towards


getting him to Tannadice, big rivals to Hibernians in the promotion race


of course. I believe they have approached approach Neil Lennon 's


agent to try to get him to Tannadice. At the moment I believe


Neil Lennon goes in deep tonight and will be here for a month. It seems


like Hibs are intent on gaining from Celtic at the end of the season. I


was going to see Dendy might be raging that Hibs got this emergency


dispensation to sign Kris Commons -- Dundee might be ranging. The fact


Hibs get Kris Commons, there was a link between Dundee United and Nadir


Ciftci going back, so they might try to get him, because they are locked


in the battle and at player can make the difference. Kris Commons will be


big for Hibs, hopefully from their point of view, I don't think he will


play 90 minutes but Lennon is right, get him on the part, see if he can


get you the league and Hibs defence, the best in Britain at the moment,


and maybe see you out to a result but it won't be easy at Morton. An


emergency loan, I am confused. I speculated about this online in one


of these dodgy football forums the other night. Dundee United fans were


saying, you can get an emergency loan when him spotlit, that's what


they were saying. I think it was cruel. White they must have other


players they can draft in. They talk a lot about U21 youth development


but I think Kris Commons would be, again going back to the psychology


of this, even if he doesn't have a great game today it is a big signing


for Hibs and gives them that little thing which makes it sparkle and


again, a good signing, and I like the idea that they were saying


earlier, he has put on weight since he has trained with the under 20s


which is something I always complained about! LAUGHTER. You know


if there is a set piece there he is always likely to get your goal.


Exactly. It is, as you were saying, the fear factor. Kris Commons at


Celtic, he was fantastic for them. He obviously doesn't fit into the


plans here. Put him on for 50 or 55 minutes, give him sparkle, he will


always score your goal in some way, he is as well, let's see if it works


for him. Someone has scored, Celtic at home to Dundee, Jonathan, tell me


more. Dundee back in the game all of a sudden. Mark O'Hara came on as a


second-half substitute and Dundee have had their tails up since then.


A header came back off the post after a corner, and after that,


Haver 's's deflected effort found the back of the net at Celtic Park,


and noticed 2-1. A different complexion altogether suddenly in


the East End of Glasgow, Celtic no longer cruising. Interesting one.


the East End of Glasgow, Celtic no Craig, Marcus have a scoring,


brought into Dundee, loss the previous strikers, he has not set


them alight but maybe this will get them going.


Dundee were the draw specialists last season and it cost them because


they failed to make the top six. They can now try and put a little


bit of pressure on Celtic between now and that final whistle. Time for


a look at today's lunchtime kick-off in the Premier League. Crystal


Palace languishing in the lower reaches against Chelsea. Steve


Wilson can tell us what happened. It is an 11th consecutive victory for


Chelsea, equalling their club is an 11th consecutive victory for


record. Just the one goal, scored by Diego Costa in the last minute of


the first half. Poor Palace defending allowing him to fire in


from close range. There did not appear to be much threat. Not a


great game. The first half was forgettable. Jason Puncheon had a


decent chance for Crystal Palace. Chelsea could have made it to delete


macro two goals, a free kick hitting the bar late on. I know you love


your image football! That is equalling a club record, 11th win on


the spin. Is there a danger of them running away with it and doing a


Celtic? It is not my area of expertise! At it does look as if


they are going to coast this league and partly because all of the people


around them seem to be oblique in point. I go back to Scottish


football, which I feel much more comfortable about as it feels as if


there is a goal somewhere! Off the hook there! Goals flooding in. Brian


McLaughlin, it is a shocker. As the game come on? What a spectacular


goal we have had and not surprisingly it has come from a


spectacular goal. A double shuffle, firing a right foot shot into the


roof of the goal. Kilmarnock have the breakthrough. We have a goal.


Kilmarnock 1-0 Inverness. We have an incident of note which Scott will


tell us about, Raith Rovers... Magnificent save. Penalty saved.


Pushed round the post. Scott Fraser had won the penalty. He was in a


sandwich of two players and after a long, lengthy complaint from the


Raith Rovers players it was Andrews from the penalty spot. Brilliant


save. Dundee United already down to ten men. Former Raith Rovers player


Toshney sent off. They have improved and looked far more dangerous but


they have just missed the best of the lot so far. Raith Rovers nil-


Dundee nil. Elsewhere, dumbfounded 2-1 up on Queen of the South. --


Dunfirmline. Celtic, Dundee, what is the latest? It is Celtic 2-1. Tom


Robertson should have opened the scoring six yards out, he's guided


over the bar. Having said that Dundee under the cosh. The shot


arrowing just wide of the post. In first half injury time a moment of


magic from Lee Griffiths. He dispatched an absolutely glorious


free kick into the corner of the neck to give this Celtic fans


something to cheer just before the half-time. In the second half, a


period of intense pressure from Celtic resulted in a second goal.


Curling the ball past the goalkeeper, Bitton. It looked like


they would be cruising but Dundee have changed and a header came back


off the post and shortly after that, a deflected effort from Haber and


found the back of the net. We have the current scoreline here with 15


minutes to play here. Chris McLaughlin is that Tynecastle


Stadium for us. Interesting here. Glancing header for hearts from


Johnsen in the first half and Welsh in the second half. The hearts fans


were relatively happy with what they were watching. This is the first


home game in charge for the new manager. The natives here at


Tynecastle are growing increasingly restless. About ten minutes ago the


footballers tried to calm them down. After a substitution, Johnsen was


substituted, and that decision was met with a chorus of boos. A few


chances for Hearts as well but the fans are becoming increasingly


frustrated here. A draw here at the moment. That's get an update from


Martin at the Ross County, Aberdeen match. This has been a fiercely


contested match. Aberdeen pushing and pushing for a crucial winner.


James Madison thought he might have got that, or at least a second.


Counterattack, wriggled inside the box and he flashed the ball narrowly


wide. They could do with releasing some of the pressure, Ross County.


They manage to do that in the last few minutes, but they have been


under the cosh. Aberdeen really needed this win. Interesting match.


The 1-1 theme, St Johnstone against Motherwell. John Barnes. Still 1-1.


That howler from Clark, the own goal that in Motherwell in front. Well,


Saints getting level in 62 minutes, a touch of good fortune from Chris


Kane. It bounced back off the St Johnstone striker and flew into the


back of the net so Saints back level here. One or two chances in this


second half. Davidson header well here. One or two chances in this


saved by Craig Samson and another header from a corner kick situation,


the Motherwell goalkeeper dealt with it well. At the moment Jack McMillan


is struggling with cramp. He is going off and he is going to be


replaced by Ryan Bowman. Still 1-1. Problems for Inverness, they trail


by eight goal to nil. Update us Brian. -- they trail 1-0. That


moment of magic coming from a few moments ago. A solo effort, twisting


one way and another. The defenders did not know which way to go.


Coulilbaly certainly knew. He rifled the shot. That has been the only


magic in a dreadful match. Kilmarnock the better of what was a


pretty awful first half. Nathan Tyson had one effort cleared off the


line. Kilmarnock have been a little bit better. -- Inverness have been a


little bit better in the second half. But Kilmarnock are pushing


forward for a second goal. Remarkable early season for cabanas.


Everybody thought they would be one of the teams struggling at the


bottom but actually they up just three macro points off St Johnstone


in sixth place. As it stands, 1-0. Updates now from the championship.


St Mirren have equalised. Queen of the South are level with


Dunfirmline. Who would score there? He scores every time. Great career


he is having. That's Dobble. I said that the fans have been supported


them but it shows how fickle Craig, the football supporter, can be full


stop they have turned on him already! During your own career you


find different things but I believe there is a bit of action up North! A


bit of a ding-dong. Can you tell us what is going there, Ross County-


Aberdeen. It is a red card for the Ross County defender. I think he


does deserve it. Johnny Hayes was up the touchline. He came chasing back,


flew in. Karate kick took him out. Red card, off the pitch. Was that


that bad? LAUGHTER You are wincing! The ball wasn't


even in shot! He has brought him down. Used to be a professional


foul, used to get booked for it, now it is a sending off all day long.


LAUGHTER That will give Aberdeen the man


advantage. They will be going for it now. Adam Rooney is now, Hayes,


McGinn. They are going for it. They are on a decent run and they are


going to have to go back and get the two banks of four and hold on.


Aberdeen fans are restless that he isn't featuring more often this


season. Derek the same week in week out. If there is something going on


there he will know about it. Maybe it is that rotation thing to get the


best out of him but he does come on and deliver. Maybe that is the way


he sees him now working for the team at this moment in time. Saying that,


Ross County have had five draws in the last ten games and Aberdeen


haven't been phenomenal in this game and Ross County have created some


chances so it will be hard with a man advantage for Aberdeen to come


up with anything. We can talk about that phenomenon that is Coublillay.


It sounds like a beauty. Kilmarnock fans have had a dreamy time. They


are poor at home and then suddenly this glamour player comes along and


he does all this stuff, he does the forward rolls, the flicks and


everything. He is a great, charismatic character and probably


the best dancer I have seen! On that subject, I think you have jinxed it


because there has been a goal for Inverness. There is hope for


Inverness. A free kick played into the box and Gary warned that himself


all alone, eight yards out. Warren leapt. It looked like they were in


for all six leg three points but now it is 1-1. A thrilling end to these


games but we have four evenly poised at 1-1. Does that tell you something


about the nation of the Premiership this season? Certainly. Four points


between the bottom 17. Everybody knows how important a point can be


but if you can sneak a win, go for it and get three points, you can


leap frog four or five teams. That is interesting. You are saying go


for it. I would be tempted to think let's Hang on for a point. At this


stage of the season I think if you can get the points in the bag that


is the thing to do. Maybe towards the end of the season when it gets


closer to squeaky bum time you play it safe. What can you fall into?


Words chilly if you were there, would you be urging them forward? I


would be urging them forward. Tommy Wright has had to change his


defence. They got off to a bad start, poor goalkeeping error, but


they have looked high far and away the better of the two teams and


therefore I would be saying go for the jugular, go for the goal. These


usually end up too- want is an Johnstone, these games, anyway. Four


out of the last five. I think the last time there was a 2-1 win for St


Johnstone we were in this room! I think you could be right, you are a


visionary young woman! How have they been shedding up today, Kilmarnock?


It has been a decent game and there have been chances. Defensively they


have been fine but two teams are not in a good vein of form. He mentioned


have been fine but two teams are not that home form for command. They had


held on for that win, it would be the first time they had held on for


back-to-back wins. -- you mentioned that home form for Kilmarnock. They


have conceded an awful lot of goals. A lot of pressure on them. Only four


players have scored for kill Marnoch this season. That is the poorest


record in the league. When you have somebody like that and he is on


fire, the main thing is to make sure he is there after the transfer


window. We alluded to teams grasping for points but looking at these 1-1


draws, you would the best of them would be if Partick Thistle come


away from Tynecastle with a win. They haven't won there in the last


six visits, they haven't scored there in the last six visits. Only


one point in the last five games. To come away with a point would be a


good result for them. Bearing in mind they are 12 but there are only


four points between six and 12. It is never nice to be at the bottom of


the table but they are not detached from the rest of the group. Because


it is... Glasgow jags won't be pulled off the top of the table but


that is neither here though there -- here nor there. They have gone five


games without a win so they need to get a period in this season where


they can win two or three games. There is nothing that tells you they


are going to go on a run like that at Partick Thistle. I think, like


everybody else, if you go to Tynecastle and you pick up a point


that is a really good result. Another goal, chaps, and where is


it? A thrilling end to the match was. Martin will tell us.


Aberdeen. A row macro into the box. Aberdeen. A row macro into the box.


-- a ball into the box. Nipped a header to the right-hand post was


not dropped perfectly into the corner. Ross County ahead. 2-1.


Well, Ross County going for it and they have been heeding your advice,


Craig. Now, they have got to get everyone behind the brown macro. The


great thing about the set piece is the one chance to load the box was.


Andrew Davies wins header, the centre-back. In open play he won't


get there. If you get a free kick, get your big players in the box, win


the first header. Having got that lead, they are a man down and they


have got to get their backs to the wall. It would be there sixth game


unbeaten, they haven't been winning many but they are showing there are


hard to beat. Aberdeen have come in the form and I think Liam Boyce was


saying they have turned a corner and if things weren't working but now


the starting to click a bit more and by all accounts Ross County have


been the better team in this match. Even though they are down to ten men


they are deserving of that lead. Is the heat back on the Derek McInnes?


I think so. Aberdeen have got to answer the gap is established by


Rangers. Two defeat against Inverness and two defeat against


Ross County have cost them a lot of points and if they lose again today


against Ross County that will leave them even further back and even more


difficult close that gap between themselves and Rangers. I'm


conscious when I talk to you about the Johnson we are hearing from the


St Johnstone perspective but if you could cost itself in the role of


someone of a mother well-meaning -- Motherwell leaning... They have been


on this disappointing run, their poor record of late. A point against


your beloved St Johnstone would go far. They are defending a real depth


as well. It is not an easy game for them by any means. They will take


the point there without any question. Yes is the answer to that.


Because there came the other night was off due to the floodlight


failure they will want to try, it is was off due to the floodlight


an odd thing, and because of this stuff about teams in the lower


sixth, Motherwell have crept into the top six. They have been pulled


back again and I think it is re-difficult. -- they have been


pulled back again into the mess. And I think it is really difficult. If


they can get two or three points on the trot, two wins and a draw,


suddenly, you know, it is a strange situation. Motherwell for Europe?


Representing Scotland in the Champions League, why not! ? At home


to Dundee this afternoon, there isn't a goal update but there is


some news in the match against Celtic. What a chance for Dundee to


steal a point. It has become a dog-eared encounter here. It was a


player off the bench. Clear through on goal for Dundee but he put the


shot over the bar. Such a good chance for Paul Hartley's side to


get a point. At the moment it still remains Celtic 2-1 Dundee. There are


still goal APPLAUSE To come in this match. At the moment


it is 2-1. -- there are still goals to come in this match. There we can


see the full-time scenes at the Partick Thistle match. Partick


Thistle don't look particularly overjoyed that I am sure they are


Thistle don't look particularly happy with that match. A frustrating


afternoon but a point for Partick Thistle. They could and perhaps


should have been three. The first half took some time to get going.


This goal of the season from the on form Norwegian. Sean Welsh beating


Hamilton at his near post. The game changed after that. Partick Thistle


grew in confidence. The home fans started to get increasingly


frustrated, so much so that when new boss took Johnsen off there were


boos. Shots were tipped wide. Hamilton also had a save at point


ranked range -- point-blank range. If there was a honeymoon period, the


jeers at the end would suggest it is over. Full-time 1-1. It is over in


the match between Kilmarnock and Inverness. It started off as a shock


but at least Ryan McLoughlin had some goals to tell us about in the


end. The second 45 minutes here were the better. It finished 1-1. The


home side in front with just 17 minutes left on the clock and a


magnificent piece of skill I Coublillay. There appeared to be


very little on the left-hand side as Coublillay twisted one way then the


other. He waltzed past three defenders and hammered a right foot


shot into the roof of the net. The net was bulging. At that point it


looked as if Kilmarnock were all set for the three points however


Inverness bounced back and how they did as well. A free kick by Craig


into the box and as the Kilmarnock defenders looked on, it was Gary


Warren eight yards out with a header and the ball came into the back of


the net. It was Coublillay's goal but it is Inverness who head off


with the point. Said Johnson and Motherwell, 1-1, let us hear from


John Barnes. Courtesy of that howling own goal from the St


Johnstone goalkeeper after 12 minutes when he turned into his own


net with his hands a low cross from the right hand side. A header


cleared off the line by Craig Clay and Stephen Maclean had a header


well saved by Craig Samson. In the second half, Saints got themselves


back on the level terms. The claim that the ball into Chris Maclean.


The ball bounced back of the St Johnstone striker and into the back


of the net. -- the ball was bounced into Kane. He tried to stroll


through the midfield area but Samson advanced and turned the ball away.


In the end, the sides have to be content with a 1-1 draw. A notable


victory for Ross County at home to Aberdeen. A hard-fought win. 2-1,


what a result for Ross County after going down to ten men after a


deserving red card. Andrew Davis nodded into the path of Dow. A


lovely move and not long after Tony Ding Walt had seen his shot


diverted. Niall McGinn found space and the corner. The visitors pushed


on. That numerical advantage but they fell behind. County have been


lacking wins. How damaging for Aberdeen as they look to close back


in on Rangers and second page. They pushed and pushed but County held


second place. Full-time in the macro second place. Full-time in the macro


-- full-time at Celtic Park. Here is the story of the game. This victory


just about right on the balance of play but Dundee had their chances as


well to take something from this game this afternoon. Right from the


start, Celtic were in charge. Lee Griffiths starting the match ahead


of Dembele. Hit the post. Celtic should have been well and front by


that point. Instead, the Celtic and had to wait -- the Celtic fans had


to wait until injury time of the first half was Lee Griffiths, a free


kick 25 yards out into the corner of the net. The Dundee goalkeeper


didn't stand a chance. Kevin Holt's shot arrowed wide of the post.


Celtic omelettes continued in the second half. It was too much for


Dundee. It was 2-0 and you thought it was all over. But Dundee came


back into this match. A deflected effort from temp three macro which


stunned Celtic Park. -- a deflected effort from Haber which stunned


Celtic Park. It was a chance for Dundee right at the end, a


substitute off the bench clear on goal, hugely disappointing for the


Dundee fans as he lifted his shot over the bar. It has finished 2-1.


Time for some championship chat now. Scott was watching break Rovers --


Raith Rovers. It finished 0-0. Nine clean sheets but you can see why. He


was trying to get a striker in this week as they failed to score but it


is a mixed blessing. They were hoping to get a win to crank the


pressure on Hebburn Ian who kicked off a way to Morton. -- the pressure


on Hibs who kicked off a way to Morton. The former budge player was


sent off for a second yellow card after 55 minutes. On the other side,


sent off for a second yellow card Tony Andrew, who has been in such


good goal-scoring form for the club had hid spot kick saved after 75


minutes. A brilliant diving save, low to the right-hand side by the


Raith Rovers goalkeeper after Scott Fraser who was the meat in the


sandwich between two defenders in the penalty box. Ironically, Dundee


United played better when they went down to ten men. A carried more of a


threat. But at that stage of the game they had been struggling for


goals, Raith Rovers. Their best chance came at the end of the first


half. A breast starting appearance for the 37-year-old. He chested the


ball into the bar. -- a rare starting appearance. At the end of


the day was Raith Rovers who have only scored twice in the last six


games and who are on the defensive. Dundee United failing to press home


towards the end but getting a point. Bottom club St Mirren were hoping


for a third win in a row. They were home to air United -- Ayr United.


They have only drawn a game they should have won. They had the


chances, and that included a penalty after 60 minutes. It was Jason


Naismith brought down in the box. It was skewed past the post, the


penalty. Five minutes later it became worst when Ayr United scored.


Lowpass to the goalkeeper. Ten three macro -- Ayr down to ten men. Sent


off into the stand. But St Mirren came back. They got an equaliser on


81 minutes. John Sutton on as a substitute headed past the


goalkeeper, his eighth goal of the season. St Mirren threw everything


at it, looking to get the victory. A 20 yard shot cracked off the bar


macro. That cemented the frustration for the fans who were looking to get


three wins in a row, St Mary. They have also seen the teams in the


bottom move a bit far away from them. -- St Mirren. I was a bit


worried when they said chilling news! But that is not too bad. You


win but three undefeated. They have win but three undefeated. They have


-- you spoke about momentum. They are starting to believe they can get


points because they were in free fall and that is an important point.


It would have been great to get fall and that is an important point.


three but this will do. A number of teams now, Don Firmin --


Dunfirmline, by no means a lost cause. A lot better than a few weeks


ago. I thought they were lost completely. Two wins and a draw


today might be disappointing but you have gone 14 wins without a win you


will take seven points from three fixtures and teams around them will


get wary. The teams above them are going to start getting edgy. Dundee


United go top by virtue of one point, that draw against Raith


Rovers today. Hibs have the opportunity at Morton. What an


opportunity to go clear at the top. one point with their draw today.


What an opportunity for Hibs to go clear at the top. They do but they


both go into this game having won the last two. They have had a good


season so far. Dundee United before the match you thought that was three


points last, in the match it sounded like it was going. More chat from


our guests to come but right now we can go to our classified results


round-up. We start with the Ladbrokes Scottish


Premiership. Hamilton Academical the Rangers was


played last night. -- versus Rangers.


Morton versus Hibs kicks off at 5:15pm.


West Bromwich Albion play Manchester United at 5:30pm.


Let's hope it's the championship next! It is.


Let's have a look at the league tables, starting with the Scottish


Premiership. Look at that goal difference. Aberdeen in third spot


despite losing to Ross County. Partick Thistle Stapleton despite


picking up that precious point. -- stay bottom.


later. St Mirren drew with a united. later. St Mirren drew with a united.


-- Hibs play Morton at 5:15pm. A big win for Livingston today,


beating Airdrieonians, now ten points clear at the top. A good lead


for them. Stenhousemuir beat Albion Rovers but stay bottom.


A win for Forfar Athletic at the top with a handsome league.


Chelsea now with a commanding lead. Liverpool yet to play, they play


Everton on Monday. Arsenal play Manchester City tomorrow. Sunderland


have moved up a bit to third from bottom, a good result from them this


afternoon. Newcastle United -- Brighton Hove


Albion have a game in hand. Another defeat for Blackburn Rovers today,


disturbing stuff for them. They remain in the bottom three. Let's


get more details of the goings-on in the English Premier League this


afternoon starting at the Stadium Of Light where we have news of a good


result for Sunderland against Watford. Huge relief for the


Sunderland fans. Father Christmas has come early between -- meaning


Sunderland won't spend Christmas Day at the bottom two the third time in


fourth season, they are off the bottom, up to the heights of 18th.


Watford boss the first half -- Boston the first half. Then in the


second half Sunderland are different team, the team talk definitely


worked, four minutes into the second-half van Aanholt gave them


the lead. He scooped the ball into the top left corner, a fourth win of


the season for Sunderland under fourth defeat in 54 Watford. Let's


move on to the London stadium, new issue home of West Ham United. The


details from Jacqui Oatley. West Ham 1-0 Hull City. Mark Noble's


controversial penalty the difference between the sides. Huddleston was


judged to have fouled Antonio. The referee pointed straight to the spot


but was there another for a penalty? You will have to judge tonight. Hull


City will find it hard to pick up from this, fantastic for most of the


game, hit the woodwork three times, their own finishing largely to


blame, and they have now lost seven away games in a row. They haven't


scored away for eight and a half hours and show they have the talent


here but have to be more clinical. West Ham have now won four at home


in nine league games, all 1-0. They have got away with this one.


Middlesbrough started the day outside the bottom three and have


moved up a few places thanks to win over Swansea. We can hear about it


from Vicki Sparkes. A big for Middlesbrough. Delight for the home


side, dismay for the visitors. Middlesbrough in the end is coasting


to a deserved win, surprising given the Swans started the game so


brightly, but Negredo's first half race did the damage, a skilful turn


and finish, a penalty judged to have brought it down short. A third in


the second half after good work by Ramirez. Swansea tested. A great


save from Dino Llorente but they didn't do enough today. 18 goals


conceded in their last six away games, still in Reddit two


relegation trouble, Middlesbrough six clear of Swansea. In the last


3pm kick off down south, Stoke City at home to Leicester City. Let's


hear from Damien Johnson. A rousing comeback from ten men to culminate


in a late equaliser to salvage a point. Jamie Vardy controversially


dismissed for a two-footed tackle. The champions fuming again when


Danny Simpson was penalised for handball. Ranieri was incensed at


the break, missiles apparently thrown from the Leicester end. Stoke


went close to a third in the second-half, a lower heading in a


cross, and minutes from the end and Marty heading in equaliser. Stoke


boss Hughes now furious. I will save a chat about Exeter City for later


on. LAUGHTER. We will talk about the Premier League. Sunderland, Craig,


off the bottom of the table, looking like possibly another great escape


for the Black Cats under David Moyes. They will hope so because


they started so badly. David Moyes is under pressure, what will they do


about it? They were on a run of ten games without a win but now it is


four wins and seven, 12 points on the board but the big thing about


today's as alters you win today and you move a gob of a couple of teams.


They will rock bottom and now are not that far behind other teams and


confuse the momentum and confidence from the last few weeks and David


Moyes can keep them going and other couple of players in the transfer


window if money is available. The big movers today, Middlesbrough,


handsome win over Swansea has moved out of the bottom three. Glad to see


Negredo at a couple of goals, he is in my fantasy team! He has not


scored for a while. I thought you would say it was from a hard time


previously. Middlesbrough have been quietly going about their business,


getting better and better and got good results and moved up. Swansea,


the great success story for many years, seem to have lost their way a


bit. Bob Bradley has come in, he has a different way of doing things but


sane people don't like him because his accent doesn't want people to


him. Swansea have to be careful because unless they change


something, bringing fresh faces, quickly, they have the danger of


falling further down. I jest about your disinterest in need which


Premier League but I know you do... It is a difficult place to go! You


have an affinity to put -- for Hull City at the bottom of the table.


That is disappointing but the summary crystallised the problem.


They are not winning any games away from home and even though they had


opportunities to get a point today they squandered them. I have a soft


spot for Hull for historic reasons, but you will be surprised to know


that the day I first started supporting them, their Scottish


midfield dynamo was Billy Brown of Hearts! Tommy Docherty was their


manager. For a long period of time they were the club from one of the


biggest cities that had never had a Premiership team and now they have


gone up there. I think with added value. Curiously, there is a


comparison here with Swansea. We forget that Swansea were nearly out


of business, and their fans brought the club back to this period of


prominence, and now you feel they are going back down on that journey


again. It could well be, though it would break my heart, that Hull are


destined to go down as well. That would be sad but probably realistic.


Sorry to ask now! One team on the up today... At least you're getting the


division is right! My uncle still does the pools! One team on the up


in Scotland is Ross County, and we can hear from their manager Jim


McIntyre speaking to Martin. Gym, I presume you would agree that was a


tremendous afternoon for you. Yes, I thought we played particularly well


in the first half, worked Aberdeen's goalkeeper really well. He had four


great saves, three in the first half. You think to yourself it will


be like recent weeks where we have created a few chances and not been


ruthless enough in front of goal but you have to give him credit. Some of


the play first half was excellent. At busywork -- Aberdeen were more


dominant in the second half and we had to defend deeply at times but


they are a quality side and that's what will face you. We knew we would


face a reaction from them and once we got down to ten men we thought,


here we go, it will be a long afternoon, but credit to them, we


dug in and showed the desire to get forward and get a winner. We made a


plausible substitution and protein shall con rather than putting on a


midfielder and taking the point. We took the gamble and it paid off.


Craig, I will come to you. Do you agree with Jim's summary there? More


or less. I was amazed when they brought on the substitute and made


it forward, OK, playing a withdrawn role and helping midfield but he is


a possible goal-scorer so they brought forward thinking they are


down to ten men but they will defend as hard as they can. If they get the


ball they might create a chance and that is how it worked out. Many


managers would say, just defend, get right back, the 18-yard line with


four defenders and four to fielders, make it hard for the opposition.


Their play to Ross County, they took a chance and it worked. And they


took their chances, something Jim McIntyre has lamented in the past,


creating chances but not capitalising. They have a decent


creating chances but not strikeforce as well, they're not


short of goal-scorers. What is significant about this is Aberdeen


have had a woeful month. It feels as if something is not quite clicking


their for the quality of players they have both in terms of the


breadth of quality they have and the types of players they have. They


should be winning games at a canter and they simply cannot get past


teams, and today, you just felt if the team would win it, given


Aberdeen's recent performances, that would be Ross County. Hopefully we


will hear from Derek McInnes later. Gemma, looking at Ross County's run,


it is impressive. Indeed. As you said it is turning creating chances


into taking chances. When you come to the top leagues with the top


teams it is those teams that can create chances but take them in a


game that will get you over the line, and they are the 1-0 games, I


remember Chelsea playing Sunderland midweek, they didn't have a lot of


chances and a good goalkeeper. That was the difference. That's what Jim


has been lamenting, the fact that taking those chances makes the small


difference, the difference between losing two points and gaining free


today. Just one point for Kilmarnock. They drew at home to


Inverness. We can hear from manager Lee Clark speaking to Brian


McLaughlin. I can't imagine you would be too happy with a point. I


am not, no, and to be honest with you we deserved to win the game.


Totally dominant team first half, granted, Inverness came back in for


little spells, Jamie hasn't had a lot to do, we scored a terrific goal


again, and defended played very poorly, which cost us all three


points and another really good win at home, but, frustrated,


disappointed, work ethic of the players was terrific, we pressed


really well, but we didn't see the game out so we are a bit frustrated.


When you took the lead with that magnificent strike from Suleiman,


you must have thought that the three points were in the bag. Do you think


there was complacency at the back that allowed on the desk back in?


Not at all, and I never thought the game was won. I am experienced


enough both in playing and management to know the game is not


over till it is over and when you are only one ahead, 93-94 minutes is


usually the time, and you have to do everything right in that time.


usually the time, and you have to do Craig, Lee Clark reckons the


defenders played poorly, do you agree? There were chances but they


were disappointed at losing the goal in such an easy fashion. You could


see Coulibaly's goal. I missed it. He has gone, turned, back onto his


right foot, inside at the near post. Great skill, equalising goal, just


an ordinary free kick into the box and warrant saw off the defender.


You have to defend stronger than that. It is a decent result, a


point, but could be a home win and Kilmarnock are not getting enough.


You score a spectacular goal only to lose the victories to a scrappy one.


I think disappointment could be translated into raging at that goal


they lost. To be honest Coulibaly is defending, I don't know why, because


he doesn't help out at all. It is a really poor goal. You can't expect


Coulibaly to defend. He is not supposed to be! I think for Lee


Clark, he stamped his authority on this team at the beginning of the


season, came in last year, do well to keep them in the Premier League,


he said, I don't have a lot of money, I will bring in young players


that are hungry and want to make their mark in the game, and I think


out of 14 or 15 new players who brought him he has found a diamond.


What is happening is, this year, when they were losing games 1-0,


they are winning but it is sporadic, but you expect that. They are doing


well. Yes, disappointed, scrappy game but that goal is worth winning.


I am not trying to be Scrooge but I thought there was lacking


Coulibaly's goal, but then again, the striker is hungry to score goals


often get luck. You are happy enough with the luck thing John Stone got.


That is a different kind of luck! Inverness will be delighted with


that point given their goalkeeper is not fully fit. He has players


playing 50 or 60% fit but they had determined, so I imagine they would


be delighted with that. He will be happy to come away with a point.


Tough crowd this, isn't it! LAUGHTER I would never known a manager to be


delighted -- I have never known a I would never known a manager to be


manager. If Williams has a back spasm which is unpredictable, I


think third choice goalkeeper is 18. No emergency loans in the Premier


League, which seems anomalous. It does. St Johnstone have three


goalkeepers, we could lend them one of the money was right! Time for


more managerial insight from Mark McGhee speaking to John Barnes after


the draw at Sam Johnstone. What did you make of that game, watching from


the vantage point today? The first half I was comfortable, quite


content with the approach, the application was good. The second


half was excruciating. We never got out or played at all. The second


half we had had luck but the first half was good. Excruciating


according to Mark McGhee, do you sympathise? The second half wasn't


great, the first was more exciting. He was hoping his team would hold


on. They lost badly at Tynecastle and then lost a seven goal thriller


against Celtic. He wasn't happy with the goalless draw and wanted


something better today. When you give yourself a goal you will pick


up three points, but St Johnstone are a tough nut to crack. With


Motherwell's record I think the point is not bad. You would have to


agree, Gemma. I would. We were watching the second half and I think


Motherwell were probably five yards deeper in the centre circle and


couldn't get out. I am a bit disappointed because St Johnstone


got chances in the second-half. Win, lose or draw Mark McGhee is worth an


interview post much. He is. The word he was excruciating. If you look at


the stats, the level of possession St Johnstone had and then 11 corners


to zero and shots on target, they won all the key stats, and I think


Tommy Wright... There is only one key stat. That is goals, you are


right. That is why they only got one point! LAUGHTER Mark McGhee wasn't


happy and neither is Derek McInnes. His side lost 2-1. He is speaking to


Martin. You seem to have a lot of determination, desire and intent to


go forward. It seemed that the final moment was missing. You can be as


good as you want between the boxes and I thought we were. The boys on


the need to score and we didn't have the killer instinct in the first


half. Certainly in the second half we have good areas. Ross County


defender Lotte world. Good determination. We should be


bemoaning the fact that we should have been getting all three points.


I thought the response deserves a mention, but it feels quite galling


having not got anything, and we are disappointed we don't at least have


something from the game. I'm afraid as you can see, Stewart has had to


leave us. When you have to go, you have to go. Especially when you get


to his age. He has to go to his off have to go. Especially when you get


the ball duties on the radio. Derek McInnes understandably is


disappointed, and he pinpointed one of the big dealings, the lack of


killer instinct. He eventually came on, when you've... There is a lot of


goal threat. They had enough play in the Ross County half but they didn't


create good chances. Maybe a real goal sniffer should be on the end of


the goals. Disappointing, the draw at home against St Johnstone, they


were looking to win last week, but you know Rangers won last week so


you have to put three points on the board today. I thought they were


favourites but County hit them. Let's had to Tynecastle and tear


from the Hearts head coach. He was speaking to Chris. It was different,


there was different bits to the game. Initially we were able to try


to win some control. We started the game well at times. We had good


periods of possession. There were so many performances. Then in the


second half we didn't have control. It was mayhem. Very broken. No real


flow or organisation. At that point it was very difficult. What what you


put that down to? We can't avoid the fact that the change, the injury,


change what we had available in midfield. We were looking to do


different things from that point so we lost that dominance we were


looking for. Craig, he spoke of mayhem, was it mayhem? Partick had


the chances in the second half. As the new manager you desperately want


the first one. I am afraid the mayhem is over for us in this


pre-Christmas show. Consider this last look at today's results as a


gift to you. It is not much but it is the thought that counts. In the


Premiership this weekend there was a win for second place Rangers.


A good victory for Dumbarton today in the Championship. Goalless


between Morton and Hibernians. You can see the best bits of the


Premiership action in the highlights show tomorrow night. This is the


first show Jonathan hasn't plugged! Five past six tomorrow on BBC One,


HD later at 11:30pm. Join Jonathan and his merry band. If you are


missing Stuart you don't have two, he is presenting Saturday Supplement


with his friend Tom Cowell. Tune in, you won't regret it. Thanks to Gemma


and Craig for their wisdom and thanks to you for watching, see you


soon, happy Christmas!


Introduced by David Currie.

Reports and results from around the country in the SPFL. In the Premiership, Celtic take on Dundee, with the champions having recorded a 1-0 win at Dens Park in their earlier meeting this season. Aberdeen are in Dingwall to face Ross County, with the Staggies looking to make amends for their 4-0 defeat at the hands of Derek McInnes's side back in October. And Partick Thistle are in the capital to play a Hearts side which inflicted a 2-1 loss last time thanks to a last minute Tony Watt goal. In the Championship, Ray McKinnon takes his Dundee Utd side to Kirkcaldy for a match against Raith Rovers, the club he used to manage before moving to Tannadice. Plus action from Friday night's Hamilton versus Rangers match.

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