18/12/2016 Sportscene


Celtic v Dundee, Hearts v Partick Thistle, Kilmarnock v Inverness, Ross County v Aberdeen, St Johnstone v Motherwell and action from Friday's match between Hamilton and Rangers.

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Right out of the top drawer. He's outstanding! The shot is an absolute


beauty. Oh yes! That's unbelievable. Unbelievable. What a finish. Right


here, right now, this is history. The last Sportscene before Christmas


and all through the house not a creature was stirring,


not even Steven Thompson OK, it doesn't quite rhyme,


but you can't have everything. What we do have for you tonight


is a six-match festive feast of football, starting


at Celtic Park. Brendan Rodgers' side looking


to make it 20 matches unbeaten in domestic


football this season. Could Dundee find a way


to stop the juggernaut? At Celtic Park for us


was Liam McLeod. Changes aplenty from Brendan


Rodgers. Dembele dropped to the bench, where Sinclair sits after


injury. Haber leads the line for Dundee.


Griffiths playing against his old club. How unlucky was he? This is


wonderful football between Griffiths and Bitton. Given the one two and


Griffiths was unlucky with that sounds of the boot effort. Dundee


without a win against Celtic since 2001. Armstrong... He asks the


question of Scott Bain. Captaining Celtic this afternoon, Armstrong,


completing his renaissance. Should have scored. If this had been on the


edge of the box, Rogic would probably have scored. Rogic. We've


seen more of him these days completing 90 minutes of football.


So impressive this season, but didn't quite catch that one though.


Celtic looking to make it 11 league wins on the bounce. We haven't seen


much of Dundee as an tenanting force. Vicinity teed it up. That's


not a bad effort. He scored against Aberdeen. Armstrong and Mackay.


Dundee stood their ground in the first round and O'Dea was adjudged


to have fouled. Griffiths takes... And scores! Well, of course he does!


Another stunner from Griffiths. To add to his bulging collection.


That goal right on half-time. A real sucker for Dundee. Bitton! The


champion scored two up and it is a long way back for the Dees now. Paul


Hartley will believe his team can still get something from this, and


they almost did there, and there! Armstrong off the light from


Wighton. Haber made the initial effort, which came off the post.


Goal line clearance underlining Stuart Armstrong's importance to the


Celtic team. McGregor came on for Rogic at half-time. Armstrong...


Almost got back in the score sheet. He's been in good goal-scoring form


as well. O'Hara was just on. So impressive as a 16-year-old here for


Kilmarnock at full-back a few years back. This is Haber, shrugged off


Gamboa, 2-1. Well, well, well. Suddenly there's a game on here. And


from nowhere really, Dundee have halved the deficit. That's been


forced through towards Haber by El Bakhtaoui. He's going to get back on


to it. A chance for a leveller! And he spurns it. What an opportunity


for Faisal El Bakhtaoui to steal an unlikely point here. Craig born did


enough to put the striker off here. Celtic would feel it was an act of


pickpocketry if Dundee were able to take something from this game.


Dundee have been resolute. McGregor to Sinclair looking to finish it


off. Well, off target from Sinclair. Brendan Rodgers is delighted to have


him back. I felt the players were terrific today. The first half we


had a lot of pressure against us but they never really cut us open. You


see the two goals were outside of the box, so we got back in the game


and back to another chance. He's got it in, there but he'll miss other


chances. When you come here you've got to be clinical and take your


chances. When we say Celtic cut us occupy, we knew they would have lots


of possession. That was the game plan. I picked what I thought was


the best team. We need to go with a different structure. What he's doing


is he's got a great free kick. Needs to be better in his lay-off, giving


the ball away too much in the build-up play. That's an area of his


game he needs to improve on. But he's shown many other great


qualities. He's a national goal scorer, 25 yards in. He has an eye


for a goal. That's why I'm here, to score goals. I can improve at times,


but I'm in the team just now. A moment of Leigh Griffiths magic.


Dundee almost nicked a point at the end, but Brendan Rodgers talking


about the improvements still that Leigh Griffiths needs to make. That


was harsh. That was his third consecutive goal for Brendan Rodgers


and Celtic. He was quick to point out his link-up play needs


improvement. Possibly it does. But for me his link-up play was good.


With a player who can do this, you can forgive a sloppy link-up game.


He gives him too much of the goal to aim for. You think so? If the ball


goes over the wall like that, you've got to say it is a great finish.


It's a fantastic finish. Gets himself in line. That would have


been an unbelievable goal should it have gone in. When I was at Dundee


United, they said if you can do 75% linkage, I'll be happy. Griffiths'


link-up play in the first half was intelligent. There are different


types. You don't have to have your back to the goal like this. Yes


he'll get outside of Gomis. This one takes his eye off the ball. Slightly


sloppy. Sloppy. Three or four in the second half... When you talk about


link-up play, look at the first half. It was wonderful. Hold-up


play, when the ball is coming at you with your back to place, perhaps he


needs to strengthen that. If you've got a guy who can put the ball in


the back of the net and link up, that's a huge attribute to have. We


talked about Griffiths and Dembele last week. Brendan Rodgers made it


clear he isn't particularly happy with that and yesterday Leigh


Griffiths does start. Brendan Rodgers now saying there is no


number one striker. Who starts the next game? It is confusing. For me


Griffiths has the jersey, he should be starting now. There is no doubt


that Dembele has gone off the ball. That's my opinion. It is a nice


problem for Brendan Rodgers to have. Number one striker, he clearly


didn't have bun. At the start of the season Griffiths had it, got


injured. Dembele came in and did wonderfully well, gone off the boil


and now Griffiths is back in. That's when we'll find out who will be


number one. He'll pick up his strongest team. Would say Griffiths


Ive at the moment is in form, but as we've seen already this season, it's


a fluid thing. It can change as the season goes on. Got to give credit


to Dundee, as they did have chances in this game. Looked like they would


be dead and buried. They defended well, but to come back in the game


in the last stages, should have scored here. Poor from Craig Gordon


caught out from set play. This is poor from Celtic defensively. Maybe


they were watching the light display! This one here is a massive


chance for El Bakhtaoui. He was gutted at the end. The ball takes a


slight bobble. He probably could have played it in. But for me,


credit Craig Gordon. So fast off his line that he's forced into making a


decision. It ends up being a bad decision. Tries to lift it and it


went wrong. It could have brought Celtic a point, Dundee a point,


sorry. Another three points for Celtic.


Aberdeen one of the teams very much in the mix


Derek McInnes took his side to face Ross County in Dingwall.


Ross County looking to build on a five-match unbeaten run. Just one


change. Quinn taking over from Jay. One change to the Aberdeen team


which started but didn't finish against Motherwell on Tuesday.


Tuesday. Burns is in the starting line-up.


Fraser on the attack for County. Flicked on by Chow. Dingwall, two


chances to open the scoring. Firstly foiled by the keeper, Lewis, and


Shinnie was so quick to close him down. He had a tap in in front of


him. Neat touch from Curran. Dingwall


getting useful game time at the moment for County. Left by Boyce.


Liam Boyce 1-0. Very nicely created by County. Aberdeen seemed to stand


off them and let this all happen. The Dingwall team, Boyce with his


10th goal of the season. McLean. Aberdeen in pursuit of an


equaliser. Shinnie has plenty of room to create from Madison. The


on-loan Norwich midfielder couldn't quite make up the ground.


Frustration written all over the face of Shinnie and of the debate


Dean manager, Derek McInnes, as well. Madison is on the move. A


clumsy challenge by Chow. The former Wigan midfielder is booked for that.


It is a set piece chance for Aberdeen. And a very inviting


position. It's Maclean. Well struck by the


Aberdeen midfielder. That is terrific goalkeeping. Here's Fraser.


And Routis. Dingwall looks to set something up for Curran. Great save


Lewis. A glancing header from Dingwall's cross and those are super


sharp reflectses from the goalkeeper. Reflectses from the


goalkeeper. Jack leaves it for Maclean. Quick control from Johnny


Hayes. Logan thinks about the cross, left by Rooney, and now McGinn. 1-1.


Aberdeen back on level terms and a good deal of relief among the


visiting support that their team have levelled things up.


One ball from Routis and Schalk on the move. Schalk against


Considine... It's Schalk! And it's another good save by Lewis. Hit the


ball with the power by the Dutchman. Saved by the right hand of the


goalkeeper. That's neat from Hayes and that's dangerous from van der


Weg. This Aberdeen players did not like that at all. Nor did the


referee, Craig Thompson. Than der wing red carded. Van der Weg red


carded. Ross County will play the final 8 minutes plus stoppage time


with 10 men. That's Boyce. Jonathan Franks, headed clear by Hayes. Back


in from Franks. Knocks it down and Dow scores! In the 88th minute.


Dingwall and 10 man Ross County are in front. Look at the scenes in the


technical area. It's a looping header from Dow. You do wonder how


that found its way in. Andy Considine on the goal line seemed


frozen to the spot. 2-1 Ross County. From Anthony O'Conn over. Headed by


Rooney and away by Davis. McGinn and it's Considine! Straight at the


goalkeeper. This has to go down as a disappointing day in Dingwall for


the Dons One set play to defend, with 10 men. Four or five


opportunities to deal with it. None more so than at the end. We feel


mugged off, disappointed that we didn't take something from the game.


It was a game we did in terms of territory and boxes enough to game


all three points. Credit the lads, we dug in and showed that desire to


get forward and get a winner. We made a positive substitution in


bringing Schalk on rather than another midfielder and taking the


point. We took the gamble and it's paid off. It hasn't been the best of


weeks for Aberdeen. 0-0 against St Johnstone last weekend and a


floodlight failure midweek. You feel there are issues defensively? They


are not in great form. One clean sheet in nine games. A changeable


back four for me. Excellent from Liam Boyce. A great dummy. The


Aberdeen defend rehearse sleeping. It goes past Logan and O'Connor, who


jumps out of the way, and the goalkeeper. Somebody's got to clear


that. It is a square ball across the box. Box. Here they've got two


opportunities. The ball is on the left foot. They don't clear. When


it's recycled back out to Franks, in the wide area, this is cometical


defending. Weak there and here, if you are Andrew Considine, you have


to clear it. When you see from this angle, there's a lack of


communication between Considine and Maclean. He hesitates. You have to


ask what he does after that. Is there too much chopping and changing


in terms of team selection for Aberdeen? Reynolds plays some weeks.


Taylor as well. They don't seem to have a settled back four. The one


you would say is Joe Lewises is the one that's consistent throughout the


season. He's been a wonderful signing for them. He was busy


yesterday as well. He certainly was. You look at these saves. They were


talking about feeling mugged off, I think he said. Looking at the


chances in the game, it looks as if Joe Lewis kept them in the game for


long parts. I agree there's been a lot of chopping and changing with


the team as a whole. Lewis has stayed on the side. They needed to


get a good signing in goals and they've certainly picked them up


there. That's a fantastic one from Schalk. It kept them in the game to


a great extent. He's done that through a number of games throughout


the season. We are focusing on Aberdeen, but huge credit to Ross


County. A massive result. People like Liam Boyce, top scorer in the


league. This is invaluable to them. The they've got a home game against


Partick next week which they fancy to win. They are in the top half of


the table. It would be a first


home match in charge for new Hearts head


coach Ian Cathro. Partick Thistle the


visitors at Tynecastle. The last four games between these


sides had all ended in Hearts wins. Cathro's first home game. Two


changes. Liam Paterson. Scored when the sides met


back in August. Paterson, always looking to come forward. Smith on


his outside. Smith. Went to ground. Didn't get enough of the ball. Liam


Smith... 1-0 Hearts. A great little cross in. Smith regathered, looked


up and it was perfect. The power was on the cross and tacked it in.


Paterson, wasn't much of a challenge. Paterson coming back.


Takes the deflection. Shout for handball from one or two of the


Thistle players. Slightly half hearted. Paterson blocked the ball.


It came off his side. Paterson. Walker, tries to move away


from Osman. Wait for it, brings it down.


It comes off the crossbar. Paterson was in there too. His jersey held.


Rossi was up. Up. Booth. Edwards. Paterson stayed off him. The cross


comes in. The header. Two minutes into the second half and the lad the


former player, Partick Thistle level. A lovely ball and the header


was enough to beat Hamilton. We're gets this level. Welch gets this


level. He's on his outside. Azeez, off the edge. Two bowls at 221. Two


balls at 21. Partick Thistle look the hungrier. Edwards away from


Kitchen. All seven meetings of these sides, Thistle are looking likely to


get one here at the moment. Booth attacking once more. Into the middle


it goes. Comes back to Booth. Erskine. Ball played behind by


Souttar. He is loving being at Tynecastle this afternoon. Hearts do


just enough. Booth comes back to him. He's turned into such an


attacking presence. To Erskine. Partick Thistle, it's the hand of


Hamilton that denies Thistle this time. Good effort from Erskine. Sean


Welsh delivers, Lindsey with the header. Inches away there.


Thistle will be delighted with the way they've played. Hamilton with


the safe boot. Needed composure. Paterson is complaining. Looked


onside all the way. Played through by Erskine. Denied by Hamilton. I


thought we were dominant in the second half. A disappointing first


half. Then we were on the front foot. A number of good chances.


Enough to win two games. It is hard to do that at Tynecastle. We did


that today. We had some good periods of possession and the opponents'


half, we stayed there a little bit. There were some good performances.


In the second half we didn't have control. It became a game of mayhem.


When you heard the jeers at the end, did you ask the fans for patience?


Look, at the end of that we all feel the same thing. We all feel the same


thing. Voicing that is completely normal, because we all feel the same


thing, but what we've got to do is stay together and support each


other. Certainly plenty of voices of disapproval from the home support at


the end of that match. A difficult home debut for the new Hearts head


coach Cathro? I felt in his interview it was awkward. I heard


the interview coming in on the radio yesterday and I felt it was awkward.


He looked downbeat to me. On camera it didn't look great, it was a 1-1


draw, not a great result but it wasn't Domesday stuff. Partick


Thistle set out on the front foot. Look at the pressure they are


putting Hearts under. Not allowing them any space. They've got to


recognise when you've got time and space you've got do play the ball


forward and see the space, break the line. Forward passes. That's what


you've got to do as a midfielder. That's the responsibility you've


got. Shirking your responsibility and passing it back the way, which


allows Partick Thistle to continue that press on you. Hamilton plays a


lottery ball, 50-50, it is difficult. It continues that press.


Horrible bits of play. Time and space. There is the ball. Play


forward. Instead of playing the simple ball back to the back line.


Time and space. There is no direct lay into the feet. Play the ball


into the corner. Stretch the game. They are playing into Partick


Thistle's hands. Johnson makes something out of it. Cowie gets up


on the second ball. They turn the opposition, Partick have to go back.


You want the midfielders controlling possession. It allows you to build


the game. Smith picks the ball up and you can start to puncture the


side and penetrate. Partick have to scatter and get clear of the lines


that. To me was the breakdown of the game. Cathro spoke about the game


being mayhem and broken. The reason it was broken was Hearts didn't seem


to have a structure or idea how to break that press from Partick


Thistle. And they deserve credit? Of course they do. People spoke about


the first half being good for Hearts. Hearts. In the second half,


this wonderful finish. These are the things which catch people's eyes.


Similar to the first half, breaking them council, winning the goal.


Great save from Hamilton. Similar to that first half. A bowl into the box


this time. This comes out and Booth has a wonderful strike that comes


off the crossbar that. To me was the difference. These are the things


that catch peoploes eye. Erskine with a great drop of the shoulder


and a save from Hamilton as well. Partick every week when I watched


themed have three or four opportunities a game to win it and


they end up drawing or losing it. They have to are take the


opportunities or remain at the bottom of the table.


What we learn from this weekend and is there a feeling there could be a


rush to judgment because he has come into the management game


differently? To ignore that fact will be to ignore reality. He will


be under scrutiny. What I'm talking about is the basics that you learn


as a 12-year-olds, to stretch the game and turn the opposition. It is


just a case of getting the message out there. It looked like Hearts did


not have a clear plan of what they were trying to do.


Rangers were able to travel to Hamilton Academical on Friday


night with a spring in their step after victories


Accies off the back of a midweek 1-0 defeat at Celtic Park.


Martin Canning drops big from the team that lost that Celtic Park.


With Devlin returning to the side. Scott McMann keeps his place. Martyn


Waghorn makes a surprise return to the Rangers side. That is the only


alteration from the team that beat hearts last weekend. Lee Wallace


with the throw. That has caused more problems for Gary Woods then it


should have done. The Accies keeper misjudged this. He dropped back into


play off the bar. Mark Warburton, desperate to build on the home


victories over Aberdeen and hearts. Their first away game since they


lost the Tynecastle. Good play by Doherty. The Rangers man dodges


bullet. Doherty in for a spectacular, powerful finish. Accies


have not beaten Rangers 478 years. The last win was that famous cup


win. Waghorn! Very clever! A brilliant finish by Martyn Waghorn.


It is unorthodox but it is perfect. And it is 1-0 Rangers before the


break. The goal drought is over for Waghorn, his first since September.


Just his second in the league. And they have both come against


Hamilton. Accies did not lay a glove on Rangers in the first-half. Up


against it here. It is Waghorn. Scuffed that time. Martin Canning


wanting more from this team. Barry Nikkei takes it through. That is


Wallace. Waghorn is in again! What is it they say about London buses?


Martyn Waghorn doubles Rangers' advantage. Very tight. That is what


Waghorn was doing all last season. Well and truly back now. Accies of


not won a match since they beat Aberdeen. That is about as good as


it has got. Another effort goes wide. Hamilton, yet to get a shot on


target. You can see the frustration. Rangers looking for a killer goal


and this is Tavernier. He had options. Tavernier was the best of


them. Is there a way back in for the Accies. A lovely touch from Waghorn.


He looks like a new signing for Rangers, the way he is playing. He


burst back onto the scene tonight. And there is Garner. Not 1 million


miles away. Close to putting this game to bed. If it is not already.


A forlorn figure at Celtic Park on Tuesday, Bingham. The cross for


Imrie. It was not far away. That would have come from absolutely


nowhere. Hamilton have not been at it. Halliday has got himself in


trouble. Imrie is there. It is to live -- it is 2-1! Game on in


Lanarkshire. But how or why is anyone's yes. Sloppy from Rangers.


The architects of their own downfall here. Imrie makes it 2-1. Crawford


has been on the periphery of things. The header flashes past. It will be


sensational Hamilton take something out of this game. Tavernier, it is


James Tavernier! That sums up his evening. A couple of chances. He has


not taken them. Rangers can still not finish this off. The one thing I


get from the players is commitment and they will always work as hard as


they can put everything into the game. They have that again tonight


and they will continue to do that, and we will make sure we work as


hard as we can and fight as hard as we can. Martyn Waghorn got the


headlines. That is for sure. Three points for Rangers but Mark


Warburton, he has got a lot of stick over the last month or so. He


deserves a fair bit of credit for the last few weeks. Absolutely.


Rangers have produced a level of consistency that is expected of


them. He has made tactical changes and to personnel. It was one of


those changes that made all the difference. Waghorn was outstanding,


Man of the Match for Rangers on Friday night. You can see here is


involved in his first goal in a linkup play. He makes his way into


the box, and it is a clever run, finding space. That is an


outstanding header. After that moment he grew in confidence


throughout the match. He had five or six efforts on goal and here it


looked like it might have been offside but it was not. A composed


finish will starve it was not just the goals, it was his overall play.


You can see it is a counterattack, with pace and directness and power.


When he plays this to Tavernier, I thought he left it too long. It


should have been Rangers' third. This was Matic of how confident he


was. He has four men on him and he takes a step inside, making a decent


pass to Garner, who is unlucky. That will be a good side for Mark


Warburton, seeing him doing so well. His lack of goals this season have


been one of the reasons why Rangers have struggled to break down the


opposition. James Tavernier to follow suit, I suppose. Liam McLeod


picked the perfect word for Halliday's situation. A bit more to


it? It was not just Halliday at fault. There were many things wrong


with the goal they conceded. Here you can see the back four are very


disjointed. Imrie played up front at 8352, and he should have made this


simple. Harry Forrester, when he gets the ball, he is looking for a


pass and he is under pressure. Just put it up the line if you are not


sure. Halliday comes in to show for it, but he takes a touch back into


whether a struggle. They should have given him options, but they didn't.


When Halliday is forced into his corner, he slips on the ball, and


when it comes to Imrie, he is unmarked. There are other reasons


that Imrie was unmarked. Look at the centre halves, when Halliday drifts.


Nobody is aware. I cannot believe that two centre halves are oblivious


to that, too late, to the picking up of Imrie. You talk about Rangers a


lot, the centre halves. When they are in possession, they are open to


counterattacks. When they are in possession five yards from the


goal-line, they are still not aware. You have to be aware of the game.


Imrie was unmarked for 12 seconds. When the ball goes to Halliday, he


asked to open up his body rather than going back into the closed


area. That was what led to that trouble.


Motherwell's midweek match at Aberdeen lasted just


eight minutes before the floodlights failed.


Hopefully no more technical problems for the match at St Johnstone.


With Stephen Anderson missing through illness, Scobbie returns to


the St Johnstone defence. Liam Craig is out through injury. Motherwell


may have only played six minutes on Tuesday but it is Mark McGhee's


prerogative to change as line-up. Only one. Jack Macmillan in for Ryan


Bowman. Here is Richard Forster. He will be catching Craig Samson


unaware. He seemed to swerve at the last moment. A little claim, coming


off a hand they are, blocked and deflected wide. It came off


Macmillan. That is a good delivery. Here is Richard Tait. In the middle,


he doesn't need it! What a howler from Zander Clark. Tait takes the


acclaim of the Motherwell players, but this is a huge goalkeeping


error. How he contrived to knock that into his own net, only Zander


Clark knows. Good stuff from Mark McGhee's side. The last match of his


touchline ban being served. Here is Scobbie. And it goes away. Scobbie


showing he is a threat in the year. -- in the air. Chris Millar. And


there is Maclean. So called to an equaliser for the home team. And it


is Craig Samson, producing outstanding save. An excellent


header. Samson, happy to grab that at the


second attempt. He did well to get down and make the save. Just for a


second it was almost slipping from his grasp.


Wotherspoon rocked. A claim that a hand was used. Not too much of


claim. It came off the back of the arm of Shaughnessy. Only Moult was


doing the complaining. Maclean with the header. And now it is Kane! And


Saints are level! It was a touch of good fortune. The save from Samson


rebounded off came to find its way into the net. And looking at that,


it may have actually come off the arm of Kane to directed over the


line. Wotherspoon, a neat turn. That was a miscued clearance from Ben


Hennigan. He has got away with that. Davidson again. A good spell for St


Johnstone. Trying to link with Kane. It is almost then! Craig Samson


coming to the rescue of Motherwell once more. Good, positive play from


Austin, linking well, getting the 1-2 from cane. He did not pick his


spot. The keeper was there. Scott McDonald, he has another chance. But


he is offside, and any case. He has gone too early and that pass was


played by McDonald. He could not hit the target. Motherwell have not won


here in their last six visits. St Johnstone. And you can't trouble


Samson with that effort. A good bit of footwork from Wotherspoon. But it


didn't have the end product. I always think when you go one down it


is difficult at the back, and it is pleasing when you have the character


to get back in the game. On another day, we could've got another goal


but the performance was excellent and we recovered well. There was a


little bit of luck in our goal and I could not really see what the keeper


did. I think one of the defenders deflected, but I am not sure. The


equaliser ricocheted, but it was a bit of hesitancy in our back four at


that stage. That was disappointing, but sitting watching the second


half, I felt that there was a goal coming and I did not think it was


going to be for us. The usual patter is that Motherwell and St Johnstone


come from behind to win the match. Not quite the case yesterday but


there is a lot of excitement in certain quarters about this penalty


claim. You are not buying it. I don't think so. I think the hands


are up in the air, but there has got to be an element of it being


deliberate. Shaughnessy is jumping. He doesn't know that the player is


behind him here. He cannot see that. And it doesn't hit his hand there,


it barely brushes his shoulder area when he goes towards Zander Clark.


For me, that is not a penalty. His hands are up for leveraging and he


does not have a clue where the bollards. There needs to be a


deliberate element. Some strange goals, one of the most horrendous


own goals I have seen for a long while. We concur. It is not a great


one for Zander Clark. I'm sure he will be grimacing when he sees this.


No pressure either, the ball was going nowhere. This one was equally


strange. Craig Samson had a brilliant game for Motherwell, three


or four fantastic saves, and this is great, ricocheting back. It was so


unlucky for Motherwell and Samson. It came off his hands. But he


doesn't know anything about that. That comes back to the deliberate


thing. It is unfortunate for Motherwell that happened, but you


cannot claim it is deliberate. Kane is just challenging the goalkeeper.


It is a difficult one to take but you cannot give that.


Kilmarnock were in search of their first back-to-back wins


Could they follow up their victory with another win, this


Kilmarnock give a first start to their 18-year-old defender, Ian


Wilson, as their injury problems worsen. Scott Boyd dropping out of


the side because of injury. Lee Clark otherwise sticks with the same


team. Caley Thistle make one change from the team that drew with Accies,


with Gary Warren returning from suspension to replace Moll Rainey in


the starting line-up. -- to replace Mulraney. Jamie MacDonald, for the


first time in the match, made to work by Caley Thistle. A comfortable


take for the keeper. Kilmarnock out of the corner kick. Can they make


the breakthrough? It is a deep one, is there a hand in there? A huge


claim for a penalty from Kilmarnock there. Nick Walshe, he had a


decision to make as Boyle headed back in. Just flicked on. You can


say that there is no intent there from Brad Mackay. Looking for Jones,


holding up first time around, and again another claim against a Brad


Mackay. That is another one for Nick Walshe to judge. This time, the


armies out and Nick Walshe is looking straight at that. I can only


imagine that he has decided that is unintentional. It clearly strikes


the arm of Brad Mackay. He could not get in. That is a good ball. Can he


get there before the keeper? It is over the goalkeeper. That is


outstanding defending from Josh Meekings. Wotton under believable --


what an unbelievable piece of defending to deny a first goal.


Tyson could almost have done no more. That is just tremendous


defending. And it was Billy King, Caley Thistle's final substitute.


Draper does well to keep possession. That is a lovely ball. And there is


fish with the finish, but he drags his shot wide. How is this for a


pass? Inch perfect. But the finish, not so perfect. Caley Thistle pass


up a good opportunity. Stevie Smith. It goes to Coulibaly. I think he


might have handled it. That would be controversial. If they get a goal


there. And he has! And Coulibaly, with the acrobatic celebration. His


11 Kilmarnock goal. They looked to be a hint of handball, and you can


see the right hand of Coulibaly get the ball in his possession. No major


complaints from the Inverness Caley Thistle players, but Coulibaly,


after he got that break, he still had it all to do, and boy did he do


it wonderfully well. And there was Boyle. It came off a Kilmarnock arm.


Draper on to the head of Gary Warren. And Inverness Caley Thistle


are level. Look at the room that Gary Warren had here. No challenge


from Coulibaly or Boyle, closest to him. Yards of space. Jamie MacDonald


could not reach it. Caley Thistle could well have ground to a precious


point in this battle to avoid a relegation scrap. We deserved to win


the game. Totally dominant in the first half. Granted Inverness came


back for little spells, and Jamie has not had a lot to do. We scored


it horrific goal from Coulibaly, and good defending cost us three points.


A good win at home also. I thought would the better side and we traded


chances. If you look at their goal, it was a blatant handball to control


the ball. So we did not get the decision and it should have been


straight into the top corner. It was a fantastic finish to put a score


up. At least we're not getting opened up. We are looking more solid


than the last couple of games, which I plead with. Coulibaly once again,


fittingly. Yesterday it was handball central but what does a handball


need to be in football? Deliberate. Yes. Brad Mackay. The first penalty


is not even debatable. His hands are down by his side and he is probably


less than a yard from the ball when it hits him. It is not a penalty, no


chance. There are so many bodies in the way it is difficult for the


referee. His back is almost turned to it. Innocent. 100%. And it is


right next to his hip. That is not a penalty. You would get a lot more


referees that would potentially give that one, but it is not deliberate.


His other hand is up in an unnatural position. He does not know where his


left arm is. For me, it is not deliberate. The first one is a


nonissue obliquely. It is such a subjective thing. Everybody has a


different view. You cannot read their minds. I can tell you what is


deliberate, Coulibaly's is deliberate. 100%. This is the one of


the three, obviously. And you can tell why the manager is


disappointed. It is hard to say but after the handball from Coulibaly,


it is piece of technical and individual brilliance. But you can


see Gary Warren losing the plot because Coulibaly almost palms it


down into his path. The referee is undecided. He cannot possibly see


it. Tremendous skill from Coulibaly, for his 11th of the season, but it


should not have stayed because this angle proves that he brings it down


almost with his rest. A slight deflection from Warren's me. If


there is, it is minimal. It is very difficult for the referee with


handballs. Polwarth's body was between him and the hand and a


referee. He just cannot see it. It was tough for Inverness to take but


it is a wonderful bit of skill. You almost admire Coulibaly for being so


single-minded to just get on with it? He wasn't bothered. He is not


caring. He is there to score goals, and it is just as well the


Kilmarnock as a player like him because the game was mundane up


until that point. He has the spark to do something outrageous as we


have seen in numerous occasions. How do you pronounce his name down your


Way? I think you do not pronounce the middle L. Thank you both very


much indeed. And all of that leaves the Ladbrokes


Premiership looking like this. Celtic 11 points clear at the top


with two games in hand. Rangers in second, seven


points clear of Aberdeen. Ross County move into the top six


after their victory over the Dons. Partick Thistle remain bottom


for now on 15 points. And that's it for the last


Sportscene before Christmas. We hope Santa is


extremely nice to you.


Introduced by Jonathan Sutherland.

Highlights of the weekend's Premiership action. Champions Celtic take on Dundee, Hearts host Partick Thistle and Kilmarnock play Inverness. Elsewhere, Aberdeen are in Dingwall for their match against Ross County and it's St Johnstone versus Motherwell. Plus action from Friday night's meeting of Hamilton and Rangers.

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