19/02/2017 Sportscene


Jonathan Sutherland introduces highlights of the weekend's matches in the SPFL. Fixtures include Dundee v Rangers, Kilmarnock v Aberdeen and Celtic v Motherwell.

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Right out of the top drawer. Outstanding! An absolute beauty.


Yes! It's unbelievable, unbelievable.


What a finish, right here, right now, this is history.


Tonight, hot off the press, the two matches played this afternoon


Plus we'll bring you the four games from yesterday as well.


With us in the studio Steven Thompson and Michael Stewart.


Rangers still without a permanent man in charge.


Caretaker Graeme Murty again in the dugout


following the departure of Mark Warburton.


Could Paul Hartley's Dundee take advantage?


Three changes to the Dundee team which drew with Kilmarnock.


The caretaker manager of Rangers, Graeme Murty, is without Lee


Wallace. 9000 inside dens Park. Dundee haven't had a home win


against Rangers for 25 years. Good start! Great ball in from Mark


O'Hara. Dundee could have been ahead inside 15 seconds.


Martin White corn with the deflected shot from the acute angle. First


serious effort on goal from Rangers. Kevin Holt, linking with Henrik


Ojamaa. Henrik yammer's cutback, Dundee in front! After 13 minutes.


The run from midfield of Mark O'Hara was not tracked by Rangers and he


scores off the inside of the post. Dundee 1-0 Rangers.


Free header for Joe Garner. Pretty bad attempt, you would have to say.


Bouncing harmlessly wide. The energetic or -- Mark O'Hara is


on the end of it. He was clipped by Danny Wilson and it's going to be a


free kick in a pretty promising area for Dundee.


Kevin Holt! It has gone all the way! Dundee have a 2-goal lead. Kevin


Holt strikes four minutes from half-time. He just put this in a


good area. There was no touch. Wes Foderingham looked as though he was


expecting a touch and by the time he got to the ball he couldn't keep it


out. Jumping for joy again, Paul Hartley.


Tipped over. Save you would expect the keeper to make.


Andy Halliday will, way off target with the follow-up. What a good


block this was from Kevin Holt. Joe Garner looked to apply the finishing


touch. Joe Garner, it is opening up and


he's got a goal back. Really good strike from Joe Garner! And the


celebration tells you he has not scored for four months but this has


Rangers back in the game. It looked as though Scott Bain was unsighted,


and the ball was certainly wobbling in flight.


Kenny Miller, again deflected off James Vincent. That could have gone


anywhere. Thankfully for Dundee it spun off the outside of the post.


There is Mark O'Hara! Though he goes down, no prospect of Craig Samson


giving a penalty here. Good movement. Lofted in for Joe


Garner. Pretty atrocious attempt at levelling things up with that


chance. Struck that with no conviction whatsoever.


So frustrated, he was standing on his head, Graeme Murty. Here come


Dundee again. Deflection! This was terrific goalkeeping from Wes


Foderingham because this would have certainly tied things up for Dundee.


Looking to soak up lame right at the end of the match. Losers out. James


Vincent! Struck it well. Wes Foderingham on the end of it.


Dundee, seconds away from a big win. I'm really pleased for the players.


The plan we had worked on, we changed the shape a little bit. Our


goal was to put pressure on Rangers. The workrate was incredible. Yes,


and that desire to keep running and put Rangers under pressure. It is


relief when you hear that final whistle. You see the reaction from


the fans and the players. Hopefully we will stay in the top six. A great


day for Mark O'Hara, Paul Hartley, and Dundee. The Rangers defending


could have been better but great goals from Dundee. They were


excellent. This is a great goal from Dundee. Not so good from Rangers. It


is composed finish. Rangers ran 50 yards without anybody going near


him. Edge of the box, ends up on the penalty spot. Nascent straight into


the corner. He's got to defend him better. For me, the goalkeeper does


not get enough of a hand on it. He is late to react but he's got to do


better. You see this, it is a weak rest. He's got to get a strong hand


on that. It's difficult because the wall is deep. You see that, he's got


to get a stronger hand on that. Two soft goals. Let's undermine what a


good result this was. They've not had a good record in recent years.


It was a huge performance full of character and desire. Graeme Murty,


almost head over heels. Rangers improved in the second half. Dundee


allowed him too much space to get his shot off. He overcommit as he


comes back and I don't think the dip made a difference. He just took a


drop the other way. This is a well worked corner. Kenny Miller, so


often rescuing Rangers, could not quite do it at this opportunity.


This is the best chance of the match. Forrester getting it all


wrong. Even still, you expect to hit the target. What about this? I'm not


sure what to make of that. Quite incredible. One of the quotes from


Graeme Murty, I expect more than I got from them today. You are


wondering, where is the midfield? It can happen but not with so much


space. It is not clear whether midfielder. There is nobody within


20 yards of him. Simply not good enough. They were in disarray.


Graeme Murty saying, I will carry on until I'm told otherwise. Are you


surprised Rangers have not sorted out the managerial situation or are


they right to take their time? It will take as long as it takes. I


don't think it has been too long. It is not as if it has been weeks or


months. The fact we don't seem to be any further forward in terms of


director of football, short-term manager, that is what I would be


concerned about. They needed to get the decision right. If it takes a


bit of time, fine. What is the direction? Will it be a director of


football? Will it be a manager? I am not sure, not fussed either way. It


is imperative that the manager is behind it. Earlier today, Lee


McCulloch took part of -- took charge of Kilmarnock.


New man in charge but minimal alterations to the side. Kris Boyd


is chasing his 200th top-flight goal. Graeme Shinnie is left on the


bench. He fancied it. Aberdeen were at


their swashbuckling best midweek. They have won 12 in a row against


Dalmarnock. One of their favourite fixtures. Ryan Christie scored the


pick of the bunch against the steel men. That is lovely skill. Should


have scored. It should be 1-0 Aberdeen. Still had to save it and


did. Good ball in. He sets up so many


chances. Kilmarnock are unbeaten in their last four.


chances. Kilmarnock are unbeaten in their last four. This is


McKenzie! 1-0 Kilmarnock. Aberdeen have seen more of the ball, they've


had more chances, Germanic have not really threatened. They lead, four


minutes from half-time. Aberdeen have not been at their best but they


will feel aggrieved to be behind. Conor Salmon goes down and Andrew


Dallas says no penalty. Kenny McLean! Good response by


Aberdeen, bringing Graeme Shinnie on has made a difference. When he's in


full flow, he's a joy to watch. He will need to change this chart,


it has been ripped right in the middle.


It was Sammon who was the Kilmarnock player.


Jayden Stockley pounces! 1-1, seven minutes to go. Miles Addison was not


long on the park. He held off Rooney and it is 1-1 in Ayrshire. Derek


McInnes once the three points. They have just been snatched away from


Lee McCulloch. What resilience by Aberdeen. They've


turned nothing into three in the space of two minutes. Peter Pawlett


might have won it for Aberdeen. One of the best performances of the


season and they could finish this empty seat in -- empty-handed.


It was always going to be difficult for us today but just a crazy first


goal, lack of concentration, we've given away. We found a lot of late


winners this season. Whether that is the impact of the subs or the


determination, it is a good thing to have nonetheless. Fantastic victory


for Aberdeen. They swing that around into their favour. It started well


for Kilmarnock. They got off to a good start. It was bad defending,


they did not clear it, and it came off Reynolds into the corner. I


think he would have saved it but it was good control and I think most of


us were thinking he should have shot. He laid it back, did well. It


was a great start for Kilmarnock and I think they looked structured and


made it difficult for Aberdeen. In the first half, Aberdeen were out of


sorts. Do you think Lee McCulloch has a real chance of getting that


job? I think so. He's been there for. He's got an understanding of


what is going on behind the scenes. I don't see that there is going to


be any sort of issue with the result today, detrimentally going to impact


on his chances of getting the job. The substitutions in this match were


absolutely crucial in terms of how it turned out. Both teams made subs


but both teams had an impact. They tried to get back into it. This is


just horrendous and it almost went in slow motion. We were shouting,


just click it. Just queried. He had a really bad 40 minutes on the


pitch. Five minutes of the match left and as a defender you just put


your foot through that. Who cares? Just get it in. We all saw it


happening. He did not stop, he reacted well. This one again. Watch


the second angle. He gets in front. Because so deep, that goes over his


head and it puts them off. He still got to deal with it. Should they


have had a penalty? I'm not sure. I think they were both at it. It


probably eased itself out. On that occasion you see that Miles Addison


got all side and he gets pulled down and it should have been a penalty.


It was a great day for Aberdeen. They copy is -- they got these great


goals. -- late goals. They are looking solid in second place. Six


points clear. Incredibly they've beaten Kilmarnock 11 times in a row.


They are on a good run of form. Motherwell hoping to redeem that


mauling at the hands of Aberdeen but the bad news was the next match was


a way to Celtic, the runaway leaders. It is the team that stuck


six past Inverness. Stevie Hamilton pulled up in the warm up and is


replaced by charmers. Celtic are chasing down a 20th


successive league victory. The game's best chance so far. Liam


Henderson retained his place in the starting XI. This is a big


opportunity. Came on in the opening few minutes


for Steve McManus. Celtic have not been at their best but Mousa Dembele


gives them their lead. He's on fire right now. There was no real doubt


this was going to crash into the back of that net. Was not the worst


delivery in the world but a little bit too high for him. He scored two


goals before here and that was the last time Celtic lost.


Big chance for Motherwell. The former Celtic and Scotland


midfielder Stephen Pearson had it. Good ball in. 31 games unbeaten


Celtic get through this one. Since the start of the domestic season.


Lovely play by James Forrest, 2-0! Really good goal. They spilled up by


Celtic. Have not really gone through the gears in this first half but


they have a 2-0 lead and suddenly they are staring down the barrel,


Motherwell. James Forrest popping up on the left


than going for gold. The lasting Motherwell needed was to go 3-0


down. He can hit from there. Has scored


plenty in a Celtic shirt. Baseball to Mousa Dembele. Could be


in again. Would have expected him to hit the target, such is the form


he's in. Motherwell arguably came closest. Kieran Tierney has been


completely white. Only a yellow card. That is an absolute shocker.


Should have made it three. The Celtic fans will let him off with


that one. It has been a terrific signing.


Scored one last week and almost scored one this week and that was a


fiery effort from the skipper. It has been better for Mark McGhee,


not quite as good for Brendan Rodgers, but the same result.


Overall, another clean sheet. Defensively we were strong. They had


one moment from a corner but apart from that we were very solid. Have


in their recent form, to come out of here with this is in the scheme of


things not a bad result. I was quite satisfied with what I saw. James


Forrest, what a resurgence he has had. Does he have to be in the


Scotland starting XI given his form? He has been in sensational form. He


is up against a lot of people. On the form, I would start him. He has


been brilliant. He was brilliant last week against Inverness. He is


confident and playing with belief and when he runs at defenders he is


terrifying them. Look at this. It is quality. He has been resurgent and a


lot of that is down to Brendan Rodgers. He is emblematic of the


difference Brendan Rodgers has made. It is end product, that is one of


the criticisms people had of him, the lack of end product but this


season he has had it in abundance. Red cards and Motherwell have gone


together this week. I suppose he will be glad he did not get a red


card for this. Should it be a red card? 100%. He has been complaining


for a few weeks but that absolutely should have been a red card. It is a


ridiculously high challenge, very dangerous and Kieran Tierney had


massive stud marks down his life. You cannot go in with a straight leg


that high. There is no question about it, dangerous tackle,


regardless of how much of the ball he wins, far too dangerous and it


should have been, no question, a red card. He's had an interesting week,


Mark McGhee. Something happened, up in Aberdeen? What the he says there


are things you can take from it that are positive. Where are the


positives? Brendan Rodgers was talking about the pitch being a


problem. We have seen a few pictures. We will see some more


tonight. This Celtic need to get that pitch changed?


It's not exactly hindering them. It looks better than some of the other


parks that are around, but sometimes when you get down on the surface and


you are playing, it can be a lot different. From the stand, it looks


OK, but when you get down, it can be rotted. That is the issue at Celtic


Park, but it is not the worst. The producer reliably informed me that


Celtic could win the title by the 5th of April, which would be at home


to Partick Thistle. I suppose, it could be even before then. What does


that say? Nothing we don't already know. Complete dominance yesterday,


there 20th consecutive win in the Lee, and they have been sensational.


Brendan Rodgers was almost downbeat after the game, which shows you the


hunger and desire he has brought to Celtic. The game last week against


Inverness, he wants dominance and he has brought that.


St Johnstone the visitors to face Ross County.


Slovakian Milan Lalkovic starts. Craig Curran plays.


Two changes to St Johnstone's site. -- side. That is David Wotherspoon.


Trying to find some room. Great effort, and so close to the opening


goal in Dingwall. What a lovely touch from Allston. Karen with the


push on Shaughnessy, gets away with it. -- Curran. A big chance for


Gardyne. This wasn't even close. That was surely handball by Joe


Shaughnessy. The referee says no penalty. Liam Craig, probing, helped


on by Maclean. An opportunity for Allston. It has gone in Jay


McEveley. It is an own goal, with just over half an hour gone. -- it


has gone in off Jay McEveley. 1-0 St Johnstone. McEveley's long ball


aimed at Joe Shaughnessy. Came off Gardyne and back off the post. Might


have struck Gardyne's right knee. Again, close to an equaliser. Boyd


is using his strength and skill, trying to curl back in. He wasn't


too far away. You can tell from his expression that that did not quite


come back enough to get the better of Clark.


Keith Watson's header, off the line by Mark Woods. Betty clear that with


his left arm? It certainly looked like it. -- did he clear that. Is


that a second penalty that should have been given and wasn't? It


certainly looks like it. It is a say that Scott Fox might have been proud


of. Allston, with a spurt of pace to take on Brian. A great save from


Fox. A lovely bit of skill from Steven MacLean to create the chance.


It's back off the post from a corner kick. Nobody touched it before it


came straight back to Craig. That's why the flag went up and the free


kick was given. It has certainly been all action in Dingwall.


Current's -- Curran's shot blocked. Back in. Woods gets a touch, powered


clear, but only as far as Jim O'Brien. That is way off target.


Really good pressure from Ross County, trying to force an


equaliser. A deflection on the shot, and Craig Curran levels things up.


It took a touch of Steven Anderson, and it ended up deflected into the


path of Curran. It was onside. A very good finish. That makes it 1-1


in Dingwall. Craig's corner kick. He is peppering the frame of that goal.


Pretty sure Scott Fox had it covered, but for the second time,


Craig hit the woodwork. Good term, great strike, and surely


the winner for St Johnstone, inside stoppage time. A brilliant bit of


finishing from Chris Kane, who has only been on the pitch for three


minutes. That makes it 2-1. Not much time for Ross County to do anything


about this. Good hit. That wasn't from Andrew Davies. Can he clear it


by Clark air? Out of the ground from Davis. We got ourselves back into


the game and not punish St Johnstone when we had the opportunity. Having


said that, I think the difference between the game is, they take their


chances, we don't. With how the team perform today individually and


collectively, I was delighted. Obviously, disappointed when they


got to 1-1. We showed character in the game. It came at the right time,


with a couple of minutes to go. A fantastic three points on the road


for St Johnstone. They are doing it again. You have to say, Stephen, a


real contrast in the standard of the goals. Acres of space in the weak


here. It is an own goal from McEveley.


All strikers claim there was, don't they? It is within five yards. You


might definitely got a neat ornate! -- definitely got a nick on it. He


never stops harassing defenders, links the play well, I think he just


needs to bring more goals. Is he still to realise his full potential?


Yes, but if he keeps scoring like that, the only way is up. A few


handball claims. Let's go through them. This looks in real time like


it could have been a penalty. It came off McEveley's head. It is not


the defender who makes contact with it. For me, that is not a penalty.


This one is undoubtedly. It has been scooped off the line by Woods. That


is a volleyball shop. Yes, a big off the goal-line.


-- dig. That would have been a bone of contention for Tommy Wright.


Let's talk about St Johnstone. They keep on churning out the points.


Catching Aberdeen may be a tough ask, 12 points behind. But Rangers


and Hearts can be done. They are well within St Johnstone's sites.


They have a level of consistency that is the envy of many teams, and


it comes from the top. Tommy Wright has done an unbelievable job. You


are thinking, can they do it again? There is no doubt that they are a


side that deserve to be in and around fourth place. What do you say


about Ross County after this? It is a Sorbonne to lose like that. Their


form has been poor of late, losing three out of four of the last few


games. It has not been a good spell. After the dismal derby day draw


with Hibs last weekend, Hearts were back on their threadbare


Tynecastle pitch yesterday for the The omens not good for


Richie Foran's side - bottom of the table,


thumped 6-0 by Celtic last weekend, and thumped 5-1 by Hearts


on their last visit to Tynecastle. Ian Castro makes four changes to the


side that drew with Hibs. For Caley Thistle, five changes.


Goncalves went up. A good block in the box from Ross Draper. Goncalves


won the initial header and chased it down.


Takes him down, clumsy challenge. An easy one for the referee. Tansey to


play it in. It is an extract a simple header. He has got used to


celebrating goals this season, that won his 27th. Jack Hamilton is


furious with his defence. Draper gets the better of views.


There was a push there. The referee didn't give anything. -- the better


of Hughes. Goncalves, back to kitchen.


Struna was calling for the ball, from a great position. Instead, on


to the bar. Not happy with what he is seeing so far. Stroller, sure.


Post-mac has a good shot, and keeps it down. The keeper watched it all


the way. -- Struna has a good shot. Goncalves got away from David Raven,


eased him away, and should have put that on target. Hearts trying to


drive forward again. So close to the equaliser. A simple ball into the


box. Goncalves always seems to find space. Off the shoulder of Tremarco


there. Kitchen on the overlap. Up against Raven. Djoum is there! 1-1,


64 minutes gone. Djoum has had a good few weeks. The simplest of tap-


ins. Good play from Perry Kitchen. He will be delighted with the fight


that his side are showing. That will break onto Mackay. Looked like


another corner, but the referee says goal kit. I think Billy Mackay


agrees with me. Brought it down well on the left foot. -- goal kick.


Everything seemed to freeze for a moment as people wondered where this


would end up. Some thought it was going wide. Tremarco was denied.


Djoum is getting the better of Draper. Downey goes, a penalty kick.


Whether Djoum put the brakes on when he felt Draper behind him, but


Draper caught in the wrong position, just caught his right leg. Jamie


Walker has now missed twice this season. The first penalty save of


the season for Owain Fon Williams. It just didn't sit down for him


enough. Goncalves winning the header, good skill, and Owain Fon


Williams watched it go over. Can Caley Thistle find a winner? A great


ball in from David Raven. He sends it across, split away from the


Hearts central defenders. It is a game we should have won, and these


are games we need to win to be the team we should be. That will be the


case. We played to our strengths today. It's seemed to work. Richie


Fora and hoping that Inverness have now turned a corner with that


fighting performance, but a frustrating day in the end for


Hearts. We were both there. Let's talk about the pitch, which is in a


horrendous state. We just spoke about Celtic Park and how Brendan


Rodgers complained about this. Tynecastle's in a much worse state.


With the new Main Stand, they will rip it up and put a new park down


next season, but in the interim, it will be a concern for Ian Castro and


the players. It is hampering the side, no doubt. They need a new


service now. It comes down to finances. What can you do when you


have a big expenditure on the way? It is difficult to understand the


plan for the next part of the season before that gets done. You weren't


happy with what you thought was a lack of width from Hearts. Was it


the wrong formation? Not so much the wrong formation. These are the areas


that you want to explore, in behind the full-backs. Three players, none


of them offering any real penetration. It allows Inverness to


have the game played in front of them. When it gets out why, you have


four Inverness players covering. He is 40 yards from the byline, so the


width is too deep, forces everything into the field, and it is in front


of Inverness, where they are comfortable. Inverness were well


setup, structured, and made it difficult for Hearts. The build-up,


too slow. Going back the way. Nothing on. It is predictable. Yes,


and look at this, back to the goalkeeper, kicks it out, and it


ends with a throw in. Try to pull the full-back in to create space. It


is predictable. David Raven sees that going on. When they picked the


ball up again, this backline is in place. They are not penetrating at


all, and this ends up with a poor cross. The move fritters out.


Inverness deserve credit. They do. Look at this one. Perfect example.


Inverness are allowed to defend narrow. There is no penetration. It


means that when you are trying to play through those narrow areas, you


have a narrow back four which makes it more difficult. Tynecastle is a


small park. It is 25% smaller than many of the Scottish ones. The game


they will play midweek at Easter Road, it is almost 25% smaller than


that. 22%. You have been working on that. When you are playing a style


that is forcing things into the middle of the park, when the picture


is already small, it is very difficult. Coupled with the poor


surface, I think they really need to look at it. You need to get that


measuring tape out! What was the Sportscene take on this? A stunned


silence when Tremarco scored. It is a poor goal to lose. Here is where


he should've been, but right at the start of this move, he gets a little


nudge from Louis Laing. If he goes back into the area where we


showed... He just stops, though. He doesn't judge the flight of the ball


very well, but as a centre-half, you have to drop with the rest of your


backline and try to head the ball away. Hearts created a lot of


chances, and on to win 1.5 matches. What was your take on the Hearts


equaliser when it finally came? It was a good one. You can see, they


are working the ball wide, not a great ball from Perry Kitchen, but


he gets the overlap and more than makes up with it -- for it with a


wonderful cross. Djoum makes a good late run into the box to get the


girl. I don't agree with Ian Castro that they made enough chances to win


1.5 games. It was a great cutback and then the cross. You see Draper


trying to head it. He is worried about touching it in crazy scores an


own goal. Briefly, who is going through in the midweek game for


Hearts? Difficult to call. Hopefully a better game than the first leg.


Finally for tonight, Partick Thistle up against


Hoping for some thrills, John Barnes.


Hamilton make four changes. Gary Woods replaces Renny Matthews in


goal. Redmond swings in the corner kick. A


close one there for Aki 's -- Accies. That one had Tomas Cerny


scrambling to his left-hand post. That is the best early effort of


this second period. Brophy, turning away from Lindsay.


Not a bad effort from Eamonn Brophy. And it certainly produced a good


save from Tomas Cerny on his 200th appearance in Scottish football. And


he is trying to ensure he marks it with a clean sheet. Booth to the


near side. Better play from Thistle. That is the first real shot from


Thistle on target, but it was straight at Gary Woods.


Thistle are unbeaten in the last ten games against Hamilton. He was


Doolin, away from Watson. What is the decision? A yellow card, says


the referee, for Craig Watson. It could easily have been a red card.


It was a wild swipe after Dylan was away from him. Booth with the free


kick. There is Devine. What a good save from Gary Woods, but the follow


up from Liam Linsey, he really should have buried it. Good reaction


save from the goalkeeper, but not the best of follow-ups from Lindsay.


Good running by Erskine. It is Dylan rising to head that one in. The


breakthrough comes in the 68th minute, and it is the substitutes


who combine - Erskine with the cross, and Doolan peeling off his


marker. A terrific header for his seventh goal of the season. Barton


with the header away. Booth, to Doolan. It is Dylan at the


double! -- Doolan. This time, it was Booth with the cross, and Doolan was


unmarked as he dispatched that beyond Gary Woods.


The free kick swings in. It just isn't going to be Accies' day, as


that goes flying wide of Tomas Cerny's post. It was a massive game


and a massive three points. Because of what was at stake, sometimes the


quality goes out, but we were delighted to get the goals. It


wasn't a good game of football and I didn't enjoy watching it. It is


pretty much -- the two goals were pretty much identical. We have our


natural centre-backs out. It is where we are at the minute. We have


to dig deep, get through this and hopefully start to get somebody's


back and give ourselves an opportunity to go and win games. We


didn't pass the ball as well as we wanted to and didn't use our shape.


We tweaked the shape. The game opened up when Chris Erskine came


on, and thankfully, he came up with the goods. Once again, the


substitutes playing a huge part. Kris Doolan once again coming up


with the goods. He is a talisman for them. A great run in behind by


Erskine. Poor marking from Hamilton. A quality goal all-round, for a team


that hasn't scored in four games, it was vital that this man kept


producing for them. Booth on the left-hand side was excellent as


well, shoving his power and pace. But this is terrible defending. You


cannot leave him unmarked in the middle of the box. There is no pace


on the ball, and it is hard to get direction on a header when there is


no pace, and that is a clever header. You can see space down the


left-hand side for Partick to exploit. You heard Martin Canning


say they are lacking natural defenders. A huge, gaping hole down


the right-hand side. In the middle, the two centre-half is left far too


big a gap along the six yard box for Doolan to get his head. In terms of


Hamilton, Stephen, you have a bleak prognosis for the rest of the


season. They had not won away from home all season. They play Celtic


next week away from home, and then their next games, Aberdeen, Rangers


and Hearts are coming up. I worry for them. Kris Doolan getting his


chance and getting goals, if he can start scoring, it gives Partick


Thistle a real chance to be confident in the second half of the


season. That has been the problem for so long - a lack of goals and


consistent goal-scoring in the side. If they can bring that to the game,


they have more than enough in the rest of their side to be safe and


competitive in the Premiership. Thank you very much, guys. It has


been fun, as always. After all that, the Ladbrokes


Premiership table looks like this. Celtic have a gargantuan lead of 24


points. Dundee are into the top six after that win over Rangers today.


And that is your lot from another rich and varied weekend


in Scottish football, the gift that keeps on giving.


More riches next weekend, undoubtedly.


Until then, from all of us on the Sportscene team, goodnight


Jonathan Sutherland introduces highlights of the weekend's matches in the SPFL Premiership.

After they dropped four points in their last two league fixtures, Rangers will be hoping they can get back to winning ways against Dundee at Dens Park, while Aberdeen travel to Kilmarnock for a fixture in which the hosts have only collected a single point in the last 15 games between the sides.

With the nearest challengers playing on Sunday, Celtic will be hoping to extend their lead at the top of the table with victory over Motherwell, while goals should be plentiful at Tynecastle as Hearts and bottom club Inverness Caledonian Thistle meet for the third time this season. The clubs shared 12 goals in their previous two meetings, a 5-1 victory for the hosts in August, and a 3-3 draw in the Highlands at the end of October.

With expert analysis from Michael Stewart and Steven Thompson.

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