21/02/2016 Sportscene


Highlights of the weekend's matches. Celtic v Inverness, Aberdeen v Partick, Hearts v Dundee United, Kilmarnock v Dundee, Ross County v Hamilton and St Johnstone v Motherwell.

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Good evening and welcome to Sportscene.


It is unbelievable! Unbelievable! It is a spectacular ball. The shot is


an absolute beauty. Is it? It is! And it is there! What a finish. And


that is it. Scottish football may be many


things, but it's never dull. With us in the studio tonight,


it's the Sportscene Stuart dynasty - With Aberdeen's match


at Partick Thistle postponed due to a waterlogged pitch,


Celtic had the chance to open up a six-point lead at the top


of the Premiership. Inverness Caley Thistle


the visitors. Ronny Deila throws out the same 11


he started for last week's win over Ross County, resisting the


temptation to start with Patrick Roberts, who is on the bench. The


Inverness side is the one that started the win over Aberdeen.


Gordon Roberts has been looking impressive. Celtic, if they win here


and at Aberdeen they could be nine clear. That is deflected over. A


vote of confidence for Gary Mackay-Steven today from the


manager. Ronny Deila has plenty of options on the bench. He invited us,


missed by Gordon and by Warren. -- Iain Vigurs. The chance of the game


so far and it falls to skipper Gary Warren. What a mess. -- miss. That


court Fon Williams by surprise. You know what the left foot of Leigh


Griffiths can provide. It is just skipped along the ground and Fon


Williams dealt with it. Iain Vigurs has won it back off Mackay-Steven


and he has teed it up. So close again. Inverness are playing with


real confidence here in Glasgow. It is Mackay-Steven. Blocked. Celtic


have begun the second half pretty well but here comes Jordan Roberts.


Big chance. And a big save from Craig Gordon. You can't say the


Highlanders haven't have their chances. But haven't taken one of


them. Celtic probe. Mackay-Steven. 1-0! With the aid of a deflection.


Make no mistake, Celtic have been second best in this game up to this


point. This is a hammer blow, a sucker punch for Cali Thistle. It


might reinvigorate the champions. sucker punch for Cali Thistle. It


Caley Thistle. He does it again! 12 in his last ten coming into this


afternoon. And that is 31 for the season. On his weaker right hand


side and in the blink of an eye Celtic dominate 2-0. Johansen. A


very different Celtic side now, it is back with Johansen. It should


have been three. It is amazing how a game can change completely. Caley


Thistle looked like -- look like they have had the stuffing knocked


out of them. Iain Vigurs takes the corner. Scooped away, only as far as


Lewis Horner. He goes himself. That has taken a touch on its way


Lewis Horner. He goes himself. That through, Gordon suddenly dived down,


he didn't know where this was going. Nice change of pace by Patrick


Roberts. First chance for him to impress the Celtic support. The


defender is in big trouble. This is a good chance for Roberts. Put on a


plate for him by Scott Allan. Inverness getting bodies


Roberts, Christie. They saved the best to


Roberts, Christie. They saved the wonderful goal, brilliant build-up


play from the substitutes. A real lesson in how to take chances for


Caley Thistle today. We knew it would be tough against Caley Thistle


but you have to keep calm and carry on doing what you believe in and I


think we did that in the second half, we had more chances and


deserved to win. Even in defeat you can take great pride and inspiration


from the way we played because we gave as good as we got. A lot of


people were saying we are the best team they have seen


people were saying we are the best Parkhead so the club is going in the


right direction. Leigh Griffiths brings his tally for the season to


32. They extend the lead to six points. John Hughes talking about


how Inverness Caley Thistle were the better side certainly to begin with


but when you are at Celtic Park you need to take your chances. No doubt.


One get opportunities like this you have to score. That is a glaring


chance, a real sitter. Poor play from Gordon, he is unchallenged and


to miss it by such a big margin. Warren missing that, terrible. This


is a good strike, just comes off the defender and drifts wide. When you


get chances you have to take them, the first one was a sitter. Two


minutes into the second half, great ball, Roberts gets in behind and at


first it looks like maybe a bad miss but when you are again it is a


fantastic save. He lifts it and the big arm saves it. That is really


important because it could have been different if Inverness have put it


away. There has been a lot of talk about the plethora of midfield


options at Celtic. Five more on loan. We saw some fringe players


yesterday and there has been a bit of chat about how there has been a


lack of zest in the Celtic play. There was more zest yesterday. Yes,


they have got involved when they came off the bench. It is


intriguing, when you look at the substitution, Commons and Richards


were still on the bench, and maybe the three kids coming on as a sign


of the times for the next season but it certainly sparked it up a bit.


Fantastic strike by Griffiths. We have seen some of the youngsters


under Ronny Deila? If they are good enough, clearly those three players


have the ability and the talent and they bring that youthful energy and


Celtic have missed that. 32 goals for Leigh Griffiths, would you bet


against him getting to the mark? Not at all, if you take him out of the


team it is a huge mess. -- miss. Next up, nightmare


on Tannadice Street - Dundee United's horror show


of a season continued on Tuesday night as they lost 3-0


at home to Motherwell. Could the disaster movie still turn


into the Great Escape? After losing 3-0 at home to


Motherwell Mackay and Dixon dropped out of Dundee United. Hearts replace


several players. In steps Blair Spittal for Dundee United, big shout


for a penalty. But probably mainly from those supporters behind that


goal, because it was an appeal out of optimism more than anything else.


Strong words from Stephen Thompson, the United chairman this week. Scott


Fraser with the corner kick and the forward was convinced he had scored


his first goal for hearts. John Rankin with the quick free kick, in


from Spittal. A big chance to open the scoring. Another good save from


hearts keeper Alexander but the forward knows he should have been


scoring. Referee Kevin Clancy reaching into his pocket for a


yellow card, not just for that offence. He tells Jordan McGhee,


also for a series of fouls. Battling for possession, in goes Jordan


McGhee and he could be in trouble here, the young hearts are -- hearts


defender. It is a second yellow and he is off to stop five minutes


before half-time and two bookings in the space of four minutes. Payton's


pass deflected. Rankin! Just a fraction away from opening the


scoring. Can't quite believe, Rankin, this hasn't gone in. It took


a couple on its way back off the post. -- took a bobble. Fraser's


corner. There is the golden Dundee United desperately wanted. The


former West Ham man's first goal for the club and that lifts spirits


considerably around Tannadice. Booing every time John sitter


touches the ball. It drops the Jamie Walker. What a strike. Two and half


minutes after the restart and ten man hearts are back on level terms.


What a sweet strike from Jamie Walker, ripping into the roof of the


net behind Oshaniwa. Payton looking for Ryan Dow at. A chance to get


United back in front. He loses out to the bounce of the ball. It is


lobbed over Aleksandar Pantic looked back with some relief as that went


over the top. -- over Alexander and he. It is going to be a booking for


the Dundee United substitute for that challenge on Ali mosque Turk.


Rankin. Ryan Dow makes a move. Payton! Absolutely brilliant. He


could not have caught this any better, and in the 88th minute


Dundee United are back in front. A little kick out at Ozturk and


Dundee United, like Hearts, will end this with ten men.


To be played, especially first half, really pleasing. We created a lot of


chances. If the match was 3-0 at half-time, I don't think it would


have been wrong. Some occasions I wonder, I don't know, is it one of


them again? Thankfully, we got a wonderful winner in the end and


three points. We started the game, we had a couple of chances, they


did, then the referee decides to give a yellow card for a tackle that


Jordan goes in and plays the ball. give a yellow card for a tackle that


don't know what the referee thinks, but he makes the decisions, he is


don't know what the referee thinks, making the decisions, it is just


don't know what the referee thinks, that we are the ones that have to


suffer the consequences of it. The big three points for Dundee United,


suffer the consequences of it. The just how big? We


suffer the consequences of it. The of the season, Robbie


suffer the consequences of it. The happy about the sending-off


suffer the consequences of it. The it? Is this a


suffer the consequences of it. The force? And the referee is justified


to show yellow? To be honest, this is not the yellow card I would be


worried about. The first one should not have been a yellow card. This


one coming yes, not have been a yellow card. This


got the ball. The way his studs are showing, in the modern day coming


can't get away from that, especially when you have already been booked,


as harsh as when you have already been booked,


was a sense that the first yellow card was for persistent... That


first one was not even a foul for me. I have to say on the second one,


there is no doubt he gets the ball, I think it is a good tackle. I


totally understand where Robbie is coming from, but also Kevin Clancy I


think is one of the best referees, he was right behind it and I think


he sees the angle coming down on it. I can understand why he got a second


yellow, but I would be a bit peeved if I were McGee. It was a good


tackle. He would be doing very well to do this every week. 20 yards out,


no chance for Alexander in goal. There was a huge one for Dundee


United. Mick said in the interview, he was thinking it would be another


one of those days, they needed a bit of magic like that, but they need to


back it up with another result. Otherwise it becomes immaterial if


they don't go and win the next game, because that is the only they will


get out of the trouble they are in, wins back-to-back. We have seen a


fuel for storms of late with Dundee United, they need to -- a few false


dawns. It just shows how important set pieces are, they lost two goals


against Motherwell, free kick, corner, but that was a big was up.


It keeps them in there, but I heard John Rankin saying they probably


need a miracle, and he is probably right. But performances like that


can only help. Still to come on Sportscene tonight,


two big games from the Championship. St Johnstone's slump


in form has been dramatic - they hadn't won a match


since December the 5th. In fact, they hadn't won at home


since the 7th of November. Commentator this one stretching back


to the start of December, has Tommy Wright making changes again.


Motherwell crashed Dundee United in midweek. One in forced change. Wes


Fletcher replaces him. Down the line. More. Shaughnessy is there.


Get some help from Scooby. Good work from Louis Moult, working hard on


the right-hand side. McFadden with a corner, Louis Moult


with the header and he guides it by Alan Mannus. He lost his marker, Tom


Scobey. A really clever header. He opened the scoring here in August,


he does so again today. That is a clever header from Louis malt.


The corner comes in from Witherspoon, dealt with by Conor


Ripley. He finds itself in the back of the net. Just going to fall


underneath the crossbar. Craig from Scooby, back onto Wetherspoon, a bit


of space for David Weatherspoon, and he exploits it fully! He stepped to


the side and curled it past him. The goalkeeper wrong-footed, two minutes


to half-time, St Johnstone are level, a seventh of the season for


David Weatherspoon. Marvin Johnson gets it in low, looking for


Fletcher. What a good chance that was for Motherwell. He felt he


should have had a corner. Johnson's Paulin, Fletcher couldn't connect.


Well off target. Here's Hamill. Back onto Marvin Johnson, another good


ball in. Repelled. Only as far as Hamill again. Onto Johnson. Taken


down by Fisher, who is manhandled to the ground. A fairly easy free kick.


Hamill whips it in. Has only scored once today, but that one was guided


away off target, Moult. To the middle it goes. What a good chance


that was for Graham Cummings, the substitute. Just glanced it right


across goal. Conor Ripley rooted to the spot and delighted to see that


go wild. Saints with just two points in the last six league games. The


last one a home match against Kilmarnock in November. Witherspoon


plays it in, Liam Craig! That is the chance they have been looking for.


Brilliant ball in from Witherspoon, set up Liam Craig. He just couldn't


guide it on target. Good connection, looked for the corner. Here comes


Sutton, taken down by Ben Hall, slightly cynical, that will be a


yellow card for the youngster. He has impressed since coming into the


top team. Simon Lappin plays it in, Scobey is up and scores in stoppage


time! What a goal machine he has become, two in his last two home


matches. A great header, Conor Ripley with no chance, and St


Johnstone looked like they will seal all three points. It wasn't a pretty


game but we got the important winner and that shows the character of the


team. Really proud of them today. Our performance was good, dreadful


pitch to play on, we played the conditions, it was good, it was


energetic. Everything I hoped for. Not a lot of end product, of course,


but not a disastrous outcome. So a destroying defeat in the end. In


this match, set pieces were key. They were, but that is a frustration


for a manager, because not only do you work all week on scoring and


making drills to get a shot or a you also work in defending against them.


Not only corners and free kicks, throw ins as well. You look at the


Motherwell first goal. Promise eight Johnson point of view, they will be


quite happy with how the marking is. James McFadden is on the corner.


They know it will be an end to anger. Fletcher in on the


goalkeeper, sometimes teams don't put people in there. That just


allows the goalie to come and pluck it out of the air. He is a key


position, and obviously Moult, the goal-scorer, up against Scobey.


Before you go out, you know who to mark and is your role to stop them


getting an attempt on goal. But it is a good ball in from McFadden, but


just as it comes in, Scobey just gets in the wrong position there. He


is under the ball, not facing the ball, and that is just a big melee.


The fact there are so many bodies in their is one of the negatives you


would cast a man for man marking at set place. Some people go with zonal


where they just have tooth concentrate on the flight of the


old. This allows Louis Tampa to get the better of him. That is his


responsibility. He has got to do better in that position. Fu in the


end, it is a really good header by Moult. This is one of my bugbears,


if somebody is on the back post, they clear that, it is not a goal.


What you will see, that is Scobey, he knows he has lost his man, Moult.


He goes in at half-time, absolutely distraught because his man has


scored. But we will play it on. We're talking about set pieces, very


much in the round, and we are incorporating friends as well. That


was significant in terms of St Johnstone's first goal. You also


work at defending throw ins in the final third. From the onset,


Motherwell in good position, his role as ones that ball comes out of


a's Handscomb he stops the cross coming in. And then we have Louis


Laing picking up Weatherspoon. That is a fairly standard setup. The


three against two with the thrower here. I'd only like to draw your


attention that with Motherwell playing three at the back, this


becomes quite important. Normally this is your centre midfielder, as


it is, but that would be all right wide player, not your right


wingback, and the centre-half would be right. Ultimately, want to get


plays on the bed, you will see why be right. Ultimately, want to get


that is important. Yes, he is in front of Wotherspoon. As you see


when it is played back... Yes. If Louis Lange had done his job happily


and stayed with Wotherspoon, it would not have given him the space


to turn and put it in. McManus and Hall have got Maclean, they are


happy to against one. It is a minute before half-time well, lack of


concentration. Big Blue switches. He is thinking like a traditional


centre-back. If he had stayed up tight with Wotherspoon, it would not


have allowed him the space. In fairness to the lad, it is a really


good finish. But concentration, switching off at a set play, it has


done Motherwell this time. We talked about Scobey, redemption for him in


the end. That's right. From Motherwell's point of view, another


last-minute goal they have conceded. Probably two things on this,


originally you would say Michael that Motherwell are probably far too


deep. Yes, they are, this is exactly what you want, the backline up into


the shaded area here. The thing I would like to point out is that the


goalkeeper is just concentrating on the ball here. He has got to be


screaming at them to push them out to give him more space to deal with


the ball. Probably more significantly, Stevie Hamill's


position, picking up Scobey, he has got himself in a bad position. Not


facing the ball. It is about to be taken, he has got in the wrong


position. He is that desperate to keep tight with him, can't see the


ball, and as we play it on, it is a good header by Scobey. And what


would say, some people have looked at the goalie, but if Motherwell are


up on the penalty spot, the head is coming from ten yards, he has more


time to react. The header is coming from 67 yards, and we were just


highlighted. It just shows you how quickly football can change, because


probably from the first half enormous the same position history


of their rooted and gutted. Now he is scoring the winning goal. Martin


McGee described the pitch as dreadful. Would you rather play on


that pitch or an artificial surface? For me, the pitch was not great, but


you get varying degrees of grass parks, you do with Astra Tevez well.


Top flight I would rather play on grass all day long. There is not


saying that is not a place for Astroturf in the future, but at the


moment, top flight, grass all the way for me.


A new man in charge at Rugby Park - would he get off to a winning start?


A first game in charge for the new Carl Meyer neck manager Lee Clark.


After some success with Huddersfield Town he had less successful spells


at Birmingham City and Blackpool. Could he get off on the front foot


at Kilmarnock? The early signs were promising. Josh Magennis looked like


he was in the mood. Evan Holtz cleared the danger.


And there would be more menace from Magennis soon after. Dundee unable


to get the ball clear. But Holt again doing enough to fall the


Northern Ireland international, who fired into Row H or thereabouts.


Clark keen to get his point across, and Kilmarnock continued to dominate


the first time. Gary Decker with the effort over the bar. Next, a free


kick from Craig Slater, and a great save from Scott Bain, to prevent


Kevin Hall from turning into his own net.


The Kelly chances kept going -- Kilmarnock chances kept coming.


Unable to get the of this header. But he would get plenty on this one.


Nick Ross clearing off the line at the back post, as Dundee survived


again. So,


Clark, but no goal. Dundee's big chance in the first half would be


created by Greg Stuart. His pass found Rory Loy. His shot was


deflected over the bar by Lee Hodson.


0-0 the score at half-time. In the second half, Dandy set about


creating more chances. Kane Hemmings neatly shed up --


setup Paul McGowan, whose shot was blocked and life was about to get


easier for the shot stopper extraordinaire. McDonald did well to


get a strong hand and keep this shot out. With time almost up, Dundee


almost nicked it, Thomas Konrad had a header just wide of the post and


it finished 0-0. Got a bit nervy towards the end because you didn't


want a repeat of Tuesday night. Pleased that once again the


application and the desire of the players is terrific and as long as


we have that we have a great opportunity to succeed. Second half


we created good situations, could have done better, but another clean


sheet, third on the trot, and I thought our goalkeeper was


excellent. Not a bad game for a goalless draw, 20 of chances, both


managers pleased with clean sheets and both goalkeepers had good games.


I was at the game and I really enjoyed it for a goalless draw. A


really good save, he was going one way and he just moves in midair.


really good save, he was going one Terrific save, keeps them in the


game, and I think second half Dundee were the better side. It was a good


save from McDonald's. I wouldn't get too carried away, I would say it was


good, not great, if it had been in the back of the net you would've


been saying, how did he not save it? This one looked fantastic that I


would say it was good, not great, because if it ended up in the net


you would be asking questions of the goalkeeper. It looked fantastic in


the flesh but not translating into the pitches. A good game for Lee


Clark. Last time Kilmarnock lost by several to Dundee so it is progress.


I think the manager has put a good foundation in there and with Lee


Clark coming to the club they have been different since then. The


atmosphere in the place has improved, clean sheets are vital.


That is what they really need. Give them a foundation to build on so


they can get some confidence in the side.


With just one win from their last 11 matches, Hamilton Accies travelled


But they faced a Ross County side who'd beaten them twice


Ross County have captain Davies and Jimmy record back with them. Schalke


is back up front. Hamilton have a suspended player. Ross County have


only picked up one win in the last six league matches.


only picked up one win in the last always. Good save by Michael


McGovern. Good goalkeeping from McGovern. Foster. Players in the


middle. Morris couldn't get the touch, out as far as Crawford.


Crawford had the goal at his mercy. Morris clipped the goalkeeper, who


was stranded there, got a knock in the face. The ball fell back to


Crawford but he couldn't pick his spot. Forster. Davis with the


header. Schalke! That is the breakthrough for Ross County in


stoppage time at the end of the first half, the long thwarted free


kick from Davies picked out Forster and there was Schalk arriving for


his fourth goal this season. His first in the league and County are


in front. Here it is Crawford. He thought he had got away from Jamie


Reckord, who mistimed thought he had got away from Jamie


and he gets a red card. thought he had got away from Jamie


toe-poked beyond him. Jamie Reckord sees red, County down to ten men.


Crawford with the free kick, turned away superbly by Fox.


Crawford with the free kick, turned effort from Crawford. Good


goalkeeping. Corner knocked away by Boyce. Back in, there is Morris. It


just won't go for Accies. They are claiming for a handball on the goal


line. The clearance came from Paul Quinn, he knocked it against Martin


Woods, it looked as though it came off the county player's hand. That


is what Accies are incensed about. Accidental, says the referee. Lovely


reverse pass. Finding McKinnon and the shot turned away superbly by Fox


once more. Accies growing in confidence with the one-man


advantage. Good oral into the box. It has


squirmed into the corner of the net. The Accies are level and it is


Dougie Imrie popping up with the header, getting across with the


header in ahead of Foster and it is his sixth goal of the season, Imrie.


Accies get it away. Crawford. Now here it is Davies. Brought to a halt


by the challenge of Crawford, who claims he got the ball. The referee,


Greg Aitken, says there was a trip. McShane. Brilliant goal from Ian


McShane. The ten men are in front. An exquisite finish with the right


mood to put Ross County in front. I thought the boys battled manfully.


The substitutions had a big part to play as well, and they showed the


spirit in that dressing room to get a win. It was frustrating that it


was free kick after free kick, you can't do anything about the boy


putting the ball in the top corner. I couldn't be critical of the


players, second half they were fantastic. An excellent three points


in the end for Ross County with ten men, great free kick by Ian McShane.


When it is not your day it is not your day. Certainly not. The ball


comes in here, good ball in by Gordon, a lot of bodies. At first it


is a good saint by Martin Woods that there is no way the referee can see


that and I think the Accies were claiming it went over the line, so


maybe Ross County got away with one. You considered Crawford gets a nick


on that but when you watch it in real time you can see why that is


given as a free kick. It is difficulty for the Hamilton guys to


take but understandable how the referee has given that. I am sure


the Accies boys have been doing their homework, to jump or not to


jump at the free kick. -- I am not sure. They have two jump, I have


only seen it go under the ball a couple of times. Then I remembered


only seen it go under the ball a McShane had done it a month ago. It


goes under the wall, Hamilton have done their homework and decided not


to jump and he puts it in the top corner. Hugely frustrating for


Accies and they are on a poor run of form at the moment. A few worries in


terms of the play-off place? A number of teams are around the


play-off spot but in such a bad run of form you will fear for that. They


have to get out of it quickly because the longer it goes on the


more difficult it becomes. Absolutely.


The Ladbrokes Premiership table looks like this.


After their win over Hearts, Dundee United 11 points adrift.


With Rangers visiting Palmerston later this afternoon,


in-form Hibs had the chance to narrow the gap at the top -


for a while at least - against Alloa Athletic


Alan Stubbs has the luxury of making seven changes to the Hibs team that


reached the Scottish Cup quarterfinals. Keatings among those


who get their chance. The same for Alloa Athletic, this starting XI one


a precious point at home to Rangers. Kallis is on the look bench. -- the


bench. That is a great ball through for Martin Boyle, who will open the


scoring for Hibs within five minutes. Great vision from the


online Celtic youngster. Darting run into the box for Boyle, one touch to


lift it over the top of Gallacher and the second put it in the net.


Ryan Finney looks to get the ball in the box and does. What a chance for


Alloa Athletic to equalise immediately. Great ball in from the


wingback and feathering them had a massive chance to equalise. --


Hetherington had. Keatings. Perfect pass for Danny


Mayor Carmichael -- Danny Carmichael, who has his first Hibs


goal Tom and his injury torment is over. It has been tough since his


move from Queen Of The South. Very similar to the goal five minutes in.


This is five minutes from half-time and Carmichael makes it 2-0.


This is five minutes from half-time tried to get there. That would have


been one for the scrapbook for tried to get there. That would have


central defender if this had gone on. It has skimmed the net and gone


over. Carmichael, toying with Alloa Athletic. Here is Henderson, who


takes aim and isn't too far away. He deserves a goal for a masterful


midfield performance, just swerving wide of target, that one. McManus


with the free kick, a glancing header away only as far as


McCausland and that was Mitch Megginson and his shot took a


deflection, took an awkward bounce as well in front of the keeper, Marx


Oxley -- Mark Oxley, and ended up being a really good save. Bracing


away is Henderson. Always aware of what is happening around the back.


McGinn on who has had an impact since coming off the bench. Great


ball, Henderson. Martin Boyle scores again, rounding off a very


satisfactory afternoon for Hibs. Two goals for Boyle and it is three for


Hibs and Alan Stubbs' team stays unbeaten in 2016.


I had no doubt today with the changes I made because I


I had no doubt today with the squad I have, I know the strength


they have, and some people may squad I have, I know the strength


questioned the seventh changes but we weren't questioning it


questioned the seventh changes but for me, we had just as strong a team


as what we did on Tuesday against Hearts. I don't have any qualms over


the end result, I think Hibs deserved to win, but I think my


players did well. We created chances in the second half and if we had


taken them earlier it could have got us back within a goal and it could


have been different but it is lots of positives and two big games on


the horizon. at the victory for hips against hearts. Did you have any


doubts that Hibs would get the three puts? Very much in agreement with


what Alan Stubbs said, there were more than enough strength in that


site come away with a victory at home where they have such a


fantastic record. I am British or he would not put that side out against


Hearts, but it shows the strength and depth that Hibs have. All you


have to do is look at the bench to see that. It shows the strength in


depth, it was very attack minded, a lot of names that you


depth, it was very attack minded, a on the Hibs bench got the chance


depth, it was very attack minded, a today. Fantastic pass. They were


playing as two high wing-backs, but the quality of passing, this is


another one. Just getting in behind, lovely when I'm great finish. I


would say probably five of the lads on the bench today would be


first-team players. Stevenson is injured. This was a really good


passing move. On the other side of it, Alloa had one or two chances.


Really strong performance. The ball comes in here and ball gets his


third. You see a player like Henderson, on loan, and see how many


midfielders they have. There is a real effervescence about his play.


He fits in very well to the setup. He has a manager that has given him


a lot of trust and belief, Filton full of confidence. You see the end


result, some great performances from him.


Hibs narrowing the gap on Rangers to five points.


Could Rangers stretch it back to eight, with victory at Queen


The Rangers manager Mark Warburton not a fan of artificial pitches -


this would be the third artificial surface Rangers had played


James Fowler makes a solitary change to the side that won against St


Mirren. Andy Murdoch sets out today, Miller comes in. Rangers are without


Martin Waghorn, hurt in the Scottish Cup win against Kilmarnock.


Mark Millar, plenty of targets including Derek Lyle at the back.


Good save. Then headed wide! Fotheringham did really well here. A


good position, got the follow-up too. Free kick, dealt with by Tim


Atkinson. 21-year-old, just the third appearance of the season.


Dealing with the free kick from the full-back. Tavern near, on the King.


Back again. Two players interchange. Rides the challenge well. Andy


Halliday, goes for the curl, spilt by the keeper. Great save. King


can't get there. Cracking challenge by Kyle Houghton. The goalkeeper


made the mistake, it was a decent shot. But Clark was denied, the


goalkeeper up quickly. That is what they are trained to do. Ryan Conroy


with the corner from the right hand side. Back into the middle. Lewis


Kidd is calling for it. Rattles the crossbar. What a hit that was. Chris


Higgins laid it back to him. Queens are struggling now. Tries to


show him on the outside. And does just that. Great action. O'Halloran


with a long-running, but plays this just that. Great action. O'Halloran


back. This rattles the frame. Halladay will run over. That goes


down as casual stop of the day from Jim at consent. There is the hand


up, have a corner. Queen of the South battling again. Rosol Centre


out wide, calling for a again. Back on the Harris. --


that is not a good clearance. Following out truly quickly. He had


to be. That is alert goalkeeping. Mark Warburton, a glance at the


clock. Wallace. Miller has made a run, bounces up, Kenny Miller has


gone for Gradel! The half volley a reminder of that cup final winning


goal in 2009, what a strike from Kenny Miller. It is his 100th league


goal in Scotland, his 73rd for Rangers, and he delivered it with


aplomb. Higher than he thought, the desired result exactly what he


wanted! Here is Ryan Conroy. Fotheringham doing his job. Always


looks a decent stop when you dive, but that is confident goalkeeping.


Atkinson sent it long. Picked up by Jason Holt, it is opening up for


Jason Holt! Out of the hands of the goalkeeper, somehow he got it on to


the bar. It had power. The goalkeeper would have been blushing


if that had gone in. Corner. That is a great header from Higgins. It is


another good save from Wes Fotheringham. He got the angle on


this perfectly, scooped clear by the keeper. Holt, on to Miller, Rangers


will be happy to waste a few seconds here, Miller into Wallace, a great


little run, Wallace, back onto Kenny Miller for two. Arguably an easier


chance than the one he scored. Great play from Rangers. He knows this


could be their final chance. Conroy sent it in. Andy Dowie, over the


top. Queen of the South's final chance.


Another three points for Rangers, and they are eight points ahead of


Hibs again. Hibs have a game in hand against Morton in midweek. 1-0 they


lost to Falkirk this weekend, Falkirk five points behind Hibs.


What you have to say is the Rangers road show, where we saw a barrel


load of goals being scored earlier, slowed down today, and Queen of the


South had their chances. Threw it was a good game. This was early on,


a free header from a set play. Knocks it wide.


Now 1-0 today. A lot of people talk about Waghorn and tavern near, Holt,


but Fotheringham has been a sound as anybody. Why has it slow down? I


think a common mission of things. It is very difficult to maintain that


level of tempo throughout a whole season. Teams have started to suss


out the way Rangers play, trying to play a bit more defensive and


frustrate Rangers. I think the combination of those two things has


led to them not scoring a barrel load, but the most important thing


is you get three points. That is the sign of a good team, and Rangers


have been able to do that. A stupendous strike from Kenny Miller


to this match. Yes, as stupendous strike from Kenny Miller


vote in the Scottish Cup final. It is a fantastic strike. They used to


work that, and I have seen Kenny Miller do Scotland. The other Miller


switches off and doesn't go with him, but that is harsh. For him to


shoot it from there, probably the highest shot ever to come down and


land it surprised Kenny. The get his reaction. Fantastic goal to win any


game. I am pleased for him, he has signed a new deal and are still


scoring the goals. It is all heading to this match between Hibs and


Rangers in mid April. As long as it still maintains just a few points,


that game will be vital. Michael, thank you for struggling


that game will be vital. Michael, championship race could go all


that game will be vital. Michael, way to the wire. From all


Introduced by Jonathan Sutherland.

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