21/08/2016 Sportscene


Jonathan Sutherland introduces SPFL highlights. Featuring St Johnstone v Celtic, Rangers v Motherwell, Aberdeen v Partick Thistle and Dundee v Hamilton.

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This could be something quite sensational! Right out of the top


drawer. The shot is an absolute beauty! Oh, yes! A goal of true


quality. Unbelievable, unbelievable! Absolutely sensational. What a


strike! What a finish! Right here, right now, this is history! Welcome


to Sportscene. Its wake and the three of the Premier season. Lucky


for some and it is for us tonight. Goals, controversy, we got the lot.


The story of the weekend about to unfold. And sitting contrary, Steven


Thompson and Michael Stewart. We start in Perth, St Johnstone had


picked up where they left off last season. But they faced Brendan


Rodgers' Celtic, playing fearsome football.


Tommy Wright is without defensive rock Steven Anderson.


Brendan Rodgers resisting the urge to rest players.


Celtic were so impressive in the midweek. They will try to carry on


for where they left off at their victory.


Scott Sinclair made such an impressive start to his Celtic


career and he was causing all kinds of consternation. Lovely free kick


from Sinclair. St Johnstone with a draw against Aberdeen and a win


against Motherwell. Came from behind. A good start but this is a


good start by Celtic in this game. He ran out of pitch and the keeper


came to meet him. A great run by the Australian. Too easy, though. The


challenge on Griffith breaks to a team-mate. Now tinny, has this thing


been taken out of this attack? It doesn't seem like it has, the


birthday boy does it! He felt it was in the script. It normally is, to be


fair. It will touch of Fortune because this is taken a deflection


on its way in. But Rogers' men are one up.


This free kick... Is not bad and Gordon has tipped that over. That


would have been a great, immediate riposte by St Johnstone. Griffiths,


Downey goes. It's a yellow for diving. Well, Foster planted his


foot in the deck just before we got Griffiths. The referee decides


that's a dive and a yellow for the Celtic striker. Griffiths is not


eventually renowned for diving, to be fair to him. They chant Sarah,


not once, but twice. Scott Sinclair was there on the third attempt. --


big chance here, not once but twice. It is 2-0 to the champions. Man as


did all he could, the second save in particular from the two occasions


are dropped, it drops to a Celtic player. Much to ponder for Wright


and Davidson. It has been a total half -- a half of total domination


by Celtic as it was in midweek in the Europa League. They are looking


to get another! Terrific James Forrest. Tommy Wright will not be


happy with the defending. But James Forrest still had work to do. Having


been denied by Alan Manus before, Forrest gets Celtic's third.


Rogic not far away from making it four. A shake of the head from


Rogic. Tierney, who has had another excellent game. And that just


flashes past the head of. . An own goal is not the way you want to mark


your debut. -- the head of. . I hereby Rogic. Just goes past. They


have not been quite as good in the second-half, Celtic, but still, a


threat. That has come through to Swanson. Swanson... That's a


penalty! It was Henderson on Swanson. Eight minutes to play and


again, no doubt about that, a definite penalty. Tricky play by


Danny Swanson. He is going to take this himself. Six goals already this


season. Danny Swanson is a man reborn. Tries for his seventh, which


she gets! Consolation only, you would imagine, for Danny Swanson who


spoils Craig Gordon's afternoon. This is Paul Payton, the final


minutes of the 19. That's Maclean, it's gone in! Sometimes, this game,


this board amazes you. For the second time in the space of a few


days, Celtic have seen a 3-0 lead evaporate to 3-2. And St Johnstone


have a chance of getting something from this now. Incredible. They


would want any goal of the season contenders -- it won't win any goal


of the season contenders, but that strike is given St Johnstone a


chance which seems so unlikely. Henderson, well into the three


minutes of stoppage time, Ryan Christie can finish it, and dials!


The three boys are going to Celtic. -- the three points are going to


Celtic. And three wins out of three for the champions in their quest for


six in a row. It big talking point, Lee Griffiths


going down in the box, he got a card from the referee. What was your


view? I don't comment on that. Maybe Scott wants to comment on that, he


seems to know more about it than me. But the referee has given his


decision, and that's it. We gave away a soft penalty, which was a


penalty. And then we concede a goal when they get down to ten men. So a


game that you are in totally in control of, and that's how football


swings, goes to 3-2. But the reaction of the players was good. We


controlled the game again, got a fourth goal. So very, very pleased.


A notoriously difficult place to come, they tell me. I can see why.


But to play to that level for the majority of the game was very


pleasing. You were particularly struck by the


play of hearing Tierney. Yes, brilliant, but Tierney, his


combination play with Scott Sinclair on the left-hand side was fantastic.


Tierney overlapping Scott Sinclair who plays normally over as a winger


but was drifting around allowing Tierney to overlap. This happened on


countless occasions. Tierney must have got about 12 or 15 crosses into


the box in the first half. This will lead to nothing but this is an


example of what I'm talking about. If I pause it you can see that Scott


Sinclair is thinking about moving into the page. He will engage in


Richie Foster, who is marking him. They are trying to create the space


here in behind the St Johnstone defence. You will see exactly that


happens. Sinclair moves in, fantastic movement. But Tierney


chooses not to cross. He sends in a pass and the player shoots wildly


over the bar. But for Celtic's first goal, you can see Tierney's desire


to get up and support as he did all day. He wants to get into this area


here as we have highlighted. He has the ball here ended Tierney does not


make this pass, it probably turns into a bunch of St Johnstone bodies.


But you can see Tierney and outlet as he was all day. He gets the ball.


You make the most of the pass. A sensational cross across the six


yard box. I think it should be a penalty because I think Brad Mackay


handled the ball. Seven St Johnstone players in the ball, we know it was


a makeshift back full force and Johnsen, but it is poor defending.


As this ball breaks here, yes time to take a good touch and rifles it


in the top bend. You know that one player you don't give time to is


Scott Sinclair. This commendation will be a big part of Celtic's


success. It was Lee Griffiths's birthday and he got a card from the


referee. Did he dive? Echoes of Jamie Walker? There was absolutely


no doubt that Lee Griffiths diets. In this reverse angle, you can see


clearly that he is already going down. He tries to make the motion


into Richie Forster. Grey Thompson is a very good position to see that,


hence why he gets the decision right with a yellow card and no penalty.


You talk about Jamie Walker, the difference is that the referee calls


it right. The other will Jamie Walker one was not called right, it


was a penalty. This time, spot on from the referee. He described Jamie


Walker as a cheat, what will he be did -- be describing Lee Griffiths


as? He won't use the same terminology, but there is contact


initiated by Lee Griffiths. He leans in to make sure contact is


initiated. But he's on his way down before the contact is made. Full


marks to the referee. Another play looking Transformers James Forrest.


Why is that? We have tapped into psychology year. He knows his


manager really likes him. He was doing this all day, driving our


players. He cuts in on his left hand side, and the keeper thinks he will


go to that side, but he manages to reverse it into the near post, wrong


footing the goalkeeper. A wonderful finish from a player high in


confidence. There was a late rally by St Johnstone. What was your


report card for them? First off was not good enough. Second half they


improved, but that was because Celtic became complacent. They went


after they got 3-1, to get the third goal, and in so doing, they gave up


the fourth goal. Huge match for Celtic on Thursday


night, they are up so how should they tackle the second leg? They


will tackle it as they do every game under Brendan Rodgers. Make sure


they are tight, not giving anything away. They always pose a threat on


the attack. They have given themselves a great cushion with a


3-goal advantage. They have got all the tools in the box to go and cause


the Israeli team problems. Rangers with the the chance to go


top of the table, if they could The last time Motherwell


were at Ibrox they came away Rangers global signing of Preston's


Joe Garner is complete, but not in time for this one. This is the team


that won at last weekend. Motherwell also lost last weekend at home to St


Johnstone but the same starting XI is being given the chance to bounce


back. Jordan Rossiter, picking out James


ta veneer. A good ball headed away by Ben Hennigan. But Motherwell


can't keep away. Dangerous from Emsworth, Kenny Miller! Worth a


chance to fire in. Lovely stuff from Ainsworth. Almost a gift. Making a


nuisance of himself and then, Ainsworth! Disappointing. He wasn't


working the goalkeeper. Martin Johnsen looks to make something


happen. Turning away and deflection of Kieren and Scott McDermott


strikes in the 19th minute. At Ibrox. Motherwell in front. Johnsen


the creator. And finished off by MacDonald. MacDonald, that's Johnsen


and clay! Well, they are creating plenty of opportunities, Motherwell.


They are ahead and threatening to extend their advantage. Joey Barton.


The cross allowed to get in and Ben Hennigan with the header over his


own crossbar. Andy Halliday reckoned he was fouled. The cross and


McDonald's, great save. McDonald's thinking he might just have scored


again. Great delivery from Halliday. So inviting. And throwing himself up


at the header was Danny Wilson. The teenage Rossiter and off the


bench, Nico grandeur are looking to have an impact, certainly has now,


Miller denied, but not Forrester! On terms, midway through the second


half. Lovely set up from Krancjar. It quickly taken corner kick. To


hide with the effort. And disappointed because the opportunity


certainly opened up for him. He is Ainsworth for Motherwell. Jo


charmers. Marvin Johnsen. The keeper flying across to make the save.


Certainly on target. Oh it's the side netting. McManus


doing pretty well there to narrow the angle. For the Rangers striker.


Krancjar having a big influence and invited to have a shot at goal.


Motherwell backing off. Maybe not a great idea in the end. To live.


Tavernier twisting away, great ball in. Great defending from McManus.


But given away by MacDonald. Lovely turn from Krancjar. The shot from


O'Halloran blocks, but Kenny Miller strikes in stoppage time! To surely


win this game for Rangers. And its Forrester and Miller who got the


goals last weekend, they get the job done again. Stoppage time winner for


Rangers as they get the job done again. Was it deserves? Yes, at the


end of the 90 minutes, they dominated the game,. But had


finished 1-1, Motherwell would be saying that their tactics and worked


a treat in terms of sitting back and being defensive and having the


threat on the counter. Fair to say that the midfield remain the main


issue for Rangers? The conundrum for Mark Warburton is to get the right


mix. It's not quite working. We saw that yesterday with the way the game


panned out. This is just one of the clips in terms of a little bit slow


and laboratories in their build-up. They have three guys there, Barton,


Rossiter and Halliday. You see the Motherwell defence stepping out but


instead of putting in the forward pass, Rossiter blazing wires. The


opportunity to fire it into feet is last and the momentum is lost.


Mackay has the opportunity to get penetration but Motherwell defended


really well and credit to them because they were difficult to break


down. They were resolute and that is what means that Rangers have to play


with more pace in their attack. There is nobody penetrating the back


line from Motherwell. It just peters out. This incident was when they


actually managed to penetrate Motherwell's midfield. It's Halliday


and it is not somebody was comfortable driving at that space.


And the move pages out of nothing. A substitution made, Krancjar comes on


and he can penetrate. World-class, great run from Kenny Miller and he


gets the side 1-1. This is going to be the real nub of it forward


button. How does he get those aged players into three positions I would


say that the current mixes to to defensive. Not often that a losing


manager is fulsome with his praise but Mark McGhee genuinely happy. As


11 draw at the end of 90 minutes, Mark McGhee would have been saying


that their tactics have worked perfectly. But full credit to


Rangers who broken down eventually. Joe Garner has arrived from Preston


North End, the sea is up Kenny Miller upfront? If he has come in


for ?1.7 million, you would presume he is going to play. But Kenny has


scored the winner two weekends in a row. He will not just at the side


for Joe Garner. It will be interesting to see how that works


out. there's a programme


you simply must see this week. Thursday night, 9 o'clock,


BBC One, Scotland's Game. The start of a new series


documenting the past 30 years He'd say, don't worry, your P 45 is


in the post. His idea of taking over the club was disastrous. It's a


football club, not a toy. I'm not a guy with no money. I think to


perform you have to have a tremendous amount of self belief and


we are short of that. It's certainly been an eventful 30


years, and we continue an eventful Last week on this show,


our very own Michael Stewart described Hearts style


of play as "industrial". So, what sort of product


would Hearts serve up against Inverness Caley Thistle -


a side so far unable to manufacture Robbie Neilson brings in the


American to take the place -- take a place in the midfield.


Hearts have won only one of their last ten meetings in -- with


Inverness in league and cup encounters. Here's kauri! What a


whopping goal that is from Cowie, wearing the captain's armband. He


courses first goal for the Tynecastle club and it comes against


one of his old teams. -- he scores his first goal. Lovely movement.


Here is more rainy. Trying to step away from Rossi. And Stephen Maclean


says that there is a dive from the Cali Thistle player. A yellow card.


Sammon licking well with -- linking well. Phone Williams having to react


after the initial shot rebounded onto Warren's chest. Paterson.


Lovely skills again from the former Celtic player, what macro. -- Watt.


Carry with a cross, their Sammon! 'S 2-0. -- Cowie with a cross. Sammon


celebrating his second goal of the season. Sammon with a leap that was


perfect to beat Fon Williams. Concern for the manager already.


DiMarco finding Polwarth. Good linkup play from Cali Thistle. Not


the best of execution of the shot there. Rossi. From Sammon to carry!


Another brilliant piece of play from the Tynecastle side of and Cowie


claims a double! Sammon once more after receiving that pass from Watt


at the same corner but with the right foot this time for form carry.


-- Cowie. Raven looking for options. Get it back, though. Raven again.


It's Fisher, he's only on the pitch a few seconds. An acrobatic effort


and a good save from Jack Hamilton. The new boy, Johnsen, a Norwegian


American, taking the place of, Sammon. International clearance has


come through. Johnsen giving it to his team-mate. Johnsen again, a neat


backheel. Nicholson! What a strike that is from Sam Nicholson! And what


an introduction to the hearts fans for Johnsen. In a bitter skill there


to release Nicholson and that powerful effort -- a neat bit of


skill. And that could not be stopped by the keeper. Hearts are flying at


the moment. Here is kauri. Battling hard, he has released Nicholson, he


is in behind, it's two for Nicholson within the space of 90 seconds. And


hearts go 5-0 up. Another assist from the hearts captain. And we have


got less than ten minutes left to play.


Tansey released by Draper. In this cake by Draper which is founded way


into the back of the net, but nothing more than a consolation for


Cali Thistle. Paterson trying to stop it on the line.


There was a little trip, but play on said the referee. They were looking


for that, but it will not come. We thought the performance was very


good, I said previously the last three have been good, just we have


not find it, the teams have caused problems, but today the performance


was good and we scored goals, which we were pleased about. We have too


many players not performing. I should take most of the blame if not


all of the blame, I picked the team, tactics, tactics, and these players


have proven they are top players, I'm not getting the best out of


them, I will take the blame. Two calls from Don Cowie but playing the


captain's Bartow there? Yes, he had problems with his cars. You can see


the quality he's got. -- two calls from Don Cowie, playing the


captain's part. We were looking forward to this.


Michael, you described Hearts as industrial, but nothing industrial


about yesterday's performance. Certainly wasn't. I was referencing


the fact that for me the team had moved away from the style of play


she would yesterday to our more industrial style. And what had


happened previously, you can take away, it was poor performances, not


particularly great, use what happened yesterday which to me is


much more akin to what I would regard as Robbie Neilson style.


Perry Kitchen holding midfield, allowing the other players to go,


but look at the passing and movement, it is one and two touch,


quick, and this ball into the front man, great step over from Don Cowie,


and lovely layover from corner salmon, what everyone wants to see,


seven minutes into the game come out then in the second half, looking to


turn the opposition, but look at the number of bodies up there. Tony Watt


picking it up, slaves into Sammon, lay off, then for Don Cowie, it is


quick attacking football. But there was not much pace last


week, better yesterday. But wouldn't you concede that Robbie Neilson is


in control of team selection tactics? I was suggesting that the


style had moved away from what I think is naturally what Robbie wants


to do. Robbie is in complete control of picking. That was never for


debate. OK. In terms of Inverness, it was terrible from their point of


view. But he took the blame, and we did a false light? He has taken the


blame, but his senior players need to step up. He still has a lot of


players over the last two or three years that have been very


successful. All leaders on the bench. He's not got a big squad.


He's not got a lot of strength in depth, he had only five substitutes,


and some huge blows to the club, three defeats, and the manner, to


lose 5-1 yesterday, it is not acceptable and has to improve, but


things Borussia Monchengladbach leaders, like Draper, need to step


up to the plate. -- but with leaders, like Draper.


You have to go all the way back to 2003 for the last time


Partick Thistle emerged from Pittodrie Stadium


They started the day ahead of Aberdeen in the table,


with Derek McInnes side still looking to score their first


Two 0-0 draws so far. Commentary from Paul Mitchell.


Bad news for Aberdeen as Ryan Jack Mrs due to injury. Also some


dropouts. -- he is missing due to injury. Four changes for Partick


Thistle. Reynolds will have to play that,


looking very strong. Tries to flick it away. Reynolds again struggling.


It is turned away, that chance for Thistle.


It is going to be taken to buy Pollitt. Good save. From the


goalkeeper's point of view, three people could take that. Niall


McGinn. Gets away from Gordon. That was careless! He had to stay on


his feet. Yellow card for Abdul Osman, regular occurrence last


season. Free kick to Dons. Brilliant goal from Aberdeen, their


first league goal of the season and worth waiting for. Absolute beauty


from Niall McGinn! Thomas flew across, but was not keeping that


out. Free kick. Edwards just getting too


involved there. Reynolds gets it forward quickly.


The ball comes across, no slave! -- now slide! He had calls for his time


against Partick Thistle. But that one was rather slow.


Dons unbeaten in the last six at home. Four wins and two draws


against Partick Thistle. And a chance for Miles Storey, 2-0! But


was caught short. And beautifully dispatched by Miles Storey. Lindsay


getting his foot caught, Miles Storey showing no mercy.


Mee to 2-0 up and cruising. Opportunity for Adam Rooney! --


Aberdeen 2-0 up. Rooney had that chance he loves. Good set up play by


Barnes. Rooney quick with the spin but could not guide it on target.


That was going to be a fool. Abdul Osman did not think so. Clumsy with


that yellow card. -- going to be file. John Beaton, the referee


stepping into this. Administering the yellow card. Sean Welch was


telling him he got it wrong, the referee will not like that, the


referee has given the yellow card, going to the top, it is red, Sean


Welsh is gone. Yellow for the file, second one for complaining. You may


have got the ball, but he fell through when the man, yellow card


for enough, but the abuse to the assistant Wes Burns and the referee


meant it was a red card. Thistle down to ten men, Sean Welsh sent off


for the first time in three and a half years. Thistle haven't scored


at Pittodrie since September 2000 three. Almost closed there.


Erskine getting the good first touch. With the chance. How is that


for the finish! Chris Erskine, regular goal-scorer already this


season, does not celebrate in any way and it should have done, that is


a fabulous goal, his fourth of the season, and Thistle have a goal in


stoppage time. It was comfortable for Aberdeen, nervous moments now.


But the header deflected. Kenny McLean scented wide. This all nearly


got a point at Pittodrie. A lot of teams we have had recently,


everyone jostling interposition. Sometimes taking the freshest team


rather than your best, be mindful of that, but everybody now has to try


and fight for position to get in there. I think that the team in


general, some strong performances, one or two still to get to where we


need them to be, but without influential players, we managed to


get a good job done today. Delighted with the lads keeping going. The


manner we lost the goal, a bit of a lull after that, then we let the


game petered out, dilated with the fightback especially after the


sending off. Pittodrie things overdrive, that's


for sure. It was a result needed, Aberdeen, given the expectation is


on Derek McInnes this season. I agree. Big result and deserved win


overall. But scoring goals has been a problem. Creating more chances


yesterday, looking like more of a threat especially against the Hearts


game last week, but the goals coming from a set piece. But this one,


fantastic technique, outstanding finish into the top corner. At


creating more from open play in this match. This one was a mistake. I


think the plate is passing that bike to the goalkeeper, but getting it


wrong. Miles Storey still a lot to do, very neat finish. I think that


will go the way back to the keeper if he leaves it. I would not like to


be receiving that pass as a centre-half myself with two men on


me, he should have kicked it out of the park. Aberdeen deserved the win.


Plenty of good moments, but this was not one of them from Aberdeen, from


Sean Welsh, did he deserve to get sent off? I don't do about you,


Steven, but that is a booking to begin with. He does win the ball.


You can see his frustration, remonstrating with the linesman, who


is only two feet away, the linesman should see he gets a touch of the


ball. But he goes back to give more to the linesman. But what this angle


here. He gets the touch on that ball, it looks as if the linesman is


lagging for the through in. I would agree. Some confusion from the


officials, so you can understand his upset. But you cannot keep doing the


remonstrating. He had a noble on the linesman,


probably feeling just might, but you cannot go to the referee and back to


the linesman and in the end that got him sent off. Plenty of doubts about


Partick Thistle's chances this season, but a lot of signs, even


losing yesterday, in that match and others that they could do well this


season? They look like they've gone back to what they were first light


when promoted, in terms of good attacking style of play, and


somebody that keeps possession well. You've seen that at the beginning of


this season and they've got a bit more attacking threat, Erskine


coming back with the fantastic goal, all of the tools to be successful.


Ross County had spent the week enjoying bragging rights after that


Highland Derby defeat of Inverness last weekend.


They faced a Kilmarnock side with yet more new faces


in the ranks. Commentary from Rory Hamilton.


There is no Richard Foster or Brian Graham appeal following their


selling. One change from last weekend Haas Highland Derby as Chris


returns to the starting XI. Charlie Adams and Luke Hendrie going


straight into the side after signings. The club still awaiting


international clearance for the right-back.


That has worked, nicely wide for Jones. Green fired across, good


defending. He was under pressure. Kris Boyd was looking to score for


the second week running after netting that Hamilton -- netting at


Hamilton Accies last week. Up against the new boy, Luke Hendrie,


and he goes down, blocked off by the man on loan from Birmingham City.


Nick Walsh awarding the free kick. Martin Woods. Swung in with the left


foot, a little too much on it. Andrew Davies, he would have been up


for the aerial challenge, having to retrieve the ball. And forward it


comes again. And struck! And not too far away. A total of 15 new recruits


this summer for Lee Clark. Still just looking to gel. It will take


time. Boyce did well there, using his shrink to hold the ball up. He


has options. He picks up his strike partner in Curran. Boyce again! Some


space on the left-hand side, swung across, it for Boyce. He needs now


second invitation to hammer in the opening goal. Inside half an hour!


It was a hat-trick last week down the road at Inverness in the Derby.


And Liam Boyce now has four goals in his last two games.


Woods has done well. Picks out the past. And it is halted by the flag


up on the far side. It looked to be a tight call for the visuals. Woods'


pass, that is very close indeed, Curran eventually tucked the ball


into the empty net, but it will not count. -- tight call for the over


shall. Curran won it. Then Franks. Led by


Boyce. Then struck, ensures away from the second. Ross County looking


for back-to-back victories for the first time in the league since


December. Fighting away, it slipped into Boyd. He was asking the


question of referee Walsh. Quinn and Boyd, shoulder to shoulder, are in


arm, no penalty. -- are in arm. Swung into the middle, routine, may


get another opportunity to maintain the attack for Ross County, gets the


header back from Boyce, but eventually squeezed out of the


opportunity. Good defending in the end. Jim McIntire's side targeting


top six finish again this year. And here is Alex, the substitute, two


boys. Second chance! -- in two Liam Boyce. He fires in his second of the


game. Liam Boyce in fine goal-scoring form. The first effort


was this head. No doubt about the second. -- the first effort missed.


That is five in two games for the man from Northern Ireland.


Taking the ball forward. Liam Boyce, on a hat-trick? He went for it, but


couldn't hurt the target. Quinn with the ball forward. Alex


has caused all manner of problems since he came on, with his running.


Teed up now for Wood. It comes back to the Dutchman.


She is just wide of the target. But it will be back-to-back victories


for Ross County. I thought it was a scrappy game and


once we got the goal we played better football, we should have


scored a couple of others in the second half, some great chances, we


just feel to hit the target. The work rate and effort from the boys,


deservedly got them the three points today. We haven't given the service


to the strikers that there is God. And we have -- that there is had


got. I think it is probably a fair assessment to see that the game was


won and lost in the centre-back areas.


What a start to the season for Liam Boyce. And last week, I thought I


said 4-4- two went out of fashion, but both sides playing with


contrasting outcomes? Very contrasting. Some atrocious


crossing. Last week, we highlighted some good support, up to the


players, but it ended up being some good play. But he wanted a midfield


player to give the ball to. Then he gives a good play to the left-hand


side. We highlighted last week, playing Kris Boyd up front on his


own, making the substitute that made a big difference, but this week,


delivering from two is terrible, you can't have to guys standing up


there, expecting them to do anything, then this at the other


end, defensively. It is abysmal. Terrible. It is far too easy being


sold the dummy. This is just schoolboy. Ross County are in behind


them. Poor tackle and challenge. Laid. Gets two bites of the jelly,


maybe Liam Boyce was lucky, but such bad offending from Dalmarnock.


And impressive from Ross County, when arguably they have weakened


with the loss of Brian Graham and Richard Foster. -- bad defending


from Kilmarnock. With Liam Boyce, he has five goals, 17 last year, well


on course to repeat that. OK! The Friday night lights were


switched on at Dens Park this week. The Premiership weekend kicking off


with Dundee at home to Hamilton Accies.


Commentary from John Barnes . Dundee are without Paul McGowan and


Michael Duffy through illness and injury, so Nick Ross comes into


midfield. Hamilton manager made one change.


That is Danny take the place of Greg, who drops to the bench.


Knocked away by Matthews. Good constructive play, and the


goalkeeper up to the task there. Dundee have three points from their


opening two games, Hamilton two points less. Vincent with the


clearance. McKinnon taking out Longridge, then


McKinnon again. What a strike that is from Darren Lyne! It is his first


goal for the Hamilton Accies top team and what a way to do it.


Blistering shot there. From 25 yards! Top corner! There was no way


Scott was going to get to that one. Mark O'Hara, the corner of


Gillespie. Danny Williams to take it. And Mark O'Hara! Dundee are back


level. Four minutes after going behind, equalising, and it is Mark


O'Hara, two goals in two games for the former Kilmarnock man, not


picked up there that that set piece, then uses the past finish. -- users


that pass to finish. He likes to have a shot from


distance of anywhere around the 18-yard box, 30 goals last season


for Dunfermline for him. Darian MacKinnon! They were


expecting him to school there. But he is directed it wide. Crawford,


with the free kick. Taking it infield. Good blocking challenge


their from Kevin. Danny McGrain on with another opportunity -- McKinnon


with another opportunity. Mark O'Hara, Vincent in the middle.


Matthews is there to make the save. Mark O'Hara trying to be the creator


once more. Then the follow-up shot. Williams with the corner again.


Trying to get the header in, Tyson. Back for Williams. Williams again!


He is getting closer. Good football again by the home team.


Crawford's Connor. -- corner. Then at the back post, but could not get


on the end of that knock-down. Switching it, trying to pick him


out, and he has! Gillespie for pace! Looking at a penalty. Kevin Clancy


says no. Was that a charge on the shoulder or more to it? Off of the


line by Nick Ross. He was under pressure, but Ross did well.


We started well, we can't do anything about the goal, fantastic


straight, but we got back into the game, but second half did not


perform. We didn't pass the ball well, didn't create enough angles,


not enough football for me, forcing too many long balls, using beekeeper


too much, overall not acceptable. Really frustrating. Turning on


performance. We should have seven points. We dominated last week.


Today we have dominated large part, creative enough to win the game. For


the players, we should be sitting on seven points but we have to and we


need to make sure of opportunity now.


The draw for Dundee, Hamilton pleased, but too many draws last


season as well. Hamilton Accies at their best when in your face and


swarming over the opposition? Yes, disappointed, taking the lead in all


the games played this year, but their high pressing yesterday was


superb. You look at the stake here, forcing beekeeper to take long, and


when he does, every Hamilton player locks onto a player. Everyone needs


to move in the team. Trigger points, the midfielder goes, forcing Dundee


to kick long again, this was the theme of the match. This occasion


again, you can see him in gauging, forcing the goalkeeper into kicking


long. Paul Hartley said there about how playing the goalkeeper too much,


playing the long bail too much. But it was impressive. But credit to


Darren Lyne, what a strike. And for your first goal, and an amazing one


as well. And a player who has excited lots, can he make the step


up from League 1? For me, yes, picks the ball up the, fires it back, then


get themselves into the box, it is a striker with an instinct to sniff


out goals, lovely bit of skill to roll the defender. Driving at the


heart of defence and causing problems for opposition. He was


playing League 1 football but he has a football brain, a bit of


everything, that instinct to get into the box and cause problems and


links the game up well. You see again dropping deep, linking it up,


he scored 30 goals last year for Dunfermline, I'm surprised there


weren't not more suitors apart from Dundee. I would agree. He was on


trial at Blackburn, I'm surprised no one else took a gamble on him. He is


two divisions below, but he has great stuff. I suppose the question


is, could he get the goals to replace the departing players? It


will be a hard task. The 20 legal is last year was fantastic. -- 20


league goals. He has some fantastic players to follow. Time will tell,


but he has the attributes to do a good job for Dundee.


With week three of the Premiership season complete, time for a first


glimpse of the table on Sportscene this season.


And it's Rangers on top with seven points.


Celtic and Ross County next best on six, although Brendan Rodgers


Celtic, in fact, the only team not to drop a point thus far.


Inverness at the bottom the only side still to pick up a point.


The first three weeks of this season have raced by.


Week 4 will be here before you know it.


Remember Scotland's Game, Thursday night 9pm BBC One Scotland.


And next weekend, Sportscene moves to our new regular slot of 6pm


Until then, from all of us, goodnight.


Introduced by Jonathan Sutherland.

Sportscene has highlights from the weekend's Scottish Premiership. Champions Celtic return from their weekend off, and Brendan Rodgers' side will look to add to their win over Hearts when they face St Johnstone.

Rangers host Motherwell, while Partick Thistle will be looking for a first win over Aberdeen at Pittodrie in 13 years. Elsewhere, Dundee entertain Hamilton, Inverness are away to Hearts, and Kilmarnock face the longest trip in the top flight when they go to Ross County.

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