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St Johnstone v Celtic, Kilmarnock v Dundee Utd, Inverness Caledonian Thistle v Partick Thistle, Ross County v Motherwell, Hibs v St Mirren, Falkirk v Livingston.

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Good afternoon and welcome to the results show, nice to have you with


us. Who needs facial navigation technology when you have guests,


once glimpsed, never forgotten. Marc Wilson and Stuart Cosgrove, I will


leave you to work out which is which! You might not see our


reporters that you will definitely hear them which is a good thing,


starting right now. To Tannadice where Dundee United are playing


second from bottom Kilmarnock. It is 4-0, without question United's best


performance of the season, dominating what looks like a


beleaguered Kilmarnock side. All four goals in the first half. Mark


Durnan, John Rankin and Spittal with the goals. Let's go up the table and


find out what is happening at Celtic Park where the leaders are at home


against St Johnstone. Celtic heading for their fifth league win in a row.


Two from Gary Mackay-Steven and one from Armstrong, St. Johnstone were


up the list but the home team are on course for three points. Alistair


Lamb and is at Fir Park. It is to Noh to Ross County, Motherwell


hoping to recover from their annihilation last week but it is


County during the business. Irvine got them off and running and that


was added to by Graham. The visitors in control. Next to the high lines


-- Highlands. 0-0, both teams would move up the league with a point. It


started brightly with the home team missing some early chances, Storey


should have netted, he had a brilliant long-range strike that


journey tipped over. -- Cerny. Let's go to Easter Road, find out what is


happening between Hibernian and St Mirren. Hibs are looking to close


the gap to two ponds and looking good for it. A wonderful free kick


from Henderson -- two points. St Mirren have barely threatened a


leveller. Anthony Stokes has come on as a substitute. And now Falkirk


against Livingston. Falkirk want to keep up their momentum to keep up


with the top two. At the moment they are being held. Sibbald put them in


front just before the interval but Buchanan equalised five minutes into


the second half. The Falkirk defence could not deal with the ball. 1-1.


Welcome to the show. As a former Dundee United defender, we are


watching pictures of their match, can you believe it? Part of me can.


I tipped them to win the game today. But it's so unusual for them to be


playing like this. The difference in the team... There is a real


character. Every corner and throw in, they look like a team possessed.


You can see the effects of what a clearly meeting can do. Have you


ever experienced that? Do they work? Sometimes. On this occasion it is.


Dundee United look to have changed their formation, I don't know if


that comes from the players speaking to the manager, but they have


changed to 4-4-2 and it is working. Time for a clear the air meeting at


McDiarmid Park? Obviously Celtic are very strong at home. We are doing


better than in our last meeting. By all accounts, Hallam has come back


and event is pace on the right. We nearly scored again quite recently.


It is not done yet but you would have to say that Celtic are


favourites. And St. Johnstone ad gone five games without scoring


before this. Steven MacLean back on the scoresheet. It is fantastic


because he is one of these great link up players. He is very


talented, he can hold the ball and find someone, whether a midfielder


or a another striker. He is well into double figures so he can score


himself. Just keep him away from the penalties! Ross County beating


Motherwell, that seems a bit surprising. Not from the pictures.


Motherwell looked to be on the up, they turned a corner and Mark McGhee


had them playing some good football. And then the collapse against Hearts


and that looks to have had an effect because looking at it today, Ross


County could have had more. Not a great game in the Highlands, only


one chance. It is pay what you like day as well! They might not think an


awful lot of it! It is disappointing, people want goals and


action and it is a disappointing score for both teams but ironically,


when you look at the table, if you can get a point away from home,


Partick Thistle will feel that is worth having. Now to the Friday


night football, Aberdeen had a chance to reduce Celtic Boss lead to


the top for a while, but they would have to beat Dundee at Pittodrie and


they certainly did. Just one goal in it, coming from an unsurprising


source in Adam Rooney. Such a vital player for them. Who else is going


to score? He has so many this season, I think that is number 16


and he is always in the right place at the right time. A lot of those


were penalties, but this shows his striking awareness. He knows there


is a chance, the writeback can't do too much. Rooney is in there to tuck


it away. A really good goal in terms of an important goal. He will never


be as good as Benny Rooney! But the other thing, that was the type of


game Aberdeen might have conceded points, it needed to be done. Ten


games unbeaten now. Impressive, and if you look at it, like the run they


went on at the start of the season before they went off the rails, if


Derek McInnes is analysing this run, the games he will be annoyed at


other draws against Partick Thistle and Inverness. They could have gone


top. Although they did not get beaten, it was still an opportunity.


It is great to be on a run but those results will still be in his mind.


We can hear from Derek McInnes and what he said after the match and


also from Paul Hartley. It is only 1-0, and with their quality you are


never totally relaxed. But we have to enjoy the result. It was a strong


performance tonight and a lot of good play. The first half was end to


end at times. Bain was in inspired form. We had chances at the other


end, the second half was a bit scrappy,


end, the second half was a bit better. We could have nicked it at


the end but better. We could have nicked it at


with the effort and attitude better. We could have nicked it at


work ethic. The shape was brilliant also. Celtic looked to be reopening


that lead back to six points but Aberdeen's next match is against


Celtic at Pittodrie. And their last defeat was against Celtic. It is a


massive game. Aberdeen have shown they can beat Celtic at Pittodrie


already this season. Interesting to see how it pans out.


already this season. Interesting to forward to. Do you think they can


stay the course? We made the point that they have won before at


Pittodrie, they have to win this one. Anything else and Celtic go


away. A lot of Hearts fans will be watching to see if Aberdeen can take


Celtic and make it more interesting at the top. There has been a goal at


Tannadice. Another one for United. And what a goal, it came from Sean


Dillon. He picked it up midway inside the Kilmarnock half, got the


break of the ball in the box and he was well inside the six yard box


when he put it beyond Jamie MacDonald into the back of the net.


That means that all ten outfield players were inside that box


praising Sean Dillon. He is taking the applause of the huge crowd here.


5-0 and that does not do it justice, they have completely dominated


Kilmarnock in every area. They believe they can survive. They might


well do. Let's head to Celtic Park. Still 3-1. A thoroughly enjoyable


game. Two for Mackay-Steven and one for Armstrong, Steven MacLean got


the equaliser for St. Johnstone. A sweet flick on the near post after


some good running. Since Johnson have been impressive despite the


scoreline -- St. Johnstone. Gordon made a great save from Liam Craig.


But you would expect Celtic to restore their lead act to six points


at the top. It is game on at Fir Park. Motherwell have got the goal,


it is Stephen Pearson you have got it with four minutes left. A corner


fell to Pearson about 12 yards out and he put the laces through it with


his left foot and smashed it past Scott Fox as Motherwell go forward


again! McFadden almost lobbed Fox but he just got his finger tips to


it. Motherwell will be doing everything they can to get a point


from this but it is still 2-1. Are you enjoying yourself any more at


Inverness? We had a little spark of action, Miles Storey dribbled to the


byline and cut it back and there was Liam Polworth, we thought he would


score but he put it in his past the post when he had to score. We can go


to Easter Road, Hibs against St Mirren. They have brought on Anthony


Stokes for his debut and they should have gone 3-1 up. Liam Fontaine with


a header but he put it over the bar. Jamie Langley and a bit of luck have


combined to keep the score at 2-1. Hibs are looking to go within two


points of Rangers at the top. Time to hear about Livingston and


Falkirk. Six minutes left and a frustrating afternoon for Falkirk


who want to win to stay in second place but they are being frustrated


by Livingston. Falkirk took the lead through Craig Sibbald with a goal


that the home defence made a mess of. And then Liam Buchanan's 10th of


the season equalised, again the defence at fault. Kevin O'Hara has


missed an absolute sitter to put Falkirk in front. Frustrating for


them. We can head back to Tannadice where there has been another goal.


One assumes it is a sixth. Incorrect! It has come for


Kilmarnock, a corner from the left and Josh Magennis with a near post


header that went John and Kawashima. Too little, too late -- beyond


Kawashima. A couple of talking points, Hibs have brought on Anthony


Stokes, 2-1 up against St Mirren, Inverness can't score, they need


strikers but Stokes goes for a dive club. It is odd if you are looking


at the league ladder but not at momentum. No question that Hibs play


a game that best suits him. There is also a sense of him wanting to prove


that he is still a worthy Celtic player. And much to go to, League


Cup semifinal next week against St Johnstone at Tynecastle, he has


things to look forward to. On Vallance he would rather be playing


for Hibs having for the Championship than Inverness in that battle for


who is going into the play-off places -- on balance. It is Hamilton


against Hearts tomorrow. There could be goals galore if both teams most


recent outings are anything to go by, here is the evidence for that.


Exhibit one, Hamilton's visit to Celtic Park in midweek.


Hamilton fans look away now. This was a horror show. When you go to


Celtic Park, they carve you up. Fantastic goals. That was a great


one. You fear for them. It could have been more here.


I watched them against St Johnstone. They defended.


St Johnstone threw in the box. They were more direct.


Hearts playing that way could be better equipped to deal with such


problems. Stuart, looking into middle space?


Because of a theory that I have. I am not a fan of the player/manager.


I think it is difficult if he comes in to strengthen the back four or to


remain as the manager there. It is a difficult decision to make. He has


come under criticism. Do you think he will play tomorrow? I don't think


it works, player/manager. I don't think he can cons strait on the team


when on the pitch. In contrast, Hearts, gave Motherwell


a pasting last Saturday, 6-0. Hearts can do it. They have the


players and the confidence. The team is on top of their game.


Like Aberdeen, they can score plenty goals. I was surprised when I heard


the scoreline. Motherwell are a team on the up.


Mark McGee came out to say that they would give it a go but on the day


they were blown away. Where do you stand on the debate on the side?


Overly robust. The other thing is the surprising results. No-one


predicted the hammering that Motherwell took, apart from Mark who


has tangerine eyes, nobody predicted Dundee United win either.


Convincing, 5-1. And big results. There is a lot of unpredictable


things happening in the league. That is good.


This could be predictable. A goal at Easter Road and a predictable


scorer? Anthony stokes, he got the goal. I did not give you time to


answer the question, he tapped in as he came on as a subcity document


He will not get an easier one than this. It was lovely on the left-hand


side. Put on a plate for the Irishman. I was to say it was an on


loan Celtic player who made a big impression, today, not Stokes. That


a was he unanimous Henderson. Who did a wonderful kick for his goal.


And McGinn, also produced a deficit. But Stokes, the new boy Hasapoped


one home. When he asked me, I was going to say


Thompson. So, Stuart, is it Hibs and St


Johnstone next week a match to look forward to with confidence? I always


go to games with a wee bit of confidence. St Johnstone are a good


team. It is set up to be a fantastic game of football. Open ended. Both


teams want to play football. I have a feeling we have something in the


locker that we have not proved in the last month. I noticed that Alan


Stubbs was saying that Hibs could win the treble. Yes. This including


a cup that they have not won in 110 years! I had to check that fact.


Good luck to that. That is you talking down Peter Head


again? I think it will be a great game of football. Disappointed that


the SPFL have not sorted out the ticket situation. And St Johnstone


fans have been denied where they have been unable to get tickets due


to the allocations sold out. But that said, it should be a good game.


I'm going 2-1 to St Johnstone. It is a wee bit curious, the ticket


situation. Not secures, outrageous. I think it will be a good game of


football with two sides. I'm going for a Hibs victory. I the signing of


Anthony Stokes could be the boost that they need. He wanted the game


at Tannadice. And looking at Tannadice, 5-1 to


United to take them to within 11 points of Kilmarnock, does it begin


to look realistic, the avoiding of chances of relegation? I felt today


that they needed to win this for any sort of chance. Now they have


another two or three important games with Thistle, Motherwell and


Hamilton away. That is three important games. The momentum and


the confidence to take, could put them in good straights going


forward. And Motherwell have lost at home to


Ross County. Alastair can fill us in.


County County surviving a late flurry from Motherwell to claim


their first league win. Moving up to fourth in the Premiership in the


process. Jackson irvain gave them the lead. There was an injury in the


warm-up and Irvine came on. He defendantly controlled a corner


deep to the back post beforelashing it forwards despite the best efforts


of one of the Motherwell defenders. County County controlled the match


after. Brian Graham doubled their advantage in the second half. Firing


in to a fairly straightforward finish. It looked like the points


were wrapped up, then Stephen Pearson smashed in a goal. Then a


barnstorming finish and Scot Fox required to save a brilliant


one-handed save. Ross County County had done enough. They took the three


points. 2-1 to Ross County.


And now over to the match of Celtic v St Johnstone.


The story of the game, well, Gary Mackay's goal.


Great running on the right-hand side from the Rangers target, Michael


Hallerhan. And ten minutes after the interval,


Gary MacKay-Steven again making it 3-1, stroking past mannis.


Great effort cleared off the line. And Gordon pulling off a fantastic


save. Celtic clicked at the key times. Gary Mackay in particular.


The top of the pool well deserved. And now let's hear how it finished


at Caledonian Thistle against Inverness.


The homeside started well with Andrea Mbuyi-Mutombo and Vigurs


going close. It looked all set for an


entertaining match but Ross Draper had a close range header from a


tight angle. Almost crept in. A claim for a penalty was waved away.


The second half was poor, other than a fantastic long-range effort. The


chance of the match when the ball was placed wide.


An important game for Thistle. The big story of the day coming from


Tannadice from Brian McGloughlin. A standing ovation for the United


players after a 5-1 win. The best performance of the season. 4-0 up


after the break. A complete performance.


The players were drilling the ball into the bottom corner. Durnan with


a header for the club. Before Spittal grabbing his second of the


afternoon. Then John Rankin making it forward with a volley. Number


five came from the captain, Shaun dillion. An amazing run.


Josh Magennis scored a consolation goal for Kilmarnock. Now Dundee


United have hope of survival. The gap at the bottom is down to 11


points, they have a game in hand. On this evidence they will prove as if


they can catch Kilmarnock. It finished here at packed Tannadice.


Now to Easter Road for the full-time report. Watching Hibernian against


St Mirren. No problem for Hibs. A comfortable


victory, it should have been a more impressive victory. 3-1 it ended.


The headlines about Anthony stokes. It began with a free kick by


Henderson. Over Jamie Langfield in the first half. Added two, John


McGinn against his old club. A good play by Jason Cummings.


Stevie Mallon with a free kick gave St Mirren hope. A terrific finish


from Mallan. But Hibs had St Mirren hope. A terrific finish


after chance in the second half. Pall Hanlon saw a header tipped over


by Jamie Langfield, and Pall Hanlon saw a header tipped over


third goal arrived. It had to be Stokes. He could not marks he did


third goal arrived. It had to be not miss, it finished in the capital


with Hibernian three, not miss, it finished in the capital


And then to Falkirk against not miss, it finished in the capital


Dominating large parts not miss, it finished in the capital


for a point so not miss, it finished in the capital


go above them in the second place in the table.


Falkirk dominated in the first half. Taking the lead in the 44th minute.


That was a lead that they held for five minutes by Sibbald. Then the


Falkirk defence made a mess of a cross, and Buchanan knocked a goal


into the net. After that Falkirk again dominated. A great chance by


Paul ball son. And a superb header from Kerr but a


fantastic save by Livingston. Kevin O'Hara on as a substitute,


should have scored but knocked it past the post. Frustration for


Falkirk. It finish, Livingston, one, Falkirk, one.


And now good afternoon Sandra Brown, watching Queen of the South against


Alloa athletic. The game here for the first time in


six weeks... Oh, cut off. It finished in a 1-0 win for Queen


of the South. A great result again for Hibs.


Taking them back to second with a game in hand over Falkirk.


It is what hobs have to do. To win the games that they are expected to


win if they are to keep up with Rangers. Anthony stokes will help


them along the way. He will score goals.


Falkirk were due a wee stumble? I think if you are a Falkirk fan you


will be going home really disappointed. That, on at least on


the surface of it, it was three points for them. I think that they


are the unsung heroes of that league. Everyone talking about


Rangers, Hibs, it is disappointing that they have lost ground. But they


are still in the hunt. And one assumes that they will


finish in the play-off spot. All that much, if you finish second or


third? Of course it does! Of course, if they finish third it means that


they have fallen back. I think that they could seriously still hurt


either Rangers or Hibs because if you look at it, they can cut


somebody's throat. It is the old adage, we might not win the league


but we can decide who does. Right, chaps, it is time to go to


the classifieds results round-up. So, the trusty fourth official and


off we go with the Ladbrokes Scottish Premiership.


Time for a look at the league tables, Celtic are now six points


clear of Aberdeen again after a good win this afternoon. Dundee United


now 11 points behind Kilmarnock. Ross County are up to fourth place


after a good win. Hibs are back into second after a good win at home


against St Mirren, two points behind Rangers who play Moreton on Monday.


Livingston are five clear of Alloa Athletic. -- Morton.


Ayr United narrowed the gap slightly at the top.


Two points is the deficit between East Stirlingshire and Berwick


Rangers. Letta City are back on top after beating Stoke City 3-0.


Arsenal and Manchester City are yet to play this weekend. Man United


lost at home against Southampton. Aston Villa are six behind


Sunderland. The bottom does not change much.


Bolton Wanderers are still there but just one point behind Charlton with


Bristol City also in trouble. Let's get some details of the matches in


the English Premier League. This had more goals than the game at


Tannadice, Norwich against Liverpool, a remarkable match.


Possibly the game of the season at Carrow Road. Won by Adam Lallana


deep into the fifth minute of stoppage time. That after Sebastien


Bassong with a brilliant shot from the edge of the area had made it 4-4


in the second minute of stoppage time. Where to start? Liverpool lead


through Firmino early on, Mbokani made it 1-1, Steven Naismith put


Norwich in front on his debut. Hoolahan's penalty made it 3-1 but


Liverpool came back, Henderson immediately, Firmino again and then


Liverpool came back, Henderson Milner after a terrible backpass by


Russell Martin. Enter Bassong, they thought they had a point and


probably deserved it but Lallana had thought they had a point and


other ideas. To the King Power Stadium, Leicester City against


Stoke. Stadium, Leicester City against


wins surely in their season, three points clear of Arsenal,


wins surely in their season, three of fifth placed Manchester United


and Jamie Vardy scores again, his first in eight and number 16 of the


season. Pace and balance to take it round Jack Butland. Ring quarter got


them under way -- Danny Drinkwater. It was their first goal from outside


the box this season. Ulloa rounded it off after a moment of magic from


Mahrez. Shawcross went off injured with a back problem for Stoke. The


King Power Stadium is bouncing, they are top and they can't believe it. I


doubt Old Trafford was bouncing this afternoon. Victory for visitors


Southampton. Opportunity was there for Southampton, you felt they did


not have enough in the tank but on comes Charlie Austin with ten


minutes left on his debut, only signed last week for a bargain ?4


million. Januzaj conceded the free kick, it came over from Ward-Prowse


and Austin, give him room in the area and he forced the header home


and what an inspired signing he could be. The misery continues for


United, early exits and many empty seats around the stadium and there


was much booing at the end. 12 goals in 11 home league games, not good


enough for a club of United's stature. It sounds like the natives


are restless. They are not happy. Not at all, wherever they have come


from, the only thing I would say, you look at this Manchester United


season and the team and it is almost unthinkable. A number of clubs, they


are one, Spurs are another, whose fans have been reared on believing


they play great open football and dominate games. That goes back to


the 1950s. To see this kind of threadbare, dreary, dull team they


have now is humiliating for them as a club. You could not call the game


at Carrow Road dreary, a much needed win for Liverpool. I caught the tail


end of it and it was fascinating. Alex Neil must have been so


disappointed, celebrating one minute and two minutes later Liverpool get


the winner. The celebration showed you how much it meant to Liverpool,


Jurgen Klopp got his glasses broken in the celebration! And celebrations


at Tannadice, they matched Liverpool in terms of goals. A stunning as for


Dundee United. I still feel we are getting ahead of ourselves. 11


points is still a big golf. A game in hand though! They still have an


awful lot to do. In the end it might be too much. I know that pains mark


but since he wants Hibs to win the League Cup semifinal, tough luck!


There are a lot of teams that still have a lot to do to avoid the


play-offs. You go from Partick Thistle in eighth down to


Kilmarnock. At the start of the day there were six points between 11th


place and sixth place. Now it is five. People were talking about a


title race between Celtic and Aberdeen. It is the same difference


at the bottom, it makes it interesting for us watching. And


maybe it is not just the three points, it is the quality and the


effervescence of the performance and I think back to Lineham -- the


manager will want the Sunday papers. It seems Southampton adopted the


formation that they have just dumped, surely they will stick with


it. I don't know if it came from the meeting or if Mixu has been thinking


about it but their previous formation was not working. He has


changed to 4-4-2 and scored five. Do you think it was player power? I'm


not sure. Maybe a bit of both. The players might say, it doesn't suit


us, and he has thought, OK, we'll change it. Never mind player power,


time for some presenter power. It is time for us to save poodle pip for


another Saturday but there is more football to come this weekend and


you can trust Jonathan Sutherland to bring you the highlights tomorrow


evening. Do not miss that. There might be some Championship morsels


in there as well. I will be back next Saturday. Good job you have got


your trainers on, the show goes out at 5:20pm. Worth tuning in to see if


the big man makes it and how out of breath he is! That is it, time to


stop bothering you, thank you to my guests. Take care, we will see you




Introduced by David Currie.

Reports and results from around the country in the SPFL. St Johnstone are in Glasgow to face Celtic, with the Perth side looking to avenge their two league defeats at the hands of the champions earlier in the season. There's a crunch match at Rugby Park as Kilmarnock host Dundee Utd, with both teams looking for vital points to help lift them away from the bottom end of the table. It's the battle of the Thistles as Inverness play Partick. And Jim McIntyre's Ross County are in Lanarkshire to play Mark McGhee's Motherwell.

In the Championship, Hibs and Falkirk have the chance to capitalise against St Mirren and Livingston respectively with Rangers' trip to Cappielow not till Monday evening. There are also highlights of last night's north-east encounter between Aberdeen and Dundee. Plus a preview of tomorrow's Hamilton v Hearts match.

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