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Celtic v Dundee Utd, Hearts v Motherwell, Kilmarnock v Inverness, Partick Thistle v Dundee, St Johnstone v Hamilton, Ross County v Aberdeen, Rangers v Livingston, Falkirk v Hibs.

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Hello, good evening and welcome to Sportscene.


Unbelievable. It suspect Achill opening goal in the Derby. The shot


is an absolute beauty -- it it is a superb opening goal. Is this a bit


of history? It is! What a finish. That is it, I would


imagine. Good evening and welcome to


Sportscene. Despite the wintry weekend, A full card of Premiership


fixtures plus the best of the Championship. In the studio, too


hardy perennials, and one force of nature.


Now, Griffiths. It's a Leigh Griffiths. It's absolutely


brilliant. That's not bad. You cannot stop him scoring at the


moment. We are delighted to be joined by the


Celtic half century hero, Leigh Griffiths. Hopefully he will keep


Michael Stewart and Stuart McCall in check. We start with a lunchtime


clash between Ross County and Aberdeen. Therefore Ross was Lee


McLeod. Ross County without Craig Curran and Liam Boyce. Jackson


Irving drops to the bench while DeVito remains. The big Aberdeen


question was who would start in goal. Scott Brown gets the nod, but


they are without Ryan Jack and Willo Flood. This has been a great start


by Aberdeen, who were well beaten here last time. The effort from


hazes tipped over by Scott Fox. And it might have taken a nick of Marcus


Fraser as well. Here come County. He has found Foster. He will feel he


should have scored against his old club. Co scraping through against


Dunfermline in the cup in midweek. An important victory for them.


McShane has gone down, and the effort was saved by Brown. This is a


massive call by Crawford Allan. It was Taylor and McShane.


massive call by Crawford Allan. It might have a right to feel


aggrieved. It is hoisted over the top. Schalk goes down under


pressure, and it's a free kick on the edge of the box. Surely Reynolds


has to walk. And he does. Well, it is an innocuous challenge here


between a Schalk and Reynolds. Good play by the striker and I don't


think the referee has too much of an option available to him other than


the red. Ross County aiming to make it double jeopardy. McShane. It is


1-0. Aberdeen hit with a double blow. Down to ten men and behind to


Ian McShane's first goal of the season. The ball into Rooney. He


goes down, and it is a penalty kick. Ross County protest. Robertson


protests louder than others. It was his challenge. Adam Rooney will dust


himself down to take this himself. He is always so deadly from 12


yards. Here he goes. And in it goes again. 15 of the season for Adam


Rooney. He does what he does from the spot. What a good first half


this has been. Or action. -- for action. Brilliant ball from Hayes.


In it goes again. What a turnaround. Logan celebrates. This could have


been anybody's at the back post, but what it is is a second goal for


Aberdeen and the ten men have come from 1-0 down to lead. McShane's


corner. It's decent. That's Graham. Well, this game is yo-yoing. It has


seesawed from one end to the other. Incredible first half.


That is a poor ball by Davies. He has sold Marcus Fraser. This is


Hayes. A big chance ear. Twisting and turning away from Robertson but


he cannot find the target. And he knows he should have done. It stays


2-1. That is Schalk. He did well to keep that in play. Gardyne. Not a


bad ball. Graham's effort will come keep that in play. Gardyne. Not a


to Schalk. A brilliant double save by the returning Scott Brown. Danny


who? Brilliant goalkeeping. Logan. Rooney. That might just squeeze in,


but Fox gets there. Well, you will struggle to find a better first half


of football anywhere than this one today. Fox kept it out, just.


Here is Graeme Shinnie. Rooney. Logan! It is 3-1. This is definitely


Hayes. A lovely finish. And it was beautifully crafted by Aberdeen on


the left. Rooney did enough to help it onto the right back. It's not


often you see a side reduced in numbers, then go behind, then turn


it round so dramatically. McShane for County. What a hit. And that


gives Ross County hope with eight to play. An incredible match.


I don't think either side defended well. We never. Apart from


Aberdeen's goalkeeper, who had some inspired saves, that is a clear


penalty kick which the referee has to give but he seems to think a


short angle is an advantage. I would take the penalty there all day.


Delighted for loads of reasons. We have seen a lot of good play, which


I know we have got, but we have seen real determination and intent to


make sure we won the game. It was absolutely fantastic as a game and


Shay Logan was pivotal in terms of Aberdeen's success. In terms of


Celtic point view, Aberdeen with another three points, how real is


their title challenge? It has been real since the start of the season.


We knew that from last season in terms of how they have pushed this


season is no different apart from a blip in the cup last weekend they


have been on a good run. We are looking forward the game in a few


weeks. We spoke a lot about Aberdeen players this season, not a lot about


Shay Logan. How important was the today? He was very French or --


influential in a good Aberdeen victory. We can take a look at the


first goal. Bearing in mind victory. We can take a look at the


are down to ten men, it comes out wide and we can pause it there.


wouldn't think there would be a problem. As we see, the ball comes


out to Hayes who has been terrific and he was today and has been all


season. He is up against Gardyne maa who is sort he will relish that.


Maybe what Ross County would have liked woods to get Hayes on his


right foot, his left foot is fantastic. Maybe Fraser could give


him a hand and Robertson could laugh -- look after McGinn. The problem is


when you let Hayes get it onto the left foot and then it is about the


quality of the cross, which is outstanding. And then the desire of


Logan. He gets in the back post. It's not as though the lads didn't


know he was there but he has the desire to get in and unfortunately


for Logan it is own goal, but good desire by him. Just looking at the


second-half, it was a thing they did a lot in the game, and certainly


this is another aspect. I will pause it there. We know that all Logan


wants to do is get in behind. If you look at the position from record.


Add anything he knows where Logan is, and you look for the past -- and


I don't think he knows. The pass is only as good as the run. McLean, as


we know, he's a good passer of the ball between the centre-half and


full-back. Logan wants to get beyond. He can see what is


happening, and he needs to narrow the gap and the ball doesn't get


through. But as we see, are fantastically weighted ball and a


good run by Logan. That is the first time he sees him, and his pace takes


good run by Logan. That is the first him in and in the end it's a good


save. They're rather two warnings. He got what he thought was a goal,


and then we go on to what was the winning goal -- there are the two


warnings. As you see, the ball goes out wide. We can pause it there. The


alarm bells start. You look at bigger Robertson, the centre-half is


out, which leaves Davies one-on-one with Rooney. Reckord is one on one


with Logan. As the play builds up, Robertson stays out, still leaving


it one-on-one in the middle. He goes into a wide area and we will pause


it there. One thing Aberdeen do well, and that is why Rooney has so


many goals, when it is in the wide areas if it is Hayes, Shinnie, they


put quality in the box. As a centre forward, you always tell them to try


and get across the centre-half, and likewise, the white man, try and get


in behind. -- the wide man. You will notice the body position of Reckord.


Square on, not knowing where he is, but also on his heels. After that,


ball in the box, Rooney gets across the front man and there is Logan to


finish it off. He finishes off a really good day's work for Aberdeen


in a deserved victory. Ross County put so much effort into


the match, but from Aberdeen's view, great spirit in the side after going


down to ten men, especially after the painful defeat in the cup last


weekend. It reaffirms what everybody knows about Aberdeen, that they have


great character in the side. And it highlights what a shocking October


they had. It makes it more mystifying to think they went


through such a bad run and looking at that team you thought they had


good character and they would have turned it round quicker. They have


done that today and it is a big three points to make sure they cling


on to Celtic's coat-tails. OK, Motherwell manager Mark McGhee said


if things had been different he might be managing Liverpool by now.


Instead he was at Tynecastle looking to stretch his side's unbeaten run


to seven matches. John Barnes was there.


Hearts make one change from the side beat Aberdeen in the cup. Sam


Nicholson is injured so Billy King comes in for his sixth league start


of the season. With Keith Lansley suspended and Grimshaw's loan spell


ended, Lionel Ainsworth and Joe Charm is coming. Stevie Hamill goes


to write back with Josh Long going to midfield -- Joss charmers. Hearts


on a run of one defeat in ten matches. There is Calum Paterson.


Always willing to have a shot. In a good run of form at the moment, five


goals to his credit. Two in his last two matches.


King with a corner. Rossi with a header. Off the line by law, but the


ball had crossed the line says the assistant referee. And I got Rossi


-- Igor Rossi has opened the scoring for Hearts. A good delivery from


King and he stooped down well to head it. It had crossed the line


before it was got away. Hearts starting very positively in this


match. Here is Paterson. A good old battle in the middle of the park.


Breaks for Osman Sow. Great finish. Great finish by the Swedish striker.


That is number 11 for the season for Osman Sow, and it comes on the 16th


minute. Hearts starting extremely well. Not what Mark McGhee was


wanting in his 100th match in charge of Motherwell. Here is Riley. Going


round Ripley and he was tripped by the Motherwell goalkeeper. That is a


penalty. Well, the goalkeeper getting away with just a yellow card


for the infringement. It will take the spot kick himself, and he


scores. That puts Hearts 3-0 in front. His fifth of the season, his


second from the penalty spot. Rossi in behind him. Igor Rossi.


There is Osman Sow. A double for Osman Sow but it is disallowed.


Offside against the big striker as it was knocked down. That's a tight


decision. But it won't count. The snow is still falling at


Tynecastle. Motherwell coming forward, trying to get themselves


back into this game. Johnson has done well. McDonald! Could not get a


proper touch. Put off slightly because Alexander got a touch to


that cross. Motherwell come into this match


unbeaten in six. Fletcher with a chance... Alexander making a good


save to thwart the striker. King's free kick.


Patterson! CHEERING


No hanging around for Callum Paterson, claiming his sixth of the


season. Excellent strike beyond Ripley. Hearts posting this one.


Three in three for Callum Paterson. Already, Motherwell fans heading for


the exits. CHEERING


The substitute gets onto the scoresheet, as well. Neat touch and


turn. That is number ten of the season for him. It is a miserable


day for Motherwell, and it just got worse. Hearts looking to add to the


five scored already. Tripped by Clarkson. And that is a penalty. He


wants to take it himself. Neat skills from the Belgian. The lovely


flick and away from Clarkson. No skills from the Belgian. The lovely


mistake from the Hearts midfielder. That is number six of the afternoon.


Well into stoppage time now. Callum Paterson with a shot... Ripley


cannot hold it. Denied a second goal because


impressive yesterday. -- hiccup and they can kick on.


impressive yesterday. -- hiccup and they played with righty. You see


this in their play. They are a strong, physical side. Callum


Paterson probably typifies Hearts. Athletic, powerful. And this one


here. Great Athletic, powerful. And this one


third. Playing with a lot of confidence, of course. You get the


striker dropping off in the area. You have guys running beyond. They


striker dropping off in the area. are always making angles, or


striker dropping off in the area. for the ball. That is


striker dropping off in the area. when you have confidence. Sometimes


you get players where if things are not going great they hide. But


confidence there, you always have people looking for it. Lee was


talking about this. The strikers dropping into areas. You look at


that from a Hearts point of view, it is great. Especially when you have


got Osman Sow. Quick pace. He is going to trouble centre halves. He


has a long stride on him. He will trouble centre halves as we have


seen. You are a big fan of Hearts, how much do you see them as possible


challengers at the top of the Premiership table with yourselves?


That result probably did not shop anybody else in the dressing room.


Hearts are a good team. They've proven that the season. Games like


that, you know, 6-0, two disallowed goals, it could have been six, or


seven. Indeed, doing well indeed. St Johnstone against an out of sorts


Hamilton coming up later, but first, Kilmarnock were looking for plenty


of horsepower to go up against in Thistle -- Inverness Caledonian


Thistle. Good musical mamma during the week. Their star player signed a


two-year contract. -- good news for Kilmarnock during the week.


Heavy snow fell throughout with the match officials pausing proceedings


as the ground staff swept the lines match officials pausing proceedings


continue. Liam Polworth tried his luck from range. Jamie MacDonald


continue. Liam Polworth tried his opting to play it safe given the


difficult conditions. Inverness on a run of six games


without defeat. They managed to find an equaliser before half-time. A


loose ball in the box and Ross Draper with the finish.


The big midfielder with his first goal of the season.


After an extended half-time for more snow clearance, Inverness and


immediately set about trying to take the lead. McDonald tipping over this


effort. -- MacDonald. At the other end, Kilmarnock tried to get the


ball into the snow cleared box. But it was an attempt from just outside


the box that found the net. Slater for the second weekend in a row the


Kilmarnock goal hero. This strike, a superb volley in off the bar. Could


Inverness find another equaliser? Greg Tansey has called four in his


last three Premiership matches. He almost made it five. But just not


quite. In the closing stages, Greg Kiltie went close to extending the


Kilmarnock lead to no avail. But a valuable three points nonetheless.


Kilmarnock now 14 points clear of Dundee United.


A really young side. Really proud of the performance in difficult


conditions. Credit to the officials, as well. They did everything


possible to get the game finished, which is really good. Delighted with


three points, obviously. In the last 20 minutes, we huffed and puffed a


little bit. If you are going to concede two away from home than it


is very difficult to score three goals to win the game, or even two.


We gave it a go but it just wasn't to be.


Hamilton were keen after their Scottish Cup humiliation


it back -- and fashion became's first chance. This shot deflected


wide of the post. In the absence of O'Halloran there was even more


pressure for McLean to show a spark, but he couldn't manage it. Some fans


were wishing this game had fallen victim to the weather. They did not


have much attacking flair on display. McDermott Park pitch was


hardly conducive to slick passing moves. Hamilton almost broke the


deadlock, but the effort was blocked on the line. This was as close as


neither side would come to finding that elusive opening goal. Hamilton


felt they had a decent penalty claim when this header was handled in the


box. Andrew Dallas waved play on. In a sequence of play that was perhaps


indicative of the quality on show, substitute Maurice could not find


the target after a game of head tennis inside the penalty area.


After they were let off at the other end, it was finally Hamilton's


chance. Another appeal. Again, the referee decided no spot kick. John


Sutton had one last chance to snatch the points for St Johnstone, and


would have done so had it not been for some excellent defending from


Morris. A share of the spoils in a pretty forgettable affair. The


players are disappointed we didn't win the game. I keep reminding them


that it is a point closer to where we want to be. We have just got to


keep hitting in the performances and the goals will come again. The pitch


was not conducive to nice football. It was always going to be a battle.


The pleasing thing for me is that we battled really well on the back of a


bad performance last week. It showed character. A lot of fight. A point


was at least what we deserved. No Michael O'Halloran in the St


Johnstone squad after big interest from Rangers. Do you think he's


going to go to Ibrox? Possibly, I cannot give you any inside


information. No secret, Rangers have made a couple of bits for him. Not


involved yesterday. Hopefully they can open the bid up to one St


Johnstone want. That is five games without a goal for St Johnstone, so


they will want it done and dusted soon. It looks like it is possible.


He played really well against Rangers early in the season. It


would be a good fit for him. Could have been a couple of penalties,


handball is... I don't think there is any doubt. A couple of those


occasions the goalkeeper would have been proud of that defending. No


doubt, you cannot jump with your arms so far out, that the ball hit


it, and get away with it. I say you can't, but they were able to act the


weekend. Two runs do not make a right. In terms of Slater, fantastic


finish. The winning goal for Kilmarnock against Inverness. What


did you think of the technique? Great technique, head over the ball.


Great connection. Nine times out of ten the ball will do that. But it


went into the back of the net. Great three points for Kilmarnock. To run


onto the ball like that and control it and find the back of the net.


Very good. And this one last weekend. It is something Slater has


definitely... He has that, great technique. Has he got the legs to


get around it and be a dynamic midfielder? You have seen those two


clips there that he has. Dundee United were looking for an unlikely


win over Celtic to kick-start their quest for safety. A certain Mr Leigh


Griffiths was on the verge of history.


Dundee United bring back Ryan McGowan and Gavin Gunning to the


defence after suspension. Billy Mackay misses out because of a


family bereavement. Murray comes in, as does recent signing Riski for his


first start. Armstrong and Tomas Rogic back in


the moment. They have won all of their last 14 games in the league


against Dundee United. The former Dundee United player


desperate to get onto the scoresheet against his old club. Neat footwork


to get away from Sean Dillon. Just couldn't execute the finish.


There is a slip by Gavin Gunning. It is Leigh Griffiths!


CHEERING That is goal number 50 for Leigh


Griffiths in Celtic colours. And he was prepared for that one. Leigh


Griffiths in Celtic colours. And he Griffiths went to get onto the end


of the deflected pass from Tomas Griffiths went to get onto the end


Rogic. It was Gavin Gunning's slip and Leigh Griffiths pounced.


WHISTLE Kris Commons with the free kick.


WHISTLE Celtic Park 2-0 in front.


WHISTLE Croatian defender claims his first


goal for the Parkhead club. Totally unmarked. Poor defending. And


punished. He was not happy with that.


A couple of options. He has found Murray. Brilliant finish from Simon


Murray! He gets United back into the game. His second goal for the club


since joining from Arbroath. Definitely onside. And a neat finish


beyond Gordon with the outside of the boot.


Rankin. A neat pass. He has found Murray. He has gone to ground and is


claiming a penalty, this time from the challenge of Craig Gordon. The


referee allows play to continue. Celtic on the counter. Last gig --


lusted -- Greg lusted. Commons missed it, but Griffiths finishes.


It is a double for Leigh Griffiths. Just when United were looking per a


It is a double for Leigh Griffiths. penalty at one end, Celtic go up the


other, and Leigh Griffiths claims his 51st goal for the Parkhead


outfit. It was the cross from Schalk and Griffis was there to smash at


home. -- it was the cross from Lustig. Fraser. Dispossessed by


Rogic. Lovely footwork from the Australian. Now Armstrong. Commons!


Absolutely brilliant from Kris Commons. Excellent skill from Rogic


to find out -- Armstrong, but what about the acrobatics from the


Scottish international? Kris Commons's ninth goal


Scottish international? Kris and it is a belter.


That came off the hand of James Forrest. The United fans are


incensed, and so is Mick Suban at aligning. -- the Dundee United


manager. A wry smile. We have seen those given. Griffiths. Celtic


looking to pile on the misery for United. In towards commons. He


missed his kick there, Kris Commons, for his second of the evening.


The attitude was great, we were on the front foot. We pushed Celtic


early doors and the first goal was a gift. After that, always difficult.


Full credit to the way the players came back and after half-time we


were strongly in the game, but then pull a man marking cost us and we


need to be sharper and better in those situations. It's always tough.


They are fighting for their lives and to come here is difficult. To


score four goals and some good play, and we could be more accurate in the


last 20 minutes and creates a more chances. A great win for Celtic on


Friday night, not a bad day at the office. How much did you enjoy


Friday? To score 50 goals at any club is great, but to get it at a


massive club like Celtic is a great achievement. We can look at the


statistics with the graphic, and you are the fastest Celtic player to


reach 50 goals in terms of starts. Looking at some of the names. Henrik


Larsson, Charlie Nicholas. That must make you so proud. Yes, I said it on


Friday night, to get mentioned in the names of those -- same breath as


those names, I still have a long way to go to be classed as a legend but


I will keep my head down and keep working hard and hopefully the goals


will come. Legend is the word the manager said. Is that the objective?


Ten years from now, what would you like to have achieved that Celtic?


I'd like to do go to Henrik Larsson's record. You know, he's one


of the greatest players to ever play for Celtic, so if I'm half as good


as him, I'll be happy. Leigh Griffiths has been practising with


his right foot. He certainly has. All credit to him. It's about hard


work. Two years ago, if that is on his right side, he doesn't hit it. I


remember him at Motherwell, playing for him Bernie, we


remember him at Motherwell, playing shoot. But he's worked on that. --


Hibernian. His heading has been terrific. Those are two goals he has


got. One Aberdeen and against Hamilton stands out, but again, it


is measured. It is a sweet strike. We know his left foot is electric,


but his right foot and heading is at the moment. He's becoming an


all-round player. These two goals you see him scoring with his right,


it looks as though are you more confident hitting with your right?


Are you practising it in training? Two years ago would you have tried


to hit it with your right, or taken a touch? I would have tried to cut


inside. But I've worked on it in training. I want to do these small


drills. I have been working on it a lot. Your right foot is better than


some. You've got the T-shirt out, but you got booked it and the


captain gave you some stick. At half-time he said he was fining me


for it, but he had a smile on his face. I'm sure in training tomorrow


it will be forgotten about. Next objective? Get yourself in the frame


for the Scottish national team? There is a case to say that Leigh


Griffiths is the Scottish number one striker? If it was a game on


Saturday, he would be first on the team sheet. Fletcher and Naismith


are not playing. In the last game against Poland when Lee was at top


of his form, we looked at it, and pollen sat deep end and leave space


and if you remember the game, Fletcher scored a really good goal


but no doubt at the moment that the kid is hot and he has to keep it up.


He can do no more. It's been an amazing last 12 or 18 months at


Celtic. You were well down the pecking order in the strikers and


you force yourself through and now you are the number one. Are you


using that strategy in terms of the national team? Yes, I am going to


keep trying and working hard and hopefully the goals will keep come


for Celtic and I can't do any more than that. The games coming up


Scotland, if I'm picked, delighted, but if not always my term. -- wait


my turn. If it comes, I'll take my chance. The final game was Dundee,


and Alistair Lamb and is your commentator.


A couple of changes for Partick Thistle. Out go Miller and Osman.


For Dundee, a debut for Darren O'Dea and Stuart comes back in. Gary


Harkins takes the captaincy from the departed Kevin Thomson.


In goes Harkins. Picking up on the mistake from Linz A. -- Lindsay.


Harkins twisting and turning, going down and it's a penalty for Dundee.


Lindsay invited Harkins into the penalty area. And then took it down.


A chance for Kane Hemmings. Seven minutes in, Dundee have the lead. A


cool penalty from Hemmings and the 13th of the season for the striker.


Greg Stewart, a deep one. Various Harkins. What a start from Dundee.


Doubling the advantage. Ten minutes gone. Dundee are two goals to the


good. Partick Thistle have just not been at the races thus far. Harkins


playing it to Stuart. He wants it back on the box. Stuart goes alone,


and what a strike back on the box. Stuart goes alone,


Going from bad to worse for Dundee and at this rate it could be


anything. For Hemmings. An appetite for even more goals? McGowan going


for the chip. He just close it away. Another corner. Well cleared by


Harkins. He gets a second bite at it. There is Amoo, and Partick


Thistle have one back. The flick on from Lindsay found Amoo in plenty of


space and his fourth of the season just gives Partick Thistle a glimmer


of hope. A neat flick. That is delightful. From the captain to


goals for Gary Harkins. Four goals for Dundee and what a performance


it's been in this first half at Firhill. Lovely build-up play more


than matched by the finish. Hemmings, taken out of the play by


Liam Lindsay. Not been a great day for Lindsay. He was caught napping


thereby Stewart. He was then barged to the ground, by Lindsay, who is in


trouble. It's going to be a second booking. And Partick Thistle, Liam


Lindsay in particular, they day just gets worse. Not a great deal in it


but the referee saw fit to dismiss Liam Lindsay. This all still


plugging away in the closing seconds. That is a decent effort. He


could not hold it and there is Djoum following up. But the lack of


celebration from Kris Doolan tells you that it is not much of a


consolation. Dundee comfortable winners regardless of this one.


Fairplay to Dundee who deserved the win. We warned the players it was


important to start well, and the tempo we played, we see the


creativity we have got Harkins, Stuart, Hemmings. I thought they


were terrific the final third and we won the game in the first half an


hour. A big result for Dundee and the maverick genius of Gary Harkins


to the fore. The player you played with in the past. Yes, when he was a


Dundee. His workrate was never in question. No doubt about his


ability, his great player and people talk about his workrate at times.


But he wins the penalty and he goes on to score a great second goal. And


in every single goal yesterday and scored to himself. Stewart with the


captain 's armband. They that up his game? Possibly so. If you take Gary


responsibility away, and his ability is undoubted. Great fee per a big


guy, he can finish. Leigh Griffiths talked about his work rate -- great


feat for a big guy. If you complain of a striker, that suits him and he


has the ability to open teams up. First time since their breed at


Dundee have won back-to-back matches and it's a good time for them to hit


this form? Of course it is. Just touching on the point of Paul


Hartley giving him the captain 's armband, it's good management to


recognise you can get the best out of a player and that was something


that was needed. He came up trumps yesterday with that performance.


Everything that Stuart said about getting Gary Harkins in the right


area, he will hurt teams, no doubt about it. The number ten position is


probably his best role, where he doesn't have too much of a defensive


responsibility. He has great feet and he can see a past and the back


of the net. It's about finding the right balance in the team to get the


best of Gary Harkins, and it happened yesterday. Time for a look


at the Premiership table. Celtic three points clear with a


game in hand. Dundee reclaim their place in the top six at the expense


of Inverness. Dalmarnock in the play-off spots on goal difference


but looking very ominous for Dundee United.


A massive match in the Championship, between Falkirk and Hibs. Rob


Maclean was there for us. The same Falkirk team that won at


Alloa a fortnight ago. The paperwork is not done to allow on loan Celtic


striker Anthony Stokes to play again for Hibs. Top scorer Jason Cummings


is back in the team after illness. Since losing to Hibs in October,


it's an unbeaten run for Falkirk, stretching to 11 matches. He lets


longbow from long range. That brings a shimmer of excitement to the


Falkirk fans, but off target -- he lets one go from long range. Left by


Baird. It is touched over by Mark Oxley and it's just about the most


exciting moment of pretty disappointing first half at the


Falkirk Stadium. That is for Miller. Putting pressure


on Fontaine. Vokes with the header. Mill on the turn. That is another


tip over for the Hibs goalkeeper -- Miller on the turn. A pretty


impressive start to the second half by Falkirk. Mill are going close to


adding to seven goals in seven games. -- Miller going close. In


from. Is Baird. That is composure inside the penalty box. And that is


1-0. Just four minutes after the restart, a moment of quality that


this game was screaming out for. And Falkirk hit the front. It is


Olveston's second of the season and a big one.


Henderson has made a difference since coming off the bench. Flying


into the challenge. Hibs looking for a penalty. The referee says no. And


this had to be a big shout. Henderson again finding a pocket of


space, and sliding the ball through for Jason Cummings. Back onto his


left foot, but it is straight at goalkeeper in the end the


temperature is rising in Falkirk. Danny Rogers solidly behind that.


Shot blocked by Peter Grant. Again, screams for a penalty.


Darren McGregor... Saved by Rogers... Jason Cummings on the


rebound will level things up! The 17th of the season for Jason


Cummings. It makes the scoreline 1-1. Much to the delight of the Hibs


fans, all 2000 of them, behind Danny Rogers' goal. All square.


Henderson's corner kick. Saved by Rogers. Grant was in the way of that


effort. This was pretty Rogers. Grant was in the way of that


header from McGregor. Helped on for Henderson. Jason Cummings! What a


chance to win the match for Hibs. Credit to Danny Rogers for making


the save. Jason Cummings should have scored.


Again it is Liam Henderson. It is a great ball in. Agonisingly close was


Again it is Liam Henderson. It is a Jason Cummings. He could have


applied the finishing touch. It stays at 1-1. Last time we played


Falkirk here. We got the penalty kick. Anybody I spoke to in football


does not recognise it as a penalty kick. He has got to be careful he


does not get a reputation for going down too easily, because I thought


he did. I saw it at the time. I thought it was a penalty. It is


unfortunate. It is disappointing. The referee is in a good position to


give it. I know why he hasn't. It The referee is in a good position to


does not mean I agree with his opinion, but that will stay private.


Whichever way you look at it it was a penalty. We will get to that


incident shortly. Hibs, they are in your heart, we know that. Today, a


draw, was that the right result? I think so. It was poor from both


teams. Falkirk went ahead. I think Hibs were thinking, we've got to go


for it. Henderson came on and I think he made a difference.


Absolutely. In terms of the penalty. Paul Houston having a go at the


referee saying he has got to be careful that he doesn't get a


reputation. But the other manager said it was 100% a penalty. If he


sees it again he will see that it is a penalty, no doubt. I don't think


the referee gave it because the player tries to get up. From


whatever angle you look at it, he sidesteps and he takes his legs. No


doubt, it is a penalty kick. When Hibs won early in the season, 1-0,


it's got a penalty that was never a penalty. No doubt come it is a store


bought penalty kick. The referees and a good position to see that. --


no doubt, it is a penalty kick. You see him sliding in from such a


distance. It was not as if it was a innocuous challenge. You are


anticipating him bringing him down. A bitter pill for Hibs to swallow


because that was a clear-cut penalty. It looks like Anthony


Stokes is going off there for a loan spell. How do you think he will do?


I think he will go down there and expect to play and score goals. He


will do everything for them. It looks like Thompson has left Dundee.


Possibly a player coach for Hibs. Yes, it will be interesting to see


if he is in a game. He no doubt has the talent to play. Rangers had the


chance to open up a 6-point lead at the top yesterday when they faced in


Livingston side who took one point from them back in November.


It took just eight minutes for Rangers to open the scoring.


It took just eight minutes for Wilson heading home after Waghorn's


shot was saved by McCallum. Shortly after Rangers had the chance


to make it 2-0. Kenny Miller fouled in the box. Up stepped Martyn


Waghorn to convert his 10th penalty of the season.


And in the 35th minute it was 3-0. Kenny Miller firing home this time.


Just before half-time it was 4-0. Waghorn again on the scoresheet.


This is his 27th goal of the season. The second half brought something of


a Livingston revival. Daniel Mullen with the shot, saved by Wes


Foderingham. And more enterprising play from the


away side resulted in a goal for substitute Neil Buchanan.


Victory for Rangers would be the outcome. Another penalty arrived as


Dean Shiels was fouled in the box, even though the ball ended up in the


back of the net. Up stepped Andy Halliday, and this


time the ball stayed out. Great save from McCallum, but another three


points Wulf Rangers. -- for Rangers. Who will win the championship, Leigh


Griffiths? Rangers are in a strong position. Whoever wins that league


will be totally deserving of it. It is tight. Falkirk have made a play


for it but remain in second place. Rightly so with the goal difference.


Do you think Rangers will pull away? I think they are in the best


position. Hibs have strengthened. It looks like Rangers will. It depends


what happens in the window. Everybody notices what a good job


Mark has done. For Paul Houston to have his Falkirk side up there is


outstanding. It is a 3-way tussle. But I do expect Rangers to go on and


win it. Are you going to go with Falkirk, Michael? To echo what


Stewart said. Houston has done a great job. I am convinced whoever


wins the title will go up automatically, but I think the


championship team that is in the play-off final, I think they will go


up, as well. Thanks very much. That is it for this week. I hope you stay


warm. From all of us, good night. ..and of friendship.


I've got... Oh, man! Behind the scenes of Thainstone's


renowned livestock market. That's three nice lambs coming in.


That's them! I hope we make a good price cos I


really need a new pair of leggings.


Introduced by Jonathan Sutherland.

The Premiership returns after Scottish Cup weekend. On the Friday night, champions Celtic are away at rock-bottom Dundee United and their recent record against the Tannadice club is impressive winning each of their last five meetings scoring 15 goals and only conceding one. On Saturday, Hearts host Motherwell and Kilmarnock entertain a resurgent Inverness CT. Partick Thistle have failed to record a home win in their last six clashes with Dundee and will be looking to set the record straight, while St Johnstone entertain an out-of-sorts Hamilton Accies. In the Sunday lunchtime kick-off, Ross County host Aberdeen. In the Championship, leaders Rangers host Livingston and Falkirk host Hibs in a battle of second versus third.

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