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Jonathan Sutherland introduces highlights of the weekend's two Scottish Cup semi-finals, as Celtic take on Rangers and Hibernian face Aberdeen.

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In Brandenburg. A raucous atmosphere -- welcome to Hampden Park. The


second of the Scottish Cup semifinals. Analysis from Steven


Thompson and Michael Stewart. , J from Willie Miller and Rob Maclean.


Lustig and Boyata return. Patrick Roberts gets the nod to start ahead


of James Forrest. Joe Garner comes back, Barry McKay and is John to


Ralph dropped out. -- Toral. William Collum is in charge. When Pedro


Caixinha Metz Brendan Rodgers. Celtic two games away from a treble.


One step closer if they can maintain their upper hand over Rangers. Three


wins and a draw so far and these two will go head again this weekend --


next weekend for a sixth time. Bates sees his pass intercepted.


Immediately, Celtic down the pitch. First corner kick inside the opening


minute. Scott Sinclair delivers. The header


from Moussa Dembele bouncing wide of target. A threat immediately from


the first set piece of the game. A good chance. Should be doing better.


Totally unmarked. That must be concerning for Rangers.


A good block from similar pitch -- Jozo Simunovic.


Long throw possibilities here. Bates and Wilson up for this. Lots of pace


on that, Waghorn tries again. Celtic breaking with Roberts. He was taken


out late, Advanta is played. Big opportunity. The shot from Callum


McGregor was straight at Wes Foderingham. Excellent break and


excellent -- what they chose, I am surprised. That challenge surely is


controversial. William Collum has a card in his hand and presumably it


is heading the way of Andy Halliday. I think he is fortunate it is only a


yellow, early in the game. A vicious challenge nowhere near the ball. 40


domestic matches unbeaten for Brendan Rodgers' team. Black


armbands in memory of Armstrong. Great effort. Curling


just wide of target. That is the problem is you get a Celtic to


mushroom and space. Armstrong there. Not too far. Trying to find the far


corner and it goes past the post. A couple of feet wide from Armstrong,


wanting it to move more in the air, but had faltering troubled.


The tactic from Rangers is to stay in the game as long as they possibly


can. Long ball from Dembele, and Callum McGregor strokes in the


opening goal of the second semifinal. Brilliant from Moser


brilliance from Dembele and a clinical finish. Great play was the


awful defending from Rangers. A long ball over the top. Superb first


touch. Fantastic second, and what about that for a goal? . Confidence.


All the composure you would look for in that sort of situation. He passed


it wide of Wes Foderingham. Brendan Rodgers will be delighted with the


start. Lovely skill forces in the corner.


Good work from the right-hand side. Beerman is someone Celtic have to


test in the early stages of this game. Patrick Roberts has been


outstanding so far, very direct. That has been a problem for Beerman


and he has to get closer. Stuart Armstrong with the corner


kick and Moser Dembele up for the header.


Robertson in the spotlight, the man who sent off Scott Brown last


weekend and awarded Ross County a very dubious penalty after the Alex


Schalk died. -- diving. He may have hurt himself there. He did so well


to win the corner kick with a clever backheel. That is concerning for


Celtic. He does not fancy. Does not look as though she will play any


further part in the game, Moussa Dembele. Leigh Griffiths prepares


for action as Moussa Dembele ayes action ends with the backheel.


Sinclair booked in the corner kick. Undeterred by the fact they are down


to ten men at the moment. Jozo Simunovic rising well for the


header. He has been getting cold on the


touchline waiting to come on. He will look to make his impact, having


had so few chances of late. Brendan Rodgers would have hoped for a


bigger Advantest and one goal considering the possession.


I feel Rangers have gone out with that tactic in mind and will have to


change it at some point. You cannot give the opposition this amount of


time without putting them under pressure. Even down to ten men...


That was late by Myles Beerman. Another wild lunge on Celtic pot


danger man Patrick Roberts. Roberts has been excellent. The boot


is high. Celtic will fancy another go before the interval.


Myles Beerman saying there was no contact there. But he is treading a


dangerous path having been booked a couple of minutes ago. Fortunate, I


think, the youngster to get away with that. The referee had a...


Leigh Griffiths looking for an immediate impact as he takes the


free kick. Punched away by Fotheringham he thinks he can whip


it into the near post. I thought the Rangers goalkeeper had it well


covered. Beerman has to get every challenge


right against Roberts. Top-quality performance from Callum


McGregor. Kieran Tierney thought about the


shot. Missed I Roberts. Ran the risk of Sinclair getting a toe on the end


of this. It is an opportunity but he will be disappointed, Roberts, he


did not make contact. Onto his left foot but always


off-balance, Kenny Miller. Never a threat for Craig Gordon. Difficult


for him even with his attributes. Well over the bar.


Sardinia is marauding doing well to get their first -- James Tavernier.


That is the strong part of his game, getting forward. He has done well


defensively, not been tested to them. As the seconds ticked away,


Rangers have a late opportunity for an equaliser. The last action of the


first half. James Tavernier's long throw. A high boot. Only one go for


Celtic to show for their superiority. They are running the


show and ahead at half-time by 1-0. Two changes for Rangers. Joe Dodoo


replacing Joe Garner upfront. And Barry McKay with Andy Halliday left


indoors. One year ago, Rangers defeated


Celtic on penalties in the Scottish Cup semifinals. Right now, that


seems distant. Whatever reaction will Pedro Caixinha get from his


team after making those two positive changes? A positive start from Kenny


Miller. Floated in four Joe Dodoo but


Michael Lustig in the way. Good work. And again, Michael Lustig was


the barrier. The two why players playing further up the park, Barrie


McKay setting up James Tavernier. Much more positive from Rangers.


Long throw from Y con. Miller flicks it back. Bates was there. Boyata get


it away. Griffis pointing to where he wants it. In he goes, down he


goes, penalty given. Against James Tavernier and a yellow. Transfer


Celtic to go two up. A classic counterattack and Leigh Griffiths


getting there before James Tavernier. No doubt that it is a


penalty. A little touch from Griffiths, James Tavernier has


committed himself and William Collum has no option.


A massive moment and Scott Sinclair. Great effort from Wes Foderingham


getting his fingertips to it. Of the inside of the post. Rod Stewart


leads the celebrations, and the 24th of the season for Sinclair. Wes


Foderingham is so unlucky. His fingertips, almost touching it round


the post. The inside of the upright and into the back of the net to give


Celtic their second. There is the lunch from James Tavernier that


lunge. He does not say no to that kind of opportunity, Scott Sinclair.


Boyata loses out. Mackay for Miller but immediately the flag went up for


offside. A painful blow for Rangers because they had started the second


have so well. But that quick counterattack killed them. Oh, what


an effort from Leigh Griffiths and another great save from Wes


Foderingham. A long ball through again. The defence all over the


place. Great touch from Griffiths, click the. -- fast feet and an


excellent save. The Celtic fans are in party mood as Sinclair swings it


in, Jozo Simunovic knocks it down and over the top from Boyata.


Chances coming quickly as they look to kill the game off. Maybe Brendan


Rodgers is better pleased with Don Robertson, the official who awarded


at penalty and gave Ross County the spot kick after Alex Schalk's died


last week. -- diving for the penalty.


Left by Griffiths, cut out by Holt. Patrick Roberts, great effort, great


save. Wes Foderingham denying Celtic at the moment.


Top-class goalkeeping from Wes Foderingham. Celtic have the


semifinal in the palm of their hands.


I'm of the opportunity, Leigh Griffiths, grabbed at the second


attempt by Wes Foderingham as Sinclair boasting. Opened up


worryingly from a Rangers point of view as Griffiths cut inside.


Rangers looking for a way to bring in the semifinal back to life. Let's


Lustic was looking for it. That is Emerson Hyndman. That is Kenny


Miller. And that is a Craig Gordon saved, not too many of them in this


match. A real opportunity for Kenny Miller. Last Mac from cavalier.


A store in the sunshine for Celtic as it has been all game long pretty


much, untroubled. As they head for the Scottish Cup


final. Long ball from James Tavernier, Flint and by Martyn


Waghorn and too high from Kenny Miller. At old head sees the


opportunity, looking for the goalkeeper off his line. He tries to


Chippenham but over it's at. Finding room for the cross, it is


Kenny Miller. Craig Gordon makes the save. He is screaming for a


handball. Looking for a penalty. A great chance yet to get Rangers back


into the game. Using all of his experience to create a little


pockets of space there to get the strike off. The ball coming out, he


is claiming its hit someone's hand but the referee having nothing to do


with it. Never a penalty. James Tavernier tries to force his


way through and wins the corner kick. Good attitude, always


desperate to get forward and put the Celtic defence under pressure, never


giving up the chase there. Miller had a swing at it. That is


Wilson. Windass, James Tavernier, Martyn Waghorn, deflected. Away by


Kieran Tierney. Celtic on the counter, Leigh Griffiths. What an


opportunity to play in James Forrest. But now it is Barry Mackay.


Plenty of options. Joe Dodoo has his shot blocked.


Armstrong just prevents that going behind for a corner. A late for a --


flurry from Rangers. Great counter attacking from Celtic. Rangers have


to watch that they don't leave themselves exposed, but they have


little option. 86 minutes on the clock, Martyn


Waghorn's long throw. Scott Sinclair's challenge brushed


aside, James Tavernier 's as is good and what a missed a


Waghorn should be concentrating more on getting the header down. That was


wasted. Jozo Simunovic with the header away.


Leigh Griffiths out why to pick up possession, flooding forward, and


needed a good touch from James Forrest that it did not get up.


Needed a better touch from James Forrest, not long on the part. That


is no excuse. He should have controlled it better. Plays with the


head up, Leigh Griffiths, superb cross. It was on for the strike at


goal but a poor first touch. 90 seconds left of the 90 minutes.


A free kick given. The latest challenge by Windass.


Tom Rogic, so close to number three. He is deadly they are from there.


Fabulous first touch, he finds the space, pulls the trigger, and I'm


lucky to have that come off the bottom of the post.


Wilson, worrying moment for him. Just manages to get it clear. As for


Joe Dodoo, on his left foot. Great strike. The flying Craig Gordon


makes the save. Danny Wilson fabulous crossfield pass for Joe


Dodoo. Takes the ball down and good save.


The glancing header from Lustic gets that away from Joe Dodoo.


Full-time at Hampden Park and Brendan Rodgers' Celtic take another


step toward the trouble. In the Scottish Cup final, they will play


Aberdeen. And that game separates them from a clean sweep of all of


the big prizes in Scottish football. Callum McGregor scoring their first


goal in the 11th minute. Scott Sinclair effectively wrap things up


six minutes into the second half with his penalty, his 24th of the


season, after Leigh Griffiths was fouled in the box. Even the loss of


Moussa Dembele failed to derail Celtic in pursuit of their big


ambition. Rangers had their second have chances, could not take them,


and Celtic make their way back to hand for the Scottish Cup final.


Winners here on firm day in Mount Florida by 2-0.


I thought we were outstanding in general, studded with great


composure and control and moved the ball quickly also credit to the


staff here because the pitch was excellent, perfect for how we to


play. We were really dominant in the first half in every aspect in terms


of pressure and intensity and quality but in the main it was a


real performance of dominance by the team. Defensively, offensively and


there are areas we can improve but overall very satisfying. And more


importantly the performance. A very professional performance from start


to finish, we knew they would put pressure on us but we dealt with it


well. We could have scored a couple more goals. It's a great feeling and


for the fans as well. Everyone is delighted, one of the best team


performances we have had all season also we are in the final now and


hopefully we can get the cup. A hugely important victory for Celtic


and the incredible season continues. How would you sum up the day for


Brendan Rodgers and his team? Top drawer, you heard them, a fantastic


performance. Question marks have been raised about how they have


tapered off recently and if they would be able to hit the heights and


they did that. Scott Sinclair said perhaps the best performance of the


season collectively and I don't think he is far wrong. It was always


going to be a big day for Pedro Caixinha and from the Rangers


perspective, he felt they may be showed Celtic too much respect. What


did you make of his Old Firm debut? It was tough, Celtic dominated and I


put Rangers got it wrong tactically. The passing and movement from


Selkirk was a joy to watch but Rangers sat back and watched it as


well. -- from Celtic. Should this have been a red card? Absolutely, I


can only presume it was so early that that was why Willie Collum did


not give it. This was a worse challenge than Scott Brown's. We


looked at this and he jumps into it at over 18 mph. And this was not


great either. That could have been a borderline red card as well. And he


does this in a couple of minutes. If it was a red card before, he got


away with it and it should have been a second. Roberts caused them so


many problems all day long. No doubt that Rangers were fortunate to have


11 men on the park. Some confusion about their formation to begin with?


Pedro Caixinha said it was a 4-4-2. He changed it but it didn't work. He


doesn't have the personnel, Kenny Miller wide and Emerson Hyndman


wide, no sitting midfield and he got it wrong and the first goal showed


it. They did not have that sitting midfielder. Callum McGregor drifts


into the position but the midfield is too Square and nobody is deeper


and tracking the run of McGregor. When he get the other side, the


recovery runs are atrocious and they don't get back and show any desire.


It is magnificent from Dembele and a great finish. It is simple midfield


tracking. It start about 15 yards. It ended up as 30. On this one they


get caught on the counterattack and instead of dropping, Wes Foderingham


should have been moving forward. He would have got it on the edge of the


box. And that was the killer blow. The start of the second half,


Rangers started OK but Celtic caught them on the counter. It was naive


from Rangers because they overcommitted and were countered


easy and it was game over at 2-0. Celtic showed so much quality, how


far ahead of Rangers are they? No doubt that they stepped up and hit


top gear. So much composure in tight areas. They were toying with Rangers


at times. The thing I like about Celtic, in petition the back three,


you have depth from Armstrong, penetration from McGregor, width


from Roberts and the ballet and Scott Sinclair in the number nine


position but they were so difficult to mark -- from Roberts and Dembele.


Everybody else moves into position and they keep the balance and


formation will stop you penetration from the wide players now and width


from the full-backs and Armstrong is now giving you a forward player and


Dembele is in the Centre forward position and it is so difficult to


mark when you have guys constantly rotating but balancing the team.


Again with a back three and it causes problems for Rangers, who to


pick up. Good rotation in midfield against when it comes back to


Simunovic, Kenny Miller gets picked off with the ball going in and they


penetrate through the lines easily. It is simple things like this. You


heard the comments from Pedro Caixinha, they wanted Lustig on the


ball but because they have such good rotation, he plays like a right


centre-half but recognises when there is space to step forward and


he becomes an attacking full-back. And Dodoo is so far in, they are


behind the defence and it is great from Leigh Griffiths with a


wonderful Flick and it ends up with a strike. It epitomises where


Brendan Rodgers is taking them, to a different level, they are so


difficult to mark because the movement is so good and the passing


is quick and they change things fluidly. They don't have a solid


formation, it changes all the time. And in terms of Rangers, how many


signings do they need to make in the summer and how much money to spend


to get close to Celtic? A lot. I think in virtually every position to


get closer. In forward areas suddenly and centre-half without a


doubt. And in terms of Celtic, can they go through the season unbeaten


and do the treble? The simple answer is yes to both of them. I don't


think there is much more to be said. We can expand on that later! OK, to


the first semifinal and holders Hibernian were hoping to extend


their defence of the trophy to the final at Aberdeen were aiming to


reach their second cup final of the season.


COMMENTATOR: Expect tension and pressure and anxiety. The Scottish


Cup holders against the club that wants to not only end what has been


a dream year for them but a long wait for the trophy themselves. It


is a Hibs team by and large that the expected with Marvin Bartley a


no-brainer and he tends to feature when Neil Lennon wants to be more


back Matej Vydra means Andrew Shinnie is on the bench and will not


face his brother at the start anyway -- wants to be more pragmatic. John


McGinn is one booking away from missing the final. Mark Reynolds


replaces Anthony O'Connor and Niall McGinn is fit but on the bench. Ryan


Christie, on loan from Selkirk, retained his place. Graeme Shinnie


was indeed Caley Thistle team that was so is accessible here two years


ago as the Dons look to reach their first cup final since 2000. David


Gray ensured 11 months ago you would go down in Easter Road folklore. --


he would go down. The first of this season's William Hill Scottish Cup


filelist will be named this afternoon, Hibs against Aberdeen, to


Scottish football had a great going head-to-head and in the opening


minute that is an unbelievable start for the Dons! Adam Rooney gives


Aberdeen the lead with just 12 seconds on the clock! John McGinn


got caught on the ball and Aberdeen counter at pace. A mistake by Marvin


Bartley, the defence was all over the place and what a composed finish


so early from Adam Rooney. Unbelievable. Hibernian had barely


taken their seats and the players were barely on the pitch but they


are behind to Adam Rooney's 19th goal of the season.


Christie has kept it in. Martziano held on for dear life. Excellent


from Ryan Christie but poor from Marvin Bartley who gets rolled far


too easily by Christie. A bit fortunate still to have the


ball. Christie for McLean and it is clever. And Fyvie took McLean out.


The first time lay off into Christie and he gets the return and it is a


clear foul. Christie is sizing it up. He delivers and it has snuck in


and it is 2-0! Ryan Christie scores from the free kick to justify his


inclusion and Aberdeen are on the brink, the very brink of their first


Scottish Cup final in 17 years. It has De Goede as a goalkeeping


mistake that he gambles thinking it is going to go into the box -- it


has to go down as a goalkeeping mistake. Christie knew what he was


doing a brilliant from him but poor from Martziano. Joy for Derek


McInnes and Aberdeen but serious heartache for Ofir Martziano who


shakes his head and rightly so, outfoxed by Christie at his near


post. As his dad watches. Charlie Christie.


This is Maclean and Hayes, Jonny Hayes. Side netting. Hibs are living


a very charmed life at the moment. One more goal and you would have to


say that Aberdeen are through. This was brilliant from Hayes, cutting in


but just dragged his shot past the near post. That is Grant Holt but


who is coming off? It is a big call from Neil Lennon. You can see what


Fraser Fyvie makes of this. He will have to recognise it is a tactical


decision and not his performance. He will be hurting.


Logan has been a good signing for Aberdeen, winning the league cup


within his first couple of months after initially being on loan from


Brentford. A good run by buoy. And a great ball for Grant Holt who makes


an instant impact and Hibs are right back in this! Brilliantly done by


the men in green and white. And that will make a world of difference for


the holders. This is what Grant Holt is all about, it is magnificent from


Boyle and what a bore into a dangerous area and what an impact


from Grant Holt. That coming nine minutes before half-time, Grant


Holt's fifth goal of the season. Kenny McLean could not resist. He


can hit them from range. He has a sweet left foot.


Hibs don't have time to finish this attack and it is half-time at


Hampden Park. As things stand, Aberdeen are going through to final


but their lead is not as comfortable they would have liked it at the


interval. Adam Rooney scored on 12 seconds, Ryan Christie's free kick


on 25 minutes but Grant Holt had only been on the pitch a minute or


two as a substitute for Fraser Fyvie before heading Hibs right back into


the equation and at half-time it is 1-2.


Away by Ambrose. Jack gets there just in time. The effort from Logan.


He scored the winner against Ross County a couple of rounds back. He


is right to take it on and it opened up but he drags it past the post.


More than half an hour to go and Anthony O'Connor, the Irishman from


Cork. It is not always worked for Aberdeen when they have changed from


the usual back four. It does add a bit of solidity to the


defence on paper. It does, it is an extra man to try to deal with the


threat of comings and Grant Holt. That might be seen by Hibs at


Aberdeen trying to shut up shop but McGeouch is in to make it 2-2! They


do not want to let go of this trophy! They are back from the dead


here at Hampden Park. A brilliant, nation on the edge of the box and


the wonderful finish from Dylan McGeouch. They deserve to be back in


this. Question marks over Aberdeen's mentality again. If you only watched


the first half-hour of this game and Hibs go through, you haven't seen


the rest, you would be astonished but they have battled right back


into this. Here is Hayes. He goes for the volley but comfortable for


Martziano. At least it is an effort on goal for Aberdeen in this second


half. Cummings is through here but


offside. Very tight, very tight and if


anything he is marginally off. The ball from Logan, the header from


McLean. Graeme Shinnie. He scored the winner in the quarterfinal


against Partick Thistle. Here he is again, the fancied


another go, Martziano can hold on. Good goalkeeping. After it takes the


deflection it is awkward. Shinnie was right to take it on. If you


score now you think you're going to the final.


That was making. Was O'Connor pushed? He was. There will still be


fresh memories for the Aberdeen players of the recent capitulation


to Rangers at Pittodrie when they conceded three goals in four


minutes. That is ambitious but it is


deflected into the net! How is your luck?! Jonny Hayes gives Aberdeen


the lead with six minutes left. He does well to make room for the shot


but that is as cruel as it gets. It has come off McGregor. It was hit


more in hope than expectation by Jonny Hayes and in off Darren


McGregor. Heartbreak for Hibernian. Suddenly the Scottish Football


Association are giving it to Jonny Hayes. As Martin Boyle chases and in


goes Taylor. He did just enough. Fantastic defending from Taylor to


put Martin Boyle off. The last-minute.


The flick from Holt. That is a corner. The goalkeeper is coming up.


Hibs are heading out of the cup unless they can score from this


corner. Sent in by comings and Martziano wins it but Lewis holds on


and that might be it. It was a decent ball in and a very decent


header from the goalkeeper. It was actually a fine save from Joe Lewis.


It is all over at Hampden Park! And the waiting is over for Aberdeen.


They have dethroned Hibernian! And they are through to their first


Scottish Cup final in 17 years. It is a third final under Derek


McInnes. They were made to sweat for it today. Jonny Hayes' deflected


effort right at the end of the game has put Aberdeen into the William


Hill Scottish Cup final. It has finished here at the National


Stadium Hibernian 2-3 Aberdeen. Congratulations, you are through to


the final but they put you through the mill. Absolutely. A fantastic


start. 13 seconds I think it was, and I'd put it away and there was


good intensity from ourselves. Hibs had a real wobble and there was


anxiety as you would have losing the early goal but I thought we were


good value in the opening half hour for the second goal and it was great


from young Ryan. And I thought 2-0 was a fair reflection, we were sharp


and pounced on them and they never got any flow into their game. Not


good enough from us, the first 30 minutes was pathetic and totally


unacceptable. It is nothing to do with tactics or formations, it is


decision-making and individual errors. We needed 836-year-old to


come on and get us playing which we did and scored great goals -- we


needed a 36-year-old. We didn't deserve to lose the game but you


can't give a team like Aberdeen a 2-goal head start. Anything can


happen at 2-2. Thankfully it went our way, we got a break with the


goal. We are delighted to get to the final. Delighted for the supporters,


the last memory here was a sobering one at Hampden Park and we felt we


had making up to do after that final and the performance today and how


the players have reacted since the turn of the year suggests that we


are a good side and we are hopefully ready for the final. We will go away


with a lot of regret, we were as good as them is not better. It'll be


a long couple of weeks for them because the championship is over. We


can enjoy the celebration but we were good enough to go to the final


and beat Aberdeen. It was in evidence for long parts of the game.


When you took the free kick, were you going for the near post always?


Not until Adam Rooney had a word in my ear and told me to have a look at


the goalkeeper and maybe try to shoot. He will take the assist for


that one. But happy it went in and of a for Johnny scoring the winner.


Are you claiming it? It is going top corner! But anyway it goes in we


take it, especially so late when it doesn't give them a chance to go


back. They had the moment so it came at a good time. It has been a


brilliant season, going well in the league and disappointed from the


last cup. We said we wanted to be here again at the end of the season


fighting for another trophy and we are in that position now and looking


forward to it. A thoroughly enthralling match, Aberdeen edging


it and Hibs historic reign as Scottish Cup holders comes to a


close. The stuff of dreams for Derek McInnes, the way it started, and


nightmares for Darren McGregor. What a start it was an incredible really


and Aberdeen pressed it is so high up the pitch at the start. There


were two errors from Hibs but a decent finish from Adam Rooney in


the end. The pressure they put them under in the first half hour was


incredible and every time they lost the ball, the amount of time it took


them to win it back was minimal. Ryan Christie puts Stevenson under


pressure, forcing him to go long and when it did, Cummings was isolated


and more often than not Aberdeen won uncomfortably. They hunt in packs


and gets the ball back and end a decent chance for Jonny Hayes. He


was excellent and he comes in on his right and he just drag it past the


near post but the start from Aberdeen was so impressive. This


consolidated that dominance. You can see Dylan McGeouch looking over his


shoulder trying to anticipate a cutback but he should be staying in


the war and blocking that. If he doesn't move, it doesn't go into the


front post. Obviously Martziano had to take some of the responsible deep


but the first problem is Dylan McGeouch stepping out of the wall.


Should Grant Holt have started the match? He made such a difference. It


is this and buts and maybes but he made a huge difference. Before that,


this is it, aimless balls, easy to deal with for the Aberdeen defence.


Watch Jason Cummings coming is throwing his arms up. And in the


corner, that is where the space was but Hibs had no out ball and no


target man to hold it up but when he came on the lookout many bodies in


the box. A wonderful ball Martin Boyle, fantastic and again, look at


the second goal, Grant Holt and bodies in the final third. A great


offer from Lewis Stevenson out wide and it meant that Logan was


attracted to him and it creates space in the middle for a Holt to


play it and McGeouch to get in. But having more bodies in the final


third and creating problems for the Aberdeen defence and when it came up


there was a platform for them to get up the park. It was a huge


difference. Whether he should have studied or not, that is one of those


conundrums that Neil Lennon will run through his head for weeks to come.


-- started or not. Darren McGregor will have better days you would


hope. He was at fault a bid for the first goal but the second he could


not do anything, it is a cruel deflection and a sad way to lose the


game for Hibernian. Jonny Hayes does well to make the space, it was never


going in but it comes off Darren and goes in. He is drifting off the


forward line and John McGinn has to drop a yard. It is late in the game,


you are tired and your concentration is slack but if he drops, Jonny


Hayes cannot get through the gap. That is the difference at the end of


it. It is cool for Hibs but Aberdeen just found a way to win the game.


They are so consistent. Since the turn of the year, their form has


been phenomenal. From what we saw, how much should be expected from


Hibs next season in the Premiership? No doubt... Even in the current


situation and with their squad, Neil Lennon will be saying to the board


they need investment and it is no consolation just now, but I'm pretty


sure he is looking at that and thinking that it gives me a good bit


of ammunition could say to the board, a bit of investment and we


can challenge for Europe. On the 27th of May either Aberdeen or


Celtic will have their name etched into Scottish Cup history.


There you have it, the 2017 Scottish Cup final between Aberdeen and


Celtic and is always BBC Scotland will have the most extensive live


coverage across television, radio and online. We heard the views of


Michael that Celtic will go through the season unbeaten and win the cup.


What is your view of the final? Can Aberdeen defeat Celtic? They can,


Southwark are clear favourites but Aberdeen can do it. It's like he's


wearing his red jumper! They have players to hurt Celtic, and if their


top players perform they can win it. They will take a lot from the league


cup defeat, they can draw on that experience to be better. Do you


think Celtic will win it? Yes, I do. I thought so! What will it take from


Aberdeen to stop Celtic? The league cup final with hugely disappointing


for so many Aberdeen fans with how they played. The problem is, as we


highlighted in the Rangers game, it is the movement and rotation of


their players. Aberdeen have to make sure they are strong at the back and


have a threat on the counterattack which they did not have in the last


final. Thank you as always. It has been a great weekend of cup action.


We are back to the league next weekend, join us for that but until


then from all of us at Sportscene, we will see you next weekend.


Goodbye for now. Hello, it's


All Round To Mrs Brown's, where my guests will be


the fantastic Michael Ball... All Round To Mrs Brown's,


the finale...


Jonathan Sutherland introduces highlights of the weekend's two Scottish Cup semi-finals.

Celtic take on Rangers in the second consecutive Old Firm Scottish Cup semi-final. Rangers went through after a penalty shoot-out in last year's competition, but champions Celtic will be hot favourites this time around. The programme also features highlights of Saturday's game between holders Hibernian, who last year ended a 114-year barren run in the competition, and high-flying Aberdeen.

Analysis is from Michael Stewart and Steven Thompson.

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