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Highlights from the SPFL. Celtic v Ross County, Aberdeen v St Johnstone, Hearts v Motherwell, Dundee Utd v Hamilton, Kilmarnock v Inverness and Partick Thistle v Dundee.

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Good evening and welcome to Sportscene.


COMMENTATOR: And believable. That shot is in! Unbelievable. What a


finish. That is it, I would imagine. STUDIO: Good evening. Time flies


when you are having fun. Split fixtures already a major issues


remain, on and off the pitch. We have the whole story covered.


Michael Stewart is in the studio along with Darren Jackson. Ronny


Deila announced he would be leaving Celtic at the end of the season, and


today Celtic faced Ross County. Still the small matter of a


Premiership title to wrap up. Would Celtic take another step?


COMMENTATOR: Three changes to the Celtic side from the Scottish Cup


semifinal. Five changes for the cup winners Ross County. -- the League


Cup winners Ross County. Celtic within touching distance of the


title. Almost there. Griffiths! Early effort. It was always a bit


too high. It has been a labouring efforts so far from Celtic. Pretty


underwhelming. Griffiths, on his right foot. His 38 goal of the


season. How many times has he got Ronny Deila and Celtic out of a


sticky situation? It was unimpressive so far, but that makes


all the difference. Griffiths for 1-0. In from shame. -- in from Mac


shame. He did not know too much about that, Ross County's top


goal-scorer. Cows in Roberts wriggles away. In from


Patrick Roberts, what a chance for Rogic. It was a stretch at the back


post and he could not direct that in. Roberts follows tick. -- for


lasting. That was wobbling through the air. Touched around the post in


the end by Scott Fox. Marcus Fraser. He grew up a Celtic player. Jonathan


Franks. He plays it in. Massive chance to equalise. The Northern


Ireland international knows he should have scored. County


threatening again with Fraser. And Franks. Flicked on by boys. --


Boyce. Ross County miss another great opportunity to week rise. --


equalise. He fires wide. Boyce was an option


for the past but he had every right to think he should be scoring.


Roberts... Another shooting chance. Juggled by


Scott Fox, but he got there in the end. Leigh Griffiths tries to win


this for Celtic single-handed. Ian McShane with a short corner from


Ross County. The header away. Stuart Murdoch. Spectacularly it is 1-1,


and Craig Gordon is serious. He felt Robertson was in his line of sight


and blocking his view -- Craig Gordon is furious. The goal counts


and it is all square at Celtic Park. In from Roberts. Led by Robertson.


His only Celtic goal so far is against East Kilbride and this


looked a great opportunity to win the game for Kazim-Richards. And now


goal-scorer Murdoch. He turned and took aim. Sloppy does not cover it


from a Celtic perspective. In from McShane. Back in... Paul Green has


missed that completely. It is the latest in a series of chances were


Ross County to win at Celtic Park. Sometimes you have to reflect, but


we have lost important games, and that is getting us, plenty of


disappointment, and now we need everyone to stay together and get


over the line, with the games will stop we had great chances. I thought


we have the balance spot on. And being a threat to Celtic, and from


that side of things, the players but so much into the game, and if we


have lost that match it would have been undeserved.


Another flat performance and Celtic, and it would have been interesting


announcement regarding Ronny Deila announcement regarding Ronny Deila


-- flat performance from Celtic. That has been the case this season,


but I don't think Ronny Deila would have been too happy, but it was


always going to be like that. Balls in the box. When you saw the Old


Firm game last week, the defending was very per. -- very poor. Ross


County with more than a few chances. Definitely, if you went to Celtic


and got this number of chances in the last few years, you were


dreaming. It all adds up to show what a live performances has been


from Celtic. Not just today but throughout the season -- what a


limp. Who is going to replace Ronny Deila? Impossible position. Not like


you to hold back. I don't know. The games that have been mentioned,


big-name 's. They will have to be more autonomy for the manager if


they are going to get one of the bigger names. Celtic fans will be


pleased with some of the names mentioned. David Moyes, Henrik


Larsson. All sorts of names mentioned. Roy Keane, Paul Lambert.


Who is going to land the job? They are all big names. Michael O'Neill,


Malky Mackay. Roy Keane, David Moores, Henrik Larsson. But they


will have to spend some money. That David Moyes. What is the challenge?


The Champions League. With Rangers back in the league, it will be


harder next season, but they need to see progression in the Champions


League. Michael? Difficult to see progression in the Champions


predict who they will go for, but whoever comes in, they will have a


short period of time to get their biggest test which is European


qualification. Aberdeen still but a mathematical chance of winning the


Premiership title as they went into the Friday night match at St


Johnstone. COMMENTATOR: Five changes for St


Johnstone. There a deadly for Michael Rose -- there is a deadly


for Michael Rose at the back for Aberdeen -- there is a debut. That


should be a goal kick to Aberdeen. It looks like it comes off Cummings


but the corn is given. Ocean and see with the header. -- O Shaughnessy.


But for the width of the crossbar, St Johnstone would be in front.


Great start from the Hamsun. Free kick has been given for a tug


on Cummings. David Wotherspoon fancies it and he's scores.


Celebration comes from David Wotherspoon. Should this be under


the goalkeeper? The Aberdeen goalkeeper will be disappointed this


got past his right hand. Fine start from St Johnstone, can they


capitalise? Pressure from Logan, he has conceded the corner kick. The


corner comes in. 2-0? Stephen Anderson's effort is ruled out.


Maybe we can find out why. The referee seems sure. Scott Brown


comes out and he has barged into his own player. I have struggled to see


a foul. Maybe Aberdeen have been let off the hook. St Johnstone will feel


they should be two goals to the good. Anderson is there. This time


it is 2-0, Stephen Maclean with the good. Anderson is there. This time


death dissed of touches. -- with the death


the most sublime of touches and Maclean. The goalkeeper does not


cover himself in glory. St Johnstone, two goals to the good,


and maybe Aberdeen's title challenge has gone for good now. What do they


have in response? That is the first bit of action for the goalkeeper in


the Saints goal all night. He had to make sure the ball was his.


Niall McGinn was sniffing around. Plenty of pressure coming forward


from St Johnstone. Jack trying to play it out from the back. He gets


caught. Liam Craig is free, is it free? St Johnstone's night when from


good to better. Aberdeen really only have themselves to blame. Lovely


ball into Cummins, and a fine finish from Liam Craig. That is St


Johnstone's 12th goal in the league against Aberdeen this season. Not


good viewing at all for the travelling frowns -- fans. Barry


John -- Robson giving them something to cheer? No, but a fine win for St


Johnstone and it surely ling -- ends any lingering hopes that Aberdeen


have of challenging Celtic. We had a similar type of performance


up there and in the game against Celtic and, and that's the top three


or four this season and shows you what good side we can be when we


played good teams. Tonight we needed more strength of character and


headers and more physicality because we got pushed about the best team


won. The best team won, according to Derek McInnes. A great night for St


Johnstone. Willie Miller described Derek McInnes. A great night for St


it as an abysmal night for Aberdeen, defensively, Michael, not Aberdeen


at their best. No, I don't think it was. Derek McInnes some of the game


up fairly. We are showing a lot of clips where if Aberdeen, and a lot


up fairly. We are showing a lot of has been spoken about the challenge


they put up, but if they're going to progress and challenge Celtic, these


they put up, but if they're going to are areas where they have to


strengthen. We had Derek talking about strength of character,


physicality and they got pushed about. What the clips show is that


defensively they are not strong enough. They will have do recruit


well. I am not convinced that Ash Taylor is the answer. They are going


to have to strengthen that area and central midfield is another area.


You look at Tanzi, who he tried to get in January, he would have been a


positive Aberdeen but someone who will be important coming the summer


if they want to kick on again. How would you sum up their season at


this point? Six points behind where they were last season. They have had


a fantastic season. The biggest disappointment would be the games


after the one where they won eight in a row and then they lost five but


they responded exceptionally well and I'm sure Derek will be


disappointed with Friday night. People will say Celtic have slipped


up and Aberdeen failed to take advantage. Well, they have, that is


a fact. But if they look, they have had a good season. They could have


pushed them a lot harder if they hadn't had the little blip but you


have to give them credit for what they have done. They don't want this


season to peter out and not get as close to Celtic as they can. Huge


credit to St Johnstone and it looks like the Tommy Wright will have the


money to spend and the chairman seems to realise that with Rangers


in the league next season they need to strengthen. Irrespective of


Rangers being in the Lee Gilmour not, St Johnstone, -- in the league


or not, you look at St Johnstone and what he has got out of the squad,


Tommy Wright has done a fantastic job. That is one of their best


performances this season, so a bit of investments they could push and


maybe challenge for second or third in the league. Hearts are still the


chance of finishing second and they are up against Mark McGhee's


Motherwell. Hearts's last meeting with


Motherwell saw them comfortable 6-0 winners and the visitors had the


first chance of the game in the eighth minute. Jamie Walker's effort


just failed to hit the target. But with five wins from their previous


six, this Motherwell side is a different proposition to the one


that suffered the Tynecastle torment, and they took the lead just


short of the half-hour mark. torment, and they took the lead just


Ainsworth has not managed -- matched his goal-scoring heroics in the last


two seasons but popped up with his second in three appearances. Scott


McDonald, as is often the the creator. You have to go back to


December 2010 for the last time Hearts won that first part and after


this handball, they were looking to find their breakthrough. The Belgian


linked up with Juanma but the quality of the cross was not matched


by the finish. The home start -- side started the second half with


determination. Jack Leach sprung the attack and Johnson flicked it on but


he missed the type of chance he wanted to bury all season. Although


it did seem that Alexander did get the slightest of touches. Next it


was Scott McDonald's turn to let Hearts off the hook. Malt and


McDonald were clicked -- quick to close down but the finish is not one


that the Australian will want to see again. Craig Samson stopped hearts


from equalising and the fine volley was matched by the save. Samson not


showing any signs of rust despite this being his first game of the


showing any signs of rust despite season. He bamboozled William Smith


and Jamie Walker and was driving at the defence but unable to add with


Neil Alexander. It's worth another look. Johnson has been a key player


in the return to form of Motherwell in 2016. With time almost up there


was a further chance for Motherwell to double their lead. He did not


command a high ball and then they tried to take advantage. But the in


rushing Johnson was thwarted by Smith. But 1-0 was sufficient for


Motherwell. We made a lot of chances and it was


only one, and that is a dangerous scoreline with ten minutes left,


even at home, but we saw it through and we should have won by more.


Disappointing for the fans coming through in large numbers. We have to


apologise for the performance, not good enough. The chance of second


now gone? It will be difficult but we have to keep trying next week,


but today was a huge game and we have to keep trying, but it wasn't


good enough today. Admittedly, December 2010 was the last time


Hearts beat Motherwell at the park, but despite that, are you surprised


by that performance? There is a difference between performance and


result. Slightly surprised by the performance because they have had


great consistency through the season and a fantastic season, when you


look at where they are. In terms of the result, you hit the nail on the


head, they do not one there since December 2010 so I'm not surprised


by the results and when you couple it with what a run Motherwell are


on, and it's a difficult place to go to. The result is not surprising.


Somebody mentioned to me that Motherwell should be looked as the


Leicester City of the Scottish Premiership, and considering they


win a play-off spot, and now they are fourth, seven wins in the last


nine matches and it's been a huge turnaround under Mark McGhee in the


last months. Mark McGhee has had a huge influence on what happened, and


Stephen Robinson, they have stopped conceding goals and they've got good


experienced players but the front three excite me. Moult plays in


front of the six yard box, then McDonald comes in and Johnson has


pace and the front three have been a huge plus. To the battle at the


bottom. Kilmarnock began today in the play-offs and Lee Clark was


desperate for points. They were way to an Inverness Caledonian Thistle


site not completely out of the play-off equation. -- away two.


Commentary from John Barnes. Danny Williams who has signed a


precontract agreement with Dundee returns to take the place of the


precontract agreement with Dundee bench dropper. Col mana without Josh


Magennis who has -- Kilmarnock without their top scorer. Chris Boyd


once again leads the attack. Kilmarnock with only one win in


their last six away league matches. Kiltie, a lovely turn. He was not


far away without effort. Positive play from story. Williams takes


over. Good save by Jamie MacDonald. He has been outstanding all season


for Kilmarnock. King knocking it down, and there is Draper at the


back post. He wasn't picked up, drop back post. He wasn't picked up, drop


-- Ross Draper. He can only find the side netting. Higginbotham, now to


Kiltie. Still Kiltie. ". He has the shooting opportunity,


and he takes it. Kallum Higginbotham christening his new hairstyle is


well with a terrific strike there. His second goal in two games and his


fifth of the season and it may well prove vital for Kilmarnock.


Kilmarnock with their tails up. Good ball in from Faubert. And it is Kris


Boyd with the effort just over the top.


Balatoni, he has put it short towards the goalkeeper and Ross


Draper is grounded with the challenge from Jamie MacDonald and


Kilmarnock keeper. A poor pass bark Kilmarnock keeper. A poor pass bark


-- back put the pressure on, and a penalty, and Kallum Higginbotham is


sacrificed for Conor Brennan, and he's not happy about it. Tansey


claims his fifth from the penalty spot to put Inverness Caledonian


Thistle back on level terms. Worrying moments for Lee Clark. Here


is Chris Boyd. Great effort. And McKenzie could not follow up with a


rebound -- Kris Boyd. But what a curling shot from Kris Boyd.


Meekings. . Josh Meekings should have put his side in front with that


effort. Tansey's corner. Warren. Draper is in. Draper wasn't hanging


about. He got on the end of that knock-down as it bounced off


Faubert. Storey. Danny Williams. Lovely


finish by Williams. For his first goal since last May. And that will


surely now secured a victory for John Hughes's side. Kilmarnock still


battling to get a goal back in the game. Faubert. Clattered back. Kris


Boyd, and it just will not go for Kilmarnock. They are now looking at


four defeats in their last five visits to Inverness.


We got the break and you feel for Kilmarnock in the player that made a


mistake but it's happened to us so many times so it was good to


capitalise on that. When you are down to ten men you stick with the


more workmanlike players because you know it will be a hell of a shift,


so I had to sacrifice one of the matchwinners in terms of his ability


to create something out of nothing. There are so many knock-on effects


from a crazy decision. It has hurt as in many ways but we have to


bounce back and go again. Balatoni's backpass blunder the big moment in


the match. No doubt about it. It was the turning point in the game. Up


until then, Kilmarnock were in a fairly comfortable position, 1-0 up


until this moment. I will just highlight Ross Draper here. He is on


his toes, almost reacting before the ball got to Conrad, and whether it's


an instinctive thing where he thinks he will pass back, hugger me, that


option has got to be last option. First and foremost, he can step into


this area here and pass it, or he can take a touch and clear his


lines. And they are passing balls back to goalkeepers, and that is


what Ross Draper has done. I know it's about better you because they


do it too often. Far too often. Conrad could have opened himself up


a yard. McKenzie was out wide, or go out to the park and it gets


Inverness turned and it's an easy option and you are going 20 yards


further back the goalkeeper. You see where the challenge


happened, where McDonald lives. He is actually hiding. He does very


well. -- McDonald is. McDonald is sent off, potentially their best


player, Kilmarnock did not need to be giving themselves any harder


options defensively. Already, you can see the ball is in flight, he


has lost Draper. He has started off touch type, but he is already losing


the man and he's punished for it. -- touch type. He ends up five yards


off him and that is what is causing him real problems. It happened three


times in the first half and I'm sure the manager would have spoken to him


at half-time but maybe his head had gone. This goal was another example


of the problems Kilmarnock have had. The left-back and the centre-half,


over there, there is a five yard gap, and the gap in between the


centre halves is massive. You want to be coordinated, but this is all


over the place. He has got to pass him on, but he drops to four over


and he is left chasing Williams. Inexperience, he should have passed


him on, but that is a great touch for Williams, and a great finish.


But I would say a lack of experience from O'Hara. All season they have


had frailties, they have conceded the highest number of goals and they


have scored the second fewest and that is a toxic mixture for any


team. What about the Bute -- rebuilding job for the next season?


Yes, it has been very good in some ways, we have spoken Matt Jordan


Tansey going to Aberdeen, and I'm sure they don't know what the budget


is, but if they get bigger players, they will get them playing good


football. Now to ten days. -- Tannadice. Watching for us, Liam


Clarke. COMMENTATOR: Mixu Paatelainen shuffles his back,


hoping it will spur them into life. Hamilton know a victory would mean


they do not finish in 12th place, that is incentive enough. He has got


the break of the ball, Henry. The save from Kawashima. United staring


into the relegation abyss. They simply must win this game. Carlton


Morris. Gillespie! That is wonderful. That has put Dundee


United closer to the trap door and edged Accies closer to safety.


Crawford's ball. It was flicked for goal by Lucas. Lucas from the back.


Kawashima threw himself to keep that out. Very poor first half


performance from Dundee United, especially because Kilmarnock


slipped up at Inverness. And again! When you are down at that part of


the table, things tend to not go for you and bill a can count himself


unlucky. -- Billy McCulloch. Accies take on Kilmarnock next week


and they could be safe from all kinds of problems with back-to-back


victories. Not a bad effort. It is 2-0! Doherty's header hit the bar


and Carlton Morris was on hand to gobble up the rebound. The first


effort is unfortunate, the second from Morris cannot be kept out by


Kawashima. Dundee United eight points adrift already, at the foot


of the table. Nifty work by Scott Fraser. It is another save by


McGovern, who has been targeted by clubs in the summer. He has had a


fine season. Dundee United have been better in the second half, but it


has not been good enough, though. The half-time substitute for United.


Accies win over Dundee before the split was bad news for Dundee


United, of course, as was Kilmarnock's win over St Johnstone.


Kawashima has made the mistake, capitalised on by Morris. It is a


third goal for Hamilton. The shot was spilled by Kawashima and Carlton


Morris was on hand as he was early in the second half. United facing


the real prospect of being relegated at the home of their neighbours


Dundee. Simon Murray... That is consolation. Dundee United could be


down at the scene of their greatest triumphs, two League Cup wins and a


league title victory at dens Park, they could be relegated there in


eight days' time. I was pleased with the performance. It was a big game.


The performance, to perform as well as we did, under the pressure, that


was great. This was a great opportunity to claw back the


difference. To a level we can present. We are nowhere near that


intensity and the desire to be on the ball. Really disappointing. John


Rankin's reaction at the end with the Dundee United fans, that says it


all. Five remaining games, clearly that is not going to happen. Dundee


all. Five remaining games, clearly United are going down? I do think


you can guarantee it, but it is looking very grim. With the


Kilmarnock result, I thought they would have been up for it, I listen


to the commentary, Hamilton started very well. You have got to stop the


strike from lesbian. -- you have got to stop the strike


from Gillespie. Defensively it was very poor. You are not writing off


Dundee United? No, because it is still possible. Maybe it is my heart


ruling my head, but it is still possible. I think they are down. You


have got to look at that realistically. Of course, it's a


long shot. Accies looked like they wanted it more. Carlton Morris put


the moves and United in terms of this match. -- on. United have got


more at stake. It looked as if some of the players were resigned to


being relegated. Credit to Hamilton, since their 3-0 drubbing at


Pittodrie. They have had great results and performances, and when


the pressure was on, and Mark was talking about that, they make sure


they are not go the extract into the play-offs. The culture at Dundee


United was criticised, they spoke about how the players I've got to


answer. They have not performed may about how the players I've got to


have let themselves down. -- and they have let themselves down. He is


having a go at the culture, but he has been at fault for three goals


and he has got to look at himself and stop protests? Everyone is going


to get it at a team at Dundee United, but you have got to stand up


happens axes. Huge resort for Accies happens axes. Huge resort for Accies


-- huge resort. They have come up with the results and next season


they could do next week they could secure their place. And now we have


got the best of the rest. Partick Thistle began brightly. Dundee


keeper Scott Bain called into action. Keeping at Ryan Evans. --


out. Dundee always full of attacking verve and they took advantage of a


mistake, a chance for Gary Harkins. You would normally back him to do


better. But if you create chances, the goals will come, and they keep


on coming for Hemmings. He knows all about good movement. In the right


place at the right time, once again. In the second half, lovely skill


from Craig Whyte, creating the for Greg Stuart. The goalkeeper with the


save. That kept Partick Thistle in the match. The cross from Abdul


Osman and the header from Kris Doolan up the anti further. His 10th


strike of the season. Hemmings was sniffing about for his 25th goal of


the season. Scully denying it on this occasion. Mental strength


required for strikers to keep taking their chances. Some tenacious play


from Greg Stuart, he had the vision to make the perfect asked for


Hemmings and he provided the perfect finish. Music to the use of the


Dundee fans. 25 goals for Hemmings and counting. There would be one


final glimmer of hope for Partick Thistle will stop this corner looks


like it would not amount to very much. But they got the ball back


into the mix. The gilt-edged chance. A slice of misfortune for Partick


Thistle. Three points for Dundee. First off we were not at the races,


but we started at the first five and then we fell out of it. I thought we


deserved at least a point. We always try to win the game and I've felt we


always did that. Really pleasing performance. Hemmings has helped him


amass 25 goals this season, there is a year to go on his contract will


stop Dundee have opened contract talks with him. What about Greg


Stuart, will ye attract interest? -- here track. Yes, I'm a big fan, he


has come from Cowdenbeath. His workrate, he sees a pass, but you


have got to make it, and he will be disappointed with the finish, but


his goals and he's set up play, very good. All round, he has great


awareness. He is unhappy to make the stand and admire it, gets into the


box, where he will hurt the opposition. He is not happy to lay


off and he wants to drive forward and hurt teams. Players that are


effective in the final third will always attract interest. Other teams


will keep a close eye on what is going on with the contract talks.


Kris Doolan. There's Partick Thistle striker since Jimmy walk in the


1950s to get double figures in six consecutive seasons. -- Jimmy


Walker. You know him well? I looked after him when I was a wage --


agent. He gets into the box. Some achievement. One of the best touches


of any player in the Premiership? Without a doubt. People that play


against him, that is what he has built up. At Partick Thistle


initially he was quite a slight boy but he has built himself up because


he knew he had to be stronger. He is a good finisher.


When you take into account that they are not big score is, when you take


out double figures, they would be in trouble, so it shows what a player


Doolin has been for them. An important figure for Partick Thistle


this season. After all that, the table looks like


Celtic can win the title with a victory over Hearts. Kilmarnock in a


play-off place, and Dundee United, all but gone.


It would be a day of celebration for Rangers as they were celebrating the


championship trophy. They had a game against Alloa Athletic, who gave the


hosts a guard of honour. Rangers have made three changes from


the defeat by Hibernian in midweek. Zeller Lemon and King and Clark


coming. Crawford, on loan from Rangers is in, and Scott Gallagher


comms in, as does Stephen Hetherington. The applause rings


around Ibrox in the second minute for a former Rangers number two,


Sandy Jardine, who passed away two years ago and will always be


remembered in this part of Glasgow. Mark Warburton has made such a


difference to this Rangers side. Andy Halliday has given that one


away and this is a chance for Michael Duffy, and he's found the


back of the net. He stands Ibrox into silence. Just eight minutes in.


They should really be a party day, but Alloa Athletic looking to dampen


the celebrations. The man on loan from Celtic has put them in front. A


thumping clearance from Scott Gallagher, headed away by Lee


Wallace and picked up by Barry McKay. Looks like he will create


something, and he has done for Nicky Clark, but he's offside. Rangers


thought they had the equaliser. But Nicky Clark was flagged offside on


this run from Barry McKay. , a good two or three yards offside. Rangers


still trailing. This is Billy King. Tavernier lets it run. Nicky Clark.


Can't find the target. He has been so dangerous as an attacking


full-back throughout the season. Billy McKay, goes into the penalty


area and is taken down by McCausland. And Rangers have the


penalty and a chance to draw level. Halliday. He has slipped it past the


post, would you believe. And Andy Halliday, who scored in the shoot


out victory over Celtic last weekend misses the target on this occasion.


And still Rangers are behind. Barry McKay. He picks out Tavernier. Now


Halliday. Given time do I up his cross. He picks out Tavernier eight,


and there is the equaliser. It's James Tavernier a with his 15th of


the season. What a tally that is for a full-back. A bit of redemption for


Halliday for the penalty miss a few moments ago. Picking out his


team-mate and Tavernier eight wasn't going to miss from there. Zelalem.


Now Halliday. He spots the run of Billy King. Great ball and a good


save. Good run from Billy King also. But denied by the alert goalkeeper.


Barry McKay always with a buzz of anticipation around Ibrox when he


picks up possession. A decent ball in. And Lee Burke looking for his


first Rangers goal. And once again Scott Gallagher preventing his side


from going behind. This is Wallace. Tavernier eight, the two full-backs


linking up inside the opposition penalty area. He has a crack again.


This time he drags the shot wide, and they have done this so often


this season, the full-backs. Threatening in opposition territory.


And Lee Wallace gets is Medel for the former Rangers legend and


captain, -- from the former Lane -- Rangers legend and captain, John


Gregg, Andy will lift the championship trophy as Rangers


celebrate their return to the top flight of Scottish football.


Rangers get their hands on the silverware. Darren, how would you


sum up the job that Mark Warburton has done? An exceptional season. His


job was to go and win the league and get them promotion and he's done it


in style. He has got them to the Scottish Cup final with a fantastic


performance. They will be very happy. Would he be a wanted man by


clubs down south? There will be clubs down south will have taken


notice of what he's done, and not just with in terms of getting


promotion. And getting to the final but the style they play, and the


recruitment. You look at the budget. It has not been mega bucks. They


have recruited wisely and he has a really good, youthful side who play


attractive football. I would be amazed if there are not people


taking notice. Hearts radically change their squad, but significant


from the squad that won the championship and went to the


Premiership. Would you expect the same Rangers? Not too many. I think


they will bring in quality. Four or five. They don't need to change


dramatically. They have good players, good young players, but


going back to Mark Warburton, like Fulham and Derby, they have been


interested, but after last week, why would he want to go down south? The


lure of the Premiership, but when you are playing games like that,


last week, I'm sure his appetite will be wanting more. Play-off place


is already guaranteed for Falkirk and Raith Rovers, but first up,


third-place Hibernian were way to Greenock Morton.


All about fine margins in the race for which championship place the


teams will end up in. Anthony Stokes denied by the goalkeeper. Jason


Cummings then denied by the offside flag. A tight one. The best chance


fell to Morton. The two toughest games to finish because there was


everything to play for, but if we show the same spirit as we did then,


we will have a good go next week. I'm surprised people think it is


doom and gloom. We still have an unbelievable end to the season to


play for. I am full of optimism. With Hibernian managing just the


point, would Falkirk stents in the grip on second place? They fell


behind against Raith Rovers, Joe Thomas with the goal. Falkirk


deservedly equalised in the second half. And a mistake from Blair


Allston and a fine goal from Brian Hardy saw Raith Rovers regain the


lead. , and is so often the case, Falkirk marriage a late rally. Bob


McCue with the late equaliser two minutes from time. We had five


different players in today and it shows you the strength of the squad


going into the play-offs, so I am happy and there are lots of


politics. McHugh coming on and scoring a fantastic goal, the


character in that dressing room is the best character I have had in any


dressing room, and great credit to the players for digging it out. Good


luck predicting who will finish second in the Championship.


Peter Houston talking about the character in the Falkirk dressing


room, and so many times they get late goals. And that exemplifies the


spirit in the side. You won't do well if you don't have a good


character around you, and that augurs well for going into the


play-offs and the insurers a never say die attitude. It is nigh on


impossible play-off to predict who will get out of it. Darren, who do


you predict will get out of it? It is too hard, Jonathan. Listening to


Alan Stubbs about doom and gloom, how can it be doom and gloom when


you are in a Scottish Cup final and going for second? A fantastic season


for all three. You say, can people change the game, and that is where


Peter Houston's bench is there. Darren, thank you very much. They


think it is all over, and it is for the Championship title and almost to


the Premiership title but plenty of excitement remains. Until next


weekend, good night.


Introduced by Jonathan Sutherland.

Highlights from the weekend's SPFL action. The first week of the Premiership split sees Celtic looking to take a step closer to retaining the title when they take on League Cup winners Ross County. Aberdeen, still with an outside chance of catching the champions, are away at St Johnstone, while Hearts, with European football already assured, are away at Motherwell. In the bottom half, crisis club Dundee United are at home to Hamilton as they cling on to the hope of top-flight survival, Kilmarnock are away to Inverness and Partick Thistle host Dundee.

Plus selected action from the Championship.

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