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Hearts v Celtic, Motherwell v Aberdeen, Ross County v St Johnstone, Hamilton v Kilmarnock and Partick Thistle v Inverness. Plus a preview of Monday's Dundee derby.

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Yes, good afternoon and welcome to the results show as this, the day of


the Premiership title, is officially won. You will find out on this show.


And you will also find out if it isn't won. Darren Jackson and Stuart


Cosgrove are here. Welcome. Let's cut to the chase. A better result


for Celtic against Hearts and Aberdeen get against Motherwell is


enough for Celtic to be champions. Aberdeen- Motherwell is underway but


Hearts against Celtic was the lunchtime kick-off. Let's find out


what happened. Liam McLeod was at Tynecastle. Ronny Deila said, if


Celtic won this, they would celebrate title triumph even if it


couldn't be officially confirmed at Tynecastle, and he was as good as


his word as they swatted Hearts aside 3-1. Richards got the party


started with a close range finish. Hearts's that spell came at the


start of the second is Dauda equalised. Defensive lapses saw


Roberts and Griffiths capitalised, the latter scoring his 39th of the


season. He has helped them to a 47 league Championship and a fifth on


the grounds for just the fourth time in the history of the club. An


emotional day for outgoing Celtic manager Ronny Deila, who becomes


just the seventh Parkhead boss to win the title more than once. It


couldn't be confirmed today but it could be if Aberdeen don't beat


Motherwell at Pittodrie. Celtic deserved triumph. Let's find out


what is happening at Pittodrie from Brian McLauchlin. Aberdeen -


Motherwell. Aberdeen 3, Motherwell 1. Still 20 minutes to go. Aberdeen


are cruising after a 3-goal lead after 54 minutes, Kenny McLean with


a penalty, Niall McGinn with a sublime volley after 26 minutes.


Adam Rooney, only on the pitch a matter of minutes before scoring. He


is back in contention again. Number 24 the season for Adam Rooney.


Motherwell are back into it thanks to a Taylor own goal. Safely into


the arms of Aberdeen keeper Adam Colin. But Taylor stuck his head in


the way. A scare for Aberdeen if few seconds ago. They looked certain to


score, Motherwell, but fired wide of the target. It looks as if the


champagne is on ice at Parkhead. Brian said the champagne is on ice.


I don't think it is. I think the corks will be popping tonight unless


Aberdeen score another 35 goals. They have won the Championship


today, and credit to them. Stuart, the celebrations, the fans were


delighted. People say it hasn't been a vintage season for Celtic, but the


fans were celebrating, and so was Ronny. I think Ronnie was saying his


farewells. Across the piece, they are the champions and deservedly so.


What I would say is they will be Aberdeen fans tonight asking the


question, what if? They were beaten in games that they might have won


and they could have taken it to the wire. What if Adam Rooney and being


out of the ten games, Danny Ward hadn't gone back to Liverpool. Two


big players. If Danny Ward had stayed and Rooney had been fit, I've


got no doubt they would have been in the nominations for players of the


year. What if Hamilton beat Kilmarnock or vice versa? Jonathan


Sutherland is there. A huge match. Victory for Hamilton today would


consign Kilmarnock to the play-off places, but anything but. Rarely


have Kilmarnock been better this season and this afternoon in the


Hamilton sunshine. A great reward for the 1500 or so Kilmarnock fans


who have made the trip. Their team have paid them back with a fine


performance. They came flying out, Craig Slater with a cross, across


his own crossbar. Michael McGovern saved well, but Greg Kiltie got on


the scoresheet. Greg Kiltie found the back of the net with a great


shot. Another moment of controversy, as Kilmarnock went 2-0 in front.


Kris Boyd playing through Greg Kiltie, a hint of offside, but the


officials said play on. Greg Kiltie showed great composure to make it


2-0. The Hamilton fans not happy. A chance for Kilmarnock! Josh


Magennis, as I speak, has made it 4-0, the ball going over the line.


Josh Magennis has made it 4-0. It has been a brilliant day for


Kilmarnock. Lucas handled the ball to give away a penalty. Kris Boyd


make no mistake with the penalty. Josh Magennis has made it 4, right


in front of this large Kilmarnock support. For once, something to


cheer about for them. Let's find out who is cheering at Fir Hill, it's


not Kenny Crawford. 79 minutes gone and I think you should be glad I'm


still here, because many of the foam cache many of the home fans have


gone, because Partick Thistle are losing. They have been absolutely


nowhere in this match. Inverness have been all over their hosts this


afternoon, scoring three goals. It all began in the 14th minute when


Carl Tremarco, an unlikely scorer, burst down the left. A lovely finish


inside his left foot by Carl Tremarco. It didn't get any better


in the rest of the half. Partick Thistle haven't scored in the first


half of a game at Fir Hill since January. 1-0 down at the break for


made it 2-0, he's 12 of the season. made it 2-0, he's 12 of the season.


-- Miles Storey. A tight angle, doubling Inverness's lead. Putting


more misery on Partick Thistle. It has just become free in the last few


minutes. Josh Meakin is the provider of the second goal. He got his own


goal. He was up at a corner, side foot in the past the Partick Thistle


goalkeeper. As I said, many of the home fans are blooming and many have


left. Hang on in there. -- booing. Dingwall is our destination for Ross


County against St Johnstone. I am hanging in there a bit. It is


County against St Johnstone. I am one. Steven MacLean's second half


strike looking like putting St Johnstone clear in fourth place in


the Premiership. They deserve it without being brilliant. It came


from a corner, Shaughnessy heading it down into the six yard box, and


Steven MacLean getting in there and slotted home. It was a very flat


encounter up until that point. Swanson had a very good chance but


he put it into the side netting. St Johnstone have been the better side,


Ross County offering very little. Probably the worst I have seen them


all season. Very much in end of season feel with both chasing fourth


place. Darren, a former Dundee United man, you are not too pleased


at the events at New Douglas Park, a right pasting for Hamilton. They


will be watching the pictures coming in and they deserve to be 4-0 up. I


have to say, there were a couple of decisions, a penalty for Hamilton


and the ball looked as though it had gone out of play. I didn't think the


third goal was offside but, that aside, they have been excellent.


They look as though they have been up for it. Hamilton have produced a


performance like that against Dundee United last week, and they produced


that today, that is why the manager has to go. It is curtains. I think


it is pride as well. They can't go there and lose and get relegated by


Dundee, but I'm sure the Dundee fans and players will be up for it. Let's


go to Pittodrie. Let's hear from Brian McLauchlin. Another one for


the Dons? Number of Aberdeen, Jonny Hayes with an amazing run, 30 yards,


past the Motherwell defence, popping the ball over Ripley in the


Motherwell goal to secure a valuable three point Aberdeen. They will


finish in at least second place in businesses Premiership. Stuart, you


are the man for the old counter hypothesis. If only they had played


like that early in the season. Partick Thistle, who were very close


to getting into the top six, are now getting sucked into the mire. Do you


think they will get sucked in Mr Mock I don't know. I was applying a


think they will get sucked in Mr counterfactual seeds -- thesis. The


reality is that Hamilton are in deep trouble. A noisy crowd up from


Kilmarnock and, of course, a great day for them, and I think they will


now think, can we do something here, can we just about get out of this?


Still a lots to play for. Is there a lot to play for? I am hearing there


is another goal. Against the run of play, a gold for Partick Thistle. It


is 1-3. Kris Doolan, the 11th of the season. A long free kick ended up


somehow getting through to Kris Doolan, on and around the penalty


spot. He had one attempt which Vaughan Williams saved. Slotted away


quite easily. I think it is far too late. Would you believe, it is the


final day of the Championship season tomorrow. Rangers won the title a


while ago, but it is still game on for the runners-up spot. Finishing


second means sitting out one round of play-offs. It is between Falkirk


and Hibs for second. They are level on points, but Falkirk have the edge


based on a better goal difference. If Falkirk beat Morton 1-0 and Hibs


beat Queen of the South, both teams would be level on points. Kicks have


the better record. One win and three draws in the four games. They would


be ranked second place with Falkirk dropping to third spot. Have you got


be ranked second place with Falkirk that, chaps? A 4-0 win isn't beyond


the realms of possibility because Hibs did it in midweek against


Dumbarton. They played well. They had an awful lot of people.


Tomorrow, do they have anything to play for? Gavin Skelton will be


expecting a good performance. Jim Duffy will always expect a good


performance from Morton. Falkirk at home are exceptional. It looks as if


it is in the hands of Falkirk. I think that they have the edge. It is


a thin edge, but I think they do have the edge. That being said, what


an end to the season this will be for Hibernian FC. They have been


huffing and puffing at times, but they are going into a great season


and they may end up with a Manager of the Year award. You wouldn't


begrudge him that, would you? Of course, all of the nominations are


worthy, but I am shocked Alan Stubbs isn't in there. Kenny Crawford, I am


glad he has hung about at Fir Hill, because there is another goal. Is


glad he has hung about at Fir Hill, for particle Inverness? -- Partick


or Inverness. It was for Inverness. It was Jordan Roberts at the back


post, slamming home across by the substitute. On the right-hand side,


floating in a nice cross for Jordan Roberts to fire home. 4-1 with three


minutes left. Ack to the Championship, and a wee look at the


form guide. Falkirk, one win in the last five. They both seemed to


stumble in the last couple of weeks. They have done that through the


season, putting themselves in this position. Falkirk at home have been


brilliant, and so have Hibs. It will be a great finish. You will be


hoping that Hibs win and promoted so that Falkirk's Blair Alston hangs


around and goes to St Johnstone. I am very much hoping he goes there! I


don't show bias when it comes to Falkirk. I wish them well. We'll


Hibs be distracted by the cup final? Will they be? Is the focus on


getting up? I think promotion and being back in the Premier League is


their aim, and that will be what they want more than anything. Your


beloved club won the Scottish Cup not long ago. Do you think that Hibs


fans will be divided? I think they want to get the monkey off their


back and stop Hearts fans rubbing it in. They would love to do that at


the national stadium. But they could end up the season, it's quite


remarkable, they could end up getting promoted and winning the


cup. What an achievement that would be for a Championship side,


remarkable. Steven MacLean, who won the cup for St Johnstone, also


scored today. We haven't mentioned Raith Rovers. Whoever finishes


third, they will have to play them, arguably the team in form in the


division. They have done a wonderful job. It will be a hard one. Very


hard, going to Raith Rovers. But Falkirk... I see Falkirk and Hibs


being too strong for the play-offs. Let's start at Pittodrie, Aberdeen


against Motherwell. Any chance of Motherwell had of


getting back into the game ended when Jonny Hayes clipped the ball


into the net. Motherwell had shown very little until they scored, it


was all Aberdeen and they went ahead through a penalty after six minutes.


Niall McGinn with a lovely volley and Adam Rooney scoring on his


return. Rooney, the substitute, has now been substituted. Possibly


feeling the effects of coming back into the game this afternoon for the


first time since February. Another chance for Aberdeen. Cleared by the


Motherwell defence. They are cruising to the three points this


afternoon. Goals galore there and plenty at new Douglas Park, Alford


Joe Marler. Much changing? I foolishly predicted Hamilton would


win today given they had won both their last two matches and they'd


won three of their last five. The Mahdi had been -- Joe Marler cab


been drifting. Hamilton have won both their matches at Rugby Park


this season and Kilmarnock won their last match a and drew the four


before. Home advantage is not the case with these sites. Greg Kiltie


with his first two for Kilmarnock. Chris Boyd making it 3-0 and Josh


Magennis making it 4-0. It's been a huge performance from Joe Marler. A


few bumpy moments at their AGM in midweek, but clearly adversity


playing in their favour this week. As Paul Gascoigne once said, I never


make predictions and I never will. Any goals at Victoria Park? I


wouldn't put any money on it. Still 1-0 St Johnstone. The goal was the


only notable thing about the match, it's been so flat. You would have


expected county to fire back, they've had a couple of chances but


have really created very little. St Johnstone getting the job done,


they've not been brilliant, but they've done a lot and that goal


looks like sending them to fourth place tonight. Enjoying that one!


You were enjoying it more. One for the connoisseurs. Martin has never


really understood the tactical game so I can understand that! He


described Steven MacLean as a pest, but you were waxing locations about


his other talents. I'm a big fan. For somebody without a lot of pace


he's great at holding up the ball and linking play. He's getting his


rewards and scoring goals now because he's been unfortunate with


injuries. Who is your Premiership Player of the Year? We'll have our


favourites the players have as well and they have picked their player --


team of the year. Let's have a look at it. A who's Who of the season's


star turns. Chaps, any notable absentees? First


up, it's a pretty decent team and I think the players have picked a fine


group of players. If there is a remarkable thing, it's remarkable


that Dundee, who ended in the bottom six, have three players in the team.


Allworthy players, nothing wrong with that. Dundee have always been


my little team, I like to see them doing well. The other thing I would


note is there are people who may have just lost out. I thought I


might see just asthma throughout Jackson Irvine of Ross County in


midfield and a range of other players who could make claim for it.


I think it's a decent team. Let's go back to Pittodrie. No more goals but


a red card for the Motherwell captain, Keith Lasley. He went in


hard on the challenge and it looked as if the referee was initially


going to show a yellow card. But then there was a clash between


Lasley and Graeme Shinnie and the red card came out. Mark McGhee looks


like he's been sent to the stands as well. It's all kicking off at


Pittodrie. Motherwell now down to ten men with less than a minute to


go. It might be kicking off there, but we are going to New Douglas


Park. Is it full-time? Yes. It's all back on in terms of the play-off


places at the bottom. Kilmarnock have thumped the Accies 4-0 and


deservedly so. They came flying out of the blocks today, backed by at


least 1500 travelling fans. Craig Slater's cross headed on to his own


crossbar by the defender. Greg Kiltie would be the start of the


show, although there was some controversy about his first goal.


Did it go out of Blake was back he arrowed a shot into the top corner.


Then he was plagued in by Kris Boyd. A hint of offside. It was then 2-0.


Lucas Tagliapietra was adjudged to have handled the ball and Kris Boyd


made no mistake from the penalty bot. Then Josh Magennis made it 4-0.


A great day for Kilmarnock. Plenty of life left in them yet. Four


points between them and Accies now. A play-off place very much alive


issue still. What would the psychological impact of that result


be, and the performance for both sides? It could be huge. You have to


give credit to come on. They were doing well last week until their


keeper was sent off and they produced a performance like this


today. It's all about momentum and they are going the right way. Let's


go to Firhill. Partick Thistle against Inverness. The result for


Gilmour and might also send a shiver down the spine of jags fans. Now


there's just a 6-point gap between Joe Marler and Partick with nine


points to play for. -- between Kilmarnock and Partick. A terrible


performance from Partick Thistle. They were so lacklustre, created


virtually nothing about from the one goal they scored. Completely


outplayed and outmuscled by Inverness Caledonian Thistle. They


took the lead on the 14th minute through Carl Tremarco, an Englishman


who plays at left back. Lots of space down the left and kept going.


He went forward and scored with a lovely goal into the far corner with


a nice finish with the inside of his left foot. It was 1-0 at the break.


40 seconds into the second half, any chance Partick had of getting into


the game looked over when Miles Storey scored his 12th of the


season. Shouts for offside when Josh Meekings played the ball through,


but the flag stayed down. The shot went in off the post and it was 2-0.


It became three on 75 minutes. A corner straight to Josh Meekings


about eight yards out. He side footed past Ryan Scully. Kris Doolan


got one back on 83 minutes, his 11th of the season. A long ball from Ryan


Seabourn. The shot came back from the keeper, but he then rounded the


keeper to make it 3-1. Any joy Partick had was wiped out by Jordan


Roberts two minutes later. He converted following Richie Foran's


cross. A miserable afternoon for Alan Archibald. 4-1 at Pittodrie,


all over between Aberdeen and the Alan Archibald. 4-1 at Pittodrie,


top -- Aberdeen and Motherwell. A result that means Celtic's


championship title cannot be confirmed until at least next Sunday


when Aberdeen visit Parkhead. Aberdeen now guaranteed finishing at


least second place. It started brightly after six minutes. Kenny


McLean from the penalties bot after Jonny Hayes was pulled down. 2-0


after 26 minutes with a lovely volley. Adam Rooney coming off the


bench to score the third. Motherwell's response came courtesy


of an Ash Taylor own goal. Chris Cadden's shot was deflected.


Aberdeen's 3-goal lead restored thanks to Jonny Hayes. A wonderful


run that took him clear of the defence and he chipped the ball over


Ripley into the back of the net. Keith Lasley was sent off with just


a minute left after a hard challenge on Jonny Hayes. It was the


Motherwell assistant boss, Steve Robinson, who was sent to the stand


by the referee on the intervention Robinson, who was sent to the stand


of the assistant referee. More of that to come. Aberdeen guaranteed at


least second place in the table and Celtic's championship is on ice.


Let's head to Victoria Park. Ross County against Saint Johnstone is


over. St Johnstone move into fourth place in the Premiership. Steven


MacLean's close range finish separating the science. Danny


Swanson had had a great opportunity moments earlier, but he hit the side


netting. It was a fairly poor match for long spells with the visitors


edging proceedings. Graham Cummings was denied by a brilliant Paul Quinn


challenge in the first half when he looked like netting. Chances were


rare as was the excitement. Ross County offered very little. Jonathan


Franks going close with a deflected shot, Andrew Davis with a header,


Brian Graham deny by a block late on, but they didn't deserve


anything, in truth. A great result the Tommy Wright. A forgettable


afternoon for the home side. Martin is right, in terms of the


positioning and going for fourth place, it's a big result for St


Johnstone full, given what's happened to Motherwell. Of course.


At this stage, particularly with the smaller carbs, it's all about finer


economic. That's why it will be disappointing for Partick Thistle.


Just a point when they want people to renew their season tickets. 200


to 300 people might not bother. That's not good news. St Johnstone,


slightly more money if they finish fourth, but no European spot because


either Rangers or Hibernian will win the Scottish Cup. Hughes this week


saying they were how much to spend until they finish. He's looking to


bring in few Partick Thistle players. That's what it's all about


just now. Winning games, obviously, but trying to climb the league. You


get more money the higher you get. It could be an extra couple of


players. That's what the managers are looking at. You know greedy


footballers also get a bonus depending on where they are in the


league! Let's go back to Inverness. Their season has been blighted by


injuries. They are a good side. They play good football and they have


good players. They'll be disappointed to finish in the bottom


six, but it's all down to injuries. Edinburgh city and Cove Rangers in


the pyramid play-off Drew 1-1 so Edinburgh city of winners overall


and they will go into the play-offs against East Stirlingshire. They've


been hanging about in the football league for a long while. It's one of


those things that opens up the whole question of the pyramid system. East


Stirlingshire have frequently been the bottom team in the senior leaks.


They have two apply for re-election back in the day. In this case, they


may face a challenging game against East Stirlingshire. It brings more


interesting to the game. I like the idea of the play-offs and the


Pyramids. I'd like to see it extended. You look at East Kilbride


and the Scottish Cup. It's good for Edinburgh. You have to have


something to go for. If East Stirling can sit at the bottom and


think we are going to get re-elected next year, I think it's great for


the other teams to compete against the teams at the bottom. What


happens if East Stirlingshire dropped out of the league was not


what does the future hold for them and their die-hard fans. You can


never ever turn on community and there is a community, a small


community of fans and they will want to see the survival of their club.


They'll have fond memories of supporting them through thin and


thin over the years and they will want to see them doing well and


regain their possession. Five or six buses were leaving Accrington today


to try to see Accrington Stanley win promotion in England. A few years


ago they didn't exist and they had to reinvent themselves and come


back. There's a lot of people like East Stirlingshire who will want


that kind of solution. It looks like curtains for Dundee United. A big


game on Monday a way to Dundee. They have to win all their games from now


on. They had to win five of them. Yes, they need to try to win their


games and hopefully luck is with them. It's a definite they need to


win on Monday night. Pride, you don't want your neighbours putting


you down. Time now for the classified results round-up.


Celtic have three games to go, with a massive goal difference. So Celtic


effectively winning the Championship today, although Brian McLauchlin


disagrees. Dundee United have four matches to


play. We have closure in the Ladbrokes


Scottish league table League 1. Elgin City, Clyde and queens park


the play-offs places. East Stirlingshire go into that pyramid


promotion play-off. Manchester United play Leicester


City tomorrow. Newcastle united moving out of the


bottom three thanks to beating Crystal Palace 1-0.


A good day for Celtic and Ronny Deila. 3-1 winners at Tynecastle.


The Premiership title all but done and dusted, so we can hear now from


Celtic manager Ronny Deila. Done is done, learn from it and go on. I


Celtic manager Ronny Deila. Done is have been a part of this club for


two years. It's been fantastic and the boys have supported me. I never


lost the dressing room. They are fantastic. You can see that today.


Will you allow yourself a celebration this evening? I can


assure you of that. So the champagne is not on ice. Done is done. Ronny


Deila moves on. His CV is not going to look that bad for future


employers. Of course not. I have got a lot of time from Ronny, he is a


good guy, he looks as if he gives everything he has got. Big games in


Europe haven't helped him. They have let themselves down as a team. Not


just the manager, but the team. That doesn't help a manager, but he can


hold his head up high. He has 12-macro championships. He has


achieved what he wanted. I am sure he will enjoy a drink this evening.


And he has a successor into the Champions League qualifiers, whoever


that may be. You've got to be a bit sorry for Ronny Deila. I think at


times he has been generous to his players, because sometimes they have


seriously let him down. There have been poor draws, lacklustre home


wins, the fans haven't fallen in love with the type of football on


offer. Deila has found himself in a predicament with about 450 midfield


players... He got them! He is entitled to his night tonight. And


underwhelming season all over. I think so, and that is why the fans


feel a wee bit deflated by the end of it and the way if turned out.


That being said, they move on. It is a good job for somebody moving in


because the CV looks good. He has won two championships. My CV looks


terrible, but we move on as well. We say good night, but not before a run


through of what is coming up. Next week, I am not doing the


results show. Eilidh Barbour is your woman for that. I am sure you will


make a welcome. Thanks to Stuart and Darren for


their wisdom and wit. We will see you soon. Take care.


Introduced by David Currie.

Reports and results from around the country in the SPFL. It's the second Premiership weekend following the split, and in the top six the lunchtime kick-off is in the capital, as Hearts play host to Celtic. Then at three o'clock, Motherwell travel to the Granite City to face Aberdeen, while Ross County take on St Johnstone. Meanwhile in the bottom six, Hamilton take on Kilmarnock and it's the battle of the Thistles as Partick face Inverness. Plus a look ahead to Monday night's Dundee derby.

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