24/09/2016 Sportscene


Including Celtic v Kilmarnock, Hearts v Ross County, Inverness v Dundee, Partick Thistle v Motherwell, Aberdeen v Rangers and Hamilton v St Johnstone. David Currie presents.

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Yes, good afternoon, and welcome to the results show.


After the darts, the oche belongs to us, till 5:20 anyway.


That's 50 minutes of scores, reports, results and more


in the company of Steven Thompson, and Michael Grant of the Times.


Now we can welcome our team of reporters around


the nation with the headlines from today's big matches.


We will start with Chris McLaughlin, who is watching champions Celtic at


all to Kilmarnock. Good afternoon. Celtic are leading, 5-1 but they had


to battle back from a first-half shock. An incredible long range


effort from Souleymane Coulibaly pic Kilmarnock ahead against the run of


play. Moussa Dembele scored twice in two minutes, James Forrest and Leigh


play. Moussa Dembele scored twice in Griffiths on target in the second


half, and Scott Sinclair has made it five from the spot. Let's find out


how hard is fading in second place, against Ross County. It is goalless


at Tynecastle. Not for the lack of trying. Scott Fox has been in


outstanding form for Ross County between the sticks. He has made


numerous saves. One from Tony Watt lead goal bound until he turned it


around the post. Andrew Davies has gone close for Ross County but so


far it is 0-0. Second bottom Inverness at home to Dundee. Our man


in the Highlands is Martin Dowden. They will not be second bottom for


long. It is 3-0. The home side cruising, two early goals. The first


great header from Lonsana Doumbouya. Greg Tansey converted a penalty


after Julen Extabeguran barged Billy King in the box. Liam Polworth


Kamlish slotted home a third goal. A long way back for Dundee.


Let's find out how Partick Thistle are feeling at home to Motherwell.


They are feeling well. The home side are leading, through Chris Erskine's


goal. It is a narrow advantage but one that Partick Thistle deserve.


The top two are to two to win the Championship. Queen Of The South at


home to Hibernian. Chris McKenzie is watching. This top


of the table class has been pacey, full of industry but lacking in goal


might excitement. Driving rain is sweeping across Palmerston Park.


Lewis Stevenson twice saw yellow cards so Hibernian are playing with


ten men. Lots to talk about, particularly at


Celtic Park. I do not know where to start. Let's start with the


goalkeeping situation. An unusual change at half-time. Very


interesting that Dorus de Vries has come off at half-time, replaced by


Craig Gordon. We do not know whether there has been an injury from de


Vries. If there has not, it is embarrassing. There are issues


around the goalkeepers. De Vries has conceded 12 goals in five


appearances for Celtic, including the hammering in Barcelona. He has


not kept a clean sheet. He was beaten from a long way out by


Souleymane Coulibaly in the first half today. It is fascinating. It is


strange. You never see a goalkeeper getting whipped at half-time. If


there is an injury, it makes sense, otherwise there is an issue. I know


he was at fault for the goal, but that is a bit severe, whipping him.


Leigh Griffiths has come back after being out injured. Moussa Dembele


has done ever so well. Do you keep him out of the team and bring in


Leigh Griffiths? Decisions for Celtic. Hearts, 0-0 at home to Ross


County. Last week, Hearts bombarded the St Johnstone goal and did not


score. A similar story. It seems to be. Very competitive at Tynecastle.


Ross County are very much in the game. Hearts have been going


Ross County are very much in the well until last week. I do not think


they felt it was too big a blow. The performance against St Johnstone was


good. If they lose this one today, our drop points, that will be five


points dropped out of six. Hearts have been on top, Nicholson hit the


bar with a shot where he should have scored. Inverness are well on top.


We have been watching that one coming in. They have dominated the


game. They probably should have had a man sent off. It will be


interesting to watch. Lonsana Doumbouya elbowed an opponent in


interesting to watch. Lonsana first half. He was off with a bloody


nose. In the second half, he elbowed again and he got a yellow card. He


was taken off the pitch but he should have been. Good news for


Partick Thistle, on course for what could be their first victory since


the opening day of the season. They started the season well. Good


results in the cup. They started started the season well. Good


league season well, then they hit a run of defeats. Suddenly they are


bottom and you think, have they taken their eyes off of this? They


are playing well but not scoring? That has been the issue for awhile.


The results of Motherwell have not been great other than the derby last


week. They have not created much today, Motherwell. The goal came


from a howler from Stevie Hammell. It was a square pass across the back


four and it was intercepted by Chris Erskine.


Let's go around the grounds again. We will start at Celtic Park. I was


going to say I cannot remember seeing more one-sided game. But I


was in Barcelona a couple of ago. In stark contrast, Celtic have been in


control. The first half-hour, shots from Scott Brown, Moussa Dembele,


thinker, all over the bar. Then Souleymane Coulibaly picked up the


ball, cut inside and unleashed is looping, long-range effort that


ball, cut inside and unleashed is dipped under the buyer at the last


second. What is the Dutchman to blame? Did will be debated for some


time. He was replaced at half-time by Craig Gordon. We will speak to


Brendan Rodgers about that shortly after the game. At that, Moussa


Dembele scored twice in two minutes, then James Forrest scored. Leigh


Griffiths came on and scored a header a few minutes after making


his entry into the game. Moussa Dembele starting ahead of Leigh


Griffiths this afternoon despite Leigh Griffiths being fed. Then


Scott Sinclair from the penalty spot. He was upended and he scored


his sixth league goal in a row. Celtic in complete control, what a


goal from Souleymane Coulibaly. It looks like the perfect preparation


for Celtic ahead of the Champions League visit of Manchester City on


Wednesday. No scoring at Tynecastle but I sure


John Barnes will have lots to say about the match.


0-0. Hearts with so much pressure, particularly in the first half.


Scott Fox was the man who kept them out with a handful of great saves.


One in particular from Tony Watt after Hearts from the counterattack.


Up the other end, Conor Sammon with the past two Tony Watt and a shot


from 16 yards superbly tipped over by the Ross County goalkeeper. He


had several other good stops during that period. One from Rossi, one


from Paterson and another from Conor Sammon. County thought they had


taken the lead in the 19th minute. It was a free kick from Martin


Woods, wide on the right. Callum Paterson tried to clear and


Woods, wide on the right. Callum flicked it on to the head of Andrew


Davies who directed the goal bone. It hit the crossbar and bounced


down. The county players claimed it was across the line but the referee


said no. Hearts went up the other end and almost scored. Tony Watt is


trying his luck from a free kick. With players being booked, we could


end up with one of these sides been reduced to ten men. Tony Watt has


had a few chances. His free kick went over the


crossbar. More from Martin Dowden. Inverness against Dundee.


It is still 3-0. You think Inverness may be able to get a fourth goal.


Dundee still trying to get forward, trying to get something. Inverness


going close again, Ross Draper, well saved by Scott Bain after Amelia in


the box. Steven Thompson raised a point about Lonsana Doumbouya. He


might have had a red card. He was questionable in his challenges early


on. He was eventually hooked. This time Fischer has been denied by


Scott Bain. There is perhaps a fourth for Inverness.


They will certainly get three points. Let's go to Richard Wilson,


Partick Thistle, the bottom club against Motherwell.


It remains 1-0 Partick Thistle. Chris Erskine's goal in the first


half. It was a mistake by Steven Hammell. Chris Erskine ran onto the


loose pass back and tucked the ball away. Ade Azeez has had three


chances for Partick Thistle. It should be more comfortable for them.


He has been no one-on-one with the goalkeeper twice. He put the chances


wide. Motherwell are stepping up the pressure. Scott McDonald has had a


goal disallowed. This is the third corner in a row that has been headed


over. If Partick Thistle won the points


they will have to see this out defensively. They are leading.


Tynecastle and news of an incident of note.


I was talking about meaty tackles and a second yellow card for Ian


McShane. The player in the challenge was caught late by the Ross County


McShane. The player in the challenge midfielder. Ross County are down to


ten men with about six minutes left to play.


It is still goalless. Hibs are down to ten men in the big match at the


top of the Championship. They are away to Queen Of The South.


Let's get more details. It has been a terrible afternoon for football,


driving rain at Palmerston Park. It has not dampened the spirits, lots


of pace and industry but little to show in front of goal. Hibs's hopes


of returning to the top of the table took a series and when Lewis


Stevenson was given his marching orders. His second yellow card for a


bag tackle, the first having come before the break. -- bad tackle. The


underfoot conditions have not been great. It is a synthetic pitch, but


underfoot conditions have not been it is slightly. Dale Hilson came


close for Queen Of The South. The goalkeeper in the visiting goal made


a great start. Lee Robson made a magnificent save from John McGinn


after a fine strike from 25 yards. magnificent save from John McGinn


These two sides are battling for the top of the Championship table.


Back to the Premiership and Inverness. There has been a goal in


that game. A glimmer of hope for Dundee. You


suspect it is too little, too late. A fantastic finish from Nicky Law. A


free kick from roughly 20 yards out. A left foot shot away from Fon


Williams. 3-1. Paul Hartley has been


complaining about negativity in the media, including social media. Can


you put a positive spin on what you're seeing today? That was a good


free kick. Well played. You can certainly give him that one. The


results have been bad for Dundee. They have not won a league game


since the opening day of the season. Paul Hartley nose. He was critical


last season when the team was criticised, his defending was


criticised. We have seen Brendan Rodgers being touchy about it, Mark


Warburton. Think about the progress that Dundee have made under him.


Does it not just highlight the fact even more? It brings more


negativity, bringing it up. They have struggled against Inverness.


They have not beaten them since have struggled against Inverness.


2009. They have never been victorious in Inverness. If you


start winning games, you do not get criticised. It is as simple as that.


Kilmarnock have not won at Celtic Park. That will not change today.


There is another goal. The Kilmarnock players are looking


at the scoreboard, praying for the game to end. Tom Rogic picked the


ball at eight yards out and let the ball, La Paz McDonald into the back


of the net. Four minutes remaining. 6-1. There has been a goal in the


match between Partick Thistle and Motherwell.


It is an equaliser for Motherwell. Scott McDonald nodding the ball in


at the back post. The cross from the fullback, Richard Tait. Partick


Thistle have had to defend. They have missed so many chances in the


second half and they are Binnie get second half and they are Binnie get


-- they are beginning to regret them.


Scott McDonald, reliable, on the scoresheet. Motherwell have not been


in the game much. Partick Thistle have missed a number of chances, a


couple of one-on-one chances. They will be so disappointed they could


not hang on for the last few minutes. Motherwell had put pressure


on Partick Thistle but had not created anything concrete.


on Partick Thistle but had not Pre-match, Mark McGhee had said that


both teams are very similar. It looks like he was accurate. The


point he was making is that for most of the Premier League, the clubs are


fishing in the same market. They are skating the same players. They have


compatible budgets until you take away the top two, three. He is quite


right. You can see -- you can see from the results, how predictable it


is. Teams go and little streaks. Celtic are leading 6-1. Kilmarnock


did well against Celtic last season. Today we wondered if Celtic would go


with Moussa Dembele Hadley grippers upfront. , and it went with two


upfront. Once Celtic got on top, especially


in the second half they dominated. It is a really one-sided game. 6-1


is embarrassing. And 0-0 between Queen of the South


and Hibs. It keeps them at the top of the table? Yes, and it looks like


ray Rovers will win. Queen of the South, some of us were gill at


looking at Hibs and Dundee United, not thinking that there would be a


challenge sustained. But Queen of the South, they were spanked at


Ibrox but they are living with Hibs today, holding them.


I thought it looked like Hibs would runaway with the championship. It


shows what I know. All the focus was there. How good


the start that they had. In the back ground Queen of the South, they were


having a better start. Steven Dobby, what a start he has


had. He is too good. But they have done


well to get him there. And Hibs? Down to ten men? They lost


last weekend. I know that Neil Lennon... I mean he will not be


happy with the cards today. He was generous towards the referee


last week after changing his mind about Batley but you can't go down


to ten men every week. Even with the advantages, you will be found out.


And Scott Fox, his name has been mentioned in dispatches. He


outstanding at Ibrox? And today as well.


Two of the hardest fixtures, going to Ibrox and Tyne castle. If they


hang on it will be a great achievement.


It was said that if the players there keen peak, they could punish a


team. Has it happened to Dundee? Or a case that Inverness have been on


it and Dundee have not? They have come off the back of two good


results, Inverness. They held Aberdeen and Celtic. Especially the


Celtic one as they have been flying, so you get a huge lift coming from


behind to draw with Celtic. I worry about Inverness, there the manager


is a young guy, no management experience. This is a club that had


difficulties under John Hughes, which is why he left but over the


last three to four weeks it is looking like turning for them.


They could leap frog Dundee, they could be in trouble? A poor series


of results for Dundee. A number of could be in trouble? A poor series


draws and this is back to back defeats. So work there to be done


draws and this is back to back without a doubt. Well, the full-time


results coming in. The first from Charlie Mann, Is Ayr


in the championship? The goals came but late in the match. The two teams


in good form but the goals in the last ten minutes. Falkirk both


goals. David McCracken got a header but


goals. Daryll Maggett got an own goal. But


a good goal in 90 minutes secured the points.


a good goal in 90 minutes secured Lee Miller took the ball on the


six-yard line and turned the defender side past. A good victory


for fall kick but will play better than this. Harsh for Ayr United.


And Queen of the South, against Hibs, Bruce did it finish goaless?


It did. Driving rain in the area for most of the afternoon. It maid the


conditions tricky. Hibs returning to the top of the table, dealt a blow


when Lewis Stevenson was sent off. Opportunities at either end. Lots of


industry but ultimately, Knill was all that the game deserved. Queen of


the South are top of the championship table.


Goaless there. Falkirk started slowly, now on four wins in a row? I


sue that Peter Houston was in the papers talking about that. I admire


Houston and Falkirk. They are a well-run, well-organised club. He is


an experienced coach. He will keep them up there.


Full-time in the Premiership match between Celtic and Kilmarnock.


Chris? And the score line tells the story. 6-1 to the home side. Celtic


for the first half an hour. Wave after wave of attack. Then a moment


of brigs from Coulibaly, picking up the ball 40 yards from out, cutting


inside to release a long drive. Could the Dutchman have been more?


Replaced by Craig Gordon at half-time, due to an injury, more


from Brendan Rogers about that. And Dembele putting Celtic in control


before the break. Ten for the Frenchman. In the second half, for


rest, Griffiths and Sinclair and Rogic taking the other five.


This ahead of the visit to Manchester City on Wednesday night.


Rampant Celtic. Goals from all over the pitch. Another for Mousa


Dembele? Yes, for Dembele and Sinclair.


He has an incredible record. Scoring in Everleigh game. That is six isn't


it? A penalty today. He will tell you that! I know what he is


referring to. Let's not bring that up! But that is


a common result if Celtic are playing the way that they are. They


a common result if Celtic are let in the goal there, that is


typical of them. Before they were averaging 3.5 goals a game. That


will ill push it well up. Maybe up to four. They are scoring


freely, creating chances. Interestingly, Alloa in the Cup put


up resistance and Celtic struggled to break them down. But they will


punish teams, especially at Celtic Park. But as Michael said they are


losing goals. It is not a clean sheet.


And that is the point. Then the Manchester game. Who do


they start with? Well, this could be segny can't. If there is an instir,


Gordon will start. And full-time against Inverness and


Dundee. We join Martin Dowden. Some clinical finishings, extending


Inverness' unbeaten run to four games. They are clear of the


relegation Goals the second just inside


box. Greg Tansy in the spot to put them two up.


And McGowan threatening Inverness. They ended the contest again.


They showed great composure to fire. A consolation coming from a superb


Nicky Lowe free kick. The home side dominant and deserving of the


points, rising up the table. Tyne castle next and the match between


Hearts and Ross County is over. Let's hear from John Barnes.


Goaless here. That is probably down to the agility and the reactions of


the county goal keeper, Scott Fox, especially in the first half with


handful of top-class saves to keep Hearts at bay. He produced a


terrific stop from Tony Watt and a council of other crackers. Ross


County for their trouble almost took the lead in 90 minutes, a free kick


by Martin Woods, was kicked clear by Calum Paterson.


Knocked on to the head of Andrew Davis. His effort hitting off the


underside of the crossbar and the county players claiming that the


ball went across the line. But Fox was up to the task again to


deny the corner. The corner by Salmon.


Andrew Davis had a header up the other end that went over the top of


the crossbar for County. Then Ian McShane sent off for a second yellow


card. He had had been booked McShane sent off for a second yellow


minutes earlier and picked up a second for a late challenge. But


County held out. Three daubs in a row for the side. Full-time now for


Partick Thistle against Motherwell. Over to Richard Wilson.


It was 1-1. A reflection of the Partick Thistle season. Playing well


in the game but did not get the points. They dominated the opening


half. Chris Erskine scored after 30 minutes. He had three chances to


score again in the second half, he pulled two wide around saw the other


saved. Ryan Edwards hit the post. Motherwell up the field, taking a


cross for Scott McDonald. Motherwell put on the pressure in the final


stages. Chris Cadden had his effort pushed well. Partick Thistle looked


for a win but they had to make do a point, they are still at the bottom


now. And to the championship we can here


from Liam McLeod. Done deed against Morten.


Dundee United needed a victory, they have won.


It looks like they managed to just get it over the line. It's a double


from Tony Andreu. Morton's best chance came from Aidan


Nesbitt from the edge of the box. It came off the post Bell was beaten.


Then Andreu entered the fray again, despite the best efforts of McKneel


throwing himself to the net, the ball hit the net. The second


arriving as Morton pushed but pushing the ball deep inside their


half, and the keeper shotted one into the bottom of the corner to


make the save. Dillon scored one at the close of


the game. A poor week for them. Dillon scored one at the close of


Five goals for Scott Davy to describe. He was watching the match


between Raith Rovers and Dumbarton. Callaghan and Roberts got Raith


Rovers on track. But Dumbarton came back from three down with nine


minutes to go. They made Raith Rovers sweat for the points. Ryan


Stevenson and Robert Thompson made for an uncomfortable finale.


The two goals in the burst threatened to put the results beyond


Dumbarton's reach. Then Robertson, with a 20 yard


effort was spectacular there. Matched by Steven son in 71 minutes


coming off the bench, Thomson's score 77 minutes.


Buchanan sent off. They have won once in 12 games. It finished Raith


Rovers, three, Dumbarton, two. Welcome for Raith Rovers. They


needed that. Dumbarton are struggling, one win in 12 is not


good enough. But good #230r Raith Rovers.


A measure of vengeance over Morton? Rovers.


It is the third in the league. It has been up and down. They are


not that far off the top. Ray McKinnon was critical. He needed a


response today. Looks like he got it.


It is September, autumn but we bring the first full-time report from the


Scottish Cup. It comes from Kenny Crawford who watched


Afendance what 373, the pies have sold out. They were happy about


that. The draw for the second round is on Monday. They will find out who


they meet there. Beith juniors juniors, six, and Strathspey


Thistle, nil. And the pies were sold out as well!


Now the roundup. We commence as ever with the


Ladbrokes Scottish Premiership. Let's have a look at the tables.


Celtic are five points clear at the top after a commanding victory over


Kilmarnock. Hearts stay second is by dropping points at home to Ross


County. St Johnstone play Hamilton tomorrow. Motherwell are sitting


nicely and forth. They drew with Partick Thistle. Hamilton dropped to


the bottom. They play St Johnstone tomorrow. Partick Thistle picked up


11. Inverness enjoyed a 3-0 victory 11. Inverness enjoyed a 3-0 victory


-- 3-1 victory over Dundee. In of the South


stayed top a goalless draw with Hibernian. They are leading


Hibernian by one point. At the bottom, grim reading. St Mirren, but


Hibernian by one point. At the they have yet to play. They will


play Dunfermline athletic at 5:15 p.m.. Alloa Athletic and Brechin


City are level on points. At the bottom, Stenhousemuir are two points


behind Peterhead. Forfar Athletic are the only Scottish team with a


100% record. Seven victories from seven matches. They are eight points


clear already. At the bottom, Edinburgh City without a victory


this season, three points behind Stirling Albion. In the English


Premier League, Man City with a record like Forfar Athletic. They


are four points clear of Spurs. A good victory for Liverpool today.


They are third. At the bottom, another defeat for Sunderland, a


narrow defeat. They have one point. One point behind Stoke City. West


Ham United or the other team in relegation trouble. And the


Championship looks like this. This is the bottom of the table.


Wigan are the backmarkers. Their one point behind Derby County and


Rotherham. Let's go to matters English. We will start with


Manchester United and Leicester City. It was the lunchtime kick-off


in the Premier League. Manchester United left


in the Premier League. described as a bad week in the


rear-view mirror with a resounding victory over the champions.


Leicester were swept away in the opening 45 minutes, hit by a four


goal blitz, three from corner kicks. Chris Smalling opened the scoring,


Juan Mata, Marcus Rashford and Paul Pogba, with his first in a United


shirt, added three more as Leicester were repeatedly caught out


at the back. Demarai Gray scored a belter


at the back. second half but the damage had been


done. There was much for the home crowd to enjoy about United's


performance, on a day when Wayne Rooney was left on the bench, only


to come on in the final few minutes. United's archrivals City were away


to Swansea City this afternoon. Guardiola's team had won their first


five matches. Let's get Guardiola's team had won their first


They were victorious 3-1. They are looking relentless, ten victories


out of ten. City are the fourth team in Premier League history, to win


the first six league games. Swansea City give them a good examination.


Sergio Aguero got the first. That was levelled by Fernando Llorente's


for Swansea City goal. In the second half, the turning point, a penalty


handed to Man City by the referee. Sergio Aguero squirt. It took the


wind out of Swansea City's sales. Raheem Sterling scored at terrific


goal on the counterattack. Guardiola's side looking every inch


title winners. Those comments might strike fear


into the Hearts of Celtic supporters ahead of the Champions League match.


Yes, they looked very strong. I think they are going to win the


English league. They will have a good chance of winning the Champions


League. It will be difficult for Celtic. They need to defend better


than they did in Barcelona. That was an embarrassing result. They need to


be more compact and make sure there are not as easy to beat. They have a


better record at Celtic Park. We'll Guardiola Billy King at Celtic's 6-1


victory over Kilmarnock and worrying? It is a loaded question.


He will respect Celtic's home record and the atmosphere that is created.


We have seen that over 10-15 years, the results in Europe are far more


impressive at home. It shows you what a hellish group visits for


Celtic. Coming off the back of the 7-0 against Barcelona, you are


looking at a Guardiola side. City thrashed Borussia Monchengladbach.


They have almost been doing in England for Celtic have been doing


in Scotland. They have not lost a game. They can cut right through


you. It is Celtic's misfortune may have started the season so strongly


under Guardiola. Neither St Mirren or Dunfermline have started the


season strongly in the Championship. They are in action this evening at


East End Park, the home of Dunfermline. A reporter can set the


scene. What is the middle I? It is sombre. Both teams have not been


going great grounds. St Mirren with three draws and three losses.


Dunfermline have lost five and the bones. 20 years since they played in


the Scottish Cup final. Former team-mate Alan Johnson and Alan


McManus goal head-to-head due to the sacking of Valley Parade, whose


overall record was not bad. But the start of the season has done for


him. -- Alan Mannus. Alan Mannus has stated he is not interested in the


managerial position permanently. Dunfermline make four changes,


including the goalkeeper returning. Only one change for Saints, Rocco


Quinn. Will St Mirren get the new bones today that a new manager often


brings? They have got Alan McManus in temporary charge. You're


concerned about this game tonight? From a St Mirren point of view? Yes.


It is worrying to see them bottom of the lead, without a doubt. To have


another managerial loss, this would be the sixth manager in three years.


Something someone is going wrong, badly. We need stability at St


Mirren. There has been none for the last three years. We cannot continue


to go down the way. We need positivity to get the club back up.


St Mirren should be challenging around the top of the Championship.


They should not be bottom. Is that the case, or is Steven Thompson


looking back through the Golden haze of nostalgia? It is not long since


they were a Premier League side. They are a team you would regard as


being a pretty established Premier League side. They have gone through


too many managers. We thought Alegue would bring stability but it has not


happened. -- Alex Rae. They are now talking to Billy Davies. Some people


think Gus MacPherson will end up back there. Whoever comes in has got


to do it quickly. The Championship is really competitive. If you look


through the number of sides, they are all capable of doing things in


this division. They will not get any favours. We're going to head back to


the Highlands. We can hear from the manager of Dundee, Paul Hartley. His


side lost 3-1 to Inverness. After the game he spoke to Martin


Dowden. Poll, you're obviously not happy with the result. How do you


think your players perform? It was a bad performance. We did not start


the game at all. We were too slow to everything. Defensively, you're


looking for much more? The whole team, not just defensively. We have


got to be better, we have got to show more desire. We started so


slowly today. Is that about stopping supply into the box. For the first


goal, you might have stopped the ball getting into the box? We've got


to defend the box better and stop crosses. We have got to stop crosses


coming in. It was a bad performance today. The penalty, do you think it


was a fair decision? I do not think we have to make a challenge. We need


to stay on our feet. It has happened too many times. We have got to take


responsibility. Going forward, you did create but you did not take your


chances. It looked like you may get back into the game. While you happy


chances. It looked like you may get with some omelettes of that? Not


enough. -- with some elements of that. We had half chances but not


enough. You have not been happy recently with how things have been


going. Was it just one of those days? It was a bad performance. I


cannot put my finger on it. As a team, we did not play well. There


are not many players that got pass marks today. I think it is Celtic


next that Dens Park. They are the best team in the country. They have


good players. We will have to perform better than today. There was


talk about Lonsana Doumbouya with a couple of challenges. You were you


happy with the decision of the referee? The referee was fine. It


was not the referee. It was our performance.


Thanks. See you later. There are couple of Premiership matches still


to be this weekend. The first is the first meeting between Aberdeen and


Rangers in four years. It is that Pittodrie at one o'clock. A couple


of hours later, Hamilton host St Johnstone. You can listen to the


action on the radio. These are the Johnstone. You can listen to the


details. Let's start with Aberdeen against Rangers. Mark Warburton says


he does not understand why the atmosphere could be poisonous in


this one? Can you enlighten us? How long have you got left on the show?


I was looking at the newspapers today, the catalogue of incidents


between these two clubs. They started in 1979, I think. You could


probably take it back further. It is one of the big, controversial,


heated, Filey fixtures in Scottish football. Four years and eight


months and they played each other. These are the two clubs that have


not met in the last four years. Rangers have played everybody else


in cup ties, including Celtic, but they were never drawn against


Aberdeen. It is that Pittodrie, which tends to be even more


eventful. Having played as a Rangers player that Pittodrie... Hatred is a


strong word. That are disliked between the supporters. The


atmosphere Pittodrie, when Rangers go to play, it is magnificent. They


will need to deal with the atmosphere as well as the game. If


Rangers have aspirations of finishing second, this is a game


they need to win. Aberdeen have finished second to years in a row.


They are the marker that Rangers need to get to. It is very little


between the sites. You have predicted a draw. You're sitting on


the fence. I have gone 41-1. I have been wrong with my other predictions


today. What is your feeling? We don't know a few things, whether


or not they will have their player for Aberdeen.


And there are injuries that have occurred in the warm-ups. If Hayes


plays I can see Aberdeen winning by a goal.


Is he so crucial? He gives pace and threat. He does not score a lot,


Johnny Hayes but he does create. He's crucial. They played on


Thursday night, Rangers played on Tuesday, that's the only factor.


And we have this interview with Martin Dowden.


Richie, a clinical performance and an extended unbeaten run, four


games? Yes, we are going in the right direction. That's what we've


been looking for. Created five or six chances. We took obviously three


of those. That is pleasing. I thought that the boys at the back


were colossal. They really wons the game.


There seems a real air of confidence. Is that because of the


results you are getting, the performances improving? Obviously


good results, great confidence. We are climbing the table. Looking up.


We have been through a bad patch, we didn't let it affect us. We were


mentally strong, we have done well. But I believe there is more to come


for us. That is what you call a beard.


It is. beard.


Mike is trying to grow one as well. He mentioned building the momentum?


That is crucial? Yes, you look the last four games, beating Johnston, a


draw at pud oddry, to Celtic and then today. They are moving in the


are right direction. Our time with you is almost over for today. I'll


remind you of the goings on in the top two divisions in Scotland this


afternoon. We start in time-honoured tradition with the Scottish


Premiership. There it is. A resounding win for Celtic. 6 winners


for them at home. They are at home in the middle of


the week to Manchester City. A big win for Inverness to Dundee.


Aberdeen playing Rangers tomorrow. And Hamilton against St Johnstone


tomorrow at New Douglas Park. And in the championship wins.


2-1 at home to Morton. Talk irk 2-0 winners against Ayr.


Queen of the South drawing Knill with Hibs.


Queen at the top of the table. Raith Rovers a Goodwin for them


against Dumbarton. Dunfermline against athletic, that match is


goaless. The best bits from the weekend's Premiership games tomorrow


at 6.00pm. The Results Show returns next week


at the earlier time of 4.00pm on BBC One. Make a date with us for that.


And don't miss Off The Ball Saturday Supplement with Tam and Stuart.


Thanks to Michael Grant and Steven for their wit and wisdom. See you




Introduced by David Currie.

In the Premiership, Celtic are at home to Kilmarnock, Hearts host Ross County, Dundee make the journey to the Highland capital to face Inverness and Partick Thistle take on Motherwell. Plus a look ahead to tomorrow's Aberdeen versus Rangers encounter at Pittodrie and, later in the day, the match between Hamilton and St Johnstone.

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