27/10/2013 Sportscene


Jonathan Sutherland introduces highlights of the weekend's matches in the new SPFL Scottish Premiership, with comment on and analysis of the week's main talking points.

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Good evening. In a weekend when almost every game avoided power


failure, we have electricity quite literally pulsing through the


studio. Bolts out of the blue, managers blowing fuses on the


weekend when the clocks went back and not everything ran like


clock-work, but certainly switched on in the studio tonight Pat and


Michael. For the first time since April 2012, we had a Glasgow derby


in the top flight. Partick Thistle, despite a win last weekend and


having won plenty of plaudit in general, they were still without a


home victory in the League and their chances of changing that statistic


didn't look too hopeful this lunch time as they welcomed the champions.


Commentary from Rob McLean. Same team as last weekend. Doolan's


double was decisive. No James Forrest and Ledley is a starter and


Scott Brown after his European suspension.


A good save by Scott Fox. Important touch from the keeper. Sill tick are


six points deR Celtic are six points clear at the top of the Georgios


Samaras. Celtic in front. Samaras heads in his seventh goal of the


season. All very straightforward from the set piece. Samaras not


picked up and there was only going to be one outcome there. It's 1-0


Celtic. Pukki with a terrific opportunity to


make it 2-0. Maybe he made his intentions too clear and it's a good


save. He is a big creative influence.


Again, Scott Fox denies Pukki. Again, the Finnish international is


frustrated that he can't get Celtic's second goal.


There's Doolan. There is the equaliser. All square here. Doolan


denied that time, but he was quickly back on his feet keeping himself on


side and then it was Craigen. A really good combination. Doolan had


time to take a touch. Before beating Forster. Game on here.


What was missing was the finishing touch. Having got himself into such


a great position. Powering away from Muirhead and


scoring. The 22-year-old Portuguese striker scores his second goal for


Celtic. And the leaders are back in front. It was Welsh who lost


possession and how he was made to pay. It was a neat finish for 2-1.


We said before the game we knew they were a danger and they didn't do the


job properly. It's not always going to be champagne football and you


have to give respect to the opposition, because they can play a


little bit and their tails are up after a great win. No mid-week games


so a free week where the energy levels are higher than ours, but I


have to give credit to the players. It wasn't pretty at times, but at


times the football was good and we deserved to win. At this point, we


give the second goal away. We had good possession and we end up giving


it away. The champions are very, very clinical. Disappointing there,


but a good three points for Celtic. And that's a big result for Neil


after mid-week game, a tough game. Going up to Fir Hill. It's a tough


place to go and he'll be absolutely delighted to get that result. Good


to see goals, but you look at things from a goalkeeper's view and they


could have been avoided. When you have someone like Samaras and van


dyke, I don't know whether he was allowed to run across, but I look at


the goalie here. He's blocked off, but the ball ends up five yards into


the middle of the goal. Look, I think you've got to try to create


space for yourself before that happens, to give yourself a chance


as a keeper. You know better than I did, because you played there your


whole life, but when you see the balls dropping you have to come in.


He's been blocked off there and obviously had a straight, because


Pukki was in front. All sorts of problems.


It gives you a chance to attack. There was a chance after that


actually I think it was headed when there was all sorts of space and he


didn't come and you would be expecting him there. He had a very


good game but that's his Achilles heel. In terms of Celtic defending,


how bad was that? Again, I think it was a nice corner kick out of the


edge of the box. Go away with it, but when it was cleared out, look at


the ball. It is out there with Anthony Stokes, but look how far


they are in. The goalie should be pushing them out. Partick Thistle


comploiTed it. They switched off. -- exploited it. They switched off.


There should have been communication. Van dyke has cleared


the ball and he doesn't actually move. There's a yard of space that


he's just staying in the whole time. The ball is at the back end. She is


still not moving there. Once the ball is going back the way up the


pitch you've got to get out and squeeze up to the ball. Close down


the ball and if you're moving away it means that your opponents have to


be going that way. Partick Thistle had a point. How much were they the


architects of their own downfall? They like to build it up and they


start to build it up and they're encouraged by arch bald to do that.


But Baldi gave Muirhead a couple of moves there. Really did well. You'll


see in the replay, the first thing in his mind is I'm going to get


forward as we have possession. He leaves all that space. That's what


the manager wants him to do, but look, you are the architect of your


own downfall and good finish. Good composure to finish there. But you


need to understand when to attack and when to hold your position and


it wasn't comfortable. They didn't have control and you can't go


bombing forward at that point. Good win for Celtic. Out with the Old


Firm, Motherwell have finished best of the rest, and without fuss


they've been going about trying to do the same again this season. Five


wins out of the last seven have seen them soar up the table. A win today


would put them clear. No that Saints wanted it to be that simple. A win


for them would see them back to the top six. Commentary from John Barns.


Scobee is into defence. Another well winning six of the la


eight meetings between the sides. -- Motherwell winning six of the last


eight meetings. Just couldn't get the direction


right for Gary McDonald there. It broke his way. Diverting wide of the


target. Deflected by man Manaus. Stephen May, that looked like a


training-ground free kick. It's May who follows up. He's flying


at the moment. Stevie May is flying at the moment. His eighth goal of


the season. His fourth in his last five appearances.


Here is Nigel Hasselbaink. It has gone wide. That was tenacious play


by Hasselbank after the Motherwell captain slipped. The good deflection


for Motherwell. Bob McHugh, he did well to find the yard of space for


the shot. He failed to trouble Alan Mannus. He does Wotherspoon. He has


a man wide. It is Chris Millar. Hamill with an effort. That is a


bitter strike. It certainly warmed the fingers of the goalkeeper. It


warmed the midriff of Stevie Hamill. Newell and slips and he has gifted


it to Nigel Hasselbaink. The Dutchman delivers! He puts St


Johnstone 2-0 in front. It is a nightmare for Gunnar Nielsen. He


tried to stop the call for a corner but he only managed to set it up for


a St Johnstone goal. It was a difficult angle but Nigel


Hasselbaink executed the shot well. Motherwell district to get back in


this game. Moors all last week in the win over Hearts. -- more scored


last week. Now it is to Dawn one. He has Hasselbank in the middle. He


finds the little Dutchman and his touch lets him down. Wotherspoon


cannot for what. Hasselbank determined to get his second of the


afternoon. He just fell down over Nielsen. Hamill to meet you. Sutton


cannot get there but Lawson can. The latter appeals for a penalty. It


seems to have come off Garry McDonald's hand. It definitely came


off his hand. Hutchinson. Another pass back for Nielsen. And he has


given it straight to David Wotherspoon. Can he finish it off?


Headed away by Ramsden. It looks likes and Johnstone are on course


for the fourth league win of the season. I think we were disappointed


at half-time. We emphasised to the players if we kept on doing what we


were doing, the goals would comment. We were really pleased to get the


winning goal and the clean sheet. When we got to half-time 0-0 it was


a good opportunity. They probably wear in the ascendancy and then be


came out in the second half and did not really get to grips with the


game. We got what we deserved which was nothing. Nigel Hasselbaink, how


much of the factor was he today in the victory for St Johnstone? There


was a lack of width in the game but Hasselbank naturally drifts into


wide areas. All the problems he caused where in the wider area. He


has got that unpredictability about him. This is a great example. I


would be screaming at him. He manages to keep the corner. He has


fantastic energy. If he could just finish a few of those opportunities


I think he would be a really, really top-class player. Here is


unpredictable, sometimes you do not know if you will be good or bad. The


goalkeeper will be so disappointed but that was a good finish. The


goalkeeper was putting him under pressure and he managed to keep his


composure. In terms of this penalty claim, it was quite bizarre, what


did you think at the time? It was difficult, we were looking at it


from this angle. The referee cannot see this, it is blind for him. You


see the linesman, he is in a good position. The problem with these


instances is that they happened so quickly, once you lift your hand in


the year I think that is a penalty. In the past you could get away with


it but lifting your hand like that it is a penalty. I think the shot


was also on target. Motherwell could have gone second, a bad day at the


office for them. Compared to last year when they were three points


ahead. Over the piece they are still doing well this season but Stuart


McCall knows he needs the extra pace to break down the opposition. Still


to come tonight: Hearts with that sinking feeling, they face


Kilmarnock at Rugby Park. It is fair to say that games between Hebburn


burning and Aberdeen have had a bad reputation for being rather dull


fears. -- Hibernian. Would this be the one that finally got the pulses


racing? -- rather dull our fears. Reynolds! A good stop. A fine save


there. McGinn's corner. Anderson at the back. Returned by Jack. Anderson


with the shot. It seemed to come off the arm of Kevin Thomson at the edge


of the box. This is better from Hibernian. Scott Robertson, 40


lovely delivery. Heffernan. Touched away superbly by Jamie Langfield.


Paul Heffernan keen to add to his tally for Hibernian, three already


since joining. McGivern's header breaks kindly for Peter Pawlett,


one-on-one with the goalkeeper. The follow-up. He is turned away by


James McPeake. McGivern was the man stretching initially. He should have


bought the shout. McGinn could not finish because of the intervention


of McPeake. This is good from Hibernian. McGivern in towards


Robertson. There is a chance for fine. It is knocked away by James


Collins go there is a for offside. -- although there is even whistle


for offside. Here is burning on the chase. Stevenson. Scott Vernon. That


is a terrific strike from the substitute. Aberdeen in front with


ten minutes remaining. The manager feels there was an infringement. It


seems as though he slept more than anything, I do not think there was


any foul by the Aberdeen player. That was a terrific strike by Scott


Vernon to give his side the lead. The manager is being spoken to by


the referee. That was one of the longest pass backs of the day. The


keeper slept. What a great opportunity for Collins to level it.


He has wasted that opportunity. What a howler from Jamie Langfield. James


Collins really should have punished him. Here is burning. He is doing


extremely well. He set up the opportunity for Gregg Wylde.


Cancelling S setup here? He can! The two substitute -- the two


substitutes combined. -- can see set it up here? While with the finish to


ensure that Aberdeen move into second spot in the Premiership. They


did enough. It was a poor day from us. We are disappointed with that.


We wanted to pull back a decent win here. We felt everybody played their


part. We wanted players in every area of the pitch. We knew we had to


handle the ball well and I felt we did that. Suber substitutes made the


absolute difference. Vernon and Gregg Wylde at the 44 Aberdeen. Poor


defending by Hibernian. That was exploited. Aberdeen capitalised.


This man did really well to get the ball between his body and the


player. What a great finish. That is poor defending. Sometimes as a


defender you have to take it through. For Gregg Wylde, he has


electric pace and he uses that. Another composed finish. How much


does this express the strength and depth at Aberdeen? They push onto


potentially be the best of the rest in the Premiership this season. In


the last couple of years they were struggling but he has come in with


players, Willo Flood is a great little player. He is a Dubliner. But


he can play. Barry Robson has been out injured all year but he has come


back in. I was surprised at who he had on the bench. It is unfortunate


when some people get the type of Suber sub. -- the kind of super


Saab. The warm form is something that the manager will be looking to


rectified quickly. By Michael we shall see. A bad day at the office


for Hibernian but what about the Edinburgh rivals? Hearts went into


the match already looking pretty lost that they bought of the table.


At Rugby Park for us is Brian McLaughlin. Ahead of the game both


managers had spoken of how crucial this game wars. The fans had their


own agendas, the telly fans with the red card against the chairman. --


eco-Marnoch fans. Crucial, every game is crucial. We will be


struggling for the rest of the season. There is nothing wrong with


a pre-match pie to keep energy levels up. Ryan Stevenson had the


first effort on goal. The shot from just outside the box tipped over by


the goalkeeper. The Kilmarnock boss urged his players forward at every


opportunity. Kris Boyd came close to finding the back of the net just


minutes later. Another former Rangers player was also causing


problems for Hearts. This time it was Barry Nicholson with a volley


just over the crossbar. The Hearts defence has come under scrutiny in


recent weeks. Once again questions will be asked after allowing Kris


Boyd time and space to score. Terrific composure from Kris Boyd.


He was to prove a real handful for the Hearts rearguard all afternoon.


. Darren BAR made the move in the summer. He found himself in the wars


after this melee in the home box. The keeper appearing to catch BAR as


he comes away. The 28-year-old eventually carried off and both sets


of fanned giving him a standing ovation. Nicholson should have


scored here. But at the other end Patterson and Wilson were inches


away from connecting. There was one more chance. Johnson here. But Jimmy


McDonald saving the stay. The half-time report says Kilmarnock


were on top, but the Jambos were still very much in the game. Into


the second period and Hearts Klose to an equaliser. Jimmy Walker with a


cross and Patterson's header wide of target. Kilmarnock pushed forward


and McDonald came to the rescue. A fantastic first touch before a


neat flick. Hearts youngsters were trying their best. Whenever they did


have sight of goal Craig Sampson was in no mood of allowing them any hope


of a comeback. It was the home side that finished stronger. Boyd the


provider and Chris Johnson, who was one on one with Jordan McGhee, but


the shot was deflected over for a corner. Boyd with two terrific


finishes and Hearts travel back with a mood as damp as the weather here


at Rugby Park and it's here where -- we'll hear what both managers have


to say. We have to defend better than that. You can see the


confidence in the players. We are passing really well and it's been


like that for the majority of the games and we've not been far away.


It's good to turn in the three points. There wasn't much in the


game. The two mistakes have cost us. Pat, did he share any pies with you?


We were inside, so we had much better food. In terms of the result,


Kilmarnock deserved winners? Very much so. I was very impressed with


them yesterday. They had energy about them they played the game in


the right way. Alan will be delighted with the way they played.


They were a handful upfront. Boyd was back to himself again. Led the


line and knocked balls up to him and he's strong and he's running now and


lost a lot of weight as we can imagine, but this goal was poor


defending, but look at that, strike left foot, back of the net. He knows


he can score goals. Is he a better player now? I can't say that, but


he'll always be able to score goals. As a striker, he's got that nack and


ability. You don't lose that. We are talking about the things he's


improved, with movement and weight. He's never going to lose that


ability to find the back of the net. I think also he's taken on a


leadership role, so he was organised and the players we being told what


to do and he was a real leader. The others played around about him.


Chris Johnson out on left. This is an opportunity. Different class.


SmaS something that he -- shas something he has been -- that's


something that he may have been guilty about before. What is that?


He did that all day yesterday. It's great to watch. That will buoy up


the fans. Not for the first time this season poor defending from


Hearts. Confidence is low. Do they have a chance of escaping that


bottom part? It's getting slimmer as the weeks pass. It's becoming a bit


of a theme that bad defensive mistakes are costing them very, very


dearly. The two goals there were straight balls, Pat. As a goalkeeper


you need communication at the back and centre halves have to deal with


it. On the evidence from yesterday, I can't see them getting out of the


their situation. They didn't have any natural striker. When Ryan


Stevens went off and Patterson came off, but he's more on the right-hand


side and there were real opportunities. It looks bleak for


them. Champagne football on Tannadice Street seems to be the


order of the day, after an uncertain start to the season. A quarter of


the way through and Dundee were starting to play some of the most


fun-to-watch football. But after a defeat Mark Wilson was drafted in.


They were up against a St Mirren side who have stopped the rot. Two


wins on the trot after victories at Hearts and edging seven-goal


thriller against St Johnstone. Kello made his debut. They have a Turkish


Dutchman who is becoming a real hero. The opening goal arriving in


the 27th minute. With Gary Mackay Stephen on from the start they were


dominant. Minutes after the goal, there was a penalty. Sean Kelly with


the infringement. And no doubting the penalty. He put it confidently


past Kello to make it 2-0. United should have been more than two goals


in front in the first half. St Mirren were chasing tangerine


shadows and some dithering in defence almost allowed in Ryan Gold


for number three. At 17 years of age he's a great talent and his chance


to really shine would come in the second half. Even from this sort of


range, no problem. You won't see many better strikes this season.


That goal came with still 30 minutes left on the clock. Still the


tangerine tide came forward. St Mirren were toiling. First Ryan


Graham denied. And then from Andrew Robertson's cross, Graham would be


denied again this time by Kello. By and large a dismal day out for St


Mirren. Dobson got a chance, but the goalie did just enough to put off


the former United striker. With just seven minutes left to play, Ryan Dow


intercepted and surged forward before feeding the ball to Chris


Erskine. Number four for them. The side are lighting up the Scottish


Premiership. As for St Mirren, after recent improvements, this was a


reminder of the bad old days of not too long ago. Disappointed for us in


terms of where we have been. In terms of the energy what we've


brought and collectiveness and playing as a team and I thought we


broke the shadow of that today. I think it's good. I thought


everything came together and worked well at passing and chances created


and good balls in the We are going to talk about Ryan


Gold. 17. Absolutely fantastic. A joy to watch. He is. The team is


packed full of real attacking threat and imagination in the final third.


Ryan Gold epitomises that. You see he drifts into little pockets of


areas and finds space. You could argue that the defence need to close


him down a bit quicker, but that's intelligent play. He finds the space


and knows where to drift. He causes defence all sorts of problems and it


one is a perfect example. Into that wee picket, difficult to pick up and


direct and straight at goal. What a shot that is. Fantastic strike. You


see it here. Just after this, where the goalkeeper didn't have much of a


chance. What Jackie's allowed the players to do in the final third is


express yourselves and get in. I don't think Jackie plays with the


wingers, but likes them into the inside and play in the little


pockets and there are young players coming in. You don't have to be the


big guy. I think Barcelona have proved that with the players they


have, small, but your movement. Intelligent. Yeah. 29.6 yards. I


thought I better convert that for the viewers. Fantastic to watch.


Champagne football. Disappointing for St Mirren, because they looked


like they might have turned a corner. You could see some on the


VT, their defending was so poor. No closing down. Didn't seem to be


stretched between the midfield and back four. They dropped off. All


sorts of areas for teams to play against them. That was pretty much


the weekend that was. Just five games this weekend, because the


Friday night match ended up in darkness in Dingwall. Ross county


and Inverness was going to on and then the match was abandoned to be


played on another date. They'll be reverting back to Victoria Park


after that. That's how it finished there, abandoned, so what's the


table looking like now? If you thought this weekend was


pretty good, next week looks pretty tasty too.


Even before all that, there's a small mid-week matter of the League


Cup quarter finals. On Tuesday, Inverness are at home to Dundee and


Morton are at home to St Johnstone and it's Hibs and Hearts for the


Edinburgh Derby. It will be Hibs and Hearts for a place in the last four.


That game is live on BBC One Scotland at 6.55pm on Wednesday and


extended studio analysis on-line at full-time.


It's a brave man who predicts an Edinburgh derby, Pat, so over to


you. I am not going to predict. Any derby can go. It depends how you


wake up and how you approach the gale and get out there and be


positive, but I watched Hearts yesterday and I think Hibs pu have


the upper hand. The home team. The way that Hearts are playing, their


confidence must be down. But it's a quarter final and a big chance to do


something this year. You never know. In the last Edinburgh Derby it was


Hearts? It was, but they were on a better run than at the moment. Pat


is right. The confidence must be at rock bottom at the moment. Difficult


to say what will happen, but -- It seems like an age ago in I was


talking about it yesterday. That was something that hearts never had.


Somebody attacking the front post area and natural strikers is


something they lack, but a great finish. They theT got no the


positions almost even lease -- they got into the positions almost even


less. You have to attack the near post and get in front of the


defenders and that improved. He can prove that he can do it. They want


to work on that and I know he was talking about improving the


defending, but they have to work on the all-round part. Let's hope it's


great. A time for a look at tomorrow's back pages before we


leave you. There we go. That is the Daily Mail. Rough diamond. And this


is the Scotsman Badbe comes of age there. -- Balde comes of age. Neil


Lennon promises he'll get more game game. He's a bit of a rough diamond,


but he's got so many injuries. Neil Lennon needs to be bringing them in.


The injuries are a problem. You had Mulgrew out and Kris Commons has


been out. And Samaras went off with a gash. Big games. James Forster, so


let's hope he's fit. Balde and Pukki and the guys they've brought them in


and they cannot be babies all the time. They have to be men and score.


He proved that he can go by people and score and that's what he has to


do week in and week out. They've got a big score, so they have to cope


with the number of games. I'm sure he'll get the opportunities in games


to come. He took his opportunity and make a big impact and he got Celtic


the three point in the end. That is it. The weekend in Scottish football


is finally at an end. Thank you to Pat and Michael for joining us this


evening. There is more football mid-week as we were just talking


about. Wednesday night, the Edinburgh derby. Join us for that,


but for now, from all of us here, stay safe in the weather, good




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