Hibernian v Heart of Midlothian Sportscene

Hibernian v Heart of Midlothian

Live coverage of the Scottish League Cup match between Hibernian and Heart of Midlothian from Easter Road Stadium. And highlights of Inverness Caledonian Thistle v Dundee Utd.

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Now it is time to cross to Rob Maclean and the Sportsline team.


Hello from Easter Road, an Edinburgh derby with an even bigger prize than


normal. Derby day in Edinburgh, and the


capital comes alive. Third is two teams, it is a match that matters so


much. The teams are here, the fans can't wait. The scene is set for the


second Edinburgh derby of the season. Playing for a place in the


league cup semifinals, it is Hibs against Hearts.


Yeah, it could be quite a night. With me in the studio tonight, two


men who have won the captain's armband in this famous fixture,


Michael Stewart and Ian Murray. The match will of course be played with


extra time and penalties if required. If the match is settled


within 90 minutes, we will have an extra half-hour of analysis and


interviews for you later via the BBC website. We will have highlights for


you of Inverness versus Dundee United at half-time. That was quite


a quarterfinal played in the Highland capital last night. There


was controversy surrounding that. And we will have news from


tonight's other quarterfinals. Morton play St Johnstone. News of


that will be built into our live coverage from here at Easter Road.


Ian, let's talk about this one. Hibs have hardly set the heather alight


this season. Tonight could make a big difference? Massive game for


them. The pressure is on Hibs. Hearts are a young team. Hibs are at


home. For me, I think it is a home win. Is that a wily campaigner like


Billy Brown trying to wind things up? Maybe a little bit, but I think


he was in what he said. Of course, they want to win. Do they expect to


win? I'm not so sure. The odds appear to be stacked against Hearts,


but they have won before? Year, they have. It was the same sin REO -- the


same scenario before. And it was the same coming in here tonight. We were


talking about how we thought the game was going to go, and this is a


night Hibs have got to try and win. But the more we spoke about it, the


more I got the feeling that Hearts have a chance. If you are a Hibs


fan, you are always apprehensive going into a derby. If you are a


Hearts fan, but some reason there was always more expectancy. Hearts


have got a chance. It will be close. That wonderful soundtrack in the


background to a massive mat at Easter Road. It is the Edinburgh


derby. The winners tonight will take their place in the last four for the


linkup edition. Your commentators are Billy Dodds and Liam McLeod.


The evening. More than 300 times, these two have crossed swords, but


the scars of league cup after a few. Incredibly, it is the fourth time


these teams have been drawn together in this competition. Twice in 1947


and 1956, both won by Hearts. The most recent one was in November


2006, and it saw Hibs go through at this stage, faxed to a Rob Jones


goal. As the crow flies, there are only about three and a half miles


between the clubs, but there are 22 points separating them in the


league, with Hearts rooted to the bottom of the premiership, mainly


due to their financial penalty for going into administration. They are


still waiting for news on that front in the near future. Right now, they


are down to the bare bones. They are still hurting from that game at


Hampden Park not even a year and a half ago. Paul hasn't played the


final part of the second-round loss to Hamilton.


What a boost to the Hearts team to have Ryan Stevenson available.


Just two defeat in ten, Pat Fenlon looking at the positives. He is


beside Jimmy Nicholl, who won this competition at Kilmarnock alongside


Kenny Shiels. What a tough task it has been for the Hearts manager this


season. It is the referee's first Edinburgh derby. He took charge of


last season's Scottish cup final as the Hibees went down 3-0 to Celtic.


And it will be the hosts who will start this showpiece match of this


year's league cup quarterfinal. The draw for the semis of the


competition is made tomorrow. Inverness Caley Thistle are already


there. Which of these great capital clubs will be taking their place


alongside them 's three times winner is Hibs or the four time winners and


last year's runners-up, heart of Midlothian? Under the floodlights in


Leith, there must be a winner. No mucking about, no replays. Four of


Hearts' last league cup games have gone all the way to penalties. I


hope I am wrong, but I think because of the pressure on the expectancy,


they will be tense and nervous. You have two teams giving maximum effort


and endeavour. I would like an early goal. Both teams will be getting


into this. There have just been six goals scored in the last five


Edinburgh derbies. Hibs fans arriving late are making


their way to their seats at the Hearts end. They have sold that end


out. Jamie Hamill gets the free kick. He


will be very important for Hearts tonight. One of their more


experienced players. Ryan Stevenson is 29. Free kick given. That is the


way it is going to be for at least the first ten, 15 minutes of this


match. The ball just will not settle. What


an education it has been for the majority of the youthful Hearts


squad. The captain is only 21. It is easy to forget that.


A late challenge by Ryan Stevenson on Robertson. I am not going to beat


on too much about Stevenson, but that just shows you.


That was a great all in -- a great ball in! But hit the woodwork. Jamie


Hamill is poleaxed inside his own penalty area. It is Hibs who are


pressing and pressing. It all came from Jamie MacDonald.


Gets a great header on it, Paul Hanlon. Hanlon attacked that so


well. McDonald gets lucky. Hamill is being


helped off the park just now. Had a bang to that left leg. Hearts lost


Ryan Stevenson for a spell early in the campaign. Aside from one, there


is no one older than 22 in the Hearts team tonight.


Ben Williams has had an assured presence in the Hibernian goal this


campaign. That was a foul on Craig. It seems that Hearts have a storm to


whether here. Loads of green and white in the box.


We thought Hearts' setup would be a FourFourTwo. Hearts are just trying


to get through the first ten, 15 minutes.


We certainly did not expect to see Ryan Stevenson in the Hearts line-up


tonight. Kevin Thomson was tempted by the


effort. You can hear the Hibs fans. They sense that a goal might be in


the offing for their team. Morton versus St Johnstone have a


7:30pm start. And at 7:45pm, Motherwell against Aberdeen.


James Collins was on the ball there. He is finding it difficult to cement


his place on the Hibs team. Hibs have started a better than


against Aberdeen at the weekend. Hibs are on the front foot taking


the game to Hearts. A real test for this young Hearts


team. It is a straight wall. Never going


to get on the end of that. How do Hearts best approach this


game the way it opens up? They are doing the right thing.


Hibs are passing the ball around well. They need to be in these early


moments. A great flick on from Collins.


Promising foreheads. -- for Hibs. Really good work initially by James


Collins. Somehow it stays out! McGowan and


Wilson, McGowan with the challenge on McPake. It was McGee. He does


well to get it away. A fine stop by MacDonald. Hearts do


enough to get it away. Constant pressure. It's not over yet for


Hearts. Well, wonderful midfield work.


Hearts have barely been able to string a couple of passes together


on the deck. Hibs are in their faces.


Evenson is still only 25, seems to have been around forever. Wonderful


against Kilmarnock. It is attack after attack here. The


men in green and white. Oh, what a save from McDonald's.


Onto the crossbar and it stays 0-0. I cannot tell you how good a save


that was from Jamie MacDonald. My word, what a touch, what an angle.


Through the legs of McHattie. What a save! A stunning piece of


goalkeeping. It keeps the score blank. The goal is being peppered.


Hearts can just take a breather. 17.5 minutes in to the Edinburgh


derby. Hearts have been excellent.


Absolutely stunning. They have to release the pressure.


Sometimes you don't get great derbies but this is excellent so


far. Hibs taking the game to Hearts. A great league cup ties so far. The


prize is a place in the semifinals. MacDonald again. He is keeping his


team in it single-handedly right now! So positive.


How much longer can Hearts sustain this?


It is difficult to see Hearts keeping Hibs out the way this game


is going so far. They have got through the first 20.


A great save from McDonald's. They are still hanging in there. You can


only give Hearts credit so far. The fans would like them to play a bit


better. Hibs are constantly at Hearts's throats.


The last meeting was November 2006, a quarterfinal. Rob Jones with the


only goal. The Hearts fans are claiming


handball. Two fantastic saves. He deserves his


luck, he kept his team in it. They cannot get it on target.


Good game! Jamie MacDonald acknowledging the supporters. They


are appreciating his efforts so far. He is all that is standing between


Hibs and a lead right now. Lewis Stevenson in his 21st capital


derby. They just can't make it stick, can


the visitors. Vine and Collins have had their fair


share of headers in the match so far. They can't sustain this level


for 90 minutes, plus possible extra time, can they? Who, Hibs? Hearts


have worked so hard. You wonder if they can keep up the energy levels.


The fact that Hibs have not taken advantage of their superiority so


far... They have been good so far, Hibs,


with Hearts hanging on. Hamill takes the free kick for Hearts. Ben


Williams gets to see a bit of the ball there. He was 16 when he scored


against Aberdeen in August, John Magee. He is a Scotland under 21


international already. Hibs have to remember, even though


they are dominating, they have got defending to do as well. At some


points, with the right ball, Hearts could have been in.


Brilliant opportunity, this, from the Luke for the men from the other


side of the capital. The two Stevensons come together.


Billy Dodds is shaking his head. We have got a battle on our hands


out that tonight. If this had been your average league


get game, Ryan Stevenson would have been missed tonight. I would agree.


It is Lazarus-like, his recovery from Saturday. He was just back from


a long-term injury. Hibs free kick. James Collins cost


?200,000 over the summer. Former Aston Villa youth player. Arriving


from Swindon, and he has taken up his place in the penalty area. The


home fans expect them. -- expect them to.


Ryan McGivern is here permanently now after a loan season last year


from Manchester City. The first half hour has flown by.


The capital derby. The good thing for Hearts is that a lot of their


players have in experience last season.


It has been tough for them in the last few weeks. Six defeats in


seven. Wilson just takes him out. First


booking of the night goes to Danny Wilson.


There is a foul on Walker by Robertson. You can see a bit more


from up the stands sometimes. At the moment, Hearts can't get


their strikers into the game. Stevenson! It is unbelievable!


Unbelievable! Up against the odds, Ryan Stevenson draws the first Lord


of the Edinburgh derby! What a turnaround -- he draws the first


blood. This was stunning. From absolutely nowhere, the game has


turned on its head. He has had one shot, he set his sights, ticks it up


and just lashes it behind Williams, absolutely no chance. Incredible


stuff. What a hit that is. I don't think Hearts players can believe it.


Ryan Stevenson has been booked in the wake of that. He went from that


end all the way to the other. The man who scored both their goals in


last season's final has got the opener here, against the run of


play, big-time. It was all Hibs until then. They pounded Jamie


MacDonald's goal. McDonald made a couple of brilliant saves. Followed


by this, from Stevenson, booked for his celebrations as this dudes try


to put out a flower which has come from the Hearts end. -- they have


tried to put out a flare. You just can't celebrity a goal any more. --


celebrate a goal any more. We are back under way now. It is the


Hearts fans who are celebrating. The Hibernian supporters asked under by


what they have seen. -- they are stunned. They thought it was only a


matter of time before they scored, but it is that lot there who have


seen their team get the ball into the net, and that is what counts at


the end of the day. Football is a funny old game, isn't it? You are a


team who have been pummelled the 20, 25 minutes, and suddenly you get


through that period. Hibs are looking for immediate


retaliation here. They claimed handball against Paterson. Now the


men in maroon are up again. When you are up against it and you


are being pummelled, the words you used, you need a piece of magic, and


Ryan Stevenson Khan did that up from nowhere. -- he conjured that up. We


know he has got a strike on him. It was a screamer. The Hearts assistant


manager, Billy Brown, said at the media conference yesterday that the


pressure was all on Hibs. It certainly is now. Do Hibs have an


answer? They have seldom come up with an answer at home in recent


times. Just four victory is in the calendar year here so far. You are


not getting much for your season ticket at Easter Road just now.


Hearts have gained confidence from the fact that they got their goal.


The Hibs supporters are rubbing their eyes in disbelief at what is


going on here. The fans, the players and the management team are all in


shock. Sometimes you do get shocks in games. It is just how you react


to it. Patterson may have been on the move


quicker. Walker tried to guide it back into the far corner.


Willie Collum was not happy with the challenge. Willie Collum it will be


a busy bee here. Willie Collum taking names, there


were a few involved. The third Hearts player to be booked tonight.


He hasn't finished yet. Willie Collum books Scott Robinson. Four


Hearts players on a yellow card. It is getting a bit naughty out


there! Plenty for Clancy to deal with last


night. Ten bookings for Dundee United.


There were only two or three not booked from United team!


Plenty of time for the host will stop -- hosts. Full.


McPake could not get it flush on the head. Jamie MacDonald clings on for


dear life. Hearts survive again. Two minutes


being added on at the end. The final minute of the 45. Two


being added on at the end. Willie Collum has had a busy night.


McGivern is from Newry in Northern Ireland. He wasn't in the squad for


the matches in October. Craig has been on fine goal-scoring


form. Willie Collum did not feel it was a


free kick so gives it to Hearts for the handball.


We saw John Robertson before the goal coming down to the dugout,


pointing the way. Hebburn in with the opportunity to


try to level matters before the interval. -- Hibernian.


Hearts have held form. An astonishing start at Easter Road.


Ryan Stevenson with a wonder strike for Hearts to give them the lead.


Jamie MacDonald just as big a hero as the man who put the ball in the


back of the net with two wonderful saves from Robertson and Paul Hanlon


hit the left-hand post as well. The Jambos lead at half-time.


You would not see a more glaring example of a sucker punch in a


football match than that. Let's hear from Michael Stewart and Ian Murray.


Hibs must be stunned in the dressing room. They will be, disappointed.


They played exceptionally well at times. It looked like only a matter


of time. Foreheads to keep doing that 45 minutes, to keep going and


going and going. Stevenson went up front. Hearts looked livelier.


How far were Hearts out of that in the first half hour?


When they turned up at Easter Road tonight, it was as much as an


Edinburgh derby as I've seen. With the pressure and momentum with one


team and they don't score, the other team... Identity so much they


changed the shape or made difference. They made the change


earlier. For me, what's important is one of the best players on the team


working so hard. You have to have those players down the spine of the


team. When he is out wide, he is wasted. He is capable of bits of


magic. He looks for it, just shortly before that, he cut in from the


left-hand as well. I think it's vital he gets kept in the middle of


the pitch because we can produce things like we saw.


It had seemed a matter of time before Hibs scored.


Hibs were doing well making McDonald's work hard. The header was


off the post. The bottom line is you have to take chances. If you don't


get the goal in common playing so well, you start to worry.


That was the pick of the bunch. He had a couple of shaky moments, he


came out for a couple of punches and the one that led up to where it hit


the post, before that he punched one, and later on a corner and


heeded not cleared the box. So, he more than made up that with his


saves in the first half. It was needed. Hibs will be so disappointed


because they had the majority of possession, creating opportunities.


When Hearts scored it looked as if the confidence disappeared out of


the team. They were slower, they need to speed it up.


The hero status is shared between Jamie MacDonald and Ryan Stevenson.


A fantastic strike. It is not even a good ball in. He


knows where the goals are. Paul Hamill on Stevenson. It takes a


split second to score a goal. Hibs have a tough game on their hands.


The next goal is massively important. It could be game over.


Hibs have to get the equaliser. This is one of three league cup


quarterfinals going on tonight. A 7:30pm start for Morton against


Saint Johnstone. 20 minutes gone, terrific football stadium.


A solid start for both Morton and Saint Johnstone. McLauchlan with a


header and the goalkeeper dealt with it comfortably.


30 years since Morton reached a league cup semifinal. There's a lot


of drama to come in this one yet. Sorry, Sam problems.


We will keep tabs on that one. Fir Park started 7:45pm. It remains


0-0. A big atmosphere. A big moment the


referee after four minutes, Motherwell had the ball in the net,


it looked as if he drifted from offside. Loitering with intent. The


assistant said that Sutton was offside. It was chalked off. In the


driving rain here, it is all Motherwell in the early stages. Nine


minutes played. It is still 0-0. The first of the quarterfinals did not


leave us short on talking points. Inverness played Dundee United. The


best of it now with John Barnes. And United have lost one of the last


eight visit to the Caledonian Stadium.


What a strike that is! Dundee United in front after only five minutes. A


terrific effort there from the United full-back. To put the


visitors in front. The referee spotted an infringement.


I think it was Mackay with a push in the back of patent. -- Peyton.


It is all kicking off now. What Draper stepping in. -- prostrate


burst opinion. The referee has got some work to do here. It is a red


card for the United striker. The top goal-scorer is asked to leave the


field. There have already been a couple of yellow cards, and now


Terry Butcher is being shown to the stand Tom as is Darren Jackson, the


United coach, all because of this. Warren! And Inverness are back


level. Gary Warren, with his second goal of the season, nine minutes


into the second half. Billy Mackay really should have buried that. It


was a great setup from Doran. Billy Mackay is grounded. He is appealing,


but the referee is having none of it. A yellow card for dissent from


Mackay. Ross Draper at the back! In the final minute of extra time.


Draper may well have clinched Caley Thistle's plays in the semi league


final -- the semifinal. How do you some all that up?


Very difficult to do that. We got into trouble with some of the


decisions, especially the sending of. Our boys kept on going, so


credit to them. We played up until the last minute of the game, putting


balls in the box. I am proud of the way they kept going, their energy


levels, the way they kept helping each other, even when things were


going against them. Just disappointed that we did not last


and ticket to penalties. Later we have Sportscene extra online. We


will have an extra bit of chat on the BBC website. Iain Murray, I have


seen you and a few of those in your time. Difficult for the referee,


wasn't it, to pick out who merited a red card? It is hard, because there


are so many people and then the managers get involved. You can't see


everything. He was maybe a bit harsh. Talking of a red card, let's


see what happened for Motherwell versus Aberdeen. Yes, Aberdeen are


already down to ten men. Joe Shaughnessy's straight red card for


a really bad challenge. The Motherwell man was getting forward.


The Aberdeen full-back came and launched right into him, and the


referee had no hesitation in flashing a direct red card. The Dons


are down to ten men. Remember that Motherwell have had the ball in the


net. That was chalked off, correctly in my opinion. It came from an


offside position. It is all happening here. It is early days at


Fir Park. We have had an amazing first half here at Easter Road.


Remarkable, the way it has panned out. We did not expect to see Ryan


Stevenson here because of his injury over the weekend. Not only has he


featured, but he scored the goal. I was surprised to see him featured


after being sent for a scan. He does not even think about it, just


smashes it into the back of the net. Vital player for Hearts. Jamie


MacDonald has had an amazing first half as well. It started badly for


him. Year, he should have caught that, and it hit the woodwork. But


after that, he has acted magnificently. It might be his night


as a goalie. If he is not holding it, he can't allow the ball to


drop. That was a dangerous area. But this was the big one. That was an


absolute cracker. To get that up onto the bar was a phenomenal save.


We watched that from behind, and the moment it struck we thought it was a


goal. Those normally go in, because the goalkeeper can't keep them out.


But it was a magnificent save, as good as you will see. What an


amazing first half. It will be interesting to see the reactions of


the two teams. Hibs have gone a goal behind. Hearts were not really in


the game until Ryan Stevenson scored spectacularly. At the other end,


Jamie MacDonald has been superb, with that wonder save to keep out


Scott Robertson. The second half is about to get underway. Leigh Dodds


and Liam McLeod. Yeah, just about ready to go again.


Hibs have won the league cup three times. In 1972, 1991 and 2007.


Hearts have won it four times, all within eight years in 1954, 1959 and


1962, including twice under Tommy Walker.


Ryan Stevenson's second goal of the season is the difference between the


two teams so far. Hibs started the first half like a rocket. They will


be hoping to do so again in the second period. Hibs were unbeaten


against Hearts last season. Hearts have the early-season


bragging rights in this campaign, and they lead here. That is a modern


day rule, you can't go in with your studs up. But I think it is


impossible to do a tackle with your studs down. Dylan McGowan with the


free kick. He was a frustrated figure at Hampden Park back in


March, Ryan Stevenson. Yes, they have tested Jamie


MacDonald, but they were finding that problematic against Aberdeen at


the weekend. Tonight, it has been the same situation when they have


got into the Hearts penalty area. I am sure Stevenson gets at least a


head on that. I think everybody in this stadium is


in shock, including the Hearts fans and ourselves. Kids will be saying,


we have got to get back to what we do -- Hibs.


We will keep you up-to-date with what is happening in the other two


ties. Hearts have the advantage here, Hibs trying to claw their way


back. Hearts have only one away from home


once this season. It was in this competition.


Hibs won an indirect free kick for the pass back there.


There was too much on it. Excellent opportunity. A man who knows what it


takes to win the Scottish league cup. Former manager of kill Marnoch.


Guided Killy last year, 2012. -- kill Marnoch.


There were green and white options in the middle. Good play from


McGivern. Hibs haven't been as good at the


start of the second half as the first. Hearts aren't using the ball


to good effect. Hearts have got themselves into a situation where


they could counterattack... The pressure is on Hibs.


Gary Locke doing a fine job under the circumstances.


Hearts supporters happy to still have a club to support! That is the


main thing. Still waiting on news from Lithuania. They can't be bought


until the major shareholder are put into liquidation.


Hibs fans are getting restless. Very restless. So is their manager. He is


twitchy. They are dependent on experience


guys tonight. A bit of connection is all that is


needed. They will do well to avoid a card


here, Kevin Thomson. He is being pulled over by Willie Collum.


Hence are about to make the change at the next stoppage in play. --


Hibs. Hearts still leads the Derby here in


the capital. Ryan Stevenson wasn't even meant to


be playing tonight. He has proved to be the Joker in the pack for Gary


Locke. Hearts have looked more comfortable


this half. Five minutes shy of the final


quarter. Surely now the change will be made.


Brilliant from McGowan. James Collins two goals this season.


Ross Caldwell comes on. He scored the winner in the final derby of


last season. What a goal it was. The more scrappy game, it might suit


Hearts more than Hibs. It eats up the seconds.


It adds pressure. Hearts more comfortable as the game goes on.


Hibs scored more in the last round of the competition at Easter Road


than in the entire season so far at home. Five times against Stranraer.


A Liam Craig hat-trick helping them on their way.


Jordan McGhee becomes the fifth Hearts player in the referee's book.


It is 5-2 to Hibs in that respect. 17-year-old Jordan McGhee is the


latest offender. Very similar to Thompson, two minutes ago.


An Edinburgh derby under the floodlights. The Hearts hero so far


is Ryan Stevenson. They look white relaxed now. -- quite relaxed. Hibs


fans are biting their fingernails. 16,797 inside Easter Road tonight.


They will be clock watching very soon, if they are not already.


The frustration is creeping down onto the turf.


That sums it up a bit for Hibs. It was a good build-up. But they lost


momentum. They have not really recovered from the kick in the guts


they got with the Ryan Stevenson goal. They just don't seem to have


the same belief that they had before that goal. They are trying to play,


but you have got to hand it to Hearts as well. They have made it


difficult for them. The pressure is on as well, and Hibs are not


handling that side so far. The blues are ringing out now. That


is exactly what they don't want is the. -- what they don't want to see.


Hearts corner. Hanlon was forced to give away a


corner. Really good play from Stevenson.


The goalkeeper seemed a bit indecisive dad, Ben Williams.


So if you are Pat Fenlon and Billy Dodds, and you are looking at the


clock and it is ticking down, what do you do? I think Zoubir is an


absolute certainty to come on. Just something different to mix it up and


create something, because they have not been creating. Hibs fans were


not happy with the substitutions Pat Fenlon made hay against Aberdeen on


Saturday. It is a Hearts ball. And no sooner did we say it, but Zoubir


will be on in a moment or two for the home team.


As far as goals are concerned, Paul Hatton and has looked the most


likely for Hibernian. Here they go. That has got to go down as a poor


miss from the Hibernian point of view. That was from Liam Craig. That


was the golden moment. They got a little bit of luck they needed. He


has got to strike better than that. What a lost opportunity. Another


huge moment. It was another good stop from McDonald's. He has had a


fine night. I was talking about Paul Hatton and being good for a golfer


Hibs this season. But Liam Craig has done OK himself. He has got six so


far, and you would have put your mortgage on him banging Hibs level


in this game with that chance. MacDonald made the save, but whereas


one of the saves in the first half was outstanding, that one was more


down to Liam missing it. I think he should have gone for power there.


Tom Taiwo is the player who will come off for Hibs, to be replaced by


the Frenchman, Abdellah Zoubir, on loan. Callum Paterson is waiting to


come back on. It is a handball. You feel there is


plenty more in this derby yet. It could still be a long night. Still


time for the men in green and white. But it is disappearing all


the time as Zoubir waits and waits. The Hibs fans want him on. Pat


Fenlon, like a caged lion, down in his technical area. Once again, it


is a poor ball, and once again, the supporters are venting their fury.


Now, the change will be made. Zoubir replaces Tom Taiwo, a very different


kind of player. Can he turn it? That is the question. They just have not


created enough. We have seen plenty of drama in the league cup this


season already. What more will we see in the capital?


It is a Hearts free kick. Eats up more time, too.


Yeah, tug on the jersey. They are not going to get away with that


tonight. Three yellows for Hibs now, Hearts


with five. Remember, if the game finishes after 90 minutes, we will


be on air for half an hour on our website with all the post match


reaction. Ryan Stevenson again, the man with


the dodgy knee. Not that dodgy! Absolutely not. They forced him off


early against Kilmarnock on Saturday. It was a 2-0 defeat.


Kilmarnock cantered to that victory. But Hearts have been a very


different animal tonight. That foul was against Ryan


Stevenson. The semifinal draw is made tomorrow


afternoon at the national stadium, three o'clock. Inverness Caley


Thistle are already there. Six other teams trying to get there. No goals


between St Martin and St Johnstone. No goals between Motherwell and ten


man Aberdeen. Hearts with one foot in the semifinal as things stand.


They won their semifinal here last season, on penalties, of course.


When they have won their last four ties, they have won them with kicks


from the penalty mark. Hibs are struggling for ideas.


Zoubir is fresh. They should see what he can do.


Robertson has been on the periphery of things since the opening 25


minutes of the match. I think the Hibs fans want this in


the box. It keeps coming back. McDonald gets a bit of luck again.


He's been outstanding. The Hibs fans are frustrated, they


are putting more pressure on the players. We have seen this so often


before. You can understand the frustration from the supporters.


He was caught there. McPake is in trouble. He is. Hibs down to ten


men. It is going from bad to worse for the Hibees.


Hearts were not expected to make any kind of impact. And now they've been


reduced in numbers. James McPake with the lunge on a Callum Paterson.


Seven minutes to go. The mountain just got bigger for the hosts.


It could be that that is Hibs's chances all but gone. The skipper


doesn't know where to look. He has had something to say to the Hearts


technical staff as well. The Hearts fans beginning to sense this is


their night. They think they are there. This


league cup quarterfinal tilted a bit further towards the men from the


other side of the city. Ben Williams with the armband now. Callum


Paterson carrying a knock as well. Gary Locke waits. McHattie goes for


gold. Hearts yet to make a change. The


young team being put through the ringer. They will come out the other


end to sparkling. A semifinal place is only five minutes away and less


that ten men of Hebburn Ian can launch a comeback. -- Hibernian.


Aberdeen down to ten at Fir Park against Motherwell.


Scott Robertson the latest to get in bother with Willie Collum. A yellow


card. A cynical challenge. That is nine yellows in total and


the McPake read. Hearts free kick. The clock ticks


down. 3.5 minutes to go plus injury time.


They battered Hearts in the opening exchange, the opening 25 minutes of


the game. They are behind. Where there is time, there is hope.


They have found it hard in the second half. Liam Craig...


A glut of chances, particularly in the first half but the pressure


looks like it will be right on Pat Fenlon again.


a crucial moment again. It sums it up for the Hibees.


He will play the 90 minutes, Ryan Stevenson. Three minutes of stoppage


time added on. A minimum of three minutes for Hibs to rescue this


situation. They are down to ten men. They are a goal down as well in the


league cup quarterfinal. The goal knocked the stuffing out of


them. Any wind of them when Stevenson thumped the ball into the


net. They have not been the same team since then. Hibs have not been


able... You have to credit Hearts, young


inexperienced lads. Even the experienced ones are young and they


are standing firm. He has taken Hibs to a couple of


Scottish cup finals. They went out to Queen of the season -- Queen of


the South last season. It hasn't been a kind competition for him. I


am surprised Gary Locke hasn't made any changes. He has kept them all on


the park. I think he will make a change this time. This will eat up


more time. Callum Tapping getting ready to come on.


The Hearts fans think they are there already. Scott Robinson is replaced


by Callum Tapping. They cannot get past the maroon


rearguard. They cannot break it down. The three minutes of stoppage


time are almost up. McDonald holds on. He will not be letting go of


that. This could be time up. Caldwell just stands and hopes the


ball is coming to him! Still we play on.


The Hibs fans are heading for the exit is already. That, surely,


surely, that is it. WHISTLE BLOWS


Listen to the raw from the Hearts supporters who came here more in


hope than expectation. They hope to knock out their big rivals. They


have done just that. They weathered a storm in the opening 25 minutes of


this game. They were taking a pounding in the first half. Jamie


MacDonald with a couple of wonderful saves, one in particular which he


saved off the crossbar. He is the big hero, he is the one he would


have the headlines. Ryan Stevenson. It was a sight to behold. The


classic sucker punch having been up against it. The team in


administration have got another round to go through, more money for


them, they have much bigger battles of the park but on the park they


have had 11 Lions tonight. Hibs, despite the credit they would get


for the opening 25 minutes, could not penetrate. Ryan Stevenson is the


hero for Hearts. Gary Locke will thank all of his players. He did not


make a change until the final minute. Hearts go through to the


league cup semifinal draw. Hibernian zero, Heart of Midlothian, one.


15 points adrift at the bottom of the SPL. Only three players were


over the age of 20. The odds were so heavily stacked against Gary Locke


and his team. And they have pulled off an amazing victory having been


so much under the cosh in the first half an hour at Easter Road, Hibs


could not take their chances. Jamie MacDonald had something to do with


that. Ryan Stevenson struck in spectacular style, even that early


in the game, no way back for Hibs. Good players give you a reaction.


Unfortunately for Hibs and the Easter Road faithful, it was a long


time after the goal and they never looked as if there were going to get


back into the game as soon as Hearts scored. That is a sad indictment of


the Hibs team. That is a big plus for young team, Ian, and it is a


major -4 Pat Fenlon and his team. Yes, credit to Hearts. The pressure


was on Hibs. Let's hear from Ryan Stevenson.


Ryan, congratulations. Some are pure emotions? It is amazing. After the


recent run of form I have had, some poor results, we knew it was a big


game for us all. It was a good distraction for us and it is a


massive result. 25 minutes into the game, it was backs to the wall for


Hearts, and then you produced an unstoppable shot. Whether that come


from? I don't really know! Probably because I was tired at the time, I


just thought I would hit it in the top corner. We defended well. Jamie


MacDonald made some great saves. What does it say about the heart of


this young side to put in a performance like that? Hibs only had


one shot after your goal. How did that come about? We are young. But


we are getting experience. We have played well for most of the season.


It was a surprise to see his name on the team sheet, pre-kick-off. But he


did this. Fantastic goal. He said he was feeling a bit tired, but if he


does that when he is feeling tired, we will take that and see what he is


like when he has got a bit of energy! That was a fantastic finish.


He does not even have to look at the target, he just lets it roll across


his shoulder. Right in the back of the net. That was 34 minutes in. The


big surprise if you are a Hibs fan is that there was so little from


them between then and time up. There was not much. At half-time, did team


talk must have been easy for Hibs. Keep doing what you are doing. There


first half-hour was exceptional. They had two big guys at the front.


Let's round things up before we go in terms of all the league cup


quarterfinals. Inverness were of course our winners last night.


If you are watching us on the BBC website, stay where you are, because


there is more chaps to come. If you are watching on telly, go to the


website. If not, it is bye for now. Hearts are through to the


quarterfinals, or the semifinals, even!


Live from Easter Road Stadium, with kick-off at 7.00pm.

Edinburgh rivals Hibernian and Heart of Midlothian face each other for the third successive season in a knockout competition. Hibs' supporters will still be haunted by the 5-1 Scottish Cup final defeat to their city rivals in 2012, though they did beat the Gorgie side in the 4th round of the same competition last season thanks to a Marius Zaliukas own goal. The last time the teams met at this stage of the Scottish League Cup, the Leith side won 1-0 and went on to lift the 2006-07 trophy while Hearts lost in last season's final and have not lifted this trophy since 1962. However Hearts have already beaten Hibs in the SPFL Premiership this season - a 1-0 victory at Tynecastle courtesy of a Callum Paterson goal. Hibs progressed to the last eight with a 5-3 victory against Stranraer, while Hearts required extra time and penalties to see off Queen of the South.

Plus highlights from last night's match between Inverness Caledonian Thistle and Dundee Utd. And updates from the Morton v St Johnstone and Motherwell v Aberdeen matches also being played tonight.

Introduced by Rob Maclean with Ian Murray and Michael Stewart.

Commentary by Liam McLeod and Billy Dodds.

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