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Highlights from the SPFL. Hamilton v Celtic, Aberdeen v St Johnstone, Hearts v Kilmarnock, Inverness v Dundee, Motherwell v Partick Thistle and Dundee Utd v Ross County.

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Good evening, and welcome to Sportscene.


Every weekend, there's more twists and turns


Tonight on Sportscene, it's no different.


The big twist on the show tonight is that Michael Stewart


Darren Jackson on standby as technical support.


We begin in Dingwall, where Dundee United were looking


to make good on Darren Jackson's guarantee that they would


Before the match, County honoured the side that won


Two changes to the Ross County team. Two changes to the Dundee United


team as well. 1-0 Dundee United! And the Captain


picks up where he picked up last weekend at a 30 yard shot. A header


from the set piece this time, equally invaluable.


Dundee United are ahead. It was a cushioned header from


Durnan. Back to the goalkeeper Kawashima.


Ross County are looking to get back on level terms.


Fraser groups around the outside. Durnan keeps it alive. 90 minutes


from -- 19 minutes from time, 2- 02 Dundee United, are they on their way


to three priceless points, it looks that way.


Graeme trying to block the chance. that way.


All he could do was put the ball in the net. United on two goals in


front. Graeme had the chance to get a goal


back for Ross County. It is heads in hands time. A really good stop by


Kawashima with his left boot. It came off Spittal, that of his own


crossbar. There is a furious appeal for a penalty. John Beaton says no.


Spittal was so lucky this did not spin into his own net. And then, the


alleged handball against Durnan. The up and under. And Fraser's shop


producing a really good save from Fox as Dundee United look to make


the point safe here. Dar scores Dundee United's third


goal. And, surely now, the United fans can think about celebrating a


massive when. And hoping that the great escape might just be possible.


That sums up Ross County's day. It has been Dundee United's day,


back-to-back wins, could they yet escape from relegation?


The players have been excellent, we have always shown a reaction to


being a goal behind. Today wasn't our day. We haven't


looked like a team like that for a number of weeks. Good for the


players. They have improved recently.


Throughout the season, it hasn't been good enough. We can only now


try our best and keep the performances at this level to win


matches. Huge victory for Dundee United


against Ross County. Last time you are on the show comment you famously


said you guaranteed Dundee United would stay up, is that guarantee


valid? There is only one guarantee in life.


I said, once they get Paton, Erskine, Morris, they won't fit on


the pitch. They are massive players. They have a good squad. I was


confident in the squad which is why I said that.


Now, eight points? Keep going. What do you think? They


still have a chance, two fantastic results. To go up there and win 3-0.


What they will be very pleased about is a clean sheet. They have not had


any luck. You saw it hitting the post and


bouncing into the goalkeeper's hands.


Fraser, a key player against Ross County, someone you know well from


your time at United. Wonderful talent. He had a bad leg


break when he was younger and it took a long time to get back.


I remember watching him at Airdrie, and all the fans were raving about


him. He just had to learn the dirty side of it earlier. Look at his


He makes a great one. Tremendously talented. Great passing of the ball.


He can see a pass, makes a pass, real quality. Scotty can do anything


in the game. For me, there is a huge difference


between coming into a side that is doing well, and into a side which is


difficult. He has been drafted into a team


which hasn't been doing well this season which makes it difficult.


He is a boy who can take the ball under pressure. That is what you


want in these circumstances. They play Aberdeen midweek.


Celtic went into Friday's match at Hamilton knowing that a win


would take them nine points clear of Aberdeen,


and put the pressure firmly back on the Dons.


Eight is a number Martin Canning wants to think about but eight of


those starters began at Parkhead five weeks ago.


Ronny Deila hands a first League start to isla. Bailey takes over.


Kris Commons is back in the Celtic side for the first time since the


win at Tannadice. Scott Brown has lost the ball here.


Crawford of what a chance! He scored the winner at Celtic Park


for Hamilton a year past October. He ought to have done better here. The


Accies have had their backs to the wall until now.


That is a penalty. What on earth was in Maree thinking about here? He was


going away from goal. In Maree felled him inside the box and has


giftwrapped a huge chance to go in front.


Make that 33 this season. One of the great modern day Celtic


strikers. The current number nine. He makes no mistake from the spot.


He goes down under the challenge of Boyata who is in trouble.


It is a red card. Craig Thomson the referee was in little doubt here.


Did Boyata touch the ball? He has gone for a professional foul.


The frown on his face. He keeps it out. But already the


pendulum is swinging. And it is swinging Hamilton's way.


McGovern did his job. It arrived at his feet fortuitously.


Mackay-Steven on the rebound. Hamilton holding on a little bit


here, Celtic are fashioning Mork chances with ten than they were with


11. 11.


-- more chances. Plenty of pushing and shoving in the box.


Lustig goes to ground and Craig Thomson gives Celtic another spot


kick. The challenge on Lustig. They were


warned before this. He is all over this weed.


Griffiths will have the chance to double the Celtic advantage.


A great save from Michael McGovern. He has just helped -- kept Hamilton


Academical in this game. Griffiths went the other way this


time. McGovern went the same way but a


different result. Brophy! It is one apiece. Finally,


the numerical advantage counts at New Douglas Park. It is a lovely


finish from Brophy which will mean even more to him than the last one


which was at Celtic Park in the 81 -- 8-1 defeat.


A big chance here as well and Doherty should have been on target.


A substitute finding himself in space, blocked by Lustig.


The pleasing thing is the first tenants we started on the front


foot. We managed to ride it out, we did


well defensively, the shape was good. The best chance was with


Crawford. Their work rate, it was anything I


could expect. We started well and didn't do much


in the first half but we got our goal. The second half, things were


more open. More difficult with ten men. Even though we had three alone


with the goalkeeper. You need to take your chances, when you have ten


men. They had maybe a couple. It was disappointing. The most


analysed sending-off in the entire season, Boyata.


A great point for Hamilton. For you, this was part of a wider story in


terms of the Celtic defence. Everyone knows the way Celtic play.


It is an open and expansive style. You can see the area they leave.


They get their full-backs pushing up. Two plane that that, you need to


have central defenders who know how to defend. Boyata is pointing. He


has got to see the run of Crawford and step across.


This one, again, the gap between the centre halves. Johansen can't empty


out that space with such a gap between the centre halves.


Boyata, you think he has done well. I have been critical of Boyata on


the show before. There's three things he does well.


He is offside, he does it very well. You say to players, played to the


whistle. He reacted. He got back and got a touch. I don't think that is


100% a sending-off. You disagree? You need to take into


account he has touched the ball. Also, the fact he has committed a


foul on the player. I don't think there is enough of a touch on the


ball to ignore the foul which has been committed. You need to say the


ball has not been taken off its line, the striker still has the


opportunity to get on the ball. The fact his momentum has brought the


player down, it is the right decision.


Michael is defending the referees, a first!


I don't think it is a sending-off. He touches the ball and his momentum


isn't near enough to foul him. He slid in and touched the ball.


The debate has raged on. McLean their press them, I have been


on the end of a 7-1, and 8-1, it is embarrassing. The Celtic defence is


too far in the box, they should be squeezed out and I am really


impressed with the goal, Brophy is a goal-scorer, see him peeling out


whether spaces and he has reacted. That is what the goal-scorer is. I


see some people saying it is luck, it is not, it is a great goal. When


Hamilton are at their best, every time you watch them, they are


playing with high energy and pressing the opposition, pushing


them back. Ultimately, the sending-off made a big difference


because it is easier to put the pressure onto the opposition but on


the flip side, Hamilton still have to perform and they did that. In


terms of Celtic, Darren, former Celtic player, at times this season,


there does seem to be a lacklustre side to it, not the high octane


stuff Celtic fans would like to see. Is that fair comment? It is and it


isn't. They'll top of the league, still in one cup, everyone talking


about Ronny Deila, will he be there or not? Europe is the big thing, but


about Ronny Deila, will he be there they'll top of the league. Is it the


football they want to play? Possibly not but they have club football


players, Kris Commons, Christie, Mackay Stephen, Armstrong,


Griffiths, very good footballers. And they remain out in front and it


gave Aberdeen a real boost ahead of their game with set back the lead St


with St -- Johnstone. Johnstone's. --


13 goals in the previous two meetings between these sides.


Hoping for more goals at Pittodrie this weekend was John Barnes.


captain Ryan Jack returns after a two-month absence to replace injured


Shane Logan at the back and with Adam Rooney sidelined for six weeks,


Simon Church is a focal point in attack. Scott Brown makes his first


start of the season in midfield for St Johnstone's.


The break-up the ball falling for Simon Church. An early chance for


Aberdeen. Kenny McLean just didn't have enough to beat Alan Mannus. In


the first minute. Great opening. Varies Brown! -- there is. Trying


his luck against his namesake in the Aberdeen goal but couldn't find the


target. Lovely header from Cummings and


Maclean was trying to beat Scott Brown, just didn't have enough


elevation to beat the Aberdeen keeper.


Cummings with the header. He is looking to hit the target from


there, though. Cummings, so far this season, has got six goals to his


credit. Church. Excellent defensive header


from Simon Lappin to deny Graeme Shinnie at the back post. Church's


flick on was about to pick him out. Niall McGinn's corner, Taylor's


header and Church with the follow up puts Aberdeen in front. 35 minutes


played. Alan Mannus did well to pour it away initially but Church was


waiting to pounce to claim his second Aberdeen goal.


Knocked in by Reynolds and Church was trying to get a touch but the


goalkeeper stood firm. Aberdeen have lost only four of the


last 36 home matches, two of them to St Johnstone. Church, good save by


Alan Mannus. And Church is leading the Aberdeen attack well in the


absence of Adam Rooney. Aberdeen desperate for the victory that can


see them close the gap on Celtic at the top.


Miskick by Taylor. Setup for Craig. The referee is pointing to the spot.


It's a penalty to St Johnstone. The Aberdeen players believe that Liam


Craig dived. Was there contact in the challenge? The referee said


there was. It is Craig levelling it up for St Johnstone. It is Liam


Craig's second from the spot this season, his fourth goal all told.


And with less than two minutes left to play, it is one of these. But the


game to play at the way it did is extremely disappointing from our


point of view and as I say, it is not for me to beat up referees, he


has called it because he thinks it is a penalty, so I can't be certain,


having seen it again, but if it is a penalty, it is disappointing we


allowed that situation to arise. The first goal was important in any game


and unfortunately, we have been losing the first goal too often this


season but particularly here, where it is nil-nil, the crowd can get a


bit agitated the longer it goes and that gave Aberdeen a lift and you


saw in the second-half performance the number of opportunities and the


amount of pressure they put us under but we defended really well as a


team, the two centre halves did their job well today and headed a


lot of dangerous crosses away. The penalty clearly the big talking


point but Michael, you want to focus on something that happened before


that. Have a look at this incident, there is no doubt the penalty


incident is the talking point, but this happened just a minute or two


before what led to the penalty and I just want to bring it up because a


lot of things go on in a game of football that you have no control


over, but when you have a free kick and the ball is stationary, it gives


you a good opportunity to set things up and for Aberdeen, there is only


four minutes to go before the final whistle, it gives you the chance to


run down the clock and waste a bit of time. You see Ash Taylor here, he


is making a run to go up and get into the box for a free kick from


Kenny McLean, and there is a great run here behind. It gives Kenny


McLean an option, what is he going to do? Play it down the line wait


for Taylor to get into the box? For me, personally, you waste as much


time as possible and get the guy into the box but if you played them


the line, it has to be played long. I don't think it is even experience,


you look at Kenny, he has reacted to a great run from right. The only


criticism is he has not overheated. If it goes out for a goal kick, you


get everyone back and you are set up. He has not overheat it. And that


would give Ash Taylor the chance to get back. You have two against two


at the back, they leave the ball, and they get their shot, it doesn't


come to anything but it creates the atmosphere of nervousness in the


stadium. Aberdeen have seen out nine games, winning nine games by a


single goal this season, which takes a lot of mental strength and mental


single goal this season, which takes energy. It gets the crowd anxious


and it gets onto the pitch with not long to go. A few bits and pieces


before the penalty incident you wanted to focus on. These individual


things are not in themselves horrendous, but again, for me, it


just creates that atmosphere within the stadium. This is only a personal


view but I don't want my full-back coming into these areas in the


middle of the park to win headers and the reason is look at this huge


space that is vacated by full-back when they into that area.


Ultimately, it doesn't get exploited, but what I would want is


this guy, my centre half to go and dominate and win the ball and then


what happens is you have your full-back who deepens and narrows


and your other centre half deepens and narrows and takes out any gaps


in the backline. In an ideal world, you could be right but it is two


minutes to go. The left back has made a decision and if I am Derek, I


am happy with that, he has gone and won the ball, I have a back for


covering two. The ride back and see the left winger and my two defensive


midfield players can see the St Johnstone midfield. In itself, it is


not a big mistake, it might not even be a mistake but the point is it is


the first of what transpires to be for raw five that lead to the


penalty being given away, because he is in a half position, he doesn't


know whether to commit or drop off. Reynolds is on his heels, Taylor


slashes it, fourth mistake, Brian Jack is caught on a two against one


and he takes a step in field and it allows Craig enough space to get


outside. That is a mistake, if he doesn't take the step inside, he


should tell his midfielder, I'll take the runner, you take the ball.


Is it a penalty? He could have got a touch on it but it doesn't look as


though the ball goes any faster after he gets a touch on it, but he


has made contact. You have to give credit to Liam Craig, he helped the


ball on in the centre circle and he didn't stand about, he made the run


and he got rewards with the penalty. How big an opportunity missed for


Aberdeen? A huge opportunity missed and it is disappointing for them but


it is those small things, concentration late in the game and


if they are going to win in the title, they have to get every one of


those right. I can understand the referee giving that but it is hard


Time for a Rewind. to take.


And this week we pay tribute to a true legend.


Next Friday, Scotland's greatest ever player picks up his bus pass.


I know you like top of the Pops, Kenny, and you have a particular


like to see Funky Music. like to see Funky Music.


# Play that funky music, wideboy... In the midfield, Kenny Dalglish and


he lets fly. There he is again. What a goal.


Dalglish! It is Dalglish, in fact, it is a goal! Michael Stewart had


his birthday on Friday, we will bring you that montage some other


time! In a moment, we'll see how


Motherwell fared at home But first, we're off to Dens Park


where Dundee hosted Inverness. Sixth versus seventh,


and a place in the top six on offer. The 15th of January 2005, the last


time that they had managed their win over Inverness Caley Thistle on the


business and in the 13th minute of this meeting, Inverness were on the


front foot once more. Ross Draper with the sure-footedness to finish


and Dundee, as so often the case in this fixture, with it all to do.


Thankfully for the dark blues these days, they have the potency up front


to turn things around. Greg Stewart with the effort from range with his


trusty left foot. Just wide of the target.


On a run of six games without defeat, Dundee were never going to


give up on proceedings. Gary Harkins' tenacity set up a chance


the Greg Stewart, but he failed to hit the target. But Dundee would


keep trying. Some great interplay between Kane Hemmings and Nick Ross


gave Hemmings a great chance but Fon-Williams saved well. And soon


after, some more slick interplay between the Dundee forward land in


Rory Loy, to get a shot away, but again, Fon-Williams stood firm --


allowed in Rory Loy. A misplaced header then looked certain to give


Greg Stewart the chance to finally score the Dundee equaliser, but


Fon-Williams did it again and even managed to the Greg Stewart a degree


of sympathy. A great day for the Welsh international goalkeeper


finally came to an end with four minutes left to play. Kane Hemmings


with the final touch, his 20th goal of the season in 30 appearances as


it finished 1-1. Dundee are now unbeaten in seven matches. I thought


the first ten minutes, we didn't start well but overall, second half,


we were terrific. We could have won that game 5-1 today, we had


fantastic chances. On another day, Eubank Greg Stewart and Kane


Hemmings scoring a few more goals -- you bank. But the team never gave


up, they kept going and I thought we were brilliant second-half, some of


the combinations were excellent. To be honest, I felt Dundee did enough


to win the game and to get away with the result and appoint, yes, you


will take that. To lose a goal so late on and maybe Nick all three, a


little bit frustrating. Moult looked to put them ahead early


on but his effort was ruled out. McDonald straying offside. But his


time would come. In the battle of experience there


was only going to be one winner between Lasley and Nesbitt. A harsh


lesson for Nesbitt on his third senior appearance.


Moult put the ball in the net for a second time but this time it


counted. 1-0 to Motherwell. Thistle were


offering little in response and only the crossbar save them from going


2-0 down. The let off was temporary as


McDonald set up Moult to fire home his second.


Proving too much to handle for Thistle. A sublime reverse pass.


The traffic was one way and the visitors allowed Johnson space into


the penalty area and they paid the price.


A fine individual goal from the former Kidderminster man. It


deserved third for Motherwell. McDonald almost grabbed the goal but


was thwarted by a decent stop from the goalkeeper.


Thistle had one last blast for respectability.


But it owed more to a lapse of concentration.


A first win at home in 2016 for Motherwell moving them up to ninth


in the table. In this division we are raw kid will


of winning and losing against each other.


Motherwell deserved the lead albeit through a penalty. It was


disappointing, the pitch. Had more urgency today. Dundee with


that draw against Caley Thistle. A huge week for them, they play


Celtic. Great interplay from the Dundee


forwards. They need to sharpen off on the finishing.


I have a lot of respect for Stewart. The front for a very good. They


cause problems. Paul was trying to fit Harkins into the team.


He has wonderful talent. He will see runs.


The interplay was a joy to watch. When you play guys in the forward


area like that, their interplay is so quick. It is impossible to


defend. Human nature is your right gets attracted to the ball. When the


movement is so quick and interplay so good, it is difficult to defend.


Dundee have that in abundance. Interesting match against Rangers


next weekend in the Scottish Cup. Food you make favourites?


It is very hard. Rangers at home are very strong. They have come up


against Premiership teams this year and have drawn.


A hard game. Hard to call. With that front for, you know there will cause


Rangers problems. That is where that game will be one


lost. Rangers will have a lot of position but with that front for,


that is their weakness. Fascinated to see who gets the upper hand.


Credit to Motherwell, McDonald central to proceedings, playing


alongside Moult and Johnson. The perfect front three. They have


the perfect front three. A striker who wants to play within the six


yard box. A player who wants to come to the ball and link the play. And


Martin Johnson who has pace. Scott McDonald is a very clever player.


One of those results which encapsulates the bottom half of the


Premiership, you're never sure who will come out on top.


Martin McGhee was talking about their turn to enjoy the results. I'm


sure he wants to make sure it is not as flippant as that.


Great play from Scott McDonald. Guys like that in the final third reason


you have always a chance to win. This week, Robbie Neilson signed


a new contract to keep him Yesterday, they hosted Kilmarnock


who's manager Lee Clark Before the game Tynecastle paid


tribute to Jim McFadzean, a former player for both clubs


and a League winner Five changes to the side that lost


at Tannadice. Lee Clarke is looking for his first


Premiership win he makes one change to the side against Dundee.


Confusion at the heart of the Heart of Midlothian defence.


Slater touts his shot wide. A chance in the first minute for Kilmarnock.


Didn't have his shooting boots on there. Lee Clarke. Nielsen having


signed a new Dawlat year deal. Pushed to the ground by Stuart


Findlay, that is a penalty kick. No question about the decision.


Arm on his back, he went to ground. Yellow card for Findlay. Saved by


McDonald of the post. Looped back in by Jimmy Walker.


Hearts are ahead. Relief for Jimmy Walker. Saw his initial effort saved


off the post. Then, looped back. Not the best of connections, the spin


took it over into the net. Driving into the Kilmarnock camp,


support outside from Nicholson, going it alone. Another saved by


McDonald. Hearts threatening to go 2-0 up.


Another good save. Once again, McDonald to his left.


Walker slipped with the follow-up. A good curve on that from Stoute.


Another great save from McDonald. Good stills from Nicholson. Another


saved from McDonald, stuck out his boot.


Good initial skills from Nicholson. Again good work by McDonald.


Nicholson with the header, just off the post.


How close was that? Great ball by Paddison, Nicholson, and over the


post. The shot going wide. Alexander knew


that was going wide. A good effort from Ogude Yves.


Another chance here for hearts. Findlay clears it off the line.


Lifted over the goalkeeper. No one there for hearts to tap the ball


home. Another corner kick.


Handball and a penalty. Magennis who started off as a goalkeeper, handled


that right on the edge of the six yard box.


Again, McDonald says it and again from the follow up, fantastic work.


On his feet to block the second effort from Nicholson.


Alexander punches it clear. Kiltie with the final effort which was


blocked. Faubert on as a substitute. All Stoute got in the way.


Getting three points against a tough team. A couple of chances to kill


the game off. I am pleased with three points. Lots


of good things to take from the game, we need results as well.


Disappointed with that. Lots of positives to take from it. Some good


individual performances today. A good win for hearts. You have to


feel sorry for McDonald in the Kilmarnock goal.


To go back to your old club and have a performance like that and end up


on the losing side is a tough one. A great penalty saved. But there to


get the rebound if Walker had struck it better. He shanked it allowed him


to get it up and over. He made a number of really good


saves. A bitter pill for him to swallow.


He is a great shot stopper. He doesn't have great presence


standing in his goal, but Nielsen has signed a new contract,


and talked about winning the title. Realistically not this year.


A tough task. This is great with what we have been seeing at


Aberdeen, creates the feeling it can be done. There is no reason for


hearts and Robbie to look at that and say, why can we not?


Lee Clarke has a task on his hands. It is very hard when you are losing


games. He had a great grounding down south, in Huddersfield. At


Birmingham and that feel -- Blackpool.


He will give it his best shot. Reports of racial abuse directed at


Magennis, police are appealing for witnesses.


Time for a look at the Ladbrokes Premiership table.


The gap at the top remains six points, with Celtic and Aberdeen


St Johnstone are back in fourth place, while Motherwell climb two


places thanks to that win over Partick Thistle.


Dundee United have now got the gap down


Could it yet be a hugely dramatic escape for the Tannadice side?


Almost time to look at the Championship.


But first, a look ahead to a massive few days


Sportscene's here on Saturday night at 10:20 on BBC One Scotland,


with highlights from Rangers' clash with Dundee.


final between Ross County and Dundee United.


On Sunday afternoon, join Rob Maclean and guests


on BBC One, for live coverage of Hibernian's clash with holders


And we'll be back, regular as clockwork, on Sunday night,


to recap the weekend's action in the Cup and Premiership.


To the race for the Championship now.


Rangers began the weekend with an eight-point lead at the top


Two changes for Rangers. Miller is into the starting XI, so is Law.


Two changes as well to the St Mirren team which beat Dumbarton.


Setting off on a trademark run, finding Miller.


Who goes very close to putting them in front.


Oh how the Rowe is tormenting St Mirren. Webster with the challenge,


and down he went, although he did jump to his feet very quickly.


The fans behind the goal are screaming for a penalty here.


They certainly locked arms, the pair of them, a tug at the shirt. Down he


went. No penalty.


Driving forward again. In four Miller. What a mess. Oh, dear. I'm


sure he is saying something a little stronger than that. Can't believe he


has scooped this over top. Webster made the challenge, the


referee John McKendrick couldn't have been much closer. And he says,


no penalty. It's Tavernier, and Lange field


makes a good save. Looking for the top corner, not quite finding it,


but it is still a good solid save. On the attack, Tavernier. Now


Miller. There is king and he has turned it wide. Well, the chances


keep on coming for Rangers. And St Mirren putting up stiff resistance,


still goalless at Ibrox. It is King and Lange field again


getting himself in the way -- Langfield. When King took it wide,


always difficult to beat the goalkeeper from that angle. In front


Tavernier, into a really good area, no one really attacked it for


Rangers. It took an awkward bounce and it needed saving in the end by


Langfield. Leaving St Mirren players in his


wake, another great run and King on the end of it and again, it is a


crucial touch by the St Mirren goalkeeper. Langfield divert this


around the post. Interception by O'Halloran. And


Harry Forrester! Scores his first Rangers goal in the 86th minute at


Ibrox. It is a crucial strike, just when St Mirren thought they were


holding on for a point. What was Gary Ervin thinking here? O'Halloran


holding on for a point. What was with interception, Harry Forrester


with the finish. Stevie Mallan with the free kick. It


was never going to beat Wes Fotheringham. And that is going to


be that, 1-0, Rangers. Before we discuss it,


how did their nearest challengers Hibs were away at Dumbarton hoping


for a return to form, After their surprise midweek defeat


to Morton, Hibs needed a win to get back into the title race and they


threatened to take an early lead through Liam Henderson. The on loan


Celtic midfielder crashing a shot off the crossbar. It was the hosts


who took the lead in the 20th minute with their first effort on target.


Kevin Cawley evaded the attentions of John McGuinness and Barkley


before drilling home a 20 yard shot. Finding room between the Hibs


midfielders before firing an unstoppable shot. Three minutes


before the break, the Sons doubled their advantage when Christian Nade


headed home. The goalkeeper came out to intercept the cross but the


format Hearts striker nipped in ahead of him to glance home his


first role for Dumbarton. Stevie Aitken is' side then further their


lead and again, a former Hearts player twisting the knife, but Hibs


got themselves back into contention just before the hour with a


spectacular goal from Henderson. Linking twice with Stephenson, the


midfielder cut in from the left before curling a superb shot into


the top corner. It was Henderson's 5th Fleet goal of the season and he


won't have scored many better than this effort. -- league goal. The


comeback looked well and truly on when they made it 3-2 with 50


minutes remaining. Dumbarton failed to clear their lines before El


Alagui pounced on the ball. It proved too little too late for Hibs,


who have seen their automatic promotion hopes slipping away. We


are delighted, but credit to Hibs, at 3-0, a lot of teams would have


brought their tail in but they came at us and put us under severe


pressure but we managed to hold out. Our record before the last couple of


games has been very good and we are just making silly individual errors


and unfortunately right now, we are getting punished for them. And after


all that, the Ladbrokes championship table looks like this... Rangers are


11 points clear now and look at Falkirk, after their victory against


Queen of the South, just two points behind Hibs. Raith Rovers were


winners against Morton this weekend. It is amazing how quickly things can


change in the space of a week. Is that championship title race over? I


can't see Rangers losing four games with that goal difference, so I


would think it is over but I don't think Alan will push the panic


button. They have been exceptional, unbelievable, and I have been at a


couple of games, I was there during the week and as he said, they are


losing bad goals. Even against Morton, they scored before Morton


scored and I thought it was a goal, but losing bad set play is, I


thought Paul Hanlon could have matched the run of Christian Nade


there, even though the keeper came out but I don't think they should


panic, they should be over the moon, they are in a quarterfinal and


second in the league. Is it down to a mental thing? Very much so, it is


tough, there is a mental fragility when you have come through a long


period of not losing games and then they have had a month of really big


games, then come down and that combination has taken their foot off


the pedal and as Darren says, concentration, you lose sloppy


goals, you give yourself an uphill battle and they have not been able


to turn it around but echoing what Darren says, they will be more than


happy with the season so far. Quick word on Michael O'Halloran, making


his debut for Rangers and he is all about direct, quick play. Yes,


strong, pacey and I think they have brought him to play with Warokorn in


the middle, but he has his injury but he has real pace and strength.


Did you think about talking him to United? We spoke to a lot and talked


about a lot of players and he is one that we liked, but he is a good


player. He will get the ball and he will make things happen for you. He


is something different, he gives a real pace and I think when you add


that to the Rangers team, it gives them a different threat in the final


third and he is definitely going to be a plus for that Rangers team. So


as far as you are concerned, the title is in the bag for Rangers? I


think so, Darren made a great point, Rangers have to lose more than four


games and Hibs have do win everything and I think it is too


much, Alan Stubbs has said that. That is the beauty of the play-offs,


it gives teams a second bite of the cherry. And a massive weekend for


Rangers in terms of the Scottish Cup, they take on Dundee. Michael


and Doran at the rate Darren, thank you for tonight.


The late Davie Cooper would've been 60 years old this week.


A true Scottish football great, greatly missed, who lit


He has scored. Cooper equalises for Rangers.


Johnson is in, here is Cooper with a chance. It's a goal. Davie Cooper!


Davie Cooper, 1-0.


Introduced by Jonathan Sutherland.

Action from the weekend's matches in the SPFL including the Friday night clash of Hamilton and champions Celtic. Five games from the Saturday include Aberdeen's clash with St Johnstone, Hearts game with Kilmarnock and Inverness CT's trip to Dundee. Elsewhere, Motherwell host Partick Thistle and crisis-club Dundee United travel to Ross County. Also, the race for promotion to the Premiership gathers pace.

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