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This could be something quite sensational. It is outstanding. An


absolute beauty. Oh, yes! Right here, right now this is


history. After the Scottish cup excitement the Ladbrokes premiership


is back. Lots of great play, great goals and the odd red card. Scott


Macdonald might have a few of that along with Stephen Thompson. The


current Celtic signed he called... Watching at Celtic Park photos.


Problems up Rodber Celtic. Two plays it is out from knee and calf


injuries. Armstrong is replaced by Callum MacGregor as Celtic look to


become record breakers. New signing has a five strain. -- acai strain.


has a five strain. -- a ai strain. Hearts have only two away wins in


the premiership so far. I look at the officials, Bjorn


Johnsen. Here come Celtic. Options, one of them is Callum MacGregor.


CHEERING . He wasn't meant to be starting


today. But he is pushing Celtic ever closer to that record. Colour


MacGregor's third goal of the season. A smart counter attacking


move by this side. Lovely first touch by McGregor. The second was in


the. Celtic league again. -- lead again. Coming just after this when


Bjorn Johnsen was challenged. The other player did dive in on that


tackle. Full. Billy McNeill, the legendary former Celtic skipper who


hoisted a cup in 1967. Not the west the livery, either. It is heading


just over the bar. -- not the worst delivery either. Celtic have


dominated this first half. Close to a leveller just before the half-time


whistle. James Forrest get a break of the


ball. In the number two. A fabulous recovery by Liam Smith. Two mythic


defending. You put your mortgage in James Forrest making it to them. --


two mythic defending. -- wonderful defending. The shout box and ball.


The manager has his arm stretched as well. It is difficult but anything


to be done about that. The Celtic supporters are celebrating the


greatest moment in their club's history. Can he make it happen the


Herts? This was saved by Craig Gordon. Isa Penny make it happen the


Hearts? This is a big opportunity for Hearts.


Better to go to the top right corner. That is a big opportunity


for Hearts. They might not get another. Celtic are looking to make


them pay. Here is Kieran Tierney. He has cut it across. And Scott


Sinclair cannot make it to. -- cannot make a two. That would have


been just like Celtic, let off on one end and sport up the other end.


That doesn't stay up the second time of asking, Scott Sinclair wraps up


the points that Celtic, surely. Scott Sinclair's 14 of the season


will surely down Hearts. Great boiling by Kieran Tierney. Jack


Hamilton with a saving from his own man. He was alive to the situation.


Robert's lovely flick. Here is Kieran Tierney again. It is three


and easy for the record breakers. Brendan Rodgers' Celtic will move


ahead of the club's greatest ever side in an unbeaten start to this


domestic season. It will move now on 227 games. Nobody can get the better


of them in Scottish bubble. -- in Scottish football. Scott Sinclair


has Henderson to his right. Celtic are looking for the fourth here but


it is blocked. This doesn't look good. Hearts can only hope that this


won't be long-term, but it does not look good and they have used all


their subs. Four minutes of injury time is about to start and here come


Celtic, McGregor who got them under way. Celtic have a penalty. He went


in on the challenge. And Hearts' afternoon is going from bad to


worse. Scott Sinclair has a chance to round things off. A chance to ice


the cake. Which he truly does! CHEERING


Was it ever really in any doubt? It is party time the Celtic. They will


have to wait a while longer before they are crowned champions yet


again, but this will do for now. 202 days on from the shop, they have


opened the Rodgers' in there. He history has been made, their 17th


league win on the bounce. Moves them ahead of the greatest team Celtic


produced. It finishes Celtic for, Hearts zero. They before they well.


They deserve the result today. Of course it takes them out on their


own in terms of domestic league with an unbeaten record. A huge


achievement. If you think of the great history of Celtic, they do


have a big history over hundred and 29 years to be the team that goes


out on its own. The blaze can be hugely proud. We were OK in the game


and improved second half. Asthma with the players can be hugely


proud. We had some good possession. We had a bit of control. We had a


moment. In these games and in the stadiums with good teams you have to


step up and live in that moment. We didn't do that today and we suffered


some consequences from that. And so Brendan Rodgers' Celtic signed break


that Lisbon Lions record. Huge congratulations but then 27 domestic


matches an break him. It has been a nominal them said Bart these other


statistics. -- it is been a fantastic season for them so far,


here are the statistics... Can this Celtic side go unbeaten all season?


Abramoff Mott called beat. I was asked in November and wasn't sure.


In February and wondering who is keen to stop them. They had seven


players that would normally start. They didn't go and beat one of the


better teams in the league, bought - zero. I didn't see it happening,


anyone stopping them. Can anybody in Scotland? It would take a big


performance and on the day a couple of decisions to go you are way. --


to go your way. To make seven changes and still win shows the


depth of the squad. They had to bring game Callum McGregor, and he


scored. He had McGregor. He travelled the length of the pitch,


but the Hearts player didn't track the run. Sinclair does the rest,


wide area. The player doesn't make the ball go wide, and McGregor goes


to an scores. Sinclair started as an emergency centre forward but they


moved him out the left and that was the difference. He performed well


from there. That is an excellent passing and a good finish as well


from McGregor. A question, if one player is valued at 30 million, how


much is Kieran Tierney Web? Just as much. He is the best young player in


Scotland, possibly in decades, that is not an understatement. A


fantastic ball, he should have scored. Here is the any making that


one down the left-hand side. An unbelievable ball across the face,


causing panic. He should play this with his right rather than his left.


Well done Sinclair. Almost a carbon copy, not sure about the field back.


He is just such an outstanding talent, I don't see him having any


weaknesses. We have seen these attacking clips, but defensively is


very good. He pounds his challengers really well. He has impressed me


this season. -- he timed his challengers. We don't want away, he


seems committed to Celtic. He is living the dream, he Celtic through


and through. He celebrates every single goal and he enjoys it. He's a


dream that the club and the fans. They love their money gets bums on


seats. Badly for Hearts. How did you rate that overall hearts


performance? Average at best. But Ian Cathro, four points from 18


available which makes Wednesday night even bigger, they play Rangers


and that becomes a massive game for Hearts. Did you learn anything today


about Hearts that you didn't know already? Not particularly, it is


told to go to Celtic Park. Especially this year, Celtic being


on the unbeaten run that they are. The first half was disappointing,


there was nothing in the game then Celtic went ahead. I think Martin


had a great chance to make it 1-1, and you never know, but Celtic are


that strong that when they go up the event it is game over. Celtic Manor


is clear at the top. He is Aberdeen with the chance to go second if they


can see Dundee. They are looking for ever ten to form after crashing out


of Scottish court. -- the Scottish cup. Common green and an changed


Aberdeen sign. Neatly into the path. He was gone


for the shot. It is dumped clear by Mark Reynolds.


McGinn's corner. That is way off the line. Great control here by Mark


Reynolds. Steadying himself. Aberdeen continued to press. Logan


makes the run. That is a great ball. Doesn't get a touch. Ryan Jack, will


be happy to try and shepherd this away. Shinnie. Great play, nobody


got a touch. Aberdeen are still pushing haze. McGinn scoring


himself. Adam Rooney withdrew his head, realised he wasn't getting


there and it's nearly snuck in. Good goalkeeping. McGinn is the obvious


threat. Exactly to be expected. The Dundee goalkeeper was certainly


dropping in. McGinn and Hayes, it is hazy swings it in that time. -- it


is hazy swings it in that time. McGinn taking on Russ he's going to


drag it back again. Lovely ball. Aberdeen make the breakthrough at


the 20 mine -- after 29 minutes. And it is Ryan Jack, his first goal in


over 23 months. Great cross over and Ryan Jack. He sends it long. That is


beautifully through. A brilliant first touch. That second put is on


target and brilliant from Rooney. The first touch killed it. Shot away


with the second. Centre long. That is brilliant, again. That is


brilliant from Niall McGinn. That is a wonderful strike. Scott Bain had


no chance. Goal of the season. Don't be caught again. Chance for Maclean.


A quick throw from Rooney and no wonder Scott Bain is frustrated.


Simply in behind the full-back and Bain to the rescue again. McGinn and


Hayes, twin tormentors this evening. That comes back onto Shinnie. It


came back very quickly. Don't be again have their goalkeeper to


thank. -- Dundee again have their goalkeeper to thank. Beat it with


the thought that time. A better finish was deserved. That is a


lovely little ball forward. Hayes looks across. 3-0 Aberdeen. It is a


doesn't of the season, now. The tormentors have done Aberdeen's


said. Aberdeen are on course for their biggest win against Dundee for


more than a decade. The ball was over the top, brilliantly timed, the


power was in the cross. 3-0 Aberdeen. Once we made the


breakthrough I thought we brought some real quality and I didn't think


that we looked anything other than that we were going to win the game.


We can't do the basics properly, the third goal sums it up. The ball


comes into the box and is nobly within five yards. The make, we have


to try make it as difficult as possible. We didn't do that. It's


not so much the contract offer, it is maybe weighing up what he wants


to do next. Whether we want to stay for a bit longer and we hope that if


the case, whether we want to trace of ink did then and he is within his


rights and we respect that. A win would put Aberdeen up to second on


Friday night. The transfer window slammed shut on Tuesday night. How


vital is it that Aberdeen that they keep hold of Niall McGinn? I think


him and Niall McGinn. -- I think him and Hayes. As we see Niall McGinn


gets it and he is really strong out and these wide areas. The defender


doesn't show him down the line Anier 's bags of pace. -- and he has bikes


of pace. Ryan Jax had a fantastic header. Yes seven goals in eight


games. He has fantastic form. -- Ryan Jack had a fantastic header. It


looks like he's doing to beat his record from last year. What a


delivery, he has pace he frightens defenders and he scores goals. A


really nice cushioned header. He was outstanding on Friday night about


five wins on the bounce but Aberdeen. They have real momentum


will stop going into Wednesday's night at Celtic Park they have


formed. Briefly, they brought in Ryan Christie, as well. He is going


back to is tried and trusted team. And it is working so although Ryan


Christie has been brought in, I wouldn't be attempted Rhyl tempted


to throw in because the team gel in. They are looking to inspiration,


they almost had it with this player. -- I would be tempted to throw them


in. Dundee get the tales of and have something to defend. It wasn't the


case but fantastic effort all the same. Such a fantastic. ... They


haven't come out of this winter break well, it wasn't a surprise


because they haven't beating Dundee in the league since 2004. A great


win for Aberdeen. Good ranges reclaim second spot on the Saturday


lunchtime match with Motherwell. The second time in a week they have met.


Kenny Miller with the goals. Common green Scott Macdonald comes into the


starting 11 but apart from that it was the team that lost at Ibrox.


Three times they feel they should have taken some think there is a


first start for American International he


That is as Halloran, will -- that Isabel Halloran with a terrible


looking challenge. The man who was linked with alone to Motherwell has


deservedly in ordered off here for that challenge. Motherwell take a


lot of motivation and inspiration from that. There is another very


poor challenge, this time by Rob Canin. He is shown a yellow for that


one. 15 years since Motherwell last beat Rangers in the league. That is


a wonderful ball in and McDonald should have put Motherwell in front.


What an opportunity that is. Ranges are enjoying a better little spell


here. Here is McDonald who was left out of the starting of the Scottish


cup. McDonald is off as well. It is ten against ten. Scott has McDonald,


a poor torch that made his mind up to go in with a lunge. -- a poor


touch. Rangers were beginning to come into the game just before


McDonald were sent off. They are bossing things now. A good save from


Samson. Looking for a goal on his first start for the Ibrox club.


He has got it back that was clever. Samson saves from Miller. Here is


Miller. He has snuck it through. A big chance here. It is Wallace. How


on earth did that stay out? Pick the bones out of that. Lee Wallace,


Samson got something on it and it came off.


Ranges are threatening here. Craig Samson preventing the Spaniard from


giving Rangers the lead. Three times Motherwell have lost to Rangers this


season, twice in the last minutes of game. They also deal they should


have taken something way back in the summer. Wallace, missed, not by


Miller, though. The scourge of Motherwell has done it again. He


probably should have scored himself, but Rangers Mr dependable is there


again against Motherwell. Eight but the season full Miller. Here is


again, this time it is Forrester. A good second-half performance by


Craig Samson. A couple of saves in the second half, as well. A red card


to Scott McDonald. That was crucial to the way this game has played


itself out. 2-0, game, set and match, Rangers. They again to go


back into second place. Hyndman is best for the club. -- is first. We


played some good stuff at the time. It wasn't all bad. I would say that


we didn't make enough chances when we're down to ten men. What was your


view of the red cards? I am not docking it, but the first one was


too far away, there were a lot of bodies and I couldn't be sure. I


looked over Scott McDonald, I think it will get switched. He said the


ball got away from him anywhere it he went for the ball he didn't mean


to hurt Kenny Miller. If it was maybe a little bit over then he has


made the decision and I stand by it. We are privileged to have the actual


accused here in the dock. Thanks for coming in. I should have bought my


shin pads. In terms of the sending-off... Lets get the easy one


out of the way. 100% a red card. We know that O'Halloran is not a dirty


player. But he caught the player very high up. Definitely a red card.


A sore one. Now, Scott McDonald. I think this first angle here... The


referee called as you saw it. I'm disappointed with it. I went into


Kenny. That view is terrible. It doesn't look good. In terms of where


the referee is, I did to win the ball, a lunge in I take the ball and


as the impact is braced I'd bent my leg. It I had had a straight leg he


would have been in a world of trouble. There is no bad intent


there. I couldn't keep my butt in that position, I had to lift my


thought or it would go to ground. -- I couldn't keep my foot in that


position. I can understand that, but at the end of the date you have


caught Kenny Miller high with your studs and that is dangerous play.


For me it is a red card. They are a dime a dozen every week.


When you slide in, is anyone ever in full control when they grow into


ground? What was your view of this one, Scott? He's coming from a


further distance, the player can see it. But he's out of control, when he


goes to ground. Should it have been a red card? It's a possibility. This


is more... It's a yellow card. I think mine was a yellow card. That


the argument. We'll see another one, later in the game. Will you appeal?


I haven't had the chance to speak to the manager or anyone else in the


club. It was a good win for Rangers. Emerson Hyndman, what was he like?


It was excellent and Rangers themselves dominated the past. He


picks the ball up, looks forward and Rangers against Motherwell last


time. Can I play a forward pass? Yes. A lovely little touch. He


should have hit this with his left, tries on the outside of his right


but brilliant from Hyndman. Two games, two assists and a goal and


this is fantastic. Where can I play the killer pass? Are weighted ball


perfectly. He was excellent. Why corn should have scored. He is in


the right place at the right-hand why corn should have scored.


Blaze a nice pass out but doesn't want to stop. A good touch and a


really strong hit into the back. All round, very impressive performance.


Very impressive defence as well from Scott McDonald on his own behalf.


Kangaroo court! LAUGHTER You've not been so impressed by


Motherwell's decent run of form? They have struggled. One win in


eight. They've got a very tough couple of games coming up. Starting


on Tuesday night at Ross County. No easy games. That stat looks, you


know, worse than what we would think in the changing room. Going off the


back of the winter break, we had four points out of six. Comeback,


first league game we've lost, we're not looking as far back eight games.


No question that Ross County is a big game on Tuesday night. Fair play


to you for coming. Thank you. A tough week for Kilmarnock fans,


painful last-minute exit from the Scottish Cup and their top scorer


sold to an Egyptian side. How would Lee Clark's side respond against


Ross County? COMMENTATOR: Lee Clark made a couple


of changes to this side that lost to Hamilton Accies. Stevie Smith, the


captain comes back in. Boyd starts up front. No real surprise that the


Ross County manager, Jim McIntyre, stays with the same team that


started the 6-2 cup win over Dundee United, having not lost for more


than three years at their home ground.


The Marnoch get us under way. Ross County have beaten them the last


seven meetings but here's an early chance for Kris Boyd. Fantastic


opening and with just ten seconds on the clock, Kris Boyd has put, like


head. A deft finish from Boyd. Gary Dicker put him through on goal and


Boyd pouncing. A chance for the equaliser. Good


goalkeeping by Woodman, his first league appearance for Killie since


joining from Newcastle. He did well to block Shop's effort. Away from


his marker. Taking over. The equaliser for Ross County. It is,


but quickly. Third goal in two games for County. They want behind for


long. Good interchanging, setting up the Frenchman to level the score


line and satisfy his manager, no doubt. No corner headed onto the


bar. Rangers still not clear! Having fallen behind so early on, they are


now in front. BOOING The home fans voiced their


displeasure. County have turned things right around. It is Alex


Schalk who has put them ahead. Just about keeping that one in. Gets


it back. Another chance for County. Tim Chow couldn't get there.


Threatening to put this game beyond Kilmarnock before half-time. Looking


so dangerous at the moment, the visitors. Wilson forward to Boyd. A


neat pass from the striker. Taylor. Boyd gets on the end of it but a


good save from Fox in the end. He has to make sure of that one. Good


move from Kilmarnock who started the second half a bit more brightly.


Clips the corner kick in. It took a deflection on its way over.


Kilmarnock press for the equaliser and Boyd is looking for his second


of the match. Good block in the end. Something on the end for Dicker.


Kilmarnock have been threatening that equaliser since half-time and


finally they get it through Gary Dicker. Well deserved for the home


side. Boyd with the assist this time, role reversal. As Kilmarnock


draw level. So much room. With his goal-scoring


prowess, you would have expected him to do better. Away from his marker,


Wilson. Just managing to keep that in when


he has lost out and then he lunges in on Jordan Jones. McEveley. It was


a high tackle. But just a yellow card for McEveley. O'Brien. His


fellow substitute, Gardyne. Side netting only had a few of the County


fans behind that goal thought he had just managed to get this inside the


near post. Fraser slightly slack with the past. Couldn't get there,


Chow. Kilmarnock from nothing, back in front. They went ahead so early


in this match. They've gone back in front so late on. Surely no chance


for County to come back. The boys showed great character coming back


from 2-1 behind. We took our chances. You mentioned earlier there


was a worry about goals. You have the leading goal-scorer in the


dressing room and we are now starting to get goals from midfield


as well. It's all positive, today. Credit to Kilmarnock. They were


putting us under a lot of pressure. For our side of things, we felt it


was coming from us being slack in possession. I can't actually


remember what happened. I haven't seen what happened. It was a long


punt up the pitch. I don't know who won the header but the next thing I


found myself through on goal. I thought I was offside for some


reason at first as well. It was a great start. We got sloppy for maybe


ten minutes. We paid the price because Ross County were excellent


for ten minutes. But we showed great determination today. Got back and a


great result. A great win for Kilmarnock. And a great moment for


Kris Boyd. It has to be quite ironic he is has the fastest goal in


Premiership history and it you have criticised his lack of pace. How he


made it into the 18-yard box in ten seconds is one of life's mysteries.


I have been critical of,, they haven't scored a goal within eight


games. Kris Boyd put that right. Not a good celebration. But the perfect


start for Kilmarnock for this game. Good finish from Boyd, as you would


expect, Scott? Of course, he's been doing it for years. The big man is


breaking records, fastest goal, now, leading all-time scorer in the


league. A fantastic servant for Kilmarnock and good to see him back


on the scoresheet. He enjoyed it despite the fact that he couldn't


remember much about it. This great Kilmarnock comeback, it was


fantastic for them, they haven't scored many goals this season but


Ross County didn't help themselves in terms of the defence. Two Paul


goals to lose. A corner and then van der Weg has Boyd but Decker leads


him to help Boyd. Three or four yards on marked. A decent finish for


him. This one is the last minute of the game. Fraser put it up the line,


he goes inside and you can see it here. Chow Doesn't want it. He


leaves it. There's an opportunity to get your body into a position to


stop this past but he doesn't do that. Not lay-off from Tyson. A


decent finish. Great entertainment at Rugby Park and a well-deserved


win from Kilmarnock. A tough week for Kilmarnock and a home win was


very welcome for the home fans. A theme developing this evening in


terms of questionable challenges, Scott. McEveley, should this have


been a red card? Yes. I will let Stephen answer this. No, Scott, you


want answered? He clearly doesn't get the ball. Look, you want


consistency. Again, I don't like calling, you know, should be a red


card innit or a yellow card but he gets a yellow for that. -- red card


but he gets a yellow for that. -- red or a yellow card. At least you


got a bit of the Blixt he doesn't get any of the ball. -- a bit of the


ball! Let's talk about Kilmarnock for a second. You were critical of


them during the weekend they have seen so many players in the starting


XI this season. Last weekend, 35 players in that starting XI. Is it


working? Is Lee Clark panning for gold in finding gems? It might be


that the Newcastle youngsters look very good. I was critical of the


fact they weren't scoring goals, only one in the last six games


before yesterday's match but three yesterday and the signs are


positive. Up to joint sixth place as well. No choice to sell their top


scorer. ?800,000. You need to bite the hand for that. Good for


Kilmarnock. Kris Boyd scored and he will be a big player in the lead up


to the end of this season. If they can get him scoring goals, they will


be fine. The surprise result of the weekend? Yes. McDiarmid Park, St


Johnstone versus Hamilton Accies, two sides are readily punching above


their respective weights, who can land a knockout blow? COMMENTATOR:


Six Changes For St Johnstone. Hamilton are without suspended Mikey


Devlin. Anderson's header away. Collected by


Crawford. That is Danny Redmond. McKinnon. Decent strike. In the


first half of the few highlights, this at least produces a save from


Clark. Danny Swanson gets himself into trouble. Out comes a yellow


card from the referee. After this foul on Redmond. It is Crawford and


it is not quite close enough. Just skimming the roof of the net from


the Hamilton midfielder on its way over.


. Helped over by Watson. Being's touch. Anderson in trouble. What's


your virginity for Craig Watson. Should have been scoring here.


Popped up so invitingly. Redmond for Hamilton. Loses out to Alex D'Acol


D'Acol. What a miss! Want a chance for Crawford to make it ten goals


for the season and get the Accies ahead.


Cummins helping it along. . A chance for St Johnstone. That was heading


in. Danny Swanson with the corner.


Cummins! 1-0! Cummins at muscling everyone in the


six yard box. -- out muscling. Just a couple of minutes after Crawford's


glaring miss St Johnstone make no mistake.


Cummins making a nuisance of himself.


Taking it out wide but keeps it alive. Cummins strikes again.


Doubling his goals total for the season. It is two for the St


Johnstone striker in not much more than five minutes. And even at this


early stage, you would imagine there is no way back for Hamilton. Imrie.


MacKinnon trying to muscle his way in. Bingham's shot deflected. Danny


Redmond. Big opportunity but the shot blocked by Anderson. He took


far too long. I am sure the manager agrees. Initially, on his left foot,


his stronger foot, switched it to the right. A real opportunity gone


to get Hamilton back in the game. Three points will take St Johnstone


level on points with hearts in fourth spot. Cummins. He holds it


up, he rolls it back for Brian Easton. Davidson! Game over.


Davidson strikes. Not picked up, as he made his move into the Hamilton


penalty box. That makes it 3-0. Lovely ball in from eastern


defending. -- from Brian Easton. Crawford with the free kick. That


just about sums things up today. Both for Crawford and Hamilton.


WHISTLE I thought Hamilton played very well,


particularly first half and that 2-0 they had a great chance to make it


back to 2-1. We played better and lost. Ultimately, we got the job


done. When you go through one-on-one we need to put the ball in the back


of the net and had we gone one up we would have deserved it. We were the


better team until that point. It has been the case for so many games this


season we have been comfortable in the game, controlling the game,


feeling that the opportunities will come for us. And we do. And we don't


take them. And we get on dawn. A good win for St Johnstone, they draw


level on points with hearts. Not good for Hamilton Accies. Could have


been a different game. Crawford with this chance. Most definitely. As we


see here, Martin said in his interview if they score this and go


one up the game is different and in the balance. It is unlike him. He


possibly could have taken the first time as well. He decides to take his


touch and you always fancy Crawford from this area. He is a key player


for Hamilton. If they are to do well, this second half of the


season, he will have to be firing. It was a good chance. As is often


the case with St Johnstone, they find a way to win the match and they


did it resoundingly. They are so good at doing this and they are so


professional. They get the ball. This is where they are strong in


these errors, great header from Cummins. Putting the ball in the box


is a massive strength of their -- strong in these areas. They are a


bit all over the place. You think at this point the ball has gone to wide


with this touch. They get away with it, they get bodies back. Even that,


they will be hugely disappointed that they don't clear that. Second


goal for Cummins. Really bad. This is the pick of the bunch. Davidson


doing what he does time and time again. He doesn't come into the


frame and tell quite make that his timing from his run into the box is


superb. -- until quite late. A sensational header. That is their


strength. He knows that ball is coming in. That's a wonderful thing


to have. For a striker or in midfielder making late runs like


that, as soon as the wide man gets it, put it in the area and it is a


fantastic header. How worried should Hamilton Accies fan speed? There is


talk of a boycott. We look at their run of form, they won a match in the


league since October. It is incredible. It is incredible. Joint


bottom of the table. They are really struggling, joint bottom of the


table with Inverness who they actually play on Tuesday night. That


becomes a massive game. Whoever wins is going to leave the other three


points adrift at the bottom of the league. It is a huge game. The


graphic shows the form has been there were good enough for Hamilton.


Is Martin Canning under real pressure? It doesn't seem that way.


Even though there is talk of a boycott. They want everybody pulling


in the same direction. He doesn't seem to be under that much pressure


from the club board? He is experienced at this, now. There were


people putting pressure on him last season. He managed to come through


with that and kept the club adrift of relegation, once again. It is


difficult, with the budgets they live upon. Martin Canning is doing


his best. Only six points between bottom and six. You would have to


put every manager under that category. Ritchie was talking about


finishing top six. Still very tight and there is still quite a distance


to go. A couple for you, St Johnstone finishing above Hearts? It


is going to be interesting. Celtic win the league and then the battle


for second between Rangers and Aberdeen but interesting between St


Johnstone and Hearts for that fourth place. Yes, I think they will. I


know you love a curve. Finally, the battle of the jags, Inverness Caley


Thistle versus Partick Caley Thistle. John Barnes does the


commentary. COMMENTATOR: Henry Anya gets his first start as they beg for


a change in form. Raven returns after a three-month absence. Ross


Draper is back in midfield. My appeal and gets his debut. -- Ryan


Keown. Horrendous run for them as far as the league is concerned. No


wins in the last ten league fixtures. This all trying to move


forward -- Thistle. Edwards trying a colour. William is alert to that


danger. The Australian finding that space for the shot but it could well


have gone wide. Raven. Swinging its deep to the back.


Tremarco. The left full-back is in good form, joint top scorer for


Caley Thistle six goals this campaign. Close to number seven,


there. He was looking for three wins out of three. They will have to to


defend at the moment. Good ball in. A brilliant save from Williams. How


did he get a hand to that one? What a touch that was from the goalkeeper


did not get onto the crossbar. And deny Azeez an opener.


Partick Thistle are moving quickly. A fine nutmeg on Ross Draper from


Sean Welsh. Azeez, holding it up. Erskine touched away by Williams.


Erskine scored a double last week against United and desperate to get


on the scoresheet with that effort. Still pushing forward again. There's


Azeez. Couldn't find the target with that effort this time.


Forward. Looking for a free but not getting it. A chance for Caley


Thistle. Draper towards Polworth. Good running but could not get a


proper connection with the shot, though.


Cleared. It breaks to Tremarco, again. You can see why he is joint


Trot score for Caley Thistle, always in defensive positions -- joint top


scorer. -- in offensive positions. Welsh getting out to Lawless. Azeez!


It does not look like it will be Azeez's afternoon. Another good


opening. Caley Thistle have not won in the league at home since


September. Early on the park a couple of


minutes, the substitute. Is this the chance? He has failed to take it. He


curls it wide of the left hand post. No relegation fight, too early to


talk about that. Top six still, six points away from the top six and I


believe we will get there. We need a couple of players coming in to win


their shirts which we are working hard on in the areas we need. We are


good to go, it is positive. This team were desperate to win the game.


We are a bit disappointed not getting a victory and not going


clear of them. We have a platform to build on. This match wasn't a thing


of beauty but the point is shared between the sides. It was must win


according to the Inverness manager Richie Foran before the game.


Obviously, he didn't win it. He did say that and paradoxically said he


was happy with a point. It's a better point for Partick than


Inverness who are desperate for points at this stage and Inverness


haven't lost a goal in the last four trips. They haven't lost to


Inverness in the last few games. They are in decent form and they


dominated this match yesterday. A fine line between a great save and


maybe a lucky block and Fon Williams came to the fore in these next few


clips? It will be delighted. Seeing the highlights last week, he won't


be wanting to see them back. 41 he didn't say. This is a big miss. --


for one that he didn't save. Azeez Had more chances to score goals than


any other striker. He has missed chance after chance. It hits the


goalkeeper's face but he should be winning that. Is it a confidence


thing with Azeez? It seems to have the attributes of a good striker. He


has got everything else, pace, strength, physicality, he links up


the play well, in good areas, goes in behind well. But one-on-one with


goalkeeper or with attempts on goal he often misses them. A huge game


between Hamilton Accies and Inverness Caley Thistle coming up


midweek, how do you see that going? Hamilton being at home, they will be


wanting to win this one massively. For both teams it is a six pointer


and everyone else looking at it wouldn't mind a draw. To get further


adrift of the but two. The way the media is going it is too hard to


call what these results will bring -- bottom two. Is it key that both


these sides strengthen in the transfer window before it closes on


Tuesday? Yes but it is difficult to do that, both managers will have


target and we had Richie Foran talking about it, he wants a bubble


before the window closes. Martin Canning has talked about how


difficult it is to get players in. It is difficult to get the players


you want. Thank you very much. That leaves the Ladbrokes Premiership


table looking like this. Celtic are a massive 22 points clear at the


top. Incredible record, 21 wins, one draw and no defeats.


We are going to talk about Scott McDonald's red card in even more


depth. Celtic record Breakers this weekend, congratulations. All of us,


until next time, good night. Celtic stand on the brink of


history. POP MUSIC I want to go and break


the world land speed record, on a bike that I mainly


built myself. The thing that makes me strong


is my fear. You must break that record,


for emotional survival. Have you launched, Graeme,


yet, over? I needed to justify my self-worth,


as a human being. Champion cyclist Graeme Obree


battles himself and Battle Mountain. from this year's


Celtic Connections festival. See highlights from


the opening concert, featuring the award-winning Laura


Marling and a host of other stars,


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