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Yes, good afternoon and welcome to Sportscene results. No alternative


facts on this show, at least not intentionally. Just the scores. Plus


an impeachable analysis. Welcome, gents. After the break for the


Scottish Cup the Premiership is back, so let's find out what's


happening, shall we? Latest scores in the Scottish Premiership, couple


of results, Aberdeen beating Dundee 3-0.


To the early kick-off, Motherwell against Rangers at Fir Park, could


the home side avenged last week's Scottish Cup defeat at Ibrox, or


would Rangers rub it in with a win that would put them back into second


spot in the Premiership? Let's get Liam McLeod's story of the match.


Pressure on Rangers today by virtue of Aberdeen's excellent win over


Dundee last night but they dealt with it by overcoming Motherwell for


the fourth time this season. A poor first half lit up by red card


apiece. Oh how are in for a terrible challenge after four minutes, and


the momentum with the steelmen. An over the top tackle on Kenny Miller


because of the second red card. He scored again, tapping home on 72.


The hosts barely threatened an equaliser after that. Smashing three


minutes from time to seal the points. 36 league games without a


win for Motherwell against Rangers, who move back above Aberdeen into


second place, albeit with a game more played. STUDIO: Let's see what


Mark McGhee had to say after the match. Played some good stuff at


times, reticular lady early part with 11 men on the park. --


particularly in the early part. We did not make enough chances when we


were down to ten men. STUDIO: Agree with the analysis? Analysis goes by


the wayside when a couple of things are taken on board, Kenny Miller is


the wayside when a couple of things extraordinary at the moment. Played


brilliantly. It came down to the sending offs in the first half. Do


you agree, Michael? Yeah, I think I probably do. I think Ireland's one


was a red card. For it to happen in the fourth minute, everybody goes,


here we go again. But you couldn't criticise the referee for that. The


McDonagh won, I did not think was as clear cut. Was it excessive force?


I'm not sure. Didn't seem to be an enormous complaint from Mark McGhee.


I thought it was tough on Scott. Lets go around the grounds, starting


at McDiarmid Park, St Johnstone cruising to victory over Hamilton.


They are on the verge of going level on points with Hearts. Bad day for


Hamilton. Plenty of goals at Rugby Park, let's hear about that one,


Kilmarnock against Ross County. Quite a match here, it stands at


2-2. Kris Boyd put Kilmarnock ahead after ten seconds. County quickly


turn things around. #routis getting the equaliser. -- Hearts. Anyone's


game. And Inverness Caledonian Thistle against Partick Thistle,


let's hear about that one. It is 0-0, must win, said Richie Foran,


but they are not winning. They certainly Owen Williams in goal for


two tremendous saves that kept them level. They haven't been overly


troubled. Sera- zero here. level. They haven't been overly


drop into the championship, shall we? And find out how the leaders


Hibs are doing. They are leading 1-0 courtesy of a strike from John


McGinn. Corner kick from the right, James Keatings with the delivery,


McGinley arrived late, his folly to a deflection as it beat the Queen of


the South goalkeeper. Dundee United away to Dunfermline. Yes, it is 1-1.


Ahead after a cracker from Andreu after just 18 minutes. And Andreu


has just missed a sitter. Always sounds like he's enjoying this match


and we are enjoying Kilmarnock against Ross County. Quick goal from


Kris Boyd, ten seconds, we had barely sat in our seats when he


knocked it in. It was so quick, we've been thumbing through the


records. We have a naked and I was going to say, that must surely be


the quickest goal -- we have an egghead here. I think it takes over


from Kris Commons who had 12.4 seconds. 12.2. Something like that.


Famously John Hewitt of Aberdeen scored in 9.6 seconds in the


Scottish Cup. That being said, Kris Boyd missed a real chance. To be


fair it's been a really good game of football. Kris Boyd has been


substituted. He has put himself around and Kilmarnock really pushed


higher up the park. To be honest I've been impressed by both teams.


Kilmarnock have come back into it after what could have been difficult


going 2-1 down. Also reassuring for command to get a couple of goals.


Everybody thinking they had been so reliant on him, so that is pleasing


for them. St Johnstone have struggled against teams from the


lower half of the table at home this season, so that will be a welcome


boost. Crawford missed a big chance and within a few minutes of that


coming, scores not only one, but two, and now they are cruising.


Richie Foran declared this a must win game but the way results are


doing, a point would be a decent yield. The way the game is going, I


think Partick are pretty unlucky, particularly the second half.


Playing the need football, most getting played in the attacking part


of Partick Thistle. If they come away with a point they may be


disappointed. A chance Aberdeen to overtake Rangers last night for a


wee while at least in the table. Needed to beat Dundee at Pittodrie


to do it and they did it quite convincingly as it turns out to you,


in large part, to a night masterclass. Pat will have enjoyed


this. We see the goals, delighted with this layup. Almost unmissable.


To be fair every part of his game was superb. Then he hit the post or


bar couple of times as well. That is class, takes on the volley. After


that standard of game, not getting a hat-trick, he should hang his head


in shame. Brilliant. Was his performance as good as train


spotting 2, I believe you were there last night? I was forced at gunpoint


to go to that. Nile McGinn has looked dated at times. Is that down


to his participation in the Euros? The boy had no break whatsoever, he


went straight from the Euros with Northern Ireland into the Aberdeen


Europa League qualifiers, and you feared for him, not only did you


think his foreword suffer but his body might break down. Derek McInnes


gave him a proper break. He said, take a couple of weeks, don't come


to the Dubai training camp. He also scored twice against Stranraer in


the cup last weekend. You had him scoring twice last night, terrific.


He was electrifying last night. The worry for Aberdeen is looking ahead


to the next few months, how do they cope without him and Jonny Hayes if


one or both of them go. You have to say that is looking quite likely.


Let's hear what both managers had to say after the match at Pittodrie


last night, they were chatting to Martin. Once we made the


breakthrough, I thought we brought some real quality and I didn't think


that we looked anything other than going to win the game. We know


they've got good players but we've going to win the game. We know


got to do the basics properly. The going to win the game. We know


third goal sums it up, the ball comes into the box, nobody within


five or ten yards. For me, we know they've got good players but we've


got to make it as difficult as possible and we didn't do that. It's


not so much the contract offer, it's maybe weighing up more what he wants


to do next, whether he wants to stay a bit longer or whether he wants to


try something different, and he's quite within his rights and we would


respect that. Spoke about Aberdeen earlier, what about Dundee? In some


bother, out of the cup, into the winter break with a great win over


St Johnstone but it has gone pair shaped a wee bit. You get the


feeling they will be in the bottom six, probably too much quality. They


can get dragged into it, it's easy, every single team down there. The


confidence will be low as well. Not a man to harbour a grudge. Today


looking at the video printer and Kane Hemmings has scored for Oxford


United, Dundee are really struggling for goals and defensively frail at


times. You cannot get away from the influence that had to lose him right


at the beginning. Also come back to a sickening result after losing in


the cup to St Mirren, he saw one. They needed a result last night but


it was a hard one to go to Pittodrie. Difficult to Dundee.


There's kind of a gloominess about them. From the shock in the Scottish


Cup last week to a shock in the FA Cup this afternoon. Liverpool from


the Premiership were at home to Championship Wolverhampton


Wanderers, led by Scottish manager Paul Lambert. Let's hear what


happened at Anfield. Liverpool's dry January continues. The postmortem


will be long and loud, particularly with three home defeat in a week, at


today is Wolverhampton Wanderers day. This was a top performance from


Paul Lambert's team. They scored early. There was not a full minute


played when defender Richard Stearman headed in the opener.


Before half-time is the Wolves side, 34 places below Liverpool, were


leading 2-0. Weimann taking it round the goalkeeper to score. Liverpool


did get one goal back late, scored by give up ready. But their


performance was not good enough and Wolves deserve this, and go into the


fifth round. STUDIO: Dreadful result for Liverpool, dumped out of the


League Cup by Hull and now an ignominious defeat. Yeah, to be fair


I think this had been coming for quite some time. Too fast, too high,


not enough backing on the substitutes bench. They were going


to blow up at some time. Even though that was kind of a reserve side.


They have a game against Chelsea on Tuesday and if they do not win,


goodbye to going for the league, and certainly they just need to think


about staying in the top four. Fans in general enjoy teams getting


knocked out of the cup when they play a weakened team, it's almost


like, that's what you get. If you're not going to give full respect to


the cup, treated lightly and say it's not a top priority, you get


your comeuppance. That's the difference between Scotland and


England, down there they don't take it seriously. Nobody would dream of


fielding a weakened team. It is unusual for even Rangers or Celtic


when they are dominant, they still take the League Cup seriously. For


them it's part of a potential treble. Supporters, do they take the


FA Cup less seriously nowadays? Depends which supporters. Top six,


or they are interested in is getting Champions League. They know the


money is there. That becomes the Champions League. They know the


first thing. Real fans want to see winds, competitions. Looks as though


Kilmarnock fans might be seeing a rare win for their side this


afternoon. Have they scored against Ross County? They look to have


snatched three points just at the death. Sean Long staff scoring in


the 90th minute. Ross County players standing, they cannot believe it.


Kilmarnock have turned this game round once again. Shaun Want blasted


it past the Notts County goalkeeper. Kilmarnock have been better and


deservedly pulled level. Now it will be difficult to argue that they


don't deserve all three points. That would be a valuable win indeed. And


it would lift them above Motherwell and Dundee by my calculations and


not that far out of the top six. All the darkness we've been hearing


about at commander, I've been watching them today, thinking, where


is the problem? -- at Kilmarnock. Everybody seems to be gelling


together, and what a difference that could make. It is full-time at


McDiarmid Park in the match between St Johnstone and Hamilton. Full-time


scenes, there. Let's get. From Richard Wilson. This game turned on


a miss. The manager must have been sure his side were going to take the


lead when Ali Crawford was sent into one goal in the second half but his


team's best player somehow managed to miss from inside the penalty


area. Moments later St Johnstone took the lead through a header from


Ciaran Cummings and the striker added a second five minutes later,


converted from close range. The game was lost Hamilton and Murray


Davidson's had really rubbed salt in the wounds. 12 league games a row


without a win. Bigwig St Johnstone. Working their record going into


this, they had won seven and lost seven, now eight wins. I saw them


midweek at Celtic Park, they were exactly what you would expect from


St Johnstone, very well organised, disciplined, kept their shape,


frustrated Celtic for a long time, lost a fairly late kind of goal.


Plenty of positives. Should have had a late penalty. So for them to pull


level with hearts is impressive -- with Hearts. At the championship it


is full-time tween Hibs and Queen of the South. Hibs are 1-0 win courtesy


of a John McGinn goal seven minutes into the second half, the only goal


of the afternoon and his third of the campaign. Straight off the


training ground. McGinn arriving late at the back post, took a


deflection as it ended in the back of the net. Hibs dominated, Queens


had a late rally but it really came to nothing. Numerous chances in the


first half through Keatings, Shinnie, Cummings and Holt. The


solitary effort from John McGinn ensures John -- ensures they pick up


the victory. Fifth win in a row. That's another narrow win. Narrow


win, yes, but they have dominated a lot of teams and Neil Lennon


continues to say, we are dominating teams but not hammering them.


Somebody is going to take a real beating soon. Just look at the squad


that Ertz have got in comparison with everybody else, it is so


powerful looking. Not going to say they will definitely win the league


but I will be astonished, the way it is going, if they don't. At the


moment. Full-time at Rugby Park, that thrilling encounter involving


Kilmarnock and Ross County has reached its conclusion. Looks as


though the Kilmarnock players are happy. Kilmarnock have taken the


wind? They have indeed. What a game at Rugby Park. Right from the off,


no sooner had Kilmarnock kicked off than they were ahead. Kris Boyd


nicking into dink over. Ross County not fazed by the loss of the early


goal and quickly turn things round. Routine equaliser after good play.


Shalt tapping the ball over the line following a great header off the


bar. Knocking in the rebound. At 2-1 you could not argue that County


deserved to be in front but Kilmarnock changed things in the


second half. They looked a revitalised and equalised through


Gary Dicker. Looks like it would be a share of the points and I'm not


sure many would have argued against that as a reasonably fair result but


Kilmarnock had their tails up and snatched a winner in the 90th


minute. One of the new men on loan from Newcastle who looked pretty


bright, Sean Long staff, grabbed the goal, running through to finish. Lee


can't walking off the pitch at full-time will be absolutely


delighted. Especially given the departure of cinnamon coloured


barley. He was not missed today. Less exciting fare on offer in


Inverness this afternoon. Inverness Caledonian Thistle at home to


Partick Thistle, and that has concluded. Full-time here, 0-0. Not


entirely the stuff of inspiration for home supporters, looking for a


glimmer that would suggest better times ahead. Aaron Doran had a good


chance in the closing stages but cold narrowly wide. Visitors


thwarted by some excellent goalkeeping by Owain Fon Williams.


Superb stop from close range and fully merited at least a point.


Richie Durrant did demand a win, didn't get it, but they moved level


on points with Hamilton. Partick deserve credit for a strong


all-round display. They threatened fairly effectively when they had the


chance. Disappointment for them. Directly in sheet, and they could


lose Ellie use more of those, and more creativity


back to the championship and we can find out how second placed Dundee


United got on a way to Dunfermline this afternoon. It finished 1-1. A


cracker, here. 11 games unbeaten here now. United five without a win


although they took the lead after 18 minutes. Home defence failed to


clear their lines properly. Tony Andreu pounced to fire into the back


of the net. Came within inches of doubling the lead but the shot


caught the outside of the box. Within minutes they drew level after


a sustained spell of pressure. Kallum Higginbotham did well to


create space down the left. His cross into the box was met by the


head of John Hearne who is run and have noticed by the defence and he


nodded home. Cammy Bell was injured as the cross came in. Saw out the


first half but failed to recover. Tony Andreu had a clear shot on goal


from ten yards out but Sean Murdoch saved and although the rebound fell


straight at the feet of him, you blasted it over. That was the best


chance of the second half. 1-1 it finished. Let's find out what


happened in Paisley between bottom club St Mirren and fourth placed


Falkirk, Kenny Crawford was watching. It finished 2-1 to four


Kirk. Not the new dawn Saints fans were hoping for after the


encouraging Scottish Cup win and a whole raft of new signings. It was


all about John Baird, goals on 11 minutes and 63 minutes for him. The


first a brilliant finish from a fairly tight angle about 12 yards


out after a long throw which St Mirren players were sure was taken


ten yards further up the pitch than it should have been. John Baird from


Lee Miller's low cross turned in it should have been. John Baird from


from about ten yards in the centre of the box. Rory Loy and pulled one


from about ten yards in the centre back, his first goal since joining,


created out of nothing with his back to goal, turning and shooting low,


left footed into the far corner, but it wasn't enough, St Mirren remained


seven points adrift at the foot of the championship. Raith Rovers and


Dumbarton that this afternoon, watched by Charlie Mann. A big three


points for Dumbarton but growing concerns for Raith Rovers and bass


Gary Locke because the crowd was booing at the end of the stadium.


Raith Rovers have not won league match since October the 29th, and


they took the lead in the first and things were looking good that stage.


I am hardly the scorer, his fifth goal of the season after 27 minutes.


But in the second half Raith Rovers folded. Dumbarton equalised on 49


minutes. Christian nanny's header, his second goal of the season. The


visitors went in front on 57 minutes. On loan Daniel Harvey ran


from his own half, and absolutely blasted a left footed shot past the


goalkeeper. Then to compound it all, a corn on 63 minutes right across


the box. Knocked into the net for 3-1. Really poor run for Raith


Rovers, and a good day for Dumbarton, they move away from the


bottom two, and their 87 fans who followed them are away happy. Must


have been counting. 11 away from St Mirren at the bottom now. Wynford


Dumbarton could almost ensure they would be in that bottom relegation


spot or am I over egging that? St Mirren are seven adrift of Ayr


United, playing this evening, ten adrift from even avoiding the


play-off place. St Mirren have adrift from even avoiding the


signed a lot of players this month. It is kind of all on nothing, isn't


it? All your eggs in one basket situation. Need these guys to


it? All your eggs in one basket deliver if they are going to save


themselves. Clear blue water there. At the top, Hibs are eight points


clear of Dundee United. Is there a danger that will become a


procession? Clear green water at the top. I don't think it will become a


progression because there will be slip-ups in this league. It is a


tough league to get out of, and they will take nothing for granted. But


as I said just before, the strength and depth in that squad just now,


they look a more powerful squad, not giving away a lot of goals which


really helps if you are trying to win leagues. Needed Dundee United to


be right on their tail. I applaud Dundee United for doing as well as


they have done, a brand-new built side, sticking with Hibs so well. If


Hibs get a bit further away, difficult see them catching.


Hibs really need to win, they don't want that stress and hassle of


trying to get up that way. Tell me about it! Won't this won't be too


stressful. Time for today's classified results.


It's not stressful for them, but it is for me!


Let's start with the Scottish Premiership.


Let's look at the League tables starting with the Premiership.


Rangers again 19 points behind Celtic.


Celtic playing Hearts at Celtic Park tomorrow.


At the foot of the table it's now level on points.


In the championship Hibs are eight points clear at the top, another win


for them away to Queen of the South. St Mirren remain seven points behind


Ayr United. League one, Livingston well ahead.


Another good win for them today. At No matches in the English


Premiershipier league today so the top of the championship.


Bottom of the table doesn't ever really change, does it?


Let's stay in England and get some details from the big FA Cup match


and Tottenham Hotspur and league two Wycombe, how did it finish? White


Hart Lane rejoices. The Wycombe players go to embrace their


Tottenham counterparts, they know they've given them a hell of a game


this afternoon and they can proud of their performance. Tottenham who


finished with ten men after an injury after all three substitutes


were used. They hung on and at the death beat the team who were fifth


in league two. 70 places separated these two sides. It didn't look like


it, for 90-plus minutes but Spurs live to fight another day and will


march on into the fifth round of the FA Cup. Heart break for Wycombe but


they can head back with their heads held high.


If it is a Cup shock you are looking for, let's find out what happened


with Lincoln City and the championship leaders Brighton and


Hove Albion. Our man there was Mark Clment. It is Lincoln City 3,


Brighton and Hove Albion, 1! What a miracle Danny has foamed. He was a


PE teacher just a few months ago. He had his success with non-league


football. He came to this football club and he has completely and


totally transformed them. As you can see, chaotic scenes here. Chaotic


scenes because Lincoln City are in the 5th round of the Cup for the


first time since 1887. The team lead the national league, they've only


lost twice now in 25 matches and they've taken a scalp, 72 places


higher. Lincoln City are in the 5th round of the FA Cup.


Oh! They might have let us hear the scream there! Let's find out details


of another surprise in the Cup now. Oxford United against championship


big guns Newcastle United. That was watched by Andy Stevenson. What a


performance, what a result. Oxford have knocked Newcastle out of the FA


Cup. 3-0. Hemmings has now scored in every round of this season's FA Cup.


Newcastle wasted chances in the first half and then won a penalty.


The spot kick was saved by Simon Easted with. Then a header from


Nelson. A debut goal from Martinez on loan from West Ham. It's no more


than Oxford deserve. They showed fantastic effort all the way


through. Newcastle at times look like a team of strangers. Oxford


into the 5th round. Plenty of surprises in the Cup, including


Liverpool and Wolves. I feel sorry for Wycombe. We were watching the


score all afternoon. Yeah, at the very least you think you are going


to get a replay out of it and TV money presumably and cash for them,


to lose it like that... You like a bit of romance, Pat. Plenty for


Lincoln City. Yeah, we will hear plenty about that. Also part of you


wants to get a Premier League team out, as well. That's why we did talk


mostly about Spurs during that and Liverpool going out is a massive one


for them. If you look at the Spurs team... 97 minutes. Will that be any


more surprising than if Hearts actually managed to beat Celtic


tomorrow? Because in the end looking at the way it's gone in the Premier


League, you know, Celtic look unstoppable. They've a chance to


break that record. I can't see anyone stopping them. They


eventually will stop. I don't think it will be tomorrow. Right. Alas, we


have to stop now. Our time is running out. Jonathan will be here,


as ever, with a highlights show tomorrow night.


The best bits of the weekend's Premiership action and it's repeated


after Match of the Day::. We are back in seven days on BBC One


Scotland. That's it for today. My thanks to


Pat and Michael. See you soon.


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