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Scottish Cup Fourth Round Highlights - Sunday

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COMMENTATOR: This could be something quite sensational! Right out of the


top drawer. The shot is an absolute beauty! Oh yes! It's unbelievable!


Unbelievable. What a finish. Time to hear Rose. It is not a dream, it is


reality! -- heroes. STUDIO: We've got all the goals from


yesterday. A very good evening. It's day two of


the William Hill 's Scottish Cup fourth round weekend. So much to get


through this evening. Pat Nevin and Scott McDonald are poised and ready.


Could Albion Rovers produced one of the greatest Scottish Cup shocks of


all time against Celtic? Beside a huge favourite at the Excelsior


Stadium. COMMENTATOR: This is about as close as it gets to David and


Goliath. Celtic got a run of 18 successive wins domestically, head


and shoulders above Albion Rovers, seventh in League 1. It shouldn't


really be a contest. Don't tell that to Rovers, they won their last two


games and beat Queen of the South to get here. They look to cause a shock


of seismic proportions. Celtic's last game was at Rangers. A return


from injury for Kieran Tierney after an absence of three months and only


his second game of the season for Boyota. That's a good save from


Stewart. The first time he's been called into action. He shows he is


up to the test, Armstrong. Forward comes Celtic on the counterattack.


Scott Sinclair with a bit more room... Here he is on the edge of


the box. Dembele couldn't take it in his stride. It might have been in


for the opener. A lovely return pass. He was onside but he couldn't


take control of the ball, Sinclair. Here is Dembele now, the Sinclair. A


good save from Stewart. High up into the air, still. A goalkick,


eventually. This was a chance, Dembele into the feet of thing


Claire. That is a really good save from Stewart. Tierney is the


Sinclair, keep on moving. He's lost none of his sharpness in the time


he's been out. A real chance. What a fantastic goal from Scott Sinclair.


It's going to take something special to break through the Albion Rovers


defence. Scott Sinclair has provided that. With half an hour gone, Celtic


finally hit the front. It's Scott Sinclair's 13th goal this season. He


found room and that is just about perfect from Scott Sinclair. No


stopping that one. Celtic, who are looking for their first domestic


treble since 2001 take a step closer to advancing in the Scottish Cup.


Albion Rovers have stuck it out for half an hour but they can do nothing


about that. Feeding it into the feet of Armstrong. Gets it back once more


to the Celtic captain. Closed down by Ferry.. The flag is up, it's a


fine finish from Sinclair but the offside flag is up. But would have


been a good goal. The past is was excellent. The run was very good.


Half a yard offside. The assistant getting it right.


Lustig uses pays to get past. He's done brilliantly, Sinclair. Forrest


gets the shot away, another good save from Stewart. Three really good


saves from Stewart, now. Forrest did well to written. -- to gather it in.


Quickly off his line and rolling the ball out to Scott Sinclair who puts


the afterburners on, and Jets forwards. Into the feet of Dembele.


Armstrong for Forrest, just behind Forrest. That's only a whisker away


from Celtic's second goal. Frustration the Stewart Armstrong.


Whipping the ball towards the far post. Stewart beaten on that


occasion. Just over from Armstrong. It's a decent effort. Gamboa was in


an advanced position, lovely turn but drags the shot just a couple of


yards wide. There is an interested onlooker.


Forrest trying to take on Turnbull. Got the space for the cross. Again


Dembele meeting with a head. Once more, his effort is off target. If


he gives him chances like this, he's going to take one sooner or later.


Stewart on that occasion is untroubled. Dembele... It's a decent


shot but a good save again from Ross Stewart on his near post. It have


been disappointed to be beaten from that angle. The keeper got plenty


behind it. Karl McGregor, a chance to come forward. It's a deep cross.


Off the crossbar, how unlucky. Almost a second Celtic goal. Boyota


close to doubling Celtic's advantage. They don't come much


closer than that. Back to Sinclair again on the


left-hand side Celtic. Conflict between the legs and cleared off the


line. To the dismay of Simunovic, Albion Rovers had a man on the line.


The keeper out. Roberts, probably the last man


Albion wanted to see coming on. Into the net! Eventually Celtic have


doubled their advantage, surely now they have booked a place in the


quarterfinals. Mousa Dembele will clear that goal, it looked like it


might have been heading in already from Scott Brown. It was definitely


Mousa Dembele's goal. Squared across goal from Brown. The easiest of


goals for Mousa Dembele. At last Albion Rovers resolve is completely


broken. Armstrong gets it back from


Sinclair. Good save from Ross Stewart to deny him. It would have


been a fine goal. He reacted well. Roberts dropping the shoulder,


trying to get the cross in. He's done really well, Patrick Roberts.


There is the third from Celtic and Stewart Armstrong does get his goal.


It's all thanks to Roberts. Pace and skill here from Roberts. Just


tremendous. The poised to pick out the path left by thing Claire and


hammered home by Stewart Armstrong for his ninth goal of the season --


left by Sinclair. Celtic make that scoreline look more emphatic. Our


tempo and professionalism was very good today. We had good


concentration. As the game went on, particularly in the second half, I


thought our tempo was very good. It very pleasing performance. Maybe we


could have tried to keep the ball a wee bit better but with the guys


they are up against, they are under pressure so quickly. You are trying


to keep the ball and making it back. It's some quality they've got. We


are in every single competition to win it. Every game we play we want


to win. Whatever competition. This was our next game. We've had a good


win, a good professional performance, move on to Wednesday


night. It will be a tough game for us but we look to maintain this


momentum and keep bringing the victories and good performances.


STUDIO: Giant-killing, comfortable in the Enver Brendan Rodgers 's


side. A moment of brilliance with that goal, wasn't it? It's great to


see Tierney back, as if he hasn't been away. That's a wonderful


finish. You can see, he thinks the goal is going wide. Even us, we


thought it was going well over the bar. We were looking for a


deflection or something. When he hits it off that surface, he manages


to get underneath the ball, it takes a dramatic dip. Fantastic finish.


Patrick Roberts came on, he was just a fantastic presence in terms of the


creativity. One player you don't want to see coming on if you are an


Albion Rovers player, that's for sure. He's showing great skill to


get by someone. It's a great link to Dembele. There are three players


around him, there. It's a skill that gets him by. On this surface it's


hard to do. You guys are critical of this surface. That time you use


skill. There's three players around him again. This time it's just


blistering pace. That was the problem is Albion Rovers all the way


through the game. That was a brilliant piece of skill, there. He


looks absolutely upfront. You need to do it against the top teams like


that. All the way through the game, not just when he came on, complete


and utter control by Celtic. It's no real surprise but they managed to


keep it down to 2-0. I think Albion can walk away quite proud of


themselves. Who can stop Celtic winning the trouble? We seen it


before with big teams, some decisions go against you in these


big games. It is a possibility that obviously they are going to go for


the trouble. There are still a lot of good teams in this cup ready to


take it often. In terms of Albion Rovers, it wasn't their day. This


was a chance to have a day in the sun. Celtic such a tough


proposition. What are their ambitions? On the day, they didn't


want to be embarrassed. We all know in Scottish Cup day in the earlier


rounds, if you, pay -- if you, against a big team can be a cricket


score. That didn't happen. They can walk away with no embarrassment and


say, we gave them a bit of a game. Let's concentrate on the leak. It's


a cliche because it is true. And they made a bit of cash, too. Raith


Rovers were looking for a Scottish Cup shock as they took on Hearts.


COMMENTATOR: Raith Rovers stick largely with the team of last week


at Capel. Another former Hearts player, no fewer than four debutants


in the starting XI. That's as close as anyone has come.


Should have hit the target, the delivery is superb. It's a free


header. Get it on target. It's a goal.


That is a poor one. This might be the opening for hearts, there it is.


Jamie Walker does it again. 11th goal of the seriously profitable


season and that will relieve some nerves. The frustrating thing for


Raith Rovers is it is self-inflicted. Mistake in midfield.


Fantastic pass through to Jimmy Walker for his 11th of the season.


This pass here from Cali. No more than hearts deserve you would say.


Quick throw. Gets the break of the ball. Big opportunity. Stewart


spurns it. What a mess. I do not think he can quite believe he's


missed. McHattie does ever so well. Make the right decision. How


dizziness it? Three yards out. Incredible miss. If Raith Rovers do


not somehow call themselves back into this time Mark Stewart is not


sleeping the night. Another opportunity. Handball? Hamilton


makes a save. They have Hearts on the ropes. Fantastic save in the


end. Turning it around for the corner. Incomes the corner. Still


alive. Raith Rovers have live here. Hamilton again. The last five or ten


minutes for Raith Rovers have been their best of the match by a


distance. This time it is Ian Davidson denied. Martin will take


the corner. They wanted a penalty, nothing


doing. Not a good delivery it has to be said and I did think he was


pushed to the ground. Benedictus all over him. Mvoto. Backed up by


Benedictus. They will accept the corner. Not done yet. They have


caused problems with their set plays so far. Certainly they have a height


advantage. They will take the replay. They would snap off your arm


for a replay right now. Benedictus. Wouldn't you just know it! Wouldn't


you just know it?! Hearts appealing but Raith Rovers have levelled.


McManus got the final touch. From the Skacel effort. One more in the


final minute of the 90. Really decent hit from Skacel and I'm not


sure if he is offside. He is on. Definitely on. In the second half


they really have been the better side by a large margin. They deserve


to come out of this match with a draw. Huge moment potentially here.


Mvoto up, Hamilton saves and Hearts player. Mvoto causing absolute panic


in the defence. I do not think Hamilton knew much about it. How


difficult is that to take? It is OK. It is this situation... How is it


difficult, what is difficult? We just had to beat them again. Did you


pay the price perhaps for not putting it to bed in the second


half? Possibly, possibly. Maybe we could have apply more pressure, more


chances. But we didn't and I have just been informed we will play in


midweek so we need still with that. We have had wee bit last few games.


-- wee blip. Great bunch of boys in addressing and they work ever so


hard so I'm delighted their effort is awarded. On another day we have


the chances to win the game. Very interesting game, in the end Raith


Rovers almost winning. It would have been a shock, the Hearts players


some of them vociferous in their complaints about the goal that he


was definitely on-site. They will not speak vociferous after they see


this. Well done to Rudi Skacel keeping that down. The technique is


brilliant. Most players take it from there and it goes over the crossbar


but when it comes in there, still on side and he is well on side. There


is not even a question. Good call from the officials? Not easy as well


because it looks as if he is well offside. Good call in particular


Martin who was formerly the best player. But good timing from Skacel.


Skacel always has a say in this game. But Mark Stewart has to be the


most relieved man. He will be, would have had nightmares otherwise. We


have all been there. You have never been there. May be in training. Can


I save his flushes, probably not, he should score. If anything it is a


bit tight when it comes to him. I will give him the benefit of the


doubt. He will know like anyone else he should have scored. Such a


charitable individual. That interview there was very


interesting. What do you make of the fact he didn't know they will play


on Wednesday. That is the slight surprise that he is learning areas


of the position and maybe wasn't aware of that. But he won't make


that mistake again. It will be mentioned by a number of people.


Oddly enough I think when you look at what he looks at in the game,


first half they were the better team, third in the Senate after they


were second best by the distance. He is just delighted he is not out of


the cup and he only has one thing on his mind, he has another shot. I


don't care when it is. Hibs beat Rangers in the final last season,


and last season 's finest began the campaign yesterday, Rangers up


against Motherwell the first Hibs took on Bonnyrigg Rose at


Tynecastle. , set step away by Andrew Shinnie, it has gone in. That


is a nightmare for Michael Rogers. That is the kind of thing when


Michelangelos went to bed last night he would have dreaded. Keatings. My


fancy a go. Why not. Why not indeed? -- Andrews. Stevenson. The


goalkeeper has spilt it. Humphrey gets there. Now, penalty. Not much


context to be fair to Jordan Foster. Bonnyrigg Rose reduce the arrears.


Brilliant finish. Chance for Stevenson. Hibs enjoying themselves


when Lewis Stevenson scores a goal. Sixth, great save, Cummings is


there. Keatings, seven. Free kick. It is eight, it is eight! The fairy


tale dream on Bonnyrigg Rose turning into a nightmare. On the Fulford


work, down under the challenge of Hammell and Rangers had a shout for


a penalty. Into the middle, his 30th goal, his 60th appears and it has


Motherwell ahead at Ibrox. Kenny Miller with the header. Stunning


goal romp Kenny Miller. All to play for. Chance for them, virginity back


to McDonald's. Wes Foderingham with the save. Given away by McManus.


Chance for Kenny Miller to win the match, he has! Rangers have come


from behind to win at Ibrox. STUDIO: Scott, are you feeling today after


watching that? Obviously gutted. Quite distraught after the game, we


put a lot into that game and frustrated Rangers for big parts.


They didn't really have many shots on goal until obviously we scored.


We probably dropped off a little bit that take nothing away from Kenny


Miller, 37 years of age and still producing the goods. Even more so


this one, excellent finish under pressure. To concede that late on,


that is twice at Ibrox this year and that has happened to us. Sorloth


McManus with a pass again, what was the general feeling in the dressing


room? Just distraught really, there wasn't much so I think the manager


said it all after the game. How disappointed he was. The were


exactly the same. The cult once again goes missing. In the fourth


round. For another season. We will have to put an end to that at some


point. Hopefully we can do that next time. Shocks are the lifeblood of


the cup, time to see which permission clubs came a cropper. --


Premiership clubs. On paper this looked like a banker home when and


how they found the net instead of the posted may well have been. Saint


Mary, the bottom side in the Championship, grateful of any gifts


and it psych Dundee defending allowed John Sutton to open the


scoring. -- slack. Five minutes after the break they made it safe.


Again some defending to infuriate Paul Hartley with Stevie Mallon


allowed to tee up Jack Beard. This one in Dingwall had to pass a


couple of pitch inspections, Kevin Clancy seeing enough through the


gloom to give it the thumbs up and it didn't disappoint. COMMENTATOR:


Good ball, what a finish from Christopher Ritchie.


There he goes. Two County Brezovan, cross in and what a finish from


Andrew. Good effort. And on the rebound from Paul Quinn and they are


back in front. He continues on his own. Across the face of goal. It


breaks for the third Ross County goal. Boys on the right-hand side.


Inside his man, Lillian Boyce sliding in there for. That is some


gold from the boys. Really slack, Tony Andrew... He has tucked it


away. Can he finished the match


altogether? Great save but on the rebound... Boyce. Lovely feet. Jim


O'Brien. To round things off in terrific fashion for Ross County. It


is a long bus journey and the Highland league side had barely got


the fresh air in their lungs before they found themselves behind at


Firhill. Chris Erskine shining brightest to open the scoring. Touch


of offside about the second. The visitors certainly thought so.


Stephen Moore was not hanging around on punishing the defence as they


waited for the whistle that never came. The Martin taught a lesson in


the dangers of playing out from the back. No questioning Chris Erskine's


mind as to what he would do with this little gift. The goal-scoring


was rounded off by the captain. More holes in the Martin defence, Osman


the man to exploit and put the finishing touches on a comfortable


afternoon for Partick. Safely through to the next round.


Derek McInnis has made no secret of his desire to add more silverware to


the trophy room. And they got up and running, here. With any fears of a


potential cup shot delayed, Aberdeen were able to attack in waves. Nile


McGinn striding through to supply number two. Stranraer struggled to


handle the step up in quality. This handball was the last thing that


they needed. Rooney made no mistake from the spot. A landmark goal for


the striker, his 70th in Aberdeen colours. The final word would go to


McGinn, the Northern Ireland international curling home number


four as other gene marched confidently into round five --


Aberdeen. The Saints showed there was no rustiness as they sealed the


win before half-time against their League 1 visitors. Stephen McClane


all on his own with time to pick a spot. The number nine then


demonstrated he is just as dangerous as a provider as he is a


goal-scorer. A bit of cheek in the process, Blair Alston with a goal to


continue their Scottish Cup charge. Two teams who probably wouldn't mind


forgetting about the pressures of the Premiership basement battle for


a day, kill Marnoch handed debuts to five new players, Freddie Woodman


called into action by Ali Crawford. Perhaps first game nerves were to


blame for a rush of blood to the head from Osborne in second-half


stoppage time. Rakish Bingham brought down the curtain on the


Scottish Cup campaign from the penalty spot. All points north,


Elgin City took an Inverness Caledonian Thistle. The real Derby


buzz about this match there for us was Ellie Barber. Boro breaks, the


most northerly Football League ground in Britain. 12 and a half


thousand supporters crammed in here as Elgin City became the first and


last Highland league club to make it to the Scottish Cup quarterfinals in


1968. The ground hasn't changed much over the years. That was then, this


is now. Today Borough Briggs hosts top-flight opposition for the first


time in 45 years as city welcome Inverness Caledonian Thistle. A


fierce local rival from the past. There's a years of rivalry between


Elgin City and the two Inverness clubs. Today it will be quite


special in that it is the first visit to Borough Briggs for


Inverness. Obviously there's a bit of jealousy that someone local has


done a bit better than you. On the whole the fans are happy to see the


lads doing well. It goes way back to the 60s when they withered to top


teams in the high land league. Obviously they made massive strides.


It's great to get an opportunity to take them on again. We've got a


manager who has really brought another level of professionalism to


the club. His tremendous, and his assistant, they brought it to


another level. That's why instead of languishing at the bottom, we are


competing for a play-off place. We've done really well. When I took


the job here, the chairman stressed to me, if you get the team doing


well and winning, the support will come out in their numbers. They are


doing that today and I'm just looking forward to the start of the


game and seeing the crowd. I'm sure that will give us extra incentive,


the players will rise to that. It's the romance of the Cup. You never


know what might happen. Elgin have Shane Sutherland in their ranks, no


one in the British Football League setup has scored more goals this


season. Something to look forward to, no pressure on us really, with


them being a top-level team. There's an added motivation to do well being


an ex-player. It's got that feeling, it's going to be a big crowd, here.


We've got a week off, the lads of refreshed mentally and physically,


we are raring to go. We are looking hungry. We've got to produce a


performance. First half of the season you're looking to get


performance is right, second half is all about results. Today is about


results. Win at all costs. I don't care how we do it, as long as we


upgrade to the next round. Win at all costs would have to be winning


from behind, not pleasant viewing. A chance perhaps to try out a training


ground move. Mark Nicholson, the home hero. Borough Briggs, on its


feet. Losana Doumbouya with the level, not quite. This allowed by


the referee. No question about this effort, though. Larnell Cole dancing


through, delight for those in red and blue. Doumbouya causing


problems. Again, denied. Brilliant from keeper Mark Waters. Would it be


third time lucky for Doumbouya? But his afternoon would bear fruit.


Inverness in front for the first time. Would there be another twist


in this tale? It was written Shane Sutherland, but against his former


side, it wasn't to be. Shock avoided for the Premiership club. Plenty of


positives for the Highland neighbours. It's so pleasing for me.


I knew my players would give me everything they've got. The big


crowd, the fans got behind them and gave them that extra incentive they


needed. Getting the goal. Obviously I felt the first goal was important.


We didn't quite manage to hold onto it enough. Obviously we went a goal


behind. There was no panic or frustration in their play. There


were no fallouts on the park. Character was big for us, today.


STUDIO: Elgin are out but in a final look at the action from yesterday,


two leaked to clubs remain involved. Clyde manager Barry Ferguson boasts


an impressive Scottish Cup pedigree. His side fell behind early on. A


slight deflection helping this effort from Dylan Bikey find the


net. Separated by three points in the league to table, always promised


to be a tight affair. Peter McDonald levelled things up. At 36 years of


age, McDonald proves that age is no barrier to scoring goals. His second


here, his 16th strike of the season. And the veteran striker would be


presented with a chance for a hat-trick, when he was taken down in


the box. The Stirling keeper's superb save kept his side in the


Cup. Six minutes from time, Bikey swept home the equaliser and insured


his side will have to do it all over again at Broadwood on Tuesday the


31st. One of the goals of the round. Nicky Paterson with a moment to


remember to give East Fife the lead at Livingston. Nicky Cadden with a


free kick as Livingston searched the equaliser. A fine save from Mark


asked. Another save in the 89th minute.


No shortage of goals in this one and it was done firmly and who struck


first. Nicky Clarke giving them the perfect start. Only Paul McMullen


can tell us whether he was attempting a cross or a shot just


before the break. Either way his effort found its way into the net to


double their lead. By the hour mark, the job was just about done. Joe


Cardle smashing home the third. Allah were refused to crumble and


Stefan McCluskey marked his debut with the gold -- Alloa refuse to


crumble. Greig Spence's persistence was rewarded with a goal but the


rally from Alloa too late, Dunfermline were through. Falkirk


had a great chance to take but he made the save. Jamie Lindsay, unload


from Celtic, scoring. It wouldn't be the Scottish Cup without a pillar of


scaring a vital moment of action. The goal sealed by Ross Forbes as it


finished 2-0. A game of few chances at Somerset Park. This header from


Ryan McGeever about as close as either side would come to finding


the net. There was to be no breakthrough and a fourth-round


replay of weights them on Tuesday. The draw for the fifth round of the


Scottish Cup has been made and it was actually quite entertaining.


Thanks mainly to Rod Stewart, who certainly seemed to be enjoying


himself. I think he left SFA President hanging, that's the


technical term. All good fun. Here is the draw for the first round of


the William Hill Scottish Cup. As you can see, some juicy fixtures in


there, if Hearts can make it past Raith Rovers on Tuesday. That has to


be the tie of the round, doesn't it? They have to get by Raith Rovers


then Faith Kilbirnie in. If he can get through that he's an absolute


hero. It does push on the pressure a bit more but it looks to me by some


distance if they get through that, Hearts, then that's the tie of the


round. There are some other good ties. Ross County and Aberdeen, try


calling that one. Raith Rovers will have a say. Disappointing in a way


that Rangers and Celtic both with home draws? Everyone else looking at


it I would imagine so. I think the Dunfermline Hamilton game is a tough


tie for Hamilton to go there. I don't really like talking about it,


actually, because we aren't involved, it's rubbish! Some really


good ties. With that thing that always you, if you aren't in it. I


was dreading coming on! Should babe pic Rod Stewart the next year?


Absolutely, he was brilliant! -- should they book Rod Stewart for


next year. Sportscene is back next weekend. The Ladbrokes Premiership


returns. The summit was all an illusion, for


others it remains very real. Until next time, good night.


The Robshaws are going back in time again.


I feel a little bit overwhelmed at the moment.


How people did this every day I don't know.


Looks like they're going to need it. Calf's head...


Leave the teeth out of it, won't you?


It's incredible the changes that have occurred in just 50 years.


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