Scottish Cup 4th Round: Raith Rovers v Heart of Midlothian Sportscene

Scottish Cup 4th Round: Raith Rovers v Heart of Midlothian

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He has saved it, Raith Rovers have won the League Cup!


That has gone straight into the net, won the League Cup!


it is sensational here in Munich! And Raith Rovers are into the


semifinals of the Scottish Cup for the first time in 47 years.


Raith Rovers have won the Ramsdens Cup!


Rangers one, Raith Rovers two! Raith Rovers have built up an


impressive collection of cup classics over the years and the


impressive collection of cup Kirkcaldy club look to add to those


magical memories here today. Robbers are not in great form at the moment


but the same can be said of their Premiership opponents, Hearts have


won only once in the five matches since the much talked about Ian


Cathro took charge. Well, to Stark's Park, that is the Williams Hill


Scottish Cup fourth round, Raith Rovers against Hearts, and live here


on the BBC will stop in the company of these two alongside me, former


Hearts captain Michael Stuart and northern Ireland manager Michael


O'Neill. Ian Cathro, number two, Michael, is your number two at


international level, Austin McCrea. You will have an insight and


awareness of the amazing pressure both of those are under.


Yes, it has been a challenging time, Austin has done great work as part


of my backroom staff and the international scene. He has heard


involvement previously with St Mirren but this is a great


opportunity for him and Ian Cathro. They have been unfairly judged and


harshly criticised at times. They are both young and very


enthusiastic. Given time, they will do well, but it is a big game today.


Raith Rovers got off to a great start under Gary Locke but at the


moment they are in shocking form, they have not won since the end of


October and scored only three goals in those nine games. Not a great


run, but this will be a tough game for Hearts. There are a lot of


players and on the coaching staff as well, connections to Tynecastle and


it will be desperate to put in a great performance. From the heart 's


perspective, a huge crowd behind us, a big amount of expectation, a tough


place to come to and with three games in the week coming up against


Rangers, Celtic and Motherwell, there is meant that the board wants


to build up going those games. But the big travelling support, there is


pressure on the players to make sure they get a result at Stark's Park


and get into the next round of the cup. Someone else that Michael knows


well is Aaron Hughes, they could be crucial to the back lane of Hearts


today, three quarters of it has changed. Aaron Hughes is a player I


know well, people might look at his age but he is a super athlete and


professional. I think it would be a real positive for Hearts around the


club to have him here. John Souttar is a young centre-back. I think


Aaron will help him. It will be a big gas today, three players coming


in to a brand-new back for essentially. It is a real positive


to have someone of Aaron Hughes's quality to come and to this club.


From a Scottish perspective, we are struggling at centre-half, coming


end beside John Souttar is a big positive because we have to get more


centre has entered a national side. John Souttar has the ability but


centre has entered a national side. playing alongside Aaron Hughes will


hopefully develop as a player as well. So important that Hearts set


the tone, it could turn nasty for them. Yes, Raith Rovers want to make


this a horrible cup-tied, they do not want to let Hearts settle into


the game. They want them to feel the pressure of the crowd. We could have


a really good cup-tied today. The teams are in the tunnel, let us get


to the action. To your commentators, Steven Thompson and Leah McLeod.


Thank you, Rob, good afternoon, first Scottish Cup meeting between


these two size since January 's 1979. It is a fixture Hearts have


historically dominated with most expecting that to continue today.


You have to go to September 1993 to find a Raith Rovers victory over


their lecturers. Sinclair scoring the winner at Tynecastle against a


hard side that featured current Raith Rovers boss Gary Locke.


Subplots all over the place today. None of the matter, it is about


getting into the fifth round of the door which takes place later on.


Despite perform as mentioned, Raith Rovers stick largely with the team


from last week. Ryan Stevenson, the former Hearts player, he is


suspended. Kevin McHattie he also plays. Mark Stewart recently signed


a new deal and replaces Ryan Hardie. A start for young midfielder Scott


Matthews as well. No fewer than four Debbie Jevans in the heart starting


XI, three at the back but Struna, dues and saw were all thrown into


the team. Further up the park, Malaury Martin will play behind the


striker, the rest of the team will be more familiar to the rest of the


Hearts supporters. Plenty of firepower on the bench of Raith


Rovers with McManus, Hardie and Skacel on the substitutes bench. He


has twice won this tournament with Hearts. Darren Jackson, he had a


spell at Tynecastle as a player. Gary Locke, the pressure beginning


to build on him, as it is with Ian Cathro, just the one win so far.


John Beaton in charge, 35-year-old communications officer who was in


charge in last year's semifinals which was won by Hibernian against


Dundee United. Big game, difficult cup tie for Hearts. Since beating


Queen of the South and October, the house but to sixth in the Cadillac


Championship. We have only scored twice in their last six games. A


dramatic drop given that they won their first three matches in the


league and were third as recently as late autumn. Hearts not feeling too


much better in the Premiership right now. Just the one victory over Ian


Cathro so far. Six points off of Aberdeen in third position having


played one game more. Steven Thompson joined me for this one. The


site is not in form and this is as good a place to start kicking on as


any. Yes, not informed, Raith Rovers have set up a rigid 4-5-1, five in


the midfield looking to the state Hearts. During the week Ian Cathro


reiterated time and again his desire for an explosive start for Hearts.


It has been an interesting open spell. Hearts have not gone beyond


the fifth round since 2012 but to be fair to them, they were twice peered


already taken a banned the disease. already taken a banned the disease.


-- E Bang to the face. A concern early on for Hearts. Callum Paterson


is of course out injured and has been for a long time. Jimmy Walker


has been the star of the season. He has been excellent, ten goals so far


this season. That looked like a bit of a rolled elbow as he went up for


the challenge. He has been a talisman for Hearts this season and


he will be hoping to shake this off very quickly. Also had a spell at


Raith Rovers, Jimmy Walker. You can see the look on Ian Cathro's


feistier, a little bit of concern. -- Ian Cathro's says.


If he gets that nose fixed up, I am sure he will be OK to continue.


Davidson, the right-back, a Hall of Fame for Raith Rovers. Former


midfield player. The experienced Don Cowie.


This is John Niamh local who is playing at centre-half for Raith


Rovers today. -- Jean-Yves Mvoto. He has been a mainstay in the Rovers


backline the season. It was always going to be a difficult job for Gary


Locke, after his predecessor took Raith Rovers into the play-offs last


season before moving on to manage Dundee United, Ray McKinnon. John


Souttar, just the seven years younger than his central defensive


partner today, Aaron Hughes. Over 100 caps for Northern Ireland,


in fact, he got the 100th cap just before the European Championship


finals. That was in the summer. He played in the Europa League final


for Fulham in Berlin, in fact, I think it was Hamburg. It was


Atletico Madrid, it was a goal for van's inspired side that would get


their hands on the trophy. -- it was a Diego Forlan's. It'll be


interesting to see how Martin does. Djoum has been playing previously in


that position but he is at the Africa Cup of Nations. He had been


linking up well. Interesting to see how Martin does in that area.


Here is Don Cowie. Walker seems to be shoved off the ball. Stuart


winning it back for Rovers. Knocked be shoved off the ball. Stuart


into touch by Matthews. Well, Gary Locke felt hard done by when he was


removed from his post as Hearts boss on the day that Aaron Boyd and Craig


Levein swept to power. Replaced by Robbie Neilson. And Hearts have not


really kicked the ball since Robbie Neilson left. The dead beat, but by


a really heavy scoreline at Tynecastle, it has been the only


victory so far for Ian Cathro. We were both that the game. We saw them


play at Tynecastle in Robbie Neilson's last game in charge


against Rangers and it was hugely impressive that day but they have


been nowhere near that standard sense. Yes, he has had a couple of


difficult weeks, a sticky start. Hopefully in the January transfer


window he can help the side and put a plan together. We have not seen


that so far. Gary Locke will have a point to


prove to the Hearts board who will be watching in the Main stand over


there. The packed streetside of Stark's Park. Hearts are in their


changed colour is shooting south in this first half. It is a brilliant


or not, you must say, from the Hearts supporters, coming over the


bridge. Good ball by Hamilton, looking for Johnsen. He was superb


that night against Rangers. Managed to control a ball that was above his


head and bearing in mind he is six foot five, quite impressive! Do you


know what, his first touch is excellent for quite a big man. When


know what, his first touch is it comes up to Mark Stewart, he has


a huge job on his hands to make sure that he retains the ball because the


Raith Rovers midfield are quite detached from him so he has to link


the play well. Here is Johnsen. detached from him so he has to link


Really annoyed last year, Hearts, going out eventually to the winners


of the tournament after a replay. Lead 2-0 at home but ended up going


out. Jason Cummings scoring the winner in the replay for Hibernian.


We all heard that. Nowak. Here comes Raith Rovers, Jordan Thompson, he is


on loan from Rangers. Looking for bar. Good play from Bobby Barr.


Recently any game against Falkirk, Barr started on the left. But they


ended up losing 4-1 despite scoring first. Really disappointing for


them. Falkirk ended up running amok. Straight alt to the side and put out


by Matthews. Trying to link the play with Johnson. -- Johnsen. He has a


big task on his hands today. First chance for Hearts to swing in this


poll from the near side corner. You can see that the right-back Struna


has a will to get forward and join the attack, much like Callum


Paterson. Kevin McHattie, felt the full force of his effort. The corner


from Martin. Not exactly what Sowah was hoping for. Here is Mvoto...


Perhaps fell to the right person if you all are from the Raith Rovers


persuasion. It was a decent ball in. Saw the headlights, when for the


speculative volley. He has just come from Hamilton, former German youth


international. Here comes Bobby Barr. Promising from Raith Rovers


here. Callachan. John Souttar got in the way. Relieved. Certainly got the


home fans believing. That they could possibly cause a shock this


afternoon. Johnsen. Went on a fabulous run last season


under Ray McKinnon, Johnson. 15 begins. They have been poor recent


times, Rovers, still only three points off where they were at this


stage last season. Good second half of the campaign again and they could


well be back in the promotion play-off places.


That must have been in Gary Locke's mind when he took the job. Perry


Kitchen. Wins the free kick. There is not too much in that for


me. Just getting his body in between the ball and Perry Kitchen. John


Beaton giving the free kick. A cold afternoon in eastern five. Fife.


Martin Canning take a good free kick, in towards the sick Chardy


area but it is booted clear. Here is Martin again. You know what he


wanted to do, Liam, saw the headlines speculatively try to put


it into the top corner but got it all wrong. Ten metres over the bar.


It has been a fairly passive start from Hearts, you have to say. Not


the explosive start that Ian Cathro was looking for. For me, Raith


Rovers, it is that transition when you win the ball. They have done it


on a couple of occasions so far in the match. Just missing that bit of


quality in the final area. It will be even more frustrating for Ian


Cathro given that he is missing the lights of Rherras and others at the


Africa Cup of Nations. Rherras did not come on for Morocco against


Tongo -- Togo and Congo. It is a huge miss for Hearts. Martin,


looking to make an impression. Here is Callachan. Bobby Barr rampaging


forward with only one to fit in the middle. That is two or three


locations when Bobby Barr has made runs down the side, he has obvious


place. Clever play putting it out for the throw-in and getting Raith


Rovers up the pitch, however. Sowah loses out. Mark Stewart. This


is Callachan. Benedictins. Former Dundee defender. -- Ryan


Benedictins. -- Kyle Benedictus. John Souttar. Nice flick by Cowie.


Gary Locke and Darren Jackson, Stephen, they will be keen to test


the Hearts defence, three of which are brand-new. Yes, you wonder...


They have not had a lot of time to gel and they have always they worked


on things in training, they have had the few bits of the January break to


meet together. Some of them only signed last week, not a lot of time


to get to know each other. Obviously, Aaron Hughes in there,


they will march of the defence. But to put the players straight into a


back four, that is unusual for me. Struna, Don Cowie. Nowak. The poll


to the Slovenian. Walker, better from Hearts. It goes for the corner


from Iain Davidson. Good play again from Martin, when it comes at the


Jamie Walker, a fantastic ball in, putting it into a dangerous area.


Get his head on to it but could not get enough direction on it. Better


from Hearts. Martin to take. Had a spell at Middlesbrough in England.


For the head of Callachan. Johnston boots it as far away as he could.


Mark Stewart gives chase. Keeping an eye on things is Aaron Hughes. Just


back from a spell in India, Aaron Hughes. He did well to recover that


situation, I thought he should have gone and met the ball before it


landed, but he hesitated but recovered well. Experienced centre


are. Played for the Blasters in India, Aaron Hughes. John Souttar.


McHattie is there. Bobby Barr has already put in a lot


of work. He is OK. Long throw from Struna here. Johnsen. McHattie gets


it clear. Nodded back in again by Souttar. Kevin McHattie seems to


follow Gary Locke Rather, he was with him at command as well. For a


short time. -- he was with him at Kilmarnock as well.


Get it back from Kitchen. Souttar. Cowie. First time from Kitchen for


Struna. Another corner for the visitors. Beginning to now get into


their stride. Exceptional football from Hearts, four or five passes,


coming out to Struna who is rampaging down this right-hand side


at every opportunity. Does well to force the corner. You have to say,


really good tracking back as well from Chris Johnston. Good to see


Chris Johnston back in the team and playing football after that


horrendous injury. The corner comes in, bulleted towards goal! That is


as close as anyone has come. It stays at 0-0. He should have hit the


target. Great delivery, get it on target, anywhere on target and it is


a goal. Just directed pack past the post. But you must get that on


target. I have been really impressed by Martin, he has been involved in


target. I have been really impressed everything good from Hearts so far.


Perry Kitchen yet to score so far this season.


New defence in front of Jack Hamilton, that will take a bit of


getting used to. Several of the defence has left the club. At the


other end of the park, Tony Watt, his loan deal was cut short.


Matthews boogies Cowie of the ball. Mark Stewart.


Promising from a Raith Rovers point of view. The first real ball into


the box. Ball bounces just in front of him. Does well to get anything on


that. Raith Rovers will be happy at 0-0 so far. They have conceded eight


goals in the past three games and lost all of those games. It is


important to gain a foothold in the first 20 minutes, Gary Locke will be


very happy with that. Defeat here to Dunfermline will have stuck in their


minds more than anything. Also lost to Morton. Was there the Bishop for


an advantage to be played there, Steven Thompson? I would have


thought so. Should have let it go. Free kick it is. Mvoto, he was


pushing Johnsen to the ground. He is certainly a big man, Mvoto. Decent


ball in from Davidson, he is angry, he was always going to win the


header, no need to make the contact. Gave away a silly free kick in a


dangerous area. How good is that from Aaron Hughes?


Hearts feel to profit from that. Martin. Cowie. -- Johnsen. There was


nobody. You probably won't Johnsen in the box. Good play from Martin,


picking up good areas for Hearts. Lovely pass to Johnsen at the back


post. The Raith Rovers bench was howling for a free kick.


You have just missed, I think, Aaron Hughes doing the opposite of what he


did a short time ago, tripping over the ball! From his point of view,


that was a good edit! Struna, looking for Martin. Johnston finds


Mark Stewart. He is still only 28, Mark Stewart, seems to have been


around for ages. Broke through at Falkirk under John Hughes, with the


lights of Scott airfield. Cowie made a good run. Herbie Hide, looking for


Walker! Good blog by Matthews. Fantastic blog, what a run that was


from Don Cowie, in behind the back four of Raith Rovers. A lovely


weighted pass. His vision to get the ball into Jimmy Walker. It would


have gone on target had it not been for the quality tackle from


Matthews. The fourth corner for Hearts, swung in. It was begging for


a touch, wasn't it? Very similar to the last corner, Raith Rovers got


tighter to their men but still causing problems. Malaury Martin,


looks like he could potentially be a really good signing for Hearts,


goalball -- going by the opening minutes of this match.


strewn all cleared ball in by Walker. He was in a cul-de-sac.


The way he managed to shape his body was fantastic but the skill that


came before it was even better. A break forward for Raith Rovers. It


is Babar and he has won a free kick. He is using his pace again down the


right-hand side. A nudge from Kitchen putting him down. That is


the thing that hearts need to watch when they are attacking, committing


men forward. Difficult for Jamie Walker to be


able to do Everything with that past. Gary Locke will be


disappointed that when Raith Rovers get to the halfway line and beyond,


they are not using the ball well. And that's the problem. I think Mark


Stewart has a very lonely task. When they do get the ball forward, it is


difficult to break the numbers because they are seven deep.


Saying that, Kevin Cuthbert has not had too much to do yet.


Straight at Cuthbert. Good movement from Martin, drifting wide. He


probably should have done better with his cross for the back post, to


set up Bjorn Johnsen for the header. His movement was quality.


It's just not sticking. That's what I was talking about. When Mark


Stewart does get the ball, he's got to make sure he links in his


midfielders so they can get up the pitch. A decent response from Hearts


today. They had to wait a long time to get back out on the pitch due to


the winter break to adopt we haven't seen them as good at Tynecastle in a


long long time as they were at Aberdeen just before the start of


the year. Already, much change in personnel


since then. That was a really passive, flat performance. They have


dominated this in terms of possession, which we expected. They


need to turn that into opportunity. It's a corner. I don't know if that


was a corner. I think you got it all wrong. I don't know if he got his


angles right. In swinger from the Frenchman.


Stuart was being fouled and that is another, Perry Kitchen. He can have


no complaints. A definite foul. We could have probably seen a yellow


for that. I think he is walking a tightrope. That has been three or


four fouls. They need to be careful. He is asking way too much of Jamie


Walker. A big opportunity, as well, Jamie Walker making a fabulous run.


Don Cowie tries to push it through and gets far too much on the past.


Strewn, 24 caps for Slovenia. Half an hour in, Raith Rovers' game plan


is working so far. They are keeping them at arms length at the moment it


told Mrs Callaghan, Stewart. He holds his head in his hands. Good


play from Callaghan down the right. He can perhaps get on the half


turned. The ball is coming in at pace and just squirms under his


foot. Stevenson fighting for its. Another


free kick. This is the kind of situation that Raith Rovers will


hope to profit from. Yes, the big boys coming up from the back. That


was a very poorly timed challenge from Sowah. An opportunity for Raith


Rovers to put the ball in the box and you can see what a threat


photorealistic top Benedictus coming up as well. -- what a threat


Jean-Yves M'Voto is. I think he got caught. Goalkeeping and really good


handling from him. Brave goalkeeping, it has to be said, from


Jack Hamilton. Clean hands. He took a dull one here, Jack


Hamilton. He's OK, though. Seven clean sheets of this season.


This is his 27th game of the season. Such a historic venue with the


railway just behind where A Raith Rovers legend was recently


telling me he had a bet with all his team-mates he would score before the


3:07pm train to Edinburgh when past the stadium behind us and he says he


won more often than not. We'll have to check that.


Here is Sowah for Hearts. Good scoring. 12 to the break. You hinted


at earlier the fact that Raith Rovers have been getting


particularly atrocious results in quick succession. Gary Locke has got


to be plodding over the fact that Kevin Cuthbert hasn't really had too


much to do. He hasn't really been tested yet apart from that one went


over the posted rock it was all about maintaining Hearts, their game


plan, frustrating them and into large parts that has worked. He has


ammunition on the bench should he wanted. The longer the game goes on


like this, he will be the happier of the two managers.


They have been busy recently, looking after the new stadium. They


have the new manager in place. The main stand has been built behind the


current main stand. Despite its characteristics.


Something the main stand here has plenty of.


Raith had to build the huge stands behind the two goals here, just to


the left, the south end of Stark's Park. They haven't been in the top


flight since 1997. They have had some spells in the third tier of


Scottish football. Your entire senior playing career, Raith Rovers


have been the top-flight. Almost, pretty much. I was here last year in


the freezing cold! But I enjoyed warming up. Martin to Sowah. And


Kitchen. Just about sums it up for the visitors. All the possession, as


we expected... Lots of possession and a neat pass and Grimmy Martin


has been a standout. Strun, the new signing, going forward. I think of


the two managers, Gary Locke will be happier right now.


That was a poor wanted top this might be the opening for Hearts.


There it is. Jamie Walker does it again! And 11th goal of a seriously


profitable season and that will ease some nerves. The frustrating thing


for Gary Locke if it is self-inflicted, a mistake in the


midfield. A fantastic weighted pass through to Jamie Walker for his 11th


goal of the season. Composed but he is one-on-one with the gamekeeper --


goalkeeper. A fantastic finish and by more than Hearts deserve. -- no


more. A cool finish. A nerve settler. Eight minutes to half-time.


A bad time to lose a goal for Raith Rovers. They've done so well up to


now to frustrate Hearts and limit Hearts but to lose a goal just


before half-time is the worst time to lose its.


John Can't control. Is going to get onto it here. When they have gone


behind in games, they've fallen apart. Right now, Gary Locke has


ripped apart plan a and is trying to remember what plan B is because


that's what he's gone to now. For 30 updates, they defended so well and


at the last couple of minutes they've made a couple of mistakes.


The back foot of the Rovers defence and you can see why they've been


poor in the league and they have made self-inflicted mistakes.


Johnsen, too much on him from Martin.


I just wonder what's going through the mind of Jordan Thompson. He gave


the ball away. He's got to forget it, get it out of his mind. You


can't dwell on it. This comes from a tackle from McHattie. Take nothing


away from the finish from Jamie Walker. Bjorn Johnsen giving


Benedictus a headache. Jamie Walker was one of the


mainstays under Gary Locke and walk along with Sam Nicholson, Calum


Pattinson, it all had to breakthrough at a time Hearts were


struggling financially and struggling firm numbers. Sam


Nicholson out injured just now but we've seen so much from all those


three players over the last few years that it has perhaps been the


best thing to happen to Hearts, certainly as far as the team and the


players are concerned because these youth players have come through and


are now big stars at the club but they could be bringing in pretty big


money soon. I think the way the experience of the game at that time


was invaluable. I think Alan Patterson is an international player


now and I can't see it being too long


before others are involved. Plenty of youth on the pitch.


I would been a certain degree of trepidation for Hearts coming into


this game, just because of their poor results recently, but Raith


Rovers have taken some scalps over the last few years in this


competition, Aberdeen and Rangers to name a couple. It is a difficult


venue, a difficult place to come and play. Just looking at the way they


are set up today, it was going to be difficult for Hearts to bring them


down. Now they've got that goal, it really changes the game. At one


point, the way they changed would probably bring on the former player


to get that equalising goal. Callachan is happy with the


challenge. Another example, when they win the


ball back and he's only got Mark Stewart hit. By can't see a pass on


to him. The options are so limited. Raith Rovers could do with putting


another player on the pitch to give them another option, another out


another player on the pitch to give ball. Cowie was onside. Another


fabulous run from Cowie. They have been superb and if he put one foot


in front of the other, it he is... Good play. To look favourite for it


when he ended up on the deck. Away by humans.


Things just opening up a bit now for Hearts. A bit of a swagger. Now that


they have the lead, thanks to that Walker Gold. Here is Johnsen,


Martin. It's Callachan's turn to give it away. Fortunately for Ross


Callachan, Sowah can't find a team-mate. Raith Rovers architects


of their own downfall at the moment. They shouldn't be taking chances in


the midfield area. Hearts have had a good spell. I don't think they


should be shooting from that angle. And interesting signing, Lennard


Sowah, played for the German under 19 team, spells at Portsmouth as a


team player -- teenager player. He was offered a stay at Hamilton but


turned it down. Hearts came in. Straight in at the deep end. The


final minute of the first half to up a first half that Hearts have


bossed! They haven't really been troubled, not really. Hearts in


complete control of the ball. Gary Locke needs to get his players in at


half-time with a scorer of 1-0. If it is to zero, it could be all over.


Perhaps Stewart can do better than B-1-0 down. There will be a minute


of injury time added at the end. They are desperate to do well today.


Stewart is offside. He is obviously offside. Just before


that when he was teeing up his shot, I felt he should have... It wasn't


really on for him to turn his left foot and get a shot on. McHattie has


been starved of service in this first of. Hearts with one foot in


the fifth round, the draw for which is made once two other teams have


finished later on and you can hear that game live on BBC Radio


Scotland. Sometimes these ties can seem to be


a real challenge for top-flight opposition against a side like Raith


Rovers but Hearts have been businesslike and Jamie Walker


slipped it past Kevin Cuthbert, but it was a horrendous error, really,


by Jordan Thompson that allowed Don Cowie to eventually find Walker, who


knocked out in his 11th goal of the season and it has been a good season


for Jamie Walker, who can -- and it continues to be. Hearts heading


through to round five as it stands at half-time at Stark's Park.


They controlled much of that 45 minutes, Hearts, but they will be


more than a bit disappointed, Ian Cathro and Co, that they are not


further ahead. What a great chance that was for Kitchen to score for


the Tynecastle team. Raith Rovers on the back foot for much of the first


half and finding themselves a goal down when Jamie Walker struck but


there was a whole lot about this that was self-inflicted in the way


that Raith Rovers lost the only goal of the game so far. 12 teams so far


down through to the last 16. Hearts are halfway there. We are taking the


Michael with Michael Stewart and Michael Neill alongside be analysing


the first half-year. There has been a lot to like about Hearts but not


enough end product. You can see clearly what Ian Cathro and others


have tried to implement at Hearts on there has been a lot of good elder


play but I think they will be slightly disappointed they've not


had Cuthbert put under a bit more pressure in the Raith goal and they


get the goal. Apart from that, I can't run any shots on goal or any


real pressure. A lot of build-up but they need to get the build-up to the


final third of the quicker. Should we be understanding about Hearts


because obviously in the process of making big changes. I think a lot of


what they have done has been good. They've had controlled the game. I


thought Raith would have made it a cup tie may have made it a cup tie I


haven't done that. The way they've approached the game, they have been


able to start the game without any pressure. They've have a lot of good


possession. As Michael touched on, their chances, other than the goal,


have come from set pieces and they probably need to maybe have a wee


bit more of a cutting edge in the final third of the pitch but they


don't look in any trouble at all defensively. Raith looked like a


side that are struggling in confidence but there have been a


couple of occasions where they've had players who have looked a bit


dubious and they didn't look as if they were going to hurt Hearts. When


they broke, they only broke with one or two players so I think Gary will


be emphasising that at half-time they have to have more of a goal.


This is incisive from Hearts, though way they finished off the goal,


Jamie Walker striking, but it was giftwrapped from a Raith Rovers


point of view. Yes it was. There was a bit of a mistake but Don Cowie


latched onto it straightaway and it was good control from Jamie Walker.


When it comes into Jamie Walker, the reason he's able to slide along


comfortably is that he controls with his outside foot, his left foot, so


he's got good balance. A wonderful weighted pass from Don Cowie that


gives him that opportunity. There will be criticism from Ian Cathro


but his team have not worked Kevin Cuthbert enough in the goal but


there was one of the massive chance in the first 45 minutes for Hearts


to give themselves a bit more confident and so scoreline because


Perry Kitchen has to be scoring this free header. They have threatened


the set pieces. Martin's delivery has been consistently good. Perry


Kitchen gets a free header in the middle of the six yard box and


should be doing better. It is a decent header and it looks as if the


bounce takes it wide. You can't quite tell whether it does take a


funny bounce because from the angle behind the goals, it looks like it


is going to go in the corner of the net but then somehow manages to


bounce past the post. They will be disappointed they didn't manage to


get the goal because at that stage of the game, if they'd managed to


get the goal would have settled them a lot better. Once Hearts have got


that initial goal, it is amazing what difference the goal makes to


the confidence of the team. I didn't hear what you said because of the PA


but I'm sure it was good! Magnificent heart support. I guess


Raith will be a bit disappointed about the numbers that have turned


out at the opposite end. I thought a cup tie, and obviously there is an


element of Derby about it and you would expect bigger home supported


Raith playing into this end, if that end was full, it would give them a


bit more of an incentive but the Hearts fans have turned up the


numbers and I think they will be really pleased with what they've


seen so far. Their team is in control, they are 1-0 up and it is a


case of keeping it up. They have shown signs of class. Yes, he got


caught in possession but he had ability about him. He has attacked,


penetrated and from set plays he has a wonderful delivery. You see this


little ball here and it is Jamie Walker the chance to throw into the


box. For somebody that has been an impressive performer in the first


half, and he's popped up all over the place... He is running behind.


He has stretched the opposition and given Bjorn Johnsen a bit of extra


foil on the attack. He has had a good performance. He has not shied


away from taking responsibility. We've talked about Martin coming in


and Struna. The left-backs may be taking a bit long to settle but I've


been impressed with the four debutants and they have added


something. The right back looks to get forward and has combined well


with Cowie and for them to come in on such a cup tie, a bit of pressure


run, I think they've all done very well. As we've been saying, there


has been a lot to like about the way Hearts have been playing but lack of


end product at times and I guess, in a way, it's been frustrating. That


what is exactly what Hearts need to do more of. When it gets picked up


in a deep area, play the ball forward quickly. At times, they've


not done enough of that. They play the deeper midfield role. Nowak


drops in all Perry Kitchen Robson but they don't penetrate the


opposition quick enough. Jamie Walker does a wonderful bit of work


but there is no one on the end of it. It is good build-up play with


but there is no one on the end of Struna getting down the right. These


are good bits of Blake because they ball ended up getting in behind the


Rovers defence. A great bit of play from Aaron Hughes, wonderful


footwork, and it comes to a free kick in the end but at times when


they've got the deep midfield, I think Hearts need to look to play


the ball in behind and Struna is getting off the wide right area,


Cowie is running behind, Martin has done it, and a contrast that when


you think back to the last game against Aberdeen in the league,


there wasn't any penetration in the wide areas. The debutants have


definitely improved the Hearts team today.


What about Aaron Hughes, what this he contribute? Have you seen his


influence today? Yes, he has dealt with one-on-one confrontations well.


There was a dangerous situation in the first half from a corner when


Raith Rovers broke, he handled it well. He looks very assured that the


back. Hearts have split well from the back. Aaron Hughes is very


certain and safe with his passing. That experience is helping them,


John Souttar looks comfortable as well. There was one point Michael


when you had steam coming out of your ears, what are you getting


worked up about when the ball was played the Perry Kitchen? It is what


I was talking about, Michael has touched on the full-backs getting


out wide. This area here, when Perry Kitchen picks up the ball, he has


got to look forward, playing the ball to the other centre-half is not


good. John Souttar can play the ball the Aaron Hughes very easily, you


must look forward. You are under no pressure, you must look to try and


be a bit more of a risk in the past, otherwise you end up going nowhere


but possession. Hearts have done a lot of good things in the first


half, but look, Jack Hamilton ended up putting the ball forward. There


was no point in that. Jamie Walker's goal separates these two side at the


moment, heart leading 1-0. Here at Kirkcaldy. The second half is coming


up. Coverage continues on BBC radio is all and Sportsound which will


have live coverage of the match between Albion Rovers against Celtic


and that takes place in Airdrie. TV coverage of that and this game


coming up in our highlights programme at 6:15pm tonight on BBC


One Scotland. Sport scene with the usual comprehensive coverage of this


Scottish Cup competition. While we have a few minutes, let us look back


at the key moments of yesterday in the Scottish Cup. Motherwell thought


they were onto a big result here at Ibrox just a bit when they scored in


the 74th minute. That was Louis Mark who scored for them at Ibrox. A


nicely worked goal and finished goal as well. At that stage of the game,


Michael, they thought they would win this. Yes, put them into a great


position. I think it was the 85th minute when Kenny Miller scored the


first goal. Great delivery and great header. Save that I've at that


point. This is poor, they lose the ball and a bad area. And again, 37


years young, I believe, Kenny Miller again shows his class with a


fantastic finish. I think he is looking for a new contract next


season, you can understand why, in prime form, Kenny Miller. Another


example of a player who has looked after himself. Just like Aaron


Hughes, he is exactly the same, the same frame as I remember him as a


kid at Hibernian. He is showing he can still do it at the highest


level. Michael, one of your former teams, Dundee United got an absolute


thumping at Dingwall, 6-2 against Ross County. We can just make it up


through the fog! That was the first goal for Ross County. They have


suffered a few damaging results of late, Dundee United. Yes, after


topping the championship table, it has turned into a sticky patch for


Ray McKinnon's side. I think the Scottish Cup has been disappointing,


they would have wanted to get a run, but getting promotion out of the


Championship will be his priority. They have shown more than enough


about them. Going up to Dingwall is not an easy tie. Ross County I'm not


a bad side but losing 6-2, that will be disappointing. The main priority


for Dundee United is to get out of the championship and they have the


quality to do that. We will see the draw for the last 16 later. St


Mirren are also there. What the result for Jack Ross and his team.


One badly needed. 2-0 at dens Park. I suppose this is the shock of the


round so far. Good finish from John Sutton. He has shown that many


times. This was a great result for them away at Dundee. The Pentagon


and hopefully their league form will pick up on the back of this. That is


something they will be desperate to try and do, what, get some


confidence and momentum built up because the reform has struggled.


Getting a good result away from home at dens Park, they have to take


confidence from that. Momentum and confidence, something that Raith


Rovers could do with, I wonder what Gary Locke has been saying to them


at half-time, they have not been enough of a problem for Hearts and


he, as a player, he was so competitive. Very much so. Whether


he changes it and put on another striker, I don't know. He needed the


wide players to push up further up the pitch. We have not seen much


from them, Struna has been getting forward an awful lot. They cannot


play through Hearts, they have to get the ball foreward, create


excitement and get the crowd going and hopefully force Hearts to


descend. They have not asked enough questions defensively of heart and


to do that they will not have to necessarily go Route one, but


perhaps for four true, get the ball foreward. Hearts wants to build the


game and move forward. It is about getting men further up the path. --


Park. Get the game into the heart of Hearts. Rather than sitting back and


soaking up the pressure. Hearts will be concerned that they have not put


the scheme to bed, despite dominating it. 12 instances towards


the end of that 45 minutes when you thought perhaps a sucker punch was


coming. They had to make a good interception earlier in the game


when they got in behind the left-back, in terms of joy from


crosses. For Raith Rovers, they have looked threatening at set pieces, I


do not think Hearts potentially are the biggest side from set pieces, if


they get more opportunities, that will give them a chance at least,


but to do that they have to force the game in the final third of the


but to do that they have to force pitch. Craig Levein would like to


think his team can get the job done, the director of football sitting


alongside the Hearts owner in the stand. He just wants to remove any


doubts about the outcome here as we look back on the key moment of that


first half. Perry Kitchen with a great chance with a header but it is


Jimmy Walker with the only goal of the game here at Stark's Park in


Kirkcaldy. A gleaming mistake from Jordan Thompson, gave the ball away,


don't Cowie said the ball through and the penetration that Hearts have


not shown too much so far, well, they certainly show that they are,


Jimmy Walker pouncing in 37 minutes to put in front. They will look to


score another couple in the second half just to swat Raith Rovers out


of sight. Gary Locke, for the best part of 15 years was player, coach


and manager at Hearts, he will want to prove a point against his old


side. Here we go for the second half. Liam McLeod and Stephen


Thomson. The last meeting April 20 15th, and


the championship, Hearts won that match. The won all four of those


matches that season as Hearts romped to the title at the first time of


asking. Raith Rovers at hacking the south end of Stark's Park and


Callachan with the first effort of the second half. It is a positive


start from Raith Rovers, getting a shot on goal. Something they


struggled to do in the first half. Callachan getting his angles wrong


and slices it past the post. Raith Rovers have never won the Scottish


Cup, been to the final ones, Boston Falkirk in 1913. Hearts are eight


times Scottish Cup winners, they have been to the final 14 times.


Only Celtic, Rangers and Aberdeen have been to the final 14 times.


have been to the final more often than Hearts. -- they lost to Falkirk


in 1913. You would imagine they would want to finish this off as


soon as possible, Hearts. What do you think Gary Locke said to his


players at the break? I think they have to be more positive, yes, it


was about containing and stopping Hearts being creative. They have


done that to a certain extent, Hearts perhaps have overplayed at


times as Michael and Michael Ball said at half-time. I think they will


be looking to make the change pretty soon in this second half. He has


weaponry on his bench, the lights of Skacel. Hearts have the first corner


second half. Under the watchful gaze of Austin MacPhee and Ian Cathro.


And it calms... It is Martin! Kevin Cuthbert save that, I think that is


what Hearts are appealing about. A speculative effort from Martin. I


think the goalkeeper gets a fingertip to that and tipped it over


John Souttar left that for Hamilton who teased Mark Stewart. Eventually


get rid of it. Well played by Perry Kitchen, he was under serious


pressure. This is Nowak. Sowah. Nice touch by Sowah, into the box


egos. -- he goes. Head tennis. Here is Kitchen. Nowak.


Walker, but flicked away by former team-mate McHattie. Kevin McHattie,


I mentioned the city, Nicholson, Paterson and Walker in the first


half, McHattie came through at Hearts at the same time, scored in


his final appearance for Hearts in the League Cup tie against Forfar


Athletic. Struna was looking for Sowah. The


two new boys. Four in the line-up of Hearts this afternoon. Walker.


Mark Stewart, he scored the goal the last time Raith Rovers won a game of


football, very late in the day against Queen of the South. Back in


October. Here is Barr. Johnstone. One of the smaller players on the


pitch but he was able to knock it down looking for Mark Stewart. You


could see there, just with Raith Rovers in the final third, trying to


get through. Good linkup play for the first time in the match, the


ball was up to Stuart. Visit off to Barr. We need to do more of that,


ball was up to Stuart. Visit off to they have to get higher up the


pitch. Ask questions of this Hearts defence. Not something they did in


the first half. Here is Mark Stewart. Johnstone. Barr. Did well


to win that one. Would have been a great opportunity as well. Inside


the box for Jordan Thompson to make amends for his mistake that led to


the heart school. Yes, a good couple of minutes from Raith Rovers. Barr


does well, just does not fall for the Raith Rovers midfielder.


does well, just does not fall for Rover's first corner kick. Only have


to be. Johnstone. Away by Johnsen. Matthews... Plenty up for this.


Should be Hamilton's. And it is. Good spell from Raith Rovers, they


can take heart from that. It is a foul by McHattie on Johnsen. Yes, he


just barges into the back of him. Knows he is not going to win it.


Clumsy foul. Martin. Mark Stewart. Hearts could


get caught short at the back if Raith Rovers make this a quick


break. Pinched off of Chris Johnston by Sowah. McHattie. For Mark


Stewart. We have seen more of him. This is Jordan Thompson. Ross


Callachan is reading in the middle with his team-mate. He has every


right to take on the shot but there's not quite get it right. Good


linkup play from Mark Stewart. Just get underneath that, Callachan


wanted the ball flashed across the six yard box. Made a good one into a


good area. Raith Rovers have been knocked out of the cup by the


eventual winners in each of the last four seasons. It is extraordinary.


It was Hibernian's Kurram last year, that was their first hurdle on the


way to lifting the silverware. Hearts looking to join their great


rivals in the fifth round draw, that is coming up later today. Raith


Rovers are still in this. They have been better in the opening eight


minutes of the second half than they were in the entire first half. Here


is Chris Johnston. He wins another corner. A brilliant opening eight


minutes of the second half Raith Rovers. Just moving up the pitch


that 20, 30 yards, supporting Mark Stewart who has linked up the play


that 20, 30 yards, supporting Mark well. Another corner. You do get the


sense that they must score in this spell. Yes, you do. This is probably


their best opportunity to do just that, from a set play with the


height advantage. In total in the middle amongst others. It will be


Barr's corner. -- Mvoto in the middle. It is flighted into Ward


Mvoto. Came off of Benedictus. It is a decent delivery. You think about


the first half, the ball comes in, Mark Stewart cannot get across his


man to get in the header. Five crosses, what, and the start of the


second half? I can only remember one or two half Cross Keys on the whole


the first half, so a much better start from Raith Rovers. -- have


Cross Keys. Walker. Kitchen. Struna to Martin.


Who was recently in south-east Norway with the Livestrong. Scored


six times for them. A different football calendar, of course, in


Norway. The Raith Rovers bench is seeding, they wanted a free kick for


the challenge on Mark Stuart. It is a free kick but for Hearts. He did


well to get hold of the ball and control it, he was waiting for a


Raith Rovers team-mate to link up to and he had to hold onto the ball for


a few extra seconds. I think it was a foul. Struna, who did get the


foul, he was recently in Greece. But he did not play single minute for


his club side there. The team that is fifth in the Super League


increase. Made the move to Hearts. This is Kevin McHattie. Callachan.


Quick throw from Kevin McHattie, gets the break of the ball. Stewart


Wes Burns at! What a mess by Stewart! -- Stewart Ms Eadie


opportunity! What a mess by him. How does he miss at! Three yards out.


Incredible mess. If Raith Rovers do not somehow claw themselves back


into the sky, Mark Stewart will not sleep tonight. Here is another


opportunity. The handball by Souttar, River Lea says no, Hamilton


makes a save. -- Reverend Whitley says no. -- the referee says no.


Another corner. Decent effort. In comes the corner.


Still alive. Johnstone. Raith Rovers have come here. It is Hamilton


again! Well, the last five or ten minutes for Raith Rovers have been


their best of the match by a distance and this time it is Iain


Davidson who is denied. How many good opportunities while they have


in this match? That is two or three in the last few minutes. Comes in


again, Hearts are on the ropes. That will take the pressure right. They


have to take these opportunities when they come around. Mark Stewart


missed an absolute sitter. Great save from Hamilton. What a


turnaround from Raith Rovers. In the first half they were passive and


watched Hearts keep the ball, almost like spectators, offered nothing


offensively. In the second half, five, six balls into the danger area


and they really should be back in the match, should have equalised.


Here is the opportunity again. You could say it might have taken a


bauble, but I am not going to give him that, just open up your food and


side footed. A horrendous mess from him. Nowak, in the centre of your


picture there. He sighed a two year deal arising from the Polish side.


Ian Cathro. He knows his team has been under the cosh. One minute away


Ian Cathro. He knows his team has from the Power Mac here. -- hour


mark here. Corner to Hearts. They know they


have got away with one, they know they have dodged a couple of


bullets. Certainly have. That was better from them. Struna again, down


the right-hand side like he was doing in the first half. Bombing on.


Guaranteed that Mark Stewart you can see to the right of your picture is


reliving that horrendous miss. It might be' Right now. Martin takes


the corner as he has done so all afternoon. Johnsen wants a penalty,


nothing doing. Another good delivery from Martin. I did think that


Johnsen was pushed to the ground. I think it was Benedictus who was all


over his back. Benedictus, wearing the armband for Raith Rovers this


afternoon, Jimmy Thomson, the regular captain, on the bench this


afternoon. Iain Davidson forcing a save from Jack Hamilton, Mark


Stewart striking the crossbar from a few yards out when it looked harder


to do that! I think it was virtually impossible to do what he did. You


just have to get your body over the ball, on those occasions you have to


just have to get your body over the think how am I not scoring? I do not


think he can quite believe that he missed. The fans were already


think he can quite believe that he getting to celebrate behind the


goal. Hearts have weathered the storm now. You do wonder if Raith


Rovers will get as good an opportunity again. Decent header


from John Beaton! It was all right. opportunity again. Decent header


This is the crime for, known as the Queen of crime. -- cream author.


This Cowie, this would be a kick in the gut for Raith Rovers at Hearts


were to find the second goal. That would take them into the fifth


round. Martin, Johnsen. Good play by Walker again. So dangerous.


He had a loan here in 2012, it has been the making of him when looking


back. John Souttar. Celebrating one year


at Tynecastle, moving from Dundee United last January.


I mentioned Ian Cathro was 11 when Aaron Hughes made his debut. John


Souttar was 14 months old! He was 14 months old when his central


defensive partner made his professional debut for Newcastle


United against Barcelona. Very scary. You start to think like that


and you get older. Here is Don Cowie who has had a good afternoon. Barr.


Well played McHattie, sticking to the task and getting in the tackle.


He is relishing it against his old club, hasn't he? He certainly has.


Just looking at Gary Locke, I would have change earlier, but they have


created so many opportunities with the same system. But I would be


tended to chuck on a striker now that they have had some computers


and go for it. Souttar is there. -- some computers.


Just over 25 minutes left for Raith Rovers to save themselves, save the


Scottish Cup season. This is Callachan, got into a bit of a


problem. They have certainly made more of a cup tie, the first half


was all Hearts, the amount of possession, Raith Rovers never laid


a glove on them. Watch them past the ball around. It has been quite the


reverse in the second half. The problem they have is that they do


not want to get embroiled in a relegation play-off battle. Six


points off of Falkirk in fourth position but only five points of Ayr


United who are nice in the relegation play-off place. They have


some very important games to come in the ensuing weeks, beginning with


the visit of Dumbarton next weekend. They then go to Dundee United,


Morton and heads to come in the following weeks. -- Hibernian to


come. They will take confidence from the opening spell in the second half


having pushed Premiership side Hearts. But they still beat thanks


to that goal from Jimmy Walker in the 37th minute. Nowak. Walker. He


is tormenting Matthews. That has not gone down well, that


decision. Here comes the proof. The referee


got it wrong. I think it comes of Davidson last.


The Raith Rovers bench, the lights of McManus and Barr and Rudi Skacel


all available. Surely Rudi Skacel can't come on and


score a goal that tells Raith Rovers to at least equalise? That would be


quite a story. On the other side of the pitch, it looks as if Ryan


Hardie is getting his kit on. Result of the road for St Mirren,


knocking Dundee out 2-0 yesterday. Agreed. Ross leading them to a


superb victory. Martin in the middle. It was a great. Easily away


by Benedictus. -- it wasn't great. It's the final quarter of this


William Hill Scottish Cup fourth round tie. Hearts beginning to get


their stranglehold back. You can see the backing Hearts got


here this afternoon. A short trip up to five. It is Ryan Hardie. He is


going to replace Chris Johnston. The 19-year-old on loan from Rangers.


Scotland under 19 international striker. A very good spell here last


term. Immediately involved. There is Rudi Skacel, who scored in


2006. He scored twice in the 2012 version. Wouldn't that be a twist of


fate? Wouldn't it? 20 to play. I don't make he was


going to get the ball but obviously a chance from Nowak.


Kevin McHattie stands over the free kick.


A wasted free kick, a really good opportunity to put that in the box.


Here is Martin. He has had a quiet afternoon.


Martin, who was so impressive, has been very quiet.


Struna was part of a historic title victory in his homeland.


John Souter to the aforementioned Slovenian.


All about getting through. Ian Cathro knows his team is within


touching distance of that. Saturday the 27th of May is when the


Scottish Cup final will be played this year. The next round just three


weeks away. He has kept it in, or did he? The


linesman was right with it. He certainly thought he did. I think it


just sneaks behind. Hearts lead the tie but Raith Rovers


should be level at least. Mark Stewart missing a glorious


opportunity. A horrendous miss. The chance was going to folder somebody


in the Raith Rovers team. Callachan's effort saved by Jack


Hamilton. There was another one by the Hearts keeper. You wonder


whether that was the chance, that ten minute spell.


In it comes. That was swept in by Davidson. A good overlap by


Davidson. When it comes in, it is just too close to Hamilton's


Handling. Four or five crosses. A regular in the Scotland squad these


days, he and Calum Paterson. Callachan give the scraps here.


Positive again from Raith Rovers. Matthews was waiting for a cutback.


Caused problems with these. It is Babar and Hughes.


-- Barr and Hughes. I don't think there was a lot in this, to be


honest. The referee has got that one wrong. Albion Rovers take on Celtic


in Airdrie. Three o'clock kick-off. The final fourth-round tie of the


weekend. And BBC Radio Scotland will have full coverage of that across


the frequencies. On medium wave, on digital and on the BBC website. The


fifth round draw will follow the conclusion of that match.


Yesterday's highlights also at that website. Sportscene with highlights


of this and the Celtic Rovers match to come at 5:45pm on BBC Two this


evening. Still business to be completed here,


though. And still 13 minutes for Raith Rovers.


Barr optimistically appealing for a corner. That has been a passive


second-half from Hearts, really. Ian Cathro's rhetoric before the match


was that his team was going to attack and entertain but they have


certainly not attacked in this second half. Declan McManus is a


sword in his boots out as if he is going to come on.


I think I can see Rudy Scatchard getting ready. He's definitely


getting ready. -- Rudi Skacel. Popped through by Martin for


Johnsen. Johnsen's effort blocked by McHattie and it is a corner. A


decent run from Johnsen. Checksum checks again but a good blocking


tackle. A fantastic effort, you have to say.


A really hard skill to take that on the half volley. A double change,


Mark Stewart replaced by Declan McManus. The other change, Jordan


Thompson. Replaced by Rudy Scatchard. -- scar


Goals in two Scottish Cup finals that resulted in Hearts lifting the


silverware. Arrived under George Burley. Initially on loan from


Marseille. Scored in each of his first five games and scored seven


Marseille. Scored in each of his his first eight when Hearts


threatened to perhaps even win the league title that season. They went


on to split Celtic and Rangers. They made just as big an -- he made just


as big an impact in his second spell.


Gary Locke has thrown scar cell and McManus on in the hope he can rescue


race. The clock continues to tick down. Mine to play. Less than that


now. Towards Hardy, who was the other sub. He has done all he can


now. He has, that's the final throw of the dice. Rudi Skacel now 37.


I don't know if that was six of one and half a dozen of the other. In


the end, he just goes into the ground. Backing in on a limb.


Imagine that. When I worked with Pat Bonner, he favours beekeepers. One I


work with Willie, he favours the defenders. Shock! A brilliant touch


by Martin. It was initially superb by Martin. Brilliant skill from him.


The slightest of touches. A big opportunity for Hearts. Martin with


seven minutes left. The second for Hearts finishes it. Callahan flipped


it away. Someone from Fleetwood made a big


impact in a few loan spells there. Onto it. He did have options, too,


but he is a striker. And he saw the gold. Iain Davidson made a fantastic


run and was free on the right hand side of the box. As you said, a


striker is going to get his head down and thinks of only one thing,


getting the shot away. Scored 23 goals in one season a couple of


campaigns ago. Decided to leave Aberdeen.


Hearts are going to make a change in just a moment.


Raith want a free kick but it is going the other way. The natives in


Unison let him know what they think of it. I can't understand how that


free kick has gone the way of a Hearts player. For me it was a clear


foul. It's the final five. The yellow card being produced by


John Beaton. He was doing some paperwork. There is no card.


Once again, Jamie Walker has been the hero for Hearts. He is about to


come off to his usual rapturous reception. Such a big player for


Hearts, he really is. So creative. Goal-scoring... His goal scoring for


Hearts has been pivotal to their success. This is the goal and this


is, at the moment, why Hearts will be in today's fifth round draw.


Finished by Jamie Walker, who is in there somewhere. The young man from


Sighthill in Edinburgh has stepped up to the plate again. The Raith


fans are being further infuriated. I don't think you touch the ball yet,


Rudi Skacel there is hope for Gary Locke that they are running out of


it fast. McHattie gives chase. The forward was blocked there. John


Souter disappeared behind the stands.


Benedictus at the wrong end of the pitch for race.


Cuthbert takes the high road with the wrong ball. Backed up by


Benedictus. They will accept the corner. Raith aren't done yet.


They've caused problems with their set play so far. They certainly have


an advantage with Bobby Barr, who has been good so far in the match.


The bar -- Barr takes Benedictus.


you just know it? Wouldn't you just know it? ! Hearts are appealing but


Raith Rovers have levels. McManus got the final touch from the scar


one in the final minute of the 90! one in the final minute of the 90!


-- from the Rudi Skacel effort. Whether he was in the offside


position or not, we will find out. A really decent hit from Rudi Skacel.


The referee and the linesmen are still contemplating. Declan McManus


is certainly in front of the keeper. He's attempted to flick that an


amber gold stands, and Raith Rovers have surely managed to force a


replay here. A stunning climax in five! It's no more than they


deserve. This second half, they really have been the better side by


a large margin. 56 good efforts and they deserve to come out of this


match with a draw. Declan McManus, as I mentioned, had suggested loan


spell and has made a big impact for Raith Rovers here. I'm not sure if


he is onside when he touches it, Liam. Rudi Skacel's effort... He is


entitled to flick that on. Absolutely. The Hearts players


protested for a good 30 or 40 seconds here and the linesman wasn't


even sure. They've come to the right decision. There have been chances


early in the second half and they have been much, much better in the


second half as we go into the injury time period. A minimum of four


minutes added on. A twist in the tail! We can't lose sight of the


fact that Rudi Skacel hit the ball in the first place.


An offside flag and this is perhaps an opportune moment for you,


Stephen, to get the William Hill Scottish Cup Man of the Match. Based


probably on the first-half performance, I'm going to give it to


Jamie Walker. So often the difference for Hearts. Raith Rovers


Jamie Walker. So often the have been much better in this


second-half. It has been a much improved team performance for Raith


Rovers and I think Jamie Walker has been the outstanding player on the


pitch. This could be a Raith Rovers free kick. Hearts looked as if they


had Raith Rovers in their back pocket at half-time.


A huge moment, potentially, here, and it comes from Barr. Hamilton


says. An incredible end to the Scottish Cup tie and it's not over


yet. Benedictus gets onto it. McManus has won it back for Raith.


There has been a spirit and guile about Raith Rovers in the second


half that hasn't been there for weeks. Rudi Skacel was sliding in


there. Jack Hamilton has just saved Hearts. Absolute panic in the Hearts


defence. I don't think Jack Hamilton knew too much about it. Very lucky


there wasn't a Raith player there to put it away. It's going to be a


replay at Tynecastle this coming Wednesday as it stands. Final minute


of the injury time. Where on earth did this come from. This is John


Souter. Dario Zanatta... A really bad one by


Davidson. The referee consults with an assistant on this nearside. It is


a yellow card. That is the right decision. A really bad challenge


from Davidson. Very light on the young man and rightly a yellow card


shown. Possibly could have been read, you know. Declan McManus with


his fifth goal of the season has forced a replay unless Hearts score


from this free kick. This is surely the last chance of the game.


Martin takes. Barr flicks it away and that's the last action of this


game and Gary Locke, who has been under some real pressure in recent


weeks... Well, that will be lifted ever so slightly. But, for Ian


Cathro, yet more pressure for the young Hearts boss because he has


seen a place in the fifth round snatched away from him temporarily,


potentially, by Declan McManus, who cancelled out Jamie Walker's first


strike. Rudi Skacel last four goal, McManus in an offside position


flicked home for his fifth of the season. Walker earlier the Man of


the Match scoring his 11th of the season. That means they'll have to


do it all over again on the capital on Wednesday evening. It finished


here at Stark's Park in Kirkcaldy one high than one. -- 11.


It eventually turned into the competitive cup tie we thought it


might be pre-match and Raith Rovers earned themselves a replay at


Tynecastle. They still have an won since the end of October but at the


moment they will feel as if they won because they looked to be down and


out but the equaliser followed by a big chance to win this and we'll get


the thoughts of Michael O'Neill and Michael Stewart at this point, as


the thoughts of Michael O'Neill and the Raith Rovers fans outnumbered by


their Hearts opposite number. They are the ones making all the noise at


the moment and they will hope that will kick-start their season at this


point, and could they yet have the final say in the replay or have they


blown their best chance of knocking Hearts out? In any case, it was


quite a second half and I guess, Michael, inevitable that the name of


Rudi Skacel would be written somewhere in that script?


Yes, it was inevitable, he comes onto the park and the Hearts fans


are cheering and shouting his name and all of a sudden, he has a part


to play in the equaliser. It was a wonderful strike from him. You could


clearly see that Declan McManus was in front of Jack Hamilton and it was


just whether he was in an offside position or not I do think once we


show the replay, you can see that the defenders from Hearts were slow


to come out. But McManus was onside, it was a perfectly good goal and to


be honest, the balance of play in the second half, Raith Rovers


deserved it, Hearts were poorer and Raith Rovers were much better in the


second half. I was going to say, did both teams get what they deserve,


Hearts not being so effective in the second half? Yes, Raith Rovers made


it more of a cup tie in the second half. They forced two or the corners


early in the second half. The Mark Stewart Giants was a fantastic


opportunity to level the game. They stayed in the game and forced Hearts


back. Hearts offered very little in the second half. Raith Rovers


deserve another shot. Who is going to be the happiest man in Kirkcaldy,


it must surely be Mark Stewart because of that glaring miss. But


lots of controversy. Hearts were furious about equaliser. Standing


from where we are on the gantry, McManus is in front of Hamilton but


clearly the two players from Hearts coming off the post, I think it is


Martin and Cowie, they are simply too slow coming out. He is well


onside from that angle. The reaction from the Hearts players is so


extreme because he is in front of the goalkeeper. But there's actually


no doubt about it at all. Correct. A nice little deft flick from Declan


McManus. If he was not there, Jack Hamilton would be saving that, so a


deft little touch from McManus to put it into the back of the net. On


the balance of play, Raith Rovers deserve that. Perhaps a lot of the


Hearts fury is about they will feel that they have thrown this match


away. They have, they were in command at half-time. We spoke


away. They have, they were in the first half that they dominated


possession without hurting Rovers a great deal. But once the goal lead


in it looked like they had raised their game a little bit but in the


second half, instead of taking it further, they looked almost like


downbeat. There was a very timid performance in the second half. Guys


like Martin, Walker, Struna, all effective than the first half, they


drifted out of the game in the second half. Fair play to Raith


Rovers, they definitely lifted their game in the second half. No sense,


Michael, of Raith Rovers slapping themselves on the back for getting a


replay because they could of won it in the end when Hamilton saved from


Mvoto. Yes, the momentum was from Raith Rovers at that time. They


struggled a little bit with set pieces throughout the game but you


always felt they could get more out of it and there is no doubt Hearts,


as we see here, it is a header. The goalkeeper has knocked it into an


area, very muddy. He dealt with everything all day but that one, you


cannot harm that down into that area, can you? He took a lot of good


balls under pressure but what he was rattled by the goal, he was the one


that reacted the most towards the river Lea, but his concentration


perhaps had gone, but he got away with that one. You mentioned the


relief of Mark Stewart which I am sure if student at the moment. He


hung his head in the dugout when he was substituted because of this


moment. He reckoned this had cost Raith Rovers the chance. How did he


miss? Ed Balls a little but just in front of him but it is a bad myth.


It is a bit of a busy goalmouth area and there is no doubt he has the


score. But he will be absolutely delighted it has ended up in the


back of the net. This was a beneficent spell from Raith Rovers,


Callachan with that effort. Davidson as well. Both producing saves from


Jack Hamilton and it was the way that you would expect Raith Rovers


to have started again. Exactly correct, the death all of these


chances, you think, just keep on putting the ball into the box. But


men into the box. All the things that they did not do well in the


first half, they did well in the second half and they deserve what


they got out of it. They were never going to play free-flowing football


to get to that end of the pitch but when it got to the final third of


the pitch, they did well and got bodies and men into the box, balls


into the box and they got what they deserved. They had to get more


bodies higher up the park as he spoke about at half-time. Not only


that, they lifted the tempo-mac of the game which made it easier to get


higher up the game. It was night and day. Let us hear from the Hearts


coach, Ian Cathro with Chris. How difficult is that you take? It is


OK. I mean, it is the situation but Mark what is difficult? We just have


to beat them again, don't we? Did you perhaps pay the price for not


putting its debate in the second half? Possibly. Possibly. Perhaps we


could have applied more pressure and created more chances. But we did not


do that and I have been informed that we have to play this game on


Wednesday, so we will have to deal with that. Did you feel when Jamie


Walker Peugeot ahead that you would go on and put the game to bed? I


think we were playing OK at that point in the game, we had good


control and the first half. That might put your head. Throughout the


first half we had the chance to put more pressure on them. But the


second half was different. It brings different challenges. Yes, that has


happened. Did you think the match was won? Not really. It is


impossible to be the case here. You add in the cup tie element and agree


that the football is here, ten minutes can change things and things


can swing, momentum comes and goes and all that sort of stuff. It is


never the case. We never perceived it to be like that. They just


something which I think we were OK in the game, the second half we


could have played better, for sure, we could have perhaps dominated the


play more often, but, yes, there is no major need for overreaction. We


have not got what we wanted so we need to get what we want on


Wednesday night. Finally, a Yukon for you can get the job done at


Tynecastle? Of course, as we all are. They do not have any doubt in


our work, we have to keep working. Thank you, Ian Cathro. Thank you.


our work, we have to keep working. Reading that answer in my head, was


that OK, he said yes. I am not sure that the majority of Hearts


supporters would agree with that, Michael. No, I can understand to an


extent the point that he is trying to put over, but it was not good


over particularly well. A lot of contradictory comments. He did not


come across well in that first answer. It is a disappointing


result, especially in the position Hearts were in. In the first half


they were a lot of good bits but the second half was a very poor


performance. There is a lot that must be taken out of the game and


rectified for the game on Wednesday night because as the game has gone


and not getting victories and other games, the pressure builds. Let us


get downstairs to the man whose goal has taken us to a replay on


Wednesday night, Declan McManus. Talk me through the motions at the


moment. Absolutely delighted for myself but especially the boys. They


did really well at the start and worked hard for every chance the


errant, every tackle the put in. I am delighted for the team. We


deserved it. How much did you know about that shot, you did very well


to get your head onto it, did you know much about it when it came in?


Not really, it came over my head and I turned around and I saw my


colleagues smashing it, it was a great strike and big Jack was behind


me ready to catch it so luckily I managed to get a little flip onto


it. Declan, well done. Thank you. Lots of controversy and contingent


about it at the time but I think our pictures show clearly that that goal


should have stood and it takes this match to a replay. The scorer of the


first goal, Jamie Walker. Jamie, we will come to Google and performance


any second but that must be difficult to take, you must have


thought that match was won? Yes, I think so, in the first half we were


the better team and I got the goal. But fair play to Rovers, they came


back in the second half and drew the match. We were not good enough in


the second half and did not deserve to go through. Did you feel after


you scored you would build upon that? I think we had to move the


you scored you would build upon ball worker and push on and create


more chances but we did not do that and Rovers came back into the game


and we have another match on Wednesday. It is a replay, but you


are the Man of the Match, Jamie Walker, well done. Thank you. An


honest assessment from Jamie Walker of the match, they did not do


enough. He has been very honest in of the match, they did not do


his assessment. He is correct, it would be hard to argue against that,


they will have to play better certainly for longer in the game on


the night go through and it is going to be an interesting replay now


because Raith looked short on confidence in the first half. They


would have got more confidence from the second half performance and


obviously the fact that it feels like a victory for Raith Rovers.


They were going out of the cup but they have another chance on


Wednesday night. The Hearts fans must wonder about the attitude of


their team, so much in control in the first half, any sense they ruled


out the welcome Matt. Plaudits to Raith Rovers because of what they


did but Hearts are them to do that. It was a poor performance from Raith


Rovers in the first half, they were a little bit lacklustre in that


first half. They came out more energetic in the second half, Hearts


had to counter that Andy Gestede not. Hearts adds to continue to do


what they were doing but at the great temple and instead of taking


the name forward as I was expecting them to have done in the second


half, they just seem to capitulate almost and they did not really offer


a great deal. So there are a lot of positives to be taken from the first


half of they still have to penetrate the opposition better. The second


half will raise a few concerns and you have Jamie Walker telling you


that it was not good enough. The other Scottish Cup tie today is in


Airdrie between Albion Rovers and Celtic. Let us find out how that


startled from Richard Wilson. Celtic, as you would imagine, have


had the majority of possession, moving the ball around. One shot so


far on goal and it went over the bar. Albion Rovers are sitting deep,


it will be hard for Celtic but they have all of the ball, currently


goalless. Cover is continuing of the Albion Rovers and Celtic match --


coverage is continuing of the Albion Rovers and Celtic match on BBC Radio


Scotland. You can see the highlights of not just that game but this one


as well tonight at 6:15pm on BBC One Scotland. Eyelids from here at


Kirkcaldy and from Airdrie. Final thoughts. One school of thought says


best chance gone for the home team but Hearts look fragile. Yes, I


think that they are, no doubt about it. Much has been made of only one


victory in six games. All of these things do not make it any easier for


Ian Cathro in the current situation. I think Rovers will learn from the


first half, they were too timid and came out with the approach that they


brought to the second half of the game and I think they have to bring


that for 90 minutes at Tynecastle and we will get a great cup tie.


Michael and Michael, thank you very much. Late drama here at Stark's


Park in Kirkcaldy, that led Declan McManus ball takes us to give replay


on Wednesday night. The final score 1-1. I hope you have enjoyed it.


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