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Scottish Cup 4th Round Highlights

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COMMENTATOR: Hibernian have won the Scottish Cup.


Good evening we've got a lot for you tonight, William Hill Scottish Cup


fourth round, one of the great weekends in the Scottish football


calendar and it's come up trumps once again. Will double as goals,


shocks and crazy celebrations. All you need to do is sit back and


enjoy. With us tonight whole 24 hours earlier than usual. Steven


Thomson and Michael Stewart. Still can't believe they made it here on


time. We start with the Premiership match at Ibrox, Rangers against


Motherwell, 26 years and Motherwell did last victory in this tournament,


eight years since Rangers last got their hands on famous old trophy.


Commentary from Paul Mitchell. COMMENTATOR: For the first time in


40 years, Rangers and Motherwell face each other in both major cup


competitions in the same season. They opened the season facing each


other in the League Cup, the reopen after the winter break with a


Scottish Cup tie. Rangers run out against Leipzig


didn't go as planned, the last game in Scotland was their loss to


Celtic. James Tavernier is out. Lee Hodgson is recalled but a surprise


start for Michael O'Halloran, linked with a move to Motherwell this week.


Motherwell ended 2016 with four points in two games, at draw against


Hamilton. Lewis was sent off in that game. The experience of steamy


Hamill and keep Lesley Will Beatty as they return. Chris Cadden also


back and start for Joe Chalmers after 15 games out injured. Cup


competitions always bring hope for the managers. Mark Warburton and


Mark McGhee together. Referee Craig Thompson checks the ball is in


order. Kenny Miller, scorer in the final last season gets as underway.


Rangers had such an impressive home run, 33 games unbeaten until the


visit of Celtic at New Year. Rangers trying to start a new run as it's


not out of play. 1991 cup winning side running through their jersey


today, Motherwell. Hodson up against Joe Chalmers. Gets


past him, plays it in. Clipped away by


think recover and might break for Wallace. Takes a deflection on the


way past. Wallace trying to mark his return to the top team with a goal.


Got back to him. Chris Cadden just doing enough. Halladay.


That's a free kick. Could be a booking here as well. It was good


play, charmers just simply holding him back. -- Chalmers. Kenny Miller


with a header. The defender didn't do a lot against Kenny Miller.


Scored in the semifinal and the final last season after a Scottish


Cup drought. Clipping the top of the bar. Samson was just convinced it


was over. Hodson on the overlap, O'Halloran wants to dig it himself.


Wonderful footwork, goes down under the challenge of Hamill and Rangers


had a shout for a penalty but the referee Craig Thompson in good


position to say no. Twinkling feet from O'Halloran, he was caught by


Stevie Hamill, that looked like a penalty. Watch the boot, cross and


catch him. At first glance looked like a stick on penalty. Fair to say


Michael O'Halloran looks surprised. Then, what centre forward wouldn't?


Just a little bit short, Cadden has read it. Louis Moult in the middle.


Clayton Geathers together. The Wallace just leaning in and the


referee will penalise him for it. Not much in it, but just enough


contact at the back. To put the player over.


Delivery is key. It was off the chest and a follow-through on to the


goalkeeper. The goalkeeper had the ball in his hands. Keith Leslie was


eager. O'Halloran. Gets away from Chalmers. O'Halloran inside his man,


he could finish it. Hannigan with the sliding challenge. Great play


from Michael O'Halloran. Motherwell back in numbers.


Jason Holt has fetched and retrieved so often in this game. Barrie McKay.


Looking to get in behind, he's going to take on the full-back. Done away


from Tate and Stevie Hamill to clear. Surprise Chris Cadden didn't


help the full-back there has Barrie McKay was taking on every which way.


He was Barrie McKay. It was well away, great play by O'Halloran. Tate


on the other side couldn't do anything about it.


Louis Moult. Waiting for something to happen. Chris Cadden is wide.


Leslie is in the box. So is Louis Moult. Good ball onto Richard Tait.


Onside Chris Cadden. Into the middle. Louis Moult! He scorers.


They have provided so little danger but the cross from Cadden and finish


from Louis Moult. 30th goal, 60th appearance and has Motherwell ahead


in the Scottish Cup at Ibrox. 74 minutes gone. Great ball flew,


played on by Rob Kiernan. And that is the perfect header from six yards


out from Louis Moult. Met it perfectly on the goalkeeper, who has


been redundant in the game, could do absolutely nothing and Motherwell


take the lead. Great cross from Cadden, the defending from Hodson


not good enough and celebration time for Louis Moult.


Motherwell's last win at Ibrox in the Scottish Cup in 1961. Five of


the last ten goals they scored against Rangers in that one victory.


Onto Kenny Miller. The chance. Great save from the goalkeeper, Craig


Samson. Alert goalkeeping. Not sure where he was going. Andy


Halliday. Waghorn had a hat-trick in the


of the competition last season. Waghorn into the middle. Kenny


Miller with a header. Stunning goal from Kenny Miller and Rangers are


level. It's been a tale of two headers and Kenny Miller powers


Rangers level. Played back on to Waghorn, great


ball in and Kenny Miller had to redirect it. Craig Samson with


absolutely no chance. Kenny Miller scoring in his third consecutive


Scottish Cup game. It was much needed for Rangers old to play for.


Five and a half minutes to go at Ibrox. 1-1.


Motherwell moving it forward, chance for Craig Clay. Blaze it off.


Opportunity, bank to MacDonald and into the middle. Could have gone


himself. Motherwell almost ahead again. Clay setup make you and


Foderingham with the save as MacDonald try to pull it inside. In


the last 20 years, Motherwell have travelled to Ibrox and just once in


the play-off victory. Given away by McManus. Chance for Kenny Miller to


win the match for Rangers and he has. . The mistake from Stephen


McManus and Kenny Miller needed no second invitation. Readers have come


from behind to lead at Ibrox. -- Rangers. The pass back to McManus,


poor ball forward and what a pass to Kenny Miller. No wonder Samson is


unhappy. Miller, you had your money on him. Beautifully finished in the


near post. Motherwell undone by an error from the boot of Kenny Miller.


Unless there's a bit of magic, Motherwell are out of the Scottish


Cup. Keith Leslie trying to find that magic.


Rangers ahead am looking for more. Kenny Miller looking for a


hat-trick. Trying to get away from Hannigan. Miller back to Windows.


Barrie McKay one said. Sets up the left foot shot. Samson keeps


Motherwell in the cup for now at least. Rangers have found a way to


get ahead. It's a familiar tale for Motherwell. They led here in the


league in August. Only two loos. It's a repeat script. McKay. Good


save at the post from Craig Samson. He was slow to get into the game


Emerson Hyndman. He set up the second goal and he set up Barrie


McKay there. So different about 20 minutes ago for Mark McGhee and


Motherwell. It was clear for the Motherwell boss. Everybody up.


Samson scented up. Three Motherwell players there is Louis Moult, the


goal-scorer, looking to get on the scoresheet for a second time. The


ball found its way through to him. Just brushed the shocked. -- rust


the shot. The full-time whistle goes at Ibrox and its Rangers who


progress. In a match that was brought to life by the header from


Louis Moult, the decisive player proved to be the Man of the Match,


Kenny Miller. Motherwell will feel this is one that got away. It was to


be Rangers's day. Finished at Ibrox. Kenny Miller 37 years young the goal


hero for the home side. Disappointing in the end for


Motherwell. After the match I caught up with the Motherwell captain. He's


a repeat of the score last match. He disappointed you what might we


thought there was a lot of things that had gone right. Going in front


but to lose to two late goals, carbon copy of the match in August,


unfortunately for us. Really disappointing but I'm sure when the


dust settles, there will be some positives to take from it. What was


the mood in the dressing room after the match, what was the manager


saying what might it was quite quiet, everybody just trying to take


on what had just happened. It will probably take a little bit of time


for the disappointment to wear. We had a support there today and to go


in front and feel comfortable, not comfortable, you know you still have


a job to do, but certainly felt like we could see the job through. We


obviously didn't quite do it. It does hurt at the moment. We spoke


yesterday about that match you had the lead in August and you felt that


match Motherwell could have actually won it. Did you feel like you could


have won today had things been slightly different? I think so.


Probably overall people will look at the position and say that Rangers


dominated a lot of that but that was part of our plan. We wanted to make


sure we got opportunities, we took them and where clinical. Louis Moult


was clinical with that chance, great header. At that point we feel


disappointed me threw thataway but the belief was out there that we


could finish the job. We never quite did it and really rub rubbing salt


in the wind that the same things happen again. The Motherwell manager


gutted after that. Speechless after the match. He didn't say anything


for half an hour. Not like him. It was a tough day for the Motherwell


boss given the manner of that defeat. Rangers deserved winners or


cruel on Motherwell on both? I think it was cruel on Motherwell, Rangers


had a lot of possession but didn't really create many chances with that


possession. When they got it to good areas more often than not the final


ball delivery was poor and yet Keith Dock about the Motherwell game plan.


They did stick to the game plan very well and were very close to carrying


out that game plan. You were quite impressed by the shape of


out that game plan. You were quite Motherwell defence as they had to


withstand a bad that I think it's fantastic


goal. His movement was exceptional. You see Rob Kiernan has got unmarked


but watch the remote, backwards forward is then backwards again, and


finally when the ball comes and he's lost his marker. Textbook striker.


It's a bad defensive goal, free ball into the cross. Josh Windus in the


left-back area. Rob Kiernan has Louis Moult but at this moment he


switched off, he's ball watching and closed off his body and when you're


doing things like that in the box, it's critical that you don't do that


cover that's about three yards. Six yards out from goal, three yards


between the toes and you will get yards out from goal, three yards


punished. Bloom all just needs one chance. He is a clinical finisher --


Louis Moult. Allowing a free cross into the box, poor setup in the


initial phase with Lee Wallace being in the middle of the park, you know


that the centre-backs were not great at dealing with cross balls. A


number of issues there. Stephen, I know you're fond of veteran strikers


having been one. Kenny Miller today, the hero for Rangers. He is the


model professional, 37 years old and for me he'd been Rangers best player


this season. Exceptional and you see his awareness. Andy Halliday's shot.


Opens up his body. His goal much like Louis Moult's goal is


exceptional striker play. Rangers poor all day in terms of getting


crosses in and why can't change that but Kenny is pointing in behind,


Bannigan things he's going in behind and at the last second gets in front


of his man and a flying header and applying celebration. 37 years of


age, should he get a new deal at Rangers? Absolutely you can only


judge him on how he's going and he's been one of Rangers's best players,


judge him on how he's going and he's scoring vital goals for them at


vital times and looks as fit as ever. Looks in great shape, does he


have the appetite to keep on going? It appears so. One of the crucial


things is, if you think about it, he scores crucial goals for Rangers, a


talisman. If you take him out of the Rangers side it's a negative, so it


would be wise for Rangers to Rangers to try to keep him for another


season. Certainly wasn't the end of the story in terms of this match.


Massive moment. West Foderingham, write to the fore, big chance for


Motherwell. It was, breakaway right after Rangers equalised and at this


moment Scott MacDonald has two players, Louis Moult and McMullan


and he almost plays it across the goal. He's thinking about hitting


it. Thinking about shooting and at the last second sees the run of


Louis Moult and tries to get it back. For a player like Scott, a top


player, there shouldn't be any confusion. One thing,




, two players and the visit behind Louis Moult, McMillan is coming to


tap it into the net. I spoke to Keith about the match earlier in the


season when Rangers beat Motherwell 2-1 and it was a late winner from


Kenny Miller. So similar today. Pretty much carbon copy. Stephen


McManus, he knows he's got a just clear that. Kenny Miller still has


work to do, really composed finish. Just get rid of it, one minute ago,


take them to a replay at far apart but tries to play our ball inside


and noses than wrong thing to do. It's a decent ball from Emerson


Hyndman, really weighted pass to Kenny. Kenny shows the composure to


tuck it away. There's a big gap in the fence for Emerson Hyndman to


slide the ball through, but it's the wait. If he plays it too hard and


runs through to Samson didn't get the shot on goal it's just the way


to read that allows Kenny Miller to step on it and play the ball in his


stride. Next, one of the great fairy tales of the cup. Bonnyrigg Rose up


against the Scottish Cup holders Hibernian in a match stained at


Tynecastle. -- staged. An incredible 5000 Bonnyrigg Rose fans in


attendance today. COMMENTATOR: For the first time in


114 years, Hibernian begin the defence of the Scottish Cup. The


much celebrated, much lauded hoisting of the old trophy last year


will forever be remembered but today brings a new challenge at the home


of their bitter rivals. However, the challenge today at Tynecastle comes


from the Junior leagues and Bonnyrigg Rose. The latest to


embrace the magic of the cup from those reaches of Scottish football,


can they stunned the holders and those reaches of Scottish football,


continue their remarkable journey in this tournament which began away


back in August. Bobby Hart on names decide that knocked out Dumbarton in


round three in the replay. The main striker is Wayne McIntosh, a joiner


by trade, the tournament's top scorer with eight. Seven of those


came in their 14-0 victory over burnt Island shipyard. Neil Lennon


has left pragmatism at home. McGinley, Keatings, Shin Ae Ahn to


Hull start and is number one keeper Marciano back from injury for the


first time since the start of December. One glaring omission is


that of Captain and cup matchwinner David Gray who is suspended thanks


to a booking collected while celebrating his historic strike.


Harsh, you'd have to say. It would be quite a shock if Bonnyrigg Rose


were able to knock out Hibs today. Bonnyrigg shooting towards the


school end of Tynecastle. Hibs wearing their change colours going


towards Gorgie Road. Quite some journey when Alan Stubbs took Hibs


on last season. Interested spectator.


Seeing a lot of the ball in the early stages, Andrew Shelley. --


Andrew Shinnie. Step away by Andrew Shinnie and it's gone in. That's a


nightmare for Michael Andrews and the holders are off and running.


To hit and hope, from Shinnie, he won't care too much about it but


that's the kind of thing when Michael Andrews went to bed last


night, he would have dreaded and Hibernian have the advantage of


Tynecastle. Backed by McGregor. Shinny. Keatings. He might fancy a


gold year. He does. Why not? Why not indeed. -- might fancy a goal here.


Stunning goal from James Keatings. And Hibs might be through already.


We've only played 14 and a half minutes. This is a wonderful goal.


Michael Andrews should have saved the first. This was a different


animal. Adam Nelson's free kick, flicked


away by McGregor. Lovely play by Donaldson, got it across. At least


he asked the question. Going to be a stoppage because


Marciano who has had his injury problems in recent times, he's down.


Taking a bit of a punt from Liam Fontaine. Donaldson over this long


throw. Touched on by Nelson, a way it goes.


From Forster. Cummings. The loose touch lets Hibs back into


possession, rampaging through enemy territory. Stevenson. As I go. The


goalkeeper spills at and Humphrey will make it three.


It has been an afternoon to forget for Michael Andrews. And Chris


Humphrey is off the mark for his new for Michael Andrews. And Chris


club. That underlines a really promising start to his Hibernian


career. And it will also surely underline Hibs's safe passage


through to the fifth round. They will be eyeing up a cricket score


now. There's only been a quarter of this game played and you fear the


worst for Bonnyrigg Rose. Robbie Horn, how disappointed will he be?


He will have wanted to at least get to half-time only two down. Penalty!


Yes it was. No matter what Jordan Forster says, he brought the


attacker to the ground. Well, at 3-0 down, there wasn't too much contact


and to be fair to Jordan Forster, perhaps the arm was outstretched


too. But it has gleaned a penalty kick for Bonnyrigg Rose. That is


going to be taken here by defender Dean Hoskins. He has scored eight


goals this season. He will enjoy that one! Bonnyrigg Rose is reduced


their arrears to two and they will feel a heck of a lot better about


themselves now. I is penalty by Dean Hoskins. You can see what it means


to the supporters at the other end of Tynecastle. It wasn't the


cleanest of takes. It is now Bonnyrigg Rose 1-3 Hibernian.


Keatings, drop of the shoulder. He always looks lively, James Keatings.


Humphrey got the third, looking for the fourth before the break. This


time Michael Andrews makes the save. It's a decisive one. As the one that


teed up Chris Humphrey for Hibernian's goal was not. The


penalty has given them renewed confidence. That came off a hand.


Dean Hoskins... Bawling and shouting. And Adam Muir is turning a


blind eye to this. That did seem to come off his hand. The consolation


of a corner, which is headed just over the crossbar. Well, well, well,


Wayne McIntosh. He had the chance. To pull it back to 3-2. He was free,


the top scorer in the Scottish Cup this season so far.


Jason Cummings is in! And it is a way off the line. -- away off the


line. What a moment again for Dean Hoskins. He must have thought that


was squirming in. The goalkeeper saved it with his leg there. It


well. Well, the Trainspotting sequel is out next week, I think it is, and


Irvine Welsh, who wrote the original book, big Hibs fan.


Humphrey picks it up. Stevenson. Great ball in! Brilliant finish. He


was bound to get on the scoresheet eventually. Jason Cummings perhaps


finishes off Bonnyrigg Rose once and for all. With his 13th of the


season. It's a wonderful finish their from Cummings. Terry fig cross


in by Stevenson, though. Famously the Man of the Match in the 2007


League Cup final. Lovely gliding play there by Andrew


Shinnie. He's going to get it back. Wasn't expecting that. Chance for


Stevenson! Well, you know Hibs are enjoying themselves if Lewis


Stevenson scores a goal. He never, ever seems to score. But there he


was. And Hibs go 5-1 up. They were fortuitously given the ball back


there and Lewis Stevenson accepts the gift. And he will have enjoyed


that. He will have enjoyed that, you can guarantee, Lewis Stevenson


rubber-stamps hit Ernie and's passage to the third round of the


William Hill Scottish Cup. Fyvie and Keatings over this Hibs


free kick. It was a foul anyway on Young by Grant Holt.


Keatings. Hibs looking for a sixth goal, great save, Cummings is there!


His second and Hibs's six. They are routed in the juniors. Grant Holt


must have thought it was his. Cummings was there to mop up.


Bonnyrigg Rose have a rout on their hands. Jason Cummings scores his


14th of the campaign. Can't get much easier than that.


Grant Holt has run away in the middle. He has picked out boil. Now


Keatings! That is seven! -- picked out Boyle. Hibs score seven at


Tynecastle! It hasn't been as long a wait as it was to lift the Scottish


Cup, but Hibs have hit seven at the home of their most bitter rivals.


James Keatings scores his second and this is a terrific finish. Grant


Holt played him in, Boyle then found him. And Hibs are running a mock in


Gorgy. -- running amok. Here goes Humphrey. Right out of it,


there. Certainly a yellow. Dean Hoskins has absolutely clocked Chris


Humphrey here. Terrible challenge in the end. Neil Lennon will not want


one of his January signings out for any extended period of time.


Keatings's free kick. It is eight, it is eight! And it is Jordan


Foster, who made his Hibs debut right here in this very stadium. --


Jordan Forster. And Hibernian are slaughtering their junior opponents.


Jordan Forster got the final touch. Really nice delivery by James


Keatings and the fairy tale, the dream of Bonnyrigg Rose, is turning


into a nightmare. Just some sloppy moments in the first half. Second


half, it was excellent. It gave the players a lift and a lot of players


got on the scoresheet as well, which was excellent. Overall I'm very


pleased. The most important thing is we're in the next round. We just


didn't start the next game. We conceded some poor as well. It was a


big disappointment to be honest, the way we performed, I thought we were


better than that. We showed in spells what we were capable of.


There was a wee spell at 3-0, we got the penalty and there was another


chance for 3-2. But you can't take anything away from Hibs, I thought


they were different class. We can only hope that Michael Andrews, the


goalkeeper, is safely behind his sofa now. I'm sure he's having a


beverage too, to try to forget about it! You heard Robbie Horn saying


they didn't start the game particularly well. He would have


been hoping desperately that they would keep the game tied for as long


as possible but for that to happen 11th minutes in his a bitter pill to


swallow. Look, this game was their cup final. This was their eighth


game in the Scottish Cup already. It was a success for them to get to


this stage and to get a game at Tynecastle against Hibs, great for


Bonnyrigg Rose. A bit of a banana skin for Hibs. But they ended up


scoring some fantastic goals. They were very professional and they


showed no complacency. We call that a knuckleball! It had swerved but it


also had some dip on it as well. Why not call? I have


-- why knuckle? No idea! Fantastic cross. When the ball comes into


Boyle, his linkup play is superb. Another good finish from Keatings


and an all-round good performance from Hibs. Hibs have a strong squad


but how bizarre would it be for Hibs if they went on to win it after not


winning it for that long? They have a manager who has got the experience


of winning the cup as a player and manager as well. I mean, I think


it's unlikely, but I don't see why they shouldn't be aiming to go far


in the competition. There's no doubt that getting promotion is the main


priority for Hibs this year. Good to see them enjoying football. One fan


in particular had a great moment to enjoy. It's just not a penalty.


There's not enough contact. You've got to allow Bonnyrigg Rose their


moment in the sun. I'm pleased he got a penalty, if I'm being honest.


They had 6000 fans. It was cold but it wasn't two scarves cold! It


was... I'm pleased they got the goal, they deserved a goal at least.


Fantastic story in terms of Bonnyrigg Rose. They had to go


through the mill just to get to this stage. The fans turned out in huge


numbers. It was a wonderful occasion for them, a junior team to get to


this stage. They've already had seven ties. You can't expect them to


get much further than that. To get a tie against one of the local big


clubs for them and to play at Tynecastle in front of 8000 fans,


that is one for the fans to savour. They round up now, taking us through


six matches involving teams from the Premiership.


COMMENTATOR: Highland league side Formartine travelled with hope but


Chris Erskine erased it with his seventh of the season. Chris -- the


Premiership side have lost very few recently and defeat always looked


unlikely. This is the warning for the Formartine defence to look away


now. Providing gifts like this to Chris Erskine is only ever going to


end one way. And just after the hour, the fourth and final nail in


the Formartine Coughlin came from Abdul Osman. Job done for Partick


Thistle, but a humbling day for the Highland League side. There was a


step up, they kept the ball well and they were excellent. They gave us


the respect we were due with them playing their full strength team.


The way they went about their business, they were excellent from


start to finish and one of the best teams we've come up against. With St


Mirren struggling in the Championship and Dundee at home, the


wise money was on the dens men. When Marcus Haber's effort was kept out,


maybe the like would be with St Mirren. 25 minutes in it wasn't


about luck but a defensive mistake and that proved costly. Saints


benefited and John Sutton coolly struck home. St Mirren sealed their


win five minutes after the break. Another slip-up from Dundee and


Stevie Mallon, who had been in impressive form all afternoon, set


up Jack Baird. St Mirren go through. Really pleased for the players, I


have said that previously, they have come in for criticism previously. An


enjoyable one for them, they can start working hard and looking to


replicate that performance. It was just a lacklustre performance. I've


not got any excuses because the best team won. We were off it all over


the pitch. Just such a disappointing performance. Kilmarnock boss Lee


Clark handed five players their debuts for the visit of Hamilton.


Including the goalkeeper on loan from Newcastle. But there was to be


no clean sheet in his first taste of Scottish football. As the referee


pointed to the spot, Osborne was looking for somewhere to hide.


Accies sub Bingham did the rest. We have done that a few times in the


league and drop points with late goals, so it feels nice to be on the


end of it. A very, very disappointing day, a cup competition


where we have gone out with a whimper, like the League Cup, so we


are very frustrated. With home advantage for the League 2


part-timers, was an upset on the cards? 25 minutes in an Elgin were


ahead, Mark Nicholson with the free kick. But their Premiership


opponents didn't panic and were soon level. Larnell Cole on the ball


showing great pace, skill and determination, to bring Inverness


Caley Thistle back into things after 32 minutes. A brilliant solo effort.


Into the second half and Inverness Caley Thistle created more chances


and the sana Doumbia -- and Lonsana Doumbouya was in the thick of it.


This pair for Elgin as Inverness Caley Thistle went ahead. The


Premiership side could have made more comfortable for themselves. Ian


Viggers with the free kick but again that bar was rattled. 2-1 is


finished, as Inverness Caley Thistle progress. What a fantastic crowd.


Over three and our vows and is fantastic and just shows the


potential of this football club. A solitary goal from Eion Jess in 1995


was the difference the last time the sides met. These times they have a


different hero. A swivel and a shot from Adam Rooney saw the home side


on their way. It was always going to be a struggle for the side propping


up the League 1 after that. Leaving huge gaps at the back is never a


great idea, especially with Niall McGinn informed. Gold nine of the


season for the Irishman. Number ten would come later. No letup from the


Dons in the second half. Morgan Neil was there to lend a hand. Up stepped


Rooney to score his 70th Aberdeen goal. He is now the club's leading


goal-scorer this century. And Aberdeen's fourth straight victory


was sealed by a fourth goal. McGinn was very much in the mood. A double


Irish double for the Dons. A good day's work. We have come through it


with a clean sheet, got amongst the goals, got some youngsters on the


pitch. A good day's work. St Johnstone ease any fears of a cup


upset with an early goal against Stenhousemuir. The ball in from


Chris Millar was met by Steven MacLean and the Perth side were 1-0


up. As half-time approached, the Premiership side doubled their lead.


Steven MacLean this time the provider and a neat backheel for


Blair Alston to seal their place in the fifth round. I'm absolutely


delighted. I'm delighted with how we went about it. We emphasised all


week the importance of the game. Emphasised in the last 48 hours the


importance of starting the game well and that set the tone for us. Teams


can come and think, these aren't up for it today, but we were right up


for it and we got a good early goal that settled us in. 2-0, clean sheet


and into the next round. I'm guessing in terms of the results of


the day for you, it is pretty obvious. Probably the biggest shock


of the day. Their three new signings, playing with a freedom and


a confidence that has deserted them in the league this season. The first


goal here from John Sutton is very that stick. When you are playing in


the league and things are not going well for you, you have got the


weight of the world on your shoulders and they played like a


different team today. Dundee's home form has been sensational, they have


won four of their last five at home. To go there and get a result, even


though Dundee were well below par... Popping up with a striker's finish.


Just how worried were you about your old club, St Mirren? Very worried. I


was thinking the signings might push them up the league a bit. They have


to take something from this game because that will give them


confidence. People like Jamie MacDonald on the bench, they have


had 35 players at Kilmarnock this season. 17 or 18 players in the


controversial one. For Jamie MacDonald not to play, that is the


big one for me. He has saved three out of his last six. He has a good


record as a penalty sub saver. I think he has been one of the top


performers for Kilmarnock over the past few years. He must be feeling a


bit of grief to have lost his place to a lonely as well. A great crowd


at Elgin, 3500 for that match against Inverness. It looked at one


point like you might have a shop on the cards. Involving the most


northerly team in Scotland, it is not Inverness, it is Elgin! That is


what the cup is about, lower league sides. We were watching it thinking


it might be an upset there, but credit to Inverness because they


have not had an easy season so far. And we will have a special report on


that match on tomorrow night's highlights programme on BBC Two


Scotland at 6:15pm. Next, Ross County's match with Dundee United


was in doubt due to heavy fog but after a couple of inspections and


plenty of pacing up and down the pitch, credit to the referee, he


decided rightly that the match should go ahead. Peering through the


gloom in Dingwall for us was Alistair


On both occasions, United came out on top. Nowadays they are a division


below their hosts, who certainly go into today's I as favourites to


progress. County's Highland derby win over


Inverness Caley Thistle gave them a win over the winter break. A return


in central defence for Paul Quinn. After a terrific unbeaten run,


United have stumbled recently and were without a win in three games,


as Ray McKinnon looks to rediscover a winning formula. Income Jamie


Robertson, Charlie Telfer. Liam Moyes was an injury concern for


County today. Thankfully for Jim McIntyre, the Northern Ireland


striker is fit enough to take his place in the starting line-up. Just


as important for United in terms of goals is Simon Murray. He might be


the biggest threat to Ross County's hopes of victory this afternoon. The


former Scotland international down the line. Woods exchanges passes


with sharp. First corner kick of the match. Martin Woods, there, to


deliver the corner from the far side for County. What a finish from


Christopher Routis! A beautiful set piece from Ross County, straight off


the training ground. Completely unmarked, the Frenchman strikes his


second goal of the season. He had all the time in the world but take


nothing away from the execution, straight into the top corner. Cammy


Bell rooted to the spot and an ideal start for Ross County.


Two county players with him and he gets a cross in and what a finish


from Tony Andreu! Just as spectacular as the goal scored by


Routis, the equaliser from Andreu must surely delight his manager Ray


McKinnon. First-time side footed finish from Andreu, the man on loan


from Norwich. Quite superb. Two terrific goals to start this match.


We have a real Scottish Cup tie on our hands here. This is Dowd running


at the United defence. He is taken down right on the edge of the box


and it will be a yellow card for Charlie Telfer and a free kick in a


very dangerous position for Ross County, just outside the box. This


is a real chance for County to retake the lead. Routis, on the edge


of the wall here. Set up for them to move away, and it is in on the


rebound from Paul Quinn! Ross County right back in front. And it is the


skipper, Paul Quinn, and the home fans delighted again. Well, Cammy


Bell just pushed the ball right back into the centre of the goal.


Although the ball was moving, he will feel he should have done better


than to not it right into the path of Paul Quinn. The foggy conditions


may not have helped the Kebe are very much there either, but a great


goal for Paul Quinn, scores his first Ross County goal of the


season. Jim McIntyre was furious at the way his side conceded the


equaliser but he will be much happier now they have regained the


lead. These Dundee United fans booing the fact that they can't see


the entire pitch! Not sure they necessarily want the game to be


abandoned. A break of the ball just outside the county penalty area, a


looping shot deflected over the crossbar. -- outside the County and


of the area. Marcus Fraser getting himself into all sorts of trouble


that, it was Charlie Telfer's shop, took a big deflection. Ray McKinnon


knows that the side have two turnaround their form in these sort


of matches to take anything from this game. This is boys, to the feet


of sharp. A switch in play now for Routis. Ball across the face of


goal, the first Ross County goal! Ross


County right in charge. It is Tim Routis Chow who has got Ross


County's third. The ball just parried out into the path of the


County player and on this occasion Tim Chow was waiting to strike the


ball into the net. Ross County very much in charge. County come forward


once more. This is boys on the right-hand side, cuts inside his man


beautifully, Liam Boyce! That is sublime from Liam Boyce! A 14th goal


this season for the Northern Ireland. And County, inside half an


hour, R4- one to the good. That really was a superb goal and a


superb finish from a man in form. The great build-up and great


execution and surely now Ross County are already guaranteed a place in


the next round. This is Telfer, just trying to get


away from Tim Chow. Has done well. Gets the shot away but straight into


the arms of Scott Fox. Battle of the number 12 is. Telfer coming out on


top momentarily. Fox gratefully accepting that one. Really slack.


Gives it to Andreu and has tucked it away and Ross County give away a


second goal right on the stroke of half-time. Tony Andreu Hess 's


second of the match. Slack play from Routis who's been so impressive for


most of the game, Jim McIntyre spoke to him a few months ago about not


getting too lax and that's what he was there as he gifts Andreu his


11th of the season. Liam Boyce, a couple of step overs,


back to the edge of the penalty area. Hit that so well but just a


yard or two over the crossbar. Good understanding from Boyce. Yard or so


over the crossbar from the Dutchman. Andreu. Tries to spread the play.


Jim O'Brien again cutting out the ball.


The past from Routis wasn't accurate enough. Andreu into the penalty


area. Swept away. United look the likely at the moment.


Andreu once more. Goes for goal. That is so close from Tony Andreu to


another rectangular goal. If you're going to score a hat-trick, you


might as well do it in spectacular fashion and he almost did so here.


Look at the movement on the ball. Good ball in and sharp with the


heather is not too far away. The County management team acknowledging


a good piece of play. Almost grabbing a fifth for county. County


has done well to work thataway. In a dangerous position and advancing.


Looks for the run of O'Brien. O'Brien has got ridge up with them.


The canny finish this match. Great O'Brien has got ridge up with them.


save but Routis on the rebound, he was a villain at the end of the


first half but he's a Ross County hero right now, second goal of the


game for Christopher Routis. It's a fifth for Ross County and surely now


the Scottish Cup tie is done and dusted. That move started in Ross


County at the left-back position. Jim O'Brien did brilliantly to pick


out Routis. Routis finished the goalkeeper often ruthless fashion


and surely now Dundee United are dead and buried.


United haven't given up at any stage but they've just been outclassed.


Especially in the first half an hour. Ross County running right.


O'Brien for Boyce. Boyce, lovely feet trying to get away. Left for


Jim O'Brien. He runs things off in terrific fashion for Ross County.


What afternoon it's been for them. 6-2 and the ball on his Ross County


debut for Jim O'Brien. Superb play from Liam Boyce. Step over play set


up nicely for Jim O'Brien and it's a wrote in the end for Ross County.


The capable of beating any team on our day and we got some good players


here. Where in the Hat, that's the only goal that we had at the start


of the day, to make sure we got through the round, tough game today.


We will see what the draw brings tomorrow. Limit we still have took


improvers at him, get the right quality to the club, that's what I'm


trying to do and we will do that. The scoreline is a little bit harsh.


We have the team and if we get a couple of good players as well. To


put the level of the team a bit higher. I think we can go and they


proved last year they can win the cup, so why not that one this year


and we will see. The cup is always strange. Today we stay in the draw


and I hope we will keep going. Great result for Ross County. Let's start


with the fog. We have been known to be critical of referees from time to


time on this programme but Kevin Clancy deserves credit because at


one point it was pretty thick between two o'clock and 2:30pm,


couple of inspections but got the right decision. He did and full


credit, took as long as he could take to make the decision and got it


right in the end. The game is definitely playable. It was


difficult for the Dundee United fans to see, you didn't hear the players


or the managers complaining and Kevin Clancy made the right


decision. Ended up seeing great goals, great victory for Ross


County. Christopher Routis with a sensational strike. Involve a lot


today and quite possibly the goal of the round here. His first touch is a


great but he adjusts his body and the volley is sensational. I don't


think he intended to bounce up in front of them but the volley is


sensational. I think it is all rather great goal, to get all the


players to run away to the front paws and create that space and I


think his first touch, I think that's good. Across the


pronunciation of Routis day. Good performance all round. He drew an


influence throughout the game, setting up the third goal for Ross


County as well, driving at the Dundee United offence and flashing


the ball across the face and I think right throughout the game we saw the


first goal, unfortunately he had a hand in Dundee United almost getting


back into the game. Must have been the fog! He will not get away with


that, I don't think, he should have seen Tony Andreu there. Right before


half-time, that was a bad one, but he performed really well and he


continued it and got this goal in the second half, composure just to


type it into the back of the net. Good performance. Fantastic result


for Ross County and a match we all expected to be quite close. Dundee


for Ross County and a match we all United have gone off the boil in


recent times. They have, the last three games the last 12 goals and


that has to be a massive concern for Raymond McKinnon, look a shadow of


the team that had a strong run through November and December and


early jingles and will be a concern. I know you still feel, Michael, they


can only concentrate on the league campaign but you still feel that


they will get promoted this season? Obviously Stewart is right, they


have a bad run, teams do that are the cause of the season but they've


got so much quality, they've also got good characters in the squad and


I would be very surprised of Dundee United don't manage to do well this


season and I fancy them to get up through the play-offs. Ten to run


them the rest of the action, once again.


It was first blood to the home side in the fourth bank fog. Nguene


Bikey's effort deflected but of course they all count.


15 minutes later, Peter McDonnell did what he does best. All square.


And he was at it again to put the visitors ahead in the second half.


And then came the chance to seal it with a penalty Cameron Brannagan


pulled McDonnell down inside the box. But he was to make amends. And


it was a save that was to prove crucial because with five minutes to


play, Bikey grabbed a brace of his own to secure a replay.


Going well in League 1, la lower fancy by some to get the better of


their Championship opponents but Dunfermline had other ideas, Nicky


Clark pouncing on Gareth Reilly's shot to put the pars one up. They


had to wait until after together second but a strike worth waiting


for. Smart backheel found Paul McMullan who wasn't shy having a


goal. A great finish from the Celtic loanee. It was more of the same from


Dunfermline in the second half and another fine finish from the


visitors, substitute Joe Cardle best time to make it 3-0 with an hour


gone. The scoreline would suggest it was game over but Alloa were not


having that and with Stefan McCluskey launched himself at the


ball here, it was game on with 22 minutes remaining. Not a bad debut


for McCluskey. Alloa then set up a frantic finish as they snatched a


second goal in added time. Greg Spens persisted but at the end it


was just too late and Dunfermline go through.


Championship third against fourth at Campillo and it was close until just


before the break. McCracken failed to clear the header and Jamie


Lindsay took advantage. If Falkirk boss Peter Houston had his head in


his hands over that defensive mishap, then you can only guess what


he thought of this just after the restart. Forbes thought his chance


had gone and he wasn't for passing up a second invitation to find the


net. Morton are now unbeaten at home. Thrilled with the result, of


course but the performance as well, particularly in the second half we


grew into the game and got better as the game went on.


This tie always had the makings of being a tight affair and so approved


and it was first blood to East Fife and quite a strike to boot. Nicky


Paterson with the volley. And why wouldn't you celebrate? Livingstone


responded. Kevin's free kick was thunderous, the saved by Ryan


Goodfellow impressive. Livingstone came close to an equaliser at the


death but agony for Dale Carrick as his effort crashed off the bar and


East Fife going to the draw. Delighted for them because they


worked so hard and for as much as Livingstone put us under a lot of


pressure at the end of the game, I thought we defended extremely well.


When you score a goal of that quality, you deserve the win. With


their United struggling in the Championship, what chance cup run,


they had to clear this header off the line early on. Ayr. Don't ever


pressing. They started to turn the screw, fingertips only denying Gary


Harkins. The last chance fell to Queens park will stop Sean Byrne is


over the bar. No goals and a replay at hand awaits. We are draw


specialists right now. We have two tonnes of these into with Mike and I


would see even today we didn't create as many chances as we would


have liked. Look like it could be a mistake for a bit of brilliance to


win the game. Especially away from home. Against a team and a higher


league, you have to compete. I think the players should hold their heads


high and move onto the next game. Two matches require replays.


In a suppose, that is the romance of the cup, two leaked to size,


Stirling and Clyde in the competition with a chance. -- two


League 2 says. A shiver Peter McDonnell not get his hat-trick and


would have sealed the game for Clyde and Starling getting the draw. Great


opportunity for the two League 2 sides and you could get a big


drawback in the next round, plenty of romance still left in the cup. In


terms of East Fife, a good run. There are in great form, nine teams


unbeaten, winning seven of them on what a goal to win the match from


Nicky Paterson. The technique to head the volley first time is


outstanding. Disappointing there was nobody there to see it! A bit of fog


there as well. Manager doing a great job, come on recently as well, Barry


Smith. Doing an exceptional job and climbing that leaked, looking at the


play-offs there. It has been a big day in the


Scottish Cup. Tomorrow is pretty big as well.


In terms of tomorrow's matches, you can't help thinking about the Albion


Rovers giant-killing attempt against Celtic. Would that go down as one of


the great, the greatest Scottish Cup shock given away Celtic have been


playing. It's very difficult to see if it's the greatest when you talk


about the history of the tournament but in terms of challenges it's a


huge one for Albion Rovers to try and overcome Celtic. Nobody else has


been able to do it in Scotland so far this season. It's a huge task


for them. For Raith Rovers and Hearts it will be a tough game for


Hearts going to Stark 's part. Raith Rovers hadn't been on a great run of


Hearts going to Stark 's part. Raith form but not an easy game for


Hearts. In terms of that match, form but not an easy game for


you'll be there commentating on it. Raith Rovers aren't in the best of


form. No but the cup gives you respite from the league and takes


the pressure. The microscope will be on Ian Catterall has had another


couple of weeks in the winter break bed in his ideas and his tactics to


his team and they've also signed four new players who might get


debuts tomorrow in the match, we have to wait and see, will be a


tough match. A lot of storylines and dynamics of this game, not an easy


place to go, a lot of new signings, Gary Locke playing his old club. It


makes for an interesting game tomorrow. How much pressure is he


under, these matches generate pressure. Mark Warburton, Rangers


were struggling, suddenly you're thinking much pressure he's under,


these matches potential problems. Of course here, people talk about


giving him time and of course he will be given time but that doesn't


mean he's never want to be judged and it's not been a great start.


Difficult tie, followed up by Celtic and Rangers in the league. It's a


big game, he wants to make sure he gets Hearts into the round. In terms


of your views on Albion Rovers 's attempt against Celtic. On paper


they don't stand any chance, do they? They have a really good record


at Airdrie's Grant were the matches played but out with that I can see


it realistically. Celtic are just so strong and dominant and they want


this treble badly. They will do everything to make sure they get it


and will approach the match in a very professional manner. It's been


another magical day in the Scottish Cup, what's been your personal


highlight? The game at Tynecastle for Bonnyrigg Rose. When you look at


the Junior side getting to the stage, to get one of the big teams


at Tynecastle, that's the highlight for me. St Mirren 2-0. Thought it


might be, very good. It's been a day of big numbers. 37-year-old Kenny


Miller the Rangers hero, 48 goals in of big numbers. 37-year-old Kenny


14 games, three Premiership sides dumped out, one big shock, until


tomorrow, good night. I've lost weight, in't I?


Aye, you're looking good.


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