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Good afternoon and welcome to the results show, it is one of my


favourite weekends of the year, because it is the fourth round of


the William Hill Scottish Cup. Giants will be killed, potentially,


banana skins will be slip on and romantics will be brokenhearted. We


have the Motherwell captain Keith Lasley and Steven Thompson. Let's


feast our eyes on the latest scores and one full-time result. I will


cherry pick this. The full-time score from Ibrox is


2-1. Rangers going through to the next round.


Two matches to be played tomorrow. As I told you, Rangers are the first


team through to the last 16, beating Motherwell in the lunchtime


kick-off. Kenny Miller got the winning goal a minute from time,


only five minutes after Rangers drew level. It looked as though


Motherwell were heading to the next round when they got a headed goal.


Miller equalised with another header and then Rangers' new signing set up


Miller who went past Craig Samson for the winner. Keith, I don't know


what to say. It was blue Monday on Monday and that was a sickener of a


Saturday. How do you feel? I do not know what to say. It is d j vu for


know what to say. It is d ja vu for us unfortunately. We were beaten


earlier in the season and it was similar. We were 1-0 up and again it


was Kenny Miller. We went in there with a game plan and we thought we


executed pretty well. Then we felt comfortable and that is the biggest


disappointment, that we did feel comfortable in the match and to lose


the next goal is sickening. You thought you were home. At Ibrox away


from home you still know you have to be on your guard right until the


end, but we felt as if it was going to be our day and we had good


support there today. When Miller scores a goal, in my mind they are


going on to win the match. But it wasn't to be. As hard as it is, we


go away with our wounds and we have to look forward to next week. He


hugged you when you came into the studio. I could tell. I thought


Keith was Man of the Match. Motherwell defended ever so well and


their game plan was executed brilliantly, to a tee. In the second


half the team grew into the game and created more opportunities. The goal


was a thing of beauty. The movement from Louis Mould for this goal is as


good as it gets. He takes the defender to the front post and then


he dropped him and the header was fantastic. At that point I am


thinking Motherwell. Rangers, for all their possession, had not


threatened Motherwell too much in the game. As the game wore on you


knew Rangers would get an opportunity. All credit to Rangers


because they're headed goal that Kenny Miller scored was an excellent


goal. Maybe Motherwell could have dealt with it better. But to lose


the goal that you did in the last minute and the manner. Steve McManus


is one of the most experienced players and has seen it and done it


and bought the T-shirt. To make a mistake like he did, he tried to put


a wee ball into the middle of the park and he tries a cute one into


the middle of the park and the new boy for Rangers threads a great pass


through for Kenny. Great credit to Kenny Miller, even at 37 he still


produces. He is one of Rangers BIG BROTHER: Great players, week in,


week out. On reflection and draw would have been a fair result. What


was the mood like post-match? It was very quiet. I am still going through


things that happened in the match. Are you a bit shell-shocked? I think


so. It will take a couple of days and we have to sit down and look


back on it. Unfortunately positives are hard to see at the moment.


Speaking of hard to see! We decided earlier that you would sit in the


studio and cast an eye over the match in Dingwall between Ross


County and Dundee United. Little did we know that it would be fogbound.


Dundee United with a white strip has made it even harder. Dundee United


started with an outstanding goal, a great one to look forward to


tonight. And then there was another superb finish. And then Cammy Bell


spilt a couple of crosses and he should have done better and Ross


County get up to four goals. Dundee United in the last three games have


lost ten goals. They have problems defensively. I was speaking to


Raymond McKinnon and he said defensively, we have been strong.


That has not been the case. Four in this match so far. In the second


half, Floods came on and he hardened them up a bit. But it has been the


pick of the game is for sure. Do you think Dundee United's best chance is


the fog comes down even bigger? They are still capable. It is only two


goals. They get another one and it is game on and that might change


Ross County's mentality as well and they might sit back. I think in the


second half Ross County are definitely the better team. But it


is a more even contest. It is time for our first bounce around the


stadium was this afternoon. It was one apiece between Inverness and


Elgin. Good afternoon. It is still 1-1. It is the first time Elgin have


hosted top-flight opposition in 45 years and they are making a fist of


it. In fact, they went ahead. Mark Nicholson with the final shot. It


sneaked in at the bottom corner and gave Elgin a lead. Lionel Cole has


been the danger man for the visitors and he walks through to the centre


of defence to put Inverness back on level terms. A few moments ago there


was a header that crashed off the bar. Inverness are back into it, but


we could have an upset on the cards. Let's stick with a potential upset


and head to dens Park. It is Dundee against Saint Mirren. It looks like


there could be a shock, but Saint Mirren are deservedly in front. John


Sutton put St Mirren in front after 24 minutes. He found the bottom


right-hand corner. They added a second early in the second half when


McKenzie fired home from ten yards. Some confusion about the goal,


either way it was St Mirren's second goal. Dundee have failed to take


their chances and that could be costly. What would have been


undoubtedly the biggest upset of the day. Bonnyrigg Rose against


Hibernian at Tynecastle. A Scottish Cup dream not becoming a reality for


Bonnyrigg Rose. They trailed by 5-1. It was a fairly even opening ten


minutes, but after that the ruthless streak of Hibernian kicked in. James


Keating had a fabulous effort. Chris Humphrey made it 3-0 after 24


minutes. Bonnyrigg got a lifeline with Dean Hoskins who scored a


penalty. It was 3-1 at half-time. After the second half Jason Cummings


put the game beyond doubt. A brilliant scissor kick. And then


Stevenson himself added another goal in 61 minutes. Five different


scorers for Hibs, there might be more. Potential upset looks less


likely. There has been another goal in the Inverness game. Yes, our goal


for Inverness. It hit the back of the net as opposed to the crossbar.


Inverness now lead by 2-1. And another go at Tynecastle. And it is


another goal from Jason Cummings for Hibs. It is 6-1. The Premiership,


Aberdeen at home to the bottom of League 1 club. It took 30 minutes


for Aberdeen to make the breakthrough against stubborn


Stranraer defending. But it was only ever going to be a case of how many


for the Dons. Aberdeen did not need ever going to be a case of how many


a helping hand, but Morgan Neill gave them one anyway, conceding and


needless penalty early in the second-half. It was excellently


taken by Rooney. Only a series of breathtaking saves has spared the


bottom club a real doing. And we can go to Partick Thistle against


Frommer teen United. Half an hour for the second goal to come, Stephen


Lawless set up nicely by Welsh. Barely 60 seconds had ticked away


when Chris Erskine got his second of the game. It was a delightful


finish. Just one goal in the second half for Partick Thistle, Abdul


Osman with a lovely volley. John Welch has gone off, he has been the


best player for me. Here she is a goal free zone this afternoon. It is


0-0 and no goals between Kilmarnock and Hamilton either. It all seems to


be happening everywhere else today. There has been precious little in


the way of chapters today. Callum Roberts drew a comfortable save from


the Hamilton goalkeeper. Hamilton have thrashed a header over. The


main talking point was the fact that Lee Clark named by debutants in his


starting line-up. He left Coulibaly on the bench. There are no goals,


but I want to start there just because. That interesting point,


five debutants. Is that because they do not care that much about the


Scottish Cup? Or is it because Lee Clark thinks changes have got to be


made. I would agree. The argument down south is about diluting the FA


Cup. It is not the same in the Scottish Cup, it means everything to


everybody, players, managers and fans. I do not agree with that. I


knew that would happen. There would be a goal. It is 5-2. Can you talk


us through the fog? Yes, it was a great pass and it is laid back to


the edge of the box. On the first great pass and it is laid back to


shot Bell gets a good block on it. That is game, set and match for Ross


County. That is why we pay you big bucks!


Looking for upsets, it looks like the most likely place is Dundee for


St Mirren. Your former club 2-0 up. Fantastic result for them. Not a


result yet! Tempting fate, sorry. In terms of the league, it has not been


going great. I'm sure they would swap it for three points but you


have to take the win. The new swap it for three points but you


signings came in as well. Maybe that has given them a boost. They have


not been there, not been used to going through this tough period. Not


suffering from a lack of confidence. You know how that is when you are


struggling. It builds. And you know when you get that cup game when you


have been struggling in the league, it is a different pressure


altogether, isn't it? It takes you away from the league. You don't have


it sitting on your shoulders. The supporters can't understand it. They


it sitting on your shoulders. The could beat eight shahada team. That


is the psychology, what St Mirren needed. And Dundee's home record has


been phenomenal, winning four of the last time, the last before the


winter break against St Johnstone so that makes it even better. We are


getting excited by the Elgin City score against Inverness, especially


Stephen when he thought it was 1-0 score against Inverness, especially


when it was 1-1. It was looking dodgy for Inverness. Yes, Inverness


find themselves struggling in the league at the moment. Albeit I


believe they are in a false position. They are better than that,


than the squad is showing, in bottom position. These games are always


difficult but it looks as though they have managed to turn things


round. Another goal between Bonnyrigg Rose and Hibs at


Tynecastle. Kenny? It is getting sorer and sorrow for the junior


side, it is now 1-7, and James Keatings has his second of the game.


Martin Boyle, the substitute, played him in and from a tight angle on the


right-hand side, he has squeezed it into the far corner, so we really


need Bonnyrigg Rose to close the doors at the back because this is


getting humiliating. With all the James Bond stuff this week, at least


it is not... You've been dying to get that in! Keith, speaking to Neil


Lennon this week, he said they had to make sure there was no


romanticism, it would be a tricky tie. It has not proven that way,


hasn't -- has it? They have been the ultimate professionals. You always


expect Hibs to get through, but in the first 20 minutes, if you don't


get the first goal, the crowd can start to get a new and before you


know it, you invite pressure on yourselves but it looks as though


they have taken care of business there. I think it is a fantastic day


out for Bonnyrigg. Speaking earlier, 7000, 8000 fans there which is an


unbelievable turnout, even to get to cheer a goal at least and enjoy the


unbelievable turnout, even to get to day. They won't enjoy this because


I'm not letting them creep under the radar, but 2-0, Falkirk, Morton


going tremendously well. They got to the League Cup semifinal and it


looks as though they are going to put Falkirk, another Championship


site of the sort. They've been ever so impressive under Jim Duffy,


really consistent in the league and this was going to be quite tough


because Falkirk and Morton are quite evenly matched but at home or are


superb. They have drawn the two previous league encounters this


season so far but it looks like Morton will win this. Elsewhere, a


couple of Premiership clubs cruising twins, Partick Thistle 4-0


Formartine United which looks a formality. This'll come you have


been watching that occasionally, coming in. Again, coming back to the


Hibs scenario, similar opposition, and again, I remember being involved


in cup games before and you really need to still have that professional


head on and go out and not think you are going to be able to turn up and


get the result. Again, Partick have gone out with the right attitude,


gone in front which is massive in these games and once you get in


front, the longer the game goes on, part-time opposition, they will tend


to tire. That is when the next goal, more goals tend to come. Partick had


a good festive period, seven out of nine so they went into the game in


a good festive period, seven out of really good form despite the small


break. They are continuing the form. A bit concerned about that, I was


thinking some of the Premiership clubs have had a long break, they


might be a bit rusty but it does not seem to have proven that way. That


was a good dig! I wish I was back there, after today. But I think the


winter break, yes, you have time off but what it does, certainly from our


point of view, we went to the game with a fit squad, we had given the


guys who were maybe struggling with injuries and niggles, and again, it


gives you time to prepare for the match. We knew we had two weeks odd


to prepare. All right, it never turned out the way we wanted it


today but I think a lot of it was right and it gives you time to


prepare properly. It would have turned all right had it not been for


the last minute. It would have been a decent result to take back. We


would have been delighted. The game plan worked for you. Don't talk it


down. You are going to Tenerife on your own! Aberdeen were in Dubai,


down. You are going to Tenerife on compare that to the preparations


Stranraer had, sucking Andrew Amonde, going to the game at


Pittodrie without a manager, Aberdeen, look at these corals,


Niall McGinn and Rooney and you can see the Gulf. Absolutely, Stranraer


has been struggling down the bottom of League 1 and Aberdeen actually,


right before the break, they did not want it, the one team that didn't


because they had built up a head of steam, beating braking, back to the


team they were last year or even at the start of the season and a lot of


that is down to team selection. Derek McInnes has gone back to what


he knows, picking his best and strongest players and it is working


for him and today, he picked the strongest Aberdeen side, for me, and


it has worked with Niall McGinn and Rooney producing. Actually, not a


turning point but certainly, the trigger for the form was the game


against us and it was the team selection, Rooney, Niall McGinn,


Hayes, it seemed to be, those boys in midfield and it just seemed to be


back to that real 11 that has got them success at this point and it


looks as though that is the 11 that Derek is going to trust to hopefully


go forward and fight for second place. One of the teams probably


desperate to get to the winter break when Inverness, bottom of the


Premiership and they have recruited one of your former team-mates, Henri


Anier, who has just come on. Yes, he is a terrific athlete, he really


looks after himself, Estonian international. He has bounced about


a few clubs but certainly on his day, he can be a handful. I think


probably a different option to what they have got already and I think as


a manager at this time of the Yukon in January, that is what you are


looking for, something different from what you have got. -- at this


time of the year, in January. It has always struck me when I have watched


him. Is to rivet athlete going both ways, running in behind and when you


don't have the ball, he does a shift behind. Crawford is not much of an


athlete but you can't fault his. Another as Bonnyrigg Rose. 1-8 now


and Jordon Forster with the header from a free kick which was riding by


James Keatings. Bad challenge by Dean Hoskins on Chris Humphrey and


I'm afraid Bonnyrigg Rose were made to pay. Just under ten minutes to


go. We'll Hibs make it ten? That is the question. We will find out in


the fullness of time but right now, chaps, we can sit back and relax so


we will take a break from the Scottish Cup action and look at the


lunchtime match in the English Premier League, Liverpool started


the day in third place at home to struggling Swansea. Let's hear how


it went from Steve Bower. A result hugely significant at both ends of


the Premier League table as Swansea stunned Liverpool to end their


unbeaten home record of 25 games. They were 2-0 up, five minutes into


the second half after defending very well in the first. The Arendse with


both goals. But Liverpool hit back with the 2-goal hero themselves,


Firmino with both, and with 21 minutes to play, it was firmly


forward for Liverpool to go and launch a memorable victory but


Swansea had not read the perfect script. Up popped Sigurdsson on 72


minutes, with a left footed shot steered past Mignolet and despite


Liverpool's efforts which ended with Joel Matip as an emergency centre


forward, they could not flip -- pull it back. Their first home defeat in


over a year in all competitions at Anfield. Time will tell how


potentially damaging this is for Liverpool and Jurgen Klopp but for


Swansea, a piece of history, their first-ever league win at Anfield and


a shot of belief in the arm in their attempts to stay in the Premier


League. Liverpool 2-3 Swansea. In the Scottish Cup, that might just be


the surprise of the day, the score. A big surprise for me, I thought


Liverpool were going to be the team that would challenge Chelsea. I'm


not saying they are not now but a that would challenge Chelsea. I'm


result like that gives them a dent. They could have gone second. 2-0 up


at home and fighting to win league titles, you don't lose to the bottom


team at home, 3-2, when you are too- zero up, that is not a team that is


going to win the Premiership. The last time you on the show, you were


talking about Manchester City. They looked as though they would run away


with it, leaving Chelsea and Liverpool in the dust but Chelsea,


like Manchester City did about six or eight weeks ago, are doing that.


It can all turn around but a result like that for Liverpool, as I


said... New manager as well at Swansea. Massive for them. He will


hope to build on that. Right, we will head back to Borough Briggs in


the Scottish Cup, Elgin City against Inverness. That match kicked off a


bit late. It did, ten minutes late because there were still so many


fans outside. It is a fantastic attendance, 3500 inside. They have


been treated to a very good game as well, Inverness very close to making


it safe, Iain Vigurs with a free kick that crashed back of the bar.


Twice Inverness have hit the woodwork but they lead as we go into


the final minutes, 2-1. Inverness will be happy to see that one out if


they do. It looked dodgy for a while, 1-0 to Elgin City who are


decent but the gap between the sides, and the difference in budget


and players, you would not expect it. Richie Foran spoke about the


winter break, how the team had started to look low in confidence


and that could have been a severe blow if they had lost that one


today. I think so. As I said, I think they are innate. Position but


when you get a run of results, we know from our own experience, the


year we were in the play-offs and things, the longer you are in that


part of the table, no matter how good you feel the squat is, you need


to get results as a result like that, well, Richie Foran will be


hoping it can kick-start their league form. Are Dundee still


capable of getting a result at home league form. Are Dundee still


to St Mirren in the cup? The bodies still 2- -- two goals to the good.


And another chance for Clarkson who has come on as a substitute, but his


shot was saved by the likes of Scott Bain. It looks cut and dried as far


as St Mirren are concerned because Dundee Civic can't create anything.


I have to say, it looks more likely St Mirren will add to their tally.


It looks like Dundee are heading out but Aberdeen are comfortably through


to the fifth round. They were at home to Stranraer today, the bottom


club in League 1. That match has now reached its conclusion. A convincing


win for the Dons. Let's go to Scott Davies. Doubles from Niall McGinn


and Adam Rooney Majher Aberdeen made it past the first hurdle in the


Scottish Cup for the first time in three seasons. The Dons could have


beaten their struggling League 1 opponents by double that for - zero


margin added not been for a series of outstanding saves from the


Stranraer goalkeeper, Cameron Bell. For all his heroics, it was a case


of when rather than if the Premiership side would score, Rooney


provided the answer on the half-hour, Jonny Hayes key in the


setup, why Cardiff have made two unsuccessful bids for him this month


so far. Niall McGinn made it two before the break, Rooney scored his


13th of the season just after it and Niall McGinn rounded it off with his


tenth of the season after 54 minutes. So Aberdeen comfortably


through. The Scottish Cup is not one that Derek McInnes has enjoyed great


success with Aberdeen, they have been more League Cup specialists and


he will be targeting that this season. Yes, he made the point


earlier this season when Aberdeen reached the League Cup final, that


Aberdeen should be competing for cup finals like they have been for


decades. He feels as though that should come back now they have the


squad to do it. They will not be far away. I think the cup final will


between the top sides this year. I thought you were going to predict it


there! And the score as well? I'm not that good. I think Celtic will


be there but it's going to be one of the top six that go and compete


against Celtic for the top final -- that the final. Parted just outside


against Celtic for the top final -- the Premiership top six and they are


safely through to the fifth round this afternoon. It is full-time


against Formartine United. Let's get the story from Paul Mitchell. 4-0,


the final score, Partick clinical and entertaining today as they


cantered past Formartine United, whose previous round against Annan


Athletic, therefore - zero win proved to be the high point of their


season. They were taught a lesson by Partick Thistle today, who really in


the second half should have scored more. They were seeking the perfect


goal rather than running up the tally. In the first half, it was


3-0, a double by Chris Erskine and in between a cracking goal from


Steven Lawless, the only one in the second coming from Osman, and it was


worth seeing Sean Welsh down the right, playing the ball into the


middle and a lovely volley by Abdul Osman. For Martine should have got


on the scoresheet but the terrible mistake, a kicking error set up


Gethin's Kadric in the last round but he leaves without a goal today.


It was not to be for the Highland league club and Partick are very


safely through. Thomas journey looks as though he enjoyed that one. Kept


safely through. Thomas journey looks a clean sheet. As I said before, the


Inverness clean sheet, hopefully these results can take you on into


next week, busy with the pictures now and Partick, I think... A run of


four matches altogether. Their league form had been good before the


break as well. For me, the manager has done a fantastic job and he


continues to put his soul into it. When you play gets Partick, they


play in the right way, some fantastic football. They will be


looking to challenge for the top six. Let's go to Somerset park...


No, we were going to hear from Charlie but now we're going to


Dingwall, instead. It is full-time, I believe? I hope so!


Ross County in the end were convincing winners.


They started the match ever so well. It is not full-time. It must be the


fog. It definitely is a full-time. Boyce scored a goal, Quinn scored a


goal. From the Dundee perspective the goals are bad defensively. Then


they go back just before half-time and Andrews scored another goal. His


first goal is incredible, but he gets another one just before


half-time. Dundee improved with a couple of substitutions and looked


harder to break down, but they did not threaten. Then Ross County got


another goal. As it stood it finished 5-2. Liam Boyce on the


scoresheet once again. A prolific scorer. He was fantastic for them


last year. I think he had a little bit of a barren spell. But he looks


like he is back in the goals. 6-2. It must be the fog! Did you see that


goal going in? Come on, lads. Give us a chance. I think it was Jim


O'Brien. He slotted it away nicely into the corner. To be fair, it was


the last kick of the ball. Do you know what? Let's hear from Alistair


Lambert. He was up there at the Dingwall watching the aid goal match


between Ross County and Dundee United. Take us through it. What a


match it was. It was threatened not to go ahead because of the fog in


Dingwall. I am so glad, as the others in the ground will be, apart


from the Dundee United fans. They got up and running with a superb


volley. Tony Andrew equalised with an equally special goal for Dundee


United, but then Ross County managed to assert their authority when Quinn


scored and then boys made it 4-1 before the half hour was out. Just


on the stroke of half-time they were presented with another goal. United


dominated the start of the second half, but they were put to bed by a


fifth goal for Ross County. Just on the stroke of full-time Jim O'Brien


on his Ross County debut made it 6-2. They progress to the next round


of the Scottish Cup. United concentrate solely on promotion in


the Premiership. Kilmarnock versus Hamilton, Richard, fill us in. It


was late drama at Rugby Park. Hamilton scored the only goal of the


game in time added on. Being stepped up to score a penalty. It was hard


luck for Kilmarnock, they had a chance early on in the second half.


They played five new players at the starting line-up and left Coulibaly


on the bench. It is a very disappointing afternoon for the home


side. It was a late goal and Kilmarnock are into the next round.


I think the score line is that wrong way around, it is 1-0 to Hamilton.


And the score line at Bonnyrigg Rose and Hibs. It finished 8-1 in this


Scottish Cup tied. The dream is over for Bonnyrigg and a bit of a


humiliation for them. That they got here in the first place through a


terrific run and they'd be done in the last round. It just did not


happen today. The opening ten minutes was even, but after that


Hibernian's ruthless streak showed through. James Keating 's made it


two, Chris Humphrey put in the third, then Dean Hoskins got a


lifeline for Bonnyrigg Rose. It was a penalty and Dean Hoskins fired it


into make it 3-1 for Hibs. Then Hibs resumed normal business after the


break. Jason Cummings made it four, then he got another one to make it


six, Jason Keating 's made it 7-1. Then Jordan Foster with a downward


header from a free kick made it 8-1. Thanks for bearing with me and


making it through all those goals. The Bonnyrigg fans are clapping the


team, but their journey is over. Chris McLaughlin has been quiet this


afternoon, but he will have plenty to tell us about the mass between


modern and Falkirk. It was a good contest, but the home side is


deserving of 2-0 victory. Jamie Lindsay and Ross Forbes got goals


deserving of 2-0 victory. Jamie either side of the break. I


defensive mix-up in the Falkirk defence and the visitors had a


couple of decent chances, the best way James Craig. But it was saved at


point-blank range. But Morton are through. Not only are they threw to


the next round, they are also stretching their unbeaten run to 17


games at Cappielow. Morton are through and so are their arch rivals


St Mirren. Perhaps the surprise of the day. A shock win for Morton


which caused a real upset. Sutton fired St Mirren in front after 25


minutes. Gary McKenzie swept another one in from ten yards. A whole host


of chances wasted, but St Mirren deserve their place in the next


round. Charlie, I was on the verge of coming to you earlier when it


struck full-time in Dingwall. I hope it has been worth waiting for.


Always worth waiting for for you, David! But not much of a game here


this afternoon. All the action was in the first half. McKeever had a


header for Queens Park which was cleared off the line. Paul Wood


might have done better with another effort. Brian McKeever nearly scored


an own goal for Queens Park and Scott McKenna had a header for Ayr


United. The second half died a death. Not much happened at all.


They all do it again on Tuesday at Camden and that will be a whole lot


by death, let me assure you. That is a bold prediction. The surprise of


the day, St Mirren winning away to Dundee. We were chatting earlier and


St Mirren are like specialists. They are in the Challenge Cup semis.


There you go. We were both at the 1987 cup final when St Mirren won


it. 30 years ago. That shows our age. It was a long time ago and that


was the very first game of football I went to, so it is quite evocative


for me for St Mirren to get to that cup final. It is a fantastic result


and I hope it gives them a confidence boost. Elgin city against


Premiership Inverness. Inverness put their name in the draw for the next


round, but it was not exactly plain sailing. In front of over 3000 fans,


it was the home side that took the lead. Larnell Cole got his first


goal for his new club and Doumbouya had a header denied by the crossbar.


Then he made up for it, albeit with a little deflection. It may have


been harsh on Elgin who can take plenty of positives from this


performance. It finished 2-1. That takes us nicely to today's


classified round-up. And we begin today with the William Hill Scottish


Cup fourth round. A couple of games tomorrow. Raith


Rovers against Hearts is on BBC live.


Right, enough talk about English football. Let's get back to the


Scottish Cup and we can talk to Allan Preston, who was watching one


of the matches this afternoon, St Johnstone against Stenhousemuir. At


full-time and McDiarmid Park, 2-0, the 200 -- 2014 runners-up through


to the last 16 with a comfortable victory, two goals in the first


half, the first in the sixth minute, Blair Alston to the byline and his


outswinging cross was met by Steven MacLean with a diving header from


five yards, to put the Saints 1-0 up. 2-0 on 32 minutes, Steven


MacLean with a lovely backheel into the path of Blair Alston and his 20


yard deflected shot found the back of the net. Total domination from


the Saints, they had chances, five, six, seven, Cummings had an effort,


Swanson and Steven MacLean again, Shaughnessy with a couple of headers


over but all credit to Stenhousemuir, they dug in, in the


second half and kept it to two. League 1 Stenhousemuir out and let's


find out how Alloa Athletic bail at -- bed this afternoon attended an


firm in from the Championship. Let's welcome Jim Spence back to the show.


It finished 2-3, nervous into the game which Dunfermline seem to be


travelling in one direction, towards the fifth round, Nicky Clarke on 12


minutes, Paul McMullen on 43 and Joe Cardle on 61 had given them what


looked like an unassailable lead, 3-0 up but back came Alloa Athletic,


on 67 minutes a fine goal from McCluskey and them off curled a shot


which the keeper saved but they came scoring back -- storming back and


scored with a minute to go. Then another fine save from the Alloa


Athletic keeper as the game swung into end but Dunfermline progressed.


Good result for Dunfermline and now we can hear from a former


Dunfermline hero, Jim McIntyre. Now manager of Ross County, of course.


He spoke after their 6-2 win over Dundee United, two Alasdair Lamont.


It was an emphatic victory but it didn't always necessarily feel like


it was going to be. No, I think in the second half, we have actually


been a bit sloppy at times, you know, and made it hard that


ourselves. I thought in the first off, some of the play was


exceptional and we made two mistakes and United have punished us twice


which then gives them a wee bit of belief that they can come back into


the game. The second half, we knew they would come out and have a go


and they certainly done that. But I thought defensively, we managed to


deal with that. A lot of balls coming into the box. Scott has not


had any real notable saves to make. But it was a real mixed bag from us


today. We had some brilliant play, scored some great goals but we also


made some really, you know, poor decisions, some basic mistakes that


put us under pressure. Despite scoring six goals, Ross County not


the top scorers of the day. That distinction belongs to Hibs, the cup


holders were 8-1 winners against Bonnyrigg Rose and now we can hear


from Neil Lennon. You must be delighted to get through because


beforehand, you had been talking about this game potentially causing


some problems. But 8-1 tells its own story. Yeah, a very good


performance, the attitude was great. Just some sloppy moments in the


first half. The second half was excellent. That will give the


players a lift. Some players needed the game as well, and to get on the


scoresheet, the likes of Keatings and Jason pops up with a couple as


well but overall, I'm very pleased. Obviously the most important thing


is we are in the next round. Keith, that is a bit harsh on Bonnyrigg


Rose. Could they not have eased up a little bit? I think when you out


there, you just play and keep going. It's fantastic result and expected,


and they have taken care of that. Would you like to select your cup


upset of the day? I know what it is going to be. There wasn't much


romance in the cup, all the scores ended up being pretty much


creditable but St Mirren, for me, obviously, winning against Dundee


with St Mirren in the league position and how they have been so


lacking in confidence, for them to go to Dundee, who have been playing


exceptionally well, at home, to get a 2-0 win, for me is the result of


the day. Not a good day for the Dundee clubs, all told. It isn't,


especially Dundee United, who have never lost 12 goals in three games


which is nowhere near good enough and something that they will have to


address. It was interesting to see Jim McIntyre talking about Ross


County having an indifferent performance. For me, that is one of


the performances on the Dave -- of the day. That's it for now but there


is more football and more Steven Thompson tonight in the highlights


show at 10:30pm on BBC One Scotland. Jonathan Sutherland hosting


highlights of all today's cup ties. Tomorrow, Rob McLean is in the chair


for live coverage of Raith Rovers against Hearts from 1pm on BBC One


Scotland. Jonathan is back tomorrow tea-time for the highlights.


Thanks to esteemed guests Steve Thompson and Keith Lasley for their


wit and wisdom. Thanks to you for watching. See you soon.


We will have the spot later, but next Kate with the national news. --


the spot.


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