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Good afternoon and welcome to the results show.


Not even the top division's winter shutdown can shut us up.


We have reporters at all of today's Championship matches bringing us


We also have two of the nation's most eminent championship-ologists


in the studio to educate, inform and entertain.


They are Craig Paterson and Alan Preston.


Let's find out what's happening, shall we?


Dumbarton are at home to the championship leaders, Hibernian.


Over to Richard Wilson. The first half, the goal from Kris Commons was


in front of Dumbarton but they are plucky homicide. 1-0. Tannadice,


Dundee United are at home to Queen of the South. Brian McLaughlin is


there. They head through Marie after four minutes but Queen of the South


are at three - one. They look -- Dundee United look to end at three


match losing run. Mid-table Dunfermline at all to St Mirren. A


nice day for Gary MacKenzie, he conceded a careless penalty, Kallum


Higginbotham converting to give Dunfermline and half-time lead.


McKenzie made amends with a thumping header in the first minute after the


interval. Fourth against ninth place, John Barnes watching Falkirk


and Ayr United. Gary Harkins giving Ayr United the lead in the 24th


minute but after Falkirk had a penalty save, the effort from John


Baird from the 12 yard mark turned away from Fleming. 1-1. Charlie Mann


is watching Morton against Raith Rovers. The long unbeaten run for


Morton looks like being extended. 2-0 against Raith Rovers. Forbes


with the first and 2-0 up on 67 minutes thanks to Cairney. Let us


work our way down the country. Hibernian, looking good? Kris


Commons, this could be his last goal? His emergency loan deal runs


out tomorrow? Great goal against Falkirk. A couple of weeks ago. The


top of -- type of player who can win this championship. The fans will


hope we can stay until the end of the season. He followed that with a


good win against Dundee. It is important they don't slip up today.


There were no what is happening at Tannadice. If Hibs when they could


find themselves nicely clear at the top of the table. Dundee is


struggling. Queen of the South will get all three points. Also, great


result for Gary Naismith and Queen of the South, winning last week


against St Mirren, Tannadice is a tough place to go, two signings in


the January window and they have scored today. A disastrous run for


United, three defeats in a row. Can they kick on and hang on to the


coat-tails of Hibernian? It doesn't look like it. Modern, by contrast,


our glorious run and on course for another win today? That would draw


them to within 34, just down four points behind United with a game in


hand important. They are the team on the rise, it has been going on for


months, losing just one out of 12 today, unbeaten at home, Morton, I


think people will find them quite strongly. They have been struggling


a little bit. A lot of draws, very few wins. Martin looked likely to


take all three points. And Jim Duffy's Mendel put another three


points on the board and make it very interesting. And they will pull away


from Falkirk. It would stay the same. Falkirk last week against


Raith Rovers but very good. 4-1. Still some time to go. They can get


back in there. But a draw at home at this moment is not good enough, they


need to get up there and maintain that run and get up with Dundee


United, getting up with Morton, they need to push up. Draws at home, not


good enough. Ayr United need some points? Try to get away from St


Mirren? They need as much distance between themselves and St Mirren but


also put pressure on the clubs above. On the last ten games, five


defeats and five draws, they are picking up a few points but they


really need to win, they got the lead today and could not hang onto


that. Playing away to Falkirk? Falkirk on a good team at home,


great point for Ayr United, St Mirren looked like picking up


something. Tentatively. They have not lost any ground. Their United


have to look ahead and not behind. not lost any ground. Their United


St Mirren away to Dunfermline would be a great return given the


fantastic form Dunfermline have been in. They are the in form team in the


division? Scoring a lot of goals. St Mirren, they looked like turning


things around, a couple of wins and a draw but last week was


disappointing against Queen of the South, going down. The manager


having the altercation with the fans. It wasn't what the day that


they take something but Dunfermline are not good run and they will be


chasing the wind. St Mirren would settle for one point. Let is kept


reporters grafting again. More detailed accounts of what is


happening. Richard Wilson is watching Dumbarton against


Hibernian? Hard work for Hibs today, Dumbarton have worked hard and


created a number of chances. The only moment of quality delivered the


only goal, as early as the 15th minute. The cross from Humphrey


headed into the penalty area and a Kris Commons carefully steered


volley into the corner of the net. Since then, Hibs have had to work


hard defensively. Last-ditch tackles and blocks, Laidlaw had to save from


Lewis Vaughan and Thompson in the first-half and the second he had to


rush off the line. Captain David Gray had to head the ball from the


goal-line as well. Hibs to dig in if they are to keep control of this but


it is still 1-0. Tannadice and we can hear from Brian, watching Dundee


United against Queen of the South. Queens on course? They certainly


are, 3-1. They could have been so different for United, taking the


lead after four minutes with a wonderful goal, Simon Murray,


recalled to the side this afternoon, hitting the ball over Dowie and into


the right back of the net. Huge set off for the visitors whenever the


shirt of Thomas Nicholson appeared to be targeted by Dowie. It was


missed by the officials, to the dismay of home support. They took


advantage through Stephen dobby. His 18th goal of the season and seven


minutes into the second-half, Dobbie providing the wonderful reverse pass


into the path of Thompson, who went between the legs of Bell. Wonderful


third goal, Thomas, 25 yards out, into the roof of the net. The Queens


fans are singing here at Tannadice this afternoon. 30 minutes of the


second-half and it is 3-1. Who is singing at East End Park? Davey can


tell us. 1-1. You can see where the problems stem from, they looked


vulnerable every time Dunfermline get at them. They have kept one


clean sheet all season and that was against freefalling Raith Rovers.


They conceded a careless one, Gary MacKenzie, it looked like he had


conceded a penalty earlier for that foul on Moffat. And he did not get


away with that in the second time. The penalty kick dispatched behind


Jamie Langfield. Recalled because of an injury to Scott Gallaher. He has


really turned the clock back with a wonderful save in the second-half to


keep scoreline level to deny Nicky Clark. Gary MacKenzie then redeemed


himself, but the header against the post from the Stephen Mallon corner.


And within seconds of the restart, another thumping header from the


same source, the goalkeeper saved. Some encouragement from the way they


are a shrug of the on loan striker Rory Loy has been playing. And the


young midfielder on loan from Aberdeen, Craig story. Signs of


encouragement but they will have to hold out for this Dunfermline


onslaught for the last few minutes. Queen of the South heading for three


points at Tannadice? Debbie Knox. I said they wear. They only need 3-2.


Wonderful strike by Scott Fraser, it was a lost cause chased by the


substitute. Volley from 12 yards out, Robinson rooted to the


goal-line. 12 minutes left and it is 3-2. Falkirk Stadium, taking on Ayr


United. John Barnes? Still 1-1. 31 minutes played in the second half.


Falkirk went behind in the 24th minute. Courtesy of a goal from Gary


Harkins. Hesitation in the Falkirk defence, Harkins that and he blasted


that into net. Falkirk Spring into action. There was a volley wide of


the white hand post and in stoppage time at the end of the first half,


Falkirk awarded a penalty. McHugh bundle to the ground by McKenna. The


spot kick turned around the right-hand post by Greg Fleming.


From the corner, Mark Kerr swinging that in. And a brilliant header into


the back of the net from Grant. Not many clear-cut chances in the second


period. A couple of efforts have gone close from Nisbet. Another


curling shot wide of the left-hand post. The latest scoreline, 1-1.


curling shot wide of the left-hand two goals with Morton against Raith


Rovers. Charlie? Two goals for the home side, Morton have not been


unbeaten in repeating here since March last year. And that team was


Raith Rovers. But no sign of that happening this afternoon. Forbes


putting the home side in front. He's always dangerous. Cutting in from


the right-hand side. Short with left foot. It looked like he was aiming


for Fleming. It ended up in the back of the net to put the home side one


and Forbes scoring his latest. Mike Russell created another, running


down the left-hand side, good cross into the box and Cairney on his


debut for Morton heading the ball past the goalkeeper for his fifth


goal of the season. Four of them for St Mirren earlier on. Raith Rovers


have not won since October. That will not change. Bold prediction


from Charlie. You will be delighted to hear Richard say it is hard work


for Hibs? Hanging on four points? They find it tough at Dumbarton in


the past but they are a quality side and those signings. With Commons.


And the winner from Preston, and those signings. With Commons.


Humphrey. Out never sent but taken off today. That will be a great


result. In the changing room, if they find at Dundee are losing and


end up losing the points, that would be atrophied day of work for Neil


Lennon. United not out of this at Tannadice but looking at the scorers


for Queens, you have Thomas and Thompson, two players that Gary


Naismith has brought in. Last week John Rankin was outstanding. He has


manoeuvred well in the transfer market? I like Gary Naismith, every


time you hear him, working for the BBC, really knowledgeable, really


keen and wanted a bigger job. At least five, working away but some


Tansey had to keep playing himself. He didn't have any more players. He


is playing with a club that has a squad, he is allowed to spend money


on wages, bring in some loan players, great result last week and


they can follow it up with another three points, that gives them


something to build upon. Dunfermline and St Mirren... Higginbotham, that


penalty takes some bravery? Two in the space of a minute earlier in the


season? More penalties at home than any other side in Britain. He scored


today and to give St Mirren credit, they pulled this off at home last


week, Dunfermline are flying just nine. If they can something, good


result. They have to go on a run of games. You don't want them slipping


away and being isolated at the bottom, if St Mirren go down again


into division one, what a disaster for them. Falkirk and Ayr United,


Peter Grant on the scoresheet? You would extolling the virtues of


camera earlier? Island defenders who want to defend. They are going to


play the ball if they can. They have to clear lines and when those


headers and if you can add an odd goal he run there, going up set


pieces, decent ball into the box, brave and determined, he has got


pieces, decent ball into the box, Falkirk back. Another team, the last


six games, two wins, two draws, two defeats, Falkirk need to start


getting it together. Peter says the guys have to leave before they can


get any strength? So many managers find themselves in that position,


for somebody to come in, a piece of the jigsaw has to move away and you


replace them because that frees up the wages. Very few teams in the


transfer window are spending any money on transfer fees. It is


strictly on loan players. Jordan Howe find a square peg for a square


hole with Cairney coming from St Mirren. He is up to third place


Morton, joining them and banging in the goal on his debut. That is what


strikers are all about, it is great he has done that again. A square peg


in a square hole was Jim Duffy. Every week we go on about this. What


a job. He would be rivalling Brendan Rodgers for manager of the?


Absolutely. If Brendan Rodgers wins the trouble, that would be that. Jim


Duffy at Morton, what he is doing is fantastic and they believe they can


catch Dundee United. The game in hand at Raith Rovers, can they get


up into second place? That would be unbelievable. If they keep


expanding, he will get Morton into the cup? The first season in the


championship under him and they are up there, looking like play-off


qualifiers. They have started to build last season, the only team to


win at Easter Road, one of only two teams that took anything from Ibrox


against Rangers last season so you know they were capable but


consistency was not there and another manager he knows the league


and what kind of players to add and all of a sudden you bringing three


of them in the right places and the draw started turn into winning and


they are on a magnificent run. Another three points today. A lovely


position. If you look at what Jim Duffy has done, terrific.


They have a cushion there, five points between them and Ayr United


in the relegation play-offs. It's worrying. It is worrying. They


brought in Stevenson and Hardy to bolster the squad and give them


freshness. I watched them last week. They were 1-0 up. Stevenson got an


injured. They play Hearts in the Cup, that will be a big thing, him


ex-Hearts manager. It it is a big thing. They need to get their league


form sorted out. They are slipping down the league. If the likes of Ayr


United and Dumbarton and St Mirren go on a run they could find


themselves in danger. Dunfermline are on this run, they are level on


points, they have are not far away from that relegation zone? When you


look at momentum, Raith's momentum is going in reverse. Dunfermline are


the opposite. They are winning. Because they have the confidence the


games can't come around quick enough. Raith Rovers are looking


after a decent start to the season, they are looking for more mission or


tactics that will bring them back to winning ways. It's not easy. The


squad will be thin at Raith Rovers. Not a lot to spend. They have to mix


and match and come up with a winning formation.


While we're waiting for events to unfold in the Championship,


let's take a wee nosy at the English Premier League


and in particular the lunchtime kick-off pitting Tottenham Hotspur


Here's the story of the game from Jonathan Pearce.


COMMENTATOR: Tottenham 4, West Bromwich Albion 0. What a week for


Harry Kane. The came was over after 25 minutes. Spurs with free-flowing


football. After 11 minutes Eriksen made it two with a deflected shot,


15 minutes later. Kane had one touched on the post. Will i had a


goal disallowed. Cain rammed in Walker's cross and slipped home a


bring Alli dink threw ball to make sure of victory what the striker


called Tottenham's best performance of the season. West Bromwich Albion


didn't have a shot on target. Kane the daddy of White Hart Lane. You


are taking issue with the naming of Harry Cain's daughter. Ivy is a


lovely name. They should have called her Sugar Kane. Terrific for him.


Hat-trick today. Wonderful week for his family. Spurs are a really good


side. Top team. Sweet for Spurs today, that takes them into second


and Kane is on fire. Chelsea are having issues with their star


striker, maybe the title race isn't over? A good time to be in-form.


They are on the up and up just now. Somebody on the up and up, are they,


a goal Dundee United and Queen of the South? United, equalised two


minutes left. Ball played into the box. At the back post was Murray who


knocked the ball into the back of the net. Can United, who looked dead


and buried 10 minutes ago claw the game back. It's now 3-3. That


cheered you. Up a little bit. It could stop the rot. Murray is a good


Young player, valuable goal. Can they win it? A massive three points


for them. When you are 3-1 down you would settle for a point. There was


a bit of booing earlier. Fans are an in-patient breed, United, I was


speaking to Ray who said he was ahead of schedule. We are rebuilding


this club. Folk have to be patient? It's a new team. You look for them


to gel as quickly as possible. When they do and you put points on the


board, you think carry on. It speaks well of their character, after


losing the games then going 3-1 easy to pack away the tools and say we


will be back to it next week. It looks like they pulled up their


sleeves and might dig out a point or maybe more. He is handing Queen of


the South points before the game is done. That is what he does. The he


has done a wonderful job. The play-offs would be realistic. Hibs


are the favourites. When I saw the squad, Neil Lennon, off the back of


the Scottish Cup victory. If they can finish in the play-offs, I'm


sure they will. Hibs are budgeting to go? If they don't go up. It will


be serious. The Cup runs brought in money. They are playing good wages,


the fans are backing them, 16,000 against Dunfermline, 18,000 against


Dundee United they are showing ambition. Getting Chris Commons and


trying to keep him, things are going well at eastern Road. It's


full-time, another three points. Morton winning against Raith Rovers?


Yes. Another big result for Jim Duffy's Morton. They have been the


surprise package of the Championship so are far. The play-offs are


looking more and more a possibility. A big part has been their home form.


Not beaten here since March last year. Raith Rovers won that day,


they did not look like repeating that exercise here this afternoon.


Two goals, one in the first half, one in the second for Morton. First


on 27 minutes, Ross Forbes seventh goal of the season. He is always


dangerous, he tried a cross shot, it evaded the goalkeeper and ended up


in the back of the net. Raith Rovers started the second-half way. Russell


with a great run down the left hand side, cross into the box, Shankland


made his debut for Morton and headed the second past the goalkeeper for


his fourth, fifth goal of the season, four of those coming for St


Mirren, Morton's rivals. Terrific result for Morton. They have


consolidated third place. They must be looking upwards from here. Thank


you. It's full-time at East End Park. They got their first point in


three attempts against St Mirren thank you to that header from


McKenzie at the start of the second-half. His second goal of the


season. Redemption for him having given away a careless penalty


converted by Higginbotham. He got away with a push a few minutes


before that. The referee wouldn't let him get away with a second one.


It was a confident conversion by Higginbotham. No more than


Dunfermline deserved at that point. Them dominated the game in terms of


attacking threat and St Mirren, as you would expect from a team at the


bottom of the division, looked vulnerable every time they were


attacked from pace and movement, particularly from Nicky Clarke. The


goalkeeper made a couple of blocks in the first half and a dazzling


save in the second-half from a net-bound Nicky Clarke header as


Dunfermline pushed forward to extend their winning run at the start of


the new year. The There was dogged defending by the St Mirren backline.


A free-kick went inches wide of the target. Clarke, two minutes into


stoppage-time, with a header that went past. Encouraging signs for


Jack Ross particularly of his on-loan midfielder, Craig Storey.


They are trying to get a partnership going up front which will improve


the more they play together. Nine points from the last seven games for


St Mirren, their best run of the season. They are seven points adrift


at the bottom. Dunfermline move into sixth place on goals scored. It


finished 1-1. Full-time now in Dumbarton. Over to Richard. This


wasn't a vintage performance from Hibs. That will make all three


points seem more precious for the League leaders. Commons scored in


the first half. Volley from inside the area,. Neil Lennon will want to


keep him. The goalkeeper had to make a save in the first half. Gray


headed off the line after the break. Smith also cleared off his line.


Dumbarton will wonder how they didn't equalise at the end of the


game. It was a hard-fought and potentially important 1-0 win for


Hibs at um Dumbarton. Now to Dundee United and Queen of the South. 6,156


here. They received their money's worth this afternoon. A chilly


afternoon here at Tannadice. 3-3. Murray opened the scoring after just


four minutes. Lovely through ball. The shot went into the roof of the


goal. Queens took possession of the game. Dobbie with his 18th of the


season, equalising before Yeo Thomson and aened woerful strike


from Dominic thom mass set up Queens. They took control of the


game and looked set for the back-to-back wins for the first time


since September. However a couple of substitutions, they set up Fraser.


He made a volley from 12-yards out into the back of the net. With less


than 90 seconds left on the clock Simon Murray was alone at the back


post. Queens came close with a header. Fantastic game here. 3-3.


Fantastic game. Heartening the size of the crowd, 6,000 at that one,


East Can end Park. Very good. Over 10,000


at these two games. United are a big club. When they are flying they will


get fans coming around. Dunfermline are up to six, above their local


rivals Raith Rovers they will come back. A lot of big clubs in that


division? Yes. At the start of the season the smart money was Hibs and


Dundee United would the next best squad. Raith had a great run. Morton


have being going well all season. Top two are favourites for one and


two, but battle for the other places. I listened to Jack Ross who


said, we came in and not lost any ground, but another game is gone.


Today is the same. That's another ground, but another game is gone.


game gone. They have won two games this season. Seven points adrift.


Equivalent of three games they have to win to overtake the teams above


them. He has to get players in. He needs help from the Board. He needs


to get new faces. Join an old face now. Full-time, John Barnes,


Falkirk. It's Falkirk 1, Ayr United 1 is how it finished here. Harkins


opened the scoring after 24 minutes. That cancelled out in stoppage-time


at the end of the first half by Peter grant. That came seconds after


Baird missed a penalty for Falkirk. Baird blasted the penalty low to the


goalkeeper's right. Fleming turned it around the post from the corner.


Grant was on the end of the delivery. In the second-half there


was a lack of chances for Falkirk in the early changeses. Nesbitt had a


couple of goods efforts which was saved and another curling effort


wide of the post. There were chances toward the end. A shot was blocked


on the line. Gallagher was up for a set-piece. He crashed a header which


came back off the crossbar. In the end good defensive display by Ayr


United, for sure. Good on the break, too. It's a couple of points dropped


as far as Falkirk are concerned. 1-1. Sounds like a good display from


as far as Falkirk are concerned. Ayr United? Great point. It really


is. Falkirk is a tough place to go. They train on 3G every day. It's an


advantage to them. I don't care what anyone says, if you are on it every


day, you get used to it. We have Tony Gallagher, 17, attracting a lot


of attention. He may go in the January window. He wants to bring in


another striker. They scored 19 goals. Less than one a game. Not


that easy? No. You look at the other teams. Dobbie will get goals, Nicky


Clarke will get goals. Cummings will score goal. Murray on target for


Dundee United. Everybody has a go to player when you need goals, Ayr


United need somebody like that, somebody who will get 12-18 goals. A


good performance and a good point. Falkirk is not an easy place to go.


United brought a striker in on-loan. They are after another one. You are


don't hold great store on the stats, United 14 shots. They scored three.


They are greating the chances, not sticking them away? They are. Murray


can hopefully do them. They need someone who will get them 15 to 20


goals. Dobbie is not far from doing it at Queen of the South. If they


had one of them they will be up. Creating 14 chances but scoring


three. It's a decent ratio but they might have won it if they had a


descent striker. It's Scottish Cup next week, the bosses have time to


recruit. Who do you think... Which areas do specific teams need to


striken. We spoke about Campolo is if Hibs can keep Commons,


that would be a big statement, his long run side today. That would be


very big if they could keep him, that would be important. What is


your intuition? I think Neil Lennon... I think Celtic have got


31st-team players and he does not Lennon... I think Celtic have got


feature. We can drop into League One. Airdrieonians at home to East


Fife, on a good run this afternoon. Kenny Crawford was at the stadium.


It finished 2-2. And a better point for Airdrie and free East Fife,


before this match Airdrie will on the two-game winning run. Their


first point of the New Year, East Fife on a brilliant six-game winning


run in all competitions and Barry Smith's first experience of not


winning as the new manager. Airdrie had a great start on 26 minutes,


Andy Ryan scoring with a clinical finish from the far post with his


15th of the season. Jason Carey headed home from the corner to make


it 1-1. Right on the stroke of half-time. His fifth of the season.


They take control, the visitors, in the second half, Ross Brown meeting


across from Kevin Smith with a header into the bottom left-hand


corner. Beyond Ferguson in the Airdrie goal. It looked like East


Fife would get their seventh win in a row in all competitions but Jack


Leach, son of Scott H, popped up in the 89th minute to tuck in from the


near post from the cutback from Jack Mackay. 2-2. The story of that match


from Kenny Crawford Texas nicely to the classified results. -- takes us.


Let's have a look at the league tables, in the Scottish


Championship... Hibernian seeding of the top. Six points over Dundee.


Martin Offiah five behind United in third. Falkirk in fourth, despite


picking up one point today. At the bottom, St Mirren and Ayr United


picked up points. Dumbarton lost at home to Hibs. Seven Between St


Mirren and Ayr United. The top of League One. There was no


game for Livingston today. Alloa athletic lost, Airdrieonians picking


up the point. At the bottom, the win for Stenhousemuir over Stranraer


means both sides swap places. In League Two... Forfar athletic five


clear at the top. Elgin City going well. Berwick Rangers dropping to


ninth place. The top of the English Premier League. Chelsea play


Leicester this evening. Spurs go into second spot, Arsenal in third.


Liverpool play Manchester United tomorrow. Interesting stuff at the


bottom of the table. Swansea City at the foot of the table, level with


Sunderland. And Hull City, third bottom. One point better off and


level on points with Crystal Palace. Here comes the English championship.


Rathfriland Hove Albion at the top. Two clear from Newcastle United. --


Brighton and Hove. At the bottom of the table, Rotherham six points


adrift of Wigan. Blackburn Rovers the other team in the bottom three.


More details of the goings on in the Premier League downside. We can


start at the Liberty Stadium in Wales, Swansea born at home to


Arsenal. Arsenal not to be outdone by Spurs on the day. As defeats go


Swansea, as bad as gets. Arsenal barely getting beyond third gear and


winning comfortably after an early wave of Swansea pressure. After


Olivier Giroud scored from close range, the Swansea confidence


drained. A little bad luck as well, Jack Cork and Kyle Naughton


defending. Alexis Sanchez followed the fourth and trudged off to be


substituted. Paul Clements might have signed up for Mission


Impossible. Jackie was watching West Ham against Crystal Palace. It has


finished three nil. Three shots on target from West Ham, three goals


and a hat-trick of assists. Hennessy rounded on the edge of the area.


Across the left found Andy Carroll with a stunning overhead kick. Ant


Man Cini but the ball beautifully overhead. Crystal Palace created


very little else and are still in freefall, just one win in 16.


Nothing in 54 Allardyce, he freefall, just one win in 16.


desperately needs reinforcements. The Stadium of Light and details of


Sunderland versus Stoke City from Eilidh Barbour. This game was won in


the first half thanks to a subsidy the first half thanks to a subsidy


-- commendation of clinical finishing and horrible defending.


Arnautovic given too much space for his first and for the second you


went through a static Sunderland back line and the third was a gift.


Maloney flapping for the cross and Crouch taking advantage. Many


Sunderland fans left in their droves before the half-time whistle.


Jermain Defoe offered light relief for those that stayed. The first


ever Premier League win at the Stadium of Light for Stoke. For


Sunderland, very little in the way of positives. They were booed off by


the few that remained. Impressive debut when for the new Hull manager.


They have beaten Bournemouth 31 and this is a huge victory for Marcus


over. His first Premier League game as the boss. It started terribly.


Thanks to be Stanislaw penalty. And a break from Fernandez and an own


goal from Huddlestone gives Hull City the first win in ten league


games. We are staying up, the home fans are singing. They are off the


bottom and silver has given them hope. 3-1. I will give you


Rotherham, it was watching Watford against Middlesbrough. The result


doesn't do much for either side in terms of moving away from


doesn't do much for either side in relegation. There were chances, one


ruled out for offside from Middlesbrough, Watford getting the


best of the second half. Tom Cleverley hit the post later on. Not


so memorable on the pitch but this will be remembered for the emotional


tributes paid to Graham Turner, whose death will be felt for some


time in this Watford community. -- Graham Taylor. This report is


interesting. Burnley versus Southampton. The story comes from


Damian Johnson. Joey Barton scored on his Premier League return to


secure Burnley's eighth win, taking them into the top half of the table.


Largely forgettable match before his introduction from the bench. Burnley


winning a free kick, 25 yards out, Barton firing past Fraser Forster.


Southampton looked more like to break the deadlock before that. How


much twice going close. -- Tanic. Burnley stay on the rise and Joey


Barton is back. You could not make that up! You don't have to! He has


gone back, into the Premier League, and he got the winner. That could be


so valuable for Burnley, if they can stay up, that three points could


keep them in the league. Burnley have taken 25 out of 26 points at


home. They have picked up one point on the road, but at Turf Moor, they


are red-hot. Only Spurs and Chelsea have better home records. I let the


manager, Sean Dyche, I love listening to his gravelly voice. --


I like listening. He has done a wonderful job, getting relegated,


they stick with him and bring him back. He's doing great. He knows how


to cope with Joey Barton and will get the best from him. That was not


cough medicine in that bottle! Let shows you. He is hero at Burnley. --


that shows you. He was Player of the Year, getting them into the


Premiership, the fans knew what they were getting. Fair play, I thought


he would go down south and he was at Scottish football, Mickey Mouse, he


has gone there and is getting on with his job. Give it time! Another


hero, the name of Silva being chanted. Whole wedding over


Bournemouth? Great result. -- Hull. Winning. They have to keep


Snodgrass. ?5 million, the Chinese club has also come to take him away,


he is such a big part of them. Winning their first two games, Hull.


Two from 19 but the new manager, you start off with victory and that


gives them hope. It draws them level on points with Crystal Palace. Who


are in freefall. Serious. Five games, no wins. Confidence in short


supply. West Ham have struggled this season, the new stadium, the


atmosphere is different and have not scored many goals at home and have


run out comfortable winners. The Hammers have got the star man on


strike? He has downed tools but that is a great victory today. The new


stadium has affected them. Such a big stadium. There is no real


atmosphere and they are finding this difficult but that is a wonderful


result for them today. It is a pity for Watford not to win today?


Neutrals would say. Graham Taylor, he dragged them up? Tremendous. It


is unfortunate, his passing. What a man. Ridiculed as England manager


but what a great club manager. John treated him like a brother. A


wonderful man. A real pity that we have lost him. I loved him, the


style of football, but every cup of tea, he thought goals were scored by


getting the ball into the opposition box and he did that as quickly as he


could. He had big players up front, and they actually climbed very


quickly. Then it turned into an international manager and the


tributes and they will tell you what the fans think of him. Swansea, and


heavy defeat? Another club, they beat Crystal Palace last week and


can you build on that? Back to the normal, really struggling. The


defensive record is the worst in the Premiership. You cannot have that.


But that statistic, you will be far too near the bottom. I'm not saying


this because not been fun but next week, I promise, will be even


better. Why? It is the fourth round weekend in the William Hill Scottish


Cup. The Premiership clubs enter weekend in the William Hill Scottish


competition and on the back of a two-week break, Q so memorable


moments. COMMENTATOR: They have beaten


Hamilton. It's a dream strike! Glory. Rangers have pulled off the


seemingly unthinkable. In goes the goal from David Gray grey. Hibs have


won the Scottish Cup. Cup weekend also means


a Saturday shift for Tune in at 10.30am on BBC One


Scotland next week for the best Then on Sunday we have live coverage


of Raith Rovers versus Hearts. Championship versus Premiership,


that's from 1.00pm. Highlights of all that and more


at 6.15pm on BBC Two. As you can see, repeated at 11. 40pm


as well. Gents it's one of the big Wyked in the Scottish football


calendar. One of the highlights. We picked out a few ties to spot.


Craig, we will start with this one, it involves two clubs which you


enjoyed great you can is sells, Rangers against Motherwell Saturday


12.30pm at Ibrox. Rangers are slightly the better on how they are


in the league. Motherwell started well. They are close games. The


poacher getting into the box. Not the most difficult goal they will


score. Rangers showed a bit of metal. They stick with their style.


They get the equaliser. Kenny Miller has been a revelation. Talking about


a new contract. I thought Kenny would have been on the bench in


terms of coaching. He has been worth his weight in goals to the club.


That was the last-minute goal to take Rangers through. I think that


will be a close one. It will be a really good game. What do you fancy


with that one? The home advantage for Rangers, they will do it.


Momentum will be with them. Only lost once this season at Ibrox


against Celtic. You can lose to Celtic anywhere. It will be a tough


game for Motherwell. They will set their stall out and hit Rangers on


the break. I expect Rangers to be too strong. This other one we


highlighting is two clubs you signed for. I didn't know this prior to the


show. I did sire with the view of going junior before I got a game I


signed for Hibs. My first game was 15 years. They are a difficult team


to get a team for. Dumbarton found it give difficult against them. They


knocked the Championship team out in the last round. Championship


knocked the Championship team out in opposition again. The Cup holders,


at a big stadium. A different kettle of fish. 12,000 tickets have been


sold. It will be a wonderful occasion. All the tickets have gone.


Hibs are the holders. They will want to defend their trophy if they can.


It will be a big ask, they are the holders, rightly. So they won the


Cup in unbelievable fashion last year. Last-minute goal after so many


years, over 100 years of waiting, they have it, they have milked it.


They enjoyed it. Are you enjoying it? Not at all. Good luck to them.


Wonderful achievement. I have a lot of Hibs fans, all my friends, they


are still going on. Hearts are away to Raith Rovers, we are covering


that live. That is intriguing as well? It is. Raith Rovers are not in


great form. They had three weeks off to prepare his team. That is the


problem I have, the last time we had a break the amounts of team from the


Premier League the first game back was the Scottish Cup and they got


knocked out. They can't be complacent. Hearts have been here


with their new manager. That is important. Valuable three weeks.


Hearts there has been more exits than in comings. They need more


players in. Is Raith Rovers are in a troubled vain of form? Put that


aside this is the Cup. Everyone is up for it. They wants Raith Rovers


aside this is the Cup. Everyone is to get back on track with a victory


in this game. The Cup can give you revenue. The further you get, more


money comes in. Alan and I were talking about, the last four


Scottish Cups, Celtic, St Johnstone, Inverness and Hibs have knocked


Raith Rovers out on their way to the final. Can you see surprises in the


fixture list? I can't. Elganv Inverness, is it a bridge too far? I


think it is. You would expect the bigger teams to go through. Ross


County v Dundee United could be close. You would expect the Premier


League teams to go through. Can you see any surprises in that, Craig?


No, not so much. I'm sure there will be somewhere. It's very difficult to


see. You are looking at the teams who are not going well. Accies are


struggling for a win. Inverness struggling for a win. They have to


use the last couple of weeks to get some kind of form. To get on the


training ground and build team spirit, these will be difficult


games. Morton and Falkirk looks good to me? Morton at home, they haven't


lost at all in the league. They are a really strong side. Falkirk away


from home are capable of beating anybody. I would have to say it's


one that will be very difficult to call. Lots to look forward to next


week. As for this week,


I'm afraid time is almost up. Let's take a quick look


at the results in the Oh, and don't forget Stuart and Tam


- or is it Tam and Stuart - will be on the radio at 5.30pm


with another edition of Off You can call, text or use the medium


of social media to join in. Thanks to our guests,


Craig Paterson and Alan Preston, for their valued contributions but,


more than that, thanks See you next week,


same time, same place.


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