30/10/2016 Sportscene


Highlights from the SPFL. Aberdeen v Celtic, Rangers v Kilmarnock, Inverness v Hearts, Hamilton v Dundee, Motherwell v Ross County and St Johnstone v Partick.

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This could be something quite sensational. Write out of the top


drawer. And this shot is an absolute beauty. Yes! That's unbelievable.


Unbelievable! What a finish. Right here, right now, this is history.


Welcome to Sportscene and another unpredictable weekend


With us tonight as we try to make sense of the latest


twists and turns, Steven Thompson and Michael Stewart.


Only one place we can really start tonight.


The top of the table clash at Pittodrie.


Brendan Rodgers' side threatening to gallop away


from all the rest in the Premiership.


Could Aberdeen land a blow to haul them back in?


Surprisingly Derek McInnes is left out his biggest goal threat Adam


Rooney and starter and James Maddison. Captain Jack starts for


the first time since August. Celtic back to familiar lines with several


players restored after the midweek trip to Dingwall. This is James


Forrest, taken on by Armstrong. Dembele cannot quite force at home.


It has been a sluggish start from both teams but Celtic cutting open


the Aberdeen defence. Lovely play by Armstrong, who is a man in form. Joe


Lewis Tidwell to keep them out. -- Lewis did well.


Aberdeen with their first real attack of the game. Niall McGinn.


Erik Sviatchenko in the way. Brown, looks like he's returning to


the international fold when the Scotland squad is named this week.


Lustig, and that is cleared by Logan. Tom Rogic, it is clever, it


is brilliant by Rogic! Stunning opening goal by the champions. Rogic


shape to shoot with the right foot and goes with the left. And it has


outfoxed Joe Lewis. A moment of brilliance from the Australian. And


it is a champion to take the lead. -- the champions who take the lead.


Celtic continuing this wonderful record against Aberdeen, they have


not failed to score against them in a league game since 2001. They are


threatening again with Rogic. These are important times for Aberdeen.


Celtic beginning to power, having got the lead. McGinn, with the ball


in, it is Considine. Scored a cracking goal against Kilmarnock


from the same area a few weeks back, on the volley. Not this time.


Izaguirre, who should have a run in the team for the next few months


with Kieran Tierney out. Kieran Tierney, and James Forrest, to


Rogic, and Armstrong! What a chance! And he knows it. This should be 2-0.


Aberdeen getting away with one, there. The interchange between


Dembele and Sinclair who have been two of the best players in green and


white this season. Sinclair, and what a save! What a save! From Joe


Lewis. The ball well won by Considine, and


these have to go through the gears to get back to his post here. The


long ball has been missed by Maclean. This is Tom Rogic. Lewis


again. They just can't handle Tom Rogic. He is gliding around, finding


space all over the place. That has broken for James Forrest. He finds


Lustig, who finds Rogic. Dembele! Piquant quite get past Joe Lewis.


Aberdeen are still breathing, but only just. They are under a green


and white cosh. Dembele. So strong. Rogic. Lewis gets the luck, and he


might well deserve it, such has been his second-half performance in


particular. Moussa Dembele. Sinclair. He has found Rogic, again.


They just can't put it to bed, but they really should have done by now.


Having run Celtic close the last couple of years, that will annoy


Derek McInnes. James Forrest, with another opportunity going begging


for the champions. Claims for the foul, and it's only a


throw-in. Graeme Shinnie. That is a free kick, and this time, Scott


Brown got involved in the aftermath, and so, too, the Jonny Hayes. Steven


McLean, the referee, is going to have to sort this out now. Graeme


Shinnie caught by Lustig, then Scott Brown drove the ball off the now


Aberdeen captain. Looks like a yellow card only for Brown and


Hayes. That has worked his way through off Rooney, do Graeme


Shinnie. Was he being held? Was Graeme Shinnie being held here? The


referee did not think so. It was Simunovic on shinny. -- Shinnie.


Aberdeen desperate to avoid back-to-back defeats. Hayes, looking


for Stockley, and that is Madison! No doubt that Rooney and Madison


have made an impact since coming off the bench less than ten minutes


after half-time. It is getting a bit nervous now for Brendan Rogers.


Celtic should be out of sight, but they are not. They could be here,


though. Roberts, to Stuart Armstrong. The only points of the


cab dropped this season was at Inverness in a similar kind of game.


Aberdeen, running out of time. Joe Lewis has been a hero at the back,


will he be a hero at the front? Here it comes, it is Craig Gordon from


Erik Sviatchenko. Really good save that preserves the three points. 1-0


down, half-time, we try to make changes early to get the game going


our way, and by and large in the second half, although they had


opportunities on the second half, I thought that by and large, a lot of


the play was in and around their box. It was a real fight for us


today. We had to show different qualities in our game. You're right,


we could have put the game to bed much earlier than the final whistle,


but I was really pleased because different qualities in the team


today, we showed, we pressed the game very well, and in the moments


when they were direct, we had to stand up and be counted. Aberdeen


did all they could to beat us and bully us, but today we showed the


other side of our game, that we can also play the physical game, and


that is what a team of completion is about. A big, big win over Celtic,


plenty of people thinking that is the title already in the bag for


Brendan Rogers' side. From an Aberdeen point of view, should they


have started with Adam Rooney and Madison up front? I would have. I


can understand what Derek McInnes was trying to do, to get that extra


midfielder on the park in Ryan Jack and dropping in Kenny McLean as


well, but with Ryan Jack having been out of the side, they've had a


better balance with Madison at Number Ten and Rooney up top, so the


changes that they may, they didn't work. You saw the guys came on and


made an impact. At home you have got to play your strongest side, and


they didn't. It was a surprise for me that Rooney didn't start, but he


was trying to get pace in behind, more mobility. This run would have


been what Derek was looking for. When he gets the ball, Wes Burns, it


would have been exactly where Adam Rooney would have been waiting in


the middle of the six yard box. You talk about Madison. The reason he is


so highly applauded by everyone, he always plays between the lines, on


the half term. Adam Rooney is not content with just floating around at


the back. He goes and makes it difficult. This is where he's at his


best, in the middle of the six yard box. When he receives the ball, he


is always looking up to make forward passes. And this is the balances of


the side. Your three guys behind the main striker. And Rooney again, that


is clever. That was great defending. Maddison is very skilful on the


ball. And this highlights the Rooney- Maddison partnership. He


finds himself in great space and he has no option but to header this,


Erik Sviatchenko. That is a wonderful save by Craig Gordon, 495


minutes without conceding, five clean sheets. If you are Celtic


player coming in and seen that team sheet with Madison and Rooney not on


it, that gives you a boost. And you think Aberdeen should have had a


penalty. I did, I thought it was a clear penalty. I know that Michael


doesn't. First I thought it was a trip, but it was the arm pull, which


we get a good view of here. Simunovic grabs the arm of Graeme


Shinnie and it alters the position of his body. He is too honest. If he


goes down under the challenge, it is... It would have been given. For


me, there's not enough of April and has arm. When you look at that as it


plays out normally, it barely looks like Graeme Shinnie has been


impeded. Steven McLean was the referee. From his perspective he was


never going to give that. If he goes down the gives the referee decision


to make. For me, the thing is that Graeme Shinnie are trying to contort


his body to get the strike offers left foot and a touch from Simunovic


isn't enough to make him go down. I don't think. We will move on. Celtic


have lots of chances. You were so impressed by this. He has had a


brilliant match, Joe Lewis. One save in particular, this one here.


Definitely one of the best I've ever seen. You have been saying it was


the best you've seen. I had a large coffee when I said that. It was one


of the best. This saved coming up... Was this the best save you've ever


seen? It is not as good as the other one. He kept Aberdeen in, but they


did rally towards the end. It was a deserved win for Celtic and the


moment of glass from Tom Rogic. It was. Talking about games that are so


tight with games at the top of the table, it can be a moment of glass


that separates the sides, and that goal is worthy of winning any game.


The touch with his right foot, then as it is moving away he hit it with


his left, it is a wonderful goal. Technically it is absolutely


brilliant. He has been in unbelievable form for Celtic. His


reputation has grown with every game. Don't underestimate how


difficult a skill that is, to hit that on the half volley. We are not


in November and people are talking about the title being already over.


I would agree. The rest of the league is interesting, only ten


points between Dundee, and Rangers in second place. But I think Celtic


are going to run away with it. Now Stephen has the unenviable is job


predicting scores on the SPFL website. This is what actually


happened in the game between Inverness and Hearts. Robbie Neilson


changes the front 24 Hearts. Tony Watt and Conor Sammon start on the


bench, replaced by Bjorn Johnsen and Robbie Muirhead.


Polwarth on the overlap. Carl Tremarco, and there was almost the


opening goal from Doumbouya. Big improvement from the French striker,


and close to scoring here again. That is David Raven. True Marco's


replacement. Polwarth, and David Raven, great strike! Caley Thistle


ahead, inside 15 minutes. David Raven with his first goal in 14


months. That is what you call an impact, off the bench. Cleared by


McCain. The former Hearts player. -- Mackay. It is Doumbouya, three goals


in three games for the Frenchman. And Hearts are in big bother now, 32


minutes on the clock, Caley Thistle two, Hartnell. -- Hearts nil. Can


they find their way back? Bjorn Johnsen with a chance. And that


changes the complexion, seven minutes away from half-time, and


Inverness, Hearts will feel that they are back in the game. Inverness


sliced open by one, simple pass. Walker. In from Faycal Rherras, and


it has gone all the way. It was aimed at the head Bjorn Johnsen. I


don't think he got the touch. And Cammy Mackay flinging across a


despairing left glove, but it goes in, the first Hearts goal for


Rherras, and its 2-2. Finding Draper. Brad McKay. Draper again.


Polwarth with a great effort. Spectacular from the homebred


midfielder. Sadly for him, straight at Jack Hamilton. In goes Rherras


against Doumbouya, and the Inverness striker comes out on top. The up and


under from Dora, Doran comes out on top and present the net in front


again. What a remarkable game this is, and what a sweet moment for Alan


Doran, who's had a tortuous time with injuries, back on the top team


scene, and now back among the goals. -- Aaron Doran. Walker with a shot


blocked, real pressure on Inverness, the cross from Bjorn Johnsen, and it


flicks off Meekings, going dangerously close to the far post


with Hearts pressing again for an equaliser. Tony Watt to the byline.


He cut it back for Bjorn Johnsen. At full stretch, and that is some


stretch, and he couldn't quite add the finishing touch. Here Hearts


again. Rossi. Cowie. Arnaud Djoum takes a man scores! -- takes aim and


scores. It is 3-3 in Inverness. Arnaud Djoum through the legs of


Meekings, and that flew past Mackay. Maybe one last chance to turn one


point in Q3. Inverness get it clear, they shot from Arnaud Djoum, and the


Highlander had the chance to score a late winner for Hearts, but there's


going to finish 3-3. Absolutely delighted with the performance, we


started the game very well, scored three fantastic goals. If it wasn't


for a couple of mistakes we would have won the game. I'm delighted for


the lads. Even when we got 23-2, we got the goal back very quickly and


created lots chances. So getting a point, you're always happy, but over


the course of the game disappointed that we did not take three.


Inverness making amends after that thumping at Tynecastle earlier in


the season. Hearts conceding five goals in the last two games. Do they


have problems at the back? In the last couple of games they have. I


would say across the season there has been too many. But we all know


that going forward, this is a real strength of the game of the


full-back. He does not match the run from David Raven. He gets punished


badly in the ultimate fashion by conceding a goal. This is where he's


comfortable. When you play with fullbacks like that, defenders have


got to be set up for the counterattack. Rossi has to drop. He


can't commit himself. There were other problems. Robbie Muirhead


doesn't attract the run of Polwarth. John Souttar is very deep, he has to


match the run, then he changes his mind and gets drawn towards the


ball. Good touch and finish from Doumbouya. It was a catalogue of


errors, that goal. All three goals in the game were very poor goals.


You heard Robbie Neilson say he was disappointed with the way that the


game did not flow, but they did not defend properly in that game. Our


Robbie Muirhead and Bjorn Johnsen the answer with Tony Watt and Conor


Sammon not playing? They have not set the heather on fire, but the


change was inevitable. There was a definite improvement, they have


scored three goals, and as a whole, the look more threatening in the


final third. Aaron Doran missed most of last season due to injury for


Inverness. He has become a leader in the training as well, and were you


impressed by his contribution? He a player that I like. Getting on the


scoresheet after being out for long. He does well to put Kelly under


pressure. It is composed finish, from a player who's had a horrendous


time with injuries, being out for over a year, then coming back to


full fitness now. He's a clever, inventive player. Almost like a new


signing for Richie Foran. Looking back at when Inverness were flying


high under Terry Butcher, this man and Jonny Hayes were shining lights


in that side. We have seen what Jonny Hayes has done since he has


gone to Aberdeen and continue to progress. This guy will be like and


you play for Richie Foran. He'll be delighted to have him back in the


side. Is it just one of these results that shows how tight this


league is? I think you're right, it just shows how tight the league is.


Inverness have turned things round since that game at Tynecastle when


Hearts beat them 5-1. They are looking to continue to push for


second place, Herts. Kilmarnock arrived at Ibrox


with plenty of confidence after their 2-0 victory over Hearts


during the week. Rangers, on the other hand,


looking to turn things around The Rangers players were met with a


chorus of doing against Johnson on Wednesday night and the alterations


see James Tavernier coming. Kilmarnock have turned the corner


after a difficult start, with nine goals from Sulieman Coulibaly,


starting in an unchanged side from the victory over Hearts. Rangers


unbeaten at Ibrox this season but three draws means that they have


dropped six points. Inside the opening 30 seconds, Jason Holt, just


a whisker away from the opening goal. Is that a sign of things to


come? Kilmarnock will hope not. Garner, holding up, and here comes


Josh Windass. O'Halloran. He goes down the outside, great play by


O'Halloran. Jason Holt was a man in the middle looking for a tap in. He


could have had three goals in the opening three minutes, brilliant


from O'Halloran, to get past Taylor. Seven points from Kilmarnock's last


three games, an excellent return, only conceded one goal. Jones went


it alone. He had Tyson in the middle, begging for the ball across.


Great play by Jordan Jones. He did to James Tavernier, what O'Halloran


had done to Taylor, moments earlier. Nicely for Ghana. Back it comes to


Hill. The wind as has been very much the playmaker. Wonderful ball to


O'Halloran. These two men, and still, Michael O'Halloran, and that


is the effort from Miller that goes well over the top. Another chance in


the starting line-up for the former Saint Johnstone man. And he looks up


for it. Wind that again comes up short, win that again, you can hear


the shouts from Lee Wallace, and he's in here, the Rangers captain,


and he gives McDonald the eyes, and beats the goalkeeper at his near


post. 16 minutes in. And the captain gives Rangers the lead. He's scored


nine times last season. That is his first goal since March. A promising


start for Mark Warburton. Gala, from the back post, and it went all the


way across. -- Joe Garner. Miller, now. And Lee Wallace, that will be a


long way worried. Not quite repeating the trick, earlier. Joe


Garner scored a header against Johnson on Wednesday. Nice ball into


Jason Holt, he's brought down, and John Beaton says penalty kick.


Steven Smith the offender with a tackle that would've been more


suited to a field. Andy Halliday, against Jamie McDonald and Rangers


are in command here, and in the absence of Joey Barton, Andy


Halliday continues to make his presence felt. Wind as, and Clint


Hill is after it. It is knocked off the line. O'Halloran, now, there are


bodies on the floor, Tyson protecting the ball, and the free


kick goes against O'Halloran, as he seems rather baffled by that. The


header from Clint Hill initially, McKenzie the man on the line. James


Tavernier, the goal-scorer at Rugby Park. That was when the teams met


back in August. O'Halloran. Good ball across. Jones, to complete the


clearance only as far as wind as, and Joe Garner is in there, a


delicate touch, two minutes into the second half, and Joe Garner, scoring


with the second game running. Rangers have a 3- goal lead. Mark


Warburton's side on course for their biggest win since their promotion


back to the Premiership. Calmly done by Andy Halliday. And Miller now,


with a powerful drive. McDonald up for it this time, with the save.


Miller has been lively all afternoon. Lee McCulloch, the


Kilmarnock assistant manager after so many years as a Rangers player,


but chances for his side have been few and far between. Sulieman


Coulibaly could not find the far corner. He's been in devastating


form this season but he has had a quiet afternoon.


You were there yesterday, how much of an improved performance was this


for Rangers? It was much improved. When the criticism so far this


season has been when they have attacked so slowly and ponderously


and a big difference yesterday was that they had Michael O'Halloran in


the side, who brought real, genuine pace to the team and made a huge


difference. Why has he featured so rarely? He


can be inconsistent. This was inside the first two minutes. Two chances.


A wonderful pass from Josh Windass. He has space and he attacks it


really well. Just Mrs Jason Holt when it comes back out. He gives a


good balance to the Rangers side. No one else in the team has the raw


pace. They have been too slow in their attacking. He brought real


pace. Will he feature more regularly? He needs a run in the


team. When he was playing at his best at St Johnstone he was playing


every week. Rangers are unbeaten in league football under Mark


Warburton. Too much negativity? After losing the Old Firm game and


if her performance in midweek, there was doom and gloom. Last season's


performances, that was more like it yesterday. There is some positivity


now. Rangers up to second in the table. How disappointing where, in


a? They wear unbeaten in three, picking up seven points. They could


have went level with Rangers but were very disappointing. As much as


Rangers where much improved, come on and didn't offer a great deal.


Rangers tore them to pieces. Come on never got into the game. The guys at


the top never featured much at all. St Johnstone had gone level


on points with Aberdeen during the week after their draw


with Rangers at Ibrox. But Partick Thistle arrived


at McDiarmid Park with a spring in their own step after an important


away win over Dundee. Three changes from the side who drew


at Ibrox. Partick Thistle made one enforced change, the goalkeeper is


injured so Thorsten Stuckman makes his first start. St Johnstone's 600


competitive fixture at McDiarmid Park. A chance to move second in the


table. A good challenge there. Brian Easton


to the rescue. Partick Thistle have won their last two visits to


McDiarmid Park. Ade Azeez grounded there. Comes it more than anything.


-- clumsy. There is Kris Doolan and Partick Thistle are in front. Kris


Doolan claiming his third goal of the season. A good delivery and


define was jumping at the back post. And Kris Doolan claiming his second


in two matches. -- team1-mac. And that is a brilliant goal from


Steven MacLean. Outstanding teamwork from the kick-off. That is the way


to response after going behind. It's to taking them less than 30 seconds.


His seventh of the campaign. That has taking a deflection off of


Eastern. Fine goalkeeping from Zander Clark. He was positions to


expect the cross but he quickly got across to make the save.


The danger still not over. Here is Edwards. A poor finish at the end


from Edwards, but good effort from Ade Azeez. And Zander Clark with


another good stop. Edwards couldn't deliver with the follow-up. Haven't


won in their last five matches against St Johnstone, Partick


Thistle. Edwards on target this time.


It came off the Partick Thistle player last there. A glorious chance


to put Thistle in front. On target but Zander Clark made the save. And


the second opportunity, not a strong enough header. One win in their last


ten matches in all competitions. Liam Craig driving it in and Chris


Kane turning it towards goal. A fine save but the flag was up for offside


in any case. Good reactions from the German goalkeeper.


We are into stoppage time. Antia is Amoo. He has turned well away from


Liam Craig. There is Abdul Osman, and that will be the winner. Well


into stoppage time. It is Abdul Osman, the captain of Partick


Thistle. Only his second ever goal, his last game over two years ago.


This one is proving vital. Substitute Amoo turning a Liam Craig


inside out and sending in the perfect pass for Abdul Osman to make


it 2-1. I am not bothered about second, I am bothered about losing


the three points. We missed an opportunity to win a game. Or seen


the game out and get a point. I thought the players where


I thought the players showed great energy despite three games in a


week. Results breed confidence and I think that showed today. Another


fantastic result for Partick Thistle. A real minutes of madness


in this match? Poor defending from St Johnstone initially. Two goes in


two games. The perfect way to react to losing a goal. St Johnstone


coming right back into the game with an unbelievably good call right from


the kick-off. They often say that it is the easiest time to lose a goal,


straight after you have scored, but look at this, a great finish and the


perfect reaction. A model of inconsistency, St Johnstone? They


are a bit win- lose- draw. First back-to-back league wins since


December last year. Suddenly, these two fantastic results. At the start


of the season made it very well in the week cup. -- League Cup. Liam


Craig has to do better with the clearance here. Wonderful bit of


play. A great finish and back-to-back victories a long time


coming. It gives them a platform to build on. A lack of cohesion in the


final third for Partick Thistle, is it finally coming together? Doolan


has been a talisman and hopefully he is going on a run.


To one of the real basement battles of the Premiership weekend now.


Second-bottom Motherwell against third-bottom Ross County.


Motherwell off the back of three straight defeats.


Commentary on this one comes from Alasdair Lamont.


Motherwell make three changes on the back of a home defeat. Despite a


heavy defeat by Celtic, Jim McIntyre sticks with the same starting XI.


Lionel Ainsworth is looking for options. Scott McDonald is one of


them! One of the smallest men on the part didn't even have to jump to nod


that one home. Terrible defending. Scott McDonald has his fifth goal of


the season to give Motherwell and early lead. That is away from Kenny


van der Weg all too easily. Bile into Louis Moult, back to


McDonald's, and almost a second. -- ball into Louis Moult.


After a poor display against Inverness in midweek, this is


better. Louis Moult stretches that can't get it on target. Motherwell


ramping up the pressure on the Ross County backline.


Quinn knotted into path of Scott McDonald.


Twisting and turning, and it has ended up in the back of the net. Of


the leg of canny vendor Vic. -- Kenny van der Weg. The attacking


trio have looked dangerous throughout this match. And Louis


Moult will claim most of the credit for that. But it will have to go


down as a Kenny van der Weg on goal. Either way, Motherwell are two up.


Ross County needs to get into the match for half-time. McShane is


trying to make that happen. Not too far away from reducing the areas. --


reducing the deficit. He is going for ago and it has crept


in. Richard Tait has his first Motherwell goal. Scott Fox won't


want to see this again too many times. Beaten at his near post.


Certainly a powerful shot, but Scott Fox will feel he should have kept it


out. Surely Motherwell on the way to three points. Mark McGhee has been


pleased with performances if not results. Looks like he has got both


today as Lionel Ainsworth comes close to a fourth. A couple of


inches too high. No way through for Ross County. McDonald's. Paul Quinn.


Emsworth is through on goal -- Ross County allowed Scott McDonald to


advise and Lionel Ainsworth shows great feat to tap home. It is


emphatic four Motherwell, 4-0. Can Motherwell inflict further


damage on this billy goat Ross County backline? They have conceded


four goals for the second game in a row.


Ross County now facing a run of nine games without a win. They come


forward looking for a consolation and they have two Alex shall come.


That is lovely play and a great save from Scott Fox. Partly making amends


for his earlier error. So close. That is up there with what we have


produced, the best we have produced this season. On Wednesday night we


were defeated heavily and today it is Ross County. They will do the


same to someone else. That is the nature of the week. -- league. We


didn't have the final pass that would allow us to score a goal. They


have broke on ours and we have been punished. -- Rochon us. It is a


disappointing day. We kept at it, trying to do the right things. But


that is not good for confidence. They started second bottom and is


now the leapfrog Ross County. Mark McGhee said they went in a bad run


of form despite three straight defeats. It has turned around.


Clearly, it was a poor run of form. Going to Inverness during the week


and not getting a good result, it is clear for everyone to see that


things were not great. To get the results there it gives you


confidence. Leapfrogging Ross County, who themselves haven't won


in nine, it is a troubling time for them. Ross County have been on a per


run since winning the League Cup. They


it doesn't make good reading. Defensively it is not good, they


have lost four of their last five games, in three of those games and


they have conceded four goals. They are struggling to keep the ball out


of the net having struggled to score previously. Lionel Ainsworth had a


outstanding game. He is inspirational when he is playing


well. But it is a poor goal to lose. Struggling for confidence! Ross


County will be extremely disappointed. Mark McGhee


challenging Lionel Ainsworth to show more consistency. He obviously has


the talent, as we have seen. He has the ability. Mark McGhee spoke


about, if Emsworth was performing like that, he would be in the side.


-- Lionel Ainsworth. On his day, a top four former. -- performer. It is


just about putting all the attributes together? He has free


kicks and stores the odd spectacular goal. He is a goal threat as much as


he creates them. He has a good delivery. On form, he can be


inspirational for Motherwell. How worried should Ross County be, next


weekend they are playing Rangers? On Sunday they could be part of the


table by then. It is alarming. They need to turn things around. When you


compare it to how quickly they performed -- turns their results


around when the management team took over.


Finally, to the battle royale at the bottom end of the table.


Dundee rock bottom after six straight defeats.


Paul Hartley's side travelled to Hamilton Academical in desperate


A good midweek results against Aberdeen for Hamilton. Dundee make


four changes. David Mitchell comes in.


Crawford nearly has the opening goal early on. Crawford should have


buried that. Extabeguren got well above the


defender. On his own and he has a chance.


Craig Wighton for Dundee. -- Craig White. Lively football from


A nice first at and goes for the shot. Accelerated away from


Extabeguren, D'Acol. That is April one at and then he


stretches out. -- for first touch. Darren O'Dea reliable as ever


cutting that out. That was a bad touch and a sore one. Referee


couldn't have been better placed. Both managers wanting more from


their sides in the second-half. Good goalkeeping, two hands on it.


Hamilton disappointed by the midweek performance against Aberdeen. Paul


McGowan, and it has gone through them. The touch may have put off the


goalkeeper. The Canadian attacker was in the goalkeeper's I Lane.


The substitute goes down. Not too much in it, she is not complaining.


-- he is not complaining. It is a chance for Craig Wighton.


Dundee are looking to try and kill this game off.


Reacts well to come across, takes one for the team.


Can they find their second win of the season?


It is deflected into the path of Redmond, and Darren O'Dea gleefully


clears. Just wanted that extra touch. I can only applaud my players


today. A tough away fixture but the players were superb today in every


department. Hamilton didn't really threaten us. We didn't deserve to


win the game, but we didn't deserve to lose the game either. That is


football, and we go again. This was a huge win for Dundee after a second


straight defeat. That is what it means. -- six defeats. Yesterday, it


was ugly at times. Not the best game of football you ever see, but it is


all about winning at this stage. They change their style, going back


to front more often, not as expansive as normal. Taking no risks


at the back. A case of clearing lines. Back to front, that was a


pattern. Haber is a focal points. Weekend, week out, from Dundee's


perspective, they would take an ugly performance and an ugly goal. It


wasn't a great strike, wasn't a great goal, but it was all about


getting three points. Then you can start to build the confidence and go


and play better football. For Paul Hartley and the players, just about


getting three points? When you are down at the bottom, everything else


goes out the window. From the Dundee players' perspective, they will be


hoping for more. But they won't be wanting another celebration like


that. And all that leaves the Ladbrokes


Premiership looking like this. Celtic are nine points clear


at the top of the table Ross County now


second-bottom on 10 points. But generally, it's


all pretty tight. And a huge game in the Champions


League for Celtic. A difficult game. They will have to play better than


at home. They were exploited by the Germans. A lots of credit has to go


to the Germans, because they were a top drawer team. It will be


difficult for Celtic, but it is a must win if they want European


football after Christmas. We saw against Manchester City and that


they can play at this level? Brendan Rodgers has made top drawer


additions. But it is going to be an incredible performance to get three


points in Germany. Merced and belly is a top player for Celtic. As in


Scotland -- Haber. -- team1-mac. Before we go, congratulations


to Glasgow City, who received the SWPL Trophy today for the tenth


year in a row following In the unpredictable world


of the Scottish Premiership, the only thing that remains


predictable is that we will be to commemorate the Africans


who were here. In Cumbria,


we go back to the 1100s, but not as far as the black history


that we've revealed today. It makes me proud to be African


and proud to be British. to improving the life chances of the


young people in her care.


Introduced by Jonathan Sutherland.

Highlights from the weekend's Scottish Premiership action. Champions Celtic make their first trip of the season to Pittodrie to take on Aberdeen, a venue where they lost twice last season. Rangers entertain Kilmarnock and Hearts are away to Inverness. Elsewhere, Hamilton host Dundee, Motherwell take on Ross County and Partick are away to St Johnstone.

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